Craving You Ch. 01

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Sirena really did have a rocking body that could bring any living soul to their knees. Her curves were so smooth it was as if they had been molded for the sole intention of being ridden all night long. The way her hips swayed from side to side, if you stared long enough they’d hypnotize you. Celeste watched Sirena dance from a nearby booth, her eyes scanning up and down the sweet, sweet body that would be hers tonight. As she looked back up at Sirena’s face, a sly grin crept onto her own when she saw the girl signaling for Celeste to come join her on the crowded dance floor. She stood up and ran her fingers through her short hair, trying to make it look decent before she walked over to her girlfriend. It still felt weird for Celeste call her that, even though the past four months had basically been leading up to it.

“I was wondering if you were just gonna sit over there like a loner all night. I mean you quite possibly have the hottest date in town and you’re gonna make me dance all alone?!” Sirena gave the girl her famous pouty face just as their bodies were shoved against each other. Celeste opened her mouth to retaliate but Sirena already had their lips pressed together.

The kiss was intense, breath taking, and almost too much for either of them to handle. As she pulled away Sirena ran her fingers through Celeste’s hair, pulling it slightly so her head tilted up and their eyes could meet. Mischievous grins spread onto both girls faces as their bodies moved against each other’s. The music seemed to put the whole club in a trance, bodies grinding, lips kissing, hands reaching and groping. People couldn’t keep their hands off the person in front of them and the same could be said for Celeste and Sirena.

“Let’s get out of here. I’ve been waiting three months for tonight and I don’t want to wait any longer.” Celeste had to practically yell so she could be heard over all the noise but she knew Sirena heard her. The look that took over her blue eyes said more than any words ever could, she wanted to leave just as much as Celeste did. Hand in hand the two headed for the exit, both anxious for what was to come after they left the club and all it’s noise behind. Being the chivalrous girl she was Celeste opened the passenger side door for her date to slip inside, shutting the door behind her before getting in the drivers seat and starting the car.

“Your place or mine?” Her face was so serious that if Sirena handn’t known any better she would have thought Celeste was being genuine. A gentle, quiet laugh rolled off her tongue as she shook her head and looked into her girlfriends blue eyes.

“Well considering my place is a thousand miles away I’m gonna vote yours. The drive is going to be long enough as is.” The wink Sirena gave her sent chills down Celeste’s spine as she put her car in drive and pulled out of the clubs parking lot. She took a left and headed for her house, knowing that when the next ten minutes were up she’d finally be able to have Sirena, all of her. She slid her hand over the center console and slipped it into Sirena’s, intertwining their fingers and giving her hand a light squeeze. Sirena smiled and leaned over to place light kisses on Celeste’s neck while they sat at a red light. Soft moans flooded out of her mouth, her hand gripping the wheel so tight her knuckles turned white. When the light finally turned green Sirena sat back in her seat and looked out the window, watching Pittsburgh fly by as they drove on. As her eyes stared aimlessly her mind wondered off, bringing up memories of the past four months.

Sirena remembered their first conversation like it was yesterday, she had followed Celeste on Instagram and thought nothing of it, just a pretty girl whose face she wanted to see more of. Life went on as normal for the next few days, until a week later when her phone blew up with Cemre Escort notifications from Instagram. Curious, she had opened the app only to find that the pretty blonde haired girl was liking all her recent photos. Her face instantly turned red and a small giggle fled from her full lips, both of which grabbed the attention of her best friend who was sitting right across the table from her. With a raised eyebrow Tabitha stared a her and cleared her throat.

“So who’s blowing up your phone now?” She inquired, intrigued as to whom it was that was making her friend so red. Sirena looked up at her and put her phone face down on the table, her blue eyes betraying her calm demeanor,

“Oh…no one. Just a pretty girl who’s liking my pictures on Insta, that’s all.” A smirk crept onto her face, knowing Tabitha would make her tell no matter what she said or did, and that was just fine with her. Tabbi sat there puzzled for a bit, trying to think of whom this girl might be. With a smirk of her own she stole Sirena’s phone and looked at the name.

“It’s her! It’s the girl I made you follow! I told you she would see you eventually and look who was right! Again.” Tabi stuck her tongue out as she teased her best friend, who in turn rolled her eyes and sat back in her seat.

“It’s no big deal. I mean I’m sure those will be the only pictures she likes ever. Nothing will come from it. And don’t you go trying to convince me something will because it won’t! Plus I remember telling you that I was done with long distance relationships forever! No good comes from them and they never last. Now please, can we just continue with our planning before you go off getting some crazy idea to make me message her.” One look at Tabitha’s face and Sirena regretted opening her mouth to begin with. The devious smile was possibly the worst one she had ever seen on her best friends face and they had been best friends for almost three years now. With a heavy, and quite dramatic sigh Sirena shook her head and put her phone in her purse.

“Oh c’mon Sirena! You know you want to talk to her so don’t even try to deny it. Either you message her, or I will.” The words were accompanied by a teasing tone but they still struck fear in Sirena’s heart. Partially because she was scared that she would seem like a creep, mostly because she knew Tabi would actually do it. And she wasn’t going to play nice when she did it either. Another deep sigh flowed out of her lips before Sirena pulled out her phone, opened Instagram, and typed up a short message to send to the girl, but before she could press the send button Tabitha reached across the table and took her phone. She read over the message fairly quickly, made a few changes, and then hit send.

“There! Now we wait for her to respond.” Tabi smiled happily, proud she had accomplished something today. Sirena on the other hand wasn’t so confident. What if she seemed like a creep? What if she never got an answer? She wasn’t used to making the first move, mostly because she wasn’t good with people. She took a deep breath and looked back at her phone, dreading the response that would come, if there even was one.

Four weeks later Sirena and Celeste had feelings for each other, and they were planning to meet. They had come to know each other so well that they shared long, heartfelt conversations almost every night. Celeste had come to trust Sirena so much she told her things she usually didn’t tell people, and Sirena did the same. It normally took months for Celeste to decide she wanted to date someone, just because she liked to go on several dates with them so she could get to know them, but with Sirena things were different. She couldn’t put her finger on it but something was new and wonderful about the girl. She would be gladly let Sirena cuff her, if only they weren’t so far apart. Cemre Escort Bayan With a list full of good qualities that went on for pages and pages why would she not? As if her amazing personality wasn’t enough Sirena was a looker and Celeste quickly learned that she was a vixen, a tease that she loved to provoke in hopes of some exclusive pictures.

At five foot nine Sirena was six inches tall than Celeste, but that somehow only added to her attractiveness. She had a body that was just waiting for every inch to be explored, and hopefully by Celeste. Her red hair hung down to her waist and it helped to compliment her skin tone and ever changing eyes. She had never seen eyes like Sirena’s, they held a beauty that simply wouldn’t be justified by words. Celeste could always appreciate a nice pair of tits when she saw them, and she definitely could appreciate Sirena’s. Along with her curves Sirena had a pair of forty double D’s and a killer ass. Her body alone was sex, but the fact that she knew how to use it, well that just made Celeste even more excited to get her in bed. When Sirena had told her she had never had good sex she gladly volunteered to be the one to give it to her. They had several little bets lined up now; whether or not Celeste could make her scream, how quickly Celeste could make her cum, if Sirena could make Celeste cum in under ten minutes, if Celeste could make Sirena have multiple orgasms, if Celeste could fuck Sirena stupid, if Celeste could make Sirena feel like jello. Celeste knew she could do all of them, she just needed the chance. Just one night and Sirena would never want anyone else between her legs.

Of course Sirena wasn’t the only one with good looks. Celeste was all of five foot three inches but she had one hell of a body. Her tanned skin went well with her short, blonde, faux hawk, and eyes blue like the sky. She kept herself in shape too, with well defined arms, back, legs, an amzing ass, and a six pack that made Sirena want to lick up her abs after she had made Celeste cum two or three times. And the fact that Celeste called herself ‘God’s gift to women’ only made Sirena want her even more. The two of them didn’t talk about sex all the time but when they did neither one of them could resist bringing themselves to orgasm a time or two, sometimes even while they were still talking. There was no doubt in either of their minds that sex together would be the best they’d ever had.

Sirena had never had a wet dream before but one night, after Celeste had teased her then gone to sleep that all changed. When Sirena finally passed out at five o’clock in the morning she had a dream she’d never forget. They were in a hotel hallway, she didn’t recognize it but she also wasn’t paying much attention with Celeste pushed against a wall and their tongues wrestling. Sirena practically had her hand inside Celeste’s pants and was ready to go down there in the hall when the elevator dinged and the sound of voices could be heard. In just a few seconds the girls were separated and trying desperately to get into their room. The moment the door opened they rushed inside, giggling and shutting the door rather loudly behind them. Sirena walked into the bed room and fell face first onto the bed, laying on top of the sheets and trying to catch her breath for a minute. Before she could calm herself down though Celeste crawled onto the bed and kissed her way up her body. Shivers rushed down Sirena’s spine as she stayed still, not wanting to disturb Celeste as she gently massaged her back while kissing on the base of her neck. Soft whines poured out of her mouth as Celeste’s hands worked their magic on her sore body. Suddenly the hands were on her arms and Sirena was flipped over onto her back. Before she could react they were kissing, a vigorous exchange of passion as their hands ran over Escort Cemre each others bodies. Celeste pulled back, gasping for air but not stopping, her hands tore at Sirena’s shirt, pulling it up and over her head so she could gaze as those fantastic tits she loved so much.

“God damn…If you get any sexier I’m going to keep you at my house and never let you wear clothes so I can fuck you whenever I want.” Celeste whispered the words against Sirena’s chest, her lips and hands feeling every inch of her breasts. The whines coming from her got louder now as she felt Celeste reach behind her back to undo her bra and pull it off, throwing it somewhere in the room. Her eyes closed, she laid there, letting Celeste explore her body with both her mouth and finger tips. Tonight was not a night that they were going to tease, they had done enough teasing over dinner and during the movie. Right then they just wanted to feel each other shaking and grinding as they came. Sirena suddenly took control and rolled them over so she was on top. She quickly removed Celeste’s shirt and bra and tossed them aside, not worrying about where they landed. Bite marks trailed down Celeste’s body as Sirena unbuttoned her pants and pushed them onto the floor, they’re eyes never breaking contact. As Sirena slowly pulled Celeste’s Calvin Klein boxers off with her teeth she dragged her nails down her abs, making sure to scratch hard enough to leave marks for a few days.

“Fuck! How the hell are you so sexy all the time?!” Celeste waited till her boxers were off and reached down to pull Sirena back up, then push her over onto her back. It didn’t take her long to remove the girls jeans and lace thong, hurling them across the room. She quickly pushed open Sirena’s thighs and dove in. Her tongue licked up the length of her pussy, bringing a loud moan from both of them. Celeste had never tasted anything so sweet, and Sirena was always wet so she had plenty to lick up. She flicked her tongue across her clit once, knowing it would drive her girl crazy and make her beg for more. Sure enough after a few more licks Sirena was begging for Celeste to stop teasing and do it right. Of course she had no problem complying and getting to it. Her tongue licked at her clit over and over again, the speed almost bringing Sirena to the edge immediately, her moans getting louder the closer she got.

“Oh fuck, Celeste! You’re already making me want to cum!” Sirena’s words only fueled Celeste’s plan to make her have the best orgasm of her life. Her tongue slid into Sirena’s pussy and Celeste began to fuck her with it while her right hand twisted a nipple and she dug the nails of her left hand into her right thigh. After four minutes of tongue fucking Sirena was clawing at Celeste’s back and throwing her head from side to side on the pillow. Just seconds after that she was screaming as she came, her whole body shaking and grinding against her face. Celeste grinned and started licking up the length of her lips slowly, making sure to get all of Sirena’s juices in her mouth. As Sirena started to come down from her high she looked down at the girl between her legs and-

“Sirena?!” Celeste reached over to the passenger seat and shook her girlfriends shoulder. Sirena jumped and looked over at her with an expression of shock on her face.

“What?” She frowned at Celeste, slightly annoyed that she had interrupted her memory. She peeked out the window and saw that they were parked outside her house. Celeste was already out of the car and opening up Sirena’s door by the time she realized she was still buckled. As she stepped out of the car she felt a wetness on her thigh and blushed in the dark, recognizing why it was there. Celeste took her hand, lead her up the sidewalk and to the front door, unlocking it and pulling Sirena inside. She jumped again when Celeste slapped her ass and turned to glare playfully at her only to be grabbed and all but dragged towards the bedroom. She laid back on the bed and looked up at her. A mischievous smile sliding onto her face as Sirena was approached by the girl, knowing that tonight Celeste was going to make her a screamer.

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My Comic Cutie

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Harold Delvack sat starting at the lovely girl with the coltish legs in his math class for the last thirty minutes. There was no way that he could even concentrate. Not that Mr. Keller would even know… most of his students never did concentrate, anyway.

Her name as Shelly… Shelly Woodrow, and by all accounts, Harold thought she was the loveliest girl in the entire 12th grade. Though Harold knew his chances with her were limited. After all, this was Cheerleader, Shelly Woodrow, and Harold, admittedly was a geek.

“All right class.” Mr. Keller clapped his hands and brought Harold out of his revelry, “we are going to have a project. This will last for the weekend and at the end of that time, you will be asked to make a full report on what you have learned.”

Most of the students, including Harold, groaned. Mr. Keller was by far, the most boring teacher there, and everyone there doubted the assignment would be fun.

“We will separate into groups of two. Once in these groups, you will be asked to pick a topic, anything at all. After you’ve picked this topic, you will then decide on a business plan based upon this topic. Once you have this business plan, start keeping track of what you would put out in expenditures and what would come in for profit.”

“Huh?” Freddy Green, the jock football player, spoke for everyone’s lack of understanding for this project. (Everyone except for Harold, that is.)

“That is to say; if you like comic books, you might want to start up your own comic book store. Come up with a business plan, and a cost of what it will take to start. Then estimate what you’ll sell, and what other costs there will be for the entire year. You are allowed to use as many pieces of paper as you like and there is no requirement of how it is to be handed in. You might hand it in as a folder with your idea, however you must do the mathematical equations for your business! This is what the whole project is about folks. Mathematical equations!”

He then reached under his desk and pulled out a fish bowl containing several slips of paper. “Here are the names, to be picked out in random order…”

Harold paid little attention until he heard his name being picked. “Harold Delvack and Shelly Woodrow!”

Harold’s heart leaped. He hoped that he’d heard right. “Sir?” He put his hand up into the air. “Who was my partner again?”

“That would be me.”

Harold looked to his left, and there, smiling like the angel she was, was Shelly! His Shelly! “Hi Shelly.”

She sat down and scooted next to him. “So, do you have any ideas as to what you’d like to do?” She smiled at him slightly and pushed aside her long blonde hair.

“I-I.” Harold cleared his throat, looking kind of embarrassed. He knew exactly what he wanted to say, but the words just never seemed to come out right. “I’ve always wanted to work at a comic book store.”

Shelly smiled, at him… at him! More than smiled, she brightened right up. “Really. I love comic books!”

Harold’s heart skipped a beat. “Really, what’s your favorite?”

“I’ve always been partial to X-MEN! I love Jean Grey and her red hair. I was always wondering why she and Cyclops never, well you know… got it on.”

Harold smiled and would have gone further into the subject matter had it not been for the fact that Mr. Keller had chosen to walk by at that very instant. “Well, how is your project coming along, people?”

Harold panicked. They had only just started to do the very rudimentary parts of it, but were unsure of anything Örnekköy Escort else. “Well sir…” He began before Shelly cut him off.

“…We are thinking about running a comic book store.”

“Ah, a comic book store, it sounds very interesting, any ideas on what it will take?”

“Well, sir this is still in the very early stages, but we figured that we’ll need somewhere to start it, to house the place.”

Harold just stared; he hadn’t figured that out at all! ‘Whew, Shelly was slick.’

Shelly continued. “Given the rental prices, there is little likelihood that we’d be able to find someplace to rent under $2000.” She wrote 2000 in her notebook.

“Added into that was power and utilities. Figure $500 or so for that.” Harold spoke firmly; amazed he was able to come up with the fact totally unrehearsed! “Now that’s just to get a place. This isn’t counting insurance – fire, flood, and etc materials – such as bags, backing boards, price stickers…

“Insurance would probably eat up another $600 or so, if we’re lucky.”

Mr. Keller brightened. “Boy, it seems to me like you two are doing quite a lot with this project already. You’ll probably be the winners, hands down.”

“Th-thank-you sir.” Harold wasn’t used to compliments of such high praise from his teachers.

“Yeah, thanks.” Shelly added. The two continued to work until the bell finally rang, and it was the weekend.

“So.” Asked Shelly as she picked up her books, slung them over her shoulder and started on her way out the door. “Where do you want to continue this discussion? My place or yours?”

Harold flushed bright crimson, he wasn’t used to anyone – let alone someone of the opposite sex being so straightforward with him. “Uh…dunno.”

“Oh.” Teased Shelly. “A man of words.” She gently placed an arm around his shoulder and Harold could fell as his cock start to respond and stiffen. “Tell you what, how about you come over to my place and we can work for a little bit and then go onto other things if you catch my drift.” She winked at him

“Uh… sure…what time?”

“Six alright with you?”

“Yeah, but don’t you want to get it done now?”

“I would, but I have some things that I need to finish up with.”

Oh.” Harold was disappointed.

Shelly leaned in. and kissed him on the cheek. “Don’t worry. I’m not forgetting our date.”

‘Date?’ Harold’s heart raced, ‘did he hear that right? Date?’

“I live at 108 Feldon. You know where that is?”

“Yeah. Is there anything you need me to bring?”

“Just some soda, and maybe some notebooks for drawing ideas. I have a computer in my room, so we can type whatever kind of report we need to on that. I’ll also order something for us to eat, sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.” Harold was excited as he thought of this new prospect, and headed out to his car. Quietly, he gave Shelly a kiss upon the lips, and she didn’t fight him off! “See you soon!”

“I’m counting on it.”

The clock read 5:35 when Harold finished up with his shopping, and headed back towards Shelly’s, following the directions she gave him. He arrived right on time!

To say that the house was huge was an understatement; mammoth would be more like it. He walked to the house in a daze, and was surprised to see her opening the door before he even got to it.

“Harold! Welcome, Come right in!” Shelly was dressed in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. “I’m so thrilled that you were able to come.”

“I said I would Escort Örnekköy be here, didn’t I?” He held a paper sack with notebook paper, pens, pencils, and the soda that he said he’d bring. “Here’s the stuff.”

Shelly invited him into the living room. “Would you care for something to drink?” She already had a can of coke in her hand.

“I’m ok.”

“All right then, should we get to work?”


She led him into her room; there were several papers upon her desk as well as several Comic pro boxes, and Mylar bags. “You’ll see that I’ve organized the materials. Backing boards are going to be roughly five dollars per hundred or five cents per.” She points to the boards; “and the same with the bags.”

Harold nods and starts to write all of that down, figuring that he needs to have a base of ten thousand dollars, he deducts five from it. Leaving him nine thousand and ninety five.

Shelly then makes a few calls to the local Business association, asking what it would be to rent a nearby storefront.

Harold makes himself busy looking through the Overstreet price guide, and marking down their “inventory” in a notebook that he’d brought with him. “Then figuring in the five percent state tax, he figures that into the comic book prices and lists that as the Total Sales Price.

“Thank-you.” Shelly nods and then hangs up the phone.

“What did you find out?” Harold asks. He flips a page and puts $10000. at the very top

“It would be roughly $1200 per month to rent a store front.”

Harold starts to write this down, but never too good at math to begin with, starts to get flustered.

“Ok 12 months times 1200 equals 14400 – which would already blow our 10000 budget out of the water. Damn!”

“Relax. This is supposed to be fun. Besides we don’t have to have the whole rent turned in at one time.”


“I think that it was only supposed to be the first two months as a down payment. So that would be 2400.

All right, $10000 – 2400 = 7600. Then we have lights and utilities at roughly $600 per month which would be… uh…” He tries to do it in his head, and starts to flounder.


Howard writes that down. “7600-1200=6400.”

“All right. Plus say 3000 for furnishings. Which would leave us 3400.

“And perhaps like 1500…” He consults his notes for the comic book bags, boxes and boards “…for supplies.”

“That would leave us $1900 left!” Shelly smiles and slaps him a high five. All that we need to do now is type this thing out in a more manageable form and we have the first part of our project done!”

“Yes!” Harold walks over to her computer. “May I?”

“Please do.”

Shelly can hear his fingers scrambling at the computer keys. It’s only 9:30. It’d taken them four hours to get everything done.

Harold pushed save on the computer. “There we go.” She smiled sheepishly, and turned towards her more.

Shelly had never noticed it before, but Harold looked really, really cute. “Harold?”

“Yes?” He pushed his glasses up further up on the bridge of his nose.

“Have you ever made it with a girl?”

Shelly could tell from the deep crimson blush what the answer was.

“Well, I think because of you. We’re going to get an A on this project, and I love getting A’s.” She kissed him deeply upon the mouth, and Harold Delvak, whom had never had a date before in his life, started to get a stirring in his groin.

He drew her in closer, unsure if she Örnekköy Escort Bayan would fell the same way about him as she had moments before. But as he felt her hands upon his buttocks, gently pinching, he knew that it was true.

“I want you Howard, you know that nerds really turn me on?”

She had to be playing with him. He knew that she was, but he wouldn’t allow himself to hear the self-doubt growing inside.

He felt the teeth of his zipper start to lower, and felt her warm hands on his penis. It stiffened slightly. She pushed his jeans down over his thighs.

“Take me now!” She hissed, forcing him down upon the couch. He started to walk backwards, but slid on one of the mylar bags for one of the comic books, and he fell onto the floor, Shelly on top of him. She leaned back, and lifted off her Tee-shirt, revealing naked breasts.

Harold’s cock surged forth. She’d been bra-less the entire time and he hadn’t known it! She tossed it onto the floor, and stood up, She unbuckled her jeans and slid them onto the floor. Her pubic hairs were trimmed into a little lighting bolt, just like Storm of the X-MEN!

“Are you ready for this, Harold?”

Harold just nodded. Shelly kicked off her jeans, leaving her naked except for a pair of socks and Nike tennis shoes. She walked over to Harold, and gently slid down upon his member. It felt so good. She was just so wet. Harold screamed out “Oh God Jean!” He felt just like Cyclops in the wedding night issue.

If Shelly realized the mistake, she said nothing, and just continued to ride Harold’s penis. Sliding up and down, up and down.

“O-o-o-o-oh.” Harold was moaning unintelligibly. He wanted to come, no knew that he was going to come. “S-Shelly!” He gasped a moment before she pinched his nipples through his Tee-shirt.

“Come for me, huh Harold? Spurt your cum right in side me. I’d like that.”

That was all that it took, and Howard lost it, pumping copious amounts of cum into Shelly. She opened up her mouth and screamed, as he felt her gush some more. “Oh, God, so good!”

She continued on him, until he was spent, and his penis limp, and wilted. Shelly stood up, and walked over to the couch sitting down upon it, naked.

“T-Thanks again.” Harold looked up at her.

“I think that you need to go Howard.” Shelly stated matter-of-factly. “My father is going to be home in a few minutes and I doubt that he’d like to see you in the current state that you’re in.”

“Oh. Ok. Can I at least get the stuff for class on Monday?”

“Don’t worry Howie. I’ll take care of it for you. Everything will be fine.”

“It’s Harold.”

“Whatever. See you on Monday.” She got up, and gently escorted him to the door. Bolting it behind him.

Bewildered, Harold walked home. “Don’t worry, everything will be all right.”

The weekend passed, and Monday came around.

“All right class. Lets see those projects.” Mr. Keller stood at the front of the class and each student marched up and gave their project to them. All except Harold. “Well, Mr. Delvac, where is your half of the project that you and Miss Woodrow were supposed to work on? So far all that I see here is hers. Do you have anything for me?”

Numbly Harold shook his head. “Shelly has it all.”

“Well you were aware that there were supposed to be materials that were turned in for both of you on this project, were you not?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then I supposed that you will have to stay later tonight and work on it in detention, and you will be docked a letter grade.”

Harold looked over from Mr. Keller to see Shelly spurting out of the door. “Thanks for everything Howie, it was great fun!”

He could hear her laughing thorough the hallway. “I’ll get even. Someday I’ll get even.” He muttered. Even in his anger, his cock throbbed.

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Amnesty Program Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of the story that began with Amnesty Program.


The email from Professor Denton was waiting for Jason when he woke up the next morning.


Your report from last night was very complete and Professor Suarez and I are pleased with the results. We realize now that we should have let you know that the kinds of exercises we are asking you to complete could result in sexual attraction. While we believe that the kinds of sexual experimentation and play that you have been engaging in with Rebecca are healthy, please understand that the tasks we are setting you do not require sexual activity in order to be successful. We will note this possibility when we orient new subjects into our experiment.

I have a different kind of task for you today. We have discovered that many students that find their primary affirmation by means of their grades become insecure in other areas. They have difficulty believing that people actually like them. This happens with both male and female students, but female students often feel especially insecure about their physical attractiveness. This insecurity can hamper their social lives, causing some women to withdraw. Your task today is to find a way to affirm Rebecca’s attractiveness to her in a way that she will accept.

This is a task we had prepared for later, but given your very fast progress yesterday, we think it will be beneficial to both of you to maintain your momentum. This should be considered a first attempt, and you should not consider it a failure if she does not respond positively initially. Just beginning the conversation is our goal here. I have not communicated this material with Rebecca and I will let you decide whether you will share it with her.

Professor Dalton


Jason rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and read the email again before rolling out of bed and heading for the shower.

“Why are you smiling so much,” his mother said at breakfast between mouthfuls of scrambled eggs, “you look like the cat that ate the canary.”

“It’s nothing. Just had a breakthrough at school yesterday.”

“Well that’s not nothing,” she prodded, setting her fork down. “Tell me the good news.”

“I have a new study partner.”

Jason’s mom deflated. “A study partner. That usually doesn’t go well.”

Jason scooted his chair back. “This one can keep up.” He grabbed his backpack and went for the door. He heard her call “What’s his name?” as he unlocked his car and his smile widened, but he didn’t answer. —-

“So. Anything interesting happen after I left last night?” Jason was walking across a wide lawn at the university with Rebecca. She wore a red sundress that had him struggling to keep his eyes straight ahead.

“No.” Rebecca smiled to herself. “Yes.”

“Okay, this is why guys don’t understand women.”

“Yes, I know.”

“So…” Jason ran his hand through his hair, trying to formulate a meaningful question, “What didn’t happen that’s interesting?”

“Emily’s going out with Nathan tomorrow night.”

“That’s it?’

“She’s uncharacteristically freaked out about what to wear.”


“Well, think about it- she wants him to forget what she was like the night they met, but she wants him to remember too, so…”

Jason sighed. “I guess I’d be freaked out too. It doesn’t really matter though.”

“What?” Rebecca stopped walking. “What do you mean?”

“Emily won’t have any trouble making whatever impression she wants to make no matter what she wears.”

Rebecca crossed her arms and grinned at him. “Are you saying that you find her attractive?”

“Yes. More than she knows.”

“More than me?”

“Not more than you. Yesterday changes how I see you.”

“So if I hadn’t given you a blowjob under the table last night, Emily would be more attractive than me?”

“You’re trying to trap me,” Jason said carefully, “but it’s not going to work for two reasons: your model of attraction is flawed and your evaluation of your own attractiveness is weighted to the negative.”

“You’re sweet… and you’re just trying to get more blowjobs.”

Jason stepped in and embraced Rebecca warmly. “Honestly, I can’t stop calculating the distance,” he whispered in her ear, “between my cock and your lips.”

“Me too,” she squeezed him back and whispered, “twenty two inches.”

“Twenty one.”

“You think I’m wrong?”

“No,” he smelled her hair, her perfume, “the distance just changed.”

“I like that,” she cooed.

“Yes, but now I’m going to have to walk around with my jeans all bulging in front… I guess it won’t matter much though.”

“Really? Why not?”

Jason smiled at her. “I’m with you, and you’re wearing a red dress. That makes me pretty much invisible.”

Rebecca snorted and stepped back. “That’ll be the day. You’re in some sort of hormonal reality distortion field.”

“You want to make a bet?”

“Sure- how are you going to prove it?”

Jason thought for a moment. “We walk the sidewalk from here to the sociology Ostim Escort building at the next break. I’ll count the number of guys that check you out and you can count the number of girls that notice my, uh, condition.”

Rebecca looked at him skeptically. “That’s a long walk. You might not stay in ‘your condition’ the whole way and that would skew the results.”

Jason shrugged. “I don’t think this is going away anytime soon, but I’m sure a girl with your imagination can think of ways to make it fair.”

Rebecca thought for a minute, and a wicked smile spread across her face. “All right.”

“So,” Jason said, “When I prove you wrong I get to do another round of attractiveness research with you as the subject.”

“If. If you prove me wrong. If not… I get to write your daily report to Professor Dalton tonight. Agreed?”

“A factual report?”

“Not remotely.”

Jason swallowed. “Agreed. Classes get out any second now.” Students were already starting to trickle out of the buildings.

“Well it’s not fair for you to be the only one poking your clothes out.” Rebecca reached behind her back. A couple of shrugs and she was grinning at him and asking him sweetly to hold a strapless red bra for her. Jason took it, stunned. Rebecca had thrown her shoulders back and was arching an eyebrow at him. Just as he noticed her nipples poking at the fabric she leaned forward and touched them lightly to his chest. She tipped her chin up and kissed him slowly and deliberately. Her hands wandered up and touched his forearms.

“Nineteen inches?” she asked, her lips still touching his.

Jason groaned. “At most.”

“Perfect!” she said. She grabbed his hand to keep him from covering himself and pulled him to the walkway.

Jason folded the bra as small as he could with one hand and tried to walk naturally. He noticed that Rebecca’s new flirty bounce had cooled to a smooth stride so she wouldn’t attract as much attention. He started to wonder if he could win after all.

“One,” Rebecca said, grinning as she walked.


“The one in the yellow sweater.”

“That was a guy.”

“Counts.” She looked at him out of the corner of her eye. “Don’t argue. Two– girl with the red glasses.”

Jason felt his face burning, but then he caught four guys in mid-stare, following Rebecca shamelessly. “Four for you,” he said, “from the barber shop quartet. And the guy on the phone makes five.”

At the halfway mark, Jason had counted sixteen guys checking Rebecca out and she had seen six people ogling Jason, including Yellow Sweater.

Rebecca needed to even the score. She talked out of the corner of her mouth. “When was the last time you masturbated?”

Jason’s face flushed. “Yesterday. You were watching.”

“I did it this morning,” Rebecca let her voice get a little louder, “while I thought about how good it felt licking the tip of your dick.”

Jason opened his mouth, shut it again.

“That’s not all.” Rebecca slowed her pace a little. “I was imagining what your tongue will feel like on my pussy. What do you think that’s going to be like?”

“I, uh…” Jason started to worry about coming in his pants.

“I mean, do you think I’ll feel all zing, sharp and tingly exciting or will it be swirly sweet, warm and wonderful?”

Rebecca counted two more, silently.

“That’s what I was thinking about, playing with myself this morning. Your tongue all over my pussy.” She sighed dramatically. “I didn’t make myself come though. It was very hard to stop.”

“You stopped?” Jason’s voice was a little strangled. “Why?”

“I wanted to share,” she said quietly, smiling, “with you.”

“I’m not going to make it to the sociology building.”

“You’re about to come in your pants?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes. Please… just… sheesh.”

“I can’t ever remember,” Rebecca said conversationally, “how to do hexadecimal conversions.”

Jason had his hands on his knees. “What?”

“Do you know? I mean, like, what is 931 in hex? How would I convert that?”

“Uh, you divide by two hundred fifty six first. It’s easier if you can remember the highest number in each place.” Jason stood up, took a deep breath. “fifteen in the first place, two hundred fifty five in the second place…”

“Four thousand ninety five in the third place, sixty five thousand five hundred and thirty five in the fourth place.” Rebecca finished for him. “Can you make it to the sociology building now?”

“Yeah,” Jason grinned at her. “Thanks. I lost count though.”

“That’s fine,” Rebecca stopped and grabbed her bra from him, slipped it into a pocket in his backpack. “You can win. I’ll be your research subject. I’m going to make you pay though.”


“I want to do my own research first.” She took his hand and squeezed it. “Come with me.”


Jason hadn’t ever been in a women’s bathroom before. Rebecca just led him right into the women’s in the sociology building like it was the most natural thing in the world and he Escort Ostim followed. He didn’t know what she would have done if someone had been at the sinks. She slipped into the first stall with him and bolted the door.

“Put your hands on the walls.”

Jason did what she said. He was facing the toilet with Rebecca behind him. He could feel her breath on his back. His cock was uncomfortably hard.

“Don’t move them.” Rebecca reached around his waist, unbuckled his belt, and loosened his pants. She worked with her eyes closed, the side of her face resting against Jason’s back. She could hear his breathing and the beating of his heart. She smiled. She pulled his pants down just enough, slipped her thumbs into the sides of his boxers and pulled. They got snagged on his cock and Jason drew in a sudden breath.

Rebecca stifled a laugh and peeked around under Jason’s arm so she could stretch the elastic of his underwear to clear his penis. It stood up straight. She never touched him. She went up on tiptoe, put her lips next to his ear.

“Don’t talk, okay? Just nod or shake your head. If any other girls come in, I don’t want to stop, and your voice…”

Jason nodded.

“Good. I want to know exactly what I said that got to you out there. What pushed you to the edge? Was it that I told you that I played with myself this morning?”

Jason paused, shook his head. His cock bounced a little.

“Was it that I was remembering your cock in my mouth?”

His cock bounced again and a tiny drop of clear fluid appeared at the tip, but he shook his head again.

“Was it… that I didn’t let myself come this morning? That it was hard to stop?” She touched her nose to his neck and inhaled deeply. “I know what 931 is in hex because I did that one this morning so I could wait for you. It’s 03A3.”

Jason’s breaths were coming faster. He shook his head slowly.

The bathroom door opened and two girls walked in, talking loudly about a recent episode of something on television.

Startled, Jason’s took his hands off the walls momentarily, but he quickly put them back.

“So,” Rebecca whispered in his ear, “it was when I imagined what your tongue would feel like on my pussy?”

Jason let out a shuddering breath. He nodded.

Rebecca slid her hands up under his shirt, over the firm sculpture of his stomach.

“Because that was exciting for me too. I think it’s going to be sweet and hot when you lick my pussy. I imagined feeling the tip of your tongue on my little damp lips down there- slipping up and down, slowly. You made circles and spirals. You brushed my clit with your lips. You blew on me softly. It made me squirm and wiggle.”

Jason’s head was down and he was trying not to breathe too loudly. The other girls finished touching up their makeup. Their chatter faded quickly as the bathroom door closed. Rebecca’s breasts were brushing his back.

“But do you know what was the most exciting for me?”

Jason shook his head. She watched his cock twitch rhythmically.

“If you don’t already think I’m a pervert, you will now.”

Jason grunted a half laugh. Shook his head. The head of his cock turned a dark purple and a clear drop slid down and dripped from the edge of his crown to the floor.

“I imagined I was you,” she pressed her body into his back, “and I was licking my own pussy. I felt every taste bud on your tongue rub across my clitoris. I tasted myself. I felt my fingers tangle in your hair, pulling your face in closer. When I started to come I slipped your tongue into my pussy and felt it squeeze.”

Rebecca felt Jason’s stomach muscles spasm a fraction of a second before he came. His come splattered against the back wall of the stall and got all over the chrome valve. A few drops got on the seat. His body was hunched forward, the tips of his fingers white, pressing into the walls. He let out a groan, his teeth clenched. Rebecca scratched Jason’s stomach lightly with her fingernails and felt his whole body shudder as his orgasm played out. He gulped for air and finally dropped his arms, his penis still standing straight out from his body. The last drop of semen stretched from the tip and finally fell.

Rebecca spun a length of toilet paper off the roll as Jason leaned against the tile wall, exhausted. She smiled at him as she wiped off the seat. “That,” she said, “was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

The door opened and a woman went into the stall next to them, slamming the door.

Jason’s face went white and he stood stone still. Rebecca sat down quickly on the toilet. She put her finger to her lips. Her eyes sparkled at him and she raised her eyebrows. She mouthed two words at him, “watch this.”

She waited for the woman to sit, then called out, “Excuse me? Sorry. No TP.”

Jason heard the roll rattle in the next stall and a few seconds later a woman’s hand appeared under the partition holding a neatly folded bundle of toilet paper.

“Thanks!” Rebecca said, grinning hugely. She wiped the tip of Jason’s cock Ostim Escort Bayan with the paper, then cleaned up as much of the chrome as she could while he got his pants up. She flushed and nudged him out of the stall and they ran.

Rebecca started laughing in the hallway, holding Jason’s hand and running for the outer doors. The startled look on Jason’s face softened as he ran, turned into a grin. They burst through the doors and on to the lawn outside and collapsed in the grass, both of them laughing hysterically.

People walked around them with their heads down on their way to some class or other, not even curious.

Jason was on his back with his breathing finally returning to normal. “That was… yess” he sighed, and Rebecca curled up next to him, her head on his shoulder. “I made you come with my voice,” she said, with a hint of awe.

Jason smiled at the sky. “You made me come with your mind.”


“So I just have to stand around at the mall?” Rebecca was in the passenger seat of Jason’s car as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“Yes. I’m going to collect some data.” He was happy and relaxed.

“All right, but I’m not wearing this. Can we stop by my apartment on the way so I can change?”

“What are you going to wear?”

“What I would have worn two days ago.”

“Hot librarian?”

Rebecca giggled. “No. Just plain librarian.”

Jason pulled into a parking space at Rebecca’s apartment. “We’ll see about that.”

He followed her to her door but before she opened it she turned around and looked up into Jason’s eyes.

“I like playing games with you. You’re sweet and smart and when I’m with you I’m excited,” She stepped towards him, “all the time.”

Jason wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, let his hands travel down her back, over the swell of her ass. He pulled her into his body and held her there.

“I have a little question,” Rebecca said, breathlessly between kisses.

“Yes?” he said, moving his lips to her neck.

“Do you think I’m a pervert?”

Jason laughed, then saw that she was serious. “Why are you asking me this now?”

Rebecca was quiet for a moment. “I just realized that I care what you think of me…”

“What you said in the bathroom,” Jason said, looking directly into her eyes, “was true and vulnerable. You were more naked in there than I was, and you saw what it did to me. As far as I’m concerned, you’re only as perverted as your lies.”

“Thank you. You’ve been so patient.” She closed her eyes and hissed as his lips lit up the skin behind her ear. “I thought guys always wanted to get, you know, right down to business.”

Jason stepped away a little and looked in her eyes thoughtfully.

“This is business. This and the stall and messing with Emily’s head and everything all the way back to that terrifying talk in the elevator.” Jason grinned. “Our games are fun because they’re new, and they’re only going to be new once.”

“I like that about you.” Rebecca smiled at him, turned, and went into her apartment. He was going to follow her all the way to her room to see if he could get his head under her dress, but he stopped short in the dining room.

Emily was sitting at the table, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. “Well now,” she said, around a mouthful, “that’s a record-breaking boner.”

Jason looked down at himself. His cock was sculpted into his jeans. He covered himself with his hands, realized the futility, and gave up.

“You should have seen the first one.” Rebecca called on her way to her room.

Emily’s eyebrows rose. “Really? Sit. Talk.” She pointed her nose at the chair across from her at the table.

Jason sat, grateful for the concealment of the tabletop, uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was going.

“You look like you’re about to put your clothes through our laundry again,” Emily teased.

“I hear,” Jason said, getting some composure back, “that you can’t decide what to wear for your second date with Nathan.”

“Tou-fucking-ché.” Emily drank the last of the milk from the bowl. “Looks like you’ve made an impression on Rebecca.”

“She’s made an impression on me.” Jason said, reaching for the box of cereal.

“So, have you two been discussing my sorry dating life all morning?”

“Nope.” Jason tossed a couple of mini-marshmallows in his mouth. “We’ve been having a scientific discussion.”

“Right. Scientific like yesterday?”

“Yes,” Jason smiled, “just like yesterday. You might have come up once or twice.”

“Just how pathetic did you decide I am?”

“Not pathetic at all. Smart, beautiful, convincing.”

Emily raised her eyebrows. “You said that to Rebecca?”

“She can take it. I told her it doesn’t matter what you wear. You’ll make your point.”

“What do you think my ‘point’ is?”

“Forget, but don’t forget.” Jason dug more marshmallows out of the cereal.

Emily’s nose wrinkled. “And they say women are confusing.”

Rebecca came out wearing a knee length grey dress, short sleeves with buttons up to her neck, her hair up in a bun held with a couple of Dixon Ticonderoga

pencils. She wore Mary Janes.

“I’m ready,” she said.

Jason stared.

Emily looked at her, then back at Jason. “Oh honey,” she said to Rebecca, “this one’s a librarian pervert.”

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Angie’s an Adult Redux

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Angela “Angie” Sloane, a very precocious senior in high school, woke up horny on her 18th birthday. She looked forward to her plans for this Saturday, when she would willingly give up her virginity. This was to be Angie’s birthday present to herself, as she wanted to ensure that her first time would be the best experience possible for herself. She was also convinced that she wanted to lose her virginity to an older man. That also made it necessary to wait until she wasn’t jailbait anymore.

Angie pondered her options in selecting her first lover. There was Sven Gustafsen, her next door neighbor. He was a Swedish immigrant and a rather mysterious bachelor. He might also be gay. Angie’s wasn’t sure. There was also Yasuko Kawashira, a Japanese man with whispered Yakuza connections. Finally, there was Allan Dumont, a milksop of a man whose wife frequently cuckolded and neglected him. Rumors were rampant, but Angie wasn’t sure which ones to trust.

That uncertainty made up Angie’s mind for her. She just had to find out for herself! She hurried through her chores, thinking all of the time about what she might do to both Allan and Charmaine, his wife. She had this fierce desire to seduce both of them, putting them under her spell. All she needed was the right trick to turn the tables on Charmaine, she suspected.

“Well, Angie, you’re up and busy with your chores early! Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?” Pamela Sloane asked her daughter.

“I have things to do, Mom. I can’t do them if chores are hanging over my head. I don’t want to spend all day here,” Angie responded, causing Mrs. Sloane to shake her head in bewilderment.

It was easy enough for Angie to concoct an alibi, sweet-talk Daddy into giving her the allowance earlier in the day, and head out to the Dumonts’ place. She also made a mental note, reminding herself that Daddy was a future paramour. She would then seduce Mom, since she was bi. For now, however, the incest could wait. She wanted to develop her skills at May-December affairs before she took it to that level.

Knocking on the door, Angie encountered Allan and didn’t waste time asserting herself with him. She kissed Mr. Dumont on the lips, while he still stood there, too tongue-tied to ask her what she was doing on his doorstep. Angie pushed him to the floor, while the door slammed behind her. She then straddled Allan and ground her pussy against his bulge. Angie started making out with the stunned cuckold, who was so starved for female attention that he didn’t even think to resist her.

“Hey, what are you doing with my husband?” Charmaine demanded, having heard the sound of kissing from her bedroom.

Mrs. Dumont wasn’t alone. Ray Lassiter, one of her boyfriends, stood behind her in the nude. He was tall, athletic, and obviously black. He was also well-endowed, as his natural reaction to Angie made apparent. His dick, which started to go limp when Charmaine got off him, grew again. This irritated Charmaine, but she still focused on the intruder, who presented a very real threat to her control of the men in her life.

“What does it look like I’m doing with him? I’m getting ready to fuck him. Allan, baby, do you want to fuck you or leave you alone with this bitch you married? It’s up to you, not her. I can go and leave you as you were, or I can have my way with you,” Angie consulted her victim.

“I surrender. Do as you wish,” Allan submitted to the stranger, feeling some vindication and desire to stick it to his wife.

“Sounds to me as if the man of the house has made his decision. You’d better suck it up. After all, you still have your friend there to take care of your needs while I relieve your husband of his ‘blue ball syndrome’. Knock yourself out. I won’t stop you. I’m too busy enjoying your jilted hubby,” Angie taunted Charmaine, as she removed Allan’s pants and underwear.

“You slut! Leave him alone!” Charmaine screamed at Angie, making the huge blunder of kicking her while she finished undressing Mr. Dumont.

Angie stood up and scratched Charmaine’s face, drawing blood and almost certainly leaving scars. Mrs. Dumont now stood in horror, realizing that her beauty would never return to normal. She wasn’t ugly, of course, but she had a disfiguring mark that she could never forget and others were sure to notice. While Charmaine panicked, Angie aggressively kissed her on the mouth, sliding her fingers into her crotch. The woman of the house was wet, strongly hinting at a state of arousal.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll take it from here,” Ray spoke up at last, pushing Charmaine to her knees and ramming her mouth with his powerful cock.

“So, you’re tired of her crap, too,” Angie remarked as she resumed stripping Allan of his clothes.

“Bitch not know how to shut her trap! I’m shutting it for her now, though,” Ray smiled nastily.

With that action, the conflict was over. Angie put herself into a 69 with Allan, hoping to get both of them to the right point for full intercourse. Since Charmaine never gave Şentepe Escort him head, Allan nearly creamed in Angie’s mouth. She realized what was at stake, so she quickly switched ends to mount his cock with her pussy. While she was a virgin, her hymen was long since torn, so it was much less painful and more pleasurable than it would have been. Having control of the act enabled Angie to ensure that he hit the right spots as she rode him.

Before too long, Angie Sloane came on Allan Dumont’s dick, a fact that she announced in a primordial groan. Determined to help her new lover cum at last, Angie tightened her pussy even more than it already was, which had the desired result in scant seconds. She remained on top of him for a minute or two, allowing her legs to recover from the wobbly effect of sex.

Meanwhile, Ray had switched from Charmaine’s mouth to her ass, not bothering to ask her permission to do so. Despite the instant agony caused by this huge dick in her asshole, Mrs. Dumont didn’t put up a fight at all. She was broken. Something about the way that Angie and Ray handled her had quashed her previously strong will. This whole experience was a catharsis for Charmaine, who now saw things from the bottom rather than the top. She was just glad that Ray used some lube, given how large his cock was in her butt.

When Ray came and pulled out of Charmaine’s ass, he dragged her off to the shower.

“This bitch has more work to do. I haven’t fucked her cunt yet. I want my dick clean first,” Mr. Lassiter chuckled.

Alone together, Angie and Allan stood up at last. Mr. Dumont now knew for a fact that this was no ordinary teenage girl. Ms. Sloane had studied this matter a great deal and learned what she wanted well in advance. She had poise, confidence, and powerful desires which motivated her to take charge of this situation. She was a natural seductress with aggressive drives.

“So, honey, what do you think of me? Want me as your mistress? I would fuck you whenever I please, train Charmaine to be a better wife to you, including your sexual needs, and have your first baby. I’m not always such a bossy type. I just have my moments,” Angie posed the question with her hands on his neck.

Allan didn’t have to be asked twice. Angie had a knack for offering him exactly what he wanted. Charmaine always used birth control, because she refused to have his kids. He didn’t realize that she quit using the Pill last month, as part of a conspiracy to further enslave him and make him raise other men’s children. She was already pregnant with Ray’s baby, though no one knew it yet. Charmaine’s next phase was to be a chastity belt and complete denial, turning Allan into a money slave. Not even Ray was aware of this evil plot, since it was too extreme for a guy like him. The whole cuckold/humiliation thing was already a bit uncomfortable for Ray, since he had simply signed up for what he naively thought was swinging, orgies, and other kinks. Women like that made him nervous and angry.

“There are times when I don’t mind it. Trust me, next to Charmaine, you’re as sweet as a peach. I didn’t oppose a little bondage and discipline, but Charmaine got out of hand. Same thing with the cuckold scene. I was okay with her fucking other men, but she kept taking it further and pushing off the date when I would get some strange myself. I think that she somehow got the idea that I was a wimp. I have been, a little, I guess, in that I didn’t stand up to her sooner. That’s changed now, thanks to you. I owe you a lot,” Allan answered with a French kiss for his adolescent lover.

“Yes, and I’m gonna collect. Count on that, babe. Right now, please fuck my ass,” Angie invited her neighbor, handing him the lube before bending over and spreading her cheeks for him.

Unlike Ray, Allan used more than a little lube, not wishing to hurt this delectable teen. His dick, while not as large as Ray’s, was big enough to cause some pain as he slid into her ass. Angie gasped a bit, but then the pleasure assailed her, a rush of delight that made her shiver with the delicious knowledge of what she did with Allan. He was inside her most private hole of all, exploring what had been virgin territory until just then. Allan moved slowly, giving Angie a chance to collect herself before actively sodomizing her.

There was no longer any doubt in Angie’s mind that she needed this, needed Allan to bury himself inside her colon. The way that he invaded her bottom now completely exhilarated her, as she felt owned by him and connected to him. Their bodies seemed to become a single, seamless body of flesh, and she came messily from the delightful violation of her bowels. At last, knowing what this teenage siren did from excitement, Allan couldn’t prevent his own second release. His gooey seed remained in her asshole as he withdrew from her now gaping butt.

“Honey, thanks to you, I’m not a virgin anymore … in any part of my body. I am your little teen slut. I must warn you, however, that I intend Şentepe Escort Bayan to be very wild and swing with you. Think about it. We can start with Ray, since he seems to have switched sides here. I hope that you can go along with this. It should be fun for everyone involved, even Charmaine, though God knows she doesn’t deserve any,” Angie declared, kissing him yet again.

“Hey, baby, I trust you. After what you’ve done for me, I don’t worry that you’ll mistreat me, the way I would doubt someone like Charmaine. I think that I need a break for now, though. I’m only a man. Let’s grab a bite to eat. We can invite Charmaine and Ray to come along when they’re done, if you wish,” Allan suggested, feeling a bit famished, since he hadn’t eaten breakfast.

“Reuben’s? I love that deli,” Angie referred to a famous local delicatessen known for their namesake as well as other signature sandwiches.

“Their meatball subs are outstanding, so I’m in,” Allan grinned. He hadn’t been to Reuben’s in months, thanks to Charmaine’s “dietary restrictions”. Things were going to change for sure.

“I like their ‘salami special’,” Ray agreed, indicating that Charmaine and he were done in the shower at last. They were both nude, but happy. Something was in the wind between them, and it was time for Allan to find out.

“Allan, honey, I am very sorry about what kind of wife I’ve been. You don’t owe me any explanations, but I owe you a lot of withheld sex. You’ll get it, too. I have some bad news, however. I’m pregnant with Ray’s kid. I have also learned something about myself that I need to face, and if I had done so sooner, we’d all be better off. The cuckold thing was a selfish way to go about my obsession with size, but I am still a size queen. I care about you and I enjoy sex with you, but I think that I need one of my partners to be a larger man down there and both of you to be very dominant with me. I want a plural marriage, so I can take Ray as my other husband. I’ll remain your first wife, with Angie as your second wife. Ray would marry her as well. It will be a group and open marriage for all of us. You guys gave me what I really needed: being put in my place. The four of us can swing with others,” Charmaine announced.

“I like that plan very well, Allan. But I’d hold Charmaine to that deal about the back payments of sex, not only because she owes you, but it should make things more fun for us. I think that she should put it in writing, in fact. I have other ideas as well. Obviously, Ray should get his turn with me as well. I’ll need plenty of lube, Ray, with a cock of your size, and I won’t make it a daily thing, since I would be too sore to give Allan his due. I believe that a contract between the four of us is called for,” Angie demonstrated just how bright she really was.

“I’m a lawyer. I’ll write it up. What? Didn’t know that? The ghetto talk is only to mess with people. I have a juris doctorate and an MBA from Howard. It won’t be legally binding, but it will bind all of us by honor. We can work on it over lunch, just write everything down on napkins and don’t say it aloud. How does that sound? We can start a club of sorts, a sex club, beginning with our plural marriage. I have to warn you guys of one thing, however: I’m bisexual,” Ray proposed.

“I’m fine with that. So, what was this about Reuben’s? I’m game. I’m also bi, I think. If I didn’t know it before Angie kissed me, I do now. I was wet as a dishrag when she did that to me. Don’t worry about my face. Ray applied plenty of soap, water, and Neosporin to it. I’ll be fine. I just have to accept that my beauty isn’t a perfect 10 anymore, but that may be a good thing. A little less arrogance and vanity would serve me well. Ray’s right about that,” Charmaine winked at Angie.

“No hard feelings?” Angie stuck out her hand.

Charmaine reacted by kissing Angie passionately on the lips, as lustfully as the one Angie had done to her.

“I’ve been a really bad wife. I’ll be a much better one now. Trust me. And if Allan or you want to spank me, that’s fine with me. Ray already did, in the shower, right before he fucked my pussy very hard. I loved it all. Ray does want to have sex with Allan as well, if that’s something that you can accept. He told me that Allan will get to fuck him just as hard as he fucks Allan. It won’t be about humiliating anyone, just two guys exploring their sexuality. I’d gladly eat you out, too. I hope that you would like to eat me as well. Sorry about calling you a slut earlier,” she took things a little further, thinking that perhaps the time had come.

“No, I am a slut now. I’m proud of it, since I’m Allan’s slut. I won’t apologize for calling you a ‘bitch’, since you used to be one. I’d say that you’re making serious progress since this little shake-up we had this morning. I’m cool with lesbian stuff, too. Why do you think I kissed you? I’m bi as well,” Angie reassured her.

“Well, you helped shake me up, more than anyone else, except possibly Ray. I was mad Escort Şentepe at you for a short time, but if it weren’t for you, I think that Allan and I would have had a divorce instead of a polygamous marriage. I wouldn’t have gotten to have half the fun that I did, either, since I think that Ray would have dumped me. Alright, are we gonna talk or get some take out?” Charmaine asked impatiently.

“Take out!” was the unanimous answer.

The lunch was a wonderful affair, since the foursome flirted ceaselessly with each other. It was a strange love-lust quadrangle, carried to the point where once bitter spouses and their paramours now played footsie under the table and felt growing arousal from the direction the arrangement took them.

By the time they returned from lunch to Allan’s place, the quartet had agreed to some basic conditions:

1. Charmaine Dumont, having mistreated her estranged husband Allan, owes him at least twenty-five acts of vaginal intercourse, sixty acts of oral sex, and thirty acts of sodomy. She will pay these “with interest” over the next decade, thus compensating him for what he was deprived of during their marriage.

2. Allan Dumont, Charmaine Dumont, Angie Sloane, and Ray Lassiter hereby enter a plural marriage, in which each of them is married to the others. All of the marriages are to be fully consummated as much as possible, as soon as possible. This marriage will also be an open one, inviting others to bed any and all of the spouses.

3. Angie’s three spouses will aid her in seducing Sven Gustafsen, Yasuko Kawashira, Miles Sloane, and Pamela Sloane, as well as any teachers and classmates who might appeal sexually to her. In exchange, her partners will have the opportunity to engage in sexual congress with those on her list as well.

4. No one outside the inner circle signatory to this contract, and any persons intended to be sexual partners of the signatories, shall know of this arrangement.

5. All signatories to this covenant, regardless of any bondage play to the contrary, are understood to be equal partners in this contractual relationship.

6. Sexual intercourse with any persons not referred to within the covenant would require the use of protection, whereas sexual congress within the boundaries of this compact would be unprotected.

7. Both husbands will be regarded as the fathers of all children by each of the wives, and both wives will be regarded as the mothers of all children by each of the husbands.

8. No party to this compact shall masturbate alone to orgasm, except when no other party to this contract is sexually available.

9. All parties to this covenant shall pool their financial resources for mutual benefit, up to and including imminent cohabitation.

Each of the four signed this pact, indicating that they were well aware that they had committed themselves to each other. It was really a polygamous union of sorts. The “nine points” were to be the ironclad rules governing their relationship. Ray copied the agreement four times, keeping the original in his briefcase and a personal copy in the glove compartment of his Ferrari.

“So, I dare say that I have enjoyed both Angie and Charmaine before. Ray has had Charmaine, but not Angie. I think that it’s time for them to fuck. It has been a while since I’ve done Charmaine, so I will collect one of the sex acts that she owes me now. However, I will let her choose which one,” Allan stated baldly, after the four of them stripped to the buff.

“My ass, dear. You’ve had my pussy and my mouth, though not in a while. You’ve never had my ass, if you’ll recall. Butt-fuck me please!” Charmaine urged Allan, while Ray grabbed Angie and took her on the sofa.

“How much lube?” Allan asked, as he got out the warming solution to prepare his wife’s ass.

“As much or little as you wish. I’ll understand any level right now. You have a lot of anger to vent at me, and I don’t blame you,” Charmaine answered, secretly hoping for very little. She was keen on a bit more pain than Angie would like.

Charmaine’s ass was nice and snug as Allan began ramming her forcefully. She loved the penetration, revealing that she was as much a pain slut as a size queen. Angie, in the meantime, welcomed Ray’s dick in her pussy, stretching it as he fucked her with abandon. This swap lasted for a dozen minutes or so, but the exquisite, hedonistic delights of this Bacchanal intensified the urges each of them had to cum.

The sweet agony of anal sex brought Charmaine at last to her release, just before the constant contact between Ray’s cock and Angie’s G-spot resulted in her climax as well. No longer feeling the necessity of restraining themselves, both men came inside their women.

Angie then went down on Charmaine, licking her butt-crack to clean up Allan’s jizz. This naturally pleased Mrs. Dumont, who then spread Ms. Sloane’s legs to eat her pussy and enjoy Ray’s cum as it leaked inside her.

It normally took Allan as well as Ray some time to get a second turn ready, but the Sapphic scenes in front of them didn’t hurt in that respect. Ray couldn’t help himself. Allan’s ass invited him, and he accepted the opportunity. Giving Allan no warning, Ray gratified his lust for his butt, adding the lube in decent portions and easing his dick into his asshole.

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Alex becomes Aly

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My name is Alex. I am 21 years old and I have an older sister that I resemble so closely that most people who don’t know us think we are twins. Cindy is 2 years older than me and because we lived in a rural area growing up, we were each others best friend until our early teens. By anyone’s standards, she is very pretty. She has shoulder high blonde/brown hair, dark brown eyes and a natural blemish free complexion.

We shared the same dark brown eyes and were about the same size. This meant that her clothes fit me and vice versa. One of our favorite game was dress up. I ended up in dresses, skirts and heels while she wore my jeans and boots. She also liked to use me as live mannequin l. I would put on her clothes and model them for her. This grew into more accessories and as time went on, included hair-dos, painted nails, jewelry, etc. She constantly commented on how pretty I looked and said I should have been a girl. At the time, it went in one ear and out the other.

Our mom worked until 6 most days, so when Cindy was away I had the house to myself quite a bit. I used this time to continue our dress up game. I would go into my sisters room and pick through her clothes and change into what fancied me that day. I was mostly fond of wearing skirts with bright tops. I liked the way it felt, having my bare shaven legs exposed with nothing between the outside air and my privates except a thin layer of cotton or silk. I would parade around house in my girly attire, unless it was nice out, and then I would sit on our patio and read a book or something.

One day Cindy came home from school early and caught me in one of her skirts. After a lot of quizzing, I opened up and told her that I liked dressing as a girl better than a boy. Since we were so close, she said that she would help me “figure this out”. She told me to dress up in my favorite outfit the next day and that she would find something for us to do.

I was nervous all day at school and rushed home to change. I picked out a denim mini skirt with a bright yellow Macunköy Escort top and wore black heels. I put on a few finger rings, an ankle bracelet and several loose fitting bracelets on my arms. When my sister came home all she said was, “Wow, you look great”. She told me to jump in her car and away we went. She took me to a mall kind of far from our house so we didn’t run into anyone we knew. I was scared to death walking around in girls clothes where other people could see me, but at the same time it was amazing. It was a good thing I tucked myself tightly into a pair of panties because I was hard the whole time.

I quickly noticed that all the boys and men stared at my sister and me as we walk by them. I never noticed this before. Cindy picked up on this and asked how I liked being stared at by all the guys. I wasn’t sure how to answer, I hadnt given it much thought actually. “I guess I like it”, is about what I told her. Then she asked the tough question – “do you like boys?” There was no easy way to tell her the truth and I wasn’t sure either. So, I told her I liked girls and boys, and as far as I knew at the time – that was the truth.

All through high school, until Cindy went away to college we would go out to the mall or movies with me dressed as a girl. I shopped for my own clothes, jewelry and makeup. Cindy taught me how to use make up, paint my nails and do my hair so I looked as much like a girl as possible. Even at 18, keeping my legs and body shaved, I looked completely feminine. I had girl friends on and off through school, but I never entertained getting together with boys. The town was too small and the trips with my sister satisfied my girly urges. This all changed when I went away to college.

I attended a small private school about 200 miles from my home. I was able to get a small apartment near school where I could walk to class most days if it wasn’t raining or too cold. On the nastier days I took the bus. There was a very nice mall a short bus ride away, so between Macunköy Escort Bayan that and internet shopping I was able to keep myself in clothes, though at this point I bought uni-sex clothing when possible. All of my jeans, tops and shoes were from the Junior girls section and as time went on, I spent more and more time in girls clothes. The anonymity of college made it easy to blend in any way you wished. I maintained a feminine appearance all of the time by keeping my hair in a girlish style and my nails clear polished. I used a light skin tone lipstick that accented my lips, but didn’t call attention to them. I got looks from both boys and girls and probably could have had my pick of either.

One day in my English class a guy came up to me and asked my name. He was a little like me, not especially masculine, but he clearly carried a guy’s persona. He was about 6′ tall and thin, and he had a very soothing smile; I found it hard to look away from his face. There was an instant attraction that I had never felt before. I stumbled telling him my name, and before I knew it, “Aly” came out of my mouth. I had never used the name Aly before, except maybe with myself. I just wanted him to think of me as a girl. We chatted for a few minutes and after class was over, he asked me to have lunch with him.

We sat together in the cafeteria for over an hour, chatting away about all kinds of things. I was playing the girls part and it felt perfectly natural. We both had to get going, but before parting he asked me out on a date. I immediately said yes and told him where I lived. We arranged to meet later that evening to go to diner.

When I got home after classes I started getting ready. I had never had a date with a guy before and had no idea how to prepare. I decided to wear a flattering pair of jeans, a pretty pink top and a black pair of low heels. I put on red lipstick and accented myself with light jewelry. I was not gender neutral. He arrived right on time and we left for dinner.

I Escort Macunköy found it easy to speak with him and we talked for several hours before going home. We decided to walk back to my place, which was about a 20 minute hike. I could feel his hand dangling near mine and I knew what he was about to do. He took my hand in his and we walked the whole way back holding hands. It was hard to keep my mind on our conversation and when we arrived at the door I didn’t know what to do. He was quite a bit taller than me so when I started bending down, I knew I was about to be kissed by a boy. Our mouths met gently and I reached out and put my arms around his neck. When he started to pull back up, I softly pulled him back in and slid my tongue into his mouth. We kissed for several minutes and afterwards I composed myself and invited him in.

I had never felt this way before and I knew I didn’t want the evening to end just yet. I walked him into my apartment, sat him on the couch and got us both a glass of wine. After a sip or two we started kissing again. His hands started wandering and I knew I wasn’t ready for him to find out what I really was. I gently took his hands in mine and slipped my way onto the floor and between his legs. I looked up into his eyes as my fingers undid his belt and zipper. I tugged on his pants as he helped me wiggle them to the floor. He was neatly trimmed with a little hair just above his cock. It was the first one I had ever seen this close except for my own. It was long and thin with a beautiful full head. I stared at it for a few seconds before I lowered my lips to take it in my mouth. This was another first as I kissed and licked my way around his growing dick. It was probably a little new to both of us because I had him ready to cum in just a few minutes. I could taste and feel his pre-cum and just kept on sucking. Within a few seconds he was pumping cum down my throat. I didn’t hesitate to swallow all of it down and kept sucking several minutes after he was done.

I looked up to find a smiling face. I gently kissed the head of his now soft cock, rose up and kissed him on the lips. All I said was, “that was fun, but it is time for me to get to bed.” I helped him with his pants, kissed him at the door. I told he we’d do it again soon. I went to bed and smiled as I reminisced about my first blow job.

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A Year Of First Times Ch. 05

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As summer ended and the season shifted to a cool fall, Torrie and I continued going parking on a regular basis. Cool fall evenings turned into cold evenings but we always managed to keep each other warm when we were alone.

December 5th was a sunny, cool day that turned cold immediately after sunset. By the time I arrived at Torrie’ parent’s house for our regular Friday date, the evening was very cold. When we left 30 minutes later, it had turned even colder. It was too cold to spend the evening parked but that’s what we decided to do. We didn’t care to ride around, see friends, go to a movie or get something to eat. We wanted to be alone. Since we had no where else to go, we could only be alone in a car parked in a secluded area.

Leaving Torrie’ we didn’t drive to ‘our parking place.’ Instead we drove to an unpaved road in the back of the housing area where she lived. We had parked there several other evenings in previous months so we knew we wouldn’t be disturbed. At least we hoped we wouldn’t be disturbed because over the last few months our physical intimacy had gone to places it probably shouldn’t have.

We had both been naked almost nightly on our dates. We had kissed and touched in just about every possible way. We had enjoyed oral sex. We had been sexually intimate in every way without having intercourse. There was no reason to think that night would be different and we certainly didn’t want anyone to catch us in an embarrassing situation.

Of course, there had been a couple of times when we almost got caught with our ‘pants down.’ There was the night when Torrie sucked my dick for the first time and a car pulled into the driveway of the deserted farmhouse. (See Part 4)

Then later in the same yard, I was lying across the back seat and Torrie was sitting beside me. We were both completely naked. Suddenly a car pulled directly in front of our car and stopped. Its headlights illuminated the interior of our car like it was daylight. There was nothing we could do except wait to see what happened. After a few moments, the car backed up and left. Maybe that was a final sign for us to not park there any more.

One other time when we were going parking at ‘our parking spot,’ we noticed a fire deep in the woods. Instead of taking a chance, we parked in a cul-de-sacs where there were partially built houses. After about an hour we were shocked when a fire truck came out of the woods and slowly drove past our car. One of the firemen on the back of the truck shinned a bright spotlight into our car. We weren’t naked but I’m fairly certain the firemen got a good look at Torrie’ breasts before she could cover up. I know they enjoyed what they saw because there was a lot of hoops and hollers.

I almost forgot about the night when Torrie and I drove to a nearby lake. When we arrived we parked on a deserted road to change clothes. Torrie changed clothes in the car. I stood outside and changed. Then we drove to the arcade. After parking we walked down the shoreline until we found a deserted dock to sit on. Walking to the end, we sat down. Over Torrie’ objections, I unfastened her top. The more I tried to interest her in an ‘early evening fuck,’ the more she protested. Finally, I gave up and refastened her top. Just then, the dock owner walked up and told Karşıyaka Escort us to leave. Even with my bulging erection, we left to find a place to sit, swim and ‘hopefully’ fuck. We had learned to be careful.

So on that cold December night, we drove to where the road dead-ended. I turned the car around being careful not to get stuck in the loose sand. Turning the headlights off, I left only the parking and dash lights on. Then I moved the front seat as far back from the dash as possible. The night so cold I had to leave the engine running and the heater blowing on high so it wouldn’t get too cold in the car.

My grandfather has died a few months earlier and as we parked I was reminded of why I was so glad my parents had decided not to sell his car. It was a ‘tank’ with a big front seat that was just right to ‘mess around’ in. The seat was so much bigger than the back seat of my car that many times I drove the ‘tank’ so Torrie and I would have the comfort of a large area to fuck and suck in.

Torrie was already sitting close when I put my arm around her. Pulling her closer, I kissed her lips lightly. That light kiss led to a lingering kiss, which led to a more passionate kiss. Soon our tongues were involved in a slow erotic dance they knew well. As our tongues danced, I slipped my hand under Torrie’ skirt and began rubbing her legs, pussy and ass. As our passion grew, I reached under her sweater so I could touch her firm breasts. Her hard nipples strained against the material of her bra.

It wasn’t long before I took Torrie’ sweater off and tossed it on the back seat. Next our shoes came off. Then Torrie unbuttoned my shirt exposing my chest. As we began freely exploring each other’s body, I took her skirt was off and tossed it in the back with the sweater leaving her sitting there in just her bra and panties. As always I was having trouble unfastening her bra when Torrie sat back in order to help me. Letting the straps slip off her shoulders and unfastening the hooks, my eyes were able to feast on her beautiful breasts. After tossing the bra on the back seat, she helped me take off my shirt.

Then she put my shirt in the back with her clothes before unfastening my belt and unzipping my slacks. Torrie put her hand in my pants and began rubbing my growing dick as I alternated kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples. While she continued rubbing my dick through my briefs, I had Torrie to raise up so I remove her panties.

“Now take your pants off.” Torrie said as soon as she was completely naked. At that moment I wasn’t going to argue with her so I quickly pushed my slacks and briefs down below my knees. As I struggled to get them completely off, Torrie wrapped her fingers around my exposed dick and began to slowly jack me off. This made it very difficult for me to get the rest of my clothes off but I managed. Soon we were both naked.

We didn’t have to explore each other too long before we ended up in what was one of my favorite positions. Torrie was lying across the seat with her head toward the driver’s side and I was lying beside her with my head toward the passenger side of the car. ‘69’ was not only a great year; it was a great position to be in.

Torrie lay there with her legs spread giving me Karşıyaka Escort Bayan complete access to enjoy her pussy. As I buried my tongue deep between her pussy lips, I could feel Torrie lick up the length of my dick and across the tip several times before her lips encircled the head. Expertly she sucked me into her warm mouth. The taste and smell of Torrie’ pussy was intoxicating as I licked and tongue fucked her but unfortunately all of this pleasure would be over sooner than I wanted. It wasn’t long before a familiar feeling began to build in my balls. As she continued sucking my dick the feeling became stronger and stronger.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would shoot globs of cum into her mouth. I tried to concentrate on tongue fucking her pussy but I couldn’t hold back and began to cum. She didn’t stop. She continued sucking as I shot off. Just like every other evening, she swallowed every drop before my semi-erect dick slipped from between her lips. I continued licking her pussy until she gently pushed me away and put her legs together.

While I turned around, Torrie moved on the seat until her head and shoulders were directly behind the steering wheel. I moved over of her, kissing her deeply. I could taste my own cum and I’m sure she could taste her pussy juices as our tongues returned to their private dance. I began kissing down Torrie’ neck toward her shoulders and breasts. It didn’t take long for the kissing, touching and rubbing of our naked bodies together to cause my semi-erect dick to grow hard again. With my dick brushing against her leg, I kissed, sucked and licked down her body until I was kneeling over her legs.

Suddenly, she surprised me when she shifted positions. She spread her legs leaving me kneeling between them. I don’t know what she expected. She probably expected me to eat her pussy again. Instead I moved my body close between her legs. It felt completely natural for us to continue kissing and to rub our pubic areas together. I could feel her legs holding me tight as our bodies pressed together.

That’s when it happened. With no planning or forethought, I put my hand between us. Taking my dick in hand, I slowly rubbed the head up and down between Torrie’ wet pussy lips before stopping with the head resting against the opening to her ‘almost’ virgin pussy. Putting a slight amount of pressure on the opening, I moved my hand away and took a deep breath. I waited to see what her reaction would be. When she didn’t move away, I knew the time had come.

As I pressed forward, she raised her hips to meet me. With one gentle push, I was all the way in her pussy for the first time. Slowly, I began to push in and out. The feeling was incredible. Torrie’ pussy seemed to welcome my dick each time I pushed into her. Soon I was about to cum again.

Since we had never fucked before and hadn’t needed birth control before that moment, I had to decide what to do. Should I pull out and cum all over Torrie and the seat? Or should I continue to fuck her and cum inside her? For the second time that evening I did what came natural. I soon pushed as far into her as I could and shot-off deep inside her pussy. This time my dick didn’t stay semi-erect and soon shrank enough to slip out of her pussy. Because Escort Karşıyaka of our position behind the steering wheel, it was a struggle for me to move off of Torrie but I made it and sat at her feet against the passenger door.

Torrie didn’t move. As she lay there with her legs apart, I reached over and began to lightly touch her soft blond pubic hair and the flesh of her lower belly. At first my eyes were fixed on her breasts, they seemed to swell with each breath she took. Then my eyes focused, in the dim light, on her pussy. Her pussy was obviously wet.

In dimness, I could see cum trickling out of her. It was moving down between her ass cheeks and onto the cloth seat. A small wet spot was beginning to grow larger and larger as I sat there watching. I knew I would have to explain the stain to my parents but I really didn’t care. I would just tell them a half-truth. I would say that something was spilled on the seat. I just wouldn’t tell them it was cum spilling out of Torrie’ pussy.

Torrie lay there brushing her fingertips over my hand and arm until she started getting cold. Realizing how late it was, we began to dress so I could take her home. We had just finished dressing when we saw car lights approaching.

Quickly we changed places. Before the car got to where we were parked I drove off. We never knew who was in the other car and really didn’t care. We were just glad they didn’t show up 30 minutes sooner while we were enjoying the pleasures of the evening.

It only took a couple of minutes for us to get to Torrie’ house. After walking her to the door and kissing her goodnight, I went home to bed by myself although I would have certainly preferred to stay with her.

From then every time we went out we ended up touching, sucking or fucking like a couple of teenagers in heat. Of course, that’s what we were. We were two teenagers in love, who had learned to enjoy each other sexually. At Christmas, we became engaged with the understanding we would wait at least a year before we got married. We were only kidding ourselves because we were married two months later.

Over the years, I had a close encounter with my sister-in-law and a couple of touchy-feely relationships with close ‘lady friends.’ I’ve even had two ‘love affairs’ with very special women that lasted for several months each time.

By her own admission, Torrie has been less than faithful. She too has enjoyed touchy-feely encounters with ‘friends’ that included touching, kissing and ‘given the situation’ (Her description.) giving and receiving oral sex. Although I’m really not sure how many, Torrie told me she has had ‘more than one,’ what I’ll call, ‘one time fucks.’ She even admitted playing touchy-feely-kissie with another woman on at least one occasion. Still, she denies having any satisfying or long lasting relationships. I wonder if that’s true.

The years have been good to us. We’ve been married 33 years and we have definitely had ups and downs in our marriage. I’m glad we’ve always been able to work through anything that came up and I look forward to spending many more years married to the young girl I grew up with.

Maybe I’ll write about some of our other memorable sexual experiences in the future. No maybe about it, I am going to write about them and I’ll simply title them ‘Life with Torrie – Part?’ Don’t forget everything I write will be the memories of a horny teenage boy that grew-up to be a horny old man. I hope you’ll read and enjoy them as much as I will when I remember and write about them. You can read about ‘Life with Torrie’ in ‘Loving Wives’ stories.

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A Special Underwear Fitting

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Billy had been working in the local department store for 5 years after leaving school. He started at the bottom, sweeping floors, but his pleasant, easy manner with the public soon got him noticed by management. Soon he was promoted to junior manager of the footwear department. He soon found that women love shoes, and developed a good rapport with many of his female clients, selling a lot of expensive high end shoes to wealthy women. His 6″1′ lean muscular frame and boyish good looks certainly helped and also meant his job was a good way to meet women from a romantic point of view. However, he quickly learned that mixing business and pleasure was a bad idea, as the end of a private relationship with a customer could quickly turn into a loss of sales with both that particular woman and all her friends.

In the end Billy decided to keep his interactions with the ladies down to innocent flirting, enough to keep the woman happy and coming back for more shoes, but not enough to lead them on in any way. Unfortunately this led to a rapid downturn in his social life, as the long hours he worked meant he had difficulty meeting women outside of work.

However, things were about to change. One fateful Monday morning Billy was called in to the general manager’s office.

“Billy, I have called you in here to congratulate you on the good work you are doing in footwear,” the manager said. “Sales have doubled since you have taken over, and we have received many glowing recommendations from happy customers, in particular the female ones.”

“Thank you sir, I aim to please,” Billy replied cheerfully.

“However I think we have another challenge for you to take on now,” the manager continued. “We would like you to move on to the underwear department and see if you can work your magic there. Sales are down quite a lot recently, and we need to make more of that area of the business.”

“I don’t really know much about underwear sir,” Billy said nervously. “Perhaps a woman would be better in that job, I don’t think our female customers would be very happy with a man giving them advice on underwear.”

“Nonsense son,” the manager replied. “Out lady customers seem happier with you than any of our female staff, and you will be the manager of the department. It is not as if you will be measuring their bra sizes, you will have female staff for that.”

“Well if you think it will work sir,” Billy replied, still not completely comfortable with the idea.

“Excellent, you can start today,” the manager said.

So began Billy’s career in the underwear department. It turned out the manager was correct, Billy quickly found his feet and the department sales began to rise rapidly. The main problem Billy noted was the previous range of underwear was very plain and unattractive. While there was always a place for that type of thing, Billy discovered that most women liked at least some sexy underwear for “special occasions” as well as their everyday garments. He began to stock sexier, more revealing ranges of both underwear and swimwear, while at the same time publicising these more exotic garments heavily. Soon the sales of normal everyday underwear had doubled, and the sexier ranges were selling out regularly. He also started promoting men’s underwear in the same way, as he found many of the women bought sexy boxers even thongs for their boyfriends and husbands while choosing their own underwear.

Billy soon found his new job even more enjoyable. As a manager, his direct contact with the customers was reduced. However he was still on the shop floor for several hours a day, and on most days his opinion was sought on how a particular undergarment looked, from a man’s point of view. While on these occasions he enjoyed looking at some very lovely ladies in skimpy underwear, he always maintained his rule of not dating customers, and made sure a female member of staff was with him in the changing rooms with customers.

One Thursday morning however, things were going to change. Billy arrived to find out that both his female staff members were off ill and he was alone in the department. “OK,” he thought. “Thursdays are not normally too busy, I can serve the customers myself, and if any fitting is required I will just have to ask the customer to come back another day.”

Most of the day went smoothly, right up until 5.30 when the shop was about to shut. Billy was alone at the till when a young woman walked into the department. She approached the till and smiled shyly.

“I was wondering if you could help me choose some underwear,” She said, obviously nervous about speaking to a man about this.

“Certainly,” Billy said, “I hope you don’t mind but I have no female staff today so I will have to help you myself. Are you OK with that?”

“I suppose so,” she said, again very nervously. “My name is Laura.”

Billy looked her over quickly to get an idea on what would be best for her figure. It was quite difficult as she wore a heavy coat, wool sweater İvedik Escort and trousers. She was quite petite at around 5 foot with medium length dark hair, which was tied up. She wore fashionable rimless glassed and very little make up, however her face had a fresh-faced innocence that Billy found very appealing. He was sure he had seen her before.

“Have I served you before?” he asked.

“No, but I was in with Alison a few times.”

Now he remembered. Alison was the local beauty queen, currently at college studying law. She was smart, rich and had every local boy lusting after her. She also spent huge amounts of money in the underwear store on sexy underwear. Several times she had indicated to Billy that she would welcome a sexual advance on his part, but he was honestly not interested. He found her beautiful, but shallow, vain and too high maintenance for his tastes. He also had his rule about never dating customers.

Laura was the proverbial “plain friend” that Alison kept around to make herself look even better. Laura worked at the local library and always wore very sensible plain clothes with little make up, as today. If he were being honest Billy would have had to say he had never really noticed her before, Alison always grabbed all the attention. However looking at her now, there was something in her shy smile that he found attractive, and he was surprised he had not noticed her before.

“Is there anything you were looking for in particular?” Billy asked.

Laura smiled nervously again. She had never done anything like this before and it had taken her weeks to work up the courage. She was used to living in Alison’s shadow, buying the same unadventurous bras and pants every few months. However recently she had been getting tired of being the plain friend and after turning 21 had decided to do something for herself for once. Now she was standing in front of this gorgeous guy that even Alison had not been able to hook. He looked as if he really wanted to help her as well. She had fancied Billy from afar for as long as she had been coming to the store with Alison. She loved his tall athletic body and infectious smile, as well as his easy way with woman. He was dressed causally in black trousers and an open necked shirt, which made him look less intimidating than if he had been in a suit. Despite herself, Laura felt herself getting more relaxed in his presence, even though there were no female staff present. She decided to press on anyway before she lost her nerve.

“Well… I was thinking about something a bit more adventurous than I would normally wear. I have seen some of the beautiful underwear Alison has, and I think I might like something a bit like that. I don’t know if it will really suit me though. I am not anywhere near as pretty as she is.”

“That has nothing to do with it,” Billy replied. “Sexy underwear is there to make you feel good about yourself, no matter what you look like. I am sure your boyfriend will appreciate it as well.”

Laura laughed. “I am afraid I don’t have a boyfriend. Alison gets all the boys; I am too plain next to her. Still I think I would feel better about myself if I had something pretty on underneath my clothes.”

“Excellent,” Billy said. “Let’s look at some styles. I am afraid, as there is no female staff we can’t take any measurements today. Do you know your size?”

“Yes, I think so. It has been a year or two since I was measured though,” She replied.

They both walked over to the changing rooms. Billy beckoned for Laura to go inside.

“It might be useful if I could see what you are wearing just now, to give me an idea on what we are starting with,” Billy said. He knew he was on dangerous ground, as he usually never went anywhere near the women in their underwear without female supervision, but something about this girl was drawing him onwards. He knew it had taken tremendous courage for her to come in today and he felt sure that if he made her come back later she would not return.

“OK then,” Laura said nervously. The thought of stripping to her underwear in front of a man gave her goosebumps, but she also felt a shiver of excitement. With trembling fingers she slowly slipped off her jacket and kicked off her shoes. Then she reached down and slowly pulled her sweater over her head. Finally she unbuttoned her trousers, letting them fall to the floor. Now she was standing in front of a man in only her underwear. She felt her face flush and tried to avoid eye contact. “What do you think?” She said in a quiet voice. She quickly turned around to give him a view of her back and sides.

Billy just stood there speechless. He was staggered at how good a body this demure girl had been hiding under her baggy unflattering clothes. Though she was no super model, she was much slimmer than he had anticipated. Her legs were long and well toned with a nice swell to the calves and thighs. Her pants were very unflattering, high waisted and low cut, İvedik Escort Bayan but even through them her buttocks looked soft and round, just how he liked them. She had a lovely stomach, not perfectly flat, but with a nice swell to it like a real woman rather than the stick insects he was used to seeing in the store. However what really caught his attention was her chest. Even though she was wearing a very unflattering full cup bra with thick straps, it was obvious she was very busty. The bra looked too small for her as well, which made Billy doubt the accuracy of the size. Despite his surprise, Billy’s professionalism did not desert him.

“I think we can definitely improve this,” He said. “I have to say your bra does nothing for you at all. I don’t even think it is the correct size. Most girls want to make themselves look bigger in that department, all you need to do is emphasise what you already have.”

Laura blushed. “Thanks you,” she said, “but I really don’t think I want to show off my chest too much. Alison says that doing that makes men think you are cheap and I don’t want that.”

‘That explains a lot,’ Billy thought. Alison was nothing special in the boob department, and was forced to wear push up and padded bras to make the most of what she had. The last thing she would want was her Plain-Jane friend to out shine her in that area.

“Definitely not,” Billy said. “You just trust me, I know my job. If you try a few on I am sure we can get something you are happy with. As I said we can’t take any measurements today, but I am sure that bra is too small for you. I think even an educated guess will be better than what you have.”

“Well, if you think so,” She said, her face going even redder. “This has been my bra size for a while now, but I suppose I might have got a bit bigger.”

Laura felt a bit uncomfortable talking to a man about her bra, as she been self conscious about her chest for a long time. Still the tremors of excitement were there also and she knew she had gone too far to back out now.

“Yes, I am sure we can improve the fit considerably,” Billy said. He walked over to a rack and picked out a black lacy bra and matching panty set. “Here try this, I reckon this size will be much better for you. It will be more comfortable and sexier as well.”

“I don’t know about black,” Laura replied. “They look a bit skimpy as well.”

“Nonsense,” Billy said, eager to see this lovely young woman in the more flattering underwear. “This is just an ordinary every day underwear set, nothing too risky. Just give it a try.”

She took the bra and panties as with a final nervous smile ducked into the changing room. Billy stood outside sweating a bit himself. He had never felt this way over a woman at work before. The combination of Laura’s body and demure manner was something he found intensely exciting. He knew he would need to get a hold of himself or there was likely to be trouble.

“I am ready, coming out now,” He heard from the changing room. The curtain opened and Laura stepped out. “What do you think?”

Billy was stunned. The lacy black French style knickers contrasted perfectly with her pale white skin and emphasised the length and tone of her legs and buttocks. The bra fitted almost perfectly and supported her large bosom much better, causing her breasts to stand out proudly for all to see. The bra was a quite conservative full cup design, but much better than what she had worn earlier. He looked her in the eye and saw she had noticed his appreciative glances.

Laura felt surprisingly comfortable. The bra did not dig in like her normal one, and she was sure from the look on his face that Billy found her attractive wearing it. She had never felt desired before, and loved the feeling of power. “Do you like it?” She asked.

“Very much, you look great,” Billy stammered out. He felt the beginnings of a twitch in his groin and knew he was loosing control. Still he could not stop himself from pressing on. “That is an everyday underwear package, but I know you came here looking for something a bit special. Are you game to try something a bit more daring?”

“Why not,” Laura said, enjoying the moment. She was gaining more confidence by the second from his responses towards her.

Billy walked over to the shelves and looked through the stock. He had intended on picking out a mildly revealing teddy, but his cock was getting the better of him and he found himself picking out the most revealing sheer white push up bra and thong set that the store stocked in her size.

“Do you mind trying a thong?” He asked tentatively, as if testing the water.

“OK, I will try anything you want,” Laura said simply. All thought of Alison had gone out of her mind. She would do whatever this man asked of her.

Billy handed her the underwear and Laura retreated into the changing room. Once away from his gaze she sat down and let out a long breath. She quickly stripped out Escort İvedik of the underwear she was wearing and pulled up the thong. She gasped as she looked at the brief garment, which barely covered her pussy. Luckily she had shaved down there the night before just in case, but her neatly trimmed bush could still be seen through the sheer fabric. The thong felt funny between her buttocks, as she had never worn one before, but at the same time was intensely arousing. She slipped the bra over her shoulders, did the clasp behind her back, and tried to get her breasts into the underwired padded cups. However she soon realised that the brief cups barely covered her nipples and there was no way she would be able to fit in fully. The bra forced her large melons into a shockingly revealing cleavage like she had seen in the wonderbra advents. She gazed at herself in the mirror turning from side to side, examining her swollen mounds of flesh forced up and out of the push up bra. Part of her felt very self conscious and did not want to leave the changing room, but another part was aching to see what Billy’s response would be to seeing her in such sexy underwear. She turned face on again and gasped quietly as she noticed that her dark nipples were poking through the cups of the bra, obviously erect. She felt a slight moistness between her legs and for a second had an almost overwhelming desire to reach down and rub her clit, but quickly shook herself out of that daydream. She wanted to see what Billy though of her new look. She reached up and pulled the clasp out of her hair, letting it drop down to her shoulders. Then turned to the curtain of the changing room.

Outside Billy waited impatiently for her to emerge. His mind was conjuring up images of what she would look like in the skimpy underwear, and he was struggling to control his body even thinking about her. He was wearing tight boxer shorts under his trousers and felt his cock swelling slightly against the thin material. He was so turned on by this demure goddess that his rule of never dating customers was close to going out the window. He decided to just go with the flow and see where it took them. Then he heard a rustle of the curtain and looked over to see Laura emerge.

This time he was truly blown away. Her legs looked even longer now she only wore the brief high cut thong which barely covered her pussy, and through which her dark pubic hair was clearly visible. His gaze rose over the delicious curve of her belly, up to the skimpy white push up bra that was doing its best to contain her magnificent breasts. Her creamy white boob meat spilled out of the top and over the sides of the bra, while her nipples were barely covered by the cups at the front. Even then he could see the dark outline of her areolas through the thin material. Finally he looked up and saw a wide grin on her face. Then he realised her gaze was at the front of his trousers. The sight of her in such revealing attire had made him loose control of his cock, which had reared up inside its tight cotton prison and was now making a noticeable bulge in the front of his trousers

Laura had never felt sexier than at that moment. She had expected Billy to be appreciative of her, that was after all part of his job, but the obvious erection she had given him was even better. Then she saw he had noticed her staring at his groin, and they both looked away embarrassed.

“What so you think,” Laura whispered quietly.

“I think you look wonderful,” Billy replied. All pretence at professionalism was over. He didn’t even care about his job anymore, or that she had seen his obvious arousal. All he wanted was to touch this woman.

Laura bent forward slightly causing her huge melons to fall forward against the bra. The tight padded cups pressed them together into a wonderfully tight cleavage that seemed to go on forever. Then she turned around slowly, giving Billy a good view of the sides of her boobs bursting out the bra, and then her full luscious buttocks completely exposed apart from the brief thong, which ran between them. When she turned back round Billy had taken another few steps closer and was now within touching distance. Part of her felt scared, she had never been this close to a man wearing so little, but another part was enjoying it thoroughly.

“Do you like my breasts in this bra?” She asked playfully, as she reached up to her magnificent melons and cupped them, pushing even more of the voluptuous flesh out over the cups. “Alison would think I looked like a cheap tart dressed like this, but I don’t feel like one. I feel sexy.”

“You look it too,” Billy responded. “But I am still not sure if the bra is fitting you properly. I hope you don’t mind if I just take a small measurement with you wearing it.” He was still not sure exactly how far to take this. Laura did not seem very experienced, and he did not want to upset her. Still he felt an overwhelming desire to touch those luscious tits, and thought the pretence of measuring her would give him the excuse.

He got his measuring tape from his pocket and walked round behind her. She tried to follow him, but he reached out and clasped her head between his hands, turning it forward so she was looking at herself in the mirror, and he could see her reflection over her shoulder.

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A Good Patient

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It was Dr. Maddox Brennan’s first day on the job. He had become a gynecologist because his mother had died of ovarian cancer when he was thirteen. He was very nervous and didn’t know quite what to expect. He straightened his white lab coat over his 6’2” frame. His captivating brown eyes ringed with a dark green sparkled with anticipation and anxiety. He felt his stomach muscles clenching around his firm six-pack as he wondered what the day would bring for him.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Brennan’s waiting room, Raine Alexander was fidgeting impatiently. She had come to the gynecologist without telling anyone, because she had an embarrassing secret – she had never had an orgasm in her life. She had tried masturbating, having her boyfriends go down on her, vibrators, dildos, and out of complete desperation, had even raided the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator.

Starting from her feet, following her curves upward, any man would find her attractive; her luscious breasts rested casually in her low-cut white tank top. Her tight black mini-skirt fell halfway to her knees, with a slit cut halfway up the side. Her eyes darted around the room, hoping no one could tell what she was there for. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the nurse called her name. She got up and followed her back to the clinical room.

She sat for a few minutes, just looking around, until the doctor entered. He asked her simply to address him as “Dr. Maddox.” She Batıkent Escort agreed, thinking to herself that he looked too young to be a real doctor. She studied the floor as he asked her what she was there for. She mumbled stammeringly, “I don’t think I can have orgasms.” Dr. Maddox was shocked. He had never seriously considered this problem in medical school. He certainly hadn’t expected to encounter it with his very first patient.

Gently he slipped her mini-skirt off to reveal her silky black thong underwear. In his preoccupied state, he had forgotten to get her the robe that was standard for all patients to wear during an exam. She was trembling, and he looked up at her for assurance as he removed her thong. She nodded, and he guided her to a reclining position on the medical bed. As he peered at her beautiful, shaven, pink pussy lips, he felt his pulsating 9-inch rod start to come to life. He tried not to think of her sexually, but he couldn’t stop the thoughts of sliding his throbbing cock into her warm pussy. Slowly he opened her up and placed two fingers into her. She gasped in surprise. He began to work his fingers in and out of her at a steady rate, and she moaned quietly with pleasure. “Does that feel good?” Dr. Maddox asked. “Yes,” Raine replied, “but not good enough.”

Determined now to help this girl, Dr. Maddox discreetly leaned his mouth toward her now-glistening love mound. He noticed Batıkent Escort Bayan that her clit had aroused itself out from its covering and was directly in his line of vision. He deftly stuck his tongue out and swirled around it, eliciting loud sighs of joy from Raine. Taking this as encouragement, he proceeded to stick his tongue into her love canal and fuck her orally. She bucked her hips back at him. He continued thrusting his tongue into her, until she grabbed his head and said, “This is great, but it isn’t working either.”

Mischievously, he stood up and unbuttoned his lab coat. She looked at him encouragingly as he slipped out of the coat and pulled his shirt over his head. She gasped as she took in his sculpted abs, smooth pecs, and dark trail of hair leading down to his love muscle. As he let his pants drop to the floor, Raine realized he had a larger cock than she had experienced in her life. She became even wetter, partly over the size, and partly looking forward to the orgasm she hoped he could produce.

Dr. Maddox climbed on top of Raine, gripped her hips firmly, and thrust into her quivering labia. She squirmed and sighed, feeling his girth throbbing between her walls. He pushed all the way into her, leaned in close, and whispered, “Maybe this will solve your problem.” She could only moan as he began to pound into her wildly, taking one hand off of her hip and feeling under her Escort Batıkent tight tank top. She whinnied as he rolled her nipples between his index finger and his thumb, and he kissed her hard to silence her. He removed his hand from her tits and reached down to gently flick and tease her pebble. After a few minutes of this, she began to tremble and shake. “This feels so good,” she gasped. “Is this what I’ve been missing?”

Dr. Maddox said nothing as her pussy walls squeezed his cock tight, like a warm, wet hand. He shuddered as he began to cum hard inside of her, shooting his eruption into her womb. As soon as she felt his hot, sticky cum inside of her, she screamed out and felt her very first orgasm rip through her body. It was the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced. She panted, grabbed Dr. Maddox’s face and kissed him passionately.

As he dismounted, he picked his pants up off the floor and looked down at Raine. “I hope I’ve been able to help you,” he said, smiling slyly. She nodded, still caught in the throes of her massive release. Slowly she sat up. Dr. Maddox handed her the skirt and thong from the floor, and she took them and slipped them back on. She hopped off the bed, walked a bit unsteadily to the door, grinned backward at the good doctor, and walked out the door.

Raine stopped at the nurse’s desk on her way out. She made an appointment for later in the week. As she was talking to the nurse, Dr. Maddox came walking out of the examination room. He handed her a cherry-red lollipop, winked, and said, “For being such a good girl today.” She blushed and looked away from his glinting eyes. Raine was practically jumping for joy as she climbed into her car, anxiously lusting for her next doctor’s appointment.

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A Couple’s First Time

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6’4 Brian walks out of his house on Friday afternoon, his tanned face split into a smile. Last week he had turned 18 and now finally he and his older girlfriend Diana would finally have sex. This once Brian’s first time and he was praying he wouldn’t fuck it up.

He hops into his SUV and pushes his light brown hair back as drives to her house, while calling her on his cell phone. “Baby I’m coming over.” He says softly, in the gentle voice that drove her crazy. “Good.” She says. “Hurry up. I’m waiting for you.”

He smiles and drove somewhat faster than he should have as he headed to her home, glad for once that he had her key. He pulls up in front of her house and climbs out of his vehicle and took her steps two at a time. As he reached for the door knob the door flew open and he was pulled into a very passionate kiss. “Happy belated birthday.”

He grins as he kisses his 5’2 Diana back and pushes the door shut with a foot. “I love you Diana.” She smiles and nips his shoulder. “I love you too Brian. You ready for your first time?”

He laughs and nods. “I’ve been ready baby.” He says as he takes her hand and leads her upstairs. He had been to her house before under the guise that he was babysitting but he hadn’t done much other than learn the house talk nasty to Diana and baby-sit Diana’s kid sister that stayed over a lot. Diana smiles Yenikent Escort as he walks straight into her room and paused near the bed to reach for her.

He pulls her close and kisses her deeply as his hands moved up and down her body. She places a hand on his chest and pushes him back for a second as she grins. “This is your first time and our first time together. Let me pleasure you first.” She says in a husky voice as she kneels in front of him. She undoes his jeans slowly as she looks up to him. “Take off your shirt.” She commands.

Quickly he strips off his shirt gasping as he feels air brush across his already very hard cock. She smiles as she slowly licks the spongy tip, then sucks it into her mouth her soft long black hair bouncing off his legs as she slowly moved her head up and down his length. He thrust some into her mouth and he could hear a small moan come from her. He moaned himself, already close to the edge. “Mmmmm Diana …… baby I don’t know how long I can last.” She just keeps going till he shoots into her mouth. She catches all of it and swallows it. She pauses for a moment to grab a glass from the night stand and drink from it before she kisses him. “Are you ready Brain?” She murmurs as she pushes him back.

He grins and with a swift move flipped their bodies over so he was on top. Yenikent Escort Bayan “Yes I am and I plan on being on top first.” He says then smiles. “She nods and points to a drawer on the night stand, Protection.” She says simply. He nods and moves to grab one of many condom packs in her drawer. He quickly tears into the package and slips it on his still hard member. Leaning over her he holds himself just outside her. “Are you ready Diana?” He asks softly as he rubs his hard cock over her lower lips. She moans and nods. “I’ve been waiting all day for this.” She moans as she thrusts her hips up some. He smiles and with one quick thrust he enters her, both gasping as he enters her tight sheath. “Oh God Diana…… Your fucking tight.” He moans. She smiles and closes her eyes as she nods. “I know baby. Start moving some.”

Nodding he began to thrust slowly into her. She moans as her hips met his urging him faster. “Play with my breasts baby. Use one arm to hold you up.” She instructed as he continued to thrust. Nodding he shifted some and placed one of his large hands over her breast. He tweaked her nipples getting a loud gasp followed by a moan. He smiles and thrusts hard as she screams with pleasure. He moans as he feels his balls tighten up. “DIANA ……… OH GOD BABY ……..I’M CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!” Escort Yenikent He Roars out his release has he collapses on her body. She smiles and strokes his back as they both lay there panting.

“Oh my ………. I may need some time before I can go again.” She murmurs as he chuckles. “I think I will too. But as long as I get to stay right here I’m good.” She laughs and smiles as she tightens her arms around him. “Of course you can sweetheart.” She murmurs then smiles, “But remember I’m not done with you yet.” deep into her he lowered his head and began to suck on the nipple of her other breast still tweaking the first nipple. She moans and thrusts her hips to meet his. “Oh ……… Brian…… I’m about toooooooo OOOOOOHHHHHH GOOOOOD BRIIIIIAAAAANNNN!!!!!” She cries as she comes.

He smiles as he feels her tighten around him some and thrusts faster and harder into her. “Oh God Diana …….. Yell my name again baby….. let me know you like it.” He groans as he keeps thrusting into her like a jackhammer. “She keeps moaning, her hands clinging to his back as she screams with pleasure. He moans as he feels his balls tighten up. “DIANA ……… OH GOD BABY ……..I’M CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!” He Roars out his release has he collapses on her body. She smiles and strokes his back as they both lay there panting.

“Oh my ………. I may need some time before I can go again.” She murmurs as he chuckles. “I think I will too. But as long as I get to stay right here I’m good.” She laughs and smiles as she tightens her arms around him. “Of course you can sweetheart.” She murmurs then smiles, “But remember I’m not done with you yet.”

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A New Experience for the Wife

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You come home from visiting Holli walk in the house and it looks empty at first your first thought is the girls are with Mom but where’s Donny he should be off work by now. Slowly walking down the hall trying to find a light switch as you get closer to the room you hear the shower running.

Knowing that I’m showering as you enter the bedroom you see a very sexy black dress almost too short and very low cut. A pair of pumps are sitting next to it. Hint taken and quickly strip down so you can be changed before I get out of the shower. Then you slip on a sexy little g string and a strapless bra. Sliding the dress over your body you are ready! Now off to do your hair and look at yourself in the mirror.

I finish my shower and step out into the bedroom noticing your dress is gone. You walk back into the room and do a little sexy twirl for me the look in your eyes is asking me what I think but I’m honestly speechless.

I knew it would be sexy but wow. You ask me what’s the dress for and I said it’s a surprise for you and we head out the door.

We are driving down I-35. I’m holding your hand and I can tell you are nervous by the slight clamminess of your hands. And you keep tapping my hand with your thumb. I put my hand on your thigh and give it a light squeeze as I slide my hand up your thigh then further up to your g string. Your dress is tight but stretchy so you have no problem spreading your legs open. I move the g string out of the way and slowly rub your slit. I don’t stick any fingers in just because I love to tease you and I just want you wet and worked up.

We drive a little while longer the whole time I’m slowly rubbing my fingers up and down you taking time to ever so slightly tickle your clit. Just hearing the sharp moan you let out is motivation to keep it up. We pull off the highway and up to an adult store. I turn the truck off and slip out my fingers they are still dripping wet from you…

We go in and it’s pretty busy in there for a porn store. A couple Demetevler Escort off to the side are younger and kinda out of place.

You remark cute kids and we both laugh. There are also a couple guys in the store, one is short but he’s got a good build covered in tattoos. I notice your eyes as you give him the once over. Another guy is about the same height as me, 6′ 1″, and he looks kinda nerdy but still not dorky.

We walk around for a while and a couple more people come in but we aren’t really looking up from the the toys you’re looking. We are trying to find you a cute butt plug. As we both look up at the same time we take notice that there are a lot of eyes on you. They are trying to hide it by looking down or away but they always cut them back to you. This makes you blush a little and makes you even wetter.

I take your hand and start to walk over to the back of the store. Everyone looks up from what they are doing and their eyes follow us, there is a long hallway with about 3 doors in it. All of them have the doors open as we walk we go into the middle room. You look in it first and it’s an empty room with a TV and a couple folding chairs. Your hands start to tingle as you realize that we aren’t here to just look at toys.

I take you in the middle room shutting and locking the door then turn on the TV. It’s got porn playing but I’m not here to watch that. I sit down and tell you to take your bra off so you do your dress is still covering you just a little more revealing now.

I tell you to dance for me so you start to slowly move side to side showing off really cute…I look over an begin to notice that there is someone in the room next to us on the left looking into the hole in the wall. You dance over to me and kneel down undoing my pants pulling my already hard dick out.

The feeling of your tongue on my balls is hot it makes my toes curl. You very slowly lick up the shaft and circle the head a few times with your Escort Demetevler tongue. I tell l you to stop, take off your dress and you do without hesitation.

When you do, you look over to the right and notice someone is looking in that hole too! The holes are about your stomach height and the size of a small plate. They can see all of you.

You lean into me and say someone’s over there pointing to the right at me I tell you I know, they are on the left too!

I tell you go to the hole and put your hand on the opening so you walk over there and do as your told. As soon as you do your hand is greeted with a dick. It’s almost hard and you slowly start to rub on it back and forth.

I bring you a chair and you sit down which puts his dick at your eye level after about minute or so he’s pretty hard. Slowly you move your face closer and give it a soft lick to remove the pre cum. You take the tip into your mouth and work more in until you bring it all back out. Slapping it on your tongue just to put it back in and afternoon only about a min of sucking his dick he knocks on the wall and you think what’s that about and no sooner than you finish your thought he erupts into your mouth.

You keep going but you have to swallow twice because he came so hard. And to my amazement you didn’t lose a drop!

Without missing a beat you turn around and walk up to the next hole and stick your hand on that hole. This dick is a little bigger and definitely rock hard, all ready you sit down licking the tip to get some slobber on it. In a smooth motion you jack him off while you take the head into your mouth. You keep sucking it and jacking him off . It doesn’t take him long at all. There’s another knock on the wall and he cums too. You take it all then kiss his head and he pulls it back.

You look back at me and I point over to the other side and there’s another person there so you take his dick into your hand it’s very hard and big you jack it Demetevler Escort Bayan off and the tip almost doesn’t fit in your mouth but that doesn’t slow you down. You just keep licking it up and down getting it really wet. You keep sucking it, trying to fit more and more in. He pulls his dick out and reaches his hand in and starts feeling your tits. pinching your nipples. You are so wet you stand up and he puts his hand on your g string he moves it aside and sticks his finger in.

I can hear how wet you are and it’s so sexy I’m jacking off myself now he sticks his other hand in and he’s holding a condom and you know what he wants. Taking the condom you open it and roll it down his dick. You push your ass against the hole so he can fuck you but because you’re short the angle doesn’t work so you invite him over. It happens to be the cute guy with tattoos and you smile ever so slightly.

He bends you over so your face is on my dick so you start sucking. He puts the tip next to your puss and tried to push it in but it’s so big it won’t fit. You turn around and spit on his dick and turn back around here. Trying again but it’s still so tight so you push against his dick forcing the tip in. He starts fucking you very slowly at first but picks up speed fast. He’s big and you are loving it!! You’re so close to cumming you aren’t even sucking my dick anymore your just holding it with one hand moaning louder and harder. I feel your body tense up as you scream out and leak your juices down his dick.

He pulls out and takes off the condom telling you to suck his cum out… You sit on my dick and look up at him almost begging him to give it back to you and he does so you start sucking it now.

Not caring if he gags you you’re on a mission. You are also grinding really hard on my dick and you keep coming over and over on my dick it’s leaving a puddle on the floor. He start to moan and you know he’s close so you take his balls in your hand and as soon as you do he starts cumming. You take a swallow but it’s just too much so you have to pull it out and he cum on your face and tits you keep grinding me as he let’s himself out you tell me it’s my turn to cum for you now and you telling me to cum is almost like a switch making me cum so hard… You climb off me and lick all of our cum off my dick…

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