The Sitter

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All characters are 18+


Wednesday nights were our favorite nights to get out of the house. The movies were cheaper, the streets less busy, and babysitter’s desperate for work.

Joseph and I had planned this night out for weeks, and I was feeling so sexy in my little red dress, stockings, and Red heels. The movie was starting in 2 hours. We lived 15 minutes away from the theater.

I hear my phone ring. What the fuck? The original babysitter, Janie, says she can’t make it, she has the flu. Just when I ready to be disappointed, Janie gives me the number to her cousin, Julie. She said the already spoke, she has great references, she’s a freshman at the University, and she needs some money. I agreed, after speaking with Joseph.

We finished getting ready, smelling XDfresh, feeling sexy for our first night out in weeks! The doorbell rang. I answered it, and saw the most beautiful girl; long brown hair, green eyes, 5’6, probably 150 lbs. The first thing I noticed were her breasts. They were almost as big as mine.

I moved aside, and let her in. We went over the usual emergency rules, lists of contacts, etc .

Joseph came downstairs, and put in his two cents: NO BOYS!!

That was his only rule that wasn’t on the list. Janie was a lesbian, and her girlfriend lived 2 hours away. So it was never a concern before.

She agreed, and we left for our special night out. We of course worried the entire time we were gone, but Joseph also assured me we were only 15 minutes away should there be an emergency or concern.

The movie was great, and dinner was fabulous. Joseph was the driver tonight, so nothing stopped me from indulging in a few too many cocktails. It was getting around to be midnight, and we knew Julie needed to be in classes the next morning.

When we arrived, there was a bicycle in the driveway, which wasn’t Julie’s because she drove to our home. Strange, maybe Julie had a female study partner over? The lights were out in the children’s room upstairs. There was a lamp light easily seen from the outside porch, but we saw nobody inside.

Joseph kept having to shish me, I was super giggly and eager to get inside for midnight fun with the husband.

We entered our house, and called out Julie’s name. No answer. Joseph and I didn’t want to wake ulus escort the kids, so we stopped yelling and searched my she wasn’t in any obvious rooms. As we entered the hall to the den room, we heard soft chatter, and obvious moaning from a male. Joseph speed up his pace and walked in the room…turned on the light, and there was Julie, on her knees giving a guy her age a blow job.

Joseph was confused, and pissed!

“WHAT THE FUCK?” were the only words he could say at first.

I couldn’t help but notice the way she was blowing this guy. It was obvious she was new to oral sex..

I ignored my husband’s angry attitude, and with boozy brain, I said, “oh honey, you’re doing it all wrong!!, Move aside, let a pro show you!” and I almost fell I was so drunk, but I wanted to teach this girl the tricks.

Joseph couldn’t believe what he was seeing. We had threesome’s in the past, mostly MFF. Never messed with college kids.

I got on my knees in front of the guy, and made sure Julie was watching. I took his cock in my hand and started stroking first. Up and down, gripping it and relaxing my hand. His moans reminded me of when Joseph and I were in college. I guess there’s nothing like good blow job skills!

I paused stroking the guy so I can take off my stockings. I took one and tied his balls tight with the lower part of the stocking. I handed the other stocking to Julie, and told her to tie Joseph’s balls the same. She obeyed.

“Now, get on your knees in front of Joseph, and stroke his cock too. Rub the stocking against his cock, he likes that!” Again, she obeyed. I continued Stroking the guy, and I directed Julie to do as I do. And if she’s a good girl, she’ll please her men every time!

I stroked and put my wet mouth on the guys long, hard cock. It felt nice sucking different cocks sometimes. Joseph calls me his mouth slut, and I fucking love it!

Julie acted like we were playing Simon says…and she was winning. I showed her how to wet her middle finger and insert it into a man’s ass for their extra pleasure! When I did this to the college kid, Joseph looked like he was ready to explode, but he knew from experience, now is not the right time to cum.

“it’s called edging, sweetheart. You get a man yenimahalle escort to almost cum, then you ease off and stop.” I instructed Julie. She listened like a good slut.

I ended this learning session quicker than I wanted to because Julie had class in the morning.

I untied the guys balls, and he pulled up his shorts.

The guy loaded his bike into Julie’s truck, and they drove off.

Joseph was acting extra horny tonight, more than after any other sexual get together. I think it’s perhaps Julie was the youngest girl we’d been with, I didn’t mind, he knew I loved his rock hard cock, however it got hard! I get the benefits!! As soon as the front door closed, Joseph locked it, and almost ran to me. He still has his stocking wrapped in his balls, and the pressure was getting to him.

I took him in my mouth right there, and I could still see the shiny lip gloss from Julie’s lips. It had a light cherry scent. We fucked right there in the living room, on the couch…

“I’m going to cum so deep in you, baby,” he moaned…I know he always loves saving his cum and seed for me. And he came so good inside of me. Immediately after Cumming, Joseph kissed my mouth, saying he wanted to kiss me especially after my mouth pleased the college guy to an edge.

Then he went down to my pussy, and pleasured me too climax, so he could lick and swallow our combined juices…

5 minutes later, I get a text:


I giggled, and hugged Joseph.

“SOON…VERY SOON” I replied.

The following Monday, as our kids were in school, Joseph, Julie, the college guy and I made arrangements for another lesson at our house.

I escorted the couple upstairs to our room. We had a special locked cabinet where we kept the alcohol, and the Toys, so I took Julie’s hand and asked her to chose one for pussy, and one for ass. She chose a larger black vibrator for here pussy, and a small, red plug for the ass. I never told her who’s ass.

I picked out a few toys also, lube and vodka. We took turns taking shots, and soon the laughs and curiosity struck…what would I teach them today? First, I quizzed her on her oral skills. I pulled out a cock-ring from the cabinet, and showed her how to slide it on the college guy. Joseph and I sat on the bed, half naked, watching as she grabbed his now very hard shaft. She put her mouth on the head, sucked it slow and good. She worked her mouth down the head, to the shaft, down to the balls..

“Perfect, Julie! Fucking perfect girl…ok, you’ve proved you’re a good mouth slut to men, how about pussy? Can you be his pussy slut, Julie?”

“yes ma’am”…

I undressed Julie, and finished undressing myself. Joseph was nude, and the college kid was still in his t-shirt, but nothing below.

I instructed Julie that to be a good pussy slut, it involves many positions, and right now I want her Doggy style. She got on all 4s, and I tapped her little ass, as I turned on the vibrator on and put it in her wet pussy.

I went slow at first, then I had a better idea! I asked Joseph to grab the scarves in the closet. We had a nice collection of long silky ones. When he returned, I told him to tie her tits as tight as he wanted, and I took out the nipple clips and placed them on her pretty nipples.

“Now you’re perfect” I told her.

Joseph was hard as a rock, so was college guy. I pulled the vibrator out of Julie’s cunt, and told Joseph to show them how a real man fucks pussy. Joseph was happy and so hard!!

I wanted more…I wanted to give Julie and her man the real adult version of fucking. I whispered in the college man’s ear, “lick his ass!!”…and he surely did! So wet and pointy his tongue was too!

“Take him!” I got excitement in my entire body when the college kid slowly and eagerly lubed his long cock and entered my man’s asshole, as Joseph was fucking Julie. I wanted Joseph to feel amazing!!

I then instructed Julie to get on her back, and to show me she can be a good cum slut! I laid next to her, and taught her with toys how to get her self to orgasm.

“it’s important you get yourself off, too” I told her.

I instructed Julie to spread her legs, and let her man fuck her. I told Joseph to fuck me first, to show the young couple how fucking is done right. Joseph fucked my pussy better than he ever had!

“when he needs to cum, Julie, let him cum in you! He will love it, so will you. Watch how Joseph cums in my pussy!”

And right then, both men came inside their women.

I told Julie to lick the cum dripping from my pussy, and like a good cum slut, she did.

Joseph found himself watching from the corner again, but as I look over, the college kid was sucking the cums off his cock.

It was a nice lesson in pleasure.

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Summer Crush

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I’ll tell you what I remember.

We were at camp, Peg-a-big-dick, somewhere deep in the Rocky Mountains. Our cabin was filled with the soft easy breaths of six other campers; they slept while you and I lay awake… you in your bed, me in mine.

Oh yeah, there was a storm that night.

I hear our cabin door slip open, exposing us to the night air. The silhouette of a curvy teen appears through the darkness. I know right away it’s got to be Gretchen, fellow camper and your summer crush; hell, everybody’s summer crush.

As she creeps closer into view, her soft scent of lillies and rain hit me, and I see that gorgeous face.

As my eyes widen and my mouth drops open, Gretchen pulls the straps off her shoulders, dropping her rain-soaked nightie to the wood floor. She slides, naked, into your bed.

I watch the surprise light up your eyes as the two of you passionately lock lips, your hands running up from her lower back to her shoulders. I push my hand down into my shorts and I grip what I’ve got.

I thank God quietly as Gretchen kicks off your blankets from the foot of the bed, giving me the best seat in the cabin to witness the show. You pull yourself up onto the young beauty’s perfect body, your smooth legs spread around her lower half.

She lifts your little silk dress and I watch it come over your head. Our eyes meet, you smile, then toss your dress at me and wink.

As I wrap the small silk gown around my bulge, I feel a shift inside me as if you’d touched me yourself. I stroke as I focus on Gretchen’s beautifully aggressive approach to sucking your left breast; she devours a mouthful of perky young boob and I imagine her tongue tracing your nipple.

She handles your bare ass and pushes you onto your hands and knees. You relax your lower back, and that subtle shift in your spine has me beating faster with my handful of silk. I watch her delicate licks as she buries her mouth between your cheeks, her hands pulling them apart as far as you can stand.

The three of us freeze when a sleeping camp-goer stirs in her bunk.

I imagine, in this moment–as the lightning illuminates us–that we probably look like perverse statues, perhaps created by the fifteenth century’s legendary sculptor Michelangelo, maybe during a horny dry spell. My mind is racing.

The camper settles, as does my heart’s pounding beats and I hear the two of you giggle, which makes me smile. Gretchen tongues your asshole, squeezes your cheeks and her grip rocks you back and forth, her head nodding a bit with the motion of your perfect ass.

I figure fuck it; my body is a temple, my dick could one day make me a pornstar and voyeorism isn’t really my thing. I throw off my blankets, pull off my shirt and shorts and stand proudly like a god-damned stallion; tandoğan escort the two of you examine my naked body.

Then I walk to your bed, put my hands on my ass and ask, “Why’s my dick still dry?”

Gretchen grips my cock and clenches with a fury, then says, “You. Just. Watch.”

Damn. Maybe voyeorism is my thing; at least I’ve got a better view.

She gives me a smile that makes the cynic in me realize there’s still hope in the world, it’s just buried between this chick’s legs.

Your delicate form shifts and you roll onto your back. Your legs spread around Gretchen as her body lowers onto yours. Your breasts touch, then your abs, then, with a gentle shift of Gretchen’s pelvis, your smooth, hairless pussies meet.

As I watch your tongue lap up the spit beneath Gretchen’s, your fingers move to her ass cheeks and you grasp their tight bulk, then shove her pussy tighter into yours. I see the pressure open up her soaked, dripping lips, exposing her glorious flesh-filled canal I so desperately want to invade.

I watch your fingers dip into Gretchen’s ass crack; they slide down half its length and penetrate her pussy. You bang her aggressively and her vibrating moans and hot breath captivate me, causing an unnaturally powerful burst of precum to burst from my tip.

Surely knowing our orgasms will wake these god-damned village people, Gretchen, like an angel guiding us to salvation, takes our hands in hers, all our fingers interlaced, and slowly, very cautiously leads us past the snoozing campers to the cabin door. She pushes it open and the raging storm’s whipping wind pulls us out.

We run naked into the woods and suddenly everything feels very familiar, as if this moment had been depicted in every horror movie I’d ever seen; I scan the surrounding trees for Freddy, Jason or that one fucking clown, but for the time being, it appears we’re alone.

Racing as if in a free fall, the heavy gusts of wind ravage us and the drenching rain hits so hard it pricks at our skin. The cool ground is so soft it squishes between our toes; the immense amounts of moss prevent a muddy mess and protect us from sharp rocks.

I find the perfect tree, the kind of tree so beautiful it could stand alone in a grassy field or be the lone oak growing out of a beautiful pond. Its thick, lush canopy lords over us, shielding us from the brunt of the wind and rain. I push Gretchen against its jagged trunk, it’s rough bark swiping gently at her flawless skin.

I feel your naked body press against my back and you cling to me. I embrace the warmth of your breasts below my shoulder blades, while your pussy brushes my ass and your thighs slide against the backs of mine. I stretch back and explore your tunalı escort asscheeks as Gretchen reaches down and grips my rock-hard cock.

Her gaze hits mine like a firework and in those gorgeous green eyes I swear to God, for a moment, I find heaven.

Gretchen spreads her legs and my tip finds her cunt. Your rain-soaked kisses on my shoulders cause my dick to bulge as it pushes inside the girl.

She’s soft and warm and as I fuck, pound and punish her pussy–welcoming every one of her delicate pants and moans–I stretch back further and slide a finger into your warm asshole. Every thrust of my dick into Gretchen causes the digit to draw back out of you, then slip in again upon my recoil, over and over.

When Gretchen’s tongue finds mine and we kiss, I know my moment has arrived. My dick swells against her insides. I hold my breath, push my head in as deep as her pussy will allow and explode like one of The Bellagio’s fountains, pumping a healthy load of my white hot cum all over her cervix.

I pull out slowly, then close her thighs–keeping my swimmers deep within–secretly hoping she’ll go on to have my babies. I turn to face you and our lips come together in a gloriously rain-soaked kiss.

I grip your shoulders and get you moving, carefully guiding you to Gretchen, your slippery breasts and soaked pussies coming together, and in a mere matter of seconds, you’ve found eachother’s tongues.

At your backside, I spread your asscheeks open with my dick, rubbing my hard shaft all over your asshole. I slip it up your cunt and feel your insides for the first time. A forceful jolt causes an adorable moan to escape your lips and I pound your pussy like I pounded your friend’s.

I grip your hips and squeeze them so hard, I swear I feel the delicate blood vessels underneath your skin pop and burst. Your immediate bruising indicates my hunch is correct. I pull out of your sweet pussy because I want something tighter.

As Gretchen aggressively massages your clit and fingers your hole, I slap your ass, clearing away the rain water.

I slap it again… and again… all while my dick pushes open and fucks your puckered asshole.

When Gretchen pulls her hand from between your legs and her gaze meets yours, she appears to lose herself in your irises. She pushes her thigh against your cunt and your steady rhythmic movements drag your wet lips up that smooth flesh, then back down, leaving a streak of juice across her silky skin.

Your pussy builds momentum as her leg begins to drip beads of your delicious lube. As I drill your ass and you fuck her thigh, your elegant crush sucks on your tongue and squeezes your bouncing tits.

When you finally burst with a loud, sensual orgasm türbanlı escort that gets you shaking, your trembling body makes me fuck you harder and faster. I feel a slew of wet drips run down my ballsack and I reach down and collect it; upon examining the sticky red mess on my fingers, my working penis fattens, stretching you beyond what you can take… and you collapse into your friend.

With a monstrous vocalization, I unleash a massive string of spirting pearls, blowing them up your ass, then pulling out and splattering more all over your asscheeks.

While you turn and suck my dick clean, Gretchen uses her tongue to mop up the mess i made of your ass.

As the late-night storm evens out, we fall to the ground and I press my back against the tree’s trunk. You and your tired crush cling to me and I hold you both as if you were mine, and in this moment, I suppose you are, so I pull you close and grip you both tightly.

Despite the rain overhead, the clouds in the eastern sky pull apart, casting moonlight throughout the forest trees; the beams of blue light split through the canopy in long, thick streaks, the mystical sight enhanced by the woodland’s heavy floating haze.

My heart pounds in my chest, thudding away in such rapid succession that I know it won’t be long before you and Gretchen take notice. Sure, I can blame it on the sex, and of course, I will, but as long as the clouds continue to whither away, that little white lie will pull apart too.

Your head lifts off my chest and I watch your gaze focus on my penis; I feel it lift from my thigh, but I don’t need to look, I’ve seen it all before. Gretchen’s head lifts as well, and I feel a burning ache in my shaft. Her soft fingers wrap around my dick, and she jolts when a massive pump of blood makes it jump, then grow, and suddenly her fingers don’t fit around it anymore.

My thick dickhead, so full of that vital fluid that it’s purple, reaches up toward the dangling, wind-blown leaves, only slowing its growth when its length approaches a whopping fifteen inches.

The matching expressions on your faces could stop a man, dead in his tracks. As I watch the churning clouds expose the face of a radiant full moon, I feel the lunar light nip and scold my flesh.

It penetrates my epidermis, causing my muscles to shift and expand, my shoulders to broaden to pure bulk, my facial hair to grow and my teeth to sharpen. Two new glistening K-9s drop down from my upper gums and I drink the blood that fills my mouth.

You both pull away, but you don’t run. With a terrible crunch, my knees break backwards and I slowly rise from the moss to stand on inverted legs. My lifelong secret is no more. The wolf within has come out to play.

And as you both do your best to remain as still and quiet as possible, my dick shifts again. I watch your eyes trail down my new body, widening when you witness this massive cock’s veins thicken and bulge.

In this state, it would barely fit in your mouths, let alone down south; maybe, I think–as I examine the expressions of determination on your pretty faces–we could get a little creative.

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Patty Burns DP

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Patty Burns DP

It had been pre-arranged.

I walked in on Patty and my buddy Justin as she was riding him in reverse cowgirl. Her long dark hair hung to her luscious big breasts, framing them as they bounced with her up and down sexual motion. Her blue eyes popped with clarity that accompanied her union with my friend. Without skipping a beat she remarked sexily, “Oh Blake, your friend is really fucking me! God he feels good inside my pussy…care to join us?”

Of course we had planned this ‘interruption’ so that Justin couldn’t, wouldn’t, opt out of the action he was enmeshed in.

“Ummm. Keep fucking me like that baby…you don’t mind if I suck Blake’s cock while you’re in me- I mean he is my boyfriend?”

Justin never had a chance. To walk away from the voluptuous Patty Burns instead of remaining deep in her velvety vagina would be unspeakable. “No–oh that’s good Patty- just like that!”

A white and pink flower print garter belt circled her flat tummy attached to lace top white stockings. Her white, three inch platform pumps, were tucked back along ‘J’s sides. I noted her pretty, matching bra and panties to the side on the bed. “I wore some pretty lingerie for Justin and let him undress me- I know how much you guys like that!”

Taking Patty’s head in my hands we kissed passionately before availing my now rigid, extended cock to her shiny lips.

Watching Patty give head is something every man should witness. Her mouth slides sexily up and down the shaft while she holds your cock determinedly while your balls dangle lightly in her other palm.

Justin’s eyes were closed and he pushed himself deep into Patty’s shapely body. She ground down on him as she fucked and sucked us simultaneously.

“Oh boys, this is heavenly. God I’m turned on! How about a little DP action? You’ve put me in the mood for a little nasty!”

“Ummm,” was all Justin could muster.

Removing rus escort me from her wet mouth Patty reached for me and we kissed again, the promise of intense sexual gratification egging us on.

I grabbed her heavy hanging tits and squeezed before flicking her engorged nipples with my fingers.

Rising from her knees Patty turned her shapely hips and ass to me. “Sorry Justin- Blake gets my ass…You ok with that?” She put her mouth around Justin’s impressive cock. “Can you hold off a little longer?” she continued. ” I’d like all of us to cum together!” Patty licked his shaft and head.

“I think so…you’ve really got me on the edge again though.”

Turning her head towards me she confided, “Justin blew his load all over me while I was sucking him off. I know he can go again. Now grab that lube Blake and you boys take me to heaven!”

Lowering herself on Justin’s big hard cock, Patty presented her pink, round asshole to me doggy style. I tongued her rear entrance and poured lube down her ass crack. Encircling then inserting my index finger I prepared her taboo tunnel for a good fucking.

Slowly, she moved on Justin’s cock as I lined myself up. Pushing gently but firmly, my cock entered Patty’s backdoor. After reaching the hilt of my love dagger she started moaning with pleasure.

We moved in unison at first, Justin and I sliding in and out of her curved body as Patty pushed against us. We penetrated her slowly then increased the speed and depth of our fucking.

“Oh,oh,oh- oh fuck me boys. Yes, yes, oh that’s good!”

Before long the two of us began alternating our thrusts- I’d be deep in her ass with Justin barely in her pussy.

“Oh my! Oh yes! Suck my tits Justin-I’m so full…full of cock! Oh fuck me- fuck me!”

Patty was a delicious lover and we’d experienced incredible sexual heights since getting sıhhiye escort together but this was our first actual DP with another partner. We’d played with fake dicks, and dildos, and butt plugs, but knowing and feeling another cock in my lady was an entirely different matter.

Should I be jealous of another man in her pert, pretty pussy? I suppose so but our relationship was based on hot, sloppy, mind blowing pleasure. I’d fucked all of her friends and she’d taken a stray or two, but this was so intimate and taboo we became lost in the moment.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had two dicks in me at once,” Patty smiled. “You don’t know how good, actually spectacular, this feels!”

We continued pumping her hot, velvety holes. Justin squeezed and licked Patty’s breasts that hung like ripe fruit in his face. Her long brown hair with its light highlights, hung down her back. She bent down and kissed Justin long and hard letting us have our way with her horny holes.

“Just keep fucking me boys- this feels awesome!” We obliged.

“I feel like I could last all night, Patty,” I said enjoying the current surroundings my cock was exploring.

“I’d like to cum in your ass if you’ll let me,” said Justin.

“You want my ass too baby?”

“Of course I do! I want the whole package Patty.”

“What do you think Blake? Want to eat my pussy while he takes my naughty asshole?”

I answered by removing myself and standing back. Our heart rates were all elevated from our unified onslaught of Patty’s perfect body.

I watched Patty turn around and lower herself onto his lubed, erect soldier. “Oh god,” she was grinding her ass on Justin. “Damn that’s good. Lick me baby, eat my wet pussy Blake!”

Obeying Patty’s demand I licked her red enflamed pussy as my friend fucked her well stretched ass. I sucked her clit to her sincan escort very vocal approval. “God that’s good! Yes, yes, yes…”

Moving from below I presented my engorged cock to her loving lips and watched her suck me again. “That’s it baby, lick the head of my dick. Yes, just like that. Having fun so far?”

“Mmmm, mmm,” was her response.

I aided her by sliding in and out of her moist aperture while Justin continued his assault on her ass from below.

Standing back for a moment I watched Patty. Her eyes were closed, her head was back, and her big tits hung on her chest. I am a lucky man I reminded myself, to be with such a sex loving, beautiful specimen of womanhood.

“You guys ready to cum?” I asked, re-arranging myself to fuck my woman’s pink, puffy pussy. “The lady wants a colossal, communal cum shot so let’s give it to her! What do you need baby?” I entered her and bent down to give her a long, loving kiss.

Patty held my head in her hands as out tongues encircled on another. Justin and I increased our banging rhythm intent on reaching orgasm together.

Looking in my eyes Patty murmured, “Grab that vibrator Blake,” she pointed to the table. “I need to buzz my clit- it’ll help me cum with you guys!”

As she held the toy to her clit I could feel the vibrations in her pussy. “Oh Patty, that feels good. I’m getting close- how about you Justin?” I could feel him pounding Patty’s ass from below.

“I’m close man, I’m ready- just a little more…” He jammed his cock deep in her anus. I followed suit in her vagina as Patty started bucking her torso against us.

I let go, spurting ropes of cum inside her. Patty issued a guttural response as she shook with pleasure. Justin’s eyes were closed and he groaned in appreciation of his orgasm shooting in her tight, shapely ass.

We lay back, side by side, with Patty in the middle. Justin and I both had a big breast in our mouths as Patty smiled and ran her hand over her pussy and ass.

“I can feel your semen oozing from my holes,” she remarked bringing her fingers to her mouth. “Look at the mess you boys made of me! Mmmm, so naughty, so nasty…” she paused, feeding herself our thick, white cum. “That was exceptional you two-I want more!”

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Julie and my Roommate Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 Duo turns to Trio

I got dressed and went out into the kitchen where Jason and Julie were chatting.

“It’s such a pretty day, we should go somewhere for lunch, maybe go walk around downtown,” Julie said.

We agreed and were soon in Julie’s convertible headed down to the river to eat at an open-air sports bar we all frequented. Julie was dressed for the unusually warm weather with a tight pair of denim shorts and a doubled-up tank top. Her blue lacy bra was visible around the edges of her shirt. Her beautiful brown shoulder length hair was in a pony tail and she had spent some time applying red lipstick. She was a stunning specimen of a woman and she garnered the attention of any man in the room. Her beautiful curvy hips, thighs and huge, perky, tits were mesmerizing and it was difficult to look away from her.

We were seated in a comfortable booth, Jason on one side and Julie and I on the other. We nervously tried to make small talk or talk about the menu while we waited for the server. We sipped on some fruity mixed drinks and breathed in the cool air of the outdoor patio.

Jason coughed and said, “I hope you two don’t mind bringing this up, but this morning…. that was really hot. Again, I just hope you two are ok with what happened, it quite honestly just happened”

Julie leaned over and toyed with the straw, shifting her beautiful dark eyes back and forth between Jason and I, waiting to see who was going to say something else.

“I imagine a lot of guys would not want to see their girl fooling around with another guy, but it really got my blood pumping to see you touching each other, it was a real head rush. I don’t believe that Julie will leave me, we have been together a long time and I feel that we have strong connection.”

Julie responded to this by squeezing my arm and leaning into me with a kiss on my cheek.

“I really don’t have any problem with you guys fooling around from time to time. I just told Julie not to make any babies and come back to me when it’s over, or better yet, I’d like to join in whenever I can.”

“Make any babies?” Jason responded almost spitting out a mouth full of margarita. “I hadn’t even thought that far ahead. That hand job was fantastic!” He lowered his voice and continued, “I haven’t cum that hard in a long time. In fact, that was the first action I’ve had in a year,” he shook his head and took a long sip from his drink.

The server came by and we had to end the conversation temporarily. We all ordered and started pulling on the garlic knot appetizers.

With his mouth half full, Jason continued, “Speaking of making babies, what do you guys use for birth control? Are you on the pill?” he directed at Julie.

“I tried taking the pill but it messes up my cycles so bad that I’m just miserable. We have been using condoms ever since we’ve been together and we keep a box of them in the nightstand.”

“I never could use condoms, I am really badly allergic to latex,” he replied.

Julie grinned, “I’m not sure we’ll get that far, you are very big. I’ve only been with two people and they were normal mamak escort sized and you are hung like a horse. I’m kinda scared, I mean it’s a beautiful cock, but I don’t think I could fit that thing in me.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, I just want to see you two fooling around again,” I stated as my brain swam at the thought of Julie and Jason enjoying each other’s bodies. I was getting butterflies in my stomach as Julie touched and stroked Jason’s thigh.

“I guess you could just pull out,” giggled Julie and smiled back at me.

Jason chewed on his straw and stared at Julie after her remark, looking her up and down in her sexy tank top. I was starting to get a full hard on at the prospect of Jason riding her bareback. She never offered to let me fuck her without protection, except for this morning in the shower, right after she had been playing with Jason’s huge cock.

We ate our meals and then left to walk around the riverfront, stopping to get an ice cream and enjoying the bright sunny afternoon. On the ride home I drove while Jason and Julie snuggled up in the back seat. They were talking about something but I could not hear the conversation. They were smiling and Julie giggled when he would whisper something into her ear. They had always gotten along very well and the sexual tension had become more and more obvious over time. They looked really good together, despite their dramatic difference in height.

When we got back to the apartment, Jason excused himself and drove his car to the grocery store to pick up a few items he needed. Julie and I were left alone together in front of the tv, “Are you sure you are ok with this? You aren’t going to leave me? You’re not going to start hating me because I touched another man?”

I reassured her that I wasn’t going to leave her and that I had some of the same fears deep down. She reached for me and began kissing and holding me on the couch. She came up for breath and said, “I want to go slow, I really don’t know if I could ever go all the way with him, but it is fun to play with that huge cock.” She sat up and straightened up her hair, “He sure does cum a lot.” She reached up to her shoulders and straightened up her shirt straps and bra straps.

“It was really hot to watch him cum all over your tits, that was unreal.”

“Well, I’m glad we could provide you with your own little personal porn show,” she giggled. She smoothed out the material over her breasts and added, “I wonder if he always cums that much?” She gave me a sly grin and a wink and then got up to get her laptop.

“I’ve got to go put in some study time. We’ll talk about what to do about supper later on this evening,” Julie retired to her room and changed into some stretchy leggings and a t shirt.

A few hours later the three of us were back together watching tv on the couch. Julie got up to check on something she was baking in the oven as I looked over and noticed that Jason was playing with his phone. Julie came back in and took her place between the two of us. She grabbed his phone ofise gelen escort and threw it onto the love seat across from us, “I want to talk to you.”

“Both of us?” Jason replied.

“Yes. I feel like I’m really stepping out on a limb here but I just wanted to tell you what I’m thinking.” “What is it?” I said, my stomach sinking a little.

“I really like both of you and I am emotionally attached to both of you. This is really confusing for me and I would hate to see either of you with another woman, I enjoy spending time with both of you. I love you, Bryan, because you are cute, you are so smart and I love talking to you. I, (cough), love you, Jason, because you are fun and I find you so physically attractive. I know this sounds crazy but I just wish I could have two boyfriends.”

I looked at her and then looked at Jason and saw they both seemed to be looking to me for a response. I was getting light headed at the prospect of permanently sharing Julie with my friend and roommate.

“I think I could handle that.” I didn’t really know for sure if I could but I was willing to take my chances. Besides, the prospect of watching her with Jason was just too alluring and I didn’t realize what a voyeur I

was becoming.

“I think we could come up with some guidelines, I’m sure other people have done this before, we could make it work,” I added.

“I’m all for it,” replied Jason. He was running his hand up and down Julie’s thigh, as she sat cross legged on the couch between us. Julie leaned over and kissed Jason full on the lips and they embraced for several moments. I cleared my throat to get her attention and she quickly turned and jumped on top of me, kissing me hard as well. I could feel tears coming off of her face as she was obviously very in love with both of us. None of us knew exactly what to do next, but Jason was rubbing the backside of her thigh as she hugged onto me.

Julie nuzzled into my neck and she whispered, “Jason is rubbing my leg, I think he’s got a hard-on.” We both giggled as she teasingly kicked his thigh. As she clung to me her foot began to trace the outline of Jason’s cock through his shorts. My mind kept going back to the fact that Jack would probably eventually fuck Julie and he was given the option to go bareback.

Jason had one hand rubbing the inside of Julie’s thigh getting closer and closer to the promised land, his other hand was gripping and rubbing his erection through his shorts. Julie let go of me and stood up.

“You boys come with me,” she walked away as Jason and I were mesmerized by the sway of her sexy thighs tucked neatly into the elastic black leggings. She had that gap that some women have at the top of her thighs and you occasionally saw a glimpse of light shine through that beautiful valley as she walked away. We both arrived at our bedroom with the king-sized bed. Jason was more than eager and he had stripped down to nothing as he entered the room. He walked up to Julie as she sat on the edge of our bed, his dick was fully erect and throbbing with his otele gelen escort heartbeat, he ran his fingertips through her hair as she grabbed his heavy cock and precum was again oozing out of the tip. Jason’s precum was similar in volume to an ordinary man’s ejaculation. It began to drip down and puddle on Julie’s leggings and I had butterflies in my stomach as I watched the show unfold right in front of me. I was not sure how to jump into the scene unfolding in front of me, so I peeled off my clothes and looked for a pause in the action.

Seated on the edge of the bed, Julie was eye level to his magnificent cock. She licked her lips and began licking the engorged head. She smeared the pre cum all over his cock and it was shining in the dimly lit bedroom. Julie began working the thick head of Jason’s cock between her pouty red lips and her lips sealed around the ridge at the back of his enormous cock head. She grasped his shaft with her feminine hands and occasionally reached down to fondle his enormous balls. Once again, the light sparkled off her freshly painted nails, as she ran her hand up and down his dick. Jason was looking down, his eyes glazed over in lust, as he ran his fingers through her wavy brown hair. He would take one hand and reach down to rub her cheek and her beautiful neck, as she struggled to get his cock in her mouth. She never could get more than a few inches in her mouth. She could easily get all of my five inches in her mouth, but she was struggling with Jason’s massive package.

After a few minutes of this, Julie stood up and motioned for Jason to sit against the headboard, as she peeled off all of her clothes. When her shirt came off, Jason leaned over and bear hugged her and buried his face between her luscious breasts. Julie crawled up onto the bed and once again grabbed Jason’s cock and started rubbing it all over her face. Her lipstick was smeared all over his cock and around her beautiful face. I was sitting behind her as her wonderful ass was on full display, right in front of me. I immediately went to work massaging her wet pussy and rubbing her creamy thighs. I began massaging her vulva and focusing my attention on her engorged love button.

Her breathing was quick and ragged as I fingered her through her first orgasm. She was absolutely soaked as she worked over Jason’s throbbing cock. I quickly reached for the nightstand and grabbed a condom and ripped it open. My hands were shaking with anticipation as I rolled it over my aching cock. I mounted Julie doggystyle and went straight to work fucking her for all I was worth. I grabbed onto her beautiful child-bearing hips as I thrust in and out at a rapid pace. Jason was grabbing at her swinging breasts and pinching her nipples as she wildly lapped up his juices. Jason had gathered up her long hair with both of his hands and he held it up tightly to help her continue her wild blow job.

I was overly excited but managed to keep thrusting for quite some time as I heard Julie moan through two more orgasms. Her juices were running down her thighs and were puddling in the white floralpatterned sheets. I couldn’t take much more as I increased the tempo of my thrusting and I finally held on tight and erupted into her wonderful pussy, wishing I didn’t have to wear this latex layer of protection. Jason was right behind as he unloaded his balls into her beautiful mouth. Julie gulped as fast as she could but some of his cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth.

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Educating Laura Ch. 04

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This short chapter is less sex and more talking about sex, gearing up for the final chapter in this arc. Future stories of Laura and friends will be delayed by the day job…

That final weekend, Richie and I could have gone to London and stayed with Sanj. But we agreed it would be an unnecessary culture shock, being in her mum’s pristine apartment — us looking more scruffy than ever — and then back to a campsite for a final week. Not to mention the six to eight hours in a rammed minibus with a dozen gobby teenagers. ‘Known to the police’ was the euphemism used. With the younger kids, that might be via social services or because of their parents’ doings, but with these, thirteen and fourteen, most of them had records in their own right. Which half of them liked boasting about.

Until Andy pointed out that having a record meant you were stupid enough to get caught. He deliberately let slip some of the less-pleasant features of adult jails. The detailed descriptions of slopping-out might put a few of them off crime, if we were lucky.

One more week.

I would, in fact, miss most of the kids, for all their cheek and surliness. I’d miss the wonderful local countryside and the river even more. On the other hand, I couldn’t wait to have access to a proper bathroom again. Even Tesco’s toilets seemed luxurious, now.

Richie and I had a leisurely weekend. On Saturday we lounged around reading or explored, separately, reuniting for a pub dinner.

On the Saturday evening, we helped each other ‘shower’ with some buckets of almost-warm water, then hung out in the tent.

Richie was as chilled-out as I’d ever seen him.

“Fancy a fuck?” I asked.

“Sure. Why not.”

He filled me from behind, deep and hard.

I luxuriated in being able to make noise. Not exactly screaming, but certainly I let satisfied groans escape the tent walls.

Only the birds to hear.

He and I spent all of Sunday in the pub, reading and chatting with the few locals and staff from other campsites, avoiding the rain, until the last set of children were due to arrive.

Meanwhile, Andy and Ali drove a minibus back to London. Richie might have guessed how their weekend went, but I didn’t find out until later.

I’d overheard Ali tell Jude coldly, “No, I won’t be at yours this weekend,” but I hadn’t asked where she would be. I did notice she seemed very cheerful when she and Andy returned on the Sunday, with their dozen eleven-year-olds, but I’d put that down to a weekend in London without Jude. I should have guessed.

Seeing as he and Ali were both rota’d to be in London for the coming weekend, Andy had sought Al for a private word, a few days earlier.

“Do you want to stay at mine this weekend? It’s not much, but if you’re not comfortable at Jude’s no more…”

“Could I? Oh, please!”

“Course. Any time.” He looked like he wanted to have said more, but clearly the words so far had been as much as he could produce.

“You’re a star, love.”

He really was a bright spot in Ali’s life. She’d come to really value his quiet support and humour over the last year, as she’d watched him slowly get used to busy London and crowds of people. Women, he still didn’t seem completely used to. If he had been, she might have got together with him instead of Jude!

Possibly just as well. Jude was a lot more experienced at relationships and could damn well cope with being dumped. Andy, more likely, could have easily been broken. But now he seemed much better at coping with life. The summer in the country had really suited him, being able to take quiet moments to himself, and to show off his youth management and woodcraft skills. Several kids had responded to him who had ignored Sam or herself.

Ali was now sufficiently over her previous relationships to seriously think about Andy in ways that went beyond a potential ill-judged fling. He was pretty. All the dark curly hair and long eyelashes! Pure muscle and sinew, no fat! And modest with it all!

Ali awoke late on the Saturday morning. The throbbing pain in her wrists, which physios insisted must be from too much computer use, was back, despite her not having been near a keyboard in two months. She knocked back more painkillers and sighed. Perhaps it would get better on the journey.

“You OK to drive the first shift?” she asked Andy.


Twelve young teenagers present and correct, Andy drove out of the field, with his usual admonitions that if the kids got too noisy, he got to choose the music. As usual, by the time he’d reached the motorway, half of them were dozing. He’d reached Heston services, on the edge of London, before needing to offer a comfort break. They’d got it down to a fine art, frog-marching the kids to the toilets, waiting outside, taking it in turns themselves to run in. Luckily, this lot might be noisy but none had snuck off into any shops nor indulged in any obvious thefts.

“Phew,” Andy said as he let the group walk ahead back towards the minibus.

“Mm. Andy? Could you keep driving?”

“Aye. kızılay escort You all right, hen?”

“Arms hurting. Again. I’m sorry.”

“Huh. Best give them a break, aye. No worries.”

Children reunited with their parents or carers, both Ali and Andy drew large sighs of relief.

“Back to mine?” he asked.


He nodded shortly, and led her in silence through back streets to a somewhat dilapidated Victorian terrace, multiple doorbells betraying that it was divided into flats or rooms. “My bedsit’s on the top floor.”

Ali didn’t reply, saving her energy for the stairs.

“Here’s me. Sofa’s all yours.”

Ali looked around the room. Double divan bed with hideous duvet cover, battered 50s wooden wardrobe to the side. The chipped melamine on the small bedside table suggested it had been retrieved from a skip or the street, by Andy or his landlord. The large window had even uglier curtains. The sofa pushed up against the foot of the bed, facing both a TV on a table and a short run of kitchen cupboards, which housed a sink and under-counter fridge, a Baby Belling oven with two hot plates, and kettle and microwave. The units were dated, battered, but clean and tidy, like the rest of the room.


“Toilet and bathroom both on the landing — there, look. Two other guys in the other two rooms — don’t mind them, they’re odd chaps, but they won’t mess with you.”

Ali nodded, used the facilities, and returned to Andy. Andy passed her a welcome mug of tea.

“Agh!” Ali had fumbled the handle and sloshed boiling hot tea over her hand. She plonked it on the floor and leapt to the sink to douse her hand in cold water.

She seemed to be shaking more than the minor burn deserved. “You OK?” he asked, pointlessly.

As Ali rested her weight on the counter, Andy sprang to her. “I’ve got you, hen. A dook under the tap’ll sort it, just let the water run a while. Eh, love, don’t be greeting, it’s nae bother. It’s the shock that’s got you, just a wee burn.”

Ali said nothing, just watched the water run.

“No matter if your legs are all wobbly, I’m holding you. I’ve got you. No worries, pet. Ah, it’s just a minor burn, hardly a mark.” Andy kept talking, trying to reassure her with his soothing tone. “Eh, let’s get you laying down, here, on me bed. The settee’s not so comfy. You bide there a while, rest yoursel’, right? You need more of your tablets?”

“What tablets?”

“Them ones you take when you think no-one’s looking, usually before you say you’re having a migraine. If they’re meant to stop the headaches, they clearly ain’t working.”

Ali’s stiff body seemed to collapse, giving in. “They’re painkillers. Supposed to help the muscle and nerve pain, prevent spasms…”

“They help?”

“At night, yes. I can sleep. But the side-effects are like being drunk, so I can’t take them in the day, not if I’m going to be driving. I only need them when I get a flare-up — suppose after six weeks of camp it was time? But ‘migraine’ always sounds better than ‘my body is falling apart’.”

“Huh. Right. I’d offer you a cuppa — here, it’s probably cooled down now.”


“You look like you need a nap.”

“Like shit? Yeah.”

“You’d never look like shit, love. You go to sleep there. I’ll chill on the sofa. Wake me when you wake up, I’ll sort food an’ all.”

Andy checked the mug was in no danger of falling, and turned back to what he liked to think of as his living area.



“You… you don’t need to sleep on the sofa. Would you — it would be nice if you’d… Ali managed to indicate the empty side of the bed before wincing and closing her eyes again. Andy wondered if she actually did have a headache as well.”

And then realised what she’d said.

He thought for a moment. Ali was a good friend. Possibly his only friend, other than Pete. Obviously, he fancied her, but he hadn’t particularly missed sex over the last six years. Anyone you could trust — he supposed that was the definition of friend — was more important than getting his leg over. He didn’t want to jeopardise his friendship — and trust — with Ali.

Though, having been persuaded to break his years-long sex drought with Laura the week before, the thought of such things with Ali had crossed his mind increasingly frequently. He snorted, realising he hadn’t needed any persuasion, just an offer.

Andy wasn’t sure what Ali was offering, but right now she wasn’t in a state to offer anything, whatever she said.

“All right. I’ll sit down here a wee while, read my book.” He sat on top of the duvet, Ali beneath it beside him. All chaste and polite. Ali fell asleep, the grey pallor fading from her face.

Andy watched Ali sleep, rather than read.

He enjoyed it.

Around two hours later, Andy speculated about dinner, as Ali woke up. “Man, that’s better.”

“I’m afraid dinner’s no better than on site. Pasta, pesto, peas, cheese.”

“It’s different. kolej escort Pesto. Even if it was the same, I’d be happy.”

She used one hand to eat, again, Andy noticed. Clearly not totally recovered. Ali held a couple peas aloft on her fork. “I never thought I’d be so happy to see frozen peas!”

That reassured him. Her humour was always a good sign. She’d lost it for that three weeks before finally splitting with Jude, not to mention much of the next fortnight. He’d been worried, or rather, more worried, then. Physical pain was a bastard, but depression and sadness were worse.

“You’ll not be wanting booze tonight, am I right?”

Ali shook her head. “Doesn’t mix well with the meds. I feel drunk enough with the temazepam — it’s supposed to help me sleep…”

“I know what jellies are! Shit, pal, you’ve got a fortune there! Um. Yeah. Don’t worry. I don’t know anyone, any more…”

“People buy them?”

“Oh, you sweet innocent lass! Yeah. About a fiver each. You can melt them down and inject them, people say it’s like Ecstasy… Or mix with heroin, for a bigger high — course, what goes up must come down… No, I haven’t. I’d have nicked them and sold them, before, rather than use them myself. Why I’m still alive, innit.”

“Right.” Ali felt she had to say something. “Good. That you’re alive, I mean.”

“And well?” Andy asked drily. “Aye. I coulda been more stupid.”

“So you were just a young pisshead, not a druggie, then?”

“Mm. Never injected anythin’,” Andy agreed, glossing over various experiments involving tablets and crystals, and plentiful teenage weed use. “Just a bampot goin’ radge too often. Ach, what do you call it…”

“I’ve seen Trainspotting. ‘Violent batshit fucker, exploding soon as anyone looks at you funny’?”

“About right. Start in on anyone before they can start on you, that’s what I used to think. Not that I did thinking, beyond getting a bit of cash — that was my problem. Like to think I do think now. I think, therefore I am not just a glaikit wee bawbag…”

“I saw your Sociology textbooks. Are you doing a degree?”

Andy blushed, awkward again. “Might be.”

“What do you mean?”

He winced. “Yeah. Aye, I am,” he confessed. “Starts next month, three years. Working around it, fewer hours. Want to be a qualified youth worker, end up working at a proper residential place, a centre in the countryside somewhere, teach proper activities, maybe work properly with troubled kids an’ that. Who knows? Long way from that, now.”

“Good on ya, love.”

The term of endearment wasn’t just a vocal tic, Andy reckoned.

“It’s getting late. You’d best get to bed.”

Ali gave him a hard stare. “You, too.”

Both seemed frozen by the silence that ensued. Ali was familiar with the fan-fiction trope of ‘two people, one bed’; Andy was equally unsure what was being asked of him. Ali dropped her gaze.

Eventually Andy swallowed and spoke. “I was gonna say, you was always welcome to stay here. Move in, like, long as you need…”

Ali’s throat scraped, “And? But?”

Then she whispered, “Could I?”

They moved closer, into the sort of friendly hug they’d had before, but with more intent and body weight behind it.

“Bed,” she told him, her forehead to his. “I’m not having you sleep on the sofa if I’m living here.”

Andy pulled away so as to better inspect her face. “Meaning?”

She held him, possibly more for support than for romance, and leaned towards the bed. “Come on. Not promising anything tonight — we’re both too tired, right? — but next weekend — we’ll be done with the camp? No Jude watching our every move. Take it from there?”

Andy nodded slowly, letting the idea filter through his brain and out into a smile. He let her pull him to the bed. This time, they both got under the covers.

Andy seemed stiff, almost frozen, at the contact with Ali’s body, despite them both being still fully clothed. He forced himself to breathe, slowly.

Ali stretched over and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “You’re a good man, Andy.”

He managed to turn to her, his muscles easing a fraction. “Eh?”

“La, la, violent criminal jailbird, blah bla blah! You was a screw-up, you learned, you got sorted, now you’re working on becoming a professional. You’re an adult now, you know to control yourself, I know you wouldn’t hit anyone now…”

“Doesn’t mean the past never happened, though, does it? “

“Not saying that. But it doesn’t have to wreck your future. I’ve worked with you a year now. I can trust you, is what I’m saying. I like you…”

She melted at the expression in his eyes, his deep brown eyes crinkling, like an abused dog finally realising his new owner won’t hit him.

“I like you, too.”

“Good. Hold that thought, gorgeous.”

The word clearly startled him.” You’re gorgeous.”

Ali seemed equally resistant to compliments. “Whatever. Come here.”

Slowly, their bodies wriggled closer to each other.

“You’re maltepe escort lovely and warm,” Ali told him, more for reassurance as she stated the obvious. “Relax!”

Andy was still lying rigid, a few inches away. Then he took a deep breath, gave an embarrassed smile, and determinedly nudged his body to make contact with hers. Another face of concentrated thought, then he gave Ali an awkward kiss on the cheek.

She turned her head. He hesitated, then kissed her mouth, holding her tight. His kisses were slow, powerful and reciprocated.

“Mm, you’re good,” Ali said when they broke for air. “Coming back to you OK?”

Andy made the most equivocal sound he could, and embarked upon more kissing. Whether he needed it or not, he wanted more practice.

Unlike with Laura, it was vital to him that he made a good impression upon Ali.

He stiffened slightly when Ali snuggled up to him, then forced himself to relax.

“You OK?” she asked.

“Fine, aye. Just, y’know.” Andy exhaled. “Used to share beds in the jail sometimes, to keep warm, but all strictly well-behaved, least with me and my cellies it was… Bit different, this.” He paused. “This is nice.”

“Good! So, I guess, you had those five years out of the dating scene. Then you weren’t exactly social when you started down here. How long has it been, for you, then?”

Andy was about to admit to nearly seven years — lots of parties at a certain lass’s place, Enigma or Dire Straits always playing in the background, the smell of fag smoke and patchouli — when he recalled his evening with Laura a few days earlier, and choked to a halt.

“What? Are you a virgin?”

He couldn’t help laughing at her concern. “No! Had plenty! Free leisure activity, innit? Before.”

“So, why…?”

“OK. Yeah, it was over six years. Until last week.”

Ali ran through the possibilities. “Who? Where?”

“On site.” Before Ali started jumping to any conclusions, he added, “Laura.”

“Oh, you jammy, jammy bastard! How did you manage that?”

Andy blushed again. “Richie. No! Not like that! He asked if I was interested in her, obviously I couldn’t say I wasn’t, he swore Laura was, and suggested I come into their tent that night… I told him he was a mad cunt and wasn’t going inside unless Laura explicitly invited me too. An’ he just whistled, the gallus fucker, and said ‘see you later’.”


“And, so: I made a thing of tripping over the guy-rope, he calls out to me and asks if I want to come in, Laura makes some kind of noise like she’s kinda up for it but also wanting to slap the bastard, so I come look inside. And there’s Laura sitting up all topless, with her long hair and the best tits ever looking at me — actually, her naked legs were stunning too — and she goes, ‘come in if you’re gonna, you’re overdressed.’ So obviously I get my kit off and join her, Richie at the back of the tent pretending he’s not there, looking so smug I wanted to punch him, only, obviously, Laura.

“Mm, she was good…” Andy tailed off.

“Oh, I bet! Tell me more. What happened? I’m envious.”

“She does shag women too, she said. Just saying.”

“I know. It adds to the dream. Go on.”

“Eh? Well, I’m having a grand time, and I reach down and turns out I can reach her arse, and…”

Given Ali’s eager interest in hearing every detail, Andy was persuaded to share his happy memories, providing a moment-by-moment account of the encounter in response to her interrogation.

“We’re both having trouble keeping our faces where we want them on her, so I asked if it’s OK if me and him hold her still. I swear, she was practically coming at the bare idea! I got me arms all round her, trapping hers, me and him had our legs round her, she’s moaning into my neck. Soon as that gallus wee bastard gets his tongue on her again, I was having to hold her head into my chest to muffle the screams, she’s that into it!”

“Oh, man! Wish I’d been there.”

“We’d have needed more space!”

“Eh. We could have kicked Richie out,” Ali decided.

“You that good with your mouth, love?”

Ali smiled, with a sleepy yet predatory expression. “Oh, you wait and see! What else? Did you go fuck her exhausted body?”

“Not immediately! I was cacking myself, all out of practice, so I goes ‘are you sure?’ like some glaikit idiot. She goes, all calm and posh and sure of herself, ‘you don’t have to, but I’d love it if you would.'”

“I can just hear her…”

“Aye. I was just getting brave enough, when Rich goes ‘I’ll fuck her if you don’t,’ which got my mind made up! Next thing I know, she’s giving me this wicked smile, reached for my cock and sunk her head down over it… You’d never think it, her so posh and proper, but the girl is a right sex fiend!”

“I’m thinking it now!”

“I bet! Anyway, she gets me hard as iron, gives this mischievous wee smile, and turns round on her hands and knees, wiggling her bum in the best invitation of this decade…”

“Mm… You had to, really, didn’t you?” She gave him a kiss on his lips.

“I couldn’t let the lady go disappointed… But, something else — she had marks on her…”

“Like tattoos?”

“Like Richie. Couldn’t have been anyone else, I guess. Love-bites all over under her breasts — basically wherever would be hidden by her swimsuit. And some scratches and a bit of pinkness across her arse.”

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An Arresting Development

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The theme from “The Sweeney” startled Louis into life as his mobile phone danced a jig as it vibrated on the bedside cabinet next to his pillow. He hit the off button on the phone and silence returned to the bedroom. He lay there for a few seconds until a warm bum nudged him, encouraging him to get out of the bed.

Louis looked at the bedside clock and saw it was just past eleven. He had time. His shift began at two, and it was only a quick twenty minutes ride on the tube to work. The thin curtains were pulled, but the strong July sunlight still permeated the room. Dust motes danced in the light reminding him to clean the place on his next day off. Again, he felt the taut buttocks bang against his thigh.

Rolling onto his side his hand moved under the thin sheet and grasped one of the smallish breasts that belonged to the same body as the buttocks.

He was pleased that his hands were not immediately slapped away, and on the contrary, the bum that had been so insistent on him leaving the bed a minute earlier was now being pushed against his stiffening penis. Louis continued to explore the breast in his hand. His fingers ran over the small pink nipple with a featherlike touch and he felt it react. Hardening as he increased the pressure until he was pinching them gingerly. The bum became more insistent, only this time he sensed it was wanting him to stay, rather than leave the bed. A soft moan escaped the naked body next to him.

A hand snaked down between them and encircled his cock. Louis moved his hand downwards, freeing the nipple from its grip. Down over a muscled tummy and came to rest on the shaved mound above the opening that had given him so much pleasure in the past six months. Pausing to enhance the teasing he was once again nudged by the buttocks. This trapped the hand on his cock between them and his tummy.

Slowly he let one finger access the top of the slit below the mound, gently moving it in a small circle and a quiet, “Aaaaaaah!” left the lips of the head that was still turned away from him. The finger became more active, dipping further down and pushing between the thin lips of the labia. His fingertip could feel the moistness there. He pushed harder and his finger sunk up to the first knuckle in the warm, moist tunnel.

Louis felt the body move as the legs attached to the bum slipped slightly apart and granted him better access, and the finger was now enveloped completely to the third knuckle. The hand was now moving quicker on his dick, and when he sank another finger to join the exploratory first one, it pulled down hard and stretched the foreskin to its limit, and the body rolled over to face him. The hand still wrapped tightly against his rock hard erection as his fingers were pulled free of their warm hiding place.

The body smiled up at him. Even though she had just been woken from a deep slumber following her night shift Jessica was beautiful. Green eyes shone in the dim light and her smile was radiant. The short cropped brown hair was tangled and mussed, but this just added to her allure. Louis kissed her and Jessica responded. Their tongues fought a battle in their mouths like a fleshy sword fight, and her arms encircled his waist, pulling him into her.

Rolling onto her back and pulling Louis on top of her, Jessica never broke their kiss. Her legs raised and wrapped around his waist, her ankles digging hard into his buttocks like a jockey in the final furlong at Ascot. He used his hand to guide the rock hard six inches of his erection into the lubricated, waiting vagina and saw those gorgeous green eyes clamp shut as Jessica accepted the throbbing invader and adjusted her position to accommodate it.

Slowly at first, Louis pulled himself out of the sucking embrace of Jessica`s vaginal muscles. With just the tip still embedded between the lips of her pussy he hesitated before pushing his penis forcefully inside to the hilt. Another, “Aaaaaah!” This time much louder, greeted this action as it was repeated four or five times, and Jessica thrust her pelvis hard against him with every violent penetration.

Louis increased the tempo and stopped the pauses. He just rammed into Jessica at speed. She was now clinging to him like a limpet and her teeth were biting into his shoulder and as his seed erupted inside her she climaxed and a drawn out, “Yeeeeeeeees!” spat from her lips and her heels tried to push him deeper into her.

They were both blowing heavily as Jessica`s legs released their grip and Louis rolled over onto his back. Jessica propped herself onto her elbow and ran her fingers over the youthful face of her lover. “You were great Mountbatten!” she said grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Louis had always hated his name. He had been named after the late Louis Mountbatten. However, when Jessica called him by that nickname he never seemed to mind. She had used the nickname ever since their first date and now very rarely called him anything else.

“When do you have to leave?” she asked him as they lay in the grup escort bed luxuriating in the afterglow of their mutually satisfying coupling.

“About an hour,” he replied whilst staring at the ceiling.

They lay together for a few minutes until Louis sensed her move in the bed. He felt her soft brown locks brush over his navel and then the delightful sensation of his flaccid dick being swallowed into her talented mouth. Her tongue flicked gently over the head and Louis had a brief thought that he must taste of her pussy and his last ejaculation. Jessica didn`t seem at all put off by this fact and was now sucking his hardening cock with vigour.

Her hand joined the attack on his member. She ran it gingerly up and down the shaft, with just her fingertips maintaining contact as she bobbed up and down. Louis took a huge intake of breath as her mouth managed to engulf him completely, before holding him in her mouth for several seconds while her hand massaged his balls. He felt her tongue swirling about inside her mouth causing him even more pleasure. As she released the pressure from her mouth and he slipped slowly out, her finger tips returned to running up and down his thick veined shaft. Louis was breathing heavily now and knew he would come soon. He tried to pull Jessica up to him, but he was easily shrugged off and he felt himself being swallowed completely once more.

As he felt the tighter constriction of her throat muscles around the engorged head of his penis it was just too much, and he spurted four large spasms of his seed into her throat and mouth. Jessica continued to move her head, albeit slower, and devoured every drop of his deposit before letting his limp cock fall from her lips and grinning up at him.

Louis was now under serious time pressure, so he bent down and kissed her before springing from the bed and making his way into the bathroom to shower and shave. By the time he emerged twenty minutes later Jessica was already snoring softly, and so he tiptoed from the room and went downstairs to make some coffee, before leaving the house to catch the tube to work.

Sitting on the tube surrounded by strangers he had that stupid smile on his face of the “I just had a great Fuck!” man. He was nearly giggling to himself as he replayed the morning’s events.

Jessica had been his girlfriend for six months now. They were both police officers. Louis was a PC at Hammersmith and Jessica was a WPC at Fulham. They had met when detailed to the charge room for a Chelsea game. Chelsea had been playing Crewe in an FA cup game so there was precious little for them to do. They had processed one drunk Crewe fan just before kick-off and that was it.

When he had first seen her Louis didn`t pay that much attention. Her short hair and small breasts gave her a tom boy appearance and the dark blue uniform wouldn`t have been flattering on Eva Green, so he just accepted that this would be just a working afternoon.

As the afternoon was so boring, they had got to chatting to at least make the time pass. They found out they had both been police for six years, they were both twenty eight. In fact they must have been at Hendon Police College at roughly the same time, although a few weeks apart.

The more they chatted they found out that they were both single, both of their families were London born and bred. Louis from the South and Jessica from the East. They both hated discos and loved Springsteen. They both hated jogging, but liked playing squash. Both sets of parents were still alive and they both had one brother.

When the tedious afternoon eventually came to an end and the drunk fan was recovered enough to be released, it seemed only a natural progression for Louis to ask Jessica if she wanted to go for a beer somewhere. After a brief pause she agreed to meet in one of the pubs near the Fulham flat that she shared with another WPC.

After going home to get changed and showered they both arrived at nearly the same time. One minute before the time that they had agreed. This was a good sign for both of them and they spent the evening talking and drinking, then to local Indian restaurant and eventually, at well past twelve, Louis`s bedroom.

The sex was amazing and Louis hoped that this wouldn`t be the last time that Jessica stayed over. He knew that the copious amounts of beer they had consumed was a very strong factor on them fucking on the first date. Louis just prayed that Jessica would not be so embarrassed as to blank him completely. They swapped numbers and she had left his flat. Louis had the day off, so was doing the usual cleaning up and Laundry. He had just sat down and put the TV on when the doorbell rang. When he opened it and found Jessica showered and in a change of clothing his heart leapt.

When she explained that she didn’t normally sleep with guys on the first, or even the third, date he nodded silently. She told him she wanted to see if it was just the booze that had iranlı escort made her horny and so, could she come in and have a cup of tea or something.

Louis was ecstatic. He was so happy that he had cleaned up as well. His Bachelor pad was always dirty between days off, as he genuinely never had the time. Tea was brewed and drunk and they chatted again as if they had known each other all their lives. They watched a crap film on TV and then Jessica walked towards the stairs. Turning, she held out her hand and asked, “Well, are you coming or should I start without you?”

Louis would have put Usain Bolt to shame as he sprinted up the stairs behind her. More of the greatest sex he had ever had in his life followed, and the rest they say is history. Within a week Jessica had moved in, and whenever their shift plans meshed they spent most of the time in bed.

Louis was also in a good mood as they had a weeks’ vacation after their shifts today. He got off at ten and Jessica had one more night, finishing at six tomorrow morning.

He was still smiling as he walked into the locker room and Rory, his best friend, ribbed him mercilessly about his new “Bit of Fluff!” He was still teasing him as they walked into the muster room. Louis was assigned the King Street beat, which normally meant walking through crowds of shoppers for the first six hours, and then deserted streets for the last two. He wasn’t that happy, but it was probably better than other duties, as he wouldn`t have to start his vacation covered in bruises.

There was a quick briefing about break-ins and local crooks with outstanding warrants and they all made their way out of the police station. Louis walked the short distance to the area where he was planned to work. He chatted to a few of the homeless guys he knew well. Moved on a group of teenage boys that were trying to chat up the girls going in and out of the large Primark and was just giving directions to a nice American couple as his radio crackled into life.

Louis finished telling the Americans the quickest way to Hammersmith tube station and answered the call, “What’s up Gordon?” he asked the guy in the communication room.

Gordon`s crackly Scottish accent came through the radio, “We have a report of a shoplifter at Robinson`s Lingerie shop in Broad Street.”

Louis keyed the radio and said, “OK. I will be there in five. I am just around the corner.” Louis knew the shop, although he had never been in it. It was in one of the side streets off the main shopping road. He slowly made his way there and stopped outside the door to the small shop and looked at the window display. Various pairs of panties and bras were displayed. Some functional, and some more for the sexy anniversary or wedding. There was a black plastic dummy which was dressed in garter belt and stockings and a pile of men’s boxers in one corner with a large “SALE” ticket propped against it.

Louis reached for the door handle just as it was opened from the inside by a portly man in his fifties. He was dressed immaculately in a navy suit, pristine white shirt and bright red bow tie. There was a matching red handkerchief sticking out of the breast pocket of the suit and he was wearing polished black brogues that you could nearly see your face in. He extended his hand to Louis and introduced himself, “James Robinson. Proprietor.” And after shaking Louis`s hand he turned and led the policeman back into the shop.

Louis entered and looked around him. The shop was small and quite dark. There were three columns of shelving. One against both the walls, and another down the centre that basically divided the floor space into two halves. All the shelves were stuffed with boxes and he read the various labels that described the panties, bras etc. that were contained inside them, and nearly all had a small thumbnail picture of the contents.

“You reported a shoplifter Sir?” Louis began.

Mr. Robinson looked a bit flustered, and Louis thought he blushed slightly as he spoke softly in reply, “Yes, Mrs. Jameson. We caught her trying to leave without paying after putting a panties and bra set and three packs of Woolford stockings in her shopping bag. She is in the back room with Aisha my sales assistant.” With that he led the way past the till sitting on a wooden counter, and down a short hallway to a door at the end. Opening the door he ushered Louis inside.

Louis entered the small, claustrophobic room that served as an office. There were two ladies inside and both had cups of tea in their hands. The one lady, who was probably Aisha, was Pakistani and in her early twenties. Dressed neatly in a T-shirt and jeans.

The other lady was in her late forties or early fifties, but still looked absolutely fantastic. Her body was tall and athletic. She was impeccably dressed in a bright red suit with a skirt that finished an inch or so above the knee. Her royal blue blouse was open just enough for a glimpse of an impressive keçiören escort cleavage. He legs were clad in a smoky grey lustrous nylon that ended in red five inch stilettos. Her long blond hair was perfectly styled and gold studs glinted in both ear lobes. Her eyes were like blue chips of ice and she must have taken an hour to do her makeup as it was perfect, and supplemented by manicured and polished red finger nails. On her fingers were several gold rings and one had a very large diamond at its centre. Her face was wrinkle free apart from the subtle crow’s feet at the corners of each of her eyes.

This was definitely not the usual kind of shoplifter that Louis picked up from the shops around here. They were usually kids stealing T-shirt’s or the homeless pinching booze and running. This woman looked like she had just stepped of the cover of Vogue magazine. He opened his notebook and prepared to write all of the details before he called the van to pick them up and transport them to the station.

Before he could utter a word Mr. Robinson coughed into his hand behind him. “If I could just have a brief word in private officer?” He said.

Louis followed him out into the corridor and out of the hearing of the two women in the office. He looked expectantly at Mr. Robinson. The older man was looking at the floor and shuffling his feet and obviously in some kind of dilemma. Eventually he spoke, again in the soft voice that Louis thought must be his normal way of talking.

“Officer. I am sorry you were called. I live above the shop and was taking my break, and only came back down when Aisha told me she had a problem. Aisha called you before I knew what was going on. Mrs. Jameson has been a customer of mine for over twenty five years. Whenever her husband and she had a special event she would always come here for her lingerie requirements. I must have sold her a hundred items during that time, and never a problem. Last year she lost her husband to cancer. She loved him dearly and it affected her terribly. I think that this is just a part of her grief. This place must bring back so many happy memories for her and she just made a mistake. I really do not want to make a fuss, and if she pays for the items I will not press charges.”

Louis nodded and was quietly thankful that he wouldn`t have to arrest the poor woman. He walked back into the office and knelt in front of the older woman, “Mrs. Jameson, Mr. Robinson has explained to me the situation and he now says that he will not press charges. He just wants you to pay for the items. Can you pay for the items?”

Up until now the woman had not made a sound. Even now as she delved in a blue Channel handbag, that didn`t look like a fake, she was silent. A Gold American express card was offered to Mr. Robinson and he took it and ran it through a machine on a small desk in the corner. After she had signed the receipt and received a brightly embossed paper bag containing her purchases Louis heard her speak for the first time. Her slightly posh Home Counties voice was gravelly as she turned first to Aisha and said, “Many thanks for the tea and your kindness Aisha.”

As she turned to look at Mr. Robinson Louis thought he detected a slight glistening in her eyes as she spoke. “I am so sorry James. I really do not know what came over me. It was my first time here since Luther passed, and I was thinking of how I used to surprise him after my trips to your wonderful store, and I sort of forgot to pay. I just don`t know what I was doing coming here anyway, as I have no one to wear these beautiful things for anymore. Please forgive me!”

Mr. Robinson waved away her apology and was also a little bit emotional at the woman’s obvious distress. “No problem Mrs. Jameson. Just a little misunderstanding, that`s all!”

Then Louis saw Mrs. Jameson turn those amazing blue eyes to him as she spoke, “Officer, I am terribly sorry that my absent mind caused you to be pulled away from your other more important duties. Please could you escort me out as I really need a cigarette and this shop was no smoking long before it became the law?”

Louis looked at Mr. Robinson and asked, “As long as you are all happy with the outcome we can just forget the whole incident. Is that OK with you?” The older man nodded and Louis turned to leave. He was startled as Mrs. Jameson grabbed his arm as they walked through the shop and onto the street.

Once they were outside Louis disentangled her arm and watched as she took a pack of Rothmans from her handbag and took one out before lighting it with a gold lighter. He began to speak as she blew a plume of grey smoke upwards into the air, “Mrs. Jameson.”

He was interrupted as she lay a beautifully manicured hand on his arm and the smoker’s voice said, “April, please. Mrs. Jameson makes me feel so, so old.”

Louis cleared his throat and began again, “April, I hope you realise how lucky you are that Mr. Robinson was so kind in letting you off with a warning. He told me a little bit about your circumstances and I am sorry for your loss. However, you cannot go around stealing things. Is that clear?”

April nodded and her eyes teared up more noticeably now, “I am so embarrassed. I really do not know what came over me. I have never done anything like that before. You have to believe me. Please don`t take me in officer.”

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Our Friend’s Ex Asked Us to Use Her

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In college there was a touchy couple in my friend group. The group was myself, two guys, and the couple, Jason and Sarah. They would make out in the back seat if we drove somewhere, or if we watched a movie in the dark, or even if we looked away from them for a few minutes at a restaurant.

They broke up in sophomore year because Jason slept with one of Sarah’s friends. I heard it was premeditated, that they’d been messaging each other for a while. After the breakup we didn’t see Sarah until a few weeks later, when she approached me and the other two guys in our friend group in gym class. Her parents were going out of town, and she wanted us to come back home with her for the weekend, to use her. She said this word, use. We could do anything we wanted with her for the whole weekend, strip her naked, tie her up, come on her, anything—as long as we promised to tell Jason about all of it when we returned to campus on Monday. She even said we could fuck her outside in the sunlight, because her family has a forest around their backyard.

I dissented weakly, said something about boundaries with Jason, but she reminded us that he cheated on her with one of her close friends. Was that the kind of person we wanted to have as a friend, a person who would betray even those close to him? Her argument could have been worse and it still would have worked. We needed only the smallest nudge to admit out loud that yes, we were in.

When we arrived at her parents’ house Friday afternoon she had us all drop off our backpacks in the master bedroom—we would all be sleeping on her parents’ king-size eve gelen escort bed at night. She asked what we wanted to do with her first.

I proposed we take our time to get comfortable first, since we had all weekend.

One of my friends asked her to put on her homecoming dress, the one she wore to the dance with Jason. That was when I realized we’d all noticed her, back when they were together. All three of us had fantasized about her taking off that dress for us.

Later we sat outside on picnic blankets tasting wines from the cellar, and we became impatient. We told her to take off her dress—she had to spend the rest of the picnic in her underwear. I’d never seen anyone so excited to undress before. She was eager for more instructions but we just wanted to look at her.

At dinner, which we had her cook and serve to us, we told her to take off her bra, and we ate slowly because we kept taking time to appreciate her chest.

We watched a movie at dark. Sarah sat on my lap, and our two other friends licked their hands, slid them under her waistband, and teased her clit. She took heavy breaths and began to sweat.

Sarah stood up. She turned the light on and the tv off. “What gives? Why are you teasing me? You can do anything. I’ll do anything for you.”

I looked at my friends and then back at her. “I think we… We just don’t know how serious you are about this, whether it’s really what you want.”

“You want me to beg?”

“That’s not what I—”

“How about this. Tie me up.” She threw her gaziosmanpaşa escort underwear out of the room. “There’s duct tape in the kitchen drawer to right of the sink. Tie me up, hands and feet, then see if you’re more comfortable then.”

The three of us stood around her. We’d tied her hands overhead to a balcony baluster, and her feet we’d spread apart and tied to faraway pieces of furniture.

I kept thinking of Jason as I looked at her body. How had he betrayed a woman so beautiful? I took her chest in my hands, massaged her nipples with my thumbs, and when she whimpered I understood the gravity of what she had asked us to do. What power and self-worth she had given Jason by desiring him, by inviting him to make her feel pleasure, she was now ripping out of him and giving to us. Telling Jason about how I held his woman’s naked body in my hands, while she was tied up because she asked to be, about the way she whimpered when I stroked her nipples, about sliding my hand down her body, between her legs, would destroy him. When my friends would tell him about how they came up behind her while I was doing that and squeezed her ass and kissed her neck, that would destroy him too. What I did to her was simple, trivial, just a soft tap on her clit with my index and ring finger, gentle, on a slow, metronomic rhythm, but because she wanted it, it drove her to forget herself in pleasure. Hearing that familiar, sensual voice I’d lusted after moan, and not just here and there but really moan, sustaining it, almost singing, gölbaşı escort it was something I never wanted to lose. I feared the end of the weekend, and that’s how I knew the pain this would cause Jason. We were there in her house using her while he had been cast out.

We took turns holding her down and fucking her on her parents’ bed. We held her down on her back, with her legs in the air, and the two of us that weren’t fucking her would lick her, wet her neck, ears, or nipples with our tongue.

“You’re gonna tell him about this right?” she asked through labored breath.

“We’ll tell him.”

“Let’s do three at a time. One of your put your cock in my mouth. One of you try to get in my ass.”

“Are you sure want one of us in your ass?”

“It’s ok. Jason and I used to do it a lot. Just apply a lot of lube.”

We were trying to figure out the orientation when she stopped us. “Wait! Let’s film this. My dad’s got a 4k camera in his closet.”

In front of the camera, Sarah bent forward and took my whole cock in her mouth while our other two friends struggled to penetrate her deeper, pulling her back and forth by her hips.

I felt the sound waves of her moans vibrate through my cock.

Sarah writhed and screamed for the camera. I couldn’t withstand the ravenous way she was licking and sucking on me, and I filled her mouth with hot come, but she didn’t stop. Come dripped out of her mouth, and out of her pussy, but she kept working on us.

We forbid her from putting on pajamas afterward. With the camera still rolling here and there, we played some board games with Sarah naked. In Monopoly whenever she landed on one of our properties we made her lick our cock for twenty seconds. If we had to pay her rent, we got to slap her tit.

We felt drowsy around 3am and called it a night, but still didn’t let her dress. She snuggled between the three of us, and we went to sleep thinking about how we’d use her tomorrow.

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Wonderful Evening!

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I am 6’1 a fairly good looking Man, aged 43 divorced in a teaching profession. This is a story about how I had my first threesome, before I start the story, I would request the readers to comment on the story I have written this being my second attempt to write.

After my divorce, I have restricted my social life to physical fitness, reading and occasionally looking up few good friends whom I have known since college days, Tom and Carla being one of them. Let me describe them both, Tom is of my age, a bit of a couch potato who loves his beer and is an excellent host along with his wife. We share a common hobby of reading books and his wife is a buxom woman in late thirties, vivacious by nature and has tits, which have big nipples and long beautiful legs.

They invited me for an evening, the invitations that I really look forward to as we have stimulating conversations coupled with wine and beer, good music and an excellent dinner. I reached their home dressed in my faded jeans, a white shirt and a corduroy blazer. Carla was wearing a long black skirt and a white shirt and the way her breasts moved I could figure out she was not wearing a bra and Tom as usual in his jeans and black pullover. We sat down; was offered my usual, a chilled glass of wine.

Tom opened his beer and Carla like me had wine. We were sitting close together on the couch and discussing our classes and in-between Carla was passing out cold cuts. I was feeling good, having such nice friends for company. As the evening progressed and more wine flowed, I could feel the glow inside me and with Carla walking gracefully, I could not help watching her graceful movements across the room.

Probably Tom must have caught me stealing glances at his wife and he winked at me saying that my eyes were watching his wife all the time, embarrassed I devoted my attention back to what he was saying dikmen escort and tried to avoid watching his beautiful wife. Carla by then had put on ‘Jim Reeves’ on the deck and was swaying to the rhythm gently while we two men watched her. I think watching her made sway must have made Carla shy and she walked up to her husband wanting him to dance with her. Tom took her hand, offered it to me, and told me that he was not up to it and if I could oblige the lady.

I got up and we both started dancing together, our bodies apart while we danced with a bit of awkwardness, but slowly and slowly we started coming close and I put my arm around her and brought her closer as we danced to slow romantic music. By now, Carla was very close to me, her beautiful breasts rubbing on my chest and her head resting on my shoulder as we swayed to the music. I could not help running my fingers in her hair as her thighs close to me. I gave her a tight squeeze as we danced and she also gave one in return, feeling encouraged I placed my hand on her nice butt and rubbed my hand over it feeling the panty she was wearing,

I had almost forgotten her husband was there and when I looked at Tom he had this peculiar look on his face as if encouraging me and even in the dim lights I could see that he had a bulge in his trousers. I think by then Carla and I was too far gone to withdraw. She raised her mouth to mine and I kissed her gently, feeling her lips on mine, her lips parting a bit for my tongue to enter and explore her mouth. I was kissing my friends wife in front of him, my hand by now had entered her shirt and feeling her back while we continued kissing, we did not realize as that the song had finished but we were still swaying, our bodies pressed close together and the heavenly kiss not broken. Slowly Carla detached herself, emek escort walked to her husband and sat next to him and they both started kissing. I did not know what to do other then walk and sit next to Carla and watch them kissing. Tom took Carla’s hand, placed her hand on my thigh, and gently broke the kiss. Carla turned her head and looked into my eyes I leaned forward and kissing her.

I could see Tom unbuttoning his wife’s shirt, slipping his hand inside, and feeling her breasts while I kissed Carla, our thighs touching. Carla by then had started moaning and her hand caressed my crotch and felt my raging hard on, Tom by now had slipped her shirt from her shoulder and I could see her beautiful breasts with swollen nipples. I placed my hand on one breast while Tom placed his lips on other. Watching Tom suck Carla’s breast I too followed suite and started kissing her other breast. Carla was reclined on the couch her shirt open and her breasts being sucked my two hungry mouth and her hands on caressing the back of mine and Toms head as if urging us to suck her breasts harder. Getting bold by the moment I started feeling her thigh along with Tom, our hands touching at times as we felt Carla. Tom got up from the couch, bent on his knees, raised Carla’s skirt, and started removing her panties, Carla pushed his hand away and got up and without looking back started walking to the bedroom. Tom looked at me and we both got up and followed her.

We both entered the bedroom and saw Carla standing and she looked quite a sight with her naked breasts peeping from the open shirt. Tom walked up to his wife, took her in her in his arms, and started kissing her once again and I walked up, took Carla in my arms from behind, and felt her body pressing mine. Here I was kissing her neck while her husband kissed her lips eryaman escort and slowly Tom started undressing her and in no time while both of us fully clothed had this beautiful naked woman in our arms. I saw Tom pull away and started peeling off his clothes and I saw he had a nice uncut cock of about five inches jutting from his body , both husband and wife were watching me hungrily as I stood naked with my thick seven inch cock which was throbbing as if it had life of its own .

Without saying a word me, Tom placed Carla on the edge of the bed and we took turns in kissing her wet cunt, while one would be sucking her cunt the other would be licking the insides of her thighs . I think Carla could not take it anymore and she pulled me up and had her hand on my cock as I guided it in her mouth. Carla turned around and now I was lying on my back while Carla sucked me cock, her warm wet tongue snaking all over it while Tom watched closely. I was feeling Carla breasts and was too engrossed in my worldly pleasure to notice that now I had two tongues sucking my cock and when I looked, Tom had taken hold of my cock in his hands and was taking turn to suck my cock along with his wife.

I think we all were in a state where we could not hold on for long and Carla took the initiative while by going on her fours and her husband tom gilded below her. She had his cock in her mouth and he was eating her, I mounted her from behind and as I was about to enter her I felt Tom’s hand on my hard cock, licking it and then slowly guiding it in his wife’s cunt. It was such a pleasurable moment where I would slip my cock out of his wife’s steaming cunt and let him suck our juices from my glistening cock before entering her again.

The climax was thunderous where Carla’s moans started rising; she sucked her husband’s cock and having her cunt pounded by me. I think we all came together I slowly got up after shooting my thick semen deep inside Carla I found Tom had glued his mouth to his wife’s cunt and was sucking her vigorously, sucking every drop of our orgasm from her wet cunt .

Later we just collapsed on the bed with Carla in-between us and slept with our legs and hands entwined in each other.

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The Masquerade Ball

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Big Tits


Nicole wasn’t at total despair, but it would be a short walk to get there. The meeting had to go a lot better than that, with no other sales on the horizon.

Her small company designed and installed custom high end kitchens for rich people and that meant kissing a lot of ass. But even doing that, this deal wasn’t going to close for at least six months, if ever. Revenue was down and even with only four employees, they weren’t going to make payroll next month. Her boss was leaning on her to provide the sales report by the end of the week, and the numbers were bad. She only had one meeting left, someone who’d called out of the blue for a consultation tomorrow, at the office. If they didn’t book something out of that, it might be the end of the company. At 35 was she going to start again, back in the job market with limited experience outside of this niche company where she’d worked for twelve years? Shit.

The next day she made sure to dress smart. Form fitting red blouse, black dress pants, black heels. Did her hair and makeup for once, instead of just throwing it in a ponytail. She made sure her designer, Lisa, was going to be there to answer questions, checked three times to make sure she wasn’t going to be late. The prospects arrived right on time. A married couple, he was late 40’s, clearly rich, dressed elegantly but casually, suit but no tie. Tall, dark, perhaps Greek heritage, powerfully built. His wife was maybe mid twenties, so about ten years younger than Nicole. It was clear what qualities she’d been selected for. Her boobs stuck out so far it was hard to look anywhere else. Nicole herself had implants, a full set of 34DD’s but the dark haired wife had clearly gone way past that.

They talked specifics almost right away. The husband, Tomas, wanted not one but three kitchens, for three different houses. His wife Brittney (“call me Britty”) just cared about how pretty they were all going to be. They were relocating to the west coast and were renovating a beach house, a forest cabin and a huge place in the city. Usually people came to their company when the house was still in the planning stage and it could take months or years to get the project started, any revenue way down the line. But Tomas had no patience for waiting. He wanted to get all three going simultaneously, whatever the cost.

It could make the company low six figures, save them in the short term, maybe even the medium term. Tomas didn’t even blink when Nicole told him they’d need a 50% deposit up front. Usually, the more money people were, the longer they tried to avoid paying. He suggested they seal the deal over dinner. They could taste some wine, view the main home as it currently was. Their personal chef would cook.

Her designer’s eyes went wide, she looked at Nicole, pleading in her eyes. A free dinner at a fancy home! Lisa was just out of school, this was her first real job and they paid her pretty poorly. She deserved a perk, and Nicole knew her husband would never come along to something like this. They agreed on Friday night.


The dinner was a success, they all got along so well. The wife might look like a bimbo but she was fun, pouring expensive wine freely, laughing at everyone’s jokes. Nicole felt like, in another world, where she was rich, they could have been friends. Lisa was in awe of the home, sprawling over so many rooms and floors. It was hard to keep track of where they were, easy to get lost. The dinner was excellent, four courses, so much incredible wine, almost too much. They agreed to meet in the office next week and go over project start dates and details. Initially Tomas wanted to get started as soon as next weekend, but Britty mentioned a ball they were going to the next weekend. Britty suggested since they had so much fun over dinner, they should give Nicole and Lisa the two tickets their friends had returned.

It was the sort of thing she always argued with her husband about. Going out for dinner, sure he’d go grudgingly once a week, but a ball, something so elaborate, he’d never attend. She could hear his voice beneath all the wine she’d had, ‘What’s the point? Dumb bunch of rich snobs.’ But he wouldn’t be going. She could wear that yellow dress she’d bought but never had a reason to wear. She could see Lisa was desperate to go so she thought, what the hell? The tickets were free, how often do you get to go to a legit ball?

As expected, her husband didn’t care that she was going. She’d asked if he wanted to come with her, knowing that she didn’t have a ticket for him, that he’d say no right away. That’s exactly what happened. Midweek she met with her boss and showed him the new projections. Provided neither her or Lisa did anything crazy at the ball, the huge deal with Tomas would be finalized the following Monday, when he was scheduled to drop the check off at the office.

The ball was at a hotel downtown. She met Lisa about an hour before, at a cheap bar nearby. Lisa had on a black esat escort dress, Nicole her yellow dress with a long black coat over the top, high black heels. It was a pretty modest dress. Even though she had implants she rarely showed them off. Despite that, she felt men’s eyes on them wherever she was. At the gym, on the beach, the server in a restaurant, not so subtly staring down her top as he took her order. This dress had barely any cleavage and finished billowing at her knees, it was conservative.

Lisa and Nicole had a couple of glasses of wine and discussed the slightly weird arrangements. No phones, not even any bags were allowed at the ball. It felt weird having nothing to carry. Tomas had given them each a small wooden token, like a handmade casino chip with a fleur de lis symbol on one side and a gold stripe on the other. They were to go to the hotel at exactly 9pm and present it to the security guards, then they’d be escorted into the ball. The weird things rich people do. They planned to drop their phones and bags with Lisa’s boyfriend who worked nearby. As they finished their second glass of wine, and prepared to leave, Lisa got a call and her face fell. She hung up, looking sick.

“I can’t go. Wow this sucks!”

“What? Why? What happened”

“It’s my dad, he had another fall. My mom said I don’t have to come home but shit Nic. There’s no way I could enjoy tonight, I’d just be thinking about him.”

“Oh Lisa, that sucks. But yeah, I get it. I don’t need to go either. Let’s forget it.”

“No way! You can still go. We had a blast with Britty last weekend and Tomas is cool too. It might be weird on your own but if you don’t like it you can leave early.”

“I guess. Yeah I think Britty and I could be good friends. She is fun.”

“You’re fun! Seriously, go, have fun. Tell me all about it, I want to know about the big secret ball haha!”

Lisa called an Uber. Nicole handed her her bag and phione, and told her she’d come by, pick it up tomorrow. Lisa hurried out the door. Just like that, Nicole was alone at the bar. She emptied her glass of wine and walked over to the hotel.

It was a grand old looking building, the most expensive hotel in the city, and she’d never been inside it before. The lobby had a literal red carpet, with huge chandeliers twinkling high above. She walked through the lobby, towards some velvet ropes at the far end, where she saw a couple hand a token to a burly security guard. He lifted a curtain and they disappeared inside. She saw Britty about to step inside and smiled, waving, She nodded as Britty mouthed ‘We’ll wait inside!”


Nicole walked towards the rope, her chip clutched in her hand. The security guard looked at her but said nothing. He extended his hand and she dropped the chip in. He examined it, and nodded. Another silent security guard escorted her into a sort of ante chamber, a darker, smaller room, where a tray of champagne glasses stood, bubbling on a high table. A pretty girl in a black cocktail glass with a peacock mask covering half her face encouraged her to take one. Nicole sipped it and let out a little gasp. It was the best champagne she’d ever tasted. With no phone to play on and nobody else in the room but the silent hostess, she was quickly onto her third flute when another girl drew back a curtain. The new girl guided her into a larger room, full of mirrors.

The girl handed her a mask, similar but smaller than the one the hostesses wore. It was dark blue lace and covered Nicole’s forehead and nose then fanned out over just the top of her cheeks. The hostess tied it delicately but tightly behind Nicole’s head, over her hair. Nicole had long blonde hair and she’d spent a long time putting it in loose curls. It fell down her back now, having it tied under her mask meant it stayed behind her shoulders.

“And now your dress. I can assist?”

“Sorry? What about my dress?”

Nicole felt a bolt of worry in her stomach. Could even the hostess tell she’d got it on sale? Was it not good enough for a society event? All the champagne and wine made her feel good but fuzzy, maybe she missed something.

“Shall I remove it for you? I see it has a zipper in the back.”


Nicole laughed. What the hell was going on.

“There are no dresses past this point, no clothes, only underwear.”

“Haha are you joking? Who put you up to this?”

The hostess stepped back and must have pressed some silent buzzer or something because behind her another, older woman, also in black with a peacock mask over her face, appeared.

“This is your first ball I take it”

“Yeah, I mean. Haha. Tomas gave me the tickets, and like my Lisa, my friend, was meant to come but then she couldn’t, and yeah, I don’t know.”

She laughed nervously. Was this for real?

“I understand. This is a lingerie ball. Every lady removes her dress here, puts on a mask, then can enter. No etimesgut escort exceptions.”

Nicole’s mind raced. This was crazy. Or was it? She didn’t have her phone. Lisa wasn’t attending. She had no way to tell Tomas or Britty she wasn’t going to join them. Britty had already seen her here. If she left, then what? Would they be offended? How could they not be? They share something intimate, private with her, they trust her and she runs off? That would fuck the kitchen deal, almost definitely. That would leave the company empty. She would be out of a job.

Maybe she was being a prude. She thought about what she was wearing under the dress. A black strapless bra and a black thong. It would be like going to the beach, kinda. She’d worn small bikini bottoms before and that was in daylight, in public. The thong was definitely smaller than any bikini bottom she owned, really just a thin black strip of lace, it didn’t cover any of her ass. But everyone else would be dressed the same and it was a darker room, indoors, with nobody she knew. No phones, at least that made sense now, no pictures.

“Miss, we need a decision, other guests are waiting. If you’d like to leave I can escort you out of this door.”

She moved a curtain and began guiding Nicole to the exit.

“No, wait, OK. Yeah, no it’s fine. OK. Sorry, misunderstanding.”

She knew nobody here, it would be like going to the beach with Tomas and Britty. She kept repeating that in her head. That’s it. No big deal. Beach. She stepped forwards and took a deep breath. The hostess stepped behind her and unzipped her yellow dress. She carefully stepped out of it and grabbed another glass of champagne. At least she’d chosen a matching black thong and bra and still had her heels on. She was only 5’3″ but the heels added three inches. Even better, heels showed the muscles on her thighs and made her butt look firmer and rounder. She went to the tanning salon every week so she had a deep even tan.

Her husband loved her thighs and her bigger butt but she was a little self conscious about how big it was for a white girl. All her friends were so skinny, no curves. She went to the gym every day and even at 35 was proud of how tight her stomach was, how she hardly had any cellulite. Her fake boobs didn’t need any padding or lifting and the bra showed them off fully.

She saw herself in the mirror. With the mask on even if she knew anyone, they’d never recognize her. Maybe it just the champagne talking, but no, she looked fucking hot. She took a deep breath, downed her champagne in one go and stepped into the main room.


Immediately she was hit by noise. People milling about, drinking, laughing, clinking glasses. The lights were low but not that low, like a nice restaurant. She could see everyone clearly. Everyone had elaborate masks on, gold and green, some with feathers, some smaller like hers.

She felt someone touch her elbow, it was Britty. Nicole felt she looked good but Britty was incredible. Maybe five inches taller, with darkly tanned skin, dark hair, and of course those huge boobs, barely covered by a red strapless bra. Her little red thong showed that she had a huge butt too.

“Oh my god Nicole! You made it! You look incredible!”

“Me? You look like a sports illustrated model! Your boobs they’re so fucking huge! Wow did I say that out loud haha. I’m a little drunk, sorry.”

“Haha I knew I liked you! And yeah they’re huge, that’s what Tomas likes and he pays the bills! Yours are pretty big too, how long have you had them?”

“About five years now. 30th birthday present to myself. I wanted to feel sexy.”

“Well you look sexy! I could eat you up! Double D’s?”

“Yah haha!”

Tomas appeared at his wife’s side. He still had a tuxedo on. Nicole glanced at him and saw his eyes taking a slow view of her whole body, lingering on her boobs. She felt so exposed.

“Hey no fair! The guys get to stay dressed?”

“Ha, yes. For now. But tonight Nicole, everyone wears a mask, so everyone can be someone else for one night.”

Nicole took another glass of champagne and laughed. It couldn’t be super professional, him seeing her like this, but OK, from the front, it could just be as if she ran into him at the beach. The back view, well, not so much. She’d just stay close to the wall.

“Let’s join everyone. After you ladies.”

He gestured to them to walk in front of him. So much for staying close to the wall. She couldn’t see him, but felt his eyes on her butt as she walked. It felt bad to be turned on by the feeling, but she liked it. She put a little extra swish in her step, matching Britty’s Jessica Rabbit style sway.

The party was full of rich men and trophy wives, even in masks that was obvious. Every girl there looked like she had a personal stylist and surgeon. Tall skinny model figures mixed with more classic bikini looking models like Britty. Nicole etlik escort was drunk but felt a little insecure, although she did enjoy the smiles she got as the men noticed her, looked her up and down, always stopping on her chest.

“Britty every girl here is like 23 and a model!”

“No way, I mean, yah kinda. But you’re as hot as anyone. Your boobs look incredible, right babe?”

She pulled Tomas’s arm.

“What’s that?”

“Nicole’s boobs, they look incredible right?’

He settled his eyes on her chest, drinking them in.

“Incredible work. They look perfect.”

It was too dark for him to see her blush, at least, she hoped. She crossed her arms over her chest, her hand on her shoulder.

Britty got them all tequila shots, and although she never did shots, she wanted to be fun, be young again, so she put two back in quick succession. Her head was swimming and she quickly found herself on the dance floor. She and Britty danced, grinding against each other. A few men gathered around the edges of the dance floor, giving them all the attention, ignoring the other dancing girls.

She lost track of time, lost in the dancing. She came back to reality seeing a bra hit the floor. She looked over to see that a group of other girls had thrown their bras on the floor and were now dancing fully topless, real and fake boobs bouncing to the music. This drew the men over to that side of the floor. Brittney pouted.

“Fuck those bitches, right Nic?”

Nicole laughed and nodded. Britty gestured to one of the hostesses who came over. Britty reached behind her back and took her bra off, handing it to the girl. Nicole couldn’t take her eyes off Britty’s huge round boobs.

“Oh my god Brit! You’re so crazy!”

“Now you!”

“What? No way haha, I could never! Never!”

“C’mon! You’re the only girl here with a bra on! Live a little! You got them to show them off right? It’s a masquerade, nobody knows you!”

Nicole looked around. Britty was right, every other girl, even off the dance floor was now completely topless. She shook her head and finished another glass of champagne. She was feeling so good, but no, she couldn’t do it. That was too far.

She turned around to find somewhere to put the empty glass. As she did so she felt Brittney unhook her bra and pull it away in one move. She span around graping for it, but it was too late, it was off. Britty laughed and winked. Nicole lunged for it but Britty held it over her head, then handed it off to a hostess who disappeared.

Nicole put her hands over her chest, self conscious. Oh my god. Well now what? She clamped her hands over her boobs, doing her best hand bra.

Britty wandered off towards a group of guys. Nicole didn’t know what to do, so she followed. Where the hell had that girl gone with her bra? Maybe on the dance floor she might have gotten over it, surrounded by other people, but just walking around, she felt totally on display. She followed Britty, keeping one arm over her chest, her hand on her shoulder like she was scratching her shoulder, trying to look casual.

Britty chatted with the group of guys, laughing, totally unselfconscious topless. Tomas joined them and smiled at Nicole. He reached towards her hand that was resting on her shoulder and took it in his hand, gently lowering it to her side. He nodded and smiled as he looked at her fully exposed chest. All the men in the group took in her bare tits, taking long looks. Nicole blushed, she couldn’t meet their eyes.

“See I told you Tommy! They’re beautiful right!”

“Incredible, perfect cleavage, the shape is impeccable. They’re almost your size”

Nicole laughed. The attention did feel kind of good, shame and desire mixed together.

“Noooo, Britty’s are way bigger.”

A tall black man in the group smiled at her.

“Why don’t you two compare?”

Britty laughed and stepped forward, pressing her bare breasts against Nicoles. Tomas was right, they were bigger but not by that much. The black man stepped forward as Britty stepped back, and took Britty’s breasts in his hands.

“They feel amazing. Firm but soft somehow.”

He turned to Nicole.

“May I?”

Nicole didn’t know what to say. It seemed pretty dumb to say no at this point, it was just for fun.


His hands were warm as he cupped both breasts and slowly massaged them. Despite the warmth, Nicole felt her nipples harden and she blushed again. He turned his hands over and brushed down her nipples with the back of his hand. Nicole felt a pulse between her legs.

“My turn!”

The man who said it stepped forward and before she could say anything, he took her breasts into his hands, kneading and squeezing harder than the black guy had. Before Nicole knew what was happening, all five of the guys in the group had felt them and one even motorboated her, laughing. Britty winked and leaned over, kissing Nicole lightly on the lips.

A guy she couldn’t see stood behind her, slowly caressing her tits, pushing them together, his hands covering them. and she could feel his body close, his hard dick pressing into her ass through his pants. Britty leaned in again and started kissing Nicole. Nicole opened her mouth and let it happen, making out with a girl for the first time in her life. She felt so drunk and relaxed.

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Wild Oats – The Painters

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My landlord left a note on the door that the outside of the house would be painted, but I had forgotten the date and was surprised when I saw the men getting their equipment ready as I left for work on Thursday morning.

When I got home from work, I saw one truck, but no painter as I entered through the front door. I shifted into my normal daily pattern and began stripping off my work clothes before jumping into the shower. I was standing in front of the dresser in my bra and panties when I saw in the mirror that one of the guys was painting the outside trim of my bedroom window.

I quickly decided that I would continue as if he were not there. I did not know him and would never see him again after he finished the house.

I reached behind me to unfasten my bra and dropped it on the dresser releasing my natural, proud DD’s. I then skinned out of my panties and casually walked out the door on my way to the bathroom shower in the hall.

In the shower I shaved my legs and arm pits and groomed my pubes. I have always maintained hair there, but I like it relatively short and trimmed so it does not show when I wear my bikini. In the shower I spent a little extra time on my pussy because it feels good and I have not had a man in there since last weekend.

Still nude, I dry myself as I walk back to the bedroom. A glance at the mirror confirms that the painter is still outside my window. I pull a thin T-shirt out of my drawer and slip it on. It falls just below my ass, but I know that everything below will show if I reach up for anything or if I bend over.

I grabbed an iced tea from the refrigerator and retired to an easy chair on the front porch.

The guys, in their 30’s, about 6′ tall and fit, were cleaning cebeci escort their tools and loading their ladders. They came over to the porch to let me know they were finished for today, but would be back tomorrow to finish the job.

I offered them a beer and they sat on the porch steps while I went inside for it. I know they got a shot of naked pussy when I got up, but played innocent.

They were wearing white painter’s shorts and as they were sitting on the steps, I could see up the leg of one guy’s shorts. He was commando and sported a flaccid 6″ meaty cock. I started thinking about how nice it would feel inside me and drifted out of the conversation we were having. They were both married with 2 children and had begun their painting business together right out of high school.

They left when they finished their beer and I went inside to fix something to eat. The whole time I kept thinking about how comfortable that virile cock would feel plumbing my depths.

I did not sleep well that night, thinking of sex. In the morning as I was leaving for work I made it a point to say a few words to each guy and found some excuse to briefly touch each of them before I left.

I thought about them all day and was in a state of arousal when I returned home.

I went through my usual routine, but this time when I glanced in the mirror over my dresser, I saw 2 pair of eyes watching me from the bedroom window. I immediately dropped my bra and panties and sauntered out the door to the shower.

The guys packed up while I was in the shower and were sitting on the porch steps when I came out. Today I had put on a thin, white, short T-shirt without drying off çukurambar escort first and the wetness caused it to be see through in places. I made it a point not to notice.

“Sally, we brought the beer today.”

“That is great. Why don’t you bring it inside and we will sit in the living room.”

We all three sat on the sofa. I was between them and my shirt rode up to my crotch. Of course, I intentionally did not notice that.

As we drank our beer and talked, each guy innocently began stroking one of my thighs. They started on the outside near my knee, but gradually moved higher and to the inside. I had shaved all the way to my crotch so I knew my legs were soft and smooth for them. As they moved to the inside of my upper thighs, I slid down a little on the sofa and moved my legs further apart. My shirt naturally slid up and my pussy was fully exposed.

I moaned when a finger began stroking my pussy and spread my legs even further. One of the guys continued pleasuring my pussy while the other guy slid his hand inside my shirt, across my flat stomach, and began tracing the areola of my breast with a finger. My nipples popped up like small corks. The breast guy kissed me.

Our lips melted together and our tongues found a companion.

I reached through a leg opening on a pair of shorts and found a commando cock. I began stroking and squeezing as it came to life.

I raised my arms and the breast man pulled my shirt over my head and off. He began exploring my breasts with his fingers, mouth and tongue.

The pussy guy was now on the floor between my legs with his face buried. My legs were on his shoulders and I was fully open to him.

He demetevler escort raised up long enough to kiss me with my love juice on his face, pull off his shirt, drop his shorts, and tease my pussy by rubbing his cock up and down my slit. He was coating his cock with my love honey. When he paused with the head of his penis at my vaginal opening, I reached down and guided him in.

The breast guy now stands to shed his clothing and offers me his hard cock for my mouth. I begin giving him the best head I can while being fucked slowly in my love hole.

As if on cue, the guys trade places and I have a different cock in my pussy and one dripping with my love secretions in my mouth.

I am in rhythm with the new pussy guy and he begins to thrust harder and faster. At the same time he begins fingering my ass. I have an orgasm. He strokes right through it. I feel like I have opened up even more down there and then they switch places again.

This time I am riding on top and my breasts are bouncing wildly. He pulls me down, squishes my breasts to his chest, and I feel another cock pushing on my rosebud. I try my best to relax and let it happen. I am feeling so much pleasure and fullness in my vagina that I do not think much about my ass and then here it comes. He works his way in slowly so as to not hurt me and then he is fully inserted. I have a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass and we are all moving together in a dance of love.

They both start moving faster. I can hear the squish of our fluids inside me and the slap of flesh meeting flesh. Harder, faster, harder, faster.

“Yes! Yes! FUCK ME!”

I do not know who came first, but we each triggered our climaxes and I was in the middle. I was flooded in both my ass and my pussy as they both emptied their balls into me,

We all lay joined together for a long time. It felt so good to have them both inside me at the same time. Gradually we pulled apart. We showered together and the guys headed home. I went to bed sexually satisfied.

They knew I was Sally, but I never did get their names.

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