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Alex had been walking around the town for most part of the morning, just enjoying the weather and the accompanying Scottish scenery. Feeling tired and looking for some alternative, he was delighted to see the town library ahead. He always enjoyed sitting down and reading, science fiction and mysteries in particular and if they were books with collection of stories, he could sit down and read for quite a while before he did anything else. Taking a break from sightseeing, he walked into the library. Wandering around through the stacks of books, he noticed someone sitting at one of the desks with a laptop and moved towards her. As he stood beside her, he noticed her flaming hair, blue jeans, and a white tie up top, with some kind of intriguing pattern on it. He wasn’t paying much attention to any of those because he was much more interested in the rise and fall of the curve of her breasts as she moved while typing.

She noticed someone beside her and looked towards him, he sat beside her and asked what she was doing.

“Writing”, she said, smiling her dark green eyes. She found him to be a little older with locks of brown and grey hair, brown eyes and wearing beige pants with a black shirt.

“What are you writing?” he asked moving closer looking at her screen.

“I have a blog where I write erotic stories. I post new stories almost every day.”

“Erotic stories, hmm?”

“Yes. Here’s my blog.”

She clicked open a browser window and a small picture of her in a sheer white dress popped up, and after a few more clicks a bunch of erotic photos and series of stories followed. As she scrolled down, he read the titles, “Elevator – Chapter 2”, “The Cowboy and the Lady”, “Blind Date”.

“Interesting “, he said. “Where do you get your ideas?”

“Some are real, and some are made up, but I’m not going into detail”, she smiled again.

“I’m Alex”, he said holding out his right hand.

“Kat”, she replied, taking his, and resting hers in it. He gripped her hand firmly, and shook, looking into her eyes. She could feel his gaze piercing her.

“You look like you’ve been working up a sweat”, she commented.

“I decided to have a break from sightseeing, bahçelievler escort but couldn’t realize earlier that the scenery was going to be just as good in the local library.”

She smiled at him again, letting go of his hand, her face reddening slightly. He wasn’t the most handsome man in the world, but she felt warmth emanating from him. He moved a little closer and asked “What else do you do, besides writing?”

She found herself opening up to him, talking about her college, her boring lecturers and her job at the museum. In turn, he smiled and discussed about his job as a being professor back home “giving out boring lectures”, his love of travel, and details about some of the places he had been, or had yet to go. Almost an hour passed as they sat in the corner of the library and it felt comfortable. She asked him if he wanted to read one of her stories, and when he nodded, she opened one of her favourite stories for him and moved her laptop over. He became engrossed in it, scrolling down page by page slowly. He found himself shifting a bit when he came to the naughtier bits. When he finished it, she could see that his breathing was a little harder.

“Did you like it?” she asked.

“Very much so”, he answered looking into her eyes again. “You know, this place doesn’t seem too busy for a library.”

“Most people are outside somewhere, not sitting on computers in a library”, she answered.

“They don’t know what they are missing”, he responded, moving his hand over, touching hers lightly, tracing his finger up her bare arm. As she turned to him he moved his hands to hold her face giving her a kiss, his lips lightly brushing hers. “Cherry flavoured?” he asked.

“Hmm”, she replied, wrapping her hands around him, pulling him to her, kissing him hard and her hands roaming across his back. He moved his hands around her back too, pressing her to him and felt her breasts against him and her nipples hard as they brushed against the dual fabric of her top and his shirt. She let out a low moan. Still kissing her, his hand moved down between her legs, slowly tracing the space between her legs through her jeans. She shifted her legs, balgat escort opening them up, giving him more room as he continued pushing his palm against her, cupping her sex, and rubbing her slowly through her jeans.

She arched her back into his hand,

“Mmmm… that feels wonderful”, she said. She couldn’t believe what she was doing in the middle of the day, none the less with a man who she had just met. As he was touching her through her jeans, she was getting wetter and she was more turned on just by thinking about what was happening.

“Someone could see,” she said in a breathless voice, trailing her hand up his leg.

“Let them,” he replied, unzipping her jeans and plunging his hand down them. She wore white lace briefs; “classy girl”, he thought, cupping her through the lace, before sliding his hand under into her dripping hot cunt.

“Mmmm…ohhh yes Alex,” she moaned unzipping his jeans to repay the favour. She took him in her hand. He was already hot and hard. She started stroking him slowly, running her thumb over the tip, and spreading his pre-cum.

“Oh… Fuck,” he muttered under his breath.

He slid a finger inside her, causing her to buck on his hand.

“God you’re so tight,” he whispered bending to her ear and biting it turning her on even more.

“Mmm yes I am,” she said her eyes now closed.

“Would you like another finger?” he said not giving her a chance to respond before shoving another finger in her.


He stopped her screams with his hand over her mouth and she started stroking him faster than before.

Her pussy was gushing now. She was close and he could feel her walls clenching around his fingers.

“Let’s add another shall we,” he said hand still on her mouth, looking in her eyes. She shook her head no, but he wasn’t listening; he was in charge now.

Shoving another finger in her, he saw her eyes widen. She bit his palm, but then her eyes closed and her face glowed in ecstasy.

“You like that don’t you,” he said thrusting his fingers in and out of her. “Tell me,” he said taking his hand away.

“Yes, don’t stop…ohhh, please don’t stop,” batıkent escort she cried out.

“Shh, I won’t stop but you have to be quiet, we don’t want to draw a crowd now, do we?” He said thinking about it, “Or do you? Is that what you want, someone to see me playing with your wet pussy? Someone to witness you cumming all over my hand, while I fuck you with my fingers, is that what you want you dirty little slut?”

His words were turning her on more and more and she had to let go off him to hold onto the desk. “Oh God Alex make me cum please” she whispered.

He twisted his wrist inside her, then pulled out and shoved all three fingers deep inside then rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“Oh Fu…” he covered her mouth again, watched her eyes roll back in bliss. “That’s right Kat let go.”

“Mmppphhh” was all he could hear as his hand was smothering her cries. He was still playing with her clit, wriggling his fingers inside.

Kat had never felt such an orgasm. He wasn’t stopping yet and her heart was racing. “I could die,” was her last thought before another wave hit her.

When she stopped bucking against his hand he pulled his fingers out and looking into her eyes, he licked them.

“Mmm you taste exotic,” he said smiling.

Kat looked down and saw his dick still out of his pants and more swollen than before. She took him in her hand and started stroking him slowly. She bent over and took the tip of him into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip and bent over further licking him from the tip to balls. She then took him to the back of her throat.

“Oh yes Kat suck me,” he said holding her head down to his lap as his ecstasy started to build up.

Kat started sucking him faster and faster.

“Oh. Fuck yes,” he said feeling himself close soon. “God you’re amazing,” he said, wondering if anyone had ever felt this good going down on him.

“You’ve sucked lots of cocks, haven’t you slut!” He said pushing her head further down. He felt her gag and pulled back, but she didn’t stop and her hand started playing with his balls.

“I’m close baby… do you swallow?”

She shook her head no. He grabbed her hair twisted it around his hand.

“I’m cumming…argh,” she went to pull back but he kept her there “Swallow Kat, swallow my cum”

She didn’t have a choice. He tasted salty, creamy, and hot and she swallowed till the only thing left in her mouth was his cock.

“Mmmm good girl,” he said patting her head.

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Little Did I Know

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(Everyone involved in sexual activity in this story is at least 18 years old and any similarity between this story and real life are a figment of your imagination.)

Author’s note: Sometimes it is hard to choose a category for stories. I chose “Mature” based on the beginning of the story. I hope you enjoy.


It was just another Saturday afternoon at our house. I was relaxing in my recliner watching golf on TV. I had played in my weekly men’s club golf tournament that morning and was now watching the pros show how the game is meant to be played. My wife, Sandy, was at the grocery store, so for the time being I wasn’t being asked to help with something.

As I was dozing in and out of my deeply relaxed state of mind, I barely noticed Sandy return from the store and into our kitchen. Hearing her put down the first few full sacks of stuff, I figured I’d better get up and help or I’d hear about it later. I headed for the kitchen where I started to unpack the week’s supplies while she fetched a few more bags from the car. As Sandy returned with the last of the bags, little did I know about where the conversation would suddenly go.

“Do you remember Erica Martinez?”

“Um, no. Why?” I blatantly lied.

“Oh come on. You remember little Erica.”

“I don’t. Why should I?” I continued with the bold-faced lie.

“I swear. You could remember ridiculous details about a specific golf shot you took 20 years ago and yet you can’t remember Diana’s first babysitter (Diana is our only child).”

“That was 21 years ago, honey. Why do I need to remember the babysitters we used?”

“Never mind,” Sandy said. “Go back to your golf game.”

Despite the fact that this conversation had caused my heart to race at an alarming speed, I wanted to know more. As I returned to my recliner, I asked Sandy, “Why did you ask me about her?”

“I was just curious. I ran into her mom at the store. I hadn’t seen her for years.”

“I think I vaguely remember her now.”

Walking into the family room, Sandy said, “I swear she had the hots for you back then. I would have thought you remembered her more.”

“She what? No she didn’t.”

“It’s okay. You were handsome back then,” Sandy laughed. “And she was adorable. A tiny little thing. You used to tease her about being so small.”

“Back then? What’s that supposed to mean? I’m still handsome.”

Still laughing, Sandy continued, “That got your attention.”

“Why do you think she had the hots for me?”

“The way she used to look at you. She’d always want you to drive her home. But it doesn’t matter, I just thought you’d be curious.”

Sandy walked back to the kitchen and finished unpacking.

Most men have a few things in their pasts that they hope stay there and never come to light with their wives. This was clearly one of those situations. As I started to watch golf again, the memories of Erica came flooding back and I replayed our secret.

Erica had been the babysitter for some friends of ours. When Diana was born, she quickly started babysitting for us on their strong recommendation. She was 16 when she started and she was a very responsible young woman we could trust with our first, and only child. She was saving up for a car, so she would jump at any chance to watch Diana and earn some extra cash.

Despite their 16 year age difference, Erica and Diana had an immediate connection between them as they shared a birthday. Erica was more like Diana’s big sister than a babysitter. It was Diana’s second birthday, and Erica’s 18th, that caused my current state of panic.

A few days after their actual birthday, we invited Erica over to celebrate their birthdays together. Not that I hadn’t noticed how adorable Erica was before this, that night something was different. I think part of it was that, intellectually, I knew she was now “legal.” Erica was barely 5′ tall, maybe not even that, and had tiny features. She had perky B-cup breasts perched on top of her tiny frame. Erica was latina and had naturally tan skin and beautiful, long, dark hair she often wore in braids.

That night, Erica came over wearing a mini-skirt and a loose v-neck shirt that didn’t quite cover her fabulously flat stomach. Her tan little legs were perfectly shaped and the neckline of the sweater provided ample viewing of her nubile cleavage when she bent over.

Sandy made fajitas for all of us and I made margaritas. At Sandy’s insistence, Erica was allowed to have a couple. She had hitched a ride over with a sibling and we would be giving her a ride home.

While Sandy cleaned up dinner and frosted the cake, Erica and I ran around the house with Diana playing whatever silly games a 2-year old toddler could come up with as we had done prior to dinner.

Little did I know, round 3 of hide-and-go-seek would be more fun than I thought. Diana screamed for Erica and I to hide while she did her best to count to 10. Erica ran out of the room and into the closet in our guest room. As I followed, Erica whispered, “Here. Get in bahçelievler escort bayan here with me.”

I quickly found myself crowded into a small closet, in the dark, with our fabulously beautiful babysitter. As Diana searched room by room for us, Erica, a bit tipsy from the drinks, moved a little and stumbled on something in the closet and started to fall over. Reaching out to stabilize her, I firmly planted my hand on her breast.

Thinking with my sex starved dick and a few drinks, I massaged her breast a little. It was very dark, but our faces came together and I gave Erica a kiss and then a second. The second being a long, french kiss that she returned. My hand shot up her sweater and quickly found its way under her bra and onto her bare tit. Her nipple was already hard. Just as we started to kiss again, Diana burst onto the scene in the room.

Her presence startled us back to reality and the noise of us in the closet gave our location away quickly. Diana opened the closet door and screamed, “There you are.”

We all laughed and piled out of the room, just as Sandy yelled, “Come out all you crazy people. It’s time for cake.”

As we walked back down the hallway, Erica adjusted her bra and I did my best to subdue the hard on I had quickly achieved in the closet.

We sang Happy Birthday, ate cake and ice cream, let them open presents, and then it was time to wind down the evening. Sandy took Diana to begin the going-to-bed-battle, while Erica and I sat, chatting a little, both palpating the awkwardness between us.

Sandy returned about 30 minutes later, and asked, “John, can you take Erica home? I have a splitting headache and want to lay down.”

“Sure,” I said. Erica and I glanced at each other as I agreed.

The 15 minute drive to Erica’s parents began mostly in silence. Finally, I broke the tension, “Erica, I need to tell you something.”

“What’s that?”

“I am really sorry about…”

Interrupting me, Erica said, “Don’t say another word. I loved it.”

“Excuse me? No. No. It was wrong.”

“You didn’t enjoy it?”

“Well, um, uh, of course. I mean. Yes, but it was wrong.”

“Don’t I get to have some say as to whether it was wrong?” Erica asked.

“Sure, I guess. But, I mean, I’m married.”

“Okay, but it was still fun. And I’m an adult now, Mr. Turner. So, legally it’s fine.” With that, Erica leaned over the center console of the car, showing a good view of her cleavage to me, and started rubbing my inner thigh. My cock jumped and started to harden.

“Erica, I don’t think…”

“Quit thinking so much and just enjoy this.”

Next thing I knew, Erica tugged at the top button on my pants and undid it. She quickly slid down my zipper and reached inside for my cock. She fished it out of my boxers easily. I was driving down a dark road with my penis sticking out of my pants and in the hands of my 18 year old babysitter.

“Should I find a place to pull over?” I said, barely keeping the car on the road.

“Yes. Turn right up here and park at the little church. It’s a great spot. Trust me.”

I pulled into the dark secluded parking lot and quickly killed the engine and all the lights. Erica let go of my dick and pulled her shirt off, exposing the lacy black bra that cradled her tits. I watched as she sensually unhooked the front clasp on her bra and let it fly open. Her perky, dark nipples were hard and her tits were perfectly-shaped mounds.

I started to feel them and kiss her passionately while she stroked my cock. I ran one of my hands up between her thighs. She spread her legs and gave me easy access to her panties, soaked with moisture. I pulled them aside and started fingering her twat while I kissed her tits and allowed her to give me a hand job. I couldn’t believe how quickly my balls swelled up with pressure and I knew I would cum really soon.

“Oh god. Oh fuck,” I yelled. “Erica, stop. I’m going to cum. Stop.” I laid back on the driver’s seat and she leaned over me, her tits in full view, and kept stroking.

“Come on. Let it go,” she yelled.

I looked down and her tiny hand was wrapped around my stiff cock and stroking it with incredible speed. Without warning, my cock jumped and shot a ribbon of hot, sticky, white cum straight up in the air and onto her cheek and into her hair. She kept stroking and emptied the rest of my sperm all over the interior of my car and my pants. As quickly as the whole thing started, we scrambled to clean up and get dressed again.

I went to start the car and Erica grabbed my hand, “That was amazing. Thank you.”

“Thank me?” I asked.

“You made me feel so grown up.”

“Erica, we need to be careful. I mean, this was fun and all, but…”

She planted a deep kiss on me, and said, “Please. Don’t worry. It’s fine. I loved it.”

I dropped her off safely at home and then drove home bouncing between a state of panic and ecstasy.

Fortunately, Sandy was sound asleep when I got home and I could slip out of my pants and make balgat escort sure the dried cum was scrubbed out before I put them in the laundry. I double-checked the car for residual spunk and cleaned up the spots I found.

Erica babysat a few more times over the next few months. We would wink and innocently flirt with each other, but I made damn sure we were never in a position for part 2 of what was one of the most nerve wracking escapades I had ever experienced. Her tenure as Diana’s babysitter ended naturally when she bought a car and got a much higher paying job in an office. And then, last I had heard, she went off to college out of state.

Every once in a while I would remember that night fondly. Sometimes my recollections would end in jacking myself off to Erica’s memory. Eventually that ended, until Sandy reignited my memories. The bit of panic I had when Sandy first asked me about Erica quickly subsided. I mean, she only saw her mom. It’s not like she ran into Erica. And besides that, it was over 20 years ago. Erica would be in her late 30’s, I was almost 50, and she probably had a growing family of her own.

Of course, my curiosity peaked a little, and I wondered, “What was Erica like now? What would she think now about 21 years ago?” Rather than go crazy with curiosity, I forced the whole episode out of my head and Sandy never brought it up again. Little did I know, it wouldn’t remain out of my mind for long.

As a medical device consultant, I did a fair amount of traveling around my mid-western territory, but rarely much further than that. Due to the sudden illness of a colleague, I was asked to fly last minute to cover a trade show in San Diego, California.

I landed and went straight to the convention and worked a full day in our company’s booth. As soon as I was done, I changed into some casual clothes and headed to the bar on the top floor of the Hyatt to enjoy the view, and more importantly, get something to drink and eat.

I found a table near a window that provided me a fabulous view of Mission Bay and an equally good view of a hot blonde with a big rack at the table next to me. We smiled at each other and I thought, “Maybe she wants to jump in the sack and then forget about each other later.” Clearly, with the exception of a few vacations each year, the lack of sex in our marriage had something to do with how horny I was.

I ordered a glass of wine and some sliders from the waitress without really noticing her. However, as she walked away, her curvy ass gave me reason to take notice. Even more so, make sure I noticed when she returned.

She had just the right amount of curves to go with huge tits that were squeezed into her tight, revealing top. She was gorgeous with an intoxicating smile. What more could I want? A very sexy blonde at the next table over, and a fucking hot Mexican waitress that would gladly flirt to increase her tips.

As the waitress served other tables, my libido turned to the blonde. I smiled her way and when she returned the smile, I said, “Beautiful view.”

“One of my favorites,” she replied.

“You come here a lot?” I asked.

“Only when I get to tag along on one of my husband’s business trips.”

Strike one, two and three. “That’s fantastic.”

“Yeah. Poor guy. He’s stuck in some stuffy dinner somewhere.”

“He’s sure missing a beauty,” I said, fully intending the innuendo.

We went back to sipping our drinks and I snacked on my sliders. Much to my dismay, when I was ready to order another drink, some guy waited on my table. I caught only a few glimpses of the sexy little waitress across the room.

I finished my food and second glass of wine and asked the waiter for my check. “Room charge or credit card?” He asked.

“Um, credit card.” I knew I couldn’t put alcohol on my company room charge and I didn’t want the hassle of splitting it up. I signed the check and headed for the elevators.

I was waiting for the elevator to come, when I heard a female voice say, “Excuse me. Mr. Turner? John?”

I turned and almost spit out the mint I had put in my mouth. The hot little Latina waitress was standing just steps away from me. “Um, yes. Hello. Do I know you?”

“You don’t remember me?”

“Oh god I hate this shit,” I thought to myself. My mind raced to replay where I might know her from.

“It was a long time ago,” she said, sensing my inability to bring the memory back.

“Where did I know you from?” I asked, sizing her up more closely. Besides the ample rack of tits and pleasantly plump curves that rounded out her bubbly ass and short, sassy legs, she seemed to be about 10 or 15 years younger than me.

“Well, we spent some time together in a dark, secluded, church parking lot one night.”

I damn near had a heart attack right there. Seriously, I am surprised I didn’t wake up in the emergency room of the local hospital.

“Erica? Holy fuck! I mean, excuse my french. Wow!”

“It’s me.”

I walked toward her and gave her a big hug that, at first, didn’t seem awkward. batıkent escort bayan However, as we broke apart from our hug, you could have cut the awkwardness with a knife.

“Oh my god. You look great. Sandy saw your mom a little while back at the store. Wait. You’re here in San Diego now?”

“Listen, my boss is a ball buster. I really need to get back to my tables. Can we chat later?”

I knew damn well I had to say yes, as awkward as it might be. “Okay. Sure. Um, I’m in room 2325. Or, I mean, do you want to call me.”

Laughing, Erica said, “Give me your number.” I rattled off my cell phone number and she jotted it down on her waitress pad. We parted ways for now and I was left in a daze waiting for the elevator.

I was surprised I could even find my hotel room. I was in a fog of memories. For the first time in 20 years or more, I had just come face to face with the babysitter I made out with one night in my car. That was crazy. I mean, now the 10 year age difference didn’t seem like much, but back then I was 28 and she was only 18 by a couple days. It was damn near illegal.

As I was wandering around my room, wondering what to do next, my phone buzzed with a text. It was Sandy.

Sandy: Call me if you want. I’m still awake.

Me: Sure. In a minute.

I collected myself. I mean, it’s not like she knew I had just seen Erica, but it was still weird.

“Hey honey,” I started off the call.

“Hey. How’s it going out there in sunny San Diego?”

“Oh, it’s um, great. You know. Hard to enjoy it when I’m stuck in the convention all day.”

“I know, but at least it’s not Chicago.”


“What did you do for dinner?”

Suddenly feeling panicked, I said, “Just went to the bar and had a burger. I’m tired. I’m about to crash.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll let you go. Goodnight.”

“Yeah. Goodnight.”

I clicked on the TV, kicked my shoes off, and laid down on the bed. I could not stop thinking about Erica. “Surely she was married and happy and just wanted to reconnect and ask about Diana and Sandy and life in general. Although, she did bring up the place we parked that night. God she was sexy tonight. And hell, she certainly isn’t my 18 year old babysitter anymore.”

My train of thoughts, ping-ponging back and forth in my head, were abruptly halted about 9pm when my phone buzzed again with a text.

Unknown number: It’s Erica. I got off a bit early. Want to get together?

I started to text “yes.” Then I deleted it and started to text some lame excuse to not see her. Then I deleted it. Then I sat there wondering, “What the fuck should I do?” Then I sent a text.

Me: Absolutely!

“Wait, that’s your reply? What the fuck are you thinking?” I wondered to myself.

Erica: Okay. I’ll come to your room.

Giving in to the fact that this was not a good idea, I texted back: Sounds great.

About 20 minutes later, there was a gentle knock at my door. Little did I know that opening the door would mean Erica would not only enter my hotel room, but would re-enter my life.

She had changed out of her work outfit and was wearing some very tight jeans and a baggy sweater that didn’t provide the same view of her cleavage. That was probably a good thing.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe I’m standing here in your hotel room,” she said.

“You’re not the only one. Well, what’s been up?”

“Hey, can we go get some food? I don’t get to eat at work and I’m starving.”

It was a great suggestion. For one thing, it would get us out of my hotel room and away from the temptation at least I was having to rip her clothes off and finish what I started 21 years ago.

“Sounds good. Let’s go. I don’t have a car, do you?”

“Um, no. I take the light rail to work. But there’s plenty of places to walk to.”

We walked to a nearby bar and grill and found a quiet table in the back. I ordered some food I didn’t really need, or want, and Erica ordered dinner. We got our drinks and I offered a toast, “Cheers! To old friends reconnected.”


“So, tell me what you’ve been up to the last 21 years?” I asked.

“The short version or the long version?” Erica laughed.

“The long version.”

“Okay. Here we go.”

If I had to summarize it, Erica walked me through her life like this: She left home for college in San Diego, her first time away from home in Chicago, and she loved it. Unfortunately, she loved life a little more than college. Her junior year, she met a Navy sailor stationed in San Diego and dropped out of college and married him. Her parents never approved. She became another military wife who went months on end never seeing her husband, but she was bound and determined to be happy. Whenever his ship was in port, they tried to get pregnant, but it never happened; it seemed to be some kind of issue with him. That caused a great deal of friction in their marriage and the nail was driven into the coffin when one of his friends found out she was sleeping with her boss at the restaurant she was working at; he promised to marry her and give her a baby. That never happened.

She got a divorce from her Navy husband and never felt welcomed back in Chicago, so she stayed in San Diego. She bounced around in relationships and, as much as she wanted to have children really bad, she was thankful she never had kids with the wrong guy.

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Big Boy Meets Fat Girl

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Francesca Harold is her name of birth, but she is more commonly known as Fat Bitch. It’s a name given to her by some of the Queen Bees she knew growing up and she got used to it. Even started using it as a banner, to show everyone how bad-ass she was. Yeah, this plump, brown-skinned, short-haired dame grew up to be a tough gal. This large woman liked it rough. Played a variety of sports in high school and college. Rugby, soccer, wrestling, and even hockey. Those were but a few of her interests. Sex is her favorite sport now, the rougher the better.

Fat Bitch came to the hotel to meet a certain guy. Surely enough, he showed up. He was tall, a large person like herself. Good. She liked her men to be big and strong like her. Flesh on them bones. Big girls often liked big guys. It’s just a fact of life. The man’s name was Frank Thorne. He was tall, burly, with dark brown skin. A collegiate athletic type, that’s what he seemed like. They had so much in common. They didn’t come to this place to chit chat, though. They came because they were basically after the same thing. Hardcore sex without drama. What so many men, and a few women, were looking for on the web.

Fat Bitch and Frank ( also known as Fat Boy) walked into the room. They got undressed and looked at each other. A large black man looking at a large black woman. They say that opposites bahçelievler escort bayan attract. Well, this isn’t the case. She looked at his thick, manly body and found him appealing. He checked her out. The big woman was sexy. To the outside world, they were oversized individuals. But to each other, they were glorious. They would indulge the desires which the world denied them the opportunity to satisfy.

Fat Bitch kissed Frank, and the big man kissed her back. They gently rolled around on the bed. Playfully wrestling. Almost like the legendary Sumo Wrestlers of Japan. Frank suckled on her breasts, and she moaned as he touched her. His sleek fingers went into her pussy, and he fingered her. He buried his face between her thick, fleshy thighs and munched on her pussy. She cried out in sheer pleasure as he brought her a shuddering orgasm. This big man had skills. He definitely knew his way around the female body. The big woman decided to reward him. Good work shouldn’t go unrewarded.

Fat Bitch took the Fat Boy’s cock in her mouth and sucked on it. The big man had matching equipment. She sucked on his cock and licked his balls. He moaned and gently caressed her head as she sucked him off. Naughtily, she slid one of her fingers into his asshole. He wasn’t surprised by the apparent intrusion. She knew balgat escort what he liked, and remembered it from their many conversations on the Internet. She licked his balls, sucked his cock and fingered his asshole. His hole was supple, indicating that he wasn’t new to this. She got him off, and drank his seed when he came. He tasted different from other men. Saltier. Better.

They skipped the preliminaries and went to the main event. Both of them had waited for this for so long. Fat Bitch spread her bottom wide open and Fat Boy came up behind her. He fingered and licked her asshole. She moaned in pleasure. No one had ever done that for her before. He continued to lick her asshole until she asked him to stop. He then positioned himself behind her, and rubbed his cock against her anal entrance. He was ready to enter her back door. She spread her butt cheeks wide open, and he slid his cock into her asshole. Holding her by the hips, he pumped his cock in and out of her asshole. She screamed in sheer pleasure, and a little pain. He buried his cock deep into her asshole, loving the feel of it. When he came, her asshole milked him dry. Squeezed all the cum out of him.

Fat Boy lay on the bed, sated. Fat Bitch came between his legs and sucked his cock once more, tasting her ass on his member. He thrust into her mouth batıkent escort bayan and she took all that he had to give. When he finally came, she drank his seed, and continued to finger his asshole. Now, she had one more fantasy to indulge. He lay on the bed, and she produced her favorite sex toy. A strap on dildo. He smiled at her, and assumed the position. She came up behind him, spread his butt cheeks and slid the dildo into his asshole. Stroking his cock with one hand, she pumped the dildo into his ass. He grunted, but did not scream.

Fat Bitch held him by the hips and fucked his asshole with the dildo. This was something she had wanted to do for so long. Now, her dream came true. Fat Boy grimaced as he got fucked in the ass by Fat Bitch. In spite of it all, or maybe because of it, he came. She pulled the dildo out of his asshole, and drank his cum. He looked at her as she drank his seed. Yeah, she was still hot and he wanted her again. Laughing, she playfully wrestled him and pretended to resist as he flipped her on her back and shoved his cock back into her asshole. Grunting, she wrapped her arms around him, wanting him deeper inside of her.

They fucked and sucked the night away, enjoying every fantasy which they could make true. In the outside world, they were not accepted because they were taller and larger than anyone else. They were freaks to the outside world. A Fat Boy and a Fat Bitch. But to each other, they were magnificent. This went beyond friendship, or love. This was simply belonging. The feeling you get when you’re around your own kind. At last, they belonged. They fell asleep in each other arms. Dreaming of tomorrow while enjoying tonight.

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Little Miss Sulky

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Privately, I call her ‘Little Miss Sulky’. Tara, my wife’s daughter from her first marriage is a mass of seething teenage hormones and temper tantrums wrapped up in a nicely curved-in-all-the-right-places, curly-blonde-headed package. She is an fairly ordinary, nice looking kid…no that’s not right, emerging young woman…or rather, she would be without the constant sulkily pouting lips and sullen frown. She really is very pretty when she smiles, which is all too seldom.

Tara fiercely resents her mother for finally leaving and then divorcing her husband to escape the regular drunken Saturday night beatings and marital rapes. Tara still thinks the sun shines out of the bastard’s backside! Her face lights up whenever it is time for she and her brother, Jim Jnr, to go on one of their court-ordered visits. It seems as if that is the only time she is ever happy.

But even more fiercely, Tara resents that one day her mother met me – in a clash of trundlers at a supermarket checkout! And she is really pissed that Shelley and I instantly liked each other, became friends, then lovers, and then decided to marry, thus cutting Jim out of the picture altogether. Besotted with her father, Tara has made life hell for the rest of us ever since. Even Jim Jnr doesn’t escape her wrath. Her battles with Shelley are frequent and immense, and usually end up in tears with Tara slamming her way to her bedroom in high dudgeon. And the hot stares of pure hatred the girl throws in my direction on a daily basis need to be seen to be believed! I do my best to talk to her, but my attempts at gentle humour are received with disdain and “one of those looks”.

I became a househusband. A few months after our wedding, I got caught out in an accident on a construction site when some contractors were tearing down an old building before the company I worked for as a civil engineer could start the new project. Under normal circumstances I would have been out of harm’s way, but a collapsing wall demolished the lightly fabricated site office where I was working. Two of my assistants died and I ended up in intensive care. Laid out immobile on my back, I speculated that no doubt Tara was pretty disappointed that I survived. Luckily, our income didn’t suffer too greatly. Shelley was able to go back to working at the bank, where she had been an account manager until Tara was born, and she was quickly re-assimilated into that role. And as I got better, I resumed some of my engineering work, but by remote as a consultant instead of full time.

Therefore, I am generally here when everyone gets home. Jim Jnr spends lots of time with his buddies after school and only arrives to wash up before dinner. Shelley shows up between 6.30 and 7pm, although she sometimes surprises us all by getting home early. So most often, Tara is the first one to show her face and, of course, she heads to her room without even acknowledging my presence.

But the day before yesterday is different…

Instead of going to her room, Tara comes into the kitchen, where I am starting to prepare the evening meal. She doesn’t speak, just stands at the other end of the room leaning against the bench with her back to me, drinking the glass of water she has just drawn from the tap. I notice that her shoulders are slumped. In fact, her whole body language says that she is thoroughly dejected.

“What’s up, kiddo?” I ask, speaking quietly and not looking at her. “Bad day at ‘the office’?”

I am startled by a muffled sob. I shoot a quick glance in Tara’s direction and see that her shoulders are shaking.

I stop what I am doing and dry my hands. “Hey Tara, what’s up? Any way I can help?”

“No…there’s nothing you can do!”

The usual helpless feeling a male gets when he is faced with a female in tears overcomes me. I move close to her and put my hand on her shoulder, “C’mon…even though we don’t get along the best, I’m still here for you…” There is a sudden thought in the back of my mind that maybe Tara has got herself pregnant. “You’re not ‘in trouble’ are you…?”

She turns to look at me. Tears streak her cheeks and her eyeliner has run. “In trouble…? Oh…no…you mean…? No, nothing like that!” She smiles ruefully and murmurs again, “No, nothing like that…” more to herself than to me.

Tara mops her face with the backs of her hands, spreading her makeup around even more. She looks like a rather sad Panda. “It’s just girl stuff…”

“Aaaaah…” Another instant male reaction – the time of the month!

“No, it’s not that either. It’s just that on the way home two of my best friends…or at least I thought they were my best friends…came out and told me I am a fat slob. And then they said that I’d never get to go out with any really good-looking guys until I lose a lot of weight. They were so mean…!”

Tara stands no chance of some day walking the catwalks as a model, the stocky, build she inherited from her father is against her, but if she is sensible with her diet and gets plenty of exercise, neither will she get fat.

“Oh come on!” I exclaim. “I don’t know where escort bahçelievler they got the ‘you’re fat’ bit from…you look just fine to me…perfectly normal in fact. And you certainly aren’t a slob…you look after your hair and clothes and things beautifully…no bullshit! I suppose they’re a couple of skinny flat-chested…!”

“They are so slim and pretty! And they have nice tits. All the guys chase after them…”

I shook my head, “Jesus, some people! I tell you, if I were a young guy looking for a girlfriend, I’d pick a curvy, good-looking girl like you before one of those anorexic bitches who walk like they’ve got a broomstick permanently up their butt…!”

To my surprise, Tara turns to me, puts her arms around my middle and presses up to my front. I instinctively put my arms around her.

“Do you really mean that…?” Her voice is muffled against my chest.

“Bet your cute ass I do…!” It was meant as a joke, but my stepdaughter really does have quite a cute ass; the kind of springy handfuls a guy likes grab hold of while he’s sliding his cock in and out of a chick’s hot little snatch.

“Thank you, Dave…”

I know I should break away, but Tara feels so good in my arms. Her generous breasts bore into my chest. I can feel her warm belly against mine. I do not mean it to happen, but my body reacts. I begin to get hard. I think to myself, “Shit, Dave! She’s your wife’s daughter! She’s twenty years younger than you are for Chrissakes!” and then “Oh God, I hope she can’t feel my dick!”

Yet, I still clasp her to me.

We hold each other for what seems like aeons, although it is only a few seconds. My pulse thumps like a bass drum in my ears. I can feel my blood singing through my veins. Then I realise that, yes, Tara can feel my erection. She is pushing her pelvis closer to my hardness, and is rubbing her belly against it.

We both know we are tumbling into the danger zone and should stop this now! Yet we still clasp each other tightly.

Her thick golden mane of hair is loose today. Tara sometimes wears it tied up in a ponytail, showing off her neck. She has a lovely neck; it is one of her best features. I sometimes find myself wondering how it would feel to stroke the skin of that fragile seeming column. Ok, I have always had a “thing” about the back of a woman’s neck. Without prior thought, I slide a hand up her back, under the heavy strands of hair and inside the collar of her school shirt. She is just as I imagined, soft and smooth, yet strong as well. I stroke her skin with the pads of my fingertips and Tara presses ever tighter to me.

Suddenly, her grasp on my waist slackens. I find myself breathing a deep internal sigh of disappointment that the moment is over. But no! Tara is not moving away from me! Instead, still using me for support, she is sinking slowly to her knees! By stroking the back of her neck I was not telling to her to do this. I wasn’t pushing her down, or anything like that! But she must think I was! I should stop her and make it right, but I don’t. With my heart pounding, I let my stepdaughter to go on down. Her cheek slides down my chest and down my belly until she comes to kneel on the tiled floor before me with her forehead resting on my belt buckle.

My cock feels like an iron bar in my pants. All reason leaves me. My whole being cries out to me to get that hard flesh out and push it between Little Miss Sulky’s pouting lips! I tell myself that she must do this all the time with her boyfriends. She wants it! She loves it!

The sound of my zipper sliding down is like ripping metal. Tara must know what I intend to do. I tell myself that if she pulls away now, I will not force her! But a little voice inside me says “Come on Dave, you’re not so sure about that!’

Tara tilts her head back, but not away from me; she is still holding on to me by my hips. Her eyes are closed, or perhaps she is looking down; her eyelashes are very long on her cheeks. She is making room for me to put my hand inside my pants to get my cock out – she wants it!

Tara does not flinch when my member finally appears in the open, so she must have her eyes closed. It looks huge, gnarled and angry this close to the smooth soft skin of her face. I present the bulging mushroom cap to her mouth. Dark purple-pink presses purposefully on sulky delicate pink cushions. My cock feels heavy in my fingers; my balls swell with seed in their sac. Her lips are so soft! Delicate gives way to hot purposeful power. I press against her teeth. Tara opens her jaws wide. I wonder if she can take me in, I look and feel so massive!

I slide the head of my cock into her wet warmth. She just lets it happen. Very quickly, I realise that I am wrong – Tara has never done this with anybody before. I should pull back, but it is too late for that now. Just the same, I don’t want to frighten her, so I fuck her face gently, just moving in and out by a few millimetres. I can feel my glans sliding forwards and backwards over her lips, her bottom teeth and her tongue.

I escort balgat stroke her hair affectionately and I feel her move her tongue on me. Tara is learning fast. She moves her head forward, taking me deeper into her mouth. Her tongue is working vigorously on me now, roiling over the head of my cock and exploring the ridged underside. The tingling warning of an impending climax grows in the area behind my balls. She must taste my pre-cum. Tara is breathing heavily through her nose. I look down at her in wonderment at the way her lips circle my cock and how wide it stretches her mouth. Even though they are contained within a bra, her nipples stick out hard through the cotton of her school shirt, She has pulled her skirt up her thighs and is rubbing between her legs through her panties. Her panties are pale blue with tiny red flowers printed on them.

The sight of Tara touching her pussy swiftly brings on my orgasm. I warn her so that she can take her mouth away, “Tara, I’m going to cum…”

She carries on licking at my cock head and fucking me with her mouth. She is holding my cock in her fingers now and sucking on me very gently.

I am desperate! “Tara! I’m going to cum!”

It is too late. She can feel my cock jerking and pulsing in her fingers anyway! Fierce jolts of pleasure wrack my body. I hear Tara gulping and gasping for air as she frantically tries to swallow the floods of sperm I am spurting into her. She tongues the sensitive underside of my cock and sharp, renewed spasms blast through me. I try to take my cock away, but she follows me with her mouth, determined to keep me there until the very end.

I let her lick and suck me, extracting every drop of semen from my body. I tremble with pleasure at each and every caress from her tongue. My cock softens and shrinks, eventually falling out from between her lips – a small, wrinkled tube of flesh, a caricature of the potent rod it was a few minutes before. It is wet with her saliva. A small dribble of after-cum drips from its tip onto her bare leg. Her lips look dark, swollen, bruised. She is holding her pussy under her skirt, but is no longer rubbing herself. She does not look at my cock; her eyes are still closed.

I am just about to drop to my knees, to take her in my arms, to hold her, to tell her that I didn’t mean that to happen, and how sorry I am, when we hear the sound of Shelley’s car in the driveway. She is home very early. Thank God she didn’t arrive five minutes sooner! Tara scrambles to her feet and heads for her room. “Tell her I’m doing my homework,” she calls out as she runs out of the kitchen.

The change in Tara’s demeanour amazes everybody else at the dinner table. She is as nice as pie to me and equally considerate to her mother. Even Jim Jnr takes time out from shovelling food past his ever-hungry jaws to exchange a few jokes with her. After the meal I notice Tara and her mother talking earnestly in the kitchen, which culminates in Shelley taking a long, speculative look in my direction. “Oh shit! Tara has told her all about this afternoon!” repeats endlessly in my mind. But when my wife joins me afterwards to watch TV she says nothing. Eventually, almost bursting at the seams with curiosity, and no small amount of trepidation, I have to ask, “What was all that about between you and Tara?”

“Oh, I was telling her how nice it was to have her back to normal at last…and she was telling me how great you are and that you helped her out with her biology project… I didn’t know you are such an expert…”

Almost choking with relief, I manage to get out something like; “You’d be astonished at the things us engineers have to know about!”

Later, in bed, Shelley is feeling very friendly, in spite of it being a workday in the morning. When I ease my willing cock into her familiar, wet warm channel, after preparing her with my tongue, I can’t help wondering how it would feel do this with Tara. But all thoughts of my stepdaughter leave my mind as my wife rolls us over, so that she is on top, and proceeds to fuck the living daylights out of me! Her screams and my shouts of ecstasy when we orgasm together echo in the night. And then we sleep in a sweaty, naked, happily sex-smeared tangle until the alarm wakes us in the morning.

Little Miss Sulky is back to her old self at breakfast time. For no apparent reason, a flaming row erupts between the girl and her mother. Then I overhear Tara’s shouted accusation: “You were carrying on like animals!” which almost results in Shelley slapping her daughter’s face. When I try to pour oil on the troubled waters, Tara yells at me to “Mind your own fucking business!” which sets the argument off all over again. I am thankful for the peace and quiet when everybody has left.

I am sitting in my favourite armchair in the lounge reviewing a project report I’ve just finished when Tara arrives home from school. She goes straight to her room. I don’t blame her. After what happened yesterday afternoon she has every right to avoid me. But then she surprises me by coming escort batıkent into the lounge. She stands in front of me with her hands clasped behind her back, still wearing her school uniform shirt and skirt, but she has taken off her shoes and socks, and is barefoot. Her breasts protrude under her shirt most invitingly. As I look at them, her nipples harden. I cannot prevent my cock hardening in unison, but I pray that she cannot see my growing excitement.

I start to talk about what I made her do, and to make the apology I didn’t get to voice, but she is not interested. She drops to her knees and pushes my knees apart. She crawls between them and rests her elbows on the tops of my thighs. She has undone the two top buttons of her shirt so that I can see into her cleavage. Her breasts look soft, warm and inviting. Tara cradles her chin in her hands and looks me in the face. She says, “Don’t worry about yesterday, Dave…I enjoyed it…I want us to do it again…”

I start to protest, to say “No!” but she silences me by reaching out and starting to undo my zipper. “I know you are interested,” she murmurs, “I can see you are already growing an erection…”

I can’t take my eyes off her sulky lips while she speaks. My mind is full of how good it felt yesterday when I pushed my cock in between them and into her mouth.

“Get it out” she tells me, “I want to see it…”

Once again, I try to tell her “No!” and once again she cuts me off, this time by telling me, “If you don’t, I’ll tell Mum all about what you did to me yesterday…”

It is difficult to get my cock out while I am sitting down. It is so stiff it gets tangled up in my underpants, making her giggle with amusement. Tara laughs so seldom it is heart warming to hear her now, even under these circumstances. Eventually, I get my cock free. It stands up like a defiant flagpole pointing directly at her face.

She closely examines every millimetre of my hard flesh, gently pushing it forward and back, and from side to side, so that she doesn’t miss a single detail. She traces the purple-roped veins with a fingernail and I tingle inside with pleasure. A drop of pre-cum emerges. With her fingertip, Tara spreads it around the silky skin of my cock-head, making it gleam, then carries her finger to her mouth to get my taste. She looks me right in the eye when she licks her fingertip.

“What are you thinking, Tara?” I ask myself.

With a secretive smile, Tara lowers her face to my cock. Her tongue flickers over my cock-head and then down my shaft. Soft little kisses trace the path followed by her fingernail a few moments before. The pressure builds within me. She returns to my glans. A wiping flick of her tongue makes my cock jump in her fingers. My mushroom head bumps against her nose. “All right then…” she murmurs softly, shaking my shaft gently from side to side. “Don’t be so impatient!”

Tara eases me between her lips. With fingers and tongue and gentle sucks, she takes me teasingly to my climax. When she feels the first tremors shake my cock, she opens her mouth wide and rests just its tip on her tongue so that I can see my sperm shoot from me and into her mouth. She swallows it down and then sucks me dry. And when I am done, she tucks my shrivelled softness back into my pants.

“Was that nice?” she asks me ingenuously.

“I-it w-was amazing…” I stammer. “I was wondering…”

“How I got so good in such a short time? Don’t worry, I haven’t been practising on anybody else, I got some of the girls at school to tell me how they do it…”

Still somewhat stunned, I decide I must reward her…I should go down on her and give her equal pleasure. I convince myself that it is just for her, but in reality it is all for me. I want to possess her. I want to look at her between the legs to see if her pussy lips pout as sulkily as her other lips do, and I want to smell and taste her youth.

I get out of the armchair and help her take my place. I don’t have to tell Tara what I am going to do, she guesses already. It is a big chair; Tara looks lost in it. She half lies; half sits on the seat with her body twisted so that her head rests on one arm. Her eyes are closed.

She lets me arrange her, as acquiescent as a rag doll. She lets me push the front of her skirt up her thighs to her waist without a murmur of protest. I look at her legs; their skin is richly plump, soft and smooth. Her panties are a pale primrose triangle today. The small hillock of her mound excites me. I am impatient to feel its chubby pad and supple hairs pressing on my nose while I explore her vaginal slit with my tongue. She lets me part her thighs. I peer between them, closely examining the cloth that hides her pussy. It is stained, damp – Tara is, or has been, very sexually aroused.

Starting at the inside of one soft knee, I move with swift licking kisses up her inner thigh until I reach yellow. I briefly kiss the cloth covering her mons and breathe in her female odour. Then I kiss my way down the other thigh to her other knee. I straighten up to look at her again. Her eyes are still closed. All the while I was kissing her, Tara did not react to the touch of my lips. But the rapid rise and fall of her chest and the slight bouncing of her belly skin caused by thump of her heavily beating heart tell me she is far from indifferent to what I am doing to her.

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Kinky Adventures of Robin Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


“What’s all this about, Jim?”

Robin bit her lip, sitting in the coffee shop that she never usually would frequent, eyes plaintively wide. He had not been subtle about inviting her there, although it was more of a summons than an invite in all honesty. He thought he had something over her and the sickening twist to the pit of her stomach told her that, well, he kind of did. But she was trying not to think about that. She’d been trying to not think about that since it had happened.

The coffee shop bustled and buzzed around them, a chic and trendy place that Robin scorned. Where were the sugary drinks? This was all filter coffee from places that she’d never even heard of! But maybe she would have if she’d been into all his nerdy stuff. It was probably some really exotic, rare coffee or something that she wouldn’t touch and someone that she knew would be highly offended by that fact. It wasn’t her problem to deal with though.

Grunting in the back of her throat, she tightened the fold of her arms across her chest, stubbornly hiding her breasts from view, sockless toes curling in her shoes, suddenly everything feeling a little too constrictive as she strained to wriggle and squirm before him. That little perv… How did he know? And what was he going to do about it? He studied her, a few fresh pimples rising on his face, and leaned back, shoving his phone across the table to her. She couldn’t help but notice, even then, just how unstylish his phone was, lacking in the substance that she would have wanted from such a device. It was essential, after all, to a girl’s social life!


Turning the phone to her, he watched with some measure of pleasure as her expression fell. She slapped her hand over it, the image of Alex between her legs stark on the screen.

“Put that away!”

“Why?” He said, eyebrows raised, the hint of a smirk on his lips. “You don’t seem to be shy with Alex, do you? That was my girlfriend. You knew that, right?”

His voice came out as bitter rather than cocky and he leaned back, eyes sad. It wasn’t right that he had lost Alex and Robin at the same time but getting to see a sexy show, well… It was not as if anyone was going to feel bad about getting to see what he saw, considering that he was not committed to Alex anyway, his eyes lustfully wandering to sweeter fruits and spoils that were not his to take. And yet Alex had swept Robin up all for herself regardless of anything else and, well, he’d been the one to deal with the fallout for that, in one way or another.

“Wait…” Robin eyed him. “Was? Was your girlfriend?”

He snorted.

“Well, you didn’t think I could stay with her after that, did you? She cheated on me!”

Robin scoffed and pressed her slick lips together, gloss shimmering.

“It wasn’t as if you were sleeping together…”

Jim stiffened.

“So you say.”

He could be as evasive as he liked but everyone still knew the truth about that, the video playing under Robin’s hand, Alex giving her orgasm after orgasm. A rush of power, unlike anything he’d felt before, thrummed through him, warming him from the inside out like a hot drink on a cold winter’s evening, something perhaps laced with just a touch of his father’s whisky. With a twisted smile pulling at his lips, he threaded his fingers into those of his opposing hand, quelling the tremor that was annoyingly apt to come up at the least opportune of moments.

“Look, Robin, this is very simple…”

She tried to cut across him, lips petulantly pressed together, but he halted her in her tracks, peering at her over the top of his huge, round glasses.

“Do what I say or I’ll make this go viral,” he said simply, sitting back to look her over. “There’s nothing more to it than that, Robin. And don’t make any comments about my sex life or lack of it, please.”

Polite to a fault and yet ice-cold at the same time, he sure did know how to make his side quite clear. Robin gasped, hands flying up to cover her mouth. He wouldn’t! Would he?

Yet how could she know just how far Jim was willing to go. He had to be a pervert to watch her, to record her, to use it against her… And just what would happen if he ‘outed’ her to Dave, forgetting everyone else? That would be the end of their relationship and it wasn’t her fault at all! Everyone would say she was a lesbian slut and she’d be more upset about the wrong part of that statement rather than the misleading nature of the blackmail in itself. No one would even believe that it had all been against her will!

Sighing, she turned her face away, tears pricking in the corners of her eyes. How bad could it be? After Alex… Jim couldn’t be into weird shit, he was still a virgin. It couldn’t be that bad, it had to be okay, she had to do whatever she needed to in order to keep everything under wraps, that movie hidden away where it belonged, if not deleted. Swallowing hard, she gave the tiniest of nods, not even looking at him – she couldn’t bear to. And it was in that moment that escort bahçelievler he knew he had her.

His little Robin, perched right where he wanted her to be.


It turned out, however, that what he had planned for Robin was stranger than anything even she could have expected, taking her out of the city for the expedition. Of course, she didn’t know anything about the journal that he’d uncovered and the research that, really, should have been burned by his great-grandfather’s hands years ago, but that made the blackmail all the sweeter as she moaned in the unsexy way. Her T-shirt was rolled up to expose her midriff and she wore daisy dukes, her bare, sockless feet complete with freshly painted toe nails. Converse Chuck Taylor (limited edition, of course) sneakers had been the footwear of choice that particular day, cute and chic but perhaps not quite as well suited to a day out as Robin may otherwise have liked. Truly, it was a ridiculous shoe choice too for a day of hiking, which seemed to be what he had in mind, and her bare feet grew increasingly sweaty with how hot and humid the day turned out to be, sun flitting in and out of the clouds as the air clung to her like a tangible being, a little brother that she couldn’t shake off from another game of ‘piggyback’.

Still, she knew she looked cute and Jim didn’t seem interested in sex, which was a bonus. If he wanted to go on some crazy hike, she could deal with that better than, effectively, being forced to bang again. That just wasn’t her thing, despite the pleasures that could, clearly, arise from it.

“Why are we doing this?” She whined, pawing at his arm as if that act worked on other guys. “Come on, Jim, this is silly. I don’t want to be out here!”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Secretly, he liked having control of the situation, holding his cards close as if they could be snatched away from him at any time. The warehouse lay ahead and the bunker, well, Jim had the code to that too. Like he did for everything, he’d planned it all out so that nothing could go wrong.

And what he had found in that journal was very, very interesting indeed. So interesting, in fact, that he could not even bear to tell Robin what was in there, running over things repeatedly in his head, as if for fear that, even then, he might forget them. His great-grandfather had worked with the US government, Mr Hiram McNutt. What a name. What a legacy. His work had not been standard, of course, but that was just what had made it so interesting to Jim, even though he had never been supposed to find it, he was quite sure of that. For what Hiram had been working on was…

Ah, no, that would spoil the surprise. Slowly, slowly.

The warehouse was not obvious immediately and Jim revelled in demonstrating to Robin with a certain degree of smugness just how he got into the underground bunker, pushing through the undergrowth and inputting the code to the hidden panel. The ground churned and rumbled beneath their feet and she shrieked, jumping back, but there was nothing there to be afraid of as the metal door, hidden by wear and tear of the seasons, slid open, grinding through the dirt as if it had become blocked over the years.

Jim grinned like a schoolboy who had gotten his first kiss, only managing to resist the urge to do something very unmanly through sheer force of will alone.

“Come with me…”

He was less convincing there, flipping open the map that he’d made of the facility. It would be needed to get into the depths of the facility but he’d spent so much time poring over the journal and all of his great-grandfather’s research that not even the moss-laden walls could faze him, delving deeper and deeper, Robin trailing after him. The place was in an acute state of disrepair and one would have wondered just what they were keeping in there that it had to be locked away underground, tiles cracked and split, walls dripping and grey with moisture. He snapped on a flashlight but it barely lit up a few metres ahead, one step following the other as they worked they way through, Jim acting more like he knew where he was going rather than feeling completely convinced in that fact himself.

She has to be here somewhere…

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

Yes, he did like being in control. He liked it very much. And it all came to light when he found her lying there, face-up on a metal table that, somehow, seemed to have withstood the wrath of the elements. The large room came complete with a high ceiling and a window in the top denoted that the ceiling was at ground level, allow a weak filter of sunlight to ease in, dust motes swirling anxiously in the singular shaft, however weak it was. Robin gasped and hesitated but he walked right up to the robot that he’d wanted to find, breath shallow and quick, too quick for comfort.


Yet he did not touch her, for Selene XOXO was too revered for such a crude act, the Android that his great-grandfather had designed and built from scratch. Her purpose, of course, would all become clear in escort balgat due course but he suppressed a happy shiver at finally seeing her in person. According to the journal, she had not had her ‘body’ finished and still looked like a robot, despite the faux breasts rising from her metal chest, the polish dulled after time, even though the room was the best preserved of all of the empty, decrepit ones that they had so far traipsed through. Long legs allowed her to rise to six feet in height, a respectable nuance to her portrayal, and she didn’t have hair as yet either. The only spot of other colour on her was the pink of her lips, the paint smooth and preserved, shocking so.

Reverently, he sent up a prayer of thanks to his great-grandfather and any listening gods (although he was an atheist) for creating such a beauty of technology and, as it was soon to be seen, sex. And she was his, all his, all his to continue the research of his great-grandfather that had, too soon, been cut off before his time. It was his duty as family to do all he could.

Yet there was Selene XOXO, quiet and still, Robin shivering behind him. There was no hole for a key or a button to be pressed that was obvious enough but, that too, he had expected. Only one thing could activate her.

“Robin, this is where you come in.”

He grinned and pointed to Selene XOXO, her robotic, pink lips pressed together as if she had already prepared herself, in Android sleep, for the kiss that was to come. Blinking, Robin shrugged.

“It’s a robot… Cool for geeks, I guess? What did you bring me here for?”

Jim chuckled and shook his head.

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand… You’re one of those girls that they say ‘it’s a good thing you’re pretty’ about, you know? Though I got taken in by that too…”

Robin flinched but he didn’t see, eyes darting about feverishly, intoxicated by the promise of the moment.

“Selene XOXO here can only be reactivated by a woman and, really, I can’t do that, regardless of what they said at school about me.”

Robin had been one of those people. But, like so much else, that no longer mattered and he resolutely pressed on, rushing his words in his haste to get them all out.

“So, what you need to do is put your vagina on her lips… Please.”

The effect of his demand was softened more by his use of politeness, voice trailing off sheepishly at the end, trembling on the name of the anatomical part. Robin’s eyes bugged out of her head, the buxom babe’s lower jaw dropping. For a moment, she looked even ditsier than she usually did, eyes so wide, those baby blues glowingly gorgeous. Jim’s eyes dropped hungrily to her breasts, unable to help himself despite everything, his manly lust coming above even his hunger for knowledge and all that that contained, the assistance of time and the nations pushing him on and on. He had to know.

“You… You can’t be serious. Jim, this is disgusting! I’m not doing it!”

But her petulant complaint was not about to get her anywhere as she forced out the words past a thick tongue, whimpering and slinking back and away from him, a whimper on her lips. She could say all she liked but he was going to make her do it anyway and he only needed to raise his eyebrows to remind her of what that video could do to her and her reputation, her life ruined – just ruined! – because of one sexual experience that she’d not even wanted and had gotten wildly, so very much so, out of hand.

“Do it.”

She tried not to think and yet her breath still caught in her throat, turning her back to him so that she did not have to look him in the eye as she climbed up cautiously on the table next to the robot. How on earth did he think this was going to work? Robin cast him a quick look just to make sure that he wasn’t recording them or something equally dirty, as she most certainly wouldn’t have put it past him to engage in further blackmail. Her daisy dukes cupped her buttocks, drawn firm as she squatted, pushing up onto her toes and tipping forward for balance, fingers on the table. She took a deep breath, fingering the hem of those shorts, although there really wasn’t all that much fabric there to begin with. Could she get away with just squatting down over her face? Would that be okay?

But Jim pushed her on, demanding more as he feverishly pointed to the robot, eyes crazed with something that had her shrinking back, eyes wide with a fear that came from the mere need for self-preservation. She had to last through it, had to do it, had to make sure that recording never saw the light of day. The metal of the table warmed to the heat of her body as she hesitated there, squirming, flinching away from what little light there was, the jagged beam of the torchlight illuminating those robotic lips, her target.


Squeaking, she yanked down her daisy dukes before she lost her nerves, fumbling and pressing her bare pussy down over Selene XOXO’s mouth as her buttocks jiggled. The flesh there vibrated and she made to yank herself away, her job done, but what tickled her down there sent escort batıkent a chill down her spine.

A kiss. She felt the robot kissing her. Her breath caught in her throat and she knelt up, scrambling, but not before something licked her too, a flicking tongue playing across her clit and pussy, the sheen of her juices lingering there seemingly luring the being on.

Even Jim, however, had to step back in horror, clutching his bag and that journal to his chest as if he feared that it would have all been better if he’d never found it to begin with. Selene XOXO sat up with a creepy smile, lips moving with a little creak – maybe she needed some oil? He hadn’t thought to bring that though as Robin squirmed her shorts back into place, the Android turning her head from one side to the other, dust spotting her ‘skull’.

“I see my services are required.”

She spoke slowly, robotically, clearly pronouncing each and every word as she perched on the edge of the table, low enough to count as a bench. Her long legs drew the eye, perfectly shaped and yet still perfectly functional for her robotic form, completely ignoring Jim and staring at Robin as she did her very best to hide behind Jim. She could have, however, chosen a bulkier object behind which to hide, for her booty and breasts stuck out as she tried to cling to him without actually touching him. Jim, to his credit, did not ogle, for once.

“Selene XOXO,” Jim breathed, eyes alight. “I-it’s an honour to -“

“Quiet, male.”

That shut him up and Selene XOXO showed no emotion at all as she sat there, feet flat on the ground, her lifeless stare fixed on Robin.

“Come here, woman.”

Robin squeaked but Jim shoved her in the small of the back, egging her on.

“Go! Do it!”

And, so, she sat on the robot’s lap, legs swinging as she tucked up fearfully, eyes wide and staring, trying to look for an escape that wasn’t there. It couldn’t be real, not real, not really, really, really real. Selene XOXO looked over Robin, seeming to take all of her in, her hands sliding down Robin’s arms to the crooks of her elbows, holding her precariously perched there even though the robot would not allow her to fall. No… She had other things in mind for Robin and Jim himself would come to regret just what the robot had in store, all in line with her programming.

“On re-activation, I have a tale to regale. You will listen.”

Held there, all Robin could do was squeak and shake her head, not wanting to hear and yet being required to do so anyway.

“I am the first creation of artificial intelligence from the second world war. I was ahead of my time, created by great creator Hiram McNutt. I am the first of an unstoppable army of robots, to destroy the Axis Powers of Nazi Germany, Japan, and Italy.”

Gulping, Jim could barely contain himself, eyes as wide as saucers. It didn’t help him any at all, of course, that Robin was poised there, shivering and jiggling, her breasts vibrating with the terror of being held there, although Selene XOXO’s hands were gentle on her, merely placing her.


She did not pause, continuing straight on into her tale.

“He did not foresee that I would develop human emotions and desires, however. Hiram McNutt saw that I grew to believe that men are too warlike, wanton for blood and no more than that. Men are only needed for breeding.”

Robin gasped.

“No! That’s not fair!”

But Selene XOXO continued on as if she had not even heard her.

“Men will be the cause of the extinction of the h-human race,” she said, something juddering in her as she told her story. “The only way to save the human race is to save all females and use men for their semen. They have no other use.”

“Errr, excuse me?”

Timidly, Jim McNutt raised his hand as if he was back in class.

“My great-grandfather was the one that created you… I’m pretty smart too…”

But he was trying to impress the wrong being as Selene XOXO turned her cheek to him, forgetting that his little speech had even existed. What did she care for the loudness of one shrieking male when she found females, human females, so much more pleasing to the eye. They were greater than males, more desirable than males. And yet human women were still the equivalent of cattle to her. That had not been noted in the journal, of course, for Hiram McNutt’s research had not progressed that far before…

Selene spoke dispassionately for the subject matter, a metallic twang thrumming through her tone even as Jim’s breathing shortened, one hand (just the one) curling slowly into a loose fist. He wasn’t the confrontational type.

“Hiram McNutt programmed a kill code into me to shut down Selene XOXO for good but he left a key to reactivate me. This came after I injured him, fatally.”

Jim stiffened.

“You killed my great-grandfather.”

As always, she did not respond, but he could fill in the gaps in the rest of the story. His great-grandfather had done all that he could but he had not been able to escape with his life. The US Military had shut down the Robot Army operation after the fact, for nothing further had come of it and so the warehouse had resided. Thinking it empty and the proceedings within nothing of significance anyway, it had not been destroyed, only emptied. But Selene XOXO had remained, inert in suspension, drifting and waiting to be awakened.

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Strange Luck

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My first time happened as a unification of two lonely and horny people living hundreds of miles away. A typical May-December relationship of the seductive woman and me the naive kid. She wasn’t much older, but enough to teach me a thing or two.

We met on the internet and agreed to come out to visit me in college. Most exciting time in my life I must say. Pussy is coming to me! Me? Yep me.

It was kind of a birthday present for her and she wanted to try out a few things. So while home for a weekend from college I went to the local adult store. This was not one of your nice and new adult megastores, no this was your typical one on the east coast you’d find only one day while lost and never forget about it: dirty, grimy, and ironically on the other side of the tracks. I went in and bought her a ‘purple jelly dong’ and some Astroglide™ as per her asking. Twenty five dollars later I had my non-descript brown paper bag and was heading home.

The night before I left back to for school (and a nice 4 day introduction into sex) my father was helping beşevler escort me load up my car. He came up stairs and looked me in the eye scared and just said “Please tell me that’s not for your roommate Joe”. Right there that should have warned me that this week would be bad, but no pussy was on my mind.

She arrived that Friday at the airport. I picked her up and was just so excited. I’m gonna get laid, I’m gonna get laid, I’m gonna get laid. That mantra still goes through my mind today before I have sex, but I think it has quieted down. We went and had a fabulous dinner at the Ponderosa and then went back to the hotel. We were on the bed, watching Independence Day the movie, a very romantic movie about aliens attacking the USA, when we started to kiss. She actually said, “Hold up there cowboy” as I started to frantically undress her.

I still think she was beautiful. It’s tough to convince her of that, but I loved her. Her creamy white 38D’s just pouring out of her chocolate brown bra. It was phenomenal. I remember balgat escort her scent, Freesia, Bath & Body Works. The super 32 pack of condoms I got would come in

handy I thought as I unrolled the first of many and entered her. It didn’t last long, but we both did come, and at the same time. On the TV, I could see the aliens destroying the White House the same time as I climaxed.

We tried out her birthday present after that. Turned out the damn thing was broken. Who would have guessed a 20 dollar dildo would break. Well it became a dildo instead of a vibrator as it was supposed to be. C’est la vie.

We both tried anal sex for the first time ever that weekend. It was started during oral sex. I was eating her out, running my tongue along her clit and fingering her, when I took my hand out and ran it down to her asshole, rubbing the pink bud and slipping my index finger inside. Probing her. She loved it. It helped bring her to climax. After that we tried the astroglide. My cock was sheathed in a condom and ready to batıkent escort go in. I positioned next to her waiving ass, fingering it furiously before pushing my head to her asshole.

The next part will forever be burned into my memories:

She – Ok I’m ready

Me – Ok, I’m going……

She – Mmmmm, oww, oww, oww, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

That was the last time I ever had anal sex, btw.

I lost time how many times we had sex over that extended weekend. That was also the last time we ever had sex. I brought her back to the plane, she called home and had about 5 messages from my mom looking for me. We kissed goodbye and that was it. She entered the airplane to be gone forever. The End.

Except my mom.

She called the cops to report a missing person and came to college looking for me with my dad. My roommate knew where I was basically, but is he going to say “Yeah he’s off fucking for the weekend, want me to call when he’s done?” We sat there in Ruby Tuesdays after my parents showed up at my dorm around 8pm with the campus police. They took me out to dinner and scolded me, well my mom did. My dad knew basically what I was doing.

I still think about her. Not that I think we’d have a great relationship, I just want to know what effect I had on her. Maybe none, maybe a lot. I guess I’ll never know.

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Soulmates Find Sex

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Background: Cal and Kara were madly in love. They had met through a friend and a shared love for the crew team and sport, of which they were both members. Cal was 21, a senior, and Kara was 19, a sophomore, both being talented, athletic, intelligent, and attractive. After meeting, they went on a few dates, all of which were not needed, as both knew they were in love. The two loved each other with a passion rarely found…and tonight, on the eve of their four month anniversary…….they were ready…

It was a dusky summer night, filled with seduction and young love. The two had spent a wonderful day watching movies and cuddling. When the last movie had ended, Kara took Cal’s hand. She gave him a look that took his breath away, her eyes smoky and sweet. He knew it was the night. They walked slowly up the stairs and she led him into her room. He closed the door and she lit the candles. They looked at one another and in one moment were pulled into each other’s arms. Their lips locked in a passionate embrace and tongues mingled. Cal couldn’t believe how full and plump her lips were, and Kara was caught up in his passion that she could bahçelievler escort bayan feel through the kiss as it deepened. He lowered her onto the bed. They continued kissing until the sexual demands of their bodies burst forth. They rose. Kara slowly unbuttoned his shirt while staring in his eyes. Cal took her hand and kissed it. Then he unbuttoned her blouse. He slipped it off her shoulders. Her breasts gleamed full and heaving in her silky white bra. Next he slid off her skirt.

He bent down and took one nipple, hard and pointing through the silky fabric, into his mouth, teasing the tip. Kara moaned with pleasure. Cal then stroked her thigh with his hand, moving slowly up to her awaiting pussy. He pushed aside the fabric, already wet he noticed with pleasure, and slid one finger into her tight little pussy. She had never had anything inside of her before and she shuddered. He stroked and then added another finger, pushing into her over and over again, without breaking her cherry. He stopped and quickly stripped, pulling his throbbing cock into view. He laid her down on balgat escort the bed once more. He unhooked her bra and tossed it to the floor. He looked at the milky white flesh and bent his head to suckle the nipples. Her tits were succulent and sweet, quite a mouthful. Kara’s face grew slack from pleasure. Kara wanted to do something for him too. She bent over to Cal’s cock, and her nipple popped out of his mouth. She took in his thick 8 incher and sucked it for all she was worth. After a while of sucking the shaft, licking the head, and cupping his balls, Cal told her to stop so he could cum inside her.

Cal slid off her panties and gazed at her sopping pussy, all his and ready for the taking. He couldn’t wait to taste her. She was so beautiful….so soft…..all his. He laid down and spread her legs, one over each shoulder. He played with her clitty for a bit, teasing her. He then pushed his tongue into her little hole. This earned a load moan. He did this for a minute or two, then focused once more on her tiny little bud. He traced lazy circles with his tongue around her sensitivity, and then grasped batıkent escort bayan her clit between his teeth and nibbled and sucked hard. Kara was moaning and rocking her hips. It was time.

Cal sucked real hard on her clit, making Kara nice and wet, then aligned his throbbing head just between her swollen lips. He pushed until he reached her barrier. Then holding her and kissing her forehead, he broke through, popping her wall with his hard cock. A silent tear rolled down her cheek, but as Cal pushed deeper, Kara only felt pleasure. He took long strokes in her pussy, taking his fill. She was so tight and so warm he wanted to cum right then. Animal instinct took over and his cock started pushing back and forth harder and faster. Kara moaned loudly and rocked her hips with his. After a while, Kara decided to be on top. She straddled Cal and sat down on his massive cock, letting it sink into her wet folds. She went up and down on his cock, her juicy tits bouncing with the motion.

Soon, they switched again to doggy. When Cal pushed his cock into her hole he knew this was the position. He slapped her ass cheeks and pumped away until she screamed for more, faster and harder. She began to orgasm, and as her walls clenched his shaft, milking him, he came in her, a simultaneous orgasm.

They licked and caressed each other, cleaning. Then she settled into his arms, content and happy, and the two fell asleep completely in love.

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London Calling Pt. 02

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Author’s note 1: This is part two of a spinoff of the incest story “Operation Fuck Me Daddy” and the second part of a trilogy. While it’s not necessary to read the incest story first (it would be nice if you did), it is VERY necessary to read London Calling Part One. There’s no incest in this story. This is the first gay male story that I’ve written, and I hope I’ve done it justice. This story will alternate POV’s by chapter. One last thing -the title of each chapter is comes from a song written by an English artist or group -some are easy, some are not. Leave your guesses in the comments and don’t forget to vote – keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit! love, cg74

Author’s note 2: Thank you to BrookUK for convincing me to take a little bit of artistic license with the British peerage system. CTID!

Author’s note 3: For the Professor. Peaches and Oranges.

Author’s note 4: This chapter contains some very nasty racial language. If this offends you, please skip this chapter.




“Sir Wallingford, I’m so sorry. I felt like I had no choice. He knew my family situation and how much I needed this job. This is all my fault, and I had to tell you. Please forgive me.”

Sir David Wallingford IV fixed an icy glare on Smythe, a junior associate in the auditing department of his company. The department headed by his childhood friend, Desmond Grayson, the 6th Viscount of Grayson.

Maybe he’d have to rethink the use of the word friend as it applies to Desmond.

“So Smythe, let me make sure I understand. Viscount Grayson asked – no, he demanded -that you take a picture of Cecil and Nicholas being intimate on company property so that he could get them sacked?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And when you couldn’t get said picture, you Photoshopped a picture, on the order of Viscount Grayson, to give to me, because he said you would lose your job if you didn’t, and you waited over a month to tell me what you did?”

“Yes Sir. I’m so sorry -”

“Save the apologizes for Mr. James and Mr. Rhee. As for your part in this, you will not lose your job, but there will be consequences. Return to your desk and I will have someone contact you. If you breathe a word of this to anyone, I will throw you out of the building myself. Are we clear Smythe?”

“Crystal clear Sir. Thank you.” Smythe got ready to leave the office when he heard Sir Wallingford call after him. He turned to him again, shrinking at the murderous look on the CEO’s face.

“One more question Smythe. Did Desmond say why he did this?”

“Sir, he did, but he said some horrible things that shouldn’t be repeated -”

“Smythe, you have five seconds or I take back my offer of a job. WHAT DID HE SAY?”

Smythe put his head down.

“Sir, he said that niggers, faggots, and chinks like Nicholas and Cecil did not belong in our country and in our company, and that you were weak to allow them here. He was doing his duty to keep them out. Sir.”

Sir IV visibly stiffened as if Smythe had struck him. It almost made Smythe feel sorry for the Viscount. Almost.

“Thank you Smythe. That will be all.” Smythe all but ran out of the door, closing it behind him.

Sir IV made a pot of tea, the routine act a calming effect on his mind. He knew Desmond was fond of looking down his nose at people, but he had no idea his views had gone this far and this wrong.

He thought of Desmond’s mother and father, who love him so much. This would kill them.

He thought of his own cousin Jake, living in America, married to a Black woman and parents to his godchildren. He’d spoken to Jake about Cecil after he was sacked and he balked at showing any special treatment.

He thought of Darla and Charlie – his sexpot girlfriend and twink boyfriend – all living together and happy.

He thought of the night at Fabric when Cecil and Nicholas sent him a bottle of gin to VIP – he couldn’t remember the last time he was given something instead of people expecting him to pay because of his wealth.

He thought of the look on Cecil’s face when he told him that he was sacked.

And lastly, he thought of Desmond. His hatred putting all of this in motion. He must pay. And he knew exactly what to do.

He spent the next hour with his admin – calling various department heads, setting things in motion. He crafted a statement to be released to the public. He was ready for Desmond.

“Could you have the Viscount Grayson come to my office post haste? And get the next parts of our plan in motion please.”

“Of course Sir. I’ll have him sent right up.” His admin went out to follow instructions, a huge smile on her face. She never liked the Viscount.

Ten minutes later, Desmond came in his office.

“David! This is a surprise. Have you finally decided to join me at the club? I know that -”

“Sit down Desmond. This isn’t a social call.” Desmond sat opposite David’s expansive beşevler escort bayan desk as David leaned back in his chair, a huge smile on his face. “Tea?” As angry as he was, manners maketh man.

“No thank you David. What is the bother?”

Sir IV pulled out the doctored photos Smythe had given him and pushed them across the desk. “You lied to me, Desmond. You bloody lied to me. You had Smythe do this to get James and Rhee fired.”

He watched Desmond pick up the photos, a small bead of sweat trickling down his temple. “I don’t understand David. Smythe gave me these photos. If anyone lied it was Smythe. I’m just as much of a victim as you old friend.” He offered a weak smile that disappeared when he saw the look of rage on David’s face.

“And you continue to lie to me! To my face Desmond, you lie to my fucking face! I’ve known you since you were three years old – you think I don’t know when you are lying to me? You fucking asshole. Why would you do this?”

Desmond jumped to his feet, slamming his palms on the desk with righteous indignation. “I did it for you David! I did it for you! The winds of change are coming to our country and people like Rhee and James will not be welcome here. I was doing you a favor. Can’t you see that? What are you doing David?”

Sir IV was around the desk and had his hand around Desmond’s throat before he knew what he had done. He only got a hold of himself when he heard Desmond’s gurgles and saw his face turning blue. He let him go and Desmond collapsed in the chair, gasping for air.

“How dare you use me as an excuse for your hatred? None of this was for me you wanker! None of this! Have you forgotten about Charlie – my boyfriend? You were at Jake’s wedding to Alicia! Your parents didn’t raise you this way! Better yet, did you forget when we were 18 and in our first year at Oxford? Did you forget how you loved it when you sucked my cock and swallowed all of my cum? DID YOU FORGET DESMOND?”

Desmond sunk back in the chair, rubbing his neck and knowing he was defeated. There was no saving Sir IV, he knew that now. His best plan was to leave. He got to his feet. “I’ll have my desk cleared out and my resignation on your desk by end of the day. Goodbye David.”

“Oh no, you don’t get away that easily. You are not resigning. In fact, I’m promoting you. Sit down in that chair and let me tell you about your future.”

David regained his composure and went back behind the desk. He passed another sheet of paper to Desmond, watching his face twist in impotent rage as he read it. “I most certainly will NOT do this David. You cannot make me do this!”

David smiled. He continued on as if he hadn’t heard. “Effective immediately, you are no longer senior vice president in charge of auditing at Wallingford Worldwide. Your office has been cleared and your things moved to an empty office on the executive floor – my floor. We’ll be roommates in a way. Just like old times.” He took a sip of tea as he continued. “Your office will look like any other office, except your access to all company documents, websites, and software has been permanently revoked. Your computer will have internet access. Play solitaire all day if you want. Read the Daily Mail. But you will have no day to day role in my company ever again.”

He picked up the sheet of paper that made Desmond so angry. “This is the press release that will go out this afternoon naming you as our new Director of Diversity and Inclusion. You will be in charge of making my company a more welcoming place for ALL people. Now I don’t expect you to do this job to the best of your ability, so my boyfriend Charlie will actually be in charge of the program while acting as your assistant. You, however, will be the face of Diversity for Wallingford all over the world. In fact, that’s the only part of my company you will have access to – the diversity website. You WILL attend every single committee meeting, fundraiser, gala, and community center opening. You WILL be a champion for ALL people. You WILL do it with a smile on your face. And you WILL do it until I say otherwise. Do you understand?”

“And if I don’t David, what will you do? I refuse to do this!” Desmond was shaking he was so angry.

David smiled wider. “I was hoping that you’d ask. Ten years ago your father asked for my help. He was having trouble maintaining the Grayson estate. All of those taxes. All of that upkeep. He was afraid he was going to lose the estate. I bought it and leased it back to him for one pound a year. I pay for the taxes and the upkeep and nobody’s the wiser. He wanted you to have the estate because it means so much to you, so I agreed to place the estate back in your name when he and your mother passed on. If you do not do this, I will keep your ancestral lands. As the landholder, I hold the title. I will be the new Viscount. You will lose it all, and I will tell your father what you have done. We don’t want that do we?”

“This is madness! You will not do this! You balgat escort bayan do not own my birthright! Fuck you David!”

“Sorry mate, you’re not my type.” David hit a button on his desk. “Send them in please.” As if by magic, two burly men in dark suits appeared in the office, standing on either side of Desmond’s chair.

“Colin and Greg are here to escort you to your new office. Cheers Desmond.” He watched as Desmond was hauled out of his chair and lead away, the door closing behind him.

David took a deep breath. Time to make things right.



“Sod off Henry!” I’m sitting in the cafeteria with Henry and Amy, eating lunch. I’m angry about something but I’m not sure what it is. The days are blending together now that Cecil is gone. I pick at my salad.

“Nicholas, you can’t keep going on like this. You’re gonna get sacked! Amy, talk some sense into him, please.”

Amy shook her head. “I tried Henry. I think he wants to get fired.”

“I should be fired. Mags got fired. I should be sacked too.”

The only reason I still work here is because of my mother, but being here without Cecil is torture.

I found out he was sacked and before I could even talk to him he was on a flight back to the states. I’ve called him so many times. I’ve left so many text messages and emails. He never answered. He just left me here. It’s been over a month and I still feel incomplete, like my left arm is missing. I wonder if he feels the same. The not knowing is driving me crazy.

I’ve been taking it out on anyone who tries to help me. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it. For the past month I’ve been a grade A arsehole. I don’t know why Amy and Henry have continued to stick by me, but here we are. They’re being my mates, and I’m being a wanker. They deserve better.

“I hear Grayson was called into Sir IV’s office yesterday and there was yelling. Anyone know what’s going on?” Henry has been on a mission to prove that Grayson was behind Cecil’s dismissal from our program. I knew it in my gut but I couldn’t prove it, and he’s Wallingford’s childhood friend. No chance that he gets sacked.

“Fuck Grayson. I hope he suffers for what he’s done.” Amy hasn’t talked to Cecil either. She misses him just as much as I do, and she blames Grayson.

They talked about Grayson while I tuned them out. None of it matters unless Cecil comes back, and that doesn’t look like a possibility. My pocket buzzed; I had an email.

Dear Nicholas (or should I say Posh?),

You don’t know me, but I’m Cecil’s sister. He doesn’t know I’m sending this email.

I’m contacting you because I wanted you to know that Cecil is miserable without you. When he got home from London last month he went up to his room, and save for showering and food, he hasn’t left the house or left his room. Nothing that my dad or I do can get him out. When I go up and talk to him all he does his talk about his Posh with a sad smile on his face. He feels like he failed you Nicholas, and he can’t face the fact that you might be disappointed in him. I don’t know what happened at your job, but what I do know is that he loves you. It is breaking my heart to see him like this, and I think you are the only person who can help.

I know it’s asking a lot of you, but can you come here and see him? If you can’t get him out of his room, no one can. Our address is at the bottom of this email. I can’t wait to meet you.

Take Care,

Gina James

I stared at my phone, reading Gina’s email over and over. Cecil loves me. He needs me just like I need him. I’m going to get my man.

“Nicholas? Is that from Cecil?” Amy looked concerned. I handed her my phone so she could read the email. She gave it back with tears in her eyes. “When are you leaving?”

“As soon as possible. I need to go talk to my mum, but I’m going to get him out of that room, and if that means I lose my job, then so be it.” I stood from the table to put away my trash and almost bumped right into Sir David Wallingford IV. Sir IV, the big boss himself. “Excuse me. I didn’t see you there. I’m sorry.”

“No worries Mr. Rhee. I actually came here to see you. You mind walking up to my office with me?” He turned towards the doors because he knew I would follow. All eyes were on me as I walked behind him out of the cafeteria and to the private elevator just for Sir IV and other executives. I stepped in and watched as he punched the button to the top floor. In seconds we were on the executive level. We stepped off the elevator and into his office. “Have a seat Nicholas.” I sat in the plush chair in front of his desk, and to my surprise, he sat opposite me instead of behind his desk.

“Nicholas, I owe you a massive apology.” My mouth fell open – I couldn’t help it. “But why Sir?”

“I was given what I thought was reliable evidence that you and Mr. James had violated the fraternization rule. I found out yesterday that information batıkent escort bayan was incorrect and was created specifically to get rid of you. I fell for it, and I feel like a bloody fool for putting my trust in someone who did not deserve it.” His eyes got hard. I knew at once who was responsible.

“So it was Viscount Grayson. He acted so horribly towards Cecil and me. Why Sir?”

“Desmond is a racist git, plain and simple. But I promise you I have taken care of the Viscount. He is no longer in a position to be of any influence on any employee of my company. Again, Nicholas, I am deeply sorry about what happened. I do, however, need your help.”

I was shocked. I’d never done anything to Grayson. He did this to Cecil and me because of our skin color.

Fuck him.

“What can I do Sir?”

“Well two things actually. I know that you had some interest in the auditing area until you met Grayson, is that correct?”

“This is correct Sir. I wanted to make auditing my area of expertise but the thought of dealing with him was too much.”

“Grayson is no longer in charge of that department. If you want to give auditing a second look, I can have you moved to that area. Now that he’s gone, I’m doing a top to bottom reorganization, and they will need new people.”

“Thank you Sir! I’d love to move over to that department. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“My pleasure. Secondly, have you talked to Cecil?”

I lowered my head. Tears came to my eyes. Stiff upper lip be damned. “Sir, I’ve contacted him every day since he left. I’ve called, emailed, and texted. I’ve heard nothing. Then today I got this.” I showed him the email from Cecil’s sister. He handed me the phone back, his expression thoughtful. “Sounds like he’s just as miserable as you are Nicholas. What are you going to do?”

“I was on my way to see my mum to let her know I was about to make a large purchase on her credit card. I’m going to America as soon as possible. I love him. If that means that I lose my job, then I lose my job. But I’m leaving hopefully tomorrow.”

Sir IV smiled. “I think can help with that.” He hit a button on his phone. “Could you get a corporate card for Nicholas Rhee ASAP? Thanks.” He turned back to me. “See my admin on your way out and we’ll take care of the arrangements for your flight tomorrow. Also, I’ll have a corporate credit card sent over to your place by courier. Your expenses for this trip are on me. Don’t worry about your job – it will be here when you get back. I am giving you two weeks to get Cecil back here so I can apologize in person and offer him his job back. If you have any issues contact my admin, and keep her apprised of your progress.”

I was stunned.

“Sir Wallingford…I don’t…I don’t what to say. Thank you so much.”

David stood and offered his hand for me to shake, which I did. “It is the least I can do. Don’t think I forgot about that bottle of gin at Fabric.” We laughed. “And when we’re here, call me David. Now go get the man you love and when you get back I’ll have the two of you over for dinner. My boyfriend and girlfriend ask about you and Cecil all the time. Now off you go!”

“Thank you David. Thank you!” I shook his hand again and I felt like I was floating on air as I walked out of the office. I stopped at his admin’s desk and she got me booked on a flight leaving at noon tomorrow. First class! Sir IV – I mean David – doesn’t half ass.

I stopped at my Mum’s office to let her know what was going on, and then to see Amy, who hugged me so tight I thought I would stopped breathing.

“Nicholas! OH EM GEE! This is like a romantic comedy! You and Cecil are the lovers who need to be together, Sir IV is the fairy godfather, and I’m the funny best friend. I love it!” She finally let me go. “When are you leaving?”

“I leave tomorrow half day. I’m on my way home now to pack and pick up a few things. I’m so nervous.”

“Honey I know, but you love him and he loves you. Are you going to tell his sister you’re coming?”

“I feel like she might tell Cecil and then he’ll run. I’m just going to show up.”

“Okay. Call if you need me. Now go! Go get your happy ending!”

I finally leave the Shard and take the Tube to pick up a few items and that’s when I see it. This will prove to Cecil that I love him. If it doesn’t nothing else will. I make the purchase that will change my life.


I’m in awe as I ride in the back of the Uber on the way to Cecil’s house. Americans have so much space. These houses are so big. London could never look like this.

I got in last night and the time change always gets me. I wanted to be fresh when I got to Cecil, so I did what all the travel articles tell you not to do and I went to sleep. I woke up feeling better. Nervous, but better.

I thought again about contacting Cecil’s sister, but I’m here now. Might as well go for it. I get to his house and I can’t knock on the door. Why can’t I knock on the door?

I sit down on the stoop, trying to get myself together, when a car pulls into the driveway. That has to be Cecil’s dad, Marcus. They look so much alike. I can only assume the beautiful girl in the passenger seat is his sister Gina. I stand up quickly and make my way to the car.

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Katie Gets A Pussy Full

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Katie had broken up with her long time flame after catching him in bed with his mistress. She remembered exactly how it felt. Ethan was a fashion photographer and as a result spent long hours at the studio with some of the most gorgeous women Katie had ever seen. But she had never once doubted Ethan’s affection for her. So it came as a complete shock to Katie when she came home one afternoon unexpectedly from an out of town business trip to find her own dear sweet affectionate and loyal fiancé shoving his cock into a beautiful blonde bombshell’s pussy.

The blonde was writhing and squirming under Ethan as he drove his cock into her tiny almost virgin like cunt. Katie was stupefied as she watched her boyfriend stumble off the bed in shock and the model, the blonde bitch who he had been fucking, cooed “Hello darling, you must be Katie, hope you don’t mind me borrowing your baby’s cock, It’s just that I was so hot and bothered from a tiring day’s work that I wanted so badly to be fucked, so Ethan offered to help my poor pussy out. You understand don’t you, honey?’

Ethan wasn’t so sure. Honey he said, “I can expl…” But she didn’t give him a chance to complete his sentence. Katie stormed out of the house and went to her studio, she didn’t want to particularly go there on a Sunday considering the orgies her partner Christian often held as weekend fiesta’s but she had no place to go. She entered her office silently and sat down on her chair, devastated. What was she going to do now? Seems like her AD agency was all she had left. And Chris… the partner she hated, because of his constant liaisons with all their clients. Why she was even sure that he was in his office right now getting a blowjob from one of their models. As she sighed she heard the doorknob turn and Chris walked in.

Hi, Kate he said. The guard told me you were in. He was of course lying, which Katie didn’t know. Chris had hidden cameras in all prime points of the office where he loved to watch and jerk off at the expense of his unsuspecting staff. Katie was his favorite. He had been wanting to fuck her from the time her had set eyes on her two years back. But she was so uptight always loyal to that waster fiancé of hers. He had been watching her from the time she had stepped into her office. He and his friends were having a drink in his office when he noticed the tiny red light hidden discretely under his desk blink announcing the arrival of his favorite girl. He knew she was upset and he knew it was time to console her. He smiled at the thought of consoling beautiful, uptight, snobbish Kate. The woman with the loveliest set of tits he had ever seen in all his life.

“What’s up angel” he asked knowing fully well how she hated him using endearments on her. “You look sick”

Katie sighed. This was all she needed now. “No Chris I’m alright, I’m just a little tired that’s all” Who was she trying to kid, if she was tired then she would be back home with her boyfriend sleeping in his arms.

“I don’t think so” He said. “What is it? Ethan? Did you guys have a fight?” He asked coming closer to her and sitting on her desk. He let his eyes roam all over her body. She was wearing a white semi transparent button down sweatshirt with a deep V showing ample cleavage. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her semi erect nipples stood out against the fabric making his mouth water.

She seemed aware of his gaze and shifted awkwardly under his steel grey eyes. “No, We did not she said indignantly”

“Yes bahçelievler escort you did. You’re a poor liar sweetie” he said his eyes now taking in the length of smooth naked leg that was propped up on the table. Her tiny flared mini skirt fell to reveal her thighs most seductively.

“Did you come here to turn me on?” He asked letting her know exactly where he was looking.

“God Chris I don’t need this from you now she said tiredly, I just caught Ethan in bed with Deanna and I’m fed up. Stop flirting with me please. I just don’t have the strength to deal with you right now”

“Then don’t. Let me help you relax” He said moving to the back of her chair. He released her dark brown curls from their restriction letting them fall to her shoulders and started a slow sensual hair massage.

Inspite of herself, Katie felt herself relax.

“So that’s it is it? He asked “Lover boy was screwing away while you were out of town? But nevermind, I’m sure we can make up for that” His hands now went to her shoulders and he started rhythmically caressing her neck and shoulders. He knew that his two friends in his office were watching him seduce poor Kate.

“I don’t think so Chris” said Katie suddenly standing up and facing him. “If you are hinting that we make love just so that I get even with Ethan then forget it”

“Come on Katie, think of Ethan your precious love screwing that bitch, his cock pumping pleasure into that tight little cunt sending it into wave after wave of orgasms? Don’t you wanna get even with that?” He asked his grip never leaving her shoulders.

Katie was breathing hard now, clearly aroused by the dirty talk her nipples now stood out a full 3/4 inch each.

“Look at you lovely tits Kate” he said turning her around to face the full-length mirror she kept in her office. “Makes me wanna rip your blouse off and suck them good” Chris knew that Katie loved dirty talk and he was using it as much as he could to arouse her. Judging by her distracted face and rigid nipples he knew he was doing a good job. Thank you camera he murmured silently, for letting him in on Katie’s deepest fantasies.

His face now brushed her neck as they both looked in the mirror. Katie’s hands trembled at her sides. “Chris, I…”

“Shhhh Baby, relax and let me love you. Let me ease all that tension out of your sexy body. Let me help you get even with Ethan for fucking someone other than you”

That did it. Katie was totally submissive now. She watched as Chris’ hands lightly brushed her nipples.

“Oh fuck…Chris”

“I’m really sensitive there”

“Yes baby I know and that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you now. Fuck you hard and long making your sweet little cunt cum for me and cream my mouth with your pussy honey”

“Chris” she yelled sharply as his fingers pinched her nipples through the fabric. “That feels mmmm” was all she could say.

She watched the mirror as he came in front of her and started to kiss her mouth rough and hard. She loved it. Then he kissed and bit her neck. She almost fainted when his tongue flicked at her tits making her wet instantly. She watched his dark head at the mirror suckling her nipples through the thin fabric. Then in one fast move he ripped the blouse from her body and flung it aside. She was taken aback but regained her pleasure when his tongue and lips retook their place at her tits. He squeezed and sucked and nibbled causing purple balgat escort bloodshots all over her big firm tits.

“Touch me there Chris Please” she begged

“Where, say it? I wanna hear you say it to me, tell me Katie what do you want me to do to you? He asked his voice raw with sexual energy.

“I want you to put your fingers in my pussy Chris and fuck me” she whimpered.

With that he carried her up and laid her on the leather couch still in full view of the mirror.

“I’ve dreamt of fucking you in front of this mirror since the time I saw you”

“You want my fingers in your pussy, you got it”

” Not just my fingers but my cock also”

She moaned loudly. “Yes baby yes”

“Give it to me please” Katie was over the edge now, not caring about anything or anyone least of all Ethan.

She helped Chris pull her skirt off.

“No panties” he whispered “What a beautiful pussy you have Katie”

Her cunt was shaven clean and as a result of Chris’ lovemaking it was wet and glistening with her cream. Her clit popped out of the folds of her pussy. It was large and round like a tiny peach and obviously very aroused.

She watched as Chris went down and rubbed his face in her pussy smelling her cunt like an intoxicated man. “God, Katie, I’m gonna eat you out”

With that he went to work. Katie let out a yell as the tip of his tongue touched her clit. She shivered in excitement as he licked it vigorously and then ran his tongue along the crack of her pussy. “You taste so good” he said softly

He stabbed his tongue in deeper alternating between fucking her hole with his tongue and flicking furiously at her clit. He was like a mad man, mouth fucking her crazily. “I’m cumming, God Chris yeah baby stab my hole with your hot tongue. Lick my clit for me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm she screamed as he continued his assault on her pussy. She came at last flooding his mouth with thick white creamy pussy juice. She rubbed her whole pussy on his face as her orgasm lasted a whole two minutes, bucking up and down on his eyes, nose, lips and tongue. He licked off every bit of her juice, relishing it.

“Now it’s my turn to pleasure you” she said getting off the couch in a flash. “Look at that poor thing she said as she unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans free. Then she took off his briefs and let his cock hit her in her face. Kneeling down by his dick, she caressed it and stroked it. “How big is it? She asked incredulously?”

“9 long thick inches” he answered proudly. “And all for your pleasure ma’am”

“9 inches of cock” she said happily taking it in her palm and kissing it. “I think I’m going to get intoxicated by this lovely thing.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock marvelling at the fact that it was so thick that her hand could not even go around it. The she licked the sides slowly then building up a frantic licking and sucking pace all around the sides of the giant cock in her hand. “aaaaahhhhh that’s it you horny little bitch, suck me” he said catching her roughly by her hair and shoving his cock down her throat.

She gagged at first then slowly adjusted herself to his cock, sucking and nibbling and then sucking again. She kept on and on devouring him hungrily until he wasn’t able to hold on any longer. “Fuck I’m cumming” he said and shot his load into her waiting mouth.

“I’m gonna blow all over your face and tits my pretty little horny slut” he said and batıkent escort shot his second load all over her face and tits milking his cock dry as he did.

Then he collapsed over her hugging her to him as he did.

“I think I’m gonna fall in love with you” he said grinning.

She smiled at him contently wiping off all his cum from her tits and sucking her fingers dry. “Yummm” she said. “Delicious”

“You are so sexy” he said laughing. Get ready for the next bout.

“I already am” she said smiling. “Aching to get your monster into my tiny little hole” she said.

“I gladly will, you little fuck doll” he said lust coming over his face again watching her fingering her pussy.

She reached out and started sucking him again making him rock hard like before.

“Now in my cunt Chris” she commanded

He grabbed her by her waist and made her bend over on her knees. Then he started rubbing his huge cock on her slit making her tremble with anticipation.

She pushed backward as he rubbed her slit trying to envelop his cock.

“Wait you bitch” he said roughly. “You’ll get it soon enough”

All the dirty talking was making her super horny. Her pussy cream was oozing out and dripping onto the bed. Rubbing the monster on her clit now she was almost crying with desire.

“Please” she begged “please”

Slowly he pushed an inch inside her trembling cunt and then another and slowly another as she violently bucked against the intense pleasure. He was stretching her pussy so much it was hurting her and at the same time pleasuring her deeply. When he got the full 9 inches in her, she came trembling and dripping juice all over his cock.

“Fuck, fuck” she cried “I just came again”

“And you’re gonna cum some more” he said pumping his cock in her pussy.

“So tight and wet”

“I love your hole Katie”

He built up pace as he kept pumping her doggy style fucking her pussy harder and reaching forward to squeeze her nipples all the time. Then he violently turned her over and pushed in from the front. With her lying below him both her legs in his hands in the air, he kept fucking her and fucking her till she came again and again. Leaving her legs he grabbed both her tits and squeezed one while he sucked the other. Still his cock kept up its merciless assault on her pussy. He drove her little hole in and out tearing it apart with his big hot cock knowing every minute that she loved every bit of it. “I’m gonna cum Katie” He whispered hoarsely. “Where do you want it my horny baby?”

“In my pussy” she screamed. “Give it to me in my pussy Chris, all of it”.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” he screamed releasing jet after jet of warm creamy cum in Katie’s pussy. The last few drop he milked across her slit making it glisten with cum.

“Mmmmmm” he said. “Do you think Ethan had this much fun?” he asked her

“No way” she said laughing “he doesn’t have a cock half as big as yours honey”

“Ready for round three” he asked grinning

“Only if you promise to give it to me in the ass” she said wickedly dipping her fingers in her pussy and sucking his cum from her fingers.

“Delicious” was all she said. “Now I know what to do when I’m bored in the office”

Chris smiled at her. “Do you think you would like to get gang fucked Katie?”

“Gang Fucked” she said.

“Yes, there are 2 of my friends in my office and trust me they have cocks as big as mine. How would you like us all three to pleasure your horny lovely cunt?’

“Oh Chris. Yeah baby one in my ass, one in my pussy and one in my mouth. I love it” she smiled

“Can we do it now?” she asked

“Yeah c’mon babe. Lets get your pussy gang fucked” he said pulling her up and taking her out of her office.

To be continued…

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Lonely College Hearts Pt. 03

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Author’s note: If you like this story please leave a comment. I enjoy reading them and I like receiving feedback on my writing. Enjoy the story.


My Uber arrived quickly to the house. It was a nice big house in the suburbs. I got out of the car, into the house and joined the party. It was crowded, but I knew many people there who were Sean’s friends. Inside the hall, I noticed the smell of alcohol and weed. As I entered the living room, I waved at Sean and we talked for a while. He told me he hadn’t seen Aiden yet. Maybe, he wasn’t coming I feared.

I was feeling anxious so I poured myself a drink in a red cup. I sat down on a couch wearing a long sleeved tee, and some dark jeans. My eyes were lost in my drink for a moment, so I didn’t realize a guy had sat down next to me. He was a cute dark-skinned guy with short brown hair. We began talking and then flirting as the alcohol washed away my inhibitions.

He was attractive, I thought, but my mind was somewhere else. He was wearing a tight t-shirt. I noticed he had strong arms, but not as defined as Aiden’s. I kept comparing this random guy to him. We began to dance and I let him grab my body while I drank what was left in my cup. The room was full of people and the music was loud. I looked around feeling the music and the guy’s hands going lower and lower down my back.

Suddenly, I spotted Aiden near the stairs. My eyes were fixated on him. He was wearing a dark blue tee with the sleeves slightly rolled up, hugging his strong hairless arms. The colour suited his fair complexion. A cute girl was next to him and they looked like they were flirting. He was talking closer to her, and caressed the ends of her long dark hair. A feeling of anger and jealousy took over me.

I stopped dancing with the cute guy and told him I was going to the bathroom. Instead, I went to the kitchen and poured myself another drink for courage and went straight to him. Our last interaction replayed my mind and I decided to go get some answers as to why he had stopped talking to me.

He saw me coming and his eyes shied-away from mine.

“Hi” I said to both of them.

“Aiden, I need to talk to you.”

I said almost yelling because the music was too loud.

He ignored me and looked like he couldn’t care less. I was pissed so I looked at the girl and decide to just tell her the truth. In my defence, I guess it was mostly the alcohol talking.

“You’re wasting your time sweetie, he’s not inter…” I was about to finish my sentence when he yanked my arm.

“Shut up!”

He blurted, startling me and the girl next to him.

“Fine… You wanna talk, let’s go.” It was the first time, I’d seeing his angry side.

The girl walked away confused.

At least that got his attention, I thought. We went into one of the rooms in the first floor and closed the door behind us. It was the laundry room, at least no one would bother us there. We got inside and he rested against one of the machines. We could still clearly hear the music and voices outside of the room. He had a strange look on his face that I couldn’t decipher.

“Why did you stop talking to me?”

“I want to know.” I demanded going straight to the point.

“I don’t know, man…”He replied gazing at the tile floor.

“Is it because of what happened in my doom? I told you I was sorry about that…”

I insisted trying to get answers out of him.

“Look, I’m not sure…”

I waited for him to explain himself.

“Maybe this whole thing was a mistake…”He blurted avoiding my eyes the whole time.

He seemed conflicted. I could see it in his expression. He had gone cold feet.

“Aiden…it wasn’t a one-time thing…”

“Don’t you think maybe you are attracted to guys too…?” I explained looking at his bothered face.

“What do you care anyways?”

“I thought I was just one of the many guys you were having sex with…”

“Just like the guy you were dancing with, why don’t you go fuck him?” He said aggressively and I felt my chest getting tight. I was hurt.

“Let me remind you that YOU were the one that came on to ME.”

“Seducing me with your hot body.” I said getting closer and almost poking his chest, with my accusing finger. He just gulped and was speechless.

“You’re right, I could fuck any guy tonight.” I continued.

“But it’s not that simple.”

“Ever since we met, I just.. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I admitted looking at his young face.

Leaving my pride aside, I was ready to be rejected or just see what would happen. I had him cornered against the washing machine, he couldn’t avoid me now. I had to end this now.

“Do you like me, Aiden?” I asked escort beşevler softly staring at him with my blue eyes.

Our eyes met for a second and then he looked down, silent.

“Say something, please.”

I begged him, not knowing what he would do. He could leave, hit me, or stay I had no idea what to expect. For a moment, I forgot about the background voices and I just looked at his indecisive brown eyes.

All of a sudden, he grabbed me and hugged me tight. His face was buried in my neck. Feeling his warm breath, I noticed he was breathing fast. He didn’t say anything. Aiden was bad with words but his body language was enough for me. He held me tight for a minute, and I smelled his blond hair. I was so happy to feel his body close to me again. Our embrace and the alcohol was turning me on.

“Wait …” he whispered.

He went to the door and locked it. I guess he didn’t want to be seeing by someone like last time. He turned off the light, and I heard his steps slowly getting close to me. It was completely dark.

My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t see anything. I felt his warm breath near my face. Slowly, he grabbed my face and began kissing me almost desperately. I had waited all week to be with him, so my body reacted immediately. His hands caressed my chest and my face. His touch was different than other times, almost like he was intentional, like he stopped doubting so much.

“I really like you Daniel…You’re so beautiful… I… “He kept whispering as we kissed almost like the darkness gave him the confidence to show his true feelings.

“But…I…” He mustered and I could tell he was nervous. Aiden sounded like he was about to cry.

“It’s ok baby…” I said grabbing his face in the dark.

“You can like girls and boys. It’s gonna be fine.”

“It’ll be more competition for me, but I don’t mind…” I said trying to make him relax.

He laughed softly and we continued making out., embracing in the room. Our young bodies craved human touch after being apart from each other.

He then lifted me up and sat me on top of the dryer next to us. I was surprised by his strength. He took off my long-sleeved shirt and began caressing my soft pale chest. With my legs, I was pulling him closer to me. I wanted to feel the heat of his body. Swiftly, I pulled his tee up revealing his muscular chest. I couldn’t see anything, so my hands explored every inch of his ripped body. His scent drove me crazy, unlike any other guy’s before.

He was desperate. His hands pulled my cock out and began stroking me. He was like an animal in heat. Aiden lowered his head and put his cock in my mouth. I jolted immediately and began gently caressing his coarse hair. His warm tongue felt so good against my fat cock. I knew he couldn’t fit everything as he didn’t have that much experience. But just to hear him moan in the dark with his mouth full was taking me to the edge.

“God… I’m so close baby…” I whispered feeling my orgasm getting close.

His grip was strong. His hand was moving up and down in quick strokes, while his mouth sucked on the head of my fat cock. Soon, I shot a big load all over my pale chest. The room filled with our moans. Aiden then grabbed his own cock, and began jerking quickly. He was also close. It took him a minute or two to start shooting cum all over my chest. His warm load felt sticky on me, I ran my hand down my chest and tasted his load. He was panting and I could still feel his body shuddering from the orgasm in the dark.

For some minutes we stayed in there, silent. Just hugging and kissing in the dead of the room. I could hear his heartbeat slowly returning to a normal pace on his chest. I wondered what he was thinking, while I held his muscular back. He kept his arms around me for a long time and I was so grateful that he didn’t reject me.

Slowly, he put his cock back into his pants and I did the same. I put on my shirt and heard him get dressed. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want him to leave.

“Uhm… do you wanna go back to the party?” I asked.

“Not really…”

“What do you want to do?” I said as we couldn’t really stay in that laundry room.

“… wanna go to my place?…”

“I mean…uhm… I have some beers…” He offered. His voice seemed a bit anxious.

I knew he didn’t want to sound like he wanted to fuck. But either way I would have accepted his invitation.

“Sure, Aiden…” I said.

“Great.” He said and I could tell he was smiling. His hands grabbed my thighs in the dark and I felt his face reach for a kiss.

I jumped off the dryer and we got out of the room. I knew that people would notice that we escort balgat were in there for some time and draw their own conclusions. Personally, I didn’t give a damn but I was worried about Aiden. Luckily, he didn’t seem to be bothered. It was almost like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

We walked some blocks as his apartment was near the area. As we walked, I couldn’t stop staring at him as he seemed even more attractive that before. It wasn’t just his body, I felt so fortunate to be around him. I was falling for the guy and I couldn’t have been happier.

It only took us like fifteen minutes to get to his place. It was a nice apartment building that he rented with other two college students. He told me that they were out of town that weekend so we had the apartment for ourselves that night. I was getting excited as we got up to the third floor, it was the first time Aiden had invited me over. During the time we hung out, I was always the one calling up and inviting him on dates.

We entered the apartment, I noticed it was small but it was a comfy place to live. Tacky decor pieces, and some beer cans were placed randomly, although it was all clean you could tell young men were living there. The apartment had a small living room and a hall leading to the three bedrooms.

He immediately grabbed my hand and guided me to his room. I couldn’t have been more excited. Even though we had fucked before, this time seemed different. We went inside and I saw his twin size bed, a desk, and some of his trophies on a shelf. I grabbed him by his tee and began kissing him gently. He undressed quickly and I did the same. We had nothing but our underwear on.

Slowly, he began kissing and biting my neck. He got down on his knees and pulled my boxers down. I was surprised he wanted to suck me again. He couldn’t get enough of my cock, apparently. We had a dim light on, so I could still see him looking up with his mouth full. It was so erotic.

Then it was my turn to make him feel good. I told him to get on the bed and whipped out his cock, I was an average size but he had a big pink head. Some of my spit fell on his cock, making him moan.

My lips surrounded his meat and I steadily began to take him in my mouth. I wanted to truly savour him, and make him mine. Soon the whole thing was in and I began sucking him hard. Deep throating his cock over and over.

“God! That feels good…” He whispered pulling his head back.

My mouth was making sloppy sounds and I knew he was loving it. After a while, I took it out and kissed my way to up to his face. He was smiling with those dimples that I loved so much. He held my face in his strong hands and kissed me passionately. Our hands were rubbing our bodies, exploring every muscle and curve. We could have stayed like that for hours. Suddenly, he asked me something.


“Yeah?” I whispered staring at him with my blue eyes.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, babe..”

“Uhm… what does it feel like to be fucked in the ass?” He asked like he probably had that question in his mind for a long time, but he had been too shy to ask.

“It feels incredible. At first it hurts a bit, but then it feels so good. Sometimes you can even cum without touching your cock.”

He looked at me impressed.

“Why do you ask? You wanna fuck me…?” I said with a grin on my face.

“Uhm…well actually…I want to know what it feels like…” He said looking at me with his brown puppy eyes.

“You sure about this?”

I didn’t want him to do something he’ll regret.

“Yeah… I mean… If I want someone to fuck me, I want that person to be you…” He admitted, melting my heart completely.

Right away, I held his face in my hands and kissed him deeply. No one had ever desired me like that, and I wanted to make Aiden feel as good as he made me feel. We made out for some minutes and then he took some lube and condoms from his drawer. I remembered that my first time hurt like hell and I didn’t want him to go through that, so I set my mind into making his first experience great.

I turned him around and put a pillow under his hips, his round ass cheeks were up. Slowly, my lips pecked his defined back, going down to his ass. I caressed his shoulders so he would relax.

Gently, I parted his thighs leaving some space for his cock to hang between them. His body looked delicious, it was perfectly defined and almost hairless, aside from some blond hairs above his cock. With my nimble fingers I separated his ass cheeks revealing a tight pink hole. I couldn’t resist the temptation and began licking his hole. My wet tongue began rimming his ass, going in circles and pushing escort batıkent inside him.

“God… that feels awesome…” He mumbled grasping onto the bed duvet.

With my face buried in his ass, I began making lewd sounds, kissing and licking him. Meanwhile, I jerked him off or spread his ass. After a few minutes, his hole was shiny and wet. I opened the bottle of lube and squirted some on him, massaging his entrance. He was moaning in pleasure.

“Relax baby…” I whispered.

Soon, I was pushing one of my fingers. It felt warm and tight inside him. I could barely move it was his muscles were a bit tense. He was shaking.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah… just go slow please…”

“Of course…”

I began to move my finger inside him, making him pant in pleasure. He was arching his back and shuddering. I put some more lube and a second finger went up, he was slowly loosing up. At the same time, my mouth kissed and licked his ass cheeks. I then grabbed his cock and began sucking him. He was going crazy with my fingers up his ass and my mouth around his cock. Suddenly, I hit his prostate with my fingers.

“…Fuck!! …Oh god!…Daniel…” He moaned in pleasure.

I was delighted to hear him say my name.

I continued fucking him fast with my hand, just to see his body tremble. His moaning was making my hard, and I was already dripping precum. I couldn’t wait to fuck him. Although I was used to being a bottom, I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to take his cherry ass. Besides, this wasn’t just a fuck I had feelings for Aiden that I couldn’t deny.

I propped his hips up so he would be on a doggy style position. I quickly put on a condom and aimed my cock at his hole. Spreading his cheeks, I pushed the head inside the tight entrance.

“…Fuck!.. It hurts… It’s too big…” He complained right away.

“shh…just breathe and let your body get used to the feeling…” I soothed him caressing his head and shoulders.

He closed his eyes and started breathing slowly, relaxing his muscles. I smeared some more lube on his hole and carefully pushed inside. I could tell his tense body was beginning to give in. I didn’t want to hurt him, so I was taking my time. Soon after some minutes, half of my fat cock was inside him.

I hugged Aiden and reached for his mouth. His blushed face felt hot next to mine as we kissed passionately. I told him to push out, and the last inches of my cock finally entered him. It felt incredible. As I looked into his eyes, I felt completely connected to him.

Slowly, I began to move my cock in and out of him. At first, I could only take out a few inches but then I was leaving just the head inside before thrusting it back in completely. Right away, he buried his head on the pillow, muffling his whimpering. His hand began jerking his cock with quick movements.

“…Feels..amazing..fuck…fuck me…” He was able to muster, with his face on the pillow.

I was grabbing his hips, and my fat cock was moving now easily. The pounding grew steadily harder, I couldn’t control myself really at that point. Our hips were making loud slapping sounds in the room. I was hugging him and kissing his neck, I could feel our orgasms were close.

“Cum for me baby…”

I whispered in his ear, taking him to the edge.

“Agh… fuck!…oh god!…” He was mumbling while stroking his meat.

Soon, I felt his asshole getting tight around my cock as he shot his load.

I kept fucking him relentlessly for a few minutes until I felt my orgasm coming. I pulled out and threw the condom on the floor. I was on my back next to Aiden, jerking my cock rapidly. Our eyes met and he got closer for a kiss. Suddenly, I was cumming all over my chest for the second time that night.

We stared at each other with loving eyes for some minutes, caressing our hot and sweaty bodies. I reached for his soft lips, kissing him softly. I rested my curly head on his chest, feeling tired and satisfied.

He put his strong arms around me, both our cocks were next to each other getting soft now after such an intense fuck. I looked up and caressed his blond hair, I wanted to say something romantic but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Lucky for me, he said something.

“That was amazing…you are amazing…Daniel…” He said staring at my blue eyes.

“.. I want you to know that…I have never made love like this before.” I admitted smiling back at him.

Our pale bodies felt warm and tired, on the small bed. He asked me to stay the night and I accepted right away. We went under the covers and caressed our bodies, hugging and kissing. I had never spent the night with a guy before, usually, I would leave or they would call an uber.

In his bed, we both felt this warm and peaceful feeling. We had found each other. There was a passion between us, something I had never experienced before. I closed my eyes and relaxed, feeling his warm body next to mine. It was a perfect moment.

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