Held Hostage Pt. 04

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I had no idea how long I slept but was awakened by David. He didn’t look as angry as he’d looked the night before. I sat up, a bit self conscious at being naked even though he’d seen me naked before.

“Good morning.”


“Father spoke to Matt and me. Said that maybe I had misunderstood what you said. Said I should listen to your explanation.”

I cleared my throat and nodded. “That lawyer guy has been after me to say I’ve been raped and that you’ve made me your slave. Told you that already. Again and again, I’ve told him that you’ve been treating me very well and that I’m fine. Yet last night as we did he dishes, he still argued, saying he wanted to gather information for the prosecution. Seems that’s why he volunteered for dishes. He just wanted me to provide him with information or ammo against the community. I can’t and won’t do that. So I told him that instead of working against you, he should get to know your community and help us all get through this situation. I didn’t say I wanted to leave because I don’t. But one day, it will get resolved and I will have to leave. I have a home, a job and a family. I’m sure my sister and nephews are worried about me and my parents must be out of their minds by now. What I meant is that I want the bad part of the situation to be resolved in the best way possible. I want your families to be reunited. I’m hoping that this won’t end in you all going to jail, especially your father, your brother and you. I’m hoping that we can remain friends and see each other after this is all done.”


“David, I like you. A lot. I’d like to get to know you better and hopefully, develop a long term friendship and maybe more. I didn’t want to assume you felt the same way.”

“I do feel the same way. I’d really like to see you, romantically, when we get through this.”

I smiled and reached for his hand. We held hands for a minute before I continued “I’m sorry that my choice of words sounded like I wanted to get away from you. I really don’t and I’m trying to figure out how I can keep seeing you when I live three hours away from here.”

“And I’m sorry that I jumped to a conclusion without verifying with you. I’ve been thinking about the future too. I can do my job from anywhere. Maybe if we do develop a lasting relationship, I could move to be closer to you. Would you like that?”

I nodded and he pulled me towards him. We hugged but I pulled away. “David, what you walked into this morning…”

I couldn’t finish. This was a guy I really liked and would like to explore a long term relationship with and he’d seen me making love with his father.

“Father told me that he put you up to it.”

“David, I have to admit that there was no resistance on my part. I want to be open and honest with you.”

“Do you have feelings for him too?”

“I do have feelings for him but not the same as I’m developing for you. I feel care and tenderness for him. I don’t see myself with him, or your brother, long term. I see myself with you. I’m seriously falling for you.”

“If we were to become a couple, would you want this type of open relationship in your town or city?”

“No. If we are a couple, I’d want to be exclusive. These are special circumstances here. To be honest, I saw this as an opportunity to experiment, to satisfy a long time curiosity and fantasy but this isn’t something I’d do all the time. I want love and commitment.”

“What if we were a couple, exclusive to all except these two? I have to admit there was something really special in sharing you with my father and my brother but I wouldn’t want to share you with anyone else. Besides, Father is getting old so he likely won’t be able to do this forever and as soon as my brother gets over his anger, he will find a woman and want to be exclusive with her, I’m sure. Until then, what we’ve been doing has been good for both of them.”

“That sounds like a good plan.”

He kissed me, at first tenderly but then it got more demanding, more passionate. He leaned us down onto the pelts and started caressing me, awakening my body to receive his. I gave back in like, undoing his clothes and pushing them off as much as I could. Soon, he was as naked as I was and going down to pleasure me. He obviously had more experience and it showed in how he had me breathing faster, had me moaning and squirming.

“David, turn around. I want you too.”

Instead of giving me his cock to suck on, he came up and pushed it in me in one swift movement. He bent down and kissed my neck then said “Sorry love, we don’t have much time and I really need to be inside you.”

I moaned and arched my back as he had quickly found that sweet spot with his big tip. He focused on it, giving quick little back and forth movements with his hips. The sensations intensified and I gave into them, wrapping my legs around him and holding him tightly. I came and he patiently waited for it to ebb before switching to deeper and longer thrusts so he could come too. We lay together, panting for a few minutes.

“Sorry but we really need to escort get back in there.”

As we got up and cleaned up and dressed, he explained that the elders had asked him to set up an internet connection to the police so they could interview everyone and get word to their families that they were okay. Everybody would take turns talking to the police.

We made our way back to the hall and caught the end of breakfast. David went to the area behind the stage while I went to the kitchen and found a plate had been set aside for me to eat. Matt brought back a stack of plates and saw me. He stopped and stared. I went to him and stood before him. “Matt, I’m sorry my words hurt you and your brother, that was never my intent.”

“Father explained.”

“Do you want me to explain further? It’s important to me that you know that I care about you, your father and your brother.”

“No. We’re good.”

He turned to leave but I stopped him “Matt, if I have a turn at the computer, I’d like you and David to be there to listen.”

“No need, I trust you now.”

“I insist. I really want you two to be there.”


He left and I cleaned the dishes and the kitchen. Through the window, I saw family after family take their turns going into this room behind the stage and come back. Seeing how long it was taking, I figured this would be going on all day. I looked in the fridges and found that a fresh supply of cold cuts had been brought in. I also found fresh loaves of bread. I found veggies to prepare so I did that ahead of time.

When I was done, I went to find Henry and sat with him. “Thank you.”

He looked at me. “What for?”

“For sending David to talk to me.”

“I trust that all is well?”

“It is. And with Matt too.”

We sat in silence for a while. Then I said “I’ve told Matt that I want both him and David to be there when it’s my turn with the interview. I want them to hear what I say. I want to see their faces so I can explain if I see any sign of misunderstanding.”


At lunch time, I once again prepared sandwiches and all the fixings. When that was done and the dishes and kitchen cleared, I was given some roasts to prepare for dinner. I cut up onions, turnip, carrots, potatoes and put them in pans with the roasts. I set the ovens to a low temperature and put the pans in the ovens. By dinner time, everything would be super tender and tasty.

It was very late afternoon when Matt came to get me for my turn. “Am I the last?”

“Yes. They’ve been asking to talk to you and we’ve deliberately kept you for last.”

“Why would they be asking for me? They don’t even know me.”

“It’s likely that others have told them about you.”

Matt conferred briefly with David when we got to the door. David said “Go in first, put your hand on the camera lens and we can come in and stand on each side of the table.”

And so I did. Once they were in place, I sat at the chair. There was a police officer on the screen. I spoke first “Hello, my name is Cassie Taylor. I would like you to call my boss at the number I will give you and have him call my sister. Her number is in the binder for emergency contacts. Please let them know that I am doing well.”

I gave him the number. Then the officer sitting at the table at the other end of the conference noted what I had told him and then introduced himself as Sergent Anthony Gibbs and said “We have questions to ask. We’ve had other hostages tell us that you’ve been made into their slave. Any truth to that?”

“No. Now I have questions of my own I need answered. Tell me, have you verified these people’s claims? Why have their children been taken away? What needs to happen for the children to be returned?”

“Ms Taylor, while we appreciate that you may be sympathetic to their cause, we need to verify certain things before anything else happens.”

“I’ve been treated very well. That’s what you need to know, isn’t it? Now tell me about their children. I insist.”

“Ms. Taylor, I can’t comment on that. And it’s my turn to insist you answer a few questions. We’ve been told that you may have been raped. Have you?”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“Excuse me?”

“Can’t or won’t answer my questions about their children? Do you know and won’t share or do you not have the information and can’t?”

“My job is to ensure that all hostages are being treated well. Please, Ms. Taylor, tell me, have you been raped?”

“No, I have not. I told you that I’ve been treated very well. So, if you can’t tell me about their children, how about finding someone who can?”

“We heard that you have not been sleeping in the hall with all the others. Where have you been spending the nights?”

“Sergent Gibbs, I really want to hear what is being done to return the children to their families. Please either talk to me about that, find someone who will or I walk out of here.”

“Ms Taylor, why won’t you answer my questions?”

“Because you won’t answer mine.”

“But I’m asking about your welfare. Don’t you think that’s important?”

“I’ve already answered that question. I am fine. I want to know about the welfare of the children. Don’t you think that’s important?”

“It’s not my area of focus. Now please tell me about how you are being treated.”

“I’ve already answered that. I am being treated very well.”

“But we’ve heard that you’ve been made to prepare meals and clean up and more.”

“One can volunteer to do things and still be treated well.”

“Ms. Taylor, is there someone in the room with you?”

I repressed the urge to look at my two friends. The cop would notice that. Instead I stared right into the camera. “Sergent Gibbs, seriously. I am telling you that I am fine. I am not being coerced in any way to say anything. I am speaking from my heart. Now about what I’ve been doing… I was travelling by myself so I don’t have anyone else to talk to. Volunteering to prepare the food and clean up is a way to keep busy and to not see anyone else forced to do it. Now please, I need to know how we got here. What happened? Did social services indeed take their children away? What is being done about that?”

“Why is this so important to you?”

“Because it’s the way to a peaceful resolution. Tell me, you’ve been gathering testimony to help prosecute these people, haven’t you?”

“Don’t you want these people to be brought to justice when it’s over?”

“Sure but only if justice goes both ways.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is someone investigating their claims that their children were taken all at once and without justification? Surely if that’s true, these children deserve justice too.”

“How do you know they haven’t lied to you?”

“How do you know they haven’t told the truth if you’re not doing a full investigation? How can you sit there and judge them without having all the elements, without looking at both sides of the coin?”

“Two wrongs won’t make a right.”

“I understand that but one sided justice will only breed more resentment. Do you honestly think a whole community would resort to this if they weren’t desperate? I really urge you to look into both sides and then to come to the table ready to negotiate, not just ready to prosecute. I’m sure that there’s a way out of this peacefully and equitably. I’m hoping you’ll work to find that. I think we’re done here and as I’m the last one, we need to close this video conference. Good night sir.”

“Wait! I have more questions!”

“You never answered any of my questions, why should I answer yours?”

“Because it’s important for us to get all the information we can. We’ve heard that you’re the only person who has gone out the side door, can you tell me what there is between the door and the outside?”

“Why would you need to know that?”

“We just need to know. Is it guarded? And if so, by how many men? What kind of weapons do they have?”

“Why are you asking me all that?”

Before he could answer, I understood. I looked up at Matt and David but then remembered that we didn’t want the officer to know they were there so I focused on that officer again. He had noticed.

“Cassie, is there someone there with you?”


“Then who did you look at?”

“I looked up at the wall. It’s something I do when I get an idea or a thought. You’re planning something, aren’t you? You’re planning to burst in here by force. Aren’t you?”

He hesitated. “Cassie, it’s important that you not say anything to any of them. We need that information to ensure your safety and that of others.”

“I’m sorry but considering you haven’t answered any and I mean not one of my questions, I’m really done answering yours. Good bye.”

Before he could say anything else, I closed the laptop.

David came to me “What do you think they’re planning?”

Matt jumped in “It’s clear they want to swarm in and take us over by force.”

“We should talk to Father before telling anyone else.”

Matt and I nodded. We all made our way back toward Henry. I, along with my two friends, noticed that things were different. There was a lot of whispering among the people and there were little meetings among the guards.

Henry was obviously also noticing what was going on. “Matt, go find out what’s going on.”

“Fill him in. I’ll be back. Don’t make any decision without me.”

Matt went to see the group to the left of the stage while David and I told Henry what the officer had said. Matt came back. “The whispering started after the lawyer came out. With all the whispering and the furtive glances, the elders all believe something is going to happen. I had to tell them about what the cop told you.”

Henry looked at all three of us in turn. “There is a possibility that they planted that seed to make us all panic. However, we can’t ignore the possibility that they will burst in here and it is likely to be sooner rather than later. David, you need to take Cassie out of here. I don’t want either of you near here if anything goes down.”

“What about you and Matt?”

“We stay on the reservation. We will remove ourselves from the hall, go hunting. We had voted against this in the first place. The ones who insisted, they can deal with it. I’ll go tell them.”

“Father, I can do that.”

“No. I need to do it. Matt, you take Cassie to get her vehicle and take it to David’s while he goes directly there to start packing. I’ll join you there.”

All three of us discreetly went out the side door. David headed to his home past the teepees while Matt and I went towards the field with all the vehicles. I took the key out of my pocket and once there, went to the driver’s door.

Matt said “I should drive”.

“Sure, just let me do something first.”

I unlocked the door and reached in. He moved swiftly to the back of my vehicle. “Where are you going? I said I just needed to do something first, not that you can’t drive.”

“What are you doing? You got some kind of weapon in there?”

“Matt, really? I’m just pulling back the seat for you! I’ve got much shorter legs than you do and didn’t want you to hit your knees.”

He came back towards me, looking sheepish. “I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that. I’m really sorry. Trust doesn’t come easily to me.”

I reached up and touched his face “It’s okay.”

He reached up and grabbed my face with both hands and gently kissed me. Then, he pulled away and I went to the other side of the vehicle to get into the passenger seat.

He took us to David’s and we went in. David got us to help fill a couple of his bags with the clothes he was taking out of his closet and drawers. Then, he went to pack up his computer and other items he would need for work.

Henry showed up just as we were finishing putting David’s bags into my vehicle. They discussed the best route to take to get out of the reservation without being seen or heard. From what I was hearing, I was glad that we were taking my vehicle as it was an all wheel drive SUV whereas I’d only seen a small beat up car in the driveway. Henry took the guys out to my vehicle to fill it with gas from cans he had. Good thing I’d filled up just in the previous town so we didn’t need much to have a very full tank. They secured a few more cans of gas to the roof of my vehicle and then came back in and washed their hands.

Henry then said “You can’t leave until dark.”

We all agreed but then, we were all standing in the kitchen, looking at each other. Henry grinned “I think I know how we could pass time until then…”

Both David and Matt, not catching on right away, asked “How?”

I lowered my head to not let them see me laugh. Henry shook his head and started undressing. “Undress her.”

They caught on and started undressing me. I let them do it and take all my clothes off without helping. Henry came to me and kissed me, putting his hands beneath my breasts and rubbing my nipples with his thumbs. They immediately responded to his touch.

He then pushed me back onto the table. “You two, take care of those lovely nipples, will you?”

He then lowered his head between my legs and started licking me, causing me to moan. The brothers didn’t wait long and did as they were told, caressing me and taking my nipples between their lips. Soon, all their ministrations had me moaning. David made a suggestion: “Father, why don’t you put a finger inside her, find that spot at the top where the texture is just a little different and rub that with the tip of your finger.”

“How will I know I have the right spot?”

“Oh, you’ll know.”

Henry put a finger inside me and searched a bit. It didn’t take long for him to find my G spot and when he did, my hips moved up involuntarily.

“Gee Father, I think you found it! Now rub it and suck on her clit at the same time. You’d love that, wouldn’t you Cassie?”

My answer was a half word, half moan. “Yeammmmmmmmmmm.”

Soon, I was begging them not to stop. I exploded and moaned loudly. Then, I begged some more “I need a cock in my pussy, please, someone fill me up.”

Henry looked up “I was kind of hoping I could have your mouth.”

“You come up here and feed her your cock Father, I’ll fill her pussy.”

Matt swapped places with his dad but instead of filling my pussy with his cock, he lowered his head to lick me. Before I could protest, Henry had pushed his cock into my mouth. I grabbed his cock and started stoking it and licking it hungrily. David was still sucking on my nipple and, with my other hand, I reached towards him. He understood and put his cock in my hand. After a few moments, I pulled Henry’s cock out of my mouth and called out “Matt, I need your cock inside me!”

“But I’m not done enjoying this! Besides, I haven’t heard the magic word.”

“Please Matt, I really need it.”

He made me wait a few more minutes. Then, he stood up and pushed his cock into me. I moaned my appreciation and then resumed sucking on Henry’s cock. This would be our last time for a while, likely a long while and I wanted it to be memorable so I really focused on the wonderful cock in my mouth. I gave it my all and was soon rewarded with its cum. Henry groaned and when I’d milked him dry, he pulled out and sat on a chair.

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Golfing – Hawaiian Style

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As we all meet in the clubhouse for this particular new and exciting round of golf Hawaiian style, we await the final participants to arrive. As most of us are already there but not quite everyone. Still to arrive are the girls of ARAS, Angel, Anastasia, Rio and Sutan as well as Simone, Lourdes, Ty, and Monica.

Michael, Dan, Passion and myself are already present. Going over the rules in which the rule book is blank as there are no rules. It’s basically hit the ball and come up with something fun for everyone to enjoy since the golf course here is closed off to other players.

As we wait for the girls to show up. I walk up to Dan and talk with him for alittle bit. Learning much about him he asks how this round of golf is to be played. I begin to tell him that when everyone shows up we’ll break up into 4 groups of 3. This way each group can follow the others as we play the round of 18 holes adding some fun played in the game.

For each birdie, there will be a special surprise and for an Eagle and even better one. If on the off chance there is a hole in one then, everything goes! For each Par stroke there is always some kind of fun included just in that.

In talking with Dan, since he is the winner of the contest in the group. I decide to do something more personal for him as we sit in the lounge waiting. I kneel down and move to him, moving between his thighs I begin to unzip his jeans. His hands immediately move to my boobs as he cups them under my loose top and feels my nipples stiffening up. His fingertips runs over the hard nubs as they push against the fabric of my shirt.

I push my hand into his jeans and feel his semi hard cock. Massaging him without pulling his length out yet feels great as he it’s very warm inside there. Once he’s growing harder, I pull his cock out and hold it into my hand. I find him pleasantly shaved and smooth. I run my fingertip over the slit which is beginning to ooze out the first droplets of precum. I smear it over the head as I begin to stroke him in my hand.

I grip the base of his shaft as a low moan emanates from him. I move in closer as I tease the crown with the tip of my tongue before pushing half his length into my mouth. His cock is thick as my fingers won’t touch as I hold the base of his shaft. I move my tongue over the head and down the sides, to the underside then back over the side and along the top of his shaft. His cock growing nicely, so hard and thick in my hand and on my tongue.

I engulf him into my mouth and begin moving on his shaft slowly. Tightening my lips around his muscle I move slowly as I can feel his hips moving with me. I suck the length as my tongue moves along the underside and over the top. I pull his cock out so only the fat head is in my mouth. I close my lips around it and suck as it is was an ice cream cone. Licking upwards as my fingers tease his ball sac.

Moving over hs cockhead, I take him into my throat. His length flowing down my throat easily as my chin lies flat against his balls. I repeat the motion as I can feel his eyes on me, watching me deep throating his shaft repeatedly. I can feel his hands move to my head as his finger grab and handful of my dark hair. I feel the urgency now as his hips begin to pump my face.

Moving over his shaft faster and faster, my hand not pumping him but only holding the base of his shaft. It’s my mouth and tongue doing the magic on his cock as I await for him to fill my mouth with the first many cumshots. His hand reaches down and pinches my nipple just as I moan around his cock and with a sudden thrust of his hips, I feel the first of several spurts of sticky white hot cum filling my mouth.

Swallowing and sucking, it is followed by another then another. I take his full load deep in my mouth and swallow, letting my throat muscles massage the head of his cock as I suck what his balls will give me. I swallow his cock one more time before pulling him from my throat. Tapping my tongue against the tip of his cock, I look up into your eyes and thank you for my breakfast. You instead thank me for the gift of my pleasure.

As I stand up from my kneeling position. Looking up I see Michael and Passion standing in the doorway of the clubhouse. An obvious tent forming in Michael’s pants as they had been watching me for some time I’m guessing. As I walk past them both, I drop my hands and grab each of their crotches and ask why they didn’t indulge in each other of they’re so turned on as Passion’s nipples were very visible thru her top.

Looking around, I ask where the hell are they! Nobody dares answers as silence falls upon the room. I turn around looking at my watch wondering what the heck is going on. Out of the corner of my eye I see Michael sitting down next to Dan talking with him. Passion is sitting on the arm of the chair next to Michael as his hand is under her skirt caressing her legs. I find a chair in the other room but still within eye sight of them both and watch.

I watch as Michael moves his hand up higher escort as Passion parts her thighs. I can see her foot rubbing against his cock. I slide 2 fingers into myself and begin a slow pumping action as I caress my boobs thru the fabric of my shirt. Unbuttoning my shirt, I pull the lapel down and expose my left boob to him as I tease and pull my nipple.

Michael begins to rub Passion’s pussy as I see her head fall backwards. His fingers rubbing her clit as her foot rubs his cock harder. Not being able to see Dan during this I can only imagine what he’s feeling watching this between them both. Thinking to myself if his cock is hard once more after sucking him so good or is he hoping to take Passion from behind when she decides to suck on Michael’s cock.

I continue to massage my pussy, I hear movement behind me as the bartender has come around from the bar. Not even looking up, I ask her if she wants to have some fun. Not hearing her answer I just tell her to move to around to the front of me and drop her slacks and climb up to my face. There is no movement from her as I’m hoping she takes me up on my offer.

I’ve known the bartender here for several months now, she is a beautiful long legged dark haired woman with firm large breasts and a personality that is unmatched by anyone I know. She’s the sweetest lil thing and has always been curious about the female to female aspect. She’s caught the attention of both Michael and I on many occasions.

Still watching Michael as he plays with Passion’s pussy. I can see her trying to hold a conversation with Dan but it’s getting more difficult for her to focus. As Michael’s fingers massage her pussy, I watch as she tilts her head to the side and her eyes close. She bites down on her lower lip as I know that she is having her orgasm. Michael’s fingers working in and out of her and rubbing her hard clit.

Passion slides off the armchair and kneels down between Michael’s thighs. She unzips his pants and pulls his cock from his jeans. She immediately gets to work sucking and licking the shaft, he sits there watching her then looking up at me. I’m just about to cum when the bartender moves in front of me, blocking my view of Passion devouring Michael’s cock.

I watch the pretty woman move over me and place a long bare leg onto the arm of the chair, she thrusts her pelvis at me as I move forward and slip my tongue over her smooth hairless mound. I begin to tongue her wet slit that she had been rubbing. Parting her lips with my tongue, I lap at the wet slit while moving down and into her. Lapping all over the tiny entrance as I slip my tongue in and out of her. Licking upwards, I find her clit shrouded in the hood. I suck gently as I release the nub from it’s confines.

She’s moaning and pushing her hips into my face. My fingers massaging myself as I hold her steady with my other hand. Her hands are massaging her boobs and pinching the nipples. I can hear her moans as my tongue expertly flicks over her clit and wet lips. I peek around her as Passion is sucking on Michael.

Turning my deliberate focus on this beauty, I begin to lap at her clit harder and faster. I feel her hand on my head as I lick and suck her lips into my mouth. Moving my tongue up and down the wet slit bouncing from her tight entrance to her clit. I feel her tremble as her legs tighten, caressing her thigh as I hold it steady. She lets out a weak moan as I feel the sweet warmth coursing down my chin. Lapping faster her orgasm explodes as she holds my head in her hand and grinds herself against my tongue.

Licking as fast as I can, her hips thrusting against my tongue, mouth and chin. Riding my face like only a woman can. She peels back off of me, leans down and gives me a sweet kiss on the lips. She smiles and says thanks as I watch her sweet ass move away. Licking my lips again I can taste the scent of her and Dan still on them.

Looking back at Passion. I see her with her mouth still on Michael but this time Dan has moved behind her and is driving into her pussy with a force notable by his desire to fuck her hard and deep. I can pickup the faint moans by Passion as they escape around Michael’s thick shaft. Dan is pounding hard on Passion as she sucks hard on Michael. I can see Michael’s hips moving in and out of her mouth as Passion reaches back between her thighs to massage her clit.

Michael’s head falls back just as Passions begins pumping his thick shaft. Her mouth covering the head as she pumps him. Knowing Michael is filling her mouth, Passion sucks harder. Just then, Dan pulls out from Passion and explodes up her back. Pumping his cock, his cock spurts ribbons of cum onto her ass and back. Passion sucking Michael and taking what his balls can give.

Passion sucks Michael again before pulling his cock form her mouth. Dan walks to the side of Passion as she sits back onto her feet. Passion takes Dan cock into her mouth and sucks him clean. She releases him and recomposes herself by standing up and straightening out her dress and excusing herself to use the restroom to check her makeup.

Michael and Dan walk into the bar area and sit down across from me. I’m just finishing massaging myself as I brought myself to a slow tumbling orgasm. I ask them both if they’re having a good time yet and both say oh yes.

Just then, the others walk into the bar. Looking flushed and hurried, I ask them what took them so long. They all pointed to Monica and said it was her fault. That she just needed to stop and play in the water near Little Beach. We all laughed cause we know that Monica doesn’t like water much but that they didn’t want to say why they were late.

Passion emerged from the restroom looking quite the happy go lucky woman. We all went to the desk and checked in as a group. We told the attendant that we needed 4 carts and that our game plan was 4 groups of 3. As we waited for the keys to the carts, we decided to choose who would be grouped in 3’s.

Michael, Dan and I made up one group. Anastasia, Angel and Passion was the second while Tyson, Monica and Simone was the 3rd group with Lourdes, Rio and Sutan making up the 4th and final group. We grabbed the keys and off we went. The attendant yelled that we forgot the scorecards but since this wasn’t about keeping score we grabbed one card so we would know what the par would be.

We grabbed a cart, loaded the rental clubs and away we went towards the first hole. It would be a long day for sure as a regular game usually takes about 3 hours but I highly doubt we’d be out that long let alone get passed the 5th hole. There was just too much sexual highs going on with everyone that it would be a good day however long or short it would be.

We approached the first hole. As we all got out of the carts, we each took our turns hitting the balls. Some went astray while others landed towards the trees. Only Dan, Michael and Tyson were able to the fairway on their first shots. Monica sucked badly as did Simone. It was a start of a long afternoon if none of the girls could hit a decent shot.

As the girls went to find their balls, Tyson went to help them as Michael, Dan and myself took the cart up the fairway. Knowing we had left the others way in the trees Michael and Dan took their second shots and each landed onto the green. I picked up my ball and threw it into the pond telling them I had enough.

We got into the cart again and drove on over to the green so that Michael and Dan could finish up. Both shot an even par of 3. Michael sat on the back of the cart as Dan stood next to him holding his putter. I walked around the cart then sat next to Michael on the back of the cart.

We waited for the others but we couldn’t see them anywhere. As we pondered what to do next, I began massaging Michael’s cock thru his jeans. I then reached out and began rubbing Dan’s cock as well as with Michael, the outline of the head tight against the pant leg was just too sexy.

I had Michael stand up as I knelt down between them both. I pulled out their cocks as their pants dropped around their ankles and moved back and forth from one cock to the other. Having my hands holding their shafts as I took turns sucking on Michael then on Dan.

I love having 2 cocks to suck on and being out in the open made the experience that much better. I moved between both men evenly. Spending equal time on each. It didn’t take long though for both to become so erect as I would pump the one I wasn’t sucking on and vice versa.

I then laid back on the green and pulled up my skirt. I ran my hands between my thighs and invited them to join me. Dan moved to my face and lowered his thick cock back into my mouth. Michael moved between my thighs and and began sucking my pussy while sliding a finger into my wet entrance. He licked my clit as I sucked on the head of Dan’s cock.

Michael moved his tongue inside my pussy while his other hand caressed my thighs. He started to tongue fuck my wet pussy as he fingered my clit. Rubbing it hard and in small circular motions. His tongue felt so good in my as I sucked harder n Dan’s cock. As I released his cock from my mouth, you could see the tight ring around his shaft from my lips holding him so tight.

Michael raised himself up and slid his cock into my pussy. I lifted my legs up as he grabbed onto my ankles and put them on his shoulders. He held onto my hips and slammed his thick cock into me. I sucked on Dan’s cock the best I could while tonguing his balls. Michael pumped me to my first orgasm as my juices coated his shaft. Michael then pulled out from my pussy and told Dan to switch.

I moved up onto all fours as Dan positioned himself behind me and entered my wet pussy. Michael pushed his sticky cock into my mouth as I sucked off my wetness from his glistening shaft. I love tasting myself on his cock. Dan thrusted into my pussy hard and fast, working his cock in and out of me with a fevered pace. Michael pumping my mouth as he pushed his cock into my throat.

Michael then told Dan to go for my tight ass. Dan pulled his cock from my pussy and placed the head of his thick cock against my tight backdoor. Not sure on his part to go slow, I slammed myself back onto his cock taking his length in one full backward slam til his balls were pressed against my pussy lips. I sucked harder on Michael as Michael is always the one embedded in my tight ass but since this was Dan’s time, he’d share.

Dan fucked my ass hard and deep. It felt so good to have a cock in my ass and in my mouth. I sucked Michael tightly as I felt Dan’s cock grow thicker with each push. I worked my body so as I pulled up on Dan’s cock, Michael’s cock went deeper into my throat and vice versa. I felt Dan’s body tense and a moan fill the air around. Feeling his hot cum spilling inside my hot ass was all I needed as I began to cum too.

Michael pulled his cock from my mouth and jerked himself as I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He shot all over my tongue and cross my face and chin. I took his cockhead into my mouth and sucked the rest of his sweet white fluid into my mouth. Savoring the tasty sauce like a fine wine as his balls filled my mouth repeatedly. I was loving the whole thing.

Dan continued to pump my ass until he pulled out of me. I remained on all fours as I felt his cum ooze from my ass and down my pussy. I finished sucking Michael just as the other pulled up. I rolled onto my back and lifted my legs high into the air. I rubbed my clit with the slippery cum and brought myself to another orgasm.

As I rolled over to get up. Tyson came over to me and slid his cock into my pussy from behind. He held me up just under my thighs as he placed my feet onto the cart. I reached out and held onto the canopy of the cart as he pushed himself into me. It didn’t take long before I started to cum once again just as he started too.

He pushed his long cock deep into my pussy as I felt his release filling my walls. He held me tight and stopped thrusting as he injected me with his hot cum. Once his body stopped contracting did he help me down off the cart. My head was slightly spinning being taken so fast and furious but it was so great and I loved it.

Most of the girls were done with the golfing experience. But not everyone was. Dan and Michael was willing to finish it out although Tyson was wanting to stop as well. I made the suggestion of going back to the clubhouse and asked everyone if they would be willing to do that. Michael and Dan hesitated abit as men are always competitive!

With just a slight hesitation, Monica walked up to Michael while Anastasia went over to Dan. Each girl grabbed them by the crotch and said lets go back to the clubhouse and we’ll make it worth your time. Well, they didn’t have to be told twice. Dan went with Anastasia in her cart and Monica came with us in ours. All they way back to the clubhouse, Monica was sucking on Michael while Ana did the same to Dan.

Needless to say we took the long way back to the clubhouse to meet everyone there who went straight over after leaving the second hole. Everyone especially the guys were having a good time since they were the king of the links and had 2 women for each of their needs. While driving back I believe that both Michael and Dan shot off in their wenches mouths for who really knows how many times each have cum by now. It still wasn’t over as I knew that Michael was wanting to get ahold of the bartender back at the clubhouse ever since he watched me lick her sweet slit.

As unloaded the carts, the helpers came out and took the keys from us. They told us that everyone who already came back were in the bar area. We walked in after the guys has zipped up to a huge party of music and dancing. Seeing our friends dancing, flirting and teasing each other with body shots and the sexy bartender standing behind the bar taking it all in.

Tyson had Lourdes on a bar stool, he was sitting on it with her in his lap as she worked her legs up and down taking his length inside her sweet pussy. She was holding onto the bar for dear life as her moans could be heard over the loud music. When we walked in, the girls of ARAS grabbed Dan and led him over to a lone bar stool in the center of the room near the entrance way.

The music stopped as a raunchier version of a song that the girls are used to dancing too played. As Dan sat on his stool. Each girl appeared thru the doorway dressed in something sexy and holding some type of golf club. Angel was the first to emerge and dragged her long torso across Dan’s thighs and pressed her crotch into his knees.

She was followed by Sutan who came in wearing only a see thru sheath of a dress which she shed as walked up to Dan. Dan reaching out to caress to her breasts and nipple as Sutan remained in front of him. She began to unzip his jeans but walked away just short of pulling out his manhood. Rio was next who came out wearing a pulled up thong that straddled her smooth lips. Her nipples pointed upwards with excitement as she cupped her breasts and offered a taste to Dan as she climbed up on the first rung of his stool.

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Her Girlfriends

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The Second in a Series of True Stories

Susan and I moved in together shortly after I graduated from High School and entered the local college. We had a great time, Susan worked as a nurse in my old school, and I worked on a road construction crew during the summer. We worked out in the mornings together, and then went to work. I earned enough to easily pay off college and have plenty of spending money. We both arrived home about the same time, cleaning up and occasionally showering together, but always spending the evenings reading, writing, talking, and cuddling. I was in heaven; Susan was an excellent teacher and taught me how to be a good, considerate lover.


In November, one of Susan’s old college roommates dropped by, visiting from Boston. Claire was a redheaded bombshell, a wee bit taller than Susan, standing 5’6″, with a healthy chest and the sauciest little ass I had seen in a while. Claire spent quite a bit of time at the pool swimming, and spent just enough time at a tanning salon to keep her skin a healthy-looking shade. As I studied, the two friends reminisced about the good old days, sharing snacks and wine. Occasionally I would take a break and join them, and the three of us became close friends.

After a week of Claire’s visit, Susan and I began relaxing around Claire, and began treating her like a member of our family. No longer did I dress in the bathroom before exiting, I only wrapped a towel around my waist when leaving the bathroom and I changed in our bedroom. Susan did the same, but occasionally she went into Claire’s room and the two of them chatted at length.

One time Claire caught me departing the bathroom and kidded me about my rock hard abs, she threatened to crack an egg on my stomach, I was so “hot”, she said. I quickly moved away so that she wouldn’t notice my cock pressing against my towel, but she may have noticed. At 6’2″, my rather lengthy cock was all too noticeable, and I certainly did not want to get into any trouble with Susan. Of course, Claire excited me, no man in his right mind wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to doff her clothes and… well, you get the idea.

That evening, while studying, Claire returned from the pool and tanning salon, rather late. I remember Claire asking Susan if there was something wrong with her looks. I had to chuckle as I heard Susan reassure her that she was perfect. Thank goodness she didn’t ask me, I would have told her that she was entirely “fuckable.” I was shocked, however, when Claire walked out of the kitchen, in jeans, and just her two-piece swimsuit top she used for tanning covering a very firm chest. I had to gape, when I caught sight of her extremely tight abdominal muscles, she had a six-pack! She noticed me looking and just smiled as she walked away. God, she had a body that would make a gay man straight!

That night Susan and I didn’t make love. We fucked, plain and simple. As simply sexy as Susan was, Claire lit something in me, and the fact that she was in the next room made me hotter still. I think Susan liked this; she cuddled and practically purred after almost an hour of hot, steamy sex.

The next morning we returned from our workout just when Claire was getting out of the shower. Now it was her turn to stare at me, and I caught her checking out my lycra stretch workout pants. Looking down, my rapidly expanding cock was readily apparent; she really got an eyeful of my eight-inch soft cock, which was rapidly expanding to its eleven-inch hard length – it was seemingly growing across my lower abdomen. I heard her softly say, “Damn” to herself as I entered the bathroom.

You could have cut the tension with a knife for the next few days, as Claire and I became more aware of our attraction to each other. I hoped that Susan wouldn’t notice.

One evening, after studying, Susan and I, and later Claire were sitting around watching TV. I sat in the middle, feeling a little bit uncomfortable without an armrest to “protect me.” Claire and Susan kept up a steady conversation, with me sandwiched in between them, they both ignored the show, and I struggled to ignore escort them. Claire was talking about an old boyfriend of hers, and she giggled about his “little guy.” Claire swiveled in her seat, directly facing Susan, engaging her in a conversation over top of me. Claire used her hands all the time, gesticulating wildly. She kept putting her hands down in her lap, sometimes she pointed with her fingers, occasionally making a point on my thigh. Needless to say I grew semi-hard, and I struggled to remain a gentleman. Then it happened. I noticed Claire’s blouse was gaping open, and her nipple was obvious in her almost transparent bra. She had the most delicious looking nipple, hard as a rock, with dark pink areolas. Claire caught me staring and chided me, as she closed her blouse with one hand. By this time, however, her knees were touching my leg as she talked with Susan, both her hands resting on my thighs when she put them down. Susan then made the situation even worse, when she put her hand on the inside of my thigh and rubbed me higher and higher.

It was then I noticed that Susan was talking to me. She asked me a question, but I didn’t hear her. Claire gripped my thigh and said “John, is it true?” I turned my head, looking at her quizzically – “Is what true?” Susan pointed directly at my cock and said “Look, see for yourself!”

Claire proceeded to put her hand right on the shaft of my cock and began stroking me. If I wasn’t hard at that point, I would have been dead. She began remarking “Damn, it is huge.” She asked Susan how big it was and grew very quiet when Susan told her a shade over eleven inches. Claire remarked she wasn’t sure she could get a monster that that inside of her, and Susan said, “If it fits in me, it sure as hell fits in you.”

At this point Susan and Claire pushed me back on the couch and, while Claire unzipped me, Susan pulled my pants off my legs. My cock sprang up inside my underwear when my jeans were pulled down, and Claire put her hand on my cock and just palmed me. She tentatively pulled my underwear over the head of my cock and almost drooled when she pulled down my underwear. Susan helped her by pulling my underwear down, while Claire took my cock in her hand and slowly jerked me. Then she put her other hand on my cock and pulled it towards her face, leaned forward and just touched her tongue to the head of my cock. She pulled her face back and her tongue pulled my pre-cum into a long string. Claire seemed almost confused on what to do next, she looked like she was struggling with whether to suck me off or to just hop on me and fuck my brains out.

Claire slowly stood up and peeled off her blouse, dropped her jeans and blew me away when she removed her bra and panties. This woman was a goddess come to life. Her breasts were full and very firm, probably C cups. Her waist was very thin, her stomach incredibly flat and firm, and her ass didn’t have any wobble. Her beautiful red hair was in a ponytail, and she spread her long legs as if she were posing for a men’s magazine.

By now Susan stood up and started doing the same, removing her clothes, obviously turned on, staring at Claire’s luscious body as she too hurriedly became naked. I knelt on the ground in front of Claire, running my hands up and down her legs, teasing her pussy occasionally, kissing, licking, and lightly nibbling on her legs, her abdomen, her breasts, her arms, and her neck, as I stood up. I was so turned on I drug my cock along her legs, my cock sprang up and practically smacked her pussy. I felt a pair of somewhat smaller, but firmer breasts than Susan’s pressing into my chest, and then I felt Susan’s fuller but softer D-cup breasts settle against my arm as we both caresses Claire. I swear Claire had an orgasm right there, she groaned somewhat loudly and mumbled something incomprehensibly, and said “Oh, so good”. Claire now rested one hand on Susan’s hips and one hand on my chest, slowly lowering her hand on my by now raging cock that was emitting copious amounts of fluid.

Her hand encased my cock and she pulled it into her stomach, while Susan reached across us and caressed Claire’s breasts, stomach, pussy, ass and anything else she could reach. I had my arms around both women, I lowered my head and tried to get both women’s breasts into my sucking mouth, but we were all trying to please ourselves and each other at the same time, and we grew increasingly turned on and frustrated.

I settled to my knees, lowered my mouth to Claire’s pussy and proceeded to “go up” on her. Imagine my surprise when Susan began kissing Claire on her mouth while palming her breasts, leaning on me, grinding her pussy into my shoulder and fondling Claire’s backside at the same time. I knew that my fantasy of two uninhibited women and I making love was finally reality.

Claire came violently, and finally pulled back from my tongue, mouth, and fingers, saying “Enough, enough!” By this time Susan was behind Claire and I believe she was sucking her ass, running her hands up and down Claire’s legs and diddling herself at the same time. I reached between Claire’s legs and gently caressed Susan. Susan pulled back, a look of incredible lust on her face, not seeming to recognize me, her body overwhelming her mind.

Claire pushed me back onto the floor and gripped my raging cock with her hand, rubbing the head along her dripping slit, and settled down on me. Her pussy was so incredibly tight, so wet, and so hot, I almost came immediately but held off the best I could. Slowly she wedged me into her, her hips almost spasming back and forth as she appeared to have multiple orgasms over and over again.

When Claire finally settled her hips onto mine, she slowed to get used to my entire length inside her. Susan reached around and caressed her breasts from above while I caressed them from below. I ran my hands up and down her sides, her abdomen, her ass, anywhere and everywhere. When Claire finally moved, I felt my cock bend inside of her each time she swayed back and forth. Susan moved around to her front and began sucking on her nipples while Susan began moving up and down on me, sawing back and forth on my cock. I couldn’t take it and I told them I was coming and Claire also began coming.

After what seemed an endless orgasm, I settled back onto the floor, and Susan squatted over my face. I began to gently nuzzle her clitoris, and ran my hands up and down her body, as I had with Claire. Claire finally climbed off me, and began caressing Susan. After only a few short minutes Susan began grinding her hips into my mouth, and her fluids rushed out, her orgasm shook her body repeatedly.

After this we experimented with various positions, my favorite was doggie-style, and watching each gorgeous woman’s breast sway with our motions. As I fucked one, the other was either on the floor beneath her, or beside us, caressing the two of us, or behind me, pinching my nipples from behind, or fondling my backside, or… We made love in the living room, the bedroom, the next day in the shower, in the kitchen, and wherever we found each other. What a time.


After that weekend I returned to work, Susan took a break for a day, and recovered. One of the secretaries at Susan’s school, Roberta, worked out with us occasionally. We were friends, and occasionally had her over for dinner.

Roberta was a luscious shorthaired brunette; at 5’4″ she wore a dress size “0”, with a waspishly thin waist, relatively large breasts and a nice little butt. She was of Asian Indian heritage; her eyes were exotic as hell, her skin dark and creamy. The way she walked often made me want her, she swung her hips as if to entice any man in the area.

One day at the gym, Roberta paused to talk with us. Susan and I were side-by-side, doing leg raises. After about 40 or so, I just hung my legs to get some strength back, and let my eyes roam over Roberta. Roberta’s cleavage begged to be looked at; I couldn’t believe that such a tiny girl had such big tits. Damn it, I thought to myself, stop stretching in front of us, stop exposing your stomach, stop showing us your ass, stop making me pop a hardon! Too late, I tried to do more leg raises, but the blood had flowed out of my body, into my cock, and Roberta caught me. With a long look and a grin, Roberta walked away wiggling the heck out of her ass. Susan caught me and remarked that Roberta was sexy as all get out and she noticed I thought the same. My embarrassment subsided as I realized Susan wouldn’t mind sharing her also.

On the way home Susan told me that she and Roberta had chatted in the shower about things. Roberta casually remarked about the difficulty I had with my leg raises, and Susan said I had a rather large third leg, which made things more difficult, to which Roberta said that she had noticed. I chuckled when Susan told me this, but I was shocked when Susan continued, telling me Roberta’s nipples were very large and swollen at this point and she had to restrain herself from caressing them. Well, we both wanted Roberta, it was obvious, and we talked about how we should proceed from there.

Our problems solved themselves when Roberta invited us over, and told us to bring our swimsuits. It turned out she had a hot tub, and we should soak our aching muscles with her. God, I was thinking of only one aching muscle and how tight it was going to feel…

Over wine and snacks we soaked in Roberta’s hot tub, the conversation flowed, I think Roberta was thinking exactly what we were, and I was rock hard from almost the second I climbed in the tub. I jumped when I felt Roberta’s foot sliding up my leg; she put her toes on my cock and just smiled at me. Everything started when she just up and asked me: “John, your cock feels huge, just how big is it?” I looked at Susan, who nodded, and I just stood up and peeled off my trunks.

All eleven inches of my throbbing cock hung in front of her, Roberta just grinned and said “I guess this is the main meal tonight!” Roberta put her hand around my cock, floated over to me and inhaled the head into her mouth. I think she had been practicing extra hard, because she was taking almost all my cock into her sucking mouth, both hands around my ass and then caressing my balls. Finally, she stood up and said she just had to get that monster inside of her. Susan helped Roberta take her swimsuit off; it was nice seeing her being helpful. Susan couldn’t get enough of Roberta’s breasts, they gently wobbled as she removed her suit and Susan lifted each of them, began sucking them, and I just had to help her. It was difficult work, but I think we did a good job. Susan and Roberta began kissing each other, rubbing their breasts together – what an incredibly sexy sight!

I still remember Susan sitting on the side of the hot tub, Roberta sucking on her breasts, and me slamming my cock into her. Yes, she was incredibly tight, and it was different that every time my cock slid into her it was still tight. Her pussy was incredibly wet, dripping down the inside of her leg, and no, it wasn’t water. I remember blasting off inside of her with Roberta wailing in orgasm at the same time. Remember, please, that I was taller than her, so my cock was stimulating her G spot with every down stroke. Susan and Roberta gave me a wonderful show afterwards; they did a 69 on the side of the hot tub as I watched. I helped Roberta suck off Susan, whose abs hurt from all the orgasms we gave her.

It turns out that Roberta had a circle of friends who were either bisexual or lesbians, and men and women equally turned her on. Susan wasn’t willing to get into that scene, but agreed to occasionally experiment. The three of us eventually snuggled into Roberta’s bed, a California king-sized bed, and fell asleep touching one another. I remember my arms around Roberta’s waist, her breasts in my hand, her ass-cheeks cradling my cock. If we hadn’t fucked so much I would have… well, maybe later.

The next morning was very nice, Roberta woke me with an incredibly good blowjob, and Susan soon jumped in as well. We went to the gym around noon that day, all of us very sore and tired. Roberta, Susan and I were grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat, we had been so naughty!

I guess the nicest thing is that Roberta lives two doors away from us, has the key to our place, and she is now part of the family. Roberta stops by anytime she pleases, and this certainly pleases us!

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Him, Her, and Me

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I’m in my late twenties, now, and I’m married, for the second time. But when my wife isn’t around, I still like to masturbate. I think my masturbation habit developed after my divorce, when I didn’t get to fuck as regularly as I like.

When I play with my cock I usually think about having sex with women. As I stroke and fondle my penis I think about sucking erect nipples and licking wet pussies and about having my cock sucked by horny nude sluts. I make myself have an orgasm by thinking about sticking my penis into wet, ready vaginas, fucking like a goat until I made my imaginary nasty naked girls cum.

But a funny thing happened to me after that divorce. Ever since then, when I jack off I find myself thinking about having sex with men. While I fantasize about sliding my penis into a warm, slippery cunt, suddenly the thought of sucking a hard cock at the same time comes up, and I get really, really aroused. Sometimes I work my finger up into my anus while I masturbate. I imagine myself fucking a guy in the asshole, playing with his erect, throbbing cock. In my fantasy a naked girl watches us and plays with her clit and gives me her pussy to lick. Masturbation daydreams like this make me so horny that I often orgasm right then and there, squirting hot, thick, white cum all over my bed or the shower.

And a while ago, shortly after the divorce, I met a couple who made these dreams come true.

I met them running in the park. I just happened to be running behind this couple on the trail, and they really caught my eye. They were obviously experienced runners. It showed; her butt was tight and sweet under her cute little shorts. I slowed down to run behind them so I could watch her ass crack switch back and forth under the tight, smooth cloth. The cheeks of her round, hard little butt pumped and flexed as she ran. There was just enough fat on her ass that her ass cheeks jiggled a little with each step. My ex-wife had an ass like that. I thought about my ex-wife’s ass. I wondered if this girl’s ass, naked, looked like my ex-wife’s ass, naked. I started getting an erection as I ran.

Then those new tendencies popped up. I started to notice that the guy’s butt was nice, too. I found myself thinking nasty thoughts about his asshole and penis. I wondered if he was wearing a jock strap or if his cock was bouncing as he ran. My erection stirred as I watched the two of them move.

I ran up alongside them. She had blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing little blue running shorts and a tight white sleeveless T-shirt over a sports bra. Her round, full breasts bounced just deliciously when she ran. She had bigger tits than my ex-wife. I couldn’t help but stare. She smiled at me. She seemed to like having her tits looked at.

I struck up a conversation, which continued throughout the run. She kept smiling over at me as we talked. She had big brown eyes. A friend of mine once called the look a girl gives you when she wants you “the Fuck Look”. All through the run she kept giving me the Fuck Look.

He was a nice looking guy, very smiley and buff. They told me right away that they were married, but with as she kept looking at me with those hot eyes, I started to wonder what their relationship really was. When we got to the end of the run they invited me over to their place for dinner.

When I got to their apartment she answered the door in a bathrobe. Her hair was wet. She told me she had just showered. I pictured her naked in the shower, and my cock throbbed a little. Her husband came in, and we shook hands and said “hi”.

Dinner was delicious: some kind of chicken with rice, with a sort of chocolate mousse pie for desert. They had a great red wine, and we all drank a lot of it.. During dinner she kept giving me the Fuck Look. Her robe was open enough that I could see the full swell of her beautiful breasts. I couldn’t help but stare. Every time she caught me looking at her tits, she smiled. With the Fuck Smile. Her eyes smoldered with lust. I kept looking at her husband, but he didn’t notice or didn’t care.

After dinner we went into their living room. We sat around and drank wine and talked. She was still in her bathrobe. The way she sat curled up on the sofa made the robe ride up off her legs, and I could see a little sliver of her ass. Then she moved in a way that caused the robe to fall open in the front. I could see most of one breast, soft and full and round. I even saw the edge of her pinkish brown nipple. She was obviously completely naked under the robe. My cock was stiff in my pants.

We were all getting a little drunk. The conversation turned to sex. She told a dirty joke about King Kong’s penis. I told another penis joke, then her husband did too. We all began joking and talking about fucking and sucking and tits and pussies and cocks and assholes.

She told me they had a porn collection, and she asked me if I liked porn. I said “yes”, of course. She asked me if I wanted to see some of it. “Yes, please.” What else? I couldn’t wait.

Her husband brought out some DVDs escort and put one in. It was an orgy movie, with about twenty naked men and women fingering and licking and sucking and fucking each other in every way possible. Girls were eating each other’s cunts and sucking each other’s tits and getting fucked in every hole by multiple men. Men were wildly fucking the girls’ pussies and mouths and asses and sucking each other’s cocks and licking and fingering and fucking each other’s assholes. Naked, writhing men and women were fucking and sucking and masturbating each other to orgasm all over the place.

I was sitting next to her on the couch while we watched the porn. Her husband was on the her other side. I could feel the heat of her body through our clothes. Her breathing was getting harder and harder. She put her hand on my thigh and began softly stroking my leg as we watched.

A scene came up in the movie where a girl was getting fucked in the asshole. She was on her knees, masturbating herself as some guys took turns sodomizing her. Her fingers were rubbing and penetrating her wet pussy while stiff, bulging penises plunged in and out of her red, stretched anus. She was squirming and bucking with pleasure, wildly humping the hard cocks that went up her ass. Her naked body was glistening with the sweat of sexual excitement.

“Do you guys ever do that?” I asked, jokingly. “Every day,” she said, giggling. “Usually three or four times,” he said. We all laughed.

Then the camera in the video panned to two men making love to each other. They were sixty-nining, sucking each other’s hard dicks. Then one guy climbed on top of the other and lowered his asshole down over the other guy’s stiff prick. First his erect penis was waving around as he humped his asshole on the other guy’s cock, then the other guy began to masturbate him, stroking his penis as they fucked.

“Do you ever do that?” she asked. “I’d like to,” I said. “I would too.” he said. “I’d like to watch,” she murmered. My heart was beating hard.

She was panting softly now, her body moving against me in a steady, sensual rhythm. As we watched the people fuck, she began stroking my leg, higher and higher, until she was softly bumping her hand against the tip of my erection through my pants. I glanced over at them. Her husband had his hand under her robe between her legs. It looked like he was rubbing her there in rhythm with the movements of her pelvis. He was finger-fucking her pussy right there in front of me. And she was enjoying it. Her hand was stroking right across the head of my penis by this time. She masturbated me through my pants with one hand. Then she slipped her other hand into her robe and began playing with her breast and nipple under the soft cloth.

Her husband slid her bathrobe off her other breast. He leaned over and started sucking it, squeezing it and kissing her nipple. She was moaning softly. She leaned up to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her tongue slid deep into my mouth, and mine into hers. We licked each other’s tongues. She slid the rest of her bathrobe off her tit and put my hand against her big, soft, full breast. As I caressed and squeezed her nipple she leaned back and a shudder of ecstasy ran through her. Her husband’s hand was working her under the bathrobe, stroking and fondling her vagina.

She suddenly got up and shifted her position, lowering herself onto her husband’s lap. “Oh, oh, oh my God!” she moaned. I hadn’t noticed until now that his pants were around his ankles. His penis was naked. She had just sat on his cock. She began fucking herself on him, moving her body up and down on his penis, gasping and moaning. His hand was between her legs, stroking her clitoris as they fucked. Her robe had fallen off both of her tits. They were gloriously naked, round and soft and full. Her nipples were stiff with excitement. She was caressing herself, squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples.

I got up and slid off my pants. My erect dick was throbbing with excitement. I moved over and brushed the tip of my cock against her face. She immediately took my penis in her hand, opened her mouth wide, and slid her warm, moist lips over the head of my dick. She stroked my dick head with her tongue and lips, looking up at me, her eyes half closed with sexual excitement.. She took my penis out of her mouth for a moment and said, with a soft smile, Yum.”

She wiggled her bathrobe all the way off. Totally naked, her body glistening with the sweat of her sexual heat, she began to stroke and suck my erect dick in rhythm with her fucking.

Her husband was masturbating her steadily as she worked her pussy up and down on his cock. She moaned and panted harder and harder. She was sucking my penis so hard it almost hurt. Then she took my prick out of her mouth again and looked up at me pleadingly.

“Lick me, please,” she said softly, her voice thick and heavy with sex.

I got down on my knees in front of them and looked at his big, throbbing cock sliding in and out of her wet, naked pussy. His penis was dripping with her vaginal secretions. Her cunt was quivering and spasming with pleasure as he fucked it. It looked so delicious! I had to taste it. I buried my face in her wet crotch and rubbed my lips and tongue against their genitals. I licked her pussy lips and his hard penis shaft and her swollen, excited clitoris. Her vagina was hot and fragrant and dripping. Her clitoris felt electric against my tongue. His penis and her cunt lips and her hot, erect, clit throbbed and pulsed against my lips and mouth and face. I rubbed my hard cock against her leg as I licked and kissed and tasted their sex organs.

Suddenly she shouted and writhed. “Oh fuck! Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh my God!” She jerked and spasmed as orgasm after orgasm shook her body. Her pussy suddenly became very wet against my face. I licked harder and she shrieked with pleasure, then pulled my face away. Then, a moment later, she pushed my mouth back into her crotch. Her husband was still fucking her steadily. I licked her to another orgasm and she moaned and spasmed again and pulled me away. When she pushed my face back into her crotch I began licking her again, but her husband’s penis slipped out of her quivering vagina and right into my mouth. I loved it! I moved my lips over the hot head of his penis, then took his cock deep into my mouth. She was moving her hips feverishly, gasping and whining with excitement, trying to find his penis as I sucked it. I slipped his cock out of my mouth and pushed it back into her vagina with my lips. She let out a little cry of pleasure and began fucking again.

Together we worked her clit and pussy to several more orgasms. Every now and then, as he fucked her and I licked her, he’d let his penis slip out into my mouth and I’d suck his cock for a little while before putting it back into her vagina.

Her orgasms were getting softer and softer. Then he grunted and moaned. I felt his testicles tighten against my face. I felt his penis throb hard and his hips quivered under my hands. His cock and her pussy became very wet against my mouth, and I smelled and tasted the unmistakeable yeasty, saltiness of sperm. His cum ran out of her orgasming pussy, down his cock and onto my face and mouth and tongue. And as I licked up his orgasm, she came again, harder than she had all night. She screamed with pleasure. Her pussy clenched and spasmed and her sex juice oozed out of her vagina to mingle with his sperm in my mouth.

They humped and squirmed against each other for a little while as I licked them. Then his cock got softer and softer, and their movements got gentler and gentler until finally they lay still together and his wet, limp penis slipped out of her. I wasn’t licking them now. I just watched them. Snuggled naked against each other, they kind of sank down in a heap on the couch and fell sound asleep.

I looked at them and softly fondled my dick. They looked so pretty, so cute, somehow, tangled naked together asleep like. The only problem was, I hadn’t had an orgasm yet. My penis was hard as rock and I was horny as hell. I went into the kitchen and got some chicken and pie and a glass of wine. I liked walking around their apartment naked, with an erection.

The TV was still on. The DVD player had been on all this time, but the porn movie had long since run out, and the movie intro was playing and re-playing on the screen. I found the remote by the couch, turned the sound down, and searched the scenes until I found the one we had been watching when we started to fuck. I sat down in front of the couch, pushed play, and as I watched the people fuck I ate and masturbated. After I finished the food and wine I just masturbated.

After a while I heard the couple stir. She stretched and got up to go to the bathroom. She stroked my shoulders as she walked by me, and looked down at my cock. “Nice.” she said.

I heard her take a shower. When she came back she sat down beside me. She smelled good. Her hair was up in a towel, but the rest of her was naked.

“It seems like a waste,” she said, “A nice, hard penis like that, all alone.” She leaned into my lap and took my cock in her mouth. Her stiff, tingling nipples brushed against my leg as she sucked me.

She played with my dick. I heard him get up and go to the bathroom. He took a shower too. Then he came back, naked also, his cock very erect. She was kneeling on all fours, sucking my dick. He knelt down behind her and slid his penis up into her pussy from behind.

He fucked her for a while. It was distracting her from sucking my cock. She kept stopping to have little sex spasms. Finally she turned around to him and said, “Bring that thing over here.” He pulled his prick out of her. He came and straddled my legs. I was laying down by this time. He rubbed the tip of his penis against the head of my cock. Then he took both of our penises in his hands and masurbated himself against my dick, squeezing and caressing our erections together. His penis was dripping wet with her sex juice. Mine was wet with her spit. Our slippery cocks rubbed against each other deliciously as he jacked us off. She licked and kissed our dick heads as he fondled them. Then she lifted her ass up over us and lowered her wet cunt onto our penises. She tried to get both of them into her pussy at once, but her vagina was too small, and she finally satisfied herself with rubbing her clit and pussy lips against the heads of our cocks. Every now and then the head of one of our penises would pop into her cunt and she would cry out with pleasure and we would all laugh.

Finally she stopped. “I want to watch you fuck.” she whispered, looking back and forth from her husband to me. She looked at me, then at her husband. “He really does love sex with men sometimes,” she said. My heart leapt, and my cock got suddenly even stiffer.

We all stood up. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He walked in behind us. He stroked my butt as he followed, squeezing my butt cheek and running his fingers up and down the crack of my ass.

They had a big king sized double bed. She by the bed and stood facing us, so sweetly naked. She stroked her body up and down, caressing her big breasts and pressing her fingers into her wet slit. Her tits were so tasty looking; full and round; her big, stiff nipples were sticking out with excitement.

I glanced at his cock. It was was standing up stiff. Mine was throbbing, it was so hard. I couldn’t resist her nipples. I reached out and gently took them between my fingers and played with them, squeezing and pinching and pulling them. She smiled and kissed me, rubbing and pressing my erect dick.

Then she turned to him. She took his penis in her hand and pressed it. He kissed her, squeezing and caressing her naked breasts and ass, and she kissed him back. It was so delicious to see their nude bodies together. Then she kissed down his body, rubbing her tits against him, until she got to his cock. She nuzzled his erect penis for a minute, then took the head of it in her mouth. She knelt in front of him. Her hand was between her legs. She masturbated as she sucked his cock. Then she reached up between his legs and stroked his testicles and ass. At one point he gasped, as she slid her finger in and out of his asshole while she sucked him. I was masturbating too.

She stood up, took his hand, and put it against her pussy. As he stroked her wet cunt, she leaned over and whispered something to him. He laid down on the bed, smiling, and opened his legs. His cock was completely erect; red and throbbing. The veins were standing out on the sides of his penis, and his dick head was swollen and shiny with erection. She climbed on top of him and lowered her vagina onto his face. She laid down on his body and worked her cunt against his mouth. As she rubbed her nipples against his belly, she took the head of his penis in her mouth, reached around his ass, and pulled his butt cheeks apart. She had moistened his asshole with her her sex juice, and it was wrinkled and shiny and open and wet.

Suddenly she sat up and looked at me with a smile. “You need to be lubricated,” she said. She turned and bent over and pressed her ass against my hard cock. Her cunt lips pushed out between her butt cheeks. She worked her wet vagina against my penis until my cock slid up into her. She moaned with delight. Her pussy was warm and soft and slippery. She twitched and gasped, and her cunt contracted in spasms around my dick.

She gasped. “OK,” she said, “That’s enough. Your turn.” She scrambled back onto the bed beside her husband and began playing with herself.

I knew what she wanted me to do. I lowered myself over his naked body and pressed the head of my cock against his anus. He moaned and pushed himself against me. I pressed gently, then harder, until the head of my penis slid slowly up into his ass. His rectum was warm and soft and wet and very tight against my excited penis. I penetrated all the way into his rectum, then drew my penis out, then in again, building up a steady fucking rhythm. He was squirming and moaning with delight. She was kneeling on beside us on the bed, rubbing her clit as she watched us. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it as I fucked. I pumped his hot asshole harder and harder, until his body was shaking and twitching with excitement.

Suddenly she jumped up and pushed my hand away and sat on him. She slid her vagina down over his penis and began working herself up and down on his cock. She was masturbating herself as she fucked. I could feel her fingers working against her clitoris while I pushed my dick into his hot, tasty little ass over and over again.

Then he moaned: “Oh, shit! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum right now!” Suddenly his asshole contracted and spasmed against my cock. I felt his testicles move and his penis stiffen as he squirted his orgasm into her. She screamed out, “Oh God! Oh God!”, and her body shook and twisted. She cried out again and again as she wildly pressed and stroked and masturbated her clit. I felt my orgasm gathering in my testicles, then my balls and cock and ass filled with the sweetest sexual pleasure and I squirted stream after stream of sperm deep up into his hot rectum.

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Holly’s Story – Day 09

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Emma had a field hockey game to play. She had almost been benched for missing the last two practices but Miss Burton intervened. Emma was one of the best players on the team so the coach was glad to find an excuse to reinstate her.

Even before they became a couple, Holly went to the games to support her best friend. Normally, she enjoyed them but today she was restless. She wanted to have sex. She thought about masturbating under the stands and stood up to leave.

Holly thought about how Emma would feel and sat down again. ‘Don’t be such a dope’ her pussy jewelry reminded her. A soda and a hot dog would have to do until the game was over. Then she would bang Emma’s brains out. In the locker room or on the field? Holly smiled imagining the possibilities.

Jack was out running errands for his social club. There was a dinner tomorrow night for the group and Jack was helping to organize things. He was also planning to stop by the porn store and get some toys to surprise the three women he was living with.

Miss Burton was at loose ends. She never went to the games. Her old master had demanded she come home right after work. He had wanted her lick his girlfriend while he masturbated and blew his load on her back. She realized her old master had never had sex with his girlfriend – just watched while other people had sex with her.

Miss Burton went for a drive. She drove around with no destination in mind, enjoying the sunny day and playing her favorite music.

Suddenly she realized she was at a familiar place, a strip club. In college, one of her masters made her work there and Miss Burton had made a few friends. She had never been allowed many friends in college.

Miss Burton pulled in the parking lot and went inside. The bouncer at the door recognized her and waved. The teacher watched the floor show for a minute and made her way to the dressing room. On a Thursday afternoon, business was slow and only two strippers were working. She didn’t know either one.

On her way out, the bouncer stopped her. His name was Rick. “Good to see you again. I’m getting off in a few minutes. Want to join me for a late lunch?”

“Sure. I’ll wait for you outside.” Rick appeared in about five minutes. He offered to drive her to a nearby diner but Miss Burton wisely refused. Knowing him and trusting him were two different things.

Most of her life had been spent with people she couldn’t really trust. Her first boyfriend and master had sold her for drugs. Other masters sold or traded her for various reasons. All of them considered her a thing.

Her new masters, two high school girls and an uncle, treated her like a person. They respected her and her feelings. She could trust her new masters.

During lunch, Rick kept dropping fairly obvious hints about having sex with her. She didn’t want to do that. It reminded her too much of the days when her masters forced her to fuck for own their pleasure and entertainment without any concern about her wishes.

Rick kept finding excuses to touch her. Holding her hand, rubbing her arm, massaging her shoulders. She was getting a bad feeling about this. She lied and told the bouncer she had to leave to meet Jack, her boyfriend. The bouncer didn’t seem to care.

They finished lunch and headed to the parking lot, about to go their separate ways.

“Let’s go somewhere and fuck,” Rick demanded. Miss Burton declined. Rick got aggressive. He grabbed her breast and reached under her skirt to grope her ass.

“You’ll lose your job at the club” she warned.

“I already did. They said I was inappropriate with the staff. Like you could be inappropriate with those sluts. You were the best piece of ass at that place. Now you can be my piece of ass.”

He held her arm in a tight grip and was pulling her toward his car. She was struggling but couldn’t break free. She knew she was about to be raped.

“Hi, remember me? From the other day.” Miss Burton turned. It was the lifeguard from the water park. The one she had fucked so his girlfriend could watch over Facetime.

“Yes. How nice to see you again.” The teacher jerked her arm and Rick let go but didn’t leave.

The two men eyed each other. The lifeguard was young, tall, and fit. Rick was older, shorter, and working on a beer belly. Rick glared, the lifeguard had a half smile on his face. They both knew how a fight would end.

“Bitch.” Rick stomped off to his car.

The lifeguard asked, “Are you okay?”

“Now I am. That was someone I used to know. He was being rather insistent on me going with him. You came along just in time.”

Miss Burton took the lifeguard’s arm. “How is your girlfriend?”

“She’s with me today. Let me introduce you.” Miss Burton went with the lifeguard and glanced over her shoulder. Rick’s car was gone. She made a mental note to keep her past in the past. No more visiting old haunts. She had new masters and a new life.

“This is my girlfriend, Becky. I”m Charlie. We never did get properly introduced.” Becky wasn’t wearing escort the tattered sweatsuit from before. She was in a pretty dress that hid her weight and wore makeup and jewelry. Clearly, this was a special occasion.

“So nice to meet you. I’m Miss Burton. Don’t let me interrupt your plans.”

Becky said “No, you come join us. The other day was such a thrill for me. We’re celebrating my new job. I’m going to manage the trailer park where we live.”

Inside, they ordered and Becky explained about the other day. “I’m not the best looking woman around but I have fantasies and desires like everyone else. Just never thought they’d become real. Then I met this wonderful man. He loves me and tries to make those fantasies come true.”

Miss Burton asked “What kind of fantasies?”

“Oh honey, I really like the group sex stuff. Him with other women. Me with other men. Gang bangs. Threesomes. When you did him the other day, that was the first fantasy of mine that actually came true.”

Charlie the lifeguard said, “When I got home, we had sex for like three hours, she was so excited.”

Miss Burton smiled inside. She knew how she was going to spend the rest of the afternoon. She caressed Becky’s hand.

“My Master Honey could help you with that. He belongs to a special kind of club. I’ll give you his number.”

Becky looked puzzled. “What’s a Master Honey?”

The teacher smiled. “I’m a submissive, dear. He’s one of my masters along with the two girls you saw. He’s the one that fucked his niece. His name is really Jack but I call him Master Honey.”

Charlie was concerned. “Don’t you have to ask permission or something?”

Miss Burton continued. “No, my masters let me run free sometimes. Like right now. I can do whatever I want.” She took her shoe off and rubbed Becky’s calf under the table.

“In fact, I could help you with your fantasies right now. If you’ve got some time that is.”

“Right now?” Becky said hopefully. “You and me?”

“Right now. You and me and Charlie. A threesome. We can go to my house.” Charlie was already paying the bill.

In the parking lot, there was a choice between Charlie’s beat-up pickup or Miss Burton’s newer sedan.

“Charlie, you drive my car. You know where Crossman Street is?” Charlie nodded. “Becky and I are going to get comfortable in the back seat.”

It was about a twenty minute drive. Miss Burton wouldn’t let Becky do anything. The girlfriend sat there, relaxed, as the teacher nuzzled and lightly kissed her neck and arms. Becky’s dress was slowly unzipped and opened.

As they pulled in the driveway, Miss Burton was kissing the woman’s breasts through her bra. “Do you like to be naked in public, Becky?”

“I never thought about it but it sounds exciting.” They sat in the driveway while the teacher removed the dress. She kissed the breasts some more and took off the bra. The breasts were small, like Holly’s, with dark brown nipples.

The teacher’s hands caressed Becky’s hips and thighs. Her thumbs went under the waistband and pulled the panties down. Miss Burton took Becky’s hand and helped her out of the car. She sucked on a breast as they stood in the driveway.

Charlie was playing with his cock through his pants. “This is hot,” he thought. It got hotter.

Miss Burton kissed Becky and caressed the woman all over. She pulled the girlfriend close and held her ass. The woman was sighing. The teacher pressed a hand against the hairy pussy.

Charlie got the door unlocked and they went inside. Charlie and Becky looked around in wonder. The house was so different from their shabby trailer.

The teacher stood in front of Charlie. She pulled Becky in close behind her and put the woman’s hands on her own breasts. Miss Burton pulled Charlie’s shirt over his head and kissed his nipples.

Becky was unbuttoning the teacher’s blouse. She slipped her hands under the bra cups and kneaded the large breasts. “I can’t believe this is actually happening” she whispered.

Charlie’s pants fell to the floor, releasing his large cock. He wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Why don’t you take off my bra?” Miss Burton whispered. She had one hand lightly playing with Becky’s pussy and the other slowly stroking Charlie’s cock. “And my skirt.”

Still in her panties, Miss Burton took Becky’s hand and Charlie’s cock and led them to the master bedroom. She lay in the middle of the bed and gestured at her panties. “Becky, will you do the honors?” The girlfriend slid the panties off.

Becky climbed up on the bed between the teacher’s legs. “I’ve never been with a woman before.” She lowered her head and began licking the hairless pussy. Her rear end stuck up.

Charlie climbed on the bed behind his girlfriend. Her big pussy was open in front of him. It was wet and glistening. He pushed his cock in slowly.

“This is so much better than I imagined,” Becky moaned.

Miss Burton lifted the woman’s head from her pussy and slid down. She fondled the small breasts while Becky sucked on the teacher’s big tits. Charlie continued his slow thrusts.

“You want to give Charlie a treat?” asked the teacher. Becky nodded. “Let him fuck you in the ass while I lick your pussy.”

Becky moaned at the idea. She had never let Charlie take her in the ass. It always seemed gross. Now it seemed like a wonderful idea.

Miss Burton rearranged everybody. She lay on her back, legs dangling off the bed. Becky knelt on the bed, so the two women were face to pussy, the classic 69 position. Charlie was by the head of the bed, behind his girlfriend.

“Come down and lick my pussy. Stick your ass up for Charlie.” Becky did as instructed. Miss Burton raised her head to lap at the woman’s big pussy. She was a little surprised at how good it tasted.

Charlie’s cock was still nice and wet. He waited until his girlfriend was moaning again. Very gently he pressed his cock against her brown ass hole. It opened a little. He pressed harder. The head of his cock slid in. It was a snug fit but not too tight.

Becky let out a long moan. “Oh, that feels good. Why didn’t I let you do this before?” She laid her head on the teacher’s bare pussy and pulled her cheeks apart.

Miss Burton’s tongue probed the pussy hole. Her hand massaged the clit.

Charlie pushed in deep. Becky moaned louder. Miss Burton had her eyes open so she could time her tongue to Charlie’s thrusts. Becky was gasping.

The girlfriend’s hand went to her clit and began rubbing fast and hard. Becky had a huge pussy and Miss Burton put three fingers in. It wasn’t quite enough. She added a fourth finger.

Charlie was thrusting into the snug ass hole and moaning.

Just as the couple neared a peak, Miss Burton put her whole hand inside the pussy. She could feel Charlie’s cock inside the ass.

She felt Charlie’s cock throb and pulse and knew he was cumming. Becky felt it too and it made her cum.

Charlie collapsed on the bed. His cum began to ooze out of his girlfriend’s ass. Becky’s cum oozed from her pussy. Miss Burton licked and sucked the pussy first. Then she licked and sucked the cum dripping from the ass, licking the ass hole long after it was clean.

Becky lay collapsed on top of the teacher. She was still rubbing her clit. The licking was making her horny again. “Can you do it again, honey?” she asked. Charlie had no response.

The teacher put two fingers in the woman’s ass and gently moved them in and out. She shifted her tongue to slowly lick the woman’s pussy and eased her down into post-orgasm bliss.

Miss Burton managed to get out from under the woman. She maneuvered the two exhausted bodies like rag dolls until they lay side by side. They embraced and kissed and smiled. They fell asleep.

Miss Burton closed the bedroom door behind. Jack came in just as she arrived in the living room. “Shhh, we have company. They’re sleeping.”

She told him about her meeting with Charlie and Becky, the threesome, and Becky’s fantasies. “Can you help them get into your social group? I think they both could use a safe place to try out their fantasies.”

“No problem. What about you? Did you cum? Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?”

Miss Burton thought about it. “No. I enjoyed helping them enjoy themselves. I’m not really horny.”

A few miles away, Emma’s game had ended. They won 12 to 4. It was an unexpected blowout and the whole team celebrated in the locker room.

Emma suspected Holly was going to sneak in and want sex. She lingered at her locker waiting for her teammates to leave. She didn’t take a shower – she knew Holly liked it when she smelled like a ‘dirty little pig’.

Only one other girl remained in the locker room. Gabriela wasn’t a very good player but she tried hard. She was plain with a long face and straggly hair. Her clothes always seemed a little ill fitting and slightly worn, like they might be hand me downs.

Gabriela was a senior but had only arrived in the middle of last year. She didn’t seem to have made many friends. Her locker was one row over from Emma’s.

Holly came around the corner. Emma warned her to be quiet and pointed to the next row. They really didn’t need to be caught naked and making love. Holly nodded and flashed her boobs. She licked her fingers and rubbed her nipples to tease Emma.

Emma tiptoed to the corner and peeked down the next row of lockers. Gabriela was sitting on a bench, naked. She had average size tits that sagged down. Her nipples were nice. Emma could see some brown hair down by her pussy.

The girl just sat there, looking sad. Emma turned the corner and walked toward her. Gabriela jumped with a start and tried to cover her tits and pussy. “It’s okay Gabby. I know what tits look like.” Emma said to lighten the mood.

“Gabriela,” the girl said. “I hate being called Gabby.” Emma nodded and sat next to her.

“So Gabriela, what’s going on? You look sad.”

“My parents didn’t make the game again. They say what’s the point since I never play. They think I should quit.”

Emma replied “Don’t quit. Even if you don’t play, you’re still part of the team. You share in our victories. That’s worth something.”

The girl shook her head, she had tears in her eyes. For some reason she trusted Emma. “I had to leave my last school. They found out I was a lesbian and I got bullied until I couldn’t stand it. Now I’m afraid to make friends, afraid it will happen again.” She got a worried look. “Don’t tell anybody.”

“I won’t tell anybody. I’m a lesbian too. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Gabriela looked at her with wide eyes.

“You’re a lesbian? But you’re so popular and everything.”

Holly popped around the corner. “And yet she’s still a lesbian. In fact, she’s my favorite lesbian.” Holly kissed Emma on the mouth then sat on the other side of Gabriela “We’re a couple.”

“You’re a lesbian too?” Gabriela seemed to be having a hard time processing the idea that there were other lesbians in school.

Holly laughed. “No, I am an impetuous slut if you listen to Emma. I swing both ways.”

Emma held Gabriela’s hand. “Are your parents coming to pick you up?”

“Not for a couple hours. They’re working overtime.”

“Well, give them a call and tell them we’ll bring you home. We can hang out together until then.” Emma rubbed the girl’s back. Gabriela put her head on Emma’s shoulder.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” asked Holly. “Maybe we could double date.” Emma knew she meant ‘maybe we could have a foursome’.

“No. I dated a girl once but it didn’t work out.” Gabriela started crying.

Holly, the risk taker, took a risk. She embraced the girl and began to caress her. The girl shrunk away a little but Holly didn’t stop.

“I bet you’d feel better after a good fuck.” Gabriela looked at her like she was crazy but edged a little closer.

Holly ran her hand up between the girl’s breasts. She slid her hand down over one of the saggy tits and toyed with the nipple. The girl sighed a little. Holly bent down and sucked on the nipple. Her hand went down over the hip and along the outside of her thigh.

There was another sigh and Gabriela spread her legs a little. “Ever have a threesome?” asked Emma.

“I never even had a twosome.” replied the girl. Holly’s hand was on the inside of her thigh, almost to her pussy. Gabriela didn’t know what to do. She wanted more but they were in the gym locker room. What if somebody came in?

Now Emma was toying with a nipple. “Why don’t you come home with us? We can talk.” Emma reached for Gabriela’s blouse. “Or do whatever.”

Holly and Emma dressed the girl in her blouse and skirt. They put her panties and bra in her gym bag. “You don’t really need those.”

There was a fight over who would drive and who would sit with Gabriela Holly agreed to drive for once to please her lover. Emma and Gabriela got in the back seat. It was only a ten minute drive home. Emma kissed Gabriela a few times and rubbed her hand along the girl’s bare leg.

They parked and went inside. Miss Burton was sitting at the table naked. Gabriela’s eyes widened at the sight of her teacher. The teacher said ‘hi’ like nothing was unusual.

Jack was cooking dinner. “Charlie and Becky are in my room. The lifeguard and his girlfriend. Don’t wake them.”

Inside Holly’s room, Gabriela asked, “Why is Miss Burton naked in your house?”

“She’s lives with us. We’re always naked in the house. But you can’t say anything.”

Holly and Emma undressed the girl and laid her in the middle of the bed. One lay on each side of her. They started kissing her, starting with her mouth. The kisses went on her neck and shoulders. Holly and Emma each sucked on a tit.

Gabriela was sighing and rubbing her thighs together. Sex was supposed to be good but this was extra good. The two girls kissed her stomach and her pubes. They each put one of Gabriela’s legs behind their heads. The girl’s pussy and ass lay exposed.

Gabriela reached down and was caressing both heads. “Touch my pussy,” she said. Emma started to rub and massage around the lips. Holly caressed the girl’s ass and floated her fingers up and down the crack.

Gabriela’s breathing was shallow. She was aroused. She was hoping more would happen. It did.

Emma parted the long curled pussy lips and put a single finger inside the slit. The girl was very wet. Emma’s finger slid up and down. She tapped on the end of the clit and Gabriela groaned.

Holly held one leg with her hand and began to kiss the girl’s breast and tongue her nipple. Her other hand was trapped but she rubbed as much of the ass as she could reach.

Emma removed her finger and replaced it with her tongue. She flicked the clit and probed into the hole. She sucked on the wetness. Gabriela made little satisfied noises.

Emma put a finger in the pussy hole. It was tight. She slowly moved in and out, not going too deep so she didn’t tear the hymen. Gabriela thrust her hips up, trying to get more.

Emma sucked on the clit and pushed her finger in faster. She forced a second finger in. Holly pinched Gabriela’s nipple and the girl came. The fluid that came out was clear and flowed easily. Emma lapped it up. Gabriela continued to cum.

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Coworker Transformation

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“I just want to feel you,” she breathed. “Please, I just need to feel you inside me. It’s our last chance. I want you to show me what you know.”

We were just inside her hotel room. The door had barely closed behind us and her hands were fumbling at my belt, while I kissed her deeply between her words. It was late and we had been drinking for a while in the hotel bar. I could taste the cosmopolitans on her lips as they met mine and her tongue as it slid into my mouth.

When we got to the room, I had been dressed in a suit, but my jacket was now crumpled on the floor. My tie was next to it and my shirt was untucked and partially unbuttoned. Her skirt was hiked over her hips and my hands were on her ass, pulling her as close to me as I could. Her blouse was already partially unbuttoned and I could see the silky, lacy white bra underneath.

I knew this was wrong, but I didn’t care. This was something I had wanted for a long time.

It had been several months since my breakup with Laura. I’d had sex with a couple of women since then, but I had been attracted to Melissa for years. I had dreamed of this moment.

At just about 5′ 2″, she was not tall by any standard, but her body was well proportioned. She had pale skin, the kind that burned after almost any sun exposure, and freckles on her nose and shoulders. Her eyes were a deep green and her hair was a simple reddish-brown shoulder length that she sometimes pulled back in a ponytail. She had a narrow waist and curvy hips, and her breasts were small and perky. A former tennis player, she was still pretty athletic, though perhaps not as muscular as she had been in college. Her smile was quick and genuine, and it lit up her eyes.

Melissa and I worked in the same department at a non-profit organization. One of our team of six’s main duties was planning and executing the organization’s annual week-long member conference, which was (at the time) the largest of its kind in our region of the country.

This was not a small task. It took a full year of planning, including a lot of late nights. As a result, my team became very close. When you spend that much time on a common goal, you’re almost guaranteed to either adore or despise each other. Luckily, we all got along well and became genuine friends. None of us had kids at that point, so we hung out together a lot outside of work, as well. Despite the work, it was a fun time.

Melissa was engaged to a man she met in college. He was a very good guy and would later become very successful in his chosen career. She loved him very much. However, he was also the only man she had ever been with sexually. Before college, she was a virgin, never having given so much as a hand job. In more than one drunken late-night conversation, she had confessed that he was boring in bed and that she regretted not having more sexual experiences before settling down.

This particular year, in addition to helping plan our annual conference, she was also planning her wedding, which was scheduled for just three weeks after the close of our conference in January. The stress of planning both events was considerable and there had been times this year when many of us thought she might actually crack under the pressure.

Melissa and I had always been flirty and it intensified considerably when we had been drinking. When drunk, she would sometimes sit in my lap and tell me how much she loved me or wonder aloud why some lucky girl hadn’t snatched me up. She always had her arms around me or would lay her head on my shoulder and snuggle in. This was considerably different than her sober demeanor. Under normal circumstances, she was quite reserved and was not physically affectionate at all.

One of our big traditions at the annual conference was that, on the last night of the conference, those of us who planned it would go out together to one of the hotel bars and, for lack of a better term, get really shitty. The conference attendees would have all gone home and all that was left for the next morning was to pack our supplies and materials onto the truck and hit the road. So our night out was our way of blowing off the steam from the stress of planning such a huge and complicated event. It was also our reward for not killing our boss, who is to this day one of the worst people I’ve ever known.

Given antep escort the dual stresses of wedding AND conference planning, Melissa was really letting go. She consumed several cosmopolitans (a lot for her size) and she was in rare form. As the night rolled on, our teammates slowly drifted off to their rooms to sleep. Finally, as 2 a.m. approached, it was just Melissa and me left in the bar.

We were in a semi-hidden booth toward the back of the room. She had been extremely flirty all evening, grabbing my ass twice when I got up to go to the bathroom and even whispering to me with her hand on my thigh how good I looked in my suit.

With everyone gone, she was leaning against me, her feet up on the cushion, arm around my shoulder. From past talks, she knew that I had played around a bit before any serious relationships. She had begun asking me about sexual partners and whether I thought it was important for someone to have a lot of experience before they married.

She again confessed that sex with her fiancé was boring and unfulfilling. She was worried that it would be that way for the rest of her life.

Suddenly she looked at me intensely, eyes locked to mine.

“You’ve been with a lot of different women,” she said with a devious grin. “What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve done?”

Despite my obvious writing for this sub, I’m not usually one to kiss and tell, and I was hesitant to just blurt out some of the things I’ve done, especially to someone for whom a blow job with swallowing was “out there.”

I laughed nervously.

“Well, that’s kinda complicated,” I said. “What’s dirty to one person is pretty normal to another.”

I grinned back at her.

“Why don’t you ask me some specific things, and I’ll tell you whether I’ve done it or not.”

She blushed immediately.

“Oh … well … I don’t … I don’t even know where to begin,” she stammered and looked away.

“C’mon … ask me,” I prodded. “I promise I’ll be honest. And I promise I won’t judge you.”

Picking up her martini glass, she brought it to her lips and drained the last swallow. Looking at me again, I could see her blushing even harder. But I could see something else in her eyes. She wanted to hear about it. She wanted to know what I had done. The blush wasn’t just about embarrassment. She was a little turned on.

“Umm … ok … have you ever … ummm … have you ever done it … outside?” Her eyes darted down as she asked.

“I have!,” I replied. “A few times while camping, a couple of times at outside parties, and once, on the hood of a car on the side of a road after a Grateful Dead concert.”

“ON THE ROAD?!?!,” she gasped? “What if someone had seen you?”

“Well, I think that’s kinda the fun of it,” I laughed. “Part of you … I dunno … WANTS to get caught, you know? It’s part of the thrill.”

She leaned in closer, then. Her face just inches from mine.

“You’re very dirty,” she accused, seriously. Then she smiled. “Keep talking.”

“If you think THAT’S dirty, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” I said, with a devilish grin. “Ask me another.”

“Have you ever … you know … had a … threesome?”

I laughed again.

“I have,” I said, matter-of-factly. “In fact, as of this date, I’ve had four threesomes. Three with two women and one with a girl and her boyfriend.”

“OH MY GOD!,” she yelled, forcing the bartender to look in our direction with a disapproving glance. “YOU HAD SEX WITH A GUY?”

“No, no, no, ” I replied, laughing at the look of astonishment on her face. “It was a girl I knew who wanted to have sex with me and her boyfriend at the same time. The guy and I never touched each other …” I looked at her hesitantly before finishing my sentence. “… except when our legs were touching when we were both inside her.”

She sat back, stunned.

“How … how could you BOTH be inside her at the same time?,” she asked with real bewilderment in her eyes.

“Are you sure you want to hear this?,” I asked. I could see that she did. She was breathing harder now and her blush had turned into a full-fledged flush.


“Ok … well … he was lying on the bed and she was riding him,” I said. “He was in her … you know … in her pussy.”

She winced slightly at the word, but also bit her lip. She was enjoying this, despite her discomfort.

“He was in her pussy, and I was in … her ass,” I said.

Talking about this with her was starting to get to me. I found I wanted to tell her more. I wanted to see how hot I could get her, how far we could take it. I was getting very hard, despite the alcohol I had consumed.

“JESUS!,” she exclaimed. “YOU’RE REALLY FUCKING DIRTY!” She shoved me against the back of the booth, playfully, and leaned in close. She turned toward me and slid into my lap, straddling one of my legs. Her skirt pulled up slightly and I could feel heat radiating from between her legs.

Her right leg slid up my thigh, her knee pressing lightly into my crotch. There was no way for me to hide my hardness from her.

“Ohhhh … you really ARE dirty,” she whispered, rubbing her knee against my cock through the thin layer of my suit pants. “Keep talking.”

Her mouth was just inches from mine and I could feel her breath on my lips. I decided to push it a little farther.

“You want more? I’ll tell you more,” I whispered back. “How about the time I fucked my girlfriend on the top of a parking garage during a thunderstorm? The lightning was flashing everywhere and the rain was drenching us. She was bent over the hood of my truck with her jeans around her ankles, and I fucked her from behind until I pulled out and came all over her ass.”

For the first time, she actually moaned quietly and grinded on my leg a little.

“Ohhhhhh,” she whisper-moaned. “That’s soooo fucking hot.”

“Mmmhmm. And what about the time I got a blowjob from a girl in my car outside a bar where my band was playing?,” I asked, sliding my hands over her hips. “Do you want to hear about that?”

“Yes … please.” She was unabashedly rubbing her pussy against my leg now.

“She was such a dirty girl,” I whispered, my lips brushing hers. “She pulled me out of the club between sets and sucked my cock in the back of my car while I played with her huge tits. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.”

Melissa moaned again. I was beginning to think she might cum right there in the bar.

“And then I went back inside and finished my show,” I whispered in her ear. “Afterwards, I took her back to her place and fucked her until almost sunrise. When we woke up, I fucked her again in her bed and in her shower.”

“Mmmm GOD,” she moaned. “Keep talking.”

“I have so many stories,” I whispered, my lips brushing hers again. “Do you want to hear about the time I fucked my manager on her desk when I worked at the record store? Or maybe about the time my date jerked me off while we were standing in the crowd at an outdoor concert?”

“Yessss,” she breathed. “I want to hear it all.”

Suddenly, I became aware of another presence. Looking up, I saw the bartender standing next to our table. She looked uncomfortable, but also like she’d dealt with this before.”

“Okay, folks … I think it’s time to take this party somewhere else, you know?”

Melissa jerked as if she’d been given an electric shock and stood quickly, pulling her skirt down.

“C’mon … we need to go,” she said, grabbing my hand and trying to drag me along with her. I pulled $100 out of my wallet and threw it on the table to cover our tab and allowed myself to be pulled out of the bar.

In the elevator, she was on me again, pushing me against the back wall. There were mirrors all around us.

“Keep talking,” she said, smiling. “I want to be a dirty girl like that. I want you to make me dirty.”

Then she kissed me, long, deep and slow. Her tongue found its way into my mouth and I welcomed it with my own. She reached down and started to massage my hard cock through my pants.

“I want … this,” she said as she squeezed.

And so I talked as the elevator took us to the 11th floor, where our rooms were. I gave her all the filthy details I could think of. With one arm around around my neck pulling my mouth to hers and her other hand groping my cock, she moaned with each new revelation.

When the doors opened, she pulled me quickly out and down the hall to her front door. As she worked to get the key card in the lock, I pushed her from behind into the door and slid my hand between her legs. Her panties were soaking wet.

“Ohh god, yes,” she whimpered, pushing her ass against me as my fingers worked. And then the door was open and we were almost falling in.

My jacket came off quickly and her blouse was open almost magically. She pulled my tie loose and pulled it over my head. I hiked her skirt up over her hips and grabbed her ass, pulling her close. Her hands moved to my belt.

“I just want to feel you,” she breathed. “Please, I just need to feel you inside me. It’s our last chance. I want you to show me what you know.”

With my belt undone, she pulled my pants to the floor. My underwear went with them and my cock stood rigid in the semi-darkness.

She dropped to her knees and took it in her hand. All semblances of her shyness were now gone. She looked up at me, her eyes locking to mine.

“Keep talking,” she demanded. And then she slid my cock into her mouth, taking it all in one slow move.

And so I talked. I wracked my brain to remember every kinky and semi-kinky thing I’d ever done. She sucked my cock with abandon, moaning on it as the details of my sex life poured out. Occasionally, I would remind her that she was such a dirty girl, too. The first time I called her a slut, she moaned so loud that I was afraid the people in the next room would call security.

Finally, I pulled her up to me and kissed her again. I pulled her shirt over her head as she slipped out of her skirt. Her bra and panties were off quickly as I pulled off my own shirt and kicked off my shoes and socks. I brought her to the bed and laid her down on her back. I was on top of her quickly and my hands moved all over her.

I kissed down her body, lingering at her breasts. Her breath was coming hard now, her chest heaving. Her nipples were hard and she moaned as I sucked and teased them. Her hands were in my hair, pushing me into her breasts.

Pulling gently away, I moved down further, sliding my face between her legs. My tongue found her opening quickly and I started lapping gently at the juices there before sliding it inside her. She tensed up then and, when I moved to her clit, she came quickly and hard, her legs wrapping around my head to keep my tongue in place.

“Mmmmm, the dirty girl likes to have her pussy eaten, doesn’t she?”

“Yes,” she moaned. “God, yes. I’m your little slut tonight. I want to be your slut.”

And then she was pulling me up to her. Our mouths met in a deep kiss. She reached down and stroked my throbbing cock, finally guiding me inside her and gasping loudly as I entered.

She was so tight, but so wet that I was in without any effort at all. I could feel her pulling at me, holding me there. Her grip was enormous as I moved in and out of her. She moved with me, grinding her pussy against my cock.

“Fuck me,” she cried loudly. “Fuck me like a dirty girl.”

I moved faster then, sensing that I was getting close to cumming. She matched my pace and I knew that she was close again, too. Plunging deep and with more force, I could feel her juices all over me, coating my cock. She was tensing and she moaned loudly as she came again.

“Ohhhh jesus fucking christ,” she yelled. “Fuck, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

And that was all it took to push me over the edge. As her orgasm rocked her body, I pushed inside her three more times before pulling out and exploding onto her stomach and chest. Her hand moved to her clit and she continued to cum, writhing as the hot ropes splashed onto her breasts.

I collapsed beside her on the bed and she rolled over on top of me, the cum running down her stomach and onto me.

We laid like that for a while, until I was hard again, and then I was inside her again. After we both came again, we cleaned up as best we could and slept, exhausted.

We fucked again in the morning in the enormous glass and tile shower. She begged me to cum in her mouth and I did. She swallowed it all and kissed me deeply afterward so I could taste us both.

And, when I dressed and went back to my room, that was the end of it. We helped to pack the truck and then headed home. She married her fiancé the following month and we never spoke again of that night.

I left that job a couple of years later. The team got me a nice card that everyone signed with wishes of good luck in the future, etc.

She signed it last. It read, simply, “Keep talking. Love, Melissa”.

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Bachelorette Party Confession

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It’s important to understand that my wife and I are swingers. We’ve been in the lifestyle for about ten years at this point and I’ve enjoyed watching her with other men on several occasions (she’s enjoyed seeing me with the wives of those men). We were married for about five years before I told her of my fantasy to watch her take or be taken by another man. It was another five years after that before she admitted she’d love it too and we decided to try it out. When we discovered the spark it added to our sex life at home, we kept experimenting and expanding our sexual play until we were attending house parties and hotel parties and swapping with other couples. Each of us had had playmates we enjoyed alone but we never kept secrets from each other. That was one of our rules going in: we never hid anything from each other. No secrets. No betrayals. Complete honesty. Our marriage was stronger than ever and even though we’d been married over 20 years, our sex life was still hot and active.

So you can imagine, it came as quite a surprise to me one evening when my wife (Dana) turned to me and said, “I have a confession to make.”

I thought she was teasing me to come up with some sexy story – fictional as it may be – about some random fuck she’d enjoyed. So I joked back, “Okay… go ahead. Gonna tell me how many guys you entertained while I was on travel?”

Her response was serious and I realized she wasn’t teasing or joking. “No,” she said quietly. “I’ve been keeping something from you and while it happened before we were married, we’ve been so open and come so far in our marriage because of our honesty… I just feel like I need to tell you this.”

I could see she was nervous and worried and I couldn’t figure out why. There was little she could ever tell me she’d done that would upset me in any way, but there was obviously something she needed to share and I wanted her to feel comfortable doing so. “It’s okay, baby,” I told her. “You know you can tell me anything and I can’t imagine anything you could have done that would upset me.” I thought about that for a moment. We had very few rules but two of them were fixed in stone: no pregnancy and no disease. Unless we had confirmed a man as clean and cut (vasectomy) he HAD to wear protection for all intercourse. Had Dana broken one of our fixed rules? Was my wife about to tell me she was pregnant or had picked up something we didn’t want? Now I was getting nervous. I stayed quiet so Dana could tell me whatever it was.

“Do you remember when I told you that my bachelorette party had been nothing more than some drinking and dancing at a couple different bars?” Dana asked me. I knew she didn’t really require an answer but nodded my head. I had heard the story of her bachelorette party many times. She and two of her closest friends had bar-hopped three or four different local bars in the area where she’d grown up. They’d had a few drinks, but not so much as to be sloppy drunk, had danced a lot and had gone home. At least… that’s what I’d always been told. Why was she bringing this up now?

“Well,” Dana said, “That’s not exactly true… and I want to tell you the truth.”

“Okay,” I said evenly. “I’m listening.”

“Please understand,” she said, “I feel bad for having lied to you back then and for not having come clean all these years. I was always afraid of what you’d think of me and even after we got into the lifestyle I was scared you’d be mad that I hid the truth at all.”

“Baby,” I said, hugging her closer, “it’s okay. Whatever you did… whatever happened… it hasn’t mattered all these years and it hasn’t had any kind of negative impact on our marriage. We’re fine. In fact, I’m always happy to listen, but I’ve never known what happened that night, and I still don’t need to know. As long as you’re okay…” I let my voice trail away. I had given her an out but I desperately hoped she wouldn’t take it.

“No,” she replied. “I need to tell you this…” And then she smiled. “And I think you’re going to enjoy hearing it to be honest…”

– – –

Dana was an athletic brunette in her mid-20s. She had always been athletic, having played sports all through junior and high school and, after having her first child right before her 21st birthday, her curves had filled out a bit more and her chest grew a cup size to a soft C. Her brown hair was shoulder length and matched her brown eyes perfectly. She had always been a bit of a party girl but it had been restricted to drinking and dancing all through high school. The guy she’d first had sex with ended up getting her pregnant at 20 and then bailed out just a week before the baby was born. As a single mom, Dana leaned on her parents for assistance in caring for her son as she worked a full time job and a part time job. It was a rare occasion when she got to go out with friends. She had had just one boyfriend since her son was born but he hadn’t lasted. He was okay as a boyfriend and not terrible in bed, but gaziantep bayan escort he sucked as dad material for her son and that had to be taken into consideration.

Then she met Dave. He was about five years older than her and had excellent parental instincts. Although he had no children of his own, he’d been married and was now divorced. Dana had met him at her part time job, where he had also worked seasonally part time, and they became friends. They didn’t date for quite a while but when they did start dating it got hot and heavy pretty quick. They were on their third date before having sex, but by the time they’d been dating about six months they were engaged and a year later they’d be getting married.

As the wedding date approached, Dana found herself thinking about the fact that she’d only had sex with three guys: her son’s biological father, her short term boyfriend before dating Dave, and Dave. Of the three, Dave was by far the best lover she’d had and she enjoyed that he was very open-minded. He enjoyed going down on her a lot, was considerate when she went down on him, and knew how to use his above-average cock when it came to giving her pussy a good fucking. Yes, they made love, but they both recognized that sometimes “making love” was an energetic and animalistic fuck that satisfied the primal needs.

It was usually after those more physical fuck sessions that Dana found herself wondering about other guys. She wondered what different dicks would feel like… She’d seen porn with curved ones, bigger ones, thicker ones. Dave was more than enough to satisfy her and in some positions he had to be gentle until she got relaxed and used to his size, but she knew there were bigger out there. What would that feel like sliding into her? Stretching her open? She knew how Dave felt fucking her hard and fast from behind, holding her hips and just pounding his cock into her. Did other guys feel the same? On the one hand her curiosities made her feel ashamed. What kind of slut dreamed about other cocks when she had a loving talented fiancé? On the other hand, her pussy throbbed and got dripping wet just thinking about taking those other cocks.

Dana’s two best friends were Sherri – a buxom raven haired beauty – and Tina – a tall slender red head. Sherri was married the year before and Tina was an avowed single woman who played the field and bragged about it. While Sherri would often brag about how nice it was to have the same man in her bed every night, Tina would offset that with stories of a different man each weekend, if not numerous times through the week. Tina’s stories of having two men at a time, and the one time she took on three guys all together, just made Dana’s pussy juice up and her clit tingle. Dana loved Dave and enjoyed few things more than falling asleep cuddled up in his arms (after a great bout of love making), but she found herself wondering what it would be like to have three guys lined up, each fucking her pussy in turn; just using her and fucking her like a female animal made for nothing more than breeding. Her shame over such thoughts faded when she began to visualize herself sucking some stranger’s hard cock while Dave was fucking her roughly doggy style.

As Dana’s wedding date approached, Sherri and Tina made it known that they were conspiring to set up a bachelorette party for her. Sherri was pushing for a “girls’ night” out that would involve some drinking and dancing and maybe some harmless flirting. Tina made it clear that if Dana didn’t get royally well fucked by someone other than Dave on the night of her bachelorette party, then something was done wrong. Tina’s plan involved drinking, dancing, and flirting that resulted in hot sex. On more than one occasion Tina voiced her outlook that no adult woman should have only experienced four cocks before marriage and certainly any woman planning on getting married should be pursuing all the strange cock she could manage before the big day. Dana remained silent when she listened to her two friends discuss the bachelorette party plans. She liked listening to Sherri talk about being faithful and just enjoying a night out. She even more enjoyed listening to Tina talk about random guys, gratuitous sex and having a sore pussy when she walked down the aisle the next day (if it was timed right).

As things worked out, Dana’s bachelorette party was the weekend before her wedding – a full seven days before, so she wouldn’t be sore walking down the aisle no matter what she did… or didn’t do. Verbally she’d indicated her approval of Sherri’s plan to drink and dance and have fun within reason. Silently she had been cheering for Tina’s plan and was ashamed of the fact that she loved the idea of finding a handsome stranger to suck and fuck thoroughly as a last fling before getting hitched.

When the Saturday of her party finally arrived, Dana had lunch with Dave and reassured him that nothing illicit would happen that evening. Dave had chuckled, encouraged her to have fun, be safe and “get it all out of her system.” She had wondered exactly what he meant by that but took it as permission to do whatever she’d like… as long as she was safe. That evening she dressed to show off her curves in a tight pair of well-worn jeans (with no panties so no lines would show), a bra that held her breasts up high and together for plenty of cleavage, and a shirt buttoned low to insure that all the cleavage could be seen. She put on her makeup lightly and, feeling like a total slut, but just to be safe, stopped at the drug store for a three pack of condoms that she dropped in her purse. She had no intention of needing them but also was honest with herself about all her fantasies and wondering thoughts. She couldn’t say for sure that if the opportunity arose she would say no, so she bought protection just in case she gave into that baser side of herself.

Dana’s parents were babysitting her son and knew she’d be out late. She hugged and kissed her son goodbye, told him to behave, and then went out to hop in Sherri’s car when she heard the horn honk in the driveway around seven. Tina was in the backseat and Dana got the shotgun seat as they headed out. The first stop was a restaurant with a great bar where they could eat a good meal (to get plenty of food in their stomachs) as well as the first round or two of drinks. After that it was off to their first dance bar location for another round and to start their evening of dancing.

They took their time at the restaurant and didn’t head to the first dance location until about nine. After one round of drinks (their third for the evening) and dancing to several songs, they headed to the next dance bar about 10:30. At about midnight, after plenty more dancing and another two rounds of drinks, Sherri started talking about how it was time to wrap the night up. Tina scoffed at the idea saying that it was Dana’s last night out as a “free woman” and it would be sinful to end it before the bar closed. That sparked a mild argument between Sherri and Tina that only ended when Sherri finally looked at Dana and asked, “It’s your night. What do YOU want to do?”

Dana knew the right thing to do was to call it a night and head home. The drinks had been spread out and Sherri was probably okay to drive. They’d had fun dancing, had flirted with a few guys and generally enjoyed being silly. For all that, Dana kept thinking about the three condoms in her purse and how she’d been hoping that she’d at least have gotten some kisses or gropes during her bachelorette celebration. So far all she’d gotten was a dance with one guy who barely touched her below the waist, even as they were slow dancing.

Looking at Sherri she said, “I’m not really ready to head home yet.” Looking over at Tina and then back at Sherri she continued, “Why don’t you go on and head home. I know your husband is waiting and he won’t want you out late. Tina and I can take cabs home when we’re ready.”

Sherri looked back and forth between Dana and Tina and then asked, “You sure? I feel kinda bad bailing out on your bachelorette party.”

“I’m sure,” giggled Dana, stepping in to give her friend a hug. “Go on home and wear out your hubby. We’ll be fine.”

Sherri hugged Dana back and then stepped over to hug Tina as well. “Okay,” she said. “You guys have fun but behave!”

“Oh, we won’t!” laughed Tina back. It sounded like a joke but Sherri suspected it might not be. Oh well, she thought. It wasn’t her problem. It’s not like Dana was married anyway… yet. Once Sherri had left, Dana and Tina got back on the dance floor and the change in the energy was immediately noticeable. Without Sherri there, for whatever reason, the guys started approaching Dana and Tina more. They were taking turns dancing with different guys, switching off, dancing with multiple guys and then taking breaks for fresh drinks.

About a half hour after Sherri had left… almost one in the morning, Tina leaned into Dana and said, “We’ve got one more place to hit. Let’s go grab a taxi.” Dana nodded okay and off they went. The next dance bar was a little further into the city and looked a little more upscale. Dana asked Tina if she was dressed nice enough in her jeans and blouse and Tina assured her she was fine. “I come here pretty often,” said Tina. “They know me. We won’t have any problems at all.” Sure enough the bouncer at the door recognized Tina, gave her a big hug, shook Dana’s hand when Tina introduced them and then he waved them through without even asking to see their IDs.

Inside, Dana immediately noticed that the crowd was much thicker with a lot more people on the dance floor. It was plenty big enough to accommodate the swirl of gyrating bodies and there was lots of seating at low tables around the outside edge of the room. Tina led Dana over to the bar where she introduced her to the bartender, Joe. The ladies left their purses with Joe, who secured them behind the bar, and then went straight out to the dance floor.

Dana and Tina began dancing to the heavy beat they could almost feel through the floor and within just a few minutes four guys had danced over and were dancing around them. All four guys appeared to be about the same age as Dana and Tina and all of them were well-built decent looking guys. The guys were suave enough not to just immediately start dancing close to the women, but took their time dancing around in the area, then slowly closing distance, and seeing no negative reaction, gradually got closer. Eventually the four men split into two pairs and each pair began focusing on a woman. Tina found herself dancing between two guys, each a bit taller than her five foot seven inch frame, both of them built well, clean shaven and displaying enough rhythm to dance well. At one point, the guy in front of her leaned in to shout in her ear over the loud music. “I’m John,” he shouted. “My buddy behind you is Larry.”

“I’m Dana,” she shouted back, getting a nod from John in response and then they went back to dancing. When the fast song stopped and a slow song started, Dana figured she would have to choose which one she wanted to dance with, if either of them was interested. She was somewhat shocked as John stepped into her, putting his arms around her waist. She instinctively raised her arms to clasp her hands behind his neck. The real surprise came when she felt another set of hands at her sides, just above John’s arms that were circling her waist, and she felt Larry’s body press in close behind her. With a slight giggle, she thought to herself that Larry’s cock pressing against her ass would keep John’s hands from playing with it.

John felt her giggle, although the music was still too loud to hear it, and he leaned in to ask her what she thought was funny. Reaching her mouth up close to his ear she said, “I was just thinking… sorry you can’t get a handful of my ass unless you want to also be rubbing against your buddy’s crotch.” John didn’t say anything but looked over her shoulder. The next thing Dana knew, the pressure of Larry’s body had backed off just a bit, and John’s hands dropped, each of them filling with a handful of her ass cheeks.

“Like this?” John asked with a smile in his voice and a twinkle in his eye.

“You guys have done this before, haven’t you?” asked Dana with a smile of her own. She was enjoying the feeling of John’s big hands squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks. As she spoke, she intentionally pressed her chest a little harder against his and pulled her hands tighter around his neck.

“A few times,” he admitted. His hands left her ass and Larry’s body returned to being pressed against her. She noted that Larry’s hands seemed to be pulling her harder back now and, as if in a coordinated play, John’s hands on her hips were pushing her ass back at Larry’s pressed forward crotch. She could feel his bulge against her butt and was liking all of the sensation overload she was experiencing.

The song ended and Dana pushed John away gently, pushing back into Larry as she did so, but he got the hint and backed off too. “I need a potty break,” she said to John. “Be right back.”

“I hope so!” he replied with a smile. Before he let her go he leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips. It wasn’t a passionate kiss by any means. It was a quick tentative kiss at best… but it was a kiss, and the first she’d had from any man other than her fiancé, Dave, in well over a year. It startled her… but also left her thinking about kissing John in a more intense fashion. Pushing out from between John and Larry, Dana looked over at Tina who was sandwiched similarly between the other two guys. Reaching out, she grabbed Tina’s hand and pulled her away, startling Tina. Together the two women went off to the ladies’ room. Dana really did need to pee and she wanted some insight into what was going on… or what Tina’s intentions were before the night went any farther.

In the bathroom Tina smiled a big smile at Dana and asked, “Having fun?”

“Oh, yeah,” replied Dana with a big smile of her own. “But this is all new to me. Do you know these guys?”

“Not Biblically,” laughed Tina, “But I’ve seen them in here plenty of times. I’ve danced with them a few times. They seem like nice guys and a lot of fun.”

“Uh huh,” said Dana, trying to get her thoughts straight. “They feel nice to dance with… but do you have a plan for the night? I’m assuming it’s just dancing but from the stories you’ve told in the past, I’m not thinking that’s a safe assumption.”

Tina thought for a few minutes, looking at Dana carefully. Her neck was flushed, her nipples erect and she seemed to be enjoying the situation so far. Putting on a serious face and tone of voice she gave Dana a straight answer. “The night can hold whatever you want. If you want to just dance with these guys until you’re ready to go home, that’s cool. If you want to let other stuff happen, that’s cool too. My place is always available.”

“Other stuff?” Dana asked with raised eyebrows.

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Getting to Know the Neighbors

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I was driving down my street one day after work. I saw a moving van parked a couple of doors down. Someone was moving into the Thompson place. It had been vacant for a long time. I changed into a comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went down to offer my help. Walking up the lawn next to the van, I saw someone coming out of the garage. I said,

“Hello, I saw you as I drove by and thought I could lend a hand.”

A tall muscular man with a black goatee extended his hand and said,

“Hi, yeah we are a few bodies short. We would appreciate a little help. My name is Rick. The man carrying the television is Jack, a guy I work with. My wife is in the house trying to arrange a few things.”

I helped Rick move in a couch. Going in the door, I glanced towards the kitchen. Rick’s wife was unloading some boxes. She was tall with broad shoulders. She had long blond hair. She was wearing a loose fitting sweatshirt and baggy blue jeans. Looking her way, I almost dropped my end of the couch. I thought she was beautiful. Setting the couch down Rick said,

“Hon this is Tim. He lives down the street. He came down to give us a hand.”

Rick looked at me and continued,

“That’s my wife, Jan.”

We each said hello and continued working. We worked until past midnight. We had everything moved in and a few things arranged.

After Rick and Jan lived there almost a year, we had become good friends. Jan worked as a receptionist at a car dealership. Rick worked for a bank. Both our jobs kept us busy. We did find time to play tennis and racquetball on weekends.

One Saturday morning after playing tennis, Rick and I were resting on a bench at the side of the court. Rick looked at me and said,

“I have something kind of odd to ask you. Jan and I have been thinking about having a threesome. It has been a fantasy of mine to make love to my wife while she is sucking another man. We want this third person to be someone we know, but not someone from work.”

I stood there speechless. I was excited, but I didn’t know what to say. Finally I said,

“Sure that sounds interesting. Jan is very beautiful.”

When Rick dropped me off after tennis, he said,

I will finalize everything with Jan and call you later.”

Rick called after I got out of the shower, everything was set. I was going over there at seven. I had a small dinner, watched some college football and relaxed until then.

I arrived right at seven. gaziantep bayan escort Rick answered the door. Motioning to the hall, he said,

Jan is changing she will be out in a minute.”

We went into the living room. Rick and I talked while waiting for Jan.

A few minutes later Jan came out. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of green cotton shorts. Her hips and thighs were large. My mouth started to water thinking about seeing her naked. I could feel my cock swell in my shorts as we said hello. Being tall, her thighs seemed to go forever. Her calves were muscular. I have seen her several times since they moved in checking the mail or coming in from work. Weather it was a business suit, blue jeans or shorts I always loved to stop what I was doing and check out her beautiful body. I was admiring her body so much I slipped into a daydream. She started saying something that woke me up. The three of us sat in the living room talking for a few minutes. Rick looked at Jan then me and said,

“Well let’s go into the bedroom.”

I followed Rick and Jan into their bedroom. There was a king size bed against a far wall. Standing at the foot of the bed, Rick reached for the bottom of Jan’s shirt. Pulling it up, they took it off. Her breasts were round. They were medium sized firm breast with large nipples. I quit staring when she started pulling down her shorts. Leaving her underwear on she said,

“Now you guys have to take something off.”

Rick and I quickly undressed. Throwing my underwear on my pile of clothes, I felt funny standing there naked. I looked over at Rick. His cock was large. I guessed maybe nine inches.

He leaned over to suck on Jan’s left tit. He quit long enough for them to lie down. I got on the other side and started sucking her other tit. Jan seemed to enjoy the attention. Rick reached for Jan’s pussy. He delicately masturbated the folds of her pussy. She started getting wet. With Rick’s hand down there, I moved to lick her pussy. Sometimes I licked Rick’s fingers, which seemed odd.

Rick nudged my cheek. I knew what he wanted and moved to the head of the bed. Jan moved onto her stomach. She raised her hips to give Rick a better angle. I watched her reach towards her pussy, she wanted to feel Rick’s cock as it entered. Jan turned around to me. She started playing with my cock and balls. She then started sucking my cock. The slurping noises really turned me on.

She stopped sucking my cock to let out a moan of pleasure. I looked back at Rick, he was pumping harder and harder. Before I knew it Jan was back sucking my cock. I was close to cumming. I was about to say something, when Rick let out a loud moan and said,

“Oh god I’m cumming!”

I could tell Jan was cumming again. She moaned louder then before. Rick rolled next to me. He watched Jan masturbate me faster and sucked my cock with more intensity. Within a short time I started cumming. Jan swallowed some of my juice and some dribbled down her chin.

The three of us relaxed on the bed. After a few minutes, Jan looked at Rick and said,

“Well was the reality as good as the fantasy?”

Not even thinking about his answer, Rick said

“Yeah and then some.”

Jan volunteered to get us something to drink, and got up to head into the kitchen. I grinned as I admired her body. Being large with a large bone structure, she had a big butt. I started to daydream about being between those luscious thighs. When she returned, she handed Rick and I a beer. With a sly look at Rick, she said,

“We lived your fantasy, now I want to see you fulfill a little fantasy of mine.”

A little leery, he asked,

“and what would that be?”

Jan set her beer down and crawled on the bed. Looking at me then Rick she answered,

“I want to see you suck Tim’s cock.”

Rick looked shocked. I could tell he was going to say something, but nothing came out. After a short silence, Jan said,

“Hey you guys like to see two women lick each other in the x-rated movies. Plus I was good enough to give you your fantasy.”

Rick looked at me and said,

“Okay with two conditions.” Looking at his wife, he continued, “You help me and the second condition, Tim return the favor.”

Jan agreed to give Rick a few pointer then asked me if I was willing to return the favor. I thought about it then, said “I’ve never done that before, but I suppose I could try.”

Jan looked at Rick then me and said, “Lie down and I will get Rick started.”

Jan moved to one side of me. Rick got on the other side. Jan started by grasping my cock moving her hand down she licked it, then sucked it. While starting a rhythm of sucking my cock, she moved her hand down to massage my balls. After a few more minutes of her expert sucking, she said to her husband,

“You finish, while I watch.”

Rick leaned down. Setting a hand on my thigh, his hand felt weird. I’d never had a man’s hand there before. He licked the head of my cock. He seemed timid. He licked down the under side of my cock. He moved his hand from my thigh to my balls. Rick sucking my cock. He seemed to be getting more comfortable with what he was doing. I looked over at Jan. She was sitting in a swivel rocker fingering her pussy. She seemed to be enjoying the show.

My mind went back to what Rick was doing. I was enjoying it so much; I forgot it was a man down there. I was getting close to cumming. I think Rick knew because he was moving faster. He was simultaneously sucking my cock while masturbating around the base. I started cumming. I thought about warning him, but it felt so good. I watched as he kept sucking. He swallowed some and let some roll down his chin.

Rick rolled on his back. Turning his head towards his wife, he started to say something, then just watched. Jan still had her hand between her legs. She let out a low moan and looked up. Rick asked

“Was the reality what you expected?”

At that point I started wondering if they had planned this ahead of time. I know Rick seemed shocked when she requested we fulfill her fantasy, but he could have been acting.

My thoughts were interrupted when Rick said,

“Your turn.”

I moved over to the other side of Rick; So Jan could have a better view. Rick leaned back and looked towards the ceiling. I reached down for Rick’s cock. It was large. I was almost scared. How was I going to get that in my mouth? I started slowly, I licked his balls and the base of his cock. Moving to the head, I licked a couple of times before sliding it between my lips. He was so big; I could barely fit the head in my mouth. I tried to take him deeper, but it stretched my jaw. I relaxed as he slid deeper. While I slid up and down on his cock, I played with his balls and the base of his cock. I sensed he was close to cumming and quickened my pace. I was concentrating so much on what I was doing I didn’t realize he was lightly hitting the back of my throat. I was beginning to enjoy it and decided to stop. I looked at Jan. She was watching intently

I went back to sucking Rick’s cock. I started to suck him as deep as before. I started to play with his balls again. He started to moan. I sensed he was about to cum. I started to release his cock. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. Before I could release him, he started cumming. I swallowed some and let some dribble down the length of his cock. I leaned back to lie down. After we talked about the evening, I got dressed and went home.

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Crisp Darkness

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Amber sat in her chair with a sultry attitude. Her hair was frazzled. She smelled of sex and sweat. Not 15 minutes before they had arrived, her and her guest had pulled over in a desolate spot off the highway and hopped out of the car for a quickie. After tasting him while he drove, she simply couldn’t resist a quick romp. Tristan pulled over, got out of the car and ran over to the passenger door. After opening, he took her hand and pulled her out. Flipping her around, Tristan pushed Amber against the cold car and lifted her black dress. He slipped inside and thrust hard and fast. Clouds of mist erupted from their mouths as they moaned into the night’s air. Amber’s breasts rubbed up against the cold car and her nipples were tiny pebbles filled with pleasure and aching with sensitivity. She came with a cry and had to be held down to keep Tristan’s cock inside of her. After she finally finished bucking, she turned and lowered herself. Using her mouth and her hand, Amber expertly sucked on Tristan’s cock. With only a couple of strokes, hard and slow, his cock erupted inside of her mouth. She tried to catch it all but some drizzled out onto her hand. She moaned and licked her fingers.

As she drank her water, she caught the taste of him once again and smiled. Realizing she hadn’t even glanced about the restaurant, Amber looked for her waiter, aching for a drink harder than water. Dark and romantic, the restaurant smelled of spices and was lit by candlelight. She looked into Tristan’s eyes and winked, and found the waiter approaching behind him. Watching the way he moved, she couldn’t help but be turned on again. Graceful even with his tall and strong figure, she couldn’t stop staring once her eyes had discovered him.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” he asked as he laid down two menus.

“Yes, I’ll have a rum and coke.” Amber had almost forgotten Tristan was there. “What are you going to have babe? Babe?”

Amber seemed in a daze as she stared into the waiter’s blue eyes. “I need something hard to drink. Is there anything you can suggest?”

“Personally, I love our ‘Nasty Bitch.’ It has Tequila and Cointreau orange liqueur. Hit’s like a heart attack.”

“I’ll have two.” she said as she bent over the table lending a view of her large breasts. Seeming like he didn’t even notice, he left quickly with a nod. Amber continued her stare as she watched his back move away.

“Shall I lend my napkin to you Amber?” Tristan said abruptly.

“Why?” she asked confused, her eyes finally drawn off the waiter.

“Because you’re drooling. You couldn’t take your eyes off him.”

Amber laughed uncomfortably, “I’m sorry about that Tristan, he just was a very attractive man. I’ll stop looking I swear. Now what do you want to eat?” She tried to change the subject but the aura of her wanting continued its hold.

Tristan leaned in over the table and whispered just enough so that she could hear, “Did you want to fuck him? Is your pussy wet right now Amber.” Tristan’s whispers were not those of jealousy, but arousal.

Leaning in and whispering back she said earnestly, “Yes my pussy’s wet. And yes, I want him to fuck me. I don’t know if I’m still turned on from our escapade or if it’s just the night’s air, but I can’t help my cravings” As if on cue, the waiter returned with the drinks and asked if we were prepared to order. Tristan brushed him off and told him we needed a few more minutes.

After the waiter left, Tristan leaned back in over the table and with a glint in his eye whispered once more. “Amber, if you want to get fucked, go seduce him. But fuck him nearby. I want to follow and watch.”

The antep escort thought of her seducing anyone other than Tristan was a mystery to Amber. But as the idea ran through her head, she found it more and more arousing. What would she say to grab his attention? How would he kiss, touch her, would he lick her pussy, if she’d suck his dick, how they’d fuck and in what positions, what his face would look like as he came? All of these thoughts and more raced through her mind and with the open invitation from Tristan and the idea of him watching her, she decided that this fantasy would come true. “I’ll do it. But when you watch, don’t get too close.”

Amber stood up, downed one drink followed by the other, and made her way to the restroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, she stared into her own eyes. Confused by guilt and arousal, she tried a smile. Amazingly, it was convincing. Her black dress was sultry and her makeup was in tact even after she had sucked Tristan’s cock and fucked him. Reaching into her purse, she reapplied some red lipstick. With another forced smile, she left the restroom with her guilt and looked forward to her next meeting with the waiter.

Finding him at the bar, she walked slowly towards him. Her breaths and heart beat quickly seemed to echo in the tiny restaurant. The drinks had indeed hit like a heart attack, and the low lit restaurant suddenly blurred out of focus. All she could see was him, almost in spot light. He caught her glance as she approached and returned it. After what seemed ages of staring into one another’s eyes, she finally reached him. Leaning into him, Amber pressed her breasts against his chest. The restaurant was noisy so it seemed like just another attempt to get an order in.

“I want to give you a tip for those drinks you suggested. Come with me.” she whispered into his opposing ear, crossing his body with hers. She licked his lobe and let her hand lower to stroke his cock. Finding it hard, she looked into his eyes; smiled and turned around. Before she began her walk, she backed into him, letting her ass stroke his length. With a groan and then a sigh of dismay as she left him, the waiter began to follow Amber.

The cold air slapped her in the face and it melded with rampant anxiety. She looked back over her shoulder to make certain he was following. Amber also checked to see if Tristan was behind her as well. Neither were there. Standing for a few moments, she couldn’t help but wonder if her antics hadn’t worked. What if he didn’t come? How embarrassing would that be? Would they leave the restaurant, or stay and eat? It had been difficult to get the reservations, but would she be able to face the waiter if he did not come out? How was she going to face him even if he did come out? Regret streamed through her and she turned towards their car in fear.

“Where are you going?” said the waiter as he grabbed Amber’s arm. “Come on.” Grabbing Amber by the hand, he led her around the building and past a dumpster. There lie a dark alley between the back of the restaurant and another large building. Both sides were blocked by dumpsters so nobody could see. Amber couldn’t have asked for a more perfect hiding spot. After walking midway down the alley, the waiter pushed her against the wall and pulled her top down. “I want to see these tits you’ve been throwing in my face.” Amber had no bra on and her breasts lit only by the moon, felt a hot breath. He cupped and licked the nipples, biting fiercely after hard sucks. “The second I saw you inside, I knew that you’d be a good little slut. But I have to say you have incredible tits.” He went back to tasting them and worked his way up her chest to her neck. Sucking and biting, he left hickies on both sides. He was rough and uncaring how she reacted. He treated her as an object, nothing more.

Turning his back to the wall, Amber pushed onto her tip toes and forced her tongue into his mouth. He kissed back with one hand on the back of her head, forcing her into him and the other moved to her ass; grabbing hard. After a few seconds of kissing, it seemed he was bored and pushed her down onto her knees. “You’re going to suck my dick, do you understand me slut?” he said as he unbuckled his belt. All Amber could do was nod and whimper. The cement was cold and hard, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off his hands as he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. For a second Amber looked at it in admiration. It wasn’t especially long, but thick. She wondered how she was going to be able to wrap her mouth around it.

She didn’t wonder for long, as one hand braced on her shoulder and the other cupped her head and forced her mouth onto him. Amber immediately noticed the smell and taste was different as she lapped her tongue up and down his shaft. He was hard as a rock and tasted of salt and musk. Amber took the head of this man’s cock into her mouth. Realizing she didn’t even know his name, she pushed deeper onto him. The width stretched her mouth. Normally she easily slid over the head of Tristan’s cock, but she struggled with this one. Pushing deeper still, she found it much easier after she had passed the massive head. He groaned with every inch she took. After about five or six inches of this thick beast she found the base of him. The cock touched the back of her throat and somehow she enjoyed the feeling.

“I’m surprised you can take my whole cock, little slut of mine. Most bitches can only get the head down.” The waiter grabbed a fistful of hair and began fucking her mouth with vigor. The wetness streamed from her lips and down her chin and she had to hold his legs to brace herself. She moaned each time he thrust into her, loving the lack of control. Sighing, he reached down and picked her up. Pushing her face against the cold concrete of the restaurant, she looked down the alley. A dark figure stood there watching them. She knew it was Tristan. The figure had his hand down his pants and was stroking himself. There was no turning back now, but somehow she imagined Tristan smiling, coaxing her onward.

Her dress was pushed up and now Amber’s tits and ass were bared to the night. “Tell me you want this cock. Tell me to fuck you, my little whore. Beg me for it.” he rasped, his cock pressed against her ass.

She whimpered as the man yanked her hair down to see her words. After looking into his foreboding eyes, she whispered, “I want your cock. I want you to fuck your whore.” Surprised even by her own voice, she reached under her legs and grabbed his cock. Guiding it to her pussy, she relaxed and realized she was sopping without even being touched. Relaxing her muscles, Amber let this stranger’s cock stretch her. Finally, irritated by the wait and starting to be affected by the cold, he grabbed her hips and thrust inside.

“That’s it, that’s what my slut wants isn’t it?” he spurted out. Each word followed by a hard thrust that shook her body to it’s core. “Well answer me SLUT!” he said impatiently.

“Yes! This is what I want. A nice fat cock inside of me. Fuck me harder!” And harder he did, ramming from head-deep to the base with each stroke. Their moans clashed in the black night’s air, each one mingling as the creators were.

“When I fuck my slut, I want her to moan loudly. Moan for me bitch.” He reached around and groped one of her tits. His other hand still pulled at her hips harshly. Amber’s hand drifted down and began circling her sensitive clit. An orgasm surprised her and she screamed out. The stranger’s hand moved from her breast to her mouth and covered it, without missing a thrust. A finger forced it’s way inside and she swirled her tongue.

Amber moaned over his finger. “That’s what I thought. I knew my little slut loved this cock. Tell me you’re my whore. Look at me and tell me you’re my whore.” he said. Amber could only whimper.

SMACK! A hand came thundering down onto her ass, “When I ask you a FUCKING QUESTION, YOU FUCKING ANSWER ME. Now tell me that you are my whore.” he said, his strokes were getting faster and harder.

“I….I…am…your…..whore.” his pace quickened even more and his hands felt like anvils the way they groped.

“Again bitch. LOUDER. I know you got it in you little slut, down here in an alley getting fucked by a stranger while your boyfriend sits inside clueless. Tell me you’re my whore again bitch.”

“I…am…uhhhhh…your….whore.” with each word it was matched by a pound, their skin slapping together echoing in the night’s air.

With her words he pumped ferociously. He grabbed her shoulders and forced her back on him as he thrust. With a few hard thrusts, he held her down on him and filled her pussy with his cum. He didn’t moan or say a word, and then he put his cock away. He pulled his pants up and buckled as Amber simply lay against the cold cement wall. Before he left, he threw a card at her and said, “if you ever want to be fucked like that again give me a call my sweet little slut.”

Amber sat there in that dark alleyway, illuminated only by the moon. Her dress rested on her hips. She sat down on the cold granite, her pussy was sore and was leaking cum. It began to drip down her thighs. She felt shame but found a smile on her face. She watched the waiter pass the dark figure she assumed was Tristan, and they shared some barely audible words.

“Thanks Alan, I bet she got a kick out of it.” Tristan’s voice echoed.

“I’m sure she did Tristan. She only came once, I guess I don’t have your touch.” the waiter said. Amber had no concept of how they knew one another.

“Eh, practice makes perfect I guess.” she heard in Tristan’s voice a grin. “Same time next week for your wife?”

“Definitely. She’s been aching for a stranger and she’s seen your picture. I saw her touching herself.” Alan laughed and glanced back at Amber. Looking back at Tristan, he said, “Take it easy buddy. That Amber of yours is a wild one. Maybe next time we’ll both have her.”

“I think it might take a little work for that one, but I’ll see what I can do. Catch you later buddy.” They shook hands and Alan the waiter moved back towards the restaurant.

Tristan walked slowly towards Amber. Reaching into his jacket, he pulled out some napkins and handed them down to her. Nothing was said as she cleaned off. He helped her up, fixed her dress, gave her his jacket, and they walked silently to the car. Once in the secret confines, Amber looked over at Tristan. “You set that whole thing up?”


“How’d you know that I’d go for him?”

“Nobody knows my baby like I do. I know you inside and out.” his grin was slight. A little jealousy leaked out even though he had practiced this moment over and over.

“I need a meal, a hot shower and a you.”

“Way ahead of you baby. I’ve got a hotel room, a pizza, and a bottle of red waiting for us.” he said with a glance over at her before turning the car ignition. The sound blasted through her and suddenly brought reality. Amber leaned her head against the cold glass.

They drove off quietly into the night.

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Bastille Day Ch. 10

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Anna smiled with a nod and after a moment replied:

“If you don’t mind, I want to sleep with him tonight, … just to talk.”

“If you want to, … even if you don’t just talk,” Marge agreed with a smile.

I nodded, liking that Anna’s nipples were erect, and agreed, smiling at Marge:

“Sounds like a good idea, just don’t wake his neighbors with all your talk.”

We all chuckled with more smiles and then cleaned up the crumbs. Marge washed the glasses, while Anna and I straightened up the bed: “for you two,” she murmured with a smile across the bed as we tucked in the sheet.

It’s unimportant how we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening. At dinner, we split up, Anna and Marge sitting at a table with Germans. Ron and Willy beckoned for me to join them and their girlfriends.

I had to survive some friendly remarks about our ménage à trois and hear what others had said about us, but it was also a bit flattering. I wondered if Marge and Anna were hearing much the same. I responded by saying that it was all better than last year and – with grins at their girlfriends – that I hoped it was for them all too. The men agreed, of course, and then we talked about the flash mob. They had heard about the meeting the next day. Their friends admitted that it was the first time they had been to a nude resort and that they could never have imagined that naturism was so popular, even families with children of all ages, especially teenagers. We all agreed that we would have had a problem with it at that age, sharing smirks.

After dinner, I joined Anna and Marge again and heard that they also had heard somewhat veiled remarks about the three of us. We joined in the evening entertainment. Anna was looking around to see if Sans was there. I chuckled and said that he was probably still reading his emails.

“Or waiting to be surprised,” Marge added with a smile.

Before the program ended, Marge whispered to her that it was a good time to beat the crowd. She nodded and asked again if we didn’t mind. I urged her to stand up, sliding my hand down to pat her bottom, when she did. She slipped away, and Marge moved closer to me, murmuring with a snort:

“Just one-on-one, … if you don’t mind?”

“”Hm-hmm! I think I can, maybe better than …”

Someone behind us shushed, and we watched the rest of the program in silence. Back in our room, we used the bathroom and went to bed, agreeing that we didn’t have to do anything, and didn’t, falling asleep, hardly touching each other in the double bed.

Towards dawn, however, we had gravitated together, still sleeping soundly; it’s just so comfortable to have one’s arm around a woman in bed, and by then it was so familiar that I didn’t need a dream to make sense of the sensation of a warm body close to mine. That, however, didn’t keep my cock from appreciating that it was there, as I discovered, when I was awakened by hearing the door open.

Anna, of course, I immediately recalled, confirmed when she murmured:

“Oh, hope I didn’t wake you, … or disturb anything, if you were already.”

“Yes and no,” Marge replied, and then chuckled and added:

“Didn’t disturb us yet, but it could have, if we had woken up sooner.”

“Um-hmm,” I agreed, rocking my hips.

“Um-hmm,” she agreed, rocking hers back against me.

“Oh, that’s good. Hm-hmm! But since I didn’t, and if you want to, I could help; … we didn’t do anything this morning.”

“Not even talk?” Marge replied with a chuckle as she held up the covers on her side of the bed.

“Tell you later,” Anna murmured as her head disappeared under the covers in the direction of Marge’s pussy. She raised her thigh and head. Anna’s thigh slid under her head, and then her hand found my cock, not as stiff as it had been, but she knew what to do about that. As I moved down the bed a little, her lips slipped around its head.

“Mmmm!” I moaned softly, as Marge dropped the covers and drew Anna’s hips closer and buried her face between her thighs. Anna had to suck and lick for only a few moments to bring my cock back to full erection – very pleasant moments, but only a prelude to how it was going to feel in Marge’s pussy. I wondered if Anna preferred to suck it or to arouse Marge’s pussy. But she also loved to do that, sharing the sensations that only two women can enjoy together.

My cock slipped from her mouth, and her tongue guided it to Marge’s opening. I rocked my hips forward, and it slid in. Marge and I both moaned, and I moved to press it deeper in her pussy, and we moaned again, as she contracted on it. My cock twitched, but I held still, knowing that Anna was going to arouse Marge, that her pussy was going to respond to what she was beginning to do on her clitoris. They both moaned, and I did, my cock twitching again in another contraction.

Did men in societies that allowed two or more wives enjoy having sex like this?! Not from anything I had read. If not, their bad luck.

“Mmmm!” Anna’s hand was sliding over my gaziantep bayan escort hip; she wanted to do that too. “Oooh!” My asshole tightened, and my cock surged. I tried to relax, just enjoying the arousing sensations they were both giving me, but my cock and asshole were responding. And they each responded with a pleased-sounding “um-hmm,” finger and pussy also responding. Why couldn’t sex always be like this?!

I fondled one’s and the other’s breast, encouraging them to arouse each other, passively delighting in how I was also being aroused.

I could have waited forever to have my orgasm, but too soon their moans and twitching hips indicated that they wanted theirs, especially the repeating clutches of Marge’s pussy on my cock. She wanted hers, and now my throbbing cock wanted mine, my hips also having to twitch. Fuck! I did.

“Uhn-un-un!” Marge groaned, as her hips and pussy responded more strongly. I could only hope that it was also being as good as it could be for Anna – Marge’s responsibility. But Anna was doing what she could to help make it good for us; her hand encouraging my hips to move, and her finger doing all it could.

“Uhnnn!” I groaned, feeling my arousal pass the point of no return. Another thrust, and another, and with a grunt I spurted, and again. Could Marge feel it in the pulsing contractions of her pussy? It seemed like it; she gave a shivering moan, and her body jerked, as I spurted again and again, feeling her warm pussy juice wet my balls and heard Anna moan in appreciation. Then she moaned differently, a pure reflex, as her body quivered, and I heard very wet noises from what Marge’s tongue was doing, whose pussy was still contracting, although my hips were now still, but not my still twitching cock. Anna gasped and moaned, again and again, as Marge continued, moaning herself, now sounding pleased with what she must be tasting.

Anna gasped and gave a final, pulsing moan and rolled back. The covers has long since slipped down off us. I rolled back, my cock slipping out, and move away so that Marge could also lie on her back. She rolled back and wiped her face. We all sighed with satisfied moans. They fondled each other’s breasts. After a few moments, Marge murmured:

“Nice that you came back when you did.”

“Very!” I agreed.

“Hm-hmm! Sort of his idea, suggesting that you might need me.”

I snorted and remarked:

“Oh, it would have been good, but it was better with you.”

“Um-hmm! Especially for me,” Marge agreed, and we all chuckled.

“Oh, I didn’t want to be the one to suggest it again.”

“But you have to go?” I suggested.

We all chuckled again and trouped into the bathroom – toilet, shower, sink – and washed. When we returned to the bed, I was in the middle, my thighs spread and one of theirs resting on them, their hands on my chest. Anna remarked:

“I like that he has hair on his chest, … like my Dad.”

“Sorry that I can’t compete.”

“Still nice.”

“Um-hmm,” Marge agreed, then asking:

“And you just talked? You said you would tell.”

“Hm-umm! Of course not, but we did talk. When I knocked, he opened the door with a big smile, saying that he had hoped I would come. Made me feel good; I was a little worried about how he would respond.

“His laptop was on, and he showed me that he had been watching a video of the Tour, wanting to see what was shown at the ten kilometers mark. He showed me: an inflated arch over the road and a few people watching, cheering when the leaders passed. Then we went to the bathroom and went to bed, just lying like this with my head on his shoulder, my fingers enjoying feeling the hair on his chest.

“Well, then they were somewhere else, just holding his balls. Oh, that’s something I like about older men: they don’t immediately think you want to do something when you hold them like that. It’s just so nice and familiar. Maybe he is sort of father figure, … more than you are.”

“He’s a little older,” I remarked.

“But not too much,” Marge responded.

We chuckled and Anna continued:

“Maybe he was feeling a little like one. I was a little surprised when he asked if I had thought about sleeping with my father before last summer. I told him that I hadn’t, that until last summer it hadn’t occurred to me that I would want to, that he would want to, telling him that my parents were separated before I was thinking about sleeping with anyone, and then he wasn’t around.

“He nodded, silent for a moment. I was gently fondling his balls, like I do his – my father’s …”

“And mine,” I interjected.

“Um-hmm. ‘Nice,’ he murmured, and then surprised me again, admitting that it had started with Daphne – his daughter – before she was at university. He hadn’t wanted to shock us before. She was still in school, but already eighteen, and he knew that she had already slept with boys. It was like he told us, just that she younger: their bantering about her figure; then his wife in the clinic; and Daphne’s asking if he wanted to sleep with her. Oh, she didn’t go away to university, studied at the Sorbonne, he admitted. I guess before he didn’t want us to think they did it so much. But they did. ‘Better than my honeymoon,’ he said. When his wife returned, he thought it was over, but after a couple of nights, she came to his room. He and his wife already had separate bedroom, so it was easy, more often in Daphne’s room, further down the hall.”

Marge and I nodded, I thinking that it was very nice when fathers and daughters could share something so good with each other – or siblings, like Marge and her brother. Anna also nodded and continued again:

“I told him that I thought that was nice, and then …, well, I wasn’t just fondling his balls, and we did, like we did on the other bed, like we did after our picnic. He loves it like that, what they do, too. She had showed him that girls also like to touch themselves, … and where it also feels good. Oh, it was good!”

Marge and I snorted at her enthusiastic remark, nodding with smiles. Marge commented:

“Not much of a father figure then.”

“Hm-umm! Oh, she likes to do that to him, too. His wife did, but never really liking it.”

“That’s a pity,” I remarked: “… but all the nicer that Daphne did, … does.”

“‘Not often enough now,’ he remarked when I said something like that. He said something nice about now not just having to think about her in his fantasies. So, we went to sleep, and this morning he almost apologized for suggesting that I come back before his neighbors knew I was there. I told him it wouldn’t be the last time, … if you don’t mind?”

“Of course not,” Marge replied, then snickering and adding:

“If I can too.”

“Both of you, if you want,” I suggested with a snort: “… and I can finally get an undisturbed night’s sleep.”

“You really want one?” Marge asked with a grin.

“Well, just maybe; last night was pretty good.”

We all chuckled, and they both fondled my cock and balls. I snorted and remarked:

“Just an older man, not expecting that you want to do anything, … hoping that it was good enough before.”

“Oh, it was,” they replied in unison, chuckling as they continued to fondle.

After a while, we got up and went to the bathroom. After a feigned argument about which of them would shower with me, I insisted on showering alone, as they watched. Then they showered together, while I shaved at the wash basin. Since I didn’t need to use the mirror, I could watch them, enjoy watching their enjoying washing each other. They did, so much. that I suggested that they could go back to bed, while I went to breakfast. They snickered and agreed that that was a good suggestion, but they didn’t, and we went to breakfast together.

Sans greeted us with just a slight smirk as he said that it was nice to see us again. During breakfast together with him, he explained that he wouldn’t be at the meeting to organized the flash mob. When more people were in the restaurant, the meeting was announced. Without him, we spent a quiet forenoon sunning. After the way we had spent the early hours, I didn’t have to play volleyball and watch girls’ breasts jiggling and feel my cock and balls flopping – as delightful as that is. They seemed now to be longer and floppier that at home.

On our way to lunch, Marge glanced over at Anna’s well-tanned breasts and suggested with a chuckle that she could use lipstick to make her pale nipples more apparent for the flash mob. I chuckled and suggested strawberry-flavored lipstick to make it more fun to suck them. We snickered and joined the line at the buffet.

At the meeting, we only learned the details to what Sans had already told us. Apparently, he had passed on my suggestion that non-participants watch both TV and the live stream on the Tour de France website. Ron and Willy showed us all their banners again. During the afternoon, Sans found us and said that he felt that he had to spend the evening with French people who knew who he was, mentioning that some guests would be leaving the next day, Sunday. We nodded. Marge smirked slightly and thanked him for his suggestion that Anna rejoin us. He smiled and replied that he hoped she had told us what she had replied. We nodded again with grins, and he left us.

At dinner and that evening, we spent the time with other Americans from our group. Some were enthusiastic about the project. A few, who had never been to a nudist resort before, were a little apprehensive about possibly appearing naked on TV. We told them that they could stand in the background.

We went to the Saturday night dance, all wearing something around our hips. On the way back to our room, we chuckled about the strange sensation of dancing half naked with virtual strangers. A couple of women had held me closer and not minded when my hand or arm brushed their nipples when we were jitterbugging.

“Just by accident?” Marge asked with a grin.

“Hmm! Not quite, … after they had been brushing them on my chest. And you two looked like you were enjoying letting your partners feel yours.”

“Um-hmm, why not, since you were. Maybe we shouldn’t have danced so close with you at the start – giving them the idea.”

“As if they needed inspiration,” I replied, then snickered and added:

“Even if they could only recognize Anna’s nipples in profile.”

She chuckled and replied:

“Of course, they popped out, isn’t that what they wanted to see?”

“And feel; sure looked like it with that younger man.”

“Hm-hmm! And he wanted me to feel something else; good thing he wasn’t naked.”

We all snickered and then were back in our room, hurrying to the bathroom. In bed, between them, there was the obvious but unspoken question: would we do anything? I murmured:

“I’m just going to lie here.”

“Hmm? Not like that younger man; he asked if I was here with anyone,” Anna remarked, then chuckling and adding:

“I said I was here with Marge, but rubbed up against him. Surprised him, both ways, I think.”

Marge snorted and replied:

“Hope he found a girl who was alone.”

“Me too, but it still felt good.”

“And if you had been alone?” I asked.

“Hmmm? Maybe, felt good!”

“Uh-oh! I think she still does,” Marge replied with a snort.

“Wouldn’t you?”

“I didn’t dance with him.”

Anna’s hand slid down and found my cock and balls, then just my cock, and it wasn’t just enjoying that it was “nice and familiar” for it to be held, the way she had described fondling Sans’. She murmured:

“But I did.”

“Anything you want,” Marge remarked softly in a resigned sounding tone, but then chuckled.

My cock was beginning to respond to Anna’s purposeful fondling. I snorted and murmured:

“I can’t remember the last time I tasted a pussy, … or whose.”

“Mine,” Anna responded immediately.

We chuckled. I wasn’t sure she was right, but it didn’t matter; if she wanted to do something with my cock, then I was happy to suck and lick Marge’s pussy. She was too, chuckling again as she began to move up to straddle my face. Anna immediately began to move down the bed, my cock in her mouth before she was crouching between my legs.

“Mmmm!” I hummed and then was guiding Marge’s hips down on my face. Her pussy was still closed, and my tongue lapped down her slit, then pointed, it forced its way back up between them. Still just tasted freshly washed, but not after it had slid back down and up and then back down to her opening and probed in it – that delightful, tangy taste! Somewhere I had read that it was like licking the poles of a nine volt battery. Where?

It gave me a charge – my cock in Anna’s mouth – who was arousing it as though that was all she wanted to do. But, of course, she wanted more, maybe glancing up and seeing what I was doing for Marge, my tongue now rubbing back and forth over the hood of her aroused clitoris. It found more moisture – nine volts – at her hole and returned.

Anna hummed, buzzing on my cock, making it twitch, and then released it. I felt her move up, her knees straddling my thighs and then moving further, Her hand pressed my cock back and found her opening. It must have been already wet; my cock slipped easily into the tight grip of her pussy, eliciting a moan from us both, and Marge also moaned. Of course, she could see what Anna was doing, if only as a shadowy figure in the dark. She couldn’t have a cock in her pussy, but a finger arousing her other hole, and wanted me to try to arouse her as much as my cock was in Anna’s pussy – and was being aroused.

Then I felt fingers finding Anna’s clitoris. Whose? Anna’s voice murmured:

“Oh yes! Like that!”

Marge’s fingers, but it could only be Anna’s that then found and held my balls, still able to move them. She moaned, and her pussy contracted, and my cock surged. A twitch of Marge’s hips reminded me not to forget to arouse her.

I did, trying to ignore the arousing sensations in Anna’s pussy – just trying to! When they became even more arousing, I recognized that she was no long holding my balls, but her deeper moan and then the feeling of something else moving in her confirmed that a finger was in her asshole. Could I arouse Marge to come with her, with me?! Make Marge’s pussy flood my face?! That tasted so good!

It did, but not before Anna’s twitching hips and quivering thighs and her gasps and groans gave us our orgasms. Then – in response – Marge’s hips twitched, as she gasped and almost whimpered, and her pussy satisfied me – and her – with a strong shot of pussy juice – better than a shot of whiskey! And another one! Success! Total satisfaction! Exhausting satisfaction. Maybe those men who can have two wives shouldn’t try to satisfy them both at once.

As I relaxed, I felt both of them lean forward and then heard a very moist kiss, one that continued. Nice, that they wanted to confirm to each other that it had been good. I reached up to fondle their breasts, but found a hand on them, on the other ones too. Their kiss stopped, and they chuckled as they let me slide their hands aside and squeeze their breasts.

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