30 Days of Submission

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I was married for 41 years when my wife died of cancer. She fought for 3 years before succumbing to that dreaded disease. I was 62 when she died and more or less withdrew for several months. It was a tough time, but slowly I recovered and life returned. One part that returned was my sexual feelings and I would get horny often.

I relieved myself with masturbating, but a longtime secret sexual fantasy kept coming back. This was a desire to please another man orally. I never told my wife about this and now being alone it became a big part of my sexual thoughts. I started going online and read stories with this subject and jacked off often while reading these.

After a short while I joined an online site where men met other men. I posted my desires and was contacted many times. I never responded because I was looking for a younger man that just wanted me to please him with no reciprocity. Almost all replies were from gay men and this was not what I was looking for.

One late night I got contact from a 43 year old divorced man that was looking for a man to suck him off from time to time. I responded and we began a conversation that lasted a couple of hours. I found out he lived about 20 minutes away and our needs matched perfectly.

We began meeting online almost everyday with me telling him how I would please him and him telling me how much he needed this. It usually ended up with both of us jacking off. This continued for several weeks and he kept trying to get me to come to his house. I was extremely nervous to take that step and kept putting him off.

Things came to a peak one night when he said, “If you want to get together it’s time to fish or cut bait.”

This was an ultimatum and I was very horny at the time and finally agreed to come meet him.

This was on Saturday night and he said, “No sex for either of us until we meet Tuesday.”

He wanted us both to be horny, so we both promised and I got his address. Ten o’clock Tuesday morning was set for our meeting.

I was so nervous about it and could hardly get it out of my thoughts. I was so horny it took all of my efforts to not break my promise, but I did not give in.

Tuesday I drove to his house and knocked on his door.

He hollered, “Come on in.” I went in and he was sitting in his recliner in a robe.

He said, “Finally we get to meet.”

I told him, “I am so nervous, not sure I should be here.”

He said, “Everything will be fine, we’ll figure it out.”

There was a real tension in the air until he said, “I want you to know that I am the alpha here and you’re the beta. You are here to do what I tell you to do. Do you understand?”

I was shocked, here was this man 20 years younger controlling me and it seemed unreal, but I answered, “I think so.”

The next thing he said got things started. He said, “I want you to be naked when you service me.”

I was again shocked and couldn’t speak. A couple of minutes passed with nothing being said.

He broke the silence, “Get with it… strip!”

I said, “Now, right here?”

He said, “Right now, show me your little dick.”

It was like a fog, but I was obeying his instruction and started slowly taking off my clothes as he watched. I got down to my underwear and couldn’t go further.

He said, “Let’s see it… do it now… you gotta do what I tell you… pull ’em off.”

I was starting to shake, but I pulled my underwear down and off. I put my hands in front and he became angry.

He strongly said, “Hands by you sides and keep them there, I told you I wanted to see your little dick.”

I put my hands by my side and actually started to get excited.

He laughed and said, “No wonder you’re looking for something bigger and better to play with.”

He then added, “Time for you to see what a real man’s cock looks like.”

He then opened his robe and exposed himself. I looked at his cock and balls. He definitely had a man’s cock and an enormous set of balls.

He said, “I want you to keep your eyes on my big man cock and balls. You’re gonna be licking those balls in a few minutes.”

I was staring as instructed and I was becoming excited, but my equipment was no comparison to his. His cock was twice as big as mine and his balls were maybe three times larger.

After several minutes passed he said, “Get on your knees.”

I hesitated, but submitted to his command, while knowing I would be between his legs in moments.

I continued to stare at his exposed package.

He then spoke the words I knew were coming, “Get over here and lick my balls, lick them all over.”

I crawled the couple of feet over to him and he put his hand on my head and pushed me down where I could reach his enormous ball sack. I, in a daze, began to lick his balls. I licked underneath and also sucked them gently. He moaned his approval and let me continue for a couple minutes.

He then pulled my head up slighly and let his hard cock flick along my nose and lips.

He then asked me, “What do Ankara bayan escort you want now?”

I said, “I want it.”

He pressed, “WHAT Do You Want?”

I pleaded, “I want to suck your big cock.”

He then held his cock head to my lips and pushed forward. I opened and tasted my first cock which was oozing precum. I slurped and licked and stroked him too. I held his large balls in my hand as I serviced him. I sucked him while also moaning and constantly licking the underside of his head. He was extremely excited and I could feel his balls pulling up which signaled he was getting close.

It was at this point that I reached down and started stoking myself while sucking him hard with a fast tongue. He was moaning and let out a loud grunt as his balls pulled up tight. His cock began throbbing and pulsing then thick ropes of his cum shot into my mouth. He held onto my head tighly as he delivered his heavy load.

I swallowed as fast as I could to not lose any of his hot cum. When he was starting to slow only slightly, I came like a thunderbolt. It was amazing and strong.

After we both calmed down, I felt an enormous shame, guilt and embarrassment come over me. I wanted it to not be true, but knew what reality was.

I jumped up and got dressed and told him, “I made a mistake… I gotta go. Don’t contact me. I won’t be doing this again… I’m sorry.”

He said, “It’s ok man, no one will ever know… don’t worry about it.”

I rushed out of the door to my car and sped off.

I spent next few days disgusted with myself, but soon the hunger returned. I found myself jacking off thinking about that Tuesday morning. Every time I did this the same feelings of shame and disgust returned, but not for long. I was battling with myself trying to not give in to my sexual desires, but it was a lost cause. The hunger always won.

About 5 weeks after that Tuesday I received a call and when I said hello it was his voice.

He said, “how’s it going? I know you said not to call, but I thought you would like to hear from me.”

I was caught off guard and said, “I’m ok.”

He asked, “When you heard my voice did your little dick get hard?”

I tried to stand up and said, “None of your business.”

He said, “I know you can’t help it. Once you got a taste it will never go away. You’ve been thinking about my big cock haven’t you?”

I, desperate said, “please stop.”

He taunted me, “Well are you hard?”

I was defeated… I said in a whisper, “Yes.”

He said, “You know you don’t want me to stop. You want to be on your knees sucking my big hard cock.”

I was trying to not give in and said weakly, “I cant do this.”

He said, “I got a 3 day load I need to do something with. I can jack off and flush it or if you apologize and ask me nicely, maybe I would allow you to come over. What should I do?”

I only said, “Don’t jack off.”

He mocked me saying, “I knew you would want to eat my big load. I haven’t heard an apology or heard you beg to come over.”

I surrendered, “I’m sorry I left you hanging. I’ll make it up to you if I can come over. Please let me come over and take care of you.”

He said, “Be here in 30 min. When you get here, come in, the door will be unlocked. Don’t speak and stand in front of me; strip and stand with hands by your sides.”

I left immediately and arrived on time. I was excited and entered as instructed. He was again in his chair with his robe on. He just stared at me as I began removing my clothes. I didn’t hesitate this time when I got down to my underwear. I pulled them down and off then stood fully exposed. I was becoming erect as he looked on.

He then began, “For the next 30 days you are going to submit to me and do exactly what I tell you. You will wear this for the next 30 days.”

It was a chastity cage. I had told him in our conversations that me and my wife had played with chastity. He bought one for me to wear.

He continued, “For the next 30 days 100% of the cum these big balls produce will be your responsibility. You will service me and swallow my load anytime I tell you to. Your diet is going to be rich in protein for the next month.”

He then said, “Do you agree to this and promise not to complain? If not, get dressed and get out. If you leave you’ll never hear from me again!”

I was actually more turned on by him making me submit to him this way.

I clearly said, “I agree.”

He tossed the chastity cage to me and said put it on. He pulled out a bag of ice to make my hardon go down. It was a short tube only 1 1/2 inches long, but with the ice I got it on. He didn’t use the lock, but instead used a zip tie with a seial number, so no way for me to cheat without him knowing.

He then grinned at me and said, “Well my little cock sucking cum slut, time for you to make up with my balls. On your knees and you better make it good.”

I walked over, got on my knees and without hesitation and began loving on his balls. Escort bayan Ankara He enjoyed my enthusiasm and was moaning from the moment I started. I licked and sucked his large balls for at least ten minutes before I moved up and inhaled his hard cock. I took as much as I could right from the beginning. I let him fuck my mouth while I held his big balls in my hand. We moved together slowly at first, but soon increased the speed. At the same time our speed increased, I could feel his balls pulling up.

My hunger was maxed out and I was anxious for him to feed me his 3 day load. If the chastity was not there I would have been jacking my cock, but no relief for me. I concentrated on making it as pleasurable as possible for him. His balls suddenly pulled up tight and my goal was reached. He actually screamed with pleasure as his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed at least 3 times before it slowed. I was still sucking as hard as ever trying to maximize the length of his release.

He loved it and was totally spent.

After a few minutes with me still nursing on his now soft cock he said, “That was the best cum of my life. No pussy I’ve ever had was even close to being that good. Wow!”

He said, “That cage was a good idea wasn’t it? You’re gonna be ready 24/7 for more of my cock.”

I said, “I hope I can survive 30 days of being horny at such a high level.”

He said, “Your orgasms will not be felt with your dick. You will experience your orgasms in your mouth with my hard cock providing the throbbing and pulsing. Your ejaculations will be entering your body through your mouth, not exiting through your dick.”

He added, “The next month you will be begging for me to let you suck my cock and pleading for the cum you will be craving.”

All the time he was saying all of this, I was gently nursing on his soft cock wishing it was not over. The craving he spoke of had already started.

He then dismissed me, “Get dressed and get out. Don’t come back until I call for you. Also never speak to me unless I ask you a question; unless it is to say thank you and I will expect you to thank me each time I allow you to pleasure me.”

I was surprised by these remarks, but complied.

I dressed and said, “Thank You.”

As I was headed to the door, he stopped me and said, “I will require a much more descriptive thank you.”

I said, “Thank you for letting me please your big cock and for the wonderful belly full of your cum.”

He laughed and said, “Much better… See you soon cock sucker.”

When I got home I was a total wreck. I was reliving what had happened and wanted to cum so bad it was painful. I was ultra horny and it had only been 3 days since I had an orgasm and I still had at least 29 more days to go before any chance of relief.

I couldn’t sleep and the next day it was the only thing I could think about. It was such a turn on to think about my situation. I was on call to service a horny alpha male who only wanted to use my mouth for his pleasure anytime he wanted. I was not allowed to even speak to him unless asked to and I was going to dutifully swallow a whole month of his big balls’ cum production. All the time I will not be allowed to touch my own dick. (He requires mine be called a dick because I’m small.). The only thing he is required to do is to not jack off for 30 days and save all of his cum for me.

The time seemed to crawl and it was two days before he called. It was 1:00 in the afternoon. I answered the phone normally.

He said, “Don’t speak… be here in 30 min. Don’t knock, just come in take all of your clothes off and get on your knees between my legs. Then beg for it. After I’m satisfied with your pleas I’ll let you open my robe and you can make love to my balls and then my cock. Make sure you make it last a long time and don’t be in a hurry. I always want the best from you and you’ll be rewarded with a large load of my thick cum. Also, I want you to address me as Sir from now on. See you in 30 minutes.”

He hung up

I was suddenly flustered and also excited. I went to my car and left immediately. I replayed his call in my head. I knew I was going to do exactly what he told me.

When I arrived I was nervous, but proceeded into his house. He was in his usual spot with his robe on. I stripped and got on my knees between his legs as he told me to. He didn’t speak and just stared at me.

I was lost for words and not sure I was supposed to speak.

He realized this and said, “Well… Are you going to beg?”

It was a question, so now I understood I was supposed to speak and to beg him for it.

I struggled but said, ” May I please open your robe and pleasure you with my mouth and tongue?”

He said, “Very good… you may proceed.”

I wasted no time opening his robe and started kissing, licking and sucking his large full nut sack. He loved this and encouraged me and called me names like a good little cum slut.

I did this for quite along time as I Bayan escort Ankara enjoyed giving him such pleasure. I slowly moved up and licked his entire shaft before I had him plunge his cock into my mouth. He let out a loud groan as he started pumping his cock in and out of my working mouth. I was licking and sucking at the speed he controlled. He would get close and pull out to calm down before he pushed back in.

He got very close several times, but his balls in my hand only pulled up slightly. I concentrated on my tongue movement and tight lips around his head. This put him over the edge and I felt his balls pull up strongly and I knew it was imminent. He grabbed my head with both hands, screamed with great pleasure and delivered a massive load to my waiting mouth. I was savoring every jet of his hot cum and swallowed all of it. It was never enough and I kept sucking even as he was going soft. He finally calmed down and again complimented me on being a natural cock sucker.

He then closed his robe as he pushed me away. I felt somewhat saisfied, but on the other hand very incomplete.

He then said, “You have anything to say?”

I said, “Thank you so much for allowing me to suck your beautiful man cock. It’s amazing.”

He said, “Get dressed and get lost.”

He made me feel so used, but this actually excited me and only made my desire to please stronger. I left without another word.

This routine went on almost daily or every other day. On several occasions he had me keep sucking until he was able to cum a second time.

By day 25 I had averaged more than a load per day. I was so horny and conditioned that I was having dreams of his hard cock pulsing and shooting in my mouth. He was right, I was addicted to his semen and craved it more than I could have imagined.

After pleasing him on the 25th day he had a change for me.

He said, “I am not going to need you for a few days. I want you to enjoy your biggest load ever on the 30th day. A five day load is going to be my gift to you for being the best cock sucking cum slut ever!”

He said, “Get dressed and go home and be ready for a big meal in 5 days. I’ll call you 30 minutes before.”

I thanked him in the usual way and left for home.

I was beyond horny at this stage and sex was about 98% of my thoughts. My desire to please at this point was also off the chart. I think if he gave me a choice to either be released from chastity and allowed to cum or get on my knees and give him pleasure, I would choose the latter.

It was a long 5 days. On the morning of the 30th day my phone rang and it was him.

He said, “Don’t speak… be here in 30 minutes. When you get here get naked and on your knees.”

I get there, go in, strip and as I start to get on my knees he stands up. He moves to stand next to a table. He points for me to get in front of him. I comply.

He then said, “I want you to enjoy this load more than the others. I want you to suck me to the edge multiple times. When I am ready for you to finish me I want you to jack me off into this glass. Do you understand?”

I said, “Yes sir.”

He said, “Begin.”

I start with his balls as always and worked him up for several minutes. He then pulled my head up onto his very hard cock. I moaned with him as he entered my mouth. As always I held his balls in my hand as I sucked and licked his big cock. After a short while I could feel his balls begin to pull up. He pushed me away several times. Then he got my attention and handed me the wine glass.

He said, “Don’t miss any.”

I had to release his balls to hold the glass and I steadily jacked his hard cock while aiming into the large opening of the wine glass. I could tell by his moans and groans that he was close. He then went rigid and his cock swelled and pulsed as I continued stroking him through his strong orgasm and immense ejaculation. The glass was almost half full when he finally slowed. He reached down and squeezed another spoon full out into the glass.

He said, “Drink… drink every drop and lick it clean.”

I was immensely horny after 30 days and my craving for his cum equally strong. I didn’t hesitate and turned the glass up and took a nice swig. I had grown to love his taste. I was really into it and took another and another and another swallow. There was still a lot left. I couldn’t stop and literally sucked it all down in one last big swallow. Now I needed to clean the glass. I licked and licked until there wasn’t a trace.

He looked at me and said, “Great job you little cum slut. Would you like for me to release you and watch you cum for me?”

I was almost in tears when I said, “Please sir… thank you!”

He cut the zip tie on my chastity and said, “Enjoy… hope you don’t mind me watching.”

My dick was almost dead. It had given up on trying to get hard in the tiny tube. I pulled on it and it slowly came around. In about five minutes I was somewhat hard and it felt so good. I started thinking of what had happened over the last month. I was jacking now faster and faster. I was at the edge and there was no way I could stop. I came and came and came. It was wonderful.

He was staring at me as I was coming down from one of the best cums of my life.

He said, “Was it worth it? and Do you want to go for another 30?”

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Silver and Gold Ch. 10

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Hey folks, thanks for hanging in there! All feels, no sex in this chapter. XOXO, Im


The Meeting Tree had never looked more opulent. Enormous live-edge banquet tables that sat fifty had been conjured, each decorated with a riot of living flowers and vines. The flowers glowed in phosphorescent pinks, blues, and purples, filling the air with their delicate perfume. The tree was lit with twinkling lights that lined the entire interior of the towering tree. The kitchen had outdone themselves, based on the number of platters that were being placed on the tables and the heaping appetizers being passed among the faeries mingling on the dance floor. The open space had somehow been preserved, though the banquet tables should have easily filled the ordinary footprint of the enormous tree. Trying to comprehend the odd expansiveness of the space gave Feldspar a headache — surely Mal had stretched something in the fabric of reality to make the tree larger for the European delegation’s welcome feast.

Mal and Daniella would be hosting their own table with the delegation, who had arrived late the night before. He and Silver had joined Mal and Dani in meeting them at the edge of the Wood to escort them to their lodgings. He had been enthralled by how different Silver looked when he spoke French. It was subtle, but the way he carried himself was a bit taller and looser. He had been a natural with with the small delegation. They had been impressed and delighted to find someone familiar with their languages, and Silver had obliged them graciously. He had spoken a smattering of Italian, German and Turkish, though English and French were sufficient to carry the conversation.

Feldspar smiled to himself at how comfortable Silver had gotten by the end of their short walk to the trees that had been prepared for their visitors. He had offered to make some of their traditional dishes, and within minutes friendly conversation had flowed between the faeries.

That made it all the stranger that Silver still hadn’t arrived for the formal welcome feast. Cocktail hour was starting to drag on a bit, though the European faeries still appeared to be enjoying the opportunity to mingle on the dance floor. Mal and Dani sat in their twin thrones of living branches at the head of their enormous table, surveying the elegant scene with looks of regal detachment. Only their closest friends could detect the slight tension around Mal’s eyes and the tight grip Dani had on his arm. Dinner was due to commence soon, and Silver was meant to be seated next to Mal at the head of the table. It wouldn’t do to have his place empty, especially when several of the European faeries had already said how much they were looking forward to continuing their conversations with him from the night before.

Feldspar glanced at the entrance to the tree, silently begging Silver to arrive. He played with a bit of the silver embroidery at the cuff of his deep green suit jacket. He’d shown it to Silver days before, secretly delighted that the silver embroidered leaves and vines around its buttonholes and cuffs matched Silver’s hair and eyes. Marking themselves as a pair had thrilled him down to his bones. Now he wondered if he had missed or dismissed how much Silver didn’t want to attend, regardless of having Feldspar with him.

Silver had had a fit of nerves over the formality of the feast, which Feldspar thought he had successfully quelled. Silver was used to dressing for comfort in the kitchen and half his clothes were human-made. His Pizza My Heart hoodie and ratty jeans would not do when he was meant to serve as translator and advisor for Mal.

Luckily a lifetime at Mal’s side meant Feldspar had no shortage of suits. He’d made Silver spend an entire afternoon trying on everything in Feldspar’s closet. It made him unreasonably happy to see Silver in his clothes. They were very nearly the same size, and would have been exactly the same size had Feldspar not spent the better part of a year exercising himself to collapse. Silver’s body had a touch more padding over his muscles and he filled out Feldspar’s clothes perfectly. Silver had dutifully tried on everything Feldspar handed to him, flirting with him the entire time and teasingly muttering about having to attend boring political functions just to make his boyfriend happy. In the end they’d settled on a dark gray suit with deep green accents. It looked good next to Feldspar’s outfit without being too matchy, which Silver said would make him and everyone else want to barf. Perhaps his apparent good mood that day had been bravado meant to placate Feldspar.

Feldspar frowned and berated himself internally for not going to Silver’s home to escort him to the feast personally. If he had walked over with him so he’d have had a few minutes to settle his nerves.

Feldspar chewed his lip. Just then, he felt an unceremonious tug on his heart from Mal’s direction. He turned and saw the flicker of irritation in Mal’s eyes, irritation that he was sure masked unease. As if he had not a care Ankara bayan escort in the world, Feldspar turned and walked to Mal’s throne and gave him a stately bow.

“Where is your lover?” Mal hissed, his eyes trained on the visiting faeries as they mingled. “We should have been seated fifteen minutes ago. Any longer of a delay will be noticed.”

“I don’t know, my Lord. We agreed to meet here.”

“We shall have to proceed without him,” Mal said tightly. It was a small bit of magic to make Silver’s place at the table disappear, so easy for Mal that Feldspar almost missed it. Seeing his chair disappear so easily made Feldspar’s gut twist. Silver was essential, if not truly essential to the success of the diplomatic visit, then at the very least essential to him. He couldn’t let his place at the table disappear without comment. Still, he didn’t know what to say to Mal. Silver was supposed to be here and he wasn’t. It felt foolish to say out loud that something might be wrong. Still, Feldspar couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad had happened to Silver.

“Let the feast commence and I will find him in the meantime.”

“No,” Mal said sharply. “Your place is here. It will be too conspicuous without you at the table. If you leave, the delegation will surely notice seeing as you have been at my side for long enough that some of them remember you from before we settled the Wood. Silver will make his way here or not. We, however, must stay with our guests.” Mal’s voice was low and tight, coiled and controlled.

“Silver knows how much you wanted him here. How much I wanted him here. He gave me no reason to think he wouldn’t attend this evening. Something is wrong, Mal. Something must be wrong for him to not have arrived by now.” The words tumbled out of Feldspar hastily, tripping over each other in his anxiety to get them over with so he could move on to the point.

“Fel, if he were in danger I would know, and I promise you he is not,” Mal said so evenly that it came out patronizing.

Feldspar shook his head stubbornly. He knew intellectually that Mal would sense if there was danger in the Wood, and that Mal was too good a friend to lie to him about something so important. It didn’t matter in the face of not knowing why Silver was missing. “You removed his place setting, you can just as easily remove mine. I’m going to go check on him whether you like it or not.”

Mal’s green eyes flashed so dark for a moment they were almost black. Feldspar saw the maelstrom of emotions Mal held just beneath the surface of his skin and wasted no time. If he thought any longer about it, he’d lose his nerve. He bowed deeply and turned on his heel, walking as quickly as he could toward the exit while maintaining decorum.

The second Feldspar had been certain no other faeries would see him he’d started sprinting to Silver’s tree. A sheen of cool sweat covered his skin as he stood panting outside Silver’s door, waiting for the faery to respond to his frantic knocking. There were no sounds from inside. Feldspar’s stomach soured. All the reasons Silver might have for abandoning him ran through his head in quick succession.

He stuffed those thoughts down and peeked through the window. Food and cookware were strewn all over the kitchen. That was odd. Silver’s love of his kitchen bordered on pathological. No matter how many hours he’d spent cooking, he always, always took the time required to lovingly clean and tidy the space for the next day. It was one of his favorite things to complain about when he wanted to get a rise out of Silver.

Feldspar pushed open Silver’s door and called for him again. When he got no response he crossed quickly to the ladder to Silver’s bedroom next to the eerily messy kitchen. Silver’s bedroom was empty as well, the bed a mess of balled up sheets and blankets. The suit Silver had borrowed to wear was still laid neatly over a chair. The room smelled sour and stale, Silver’s usual spicy rosemary scent noticeably absent. Feldspar’s adrenaline spiked as he took in the scene.

Then Feldspar heard a low groan coming from Silver’s bathroom. He found him curled over his toilet, clearly having been vomiting. “Baby,” he cried out in shock as he rushed to the faery’s side. Silver was curled in on himself. His skin was sickly pale and covered in goosebumps. He groaned and made a weak gesture that Feldspar suspected meant he wanted to be left alone.

“Go away,” Silver barked hoarsely. Feldspar recoiled at the harshness of his tone and the faint stench of whiskey on his breath. He stared at Silver, dumbfounded. The Silver he knew would never drink himself sick, especially not if it meant letting him down.

“Sweetheart? What happened?”

“Oh God,” Silver moaned. Feldspar saw his body spasm and without hesitation knelt to wrap a supportive arm around him as violent retching took him. Feldspar held him through it, stroking his back and murmuring a string of soothing words even as he tried to imagine what had caused Silver to Escort bayan Ankara get this drunk. Nothing was coming out, not even bile, but still the retching continued. Feldspar’s heart ached at his powerlessness to stop Silver’s torture.

When Silver’s body finally stilled, Feldspar leaned him back against his chest. He had the strongest urge to squeeze Silver tight and never let go. It didn’t matter that he was sweaty and smelled like whiskey, sour sweat and sick. He needed Silver to feel better, and the only thing he wanted more than that was to be part of the reason Silver felt better.

As soon as Silver was able to manage it, Feldspar helped him sit back against the wall. All the fight had gone out of him and he stared blankly at the toilet. It scared Feldspar to see a look of such desolation on Silver’s face.

“Shall we clean you up, Sweetheart,” he asked gently. He waited several moments too long for a response from the other faery. With a sigh Feldspar gently lifted one of Silver’s arms. When he didn’t object to being touched, Feldspar proceeded to strip him. He tossed the soiled clothes into a corner to see to later, infinitely more concerned with his catatonic lover. He leaned Silver against the wall briefly to get a cloth and warm water. He washed the smell off Silver’s body, unnerved at how limp he was.

Feldspar paused to consider how to get Silver back to his bed. Silver was his height with a slightly less defined middle; he probably weighed about the same as Feldspar. He crouched down and hooked an arm around Silver’s ribs, grunting with effort. Silver whimpered pitifully, but he managed to get his own legs under himself as Feldspar pulled him up.

Silver sighed as Feldspar lowered him into the bed. Feldspar couldn’t tell if it was a sound of relief or misery. On the short walk from the bathroom to his bed, he’d broken out in a light sheen of clammy sweat. Feldspar gently pulled a light sheet over Silver’s lower half and returned to the bathroom for a fresh washcloth. He wiped Silver’s neck and face tenderly and left the cool cloth folded over Silver’s forehead. He started to ask Silver again what had happened, but stopped himself. It was apparent just looking at Silver’s expression that he wasn’t ready for communication yet.

Instead Feldspar went to the kitchen to mix up a tonic for Silver’s stomach. He frowned when he opened Silver’s cold storage. The ginger and lemons were both covered in mold. They looked like they’d been moldering for days, large tufts of white and teal fluff rendering them nearly unrecognizable. That wasn’t like Silver at all. Feldspar had never known him to keep ingredients long enough for them to go moldy, let alone leaving the mess in his kitchen to contaminate everything else. He opened a few more cabinets, finding the same thing everywhere he looked. Only the cinnamon, turmeric and other powdered spices were usable. Something had obviously gone very wrong with the magic that governed Silver’s kitchen. He retrieved a bowl and glass of water, and brought them back to the bedroom where he placed on the bedside table.

He knelt down next to Silver. Mercifully he’d closed his eyes, looking almost asleep. “Sweetheart,” he whispered. Silver opened his eyes hazily. “I need to gather some things from my kitchen. If you feel ill again there is a bowl here beside you.”

Silver’s eyes moved slowly to the bedside table and he winced. “Not that one,” he mumbled. Feldspar followed his glance to the bedside table, confused for a moment. “Metal one,” Silver elaborated. Feldspar smiled ruefully. The wooden salad bowl he brought for Silver to throw up in was one of Silver’s favorites. He kissed Silver on the forehead and exchanged the bowl for a metal one in the kitchen. As soon as he saw that the proper bowl was ready for him Silver closed his eyes again.

Feldspar sprinted down, up and across the rope walkways from Silver’s tree to his own. He didn’t want to leave him alone for any longer than strictly necessary. He burst through the front door to his tree and crossed the room to the kitchen and began filling a bag with the herbs and spices he’d need. He contemplated the ingredients he’d gathered. He wished he had more ginger root, but it would have to do. Feldspar placed a few pre-mixed vials of his most potent pain tonic into his bag for good measure. Satisfied with his stock of supplies, he hurried back to Silver’s tree.

When he peeked into Silver’s room he was relieved to see the metal bowl was still empty. Silver was lying on his side staring blankly at nothing. Feldspar’s heart squeezed. He’d never seen Silver look so small and careworn.

He knelt at Silver’s bedside and unloaded the contents of his bag onto the floor. It felt decidedly wrong to mix up one of his renowned tonics on the bedroom floor, but there was no way he’d risk mixing them in the filth of Silver’s kitchen. He worked quickly and automatically, letting years of experience flow through his fingers until he had an anti-nausea tonic Bayan escort Ankara to pair with his pre-mixed pain draughts. Silver barely looked at him when he pressed the drink into his hands, but drank it automatically when Feldspar nudged his hand toward his mouth.

That done, Feldspar paused, unsure what else Silver would let him do. He felt useless in the extreme. He was used to the kind of threat he could cut in half. Whatever plagued Silver was much trickier to slay. After a long debate he followed the insistent pull of his heart. He stripped and climbed into bed behind Silver. He stopped shy of touching the other faery, waiting for a sign from Silver. Feldspar could barely breathe as he lay on his side staring at the back of his lover’s head. Silver could crush him if he wanted to, grind his aching heart into dust.

It was agony to wait, but eventually Silver shifted backward in silent invitation. Feldspar wasted no time scooting close and hooking an arm over Silver’s chest. For a few breaths Silver remained stiffly curled in on himself, seeming not to feel Feldspar’s touch. Then Feldspar felt him let out a little sigh and let go. His shoulders relaxed and he leaned back into Feldspar while rearranging their arms so that he could intertwine his fingers with Feldspar’s.

“You’re not supposed to be here,” Silver said, his voice hollow and devoid of feeling despite accepting Feldspar’s touch.

Feldspar frowned, genuinely confused for a moment. He had Silver’s body curled tight in his arms; there was no better place for him at that moment. From the way Silver had moulded his back to Silver’s front, it seemed Silver agreed with him. “What do you mean?”

“The welcome feast.”

The shock of realization sent a cold rush through Feldspar. As soon as he’d seen Silver in a bad way he had completely forgotten about the feast, Mal and all the rest. He kissed the back of Silver’s neck and squeezed him closer to reassure him. “Neither of us is needed at the welcome feast, if you were worrying about it. I am precisely where I should be. I only want to know what’s wrong. Let me help.”

Silver sighed. Feldspar waited. Something had clearly happened to Silver and he couldn’t imagine leaving until he knew how to make it better. He breathed in Silver’s rosemary scent and exhaled slowly against him. Silver’s breathing slowly fell into rhythm with Feldspar’s and his body softened further into Feldspar’s.

He drew in a shuddering breath and held it, filling the air with tension as he prepared to speak. “It’s Brody,” he mumbled. “He’s dead.”

It took Feldspar longer than he liked to put meaning to the words. Brody. Brody, Silver’s friend who had taught him to make some of the most brilliant food Feldspar had ever tasted. Brody, who Silver had as many colorful descriptions for as stars in the sky. The human who ‘had a few too many bats in the belfry,’ and was ‘crazier than a fish in the fryer.’ The leading man in nearly every one of Silver’s stories that left them both crying with laughter. In short, the magically talented, slightly unhinged, larger-than-life human who Feldspar had come to realize was Silver’s best friend.

“What? When?” Feldspar said, aghast, when he had finally processed what Silver had said. Humans were fragile and short-lived compared to faeries, but Brody had been young.

“A few days ago. I just found out.” Silver drew in another stuttering breath.

“Oh Silver, I’m so sorry,” Feldspar said. The words were deeply inadequate, only worth saying because he knew there were no words adequate for Silver’s loss. His chest was tight with helpless misery. He wished he could take away Silver’s pain but there wasn’t a magic for that.

Living as long as he had, he was no stranger to loss. When it was someone you loved it still hurt every single time, no matter how long you’d walked the earth. The thought of losing Gneiss Nephrite, or even Mal was so terrifying that he had always superstitiously refused to hold it in his mind even for long enough for it to be a complete thought. What could he possibly say or do in the face of that? There wasn’t anything he could give in comfort aside from his presence, and so he waited, offering only himself.

“You don’t have to stay here. You should go back.”

Feldspar didn’t dignify that with more than a hum of disagreement. He wasn’t going anywhere. Silver rolled over to face Feldspar and buried his face against his chest. Feldspar pulled him closer and held him, until his shoulders dropped and his breath whooshed out of him in a long exhale. The sound drew out until it rebounded as his entire body shook with silent sobs. Feldspar’s heart felt like it would burst with grief and tenderness as Silver cried against him. He was so grateful Silver was taking comfort in him, even if there was nothing he could do aside from hold him and listen.

Silver’s voice was shredded and his face was red and swollen by the time his sobs finally subsided. He mumbled quiet thanks against Feldspar’s chest, tacking on a belatedly apology. Feldspar squeezed him in response. He would rather be here with Silver than anywhere else with anyone else. The thought brought into focus the unspoken end of Silver’s sentence: thank you for choosing me over the Lord. He was unsurprised to realize there was no contest. Silver came first, unquestionably.

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The Lawyer

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When younger and full of high spirits I found myself on the wrong side of the law and in need of some legal advice.

It was a late afternoon appointment on a glorious sunny day; and despite the heat I wore my best navy blue suit, shirt and tie hoping it made me look smart and sensible, I didn’t want my lawyer thinking I was some kind of yob!

My lawyer introduced himself as Richard and showed me into his office. As I made myself comfortable I could hear him explain to his secretary that I was the last client of the day and if she had finished the filing she should take the post for delivery and go home for the day.

The office was fairly small there was a main desk which I was sat in front, the other side there was high backed leather chair on casters, the desk was clear except for a writing pad and what I assumed was my file. There was a computer on a smaller desk to the side of the main desk.

Richard entered the room and gave me a smile of greeting, he was wearing a very smart well cut grey suit with a pale blue shirt and dark tie, he was taller than me but not by much, but it was notable

As he sat down he pushed his almost pure white hair back from his face, I knew that he was in his late forties from his profile on the law companies flyer, however other than the hair he looked younger and seemed to be in very good shape, built like a runner and his face only slightly lined in a quite attractive way, I found myself fancying him just a bit.

“Right Mr Craft lets see if I can help you.” Richard’s tone was authorative; to the point and as well as bringing me back to earth made me realise he was very much in charge.

We discussed the details of my inquiries and Richard agreed that he would take the matter further. For which I was very grateful. Richard tapped at the computer keyboard for a moment or two and then explained that he was going to pick some pieces off of the printer for me to sign. He left the room; it was obvious that the secretary had gone. I heard Richard lock the main door and then he returned with half a dozen sheets of paper.

“Right for us to go further with this I need you to sign this statement that we will be acting for you and then we would need to hold £500 on account to cover upcoming expenses.”

“How much?” I stammered, “I didn’t expect that much so soon.”

“Sorry, standard practice,” he stated and nonchalantly removed his jacket hanging it over his seat, he then perched on the edge of the desk and with his tone a little friendlier asked how much I could put on the account.

I couldn’t even offer half of what he was asking.

“We’ll have to find another way of sorting this out” he said.

“Anything please” I was pleading.

“Well you are quite cute.” He murmured, “Are you keen on older men?”

“Sorry!” I stammered again not sure I heard him right

“I said you are lovely Are you keen on older men?” His tone was more forceful

“Uh um thanks for the compliment, but,”

“Don’t come all coy!” he said sounding almost irritated “The nature of the complaint against you…”

He left the sentence unfinished; however, being charged with lewd behaviour in the Gentlemen’s toilet at the local park pretty much gave away my desires.

I flushed red all the way to my boots, then a penny dropped “Ah um I could be very keen.” I mumbled

Richard ordered me to stand up remove my jacket and give a slow turn, so that he could check me out. I did as I was told his manner was such that I did not dare say no.

He complimented me on my fit body, choice of shirt and tie then demanded I take them off. I stood in front of him naked to the waist; he was still perched on the edge of the desk and seemed to like what he was seeing.

“Come closer.” He asked his manner back to gentle I did Ankara escort as he asked my thigh brushing his knee.

He then put his hand on my head and pulled me close to kiss me full on the mouth, I was not expecting him to be so quick so gave a bit of a gasp of surprise but then responded to his kiss putting my own hands on his head as our lips and tongues danced against each other.

He then worked his kisses very slowly down my face, nibbling my neck as I ran my fingers through his hair.

My nipples were up like stalks and my skin went all goose pimply as he ran his tongue and lips all over my chest. My cock mimicked my nipples by stiffening in my pants.

I could only hold his head as my breathing faltered at his marvellous touch he squeezed my tight bum as he took a nipple into his mouth he sucked gently at first and then harder and biting just enough to make me wince but also enough to make me groan in pleasure

I unbuttoned his shirt with fumbling fingers, leaving his tie but exposing a smooth ripped chest, he was definitely fit, not hugely muscled but defined I was caressing his skin.kneading his muscles and squeezing his nipples until they were hard while he continued to lick and kiss my chest neck and face.

Richard stood and slipped off of the desk, gently he turned me around and pushed me onto the desk he expertly undid my belt and fly and slid his hand into my black shorts and squeezed my erect cock; as he lay me back on the desk top; the file and writing pad falling off as I lay back.

I lifted my head looking over my chest and belly as Richard slipped off his shirt and tie. He seemed to be pondering his next move as he unzipped his trousers and let them fall to the floor, revealing tight black shorts which contrasted sharply against his pale skin. The shape and size of his cock clearly apparent through the material also noticeable was a small damp patch indicating a little pre-cum. I bit my lip in anticipation as he wriggled out of those shorts leaving him in just his socks his cock seemed huge in the middle of his slim frame and I felt butterflies in my stomach and the thought of what he might do with it.

He stepped closer to the desk his cock knocking against my groin his hands slipped under my bum and he grabbed the waistband of both my trousers and underpants in what must have been a practiced move he had them both off of my buttocks and down to my knees my cock waving springing up to attention, trying to stand like a flagpole as he did so I raised my knees and in a second swift movement my clothes were off.

Richard grabbed my left leg and started to kiss my feet and caress my thigh with his other hand. I dropped my head and felt electric tremors through my skin as he kissed, nibbled and licked his way along my leg.

By the time Richard reached the top of my legs I was writhing in pleasure, his nibbles were becoming quite strong bites and I arched my back and lifted my hips squeezing my bum every time his teeth nipped my skin.

“Dear God” I shouted when Richard eventually got to my cock and kissed it straight on., He then nibbled and sucked on my foreskin, before licking up, down and around my glands. I was rock hard and squirming like a tickled child.

My hands were on his head and I lifted my hips, his tongue felt so hot even against the heat of my manhood. I was very close to coming when he took his head away.

I groaned as I was so close.

“You are a very naughty boy.” He said and blew gently on the tip of my erection. I just groaned a reply I could hardly bear it I was so close and he had stopped but his breathing kissing and blowing was just enough to keep me on the edge.

“I said you are a very naughty boy” his voice was firmer this time and he was still blowing Ankara escort bayan making me writhe in a pleasurable agony.

“I I I’m not” I stammered my reply.

“Oh yes you are” and he bit me, and then continued to tease me with his breathe

“And you will refer to me as sir when you speak to Me.” he said pinching me hard on the buttock.

“Ow!” I exclaimed more out of shock than pain.

“Ow what?” this time the pinch was harder and he twisted causing some real pain.

“Ow, Sssir,” I almost hysterically giggled.

“You have been a very naughty boy, and as a representative of the legal profession I think it is my duty to show you the error of your ways.”

“But sir I am a good boy.” I cried a reply.

“Oh no you are not you are so very naughty.” His tone became a sort of mock stern, “you come here in a sexy suit, trying to look so normal and innocent, yet I know that you have been masturbating in front of a macho policeman in public toilets. I bet it is not the 1st time you have been acting the slut with others

“But Sir, I only want a little loving and to give some back I was only trying to please” I was pleading.

“Hmm let’s see how good you are” he said and he and rolled me over, so that I was lying face down on the desk. I felt his hands all over my buttocks, he pulled at the hairs, kneaded my flesh and then when I was least expecting it he slapped me very hard.

“Ow!” I exclaimed, this time with pain as well as surprise. I arched up off the desk but was firmly pushed back down

“Ow, what do you say?” he smacked my backside with each word.

“Ow sir” I mumbled

“I — did — not — hear — you” he said again a spank for each word.

“Ow sir” I almost sobbed, my backside must have glowed red as he was not tapping me they were full blooded smacks, but as painful as the hits may have been they were insignificant to the pleasure I was feeling. The heat from my beaten buttocks spread right through my body and I could feel that my cock was already letting a little juice out.

“I think six of the best should do it” He picked up his belt and folded it in half and he gave me six incredibly hard smacks with it, which I could only just endure.

“Hmm that’s enough of that for now.” his tone was gentler again and his hands were once again gentle on my skin. He let go and walked around the desk so that he was at my head

I breathed him in, the burning in my own cock and balls was getting higher as he pushed his groin into my face and I started kissing his whopping great cock, then I pulled at his foreskin with my lips. My tongue gently searched for his helmet flicking at it as my hands were all over his beautiful tight buttocks.

“Mmm you’re so sexy” he said as he pushed his cock into my face, his hands on my head. “I love your tongue, I want to be deep in you”

I fought for breathe as he pushed his cock into my mouth I started swallowing so as not to gag, my tongue savoured his flavours. He started to pump at my mouth as if fucking my throat, though never going so deep as to make me fully choke his huge member did make me gag a few times. On a couple of occasions he would pull out completely and I would take deep breathes while he would inspect his cock covered in my slobber he would seem happy with what he saw and would go back to abusing my mouth and throat.

The hardness of my own cock was squashed against the hard smooth surface of the desk and I rolled my hips side to side enjoying the pressure. I knew I was being used but I loved every moment. He kept fucking my mouth and I sucked licked and swallowed his huge phallus as he groaned with pleasure.

After a while he pulled out and let go of my head. I looked up at him I was still sprawled across the desk. He Escort Ankara was gasping for air and I assumed he was trying to regain some self-control. It made me feel good because I was sure that I must have just brought him to the edge of climax.

Once he had calmed himself down he opened the top drawer of the desk and picked out a condom. My eyes widened as I realised I was about to get fucked.

“Stay exactly as you are.” He ordered, “I am going to fuck you right there, I want to know what those people were hoping to get at that toilet.”

I watched as he prowled around the desk

“Eyes front” he shouted when he got to the other side of the desk and he gave my already beaten buttocks a quick smack, I immediately complied.

My whole body tensed as I felt his hand on my thigh I was expecting another beating but instead his hand caressed my leg, I felt him position himself between my legs and he started to caress my other thigh as well. His hands gently stroked and kneaded the flesh of my upper leg; as he gently worked higher I could feel his breathe on my skin. He took a deep breath and blew onto my balls, they tightened under the cool blast. He then kissed my buttocks one by one, then nibbled on them. His hands had worked their way to the top of my thigh and he pulled my arse cheeks apart. He then ran his tongue along my hairy valley. I could feel his breathe and the hot wetness of his tongue as he started licking at my anus as if it was an ice cream then after a short while pushing his tongue into my wet man hole I gently moved my hips from side to side as he ground his face against me. He grasped my buttocks digging nails into the soft flesh and my excitement built still further, once more I was breathing deeply as the pleasure waves ripped through my body.

He leaned back a moment, my groin was aching, he took a breath for half a second before making me gasp again as he slid a finger slowly in to my soggy arsehole. I offered little resistance as he slid a second in and started to stretch the muscles of my sphincter, all the time I was rubbing my cock into the desk.

He pulled his fingers out and stepped slightly away from me and pushed me so that I was once again on my back on the desk pulling me I found my legs in the air as he rubbed his cock around my groin area. As if fencing with my own hardness. My Knees were pushed up towards my chest. I grabbed them and held them there so that my bum was completely exposed to him. The tip of his penis rested against the star of my anus I took a deep breath held and then slowly let the air out as he slid his cock into me. I accepted his whole length and as he paused when he was fully inside me I clenched my bum tight around his shaft, the gasp he let out was ample reward. Gently and rhythmically he started to pump my hole, I met every full inward thrust with a squeeze.

The pumping became faster as did our breathing. I grabbed my own stiff meat and pulled at it as frantically as he was fucking my arse. It wasn’t long before things were becoming more than a bit haphazard; we were at it like animals, hot, sweaty, grunting, pumping, hard, man sex.

I fumbled and pulled at my cock feeling the pressure building until I came with a huge grunt, sending four or five huge sprays of hot white spunk over my belly.

This seemed to be the catalyst for Richard as he thrust three or four more times into my hole before burying himself as deep as he could. I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he came noisily.

We stayed still for a moment the only noise our breathing, then he pulled his cock out of my arse I sat up a little sperm dripped onto the desk.

“Sorry I’ve made a little mess here.” I said.

“That’s Ok,” he said, “I’ll add it to the bill for next time.”

“Next time?” I asked.

“Well, that’s only the down payment, there will be more bills to pay, that is if you still want my services.”

“Oh yes.” I replied, “Very much so”.

“Fine I shall get my secretary to make an appointment for next week”.

I smiled as I thought about paying my next instalment.

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Night Out

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He sat on the end of the long bench lining the nightclub’s perimeter wall and inhaled as his mind raced. What am I doing here? He watched a man walk by, sipping a beverage and thought about getting the free drink that came with the cover charge, then decided to wait, afraid he would lose his nerve and leave before the show started. He also knew his seat wouldn’t be available if he gave it up for how quickly the room was filling, so he decided to sit patiently and try to relax.

The upbeat dance music’s volume increased and the atmosphere became more vibrant as customers continued entering. He sat nervously motionless as some started dancing while others filled the benches and seats, then studied the makeshift dance platform in the center of the room and adjusted in his seat. It was the perfect distance. Close enough to have a view but far enough to be somewhat secluded.

He had never seen a naked erection, and from what he read, the dancers would all be naked and have erections. His cock pulsed at the thought and he discreetly pushed it down.

Was he really here? Would what he saw online, really happen here tonight? Did he really pay fifty dollars to watch naked men dance? Would any of them dance close to him?…Put their hard cocks in his face? He swallowed hard after salivating. What would he do?

He calmed. No one would force him to do anything if they came close…but from what he saw online, the dancers not only didn’t mind, they expected to be grabbed and groped? His chest began expanding as his heartbeat increased and he thought about leaving…but couldn’t. He could control himself. He was only there to observe. After all, he was just curious…and his fantasies were…just fantasies.

The motion broke his daydream.

“Mind if I sit here?”

He glanced at the empty space next to him, then swallowed hard. The place was getting crowded. “Not at all.”

He focused straight ahead, embarrassed by the idea the guy knew why he was there. What did he look like? His glance was too quick, and now he was too embarrassed to look. Did the guy have a semi-erection too? Should he say hi? Was this his first time? Did he do this before? He wanted to remain anonymous but he wouldn’t mind meeting someone who made him feel more at ease. So far, he was just glad he didn’t know anyone and no one recognized him.

He examined the walls and ceiling as he waited. No cameras. The last thing he wanted was to find himself on some porn site. Maybe he should leave, just to make sure. Why was he there? He knew he should leave but he couldn’t. He had to see what a hard cock on a hard-body looked like.

“Hello everyone and welcome to the Starlight Lounge’s Wednesday night guy’s only male review.” The MC waved his arms. “Come on everybody. Let me hear your enthusiasm for our wonderful dancers!”

The crowd roared.

“Who’s here for the first time?” The MC raised his arm and he raised his hand demurely as others around the room did the same.

“Let’s hear it for our virgins and don’t hesitate to help our entertainers with the deflowering process!”

The crowd roared.

“This is a private show.” The MC’s voice turned serious. “Please respect others’ privacy because we enforce it. If your phone is seen, you’ll be escorted from the premises. If you need to use it, there’s an enclosed room through that exit door.” The man pointed the mic to a far corner. “Your phone cannot be exposed unless you’re inside that room. If we think you reached for it before entering, you’re gone. No exceptions. What happens here…stays here.”

He looked around. Everyone seems friendly, and the MC’s threat seemed legit.

The music changed and the lights danced. “And now…without further ado…Michelangelo, Ankara escort the three-legged stallion!”

The door at the opposite end opened and cheers erupted as an olive-skinned male wearing only a towel, approached the elevated platform and teased the audience as he danced. His stomach muscles rippled as he revealed his bulging thigh muscles.

“And his friend Remington.”

Another muscled performer suddenly appeared on the stage, in an identical towel, and rubbed his hidden erection with it, then exchanged it with the first performer, who rubbed his rigid cock with it.


A third dancer with light brown curly hair and a slimmer muscular build stepped onto the platform, and he felt his heartbeat quicken as he stared. Would they soon be naked? Would Athos soon be naked?

He pressed the front of his jeans as he felt his erection begin to grow. He couldn’t stop staring. And his stares intensified as Athos revealed his thick hard cock, then teased the audience as he stroked it and gyrated.

The men danced and teased, and he sat silently anticipating the next segment of the evening. At least he hoped they did what the porn video showed. He eyed the room as the crowd grew more active, though he couldn’t see past the lighted stage.

A far corner of the room cheered as one of the dancers jumped off the stage. Was it really happening? He wanted to know but he didn’t dare move.

He watched as three new dancers took the stage, and Athos jump down in his direction! The man smiled at him and he realized he was staring with his mouth open. Oh, god! He was coming closer!

“Hi. You like what you see?”

He nodded.

“Mind if I dance in front of you and use you to tease everyone?”

“No.” He shook his head, then inhaled as Athos wrapped his towel around the back of his head, hiding him from the crowd. He gasped. He had never been this close to another man’s erection, and he froze. Then the towel began pulling him toward the impressive cock!

He shut his eyes as the beautiful penis rubbed against his face.

“Go ahead. I won’t tell.”

He let the cock cross his open lips, then felt Athos guide his mouth onto it. Oh, god! He was sucking a stranger’s cock! He wanted to stop and knew he should…but it tasted so good.

He suddenly felt a breeze as the crowd cheered. Oh, god! The towel was gone and he was exposed, with the cock still in his mouth! A wave of embarrassment came over him as he let the delicious cock slip from his lips, and Athos covered his head again, before feeding him more cock. He sucked deeper as his desire grew stronger, then felt the open air again as the crowd cheered.

Oh, god, he was sucking dick for everyone to see! But it was so sexy and he didn’t know if he’d ever get to do it again. He shut his eyes, and savored the delicious cock. No one knew him there, and he’d get over his embarrassment…then have a memory to jerk off to, for the rest of his life.

“Thanks for the fluffing! I hope we can do it again sometime!”

He looked up as Athos pulled out of his mouth, and realized his new friend was moving on. He sighed as he wiped his mouth while avoiding eye contact with those around him.

“That was really sexy. You can continue doing that to me, if you want.”

His heart jumped as the man next to him tapped his upper arm and he glanced at him for the first time.


Another stranger wanted him to suck cock!? He blinked in confusion and quickly thought about leaving, but his experience with Athos was so exhilarating!

He glanced at the man a second time, not knowing how to react, but didn’t make another move, and the man lowered his zipper. “…If you want to.”

He wanted Ankara escort bayan to very much. He looked around and noticed all eyes were directed elsewhere, then glanced down at the man’s exposed penis. He placed his hand over it, like he was hiding it then felt its warmth. Why did he want to suck a different cock within minutes of having the first one in his mouth? The thought confused him but the desire was undeniable.

He glanced at the man again, then realized he really didn’t want to know what he looked like. He was far more interested in his cock…and the desire was increasing steadily.

The man adjusted in his seat, then placed a hand on the back of his head and gently guided him down, and his own erection throbbed. Another man wanted him to suck cock and the idea was thrilling!

He moved his hand as the man pressed the back of his head, and his lips instinctively parted as he let the hard cock slip inside his eager mouth. It wasn’t as big as Athos’s, but it was actually more pleasant to suck. It still filled his mouth, but without straining his jaw and the idea he wasn’t on display, soothed his nerves.

“That feels so good.”

The man pulled at his zipper and exposed more cock as he sucked on the delicious tip. Was this why the man was here?…To get his dick sucked? Were both kinds of guys here?

He heard the crowd across the room, cheer…and he swallowed deeper. The man’s cock fit rather nicely in his mouth, and it felt so sexy, orally pleasing a man.

“You’re really good at that.”

He hesitated. The compliment gave him more satisfaction than he expected. He liked the idea he was good at sucking dick and secretly concentrated on his slow ascent and descent over the stranger’s penis.

“Are you going to swallow?”

His heart jumped! Oh god! He hadn’t thought about it! He was only sucking dick for his pleasure and didn’t realize a man might cum because of the pleasure he was giving. He knew it but for some reason, the idea he could make a man reach that point, had never crossed his mind.

“You could finish me with your hand if you want.”

He took his mouth off the cock, then sat up as he eyed the man. He wanted to continue sucking, but the idea of finishing a man with his mouth… he had never… but sucking cock was really fun!

“I never…” He glanced down.

“You’re new at this?”

“Very.” His eyes widened. “Tonight’s the first time I ever…”

“Wow. That is so sexy and I feel privileged. Do you like it?”

He smirked apologetically. “A lot.”

“And you’re really good at it. I mean…it feels really good.”

His heart elated. He was good at it! He felt kind of proud. He was a good blowjob!

“Sorry I’m not as big as…” The guy gestured to the stage.

“Oh, no. I like yours more.” He eyed the cock in his hand

“Really?” The man smiled. “I’m Elliot.”


The man gestured down. “You can do it more if you want.”

He definitely wanted, and glanced at the man before bending over and opening his mouth on the delicious cock. He knew the man’s name and it eased some trepidation, then wondered if the man wanted to become friends.

He lowered his mouth until he felt the tip touch the back of his throat as he pictured meeting him somewhere, then wondered if he’d feel awkward knowing both of them knew he not only sucks dick, but had sucked his dick. Why was the idea kind of pleasing? He sucks cock, and Elliot knew it! He continued orally exploring the hard cock and felt his heart tingle with excitement. He sucks dick! He shut his eyes as he moved his head faster, realizing, he really liked Elliot also knowing his newest secret.

“You’re making me close.”

He stopped and stared at Escort Ankara the cock as he held it close to his lips. He wanted to…he wanted to keep going, but was afraid. Would the man come hard and make him gag or choke? He really didn’t want that kind of attention.

“Can I just watch you cum in my hand?”

“Sure.” The man moved in rhythm with his hand as he slowly slid it up and down the hard shaft. “You can kiss it after, if you want.”

He inhaled after glancing at his new friend. He never thought of that! Would he? He studied his hand as it stroked the glistening cock. What would it be like, watching another man’s cock, cum in his hand? Did he dare taste it?

“Can we become friends?”

His breathing deepened. “Yes.” He wondered if that meant, he had a cock to suck in the future. He wasn’t sure he felt comfortable with the idea, emotionally…but physically, the idea exhilarated him. He could always opt out of the friendship, but it didn’t hurt to say yes.

The man’s rhythmic motions caught his attention. Was he about to cum? Was he about to make a man cum?

“That feels so good.”

He stared. He couldn’t believe how sexually exciting this felt and kind of wished he had the guts to lean over and live out his most secret fantasy. If only the guy knew he could push his head down. Yeah, he might pretend to balk a little, but secretly, he wanted nothing more.

“I’m close.”

The man bucked as he continued stroking, and he looked down at the glistening penis moving in his grip.

“Squeeze a little harder.”

He stared in amazement as the man’s movements became erratic.

“I’m gonna cum.”

His heart began racing as the man’s movements confirmed his words, and his eyes widened as he continued stroking. Oh, how he was going to jerk off, reliving this! He was making a man cum by blowing him then jerking him off! And he had plans to jerk himself off till exhaustion, as soon as he got home.

“Oh, yes!” The man bucked in his hand, then groaned in pleasure as the first stream of semen spewed from the glistening tip and dripped down his fingers. He stared at the creamy white ooze. He had many a handful of cum, but this sexual thrill came from knowing, this load wasn’t his.

“Oh god, yes!”

He heard Elliot’s muted grunt and watched the next milky white cum stream ooze over the cock and his fingers, then felt how slippery his hand became as the man’s cum spread between his fingers while he continued milking the hard glistening cock.

His mouth watered for how badly he wanted to taste the cum-covered cock as more cum oozed onto his hand. “Your cum is really sexy.”

He motioned his head toward it, and Elliot pressed gently against his back. “Go ahead. Taste it.”

He swallowed hard. Did he dare? He pressed down on the hard shaft as the cum-soaked head swelled, then offered feint resistance as Elliot nudged his head closer. “Please? It would be so sexy.”

He let the hand press the back of his head, but offered enough resistance to appease his guilt as his lips parted. He squeezed his eyes shut as the slippery cock slid past his lips, and Elliot pressed more assertively and moaned in pleasure as he tasted the slippery, semen-covered cock!

“Oh, yes! Oh god, yes!”

Oh, no! He knew the taste, and could taste the man’s cum in his mouth! What was he thinking?! The cock slid deeper as Elliot pushed the back of his head, and he could feel the creamy cum on his tongue and lips! Then he swallowed and felt how smoothly it slid down his throat!

“God, this is sexy! Do you like it?”

He shut his eyes as he felt the thick creamy cum cover his lips and enter his mouth as Elliot pressed his head down, then felt his hidden cock throb for the realization, his deepest fantasy had became reality. He had finally sucked cock and even tasted another man’s cum, and though it would be his greatest secret…he knew he’d relive the erotic moment for the rest of his life.

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High School Seniors Get Education Ch. 03

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Our morning conversation was as strained and distant as it had been the previous evening. I felt Lila was hurrying through breakfast so she could go to work and get away from me; perhaps get in closer proximity to her young lover, Joshua Hardy.

That reinforced my indignation. I could play this game too. I retrieved the napkin that flirtatious dairy maid Amber had given me with her number on it, and left a voicemail complimenting her great service at the ice cream shop; also expressing interest in the “special treat” we had talked about. I wondered if I would hear back or if Amber was just talk, and would shy away from involvement with an older guy.

The phone rang shortly. “I can’t believe you finally called,” she said enthusiastically.

“I want to show my appreciation by treating you to dinner, and afterward we could take in a movie or go dancing, or whatever,” I told her, emphasizing the last word.

“I can’t wait, but have to get a girlfriend to fill in for me at work. Is tomorrow okay?”

Well, she sounded not only willing but eager. And it was not long before she called again, saying her relief was arranged.

“Mom gets wigged out if I’m not back by12, so let’s plan enough time for your treat.” She emphasized the last word, causing a stirring between my legs. She suggested we meet around 5 p.m. in front of her friend’s house, where she could leave her car.

Lila came home that night with carryout dinner for us in a bag. Our conversation was polite and non-committal. She volunteered little, and went off to grade papers or read or something. I streamed a movie, which I could only half-concentrate on. Again, we retired at different times. I purposely brushed my hand against her side, but again received no acknowledgment. We were miles apart beneath the sheets. It had been a week since our last love-making.

Next morning, as we were winding up breakfast, I told her not to expect me back for dinner, that I would be late. She looked at me curiously.

“I’ve been remembering that saying your mother was fond of, about the goose and gander, and have decided to try some of the same sauce that you’re into lately,” I told her, trying to keep my voice calm and even.

She frowned, not understanding at first. Then it dawned. “I should have a little more information than that,” she said hesitantly.

“You remember Amber, the girl in your class who works at the dairy bar?”

“Amber Siciliano. Yes. But what…? Oh, my god.”

“We’re going out this evening. For starters, I’m taking her to dinner at that place in Crawfordsville. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

Her eyes widened as she held my gaze, but her reaction was muted. “I have to go to work,” she said, rising from the table. “Guess I’ll see you whenever,” she said soberly, on her way out the door.

Amber wore an attractive dress, low cut on top, high cut on the bottom, which complimented her ample figure. She looked stunning and older than her 18 years. She also had a tote bag with her, larger than the usual female accessory.

The restaurant we went to was in a town 35 miles away, where it was unlikely anyone would know either of us. Lila and I had stumbled on the place during an outdoor adventure in happier days. It had good food, drink, and other amenities.

“We would like the wine list and will rely on you to recommend the best on the menu,” I told the waiter, a guy about 25. “And please think about that. We don’t want just a stew made with surplus ingredients on the verge of the trash can.” When he came back with the list, I scanned it and ordered an outrageously-priced bottle. The waiter scrutinized Amber, but perhaps just to take in the view, as he did not ask for proof of age.

Amber was impressed.

“You’ve got influence,” she said after the waiter left.

“You’re a beautiful young woman with an older guy prepared to spend some bucks and tip well,” I replied. “And you’re very mature and dazzling. His eyes were too busy undressing you to tell his mouth to ask for proof of age.”

She giggled.

As our equally-expensive meal was ending, a band began playing. Amber stood up, the glow from a couple glasses of wine amplifying her pretty face, and suggested we “get our swerve on.”

I’m not a great dancer but was able to keep up with her on the slower numbers. Seeing my difficulty on the more swervy ones, some young dudes at the next table who had been eyeballing Amber stepped in. They took turns stepping, swirling, and lightly grinding with her. I was fine with that, as I did not want to appear anything less than suave and confident. And I enjoyed watching her dress come up around her shapely thighs on the quick movements. I moved back in on the numbers requiring nothing more than holding her tightly while moving slowly.

I ordered two more bottles of wine for us and the guys at the next table. In between dances, Amber asked me questions about journalism and volunteered information about her life, which seemed to center around the dairy bar owned by her parents, Ankara escort and the high school with its star athletes, theatrical performers, and teachers. She “was just about grooved in” on a college the following year, but would hate to leave her friends and family.

Amber seemed to enjoy the evening, but at 9 o’clock, while we were doing a slow dance, she lifted her head off my shoulder, observed my left wrist, and pointed out the time on my watch.

“This has been great,” she said, “but I really want to give you that special dessert I promised,” she said with a coy smile, batting her eyes in a sultry manner that would have done credit to a movie siren.

After a week of sexual drought, I did not need more encouragement.

The Deerdale Motel was an older motor court, with tiny detached cottages. It did not look like much on the outside, but the pickings were thin in Crawfordsville, and it did have an attractive layout, the units abutting a small stream. The alternative would be a tacky highway interchange motel some miles away. I stopped at the Deerdale and asked Amber what she thought of it. She nodded enthusiastically, an anticipatory smile in place.

I found the office and asked to see one of the units, which looked basic but reasonably clean. The night manager, observing Amber, asked how long we anticipated “needing the room,” and I candidly responded only a couple of hours. With a slight smile, he said if he was not in the office when we wanted to check out to just leave the key on the counter.

We parked next to the unit. Amber brought in her bag, and excusing herself, went to the bathroom. She came out in a sheer negligee that did not leave much to the imagination, frills accenting bust and hips.

I gave an admiring whistle. She giggled and sat down next to me on the bed, an eager expression on her face. If those were not bedroom eyes, they were a great imitation. We joined mouths in a long kiss. Her tongue eagerly explored my mouth, and I reciprocated. My hands found their way under her nightgown and up to her firm, ample boobs.

When we broke apart and I found my breath, I apologized because I was about to divest her of that nice garment she had so recently changed into. She nodded her assent, stood and put her arms up. When it was off, I proceeded to plant kisses on her shapely breasts and nibble her firm nipples as my hands moved down to explore her pelvic region, where I caressed her partially shaven bush. She unbuttoned my shirt, and worked it off, then quickly undid my belt and trousers, which was evidence of experience in getting to what she wanted in a man. The trousers fell, and I stepped out of them. She pulled my briefs down, and my firm erection sprung up to greet her.

“Wow,” she said. “Impressious.” Seating herself on the bed as I stood there, she licked up and down the shaft, then took the hood in her mouth and sucked with enthusiasm. I had to slow her down. In my deprived condition excitement could build quickly to the point of no return, and there would not be sufficient time for recovery. I told her we should take the bedspread and blanket off so she could lie down on the sheets and let me return the favor.

I stepped out of the briefs around my ankles and took off my socks. She was already on her back on the sheets with her legs spread. I lowered my head to nibble and tongue her clit and pussy lips for a few moments. She vocalized her appreciation. There was no foul aroma, so I took the dive into her muff. She moaned. I kept up what I was doing for a few minutes, my tongue and fingers massaging her G-spot and other parts until contractions confirmed her murmurs of appreciation.

“Oh my god, that was fucking fantastic. I came,” she exclaimed loudly enough to inform the night manager in the office three cottages away. “Let’s 69,” she said, a moment after getting her breath, bearing out my previous suspicion that she was no stranger to erotic activity.

I quickly lay down, and she shifted herself so that her thighs enveloped my face, while her mouth again took in my cock. We pleasured each other a while longer, during which Amber had another orgasm. Then I came up for air and reminded her that we did not have a lot of time, and should consider moving to the main event. She agreed, releasing my cock from its oral embrace and rolling off me.

“How do you want me?” she asked.

“How do you like it?”

“Cowgirl, then doggie,” she said, eagerly. Her sophistication with such positions at a tender age impressed me.

“Okay, one second,” I said, retrieving my pants from the floor and extracting my wallet and the condom inside. She watched with undisguised anticipation as I rolled it down my erect shaft. I lay back, and she quickly straddled me, guided my erection into her wet snatch and proceeded to ride.

It is best to let the lady control the action in this position, so I resisted the urge to move, and just let her gyrate and grind away from different angles. Her face took on an almost meditative delight, her boobs jouncing Ankara escort bayan rhythmically, sucking sounds coming from the area of our union, punctuated by occasional slaps of skin as she rose and fell on the “horse.” I massaged her clit when the bucking slowed. She leaned toward me for a kiss, and I followed by sucking her breasts as she continued riding. I had to slow her rhythm to a trot and a walk on a couple of occasions so the heat of the ride did not bring me off too quickly. Breathing heavily, she suggested changing the position to doggie, so I could control the pace. I agreed.

She dismounted and arranged pillows, assuming the position. I entered her love box again and proceeded to thrust at a tempo that I felt could be maintained for a decent interval without cumming. Amber approved, judging by her vocalizations — what I could hear of them because her face was often buried in a pillow. Before long she raised her torso, supporting herself on her outstretched arms, and shifted her lower body in modified postures so that I would be stimulating different areas inside her, as she manipulated her clit with a hand. Muffled cries were followed by a scream of “Good fucking man,” as her vaginal muscles squeezed intensely and erratically, signaling orgasm number three. She lowered herself again, lying virtually motionless. I lowered my torso to rest on her back for several minutes, staying inside but giving her a chance to recover. Then resumed. She gave soft moans and cries as I fucked her for a long time.

“Finish it off. I can’t take it much longer.” she eventually yelled. I picked up the pace, as she straightened her knees to the kneeling posture that suited her best, biting the pillow and whimpering unintelligibly. Soon she cried out again, her vagina contracting. I was also more than ready to finish, and grunted loudly while popping my load into the condom, then virtually collapsed on top of her back, exhausted. We remained like that, unmoving, for a minute or more. Finally, I withdrew and fell beside her, laying on my back. She also relaxed, stretching out on her stomach. Our faces were inches apart as we looked at each other. There was a big smile on hers and probably mine as well. We were both saturated with sweat.

“You weren’t kidding about a special treat,” I told her.

“You were fucking awesome,” she said, with emphasis. “Four times I came! Four! You are the man! No guy ever brought me off that many times.” She paused, then added, more to herself than to me, “Josh never even came close.”

I hadn’t thought to hear that name for a while. “Who?”

“Oh, my ex-boyfriend, Josh,” she said.

“There are a few Joshes I know of in the school,” I said. “Does this one have a last name?”

“Hardy,” she replied. “And he was, most of the time,” she added, giggling.

“Were you with Josh for a while?” I asked.

“Oh, we sort of grew up together. I always liked Josh. We started doing it when we were 16, first time for both of us, and did it a lot, but he was always in such a hurry. And he didn’t like to juice me. No cunnilinguist. Just wanted in. Bang, bang, it was over. I don’t think I came more than two or three times in the two years we were fucking. I felt like I was missing something. But four times just tonight!” she marveled again, through her huge smile.

Talk about a small world and irony, here it was. Also a little divine retribution perhaps. Joshua had been irritating my stomach lining by screwing my girlfriend, and here I just had a great night returning the favor with the ex who had broken his heart, who also rated me vastly superior. Maybe I would rub the creep’s nose in that.

Then, another bulb flashed, the germ of an idea.

“I know Josh,” I told Amber. The lady I live with has been giving him clarinet lessons.”

“Ms. D’Ambrosia, right?” Amber said, as Lila entered the conversation for the first time. “She was with you one day at the dairy bar. She’s nice. She’s also lucky,” Amber said with a pout, as she snuggled against me. “She gets what you just gave me whenever she wants it.”

“Do most of the kids at school like Ms. D’Ambrosia?” I asked. “No bad stories about her?”

“No, she’s cool,” Amber said. “Everyone likes her.”

“Good,” I said, relieved that Josh apparently was not talking. One small point in the little bastard’s favor.

“Except I may have to start hating her,” Amber said, with another mock pout. “Why don’t you kick her out and let me move in with you.”

I smiled and kissed her on the forehead. “Don’t hate her. She’s very special to me, and she’s also very open-minded. That’s why I’m here with you.”

She looked at me, eyes wide. “Really? You cleared it with her?”

I nodded.

She looked happy. “Awesome. Wicked cool. Then we can do this some more.”

Time to steer this conversation, I thought. “Maybe, but we have to be realistic,” I said. “Wonderful as this was, it shouldn’t be a regular thing with us. I’m too old for you, and you’d be better off with a steady boyfriend your age, Escort Ankara someone that can pick you up at your own house and take you to dances and parties and other local things; someone you don’t have to hide with at a cheap motel miles away.”

“I go out,” she said. “I haven’t been a nun since I split with Josh.” She paused. “I’ve fucked two other guys since then.” She looked at me with evident appreciation of her own maturity and experience. “But not Josh, Mike or Jeff equal you in bed, so bring on the cheap motels.” Then her face brightened as she thought of something. “Or maybe we can do it at your place if Miss D’Ambrosia doesn’t object.”

“Well, that’s another thing. I’m not sure she would approve us going at it on a regular basis,” I said. “We’re going through a little rough patch right now, which is also part of the reason why I’m here with you, but I think that will pass. Honestly, my heart and soul are with her, and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.”

“She’s real lucky,” Amber said, kissing me hard on the lips. “God, what awesome loving she gets.”

“You know,” I said, “I can see why you liked Josh. He’s very talented, athletic, good looking. Certainly smart. Do you ever regret breaking up with him?”

She shrugged. “I really liked Josh. I still do. It might have worked if he took more time in bed, wasn’t such a two-pump chump.”

I laughed at that phrase. “I understand that he’s been practicing,” I told her, “He and I have talked a little, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t joined a monastery either. I think he’s refined his technique as a lover for the better.”

“Who’s he practiced with?” she asked, an edge to her voice. “Was it Taylor Burns? Ashley DiNapoli? Brittany Forbes? They’re all hot trotters, wet and ready to tip on his dick.”

“Even if I knew, I wouldn’t name names,” I told her, “but you shouldn’t take the competition too seriously. Josh told Lila and me he was really depressed when his girl dumped him. That’s probably part of the reason why he’s practiced improving his love-making. He’s moaned a lot about losing his old girlfriend, and I bet he would love to show you how much better he is. By the way, he didn’t mention you by name, but now that I know who his lost love is, I can understand why he wants another chance.”

She kissed me for the compliment, then seemed to reflect on the rest of what I had told her. “Yeah, I heard he was down, but he hasn’t asked to see me. He hasn’t tried for a reconciliationship.”

“Could be he’s still trying to work up his courage. I can tell you from a guy’s perspective that it takes a lot of guts to approach a girl after she’s dumped him. Maybe Josh figures he has to be a really good lover this time around, and he’s still trying to refine his technique. Or maybe he’s looking for a sign from his lost love that she might be open to a reconciliation…ship.”

She did not say anything more but seemed to be thinking. I hoped I had spread the germ of an idea, but hell, if it did not work out at least I was likely to get a few more good fucks. As it was getting late, we showered, dressed, and checked out. The clerk gave me a smile when I handed in the key.

I returned Amber to her car at her friend’s house and followed her as she drove home. She pulled into her parents’ driveway about five minutes before her midnight curfew. I drove on past.

When I entered our house, I was surprised to find Lila on the sunroom couch at such a late hour on a work night. “Hi,” I said, sitting down next to her. She looked at me, curious but hesitant to initiate the conversation.

“Did you have a good time?” she asked, finally.

“Yes,” I replied honestly. “Amber and I went to dinner at a little night spot; we talked a bit, danced — she’s a good dancer, like you — and then checked into a motel.”

She looked down and did not say anything for a moment. Then, “I deserve it for being such a slut.” She paused before asking, “How was Amber? As a… companion, I mean.”

“Very good,” I replied. “Enthusiastic, funny, maybe a little too concentrated on the high school universe, but I guess that comes with the territory. She’s also very sensual. I can see why Josh was devastated to lose her.”

Lila seemed lost in thought at first. Then, as what I said registered, her head shot up, a questioning look in her eyes.

“Coincidence,” I said. “It turns out Amber was the girl who broke his heart.”

Her eyes widened. “Does she know… what’s been going on?”

“No, your boyfriend has apparently kept his word not to say anything to anyone. I have a feeling if he talked at school that an extrovert like Amber who had been hooked up with the guy would soon know about it.”

There was silence for a few moments.

“She still likes Josh,” I said. “She broke up with him because he lacked sophistication in the sack, wasn’t stimulating her enough, finished too quickly.”

“I bet she didn’t have that complaint about you,” Lila said, with a tinge of bitterness, then asked, “So, she was good?”

“Closest I’ve come to a sexual she-demon in a long while,” I said. Lila looked hurt. “Although, not in the same league with the mature, sensitive, beautiful woman I’ve been in love and living with a few years now,” I added, stroking her cheek.

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Ashley-Nicole’s Offer Ch. 03

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All peeps in this story are over the age of 18. All characters are fictional, and locations are moderately fictionalized

Thanks to Kenji Sato for his excellent editing, without him this would not have been possible!

yes folks, it’s another one of those Roberts Boys! (See my other stories!) Hope you enjoy!


‘Yep, she was going to,’ David told himself, ‘she was going to, and for a third time to boot!’ David really liked that he could make his lovers cum, but knowing he was doing this to a girl, a bit less than half his age, was like he doubled up on the ol’ bucket list! As he had taken a Viagra, getting a stiffy was not the issue, but keeping himself from ‘topping out’ too soon was. Normally, he could slow himself, or switch positions to slow his roll, but as Ashley-Nicole’s lithe form was on top and fucking him, it was a lot tougher.

She was kind of ‘twerking’ her hips, and was not really looking down at him, as she had before, but rather had her eyes half-closed and almost rolled back, ‘huffing’ big time. Her hips were moving steadily faster, her muscles were very much tensing, and she was making fast, short movements. Her moans were now little yelps, and David had already decided not to stop her, but to let it roll. She was really too far gone to stop anyway; so, he enjoyed the look, knowing it was his dick was buried inside her doing this. He then added just a tiny ‘push’ at the right moment, in cycle to her twerking, and it was apparent that it was the nudge Ashley-Nicole needed–she was now going over the edge, and it made David grin, as he held on.

There was something about using her weight to control the build of her orgasm that Ashley-Nicole really liked, and it was that thing that really made her enjoy cowgirl. She had intended to go to reverse, but what was it, she did not know. It was something about the way this older Man had made her move so slowly; it really added to the pleasure. But what was it? What was it that made her be able to cum yet again? Was it feeling every inch of him enter her? Was it how his dick rubbed against her cervix, or the way he played with her exposed clit? No, although, dah-umm…that sure was nice.

Looking down at him, Ashley-Nicole realized what he was. It was that look. That man, damn him. She was on top…but HE was in control all right. For some reason, she found herself willingly submitting to him, and this was NOT her nature. But the way he simply took control, the way he paid attention to her, and that damned little-boy, evil-grin made HER submission just seem natural, and the odd part? She was loving it. There was someone making a wailing noise, and then she realized it was her. She could feel her pussy gushing, it was like she was going over a glorious waterfall. She never knew she could do this a third time; yet, there she was. Her voice was wailing, her booty was spastically twerking, her body was shaking, and she let it overwhelm her.

David could see that this girl was responding to his submission cues. Such a damn shame he did not have more time. David had no dreams of a future with this girl, beyond some fucking and some teaching. He could see that there was a tender side to her, too; so he wasn’t out to harm her, just to have some fun and they were both definitely having some. It seemed a shame because he knew that in just a weekend or two, he could have this girl getting wet and, or, cumming at this command.

Hell, he may even Ankara bayan escort be able to train her to squirt. But he had no time to think of that. The realization that, not only was he banging the shit out of a gorgeous woman half his age, combined with how it felt to be inside her, had his balls churning. David felt his hips begin to move involuntarily, and the little push from earlier moved quickly to a jerking motion. He, too, was caught in the same waterfall, and with mighty grunts and a series of jerking pushing motions, he, too, was carried away by the current.

At the end of their writhing and moaning, the two lovers laid there, hanging onto each other, panting. They looked at each other, smiled and got a good laugh. “Three times, that’s a hat trick…” Ashley-Nicole said.

“Well, that second round isn’t always a go for me,” David said, “but WOW was that a great time getting here!” Rolling onto his back, David pulled his little toy with him, and they enjoyed the embrace.

Ashley-Nicole realized what it was that made her enjoy this so much. She would not dare tell him, but she was enjoying giving the power away, and submitting. She had never felt like this before, and it wasn’t like she was going to have a life with this guy, who is older than her dad, but she knew she would enjoy learning a thing or two….

“Come on,” David said, getting up out of bed, “let’s just get a little spray-off shower, then a bit of rest, okay, pet?”

Ashley-Nicole smiled at the ‘pet’ reference, and let him lead the way. She saw him point at the closet, and without a word, she opened it and got a pair of towels. She also repositioned the bag she had brought with her, to just inside the door. “Little something for after,” she explained. Ashley-Nicole took in the naked man in front of her. He was middle-aged, so no, he was not perfectly fit, but he obviously took care of himself. He had a nice body, and his dick, while limp at the moment, still hung in an impressive manner, and part of her felt no shame in fucking him per their arrangement. Without prompting, she walked over, gave her lover a little kiss, then opened the door and started the shower.

David smiled. One day and she was really coming along. Damn his poor timing, he should have hit on her three trips back. David enjoyed taking time to let his girl wrap her hair, then in the shower, he took time to give her a small wash, enjoying caressing her body. She seemed to enjoy it as well, and they even had a small chuckle at how his sperm ‘leaked’ out of her. “Vasectomy means there won’t be as much,” he explained. Afterwards, he also enjoyed using the towel to dry off his girl. He also took a minute to suckle her nipples, then liked it, as she, in turn, dried him. At her urging, he returned to the bed, this time peeling off the spread, and getting a duvet from the closet. He had scarcely spread it out, when he heard his pet come in. “A sight for the eyes!” David exclaimed, adding, “little something, hmmm?”

Ashley-Nicole had a bit of a devilish grin. She was wearing a skimpy, little red satin pajama top with spaghetti straps, and matching panties. “Well,” she explained, “I called my roommate and asked her to grab my overnight bag, and bring it up to me. This has gone so exceptionally well, so I thought you might like this.”

“Indeed…” David responded, and taking her hand, gave her a twirl. “Nice,” he observed. Guiding her to the bed, they crawled in, and Escort bayan Ankara he enjoyed having his pet snuggle back into him. He was careful to enjoy the feel of her taut skin, the smell of her hair. “Well, Ashley-Nicole, let’s rest just a while…” he said softly. Snuggling his dick in at the very base of her ass, it felt nice against her satin panties, and he could feel slumber fast approaching.

Ashley-Nicole just liked that a man was actually appreciating her, it made it easy to submit to him like this. Thoughts swirled ’round her head; how she had gotten there, that she had whored herself out, that the resulting sex was fucking incredible, and that she hoped to get that dick a time or two more before this was said and done. Relaxing, she, too, could feel the slumber of night approach. Vigorous fucking will do that, and pushing back once more against his flaccid cock, she relaxed and fell asleep.

David woke slowly. The fog was slow to clear, and he felt some muscle soreness from all of the activity of yesterday, but he had no issue, knowing where he was. Her warmth and the smell of her hair were first up, followed in lockstep with the feel of her satin panties on his dick. It made him smile…and made it ‘firm up’ a bit. He could hear her breathing; she was not awake. He gave her a gentle caress, a brush to the side of some hair. Looking around, he could see it was early, as he was ahead of the alarm, which was how he wanted it. He was sure his forty-year-old dick was leaking; it always did when ‘firm’, and he eased his hips forward a bit, feeling it push against the bit of fabric that separated them. At that, he felt the woman, half his age, start to wake.

Ashley-Nicole dreamt that she was deep underwater, her consciousness brightening with the shallowing of the water. She knew she was in HIS arms, and felt protected, secure, warm and it felt nice to have his arm as part of her pillow; that special something under her ass was especially nice. As she woke, she felt it nudging against her, and thought, ‘DAMN that feels good’, so she snuggled back into him.

David liked that his pet took immediately to the prompting, and he went to what he knew she would enjoy. He slid his hand down her pajama top, cupping a breast. Shifting his hips, he pulled back, then slid himself forward at that same moment, so she could feel his full length pushed against her. It made him grunt in pleasure, and he withdrew the arm that was under her a bit, brushed and ran his fingers into her hair; he tightened his grip–leaving little doubt, as to his expectations.

Ashley-Nicole’s immediate reaction to His aggression was surprising…it was immediate submission. She oddly (or perhaps not so) liked that she was getting manhandled so, and immediately stuck her ass out, while she bowed her back. Him holding her by her hair, made her whimper, and feeling his manhood laying fully against her, made her thirst for it. She was not completely awake, so stretching out one arm, and after a bit of fumbling, she was just able to grasp a tube of lube she had positioned on the table.

David saw her take the lube, and gave a confident, low chuckle. As he pulled her hips tightly against him, David heard her give a small whimper from his releasing of her nipple, so he resumed his holding of her breast. Ashley-Nicole’s nipples were actually a bit extended for the smaller breasts she had, and he gave them a light tweak.

“Aaahh…” she said, Bayan escort Ankara “How did y-you know that is my weakness?” she asked. “Most guys just ignore them…”

“I like their shape, and I can tell that others have not appreciated your body…or you,” David replied. “I told you before, it’s about pleasure,” he added with a smile, as he slowly gyrated his hips.

“Well…y-you sure know how to deliver it….” Ashley-Nicole responded, then emitted a long, low, moan as David lightly pulled her nipple as he held it.

“This is a really sexy PJ set,” David said, as he now shifted his hand to run down her side, the other still holding her head firmly. “Know why I’m glad it’s not a tight fit?”

Ashley-Nicole started to ask, “Why–?” but before she could fully get it out, she felt her panties being pulled to the side. She was being fully dominated then–and she loved it. She liked the way he held her head, and she felt his dick, as it first slid along her sex, then began to enter her. Nope, the lube was not needed, and she emitted another loud, wanting moan.

Remembering His question, she responded, “Why do you…” then she got her answer, as she felt her panties being pulled to the side. If Ashley-Nicole thought she was being submissive before, being held firmly by a man her father’s age, while having her underwear simply pulled to the side was like magic. As she felt the wide invader begin to push into her, her pussy simply gushed her juices onto it. They were laying on their sides in a spooning position, and Ashley-Nicole found her body was now simply reacting to His input. She was simply a slave to his wants. She felt herself opening to his dick. She was actually a bit sore from yesterday, and so she grunted and her mind tensed a bit, but her body simply surrendered to him.

Unlike yesterday, this was quite forceful. He slid himself fully into her only once, then withdrawing slowly, he paused, then thrust full and firm into her with a grunt; withdraw, pause, thrust…fully into her again, grunting hard each time. She was still being held firmly, and it made her yelp in ecstasy, mingled with a bit of pain. Again…again…AGAIN… HIS pace picked up ever so slightly, and she was now saying, “Ye-Yes-s-s…Ye-Yes-s-s…” to his every powerful thrust. There was a distinct, “Mmmph…” in her voice, in reaction to each thrust. It was due to him bottoming out inside her. Ashley-Nicole knew she was being used, and she instinctively placed her hand on His hip to slow him.

His reaction?

His pace quickened, and Ashley-Nicole was now calling out aloud each time he thrust powerfully into her. She loved it and felt she couldn’t take it all at the same time. “Ah-Ah-Ahhh…P-Pl-Please…” she said, in reaction to him pounding her so early this morning.

David smiled confidently. ‘Damn my luck,’ he thought, ‘got this one where I want her, and I have to go.’ David was pounding like he owned it, and he had enjoyed his powerful thrusting. He would be able to go for a bit before he dumped his load, so releasing her breast and her hair, he first pushed deeply into her one more time, and holding his dick buried inside her, he began to lightly trace his fingers along her shoulders and her back, making random delicate, light circles. He cooed softly, “My pet likes it soft?” and began to gently gyrate his hips and move in and out of her.

He heard her moan even louder, in reaction. “Yesss…” he continued softly, “My pet does like it soft, too…” As he continued, he saw her look back at him. She was biting her lip and smiling, with pleading eyes. ‘DAMN that looks fine’ he told himself, and felt himself pulse just a bit. Tucking his own chin, he reined it in.

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Emilia’s Sexual Adventures Pt. 01

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The first time I laid eyes on Emilia, she looked like a Greek goddess, no honestly she really did…

She strode through a house party lounge, looking troubled searching for someone, dressed looking like a kaisarissa, a white sheet tied round her top and her flowing black shoulder length curled hair pinned back with a laurel wreath. Statuesque and stunning her dark olive skin shimmered in the dimmed lounge light, legs that went on for miles and a ‘I don’t give a fuck who is looking at me’ attitude.

“Who is that?” I thought as I walked out of a bathroom but there was no one there to answer the question and I didn’t see her again that night.

Little did I know I’d end up with her a few short months later. She lived on a colleague’s compound and I met her again, this time dressed in her gym kit and couldn’t help but notice how her tits stretched her sports shit, creating those creases between each melon sized breast and her long and toned legs. She seemed slightly exotic, half American, half Chilean she had a unique physique and skin tone.

There was a crazy energy between us, instant attraction and a buzz every time we spoke. I couldn’t help but spend more and more time with her, we’d stay up late drinking and talking, smoking a few too many cigarettes.

One night when slightly tipsy we made a move on each other, I say ‘we’ as it happened simultaneously with both of us learning in and kissing for the first time, her tongue gently meeting mine, our breath laced slightly with booze. Butterflies in our stomachs it felt sensational. You Ankara escort know a good kiss when you have one and this was electric.

Things started to heat up and our hands started exploring each other’s bodies, my hand moved slowly over her breasts through her shirt and she moaned softly. My cock was already growing in my shorts by the time her hand started stroking it, feeling the full length and size of me before slowly unzipping my fly. My dick sprang out, causing her to giggle as I felt her fingers grasp my head and slowly, intentionally and firmly stroke me up and down, honestly, I had to really focus to not to cum instantly.

I whispered into her ear, why don’t we take this into the bedroom, and she smiled a knowing smile and literally led me by my dick across the lounge and into her room. She drew the curtains as I watched from the bed as she lifted her top up and off and then turned to face me, in the half light and slowly took off her bra. The perfectly round shape of her breasts blew me away. ‘Oh my God’ I said without even realizing I was saying it out loud, as she mounted me and kissed me before letting me lick and suck on her firm tits and bite gently on her nipples.

She moved back showing me a naughty smile and peeled my shorts and boxers over my erection and down slowly over my legs and feet. She then spat onto my dick and licked the full length of me before spiralling her tongue on the tip of my cock. Absolute heaven! She slowly twisted my 7 inches with two hands, each one alternating a different Ankara escort bayan direction whilst sucking and licking the top of my cock, her eyes hungrily staring at mine. She slowly sped up before dropping her mouth all the way down my rod and gagging as my cock reached the back of her throat.

She came back up for air and kissed me, this time more passionately. “Your turn” I told her as I pushed her back on the bed and opened her long legs. I paused for a second just to take in the view. “What are you doing” she asked, and I said nothing but moved my hands deliberately over her smooth thighs before drawing my index finger from the top of her lace panties down over her warm and already wet pussy and then down over her asshole making her gasp and moan at the same time. As my fingers came back up I added a second finger and some pressure.

She reached down and pulled her knickers over and I saw her glistening cunt for the first time. Time to rachet things up a notch, I thought as I took her by surprise by driving my tongue straight into her wetness. Emilia arched her back in pleasure and drove her pussy into my face, grinding all over me coating my mouth and nose in her sweet juice. I pulled her protruding pussy lips apart and circled my tongue round her firm and erect clit. Two, then three fingers fucked her hole and my tongue licked and sucked her clit to orgasm, Emilia moaning in ecstasy. She grabbed my dick and without even talking about whether we’d use protection, drew me into her pussy. This wasn’t Escort Ankara ever going to be a slow fuck, and we both groaned with pleasure as her tight hole was stretched open by every inch of me.

She paused for a minute and said “I want you to call me a slut”, I didn’t need a second invitation as I thought, ‘is this how it’s going to be then’.

“You slut”, I whispered in her ear driving my rod deeper and harder into her. Her hand cupped my balls driving me crazy and I slid a finger onto her clit. “Again” she demanded. “You fucking slut Emilia, you dirty bitch” I said, a little louder this time, she absolutely loved it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuckkk” she moaned coming again. I could feel the orgasm building in my balls and didn’t want to hold back, my cock hardened, and she said, your close aren’t you as she slid a finger over my asshole, tipping me over the edge, as I rammed my tongue into her mouth as I shot a huge and thick load deep inside.

We took in the moment, post orgasmic chilling, sweat rolling down our faces and chests, smiling at each other.

“You slut” I said cheekily, on more time and she smiled and said “not now, only when you’re fucking me” … I got the message. She asked if I planned to go home that night, I wasn’t going anywhere apart from the shower, with her. Some first fuck I thought, what will we be like in the future, my mind was excited by what we might get up to and I felt my cock twitch with excited expectation.

A few weeks later, Emilia confided in me that she sometimes had attraction to other girls. She seemed a little ashamed by this, but I told her that exciting and nothing to feel guilty about. I would wait a while but knew in that moment I’ll start to explore that with some dirty talk in the bedroom department and see what the reaction to some words about another girl might be …

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The 2022 Literotica Valentine’s Day Contest

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Congratulations to the winning stories, and all the participants!

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Clouds over Antibes by sr71plt

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Wheelchair Girl by gordo12

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
That Little Spark by Smuttyandfun

** Read all the contest stories here! **

* * * * *

The Literotica Annual Valentine’s Day Contest is the first of six special annual Lit contests taking place in 2022. Unlike the monthly contests, the special contests challenge writers to create compelling, fun tales on a theme.
The theme for this special contest is the holiday Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Stories can be about romantic love, romance, drama, Valentine’s Day mythology – anything associated with the holiday!

If you’d like to participate in this contest, please read this entire post. If you don’t read the whole thing, you may miss out on important rules, rendering your story ineligible for the contest!

You Ankara escort can begin submitting on (or before): January 14
The last day to submit is: February 7 at 11:59pm EST
Winners will be announced on: February 14

This contest will coexist with the usual monthly contest. A story may only win one or the other, not both contests simultaneously. The prizes for the top 3 stories will be the same as those awarded in the monthly contests:

First Place: $150 Cash Prize

Second Place: $100 Cash Prize

Third Place: $75 Cash Prize

Submit your contest story in via your Control Panel New Story form, just as you would any story.

All rules for the monthly contests are in place. Like the Monthly contests, you can submit as many entries as you like. And like the Monthly contests, only one of your stories can place in the contest – that is, if you author the top two highest voted stories, only the top one will be eligible.

The Ankara escort bayan only exceptions to the rules are:

All submissions must be stand-alone stories created for this contest theme. We will not accept individual chapters of a larger work submitted separately. If you have a multi-chaptered contest-themed submission, please submit all chapters together as one story submission.• We will allow authors who have won in our monthly contests within the last 6 months to win in this special contest. However, if you have won a prize in one of the last two special contests, you are not eligible to win in this one.• A story has only to accrue 25 votes to be eligible, rather than the 50 required for the monthly contest.
The following guidelines also apply:
• Author must copy and paste the phrase “VALENTINES DAY 2022” to the “Notes to Admin” field of the submission (quotes are not needed).AgainPLEASE do not forget to put the EXACT phrase “VALENTINES DAY 2022” IN THE “Notes to Escort Ankara Admin” FIELD – NOT the description field or anywhere else. In fact, we recommend that you copy and paste to avoid typos. If it is not in the NOTES field – or if it’s typoed – we cannot easily find your story and it may not be approved in a timely manner to be entered into the contest!!• Submissions must have a Valentine’s Day theme: i.e. romantic love, relationship drama, Valentine’s Day mythology, etc. Be creative! Please don’t just submit a normal story that happens to take place on February 14th. That would not be in the spirit of the contest, and readers (aka voters) will likely punish you for your trickiness.
Any story that meets the above criteria will be automatically entered into the contest. Winners will be decided by reader input (aka votes).

Visit the Valentine’s Day Official Support Thread, hosted by RubenR for more info and of course support and encouragement from your fellow authors.

Important Note: Once your story is submitted, it may take over 72 hours for it to be posted, or may be sent back to you for clarification/mending. We strongly suggest that you do not wait till the last day of the contest to submit your story. The sooner you submit, the better chance your story has of accruing the votes necessary to be eligible.

Good Luck to All, and Happy Writing!

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The Night that Changed Everything

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I met S in Palm Springs at a spiritual retreat. I was staying in a lovely, luxurious hotel, and was sharing a room with a woman I’d not met until I got there. The retreat was everything I’d looked forward to. Kundalini was popping from walls and spiraling up and out of the floors, and almost everyone looked wasted with positively glazed eyes. All in all, our Guru really came through for that one.

On the second evening, I came back to my room rather late. I remember being flushed with the intensity of the day. I thought my hotel roommate would be fast asleep, as she’d retired early the night before. When I walked in, the lights were on, and seated on the bed was a man. An enticingly magnetic man. His energy field bowled over me like a hot lava flow, and my ears began to go a bit dim. A bit like you feel before you’re going to faint, only I wasn’t at all faint. I had been pushed into a state of hyper-awareness. The roommate, I can’t recall her name, giddily introduced S as her boyfriend, that he’d been the bass player for this ridiculously cool and famous band, and at that point I stumbled slightly to get a bottled water. The entire time S was gazing at me with a slight smile on his face.

He was, like us, from Los Angeles. He wore his clothes like they were his own skin, just a tee shirt, ripped jeans, biker boots, and a belt that made me a little dizzy — the ordinary ‘bad boy’ uniform of most LA actors and musicians. On S, they were anything but ordinary. He wore a small gold hoop in his left ear lobe, his longish brown hair was slightly curly, and he had a glow. He truly did. I’m sure I saw this because I was kundalini inebriated, but saw it, I did. His arms were completely inked up and beautifully intricate. Lots of red and black. There was conversation, or rather, there was an ongoing monologue coming forth from the roommate. All the while S gazed at me, with that little smile.

She was sitting Ankara bayan escort on the only chair, and S lounged on her bed, and I was on mine. He never stopped gazing. I say that word, because he was not looking at me. He was actively gazing at me, and I felt and knew unequivocally that he was drinking me in. I felt it like a sheet of magnetism that was also flowing back to him from me. I tried to stop it, because he was her boyfriend after all, and I do have boundaries, I do. It’s just that I had no choice. It was a force, and I was completely helpless and could do nothing but vibrate in its thrall. I didn’t really become conscious that he was very beautiful until almost an hour had passed. The roommate yawned suddenly, and announced she was going to bed. She asked S where he was staying. Gazing at me still, he started to say, “I came here on my bike”, when she cut him off and said, “Well it’s twin beds, so you can crash on the floor”. She’d been completely and astonishingly oblivious of the gaze tango between the two of us. He turned to her, accepted the offer, said good night to her, turned to me and said, “You need to take a walk with me”.

I stood up right away, and my entire torso took a dip, as if I were on a roller coaster. We stepped outside, and it was an exceptionally beautiful night, of the type one can only experience in desert country. I wasn’t in a daze so much as a compulsion to keep this feeling of exchanged magnetism going. When we’d gone about two blocks, we were getting out of a rather congested area, and a feeling hit me fiercely, like the gods were granting me my wish to do and be exactly who I’d always longed to be. S took my hand then and we began walking a little more briskly. Neither one of us had spoken a word, and it was not in the least awkward, because there was no need to speak. The energetic sparks of whatever was happening made it unnecessary, Escort bayan Ankara and unwanted. Another block, and, still holding my hand, he began to jog towards an abandoned gas station. Palm Springs and its surrounding area never disappoint with its kitsch of abandoned gas stations and old diners. We came onto the old, cracked asphalt where broken gas pumps still stood. S stopped, and just… gazed, once again. The corner of one side of his mouth started dipping up.

“So, LA”, he said. “Yes”, I replied. “I know you”, he said. “Yes”, I said. At this point, we had somehow reached one of the walls of the old building. “I’m cutting it off with her. She talks too damn much”, he said. I burst out laughing, it was uncontrollable, and I began to feel I was going into hysteria when he pulled me into his arms, actually growling, “Come here”. He laid a kiss on me then, and as I look back now it makes me think of old Marlon Brando movies, and I can just see how our bodies met each other in that moonlit desert air. His taste was strong, overpowering, and familiar. Before I had a chance to even think about what was happening, or what I was doing, he pushed me, not fiercely, but not gently, against the wall, and breathed into my ear, “This deserves something special, don’t you agree?”

Without giving me time to answer, S flipped me around, and with both arms holding me fast around my waist, he leaned into my hair, and started rubbing his stubble all over it. It started sending sparks, and it hurt a little, and it was very odd. And marvelous. He was whispering in my ear, but I had a hard time hearing because my body had suddenly gone into a state of hyper-arousal. I did hear him clearly when he said, “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, you and me, we’re feeling it.” He dropped his hands and put them on my lower belly, holding me there, and not moving for an agonizingly Bayan escort Ankara long time. Then slowly, one hand began to move, smoothing lower against the fabric of my dress. He kept his other hand on my belly, and I couldn’t move. I don’t know if I was actually trapped, or if I just did not want to move, but this is certain: we were two beings caught up in one another in the night.

I knew that we both waited with baited and hitching breaths as his hand tracked my body down, and down, until he reached my mound. When he cupped me, I almost started to weep with the intensity of my feeling. I gasped, and he leaned down and reached around my neck and found my mouth with his lips. It was a twisted position for me, but I loved it, and I had never experienced my knees buckling, but they did then. S was strong, and he had a firm grip, and he kept kissing me. He did let up a bit, but his hand had begun to find the shape, and indeed, the folds of my pussy. I was wearing a thin dress, and his fingers found my clit with no problem, because my wetness made the fabric of my dress very slick, and he began to play with me. One finger became my world, as he anticipated where each throb would arise. He had magic fingers, like the Hindu gods have many arms, and I began to vibrate and roll into a full body orgasm. That’s when I really started to fall, and again, he kept me upright. I sighed back into him, and I said something like, “What about you?”. He turned me around, and he was smiling. “That won’t happen until we get home”. I understood.

We left early the next day, S on his motorcycle, me in my car. He did break up with the roommate. I’d said good-bye to her, separately from S. It was awkward, after all, but the reality was that we were strangers. On the surface, S and I were also strangers, but… we weren’t. I drove directly to the address he’d texted me, his little house filled with guitars and ancient record albums, and we were together for three years.

I will call it a day for now and name this Part One of the S Years. Part Two will be an ode to the first time we had sex, which was later that night. Part Three will go into some very sexy details of how our relationship turned into a throuple. Ahh, S.

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Happy Ending Massage

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The scent of lavender was penetrating my nostrils. I looked down and saw a sight of beauty. I happened to be in my bed, but on top of a gorgeous figure. Bronzed skin and the contours of the female back. My lips allowed a small moan to escape. Her shoulder blades were pronounced and dominant showing. My hands roamed around them in all of their glory, covered in massage oil.

She must have heard my moan. She turned her head to the right and her long flowing beautiful jet black hair brushed out of the way. Her eyes were peacefully closed enjoying my hands. Her facial expression showed the smallest of smirks.

My hands skated across the slippery slopes to her spine and then slowly started to make their way down. As they reached the small of her back, she arched ever so slightly raising her lower end. She began to grind her naked ass against the fabric of my underwear. The bulge in my boxers was getting larger. The massage was complete; She wanted sex now.

I decide to tease her just a bit longer before giving her what she wanted. I leave my left hand firmly on the small of her back and take my other hand to her waist. I slowly reach under the newly formed arch along her pelvic line. Her breathing gets heavier, which turns me on to new heights. There is just something about a woman experiencing desire.

I know exactly where she wants my finger. I reach my destination and gently graze the top of her mound, knowing full well the clitoris is just a fraction of the distance away. My hand comes to a complete stop and she elicits the loudest of whimpers. This was not enough to make me proceed. She starts grinding her ass harder against me attempting to get my finger lower. It wasn’t long after that before she Ankara escort reached up and grabbed her right breast. She begins to squeeze and pull at her nipples. Her wild side is being released.

My index finger quickly opens the labia and found her pleasure point. She gasped, released her breast, and violently grabbed hold of the bedsheets. Her face was now pressed into the mattress.

I didn’t realize it would cause her so much shock. I didn’t move my finger at all; It just lingered on her button. I was giving her time to adjust when all of a sudden I could feel her shock turning to anger. In the very next moment, she reaches between her legs, grabs my hand, and forces me to rub her where and how she wants. She was giving in to her lust. This brought me to a new point in excitement.

I slowly started to move my finger in a circular motion, feeling her clitoris move with it. She finally got a wave of relief to combat the anger and released control back to my hand. I was loving everything about this. My finger started to dampen, my nose was experiencing smells of sex, my eyes were fixated on her bodily expressions, and my cock is getting so much attention from her gyrating hips. Her moans were getting louder and louder which was music to my ears. I needed to taste her.

“Flip onto your back,” I demand as I quickly hop off her.

The sudden stoppage must have put her into a small state of shock again. She hesitated for a moment but did as she was told. Her wild side must be satiated. I left her there squirming now as I stood above her lowering my boxers to the floor. All of a sudden I finally got to see her eyes in their sexual state. They were so beautiful and gleaming staring Ankara escort bayan at my hard erection. It caught me off guard.

I quickly went back to my plan but found out her hand was already starting to pleasure herself. I quickly slapped it away and scolded her.

“Use those hands on something else.”

She follows commands very well in her current mood and wrapped fingers from both hands around my cock, stroking it slowly. I began to explore the front of her body now with my hands starting with her breasts. My hands turned to just fingers and began circling her nipples. I loved that this causes her to make sounds mixing moans with whimpers.

“Please…” was all I heard escape her lips as her body began to squirm in a different direction. “Please fuck me!”

I am going to have to make her wait a bit longer. I still have a delicious dessert to get to. I grab both of her hands off of my dick and throw them up above her head. I keep one hand on them pinning her to the bed. I now climb on top of her between her thighs.

“Keep those hands there! Spread your legs more!” I continue to demand of her.

She does as told and I get to see her and all her entirety. She is even more beautiful when everything is exposed. She continues to beg with her body. Slithering all over the bed, rubbing her knees against the side of my body.

I take both of my hands to caress down. I brush over the top of her head, lingering over her lips, gently rub down the sides of her neck. As I reach down to her chest, her body begins to tremble some more in anticipation. I grab both breasts and drop my face over each one, sucking for only half a second on each.

“Oh my God!” Escort Ankara she exclaims as she moves her hands down to grab the top of my head trying to get me to suck them more.

Finally, her quiet shell is breaking and the wild side still has some fight in it. I love a good conflict in bed! Now it is time to dominate this wild unicorn.

“I thought I told you.” I say in a stern voice pausing briefly before finishing the sentence. “to leave your hands up there!”

Her face had a tinge of fright in it as I simply stared at her from the cleavage. I then move my head down her stomach, reposition my hands for leverage, and I am now faced with her glistening jewel.

“Or do you not want me down here?” I question.

I left her with an offer to relieve her fear. It did not take much as she raised her arms back above her head pretending to pin herself smiling wildly at me and thrusting her hips to my face. I figured to not tease her anymore and dive right in. I felt euphoria in my mouth the moment it connected. The taste of lust emanating from her body was intoxicating. It caused me to dive lower and deeper into her entrance. My nose was now firmly against her button driving her crazy. I had no intention of stopping until she explodes and unleashes a wave of nectar onto my face. My wild beauty had a bit more defiance in her than I thought.

She grabs my hair. My guess is she is about to drill my tongue and nose deeper into her if it was even possible. Instead, she takes back control and pulls me off of her! She then contorts my head so I have to flip over or I would lose some of my hair. I see this wild aggressive look in her eye as she climbs on top of me placing one hand on my neck. This is getting so intense.

Before she lowers her core and allows me inside of her, she stares into my eyes. I see the fire behind them, ready for a whole night of passionate sex. She opens her mouth and “Wake Me Up” by Avicii starts playing.

I rub my eyes and then it hits me. It was all a dream.

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