True Love and an Affair Ch. 02

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On Saturday morning I called Ash and told her what happened.


“I know I don’t know what to do. This is what I’ve always wanted, but I don’t want to leave New York. I’d live further away from you than I do now!”

“It sounds good though”

“I know”

“Have you told your parents?”

“Not yet, you’re the first person I’ve told”

“And you fucked him?”

“Well…yeah…oh I’m such a mess I don’t know what to do!”

“You need to sit and think about all this”

“I know”

Basically, I’m a mess whenever there is a perceived crisis in my life. I always turn to Ash. She’s my lifeline. To think of moving to LA and leaving her behind.

Sunday morning I was still thinking. I called my parents and told them about the job offer. “Well that sounds wonderful” mum had said. She never cared about where I moved as long as I was successful. At least I had people that would support me regardless of my decision.

I had a fitful sleep on Sunday night. I seemed to look at the clock every forty minutes. 12.21, 1.04, 1.39, 2.21, 3.06. At sometime I managed to fall asleep. I awoke at 6.00am for work, tired and sleepy. I wanted to crawl back into bed, not face Bradley at work. I never slept with people from work and now I’d fucked my boss. The more I thought about it the worse I felt. What if people from work picked up on some sort of tension between us? Or worse, what if he’d told the guys? I wouldn’t even be able to tell Tanya about this one!

I took the subway to work to give me time to think and distress. I arrived at 8.45, only fifteen minutes early this morning. Tanya was there to answer the phone, Bradley was there. Only a new lawyer Tom was there besides the three of us. Bradley spied me on my way to my office and I could feel his eyes on me. I didn’t feel like talking. I was checking my email when there was a knock on the door. I looked up. Tanya, thank God. Even better, I have a meeting regarding an acquisition. Perfect. I don’t have to see Bradley all day.

I slept peacefully on Monday, and went about my normal routine on Tuesday morning. Except when I walked into the office only Bradley was there.

“Have you thought about the offer yet?” he asked, suddenly appearing at my doorway. I looked up at him, irritated by his presence.

“No” I replied bluntly.

“Have you thought a little about us then?” He asked, lowering his voice as if there were others in the office.

“No” I replied, this time with a hint of sadness in my voice.

“I’m sorry if I upset you on Friday” Bradley said.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” I really wasn’t in the mood to talk to him.

“That’s some moves you’ve got there, by the way” He said, his eyes smiling while his mouth stayed straight and serious.

I looked up at him and smiled. At least we were able to behave like we always did. “Would you like another go?” I asked, getting up and locking the door behind him.

Bradley raised his eyebrows at me “Now, I wasn’t expecting this!”

“Are you complaining” I said, pushing him to the armchair.

“I am most certainly not complaining.”

I dropped down on me knees (ignoring the potential disastrous effect on my Dior silk pantyhose) and undid his zip. I slipped out his soft penis and stroked the shaft with my left hand, massaging his testicles with my right hand. His penis grew harder and I started to lick the head of his penis and when I put his whole penis in my mouth, he moaned loudly with pleasure. He thrust his hips towards me, moaning louder and exploded in my mouth. Awkwardly, I got up and straightened my suit and smoothed my hair. Bradley stood up as well, kissed me and left without a word.

I looked at the clock, which read 9.20. I hoped that no one else had heard what had happened. I thought I better lay low just in case.

* * *

It was Friday, my deadline for making a decision about whether or not I bahis firmaları would move. I arrived at work and went straight to Bradley’s office.

“I’ve decided to go to LA.” I announced.

“Glad to here that.”

The truth was that the reason I had decided to go had nothing to do with work at all. Rather than moving to a city where I had no one I knew, I was moving to a city where I had one person that I knew: Luke. We hadn’t spoken for over a year, and even that was just a brief encounter in Chautauqua. Once I set my mind on going there to see him though, I knew it was going to happen and that I wouldn’t back out. I heard from his friends Trent and Jake that he was still over there working as a waiter.

* * *


Nervous as hell, all I could muster up was a pathetic little “Hi.”


“Hey!” I relaxed a little. “Just wanted to tell you that I’m moving to LA.”

“Hey, wow, great, when?”

“In two weeks.”

We left it that he’d pick me up from the airport. I was leaving with nothing but my clothes and some belongings. I still had to find a new apartment and break my lease.

* * *

Suddenly it was 9 January 2006. The day that I moved to LA. I was on the flight from NY with Bradley by my side. The first year associate, Tom was coming too, as was another senior staff member Martin. Bradley would just be there temporarily and leaving in two weeks time to go back to his wife and children.

Luke was at the airport when I arrived. He looked the same as he did when I last saw him, except his hair was a bit shorter and he looked a bit more muscular. He and hugged me tightly. I pulled away from him and he just looked me in the eyes, let his hands drop and groped my butt quickly. I giggled.

“Fuck you’re looking good” Luke said.

“You’re not too bad yourself”.

“What do you say to a real good fuck when we get back to my place then?”

I smiled at him, giving him a look that let him know what he was getting. We collected my luggage, I spoke briefly to Bradley and left with Luke.

He continuously stroked my thigh in the car, brushing his hands against the soft flesh of my inner thigh with his right hand while holding the steering wheel with his left. My legs were apart to allow him easy access. I could feel the wetness from my vagina and my poor swollen clitoris that was eager for some attention. I wanted to spread my legs and masturbate for him so badly, to rub my clitoris and finger myself so that he could see me do it, but I wanted him to take the lead in this. He’d hurt me before and I didn’t want to be making the moves on him. I sat in the car chatting nonstop, while thinking about him his cock.

The car turned into a darkened street and pulled into the driveway of his house. Luke pulled me towards him and kissed me, darting his tongue into my mouth while rubbing my breast. He moved his hand underneath my top and pulled down the top of my lacy bra, rubbing my nipple until it was hard as a rock, getting rougher and rougher on my soft, sensitive skin. His other hand moved up my skirt and his fingers found their way to my thankful clitoris, as he rubbed it and flicked it whilst all the while kissing me. I saw his dick making a tent in his pants and eyed it eagerly. He moved his hand away from my breast and grabbed my hand, motioning for us to get out of the car. Leaving my luggage in the back of the car, we briskly made our way inside his house.

The mood was not lost as he locked the door behind us. He picked me up and he dropped me on the sofa. As he undid his belt and pants I pulled off my skirt and panties which were now soaking wet at the crotch. He yanked off my top and held my legs and quickly thrust his cock into my waiting vagina which accepted him. He fucked me furiously. It was real fucking, so hard and so powerful. He continued for so long I was amazed at his stamina. I could feel myself reaching climax and I wrapped my kaçak iddaa legs tightly around him so that he would go deeper. I loved the thickness of his dick, the hardness. He pumped in and out, the hardness of him feeling like it was tearing my muscles, stretching me and he thrust himself into me deeply. I lost myself in pleasure and mindlessly screamed in time to his thrusts, with the most powerful orgasm I’ve had in a long time. He came inside of me and his juices mingled with mine and seeped out of my satisfied orifice. He zipped himself back up and announced that he was going to get my stuff and left while I sat on the couch naked with my legs apart and my vagina dripping while I regained some composure and some strength in my legs.

I was dressed by the time he got through the door with all of my luggage. He showed me around his modernly furnished house. I hadn’t yet found a place to stay so he’d offered for me to stay with him until I found somewhere. Of course, with the condition that I sleep with him in his bed because he only had one bedroom. The second bedroom was used as a study.

When we made his way to his bedroom I sat on his bed. He abandoned the luggage that he was holding and with a glint in his eye, he met me at the bed, pulled his cock out and rubbed himself hard in front of me.

“First fuck in my bed?” he asked, as if needing my permission to fuck me again.

I spread my legs in front of him in reply, welcoming him into me. He pulled my skirt off, and my panties down and I cursed myself for putting them back on. He took me again on the side of the bed, harder and faster than the last time. I grabbed the side of the bed to steady myself against his thrusts.

“Oooooh fuck your cunt is so tight” he said between moans. I panted in response, unable to get any words out with all this energetic fucking but pleased to be satisfying him. He picked up the pace. I thought he was going to split me in two. I sensed he was ready to come, wanting him to ejaculate in my vagina again. Instead, he stopped and pulled out, holding his dick that was slick from our juices and ejaculated on my stomach. He emptied his load and headed back down to lick my slit, running his tongue up and down, in and out. Moaning loudly in response to this pleasure, I rubbed his semen into my skin, spreading it onto my breasts as I was fucked for the third time that night, this time by his tongue. I rubbed it onto my nipples, pinching them while bucking my hips forward towards his mouth. With his hand he rubbed my clitoris, which was feeling ultra sensitive to his touch. I jumped as a painful yet pleasurable feeling shot through my body. He worked my clitoris with his hand while tongue-fucking me and I was soon brought to another powerful orgasm.

We fucked all night, I fellated him three times. By the time we fell asleep exhausted and naked it was dawn. I was spent and fell asleep happily in his arms.

I awoke to a sunny Saturday in California. I looked a fright, with my skin and hair caked in his semen. The room smelt heavily of sex and I felt a shower was mandatory before doing anything else. I left Luke sleeping and turned on the shower. I used his shampoo that was in the shower as mine was buried at the bottom of my suitcase and took out a new bar of soap, lathering it up to wash my skin. My poor vagina had been terrorized the night before and was sore. I wondered how I would survive the next couple of weeks with sex like this.

I could hardly finish that thought before Luke joined me in the shower, his naked and wet body all muscular and tanned as opposed to my petite white body. He embraced me and kissed me under the shower. With my hair lathered up I would have thought I looked like a horror, but he didn’t seem to mind. I let the shower wash out the shampoo as we kissed and his hands ran all over my body. His penis thankfully remained flaccid as I could pleasure him neither with my mouth or my vagina as both were sufficiently kaçak bahis aching from the previous night’s activities. However, the warm embrace and the passionate kiss were enough to get me aroused.

We dried ourselves off and walked around his house naked. I unpacked and found some clothes and dressed myself. The reality that I was here for permanently and not just for a holiday had not yet hit. After I was finished unpacking, I presented myself in his kitchen in time for a very late breakfast. Luke had decided to show me around for the day in the city that had been his home for six years. Bradley, however, had a different plan in store for me, calling me for to meet up with him at his hotel room for a ‘meeting’.

I figured that it would be best that I didn’t ignore Bradley, considering that he was my manager and decided that I should accept his invitation. Feeling guilty, I told Luke I had work to do and that I would be back in a few hours and Bradley picked me up in his hired car.

Moments later I had a dick in every hole. Bradley had decided Tom and Martin needed some entertainment, and if I was interpreting that incorrectly when I stripped off and spread my legs for them then no one was complaining. I straddled Tom as Martin fucked my arse using the juices from my vagina as lubricant. I screamed in pain with his every thrust but the thought of being exploited sexually by my seniors was arousing. Bradley looked on approvingly with a gleam in his eye, as I writhed about with these penises inside of me. Martin pumped me a couple of times and came inside of me, and Bradley took over, shoving his penis roughly into my arsehole that had before today never been touched. I screamed as he entered and he covered my mouth to stifle my screams. He and Tom moved in unison until Tom ejaculated and his penis became flaccid. His juices dribbled from my vagina, he lifted me slightly to escape. Bradley pulled out, still hard and roughly pushed me to the floor, so I was on the ground with my butt in the air, and he aimed and entered my arsehole again. Martin and Tom masturbated while Bradley fucked me up the arse. I signaled for Tom to come over, and grabbed his rock hard dick and started to suck on it. The door bell rang and Martin, with his dick out of his pants, went to go answer. When he returned, he had another two older men with him. Both immediately removed their pants and started to masturbate. I was half excited about the possibility of a gangbang, a fantasy I have always masturbated to, and was half off-put by the fact that it would be with these old men with graying hair. Nevertheless, their power and wealth made me a willing participant, and when Bradley came, I rolled around and lay on the ground on my back with my legs apart inviting them. Tom, obviously not finished, followed me, shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth. The first newcomer was fucking me, grunting with every thrust. Regardless of his age, it was a nicely sized thick penis and it was definitely doing the job and I could only see Tom anyway, and he was certainly a sight for sore eyes, with his 22-year body. The old man ejaculated and was replaced by the new one and the fucking continued.

I was fucked by everyone in that hotel room, I had five men all using my body for pleasure. None of them gave my body any special attention, they just used me and came inside of me.

Bradley dropped me off at Luke’s with a vagina aching more than it had when I had left that morning. I had had sex with six men in one day and I wanted more when I got home. I wasn’t satisfied. I felt like a dirty cock-craving whore, but I figured that it would be good for me career-wise to get to ‘know’ the bosses. I love semen, I love it in my mouth and I love it in my vagina. I love a nice hard penis too, I don’t care where it is but I love them.

I got home a Luke, disappointingly, was not home. I was horny as hell and I wanted him there. Slightly angry that he had disappeared while I was staying with him, I threw my handbag on the couch and grabbed some bread from the pantry to eat. As I looked around I noticed that Luke had made an effort to clean up the mess we left behind.

To be Continued.

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