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Part of a summer spent at a friend’s house proves to be very interesting for eighteen year old Andy Mason.


Chapter One: Night visitor.

I’m what you might call a light sleeper, so I was aware of the presence in the room from the moment the door opened. I was not familiar yet with my surroundings in the guest room I was going to be staying in for the next week, but the person who silently entered the room and closed the door before coming to the side of my bed was, as he moved like a cat in the dark.

My heart raced with anticipation as the bed sheet slowly came down off of me as I lay on my bed with my arms and legs akimbo. It was happening. What I had hoped for and dreamed about ever since that night last fall in this very same room was about to happen again, and as my eyes slowly adjusted to the very dim light I called out quietly to my very welcome visitor.


“Ssh!” came the response of the person who was kneeling on the bed beside me.

The voice – or at least the sound that came out of the person – was much deeper than my friend Jason, and as my eyesight improved a little, I could tell that the person kneeling at my side was much larger than my friend. Taller and heavier, and along with the manly aroma he carried with him was the faint scent of pipe tobacco.

“Mr. Caldwell?” I asked.

“Ssh!” came the reply, and as he spoke I felt the top snap of my pajamas get popped open, followed by the other snap and the feel of warm air on my very erect penis.

It was Jason Caldwell alright, but not my life-long friend Jason Caldwell. Not the one who I would be going off to school with in the fall. The Jason Caldwell who was taking down my pajamas and leaving me naked and shivering was his father, Jason Caldwell Sr. to be precise. As for me, I was shivering from fear, not from cold, as the room had been warm before and was getting hotter by the minute.

I gasped audibly as I felt Mr. Caldwell’s hand lift my dick from my belly and give it a slow and gentle stroke from the tip to the base. The hand went back up and down a couple of times as he let out a sigh of his own.

“Not very big down here, are you Andy?” I heard him murmur as he rubbed the tip of my dick, spreading the gooey drippings all over. “I like them small though.”

The shadowy figure bent over and I felt my dick slide into a very wet and warm place. Mr. Caldwell’s hand was working over my balls as his mouth slid down and enveloped me right to the base, and after only a few more such movements I felt my orgasm rise within in me.

“Gonna cum,” I managed to grunt out just before my dick spewed a series of volleys of cum into the throat of Jason’s father, and he didn’t miss a beat as he continued to go up and down on me until I went limp in his mouth.

The room was silent as Mr. Caldwell’s mouth came away from my dick, and when he got up from the bed I thought he was going to leave but he didn’t. Instead, I heard the rustling of fabric as the shadowy figure took off the boxer shorts he had been wearing and climbed back into bed beside me.

Mr. Caldwell was so close that I could feel the heat that glowed off of him, and the prickly hairs on his leg touched my smooth calf as he arranged himself to get comfortable. After a minute of us staring at the ceiling in the dark, I felt Mr. Caldwell take my hand and bring it down between his legs and onto his cock.


Chapter Two: Reciprocation.

Where he took my hand in no way resembled my buddy Jason, because while Jason’s cock was also bigger than mine, the tool that my hand was dropped onto was way bigger than anything I had ever imagined.

Mr. Caldwell’s cock was warm to the touch and felt like steel as I tried to get my hand around his throbbing organ. Jason’s father guided my hand along the length of his manhood, and just when it felt like there would be no end to the monstrous cock, I felt the taut skin of the fat bulb and the sticky tip against my palm.

“You know what I want,” Mr. Caldwell said gruffly as his hand let go of my wrist and reached up to grab me gently but firmly by the back of my head, pulling me over and down to his sex.

The musky scent of his genitals filled my nose as he bought my face to what I held gingerly in my hand. I opened my mouth after I felt the knob of his tool hit my lips, and I was forced to open my jaws as far as I could to take in the bulbous head of his cock.

This second cock to ever pass my lips stretched my mouth to what felt like impossible limits as I struggled to get my lips down the plump crown of it.

“Watch the teeth,” Mr. Caldwell cautioned.

Easier said than done, but when he pulled me around so that I was on my knees next to him, it got to be a little easier. Helping too was the lubrication that Jason’s father squirted onto the shaft of his cock, as it was obvious that there was no way my lips would ever get far enough down his cock to taste it.

It made the stroking much easier, and as I got my balance I found I was able to use illegal bahis both hands on the shaft of his cock, milking him with the slow, spinning motion that I used on his son that time.

Only needed one hand with Jason, I thought to myself as Mr. Caldwell held onto the back of my head by the hair ad he guided it up and down, and while my mouth barely got past the ridge of his glans, I must have been doing something right because Mr. Caldwell was breathing harder and heavier.

I felt Mr. Caldwell’s hand let go of my hair and slide down my sweaty back and into the crack of my ass, and I jumped when I felt his finger slide into my anus.

“Oh, that’s tight,” he grunted.

I squirmed and tried not to choke on his cock as his finger impaled me deep and hard, and when he pulled out his digit and let his hand go down to my nuts, my cock sprang a little back to life.

Mr. Caldwell grabbed my semi-turgid dick and began pulling on it with a savageness that was both painful and pleasant, stretching my modest stem to what felt like outrageous proportions. Even though I wasn’t even hard, I felt my dick tingle and start spitting out cum onto the bedding and Mr. Caldwell’s hip despite everything.

“Damn! That’s it,” Jason’s father hissed. “Suck that cock, Andy. Oh! Here it comes boy.”

I felt his cock throb in my hands a second before he spoke, and I barely got my tongue to the tip of it before he started cumming. I gagged a little as he kept cumming and cumming and the sheer volume of cum start to overwhelm me, but I managed to let it slide down the shaft as I milked him until his body relaxed and his dick went soft.

I straightened up and knelt in the quiet darkness as Mr. Caldwell’s breathing returned to normal. His cum was all over the back of my hand and I felt it drool down my fingers as he sat up.

“Not bad,” Mr. Caldwell said softly. “You’ll get better.”

With that he stood up and left the room as quietly as he had entered, and after a while I eased back onto the bed, landing in the now-cool puddle of semen I had left there minutes earlier.

What if Jason came in now? That was the thought that kept me awake for the longest time, until sleep finally came.


Chapter Three: The morning after.

Jason’s bedroom door was still closed when I got up the next morning. I heard his Mom saying goodbye and the sound of the door closing, followed by the purr of a car engine outside, and while I knew both of Jason’s parents worked there was no way that I could tell which one had left first.

My kidneys didn’t care, as I had to take a leak in the worst way, so I tiptoed out of the room and into the bathroom which was mercifully unoccupied.

Barely making it to the toilet, I sighed as I let the torrent of piss drill into the waiting bowl. I was just getting started when the door opened.

“Uh, I’ll be done in a minute,” I said, shielding myself and turning away as I saw the hulking form of Mr. Caldwell, dressed in a camel colored suit, filled the doorway.

“I’ll wait,” he said, coming into the room and closing the door behind himself. “Don’t turn away from me. I want to watch.”

He was standing right next to me, at least a head taller than my meek 5’7″, as I kept peeing very self-consciously under his watchful eye. His musky and manly scent was now replaced by the woodsy musk of cologne, and as my stream turned into a dribble, I shook my dick and tried to pull my pajamas back up again.

“What?” I asked, not sure what he meant and feeling very uncomfortable.

“I said drop them pajamas,” he snapped, yanking them down for me, and I stood there trembling as they landed around my ankles.

“Now get yourself off,” he said, glancing at his watch. “You’ve got three minutes.”

“Come on,” Mr. Caldwell said. “You’re gonna pop your wad before I leave here. That’s it. Stroke it like you mean it.”

I felt so pathetic as I pulled in my flaccid dick while standing next to the toilet under the very watchful eye of Jason’s father, whose physical presence was just as imposing as his attitude was.

“Get it up. I’m not going to leave here so you can run into Jason’s room with a boner an stick it up his ass.”

“What? I asked, continuing to pull on the limpest dick imaginable. “I – we don’t.”

“You don’t fuck him in the ass?” he asked incredulously. “Does he do you?”

“No, it’s not like that at all,” I insisted.

“Well, you two are doing something to each other,” he said. “I had you pegged for a cocksucker the minute I laid eyes on you. Now get busy with that thing. Think of what you did to me last night.”

Amazingly, I started to get erect, and as I did Mr. Caldwell grunted his approval.

“That’s better,” he said with grudging acknowledgement. “Figured you for a bigger dick, that’s for sure. You can’t have more than 5″ there.”

To my dismay, he was an excellent judge in that regard, but his degrading my equipment was not helping me do what he wanted me to do. In fact, just the opposite was going on.

“I illegal bahis siteleri can’t,” I whined as my hand moved rapidly up and down my dick without accomplishing anything. “I can’t cum.”

Mr. Caldwell sighed, looked at his watch and shook his head before pulling down his zipper and fishing his cock out.

“Look at this for inspiration,” Mr. Caldwell said, his hands on his hips as he faced me with his flaccid member hanging out of the fly of his trousers.

I looked at the preposterous sight of that long thick cock sticking out of his pants. The beige circumcised penis looked even bigger than it had felt, and he was easily bigger soft than I was hard. When he gave it a slow and lazy pull it seemed to get even longer and thicker, and that’s when I felt my body tingle from the tip of my toes on up.

“Awww!” I groaned, doubling over a bit as jets of my cum squirted all over the toilet, some finding the mark but most of it landing elsewhere, and when I was done cumming Mr. Caldwell calmly put his dick back in his pants and went to the door.

“Be sure and clean up the mess,” he said before turning back to me. “I’ll be dropping by your room again tonight. That will give you something to look forward too.”


Chapter Four: Jason Senior returns.

When the door opened late that night I was hoping it was my friend Jason, or at least that was what I was telling myself. It was his Dad, and I was shocked when after he locker the door behind him he turned on the light.

“No sense fumbling around in the dark,” Mr. Caldwell said as he let his pajama bottoms fall down and stepped out of them, his cock swinging back and forth with his movements.

“Not bad for a guy pushing 50,” he opined, looking at himself in the mirror while posing for me. “Of course, Andy seems to have a one-track mind.”

I forced myself to look away from his elephant trunk and glanced at his body, which was certainly in good shape. His chest was broad and his stomach was flat, and he had a thick mat of dark brown hair on his chest that I would have loved to have owned.

“Sorry,” I said. “You look fine.”

“Better than fine, I’d say,” Mr Caldwell said, pulling on his cock as he motioned for me to get up out of bed.

I hadn’t bothered with pajama bottoms, and this drew a chuckle from Mr. Caldwell as he watched me hop out of bed with my erect dick waving at him.

“You’re always ready, I’ll give you that. Now tell me about what you did after I left this morning. Did you and Jason suck each other’s dicks all day?”

“No,” I answered with frustration. “We only did that once.”

“Really?” he said. “So last night was only the second time you ever sucked cock? Well, in that case you weren’t that bad, and like I said, with practice you’ll get better. Here, rub your dick against mine.”

He held his rubbery cock out toward me, and when I pressed the tip of mine against his I felt a tingle run through my body. The feel of our sensitive tips scraping together was erotic enough, but when I saw the way my pale acorn-shaped glans looked against the dusky plum of his member, it was all I could do to keep from cumming.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” he asked. “You ever do this to Jason?”

I shook my head no, unable to look away from the sight of our dicks rubbing together.

“Tell me about it,” Mr. Caldwell said. “The time you two gave each other head.”

“I can’t,” I protested, and when he heard that he suddenly pulled his cock away.

“Too bad. I was just starting to get into that,” he lamented while waving his cock around, a weapon which had lengthened and thickened considerably during our contact. “And you! You’re drooling cum like sap from a tree.”

It was true, and when it was clear that he was done unless I talked, I relented.

“What do you want to know?” I asked, exhaling loudly when he lowered his cock to meet mine again.

“Who instigated it?” he asked.

“We both did. We were watching a movie in here and all of a sudden we started playing with each other.”

“Did Jason like it as much as you did?”

“I think so,” I said.

“How come you two haven’t done it again?”

“I don’t know. I think we are afraid to admit we liked it.”

Actually, it was because we haven’t have an excuse to blame it on like we did that night. We had gotten a joint and smoked it, and afterward we pretended that it happened because we were wasted. We weren’t, or at least I wasn’t.

“Tell me about Jason’s cock.”

“Mr. Caldwell,” I whined, and after he pulled his cock away again and chastised me for sounding like a sissy, I asked him what he wanted to know.

“Jason’s cock,” he repeated. “Is it as big as mine?”


“Oh. Well, he’s bigger than you, I hope.”


“How much bigger?”

“I dunno. Couple of inches maybe.”

“That’s good,” Mr Caldwell said, grinding the rubbery head of his cock into mine hard as my dripping dick oiled us both. “That would give him about 7 inches or so canlı bahis siteleri I figure. That’s a decent sized cock for a man. I would hate it if he ended up with a little one like yours.”

“Why do you treat me so mean?” I asked, my face flushing with embarrassment.

“You love it. Look how stiff your dick is. Me saying that didn’t hurt your feelings. In fact, it turns you on doesn’t it? You love me telling you how little your dick is, just like you love looking at that tiny thing of yours rubbing into my cock. In fact, you’re going to cum soon too, aren’t you? Just like this morning.”

He was right, of course, and as if on cue my dick started spurting cum all over his cock and pubes, draining my balls while covering his pubic hair with so much semen it looked like tinsel on a tree.

“Now you have another mess to clean,” Mr. Caldwell said, as when his hands went on my shoulders and brought me to my knees, it was clear how he wanted me to clean the mess.

It took me a long time to suck my cum off of his crotch, but after I got him all clean, he was as hard as could be. The veins throbbed on his shaft as I milked and sucked him rabidly. I did better this time, finding myself able to go further down the shaft while avoiding the tooth contact he despised, and after Mr. Caldwell coated my throat with his cum, he told me that.

“You’re a natural born cocksucker,” he said after pulling his flaccid hose out of my mouth. “You know where this is going by the end of the week, of course?”

I didn’t, but he was happy to tell me.

“Your ass,” he said coldly, and laughed when I shook my head no. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass with my cock, and when I get done, you might not be able to walk, but you’ll be begging for more.”

“No,” I said, and I was certain of that. Not only wasn’t it possible, I didn’t want that gigantic thing in there. I would be long gone if he tried that.

“Yes. End of discussion on that. If I want to fuck your ass, that’s what’s going to happen. If I tell you to lick my asshole, your tongue had better be headed in that direction. First though, you’re going to do something for me tomorrow night,” he informed me in a matter-of-fact manner before leaving the room. “Something you will love to do.”


Chapter Five: Luring Jason.

“They’re asleep,” I told Jason as I brought him down to the basement and moved him against the wall, just as I had been instructed to do.

“We shouldn’t do this,” Jason said, but made no effort to stop me from taking down his pajamas and kneeling in front of him.

Jason’s dick was long and thin – much more slender than the one I had been sucking the last couple nights, and after my lips slid all the way down to his pubes, I felt him start to get hard right away as he ran his hands through my hair.

“Oh man, that feels so good,” Jason moaned as he got rock hard in seconds.

“I forgot how beautiful your cock is,” I said loudly as I leaned back and stroked his long boner, while I glanced over at the laundry room where Jason’s father was watching from. “Your cock is so long – way bigger than mine is.”

Back I went, my mouth devouring Jason’s cock that I found it so much easier to handle than his Dad’s. I brought him to the brink of orgasm several times, only to stop and prolong it, but when he finally came, he came so hard his knees gave out as I leaned against him to keep him upright.

I almost gagged on the copious load of semen that he had deposited in my mouth, but when he finally stopped cumming I jumped up to my feet and ran upstairs, locking my bedroom door behind me.

“Andy. Please let me in,” Jason said in a whisper through the key hole. “That was so good. I want to do it to you too.”

“Tomorrow maybe,” I mumbled, and after a minute or two I heard him go to his room. I unlocked the door and sat on the bed and waited.

I heard Mr. Caldwell’s footsteps coming down the hall rapidly, and when he came in the room this time he looked disheveled. His face was red, and when he opened his robe his swollen cock was even redder as he came over to me.

“Good boy Andy,” he said, cock in hand. “Do you still have it?”

I opened my mouth, showing him the load of cum that I had managed to keep, even if some was trickling down the sides of my mouth.

“Ah!” Mr. Caldwell groaned as he slipped his cock in my mouth, coating his tool with Jason’s seed as he held my head in his hands and fucked my face with short hard thrusts, reaching orgasm in less than a minute himself.

“You did good, Andy,” Mr. Caldwell said, moving me down onto the bed and taking my cock in hand before slipping it into his mouth. “You deserve a reward.”


Chapter Six: Tonight.

The next day Mr. Caldwell caught me on the way to wash my hands before dinner and eased me down the hall.

“Here, you’ll need this,” I said, handing me a tube of some kind of lubricant. “Tonight’s the night. I want your ass primed and ready for me.”

“I can’t,” I protested, and hearing that made Mr. Caldwell mad, and he shot me a cold glare while leaning me against the wall. “It will never fit.”

“Of course he does,” he hissed. “Look at my wife, for crying out loud. If she can take it – and love it I might add, you can. Stop being a pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Bathtime Fun

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of 18. This is intended for mature audiences only. The following is a fictitious story based on the Characters created by The Author, and is not meant to be taken as Canon within the context of his regular work.

Warning: Do not try this at home without consulting a physician first. This is a really fucking hot story that should not be ready by anyone easily offend by two people making love in the privacy of their own house. If you are easily offended by natural love making between two consenting heterosexual adults, go fuck yourself and read something else. Do not read this story if you have a heart condition or you doctor says you are unable to have sex. If you have an erection lasting more then four hours after reading this story, please contact a physician, or take a cold shower. It is really fucking hot.

To Angela, whom I plan on cleaning a lot of showers with.


I was tired and sore from a long day. All I wanted to do was to rest for a little bit. I stepped on the cold linoleum floor, peeling off my funky smelling, sweat stained shirt. I turned on the water, test the temperature against my sun-soaked arms. The thundering sound of the water drowned out all other noise, but it was soothing. The simple white bra I wore clung to my breasts in the summer heat, soaked with sweat and begging to be taken off, in more ways then one. Slowly, I peeled off my jeans, silently admonishing my dumb ass for wearing them in this muggy heat of Minnesota. I inched them tenderly past my sore thighs and bruised calves. Finally, they slipped off. I let them joined the pile of clothes that was gathering in the corner. Sitting down on the toilet, I reached over to turn on to bath water. The roaring sound of the bath drowned out my contend sigh as I reached around my back to thumb off my bra. My breasts bounced of my ribs as they were release from their waterlogged cage. But it was a relief to get the damn thing off. Generally, I only wear one when I am in public or my mother insist (which was always). Otherwise, I just let them bounce and sway in the wind. Besides, letting the girls out means they can entertain themselves underneath my shirt if I walk the right way. I stood up from the toilet, groaning as I stretched my legs and thumbed my blue and pink panties off my body.

Just regular panties, guys. Enough to cover my ass and my pussy. The design I got to distinguish them from others. It’s mainly from my older sister, who tends to raid my closet and for some God-forsaken reason, my panties drawer. (The slut already has about twenty different lace little ass-flossers, much to my mother’s dismay. Why does she need my regular panties?).But, recently, it had come in handy for picking up my panties out of John’s house, and not picking up his little sister’s by accident.

And no…don’t ask where we were having sex where my panties were mixing with hers…it’s a long story. But no, she wasn’t home at the time of the act.

Anyways, the bathtub was filling with warm water. I stopped the flow when it was filled enough, and threw in a dash of bath salts for good measure. I eased my aching body into the inviting water. A sigh of relief left my lips as my body settled into the warm water. It wasn’t that deep, being as it was 90 some degrees outside with a near seventy percent humidity. I could stretched my five and a half foot frame out, and my buoyant B-cup breasts were still floating on the water. However, it was damn comfortable to be in that warm water.

Especially after the long day of working in the yard and hanging out with the youth group.

I leaned back into the water, messaging my aching neck. My free left hand wandered up and splashed water over my breasts. The warm water evaporated off my skin, pulling heat out of my body and slowly steaming up the room. My nipples rose up in interest, but I ignored them for now. Soap hadn’t even came out yet; I just relaxed and let the warm water relax tense muscles for a few minutes. A knock came on the bathroom door. “Can I come in?” Said a familiar male voice.

I smiled and rolled over in the tub to cover breasts. Not that modesty was needed between us. It was just courteous to not flash ones breasts in front of your boyfriend unless you wanted them played with. “Sure.” The door opened and John, just as tired and sweaty as I was from the long day, walked in. He was still in his clothes though, as he actually dressed for the weather. “Still tired from the bike trip, dear?” John said smugly.

“Shut up, ass hole.” I splashed some water up towards him. “You’re not the one who took that huge fall off your bike”

“No.” He pulled a towel off the rack and sat down on it, next to me…the latter whom was still very naked and in the bathtub, “I actually stayed on the trial, and not tried racing the kids today.” I dunked my head underneath the water and groaned. “My butt still hurt from that.” I said, looking over to my round ass sitting just underneath bahis firmaları the the water.

John’s eyes did a once over on my body. I felt a bit like a mermaid sunbathing on the rocks, brushing my hair and tempting sailors with my half exposed form. Yes, the butt is still an erogenous zone. And I know that John loves to play with it. But it was safer then him staring at her breasts or her pussy. The butt was…less interesting to guys for some reason.

What a shame too…

John scooted down to my butt, turning around to still face me. My butt flexed worriedly. “Well, then, Maybe I can help with that.” He rolled up his sleeves to his shoulders and placed his hands in the water. He slowly whirled them in the water to get them at mean temperature. I bit my lip and squirmed underneath him. Water sloshed around in the tub.

“John, I’m really not in the mood to play.”, I said tauntly, almost ready to throw him off me. But the way John placed his hands on the small of my back seemed more therapeutic. There was more of a tender care in the way he held his hands there, not in a possessive ‘want-a-piece-of-that-ass’ type of hold guys had in foreplay.

“I’m not playing…” he said in a low voice, that permeated with confidence. At first, he just kept them there, gauging her reaction to this erotic measure. When she gave him a slight nod, he folded his hand over her spine and squeezed it out A part of me…a small part, felt exhilarated. This was…kinky, hot, and so wrong. But I didn’t let him know about that naughty part. Instead, I let out a content sigh, ignoring the way my nipples curled up in response to his rough hands. I just relaxed under the message as John warm hands worked out the kinks in my back. “This feels really good…” I understated….alot.

“Well I would hope so.” John said, still gently kneading my back in his very skilled hands, “You did a good job today.” He said in an offhanded way. “It was nice how you dealt with Ginny today.”

“Well, I had to do something…” I grumbled a bit at the thought. “Those jerks were giving her a hard time because she couldn’t stay on her bike.”

“And you had to go flying over your handle bars to prove it?” John quipped back.

I rolled over and splashed some water on him. He stood there looking stunned at his soaked shirt as I quickly tucked my breasts underneath my arms. “OK…” he said simply, holding his arms out like a waterlogged bird, “I deserve that.” He then simply stripped the shirt off, revealing his well sculpted abs. I bit my lip and shifted lower into the water as he wrung his shirt off back into my bath, and hung it over the back of the toilet. I kept eying him over as he wiped the excess water from his chest. He looked up and smiled dumbly for me before flexing, unnecessarily. I rolled my eyes, “OK, mister, put those muscles to work and massage my back, please.” I said, settling into the tub and resting my head on top of my hands. Slowly, his hands went back to work, tugging and pushing my flesh back and forth into my body, pulling all of the tense knots out. His hands respectfully stayed firmly on my back, not crossing lower onto my butt proper. However, his fingers did briefly touched the skin of it, somehow sending erotic shivers down my spine…I kinda wanted more…

“Is this good?” He asked, still working his hands underneath the water.

“Lower…” I said carefully, resisting the urge to lift my ass to his face to tempt him some more. Ok, I know it was bad. But it was bad enough of a position to be in with my boyfriend in the bathroom with me. Him shirtless, and me naked. If we were going to do this, might as well have fun with it.

His hands slid about two inches lower down my back, but nowhere close to where they needed to be. “Lower…” I said again, and he slid his hands right to the crease of my butt to my back. I took a steadying breath. “No, Lower…” I said, turning towards him, winking some.

He looked taken aback. “You sure, Sair?” He asked, always the gentleman.

I huffed, “Do I need to spell it out to you, boy?” I asked in exasperation, “An attractive, captive, and very naked young woman just asked you to massage her ass, and you are questioning it?”

He smiled weakly and carefully placed his hands on my butt. “What happened to you not being in the mood?” He asked as his hands went to work. Slowly his hands turned over my butt cheeks. A slightly stronger shiver went up my spine this time.

“I’m not in the mood, but my butt still needs some attention.” I said cheekily, as his skillful hands worked over my entire cheek, from thigh to back. “Just don’t be going to the front, you hear…” I reminded him.

So, dutifully, his hands went to work on my butt, and only my butt. I relaxed into it as his hands worked over it. Small twinges of pleasure relaxed my body, as I struggled to stay afloat on my breasts. At first, I didn’t notice anything, except that my breathing had quickened slightly. John’s hands slowly worked kaçak iddaa their way into the butt crack itself; perhaps to test his limits, or perhaps to rub the muscle in a new way. My butt involuntarily tensed up, not used to the attention, but loving it. His hands inched back for a bit, but then sneaked back, one massaging a cheek slowly, the other sneaking towards my asshole. I bit my lip, as his fingers danced up and down my crack, each one daring to find my asshole.

Suddenly, his middle finger finally dared to go low enough and stepped right into the nerve bundle. A gasped as the sensation shot straight into my clit. John stayed there, keeping steady pressure on my hole. My vagina swelled up on the other side, getting as wet inside as it was on the outside. I panted for a minute, getting use to the sensations coursing though my body.

“Are you ok?” John said in his low sexy voice.

“Fuck, yeah I am…” I whimpered, trying to hump the bottom of the tub with my excited pussy. “Just be careful.”

“With what?” He said, as he began to swirl his finger around my sensitive asshole. I let a screech out as waves of pleasure vibrated across my body. I could feel my clit starting to peek out from the folds of my pussy, jealous of what my asshole was getting.

A moan echoed out of my open mouth.

“Ohmygod….John…don’t stop…” I panted as my body convulsed underneath me. Water splashed as my legs tried to extended farther out to let him in deeper. “Finger me…”

“What was that, my love?” He leaned over and breathed into my ear.

“Finger my asshole…” I begged, feeling the rush of absolute forbidden badness of the situation crash over me. I didn’t care anymore. My boyfriend was in my parents bathroom and he is going to finger-fuck my ass.

“Like this…” He pushed in with just the tip, sending shock waves across my body. But then he pulled out and simply circled on top of the button. I groaned in disappointment and finally brought my knees underneath me, and I shoved my ass into his hand.

My asshole parted, slipping int two fat fingers into rectum. I cried out at the sudden… ‘fullness’ of my body. In hindsight, it wasn’t all that different a feeling from just having to take a crap. But the visceral feeling of having my boyfriend where he doesn’t belong, with the stunning sensations teasing the backside of my clit, I could not help but love it.

Slowly, he wiggled his two fingers inside of my ass. Slowly at first, just to get my ass use to the feeling of two fingers inside it. The pressure, the rush inside me was over whelming. My clit extended out full length, begging for attention. I caved in and tucked a hand underneath my thrashing body and began to rub the area just around my clit. John continued to diddle my ass, making my moan as my fingers worked my sopping wet pussy into a fiery fury. Water sloshed all around the tub, splashing up to John’s hand. The hand that was knuckles deep in my ass.

I felt the orgasm in my lungs first, as they burned to scream out his name. Then my legs cramped up in anticipation. My butt cheeks, so unused to being violated like this, actually tried to suck his hand in further into my hole. Suddenly, lightning, and a fingernail struck my clit and I was gone. I was lost in a world of screaming and passion as the orgasm swept me up and carried me down the rabbit hole.

I finally came to, still laying in the bath tub, with John’s arms wrapped around me to keep my writhing body from drowning. His strong hands so close to my aching pussy. I weakly rolled over in the tub, the water noticeably lower than it was before. A smile crossed my face as I tucked some wet bangs behind my ear. My breasts hung before me, water trickling around my erect nipples, teasing them harder then before. John stared at them, licking his lips slightly. I reached up and tucked a hand behind his neck, and he fell into my bosom. His eager mouth lapped around my nipple for a tense minute, causing me to groan in frustration. Finally, he clamped onto my right nipple. I gasped and slipped into the tub as my body lost control of itself. John struggled to keep his lips, and TEETH on my nipple without falling into the tub himself. I held him there as he teased my breast with love bites and his savage tongue across my nipple. Finally, he tapped out on my arm, and I, reluctantly let him up for air.

“Still not in the mood?” he asked, wiping his wet hair out of his face. I must have accidentally dragged him underwater there for a second.

“Shut the fuck up and kiss me.” I reached up again and pulled him into a deep, long kiss. Our souls mingled with saliva. His hand reached up and longingly held my wet breast in his hand. His fingertips rolling over the skin, moving the water around on the surface. I moaned into his mouth as pleasure rippled across my body. He pulled away, just far enough as that his face filled my entire vision. He leaned over me, sitting on the edge of the tub, as he reached his hands into the kaçak bahis water. His fingers swam so close to my clit, I could feel their movement through it. I peered down, watching his fingers dance in between my open legs, so damn close to my swollen clit. I scooted closer to his fingers, but he moved them. I whimpered loudly. as the waves teased my clit, sending sparks straight into me. A moan build up inside me, but it was caught behind me begging whimpers that my clit was demanding I do.

Finally, his fingers swam up and cupped my trimmed pussy. I started to hump his hand, wanting so badly just to get off, to cum on his hand, to fill this bathroom with the smell of my fucking sex. His two middle fingers popped up and into my vagina, vibrating in short quick burst against my tender g-spot. I curled forward and screamed. My arms propped up behind me as I started to hump the heel of his hand with vigor, smacking my clitty against it. Against all consideration that this was my parents bathroom, I started to yelp rhythmically with each thrust. John laughed and popped a third finger into me, making more the size of a proper cock, mainly his. I whimpered and began to thrash faster into a bathtub, the water cresting over my breast now, adding a new sensation to my impending orgasm.

“Are you going to cum?” John asked in his sexy voice.

“Uh huh…” I managed to squeezed out in between panicked thrust. Squeezed in, because during them I was so close to cumming as it was that I nearly blacked out.

“Why?” He asked, pulling his fingers out a bit.

“You’re fingering me…” I said, pouting expertly as my face tried to convulse into my “O” face.

“And you like it…” He smiled, and began to twiddle my clit with his thumb.

All I could get out was a muttered grunt, as my body tensed up.

“Is Sarah gonna cum in her parents bath tub?” He asked in a sickly sweet voice, edging me on. “Is she gonna cum and scream and shout and orgasm right here right no-“

I cut him off with my blood curdling roar as the orgasm washed over me. I screamed and thrust my quivering body deeper into his hand. I felt his hand reach up and cup the back of my neck. He held me there, one hand in my pulsating pussy, the other holding my head so that I don’t give myself a concussion during my ‘little death’.

I came too, with him leaning over me, holding me tenderly in his arms, keeping me safe from myself. His right hand was away from my poor violated pussy, and instead was holding my side to keep me from sliding into the water.

I blinked and smiled at my hero, my man. I slowly sat up in the water, supporting myself on trembling limbs. My breaths came in shallow gasps as I tried to chock out a word of appreciation to John. But all that manage to come out was a breathed sigh and a glazed look in my eyes. He reached over to kiss me, on the forehead, knowing that I was still struggling to surface from my post orgasmic wake. The water splashed around me, lapping up the sides of my breasts, still floating of my chest. After a few minutes, I was fully back, smiling weakly at John and splashing water onto myself to keep me warm. Although, if you looked at my nipples at the time, you would have thought that I was sitting in ice.

“Did you like that?” John said softly, swirling his hand in the water, that was now contaminated with my love juices. The sickly sweet smell of my cum was amplified by the hot water, chocking the air with the smell of my sex. I breathed in deeply, both relaxed and excited by the scent of myself.

“Y-y-y-y” I stuttered at first, before clearing my throat. “Yeah, I did.” I smiled at him, before looking down at my clit, which was slowly retreating back into my folds. I reached down coyly and stuffed two of my own fingers in, swirling them around a bit. I almost had a second orgasm…or third, orgasm off that, but I held it back and drew my girl-cummed finger out of me. I sucked the tangy sauce off, critiquing it.

“Hmmm…” I said, playfully swirling the girl-cum in my mouth. “Our sex soup is missing something…” I drummed my free hand on my chin as I licked my other one clean. Was I actually thinking about this? “I know.” I proclaimed triumphantly, still wondering how sexy and how dumb this idea was. “John, take off your pants.”

“Excuse me?” He asked, taken aback by such a forward comment…from the cute, wet, and very naked girl he just fingered.

I dunked my head into said soup, and swept my hair out of my face.”Take them off.” I pointed casually to his pants. “We need to add something to this sex soup.”

“Like what?” He said, begrudgingly standing up.

“It has my cum in it, but that’s just masturbation soup. In order to make it sex soup, we need your cum in here as well.” I said as innocently as if we were actually cooking something. “Don’t you wanna cum?” I drew a line on my face, past the side of my mouth and let it drip down my cleavage.

John’s eyes grew about ten inches wide as he finally got a hold of what I was suggesting.

“Come on, love.” I got up and kneel in the water. I was just about level with his crotch, which was looking uncomfortably tight. “I need something from you…”

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Coveted Cousin Liz

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Hatsune Miku

Thank you to WinesomeWeb for editing this story

I was driving back home for Christmas. That semester had been my most challenging yet. I was exhausted and ready for some time relaxing with my family. We usually had the holidays at my grandparents’ house in Boulder, Colorado. Being from Arizona, I wasn’t used to driving in the snow, so the last one hundred miles were slow going for me. It didn’t help that it had started to snow again, adding even more snow to the roads. Initially, I planned to get to the family party hours early, but now I would be lucky if I got there before dinner.

The snow kept falling, but I managed to make it to the house just ahead of the snowstorm’s main bulk. It seemed like everyone was there already from all the cars parked in front of the house. I got out of my car shivering. My jacket barely reduced the cutting chill from icy cold wind. I walked awkwardly to the trunk and pulled out the gifts that I had been responsible for getting. No matter how many times I was in the snow, which wasn’t often, I doubted I would ever get used to it. When I was at the door, I took a deep breath. I regretted it immediately because of the frigid air. I quickly opened the door.

I was hit by an immediate warmth and brightness as I stepped inside. “Let me help you with that cousin,” a silky-smooth voice said to me as I walked in. My cousin Liz walked towards me from the mini sitting area that overlooked the front yard. Just looking at her filled me with warmth. Liz was the cousin that I was the closest to. We were both the only child in our immediate family. Since we were nearly the same age, we had been inseparable at family events basically since we were born.

Liz helped me put my presents under the large Christmas tree near where she had been sitting. As soon as I put the gifts down, she threw her arms around me in a tight hug. I squeezed her back. Out of my family, she had been the one I was looking forward the most to seeing. I hadn’t seen her in person in a year as she had missed thanksgiving this year. We texted infrequently and were friends on Facebook, but she rarely used it.

“You look great,” I told her. She had her blonde hair in a cute pixie cut, and it was dyed several bright colors going down to the tips. She was wearing a black jacket with a black dress under. Her ears were heavily pierced, and she had a single stud in her nose. Her parents were the extreme religious ones in the family, so they had seemed to stifle Liz her whole life with their beliefs. The moment Liz could, she got out of their household and moved in with some friends.

“You’re looking great too,” Liz said, squeezing my broad shoulders as she pulled away from my hug. I felt my body go warm at her compliment. Liz kept her hand on my shoulders and started to guide me towards the kitchen where most of the family had gathered. “Come on, everyone’s been dying to talk to Chris, the golden boy.” I felt a little guilty at that, but I knew that Liz didn’t mean that as an insult. She was the black sheep, and I was the golden boy.

My family were happy to see me, and everyone wanted to spend the entire evening catching up. I enjoyed spending time with them, but it was Liz who I really wanted to catch up with. She spent a lot of the night around me, often raising an eyebrow or giving me a deadpan look when one of my family said something that they shouldn’t have.

Liz sat next to me at the dinner table, and I finally got some time to talk to her. I tried to ask her about herself, but she seemed to avoid talking about herself and gave me vague answers. We had always been close, so I started to feel confused by this, wondering if maybe in the last year we had finally grown apart. I began to get the hint and stopped bugging her about her personal life. We talked about other things, mostly books and TV shows that we had a shared interest in. Still, it seemed superficial compared to our usual winding conversations that had no limits.

After dinner, we found ourselves hanging out in the garage. Liz was smoking a cigarette, blowing the smoke through a cracked door that lead to the side of the backyard. This was always the place we would run off to when we wanted to escape the rest of the family. We were doing what we always did, teasing each other.

“Come on, you were the one who used to have a crush on me when we were kids,” Liz said. That was something that I doubted she was ever going to let me forget about.

“Hey, if I remember correctly, you were the one who always wanted to play house and insisted on being husband and wife,” I said.

“Only so I could kick your lazy ass out when you burned dinner or didn’t wash the dishes.”

“The food was plastic, and we didn’t have running water in our playhouse. You didn’t have to make me literally sleep in the doghouse!” I said. That was before we had a firm grasp that it was a saying and not literal.

“Yes, I did,” She said, leaning towards me.

I leaned forward. “Why?”

“Because it was funny,” Liz said. We were leaning so close together, illegal bahis and we both became quiet, which was rare for Liz once she started teasing me. I looked into her beautiful eyes, thinking thoughts that I had been suppressing for years. I couldn’t look into her eyes anymore. I thought the year away from her would be enough for me finally to get over my crush on my cousin, but instead, that absence seemed to make those feelings even stronger. I looked up, and my eyes went wide at what I saw nailed above us.

Liz looked up and saw what I was looking at. “Mistletoe,” Liz said and looked back into my eyes. The part of my brain that held my impulses in check must have been frozen from the cold weather. There was the briefest hesitation, and then we kissed. We wrapped our arms around each other, and the kiss deepened. This is it. It’s finally happening. I was surprised by how right something that was supposed to be wrong felt.

Now that my urges were finally free, I slid my hand down her back and squeezed her ass through her dress. Liz let out a surprised little moan at that, and she jumped away from my hand and against me. When she settled back down, I started to massage her ass. She moaned and leaned her head back against the wall while arching her lower body towards me and pressing her pelvis into mine.

I kissed down her chin and started to kiss her pale neck. With each kiss, she let out tiny little exhales that were both cute and sexy. When I reached the hollow of her neck, I sucked hard. Liz moaned louder this time and ground her pussy into me. I kissed across the front of her neck and repeated the same thing on the other side with the same result.

With a finger on my chin, she guided my lips back up to hers. Her succulent lips felt better than I could have ever imagined. Liz lowered a hand down my chest. I thought she was just going to rub my chest, but her hand kept on going lower. I had only a few seconds to realize what she was doing when she grasped my erection through my jeans and rubbed it. I faltered in kissing her because of the unexpected touch. Liz used my distraction to suck on my lip. It all felt so good, and I didn’t want it to end. No sooner than when I thought that then I heard one of our family members approaching. We pulled apart quickly and caught our breath as our grandma walked into the garage to get something out of the fridge in there. She said one of our uncles was leaving for the night and for us to say goodbye.

“Ok grandma, we will be right there,” Liz said. Our grandma left. Liz rested her head on my shoulder, and I held her lightly as we calmed down. Once calmed down, Liz pulled back. Liz looked like she was about to say something but stopped. “Come on, let’s go say good night.” She didn’t seem her usual confident self. I didn’t blame her, what we just did had crossed a line that we shouldn’t have, but she didn’t seem to be upset at what just happened. As I followed her inside, I noticed more sway to her stride that drew attention to her ass.

We walked back in and said goodbye to the first of the family to leave. It seemed like that was the cue for others to go because the others started to follow suit. Some of my family stayed at my grandparents’ house, while the rest stayed at a nearby hotel. To keep it fair, my grandparents switched out every year who got to stay at their home. My family branch were the lucky ones who got to stay at my grandparents’ house that year.

Within a couple of hours, the only ones left at the house were my family and Liz’s. They finally decided to leave for the night and told Liz that it was time to go now, interrupting her when she was in the middle of a conversation with me. Liz gave me a look and rolled her eyes. “I will be right back.”

When Liz came back, she told me how her family was leaving and then just stayed with me. “Aren’t you going to leave with them?” I asked, confused.

“No, I think I am going to stay here and hang out with my favorite cousin.”

“Ok, cool,” I said and smiled. I had been afraid that maybe she was freaked out by our kiss and would want to get away from me as soon as possible.

“But you have to give me a ride to the hotel later,” Liz added.

I did my best to keep my groan inward. After the drive I had, I didn’t want to drive again for as long as possible, but if it was for Liz, then I would. “Ok.”

Liz and I sat in the downstairs living room on a wide two-person couch near the fireplace as we continued to talk and reconnect after a year apart. She was still elusive when I asked her what she did for work. “It’s just some dumb job that I don’t like to think about. “So, Do the girls put out more in college?” she asked.

“What?” I asked, even though I had heard her. I got flustered as I tried to answer.

Liz laughed. “Relax, I was just joking.”

Around nine my grandparents said goodnight and went upstairs to their bedroom. My parents went up to bed a little later, leaving just Liz and me sitting downstairs alone.

Liz asked me again about my dating illegal bahis siteleri life. “I don’t really know. I am too busy with schoolwork and football. It doesn’t really leave me much room for dating,” I said.

“But I bet girls are throwing themselves at you,” Liz said.

I thought about lying to her, but we had always told each other everything. “Yeah, there have been some girls that I have hooked up with that I met at parties, but dating never works out since I am so busy.”

Liz leaned forward, pressing her hands on my thigh. “Why don’t you tell me about one of those times,” Liz said.

“What… You mean-“

“Tell me about one of the last times that you hooked up with a girl,” Liz said. Her voice became sultry. I hesitated. “Come on, we used to tell each other everything. I told you about what a train wreck the first time I tried to give a guy a blowjob.” Liz was right. We used to tell each other everything that happened in our love and sex lives. It was one of the things that had lent so much concrete imagery to my fantasies about being with Liz.

“Wasn’t that when his pubes got stuck in your braces?” I asked.

Liz took her hand off my thigh and hit me on the chest. “At least I didn’t come instantly the first time a girl touched me between my legs.”

“Hey, that happens to a lot of people,” I said, no longer enjoying this once I realized that if I wanted to go to war with her on this, that I had probably provided her with more than enough ammunition to take me down.

“See. We used to tell each other everything, the good and the bad. I miss that.” Liz took my hand and squeezed it. I had been thinking about it as well.”Ok,” I said. “I went to one of the fraternity houses parties last year a few nights after we lost our chance of making it to the championship.”

“The match against the Aztecs?” Liz asked.

“Yes, I am surprised you know that.” Sports was never something we talked about.

“I follow some college football and watched some games. Mostly because number 48 has such a cute butt,” Liz said.

I couldn’t help but go red in the face at her compliment. “Yeah, that game. I was upset that we had lost, so the party was a great way to blow off steam, and I was drinking a bit more than I usually did.”

Liz laughed but didn’t say what I knew she wanted to say. Those who knew me knew that I couldn’t hold my alcohol.

“I was messing around on the dance floor, and there was this beautiful girl out of nowhere dancing right up against me. I hadn’t gotten much action for a bit since I was so busy, so when a hot girl started to grind against me, I didn’t question it and grinded back.” Liz’s hand went back to my thigh and gently rubbed it as I told my story.

“What happened next?”

“The songs that kept on coming up were high energy ones, and we working up a sweat as we danced together. She would press herself right up against my erection and grind back into it, or work her hand down in between us, and she would grab and rub my shaft.” Liz started to rub my thigh even harder. “I had my hands on her hips, and she grabbed them and guided them to where I wanted to touch the whole time, Down to her ass which was barely contained in the shorts she was wearing, up to her tits, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and then back down, only this time she pressed my hand to the front of her shorts, and I could feel how warm she was and how her wetness was starting to soak through.”

Liz’s hand inched closer towards my cock, but stopped just a couple inches short. “I will be right back,” she said and got up, just when things were getting good.

Liz came back a couple of minutes later and was holding her AirPods in her hands. “Here,” She said, handing me one.

“What?” I asked. Liz didn’t answer; she just put her AirPod in. Liz had picked an EDM song. Before I could ask her what she was doing, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. I stood up, and she guided me up over to the center of the room. “Dance,” Liz told me. Since I hadn’t had much more than a couple of glasses of wine that night with the family, I was far from being drunk enough to dance without inhibitions, but I decided to indulge her and started to try and dance to the music. A moment later, Liz began to grind her ass against me. She turned around and looked me in the eye as she ran her hands down my broad chest and pressed her body against me.

I realized that she was enacting my story with me. I danced with Liz, enjoying the songs that she was playing and how she moved her body. I kept my eyes on her, taking in every movement. She moved so perfectly, I wondered when she got so good at dancing. Liz used to be so uncoordinated back when we were kids. She reached down between us. She ran her fingers along my erection, squeezing gently as she did.

When on the fourth or fifth song, the high bpm songs switched to something a bit slower, and we danced more sensually against each other. Liz guided my hands from her hips down to her ass. I squeezed. It felt as if there was canlı bahis siteleri no barrier between her ass and my hands with how soft the material was. I pulled her short dress up and was surprised when I didn’t feel any panties on her. I felt her panty line when I had been lowering my hands, So I realized that she must have been wearing a thong. Liz’s ass felt so soft and toned, she had always been skinny growing up, but now she seemed to have put on some layers of lean muscle.

Liz let me play with her ass for an entire song while she rubbed my erection through my jeans. At the start of the next song, Liz grabbed one of my hands and to pulled it up and around to her front. I knew where she was taking my hand, and I tried to rush my touch along. She set the pace and made me slow down my approach to her tits. When she finally let me put my hand over one of her tits, I started to paw at it roughly in excitement but managed to get a hold of myself and begin to fondle them a bit more gently.

As I enjoyed the feel of her tits and ass in my hands, I thought for a moment how this couldn’t get any better. I was pleasantly wrong. When the next song started, Liz grabbed my hand from touching her ass. I found my hand pressing against her pussy through her thin dress. Warmth radiated from her pussy as she pressed her body into me. I rubbed at her pussy, and she rubbed my cock up and down, jerking me off through my pants. She began to kiss up my neck, alternating from licking gently to sucking hard. The drop in the song happened, and Liz pulled me down and kissed me deeply. As we made out while dancing, she started to grind against my erection. I felt amazing, but I knew that it was only a small sample of the pleasure she could give me.

“What happened next?” Liz asked me after kissing me deeply again.

“She grabbed my hand and led me to one of the empty bedrooms,” I said. Liz grabbed my hand and led me to the guest bedroom, locking the door behind us. It was the only bedroom on the ground level of the house. “She pushed me down onto the bed.” Liz did so. “And then she took off my pants, and before I had time to even think, she had my cock in her mouth and started to blow me.” I didn’t know if Liz would keep up with following along with the story I was telling, but if she did, then I was going to be glad that I had chosen this one. I wondered if she would do this. Making out and grinding against your cousin was one thing, but a blowjob was crossing even further past that line that I had been staring at for years.

Liz reached down and started to undo my pants. I couldn’t believe this was really happening when she got my belt open and pulled my pants and boxers down. I raised my hips to make it easier. For a moment, I thought that this might all be for a prank. Liz had been teasing me for years. She had gone through some great lengths in the past to embarrass me. I knew this was a paranoid thought, but it held for a moment. My erection sprung free, close to Liz’s mouth as she continued to pull my pants down. She looked down at my cock for a moment. This would be the time for her to stop before we did something that we maybe shouldn’t. I wasn’t going to voice any complaints, it had all felt so good and right so far, but if she was too scared to take things even further, then I wouldn’t blame her.

Liz leaned down and kissed the tip of my erection. She swirled her tongue around the top of my erection and then started to take me into her mouth. I let out a moan as she made it halfway down my cock and continued to take it all the way in. Liz was beautiful, and the added taboo of my cousin sucking my dick made it look and feel even better. I watched intently as Liz took my entire seven inches into her mouth. When she got to the end, she deepthroated my cock without even pausing. I moaned again. Liz slowly pulled her mouth back off it. Once back up to the top, Liz sucked deeply on my cock head, her cheeks hollowing inwards.

Liz effortlessly sucked on my cock. This was the best blowjob I had ever had. She was not only skilled at doing this, but she also did it eagerly. Liz licked from the bottom to top, using her tongue piercing to trace a path up along my shaft. I shivered as she pressed the metal up along my shaft. I had always had fantasies of having a girl with a tongue piercing blow me. Liz made it to the top of my shaft and twirled her tongue around my cock again, holding eye contact with me as she did it. She then licked at the sensitive part at the bottom of my cock head. The alternating feeling of her soft, warm tongue and the smoothness of the metal there made me moan again, louder this time. “Quiet,” Liz scolded me, but I could tell in her voice that she was happy that she could cause me to have such a reaction.

Liz blew me to the frantic beat of the song we were listening to. It all felt and looked so good. I was getting close to cumming, but I tried to hold back. Liz started to massage my balls with one hand, jerking me off with the other. She bobbed her head and moved her hand in one motion, touching most of my cock at once. When she would stroke downward, she would let go with all but her thumb and forefinger so that she could still take nearly all of me into her mouth, and then in her upward motion would add back the fingers as she jerked me off.

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Nova’s Journey Pt. 05

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Hey there! It has been quite literally forever, over a year in fact, since I last published. My life has been absolutely upside down insane but I finally find myself willing and able to write again.

These two chapters are a bit of a change of pace for me, not to spoil too much, but if you’re looking for sex, you will have to wait for the next installment! This one is slow, action filled, and all about the tease.

Small disclaimer: I didn’t include BDSM because this is not an accurate representation of BDSM in any way, shape, or form. The story is just that, a story, it is not meant to be realistic about relationships. This is why I placed the tag lesbian reluctance/non compliance to more accurately describe what occurs in this installment.


Chapter 11

Lena was completely different from both Embry and Skye. She possessed a confidence about her that made her stature even more imposing, made her even larger than she was physically. Her personality was something I wouldn’t have expected from an older woman, but I was young and foolish, seeing what I anticipated from the world around me and nothing as it really was. If I’d had any insight, had the very valuable ability to read people as everyone around me did, I’d have noticed immediately what her talents were.

“Follow me,” she commanded simply, replacing her veil with grace.

I nodded and followed her as she exited the tent. I was apprehensive as to where exactly she was taking me and what I would find there.

I immediately noticed my familiar settings as we passed into the commotion of the afternoon marketplace. Vendors were shouting wares from their carts and wagons, people wandered through, browsing and scolding the children who played in the busy walkways. A warm breeze blew, shifting the top layer of the packed sand beneath my boots. We cut between some of the wagons and I noticed a group of kids about my age, some younger, with a couple older men a good distance behind the wagons. I could tell, just from the way they were interacting that something was wrong, even far away. I watched this older man take hold of one of the boys by the shirt and lift him a few inches up.

Before I could say anything Lena was gliding gracefully over the sand towards them. I followed her apprehensively but quickly, trying to work out a plan in my head. I felt naked unarmed.

“What’s this?” The second man stood before Lena, looking her over carefully. The first man lowered the boy and turned in curiosity. I stood just behind Lena, waiting, thinking. The other kids noticed and recognized me, I motioned with my head for them to go, they needed little persuasion.

“Put him down,” Lena’s low voice caressed my ears, even in this time of tension. She spoke in such a soft voice, you had to lean in to hear it. She was drawing him in towards her by speaking softly, something my father had taught me; but she didn’t need to, he was walking eagerly headlong into the trap laid by her cerulean robes and shapely figure.

“Oooooh, she’s got some fire, I like this one, Miles.” He crossed his arms and smiled deviously as he called over his shoulder to the other man, not taking his eyes off her, “That’s some tough talk for a whore, how much do you cost, sweetheart?” The boy cried out from behind the second man. The first man, Miles, was speaking very low to the boy, so low I couldn’t make it out.

“I won’t say it again,” I could hear her smiling now, even as my blood turned cold listening to the struggle occurring before us. I heard him chuckle and watched him uncross his arms, his hands dropping dangerously back to his sides, he was armed and I was watching, waiting for him to draw his weapon and attack. He moved ever closer, only inches away from her now, too close for much to happen from the outside, only between them.

“Oh? And what are you gonna…” I watched, mystified, as she had spun him and stood before Miles’ with a knife at the second man’s throat. I was certain I had missed something in the moment I had blinked. How had she done that? She made it look effortless. Miles turned, hearing his friend cough and sputter, she must have struck him in the struggle, he couldn’t catch his breath.

“This doesn’t concern you,” Miles’ voice was rough like worn leather. His eyes were dark and his expression harsh but unchanging, even at the events that had transpired.

“You are in no position to negotiate, release him.” Her tone was cold and I watched the knife dig into the man’s neck threateningly, he had just begun to catch his breath. Miles’ sighed,

“No matter, I’ll have my money one way or another.” He pitched the boy aside as if he were nothing, the boy rolled into the sand, kicking up a cloud of dust.

I saw Lena flinch, she saw it coming too. She threw the man before her towards Miles, but this didn’t stop him, he shoved him to the ground, trampling him, and lunged at her. I watched in horror as his fist connected with her face and she dropped into the sand. I leapt at him, attempting to shoulder tackle him. It was like striking illegal bahis a tree, I bounced off him and landed on my back in the sand. In seconds I realized my mistake as he stepped over me, barely missing trampling me as well. He stumbled to his knees, taking short, hoarse breaths.

I realized later, I had only managed to hurt him because I had struck him in the ribs with my shoulder. I remembered the man on the ground with the sword. I scrambled for him, trying to get to him before Miles got to me, or worse, Lena.

The second man was crawling now, having been crushed by Miles in his approach toward Lena. I stomped on his back and drew the sword from his side, he choked insults at me but they were quickly ignored.

I turned back to see Miles recovered and heading towards Lena, who was back on her feet to my amazement. He swung with his massive fists, once, twice, three times, missing her by centimeters, as I headed towards him. I was horrified that another strike would connect with her and take her out for good. I didn’t realize, until I approached them, that she was striking him in return. With each near miss, as his giant limbs sped past her she was cutting him, blood spattering on her and the ground. He growled and his face contorted as his frustration mounted. He was wearing himself out and she was encouraging him, enraging him, tangling him in her spiderweb.

He stumbled to his knees, blood and sweat poured from him, he panted. She had masterfully cut up the insides of his arms, most notably I saw the large cuts extending down the insides of his forearms, the type that Embry had described to me could kill someone. She stood before him, just out of reach, small knives in each hand. He chuckled,

“I knew I’d die at the hands of a whore, just didn’t think it would be like this.” He grinned a crooked grin at her.

I felt an arm close around my neck and let out a stifled cry as a large, grubby hand covered my face. The second man had me, I flailed in surprise. Lena turned and I watched her recoil an arm before letting a knife fly towards me. I closed my eyes, fearing the worst, hearing a crunch and a wave of air speed past my left ear. The second man released me, dropping to the ground, her knife had landed inches from my face, buried to the hilt in his left eye.

When I turned back, I saw Miles atop her. He had taken advantage of her distraction. I retrieved the sword I had dropped in terror and surprise and ran the short distance between us. She shoved him off of her, her knife protruded from his neck.

I stood over him with the sword pointed to his chest, he had only moments, but I wanted to be sure. She rolled easily to her side and onto her feet, standing beside me as Miles sputtered his last. Lena knelt and pulled the knife from his neck before standing again.

“Are you alright?” she asked,

“I should ask you that, your face,” I reached up towards her but realized I couldn’t remove the veil.

“It’s fine.”

“NOVA!” I recognized the voice immediately, I became aware that guards were all around us. The boy who had been thrown was standing with them. Lios came running up to both of us, “Is everyone alright? What happened?”

“I’m ok, he attacked us, he was hurting that boy over there.” I pointed to him. “We stopped him and he turned on us.”

“He summoned the guard and said you were here, I wanted to make sure you were ok.” He turned to Lena, who hovered over the second man now, pulling her knife from his skull. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine.” she said curtly, examining her knife before kneeling next to the man and wiping the blood on his shirt, “Are we free to go?”

“Yes, I think I can sort this out.” he turned back to me, embracing me for only a moment, “Nova, be careful.”

“Yes father,” I kissed him briefly on the cheek and released him to return with Lena.

We began the walk back to the wagon, filthy and worn down. People stared at us, realizing we had been part of the scuffle. I didn’t realize until it was over how focused I had been on it all and how inconsequential all of the people around us had become. I had literal tunnel vision during the fight, despite all my training. Lena was amazing, how had she managed to fight off both these huge men with only two small knives?

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?” she asked simply, examining her knife once again.

“You fought both those men with small knives, he even struck you and you recovered just fine, and the knife throwing, how did you do that?”

She chuckled with her dark voice,

“You certainly ask a lot of questions, I’ll explain when we get back.” She said, looking around us at the crowd that was watching us meander down the road, I nodded.


Chapter 12

Instead of heading into the tent, she took a jug of water from outside the wagon and walked up the steps into the wagon, motioning for me to follow her. Once inside, I closed the door and was greeted by the familiar must of the wagon itself, but it illegal bahis siteleri was nice to have some space and a door that closed. The wagon had ample bunk space as well as an open section toward the far end that resembled a sitting area with padded seating and large windows. Lena lit two lanterns at the far end of the wagon and drew the curtains over the windows in the common area where she was standing. She removed her veil and rubbed her chin with her hand. In the dim light I could make out a rather large bruise on the left side of her face.

“Holy shit,” I said moving towards her quickly and leaning in to look at her.

“I’m fine,” she said simply, “It’s not that bad.”

“You can’t see it,” I said looking at her, “the whole side of your face is bruised.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” she said turning away from me, toward a storage closet and pulling out more robes and some towels. “Doesn’t hurt that badly.” She handed me a washcloth and a towel and began to undress.

I shook my head but let it go and began to undress as well.

“How do you take these things so lightly?”

“What reason is there to take them seriously?” Her pale skin shone, even in the dim light. She was long and thin, even moreso without her robes. “I can’t undo it, I was hit, it hurts, I have a mark, it will get better.” She was stained with blood all over and was bruised in more than a few places.

“My god, you’re covered in them!” I couldn’t contain myself, I took hold of one of her wrists and turned her arm, examining a myriad of marks on her. I noticed, however, that some of the marks were older, yellowing and healing.

She looked at me for a moment before she smiled, withdrawing her wrist gently from my hand.

“They didn’t tell you, did they?” her smile was so devious it almost scared me, I was nervous at where this conversation was going. I shook my head, she must have seen the nervousness in my face.

She laughed darkly as she bent and wet the washcloth before drawing it over her arm, rinsing the blood off and leaving a ghostly wet shine in its place.

“I’m not surprised, I’m sure Skye didn’t want to scare you off.” Scare me off? What was this woman going to do to me? I continued to wash off.

“So are you going to explain?” I asked, beginning to wash myself, my heart was pounding in my chest, I half wondered if she was going to attack me, I didn’t doubt that I didn’t stand a chance against her if she did.

“I suppose I should since you’re here now,” she ran the washcloth down her midsection knowingly, I shivered visibly. “You’re a little too easy to manipulate.” she smiled, watching me closely as she ran the other hand up over her chest. “There won’t be any fun in this unless you put up a little bit of a fight.” Was she serious? Did she really want me to put up a fight? What duality this woman posessed, to go from fighting down two men to seducing me.

“You see,” she said, wringing the wash cloth and dipping it once again before rinsing her face, “I deal in power, in control.” She trailed the washcloth down her neck, chilling me with her cold eyes. “In pain.” I shivered again, control and pain, I was apprehensive, but intrigued.

“So, you enjoy pain and taking what you want?” My heart couldn’t beat any harder in my chest, my face was beginning to burn and I was thankful for the dim light of the lanterns.

“Sometimes.” The washcloth slipped suggestively below her navel, traveling through a patch of well kept hair and slipping between her legs. It was hard to concentrate on the conversation at hand. “If I did that, I wouldn’t serve anyone’s needs but my own, and that’s not what it’s all about.”

“Oh?” That was the most eloquent response I could muster with my head spinning as I watched her. My mind was alive with a myriad of possibilities, of emotions. A profound mixture of allure, mystery, and danger was stirring in me, bringing out physical responses I never knew I could have to them. She chuckled softly, wringing the wash cloth and draping it over a clothes hook before turning back to me and approaching me. My chest tightened and I flinched. I realized she had outstretched a hand to take the washcloth from me, she was still watching with those chilly eyes, grinning like the monsters from the picture books of my childhood. I reached out to hand her the wash cloth and, in an instant, found myself on the floor. I was winded and I gasped, feeling weight on my hips and chest. I choked and I could hear her laughing as she hovered over me.

“And Skye wouldn’t shut up about your physical prowess, I’m disappointed.” Her knees were pressing into my hip and my chest as she hovered over me, she leaned a bit harder, crushing me. My head stopped spinning and I caught my breath. I came back to my senses and began to struggle, trying to escape her. As I tried to turn away from her and roll out from under her crushing knees, she caught my one free hand and pulled it from the floor, returning me to my back and leaving me with little to escape her with. I struggled to bend my knees canlı bahis siteleri and force myself away from her with my legs, trying to buck her off with my hips, but she was too heavy and she only leant harder on top of me. She smiled deviously,

“There’s the fight I was looking for,” she chuckled.

This woman was toying with me, after seeing what she was capable of, I was almost afraid to upset her, that she could -would- retaliate if I didn’t give her what she wanted. What was she going to do with me? I felt her weight shifting, her leg slipped over me and her hips settled on my own more quickly than I could do anything about. She had each of my wrists held over my head, one in each hand. I felt her body press into mine and her hot breath on my face. I had closed my eyes and was fighting back frustrated tears, I knew I didn’t stand a chance.

“Now,” I felt her face slip next to my own and her hair cascading on my face, her lips and tongue moved over my ear briefly, “Tell me what you want.” Chills spread over my body and my breath caught in my throat. Her teeth nipped my earlobe and I gasped, it was an exotic mix of pleasure and pain, stinging momentarily and then setting my nerves alight with warmth that spread through me. Her lips and teeth moved up over my ear, my breath was coming quickly now and I felt my entire body tingling.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll stop.” She was speaking into my ear now, I wasn’t sure words would come. Her chest was crushing me and she beared down with her hips and hands around my wrists as she spoke, unintentionally slowing my breathing and making it hard to speak.

“I.. I want..” Her lips were moving down my neck, punctuated by nips and kisses. I moaned, “Don’t stop, please.”

“That’s not how this works.” She paused only momentarily, her tongue moving up my neck slowly. “You need to tell me what it is you want me to do.” I panted, she had shifted her weight once again. Her hips shifted against my body and I couldn’t think, I couldn’t make words, I couldn’t breathe.

I swallowed and attempted to regain some semblance of control over myself, I had to force myself to speak, even then I could only muster a whisper.

“I want you to fuck me.”

Her dark voice chuckled into my ear,

“Good girl,” she gave me another nibble and, to my complete and utter dismay, released me and began to stand up. I blinked – totally confused – and my stomach dropped in absolute fear that I had messed up, despite the praise.

“What did I do wrong?”

She had picked up the long forgotten washcloth, hung it, and was dressing now,

“Nothing,” she said plainly, “You did everything I told you to do.”

“I don’t understand,” I sat up, “Why did you stop?”

“Same reason.” She turned to me and laughed gently, “I told you this wasn’t all about me and what I want, there’s a lot more to it than just bending you to my will. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you in time.” She grinned that evil grin, “Get dressed, you can sleep in one of these beds tonight.” She gestured towards the bunks in the side of the caravan. “Dinner is outside in the usual place.” I nodded, standing and beginning to dress.

“Oh,” she paused a moment, pressing her finger to her lips as if to think momentarily, “Just because you’re not sleeping with me, doesn’t mean you can sleep with anyone else.” She smiled and winked mischievously.

This was going to be quite an exercise, not because I couldn’t sleep with other people, but simply because I had spent the afternoon with this woman and still had no grasp on her. I was trying to fathom how someone who had so much control over their life could want to lose it when they had the choice. I suppose at the time I could never have grasped that concept without an explanation, I had never known the amount of control and strength Lena possessed. I knew, however, just like I had with Skye, that I yearned to learn it, to experience it, to harness it. I sought the control that both of them seemed to have over their lives, their choices. I knew so little and understood even less about them and their motives. If I had known, perhaps I’d have been able to more amply prepare myself for what was to come. After dinner, I slept restlessly in the bunk. I wasn’t alone in the caravan, which was comforting, a couple others, including Lena, slept there. The space was just too constrained and I had spent enough time with both Embry and Skye to feel uncomfortable sleeping without someone beside me. I almost panicked when Lena woke me gently.

“Get up,” She commanded softly.

I blinked a couple times, still asleep. She was holding a dim lamp that seemed much too bright and I realized the sun had yet to come up. She stood and walked off, leaving me in the dark, in the bunk, to debate getting up or rolling over. Lena’s exorbitant strength and stature seemed far less imposing in the sleepy haze that enveloped me, but I forced myself into the darkness, out of the comfort of the bed and into the cold of the early morning. I put on my boots shivering and headed outside as quietly as I could to avoid disturbing the rest of my caravan companions. Lena met me just outside, she put down the lamp and I realized just how dark it still was. I could make out my breath in the dim light and I felt the hair on my skin objecting profusely.

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On the Desk with the Best

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‘We always strive after what is forbidden, and desire the things refused us.’ -Ovid

He was 32. I was in college.

There were six or seven of us who stayed back that day; I didn’t count the number exactly. The room was shoved away in a remote part of the school where you only went for class, yet he brightened it, made people want to come. His charisma and quirky personality drew people to him, made them listen to him, even love him.

He was tall, not particularly muscled but well-toned. His hair was a little longer than most other teachers and the darkest, warmest chocolate; a swirl of dark chocolate infused with tiny ribbons of red flowing from his head. He let his stubble grow out and maintained a permanent 5 ‘o’ clock shadow. The same rich scarlet dotted his warm, dark facial hair, making him glow in the sun and catch the tiniest glimmer of a spark in the shadow. I often wondered how it would feel to brush my palm across his face, or better yet… my lips. Would the flame I saw ignite my skin or would it smolder under my touch? I could dream all day about the possibilities. His nose was oddly crooked and his eyebrows didn’t match his hair. He had the odd spot of acne barely visible to anyone but himself. He wasn’t handsome, or even had traditional good looks, but the charisma that oozed from his lips made every girl he spoke to melt.

Every girl wanted him, swooned over his every word. He was eloquent when teaching. It was like his lips had rehearsed and perfected every word, every syllable, and every sound that came from his mouth; a dance of sorts, emanating beauty and grace. His tongue was in perfect harmony with his teeth and lips. The pronunciation of every word was just right. The thick velvet tone crept inside you and made you weak. All attention was on his lips, all of the time. They were full, swollen, and lathered in a smooth layer of moisture, always the perfect consistency. The only thing that gained more attention than his lips, were his eyes. Oh those eyes. They were sharp and assertive and had certain wit about them. His eyes spoke more than his lips ever did. They were blue, deep stormy blue, grey when you first saw them and violet in the sun. Churning and shining, they held a flicker of something not completely innocent, devilish in fact. That flicker of something wicked captivated everyone who looked into those hypnotic eyes. His eyes, and his words, were every girls dream.

Every female student in his class fell in love with his allure. But he never flirted, never led on any student to make them believe they would be anything but his student. He respected his students, and valued his career. He made every girl swoon, and every girl know they couldn’t have him.

The old, damp classroom where I had English soon turned into my favorite place to be in the school. His smooth smile and the mischievous spark in his stormy eyes made everyone want to be in his class, no matter how run down the room. The door creaked when it opened and slammed when it shut, there was an old gas heater in the back of the room that was always cranked up to full, and baby blue curtains laced the top windows like frosting on a cake. There were leather bound books, lined on the edge of his desk, the desk its self the deepest mahogany, and the leather on his chair was worn and fading.

Smiles and laughs filled the old English room, and he sat by my side most of the tutorial. In hand was his coffee, black with three sugars, he must have drunk three a day. Hot chocolate and tea was poured for the rest of the students, and we huddled over our mugs for warmth. Finally night fell and it was time to go home. Our jackets were haphazardly strewn over the coat hanger, placed deliberately in front of the gas heater. I lingered back to arrange my notes joking with him about my upcoming test. He hadn’t moved from my side, but stood when I did and was handing me my books to place in my bag. He reassured me I would do great, as I had done for every other assessment this year, yet the back and forth jokes continued.

He placed his hand on my arm and rubbed it reassuringly. The static electricity from my woolen jumper made the hair in my pony tail stand on its end. He smiled gently and flattened it out, taking his time to run long, slender fingers through my silk hair and down my back. My cheeks blushed and I instinctively faced down, his black suede shoes pointing towards mine. He had never actually touched me before, and the countless hours I spent day dreaming about it didn’t let me down. My whole body burned. My palms started to sweat and my mouth suddenly had too much moisture. I swallowed at least three times in a row. The joking stopped and he nudged closer to me, taking hold of my cheek in his palm. I was sure he could feel the crimson burning in my cheeks, how foolish I must have seemed. He tilted my head gently to face him, his face was a little closer than I expected. Those eyes swirling and teasing were all I could see, but there was something else in them, something I hadn’t seen from him illegal bahis before. They were cheeky like always but somehow seemed coy, like he was debating something inside. I was startled by his proximity but didn’t dare move. I relished his touch and held strong his gaze.

Looking into his eyes once intimidated me, frighten me even, but being in his class for the past year soothed all of my anxiety and replaced it with curiosity, a burning desire to see right into him, just as he was somehow able to see into me.

His lips parted gently, barely enough to breathe and I could smell his deliciously warm, sweet breath. There was the faintest hint of coffee, which he drank methodically, and it was almost like I could smell each of the three sugars too. He had been eating marshmallows, when combined with the coffee and sugar, created a perfectly rich sweet aroma. I breathed in his wonderful breath deeply and fully, as inconspicuously as I could and without thinking nuzzled into his palm on my cheek. He dropped his hand, which startled me, and we both shifted from the dream like state we were in for a second, and for an eternity.

He handed me my last book which I slowly put reluctantly into my bag, closing the zipper painfully slowly. I had dreamed about a touch like that from him for the past year, never believing it would actually happen. The moment ended too soon. I wanted his palm back on my cheek, on my neck, sliding down my back, tracing over my chest… I closed my eyes for a second to remove the thought from my head. He probably meant nothing by it, just a teacher reassuring his student. But oh how it affected me. I shouldn’t have thought such things about him, he was a fantastic teacher, a great man, but something in those eyes; those deep, stormy eyes made me wonder if my fantasy ever would come true. I pulled my bag onto my shoulders, and pulled my pony tail out so it hung free to the left. I turned to face the door, too ashamed to face him and quickly made my escape.

“Don’t forget your jacket, Piper.” My hand released the door handle and I turned to see him by the coat stand holding my jacket for me.

“Oh, yes sir.” I replied, thankful he noticed it. The weather was harsh and the walk back home would have killed me without my jacket. I went to him, dropping my bag near the door. He held the jacket open and I stepped into the warm, soft layers of water proof material. His arms folded around me, wrapping me in my jacket, lingering a little too long around my waist. He dropped them, but didn’t step away. I could feel his breath on my neck; it sent chills down my spine and made every hair on my body stand on end. I slowly, cautiously, turned to face him, careful to not step away in the process. My heart pounded as I looked into those eyes again; those eyes that consumed and twisted and lured me in.

“Thank you sir.” I whispered, sounding desperately innocent and shy. He smiled gently, warmly and lifted his hand to brush stray hairs from my face. His eyes carefully traced the movement of his fingers, and mine vigilantly followed the movement of his.

“For you Piper,” he let his hand fall, “anything.” That charm was irresistible. He could talk his way into anything, anything he wanted he got, because he was so deadly smooth. He moved his face closer to mine. He was a head or so taller than me and crouched slightly to level with my eyes. His were cautious, the playful spark that made his eyes gleam was replaced with intensity and desire. A burning, molten blue that was hotter than fire. His eyes were wide and his lips parted as if he might speak but no sound came out. He closed them again, battling with himself as to what he should say.

“What is it sir?” I sighed, wanting him.

“What do you think of me Piper?” He took a step back slightly.

“What do you mean sir?” I replied, a little taken aback by his question.

“What do you think of me, as your teacher?” The smooth, thick velvet dripped from his lips; his tone playful and honest.

I thought about my answer. I longed for his touch once more and I guessed my answer would be the ultimate decider of that. I stepped into him, unsure of how to react. I tried to be confident and cool but I just seemed awkward.

“I think, you’re the best teacher I have ever had. And absolutely my favorite.” I tried my best attempt at being alluring.

Something in his eyes changed and his lips curled up into a devilish grin. He took the last step remaining between us, pressing his body against mine, supporting my weight with his broad fingers on my lower back. He used his free hand to trace my face, down over my lips, parting them gently. My heart was erratic. My skin burned. It was suddenly too hot in the tiny, old, English room. My insides constricted, imagining what could happen. The rare white hot pressure built between my thighs and made my knees weak.

He leaned down, slowly. So slowly. Looking straight into my eyes, through them and into my core. His were mischievous but cautious, careful and illegal bahis siteleri affectionate. Those eyes, with so much charm and allure, how could I resist? He paused, millimeters away from my lips, I could just feel his stubble rub against my lips. He didn’t blink, didn’t say a word, but lightly brushed his full, smooth lips against mine. His eyes searched mine, waiting for a reaction. I could hardly move. My insides were upside down and churning, burning and wanting. I wouldn’t push him away now. Not after the months of dreaming about feeling his lips against mine. I lifted my hand, a little shakily, and rested it on his cheek and slowly drew my fingers through his stubble, just as I had imagined so many times before. He grinned, broad and wicked. His teeth were pristine white and his lips curled, rising at one end to form a crooked smile. I breathed in his deliciously sweet breath and attempted a smile back, but stomach was doing flips, so a smile was hard to manage.

“Mmm.” He murmured before crushing his lips against mine. One hand was pressing my body against his, and the other was delicately pulling the band from my hair. I wrapped myself around him, desperately wanting more. The white hot fire between my thighs grew and constricted and consumed everything in its path. Somehow kissing and tasting him wasn’t enough, I needed to meld myself into him, and I tried doing so by tightly drawing him near.

He parted my lips gracefully with his tongue, pushing it skilfully into my mouth and, in a slow reply, I did the same back to him. His tongue brushed the edges of my teeth and pushed playfully against mine. While doing this, he expertly slid one hand in my jacket and somehow pulled me out of it, quicker than he put it on. I stood on my tiptoes, wrapped my hands around his neck and held him as close as I could, melding my mouth onto his. His body was firm and warm and I swallowed up every glorious moment I was in his arms.

His hands and fingers were all over my body, ravishing, searching and taking. He had pulled my jumper off and dropped on a nearby desk, placing it on top of the jacket. I slid my hands inside his blazer and gently tugged his shirt out from his black pants. He growled almost inaudibly, low and guttural, and I felt the vibrations tickle my increasingly sensitive skin. He didn’t need any more of a hint and swiftly threw his blazer to the growing pile of clothes on the desk. I needed more of him. Something greater than myself took over, something primal, something I had never experienced before. It was hot and cold and fast and slow. Consuming and insane, but the best feeling I have ever experienced, and ever will.

His lips were at my throat. Pressing and sucking and licking. My knees went weak as I leaned into his kiss. He was rough and passionate one moment and delicate and graceful the next. He drove me crazy. His fingertips, the very ends traced from my ear, down my neck, over my shoulders to where my blouse buttons started. He was so gentle in his touch, yet so passionate and eager with his mouth. That mouth that was so eloquent and charming, oh that mouth had completely swallowed me up. I leaned backwards and let out a soft sigh as he skilfully undid one button at a time. He started cautiously, waiting for me to protest. How could I when my thighs were burning and yearning and wanting to be ripped apart? I pushed my shoulders back as he slid my blouse off, searching my body with his eyes.

I had never seen them so greedy, so hungry and completely sincere at the same time. My nipples hardened in response. They brushed against my white lace bra, again making the hair all over my body stiffen. His eyes smiled approvingly and the same low guttural growl released from his throat made me shiver. They had a wicked flare, but something was holding him back. Something was troubling him. I held his face in my hands, searching his expression for an answer.

“What is it?” I asked after a few longer drawn out seconds.

“I shouldn’t be doing this to you Piper. I shouldn’t be taking advantage of you like this.” He placed his hands on my waist, tracing the top of my skirt while doing so. His eyes had finished consuming my body but I sensed he wanted more.

“You’re hardly taking advantage of me sir.” I could hardly believe the cliché.

“Have you ever been with anyone else?” He asked. I knew he had, he talked about previous girlfriends and conquests in class sometimes, and it just made him that much sexier.

“Not many,” I replied, wanting him on my list.

“Do you want to be with me?” He asked, rubbing his fingers over my waist and lower back, comforting me.

“Of course I do.”

“Please tell me now if you don’t. I don’t want to pressure you.” His fingers continued up my body over my hips and rested on my shoulder blades, just above the clasp on my bra.

“I do, sir.” My reply seemed so meek I hardly believed it. I was nervous, sure, but I had never felt so ready for anything in my life. He smiled gently and wickedly.

“God canlı bahis siteleri I love it when you call me sir.” He drew me near, embraced me firmly, kissed my forehead and took my hands.

He guided me over to his desk; he pushed all the objects from it and then turned back to me. His hands were in my hair, latching my face to his, and he kissed me fiercely. His hands ran down my neck to my bra clasp, and he unlatched it with one hand. I leaned forward so it would fall, as he guided it off. He sighed, deeply, and quickly placed his warm hands over my breasts. He exhaled, almost like all his tension was now released and squeezed and rubbed me passionately. His hands were soft and strong, writer’s hands; they were expertly crafted to perform beautiful poetic art forms. His fingers were long, and they caressed me, growing rougher and more eager as he continued. I closed my eyes as my breathing became heavier, and the rise and fall of my chest was choreographed perfectly to match the rhythm of his glorious fingers. He brushed his thumb over my erect left nipple, and reached down latching his mouth around the other. I didn’t think it possible but the apex of my thighs continued to twitch and convulse, desperate for his touch.

I reached forward, and blindly found his broad chest with my palms, and slowly, but precisely undid every one of his buttons. He leaned forward a little so I could reach his broad chest more easily as he assaulted my breasts with his hands and tongue. He pushed me back smoothly until my upper thighs were level with his mahogany desk. He quickly moved his hands down to my waist and lifted me up so I was sitting on the very edge. He parted my legs and pressed himself against me, pushing my long skirt up around my hips. I felt hot wet moisture rub between him and me. I pushed his shirt off and had no idea how defined he really was. He wasn’t overly muscled, but he was hard and well established. He had a tattoo on the left side of his torso, midway up that read

‘Semper appetere, quae interdicta et nollet nos appetendum’ – Ovid

His lips were on my breasts again, sucking, kissing and playing. He stroked my nipples with his tongue all while taking off my stockings and shoes. He really did use my breasts exactly how he wanted, and I was at his mercy. He hands slid up my thighs stroking me, caressing me. They relaxed to his touch with firm, long strokes and made me constrict spontaneously. I lay back on his desk as he instructed, parting my thighs. He held my gaze, pushing my skirt half way up my body, and leaned down to clasp my foot. I extended my leg slightly as he pulled my toes to his lips. He sucked my big toe, running his fingers up and down the length of my inner thigh. I groaned appreciatively, wrapping my fingers over the edge of the desk. He grazed his teeth down the sole of my foot, applying pressure on the soft padding as his fingers ventured further between my thighs.

The white lace of my underwear was already tacky with my wetness, so when his adept thumbs brushed over my most private areas, he could feel how much I wanted him. He stopped gnawing at my foot, admired me with wonder, propped my feet at the edge of the desk once more, and delicately removed my underwear, tossing them aside.

I was exposed and placed my fate in his hands. I closed my eyes, smiled and breathed deeply. The constricting stopped and now I just felt ready. I felt wet and hot and eager for his touch. His long fingers stroked me gently as his thumb rubbed my sweet spot. I squirmed a little as he parted me and pushed one finger, then two inside me. I could tell I was swollen and oozed when his fingers made their way in. I gasped as he pushed both fingers all the way into the depths of my existence. His other hand was splayed just above my pubic hair, holding me firmly in place.

“Yeah Piper, let me hear you.”

He started rhythmically twisting his fingers and moving them in and out. They slid smoothly but firmly and he gradually surged deeper and deeper inside me. I started to moan and squirm and had never expected this kind of reaction. It was fabulous and I couldn’t imagine how it could get any better. He pushed harder and faster into me, as I clamped down on the desk. My breasts bounced for him, my nipples standing to attention and he drank me in. I was surprised how violent it was, and I could tell I would be sore in the morning, but I wanted more. I moaned and sighed but he never let me squirm too far away.

Then his tongue was inside me. I could scream. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever had. His long fingers were working harder, faster and his tongue licked and gently sucked my clit. He hummed gently and the vibrations ricocheted through my body.

“Come on Piper; be as loud as you want.”

He growled against my most sensitive swollen areas. He reached up and grabbed my breast, twisting my nipple in rhythm to his pushing. He was rough, and kept going, harder and faster until I felt numb. He then quickly pulled his fingers out making me gasp. His palm was on my clit. My labia molded around his palm as he rubbed me. Hard. The feeling was intense and his tongue replaced his fingers inside me. His palm pulsated against my clit and I moaned deeply, feeling a burning pressure build up.

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I Fuck Sheets…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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For some time, I felt the natural instinct to want to be naked…I first felt the real thrill of an orgasm by squeezing a blanket I would roll in a bundle placed high between my thighs as if feeding it to my pussy…it felt wonderful that pelvic tilting sensation, and I knew in my Catholic world it was wrong…but I loved it… I would strip completely naked in my room and do some strange squatting ritual dance I’d seen witches in documentaries do, and I felt liberated in such moments. Then I’d take that bundled sheet and tuck it high between my thighs, spreading my labia, treating it as if it were a sex toy, and I’d lie on my stomach on the cold concrete allowing my ass to rise and drop in a motion of intercourse…it felt so good, I’d do it for sometimes an hour or two till I felt in me that tinkling sensation, of my eyes rolling up into my head…a strange type of high…

As years went by, even when I’d have sex daily with someone I was highly involved with I still loved this ritual…when he wasn’t home, I’d taken a fancy to watching cartoon porn, first then hardcore porn, and I’d lie naked on the living room floor on my stomach, with that sheet bundled up my cunt, my legs tightly together and my waist moving in rhythm as if I was fucking the ground…it was my secret stress reliever, but it seemed so unrighteous, so wrong…yet when I looked at any form of pornography that turned me on, I felt the need to satisfy myself, and somehow masturbating with my hand didn’t feel the same as the way I was tempted to do this weird thing with the sheets or with any piece of cloth… because the sheet held an unexplained temptation like a beautiful drug illegal bahis to me…and I never cared for drugs, but it seemed that such a drug appeased my tingling pussy…

I had sex on many occasions with one other partner in my life as I was meant to look decent and with Godly values, the school teacher type…I was always meant to be that ‘good girl’, but no one would understand, that as virgin like as I’d appeared , my cunt had strange ways…oh to me, the orgasm in sex was nothing compared to the buildup of my ritual sex routine with the sheets…

As years passed by, I tried to deal with it by just fucking my second mate more regular, he knew not of my weird interest, either and I would do this behind closed doors and feel horribly guilty about it…as if the sheet or piece of cloth I would bundle up, was another person I was having an affair with…

On my own to date, for almost three years without fucking another human, I would use a dildo but the experience was never the same…I would watch over two hours of various porn clips to reach an orgasm, but somehow lying with my bare breast and nipples against the cold tiles, with any sheet bundled up squeezed between my upper thighs and my naked ass rising and dropping in the coolness of the air conditioned room I didn’t even need to watch porn, I was fucking a blanket till it got so hot after I would cum, that I would remove the piece of cloth put it to rest on the floor and I’d warm the soles of my feet with it…gently rubbing them up and down the sheet as if ironing a delicate sheet…or pretending it was the back , or chest or ass of some hot man…

At times it would illegal bahis siteleri seem as if I had been doing this for ages, and somehow sex with a man never could give me back that same pleasure…whenever I fucked I did have the habit of wrapping my legs tightly around a man’s waist, or intertwining my legs like a snake with his legs, or tying my heels together above his head, if I was on my back-maybe I tried to make love to men like I would fuck the sheets…and always the soles of my feet were sensitive to many things, even more than my cunt at times…my soles of my feet, loved to feel the hot cum against my sheet, as I rubbed them one by one gently against it…

Yes, as I came closer to my forties, it was hard being alone, and horny as I was I would feel old and unattractive, most men that were in my age bracket were happily married and most men were more interested in gorgeous younger women…the reality was at this stage it would be best to find a young handsome male prostitute but, they did not exist in my part of the globe and the most thirsty men, somehow didn’t attract my chemistry…

So, on my own I regressed to the things that gave me comfort…I was never sure what to call my habit but I knew if even at this stage if I was forced to join a nunnery I’d find myself in a room there, fucking those floors with the sheet between my legs…I’d probably beat myself after, but I loved the thought of beating myself, it was a turn on to me too…maybe I was best suited to be a nun, I believed my mind was decent it’s just, my flesh, my pussy always needed to be fed at some point of the day, and sheets was always my original canlı bahis siteleri dildo, before bottles or cucumbers …maybe I never needed a man I’d tell myself after every orgasm …at times it felt like the bundle sheet offered more, and I was able to be in a different position, face down than lying back with my hand growing weary from servicing my own dildo up and down, because the vibration was not enough for me…at such times I’d think, maybe fucking the sheets was good enough…I wondered sometimes how though it would be to fuck a man’s clothes, a very sexy man’s clothes, maybe if I couldn’t get the man I wanted, I could steal his clothes and feed it to my pussy caressing it tightly between my legs…take his shirt and pants and underwear and bundle it like a sheet, take it till I cum on it…and I would think back about my plan to join some nunnery and that if I was a nun and there was a hot priest, I could fuck his robe, it might of been an enlightening experience…I smiled to myself.

I really like fucking sheets, or cloth it seemed, I mean I’d even fuck towels when I was seeing my period…so I could easily wash them after. At times, I would still feel like I was sinning badly, many times I knew my strange likes would seem abnormal to most, but sometimes when a person’s whole world has gone dark, it didn’t matter anymore what people could think…maybe I would appear hilarious, but most would say you have to learn to love yourself, so out of finding that love for me, I only wanted to find ways to make myself happy…and sometimes in my warped imagination I felt if those sheets could come to life and not just cover me, or warm me but satisfy me…

So I look at the thin yellow flowered coverlet on my bed and I know it is mine…later tonight I tell myself… my pussy already dripping with the thoughts of what I’d do next…I’d hate to think what cloth could say if it could speak.

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sevgili kamyoncum çok iyiydin

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O yıl çalıştığım iş dolayısı ile trakya tarafına çok sık seyahat ediyordum. Yine bir seyahatimde keşana gidiyordum. Yanlız seyahat eden insanlar bilirsin yolda bol bol düşünceye dalar hayaller kurar. Bende düşünürken, düşünürken kendimi azdırmaya başladım. Ve bir süre sonra fena halde bir erkeğe ihtiyaç hissetmeye başladım ve kafamda bir şeyler planladım. Izmitte outlet center yeni açılmıştı. Oraya uğradım ve adidas mağazasına girdim, beyaz çok dar bir spor şortu aldım, kırtasiyecidende bir makas aldım, arabaya döndüm. Sortun iç havlu kumaş astarını tamamen kestim çıkarttım, kalçaları örten yerlerinde biraz içine doğru keserek model verdim. Böylece giydiğimde kalçalarımın alt yuvarları rahatlıkla görünebilecekti. Tekrar yola koyuldum. Istanbulu geçtim ve edirne otobanında yola koyuldum. Ilk tır parking`e girdim. Sende uzun yol şoförüsün oraları bilirsin sıcak yaz aylarında yol çok boş ve tenha olur hele o yıllarda çok daha tenhaydı. Parkingde kimseler yoktu, çantamdan kırmızı dantel bir kilot çıkarttım, belimi açıkta bırakacak kısa beyaz bir t-short le yeni alıdığım ve üzerinde değişiklikler yaptığım spor şortumu alıp tuvalata gittim ve giyindim. Tuvaletten çıkıp aynaya baktığımda bomba gibiydim. Astarını aldığım şort incecik beyaz polyester kumaş olduğu için içimdeki kırmızı dantel külot hemen rahatlıkla fark edilebiliyordu. Arabaya döndüm ve tekrar yola çıktım. pendik escort Giydiğim şeyler beni daha da kudurttu. Bir sonraki dinlenme alanına girdim bir tane tır vardı kapısı açık durumda adam dinleniyordu. Gerçi adam biraz yaşlı görünmüştü ama o kadar yanıyordum ki pek aldırış etmedim. Tırın biraz önüne park ettim arabadan indim adam bana göz ucuyla baktı. Gittim kullandığım arabanın bagajını açtım bir şeyler arıyor gibi bagajın içine eğildim ve bir süre öyle kaldım. Mesafemiz oldukça yakındı adam şortumu kalçalarımın açıkta kalan yerlerini ve içimdeki dantel kilotu iyice görsün istedim. Zaten şorta kalçalarım görünsün diye biraz fazla girmişim kenarlardan kırmızı kilotumun dantelleri açıkta rahatlıkla görünebiliyordu. Sonra bagajımdan 1 paket sigara alarak doğruldum, sigarayı arabaya koydum ve arabayı kilitleyip tuvalete doğru alımlı alımlı ve oldukça yavaş yürümeye başladım, şoförede minik bir bakış attım. Acayip heyecanlıydım ve adamın arkamdan gelmesini istiyordum. Ben tam tuvalete girerken kamyon çalıştı ben tuvalete girdim biraz vakit geçirdim ama adam gelmedi. Acayip bozuldum kendi kendime ve inan tekrar o giysilerle dışarıya çıkamak istemedim, neyse ki kısa bir süre sonra tır hareket etti ve gitti. Gerçekten çok bozum olmuştum. Bir an önce kıyafetlerden kurtulmak istedim. Tuvaletten arabaya doğru giderken parkinge türk plakalı bir tır girdi. Koca ümraniye escort dinlenme alanında bir tek benim araba vardı ve ben arabaya doğru yürüyordum adam beni gördü ve yavaş yavaş önceki tırın olduğu yere doğru yanaştı. Bir an göz göze geldik, esmer 45 yaşlarınada bıyıklı hoş birine benziyordu. Kamyon hala çalışıyordu ve adam gözünü benden ayırmıyordu. Bir cesaret arabanın bagajını tekrar açtım ve yine bir şeyler arıyor gibi adamın önünde bir güzel domaldım. Sonra doğruldum bagajı kapattım ve ona fettan bir bakış fırlattım. Tebessümle oda bana baktı ve tekrar tuvalete doğru yürüdüm. Kamyon stop etti kapı açılıp kapandı. Döndüm ona baktım arkamdan geliyordu, yine birbirimize gülümsediktuvalata girdik ben pisuvarlardan birine oda hemen yanımdakine geldi. Hiç tereddüt etmeden sanki çişini yapacak gibi sikini çıkarttı bende rahatça hafif uzanıp baktım ve yine bir birimize tebessüm ediyorduk. Ahh harika bir şeydi. Yüreğim yerinden çıkacaktı sanki. Bana doğru hafifçe dönerek sikini salladı ve yolculuk nereye dedi bende keşana gidiyorum dedim. Çok güzel şortun varmış dedi bende beğendin mi diyerek arkamı ona doğru döndüm, evet çok güzel ama içindekinden bu kadar güzel görünüyor dedi, bu mu diyerek şortu kalçalarımın yarısına kadar indirdim. Evet donunda çok güzelmiş ama ben içindekinden bahsettim dedi. Bende senin azmanı çok beğendim dedim ve uzanıp tuttum kadıköy escort sıvazladım. Sen şöyle gelsene dedi ve beni tuvalate çekti, önce beni soktu, kendiside girdi ve kapıyı kapattı hemen eğildim ağzıma aldım bir müddet iştahla yaladım kısa bir süre sonrada boşaldı. Çıktık kamyonda soğuk kolam var gel içelim dedi ve kamyona çıktık ilk defa bir tırın şoför mallini görüyordum oldukça geniş tertemiz güzel bir yerdi. Kolamı uzattı işte ne işyapıyoruz nerden gelip nereye gidiyoruz filan lafladık. Laf yine hemen sexe geldi işte daha önce yaptım mı kimlerle yattım neler yaptım derken bir iki anı anlattırdı bana ve sikini oturduğu yerde yine çıkarttı. Yarı kalkık durumdaydı. Bu gene iştahlandı dedi bende oturduğum yerde yanlayıp uzandım ağzıma aldım ben yaladıkça kazık gibi oldu. O da bu arada uzanıp kalçalarımı mıncıkladı durdu. Şortumu ve kilotumu sıyırdım oda daha bir iştaha gelip beni parmaklamaya başladı. Sonra perdeleri kapattı, senin yaptığın gibi o da beni koridordan yatağa doğru domaltı ve bol tükürükleyip yavaş yavaş soktu ve bir güzel sikti. Dinlenme alanına birileri gelir diyede ikimizde tedirgindik.Uzun sürmeyen bir sikişten sonra hemen toparlandık perdeleri açtık, edirneye gelsene bu gece orada kalalım seni doya doya sikeyim dedi kabul ettim gittik bir otele ayrı ayrı giriş yaptık sonra ben onun odasına gittim. Beni biraz bekle ben yiyecek birşeyler alayım dedi ve alıp geldi iki şişede şarap almış, hem içtik hem seviştik uzun süre dinlenip dinlenip sikti beni sabaha kadar denemediği pozisyon kalmadı. Işte böyle hayatım bu da her anı gerçekten yaşanmış ve bende çok hoş izler bırakmış bir anıdır. Sevgilerimle…Gönderen: deniz aytac

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üvey babam

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Selam ben 16 yaşında pasif bir gayım nasıl olduğumu anlatayım o zaman 15 yaşındaydım ama kalçalarım çok güzeldir ve vucudumda tek bir tüy bile yoktur ben 5 yaşındayken babam öldü ve annem 2 sene sonra başka biriyle evlendi yani babam bana ve anneme çok iyi davranıyordu ve bana aşırı düşkündü beni kız gibi yetiştirdiler ben 15 yaşıma gelince kızlara karşı ilgi duymuyordum aksine erkeklere karşı ilgi duymaya başlamıştımevde kimse yokken annemi çoraplarını ve mini eteklerini giyip aynanın karşısında makyaj yapardım ve birgün babam eve erken geldi beni o halde görünce sok oldu tabi ama hoşlandığı belliydi bana pendik escort sen ne yapıyorsun dedi ben hiçbirşey diyemedim çabuk üstünü çıkart dedi babama arkamı dönüp elbiseleri çıkarttım ama alttan kılot giymediğim için götüm kabak gibi ortaya çıktı babam yanıma gelip elini götüme attı vegötümü okşarken bana götün anneninkinden daha güzelmiş dedi ve beni odama yolladı ertesi gün okul yoktu ve ben genelde öğleye kadar uyurdum ben kalçamda bir elin dolaştığını farkederek uyandım fakat belli etmedim babamdı yanıma yatmış bir yandan sikini sürtüyor bir yandanda götümü elliyordu sürtünerek üstüme başoldıktan ümraniye escort sonra odaya geçti ondan beş dakika sonra ben sortumu değiştirip yanına gittim baba bügün işe gitmeinmi diye sordum hayır güzelim dedi beni yanına çağırdı ve kucağına oturdum biryandan konuşuyorduk bir yandanda babam beni okşuyodu altımda ki kabarıklık beni zorluyordu bababmda beni kucağına bastırmaya başlamıştı ben kalkmak istedikçe babam kucağına bastııyordu başkasına vereceğine bana ver lan ibne dedi ben nasıl yani dedim babam sortunu indirip 22lik kalmış sikini ortaya çıkardı bana gel yala dedi ben karşı kadıköy escort çıkınca beni tutup sikini ağzıma verdi ve bana sokso çektirmeye başladı aslında bende zvk almaya başlamıştım ve sakso çekmeye devem ettim ve babam ağzıma boşaldı hepsini yut dedi dediğini yaptım bu sefer beni domalttı ve götüme sikini bastırdı ama götüme girmedi bonyoya gidip kıremi getirip götüme sürdü ve bastırdı kafası girmişti ama canım çok yanmıştı ve bağırmıştım birden hepsini sokunca ben tekrar çığlık attım babam üstümde gidip gelirken ban altında inliyordum bir yandan kalçalarımı sıkıyor beni öpüyor ve üstümde tepiniyordu ben ise altında kendimden geçmiş vaziyette inliyordum bir süre sonra boşaldı ve koltuğa oturdu bende kalkıp yanına gittim ve dudaklarıma kuvvetli bir öpücük kondurup baonyoya gitti her fırsatta sikişiyoruz benimle birlikte olmak isteyen arkadaşların maillini bekliyorumGönderen: serkan

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Neden Olmasın 1

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Cuma günü oğlanı bizim bakıcıdan almaya giderken peşime bir sokak iti takıldı. Kah yanımda, kah arkamda gezinip duruyordu. Aslında hayvanlarla aram iyidir. Ama tanımadığım bir hayvan olduğu için biraz tırstım. Ama sonra baktım sakin bişey 10 dk.kadar beraber yürüdük. Tam bir apartmanın kapısından geçerken hırlayarak üzerime gelmeye başladı. Çok korkmuştum apartmandan içeri girdim ama hala gelmeye devam ediyordu. Aşağı katlara doğru kaçmaya başladım. Bodrum gibi biyere geldik ama artık kaçacak yerim kalmamıştı. pendik escort Hırlamayı kesti yanıma yaklaştı çok korkuyordum. Başladı ellerimi falan yalamaya uleyn dedim ne oluyoruz. Dili o kadar sıcaktı ki içim kıpır kıpır oldu bir anda. Hadi dedim bir deneyelim ne olucak.Elimi aşağıya doğru şöyle bir attım..ben elimi atınca hayvan şöyle bir irkildi..yalama dozunu artırmaya başladı ve başını şöyle bir kaldırıp önümü yalamaya başladı ve o anda o yalamaya başladığında ben de garip bir şekilde heyecanlanmaya ümraniye escort başladım ve elimdeki şeyi başladım okşamaya. İç çamaşırım sırılsıklam oldu ve bu arada elimdeki şey kocaman olmuştu ben ööle şırıl sıklam olunca hayvan başladı şeyini üzerime doğru sürtmeye sanki sokup çıkarma hareketi yapıyordu ve ısıracak diye çok korktum.onun için onu çok zorlamak istemedim ve kendim çıkardım altımdaki pantolonu,hayvan beni ön ayaklarıyla şöyle bir itti ve popom üzerine yere oturdum.. Bacaklarım kadıköy escort öne doğru… ve alt kısmım çıplak olarak başını orama soktu ve deli gibi yalamaya başladı. Ben de tabi çıldırmaya nerdeyse titremeye başlamıştım ayağa kalktım bacaklarımın üzerinde onun pozisyonunu aldım ve o da arkadan öne doğru başladı içeri girmeye.. sırılsıklam olduğum halde girmek için oldukça zorlandı çok acıdı başta acıdı ama acıyla birlikte haz da korkunçtu bir müddet sonra o acıyı duymamaya başladım ve müthiş bir şekilde boşaldım ama o daha boşalmamıştı dışarı çıktı ve tekrar yalamaya başladı beni bu sefer arkadan zorlamaya başladı işte bu tam bir felaketti korkunç bir çığlıkla içeri girdi çok çabaladı.. içeri dışarı…ve bu çabalama esnasında o da titremeye başladı..sanırım boşalmıştı. Devamı daha sonra …

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Olgun Ve Tombul Kadınım

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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