The Sexual Odysseys of Two Women

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Kimiku and Rachelle were bisexual lovers for four years now and decided to take a trip to France to escape the pressures of daily life in America. For Kimiku, this was an opportunity to be away for her boyfriend for a week. Likewise for Rachelle, this was a golden chance for her to be with Kimiku since she was not seeing any men at the time. Kimiku was a beautiful brunette who was 27, about 5’4″ tall and was breathtaking when both sexes saw her. Rachelle was a gorgeous blonde, who was 23, slightly smaller at 5’2″ but nonetheless very attractive. For both of them, this was a time where they could spend more time together and enjoy it in the process.

They had just been in France for a day, when they were along Kimiku and Rachelle were bisexual lovers for four years now and decided to take a trip to France to escape the pressures of daily life in America. For Kimiku, this was an opportunity to be away for her boyfriend for a week. Likewise for Rachelle, this was a golden chance for her to be with Kimiku since she was not seeing any men at the time. Kimiku was a beautiful brunette who was 27, about 5’4″ tall and was breathtaking when both sexes saw her. Rachelle was a gorgeous blonde, who was 23, slightly smaller at 5’2″ but nonetheless very attractive. For both of them, this was a time where they could spend more time together and enjoy it in the process.

They were in the southern part of the country on a beautiful afternoon in late May. As they drove along the countryside in their BMW, Rachelle wanted Kimiku to pull over to the side of the road because Rachelle was feeling hot and wanted to make love to her. As Kimiku pulled over, Rachelle put her hand inside Kimiku’s panties and started to massage her clit. Kimiku started to moan a little bit, and Rachelle started to finger Kimiku’s love canal in search of finding oral treasures within Kimiku.

Rachelle reached over to kiss Kimiku with her lips. As they kissed passionately, Rachel’s tongue slithered through Kimiku’s lips and found her dancing tongue – and her hands came around the back of Kimiku’s head and her fingers played and twirled Kimiku’s curly and wavy hair. Kimiku’s hands were all over Rachelle’s body. Their kiss became more passionate as each of their tongues locked with the other in what would become a raging, lustful tempest. And, their heat began to become warmer against the other’s flesh. By this time, a few cars had passed them by as they heard whistles and jeers from ongoing traffic. However, all Kimiku and Rachelle wanted was each other. Rachelle broke off the kiss as she told Kimiku, “I want to make love to you so badly, baby.” Kimiko looked back at Rachelle and said, “I do too, honey.” Kimiko, looked at map and found out the closest city was Nice, over by Monaco, about 100 kms. away. Rachelle grew a little impatient at Kimiku and told her that while Nice would be a great place to make love, she wanted to be intimate with Kimiku, now not later.

Kimiku listened and agreed with Rachelle. They drove around and saw a forested area a few miles down the road on their left. They turned into the area and parked their vehicle. They took their blanket and a battery-operated dildo with them and walked about 100 meters away clear out of sight – no one would see them there. When they got there, Kimiku and Rachelle looked into each other’s eyes deeply and embraced in an erotic, passionate kiss. Their bodies intertwined with the other’s and their hands were on each other as they went down to the ground.

As they fell on the blanket, Rachelle landed on top of Kimiku. Rachelle proceeded to remove Kimiku’s clothing off of her, as Kimiku did likewise to her. They were next to each other, flesh to flesh, as they started to become one. Rachelle moved one of her hands down to Kimiku’s pussy and started to massage her clit somemore, gently at first. Kimiku let out a few gently moans and started to finger Rachelle’s clit in her pussy. As this continued, both women’s moans became more imminent as each woman sucked and licked the other’s pussy lips. Each was on the verge of cumming in the other’s mouth. Rachelle was the first to feel herself explode as she told Kimiku to hump her pussy harder and faster.

As Rachelle’s clenched walls became slicker from the juice generated from Kimiku’s tongue, Rachelle was fast becoming flustered and suddenly exploded in Kimiku’s mouth – wave after wave of volcanic lust flowed out of Rachelle and into Kimiku. As Rachelle exploded, Kimiku felt the effects of the explosion and was about ready to cum any second. Kimiku did, reciprocating lustful lava into Rachelle’s mouth. Each woman licked the other’s pussy dry, and both felt a little drained but happy. Rachelle moved up besides Kimiku, and rested her head next to Kimiku. They looked up at the sky and felt they were in sexual utopia from their releases. Kimiku proceeded to kiss Rachelle tenderly on her lips and held each other close.

They fell asleep for a very short period of time, cloud storage not caring if they were found. As Rachelle woke up from the nap, she felt revived and became horny once again. She went to get the battery operated dildo, and turned it on low. As she inserted the dildo in her pussy, she felt pleasurable sensations coming from the dildo and she left it in her for a few minutes. By that time, she turned it up another notch and started to feel even more sensations in her pussy and moaned a little bit. Rachelle knew another orgasm was about to hit her, so she turned it on high and put it back in her. As more time passed, she started to moan more and louder and Kimiku woke out of her rest. She looked over at Rachelle, asking, “Can I help you with that?” Rachelle grinned over at her, begging her to have the honors. Kimiku did, holding the dildo in Rachelle’s pussy and Rachelle started moaning louder and louder – her orgasm building strong.

Rachelle couldn’t take it anymore and her pussy juices flowed out of her immensely and said, “oh my god, I’m commmmmmmmmmmmmmming”. At that point, Kimiku took the dildo out of Rachelle’s love canal and started to lick up what flowed out of Rachelle. She moaned greatly to Kimiku’s masterful tongue and licked up every ounce of Rachelle’s lust. Rachelle started to recover shortly afterwards and looked over at Kimiku. Rachelle evilly smiled over at Kimiku, asking, “Mind if I help you with this?” Kimiku french-kissed Rachelle, then told her, “yes my love, I need this and I want you to do this”. Immediately, Rachelle put the dildo in Kimiku’s pussy and turned it on slowly. Kimiku felt some sensations starting to flow in her, and Rachelle turned it up another notch. Kimiku was really feeling it now and she started to cum, as the juices started to flow out of her and down her legs. “Damn” Rachelle thought, “she’s really cumming”. Rachelle removed the already soaking cummed dildo and replaced it with her best and lapped up every bit of Kimiku’s desire. Rachelle cried out to Kimiku, “fuck me, bitch”, and they engaged in 69 for a while. Both women came at least twice more each and fell totally exhausted from all the fucking that went on.

As both women regained their composure, Kimiku looked at the time on her watch. “Holy crap” she said, “it’s about evening”. Rachelle agreed with her, and each of them got up, put their clothes on. They got the blanket and the dildo, and headed back to their BMW – holding hands along the way. Kimiku looked at the map once again and smiled, looking over at her lover. “Only a hour to Nice, where we’ll spend the night”, as she winked over at Rachelle. Rachelle let out a huge smile and said, “I can’t wait to make love to you all night as well”. Kimiku could only smile as they headed towards Nice.

As they drove along the Mediterranean Sea, both women were awed continually by the French coastline that hugged the Sea. Rachelle fell asleep on Kimiku’s shoulder, but Kimiku just smiled over at her. As they got into Nice an hour later, Kimiku kissed Rachelle on her lips to let her know they had arrived. Rachelle kissed her back, and both were relieved to be at the hotel. They brought their luggage into the hotel and looked in the local telephone directory under restaurants to see what was listed. They found this one place that served American cuisine and went over to the restaurant.

They came into the parking lot of the restaurant, when they noticed what looked to be another female couple who walked by them – hand in hand. Kimiku and Rachelle smiled, blowing kisses at the couple. The couple in return blew kisses back at the two women. Kimiku and Rachelle walked with fingers interlocked into the restaurant and was greeted by their hostess, who exchanged kisses on the cheek with both women and sat them down at a table not close to the others. The table they were at, also had a door for privacy purposes. Kimiku and Rachelle thought this was a little different but they were not worried.

A male waiter greeted the two women and asked in his best broken English if the two women if he could get either a drink. Rachelle grinned over at Kimiku, and said to the waiter, we would much prefer drinking you. Rachelle motioned for the waiter to shut the door, and both women proceeded to take the waiter’s pants and underwear off, leaving his cock open for the women to explore and taste. Kimiku and Rachelle briefly french kissed each other, then went to work on the waiter’s cock Each woman took a waiter’s ball in her mouth and started to massage it nicely. The waiter started to arch his back in the process and closed his eyes to what he was going through right now.

Kimiku and Rachelle each took a hand and ran their nails on a side of the waiter’s meat and the waiter lost composure, as he felt his cock almost exploding. Rachelle nodded for Kimiku to go ahead and suck the waiter’s cock dry, and Kimiku went ahead and did so. Kimiku circled the top of the waiter’s cock cloud file storage and slit sensually, and the waiter made some moaning sounds. Rachelle smiled, fondling both of the waiter’s balls as Kimiku sucked his stick. Kimiku moved her lips down on the waiter’s cock, using her tongue to pleasure his love. Kimiku looked up at him as he smiled, and she started to swallow him deeper – her lips clenching his beast. She started to bob up and down on his monster, and he could not take the pressure of Kimiku’s expertise any more. His liquid pleasure exploded in Kimiku’s mouth with such fiery she was not able to swallow it all as fast as it came in her mouth. Rachelle saw this and lapped up the remaining cum with such lust that the waiter’s cock was wiped clean.

Rachelle looked over at Kimiku and engaged in another passionate kiss with her, wanting more of the waiter’s deposit in Kimiku’s mouth. As they kissed, Rachelle closed her eyes as she felt some of the waiter’s cum transferred over to her mouth as she swallowed it all. As they parted their kiss, the waiter looked at both women and smiled. Both women winked back at the waiter first and then at each other, knowing they had performed magic in that room. The waiter asked what they wanted to drink, and both women wanted a glass of the best French white zin they had, and the waiter went to get their full glasses.

As the waiter left, the waitress who seated the women came into their booth. The waitress asked how everything was going and told them, “I was wondering where the waiter went and all, he seems to never be around”. The women smiled back at her, not saying anything except that all was fine and he was doing a great job. After the waiter came back to serve their white zins and take their entrée orders, the waitress proceeded to tell both women she had become aroused when seeing both women swallow the waiter’s cock. She said, “I didn’t mean to pry or anything, but we do have cameras in this restaurant and all and I noticed how you two were enjoying the waiter’s cock as well as yourselves. Oh by the way, my name’s Yvonne”.

They exchanged pleasantries, and Kimiku told Yvonne, who was a little taller than they at 5’6″ and very attractive herself and could pass for her mid 20’s although she was actually 40, that they had enjoyed what they did very much. Yvonne went on ask, “Are you two in love with each other?” The two women said they were, but also were looking to have a lot of fun while they were in France. Yvonne went on, “one of my other waitresses, Yvette, saw you two as well. We would like to meet you after work is over, is that ok with you?” She added with an evil grin, “…for some fun.” Kimiku looked over at Rachelle with a concerned look, but Rachelle intentionally bumped her arm, and Kimiku said to Yvonne, “sure, we’d love to join you both.” Yvonne grinned wonderfully at both women, saying “Here’s my telephone number here at work. Give me a call later on this evening when we’re done, and we’ll join you”. After telling them when she would be done, they exchanged tender kisses on their lips with each other – and the waitress left, smiling and after being groped by Kimiku and Rachelle. Rachelle grinned at Kimiku, smiling, “That Yvonne, she must like being with women.” Kimiku countered, “My love, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know when a woman loves being with you”. The waiter came back with their entrees, and Rachelle started to slide her foot up and down Kimiku’s leg. Kimiku smiled at her, eating away as Rachelle did. Shortly thereafter, Rachelle moved her hand down inside Kimiku’s panties and started to massage her clit. Kimiku moved closer to Rachelle, and Kimiku started to moan lounder, but not loud enough for people to hear. This was driving Kimiku crazy, so she reached inside Rachelle’s panties, that were already soaking wet, and massaged her clit as well.

Both women were starting to lose it when Kimiku got to her senses and told Rachelle they best wait until they got back to the hotel even though they knew they didn’t want to. As they were eating their meals, Kimiku made an evil grin at Rachelle, putting a food in Kimiku’s mouth, and told her, “This is your pussy I am eating. I am sucking it and eating you as well”. Rachelle closed her eyes and envisioned Kimiku eating her out, then and right there. As Rachelle did, she inserted a finger temporarily into her pussy and started to massage her clit again before stopping.

After they were finally done eating, both women left a tip on the table and left. On the way out, they saw Yvonne and both women blew a wink and kiss at her. They got back to their hotels and decided after seeing a jacuzzi in their room that it would be the best thing for each of them right now. They helped each other slip out of their clothes, when Kimiku took Rachelle’s hand and led her into the jacuzzi where the water felt very wonderful to both women. After they entered the jacuzzi, Kimiku and Rachelle put an arm around file upload the other and reminisced about the past four years from the time they met to now.

As they talked, Rachelle put an arm around Kimiku’s neck and said to her, looking, “I love you, honey”. Kimiku responded back enthusiastically, “I love you too, baby” and proceeded to lick her lips on Rachelle’s and then part her tongue through Rachelle’s lips. Rachelle hungrily took in Kimiku’s tongue, wanting to not only please it, but Kimiku as well. As their tongue danced lustfully and intertwined, the two lovers were locked into a deep moving kiss with each other. Rachelle’s nails graced along Kimiku’s face, as Kimiku closed her eyes to the pleasurable touch. Kimiku touched Rachelle’s face, gracing her face with her nails as well. Both women were feeling as if they were under the influence of an aphrodisiac, as both of these women have always had a wonderful chemistry together, sexual and otherwise. Each woman moved her hands wildly over the women in flaming lust of the other and found a hand of the other in their pussy, their clits being rubbed in harmony. Then, Rachelle whispered to Kimiku, “turn me around”, which Kimiku did. Rachelle felt the jets of the jacuzzi flowing in her pussy. Rachelle arched her back a little from the pressure of her jets and continued to kiss Kimiku passionately. Kimiku playfully touched Rachelle’s ass, and Rachelle moaned loudly from the pleasure she received. As the pressure got to be too much for Rachelle, she let out a shriek and came. “Oh gawddddddddddddddddddd”, she exclaimed to Kimiku, “this is so fuckingggggggg gooddddd”. Kimiku smiled, now released from the kiss with her, and massaged Rachelle’s neck and shoulders and worked magic on them. Rachelle melted into Kimiku’s hands, her stress gone.

Kimiku switched places with Rachelle and kissed her, as Kimiku felt the power of the jacuzzi jets massaging her pussy very nicely. She let out a moan, and Rachelle took a finger and started to move it in Kimiku’s ass. Kimiku groaned at the simultaneous feel of both things happening and started to lose herself in paradise. Kimiku humped Rachelle’s finger faster and felt the power of the jets thrust into her whimpering pussy, making Kimiku whimper at the thought of being fucked herself. Kimiku told Rachelle, “fuck me harder…faster…deeper”, which Rachelle did with her finger up Rachelle’s ass. Kimiku arched back more, and her moaning left Rachelle wanting more. Rachelle pumped her pussy with another finger and started to get wet again quickly. As Rachelle did the both of them, they started to moan in unison now, louder and louder, and exploded shortly and moaned, “oh gawedddddddddd” after one another – waves of pleasure shooting through each of them.

They fell into each other’s arms, exhausted once again from cumming. Orgasm City had reared it’s wonderful head in this hotel room, as both women kept having one orgasm after another, even as they started to recover. Kimiku and Rachelle decided it would be best if they had held off for a while and just relaxed. Grinning at what took place, Kimiku got out of the jacuzzi and turned some romantic mood music on. Rachelle smiled up at Kimiku and got out of the jacuzzi herself. Both women dried off the other and decided to rest on the bed, waiting for Yvonne and Yvette later on this evening. Both women fell asleep peacefully, Kimiku’s arms around Rachelle’s.

A couple of hours had passed quickly, when Rachelle heard a startling noise outside their hotel room. Donning a robe, Rachelle went to investigate, found nothing, and came back in the room. “What happened?” Kimiku asked. “Nothing from what I can tell”, Rachelle mentioned to her. Rachelle then disrobed her lovely body before Kimiku and sat down besides her. Kimiku looked the clock. “Oh shit, we had better call Yvonne up before it’s too late.” Kimiku called the restaurant where they had met her earlier in that evening.

“Yes, I am calling for Yvonne please, is she there?” Kimiku inquired. “This is Yvonne, may I ask who’s calling?” she asked. “This is Kimiku. Rachelle and I came into your restaurant earlier this evening.” Kimiku mentioned. With a happy look on her face, Yvonne smiled, “oh yes… ever since you two left, I’ve been thinking about you all night and have wanted to fuck you both all evening. Are you still interesting in meeting?” Kimiku looked over at Rachelle, winking, then said to Yvonne, “very much so, honey” and gave her the directions to where they were. “Yvette and I will be over shortly in less than 30 minutes.” They blew each other a kiss over the telephone and then hung up.

Rachelle asked Kimiku what had transpired. Kimiku grinned at Rachelle telling her that Yvonne had been thinking of both of them all night after they left and wanted to fuck them very badly. Rachelle gleamed as she kissed Kimiku and saying, “I can’t wait to do the same likewise to her.” Rachelle turned to face Kimiku and kissed her tenderly on her lips again, wanting nothing more at this current time to be with the woman she’s always wanted and desired lustfully after. Kimiku reciprocated, kissing her back. Then they laid in each other’s arms peacefully, playing with the others hair and giggling.

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Çingene Kızı Tuvalette Siktim

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Been Mevlut konyadan 18 yasındayım bu olay basımdan 4 ay felan once gecti ilk defa bu siteye içimi döküyorum çook güzel biir andı.
Konyada biir sanayide dayımın bufesi varr beende orda cay servisi yapıyordum adamı yokmus beenii yardıma cagırdı.
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Seven in a Row

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A few weeks ago I was feeling really hot and bothered again so I decided to see if I could get my eager mouth around a cock or two at my local cruising venue.

When I arrived I got naked and headed to the showers feeling that stirring in the groin that you get when you’re anticipating some raunchy fun. I soaped up and made sure that I gave my penis a disproportionate amount of washing so that the guys around me could see that I was there to play.

I got into the hot tub and watched the porn up on the wall mounted TV and pretty soon I was stroking my hard cock as two hot hunks 69’d each other on the screen. I sat up on the edge of the tub with my legs spread wide apart and let the other guys in the tub have a perfect view of my fist sliding up and down on my slippery cock.

The guys sitting on either side of me were both stroking too and the guy to my left was watching me closely so I slipped into the water and stood bending forward and lowered my mouth onto his hard prick. He didn’t say a word but groaned softly and leaned back to allow me easier access. I thrust my head back and forth so his pole slid in and out my mouth while I stroked my own cock hard and fast.

The guy to my right had moved closer for a better view so I pulled away from the first guy and faced him. He moved back and sat on the edge of the tub and I again bent over and started just licking the wet tip of his manhood. In this position I had my back to the other four guys in the tub and because I was bent over my shiny wet little ass cheeks were pointing at them. The first guy I sucked moved behind me and plunged his face between my cheeks. He was enthusiastic and licked up and down over my tight rosebud. Having my ass eaten drives me wild and the guy who had his cock in my mouth was definitely reaping the benefits. I sucked wildly on him in response to the incredible feeling of a tongue probing my hole.

I took turns sucking the first two guys until one had to go and I asked the other guy to cum on my face. He said he wasn’t ready yet but he’d find me someone to fulfil my need. He turned to the guy next to him and said ‘hey, how would you like to cum on this guys face?’ The guy looked really surprised but he jumped out the tub and walked around to me. I was sitting on the edge so he stood in front of me and started stroking his cock right in front of my face. I stuck out my tongue Onwin and started licking the tip as he stroked it.

I couldn’t wait so I dived forward and took his semi hard cock right into my mouth. His cock responded immediately and I felt it growing in my mouth which got me even hotter. I pushed forward until his pubes were touching my nose so he was deep in my throat and I sucked hard and pulled back. I pumped his cock and after a couple of minutes he started twitching so I pulled it out of my mouth and jacked him off while he blew a nice load over my face.

By now all the guys in the tub were stroking their cocks but one in particular caught my eye. He was a slim smooth Asian guy with a pretty big cock. Not too long but nice and thick and dead straight. He was staring straight at me because I was naked, wet and had a face covered in cum. I smiled at him and he raised his hips off the seat and lifted his big stick out of the water and kind of waved it at me. I wasn’t going to need a second invite so I moved straight over to where he was and grabbed his cock in my hand.

I stood in the middle of the tub wanking myself slowly and pumping his mighty member with the other hand. I didn’t do that for long because I couldn’t wait to taste that beautiful cock! I bent over again and went to work on him, licking his balls and shaft then sucking the head into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the tip. He obviously enjoyed it because he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and gently pushed my face down until my face was pressed against his belly and I could feel his hardness pressing against the back of my throat.

I worked tirelessly on him, sucking, licking and kissing that rock hard cock for about 15 minutes solid. In the meantime a few of the other guys in the tub started touching me thighs, gently squeezing my balls and running their hands all over me. I was so excited by the piston in my gob that I didn’t stop them or even look to see who it was. I felt a strange sensation between my cheeks and realised that someone behind me had lubed their finger and was slowly forcing it into my very tight asshole. That was a little bit uncomfortable but also felt so sexy so I focused on my mouthful of meat and let him continue.

After a couple more minutes of being violated at both ends the finger was removed from inside me and replaced with a hot Onwin Giriş tongue the wriggled in and out of me and drove me insane with pleasure. The Asian guy thanked me and left the tub and disappeared and I was really disappointed that I hadn’t managed to get some cream out of him.

At that point I got a look at the hot Maori guy who had his tongue in my ass and he asked me if I wanted to go up to the porn area. I followed him up and he found a seat and I went straight into the kneeling position and rewarded him for his busy tongue with my hot mouth all over his hot sausage. Then he stood up and I lay on the seat and he stood in front of me and shoved his cock back in my mouth. I was sucking on him like a total slut when my Asian friend from before appeared.

I immediately took the other guy out my mouth and he shoved his machine of a cock back in my mouth. The two guys started kissing and squeezing each others nipples as I lay on my side at groin height and stroked the one while the Asian guy took to fucking my mouth. He had serious stamina and he pumped away into my mouth for ages. He was obviously damn horny by this stage because he grabbed my hair and pulled me in and I was forced to deep throat that baton as his balls bashed against my face with every stroke.

The other guy was loving the view and as I fisted his cock he started squirting his jizz all over my naked body. That must have turn my face-fucker on because he grabbed by head and forced his cock as far down my throat as he could with the head starting to pulsate. Then all of a sudden I could feel powerful jets of sperm hitting my throat and he groaned and pumped me full of his seed. Finally I’d got what I’d hoped for and it was well worth the wait.

With cum all over me and in my mouth I headed back to the shower a very happy man. I showered and thought I’d just relax in the hot tub for a while. There was only one guy a few years older than me there but he must have seen my earlier hot tub fun because as soon as I sat down he stood up with his hard fat cock in his hand, walked up to me and just stuffed it in my face. I was a little worn out but I’m only human and who could resist.

I immediately latched onto his tool and sucked for all I was worth. I took it out my mouth and jerked the shaft as I rubbed the tip all over my face. He had a lot of pre cum and was dribbling Onwin Güncel Giriş all over my cheeks and lips and he was clearly enjoying the sight of his cock all over my face. I could tell he was nearly there so I sucked the head hard and tickled under his balls with my hand. He started to moan quite loudly so I pulled it out again and jacked it fast while rubbing the head on my tongue. That pushed him too far and he started to squirt his hot man sauce directly at my face. The first blast landed on the bridge of my nose but the next two were straight onto my outstretched tongue. It tasted sweet and it was really thick and creamy so I sucked him back into my mouth and cleaned up every last drop until he started to soften in my mouth.

We had been alone but when I came up for air I realised another guy had come in and was standing behind me wanking his fat cock inches from my ass. I stayed with my ass in the air and let him rub his cock all over my ass cheeks. He rubbed it all over my bubble butt and then gently rubbed it past my hole. I knew if I stayed in that position he would probably try to shove it up my ass so I turned around, lowered myself to eye level with it.

I started to run my lips up and down the shaft. Then I sucked one of his big balls into my mouth and sucked it gently before switching to the other one. I reached through his legs and pressed my finger against the opening of his ass and he pushed back trying to get me to finger him. I resisted at first and just sucked on his fuckstick like there was no tomorrow. He was really horny and said to me ‘I want to see you taste my load’ while he tried to reach round and shove a finger in my exposed hole. I said OK and got out and lay at the edge of the pool. ‘Jerk that hard cock all over me’ I said and he knelled with one leg either side of my head and stroked his cock hovering above my forehead.

I knew he was getting there by the huge drops of spunk oozing from his tip so I pressed my finger up against his hairy ring and slipped the tip of my forefinger slightly into his ass. That was enough to tip him over the edge and he blew what felt like litres of really warm white baby-batter all over my face and chest. I stuck out my tongue and he rubbed his cum-covered cock head around over it so I could lick it up. His cum was a bit salty but there was so much that I lost it with excitement and jacked my own cock off all over myself as well.

I lay at the edge of the tub covered in two loads of come as guys wandered past looking at me and smiling knowing that I’d just been spray painted. Not a bad visit at all but hopefully next time I’ll get a few more.

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New Slave Ch. 1

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It all started one summers day when I was walking along the road coming home from the pub minding my own business. I could here the car from a distance coming up behind me, but took no more notice than usual. The car screeched to a halt, tires smoking and the door opened hands came out through the door and grabbed me. Hands covered my face, held my arms together, A sweet smelling cloth was thrust over my mouth and face forcing me to inhale. That was the last thing I remember until I woke up.

As I came to I had vague recollections of what had happened. The room swam blearily into focus. A light stared down into my face. I went to move and realised my hands and feet had been bound together.

Just then I heard movement and raised my head off the bed. I could see a blonde pretty face just to the edge of my vision. I strained a bit further to see long stocking clad legs disappearing up into a tight black miniskirt. My eyes drifted up her body back to her face, passing over her voluptuous breasts straining in her tee shirt, her nipples hard and erect pointing through the thin cotton fabric.

I’m glad to see your awake, she said rising out of the chair and sashaying over to the bed. Pretty little thing aren’t you she said. I stammered a question out and asked what I was doing here, why have you done this to me. Don’t be silly came the reply, You know why, you are the son of the industrialist, Arne Wanness. I protested I didn’t know who he was and I really didn’t. She just smiled and said it wouldn’t work, we are still going to ransom you.

She walked away from the bed ignoring my protestations and went out through the bedroom door. I laid down again drifting of into nightmares of being pulled into cars. I awoke to someone shaking me by the shoulder. I opened my eyes to see the blonde face peering at me again. Come wake up she said, I’ve brought you your food.

I tried to move and found she’d removed my shackles and I could move freely. My wrists throbbed from the ropes that previously bound them protestingly making their presence know. I rubbed them absently taking in more of my surroundings. I ate the food absently looking at my captor, who sat beside me on the bed stroking my hair, and kept saying what a pretty thing I was and I should have been a girl with my features. Abruptly she stood up and said I won’t harm you as long as don’t try and escape. As she said this she grabbed my face and pulled it close to hers saying with a delicious wicked grin on her face or you’ll regret it.

She left, as soon as it was quite I went over and tried the door. No movement from it at all. Over to the window tried the window and rattled it. The door burst open, she stood there with smile on her face, I new you could not resist it she said, now I will show you what its going to cost you.

She stepped to one side and another person moved out from the shadows. This women was the same size and similar looks to the blonde, but was a redhead. She was clad in thigh length leather stiletto boots, black lacy teddy with suspenders, that pushed her breasts upwards causing them to jut out. They were only half cups and her nipples were clearly visible peeping over the top of the bra cups. “Interesting” was the comment. Mary said you’d try something. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. What are you going to do with me I stammered. Don’t be so anxious she said.

Just at that point I realised Mary had gone round behind me, I felt her legs hook round mine and I found myself on my front lying on the bed with her sitting on top of me. In a trice my hands had been handcuffed to the bed head.

I felt hand go around my waist and my track pants and underpants pulled down around my ankles and off over my feet. I twisted round trying to see what was happening . As I did Mary put my head in a headlock and the other women came round to where I could see her and saw her bringing some rubber looking object towards me. She shoved it into my mouth just as I realised it was a gag, and felt it fastened behind my head.

She sat next to my head on the bed.

Now Steve, lets get a few things straight. You can make this as easy or as hard as you like. I grunted through the gag . I felt her run her fingers down my back onto my naked flesh, tickling the fine hairs at the top of my arse cheeks. The flat of her hand smoothing over my round cheeks.

People who disobey me regret it, don’t they Mary, I couldn’t see Mary, but heard the reply, yes Gina.

What! came the explosion. Again the voice said but closer Yes Mistress, please for give me.

I’ll keep you to later said Gina. Take your clothes off Mary, I have use of them.

The next thing I felt was a stinging smarting feeling on my back side as she lifted her hand and brought it down sharply on my cheeks, making my eyes water. She quickly did this again and again increasing the hardness of the smack at each blow. I wriggled trying to evade her hand knowing I couldn’t, waiting in anticipation of the next blow. My whole Onwin arse felt on fire, from the blows, tears running down my face from the pain.

Understand said the voice in my ear. I nodded, anything to escape the smacking.

My arms were released, and I turned over instantly regretting it lifting my backside off the bed covers quickly due to the soreness. Standing I could now see this vision of beauty kneeling next to the bed, naked, her clothes piled neatly on the corner of the bed, her black underwear, on top. Mary was a natural redhead as my eyes quickly told me, and those breasts, magnificent, young, firm, standing out proudly from her body, no sag, brown nipples glistening on the end of both breaths.

Mary stood up came over to me and pulled my T-shirt up over my head, so I stood there naked as well.

So you don’t get cold and to discourage you from escaping, you can put on Mary’s underwear. Gina said.

I shook my head, a mistake because that hand found my arse with unerring instinct.

Mary walked to wards me, picked up her underwear, put one hand out pushed me backwards. She shook out the undies, all black, to reveal a black teddy, which she helped me into. As she did her breaths rubbed against my body. I could feel her hard nipples pushing against me. Even in this situation my cock started to get interested.

Mary pushed me back on to the bed, knelt down in front of me and picked up my foot and started rolling a sheer black stocking up my leg until it retched the top of my thigh. The suspenders were connected up to the stocking preventing it from sliding down my legs. She did the same for the other leg.

When she had finished, she rubbed her breasts over my stocking clad legs, at the same time I had the sensation of wetness on my foot and realised she was rubbing her pussy and clitoris over my foot. Her hand unerring found my cock which by now was straining hard up against the silky lace fabric of the teddy. This was causing the G string to pull harder up between the crack of my arse.

Enough of that cried Gina, You dirty little slut, trying to come on his leg, I saw you and at that Gina grabbed a hand full; of Mary’s hair and yanked hard backwards causing Mary to yell in pain.

Gina walked over to me and suddenly let fly, and slapped my cock. Who said you could get hard you disgusting pervert.

Right, get up and kneel down on the floor, I did so. Her hands moved swiftly again putting on a cuff around my wrists and then coupling them together behind my back, stay there was the command and watch.

Mary by this time had got up and was standing by the bed, Gina walked over to a cupboard and opened it saying to Mary, assume the position.

I heard a gasp from Mary and watched as she got on to the bed on her knees and knelt down so her face was touching the bed covers. Her knees were spread wide apart as possibly as they would go, pushing her arse into the air leaving her exposed and vulnerable, exposing a glistening pink succulent pussy, all dewy from her come juice she been rubbing on my foot. I could smell her from where I was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed. With her arse raised high in the air she was totally vulnerable.

Mary put her arms behind her back and waited. Gina cuffed her wrists in a similar fashion to mine. She knelt beside Mary facing me. Gina moved her hands softly over Mary’s body moving slowly down to her bottom, over her cheeks and round to her mound of Venus rubbing her clitoris. Mary was starting to moan softly and move her hips in time to the stimulation, pushing her hips towards Gina in an effort to push her clitoris harder against her hand.

Gina licked her index finger before placing it against her pussy hole and then plunged it inside Mary, al most at once pulling it out again and thrusting harder in. Mary gasped as Gina’s finger filled her hole and tried to time her hips to Gina’s hand. Suddenly it was two fingers moving in and out. The room was filled with a sucking sound as Mary’s pussy slurped hungrily at the intruding fingers, cum juice trickling down them on to Gina s hand.

You dirty little slut you like that don’t you said Gina. Answer me and at that the same time Gina slapped Mary’s arse cheeks, bringing her hand down from a great height. Gina kept pounding her flesh at the same time still keeping her fingers thrusting up Mary’s pussy. Mary didn’t know whether to push or thrust trying to escape the blows raining down on her firm backside, now glowing rosy red from the punishment, or to pleasure herself on the fingers she was impaled upon.

Abruptly Gina stopped. Walked over to the cupboards, and routed around inside. I couldn’t see what was happening, but when she turned round she had a handful of vibrators and dildos in her hand.

She put them on the bed and picked one up, I could see it was a strap on dildo, about 9 inches long and big.

She put this on and said to me, as I had a huge hard on that was threatening to bust the lingerie Onwin Giriş wide open, my cock straining to be unleashed.

I’ll take that smile off your face in a minute when I’ve finished with Mary.

With that she turned around grabbed the end of the dildo and wiped the end of it against Mary’s juicy sodden gash spreading Mary’s own cum around the top of it, then Gina pushed forward with her hips and I watched as Mary’s pussy greedily opened wide to accept the intruding dildo and swallowed it slowly inch by inch disappearing.

Gina gradually started to withdraw it and then thrush hard again so that all nine inches was buried in her pussy.

Mary was moaning away swaying her hips, impaled on the cock, frantically rubbing and her nipples on the bed spread in an effort to find more stimulation. Gina picked up a tube of KY and squeezed in to the crack of Mary’s arse. She teased her finger against Mary’s arse hole, probing gently with her finger tip until Mary’s arsehole gave way to the pressure and opened wide and let Gina’s finger slide up her arse.

Gina worked away, putting on more lubricant then, increased the pressure until two fingers started to disappear up her arse. Gina reached over and released Mary’s hands, who instantly moved a hand under her and down to her clitoris which she started massaging and pulling increasing her pleasure. Gina took her fingers out of Mary’s arse, and Mary moved her other hand around her back her own fingers searching for her arsehole. I watched fascinated as Mary plunged her fingers up her arse moving them roughly in and out in time to her other hand working away on her clitoris.

I bet you’d like to fuck her wouldn’t you Gina said to me, I nodded eagerly.

Gina stopped thrusting and reached over Mary and picked up a small pink vibrator about 6 inches long and an inch in diameter. She pulled Mary’s hand away from her arse hole and moved the vibrator tip up and down the crack of her arse and then pushed the tip in to her arse hole. Mary grunted and adjusted her hips to accept the vibrator trying to penetrate her brown hole. Gina increased the pressure and pushed hard until finally the sphincter muscle opened wide enough to swallow the vibrator , like a mouth opening and swallowing hard.

Gina started pushing the vibrator in and out and then started fucking her pussy in time together with the vibrator. Mary s hand crept around her back again and took the vibrator out of Gina’s hand and thrust it harder and harder up her arse, the vibrator sinking deeper, her arse taking the whole 6 inches right up to the hilt.

Gina stopped thrusting and withdrew the dildo with a big slurp a s Mary’s pussy reluctantly let go. Mary was still grinding her hips in rhythm to her vibrator fucking up her arse and moaning loudly at the obvious pleasure she was feeling, her body squirming to the first throes of the approaching orgasm.

Gina walked over to me, looking slightly comical with the dildo wobbling as she walked swaying in front of her body like an extra arm. She came up behind me and I felt her hands undo the gag out of mouth, I moved my jaw in circles trying to release it from its feeling of strain from having the gag in.

Gina came round to face me again, She grabbed the dildo at its base and came to wards me, I could see the dildo covered in sticky cum juice form Mary’s pussy, dripping along the sides of the dildo making it look like someone had dunked in a bowl of syrup.

She grabbed a handful of may hair and yanked my head back. “Open your mouth you little slut” Almost with out thinking I my mouth involuntary started to form an “O”. Before I could blink she had shoved the first inch of the dildo in to my mouth. The smell of Mary’s cum assailed my nostrils, just before the tangy flavour hit my taste buds.

I started to try and pull back, this was like sucking a guys cock, but she had hold of my hair securely and thrust her hips forward causing me to gag as the dildo slid towards the back of my throat. She pulled the dildo in and out fucking my mouth, as my lips tried to cope with this monstrosity bashing the back of my throat.

She pulled the dildo out and said to me you enjoyed that I can tell, you’ll make a good cocksucker.

And without another word turned and walked back to Mary, who’d been watching with interest.

She told me to get up and come over to the bed, Mary obviously knew what was going to happen and moved back to lay against the wall her legs bent at the knee, wide open displaying her cum sodden pussy and the vibrator still impaled up her arse, her hand around her back still thrusting the vibrator slowly in and out of her arse.

“Get down and give Mary some head” was the command. I struggled onto the bed and knelt down and put my head between Mary’s legs receiving the smell of her cum. I thrust out my tongue to tickle her clit and Mary started to moan and grabbed my head shoving her pussy hard against my mouth causing me to struggle to breath as she Onwin Güncel Giriş ground her clit and her pussy lips hard.

At the same time I felt the panties being pulled down over my hips and my cock which felt fit to burst spring out to attention. I was dying to take hold of it and pull it like there was no tomorrow.

It crossed my mind I was awfully vulnerable like that with my arse in the air, but forgot as I felt my cock enveloped in a hot receptacle as a tongue flitted along the ridge of my cock encircling the helmet, tickling underneath, causing me to groan with anticipation of the long awaited coming, I could feel the press of my spunk building in my balls just waiting for that ecstatic release.

Just as soon as I thought I was going to cum, Gina stopped sucking on my cock. I felt her fingers run lightly over my arse and I flinched waiting for the sharp crack of her hand on my arse, instead I felt some sticky and cold drip into the crack of my arse, realisation hit me two seconds later what it was as I felt Gina’s finger unerringly find my puckered arsehole and drive her finger in. I yelped and bucked at the intruder shoved so forcefully into my arse. But with Mary’s legs clamped around my head and my mouth stuck over her clit it was a muffled yell and very little movement. I heard Gina say “I know you like it you little slut, look at how horny you are” pulling my cock up and down at the same time. She had stated to thrust her finger in and out o my arse, pushing up each time causing my cock to jump with pleasure as she kept hitting my prostrate.

Abruptly as it started my arse was released from its intruder, Mary reluctantly let go of my head at Gina’s command. I straighten up, to be pushed over so I laid on my hands. Gina’s told Mary to help her take me over to the chair and Mary and Gina pulled me off the bed together.

Over in the corner by the bed was a chair like contraption, that had half a seat on it, with leg rests like a wheel chair, but hinged and with straps over the rests and arms.

I was pushed into the chair, so that I sat with my arse, exposed sticking out of the bottom of the chair, supported around the edge, sitting on my cheeks. Gina pulled me forward, Mary undid the cuffs, pulling my arms forward and strapping the cuffs to the chair arms. “What, what ” I stuttered “are you going to do with me” worried I asked, my cock starting to droop, with the fear of the unknown.

“Who said you could talk” shouted Gina, “You’ll pay for that”

My legs meanwhile had been strapped in position as well. At that point Gina put her foot on a pedal and my legs started to raise in the air, and widened at the same time, pulling my arse cheeks wide apart exposing my arse hole and cock. Mary came over and bent over my and started to French kiss me passionately.

“Mary come hear I haven’t finished with you” Gina pulled Mary roughly over rot the bed, “Bend over and spread”, Mary obeyed.

Gina reached round to the bed and brought out a 7 inch dildo, but at least 2 inches in diameter that had a base, but has a groove at the bottom. She smeared the head of the dildo with lube, and put the tip against Mary’s arse.

“Ask for it” came the command form Gina.

“Please” a small voice came from Mary, “Please mistress, fill my arse” “I didn’t here you properly” said Gina using her free hand to wallop Mary’s rosy bare bottom. “Sorry mistress, please stick the dildo up my arse, please”

At that Gina increased the pressure on the dildo. I watched fascinated, my cock at full mast again as Mary’s little arsehole struggled to repel the intruder desperately trying to open her sphincter muscle.

Finally her rosebud arsehole lost the fight, relaxed and opened and greedily swallowed the dildo head. Mary moaned and groaned swinging her head from side to side at the invasion of the dildo up her arse, her free hand rubbing and pinching her nipples. Gina kept pushing until the dildo had nearly all disappeared up her arse. She gave it on last push and Mary s arsehole closed slightly over the smaller groove, holding the 7 inched of latex pleasure in her back passage.

Mary stood up, her arse cheeks closed together as she stood up, with just the base protruding slightly out of her arse, nestled in the crack, Mary turned round her hands working her breasts, rubbing her nipples and running over body down to her clit, harder and faster, her hips moving in rhythm to the fast approaching orgasm, and her moaning increasing in intensity, until finally, she shrieked and thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy trying top satisfy her orgasm.

Finally she stopped as Gina looked on with her approval and leant over and kissed Mary hard, their tongues flicking out and in and out of each others mouths.

They stopped and looked at me, my cock fit to burst, “I think he likes that, Mary, taste him”

Mary walked over and knelt down and took my cock in her hands and bent her mouth over my cock enveloping it in it swarm softness. It was to much and my cock started pulsing as the cum started to shoot out. At the same time I felt a vice like grip applied around my testicles and felt them being squeezed on mercifully until my cock couldn’t pump any more due to the supply being cut off.

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New Mexico’s Best Club Ch. 3

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Ramona, Inga and puppy.

The thing about New Mexico is the wonderful cultural and ethic diversity.

How do I describe Ramona, a firm but robust woman of mature stature? No flab or cellulite. She was about 5’6” average bust for a woman her age and size. Black hair and brown eyes. Ramona was from a very old Hispanic family; you know Old Spanish land grants. She was a trained lawyer, but only did real-estate law now and not much of that.
She was one of the richest members of our group, but you would not know it by her big heart. The first around when someone is in need. In fact, she sometimes drives us crazy with her charities.

I had been in Santa Fe on business for a week, and my partner had to leave early leaving me without transport. My subbie got a real bad case of the flu just before I was to come home, well Ramona left her slave inga with my slut and drove to Santa Fe to pick me up.

All I had to do to repay her is fuck her, while inga licked my asshole. The things we do for those we love.

Ho now inga! A typical statuesque German blonde. There is a very sexy contrast between the 5’6” dark Dominatrix and the 5’10” blonde. I really get a rush seeing a well dressed Ramona leading a naked slut inga by a leash.

One last thing, even after two marriages Ramona liked cock. Yes she found her female sub more pleasing but she liked to fuck. Where inga at the ripe old age of 24 was a strict lesbian. Ramona got great pleasure in watching her getting big dick in her ass.

They have as close to a true 24/7 BD relationship as any one. They lived in a house in Corrales, near the river. Inga kept house, shopped, saw to the rest of the domestic chores.
Ramona loved costumes so inga was not naked all the time. She had a different costume for each day of the week; Monday is leather day, Tuesday is harem girl day, Wednesday is bikini day, Thursday is Victoria Secret day, Friday is tight jeans day, and the weekend is either French maid day or just naked day. Of course, Ramona’s whims and current activities caused variations.

The one other thing that makes Ramona rather popular is that she had another sub. Some of us are rather jealous of bi- women, they have an edge. Her sub is a rather plain looking female, average but attractive. Ramona calls her “Puppy”. She is married to a Major from Kirtland AFB. She was significantly younger than he, and bored. Her status and position is well kept by Ramona, only a couple of us know puppy’s background.
A quick bio, she met her husband in California, a whirlwind romance. Puppy did love him very much but there was a ten year difference in their ages and her sexual needs were too much for her to stand. She was always bisexual. It came to a head while they were stationed in Germany. I know from personal experience, there was a lot of Hanky Panky there. Puppy spent time with her lover, Ramona, when her husband was away, which was about 6 months out of the year and sometime when he was at work.
He had met Ramona and considered her just a friend of his wife.

That morning inga woke up in Ramona’s arms. Inga made coffee as Ramona lounged in bed for a while. A passionate kiss over the wonderful aroma of the coffee sent electricity though inga. Tit to tit pressure sent shivers to the blonde’s hot twat.
Ramona sweetly rebuffed any of inga’s sexual advances. While showering inga knelt and tried to eat her Mistress’ cunt, she tried to satisfy her as they dried and she crawled under the table during breakfast to please Ramona and the dark haired woman softly pushed her away.

Right after breakfast, Ramona picked her slave’s dress for her tasks. A sort of halter top dress, thong and high-heeled sandals. The dress barely covered her tight ass and the top allow a hint of her fine tits to be displayed outside the thing fabric which did not do much to hide her wonderful nipples. The thong hid the rings that pierced her labia and the silver tag that hung from the right one.

Ramona gave inga a list of things to do and the keys to the car. As inga started the car, she looked at the first item on the list “Pick up new collar”. “SHIT!” she said aloud. Of course, it was in German. I know the word but cannot spell it. Off she went out into the county.

In 15 minutes inga pulled into the parking of a small wooden building marked “Saddle Shoppe”. Walking across the gravel lot she adjusted the top of the dress. Inside the shop were two cowboys, yes real cowboys, were sitting talking to the leather- smith.

“Hey” he said with a big smile.

“Hello” was her accented answer

“Come on in the back I have you order ready”.

The two customers made not attempt to hide their stares as the sexy blonde walked passed them into the back of the shop. The shop owner opened a door to the back room and waited for inga to go first, inga turned her head and smiled at him “Thank you” she said politely. Closing the door behind them he opened a cabinet and removed a thick leather collar. Inga immediately Onwin reached behind her neck and pulled the bow on her dress top. The top fell away exposing her big luscious tits. The owner had seen them many times but he still got an instantaneous hard-on. Inga pulled her hair out of the way while he wrapped the leather around her neck. The collar fit from her shoulders to her chin. As he tightened it, inga found that she could not move her head but a fraction of an inch. He checked each area, tugging, feeling, and making sure it would not chaff. As he did, he took the liberties granted by Ramona. He felt up the lesbian’s soft but firm tits, twisted a nipple or two and ran his hands over her dress-covered ass.

Inga never got used to a man’s hands on her, although it happened often, it pleased Ramona to torment her like that.

“Does it pinch or hurt anywhere?” he asked

“No Sir” again being polite as her mauled a tit.

He removed the collar and looked for any marks on her neck. He would do this for a horse after making a halter. He put the collar in a box and sat down. Inga bowed up a little because she knew what came next.

He took a horse blanket, put it on the floor at his feet, and smiled. Inga knelt on the blanket and reached for his belt. She thought “At least it was early in the morning and he had not worn the pants all day” but that was little consultation for her as he always had the horse odor about him. Inga exposed his hard cock, it was not very big, but then it really was not important to the sub leszzie.

Massaging his dick, and rubbing his balls, inga started the required hand-job. She was thankful that she was not made to blow him. Her soft hand moved up and down on the hard rod. Faster and faster she moved. The Leather-smith leaned back and moaned.
It did not take long before he was shooting his load. The cum shot all over her hands and some landed on her tits. Inga hated this with a passion, but she would always obey her Mistress.

Inga cleaned up the sperm with the aid of some tissues, then stood up. “May I pull up my dress” she asked. The limp shop owner gave her permission as he zipped himself up.

Inga left with the box. There were now three men gawking at her. Starting the car inga was off to Cottonwood Mall.

While inga was jerking off the leather-smith, puppy pulled into Ramon’s driveway.
Ramon looked out when she heard the car; she had been expecting the slave. She watched the cute woman climb out of the car. Puppy walked up to the house; she was dressed only in a rather short raincoat. That would have looked strange if she had stopped anywhere as it was pushing 90 degrees. A pair of 5-inch heels was the only other clothing that could be seen by Ramona as her slut stepped on the front porch.

As puppy turned the front door knob, Ramona sat down in the living room and made as if she was reading the paper. Puppy entered the front hall, it could be seen by the Dom. Ramona watched as puppy unbuttoned her coat and slipped it off her shoulders. Ramona’s heart jumped, the bitch was naked, except for her shoes.

Puppy took her place on here knees by the entrance to the living room. It was not comfortable; she was kneeling on hard Spanish tile waiting for her Mistress to acknowledge her. Ramona knew how much time it took her slave to become impatient.

“Hello Slave” says the Mistress.

Puppy stood and scurried to her Mistress’ feet. The naked slut lay flat on the floor with her arms wrapped around the legs of the Dom. Ramona was wearing short white socks and excersize shoes. Puppy pressed her lips against the fabric of the left shoe. Small light kisses, from the toe along the laces to the instep. Naked puppy groveled happily at the feet of the sadist. Ramona just leaned back and enjoyed the humiliating performance of the slave.

Ramona did not say a word for more than five minutes. Puppy had kissed and debased her way from the left to the right foot. Ramona did love the sight of the prostrate naked girl, groveling at her feet.

“Nice to see you slut!” said Ramona with a smug look.
That gave poor puppy the right to speak, “OH Mistress please can I stay the weekend, I love you and need you sooo bad, please Mistress Ramona?” she pressed her cheek into the instep of Ramona’s foot. Her naked breasts pushed into the lush carpet. Proned out the slave kept her legs spread wide even though there was no one to see her open cunt and ass.

“Are you ready to serve me?” asked the Mistress.

“Yes Mistress Ramona, order me, anything Madam.” Begged the bitch

“Time to clean!” said Ramona, as she stood up and walked away from the slut.

Puppy got on her hands and knees and followed her Mistress to the “Blue Room”.

The “Blue Room” is Ramona’s Dungeon. Not exactly like the typical hell hole, but a very tasteful room done is a blue motif. Of course, the usual devices are there, whips, paddles, chains, cuffs and other special equipment.

The house Onwin Giriş was usually immaculate but puppy loved to be humiliated while doing things for her Mistress, Ramona could not deny her that. Besides the Dominatrix had a surprise for her loving slave.

In the Blue Room, Ramona started by putting even higher healed shoes on puppy and locking them in place. Thick leather cuffs were then locked around her ankles with 18 inches of chain between them.

Next was the surprise. With puppy standing with her wrists crossed behind her, back and head bowed Ramona held up a black belt device. Puppy looked at the belt and shivered, in pleasure. It had a long butt plug, and a thick dildo attached. This was not quite like the other “Pleasure” harnesses she had worn.

Ramona draped the harness over a low stool then put on the video system on. “You had better get them well lubricated, bitch.” Ordered the Domme.

Puppy happily went to he knees and crawled to the stool. Bending further over she first took the dildo in her mouth and caressed it with her lips. She knew she would have to work harder on the butt plug, her pussy was wet enough.

While she watched her slave, Ramona removed her shorts then sat in her tall back chair. She spread her legs and moved her hand to her trimmed pussy. One hand dangled over the arm of the chair while she diddled her sensitive clit.

The dildo was almost too thick for puppy; she could not manage her usual deep throat. In fact, she did more licking than sucking. Ramona, watched the morning light from the window glint off the saliva, puppy was leaving on the rubber prick. Ramona watched her property do her work for five or more minutes, and then she snapped her fingers. Puppy knew what to do; she shifted from the dildo to the plastic plug.

The cunt did a wonderfully sexy job. She started by gently kissing it from the pointy tip to the thin base. Ramona made a mental note to reward her for that. As her slave started her wonderful performance the Domme reached under the arm of the chair and pushed the remote control to make the camera zoom in on the slut.

The dark haired beauty continued playing with her cunt while watching her playtoy do her job. “puppy” she said. The slave looked up and noticed the nod of the Domme’s head. She crawled over to a table, pressing some KY into her hand she returned to the stool. With a gentile touch, puppy covered the plug of the harness with the jelly. She then crouched over the stool. With one hand to steady herself and one to guide the rubber rods, she sat slowly. The plug pushed into her asshole first, its pointed tip easily speared the rear pucker. When that was lined up, puppy guided the thick dildo into her soaking wet cunt. Puppy was not kind to herself, when the intruders were lined up she just sat on them with a steady pressure. When they seemed to tight enough, she just rose a little and pressed back down. She gritted her teeth and did not make a sound until her asshole closed over the thin base of the plug.

“Ahhhh Yesss Yess Mistress yess it feels so good. Thank you, haaa!”

Ramona smiled; leaving her cunt she stood and walked to her charge. She helped her stand and hold the dicks in her. In a few quick moves, Ramona had the harness belted around puppy’s waist. Puppy moved her legs apart so her Mistress could bring the harness up between her legs.

When Ramona was done puppy was synched up. A thick leather belt with a hard wire sewn in went around the waist. From the back of the belt, another rather thick leather strap ran down between the cheeks of her ass. On this strap were the plugs that filled each of the slut’s holes. Now until now it seem just like any chastity belt or tormenting harness, but just in front of the dildo the leather was split and thinned. Ramona pulled the slave’s labia apart and placed the straps on either side of her hard sensitive clit. When the straps were attached to the front of the belt, it effectively pulled the cunt lips apart and away from the clit. Ramona takes a moment to torment her slut by playing with her clit. When she was sufficiently aroused, Ramona clipped a metal cup to small metal clips on the straps.
The cup had a small hole in the center. Not big, enough for a finger or any other implements that puppy could think of.

When the belt was locked on the slave her holes were filled and her most sensitive parts were denied the stimulation she craved. The belt was locked on with special locks and Ramona places the key around her neck.

Ramona put a thick, tall leather collar on puppy. It was designed to give her minimal movement. Then she raised the slave’s tits to her mouth and sucked on her hardening nipples until puppy thought they were going to burst! The Mistress tied thin nylon cord around each, this helped keep them hard, added a little bit of pain and were the perfect place for her next decorations. She attached brass bells to each string; they dangled a few inches below the slave’s nice Onwin Güncel Giriş hard nipples. Using the strings Ramona pulled puppy toward her. Leaning down the strong woman engulfed the slave’s mouth in a hot long tongue-tangling kiss.

Ramona leaned back in her special chair and opened her legs. Her hand slowly worked its way down her stomach to her dripping wet cunt. Puppy dared looked up and stared at her owner. The hot Dominatrix moves her other hand to her pussy as slowly as the first. She saw a chill shoot though her slave. Ramona smiled and pulled her labia apart, showing her hard clit to the kneeling slave.

With difficulty puppy crawled the few feet to her Mistress. Shaking with passion, she moved her mouth to the woman’s hot pussy. With the first taste, the slave greedily engulfed the wet spot with the open mouth. She sucked hard on the open hole; the juices flowed over her tongue. Tasting her lover she moaned and darted her tongue, directly to the hard clit. Puppy spent a minute flicking the clit with the tip of her tongue. She had been trained well and listened and felt her Mistress’s emotions. When Ramona moaned, puppy pursed her lips and sucked the clit into her mouth like a cock. Each suck got harder and harder, when she could not get any more of the flesh into her mouth she again used the tip of her talented tongue. She danced it over the extended flesh of the clit.

She felt her owner’s legs tremble as Ramona tried to hold back her excitement. When she made the clit as sensitive as she could she drew back her lips. Taking a deep breath, she took in the deep aroma of her owner, her tormenter, and her owner. Pushing her tongue out as far as it would go, puppy plunged it into the hot hole. She licked up the top of the hot cunt then went further up caressing the clit then down the right lip. Another moan from Ramona, when puppy moved her tongue back inside her pussy.

That was all she could stand, Ramona grabbed her slut’s head and pulled it forcefully to her crotch. Puppy used her tongue to fuck her Mistress. Ramona pulled harder on the slave’s head. Puppy swirled her tongue around the hard clit, large circles then with ever faster and smaller circles.

This became difficult but her passion for eating her Mistress’s pussy and her training kept puppy on target.

“Yes bitch, eat it cunt, eat it!! Fucking whore suck it, Ahhhhhhhhhhhfuuuccckkkk!!!”
Blurted Ramona as she comes hard, very hard.

The Domme fell back in her chair; puppy put her check on the inside of her lover’s naked thigh.

Ramona fiddled with the slave’s mussed up hair. After a few minutes, Ramona gently pushed puppy back to her knees. “Is my little slut horny?”
“Yes Ma’am” was her weak reply.
“You did well but not well enough, if you work hard today, maybe you can cum!” retorted Ramona.

“Yes Mistress” said a whimpering puppy.

“We must finish your outfit before inga gets home,” said Ramona

Ramona ordered the slave to open her mouth. She inserted a black cock gag. It was attached to puppy’s head with straps around her checks; some attached to each side of the gag then run up her face to join at her forehead. From there, the leather strap ran over the top of her head to join with the other straps in the back.

Another length of chain, about 12 inches, joined her wrist cuffs. Then like her nipples, bells went on each wrist, ankle and on her waist. Taking the center of the wrist chain Ramona pulled the slave to the center of the Blue Room. She attached it to a hanging hook.

“Spread you legs!” ordered the Mistress “I will show you what that hole in the clit cup is for.”

Puppy spread her legs as far as the chain would let her. Ramona circled the bound bitch; puppy felt a tickling on her neck is quickly moved around to her chest then down her tit to her nipple. Ramona was moving a small feather over the slave’s skin.

A second later, puppy jumped. Ramona had taken the feather, snaked it through the small hole in the metal cup encasing the slut’s clit. She moved it back and forth, twisted it and finally side to side. The tip tormented puppy’s already swollen bud. After 30 seconds Ramona removed the feather. “ You see dear, you cannot touch yourself, even with a vibrator it would be hard to cum, but I can make you orgasm when I want or just drive you fucking nuts.”

Ramona tied a frilly white apron around puppy’s waist before letting her down. With hard slap on the ass, the Domme sent puppy about her cleaning chores.

Ramona put her shorts back on and followed the slave out of the room. She just stared at the sexy woman’s ass jiggle while trying to walk in the high-heels with the short hobble chain.

Inga arrived at the Cottonwood Mall on the west mesa of the city. She gathered stares from the moment she stepped out of her vehicle. The cart boy just about ran a cart into a new BMW parked nearby.

Although inga knew how to “strut her stuff” she really did not like it. Liking women, having men watching her did not make her happy. This sexual leaning together with a rather strict, Lutheran upbringing, her father was a minister, always gave her a flush of shame at her display. Of course that is exactly the reason, her owner, Ramona, made her show herself off.

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New Orleans

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Group Sex

Night never falls quickly enough on New Orleans. Interesting by day, certainly, but darkness brings the true city to life. The barkers and harkers, bodegos and cafes. The places seeking merely to move money — from your pocket to theirs. And oh the promises.

This night will bring something else to the city of cadence and creole. She feels, rather than hears, the calls for attention ringing and melting together in her ears as she stands looking out her window. It’s a tingling sort of feeling that comes first from the rumble of traffic and next from the memory of last night’s arrival.

Her flight had touched down a day in advance of his. Really only nineteen hours. She had counted. Knows the minutes still. Had he even failed to mention it, she would be at the airport to meet him now, but he had specifically told her to wait. Standing at the window for six hours wasn’t exactly his instructions, but it was her only option.

If he knew that she would be so keyed up like this, would he have asked any different of her? She wonders — and distinctly doubts. Questions come and go in her mind, but they all circle back to the same one: will night never come? Will the sun never leave her alone? Tantalizing, toying with her wants and hopes. Smiling and winking at her, making her want and need the blackness to come before discovery. She feels so bald and bare in the sun, so exposed.

Her arms cross all by themselves as she wonders how she will ever get back to her innocence after this night. Is it already too late? Has she gone too far yet? She might ignore the door. Feign deaf to his knock. She might peer through the crack, gaze into his deep blue eyes and tell him she can’t do it after all. Stare, even as her body falters and threatens to shake apart. Will he reach through the slit and strip her clothing like the sun or will night give her the bit of cover she needs to be able to tell him no?

Will he push his way past her defenses anyway? A shove against the wood to make her give way, then a grab at her wrists as he presses her back to the wall? Does she really know him at all? A chance internet connection that surged through her wiring and left her in such a state that she stands at a window waiting for six hours. Leaving only to nervously pace or to pick at something or other. Will night never fall in New Orleans?

Though her plane landed near midnight — was it only last night — she couldn’t shut herself into the room and stay. Instead, she walked the crowded pavements. The one way streets closed to all but pedestrians and brave bicyclists. Or unicyclists.

People jostling one another. Wandering in and out of open doored shops, peering at skeleton themed juju and mojo makers. Or gator heads. She cared nothing for any of them. Ended up at Cafe du Monde about two a.m. picking apart a beignette and sipping at a chicory hinted coffee, afraid to go to her hotel and wait. Afraid she would spend the time staring out the window.

Weary at the dawn, she made her way to the room, but napped so little that she now fears swaying and fainting from excitement over his arrival. Unable to sit. Unable to walk along the river or take tea on the balcony or sit in the park and let sun tingle across her nape. Unable to bear more than waiting and watching. A base excitement that infuses her and sets her apart from the more than friendly people. The more than helpful staff and passersby. Everyone so willing to help make sure she has a good time, yet none are him. So she eschews them all and waits at the window.

The city stretches out before her. The vista beckons. On the one side, the lights just beginning to twinkle. Hardly seen against the waning light of day. On the other side, the river with the wash of steam powered craft. Even the perfect view lacks in her mind. She is unable to see the airport. To watch the planes land and know that one of them is his. She has to content herself with pacing the room and hoping that one of the passing jets leaving tendrils of wisp in the sky will be the one she waits for.

It is only four in the afternoon and she has paced, walked and picked her way through a mere six hours. She tried earlier to meet him online, to chat, but he either refused to get on, was busy or may even have been toying with her. She left him a message, but he gave back a perfunctory text: “I will be on time.” Presumably he had allowed for extra time from the airport to the hotel, but it meant that she had five more nerve wracking hours to go. If she could only go downstairs and into the market area, it would pass time. Maybe even sit at the cafe again and watch people walk by. She can’t bring herself to do more than pace the room, however, and think.

It began as just a simple internet connection. A little fun, some flirting, very innocent, until one day she woke up and realized she talked more to him than to her husband. Worse, in her mind, was that he talked back. They shared. Laughter, commiseration, news, lives. And he listened. He knew more about her thoughts and Onwin needs than her own family did.

There was more than just simply flirting. Much more. He knew her secret desires. Her inner needs. He started talking one day about why he was just dating. Why there was no one woman for him. How he had a “fetish” he called it. A penchant for creating suffering and fear in women. When he said this to her, she felt a thrill of excitement. She remembers now casually asking him questions about his activities, suppressing her thrill and hoping he didn’t recognize it in her written voice, how he was somewhat reluctant to tell her at first, but as she showed more interest, he opened up and she found a world of depravity waiting for her to fall into.

Those first conversations were so innocent, looking back on them, now. She must have seemed the picture of naivete. A virtual unborn. Even now, she wavered between excitement and disgust at how he roped her in so easily. She thought now how simple it was for him to open this door for her and give her just a bit at a time. Enough to keep her wanting more and not enough to turn her away.

To be fair, he warned her repeatedly; early and often. From the beginning. Told her exactly how he would do just this to her, bring her before him with such trepidation, such uncertainty, hoping and craving. How he would take her then, take all of her hunger and lust and fear. How he would feast upon this, leaving her little or nothing of her own self.

She stops her pacing and picks at a vase on the coffee table. Her arms cross and uncross all on their own. Her stomach flops freely. All his warnings only served to heighten her interest and her want, eventually her need. Now she was in so deep she couldn’t walk out if she wanted to, though she will toy with herself about not letting him in or maybe telling him no when he shows up. She can no more deny him now than to fly back to Florida and tell her husband it was all a lie about the conference. That she set it all up for these few days with this internet stranger with all his talk about binding her and tormenting her.

Weeks after that first talk, she saw the advertisement for this conference come over the fax machine. She talked her boss into giving her the time and her husband into believing that her boss wanted her there. She talked one person after another into believing her web of half truths and into letting her go. That any one of them could have brought the whole facade crashing down at any time was always there, beneath everything. And so was he.

She nearly canceled every day since she sent in her registration and bought the plane ticket for New Orleans where he bought the hotel and told her he would meet her. Everyday since, she wanted to call it off and wanted it to hurry, both and at once, but here she was, arms crossed and staring out the window. Four more hours until she could no longer turn back.

She remembers being so wet the first time he told her about tying her hands and how excited he’ll get seeing her bound before him, she had to lock the bathroom at work and play with herself until she came in a sudden burst that completely took her by surprise. Since then, she’s been a bit more ready for her reactions, but he still often shocks her — not at his words or imaginings, but at the way he makes her feel.

Her arms uncross and she picks at the water glass on the counter as she thinks of the first time he’d sent her a story. A tale of two lovers, never touched yet truly deep in sharing and wanting. They meet and he presses her to the wall just inside the door. Before she can catch her breath or realize what is happening, he’s compressing her world into this small area.

He wrote how he will take her wrists and force her to the wall, kiss her as he will and when she turns from him for air, he will push harder until she gasps and writhes. Then he will let her go. She’ll nearly fall to the floor in her release. She’ll remain there, standing and panting until he has turned and dug into his bag and moved back to her. This time he will take her wrists and force her face to the wall, tying her hands together behind her. When he pulls her head around to kiss her lips this time, her eyes will be wide in excitement — both nervous and aroused.

Her arms cross again and she walks to the window and presses her palms against the pane of glass. Leaning forward, she touches her forehead to the cool surface and wonders again how she got here. How she can risk so much to see this person she knows so little of and has yet to touch or truly believe is real. She knows all about how unreal the internet might be and the near people there. She knows well how few of them can ever give what they promise. Much like life in microcosm. How many promises people make everyday without ability to fulfill them, yet here she is, led into a situation where some unknown, unseen wordsmith comes to fail to live up to expectations.

She nearly left the room then. Uncrossed her arms, got her Onwin Giriş purse and had her hand on the doorknob until she realized there was nowhere to go that will fill her. He’d created this hole in her psyche that she is unable to salve. She’s tried since that first time. Suggested to her husband that he tie her hands. He did, but so gently that she nearly laughed at him. At least he tried, but she knew as soon as he took her hands that it wasn’t him. Couldn’t be him.

She walks back to the window. Looks out over the river. Boats were streaming by. Ships, probably – what did she know of such things. They were all going somewhere. Leaving her here in a room waiting for someone who may or may not even come. If he does show up, will he be the one he told her he was?

Her arms uncross and cross again all by themselves and she sees with a stab of anguish that there are still two more hours before he had told her to expect him. She sees Bourbon Street off to the left, just beginning to come alive and she wonders what it would be like to wander there carefree. Maybe even in defiance of his instructions, perhaps get back to the room just after he’d entered an empty suite. See how he takes it. Whether the disappointment will show on his face before the glee of seeing her takes hold.

At the same time she thinks this, she also fears what he will do in retaliation; to teach her about disobedience. He has told her before how he will instruct her and she believes that he truly will – has already begun. It is both a fear and a hope. Just as he long ago told her it will be.

The square below was coming alive in the half light. People were moving or standing in motion. Her arms cross as she watches their hands waver and their feet shuffle. There was a sway to their movements. A hypnotic transient dance of bodies. She imagines how it would look in full dark if she could look down from here and see them. Envision them all in a ballet of tide like swells with ebbs and squalls. She yearns to be among them. Suddenly sees herself being taken by him in the midst of the crowd. Like a private Mardi Gras.

She feels herself sway and lift, keeping time with the hands of a barker. Her sex grasping and releasing as the hands raise and spread, lower and flip inward. She finds herself swaying to the silent beat, drenching her panties when she jerks awake from her trance. She feels the fatigue wash over her with the last of the daydream and stumbles her way to the couch where the cool upholstery welcomes her.

Her dreams are dark and wanton. Filled with lust and the devilish wishes of his pleasures. He has told her “I will take my pleasures” and she finds herself dreaming of him as he forces her to give him her body. First she offers her hands, he refuses with a shake of the head. Then her legs, again a refusal. She tries to give him her entire body piece by piece, but each part he denies her. Shaking his head sadly side to side. She begins to plead with him, begging him to take her children, her dog. She sees herself in tears, giving him her house and car when a soft rap intrudes.

She bursts out of the dream, shaken, but desperate to see him, to let him in and to melt into him. All thought of telling him “no” flies as she runs to the door. She turns the bolt after pulling on the handle, then pulls and pushes it back before taking off the chain. Her fingers fumbling and trembling, she just manages to open the door, to see his eyes.

He’s real and before her and her breath is already gone when he pushes his way inside, tosses his bag down and presses her back to the wall. His fingers twine with hers, his body hard and overwhelming. She’s gasping even as his lips find hers in gentle play. They’re nibbling tenderly at hers, twisting them sweetly between top and bottom, suckling them. She’s lost and wonders if her dream has yet released her.

Her back remains at the wall, her mind dazed, when the pressure of his body leaves. Her fingers still feel the twining and his sharp knuckles pressing in her skin as she hears the zip of his bag. She swoons and might have sunk to her knees but that he catches her up once more. This time his lips bruise. Grab hers with brutal indecency, his hands rough her body, seize her hips, her buttocks, squeeze her breasts and upper arms. They move down past her elbows, twists them together almost cruelly and wraps a cloth around them. He echoes the move with her wrists, this time braiding the cloth so her hands are bound firmly to one another. The sharpness of it brings tears to her eyes even as she recognizes the fact that he had openly told her he would do this very thing.

Unable to move her arms, now, not yet having caught her breath, her lips hardly register that his are but touching lightly. Tenderly exploring the bottom, then the top. His mouth just grazes her cheek, her chin, her eyelids, her brow. Moving freely, touching down upon the skin of her face as it opens and reaches for him.

A sigh bubbles up inside her and presses Onwin Güncel Giriş her lips outward. He pushes his lips into her hair and as he comes closer, the smell of spice teases her. When he moves onto her nape, she can no longer resist moaning aloud. It comes to her then that she’s dreaming and will wake any moment to the knock on the door. She feels herself slipping and he tugs on her wrists, pulls her forward and across the room. Before she can catch her balance, he pushes her back against the bathroom door.

Still sure she’s deep in sleep, she’s yet to struggle, but she does work at the bindings and finds them taut but giving. He ties a robe belt around the cloth between her wrists and grapples her arms above her head, throwing the belt over the top of the door. He has a second soft belt there with a large knot in it that he tosses beneath the wood. He leaves her briefly, tightening her arms tight above her before he turns away. She finds it fairly uncomfortable, yet somehow arousing as well and she wonders how her dream could be so real as to chafe her wrists.

When the bathroom door closes, it’s such a small click that she could ignore it but for the note of finality it presents to her consciousness. He’s back in front of her, his knees moving hers outward. Feeling the door stiff against her back makes her finally realize she’s awake and the dream is gone.

Now she struggles. And gains a chuckle from him. “Did I wake you? Have you been nervous waiting for me?”

She tries to swallow and tell him how she had spent her time, but all that comes out is: “Are you really here?” And it comes out in gasps. Her body reacting with the touch of his fingers coupled with another low, nearly evil laugh from his lips. Better than her imagination had given her. Better than her dreams. His hands leave tendrils of flame as they trace her sides and run up her arms.

He has succeeded, meanwhile, in separating her legs and forcing his pelvis into hers. She can feel his hardness, separated from her by layers of clothing. His and hers. She wants nothing more than for the material to dissolve. She wants to feel him bare and presented to her. A moan escapes her. And another as his hands keep up their relentless campaign against her sanity.

She wants to touch him. To take his hardness in her hand and make him moan. His hands keep her from expressing this physically, however, and his fingers wandering over her prevent her from telling him. She tries. She opens her mouth and closes it several times, all to no avail. She can no more talk than wrench her hands free of the cloth he’d bound them with and all her struggling only serves to make it tighter on her wrists. She can feel his excitement rising as she twists and squirms.

His knees pushes her thighs completely open and his body presses into hers so firmly that her struggles become little more than wriggling. His mouth presses into hers, then, insistent and forceful. It takes her breath from her again. She thinks to turn her head away, but he reaches up with his hands and holds her there, forces his lips on hers and shoves into her until she has nowhere to turn. Her wrists pull, but the ties get tighter and the cloth digs into her flesh when she fights too hard.

His hands move down her body, lift her, turn her and push her breasts against the wood of the door. His palms smooth the muscles of her back and buttocks and shove her still more firmly into the door. Now she finds she can squirm and she does. Until his hand finds her ass. A stinging blow that nearly brings her to tears with the suddenness.

He pulls the hem of her skirt up and tucks it into the waistband as she steels herself for more swats. Instead, she gets her ass rubbed and kneaded. The circles make her moan and need more. He presses close to her and moves his voice to her ear “Is this what you want?”

The words are said in an accented melody while the tone holds an underlying menace that makes her flood her panties. Unable to speak, she lets the words linger in the still air. “Well? Not talking now? Well… we’ll see about that.” There’s more than threat in those simple syllables. It makes her soak the remaining dry cloth of her panties. She can feel the flooding as acutely as the touch of his breath tickling her ear.

Why had she wanted this so? Even now, as her sex drips with excess moisture; as she can all but feel a sliver of water snaking along her thighs and the cool of breeze on her bare bottom where he’s pulled her underwear into the crack of her ass, she wonders how her reaction can be so severe. Her body taking over from her mind. Even as her thoughts cry out against the things happening to her, her body trembles and tingles and aches for more. Pooches outward for it, like her buttocks.

His fingers work up, then down her back, to the conjunction of thigh and ass. His thumbs circle her thighs, separate them and pull at the skin. She feels her groin tauten and a trickle of moisture makes its way down her bared flesh. His fingers flick outward and yank the thin cloth of her underwear away from her skin. Pulls them cleanly to her knees, then her ankles. His knee holds her thighs apart and his fingers move back to squeeze her buttocks open, pinch them with his thumbs and open her wide to him.

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Senatorial Secrets Ch. 10

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Brad watched the image of Anthony’s Rebecca taking yet another stranger’s cock into her already overly used hole. He had already watched the recorded images a half a dozen times and yet he still hadn’t had enough. The sound of someone knocking on his office door brought a growl of annoyance from deep within him and he closed the window out on his laptop.

“Come in,” he called out, and watched as Anthony walked in. Immediately anger rose up in him as he looked upon his young intern and lover, a man that had confessed his “love” for Brad and Brad only, but had in fact been grinding his cock into another. What made it worse for Brad was knowing the “other” was a woman. Had it been a man, Brad would have taken delight in forcing the odd man out to enjoy a bit of sport with him. He’d have reprimanded his lover for the deception and moved on, no longer trusting the young man, but still keeping him around for sport.

“Hey babe,” Anthony said, after shutting and locking the door behind him. Brad watched him remove his jacket and then walk confidently toward the desk. “I got a text message saying you wanted to see me. What’s up? Or do I have to get you that way?”

Brad scooted his chair back, opened his slacks, and pulled his cock free. He said nothing, still trying to reign in his anger and find a way to make Anthony suffer. He watched the young man move to his knees and he opened his legs wider, giving Anthony room to settle between them. Anthony grasped his cock in one hand, used the other to lift his balls from his boxers and then massaged them between his soft fingers while his mouth took in the ridged head.

“Fuck yeah,” Brad moaned, closing his eyes and letting himself enjoy the touch of his lover’s mouth and fingers. Anthony sucked in more of his length and Brad pushed his hips up; his fingers tangled in Anthony’s hair. “Keep sucking,” he muttered and then opened his eyes, moved his other hand to the lap top and double clicked the shortcut he’d created for Rebecca’s video. His hand shook as Anthony began to deep-throat him, but he managed to un-click the check mark on the audio option.

When he was finished, he rested his other hand on the other side of Anthony’s bobbing form. “Listen and suck, you fucker,” he muttered and then began to forcefully lift and drop Anthony as he rammed his dick deeper into his young lover’s mouth.

Anthony was taken back by the sudden violence in Brad’s voice. He had been sucking his cock the way he knew the Senator liked it, but for some reason Brad was no longer the gentle lover he had been. He was more primal. Anthony gagged and tried to lift himself off his employer, but could not fight the strength the older man possessed. He heard the muffled sounds of a computer program running and the voice though distorted somewhat seemed familiar to him. He heard the whispered name of “Becky” and the words “Fuck me” coming across the speakers.

He felt Brad shift the seat, forcing him to move with it. His eyes locked on the laptop’s screen and he felt his face pale. He watched Samuel move between his girlfriend’s thighs and thrust into her. Another man, someone Anthony didn’t recognize had his cock in Onwin her mouth. He felt Brad’s hands grip his hair tighter and then lift him from his dick. “What the fuck?” Anthony shouted and tried to free himself.

“Get in here,” Brad shouted.

Anthony’s eyes grew wide as he heard Rebecca beg for more. He heard the Senator’s office bathroom door open and turned to see Samuel walk out. He was naked. His cock hard and leaking with pre cum. Anthony lunged for him, but Brad hooked his leg, forcing him to trip and fall. “You were fucking a bitch. You were using me,” Brad hissed and grabbed Anthony’s hair again. “You like this cunt?” he asked and forced the young man to lean against the desk; his eyes glued to the laptop and the woman he loved.

“What did you do to her?” he demanded, trying to twist his way to freedom.

“I didn’t do anything,” Brad said. “Can’t you hear her? She wants it. She’s begging for it. Hours and hours of fucking. She’s a slut. She’s more a slut than my wife.”

“You did something. She loves me. She’d never . . . ” Anthony glared at Samuel and Brad.

“Yeah, she loves you,” Samuel said. “With the right motivation she loves getting fucked too. An ecstasy pill later she was purring in pleasure. Begging me to come all over her slutty ass. She’s tight man. Not as tight as your ass, but she’s a good fuck. I may have to cream her again.”

Anthony tried again to lunge toward the bodyguard but was stopped short when Brad pushed a gun into his face. “Strip,” he ordered. “After today you’ll no longer be welcomed here, but remember . . . I have this and if you talk about me to anyone, little Rebecca’s gonna pay.”

Brad released the hold he had on his young intern and watched in hunger as he stripped. When he was finished, Brad gave the gun to Samuel and removed his clothes. He then grabbed a bottle of lube from his desk drawer and coated his dick in it. “One last hurrah,” he muttered and told Samuel to shoot the punk if he didn’t do as he was told.

Anthony cringed, but knew he would submit to the two bullies. He wasn’t going to jeopardize his life or Rebecca’s. He had milked more than come from Brad. He had his money. Lots of it. He’d leave here feeling raped and dirty, but he’d go to Rebecca with a bank account that was worthy of her and her family’s wealth. That was why he had started down this path. . .for Rebecca. He bent over the desk, knowing what his soon-to-be former boss wanted. He then watched Samuel move to the front of the oak furniture and shove his dick in his face. “I figured you’d want to clean the little slut’s come off,” he said.

“You sick fuck,” Anthony muttered and knew then that Samuel hadn’t bathed off the come and juice of his fuck frenzy with Rebecca.

“Take it,” Brad ordered and then watched Anthony open his mouth and engulf Samuel’s tool. He then aimed his cock at the young man’s ass and shoved himself into the dry hole. Anthony jerked and groaned in pain as his dry cavern was invaded. Soon however he relaxed as the lube on Brad’s shaft began to coat his walls.

Samuel moved his hands to Anthony’s head and thrust his hip, forcing the man to take all Onwin Giriş of his dick. Anthony refused to help his boss or his boss’s bodyguard use him. Instead he thought of what pleasure it would be to go to Rebecca and propose to her. He loved her and as he felt the shots of come explode into his ass and roll down his throat he told himself repeatedly . . . “It was all for her.”

Brad pulled his limp tool from Anthony. He felt empty, in more ways then one. “Get out of here . . . both of you,” he muttered and then left the room. He was shocked by how hurt he was and he didn’t want Anthony or Samuel to see it. He’d been a fool, a reckless fool.

Turning the shower on, he climbed into the spray of water and shut his eyes. He stared there for what seemed to be an hour or more, simply letting the liquid spill over his tense muscles. Soon the water was no longer the comforting balm he needed and he found himself quickly washing away the evidence of his lust. When he stepped from the shower, pulled a robe on and then darted back into his office he was surprised to see Peter sitting there.

He toweled his hair dry and then took a seat at his desk. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” he asked. “I thought you had the day off?”

Peter sat there quietly taking in his boss. He had seen Samuel escorting Anthony from the building and the look on the young intern’s face had been a mixed one of both relief and despair. He admitted he was curious as to what had happened, but chose not to ask because he had his own agenda. “I wanted to talk to you. Privately.”

“Well I’m sure you saw Samuel leaving as well as Anthony. The others are around, as you know, but we’re alone here. Shoot,” Brad said, crossing his arms and eyeing the other man he trusted with his life.

Peter reached down and lifted a manilla envelope from the floor. “Here,” he said and tossed it to his boss.

Brad lifted the envelope; his face showed his curiosity and his actions showed his eagerness. “What have you here?” he asked, “new meat? I remember when your sister provided me with these same envelopes and inside were the most delectable mor. . .”

His words stopped as dozens of glossy prints fell onto his desk. They showed him in various positions with men, all legal age, but still he was supposed to be a happily, married man. He opposed gay rights, preached that the family values of America was going to shit and he was just the man to make things right. In his hands he held the proof of his secret life. His fingers curled into fists, crumbling and wrinkling some of the photos. “Where did you get these?” he asked, still not comprehending the situation.

“I have more,” Peter answered. “I have videos too. Carolyn was very meticulous in her dealings with you. So was I though. We provided you with what you wanted. You provided us with what we wanted.”

Brad’s jaw dropped and then closed again. “You and . . . You and your sister took these? Why?”

Peter clasped his hands in front of him. “Years ago you met a young man on the road. A hitchhiker. He was in awe of you . . . until you forced him to be your fuck toy.”

“So what . . . it never Onwin Güncel Giriş bothered you before. I paid my playthings.” Brad shouted, pushing his chair back and growing more angry as he flicked through the photos.

“It was my brother,” Peter answered.

“Your brother? I never fucked . . . ” Brad stopped talking and then closed his eyes, dropping the photos to the desk. “The hitchhiker, young Jon. He was a sweet piece of ass.”

Peter lunged across the table; his hands found Brad’s throat and he squeezed it hard. “Listen you sick fuck. He killed himself after he told me what you did. You stole him from us. Carolyn and I raised him. He was more than a brother, but he was our friend. He slit his wrists.” Peter saw Brad’s eyes bugging out and released his hold. He saw him reach for a button on his desk, but laughed saying, “I disconnected the security feature, you dumb fuck.”

Brad’s hand moved to massage his throat. “What do you want?” he asked.

Peter smirked. “I have more, like I said. I’ll send those to your wife and kids as well as the media if you don’t acknowledge your preferences for the male gender as well as confess to all the blackmailing you’ve done in the past to get your way. Nothing too bad. I’m not asking you to kill yourself or pay me millions. I just want you to feel the humiliation my brother felt. It won’t be the same I’m sure . . . but I do know how you love your image and you bask in the people’s praise. I want them to see the real Senator Scholastic. The one I and your family know exists.”

“You know I can’t do that. I’ll pay you whatever you want, but I can’t go public.”

“Then I will. I don’t want to hurt Savannah, or the twins, but I will.” Peter stood up and turned to go.

“Wait,” Brad demanded, wondering for a moment if Samuel had taken his gun with him. He knew he had, and if he hadn’t then Peter would have searched for one anyway. Peter knew, just like all his bodyguards did, where Brad kept his weapons. “There has to be a way to reason with you,” he said.

Peter shook his head. “No, there isn’t. You don’t have enough money. I just want you embarrassed, humiliated, so fucked publicly that maybe . . . just maybes you’ll find only one way out . . . the way my brother did. You’ve got a week. If you don’t publicly confess, then your wife and daughters will get everything I have and then so will the public.”

Brad watched Peter leave; he sat down hard at his desk and covered his head with his hands. The pictures were still there in his mind, even though his eyes were closed. The phone rang and he jumped from the sound. He picked it up and listened to Samuel. “Anthony’s on a plane heading home . . . but we got problems.”

“What?” Brad asked, knowing nothing could be worse than what Peter wanted him to do.

“That slut killed herself,” Samuel muttered. “I just got a call from the hotel. The bitch slit her wrist. She bled to death.”

Brad closed his eyes and sighed heavily. “Damage control?”

“I’ll try, but the maid who found her was a new hire. She called the police before she called the hotel owner. Our DNA is everywhere Brad. We’re fucked up.”

Brad thought to himself, “No Samuel, you’re fucked up.” He said nothing though, opting instead to hang up the phone and stare out the window of his office. “Bad shit comes in threes,” he muttered as he wondered what card would be the next one to fall.

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New Haircut

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“I love the new haircut,” he said.

She smiled. She was pretty pleased with it, herself.

“So tell, me, what do you like best about it?” They flirted on and off, and she wasn’t above fishing for some more ego boosting.

“Well, it’s short, but not too short. You know that guys like blondes, of course. And it’s just nicely styled.” She nearly rolled her eyes at this last statement. Her hair was more wavy than curly, but at this length, she really had to put some effort into those curls. Guys.

“So are you saying you didn’t like me when my hair was brown?” She pouted at him, just a touch.

He blushed. “Oh, no. It’s just that when a woman can pull off a color like that, it’s just great to look at.”

“And what about it being short? I thought guys all hate that?”

“Oh, no. I’m not a fan of buzz cuts, but your cut is short and feminine. And short hair means easy access to the neck.” He blushed slightly again.

“That’s one of the things I like about it. When I had long hair, guys could kiss me on the side of my neck, but the nape was basically unreachable, and that’s my favorite spot to get kissed.”

“I didn’t realize you like that. Doesn’t that mean always getting Bycasino kissed from behind? How does that work with your. . .” he trailed off. He was blushing harder.

“With my domme proclivities?” She arched an eyebrow at him and he nodded. She realized, in retrospect, that this had stopped being about fishing for compliments, or even casual flirting, as soon as he mentioned his interest in necks. He’d known about her interests for a while, and she knew that he found it a lot more interesting than he’d ever admitted, possibly even to himself.

She closed the office door, turning the lock as she did so. “Do you really think it’s not possible to be in charge while someone’s behind you?”

“Um, well, I just hadn’t thought about it.” He had clearly knew he’d lost control at some point, but couldn’t figure out how.

While he stammered, she reached into the pocket of the jacket she’d hung on the back of her door. Her hair might be short now, but she still had the ribbon she’d always carried for tying her hair up or back.

She slipped into the higher heels she kept around the office for more formal events. The extra height would help for what she had in mind, and she was Bycasino giriş pretty sure he’d also appreciate the view.

“Why don’t you lean back?” She didn’t really wait for a response, instead turning around and leaning back into him, pressing him ever so slightly against the wall. His arms circled her by instinct, and she grabbed his wrists and quickly tied them together. It wasn’t so tight that he couldn’t escape if he really wanted to, but it was clear from his hardness pressed against her that he had no intention of escape.

“Still think it’s not possible? Who’s in control here?”

“You’re definitely in control.” Some of her favorite words to hear.

“Now show me how much you love necks.”

She leaned her head forward, and he kissed the back of her neck. As he kissed and nibbled at her, she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. He was focusing on her neck enough that he might not have noticed that it was now her panties that were pressing against his hardness, but he certainly noticed when she pulled his hands down so he could feel how soaking wet her panties now were.

As he worked her at her neck and she used his figures to stimulate Bycasino deneme bonusu her through the panties, she felt the orgasm build. She normally preferred being loud, but the office doors weren’t thick enough to take the chance, and she enjoyed the orgasm mostly silently, clenching her thighs around his hands as she shuddered.

He started to pull away then, but she leaned back, shoving her body tight against him, sliding her ass just enough against his crotch to make any thought about stopping vanish. She used her free hand to reach up and pull his head back towards her neck, and he got the message.

She was more deliberate this time, still focusing on using his hands, of course, but also make sure she bounced up and down on her heels, sliding against him. She knew from his breathing that he couldn’t take much more, and sure enough, as she came for a second time, her gyrations against him caused him to come, too. She felt the come soaking through his pants and into the back of her panties as they both gasped for air.

She untied his hands, went to her desk, and grabbed a file folder.

“You’ll probably want to carry this in front of you. At least your pants are dark.”

As he took the folder from her, she leaned in and gave him a firm kiss on the lips.

“Come home with me after work, and I’ll show you a lot of other ways I can be in control.”

He was still gasping, and he didn’t say anything. But she knew he’d be coming back.

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Bisexual Butch Women Rock!

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The first time I laid eyes on Amber Tate, I knew I wanted her. The short-haired, curvy, somewhat masculine white chick with the short dark hair, large breasts, wide hips and big round butt simply took my breath away. Clad in a short-sleeved white T-shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap, the twenty-something tomboy looked hotter than most of the women I’d seen in town. Of course, I had only been in the beautiful State of Alaska for a month and the people up here were an odd lot but I still know a pretty lady when I see one.

Tasty-looking dame, I thought, and licked my lips in anticipation. Then I saw the rainbow flag sticker on her backpack, and sighed in disappointment. Of course, I thought, shaking my head. The gal just had to be a lesbian. And a rainbow-flag sporting one too. Probably militant as hell. Great. Now, don’t think I’m a homophobe. Hell, I am a bisexual man. I find both women and men attractive, I just happen to prefer the ladies. That’s all.

I don’t know why, when I am drawn to a female, I often feel attracted to obviously unavailable women. The last crush I had, a hijab-wearing Muslim gal named Fatima Al-Zahran, was both married and out of my league. Why do I do this to myself? The woman was forty years old, and I met her in my university library. We became friends, and flirted a lot, but nothing ever came of it. That’s it for me and the ladies. When it comes to guys, I like them tall and masculine. Unfortunately, annoying effeminate bozos tend to be attracted to me. I avoid them like the plague. I just can’t have what I want. Story of my life.

Oh, snap. I guess I forget myself sometimes. You must be wondering who this is. My name is Stephen, a big and tall young Black man living in the City of Juneau, Alaska. I moved there after graduating from Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Criminology, I felt like getting out of Canada for a while and somehow, I ended up in Alaska. In a town where people of color are rare, I get stared at a lot. That’s okay, though. A lifetime in Canada’s Capital region, which is whiter than snow ( with the exception of the Greater Toronto area of course ) pretty much prepared me for it.

Anyhow, back to the story at hand. I’ve always had a thing for tomboys, masculine women, butch chicks, whatever they want to be called. Like a lot of brothers, I find white women quite appealing. I guess it’s true what they say about opposites attracting. I approached the lady casually as she walked into my corner of the supermarket, and asked her about fresh fruits. Smiling at me, the butch gal asked me if I was the vegan type. I couldn’t keep a straight face. Not even to save my life, I replied, laughing.

Grinning, the lady nodded and told me she felt the same way. I smiled and nodded. The gal was even better-looking up close. Dark brown eyes, short spiky black hair, and a round, animated face. Friendly eyes, too, and not the stern gaze I expected. Oh, and she smelled sweet, too. Her perfume was strong, and very feminine. I don’t know what I expected a butch woman to smell like. I guess I expected her to wear Old Spice instead of whatever girly, fruity and flowery scent she was sporting. Nice accent, the butch lady said, snapping me out of my reverie. Where are you from? she asked, licking her lips.

My name is Stephen and I’m from Canada, I said proudly, extending my hand for her to shake. The butch lady smiled faintly, and shook my hand. Her grip was firm, but not unusually so. Nice to meet you Stephen I’m Amber Tate, she said. I smiled and we bantered a bit. Amber was not what I expected. The lady had a thousand questions about Canada. We just stopped in the middle of Aurora Foods, one of Alaska’s biggest grocery store chains, and chatted each other up. Hot damn.

Well, I was happy to talk to Amber about anything, especially Bycasino my homeland. In an odd way, Alaska reminds me of Canada, especially the Prairies. Lots of white folks, lots of Natives, lots of people with guns. That’s how Ontario used to be before immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia changed its demographics and the Liberal party took over its politics. Of course, Americans tend to know very little about Canada so I found it refreshing that Amber Tate was genuinely curious.

Always wanted to visit the great white north, Amber said, grinning. Not for the first time I noticed that she had a lovely smile. I smiled and winked. Sometimes I push my luck and overstep my boundaries but, dammit, I’m new in town and don’t know anybody besides my landlord Mr. Moffatt and Lester, the old dude down the hall from me in my apartment building. I’d love to tell you more over a cup of coffee, I told Amber. The lady took a deep breath, and I braced myself for rejection. And it never came. Sounds good to me, Amber said, grinning, then she told me her digits. I nodded casually and punched her number into my Blackberry. Cool, I said, and wished her a good day.

I watched Amber Tate go, and had to smile. Rainbow-flag sporting Butch chick or not, the way her big round ass looked in them blue jeans had my full attention. I totally want to hit that, I said to myself, and smiled. I went home that night and called her up. I’m not a believer in waiting two days to call a broad after getting her digits. I was on a fact-finding mission. Was Amber Tate single? Was she feeling me? Yeah, she’s kind of masculine-looking, with the short hair, tattoos and rainbow flag but her body language said ‘interested’ when I was talking to her. Unless I misread her and imagined things. Nah, I’m a very realistic kind of brother.

Amber Tate picked up on the third ring and greeted me warmly. Hello stranger, she said happily, and told me she’d been expecting my call. Very astute of you Miss Tate, I laughed, and started chatting her up. I learned that she was originally from the City of Tacoma, Washington, and moved to Alaska to be closer to her elderly aunt Gertrude who lived in Juneau in a big house full of cats. Family is everything, I said, and Amber laughed. I’m recovering from a foot injury and learning to be active again, she said, and I saw an opening. Let me take you to play paintball, I said, crossing my fingers. This was the moment of truth. What would Amber Tate say?

Sounds good to me, Amber replied, and I grinned broadly. The next day, I met Amber at this quaint little paintball shop called Tag Zone in downtown Juneau, and we had some fun. For a big gal, Amber was surprisingly quick on her feet. Still, I’m an expert when it comes to paintball and this resourceful amateur couldn’t escape from me. End result? I shot Amber Tate in the butt with my paintball gun and while falling she got a lucky shot that caught me on the shoulder.

Ouch, Amber yelped, rubbing her big round butt. Apparently it stung. My bad, I said, and gave her a hand up. Amber batted my hand away, and instead lashed out with her foot. Damn, I didn’t even see her foot move and she kicked my legs out from under me. I fell on my black ass, and Amber leapt on top of me. Man, the butch chick pinned me down. I used to wrestle guys in high school, Amber crowed proudly, and I groaned. I’m six-foot-two by 250 pounds and Amber is a fairly big gal. Not that I minded a big, beautiful, sexily masculine woman on top of me but damn….yeah.

Alright I give, I said, holding my hands up in surrender. Amber looked at me, an amused look in her dark eyes. Taking off her visor, she smirked. Never underestimate me, she laughed, and got off me. Yeah right, I said, and rose to my feet. Nice game for a beginner, I said, and Amber smirked. Let me buy you dinner, I offered, and Bycasino giriş she gladly accepted. We went to the nearby Milano’s Pizzeria, and grabbed a bite. Man, butch women can eat! Four slices of pizza, two sandwiches and three Pepsis later, Amber and I were still at it.

Winking at me, Amber burped loudly. Sorry, she said, blushing slightly. I shrugged, then burped myself. You can always be yourself around me you weird beautiful woman, I said, gently touching her hand. Amber looked at my hand on hers, and smiled faintly. Sounds good to me Captain Canada, she laughed, and I laughed too. After dinner, we walked around Juneau for a while. Alaska isn’t the most diverse part of the United States. In fact, it’s a sparsely populated place, nothing but wilderness, with a few towns and cities here and there. I once spent three weeks in the Yukon as a young Eagle Scout. Alaska reminds me of that place.

People kind of stared at Amber and I as we walked through Juneau, and I resisted the urge to comment on it. A while ago, a black female friend of mine in Toronto was venting on Facebook about the demise of her relationship with a white guy whose family didn’t approve of her. I commiserated with her because, as a black man who sometimes dates white women, I can relate. A lot of white families don’t like it when their daughters date men of my color. In her venting, my lady friend went a bit far, calling all white guys cowards, and that angered a white female friend of mine.

I’ve since learned to take a chill pill when it comes to racial issues, unless I’m dealing with a fool who says the N-word around me. When that happens, all hell breaks loose because I don’t tolerate that kind of stuff. All these thoughts swirled through my head as Amber and I got stared at by random white folks and a few Natives as we walked through Juneau. This place could really use some racial diversity, Amber remarked, and winked at me. I smiled cautiously. Amen to that, I replied, and we continued our walk. Astute, isn’t she? Cute butt too. I definitely had a good feeling about Amber Tate.

That’s how it all began, ladies and gentlemen. The romance with the butch-looking and GLBT-affiliated, Anime fanatic, cat-loving and decidedly odd white chick who changed my life. Amber Tate is like a unicorn, man. For real. I considered myself a lesbian for years but now I’m open to dating both sexes, she told me one night, while treating me to some Chinese food at the Nugget Mall. I looked at her thoughtfully, then broke into a grin. I leaned forward. Glad to hear it, I said, then I kissed her.

The first thing I noticed as Amber Tate’s lips pressed against my own was how soft they were. Gently, she kissed me back. You’ve got sweet lips Captain Canada, Amber said, grinning, when we came up for air. I took her hand in mine and kissed it. Awesome, I said, and we left the mall together. I took Amber to my place, and what followed was decidedly an evening for the ages, ladies and gentlemen. I hadn’t made love in months, not since I left Ottawa, Ontario, for Juneau, Alaska. Time to show this bisexual butch redneck American woman what us black Canadian men are all about.

As soon as we got to my place, Amber Tate and I got it on. I didn’t even bother with giving her a tour of my one-bedroom spot. We barely made it to the living room before we started taking our clothes off. Make love to me, Amber said haltingly. I smiled as I beheld her naked, curvy body. My eyes drank her in, taking note of her big breasts, round belly, hairy pussy, thick legs and big round ass. I love a big white ass. Yummy, I said, and kissed Amber again, then began licking her tits. Lying on the bed, the sexy butch gal relaxed and enjoyed as I went to work on her.

Spreading Amber Tate’s big sexy thighs, I inhaled the sharp scent of her womanhood. Lots of females use Bycasino deneme bonusu vaginal deodorant down there but not this butch gal. Nope, Amber flaunts her own aroma. I stuck one then two fingers inside her pussy, then began teasing her clit with my tongue. Oh shit, Amber whispered, licking her lips. Taking that as a good sign, I continued what I was doing. Soon I had three fingers inside her.

Amber Tate rubbed the back of my head, and pressed my face against her cunt. Go on, she said, and I began munching on her pussy with gusto. This was my first time going down on a butch woman, and I intended to make it last. In the back of my head I worried that a woman who had been with lots of chicks, and probably had them go down on her, might not be impressed with my oral skills. Can a man eat pussy better than a lesbian? Conventional wisdom might say no but this brother was determined to meet the challenge.

I licked and probed Amber Tate’s hairy cunt until she cried out in pleasure, literally gushing hot girly cum all over my face. Damn you’re good, Amber cooed as I lapped up her cunt, tasting her feminine juices. I smiled with satisfaction and winked at Amber. My turn, the sexy butch gal grinned, and I nodded happily as she got on her knees and grabbed my average-sized, uncircumcised black dick. Grinning, Amber looked up at me with my dick in her hand. My first dick in a decade, she said, then took me into her mouth.

I lay on the bed, smiling as Amber sucked my dick. A butch chick is going down on me, I thought, mystified and thrilled at the same time. For a gal who’s spent a decade exclusively bedding women, Amber wasn’t bad at all when it comes to sucking the Johnson. How am I doing? Amber asked, stopping for a moment. Although I smiled at her and gave her the thumbs up sign, I was irritated. What man is foolish enough to say anything negative to a woman who’s holding his dick? You’re doing fine babe, I said, winking at Amber.

Smiling, Amber resumed what she was doing. Soon I was ready to explode. Oh damn, I moaned, and Amber intensified what she was doing, sucking my dick greedily, almost angrily. When I reached that magic moment, my knees buckled. I came, and amazingly, Amber swallowed every last drop of my seed. Yummy, she said, literally polishing my dick with her tongue. Wow, I said, catching my breath. Smiling, Amber looked at me and asked me if I was ready for another round? Hmmm. What do you think I said?

Moments later, I rolled a condom on my dick and Amber Tate climbed on top of me. I looked at this beautiful, short-haired, alabaster-skinned, tattooed and cat-obsessed bisexual butch chick. Your ass is mine, I said, gleefully giving her ample derriere a firm smack. Prove it, Amber teased, locking eyes with me. Grinning, I put my hands upon her wide hips as she lowered herself onto me. Eye to eye, we exchanged a kiss as my hard dick slid into her cunt. At last, I was inside of her.

Amber licked her lips and grabbed my face in her hands. Fuck me like you mean it, she said. I smiled and slammed my dick into her, hard. If little miss butch likes the rough stuff, she definitely came to the right place. I’m going to show what you’ve been missing, I said, and gently bit Amber’s nipples, eliciting a surprised cry from her as I continued fucking her hard, ramming my dick into her pussy while smacking her ass.

If her dark hair had been longer I would have pulled it. I love the rough stuff, Amber cried out as I continued drilling her. Wrapping my arms around her to firmly hold my big beautiful butch lady into place, I fucked her as hard as I could. Amber moaned softly as I made love to her. We went at it for a while, then exhaustion claimed us. After we came who knows how many times, we lay exhausted and sweaty on the living room carpet. I looked at my beautiful bisexual butch lady friend. How was it? I asked, curious. Amber tugged at my chest hairs. Frigging hot, she laughed. I kissed her then, and Amber kissed me back passionately. We fell asleep like this, and I must say, it was one of the most passionate experiences of my life. Bisexual butch redneck women rock!

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Seducing Doctor Bob

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Bob and I had been friends in high school and roommates in college. We had shared a lot. He was a very hot guy, tall and blonde with striking blue eyes and muscular from working out.

Once in college we were drinking heavily. I was wearing a loose pair of shorts that came down exposing my groin. Bob acted like he didn’t notice but I could tell we was looking.

Ever since that night, I have wanted to get him into the sack. I knew he was shy with women but had never expressed any interest in same-sex activity, except for that one incident. I didn’t know if it was wishful thinking or what, but when one of our friends was getting married I offered to put Bob up for the night at my house. I had to take a shot at fucking him!

I sent my kids to their friends’ house so we would be alone. I bought several bottles of wine and grilled a couple of steaks. Just in case I rented a couple of porno movies, one with straight sex and one with bisexual tones.

Bob arrived right on time and looked as great as ever. We hugged and took his bags to the guest room. After settling him in and exchanging pleasantries, I started pouring the wine. For an hour we talked over old times then ate dinner, all the while the wine flowed.

After dinner we went into the living room. I poured us a couple of brandies and turned on some music. I motioned him to the couch and took my place beside him. For old times sake I had worn a pair of loose-fitting shorts.

“Remember Sherry Jones?” I asked him.

“Yeah, that hot redhead you dated sophomore year. Why?”

“I almost had her convinced to let you join us in the sack before we broke up.”

Bob was stunned. “Really?”

“Yup. I ran into her the other day and it reminded me.”

“What’s she doing these days?”

“Fat and married. The rest of her is now as big as her tits were then.”

We laughed. “You know,” I said, “I had almost Bycasino convinced her to let you join us in bed right before we broke up.”


“Yup.” Feeling emboldened by the alcohol, I asked Bob if he wanted to watch one of the movies I had rented. He giggled and said sure. I put on the straight one, and sat back to watch.

The first scene had a brunette with huge tits being fucked by two guys. I looked over and saw a bulge forming in Bob’s crotch to match my own. My cock actually began to hurt, even though my shorts were loose.

I refilled our snifters as the second scene started, this time two petite blonde taking on a black guy with an elephant cock. By now my own member was creeping past the leg band of my shorts, expanding to its full nine inches. I looked over at Bob who was squirming with discomfort. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of my erection.


“Yeah, Joe?”

“My cock is hurting. You mind if I take it out?”

He hesitated. “I guess not.”

With that, I pulled down my shorts and pulled out my cock. I stroked it until it stood tall at its full nine inches. I glanced over and saw Bob staring at it, mesmerized. While it didn’t match the huge ebony rod on the screen, it wasn’t too shabby either.

“I can see you’re getting hard too. Feel free to free your snake if you want.”

I don’t know if it was the booze, the movie, or the sight of my dick, but Bob unfastened his pants and pulled them down. I was finally going to see his cock!

I wasn’t disappointed. As he lowered his slacks, I first got a view of his thick bush of dark blonde pubic hair. Then his shaft was uncovered, seven inches, thin and uncut. He brought his hand down and started rubbing it, bringing it to a full length of eight inches. My ass throbbed in anticipation of that pole stuffed in me!

Our eyes met, a little awkward Bycasino giriş but then he smiled. I reached over and grabbed his cock, and he didn’t stop me. Our eyes were locked as I slowly stoked his meat. He reached over and grabbed mine. Slowly our heads came together and we shared our first kiss.

After we broke embrace I went down on him, taking his dick deep into my mouth. He leaned back on the couch, enjoying the blowjob. I rubbed his balls as I sucked and he obviously loved the feeling. After a few moments he started to moan and I knew he was close.

“I’m going to cum, man!”

I just started sucking harder. I wanted his load like nobody’s business and was not disappointed when he shot a huge load of cream. I had trouble keeping up and some spilled out onto my lips. I was surprised when he leaned over and licked it off.

“That was great, man! I never had a girl give me such great head.”

“Glad you liked it. Are you up to returning the favor?”

He got a troubled look on his face. “I’ve never sucked cock before, dude.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll teach you.”

He leaned over and took my nine-incher in his hands. At first he just licked the head, then got bolder and started feeding it into his mouth.”

“Lick my balls,” I commanded and he readily obeyed. “Finger my asshole while you suck!”

As he blew me and fingered my ass, I felt the sperm begin to boil. I warned him I was about to explode, and he started sucking my glans really hard. He took my cream like a pro, gobbling it up as if it was the best meal of his life. When I was through we both collapsed back on the couch, totally spent.

“Wow,” he said. “I never imagined being with a guy could be this good.”

“You’ve only just begun, dude.” With that I got up and grabbed a box of condoms and a tube of KY. “I would really like it if you would fuck my ass with that monster Bycasino deneme bonusu between your legs.”

Bob smiled, and then nodded. I handed him a rubber and the lube and took position on all fours. He knew what to do. He slipped on the rubber sheath onto his cock and rubbed KY on it. Without any preliminaries he shoved all eight inches up my ass.

His initial thrust took my breath away, but a stuck with it as he pounded away. He reached around and stroked my cock as he fucked me, and I thrust back to meet his cock as it violated my back passage. He couldn’t last long with his fast pace, and he screamed as he emptied himself into the rubber sheath. He took his cock out of me with a pop.

Without hesitating, I put him on his back and started fingering his asshole. It was tight and virgin, but that cherry was about to be popped. I put a rubber on and fingered his ass with lubed fingers. His rectum clenched at my invading digits, but soon they would have something bigger to contend with.

I went as easy as I could, easing myself into him. I got the head in, and then withdrew. I repeated this, getting a little more in each time until I was buried in him up to my balls. I stopped a minute to let him get used to it. His face was a mask of pain, but that would soon change.

I took my cock all of the way out, then thrust it back in. Slowly at first I began to fuck my friend, picking up pace over time. His look of pain turned to pure pleasure as I fucked him like my own personal bitch.

“Fuck me, Joe! Fuck my ass hard!” I gave him what he wanted. When I couldn’t take it any more I came, filling my condom with sperm. Quickly I withdrew and took him in my arms.

“Thanks, Bob. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“No, thank you, Joe. You didn’t know this but I have been curious about guys for a long time. I just never had the guts to do anything about it.”

“My pleasure.” We slept together that night, and every night of his stay. We have even talked about getting together with our girlfriends and having a fully bisexual foursome. He is still my best friend, and now we have even more to be friendly about.

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