Kate Returns Home Ch. 16

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[This story includes bodily functions and significant discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. This chapter will be much more comprehensible if you read the previous chapters first. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic setting and her characters.]

Eleanor confirmed her reservation of her usual room upstairs at the club with the clerk at the front desk. Then she and Nicole took the elevator to the fifth floor where Eleanor led her to the assigned room. Eleanor had a key that opened the door, they proceeded inside, and Eleanor then locked the door and put the security bar in place.

“We shan’t be disturbed, I can assure you,” she smiled as she assured Nicole.

Nicole felt that she was now playing the major leagues with the power women of the Women’s Republic. Her usual confidence, spurred by her attractive appearance, with flaming red hair and a lovely figure, made her desirable to both men and women. She had warmed to Eleanor, and Eleanor to her.

Eleanor suggested that they get more comfortable as she helped Nicole unbutton her uniform jacket, blouse, and skirt, while untying her tie. For her part, Eleanor unbuttoned her own blouse and skirt. Now they both were in bra and pants, having slipped off their shoes. They sat on the couch together to roll their hose down and off.

The couch opened up into a very comfortable bed. Eleanor first took the younger sergeant into her arms, held her tight, and kissed her sweetly on her lips and ran her hands down Nicole’s back and into her panties in the rear. Nicole found herself aroused by Eleanor’s fingers teasing her anal opening as they pressed inside it.

Then Eleanor helped Nicole unhook her bra which released her charming 34Bs which Eleanor caressed and then teased the nipples until they hardened. For her part, Nicole unhooked Eleanor’s lilac bra which exposed her smaller breasts. Eleanor had never let her comparatively modest boob size bother her, so she was pleased when Nicole did tease her breasts and her nipples. Then as if on a script, the two simultaneously pulled their panties down and both were pleased to see that they had neatly trimmed bushes–Nicole’s red and Eleanor’s auburn.

Eleanor took Nicole in her arms again and they together rolled onto the bed and crawled under the sheets. They embraced, held each other tight, and then sought each other’s most sensitive places by softly running their fingers down the other’s labia and teasing her clit.

It was Eleanor who first positioned herself between Nicole’s spread legs to lick her pussy. This excited Nicole, who enjoyed being tongue-massaged on her labia and then inside before she asked Eleanor to sit with her legs up and around Nicole so the sergeant could reciprocate by licking her pussy.

Then Eleanor reached into the top drawer of the cabinet next to the bed and took out her own harness outfitted with a large purple cock. Nicole lay back and spread her legs while Eleanor held herself over her and slowly pressed the dong into the younger woman’s very wet pussy.

Nicole quickly began to buck with the movements in and out of the strap-on. Nicole was unaware that Eleanor had previously played with Major Kate in this same room and had also had some intimate fun with Janet, Eleanor’s boss, there as well.

Nicole liked to fuck, not caring very much if she was being filled by a man or a woman. She enjoyed Eleanor’s thrusting along with her caressing Nicole’s boobs.

“I can see you’re as prone to enjoying this kind of pleasure as I am,” Eleanor said softly as she thrust her strap-on in and out of Nicole’s vagina. She realized that, like Kate, Nicole was a trained disciplinarian. So, after she brought Nicole to orgasm, she kissed her deeply and whispered in her ear that she, Eleanor, was a very naughty girl who needed to be disciplined by Nicole.

Nicole was just coming down from the nice orgasm Eleanor had induced. Eleanor seemed very happy to have brought her off and Nicole responded by holding Eleanor in her arms.

“You really should call me ‘Nickie’ from now on,” Nicole grinned at her. “All my close friends call me that. Can I call you Ellie?”

“Of course, you can, Nickie,” Eleanor responded with alacrity.

Nicole said she would be pleased to discipline Eleanor at her request. She reached into her handbag for the small plastic rod she always carried and told Eleanor to bend across the side of the bed and spread her legs well apart. Once in that humiliating but highly sexy position, Eleanor awaited the striking of the rod on her bare, pale bottom.

Nicole began slowly by running the rod softly through the furrow between Eleanor’s legs to excite her more. Then she snapped the rod hard on Eleanor’s bottom as she started applying it to her pale cheeks. She kept running it through Eleanor’s legs and even poked it into her cunt and then her anus. She increased the power of her strokes on Eleanor’s bottom, leaving thin red lines as the strokes sunk in. Eleanor began istanbul travesti to groan and then cry out from the rod’s stinging strokes.

When Nicole reached in between Eleanor’s legs with her fingers, she felt Eleanor’s wet pussy and was surprised as she was teasing Eleanor’s sensitive labia and clit when a stream of what she immediately realized was hot piss warmed her hand.

“Ellie,” Nicole lectured her, “you’ve peed on my hand, haven’t you, you naughty thing!”

“I’m sorry, Miss Nickie,” Eleanor postured, inwardly surprised at her own effrontery in allowing her urinary sphincter to open to spray Nicole’s hand. “You got me so excited that I lost control for a moment.”

Nicole employed her gruffest sergeant’s voice when she sharply berated Eleanor: “I do expect a grown woman to be able to control her peeing. Normally, my dear, I would respond to that by applying my little rod to your open pussy,” Nicole intoned in a very commanding voice.

“Oh, please don’t punish my poor pussy,” Eleanor pleaded, meaning it this time.

“I’ll let you off this time,” Nicole promised her, “but next time you’re going to leave here with a punished puss.”

“Thank you, Miss Nickie,” Eleanor said bravely. “I’ll lie down on the plastic mat here so you can pee on me if you’d like to.”

She placed herself flat on her back as Nicole squatted over her face and moved her bottom close enough for Eleanor to lick her cute little bumhole. Then Nicole released her own sphincter so that her hot pee stream burst onto Eleanor’s waiting mouth as she stared up between Nicole’s gorgeous legs. Eleanor was able to swallow most of Nicole’s powerful pee stream, but some did spill over her face and chin.

Nicole decided to finish the discipline by pushing Eleanor’s legs up, so she was in the diaper position, exposing her cunt and anus blatantly. She watched as Nicole brandished the rod again and began applying it not only to her bottom but to her upper thighs. Nicole also would make it appear that she was going to use it directly on Eleanor’s protruding vulva and recessed anus. She tapped it lightly both on her exposed vulva and then on her anal crack, smiling at Eleanor holding her legs up.

She fingered Eleanor’s anus, pressing her finger as deeply as she could into her rectum. Both she and Eleanor realized immediately when her finger touched the tip of a bowel movement which was close to pushing out of the tight bottom hole.

“It feels like you are going to make a doody, sweetie,” Nicole said condescendingly. “Can you hold it until we’re finished here, or will I have to let you squat and do your business on the floor?”

“I think I can hold it, Miss Nickie,” Eleanor said as she kept her anal muscles tight to prevent losing control and shaming herself by defecating in this exposed position. Nicole told her she could sit up and squat as she picked up a bowl from a sideboard and placed it under Eleanor’s bottom just as her anal sphincter gave way and Eleanor excreted a light brown log, which looked to be about ten inches long.

Nicole took some tissues and proceeded to wipe Eleanor’s vulva right through her legs to her anal area. She showed Eleanor the soiled tissue which was soiled with pee and fecal streaks. Then she grinned as she carried the tissue into the bathroom and flushed it.

She returned to allow Eleanor to stand and receive a hug from Nicole.

“That was lovely, Nickie,” Eleanor gushed. “You are so charmingly severe. I felt like I was in your barracks except that I gather you mostly were discipling men. It’s so nice to have met you and learn that we both have bi preferences,” Eleanor observed. “I love playing with women, but I also like a man’s hard cock in my vadge,” she assured her new friend. For her part, Nicole said that her desiring a male member in her coochie, as she put it, every so often kept her sane.

“Yes,” Nicole replied. “I only began disciplining women when I was assigned to my present unit. The retrainees are almost all women because most of our correctional officers are female. Even though they are all correctional officers with some experience dealing with men, and sometimes, in the reeducation centers in cities and towns, with women who have been referred, I’ve found that our unit, which provides the last chance for them before their dismissal from the Service, puts the women through a rigorous experience, which in many ways is more severe than what men get even in the camps.”

She sat down on the couch and Eleanor moved over to be next to her as they cuddled. Nicole put her bra back on and then stepped into and pulled up her white cotton undies. Her underwear was quite utilitarian as it was worn under her Service uniform.

She then told Eleanor that she could retrieve her bra and panties.

“Let’s say that the discipline is over, and you performed very well, dear,” Nicole said with a grin.

“I have to confess that I enjoyed hearing your strict commands and the embarrassment I felt at your hands, Nickie,” Eleanor said. “I guess there’s a part travesti istanbul of me that needs that, although as a noncom in the Service you would probably be surprised to know that I possess the marital cane in the apartment where Annette and I reside.”

Nicole took in that this bi, mostly submissive woman exercised intimate authority over the Chief of Staff of the Corrections Service.

“Does that power bring out a dominant side, Ellie?” she asked with great interest.

“Amazingly, it does,” Eleanor answered. “This is despite my love for Annette and my perpetual appreciation for how she tried to make my awful punishment as comfortable as possible, which wasn’t very comfortable needless to say, but her heart seemed to go out to me, and that led to our romantic relationship developing. I do think that my exercising that authority in our marriage allows her a respite from her command function and the deference she receives all day. She also feels more strongly than anyone how wronged I was by the justice system.”

“When I was a barracks sergeant,” Nicole informed Eleanor, “I occasionally did decide to have some intimate contact with one of the men whom I controlled during their retraining. I was quite careless in seducing Kate’s husband, but now I’m very happy that she was willing to forgive me.”

“You’re lucky,” Eleanor told her, “because I see Kate as a strict young woman who likely enjoys disciplining misbehaving retrainees as well as noncoms.”

“You’ve got that right,” Nicole informed her. “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but my attitude toward Kate has evolved as she seems to have moderated her tendency to engage in hard-nosed disciplining. I suspect that her being married, actually double married, stimulated more complex feelings. I of course got into trouble when she was quite severe: she was the one who sent me to the toilet box.”

“No, I don’t feel you didn’t have good reason to be unhappy with her,” Eleanor said. “I also think it was harder for you because you did have this reputation as the toughest sergeant in the toughest camp.”

“I was very proud of that,” Nicole said. “But I didn’t quite grasp that I was making myself a target. You understand this stuff, Eleanor, you’re in the creative world. In my world, attractive young sergeants aren’t that common. All the more reason for those who weren’t attractive to hate my guts and take potshots at me. My commandant, CPT Elaine, was the one who liked me; she had to send me to this unit I’m now in for retraining because I had pissed MAJ Kate off by questioning something she said when I had been brought in as a consultant on Elaine’s recommendation. She told me I had been stupid, trying to correct a field-grade officer. She was right. I was an idiot.”

“Don’t beat yourself up, Nickie,” Eleanor urged her. “You are so cool and so smart that I think that’s probably why Kate decided to forgive you. I will very carefully put in a word with her for you. Don’t worry. I won’t have her get mad or jealous. She’s a good friend.”

Nicole leaned toward Eleanor and just about fell into her. Eleanor realized that the sergeant wanted cuddling and to feel wanted. Eleanor had enjoyed the sex play she had engaged in with Nicole, so she had no problem holding her tight and telling her what a lovely person she was. Then after she had held Nicole for a while, she whispered into her ear: “Pull your skirt up and your panties down. Right now.”

Nicole tried to look in her eyes, but Eleanor was helping her pull her skirt up above her waist and then had her thumbs in the waistband of those white cotton wonders, sliding them down. Then Eleanor started to stand but knelt in front of Nicole, between her legs, and put her face right in front of Nicole’s charming pussy. Without any more ceremony, Eleanor began licking Nicole’s vulva–her labia, her clit, and then her vaginal entrance.

She had developed very good pussylicking skills. She liked Nicole’s taste. It was young and fresh, just like its owner. She tried to just pass her tongue over the tip of Nickie’s clit, which she knew was enough to send Nicole whirling. She did just that and the sergeant began to move her bottom in rhythm. Eleanor let her tongue press into Nicole’s vagina and taste her lovely feminine juices. She felt that it didn’t get better than this. She figured it wasn’t so strange that the only woman whose sex had so enchanted her this way was another hot young woman, MAJ Kate.

Eleanor wasn’t that submissive, but she loved being disciplined by Kate or Nicole. They were such naturals. She wanted a way to use them in some promotion by Goose Cookers. Maybe just some underwear ads. They both had fantastic figures and decent but not huge busts. Women could relate to them and still admire them. Now that Kate had forgiven Nicole and Nicole thought better of Kate, would they agree?

Eleanor spoke to Annette about it later. Annette liked it and was positive on the good it would do the Service. But she told Eleanor that she could not be involved in it, for obvious istanbul travestileri reasons. She told Eleanor to approach WO3 Kathryn. “She’s very sharp about all these kinds of things,” Annette said, “and I’m going to promote her before long because she’s one of the most capable people in the Service.” Also, she’s close to Kate and she also assisted Nicole in going to you for help.”

“Good idea, sweetie,” Eleanor cooed.

Eleanor concentrated on bringing her new friend Nickie to a powerful orgasm. It didn’t take long. Her tongue was stirring Nicole’s sensitive places and her bottom was in motion. Eleanor adjusted her angle and pushed Nicole’s bottom up just far enough, so Eleanor had access to tongue her sweet little anal star. She wondered if Nickie had had it up the ass. The Service was quasi-military, so she probably had.

Her licking and tongue probing inside Nicole’s anal ring sent Nickie over the top. She exploded in a violent orgasm that shot juice out of her vagina into Eleanor’s face. Eleanor loved the scent and the taste she was experiencing. Finally, Nickie slowed down and Eleanor moved up and kissed her softly on her mouth lips.

Nickie came out of what was likely a trance, so powerful was her orgasm. She looked around and could only say to Ellie that she had never had such a splendid orgasm. She hugged Eleanor and aggressively reached under her skirt and insinuated fingers into Eleanor’s sexy Goose Cooker panties. She fastened her fingers on Eleanor’s already hard clit and pushed into her vagina.

“Wow!” Eleanor exclaimed. “You really know how to get this girl going!”

“I take on the toughest cases,” Nickie laughed, and Eleanor reached around to hold her tight. “Darling, if I didn’t love Annette so much, I’d never let you leave me,” she whispered into Nicole’s ear. Nicole considered herself tough and immune to romantic sweet talk, but she ate this up, partly because Eleanor was so clever and so well connected. She also admired how Eleanor had managed to deal with being sentenced to what was clearly torture and lasted a whole year. Yet she didn’t seem broken in any way, the opposite was true, she was thriving.

Nicole recovered herself and pulled up her panties, letting her uniform skirt fall down from her waist. She thanked Eleanor profusely for a superb time and asked if she could reciprocate.

“You can do that, sweetie,” Eleanor told her with a smile, “when you have an expense account like mine.”

She put herself together and both women spent a few minutes in the bathroom putting their makeup back together. Then Eleanor unlocked the door and walked Nickie to the elevator and escorted her down and led her out of the club. Several women said hello to Eleanor on the way, impressing Nicole even more with her friend’s connections.

Nicole said good-bye and thanks, and Eleanor smiled and said the pleasure was all hers. She headed back to her office to let Janet know what was going on.

Nicole was soon back in her quarters and in the small suite she shared again with her friend, SFC Cynthia. Her pal could see that she had had excitement happening, so Nicole told her of her lunch with Eleanor.

“You played with her, Nickie, the wife of GEN Annette,” Cynthia said in a low voice, anxious not to be overheard. “Are you out of your mind? You’ve just managed to get out of trouble.” Soon, CPT Elaine did come by and knocked on their door.

They welcomed her and fortunately, Nicole was still in her uniform and Cynthia had changed into casual clothing.

“Cynthia has told you about your assignment, Nicole, I assume,” Elaine began.

“Yes, she has, and I’m delighted to do it,” Nicole answered. “I’ll also make sure I don’t go off on some retrainee this time, too.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Nickie,” Elaine, who had known Nicole since they both were at Hergolia Camp, responded. “The major is very pleased with you after that briefing on Goose Cookers.

Nicole liked Elaine and trusted her. She told her about her lunch with Eleanor. “You did good, kid,” Elaine snapped. “Eleanor is a player now. And they help each other. Eleanor keeps her in good with Annette. These are the big leagues. All I’ll tell you is to be careful. Don’t ever get caught between Eleanor and Kate and Annette.”

“Eleanor wants Kate and me to model for them,” Nicole mentioned to Elaine.

“That’s tricky,” Elaine said. “What did you say?”

“I said she should go through WO3 Kathryn, whom Eleanor knows,” Nicole answered, “and I won’t do anything until I hear from Kathryn or Kate.”

“Good idea,” Elaine observed, “but it may not work.”

“Why not?” Nicole asked her, upset with what she saw as a putdown.

“I wouldn’t crap on any of your ideas if there weren’t a reason,” Elaine said coolly. “But here’s the catch. Eleanor got into trouble for dealing directly with Kathryn to get a procurement. Kathryn is going to be a little gun shy. You better talk to her right away.”

Elaine went on: “Nickie, listen to me. Both Kathryn and Eleanor were disciplined by Kate at a dinner party at Annette’s and Eleanor’s apartment. You may not know that Kate can be a very severe caner and she knows how to cane extremely well. That’s why they might be careful here. I’m sort of surprised Eleanor didn’t have her antennae up when you mentioned Kathryn.”

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Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 02

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It was 6:04

Then began the session that changed it all. It started when she knelt across from him (she never wrestled from a standing position, both wrestlers always started from their knees) and he tapped her outstretched hand to “tag in” and begin. To set the tone, she rushed him immediately to try to catch him off guard, but he ducked to avoid her and hip checked her side. She managed to catch herself with her hands to not fall face first to the mat, and when she did he mounted her back with his arm now snaking around her neck. With him on her back she could not get off her hands and knees to grab his arm: he had her in a sleeperhold in about 9 seconds.

‘Damn it he was fast!!’ Jamie said to herself.

She had never experienced a person that quick. She fell to her side to get her weight off her hands and knees and tried to roll on him and smash him with her weight. As she tried that he wrapped his legs around her stomach and rolled her to her side. Now she was on her side, his skinny yet python like arms were secured under her chin and around her neck while his 5’5″ frame left his legs around the soft part of her belly: above her hip bones but below her rib cage. He began to scissor with his skinny yet also python like thighs. After about 15 seconds of trying to break either vice like hold she began to see stars and tapped his thigh for mercy.

He released her immediately. It took her a moment to catch her breath, when she did she looked over at his smiling, excited face.

“Wow!” he said. “That was amazing!”

“I bet…..” she said, stunned, completely speechless. He sat on the bed to give her a moment, then held his foot out so she could see the bottom of it and said:

“Want to worship my feet now? Or use your mulligan?”

She was speechless again. Worship his feet? She didn’t think so, not now, not happening.

“No. Sorry bud, that’s not happening now, not later.” she tried to say confidently. Despite trying to sound confident, she was shaken just a bit at the speed of her defeat.

“Ok,” he said without missing a beat “but that’s your only mulligan. I hope you used it wisely.” he continued with that same confident smile.

She collected herself, adjusted her top, and said “Ok, I want some payback.”

“Ok, let’s go!” he said as he knelt on the mat in front of her.


‘Perfect start!’ Ray thought to himself proudly. He and Shannon had a feeling she would consider him a pushover, despite what he had told her about how the two wrestled, and Shannon thought she would try to establish dominance early. He used that against her perfectly. He thought he may be able to read her and outwit her, they both knew she was bigger and stronger than he was, but that first fall was too easy. He had read her perfectly! She declined to worship his feet after he forced her to tap out, but he thought mentioning it to her would put doubt in her mind, maybe even some fear now that she used her one mulligan. He could see that it was working as he heard a bit of a shake in her voice after the fall. Was this going to work? Too early to get greedy, it was only 6:06 and he had a long way to go.


Jamie thought about how to start the second fall. Bull rushing him didn’t work, almost like he was ready for that and knew what she was going to do before she did. Now she was nervous. Almost anxious.

Wait, anxious? Jamie had never, ever felt anxious or nervous in a session, not even in her first one.

But here she was, deciding how to take this guy who had made her tap in about 45 seconds. She decided to play it slower and held out her hand. He tapped in and bull rushed her.

This was perfect, Jamie thought, he would come barreling into her and push her over while she rolled back and caught him in a body scissor. However, to her surprise, and dread, he stopped in his tracks and pushed her shoulders as she started to roll back. She tried to grab him with her legs like she initially planned but he quickly pushed her right leg over her left and climbed on top of her. He quickly straddled her thighs and slid up to sit on her hips and forced her butt to the ground. She reached up with her arms in a bit of a panic and he grabbed each of her wrists with his hands. Not good. Not good at all.

This was new to Jamie. Even when the short skinny guys went hard they usually weren’t strong or quick. This guy was both and, to make it worse, skilled and knowledgeable. Panic hit a bit more as she tried to pull her arms back out of his grip, not paying attention so him slowly inching forward across her bare belly. She stopped fighting with her arms and thrust her hips into the air and to the left, trying to throw him off, but by now he was seated on her belly and the thrusts did nothing.

‘Damn!’ Jamie thought! ‘Damn, damn, DAMN!!!’

“What now?” he said, in that same confident tone with that same confident smile. She tried to free her arms again, nothing. His grip didn’t have to be strong to control her wrists, istanbul travesti he had all the leverage, but it was strong enough.

“What now?” she tried to say without showing fear or nerves. “What now is I roll out and get my payback!”

She pushed her right arm left and tried to roll her body the same way, trying to knock him over but he held firm, his ankles locked in under her butt. She tried rolling right with no luck. She tried throwing him off again, but again he held firm. She tried throwing him straight up and slide out from underneath him backwards, but the bedspread over the sleeping bag padding didn’t allow her to slide easily. She tried again and made some progress, but her boobs got in the way and she wasn’t able to slide under past his legs.

‘Damn again!’ she cursed to herself. She never thought she would ever curse her breasts being too big, but she may have made it if they hadn’t hit his legs. Or maybe he would have ended up seated on her neck, that would have been even worse. His perch atop her was solid, so she pondered her next move.

“You are starting to breathe heavy,” he said. “and you still haven’t answered the “what now” question.” he said jokingly.

“If you keep this up you aren’t going to last the hour, and I plan to be sitting on you again before this is over. I would save some strength if I were you.”

She smiled back at him since she didn’t know what else to do. “Ok, just let me regroup.”

“Regroup? Ok. But technically I have had you pinned here for long past a 10 second count. If I were you, I would tap and let me have this fall.”

DAMN! He was right. She had been pinned for at least a minute, both shoulders were indeed on the mat and he was sitting almost on her chest. Now what…..

“Ok.” she said in defeat.

“Ok what? I believe it’s either a tap or I want to hear “I submit.”

“What?” she exclaimed! “No, I don’t plan to say “I submit.”, not happening.”

“I don’t think you are in a position to bargain, but ok, I will cut you some slack. But, next time I have you pinned and you can’t physically tap because I have your arms too, I’d like to ask that you say “I submit.””

“We will see, but for now I’ve tapped.”

“Ok. Do I get a victory pose over you? Or do you go straight to licking my feet?”

‘Damn!’ she cursed inside. ‘Damn, damn, DAMN!!!!’ She tried to keep her composure and play off the loss.

“Well played!” she said. “And that is your call, it’s your session after all.”

“Ok, then I want both! Can I put my foot on your chest for a victory pose? Then I’ll sit in the office chair while you get your two minutes!”

‘My two minutes!?!?’ she thought silently. ‘What does he mean my two minutes.’ she thought to herself. She didn’t say anything as she did agree to the terms. She was not looking forward to this…..

He stood over her, she didn’t move and stayed on her back while letting her legs down to the mat and laid fully prone on the floor. As she did, he smiled in an odd way, not overjoyed or excited or like a dream had come true, more like this was happening exactly the way he wanted it to. It unnerved her even more to see that look.

He put his foot squarely between her boobs, dug his toes a bit into her upper chest and put some of his weight on her as he steadied himself, put his hands on his hips, and looked down at her. He seemed to be taking in every inch of her body as his prize. His foot felt a bit clammy and cool to the touch, despite it being a comfortable room temperature, and it bothered her a little bit that she noticed that detail. Maybe she paid attention to it since worshiping these feet was in her very near future, but she wondered if that were true.

“Two to zero! You have some catching up to do, and I still have my mulligan.” he said in that familiar jokingly confident manner.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, I know. But I plan to get mine.” she said. “Wait a minute, don’t you want to worship my feet anyway?” she asked, partly to stall. He had requested that in their emails.

“Yeah!” he said excitedly, “But all in good time.”

“Ok, are you ready for this?” he said as he pushed off her chest with his foot, digging his toes in just a bit again, and stepped away and sat in the chair.

She wasn’t sure what to do. She wasn’t sure what to think, and she fought anxiety. Part of her wanted to bail right then, refund his deposit, tell him she wasn’t comfortable with the session, and leave right then. She could, after all, there were no guarantees here, especially if he was acting inappropriate. She could even make it up to him and offer him a free hour without the foot worshiping clause she had stupidly agreed to.

No. No, she wasn’t going to do that. She had her word, and she had given it to him when she accepted the session. He hadn’t done anything wrong or inappropriate, and she wasn’t going to break her word, or their agreement, to welch on a deal she had made. No, that was not how she was raised, breaking the verbal istanbul travestileri contract might be worse for her conscious that following through and actually worshipping his feet.

“Yep, let’s do this.” she said with as much enthusiasm as she could fake, like she had done this type of thing before. She hadn’t, and who was she kidding, she had never licked a man’s foot, or a woman’s foot, or ever thought it appealing at all. No past boyfriend had asked for this, not even Trevor with his fetish for her feet.

As he was only 4 or 5 feet away after rolling the chair to her and she was still on her back from the victory pose. He could have rolled closer, but he didn’t, so she crawled over to him on her hands and knees. This didn’t help, not one bit. She got to the foot of the chair, sat on her heels (she was not sitting cross legged in a bikini!), and looked up at him. Nervousness grew. His face showed him to be both overjoyed and somehow expectant of what was going to happen. He put his left foot out but kept it a few inches from her face by not straightening his leg, his toes pointing right at her nose. She leaned forward but as she did, he pulled his foot back.

“You have never worshiped feet before, have you?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

“No, I sure haven’t.” she replied, still not quite sure how to process what was happening but noticing a catch in her voice. She hoped he didn’t hear that.

“I thought so, but that way you spoke just a second ago I started to wonder.” he said. “Typically, the person licking the foot and sucking the toes holds the foot so the receiver doesn’t have to hold his own foot up. You don’t have to, but it gives you more control to prevent my toes from pinching your lips or hurting you or anything like that.”

“I see.” she said, still in a bit of shock that this was actually about to happen….

“It will also help you do a better job. Ya know, you get more control. ” he quipped with that same smile, interrupting her shocked thoughts.

She reached up and grasped his foot by the arch, her fingers wrapping around the top of his foot. He immediately relaxed his leg, letting his foot drop and she instinctively used her other hand to grab his heel. She looked up and he was smiling that same damn smile. She hesitated for a few seconds, still holding his foot with both hands.

“The clock is by the bed, we can approximate the two minutes if you like, since this is the first time” he said. It was 6:09 and they spent the first few minutes small talking after the 6 pm start. She had been pinned twice and was about to lick his feet after five minutes into the session.

Shock, total shock. So many thoughts. Run. Leave quietly but quickly, even in her bikini. She could grab her purse from the bathroom, leave her clothes, and be gone in 10 seconds.


No! She had her morals, and a deal was a deal. Right? She had to do it? Was the deal unreasonably? How did this happen?! What was she thinking?! Ok, she had to. She was going to. She did.


Ray sat in the chair, mentally pinching himself to wake up from this dream. It could not have gone better, he had read her perfectly again on the second fall. Shannon had thought she may be nervous and it turned out she was. She expected Jamie to be ready for a bull rush from him as he would try to push his advantage. When he faked the rush, she reacted just like they thought she might and tried to catch him in her legs and not let him catch her in his arms. He stopped short as planned and gave her a gently shove over on her back.

Then he pounced. He pushed her incredibly dangerous legs aside and landed on her, forcing her flat on her back. She tried to buck him off, a predictable and doomed maneuver, and he used her motion to move up, lock his heels under her, and perch on her sexy bare belly. She paid for that doomed attempt to throw him off in another way: he now held her powerful arms by the wrists. Even though she was much stronger than he was, that part was obvious, he had so much leverage with her wrists in his grasp that she was now helpless. She just didn’t know it yet.

‘Now for the fun part’ he thought. The process would now begin!

“What now?” he said, it was his first attempt to get in her head.

“What now? What now is I roll out and get my payback!!” she said, more shaking in her voice. He felt a real nervousness in her for the first time

He shifted his weight on her, constantly trying to goad her into burning energy to escape, even though escape was impossible. She took the bait every time and bucked and squirmed with all her might. She finally tried to slide out from underneath him, which was also doomed but was the correct maneuver to try. However, her big tits got in the way and wouldn’t slide under his thighs, this stopped her progress. He now locked in tighter, no more playing, he didn’t want to risk losing his hold on her. He wanted the pin or the tap that he was due.

She paused and travesti istanbul quit squirming. He felt that she now knew she was pinned and helpless. He tried to climb further into her head with some well placed questions and some back and forth, then reminded her she had technically been pinned for way over a ten count: both her shoulders had been on the ground.

‘A perfectly predictable sequence.’ he thought. He didn’t expect it to go so well so early, especially against a woman of her size and experience. However, it was obvious she didn’t know how to wrestle. Ok, maybe she knew some moves or watched some videos, but she didn’t seem to know anything about reading your opponent or the massive mental component of true wrestling. She only knew how to dominate those who knew nothing and wanted to be dominated. She had paid for that lack of knowledge, and she was going to pay even more.

He asked for a victory pose with his foot on her chest to gauge how defiant she would be. She agreed willingly, almost too willingly, like this was a normal request and she was trying to play it cool. This wasn’t normal and Ray knew it: the vast majority of men who would pay $400 per hour to wrestle a woman like her want to lose, not win. They can pin their helpless wives and girlfriends in friendly wrestling matches at home if they beg and do enough housework. Men came to Jamie to lose. She should have known that too. This was more ignorance he would make her pay for.

He put his foot right between her big, perfect tits, pushing down on her sternum harder than he needed to while digging his toes in her chest much more than he had to. Her top held her boobs close enough together that they now touch both sides of his foot.

‘What an amazing rack! This girl has it all! Can these big tits really be mine soon?’ he thought.

‘Don’t get cocky!’ he told himself. It’s only 6:09, he still had a long way to go.

He got off her and sat in the chair to await his foot worship from this beautiful woman. He rolled close enough to the mat so that it didn’t make sense for her to stand and walk to him, but far enough away that she still had to move to get to him. He hoped she would crawl to him but didn’t expect it to happen. He was thrilled when it did.

She also said,”Let’s do this!” with an incredibly fake confidence when she should now be heading for the door, running out on the session. This was a very good sign, he and Shannon may be able to take control of her like they so very much wanted to.

‘Time for more mind games.’ he thought silently as she sat on her heels and looked up at him nervously. He “coached” her through the foot worship knowing she probably didn’t want to but probably would do it anyway. He was a client and she had agreed to it. He and Shannon were betting she would honor the verbal agreement instead of running out the door like she should have done. “Coaching” her would establish that she can take simple commands, a key first step in the process. He also made her hold his foot with both hands, further trying to establish his presence in her head.

He also knew not push too hard physically or mentally. He had to make her bend, then bend more, then bend even more before he could break her. If he pushed too hard or too fast she may run. Shannon warned him about this. He needed to make her bend time and time again while making sure she was still comfortable and, more importantly, make her think she had control of the situation. He felt ready for the challenge.

‘First get in her head, then own her head.’ he reminded himself.

‘No. Wait. Easy Ray, take it easy, and slow down.’ he told himself firmly. ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself. Remember what Shannon taught you: first you have to own her body, then get in her head, then own her mind, then you break her spirit. Then, if she is willing, she lets you own her soul.’

He was now more excited than he had been in quite some time as she was about to taste his toes. She was about to take the first steps down that path, that path he and Shannon would guide her down.


Jamie fought back nerves and brought his foot up to her mouth with both hands and tasted his big toe for the first time. It was an incredibly odd feeling, his toe was cold, a little hairy on top, and had a distinct lack of taste. The taste wasn’t disgusting, insanely degrading maybe, but not disgusting. His toe wasn’t sweaty, stinky, dirty or any other negative sensation she would have thought. So, she sucked on his big toe for a few seconds and happened to look up at him.

That smile was still there, that same smile. She couldn’t explain it, but it was almost like he knew this would happen and he knew she would agree to the deal and end up here, at his feet, with his big toe in her mouth. Arrogance? Was it arrogance? She still wasn’t sure…

He didn’t speak, but wiggled his big toe to catch her by surprise. She pulled it out of her mouth and then moved to the other toes, taking them two at a time since they were smaller. She sucked on each pair for as long as she thought would be acceptable, then pulled them away. When she finished the toes, he lifted them to hint that she should give his soles some attention next. She paused, unsure what to do for the moment.

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The Doe-Taur , Her Lover Pt. 01

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Alyssa stayed a step behind her partner and lover, Sandor, the white fox stepping ahead of her. He was the bolder one, yes, but that did not mean that she did not have her own strengths to be utilized too, all so that she could serve and assist him all the better as he grew in his powers as a mage. Still, the deer hybrid could not help but fear for him, the dark cave looming ahead.

“Sandor,” she whispered, brushing a curl of her short, brunette hair back out of her face, her ears twitching up out of the glossy sheen of it. “Are you… Are you sure this is okay?”

Sandor smiled at her, the white fox once more turning her heart over, his staff in hand. Her heart skipped a beat. He was so strong, so powerful — though there was something amiss there that Alyssa couldn’t quite put her finger on. She swallowed hard and stilled, trying to quiet the rapid, frantic beating of her heart. She could not do all that Sandor needed her to, after all, if she was as worried as she currently was. The only outward sign left of her anxiety remained in her twitching tail, bobbing back and forth.

“Of course, Alyssa,” he said, the fox’s voice smooth and soft, as if he was older than she remembered him being. “Everything is fine. Come on now, we’ve got to keep going.”

With only darkness ahead and light behind, Alyssa gulped hard. Why had he chosen this path? And yet she still trusted him. She always trusted him.

“Okay, Sandor, I’m with you. I trust you.”

The fox blinked and peered ahead, a soft chuckle on his lips.

“I only wish I could see a little better, Alyssa… Oh, I know!”

He smiled openly, as if suddenly remembering that he was a mage, though he did not have as good vision in the dark as most foxes. Chanting softly, he called fire to his hands, bursting to flickering life between the palms, fingers cupped around, though they would not be burned by the magic, white-orange flame. Alyssa blinked rapidly, unable to look directly at it.

“There!” He said, as if pleased with himself. “Now, we can go on.”

It helped a little as she joined him, side by side, heading deeper down the wide passageway of the cave, stony walls illuminated, though they revealed no discerning features. Alyssa shivered.

“Sandor…” She breathed. “Is this… Is this the only way? Can we not go another way?”

But Alyssa didn’t even remember where they were going as the doe-taur scooted in a little closer to him, concerned, though she had every right to be. She didn’t want anything bad to happen, no, not when she was with him, not ever. Sandor, however, did not answer her.



Alyssa started, clutching at his arm. She was just a doe-taur — she wasn’t prepared to fight monsters! Yet the fox only grinned and winked at her, gently disengaging her from his arm, though the movement in the darkness ahead only sent her heart rate racing even more viciously, pounding in her chest like a beast that strained to break free from its ill confines.

“Don’t worry, Alyssa,” he said softly, cupping her face briefly, fingers trailing across her cheek. “You shouldn’t underestimate my agility!”

He rushed forward, casting the light back to her, the flame bobbing in the air — not even following him to light his way! And he could not see in the dark! Alyssa shrieked, clapping her hands to her face, though there was nothing she could do to help, woefully out of her depth, dithering back and forth, her cloven hooves skittering frantically across the hard ground.

His staff lunged forward, though she only caught the edge of movement in the darkness, a snarl that had to come from some kind of savage, untamed beast ripping through the air. He cried out, dim sounds of impact bouncing off the walls of the cave, though the echo made it even more difficult for the taur to tell just where any sound at all was coming from.

“Sandor! Sandor!”

Yet, istanbul travesti try as she might, she could not get through to him, the light hovering beside her, following her movement, Sandor in the dark. She called out to him, again and again, but the fighting and clamour merely echoed back at her off the cave walls, as if the sounds themselves were mocking her and her ability to fight as he did, with his training in the art of mage craft.

“Sandor — come back here! I can help you!”

She didn’t know just how she could help him, but all the doe-taur knew was that she had to try, had to do something, had to say anything — anything at all to get him back closer to her. She had hooves — she could fight! She could kick! Yes, she could lunge and she could strike, instinct locking into her, even if it was a more bestial way of defending herself. Still, it was what she could do and she prepared herself to do whatever it took to stand with Sandor, side by side.

That had to be him, the sound of chanting, another spell, bouncing off the walls, but it had not even finished when the worst sound in the world sliced through the suddenly still air.


A scream, a cry. And then gurgling, as if something was spilling.

She rushed forward, tripping over her own hooves in her haste, uncaring of the danger. Her heart hammered against her ribcage and yet…it didn’t matter.

For her love laid there on the floor with the hope fading from his eyes, wriggling and squirming on the ground with a leopard anthro above him. The leopard with black rosettes and yellow fur glared at him, not even giving Alyssa a cursory glance, for he knew where the true threat lay there and how to disable his enemy. After all, no mage in the world could cast a spell powerful enough to do anything significant when the luxury of speech itself had been taken from them.

Sandor twisted, gurgling, eyes wide, clutching at his throat, but the leopard pinned him down, a heavy foot on his chest. The fox grunted, straining, fighting still, but every breath that he tried to take drew blood too into his trachea, mixing and going down where it was never supposed to, his muzzle and chest painted red in the splattering spray of his life essence.

Alyssa froze, hooves locked in place. And it was there that she was forced to watch as the life faded from his eyes too, along with the hope that had preceded it, his body growing still and dull and cold. The warmth of him rushed out in the gushes of hot, red blood, the leopard growling as he pinned him down, crushing his chest.


She whimpered, a hand at her face. The flame that Sandor had created to light their way flickered and went out.

He was gone.

“No… Sandor! Sandor — wake up! Wake up, this can’t be happening! Sandor!”


Gasping, Alyssa twisted, fighting with something tangled around her, her skin drenched in a cold sweat. With her heart pounding as much as it was and tears building in her eyes, it took her a moment longer than it usually would have for her to realise that she was not in the cave, that she was there, in her bed with Sandor, her white fox partner. He blinked and rolled over with a lazy yawn, not quite near true wakefulness yet as he tried to struggle awake, dull and groggy without even a clue of what she had been through in her nightmare.

The deer-taur whimpered and drew her forelegs in close to her, rolling and shifting so that she was lying on her deer half, her torso rising from the bed, the sheets that had tangled up around her spilling from her shoulders and back. A dream, just a dream… But it had all felt so real.

She reached out, huffing, her arm stiff with cramps. Was he still there? Was her fox still there? He reached for her as Alyssa stared at him, tears in her eyes, holding her own arm as pins and needles blistered through it.

“Alyssa… Alyssa, are you okay?”

He brushed her sore arm with his fingers and she all but flung herself into his arms, shaking all the time, though the tears were quick to fade. After all, it was not as if she had not had nightmares before, even if that one had shaken her to her core, to the very root of her being. The fact that the familiar room, with the sheets and the curtains that she had picked out, the ornate wooden dresser with the deer-taur carvings laid into the front of the drawers, was around her helped a little. It helped ground her, allowing her to travesti istanbul take deep, steadying breaths, to sink her energy back down into the ground, locking her into the realm of reality once more.

The dream realm, after all, did not deserve to hold her for any longer than it already had. Sandor rubbed her sore arm, cramped, with his fingers, easing the ache from it. A little natural healing magic poured into her, the affinity of plants pressing softly and sweetly into her body to help soothe it.

“It was horrible, Sandor,” she said quietly as he cradled her. “It was horrible… I, we, were in a cave and there was a leopard. It was dark and I felt like I couldn’t help you as you fought something, someone, another mage, a leopard. I don’t know how he did it…but he ripped out your throat and…and…”

She gulped, though not even that helped soften the tears that were, once again, building in her eyes. Sandor chuckled faintly, drawing her in close to him, though there was nothing mean in his eyes, even as he softened the situation with his light laughter.

“Oh, Alyssa… I promise you, I’d never put you or me in a situation like that. I’d never run off into the dark like that — you know what my eyesight is like! It was probably just a bandit in your dream, the pixies have gotten into your ears again.”

That was an old folk’s saying, about pixies planting bad dreams in the ears of creatures before they slumbered, and it was silly enough to get her to grunt and roll her eyes, shoving half-heartedly at the fox’s chest. However, she was simply so glad to be close to him that she didn’t try all that hard to get him away from her, not even as that annoying little smirk pulled subtly at the corner of his lips.

“I’ll never do something silly like that, Alyssa, I promise,” Sandor breathed, dropping a kiss on her lips, though he could have, surely, been strong enough to fight off a lone bandit if not for a dream world twisting things out of the realm of reality. “Nothing bad will ever happen to me, I know. I will always be careful, not for me but for you, always and forever. You’re the most important thing in the world to me…”

She needed that, pressing in close to him, feeling calmer than she had since waking up. His quirky, almost cheeky nature would surely come back in time, teasing her and poking fun (if not sexually too!) — and then she would be in trouble. He was a handful at the best of times, but the fox only seemed to have flourished and come into himself more and more after breaking free of his parental home, becoming the most well-known mage in the area. And his experience was only growing more and more as he learned and studied, taking on more projects and challenges, all so that he could earn more money, increase his knowledge and, of course, be the strongest mage that he could be.

She exhaled softly, her nerves still jittery after the dream. Her body still pumped with adrenaline, even though her mind recognised it as a dream.

“I’m going for a walk,” she said, the night still upon them, even though it would likely be touched with dawn soon. “Just to settle myself.”

The fox watched her leave, dressing only lightly with a long, flowing blouse over her top half, just so that she would remain decent, in case there was anyone else out there. He wriggled into the warm spot of the bed that she had left, hot from the heat of her body and smelling, faintly, of irises.


The fox leaned into that scent, his dark nose twitching as he drew in more of it, wanting to savour it. The rich musk of animal, of deer, was there too, mingled with her natural scent, but there was certainly something about the doe-taur, even in her aroma, that drew him to her. Smiling faintly, he nestled down into it to wait for her, casting his magical senses out with a soft, muttered spell, just to keep an eye on her too, from a distance. Whereas Alyssa didn’t need him leaning over her shoulder, watching her every move, he just wanted to make sure that she was safe. The room itself was left in the tender, soft glow of only the moonlight, the fox knowing that that was what the doe-taur preferred to return to.

Alyssa breathed a little more easily in the summer air, crisp and light after the recent rains. The house that they had built together, along with hiring others from the growing town to assist in its construction, of course, was set near the lake, the waters still with not a hint of a breeze to ripple across istanbul travestileri the surface. At any other time, the perfect quiet could have been unnerving to her, still part prey animal, but she needed it that night.

Alyssa needed the quiet, the reeds touched with moonlight, not stirring against one another. The moon, nearly full, glanced off the water in a perfect, serene reflection, the meadow beyond the lake spreading to the foothills of the mountains, long, lush ground where many species of animals resided. The farmland was on the other side of the town, expanding in that direction, leaving the outskirts where they had set up their home peaceful and left alone, even if the town was sure to grow over time. They, however, were most likely to move on too, in time, growing as they were.

Alyssa stood quietly, feeling how her cloven hooves sank a little into the soft ground, comfortable in her position, only enough contraction held in her body to keep her upright. Otherwise, her body released the tension it had been holding, falling loose and relaxed, letting breath after breath carry the nightmare away.

A flicker of movement caught her attention, but there was nothing to fear, only a few small animals edging out from the line of evergreen trees. Even in the dead of winter, those trees with their needles stayed green, resolute to the most treacherous of weather conditions.

“Hello there, little ones.”

She spoke softly, reverently, for every life was sacred. A small fallow deer, half her size, pricked their ears: a doe, judging by the lack of antlers. Yet they were not alone, their hide glowing faintly with a yellow sheen, magic infusing their blood and their bones. Amongst their hooves hopped some rabbits, perhaps a hare, the different species in pink and blue glows of light, as if their fur itself had been caught by a luminescent touch. It was not something that she had seen before, not to that extent, and Alyssa smiled, filing away the magical phenomenon to tell Sandor about later. He would surely be very interested in how nature was developing and responding to the growth of magic in the town, sometimes in quite unexpected ways.

And, the truth was, that they were on the cusp of a change themselves. Even though they had aid to do it, it was time to move on from the town that they had grown up in, together, moving out of the shadow of his parents to seek out fresher, greener, more fertile pastures of life and knowledge. They couldn’t live there forever, even though they would face some kind of discrimination, one way or the other, due to them being an interspecies couple. Or not so much that they were interspecies, as anthros quite often got together, even married, to those of other species, but her being a taur. In the end, that was a problem, at least in the eyes of society.

However, it had never mattered to Sandor, the fox aware of how it impacted her life but doing all that he could to make things easier for her. In a world like theirs though, it was something to remember and hold close to their hearts that they had each other.

The next day, they would be moving, sorting through what was left, taking what they wanted to sell to the market, buying more to supplement their new life. She frowned, rubbing her forehead. Oh dear, was the horse and cart ready to take them? She had booked a large one, but after seeing how much they had to take with them, she wondered if it was going to be big enough, even then, to take everything that they wanted with them to their new home and the bigger town.

She sighed. No matter though. It would happen, one way or the other, and they would do it together. That was all that was important.

She smiled, taking her time, walking back to the house. One step after the other: that was what her mother had always told her and it had served her well in her life so far. In fact, Alyssa would even have said that she’d blossomed into quite the adult, a strong, capable doe-taur who could help Sandor in his mage training still. She would never be quite the same as a mage, of course not, for that was not the life path that she wanted to take, but she had grown and she had developed. There was little more that Alyssa could have asked of herself.

And, still, in her dreams… Those fears came that she was not good enough for Sandor, that she would not be able to protect him, that she would lose him.

But those were only dreams. And dreams did not have to become real — especially when they were not a reflection of the truth of her life.

She paused at the door, taking the time to wipe the mud off her hooves from the outdoors, softly walking back upstairs to be with Sandor.

Sleep still needed to be had.

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Wife and Daughter Dominated Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

This is a continuation of the story: Jason Dominates Wife and Daughter.

Over the next few weeks, Jean came to love her sessions with Jason. She was almost addicted to serving him sexually. They had many get- togethers and Jean had come to love his big cock and dominant ways. Jason enjoyed not only Jean’s perfect MILF body but also the feeling of power and domination he got by playing with this beautiful woman in front of me, her husband. Jean came to need sex with Jason. She had never had a cock the size of his nor a dominant man who knew how to play with her so well. Her relationship with Jason became a sexual obsession.

Although Jean did not know it at first, Jason had asked to see pictures of our beautiful 22-year-old daughter (Ashley). I shared these with him and he was intrigued by her beauty and prominent, full breasts. Although Jean had a mature beauty, Ashley was strikingly gorgeous with her nubile, young body with breasts that dominated her petite frame. The thought of having both mother and daughter serve him sexually began to interest him as a challenge. He loved Ashley’s huge tits and very voluptuous lips, which he imagined being perfect to wrap around his cock. I was at first was shocked by the idea of Jason not only bedding my wife but also my daughter. However, the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became. The vision of my sweet almost innocent daughter becoming the sexual plaything of this older, dominant man became a frequent erotic thought. I couldn’t help but imagine how my young, beautiful daughter would look, kneeling at the feet of Jason, with her mouth engorged with his huge cock. Jason encouraged me in these ideas and told me that he was confident he would be able to convince both my wife and daughter to serve him.

After a few weeks, Jason started talking travesti istanbul to Jean about her daughter during sex. While he was fucking her and she was moaning and squealing as he filled her pussy with his cock. he would say things like:

“What would Ashley think of my cock?”

“Would she like it? Would she want to suck it?”

“Don’t you think you should share me with your daughter?”

“Tell Ashley you are fucking this huge cock and you love it.”

“Tell her she should try it for herself.”

“I want you to give your daughter to me to fuck.”

Jean did not at first respond to his questions about Ashley, concentrating instead on the pleasure she was enjoying from him. His comments shocked her, but she did not say anything because she had become totally subservient to Jason. Afterwards, however, she told me about it. She was hesitant to involve our daughter with Jason even though she knew Ashley would enjoy the experience. She doubted Ashley had ever experienced a dominant, older man, let alone one with a 9 inch cock. After a time, she would respond to Jason’s repeated comments and questions about our daughter, telling him between moans and gasps that she would probably love his big cock. The idea of sharing her daughter with Jason became something she thought would be good for both of them, and of course she wanted to please Jason.

Jean arranged for both Jason and Ashley to be in the house together so that she could be comfortable around him. It was obvious that Ashley was curious at Jason’s continued presence in our home. Was he just a good friend? You could tell the way she looked at us all she wasn’t sure.

Jean and Ashley have a very close relationship, which made it easier for Jean to finally talk to our daughter. After further encouragement from Jason, Jean istanbul travestileri at last broached the subject to Ashley. She told her about her amazing sexual experiences with Jason, how dominant and sexy he was, how his cock filled her up completely and made her feel incredible. At first, Ashley was shocked, but she respected her mother’s opinion and began thinking of the possibilities. Seeing Jason again after hearing her mother’s explanation, she could understand how this charming and sexy man could make her mother feel this way. He was almost a foot taller than she was, so he dominated her physically. She could appreciate his muscular, lean body. He was also charming and showed interest in Ashley and what she had to say. Although much older and mature, he didn’t treat her like a little girl. When Jason would look at her in a certain intense way and stare at her breasts, she would become embarrassed but also there was a growing feeling of submission and excitement for her.

Jean did eventually talk Ashley into watching her and Jason together in bed. (Jason secretly taped this first session.) First, Jason had Jean strip and kneel in front him. He pushed his cock into her mouth, telling her: “Suck it!” Jean was happy to comply, and began to work his cock with her mouth and tongue. Ashley sat nearby and watched intently as this dominant man forced her mother to serve him. She was amazed and mesmerized by the size of his cock and his muscular body. Ashley had never seen a cock so big. But her petite mother was able to accommodate most of it in her mouth. She was also surprised at how her beautiful mother was so submissive to Jason, seeming to worship that cock of his. At first, Ashley was embarrassed by the scene she was witnessing, but slowly her body started to respond. She started to breath istanbul travesti more heavily and her young pussy got very wet. Whenever Jason would stare over at her, she would drop her gaze. Ashley was amazed at how her mother was responding and she wondered what it would feel like to experience the same thing.

Jason maneuvered Jean on her knees so that she was facing Ashley. Then he slowly entered her pussy from behind. Jason stared at Ashley as he inserted his massive cock into Jean’s pussy. Jean moaned as his organ invaded her little body. He started pumping back and forth and Jean’s expression told Ashley everything she needed to know about how her mother was feeling. He pulled her hair back so that her body was arched to receive the whole length of his massive dick. Jean’s squeals became more and more pronounced. Ashley realized her mother was feeling the effects of Jason’s big cock, like nothing that she had ever been able to experience. Her previous boyfriends had all been average in size at best, and they had never been dominant and forceful like Jason. Ashley was becoming more mesmerized by the sexual act being performed right in front of her. The wetness in her pussy increased and her face was flushed. Her mouth was partly open and panting, almost in desire to taste that magnificent cock.

Jason continued to pound Jean from behind, and Jean was obviously loving his forceful fucking. He would look up at Ashley from time to time, and Ashley was incredibly turned on by his actions.

Finally, Jason’s thrusts became harder and faster, as he came close to the end. Jean’s cries were also at a crescendo. Ashley was so turned on by what she was witnessing. Jason moaned as he sprayed his cum in Jean’s pussy. The couple’s motions slowed as Jason’s cock slowly slid from her pussy. An inordinate amount of cum was leaking out of Jean as he pulled away. Our daughter was amazed at what she had witnessed. She watched the cum leak from her mother’s hole, and was fascinated. She knew that what was coming next would involve her….

To be continued…

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Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 09

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Greg entered the bar. He could not immediately spot Chloe, because she sat with her back turned towards him. He first saw a young business lady, pencil skirt, white blouse accentuating her ample bust, quite pretty but not as hot as Chloe. Greg cursed himself inwardly. Here he was looking for his girlfriend and yet automatically checking out the other ladies in the room. Men just can’t get out of their skin, Greg thought. He hoped Chloe had not caught him eyeing this woman.

Suddenly the woman’s face lit up, she went wide-eyed and waved at him. Now he also realized that Chloe was sitting at the same table and turned to him. The business lady had to be a friend of Chloe’s. She had not even told him she was bringing a friend. Greg felt caught red-handed. He blushed, but waved back, trying to look as cool as possible.

“Look, is that your Greg there? I think he just checked me out, ha-ha,” Jade whispered to Chloe.

“Oh really, he will regret that soon,” Chloe replied with a devilish grin.

Chloe hugged Greg and gave him a big kiss.

“Hi babe, meet my bestie, Jade. We know each other since we were children. She is just a wonderful person. Jade, this is Greg. Greg is…well, you already know all about him” Chloe introduced the two of them smiling broadly.

“Hey hey, hi Greg, very nice to meet you finally, Chloe has already told me SO MANY things about you. I am really happy for the two of you. You surely are a great match.”

Greg was a little uncomfortable. What had Chloe told her. Certainly, she would not have told her about…or would she?

“Wow, thank you. I am the lucky one finding Chloe,” Greg replied emphatically.

Jade turned to Chloe, “Sweetie, you didn’t tell me that he is such a polite and handsome man.”

“Oh, come on guys, please stop the pleasantries, we’re all chilled. Relax.” Chloe rolled her eyes and Greg joined them at the table, taking the seat next to Chloe facing Jade.

But Jade was not done yet. “No, really, look at him. So tall and handsome, and then with such good manners. That’s a rare find. You really have a knack for the good ones.” And turning to Greg, she said, “You know, to tell you the truth, Chloe here, she’s totally into tall, big guys. All her boyfriends have been really big. I always wonder how my petite Chloe here can even cope with that.” giggled Jade. She lightly kicked Chloe’s foot under the table.

“Oh Jade, don’t judge a book by its cover. Greg here, for example, he may look so big and strong and muscular on the outside, but he’s all cute underneath.” Chloe winked surreptitiously at Jade. Jade dropped her gaze towards Greg’s groin for just a split-second.

Greg blushed at all this innuendo. Chloe was surely being metaphorical here. But had not Jade just peeked at his groin? They could not possibly be talking about his dick right in front of him. It was all innocent small talk, surely. Greg tried to convince himself, despite feeling his little one stiffening inside his boxers. He shifted in his seat, the girls exchanging knowing smiles.

“Ha-ha, istanbul travesti you girls are so funny. How was your week then?” Greg tried, to play it cool and the girls decided to play along for now and let him steer the conversation to more innocuous topics.

They talked about their jobs and plans for the coming weeks and the soon to come summer vacation. Greg liked Jade, too. She seemed as easy-going as Chloe. She was also funny and an educated young lady. While drinking cocktails the three of them spent a very pleasant evening together. Everyone seemed to get a bit tipsy, but this just added to the relaxed atmosphere. After a while Greg had to answer some emails on his phone and the two girls talked among themselves. Greg noticed that at some point they suddenly spoke in a language that was foreign to him. It must have been Korean. He guessed that Jade also had Korean roots. He wondered what they were discussing.

“Nah, you can really ask him, no worries” giggled Chloe in English again.

“No, you’re stupid, just shut up” hissed Jade. She was acting upset, hiding their plan.

“What’s it all about? Why are you talking in your secret language?” Greg inquired.

“Oh, it’s not really thaaaat important. But if you really want to hear it already: I’m dating this guy right now; we’ve slept together a few times and he just…” Jade lowered her voice and leaned forward “…he just doesn’t make any effort at all to satisfy me orally. I thought, every guy knows that women love oral too, don’t they? Do you have any tips on how to get him to do it?”

Greg blushed. The cocktails had relaxed him a bit, but he was still embarrassed by her direct approach to him. What had Chloe told her? Did Jade know he had a season ticket between Chloe’s thighs? Chloe and Jade exchanged knowing glances again.

“Well, so, maybe he’s just not the type?” tried Greg a lame explanation.

“You mean you have to be the type for it?” asked Jade.

“Oh, I mean YOU as in “someone,” not “you” as in “you, Greg” obviously,” she corrected herself quickly but laughing inside.

“Yeah, of course, I get what you mean” Greg blushed again. “Everyone has some sort of preferences or things they like more or like less,” he tried to save himself in generalities.

“Hmm,” Jade pondered “maybe you’re right. He’s more of the macho type who always wants to call the shots and always has to be on top and set the pace and all that. Maybe he really just isn’t the serving type. And…” Jade leaned closer to Greg and Chloe again and said in a low voice “…he really has a huge cock. The sex is rough and fantastic.” Jade giggled.

“Jesus, babe, I think you are drunk.” Choe scolded her playfully. “How can you just blurt out this vulgar thing. What will Greg think about me and my friends?”

“Don’t worry babe, I am cool with it.” Or at least Greg whose face changed to a dark crimson red tried to act cool.

Did Jade just indicate that she knew he was a total sub and that he had a small dick? Did she know all of that? Or did travesti istanbul she just get tipsy and bold and just didn’t really care what she was saying?

The rest of the evening went without further embarrassment for Greg, and he was glad that soon it was time to go home.

Greg and Chloe showered together and started making out in the shower. His hands were everywhere, and she loved it when he massaged the shower lotion into her skin. At first, he stood behind her, massaged her breasts, and took a lot of time for her nipples. The hot water, the slippery shower gel and his touches created a smorgasbord of arousal in Chloe. When she leaned back into him, she could feel his little hard-on poking her just above her butt.

“Don’t forgot my legs,” Chloe turned to Greg and pressed lightly on his shoulders, signaling him to get on his knees. Greg complied immediately, him being at her feet was nothing unusual anymore. He knelt and took a handful of shower gel and spread it over her soft but shapely slender thighs. He loved the feeling of stroking her taut, smooth skin. Chloe was not muscular, but her legs were in perfect shape. She turned so Greg could work her ass. He saw her perfect, clean-shaven pussy peeking out invitingly between her sweet yet full ass cheeks while he was lathering her ass and thighs. Chloe felt herself getting wet, her pussy juice combining with the shower water. She turned back around and lifted her right leg slightly. “Calves.” A simple command and Greg set about massaging her calves. He hesitated for only the briefest moment. Kneeling here and washing his girlfriend’s calves and – sure enough soon – her feet, especially the feet, was another level of submission. “But what the hell, she knows anyway,” Greg thought. He took his time on both her lower legs paying special attention to her delicate feet and her delicious, cute toes. Chloe looked down at him, satisfied. How nice it was to have a submissive boyfriend. Right at your feet.

She would make him kiss her feet soon. Not just tonight, she thought.

When Greg was done with her calves and feet Chloe spread her legs a bit more, at the same time grabbing his head gently and directing him between her thighs. No explicit command was needed, Greg knew what to do. Carefully he licked the narrow area between thighs and pussy, very slowly from bottom to top, first on the right, then the left. Chloe loved the feeling. His tongue was so close to her dripping clam, yet not really there yet. He repeated the motion of his tongue. It was driving her crazy. She needed to feel his tongue on her pussy now and gripped his hair tighter, directing him to the center. Greg lowered his head, stuck out his tongue as far as he could, touching the sensitive spot between pussy and anus. In a long slow motion, he licked with his full flat tongue upward over her entire pink flower until he reached her clit. Chloe shuddered.

“Hmm, yeah, keep doing that.” She moaned.

On Greg’s tongue, the aroma of her pussy mingled with the water that continued to istanbul travestileri trickle down her body. He added several more long-drawn-out licks. Chloe opened her thighs wider.

“Yes, babe, you are such a great pussy licker. I wish Jade could ever experience such an amazing tongue.”

Did she just indicate he should lick her bestie eventually?

“Someday, you need to show her date, how to do that” Chloe indulged in the thought.

What was she thinking? Should that guy learn it by seeing Greg lick Chloe? Would she like that? Or did she want him to lick Jade himself and the guy watch it? Or did she mean Greg should give the guy a dry licking-lesson of some sort? Greg was rock hard.

Chloe could sense his uncertainty as he paused for a second. She leaned her head back and grinned widely. She grabbed his head again and pressed it against her moist mound.

“Just keep licking, babe” she said it loud enough for Greg to hear.

Greg started his favorite technique now, the alphabet lick. At some point he had read that on a website, and it had never let him down. Women just loved it. Instead of licking completely uncoordinated, this rule said to lick the alphabet. So vertical and horizontal, oblique, and straight, short, and long licks alternated right, left, up, down the middle as well as some arcs. Greg took his time and licked tantalizingly slow. “…E…F…G…”. Chloe loved every bit of it, herself busy touching her tits, pinching her nipples.

When Greg got to M, N and O Chloe’s thighs began to tremble. God, he had such a talented tongue. She felt her juices flowing out of her. Chloe turned off the shower.

Greg tasted the difference immediately. If just a moment ago the shower water had mixed with her juices, now he got the pure taste of her spasming vagina on his tongue.

“Suck me,” Chloe commanded, panting.

Greg now began to suck on her hot box rather than lick it. A stream of the sweetest pussy juice he had ever tasted flowed from her love channel. There seemed no end to it.

Chloe grabbed his head with both hands and pressed it firmly into her crotch. “Yes, Yes, suck me good, Oh Yes, Oh my god, yes, don’t stop, yees, fuuuck.” Her body shook with violent thrusts and her loud moans filled the room. Greg sucked on her pulsing pussy with the utmost eagerness and then suddenly he felt his open mouth flooded with liquid, the taste still sweetish with a salty touch. That’s when the realization struck him: Chloe was squirting right into his mouth. She was holding his head firmly in place while she herself had trouble staying on her feet. She screamed out her orgasm and kept fucking his face uncontrollably. Greg had no choice but to swallow, only to have his mouth filled the very next moment. What he could not swallow ran out of the corner of his mouth and down his face and body.

“God, I just looove your tongue,” slowly Chloe regained her breath. She loosened her grip on Greg’s head and motioned for him to stand up. She smiled at him and stroked his completely smeared face. “You officially got pussy juiced.” She embraced him tightly and gave him a kiss on the chest, snuggling close. She lowered her gaze to Greg’s stiff, pink, little pee pee.

She grinned to herself blowing a kiss downwards mouthing silently: “Who needs you anyway, ha-ha.”

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Just Beneath the Tiles

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Hanging high above the land, the silver moon shone its reflected light down onto the earth, droplets of moisture glistering like tiny diamonds upon all they sat. The smell of fresh rain still pervaded the air, even though the weather had been calm for some time. But despite the calm and quiet of the night, not all were asleep.

Looking over her shoulder while nervously clutching a lit candle, Tasha bit her lip in thought before turning back to her friend.

“I really don’t think we should be doing this Vera. What if we’re caught? Mother Superior will be furious that we’re snooping around like this. Especially after dark.”

Glancing at Tasha for only a moment, Vera shook her head, the padlock keeping the doors of the small shed closed falling to the ground with a soft thud. Unlike her friend, Vera seemed neither worried nor bothered to do any bit of skullduggery. If anything, she seemed acquainted with it considering how little time the lock held up against her.

“Relax Tasha. No one will catch us and no monster will get over the nunnery walls. You have nothing to worry about, I swear.” Reaching out to rest a reassuring hand on Tasha’s shoulder, Vera offered a sly smile. “Besides, even if one did, I’d just show that not all of us nuns are defenseless.” Hiking up the side of her habit, Vera revealed the dagger strapped around her plush thigh.

Tasha seemed to relax somewhat with Vera’s reassurances, taking a deep breath before nodding her head.

“I suppose you’re right. But still, it’s best not to tarry. So please, show me what you were talking about.”

Smiling at her friend’s go-ahead, Vera turned and pulled open the doors of the shed, motioning Tasha inside and taking one last peak outside to check if they’d been seen, before shutting the doors.

Moving to close the shutters on the window, Vera took the candle from Tasha to light the few others scattered around the room, setting it down once the two could comfortably navigate the small space. The shed was mostly used to store the groundskeeper’s tools, along with a few dusty books and some herbs hung up to dry. However, Vera ignored all of that, instead kneeling down on the stone floor and trying to wedge her fingers between the tiles, prompting Tasha to raise her brow. Before she could ask what Vera was doing though, the girl in question spoke up.

“I’ve seen these tiles come loose before and they rattle when you step on them. So just help me get them up, I want to know what’s under them.”

Pursing her lips slightly, Tasha watched for a moment longer. Her eyes darted between Vera’s hands failing to find any grip between the tiles and the various tools littering the wall. Letting out an exasperated sigh, Tasha stepped toward the wall, reminding herself why she hung around the blonde, even when she got up to her nefarious antics. Looking back as Tasha plucked a pry bar from the hook it once hung on, a wide smile crossed Vera’s face. Using the tool, the tile soon popped up from its slot with a small grinding noise, however beneath it was just a bit of grout and dirt. Frowning, Vera glanced at the tile itself, feeling her frown lessen and become a smirk. On the underside of the tile, was a large curved line, with some sort of engravings accompanying it. Struck by the discovery, Vera pried up a second tile, discovering more symbols and another line, although the two tiles didn’t seem to match perfectly.

“It’s… a puzzle?” Tasha asked, getting to her feet as Vera set the two tiles aside.

“Looks like it, help me get the rest of them up. Let’s see what it is.” Vera didn’t give Tasha much of a choice in the matter, as she instantly began to pull up more of the tiles, which in the end got Tasha to help, albeit begrudgingly.

It took them some time to remove the tiles and even more to begin placing them in the right spots. But they’d managed to get down to the last three, leaving the girls slightly winded and sweaty. Grabbing two of the last three, Vera took a moment and slid them into the correct spots, standing up to admire their handiwork as Tasha eased the last one into place. Nestling in with the small scraping of stone on stone, the tiles seemed to click together, the grout that normally joined them beginning to look like liquid. However, that fact went unnoticed by the two women.

“I don’t really get what it’s supposed to be. A circle with squiggly lines coming out of the center? I was expecting something a smidge more spectacular out of a hidden puzzle.” Vera crossed her arms, gaze shifting towards Tasha who still sat in the middle of the floor.

The taller of the two girls had taken the hood of her habit off, revealing long, auburn curls as she wiped her forehead of sweat with a palm.

“I don’t know either. But I am tired, so could we just go back to our quarters now?” Tasha asked, looking up at Vera, whose expression had shifted from disappointment to growing horror.

Taken aback by her friend’s expression, Tasha glanced around, spotting the cause of Vera’s fear. Beneath her, the tiles had begun to glow along istanbul travesti the lines, purple gooey liquid bubbling up between the cracks. Gasping, Tasha began to scramble to her feet, however before she could, the viscous goop bubbled up and out shot a thick, slimy tentacle, which coiled tightly around Tasha’s wrist, pulling her back down before she could fully stand up.

Pressing tightly against the wall, Vera’s mouth hung open as she watched more and more sludge seep out from the tiles, more tentacles akin to the first one emerging and snaking around Tasha’s limbs, restraining her against the growing bed of slime.

It was almost remarkable how fast the slime had spread, taking up a fair portion of the floor, with enough mass to keep Tasha propped upright. Still paralyzed by shock, Vera could only watch as Tasha’s habit began to shift, the outlines of writhing tentacles becoming visible as the woman squirmed. It was then that Vera realized another thing, around Tasha’s head, was a flatter and decidedly less slimy tentacle, blindfolding her. Along with that, the poor girl had been gagged, the thick purple appendage lazily pushing deeper into her mouth, stifling the cries and whimpers that threatened to escape.

Feeling the shock begin to fade from her system, Vera glanced toward the door beside her. She could likely make it, probably without even being noticed. Although, her conscience refused to allow that. Setting her jaw, Vera slid her habit up and drew the small dagger from its sheath, before moving forward. Vera grunted with each slice as she worked to free her friend, cutting away at thick and thin appendages alike. However, despite the many fallen tentacles, more returned to take their place, proving Vera’s efforts to be futile.

Sadly, before Vera could continue to slice more, the tentacles had caught on to the fact that they were being assailed; causing various other tendrils to spread from the main portion of the mass, moving to wrap around Vera’s ankles. With her attention drawn down to her feet, Vera wasn’t able to notice the bubbling splotch growing ever more present on the purple mass. Within a second, a large, dripping tentacle shot forth from the mass, coiling tightly around the blonde’s throat and nearly dragging her down. Instinctively, the woman reached up to try and pry the tentacle away but just as she reminded herself to use the dagger, she was forced to her knees by the numerous other tentacles. They had entangled her faster than she could have ever anticipated, legs wreathed in thick, pulsating vines that crept up her torso and back down her arms, keeping them tightly at her sides. As if it understood how Vera had managed to hurt it, the dagger was wormed out of the woman’s grasp, clattering to the floor beside her. Vera wasn’t able to dwell on the fact that she’d been disarmed for long though as Tasha’s voice drew her attention.

“V-vera…” The taller woman husked, an air of confusion lingering in her voice, almost asking if the other woman still remained with her. While Tasha’s lips parted again, a few swift movements beneath her robes made any words she had in mind come out as nothing more than lecherous moans.

The noises made Vera’s mouth fall open in shock, her stomach twisting in knots as her cheeks heated ever so slightly. She’d never heard such a noise come out of her friend before but she couldn’t deny that it had stirred something inside her.

As if to capitalize on Vera’s apparent fascination, the sound of fabric tearing slowly came into being, getting louder as it crescendoed with the front of Tasha’s habit being ripped off by various tendrils. The tattered cloth dropped somewhere to the side of Tasha’s now exposed body.

Vera couldn’t help but gawk at her friend, her womanly figure laid almost fully bare for all to see. While she was now functionally nude, tentacles still snaked across parts of her body. One thing stood out among everything else, however. With various tentacles surrounding the area, Vera’s gaze slowly drifted down to Tasha’s groin, although it lingered longingly on her love handles and the bit of pudge on Tasha’s belly. But a bit lower, between the auburn-haired beauty’s legs, was a strange, undulating tentacle. Unlike the others, it wasn’t attached to the rest of the purple mass, rather it was rooted to Tasha herself. As if knowing it had a viewer, the length began to take shapes other than a basic slimy tendril, splitting into various flayed lengths that dripped a clear, viscous substance before coming back together and thickening into a member that would have looked right at home on a stallion. Finally, as the flattened tip rounded out and the shaft slimmed, it settled on what was the closest to human it could muster at the moment, even with its otherworldly purple hue. Still, the bulbous glans and thick vein running down the top side of it were certainly convincing impressions.

While Vera was left staring at Tasha’s newest body part, the tendril that had been blocking the taller woman’s vision receded, granting her sight once travesti istanbul again. Casting her gaze downwards, Tasha’s chest heaved with her heated breathing, blocking her view of Vera at its pinnacle each time. Despite her years as a chaste, pious woman, Tasha couldn’t suppress the feelings of lust boiling over inside her. The constant movement of the tentacles over her sensitive skin, the images that had been projected into her mind’s eye by the tendril over her eyes, and the sight of her friend now on her knees.

Tasha knew what had been done to her body. The moment she’d been entangled, the tentacles had begun to share their thoughts with her. She knew what they wanted her to do and even if she tried to fight back, Tasha knew she couldn’t. Her mind was no longer wholly her own, her thoughts now laced with lust and desire due to the creature that had latched itself to her. As if on its own accord, Tasha’s cock morphed once again, the tip becoming tapered as three sections peeled away from the main stalk, reminiscent of the petals of a flower, despite the clear liquid glimmering in the candlelight as it dripped to the floor.

Vera grimaced at the sight, her nose scrunching up as a faint, fruity smell hit her nostrils. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant in reality but knowing the source made it difficult to enjoy. Finally managing to pry her eyes away from the lewd organ, Vera met Tasha’s gaze, picking up on the distinct salacious glint. Before Vera could stifle the feeling of rising panic, the tentacles around her flexed and contracted, pulling her forward until her cheek was pressed against the warm flesh of Tasha’s inner thigh, contrasting the chill that had settled over Vera’s bones. Still, the blonde managed to find her voice.

“Tasha, please stop this, this isn’t you!” She pleaded, eyes wide with desperation.

For a moment, Tasha’s expression shifted to one of pity, although she made no apparent effort to resist.

“I-I’m sorry, Vera. I can’t stop it… They’ll be kind… They share my thoughts.”

Before Vera had long to ponder the implications of Tasha’s statement, the tentacles moved once again, curling up around the top of her neck, the tips pressing into her jawline, encouraging her mouth to open. Moving up through her hair, Vera’s hood was slowly pulled back by a few thinner tendrils letting her shaggy blonde locks fall free, tickling her face until they were pulled back by the purple appendages. Shivering at the slippery feeling against her scalp, Vera closed her eyes and tried to crane her neck away from Tasha’s thigh; only to feel the grip around her tighten, forcing her forward until her nose pressed against the taller woman’s crotch, eliciting a soft groan from Tasha.

Letting out a small whimper, Vera felt the slick tentacle attached to Tasha brush against her cheek, leaving a simmering line of liquid in its wake. As the substance dried, Vera’s cheek grew warmer, tingling from even the slightest bit of air that breezed across it. As that realization set in, Vera’s head was pulled back, the tentacle around her throat beginning to squeeze ever so slightly. It was obvious what it wanted, what Tasha wanted. Looking up at the auburn-haired woman, Vera held her gaze for some time, before her lips slowly parted.

A few moments after her mouth opened, Tasha’s length pushed itself against Vera’s lips, the central stalk finding its way into the blonde’s moist cavern while the secondary tendrils bumbled their way in after, smearing a generous amount of watery aphrodisiac about as they did. In an instant, Vera’s mouth was a sopping mess, drool leaking past her lips, mixing with the lustful venom and dripping down her front. Focusing to keep her vision from growing fuzzy, Vera moaned against the member in her mouth, which only prompted it to begin probing further. Clenching her fists by her sides, Vera took deep breaths as the tentacle in her mouth began to thrust back and forth in earnest with pleasured moans starting to emit from Tasha as it found its rhythm.

“Gods, Vera… I didn’t think your mouth would be so soft. This is what we’ve been kept from for so long…” Tasha panted, her eyes drifting shut as she basked in the pleasure.

Despite Tasha speaking to her, Vera could do little to answer with her lips sealed around the member in her mouth, which moved of its own accord. All the blonde could do was hold onto the small bit of rationale she had left. The embers of resistance still managed to burn against the torrent of pleasure assaulting her mind, despite only her mouth being used. Of course, the longer the situation wore on, the more Vera felt her will splinter. Somewhere, deep inside, she’d always wanted to have Tasha in such a way, although she hadn’t ever imagined it in the current form.

“Vera… I, I’m gonna…” Tasha husked, her voice sounding hoarse as her newly released hand came down to grip the blonde’s hair.

Pressing Vera’s face tightly against her crotch, Tasha shuddered as she felt her length pulsate, the bed of tentacles beneath her writhing in pleasure istanbul travestileri as her new appendage reached its first climax, pouring its thick, sticky load down Vera’s throat, with little care for her comfort.

As if stunned by the sensation, the tight grip around Vera was loosened, allowing her to pull back and cough, although most of the liquid had been shot directly down her throat. Still, the sensation remained on her tongue, how the tentacle had throbbed and expanded, filling her oral cavity completely before unleashing the waves of spunk down her gullet. Despite the shame that came with it, Vera couldn’t bring herself to be completely revolted by the memory. Maybe it was her soft spot for Tasha, or maybe because of the fact that her mouth had been turned into an erogenous zone more sensitive than she imagined possible. The reasoning didn’t entirely matter, especially as other images began to flash within Vera’s mind, her belly slowly growing warm from the seed that had been spilled inside it.

Having recovered from the intense waves of euphoria, Tasha slowly drifted back down to reality, the various tentacles interlocking themselves across her body nudging her into consciousness. Looking down at her body, it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to call her naked any longer. Having weaved together across her form, the tentacles had morphed themselves into a suit of living clothing, using thin membranes to cover rounded parts of the woman. Realizing she was no longer restrained, Tasha shifted into a sitting position, suppressing a soft moan at the feeling of her new attire sliding across her body as she did. Letting her fingers graze her bare legs, Tasha let out a shudder as she glanced at the blonde woman between her legs. Various thoughts raced through her mind at the sight of the blonde, however one stood out among the rest, put high above on a pedestal by Tasha’s existing disposition towards the woman.

Slowly pushing herself off of the shrinking mass of tentacles, Tasha knelt before her blonde friend, reaching a hand out to cup her chin with a soft smile. Brushing her thumb across Vera’s cheek, Tasha leaned in to press their lips together, moaning unabashedly as her own mouth heated up from the leftover venom staining Vera’s lips. Sinking her teeth into Vera’s bottom lip, Tasha pushed forward onto the smaller woman, tendrils unweaving themselves from her to gingerly undress the shorter woman. By the time their lips parted, Vera found herself on her back, cold tiles pressing against her bare skin as Tasha loomed over her with a warm smile gracing her face.

“You look so wonderful like this, Vera. I’ve fantasized a thousand times about what it might be like to take you in such a way but this… this is so much better than I could have ever conceived.” As if to highlight what she meant, Tasha reached down to lay her turgid tentacle across Vera’s groin, the tip nearly reaching her navel.

Blinking away the accumulated haze from her mind, Vera’s eyes widened at the sight of Tasha’s cock so close to her most sacred place, prompting her to try and shut her thighs, although Tasha shifted herself forward to prevent the blonde from doing so.

“Relax, Vera. I promise you it’ll feel good. We’ve already broken our pacts, why try and hold back now?” Tasha’s voice softened as she reached forward to cup Vera’s cheeks, meeting the blonde woman’s gaze.

Vera bit her lip as she looked back up at her friend, her mind still swimming in lust and aphrodisiac. She knew she wasn’t thinking straight, that she was poisoned by lust, however, as her resistance faded she found herself falling to such excuses. She was under the effects of some sort of venom, so why should she care about her decisions? It wasn’t truly her making them. With that final line of thought, Vera caved. Her hand moved down to caress Tasha’s length, which earned a smile from the taller woman. Without another word, Tasha’s shaft shivered and morphed back to its humanoid shape, the color blending to match her skin. A pair of heavy balls soon followed suit and formed beneath the newly shaped cock, hanging low as the tentacles infesting her worked to manipulate the nun’s biology.

As if she hadn’t even noticed the change, Tasha lifted Vera’s leg, hooking it over her shoulder as she turned the woman onto her side, the blunt tip of her cock brushing against the blonde’s labia, earning a gasp from Vera.

Pleased by the noise, Tasha lazily rocked her hips forward, aiming to elicit more noises of a similar variety from the shorter woman. Gently grinding her length against Vera’s slit, Tasha sighed in delight at the divine sound of the blonde’s staggered moans. After slaking her thirst for gasps and whimpers, Tasha decided to end Vera’s torment. Taking firm hold of the blonde’s thigh, Tasha eased her hips forward, sighing as her tip found purchase. Slipping between Vera’s lower lips with a lewd squelch, Tasha’s blunt head found itself against the blonde’s entrance. With a soft grunt, the auburn-haired woman thrust her hips forward in one sharp move, spearing her length into Vera in an instant, secreting its lust-inducing poison the entire way. Vera’s back arched at the sensation, her mouth falling open in a silent scream as her once virgin hole spasmed around her friend’s member, trapping it in a vice-like grip.

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Rabbit Hole Ch. 04 – Astrid

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August Ames


Tired and horny. Those two words had been my life for the past 18 months. Ever since I’d started training officers for the security teams and dispatch, I’d been tired and damn horny. New regulation required that we wear these tight fuckin’ legging-styled pants for the sake of mobility. It had been hell on my morale before I had to watch newbies run their cute little asses around obstacle courses.

Tonight would be different; I had decided that. Tonight I was going to go out, have a drink, and maybe flirt with someone nice. It was my first night off in months due to “restructuring in the company,” and I finally had some free time. What better way to spend it than cutting loose for once?

The club itself was pretty nice. The trendy wall decorum and lighting gave the sense that you’d stepped into the future or something similar. The paid dancers were sloshed enough to not care that their clothes were falling off. On top of that, there were some pretty talented, attractive people on the dance floor to boot.

I hadn’t been to the “White Rabbit” before. A few of my futanari co-workers had recommended this location to me. Apparently, there was a high population of futanari patrons that frequented the place. So the patrons would be more understanding than if I showed up at some other club. Hopefully.

As I made my way through the dancing throngs toward the bar, a lot of the clubbers stopped their dancing to have a look at me. I wasn’t surprised, but it was always uncomfortable to attract attention because of my size. It was probably unusual among even futanari to find women who stood over a foot taller than everyone in the room. I did my best to ignore their staring and made my way closer to the bar.

I was almost there. I’d nearly made it to my drink when the worst happened. A tall (for your average guy) man stood up and knocked over his drink. “Fuck you, stuck-up bitch!” he shouted, kicking back his stool as he stood to face a pink-haired, short woman with very fierce makeup.

“Ha! Maybe when you grow a bigger tic tac, chilito,” she chided, waving at the man dismissively. He turned to storm off and stomped face-first into my chest. Instinctively, I flexed reflexively, and he bounced back and onto his ass, shouting.

“What the fuck, prick?!” the dazed man called from the floor. From this vantage point, I could see him more clearly. Black male, mid 20s, about 6’2″ somewhat muscular build. Not bad. I leaned down to pick him up and he finally realized who, or what, he’d run into. His eyes went wide as I picked him up by his jacket and lifted him off of the floor.

I set him down heavily on his feet and brushed off his jacket as he stared up at me slack-jawed. “Sorry about that, big guy. I’ll watch where I’m stepping next time,” I said, clearly offering him an out.

Luckily, he took it, spouting “You do that,” with a dramatic adjusting of his jacket before he walked off. Not even looking after him, I hooked my boot behind a leg of the toppled barstool and flipped it back upright. Sitting where the man had been settled, I caught the attention of the bartender cleaning up the mess he had made. “Mojito, please.”

The girl next to me laughed just loud enough that I heard her over the music, and I turned my head to eye her. She was one hell of a creature, with a slim, tight body, fit for modeling or gymnastics, or both. She was eying me right back with her big, dazzling eyes. “Thanks for the show, big girl. I was gonna settle for just watching him have a fit and leave, but that was much more entertaining,” she said, fishing a card from her handbag and giving it to the bartender before I could pull mine out. “Let me treat you. For the show, and a bit of your time.”

The girl winked at me and I curtly nodded, watching the bartender take her card before turning to her. “Okay, little lady. You have my attention. Not often a cute girl gets me a drink,” I said, turning my body to face her and taking off my thick work jacket, exposing my turtleneck underneath. “My name’s Astrid. Good to meet you.”

I offered her my right hand and she gently placed her much smaller hand in mine instead of grasping it for a shake. Deciding to play along I lifted her hand and gave it a gentle peck. This brought a derisive smile to her pretty face. Letting her hand go I waited for her name expectantly.

“You can call me Reina for now, Astrid,” she told me, taking her card back from the bartender before taking another sip from her drink. “So, you’re a futanari?”

If I’d had my drink yet, I might have done a spit take at that. Instead, my eyes istanbul travesti widened and I looked around us. No one else seemed to have even heard the question over the music. I nodded.

“Don’t go shy on me now, big girl. Everyone is here for something. I’m just not shy about what I’m looking for,” she explained, gesturing to my drink as the tender placed it down next to me. I picked it up and took a sip. Good shit.

“And, uh…what are you looking for?” I asked her, looking down along her tight, form-fitting dress. She shifted her posture to face me, her body moving sensually even as she made such a small adjustment.

“I’m looking for someone with a big dick and the balls to step to me for a fun time,” she said. This time I was a bit more prepared for her to be blunt, but it still made me blush. This little lady was something else. I wasn’t sure if I’d made the right decision getting involved. “You seem like you might be someone with both,” she continued, putting her hand on my pant leg.

I tensed reflexively, my thick quads bulging my pant leg and straining the fabric momentarily. “Careful with that hand, little lady. You might find what you’re wishing for,” I said, half joking, half hinting that I’d prefer the hand not to be there. I took another swig of my drink letting the burn of the alcohol fill my throat. I needed to focus on something else, anything else, lest I actually got hard and she won this little flirting game.

I found myself coughing as she ran that hand up my leg and into my inner thigh. “Don’t threaten me with a good time,” she replied, leaning in. I reached down to move her hand, but she swatted my hand away and reached for my balls. One major perk of being a futanari in a security job is that you can justify baggier pants. A baggy design can stop people from peeping your goods from across a room. But it doesn’t stop anyone from getting a good feel of your package if they’re insistent enough.

Reina’s fingers gently wrapped around one of my heavy jewels and she looked up at me as I stiffened up. I don’t think genetic women quite understand how uncomfortable being grabbed by the balls is, but she seemed very amused by the look on my face. “Too big to hold both in one hand,” she commented before shifting her grip up to the base of my shaft, “and thick on top of that?”

I gave another, more obvious clearing of my throat and moved my legs, crossing them and closing off my groin to her before she could stimulate me further. She didn’t try to stop me this time, picking up her drink again and taking another sip as she leered at me hungrily. “Find what you were looking for?” I asked her, trying to ignore the growing length between my legs. She’d gone and done it now.

“I think I have,” she said, maintaining that hungry gaze, “How about we have a quick visit to the bathroom before you take me home?” Woah. Going to my place that quick? This girl wasn’t playing around.

“Why would a strong, young woman like yourself need an escort to the bathroom?” I asked, taking another sip of my drink. I probably shouldn’t have if she wanted me to drive us somewhere after this, but I needed the buzz at this point.

“You saying a big, muscular tank like you is scared to take little ol’ me to the ladies room?” She rebutted, trying to test my pride. I gave her a soft sigh and a nod. Whatever reason she had for wanting me to go with her, I would deal with it.

She stood up and I finished my drink in a hurry before standing as well. I towered over her at this point. She may have been short for the average person, but it was still rare for me to find a woman whose face was level with my navel while standing. While I was gazing down, I noticed where her eyes were and went even redder in the cheeks. There was a lengthy, prominent bulge running down the now tight leg of my work pants.

I was about to adjust them when she looked up at me and winked, giving me a pat on the leg. Looking down I watched her turn her elegant little frame around and begin strutting away. I could hardly believe how forward she was. I promptly adjusted my pants to fit a bit more comfortably around my girth and began to follow her.

Natural-born women sure were a different breed. I would have been beet red wearing such a thin, tight tube of cloth, but she looked at home in it. She moved around like it was second nature for her in heels, and as I followed her to the bathroom I got an inkling as to why she might have wanted me to escort her.

With my size, people who saw me coming naturally moved out of the way, making a little path for her through istanbul travestileri the throngs of horny dancers. We still had to go around a few insistently grinding couples, but the journey was easier. It wasn’t until we reached the three separate bathroom doors on the other side of the club that I stopped following her.

She turned and looked back at me, standing in front of the futanari bathroom door. I couldn’t help but blink and stare back at her. “Um…the ladies room is that o-” I began, pointing to my left, but she cut me off, rolling her eyes and grabbing my shaft through my pants again.

I jumped, my fists balling as I curbed my instinct to throw her off. She led me into the bathroom with her and my nostrils flared as I was hit with a fog bank of fuck perfume. Security in this place obviously didn’t care that people were having sex in these stalls if my olfactory glands had anything to report.

My shaft throbbed against her tiny grip as we walked into the room. The first thing I noticed after the smell was the surprising level of cleanliness in this bathroom. The stalls looked like they were at least wiped down daily. The floor tiles were pristine. Even the sinks were surprisingly pristine, each adorned with porcelain rabbit ears. Cute.

The second thing I noticed was the couple leaning against the furthest sink. An average-height white futanari, leaning her weight on the sink as a rainbow-haired black woman of average height pressed her face under the other futa’s balls. Well, that partially explained the smell. The receiver turned to face us as we came in, tensing momentarily before she recognized that Reina was leading me by my cock.

Once she saw I was being handled, she put her hand on the back of the black woman’s head and resigned to enjoying herself. I found it odd how much an erection could change the atmosphere, but didn’t have any time to remark on the notion as I felt myself being steered toward a stall.

“You’re a filthy voyeur aren’t you, Astrid,” Reina taunted as she maneuvered me like heavy machinery, piloting me into the stall, “Close the door.” I did as she instructed, almost out of reflex, though I doubt there was much point. My head was well over the walls of the stall.

“Uh…maybe we should wait on this?” I attempted as she unzipped my pants, my cheeks growing redder by the second. Why was I letting this girl do this? Why was I not taking charge of the situation? Why did this turn me on?

The stretchy material of my pants and underwear was below my hips before I could begin to answer any of those questions. Reina’s hungry gaze was centered on my cock, still partially trapped in my pant leg, and balls. “This more than passes,” she said, grabbing my meat with one hand, and pulling my pant leg further down with the other.

My length swung up now that the cloth restraint was no longer keeping it down, it’s bulbous head pointing toward Reina’s nose as she sat herself on the toilet lid, pulling me further into the stall.

For some dumb reason, I decided that now would be the time for one last attempt to dissuade her from a bathroom blowjob. Mustering a few words past my aroused haze, I tried to speak to her. “Reina, we could at least wai- ah!”

There was an audible Smack! in the middle of my attempt as Reina gave my rod a firm slap. I jumped in shock. It hadn’t really hurt, but the discomfort and the noise certainly got my attention. Before I could step back, her hand was on my sack and her grip on my shaft had tightened. She was looking up at me with an odd sternness in her big brown eyes.

“Don’t talk. I don’t like to be interrupted,” she commanded. I nodded and she took her hand away from my testis and began to stroke my shaft. “You be good, and I’ll let you cum before we go. Interfere, and I’m the only one getting off tonight. Understood?” I nodded again and she smiled that mischievous, confident smile of hers and kissed my tip. My cock pulsated against her lips, harder than it had been in months.

Something about this girl had lit a flame in me. Maybe it was her pretty face and her striking makeup. Maybe it was her slim, elegant figure with its sensual curves and diminutive breasts. Maybe it was the fact that she was bold enough to lead a person almost twice her size into a bathroom for a naughty blowjob that had me so desperately hot. I didn’t know which. All I knew was that I wanted her. That I was willing to be obedient to have her.

I stifled a moan as her cute, glossy lips pressed to my crown and her tongue flicked teasingly at my tip. My eyes fluttered closed and travesti istanbul my senses sank into bliss.

My cock was in a world of sensation, my glans bulging against the plump swells of her lips. Her tongue was teasing over my cock hole with little cat-like laps, sending surges of delicious pleasure pulsing through my hips in time with her tongue movements. I felt her hands on me, squeezing and stroking from each side as she got a handle on my size.

Her hands were cool in comparison to the heat of my shaft, but her mouth was a wet little furnace. The contrast on my cock left me weak in the knees and I found myself leaning my weight onto the side of the stall. There was an audible, wet smack as Reina’s lips popped off of my cock’s head, sucking a deep groan from me as they did so.

I opened my eyes to look down at her and was met with a stunning picture. She was looking back up at me, her doe-eyed gaze locking with mine before she gave me a lewd wink, sticking out her long, pierced tongue and dragging it up my dick. Her hot breath ran along the veins of my throbbing member as she licked me from stem to stern while maintaining eye contact. I nearly came on the spot.

I think she could tell the situation I was in, because she pulled away from my penis and looked up at me, her overdone lashes fluttering in a cute, excessive manner while she made me cool off.

“You’ve got this fat, filthy, breeder cock all in my face, but you’re so tame, Astrid,” she teased, leaning forward and gently nipping my cock, making me jump and gasp in mixed pleasure and pain as her sharp little teeth gently dug into my sensitive flesh. “I like it though,” she said as she released my pent up cum-hose.

Before I could part my lips and form full words, she had slapped the bottom of my crown back onto her tongue and began waffling it across her tongue, the stud she had buried in the center of her palate grinding along my cumvein. The stimulation was too intense as I banged on the side of the stall, the force of the motion making the screws squeak.

Outside, the other couple laughed. One of them made a comment about “damn good head”, but my brain was hardly functioning, trying to process the intense haze of pleasure clouding my thoughts. My nails were digging into the paint on the stall wall. I was already so close again.

Once again she pulled off of my cock, leaving my shaft twitching and vulnerable in her grip. How long was this going to go on? How much more sweet torture would she put me through in this stall? I thought of stepping back, maybe pulling my cock free and stowing it while I had the brain function to do so, but my body wouldn’t budge. Every fiber in me wanted this. I wanted to see how far she’d go. I wanted to experience whatever she would do next.

She didn’t disappoint. Stroking the barrel of my shaft with her dainty little fingers, she dragged her cheek along my cock until she had her lips pressed to my scrotum and my shaft poking me in my lower ribs. I could barely see her past my girth, but fuck, I could definitely feel her.

The hot, misty pants flowing between her glossy lips washed over my inner thighs. I could imagine her tongue running over them, preparing to tease me further. I could almost feel it with how aroused I was, the anticipation leaving my thighs tense.

And then she bit me, her teeth lightly digging into the skin between the base of my shaft and my scrotum and her little tongue teasing over what little of me she had inside of her mouth. Bliss flooded my senses, overtaking the sudden spike of discomfort in my groin almost immediately. My eyes must have crossed and clamped shut, because my vision suddenly failed me. I found myself blind, my fist slamming into the wall of the stall. The resulting bang and groan of the wall were drowned out by my admittedly loud moan.

By the time I could manage to open my eyes again, Reina had released me from her mouth and was leaning against the other wall of the stall, smirking at me. I was about to say something to her, maybe comment about her gratuitous use of teeth on my groin, when something dripped down in front of my face and fell to the floor.

A quick glance up and down painted the picture quite clearly. She had made me cum so hard it had hit the ceiling and splashed back, which explained her change of location to some extent. She probably didn’t want to get my spunk on her pretty dress and hair.

“Fuck,” was the only word I managed before I stepped back and bumped into the stall door, looking at the thick puddle of white on the floor in front of me.

“Soon,” she replied, smirking at me. “You’re taking me home first, Astrid. So, put that thing away and let’s get a move on.”

I could hardly believe the words I was hearing, but my cock throbbed obediently at her command. What the hell had I gotten myself into?

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Tracey and Me

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While in Iraq, I made friends with a First Sergeant and his commander. She was a 5’8″ black woman of Jamaican descent, with a beautiful face, small tits and a fantastic ass. She had a slight Island accent which only enhanced her qualities… I was in love (spelt L.U.S.T. love). The three of us met for evening meal each day and talked about everything and anything. We were comfortable with each other and others from their company sat with us on occasion.

After several months, stress started to set in with the Soldiers, as it does, and “blow ups” became normal over petty things.

My boss had received a “royal ass chewing” from his boss and I had been “vented on” by my boss even though it had nothing to do with me. I knew no ill-will was meant, he just needed a release. Still it “chapped my ass” as I bottled it up as opposed to finding a lower to vent on.

So, arriving at the table with my friends already there, the First Sergeant asked if I was okay.

“No,” I replied, “I’m pissed off.”

“Better than pissed on,” was his smart-aleck retort.

“Depends who’s doing the pissing on,” I laughed. I have a wit also.

“Gross!” he said, “I’m getting coffee, anyone want some?”

“No thanks,” we answered.

He left and I started to eat.

“What if it was me?” Tracey, the commander, asked.

“What?” I asked, confused.

She placed her elbows on the table, leaned in and lowered her voice.

“What if it was me, pissing on you? Would you let me?” Her eyes shone as she awaited my answer.

“Not to sound like a pervert, which I am, but yeah, I’d let you pee on me.” I softened the word so she didn’t think I was a pervert, even though I had just told her I was.

She said, “Hmmm,” and sat back in her chair.

The First Sergeant returned and asked what we were talking about. Before I could answer, Tracey said, “The usual. You ready to roll, I’m gonna turn in early tonight.” They were riding together.

They left and I finished my meal, alone and confused… or shunned???

Returning to my room, I took a shower and put on PT shorts and t-shirt. Because of my rank, I had a bath unit… toilet, shower, hot and cold water – very nice.

There was a knock at my door. When I opened it, Tracey was there in PT clothes.

She looked around, “Can I come in?” she asked. She had never been here before and I didn’t know she knew where I lived.

“Sure,” I moved aside to let her pass.

She looked around once more and entered.

“So, did you mean it?” she inquired, while looking around my billets.

“Mean what?” I thought I knew what she was talking about but wanted to be sure by letting her tell me.

“You’ll let me piss on you?” She faced me, waiting for an answer.

“Yeah. If I can piss on you.” I called her bluff.

“Of course. Wouldn’t have it any other way.” She looked in the bathroom. “Let’s go, I don’t have much time.”

I was taken aback. “Right now?”

“If you want to.” She looked at me with her big brown eyes. “I know you’ve been trying to get in my pants since we met, now’s your chance.”

“Okay. What do you want me to do?” I gave the lead to her so she would dictate the level of kink we were going to be involved in. I had a high level; she may not have.

“Get some towels and put them around the toilet. Then strip and sit on the pot.”

We placed towels around the toilet to “soak up the splashes” she said. I stripped naked and sat down on the toilet.

She took off her shoes, socks, shorts and granny panties. My eyes opened a little at the panties; I didn’t expect a thong but something a little more “delicate” shall we say.

“They’re comfortable in this environment, plus who am I trying to impress. Anyone who gets this far will be more interested in what’s under the panties.”

She stood face-on to me and showed me her shaved pussy.

“Not thinking of the panties now, are you?” she laughed as my cock began to rise. It was the first live pussy I had seen in five months.

“Spread your legs so I can get your whole cock and balls,” she instructed.

“Wait.” I said, “Not fair. I’m naked, you’re still wearing your shirt.”

She tutted, “You would have seen my tits eventually.” She took off her t-shirt and sports bra.

Large A, maybe small B cup, tits appeared; hard erect nipples attached. Beautiful.

“Satisfied?” she asked sarcastically.

“Can I see your ass also,” I pushed.

She rolled her eyes, turned and bent over. Fuck, what a delicious ass.

She turned back to face me.

“Can we get on with it? I drank a liter of water on the way here.” She smiled when she said this – I don’t know if it was an evil smile or friendly.

“Go ahead.” I braced myself.

She squatted over me and pulled her pussy lips istanbul travesti apart. Her stream started and grew. It was warm and powerful. She circled her pelvis to coat my entire crotch area.

As the stream weakened, she put her right leg up the wall (nice, she’s flexible, I thought).

“Lick my pussy,” she ordered me. I leaned in and ran my tongue over her lips, lapping up the stray piss drops. She was sweet, not tart or tangy as a lot of piss I had tasted.

I didn’t know if it was the piss or her pussy, so I went back for seconds. I ventured to grab her ass to pull her closer. The pussy was the sweet taste.

I licked her clit, then down her slit to her cunt-hole. I tongue-fucked her a few times before returning to her clit. I was in heaven.

“Fuck… You eat pussy good.”

My inner voice said, “You mean well” and my inner horny asshole slapped my inner voice and told it to shut up.

I concentrated on pleasuring Tracey, for I was getting pleasure from it also.

My hands began to massage the delectable ass I was holding and I boldly moved a finger toward her star. I circled it and received no admonishment from her – did she like ass play? Did she take it in the ass? Not important right now.

She backed away from me, dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Sucking the head in and out of her lips to wet it (I assumed), she poked the opening with her tongue before licking the whole head and then down the shaft.

I put my hand lightly on the back of her head.

She looked at me. “I don’t need help deep-throating. I’m a great cock-sucker and know how to give pleasure to a guy. Let me do my thing, cause I enjoy it too.”

I shrugged and put my hands behind my head and enjoyed her work which included deep-throating.

She had not lied, she was a great cock-sucker and in less than five minutes, I exploded in her mouth. She sat back on her heels and, looking in my eyes, swallowed my load.

She stood and leaned in to kiss me, I did not shy away. I felt her tongue press against my lips and I parted them to give her access. Her tongue explored my mouth and I tasted my cum on it. Not the first time for that.

She broke the kiss; I could have stayed that way for another hour or so.

Grabbing my hand, she led me to the bed. I watched her ass move as she walked; it was as perfect as I had thought.

“Okay, rules.” She sat on the bed and looked at me. “You can fuck my ass or mouth but you can’t fuck my cunt until I get protection. I don’t want to get pregnant. I don’t mind rubbers but prefer bareback, so I have to go on the pill. None of that ‘pulling out’ shit; that doesn’t always work.”

I nodded in agreement. I had no problem fucking her mouth or ass (which answered that question) … fuck, I’d be happy if she just talked dirty to me.

“No mention of this to anyone – I mean ANYONE. Don’t be bragging to your buddies about fucking me, okay?”

“Don’t worry on that score.” I turned the key in my lips and threw it away.

“Don’t be awkward when we see each other out and about. No going behind buildings to get a quick kiss or to feel me up, understand?”

“Yep. What else?”

“We only do it here. No coming to my room on the pretense of needing information, clear?”


“I’m a pervert, so, if I go overboard, let me know and I’ll rein it in. I don’t want to scare you off as you are the first guy I’ve done that with here. The pissing part, not sex.”

“So you’ve been having sex since you got here?” I asked, curious more than anything.

“Yes. Haven’t you?” She was incredulous.

“With who?” I asked.

“Fuck, I know four people who would fuck you if you asked them.”


“Yep. The women have talked about who is hot and who they would fuck in the unit. Four said they would fuck you… one even said she’d let you ass-fuck her.”

“Hmm, who are these women?” I asked, hopefully but as if I wasn’t interested, which I was.

“Carter is the one who would let you ass-fuck her. She is very forward about what she does sex wise… not as kinky as me, but definitely a freak.” She laughed.

“Which one is Carter?” I could not picture who she was talking about.

“Short auburn hair, glasses…”

“Oh, yeah! She looks like she has a nice body.”

“She is fucking toned; works out all the time. Shaved pussy, nice tits, pierced nipples.”

“How do you know?” I was intrigued.

“We shower in the same unit. I never pegged her as kinky but she said she has done threesomes; she didn’t go into detail, before you ask.”

“Who else?” Why hadn’t these women approached me, five months of jerking my cock to porn and there where at least four willing to give up the pussy… fuck, I am so unlucky.

These thoughts ran travesti istanbul through my mind, and abruptly disappeared when I looked at Tracey, naked and available, on my bed… Nope, I am lucky.

As she started to speak, I leaned forward and kissed her. My hands went to her tits and I felt them for the first time. Not big enough to fuck, but I would love to cum on them.

“Is pissing your only kink?” she asked, breaking the kiss.

“God, no. I am so perverted, the word perverted doesn’t cover it.”

“Really? What have you done that’s so perverted?” Her interest revealed in her eyes and voice.

“I love to talk nasty. Like when you said I can’t fuck your cunt… I almost came. I love women who say cunt when talking about their vagina.”

“I love dirty talk too. What else? You ever suck a cock?”

“What? Why would you go straight there?” I looked perplexed.

“No problem if you have. I love watching gay porn; even seen two guys suck and fuck each other in real life.” She seemed proud of that.

“How?” I asked.

“I was doing a threesome with them. It was my former boyfriend, he was bi. We didn’t break up because of that; he left the Army and returned to New York or New Jersey, somewhere in that area.”

“So, you’ve done threesomes before?” I cocked my eyebrow in a ‘tell me more’ kind of way.

“Yes. Quite a few, actually. That was my only male bisexual encounter.”

“Ever do one with a woman?”

“Several. And yes I eat pussy, suck tits, and kiss women. You good with that?”

“Fuck yeah. I want to do that with you some time. You done it here or with anyone from the unit?”

“Haven’t done it here. Have done it with a chick from the unit and her husband. She moved on before we came here.” She looked off as if remembering the woman. “Anyway, enough talk, let’s fuck.”

She bent over and sucked my cock into her mouth. To do this, she pulled her legs onto the bed and was laying on her side. I walked my fingers down her back, over her toned ass, and between her legs.

She raised her upper leg to give me access to her pussy. She was wet with anticipation. My finger slipped easily into her cunt as my other hand fondled her tit on its way to her clit.

She looked at me, continuing to jerk my cock. “Do you eat ass?” she asked.

“Of course. And if I didn’t, I would take it up just for you.” I smiled back, showing her how committed I was to her in that moment.

“You don’t have to flatter me; you’re going to get laid.” She smirked and went back to sucking my cock.

She raised up again. “I asked you that, so you would do it.”

I looked at her quizzically. Her expression told me she thought I was the dumbest motherfucker walking the earth.

“Eat my ass, dipshit.” She raised her eyebrows in astonishment and went back to sucking my cock.

With a bit of maneuvering, I was able to work my head to her ass. I breathed in the heady aroma.

She had taken a shower before arriving and smelled of coconut and jasmine or something like that… definitely coconut, not sure about the flowers.

Without ceremony, my tongue went up her asshole. No preamble of licking the hole first, I wanted to taste the ass I had jerked off to on many occasions.

I tongue-fucked her for a while, then pulled out and licked around the opening.

Her top leg was raised to the ceiling and I remembered she said I couldn’t fuck her cunt, but she didn’t say I couldn’t play with it.

I licked her twat and sucked on her clit, then remembered I had already done that when she pissed on me… so yep, she was correct, I was an idiot. I can do anything but put my cock in her cunt… got it.

I went back to licking her asshole and moved on to her delicious ass cheeks – nipping, sucking, kissing, even biting – which made her yelp.

She rose from her cock-sucking position and got on all fours; her ass pointed at me.

“Fuck my asshole.” She said this without looking over her shoulder; it was a command she expected to be carried out.

I internally saluted and, in my head, said, “Yes, Ma’am.”

I rubbed the head on her hole and pushed forward, trying to insert it. It was a struggle. She winced in pain.

“Maybe my cock’s too big,” I bragged.

“I’ve had bigger up my ass.” A pause, as if thinking about what she said. “No offense.”

“None taken.” Well a little taken, but I didn’t tell her that.

“Has it been a while since you were fucked in the ass?” I asked only to see if she needed to be loosened up a bit.

“Last week, with my dildo, but it is smaller than you.” Good to know info – really starting to fall for this woman.

“Do you have any lube? I’m sure you’ve been pulling your pud since you’ve been here, right?” she asked.

“Every night, sometimes twice istanbul travestileri a night.” I had no shame in saying that to her. “But no lube.”

“Spit on it and use your finger to get it loosened up.” She was reading my mind.

I licked it, spit on it, and sucked my finger to get it wet. Pushing a finger into her asshole, I watched and felt it visibly relax and open up.

“She take a lot of dick up her poop-chute?” I wondered.

“Yes, I love getting fucked in the ass. If I can’t get cock, I’ll use a dildo, hairbrush, bottle, anything that’s available sometimes.”

Apparently, I had asked the question out loud. Again, she was not embarrassed by the question and answered without shame. Absolutely having strong feelings about this woman.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart and dove my head into the crack. I spit, sucked, licked, fingered, used pussy juice, more spit to lube her as best as I could.

I tried again, and this time succeeded. After the head cleared the sphincter, I paused to allow her to get used to the intrusion.

“Push it in, I can take it.” She pleaded and I complied, going fully in on the next stroke.

I fucked her ass in the doggy position for several minutes; rubbing her tits, pulling on the pencil-eraser nipples, sliding my finger over her clit and finger-fucking her cunt.

She said she wanted to turn over. Laying on her back, I watched her tits bounce around as I fucked her asshole.

She had me lay down and she got on me. Easing my cock up her asshole with her hand, she rode me, reverse cowgirl, like a thorough-bred at the Kentucky Derby.

Finally, she turned to face me. Again, she put my cock up her hole and bottomed out on my stomach.

With her eyes closed, she ground in small circles on my cock while she caressed her tits and rubbed her clit.

I felt her orgasm build, as mine was. She came, not screaming but definitely vocal. It set me off and I started to pull out of her ass.

“Cum in my asshole, baby. Oh, fuck yes. I love feeling cum shooting into me. Any hole, I don’t care, I love feeling it shoot.”

I released my load into her asshole as she sat on me rubbing her tits and pussy. She seemed to have another, smaller orgasm and fell forward onto my chest.

I rubbed my hand up and down her sides and felt her hard nipples push into my skin. I continued my hands to her ass and squeezed and kneaded her cheeks, my wilting cock still in her hole.

She lifted her head, looked at me, and said, “I fucking needed that.”

I realized she had said “fuck” more times in my room than she had in the five months I had known her.

She kissed me and then extracted my cock from her body.

“Let’s get a shower. I have to go.”

“Let me piss first,” I said.

“Piss on me, in the shower.”

She entered the shower and knelt in the center.

I stood at the door and started to piss, aiming for her tits to begin with.

“In my mouth,” she said, mouth wide with anticipation.

I aimed at the opening but hit her on the nose and eyes first. She shook it off and chased the stream until it entered her mouth. Closing her mouth, she swallowed as my piss continued to hit her on the lips. She opened for more.

When I was finished, she stood and turned on the water. She beckoned me in. The shower was small and there was very little room, but I managed to soap her body without causing much damage.

She soaped me up and looked in my eyes the whole time she jerked my cock. She reached behind and soaped my ass and then asshole; her soapy finger entered my anus – by accident or design, I didn’t care.

She fingered my asshole while jerking my cock until I said I was cumming. She squatted down a little and jerked me off over her tits. Damn, I love (spelled L.O.V.E, love) this woman.

As we dried ourselves, she said, “Three times in just over an hour… nice. What is the greatest number of times you have cum in one session?”

“Six,” I said matter-of-factly. “This one chick was insatiable; wore me out.” I smiled at my memory.

“Huh,” she said, “I can work with that.”

Then she talked about what would happen in the future.

She would get lube; she would get the pill cause she wanted her “cunt fucked bareback” (her words); if she got desperate, she would bring some rubbers but hoped she wouldn’t have to; this was not going to be a nightly thing, it would be on her schedule, only at my hooch, nowhere else; if she said, in my company, that she needed a shower, that would mean she was going to visit, drink water to be ready; sometimes she might just show up; we would talk more about what she, and I, were willing to do; NO, a threesome was pretty much off the table while in Iraq; going forward we would play everything by ear but her career was number one.

We kissed good night in my room. I went outside and looked around. It was clear and she stepped out into the night and was lost to the darkness.

I slept with a big smile on my face and dreamed of things to come.

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H University – Routine Doctor Exam

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I absolutely despise going to the doctors, but my birth control has run out and they won’t renew the prescription until I come in for an exam. I’m living on my college campus at H University so I have to go to the campus health clinic instead of my family doctor, because there’s no way I can miss taking my birth control. I need it just in case I meet the right guy and things happen. Because on this campus, things happen all the time. We’re known at this school for the insane amount of sexual activity on campus. It says so in some underground rating book on colleges. Other schools are rated high for drug use or violence. At H University, we’re just a bunch of sex sluts.

I am not a sex slut. I’m not a virgin, but I’m pretty vanilla and picky when it comes to letting people put their dick in me. I’m not lacking for attention. I’m 5’2′ and 125 with full hips and boobs, but a small waist. I’m an acting major so I’m confident in front of a group of people and comfortable with my body, but I have really high standards. And that means I am typically horny without the right guy to fulfill my needs.

When I arrive at the campus health clinic there’s a small crowd, but I have an appointment so I don’t think that will matter.

“Kelsey James,” I tell the student checking people in at the clinic. She crosses me off the clipboard she has at the desk. “Hey. What’s with all the people here today?”

“There’s some study being done and students get paid $100 for participating,” she tells me in a loud and excited whisper. “I signed up to go tomorrow. Do you want to get in on it? I can add your name to the list.”

“I’m good. I just need to get my prescription renewed,” I tell her. I do not like being poked and prodded with needles so no way am I doing some health study.

“Suit yourself,” she answers with a shrug and waves me towards the chairs.

I only have to wait about 10 minutes before the nurse calls my name. I’m ushered back into a sterile office with an exam chair with cuffs at the bottom. They’re there for me to place my feet in to help spread my legs. I shiver at the sight. It is not fun being so vulnerable with your sex on display for someone to go poking around in.

“Take everything off. I’m sorry, but we ran out of paper gowns because of the study going on next door. We’ll try to be brief so you aren’t too uncomfortable,” the nurse tells me before leaving me alone in the room.

Great. I have to be completely nude the entire time. I’m not thrilled, and the room is chilly. I quickly kick off my sandals and strip off my t-shirt and shorts, folding them on the visitor chair sitting next to the exam chair. Next I remove my cotton panties and bra and place them on top. I hop up on the chair and cross my arms over my naked chest while crossing my legs. It’s seriously pointless to try to cover my nudity when I’m about to have a metal instrument pushed up my vagina, but it still brings me some comfort.

The door opens with a bang and the doctor rushes in. He’s an older guy about my Dad’s age, tall and beefy with graying hair and twinkly blue eyes. “Sarah?” he asks me, holding a stack of medical files.

“No. I’m Kelsey James,” I correct him, eyeing the open door behind him with discomfort. Anyone walking by would get a clear view of my nakedness.

“Shit. Sorry Ms. James.” He thumbs through the files looking for the correct one. “It’s been a hell of a day with that study going on. I’m Doctor Kellerman, but you can call me Dr. K.” He puts the correct medical file on travesti istanbul the small counter at the end of the room and sticks the rest of the files in the holder on the door before closing it. I sigh at regaining some privacy.

“Stressed?” the doctor asks me hearing my sigh.

“Well yeah. Aren’t all college students stressed?” I don’t want to point out that he’s the cause of my stress. I feel like that would be rude.

“Well, let’s fix some of the causes for your stress. It says you need a birth control prescription refill.” He eyes my chart. “You know that doesn’t prevent STD’s right?”

“Yes. It’s only back up and I’m not really that sexually active.”

“What do you consider not that sexually active?” he asks me with curiosity.

“Um…I haven’t had sex in about 6 months.”

His eyes twinkle. “6 months is a long time for someone at this University.” He laughs to himself and I try not to take that as an insult.

“Let’s see how everything is going before we talk birth control options shall we?”

Dr. K reclines the back of the chair to lay completely flat before offering me a hand. I have to let go of my chest and uncross my legs to lie back and suddenly the room feels much smaller and more intimate. Dr. K comes around to the side of the exam chair and gently lifts the arm closest to him above my head and lays it flat on the headrest before placing his hands on my naked breast. He gently massages the breast in circles, tapping the tissue and checking for lumps. He works his way to the center of my breast before squeezing my nipple.

I try not to squirm with his hands touching my breast because it feels good after so long without any action. He moves around to the other side of the chair and repeats that action on my other breast, massaging me gently before squeezing my nipple. He moves behind the chair and does one last check with both breasts at the same time, really cupping the weight of them before pinching the sensitive nipples and rubbing them with his thumbs. My nipples stay erect when he’s done and moves to the base of the chair. My breasts tingle from his touch and I almost wish he was still touching them.

“You have beautiful healthy breasts Kelsey. Make sure you continue to check them regularly for lumps.”

I nod silently in agreement, aware that I’m wet between my legs from the breast exam.

“Scoot down to the edge of the exam chair and let me help you get your legs in proper position,”

Dr. K instructs, pulling a stool from the corner to sit with his face right at pussy level.

Shit. He’s going to see that I got excited.

I scoot down slowly and offer him my right leg which he places on the cuff at the base of the chair. He reaches for my left leg before I offer it and rests it on the other cuff. He then pushes a lever to extend my legs further up and out making me spread eagle for his inspection.

I feel a finger gently probe my wetness and hear a deep inhale. Is he smelling me?

“When’s the last time you had an examination honey?” Dr. K asks as I feel him insert 2 fingers into my vagina while the other hand presses on my lower abdomen.

“Um.. about a year ago.” His fingers curve upward and I swear he’s hitting my g-spot as he continues pressing his hand into me with another hand pressing down on my pelvic area. I feel his fingers continue to probe me and try not to groan at how good it feels. He’s hitting something inside me and I’m struggling not to move. Instead my pussy clenches involuntarily istanbul travestileri on his fingers and I feel him stop what he’s doing. He leaves the hand with his finger pressing inside me as the other hand slides down slowly and skims over my pussy, grazing my clit and the wetness that I can feel leaking out from his fingers inside me.

I cross my arms over my chest in embarrassment as his fingers leave me and I feel how much I’m already affected by my exam. Before I can recover, he slides his still slippery digits inside my ass, prodding me a few times as I nearly come off the chair.

“Beautiful,” he says before removing his hand.

He wipes his hand on a towel on the small counter and pulls open a drawer full of instruments and brings out the metal tool, a speculum. “This will help me open you up so I can take a look inside.” He pulls his stool close and pushes on my knees to open up to him further.

The cold metal slides in before he uses the clamp to pull the walls of my vagina open. I hear the click of a camera as he uses his cell phone to take pictures at the inside of my pussy.

“Perfect,” he says before using a swab to take a quick sample and sealing it in a plastic tube.

He slides the metal instrument out of me and sets it aside. He gently rubs the outside of my sex, feeling along my labia and skimming my clit again. I bite my lip and close my eyes as I feel more wetness seep out of me.

“I have one concern. You’re really worked up and on edge and I don’t think that’s healthy for a girl your age.” His voice pierces the haze of arousal as his hand continues to rub gently and comfortably between my legs.

“Excuse me?” I ask the doctor, not fully believing what I’m hearing.

“Look Kelsey. You’re a beautiful girl.” He taps gently on my sex that is still on display to him. “You’re healthy and enticing. But you need to relieve some of that pent up stress or you’re going to do something stupid like have unprotected sex with some boy with an STD. And believe me, I’ve seen a lot of STDs around here lately.”

“What are you saying Dr. K?” I lay there staring stupidly up at the ceiling with my legs spread with his hand still touching me.

“I’m offering you a healthy prescription to release some of that stress,” he says as he slides a finger into my pussy suggestively.

I’m not going to lie. His hand feels good. The moment the doctor appointment changed I felt all kinds of wrong about it, but having that finger gently stroking into my pussy felt so good.

I didn’t say anything and neither did he. He just continued to slowly stroke my dampening pussy, in and out, waiting for me to decide if I wanted to allow him more.

My breathing picked up from his gentle administration. I started to roll my hips in time to his strokes but couldn’t open my mouth to say yes.

“It’s okay sweetheart. I know it’s uncomfortable. I’m a professional doctor and I’m not going to tell anyone what happens in this room. I’m here to service your needs. Okay?” He sticks another finger inside me still stroking gently but pushing just a little deeper.

I nod my head. No one will know. He’s not allowed to tell anyone. Doctor-patient confidentiality.

“I need to hear you say it honey. I need your permission.”

“Yes. Yes, please.”

He doesn’t hesitate at my agreement, but slides his stool closer and places his mouth on my sex. I feel the warm breath as he blows gently on my clit before sucking the engorged bud into his mouth and latching istanbul travesti on. His fingers keep stroking in and out of my pussy as he suckles my sex. His other hand cups and kneads my ass before he slides a finger in my puckered opening. He continues sucking as his fingers pierce both holes simultaneously. I’m rocking into his hands and face wanting more. His mouth releases my clit and his fat tongue takes over, licking my juices around my opening and between my thighs. He laps at my clit, teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

“Good girl. You taste amazing.” His deep voice praising me makes me feel dirtier and I get even more excited about what he’s doing to me.

“Oh God!” I cry as the older doctor assaults all of my senses with his hands and mouth. I press my hands down and grip his hair to hold him to me as I grind against the doctor and hit my first orgasm in 6 months. I release his hair and almost groan in embarrassment as I realize I just came all over my doctor’s face.

Dr. K uses the towel from earlier to wipe his mouth and hands before standing and unbuttoning his pants. “Your pussy is fantastic Kelsey. I’m going to make sure we take care of all of that stress sweetheart.”

I’m blissed out on the orgasm I just received from a man that’s as old as my Dad and wonder what the heck he’s doing. He reaches in his pants and releases a large and very excited cock.

“I thought this was all about me?” I say dumbly.

“It is sweetheart.” He shoves the stool to the side and moves between my spread legs. “You’ll love this just as much as I do.”

He rubs the head of his penis in the fluids from my orgasm, coating it up nicely as he groans in anticipation. I try to sit up and tell him No, but he slides right into my pussy filling me to a level I haven’t experienced with any of the boys I’ve slept with. He starts pumping his hips, grabbing my thighs to leverage himself to hit hard and deep. I cry out from the intense feeling as he pummels me hard and fast. I feel his big cock sawing in and out of me, dragging on that spot he was hitting with his fingers earlier.

“Please.” I don’t even know what I’m begging for.

His balls are slapping against my ass and I can feel my orgasm building. I start pushing back to meet him, bracing myself on my elbows so I can watch the doctor’s dick sliding in and out of me. I’m so close, my pussy clenching onto the doctor’s dick like a vise grip.

“Oh sweetheart. Yes. Fuck you feel so tight and perfect.” Dr. K continues pumping his big cock in and out. His hand reaches over and presses his hand down on my mound, his thumb finding my clit and rubbing slow circles. My eyes close and head goes back as my orgasm hits and my fluids squirt all over Dr. K’s lab coat. He thrusts a few more times before pushing in deep and releasing his hot load deep inside me. I can feel it coating the walls of my womb as he continues clutching my thighs against him and grinding his dick further into me.

Fuck. He just came inside me and I’m not on my birth control. I’m horrified.

“Doctor. I think you need to prescribe me the morning after pill,” I tell him as he finally withdraws his softened cock. I watch his cum spill out of me onto the pristine tiled floor.

He chuckles before swiping a glob of cum with his finger and pushing it back inside my pussy with more of his magic finger strokes. I can’t help but moan at the feeling against my sensitive swollen sex. He continues pumping his cum filled fingers inside me.

“For that sweetheart, you’re going to need another appointment with me tomorrow. In fact, I think you should book an ongoing appointment with me twice a week until the end of the semester to be completely safe.”

He strokes my well fucked pussy until I cum for him again.

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Claire’s Cunt Kitchen (An “Alison” Christmas Special) – Part Two

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 “You can’t wear that!” exclaimed Alison.“Why not? Isn’t it sluttish enough?” replied Claire. She was proudly showing off her tight black wet-look PVC one-piece dress, which barely covered the distance between her nipples and her ass. Her cunt lips peeped out cheekily from underneath.“It’s too sluttish! This is an old-style religious service we’re going to: you’ve got to look modest and chaste and stuff – like they dressed before the Enlightenment.”“Oh, but that’s so disgusting! Besides, how can you be ‘too sluttish’? There’s no such fucking thing as ‘too sluttish’!”“Yeah, I know – but that’s how things are with these Old Believers. You need to cover up – long sleeves and long trousers and things. Here, try this,” said Alison, flinging some pieces of clothing out of her trunk.“Where the fuck did you get these, Al?” Claire grimaced.“Fancy dress party: ‘millenial’ themed…”“These are so fucking awful,” declared Claire as she pulled on a pair of jeans and a blouse. “Look, the only tears in these jeans are at the knees: there aren’t any on my ass or my cunt. And this blouse is so fucking thick so you can’t even see my tits through it. How’s anyone gonna feel me up in this?”“They’re not – that’s the point! In those days it was considered bad form to feel someone up without their consent.”“Well, why would anyone withhold consent? Fucking Jesus!”Alison ignored the question, but continued, “Here, and you have to wear these.”“What the fuck is this?” asked Claire, holding up a piece of clothing the like of which she had never seen before.“It’s called a ‘bra’. You wear it on your tits.”“What, like this?” asked Claire, incredulously.“No, no, it’s what they called ‘underwear’. You put it on under the blouse. And these –” Alison brandished an even stranger item of clothing, “are called ‘panties’. You wear them under your trousers.”“Is the point of all this gear to stop anyone from even trying to fuck you? ‘Coz that what it looks like!”“Yeah, maybe – but when in Rome… And they’re all going to be old-style believers there today, so let’s just try and behave, shall we?”“Fucking God-freaks, you mean. Illegal, subversive, anti-social religious pervs. And I bet they’re all Undesirables: blacks and coloureds and…”“Claire, calm down! We just go and sit and keep our mouths shut. Even if you can’t stand Rob, do it for Eva’s sake – okay?”“Okay – but you gotta fuck me first before we go in – otherwise, I’m gonna go fucking crazy sitting in church for a whole hour with no jerking off allowed. Jesus…”~Conveniently, there was a bench on Tottenham Cunt Road where Alison could eat Claire’s pussy before the funeral started – even if doing so around jeans and panties made things a bit more complicated than they istanbul travesti were used to. (“Jesus, Al, how did they ever fuck in the olden days?!”) And when Alison knocked twice on the green door, a smiling dark-skinned nun let them in and led them down a long plain corridor, to a small chapel with pews and kneelers arranged in a semi-circle facing a simple stone altar. “Hey, it’s like our fuck lab!” whispered Claire. “Is that where they fuck, on that table thing? That must be so fucking uncomfortable!”“Sh!” signalled Alison. “Don’t use that word here!”“What word? ‘Uncomfortable’? What’s wrong with saying…”“‘Fuck’!” whispered Alison. “Don’t say ‘fuck’ here – it’s rude!”“Oh yeah, sorry – I forgot… Don’t say ‘fuck’, yeah, okay…”There were already a few people kneeling at the pews, praying or whispering quietly to each other. Unlike at Wankminster Abbey, no one was fucking. “No one’s even jerking off!” whispered Claire to Alison, amazed at the novel sight. “But look, I was right – they’re all coloureds and Asians and…”“Shhhh!” Alison signalled to Claire to be quiet. In front of the altar, on a dais, was a simple wooden coffin. And seated in the front pew, backs to the door, were Eva and Rob, talking quietly with a dark-skinned priest whom Alison presumed to be Father Ambrose. Rob was dressed in a black suit and tie. Eva was wearing a long black dress, her hair straightened back into a simple ponytail, a black mantilla over her head. Alison and Claire sat down in a back pew.“Jesus, Al, look at Eva!” whispered Claire. “She looks awful! No one’s gonna want to fuck something looking like that – oops, sorry, F-word. And who’s the Asian in the pyjamas?”“I think he’s the priest – Father Ambrose. I think he might be Goan…”“Well, they all look the same to me… Hey, is it true that if you go to confession you can get your throat fucked by the priest? That must be – oh fuck, sorry, there I go again – oops, oh fuck, I just can’t stop saying…”“SHUT THE FUCK UP, CLAIRE!” Alison whispered, but louder than she meant to. A few heads turned in the front pews. “Sorry…” Alison mouthed apologetically to the congregation. Eva and Rob noticed, turned, grinned and waved at their friends, as the chapel slowly filled with mourners.Alison had never been to a non-fucking church service before – but she had at least been to church, and so knew to follow along with what everyone else was doing and copy their behaviour. Claire, on the other hand, was finding it very difficult. They were barely ten minutes into the service before she started whispering into Alison’s ear, “I am so fucking bored and so fucking horny. Hey, let’s sneak out and have a quick fuck – they won’t notice.”“No, Claire, travesti istanbul just sit down and shut up!” whispered Alison urgently.“Surely they won’t mind if I just jerk off quietly here in the back pew. I won’t make any noise, I promise…” She slipped her hand between her thighs and started frustratedly rubbing her crotch through her denim jeans.“You’re already making noise, Claire. Just shut up and sit still!”“How can you stand it? Aren’t you horny too?” whispered Claire.The truth is, Alison was. She was a fucker through and through and was devoting much of her attention, as was her habit, to scouring the congregation for fuckable specimens. Truth be told, there weren’t many of them: most of the congregation looked, Alison thought, old and ugly: presumably all sterilised specimens of various types of Undesirables allowed, for exceptional reasons, to remain in the Union after the Expulsion – the last, sad, hidden representatives of their once-numerous communities, now decimated by exile or execution. But she amused herself by wondering what the few young, dark-skinned, handsome (or pretty) specimens of Undesirability present kept hidden under their well-buttoned clothes – remembering what Eva had said: “The few of us that are still here are only allowed to remain in order to satisfy white people’s penchant for fucking black ass…”Father Ambrose was now reading out loud:Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.As Alison listened, she wondered briefly whether it was true. She felt weary and burdened, to be sure – from being ‘loved’ by Rob, from being attacked by Eva, from being assaulted by Chad, from watching the old man mown down in cold blood in the name of the Enlightenment, from all the jealousy and spite which seemed to permeate the whole world of state-sponsored fucking. Was there really someone who could lighten her burden? Tears welled up behind her eyes. Claire muttered next to her, “Fuck, I can’t jerk off through these fucking clothes. Is there a bathroom anywhere here?”“Off that corridor, I think – where we came in.”“See you later,” whispered Claire, sliding out of their pew and disappearing.For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God…“Oh, Jesus, this is heavy!” thought Alison to herself. “‘Love… love… love’ – that’s all they fucking talk about, these God-freaks.” From her istanbul travestileri position close to the door, Alison could, much to her embarrassment, hear Claire moaning from the behind the door to the toilets. “Oh Jesus,” Alison thought, “if she wants to fucking jerk off, can’t she do it quietly? Last time I take her anywhere…”Who will separate us from the love of God? Will hardship, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.“‘Conquerors through love?’ What the fuck does that mean? Is that possible? No, no, no – Mommy and Daddy taught me that ‘love’ oppresses and imprisons people. It is Pleasure that conquers all things… But if that’s so, why aren’t I in that fucking bathroom with Claire, eating her cunt and letting her fist my ass? Why am I sitting here with all these ugly people listening to this bullshit? I mean, it can’t be true: I bet they don’t even believe it themselves. They’re all gonna be like Rob and Eva – sitting here listening to God-shit, then the moment they’re out the door they’ll be fucking the first ass which comes their way…”Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.From the other side of the toilet door, Alison could hear Claire building up to her orgasm: “Oh yeah, oh fuck,” she was muttering, “yeah, rub that fucking clit, baby – I wanna fucking come!” But for a moment Alison ignored her, intrigued anew by the words she was hearing from Father Ambrose: “‘A bride adorned’! Not a bride oppressed or violated, but ‘adorned’! What the fuck…?”And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying: See, the home of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away.And then something strange happened: Alison did not know how or why, but she felt compelled to kneel. She was, for the first time in her life, not kneeling to suck a guy’s dick – but kneeling for something unutterably rich and strange. She felt compelled to worship, to adore something – or Someone – greater than herself, so much greater, in fact, that she could not even attempt to seduce Him. And yet He loved her. He offered her not Pleasure, but victory through His Love. With Him, she would not need to keep eating every new cunt, or fucking every new dick that came her way, for He was adorning her as His bride. Suddenly, Alison thought, it was as if a veil had fallen from her eyes. All the ‘marriage’-talk, the ‘love’-talk, even the ‘fuck’-talk – these things were just signs, shadows, typoi, signposts to the eternal Love which now beckoned to her from Beyond.

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