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MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 15ECHAPTER 15E: EUROPE: BELGIUM FRIENDS (CONTINUED)Tim and I later recounted each other’s experiences that night. This was his:After closing the door to the room he walked up to a waiting Anja. Expecting some command or direction from him she was surprised when he sat her on the bed, stepped back and stripped out of his clothes. Once naked he walked up to within a step of her sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes were on his cock which was slowly getting harder with his anticipation. Of all the messages shared between us they were virtually all from this woman. Yes, ideas and comments from Karl were provided, but always through this woman. The messages were so often so erotic, arousing, and open in their content and in turn they had tried to provide similar honesty of feelings and events back. He had often commented to Michele how erotic she seemed in her messages. That he frequently began getting hard just seeing a message from her in their joint email account used strictly for the b**st Forum and these types of connections with other members. But once he would be reading the message, well … full arousal was often guaranteed. And here she was, right in front of him. He had been watching her naked since they had arrived at their home. And Michele indicated that she had been watching him, intently. And … here she was, alone with him, naked and waiting.The options open to him started running through his mind. She was a beautiful, erotic submissive like Michele. And like Michele she was also a loving and deeply sensual woman who first loved and was loved before the submission even occurred to them. Submission was an afterthought to deepen their commitment. The submission was not a result of commitment. They were only freely giving what they had already given. And as such he knew how this had to go for this situation, this opportunity at this woman he had imagined from the messages and now had before him. This was to be free will between them, not as a submissive. He would not direct her, but he would give her free reign to influence their enjoyment of each other.So he sank to his knees in front of her, took her legs in his hands and raised them pushing her back onto the bed, spreading her legs and sinking his mouth onto her cunt. She gasped and cried out at the suddenness and surprise of the action. From considering the option that he might choose for her to perform for him with his cock sticking out at her from merely a couple feet, she found herself being eaten by this man she just physically met just hours ago. He sank his tongue into her wet and open cunt. Lifting his head only enough to look up her body and see her head rise to look down at him, he smiled at her and stretched his hands up and took her breasts as his tongue licked at her clit sending new shivers through her body. Then her returned to her cunt and inserting two fingers, not starting with one and working it first, but two immediately, indicating his need and desire to have her. Her hips rose up off the bed at the assault and moaned out loudly. She groaned and tried to push his head but he refused to be moved away. So she squirmed out and moved to the head of the bed but sat up and took his hands and pulled him up to her. She embraced him and turned them both over so she was on top and quickly turned to take his now rigid cock into her mouth. Her knees were straddling his chest and he pulled at her hips to bring her cunt once again to his hungry mouth. As he again attacked her clit and cunt with his fingers, she was engulfing his cock, taking it fully into her mouth. This is what he wanted, full, urgent, participation with changing form being driven by desire to please.He was the one to roll her over this time, turned and approached her between her legs. He lined himself up to her open and exposed sex and drove into her, impaling her completely in one thrust. Causing her to gasp loudly like the air was being driven out of her. But as much as he was intent on stimulating her, the very actions also drove him and his stimulation, too. But he persisted, raising her hips with his hands and driving into her from a new angle, repeatedly, urgently, and powerfully. Then he pulled out and turned her onto her stomach, lifted her hips to get her knees underneath her and again drove into her cunt, again fully impaling her in another thrust. His hips impacting her ass with each thrust. He reached in front and took her swinging breasts in his hands and squeezed, then finding just the nipples and pinching, twisting them. Then one hand stroking down her stomach to their joined sex. Finding her clit and strumming it with his finger. But all the while holding his concentration on her rising stimulation, and his own. His intent was to get her to just near the peak but refuse to take her over the peak to final release. But, his also was impacted. He needed to control his own in order to keep her at the same intensity. After all their messages back and forth, sharing intimacies and pleasures, personal confessions and desires, she was here in his arms and he wanted the long awaited encounter to last, to be fulfilling of the fantasies he even shared with Michele. And as a result, he continued to change positions, not to show his experience in positions but to break the stimulation, to provide respite at the critical moments. And he again changed, pulling out of her and pulling her to him as he left the bed for the chair nearby. Sitting down he pulled her to his lap and onto his rigid and pulsing cock so she was facing away from him. This gave him the opportunity to increase her stimulation without taking his too much higher. With both hands free to handle her, to tease her, to pull on her nipples, twist them, pinch them and the same to her clit. And changing back and forth, nipples to clit and back to just nipples, all the while she is bouncing on him. As she rises to just the head being in and then dropping on him, impaling herself now, forcefully, and powerfully.And again he feels her changing breathing, her changing heartbeat, her changing body tension and he lifts her up and drops her on the bed. He flips her onto her stomach and she eagerly spreads her legs and he puts his hands on either ass cheek and spreads them and drives right into her ass. Recognizing the use of the plug, surmising that Karl must like anal and therefore she would be accepting and easier for penetration. And she is, although, the sudden change again causes her to cry out and shudder. But he doesn’t want her to cum yet, not yet, just a little more. He wants to be looking into her eyes when they both release.He pulls out again and lies down and she immediately understands and straddles him and nearly falls onto his cock, driving it home, deeply into her. And as she bounces herself up and down on his cock, her breasts bouncing wildly with the action, he takes each nipple and twists them, at the same time driving his hips up and lifting them both off the bed. He feels himself lose the battle to hold off and he drives into her and tenses his entire body. And as he does he feels the reaction from her as well. Her head is thrown back, her arms are stiff against his chest and it seems her entire body is shaking, her muscles twitching uncontrollably. And as she came down the other side of her orgasm, she collapsed to his chest and settled into his enveloping arms and slowly went limp. He kissed her forehead and flexed his cock inside her messy cunt. With a foot he hooked the top sheet and moved it up so he could grab it and cover them. He reached over and just was able to turn off the light. She was already asleep on his chest, his cock still in her cunt. He listened. Quiet. Not a sound in the house. Michele and Karl are apparently finished, too. He kissed Anja again and settled in himself. As stimulating as Anja was, he was sure Michele had to have been well fucked by Karl. This was a very erotic couple and the weekend had more to come.The next morning my eyes only partially opened to the sunlight filtering into the bedroom. I turned at movement next to me and saw Karl just coming too also. He stretched his head to me and we kissed. “Thank you, Sir. Last night was amazing.”“Thank me? If I recall, you took charge and made it an kocaeli escort amazing experience. Thank you, Michele.”Karl looked over at the alarm clock and jumped out of bed. “Shoot. It’s almost 9:00 AM! The family will be arriving at noon.” He put on some jeans and opened the door, knocked on the other bedroom door, “Woman, get up. Work to be done.” He turned to me and smiled and hustled into the kitchen and then out the door.I stood in the doorway when Anja opened the other and walked out and stopped. She said, “Michele, what happened to you?”“Me? I was about to ask you the same thing.” We both apparently had that thoroughly fucked look that is worn especially well on certain women. Our certain kind.She walked into my arms and hugged me. “Go in and snuggle with your husband for a while. You are on vacation, after all. Then, be sure to shower well. The dogs will never leave you alone if they catch that scent on you.” I smiled back to her, entered the room and closed the door. The hell with snuggle, I was going to finally fuck my husband.The preparation came together quicker than expected. Four people instead of two may have impacted that, too. So we had some time to relax. Then they started arriving and I tensed. Silly? As much time I spend naked around people, I am tense with this? But it occurs to me that these are friends and we are meeting one side of the family and I want it to reflect well on Tim and me as people and for Karl and Anja. Anja and I stand on the patio as they arrive, the only two naked. And I mean naked. No fancy intimate attire to distract the image. Barefoot and naked. Karl’s mother and father arrive and Anja pulls me along to greet them. She hugs both and pulls me into a hug from Karl’s mother and then his father. His hands find my ass and Anja is giving me a knowing smile. This will be the day, no overt touching but casual contact to various body parts. But my nerves are quickly soothed by these people. They are really nice and clearly love Anja like a daughter. This one unusual thing about their relationship.I am in the kitchen getting something for the meal when Karl’s mom comes in. I turn and smile at her. She comes up and hugs me and kisses my cheek and turns me to her. She looks me up and down. “You are like Anja. I can tell. You are so comfortable being naked even among strangers. Did they tell you to be like Anja this weekend?”“Yes, Ma’am. Karl and Tim confirmed it.”“How do you feel about it?”“Feel about it, Ma’am?”“Being told to be naked in front of strangers. To possibly be used by the dogs in our presence.”“Ma’am, I love Tim deeply and he me. I trust him completely and have committed myself to him to direct me as he wishes within certain limits.”“Limits. Are you the one who talked to Anja about limits?”“Well, I did, yes. I think they are important even for relationships like ours that is founded on love rather than dominance. There will be no hurt or angry reactions later.”She gave me another hug. “You are very wise, Michele. Anja came to me with your message and we talked. You must understand that I love my son and fully expect him to always do the right thing and that includes his relationship with Anja. She is such a dear. And quite trusting. But I encouraged her to have a similar discussion with Karl for both of their sakes. So, thank you.”“Ma’am? May I ask a question?”“Of course.”“How is it that Anja seems dominated by the entire family? The only one naked among the rest of the family clothed? That she might be mounted by the dogs among you? You have to admit that this is unusual.”“It certainly is, but very exciting don’t you think? As you know, Anja was wed to the dogs in a ceremony attended by many including Karl’s family. One thing led to another after the ceremony and during the celebration we found her accepting her commitment to not only the dogs and Karl, but also Karl’s brother and then the family. Now, Karl’s brother is the only one who takes physical rights to her body. The rest of us just enjoy seeing her body and occasionally seeing her mated by one or both of the dogs.”So, now I know. In many ways our relationship in submission is very similar and there are ways that she has certainly gone further.The BBQ goes nicely and is a wonderful time. Despite being naked among this family they are very accepting and welcoming. And there have been no sexual encounters until their neighbor, an older man, comes with his dog walking along him. The tenor of the event seems to change immediately. Not negatively but more filled with expectation. Anja looks at me and then to Karl. Karl says something to Tim and I see Tim nod in agreement. Karl then leaves and returns in minutes with one of the dogs. Now it is my turn and I look at Anja. She turns to me and says, “I said this might happen. The neighbor’s dog also has rights to me. Are you okay with this in front of the family? I am used to it and they expect it.”“I will join you and support you, Anja. It might be uncomfortable for many if I did not. Besides, Tim and I talked about this last night and we agreed this was acceptable.”She smiled and gave me a hug. I kissed her on the lips and stroked her back. This put a hush on the group. When we broke the kiss, I saw that Karl’s mom was smiling at me and nodding. Anja told me to just follow her lead, then. So as she dropped to her knees on the grass in the midst of the family, I did the same. Both dogs were released and they came right to us. No sniffing or licking. Karl’s dog was on my back and his front legs clamping around my waist. I felt his cock hit my ass cheek and I reached through my legs and guided his cock into me and sighed loudly at the initial penetration and then gasped as he pounded the rest into me. I heard murmurs in Dutch from the family and I looked up to find Karl’s mom but couldn’t but then she was at my ear. “Dear, you have to show that to Anja. Your little move with your hand had him inside you much faster. The family saw, that was what you heard. They were impressed; they were saying you are a real dog-slut. And they only meant that well.”Then she moved off and left me to the dog. A ‘real dog-slut’. Yeah, I won’t argue the point. I took it as only meaning well, also. Anja and I were both knotted and after wonderful orgasms and both dogs had us ass-to-ass, I pulled the dog to Anja which caused another murmur from the family. I then spent the remaining time tied making out with my friend, kissing, tonguing, feeling her breasts and nipples. And she does the same to me.People were quiet when the dogs finally pulled away from us. I fell to the grass and rolled onto my back. Anja crawled over to me and collapsed on top of me and we kissed and hugged. The mom knelt by our heads and touched us both. “That was beautiful you two. Anja, your friend is wonderful. I encourage you and Karl to continue this relationship. Clearly there is more here than a shared lust for dogs.” And with that she said her goodbyes and the family started getting ready to leave. I got up with Anja and walked with her and them to their cars where we all hugged and kissed, again. Dog cum running down the insides of my thighs. But that seemed just fine to them.Returning to the back and the patio, everyone was gone including the neighbor. Only Karl’s brother remains. Here’s an example of funny first reactions. Hearing that Karl’s brother had rights to Anja, I had a negative reaction of a brother pushing his brotherly relationship to get easy fucks. As a result, I also held an image of him that was not flattering. But the opposite was instead true. He was also quite ruggedly handsome like Karl. And very polite and caring. He regularly gave Anja hugs and pecks on the cheek without other sexual contact despite the fact that she would be in his arms or against him and completely naked. And the same with me. He almost seemed a bit shy with me as I gave out the family customary hug and kiss, pressing myself to whoever it was happening with. I quickly realized that I liked his brother a lot and enjoyed his continued company.After a while, though, he seemed conflicted as though something should happen or he wanted something to happen but didn’t know how to breach the subject. Also, it appeared that everyone knew exactly what it was and was not helping him. I stood kocaeli escort bayan up and looked to Tim who immediately nodded to me. I walked to the brother and bent over in front of him, putting my hands on the arms of the patio chair he was sitting in, letting my breasts swing out in front of him. He definitely noticed and had extreme difficulty in making eye contact with me. It was then that I realized he was younger than Karl and perhaps less worldly. I kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “I understand you are allowed to be with Anja. If you can have Anja anytime, would you like to be with me now?” He pulled back to look at me. He looked at the others who couldn’t have heard what I said. I stood up and said loud enough for the others to hear, “Don’t look at them. I am the one who offered.” I looked at Anja and indicated for her to stay. I reached down and took his hand and pulled him to his feet and into the house. We used the guest bedroom. I heard muttering behind us as we entered the house.We entered the bedroom and I held the door, “Door open or closed?”“Closed, please.”I closed the door and walked to him. Put my arms around his neck and kissed him, pressing my body to him and pushing in with my hips, feeling his cock get stiff inside his jeans. I pull back and smiled at him, “Are you okay with this? I want to do it.”“Yes. Please, I have been watching you all afternoon. You are very sexy, seductive. Like Anja but you are different, too. I can’t explain it.”“You don’t have to. Just enjoy it.”And I started. I stripped him down quickly. No seduction, no teasing. I stripped him and I embraced him, my arms around his neck, my lips locked to his, my breasts mashed into his powerful chest, my thighs pressed to his, and my groin pressed, urgently into his cock. His growing cock expanding between us, but trapped, held between two pressed together bodies desperately searching each other. I refused to give his cock room to expand, to achieve the fullness, the rigidity it needed to. When I moved my hips back slightly his cock immediately stood straight up his body and I trapped it again between us. I pulled back and looked into his eyes, I search his face, I kissed his lips lightly and with a hand I took his cock, I raised my body and separated my legs and pushed his cock between my legs trapping it now between my legs. The head nearly out the back side. I slid my cunt along his cock. God, I was wet, but I was probably still leaking dog cum which only made it easier to slide back and forth along his cock while it was pressed down increasing the pressure along his cock and along my cunt.I went up onto my tiptoes and let his cock out, slapping against his abdomen obscenely. I gazed into his eyes and pushed him against the bed and then onto it, encouraging him further to the head of the bed. I had already assured his cock to have lubrication from my leaking and overstimulated cunt. I crawled up to him and gave him the same experience as his big brother. Something for them to compare later as boys are known to do. I straddled him and held him vertical and slowly descended to his cock head and watched his face as the realization came to him that he was going into my asshole. His mouth opened but there was only silence. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily as I slowly sank all the way done to the bottom. I leaned forward and he groaned as he almost came out of me. I kissed him. I teased him, “You are making a lot of noises, is it uncomfortable?”“Oh dear god! This is heaven. Please don’t stop.”“I have no intention of letting you leave until you give me your seed deep in my ass.”He groaned again but I stopped. I did not want him to climax too soon. I wanted him to experience this fully. I slowly rose and descended, not dropping quickly or abruptly, but slowly. Long, tight strokes of his cock from my ass. I leaned forward again and tongued him, then whispered, “Does dog cum make a good lubricant for anal? Does Anja do it this way, too? I know Karl likes anal. Do you, too? Do you know I did this with Karl last night? Just like this. Exactly like this. Is it good for you, too?”“Oh god, yessss, yessss … ooooooooooooo, you are wicked … so, so, so good.”I felt him get rigid, even more rigid if that could be possible but it just felt like it inside me. And I felt him twitch and his body get tense. I moved to his head again, “Do me a favor. I know you are close and I want to be there with you, please. I really want that. Take my nipples and pinch them, twist them, make me cum with you, please.” And I sat up straight. He instantly grabbed both nipples in his fingers and pinched them, I cried out. I rose up, higher and higher, just his cock head still inside, I wiggled and rotated my hips, watching him and he abused my nipples, eyes going closed and his mouth sucking in air. Then I dropped, fully. And his eyes shot open and his mouth exhaled all the air his entire body held. I felt him shoot into me and with that feeling I thrust my groin into him and my clit into his pelvic bone and I crashed over the edge, too. Gloriously, stupendously, with my leg muscles twitching. I leaned into him one more time and pressed my mouth to his, lips to lips, tongue fencing with tongue. And then we just held each other, exhausted, but very, very satisfied.Later that night as the four of us are sitting on the back patio drinking some of the local beer Anja pulls me to the kitchen. I go with her but I swat her naked ass. I say, “You have quite a life here, Anja. I just spent the day with Karl’s family, being totally naked with them, and I felt so comfortable. I was even fucked by the dog in front of them and his mom came to me expressing her pleasure and appreciation for meeting me. You are lucky, Anja.”“You also, Michele. Different, but also wonderful.”“Oh yes, I didn’t mean I wished for yours. I love the life Tim and I have created.”“Okay, you’ve been wondering about the third dog all day. Follow me to the kennel.”I followed her outside, past the guys and towards the kennel building. I felt the guys watching so I started swinging my hips and letting my long hair fly behind me. The guys whistled which drew a look from Anja. She slapped my butt and we ran to the kennel. At the kennel I pulled up and exclaimed, “What the hell is that?!?”“That is our new Mastiff.”“New? That thing is as big as pony, hell it’s as big as a small horse but bigger, wider.”“Now you know why he doesn’t get into the house.”I looked at the most massive dog I have ever seen, that I have ever even imagined. “So, have you …?”“What do you think?”“You slut.”“Says a slut. I can see what your face is saying.”“Where did you get him?”“Actually, we are looking after him for some friends who are moving and they aren’t sure they can find a place with enough room. At this point, we have to see what happens. But he eats so much. Thankfully, our friends are paying for that at this point. Do you want to … fuck him?”“If you have, I’ll try.”“Let me get the stuff.” She ran into the barn and came out with leather straps, opened the kennel and led him out and started walking.“What is that stuff for?”“I use the straps to hold on with and the knot in my cunt while I am underneath him and then Karl walks me around the yard. If I were any bigger, it wouldn’t work.”“Well, if you haven’t noticed, I am bigger!”“I know but I think he can manage for a short distance, but he will be bumping into you some as he walks. I think we can do it a short distance and surprise Tim.”“I’ll say. Okay, what the hell.”So I followed her by the house so we just need to round the corner. We both got under the dog and mouthed him. He was quickly hard and out of his sheath. Anja led me to a bench along the house and had me lay down on it on my back. She brought the Mastiff to me and it walk over me until I felt the cock at my bottom. Anja got underneath and lined up the cock to my cunt and had me hold it there. She then led him a little further and it pressed at my opening. He felt my cunt and pressed himself, I spread my legs wider and tried to stretch my cunt lips further apart as this massive cock pressed into me and it did. Slowly but it was just inside me. God, I felt stretched. I couldn’t imagine a horse cock. How did those women do it? Once there were inches izmit escort inside me he humped forward and drove more in and he started pumping like any other dog. This was just a god awful big dog! But I felt the same familiar signs once he started. His cock started growing inside me, getting longer and even wider. I felt absolutely stuffed and then it hit me, the knot. I felt it outside my lips pressing, pushing, and insisting on entry. I wasn’t at all sure at this point. But if little Anja could do it, why couldn’t I? I was determined to give it everything I could. And I was amazed. I couldn’t believe it if I wasn’t feeling it myself. But the knot was stretching me and gaining entry. Slowly but it was. And when it went in, I clamped my hand over my mouth to stifle my scream. That hurt like a bitch! But it was in me and then it hit me. It also wasn’t coming out until he was finished with me. I looked up and saw Anja with a shit-eating grin on her face. She knew she had to trick me to fully do this. How stupid! Like I was going to just ride to surprise Tim and then get off? Not with a knot inside me!!You hear the phrase that guys sometimes think with their cocks. Well, I guess women, at least me, sometimes think with their cunts.Well, I was knotted so there was no turning back. Anja put the straps and sling around the b**st. She slipped the sling underneath me as I lifted myself with this cock and knot fully stuffed inside me. She then cinched up the sling so I was near his belly and handed me the straps to hold onto. My feet were put into other straps and I was bound to this b**st. I was beginning to prefer the apparatus I was bound to in Rotterdam. She ducked her head down to make eye contact and said, “Ready or not, here we go. Hang on tight to your mind, it’s about to be blown.”She moved the bench out of the way and took up the leash. The leash? No way could she stop this b**st if it decided to take off. I could be back in the Netherlands before she got control of it. At the first step, I knew how much trouble I was in. The cock and knot moved with every step and not just the forward, back movement. Each step made me rise and drop with the cock in me. By the time we went the fifty feet to round the corner I was already desperate to hold on before going into my first orgasm. When I heard Tim yell, I knew he finally saw me. Karl was laughing and told Tim, “Anja has done that a couple of time, too. And if this is will be like it has been for Anja, Michele is going to nearly be out of her mind with pleasure and orgasms before the dog climaxes.” I saw the patio steps coming up and I shuddered as the dog jumped the steps. When he landed, not really much of a jump, I crashed into my first orgasm and I wasn’t quiet about it. I screamed my release. Karl got up and took control of the b**st and made him stop to let me catch my breath. Then he looked under and touched my face, “Michele, we have to make him climax and that means getting him very stimulated. That means making you very over stimulated.”“Oh god, this is sooooo good!! Yes, stimulate him. Whatever, just get him moving again. God, that was so powerful. Yesssssss.”Everyone was speechless. My only worry was if my body could pay the debt of the lust it was now craving. Karl took the dog out into the yard. Tim and Anja followed. He had the dog trot and then walk, turn in circles, stop abruptly, start up again. All of it, everything causing its own new sensation in my cunt and on his cock. Then I heard Karl stop the dog and then say, “Up”. The dog jumped up onto its hind legs and that drove me down further onto this massive knot inside me. And I screamed my second release, but this time Karl did not have the dog stop but instead kept it moving and then I understood, despite my mind reeling from the over stimulation. The dog was getting closer and needed continued stimulation and he got it. In addition to the movements Karl was putting him through I began rocking back and forth myself on this cock and the combination was enough. The dog tensed and stopped. Stopped dead in his tracks and tensed his cock and began shooting massive shots of cum into me. It was literally gushing out of my cunt despite the knot inside. There was just too much for me to hold. And the combination sent me into my third shattering orgasm. Only this time I wasn’t as aware as the others. This time the world around me began fading from the edges inward until …I awoke on the cool grass. Nearly unaware of my surroundings until Tim came into focus and then Anja and Karl. I was embarrassed. I could feel a large pool of wet under my ass. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened.”Anja blurted out, “What happened? You’re sorry? For what? Giving us the most intense, lust filled, sexually erotic show of a life time? Michele, that was amazing! And … how are you feeling, dear?”Both men started laughing at her change to concern from total awe of the sexual display. I chuckled myself. I said, “I think I need to clean up.”“Dear, you need more than that, but let me get you into the shower and see what I can do.”Karl said to our backs, “Anja, what she needs is a shower, not more of your playing.”I put my arm around Anja’s shoulder for support and looked over my shoulder to the two men, “Says who?” We giggle and head for the shower.That night I sleep with Tim but I truly do sleep. The sleep of the dead. It is late the next morning when Tim wakes me. Everyone has been up for hours. They had planned some horseback riding but there won’t be time now. I have some breakfast and lots of coffee. We talk comfortably and openly. Tim and I then go back to the room to get packed and dressed to leave.Coming out of the room, Tim has both bags. I am, again, in a thin sundress, no underwear. Anja is dressed similarly. I touch her ass. Yes, very similarly. They drive us back to the train station in Herentals for our return trip to Antwerp to transfer to the train for Berlin. There we will meet up with Mr. R, Anthony and Marie for the flight back to the States.The drive is very quiet. After the past couple days of excitement, laughter and talk, we are sad to have it come to an end. At the station we all exchange hugs. I give both Karl and Anja heartfelt kisses, saying to each that we need to meet again. I tell them to come to visit us. We have the room and winter is a wonderful time to come to us. I have tears in my eyes and Anja comes to me for one last hug. The tears start falling down my cheeks. My eyes are now running with tears. They won’t stop. Anja looks into my eyes and wipes them with her hand. She is still looking at me and I see her eyes filling now, too. We hug. “I love you, Anja. Thank you so much for this weekend. Thank you for sharing Karl with me. And that Mastiff … I’ll be dreaming of that for days. Please come and see us. Please, let’s stay in touch.”As I separate, she slips a small envelop into my hand. “Read it on the train. Hurry, you are late and they don’t wait.” We rush for the station with our tickets out. We just make the train and we are again on our way. Sitting next to Tim, my head on his shoulder, he asks about the note. I pull it out of my purse, open it and read, “Michele, love. You and Tim were wonderful to have at our home. You are more than I could have hoped for in a friend. I hope we stay that way. Today I had something else planned for you but you clearly needed the rest more than more stimulation. Please, understand that I was doing to you in a couple days what I spread out over weeks. I hope you don’t mind my over stimulating you but I just wanted to us to share with each other so much. If you ever get the chance to go horseback riding in a safe setting with friend you trust for this kind of thing (and I know you have those kinds of friends), try a small dildo or ben wa balls inserted in your tasty cunt. You may want to wear panties (I know you don’t like them) because they will help keep them inside you with the bouncing. I guarantee you will enjoy it. Love you, both. Anja and Karl.”I look up at Tim, “You think we’ll see them again?”“Would you like to?”“Oh, yes, Tim! Very much. Anja is a kindred spirit for me and you and Karl seemed to get along.”“Karl and I are good. Then we need to make it a priority. Maybe a real vacation and not a sojourn with Carlos.”“Well, traveling with Mr. R is interesting, too. Wait until you see the addition he put into the plane just for little o’ me.”* * * CHAPTER 15F: EUROPE: GERMANY AND GOODBYE EUROPE will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

My First Cross dressing Experience

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My First Cross dressing ExperienceMy first crossdressing experience.I don’t remember exactly how we got to it. But I remember the conversation word for word.I was talking to my girlfriend about different outfits she would look good in. I said”I want to fuck you in those heels” She just grinned a little and raised an eyebrow at me.I said “You’d be wearing the heels obviously.””You sure you don’t want to wear them?” She quickly replied and giggled.”Not really, but at least my ass would look great in them””Prove it” She snapped.”They wouldn’t even fit me” I replied”Fair enough. If they did though we could get you a little pink dress and some stockings”I just looked at her a little worried, but slightly amused. I was actually incredibly turned on which was actually what worried me more.She stood up from the bed and put her arms around me and grabbed my ass and pulled me close. She definitely knew it turned me on as my cock was rock hard and there was no way she didn’t feel it.She ran one hand up my side and then flipped my hair as she moaned in to my ear “Mmmm and we can get you a pretty pink bow for your hair. We don’t even need to get you a wig!” I have long hair almost down to mybutt.She kissed me, laughed, and let go of me and carried on playing a game on her phone. I just stoodthere for a second, thinking to myself “Well that was weird. Why did that turn me on so much?”I didn’t think about it too much and the conversation never came up again.That was until about a month later.I go to her house and she calls to me “Hey I’m in my room can you come help me with something?”She probably needs me to move her drawers or something I thought as I went up the stairs, I open her door expecting something to be moved half way across the room. It wasn’t. Room looked exactly the sameas it usually does. She’s there lying on the bed smiling. “So what did you need help with?”She giggles and shuffles across the bed and reaches down the opposite side where I can’t see and bringsback up a shoe box.It was a vans shoe box or something so I just assumed it was a gift (It was, just not the kind I wasexpecting)She hands it to me and I open it up.Theres a pair of black heels in there. In my size. “Prove it” She says.”Are you serious?””Yeah. Put them on” She giggles.She was enjoying this a little too much. “You really want me to put them on?””Yeah. I bought them just for you””Alright, whatever” I was so excited, I have no idea why. Maybe the taboo of crossressing? Evenif it was just a pair of shoe’s it was still something I’d never done. I did my best to hide my excitement. I think I did a good job.I awkwardly put them on and just stand there “Happy now?””Turn around let me see that ass” She said whilst biting her lip and looking me up and down.I stumble just trying to turn around and she laughs. “Aww can you not walk in heels?””Of course I can’t” I say whilst grinning. I manage to turn around.”Mmm I think you were right baby. But I can’t really see your ass properly in those pants. I think youshould take them off. The shirt too” I take the heels off, slowly take off my shirt and pants while looking her in the eyes, her looking backat me biting her lip. She gets up onto her knees as I move towards her thinking that was it and I was going to get laid.”Nah uh. Put the heels back on and show me that sexy ass”I stop in my tracks. “uhm. What?””Did I stutter? Put the heels on” giggling the whole time.”Put the heels back on” I mockingly mumble to myself as I do it whilst trying not to laugh.I put them on and turn around. Now just in my boxers and a pair of black heels.”For fuck sake baby!””What? I put them on!””Your ass looks better than mine” She growled as she got up from the bed and put her arms around me frombehind.She bursa escort grabbed my cock through my boxers “Why are you so hard?””C-coz I thought we were going to fuck” I was so nervous all of a sudden. I don’t even know why. It wasn’t like I was worried about how she would react to it turning me on. It was her idea.”Why would you think that?” She whispers to me and softly kisses my neck”You told me to get undressed””You got hard in the half a second it took to take your pants off? You were alreadyhard when you turned around to take them off””Yeah, sure” I say whilst trying not to laugh.”Your ass does look fucking good in those heels though” she says as she smacked my ass.I jumped a little, it caught me completely off guard.”Wait before you take them off” she squeals as she jumps onto the bed and falls onto her stomache to reach down the other side of the bed again.I just stand there, so many thoughts running through my head, wondering what was coming next.I remembered the conversation about the bow. Holy shit. I was so turned on remembering it but thought tomyself “No. It won’t be that. I hope it is? I think. Does she even remember that? Obviously she does dumbass she bought the heels.”I hear her slide a box or something out from under the bed.”Uugh, there we go” She dramatically says as if its super heavy, as she puts it on the bed””Whats that?”She opens the box with the lid to ward me so I can’t see what’s in it. Slowly lifts up a pair of pantiesabove it and smirks. “Here”. She throws them to, I catch them and hold them up. Theyre bight pink, lacey,with a little ribbon on the front.I stand here holding them, almost shaking I was so nervous. We just look at eachother for a few seconds.She smiles at me and gives a little nod.I bend over and put one foot in and hesitated a little, I put the other foot in and I slowly pull them upI get them up to my thighs and I start thinking to myself “Oh shit they’re not going to fit” (I work out a bit so I have fairly big thighs for my height)I pull them all the way up and the back gets caught on my butt, before I can even adjust my hands to theback so I can pull them over my bum she jumps up so she’s kneeling on the bed.”Wait wait wait. Stop!” I start to panic at this point thinking she had changed her mind or this was a joke or something and thisis where she tells me.She starts laughing “Are they caught on your ass!? Oh my god show me!” I sheepishly turn around with my hands still hooked into the panties at my waist”Holy shit that’s so fuckin hot” I feel her hands on mine as she slowly runs them around to the back,hooks her things into back of them and slowly pulls them up over my ass whilst moaning.She smacks my ass again and reaches around, grabbing my cock, still rock hard.I feel her breath on my neck as she squeezes my tighter.”You’re throbbing” She whispers quitly into my head.She pulls me against here saying “We’re not done yet baby”I can’t even believe what’s happening at this point. I’m standing here wearing a pair of black heelsand these lacey pink panties, dick harder than I can remember off the top of my head.She let’s go of me, I turn around to see her leaning over to pick up the box.I still can’t see what’s in it. I don’t even really care at this point. I’m so turned on and all I canthink about is the way the lace feels against my cock. I always liked the feeling. But it was always a girl wearing them. It was somehow completely different now I had them on.She hands me a pair of long socks. White with pink bows on the front at the top Which I also love. On a woman. I don’t hesitate this time and I take the heels off to put them on.Last time I had to wear any “long” socks was when I was a teenager and had to wear them for football(Real bursa escort bayan football, not American)I fumble around for a second trying to get the first one on. I manage to get my foot all the way in andI put my foot up on the bed infront of her and slowly pull it up whilst looking at her. I wasn’t so nervous at this point. I could tell she was enjoying it was much as I was so I started to have some fun with it.I get it all the way up. They reached up to a little above my knee, maybe 4 or 5 inches.”Jesus Christ. Even your fucking legs look good!” I laugh and turn around so she can see my ass in the panties. I run my hands down my other leg as Ibend down to put the other sock on. I jump as she grabs my ass and I hear her giggle. If I’d had the heels on I probably would have fallen over.”You’re gonna make a sexy fuckin’ girl oh my god I can’t wait!” She squeals as I hear her rummage aroundthe box.I turn around to see her holding up this little outfit. Its pink pleated skirt, with a t-white shirt (Or so I thought)with the little thing over the shoulders that those japanese school girl outfits have. I don’t know thename of them. But it had a big pink bow tying the corners together to hold it up.She hands it to me “Now put it on. Slowly” she giggles while excitedly looking me up and down.I lay it on the bed and unbutton the skirt. At this point I realised it wasn’t a t-shirt. It was a onesie,like a swimsuit type thing.I wrap the skirt around me and button it up. I hear her laughing and I look up.”What?””It’s on back to front baby.””What? I don’t know I’ve never worn one! Do they even have a back?”I turn it around so the buttons are now at the back. I’d been paying attention to the buttons this whole time. I suddenly realise its pretty short. I’m thinking “Does this even cover my ass?” it was so short. I lean over to pick up the onesie thing and I feel it. I was right. It doesn’t cover my ass. the second I start to lean forward I feel the fabric brushing over my butt. I pause as I put my hands on the onesieIt probably barely reached to the bottom of my butt or it was just above. I felt so dirty but the fabric of the skirt and the lace felt amazing.”What?” I hear my girlfriend say.I look up at her “This skirt is really short.””I know, that’s why I picked it”I stand up holding the onesie by the shoulders with it facing me. I couldn’t wait to get it on.But having never worn one. I literally had no idea. I didn’t even know where to start. Blood was being diverted away from my brain.”You don’t know how to put it on do you””No…”She stands up and takes it from me. “Turn around”I hear a pop which I now know was the buttons at the bottom.”Arms up!”I hold my arms in the air and I hear her laugh as she realises she can’t reach that high. “Arms down!”She holds it infront of my “Arms in!”We’re both giggling at this point. I slip my arms into it and she lifts it up over my head again and pulls it down.It was tight. Not like it was too small. It fitted very well. I was quite surprised she got it in sucha perfect size.I felt her reach between my legs to grab the bottom part. She pulls it between my legs and up nice and tight then buttons it up at the back. I feel her lift my skirt up at the back and over dramaticallygasp. “Oh my god” *Smack* she smacks my ass again. Hard this time. “Your panties are showing you naughty girl!”I pull the skirt down and step away from her and turn around and in my best girl voice say “Stop looking up my skirt you perv!” I adjust my skirt trying to get it to actually cover my bum.She looks down at my feet and slowly looks me up. Then back down. “Wait, there’s one more thing””Is it the bow?” “Oh, so you do remember? I really thought maybe you didn’t”She takes a pink bow escort bursa out of the box and hands it to me like I’m supposed to know what to do with it.I just hold it. Look at her, look down at the bow, back at her and just raise an eyebrow.”Oh right!” She takes it off of me and starts tying it into my hair. She kisses me and steps back “All done!””Finally!” I sayI see her expression change as a look of disappointment comes over it briefly.”I thought you were having fun?””I am.” I put my arms around her and lean in to kiss her “I’m just so fucking horny.”She kisses me back and then pulls away “Hold on.” She covers my eyes with her hand and leads me acrossthe room. “You need to see how hot you look. Oh my god. I think you look better than I would in it.”I hadn’t even really thought about how I looked in it. I was just going along with it and enjoying it.”I probably look ridiculous.””Oh no no no. She takes her hand away.I see myself in the mirror. I didn’t even recognize my self. I honestly wasn’t even sure it was me atfirst. I’m probably biased but I think I looked pretty good. my shoulders are a little wide for a girl but I think I could probably pass. As long as I don’t talk”Pick your tongue up off the floor” She giggles.She’s standing behind me at this point with her arms around me. She suddenly pushes me forward towards the mirror with one arm around my waist she pushes against the middle of my upper back to lean forward.I bend over a little. I feel the skirt going up just from me moving. I put my hands up against the wall either side of the mirror. I’m usually pretty dominant when it comes to sex so this was completely new to me. I didn’t know what was happening. I feel her run her hand down my back and grab me by my hips.She starts kissing down my back as she starts to rub my cock through the onesie and the panties.”God you’re so hard!””Mhmm” I moaned softly and started to move my hands.”Yeah that’s it baby!” She grabs my cock and I feel her lift the back of my skirt all the way upwith the other hand.”Your panties are showing again!” She smacks my ass again. I jump again. She smacks my ass harder and I let out a moan “Oh you naughty little girl” *Smack!*”You pulled my skirt up its not my fault!”She puts her hand through the back of my panties and the onesie and pulls them up as tight as she couldagainst my cock while she keeps a hold of it.I’m looking at myself in the mirror. Pink bow in my hair. This short pink skirt with long white socks onand these blacks heels. Exactly the kind of outfit I love seeing on a woman. I felt like such a little slut.I realise she’s watching me in the mirror over my shoulder. She knows how much I’m enjoying it.She starts kissing my neck while holding eye contact with me in the mirror. I feel her start to rub my cock throught the clothes. But not while holding my cock, the way you would a girl.She has the palm of her hand flat on my stomache and is just teasing the head of my cock with her fingers.”You like that baby?””Mhmm””Moan for me like a good little girl”I start to moan in my girliest voice.”Mmm good girl” she says as she smacks my ass.I feel her push me forward with her hips so I’m just a few inches away from the mirror, just leaned over slightly. She pulls the panties to the side and takes my cock out, she grabs so hard and starts jerkingme off. I moaned out loud again. I could feel the orgasmbuilding. She knew I was close and started going faster.”You gonna come for me baby? Be a good girl and come for mummy”She spanks me again right as I cum. I feel my cock twitching in her hand as I shoot all over the mirror. My legs even got week, luckily she realised and held me and stopped me from falling over. She’s leaningon me and kissing my neck and shoulders, gently rubbing my still dripping cock. She squeezes out every last drop. Licks up what’s on her hands and pulls the panties back over my cockbefore pulling my backwards ontop of her on the bed and just lay there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Innocent Amber Ch. 01

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Amber was your typical 19-year-old freshman in college. While having fun being out of her restrictive parents’ home and living in the dorms, she was still studious and not what you would call a “party girl”. Amber had only just broken up with her high school sweetheart (the one she’d lost her virginity to) the summer before she came to USC. She had dated a couple of guys she’d met in her classes, but wasn’t overly impressed by either. Amber shared a dorm room with a girl named Chrissy. They were polar opposites. Most people would describe Amber as a pretty, athletic, blonde girl-next-door type; her style was preppy, her music taste Top 40, and her extracurricular activities would rate PG. Chrissy, on the other hand, was the “bad girl”; dark haired and curvaceous, she liked to rock out to Modest Mouse on her CD player, was always looking incredibly hip in her thrift store clothes, and Chrissy definitely lived the party girl lifestyle. Yet strangely enough, Amber and Chrissy got along great.

One night Amber was sitting on her dorm bed studying for her English mid-term, when Chrissy came storming into the room flushed with excitement. “Hey, Amber, check this out,” Chrissy had plopped down on Amber’s bed with her laptop. “David gave me a password to one of those girlie sites he looks at.”

Amber realized Chrissy was pulling up a pornographic website. “I don’t know if I want to see this. You know I’m not into porno. It’s embarrassing…and degrading towards women!”

“Save it for your women studies class. Wow… this is really cool. It’s a fetish site. All chicks. Check her out!”

Amber was red in the face as she looked at the image on the screen. A very voluptuous brunette wearing nothing but a pushed up plaid skirt was straddling a wooden school chair with her large breasts propped on the back. Her large brown nipples were pierced with a set of steel barbells that forced her tits to stay erect. She looked as if she were serving them to the viewer. Amber’s eyes scrolled down the screen to the flower tattoo on the model’s stomach, and she only hesitated another second before she let her eyes go all the way down. Amber was shocked! The sexy model had no hair on her puss except for a small strip right above her clit. Her full puffy lips were completely exposed and were spread by her position on the chair, puffy and pink, glistening bursa escort like it was wet. Then Amber realized it wasn’t only the moisture that glistened on her pussy, but also the little diamond piercing on her clit.

Before Amber fully had a chance to let the image sink in, Chrissy had already started scrolling through some of the other porn models. The images consisted of all sorts of women, poses, and fetishes: some wore stockings and lingerie; others wore black vinyl corsets, while most wore nothing at all. Amber was particularly fascinated by an image of one petite Asian woman bounded by an intricately tied white rope, her breasts bulging purple from the constriction of the restraints. Amber became uncomfortably aware that her own nipples had gone erect, and that her pink cotton panties were soaking wet. Amber shifted and noticed the slight musty aroma of her arousal had become noticeable. Squeezing her legs together, she hoped her roommate wouldn’t notice.

Chrissy startled Amber out of her thoughts by bounding off of the bed with the laptop. “I’m taking off. Dave and I are headed out to the Thirsty Ox,” Chrissy tossed Amber a small smirk, “but I’ll leave this here in case you want to look at it some more.” She placed it on Amber’s desk.

“Hardly,” Amber replied primly, “I’ve got to study for this exam. Besides, I’ve had my fill for a lifetime!” Chrissy just shrugged, grabbed her purse, and left.

Amber tried to get back to her studies. She always got straight A’s, and her GPA was very important to her, but as much as she tried she just couldn’t stop thinking about those pictures. “Well, I might as well take one more look, and then I’ll be able to get back to my studies.”

Amber had seen very few naked women in her life. She was an only child in a conservative family, and couldn’t remember a single time she’d ever seen her mother naked. Amber had always changed in the bathroom stalls during gym class, had changed into her PJs under bedcovers during slumber parties, and always kept her back turned whenever Chrissy changed clothes in their dorm room. The one time she’d ever seen a naked photo of a woman that wasn’t in National Geographic was when she was 11 years old and had found a stack of girlie magazines in her father’s home office. He’d found her before she had even gotten through the first Hustler, bursa escort bayan and gave her the worst spanking of her life. She never did that again.

But the women on this site were different. They didn’t look like glossy plastic dolls like in the Hustler magazine. Most of these girls had tattoos, piercings, or both. They looked kind of like her roommate Chrissy, or a couple of her classmates: alternative but very sexy. Sitting in front of the computer screen, Amber scrolled through the pictures of the girls, looking at the ones that most appealed to her. Some were petite, others were curvy, but all so sexy! Amber landed on the first girl that Chrissy had shown her. She became aware of how flushed and hot her whole body felt.

The air in the dorm room felt stuffy, so Amber opened a window, and than stripped down to her pink camisole undershirt and matching cotton panties. The feel of the cool air on her nipples made them harder, if possible. Unlike the porn model on the website, Amber had B-cup breasts with large pink nipples. They stick out about an inch when erect. Perfect for sucking, she was told by her ex-boyfriend.

Amber reached up under her camisole, and pinched her own nipple. She gasped when she felt her pussy clench in response. Amber eagerly began to pinch both of her nipples, moaning at the sensations that began to make her pussy throb. She started squirming in her seat, and came up with a great idea.

Amber turned her chair around like the model had done, got out of the last of her underclothes, and straddled the chair from behind, forcing her pussy lips to spread wide. Amber rested her tits on the back of the chair and continued to pinch her inch long swollen pink nipples while stealing glances at the computer screen. After a couple of minutes of playing with her titties Amber got really restless. All of the squirming she was doing in her chair was not helping her relieve the tension; it was only making her more frustrated!

Amber wasn’t really sure what to do. Her Christian mother had taught her that masturbation was a dirty sin, and Amber had always been too embarrassed to try it in the past. Yet, looking at the picture of the hot model, with her huge pierced tits, and wet spread pussy, Amber was too turned on to resist.

Tentatively, Amber began to slide her right hand escort bursa down her chest, across her tight stomach, and hesitated for only a second before she sunk her forefinger between her wet pussy lips. It slid right in. Amber’s hips jerked in reaction and she quickly removed her finger. Amber had never felt so sensitive down there, or so wet. Not even with her high school sweetheart, and they’d had sex a whole 5 times! She brought her finger up to her nose and smelled the erotic scent of her own musky pussy. Inadvertently, she let out another moan. Her pussy was throbbing so hard now, and without realizing it Amber kept rocking her hips in her chair. Feeling even more daring, and a little dirty, Amber brought her finger to her mouth, and sucked on it to get every drop. The salty-sweet taste on her pink tongue caused another gush of juice to leek out of her pussy onto her seat.

Feeling like there was no turning back, Amber slid her finger out of her pouty mouth and sunk it back between her pussy lips. She couldn’t believe how wet she was! Amber began sliding her finger along her wet slit, getting more and more excited. Without meaning to, her hips jerked causing her to sink her finger deep into her pussy hole. It was too much. Bucking on the chair, moaning louder than she realized, Amber began to ride her own finger. But by this point her pussy was so wet, and one finger wasn’t going to be enough. Amber instinctively put two more fingers into her slick hole, and with her other hand she reached up and pinched her left nipple hard. Amber was pounding her own pussy, out of control in ecstasy, never having felt such incredible feelings before. Her fingers slid in and out of her pussy at a jackhammer rate. She was aggressively plucking both of her tits, and felt on the verge of something intense. What, she didn’t know.

Then it happened.

Opening her eyes, Amber saw the hot model staring at her from the screen while she fucked her own pussy on her roommate’s chair. The idea of being watched while she committed this dirty deed so turned Amber on that with a final gush of pussy juice Amber had her first orgasm. Shrieking with shock and pleasure, Amber bucked against her hand out of control. After a minute the contractions in her sore pussy began to subside, and her heartbeat returned to a normal pace.

Recovered, Amber got out of the chair to grab a towel; she needed to wipe up all of her cum off of the chair. Quickly putting herself and the room to rights, feeling a bit shamed but still flush with excitement, Amber closed the laptop and hit the books.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Home Health Care Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


“Next visit is set for day after tomorrow, do you think you can handle things until then?” She asked with an impish grin.

“Yes I think so, nurse Bryant, this is the best home health visit I’ve ever had!”

She gave me a brief hug & kiss and left with this comment hanging in the air.

“I may have some new employee training with another staff member to do next time, we’ll be here around 2:30, see you then!”


Those words certainly left me looking forward to the next visit!

So two day later the phone rang and it was Sheila. “Hello, Mr. Mathis, this is Sheila from Home Health, just confirming our visit fro around 2:30 today.”

“Yes, I’ve been looking froward to it, and please call me ‘Wayne’ I’m sure we know each other well enough for that.”

“OK, I guess that will be fine. And don’t forget I’ll have a new staff member with me for training today, don’t be too ready for us.”

“Oh, I’ll be ready just let me know what I need to be ready for?”

Sheila laughed, almost giggled actually, and replied “Don’t worry it will be about like my last visit.”

The day seemed to drag past. I spent it doing some writing on other projects and watered the garden before taking a shower and trimming up a little to be ready if this visit did turn out to be similar to the last one. I decided to wait for the two nurses on the back deck and enjoyed a tall cold drink and improve my tan.

About 2:35 I heard a car rolling up the drive and, as expected, it was the mini-van from the health agency. Sheila pulled it around to the deck and waved out the window in greeting. I returned the wave and then was greatly surprised to see who the ‘new staff member’ who stepped out of the van with her was. It was Annette, an RN from a doctors office I’d been to, and we’d also had several hot physical dates before I moved. I think we might have both been equally surprised, but her smile let me know that my departure might have been missed by her.

“WOW, my too favorite medical service providers at the same time, what a treat!”

“Oh, Annette didn’t mention she knew you, she just moved to our hospital recently. I didn’t think she’d know anyone we were visiting today.”

“Wayne and I are old friends, with a bit of history between us, Sheila. WE knew each other a couple years back, before he escaped.”

I wasn’t sure weather ‘escaped’ was the right word but it did give me hope about how this check-up would turn out. It also brought memories back of what Annette and I had done together a few years back. She was just divorced then and was exploring what she called her ‘overly subdues wild side’ at the time, and I reaped the benefits. The episode that popped into my mind first was her slipping into the exam room at the clinic with coffee cup in hand and telling me she wanted my cream for her morning coffee. She told me she had at least five minutes to jack me off and add it to her cup so I’d better whip it out and let her have what she wanted! Well,I did, and she did exactly that, then left the room with a ‘cat that ate the canary’ grin as she stirred her coffee. But, I’m getting off topic here, back to the deck and the present!

“Mr. Mathis…er Wayne, I want to let Annette do all the official parts of this visit first. We’ve been training all day and she should be ready to take care of this visit on her own..” Sheila had an interesting eager expression on he face as she said this.

We moved into the house and Annette conducted the exam while Sheila observed while watching me and , I thought, seemed to be watching the front of my shorts a bit. With the main part of the visit done Annette pulled out the tablet computer the service used for charting out and began asking all the standard and boring questions, AGAIN. I answered them all and she finally got to the questions about current meds. As on Sheila’s previous visit she got to the Cialis at the end of the list and I answered honestly when I told her it had been three days since I last took one. My eyes shifted past her to see Sheila breaking into a wide smile that made me sure the two had had some discussion about my last visit.

“Didn’t take one earlier today did you? Since you knew we’d be coming by this afternoon?”

I felt my face blush and looked down tuzla escort to hide it. I mumbled something about not thinking that far ahead or I would have.

“I did take a couple OTC (over the counter) items that might have helped, do you want to add that to the list or check the results?” This was my hopeful reply to see if this was going where I hoped.

“Wayne, what did you take, and does it often work as well as the ‘scrip?” Sheila asked this question.

I told her what I’d taken, and she commented she’d heard of that but never had a chance to see if it was effective. After the last time I was sure now what was going to happen next.

“Wayne, you know I’ve see you and Sheila told me about her last visit to check on you, so why don’t you let both of us see weather it’s working?”

By this time I knew this was going to be good, and my cock was stirring in my shorts, ready to be set free. I stood and lowered my shorts, I had gone commando, and they both smiled when my partially erect penis was on display. Standing before them I suggested me go back out and enjoy the afternoon sun while discussing the results. Annette and Sheila packed up their supplies and headed outside, I went to the kitchen to get us all a cool drink that I was sure we;d need soon.

When I stepped thru the doors onto the deck I was surprised to find both ladies on the chaise lounges already as bare as the day they were born. Both were taking a good look at each other. Annette was a soft shade of brown, showing her Hispanic ancestors, with large tits and dark brown nipples and lips below that matched. She looked much as I recalled her a little extra padding, my favorite size, but very attractive. Sheila was very focused on Annette’s shortly trimmed brunette bush and actually was running her finger tips across her own blonde curls. The sight caused my cock, which had lost a bit of it’s early swelling, to spasm and begin rising again.

“We decided we deserved a little sun bathing time as long as we’re here, hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all I love looking at mountains and valleys in the afternoon. As long as you didn’t start without me?”

“No, but since we’ve talked about this all day we’re both ready to see what you have to show us, but Annette did help me a little in getting my panties off. They were a little damp.”

Sheila tossed the thong she’d had on at my cock and it wrapped around the head and hung like a flag. This caused all of us to get a case of the giggles and broke the ice for what was coming next. I pulled my shirt off and slid a deck chair to sit in facing them with a great view of all they had to show.

“Sheila told me you two had some rules last time, Wayne, and she still wants to play by them. But I think we’ve broken enough rules together that we don’t need any now!”

“Can’t argue with that, Annette. How many details did you share anyway?”

“She shared enough to keep us both wet and ready all day. I think one touch will make me start to cum! Should I do it or do you want to?”

That was invitation enough for me. I slid to the edge of my chair and reached out to run a fingertip across her blonde curls and briefly between her puffy outer lips. She shuddered but didn’t start cumming as she’d feared. I looked to my other side and saw Annette had cupped one had around her mound and darker pubic hair, the other was pinching a nipple and lifting her boob away from her chest. I recalled she liked a little firm handling of her tits and wasn’t surprised to hear a low moan escape her mouth.

“Damn, Wayne, don’t tease a girl like that. Get back here and get me off I need you to make me cum NOW!”

“Better do what she says, lover. After all she’s the boss today.”

With two lovely and perfectly sized middle aged women giving orders I was in heaven. And eager to comply. I fell to my knees beside Sheila and ran my finger thru her hair and this time twitched it atop her prominent clit causing her to thrust her hips off the lounger and begin the first orgasm of the afternoon. Not unexpectedly my cock was dripping precum at a steady rate. Since I was on my knees between them Annette wrapped a hand around it giving it a couple firm fast stokes before squeezing to build up a drop big enough for her to catch in her palm, which she then brought to her tongue for pendik escort a taste.

Not to be out done, Sheila replaced Annette’s hand with her own and gave my cock the same treatment. I reached a hand out to each side and had an overflow of boobs to squeeze, both ladies were generously endowed as you’d expect from well padded, mature women. I Kept my hands and fingers busy playing with tits and nipples, but was unable to keep track of who’s hands were on my cock and balls. Sensing an upcoming eruption from my cock led me to sit back on a nearby chair and slow myself down while enjoying the view.

Annette was now furiously circling her clit with one set of finger tips and teasing the darker tips of her nipples with the other. Sheila had released her clit and had both hands cupping her full breasts as if presenting them to me. My hand slowly worked itself up and down my shaft, careful to not cross the point of no return. Sheila noticed that her coworker now had one had spreading her lips and teasing her opening while keeping up pace on her clit. Since she was already one orgasm ahead of either Annette or me, she slipped off the lounger and after getting a nod of approval lowered her lips to the hard nipples on display next to her. This was nearly more than I could take, and certainly an unexpected turn of events, and I released my dripping dick before i sprayed one or both of my playmates.

A low moan escaped Annette’s lips, “Ohhh, that’s so good, pinch one and suck the other that drives me wild!”

I remembered that from prior times she like a little nearly rough play on her nipples so i dropped down to the other side to help Sheila with the task. More moans of increasing volume came from Annette’s throat indicating we were finding the right level of play to drive her on. I reached down to the dripping head of my cock and caught a palm full of precum that i spread across the breast Sheila was giving her attention to. She looked my way and winked. One hand was now back between her thighs slowly teasing her moist pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, fuckfuckfuckfuck, RIGHT THERE, yessssss!” Annette came hard and long thrusting her pussy onto her hands and soaking them as she squirted a little.

She collapsed back onto the lounger and held both my head and Sheila’s tight to her boobs that by now were covered in a light sheen of perspiration. I kept suck and lightly biting the stiff brown nub until she released her grip on my hair and leaned forward. Sheila shifted back to her original place beside her and was now running her hand across her boobs and up to her bright pink nipples, pulling on them until the weight of her breasts pulled them free. Annette cupped my ball and gave them a squeeze before asking.

“So, Wayne, still able to go a few times like you used to?”

I groaned from her firm grip, she had always liked to control as much of my orgasm as possible before telling her. “Almost always, but I bet you two already discussed that.”

She gave me a devilish grin and nodded her head before leaning further foreword to capture the head of my dick between he lips and teeth. Keeping her grip on my tight balls she rolled around the head with her tongue while alternately squeezing and releasing them.

“Damn that feels good, you still have the touch. And as long as I’m one orgasm behind how about milking one out for me?”

“Poor baby” Sheila said and smiled. “do you need to cum a little for us?”

“You know it, but just a little one to start, where do you girls want it? Hand, mouth, boobs?” I groaned again and I’m sure Annette knew how close I was, and also how to milk me out a little at a time. “Soon would be good!”

Sheila leaned toward my lap and Annette pointed my cock at her open lips while stroking me rapidly toward a burst. She Squeezed the shaft while releasing my balls briefly allowing one large burst to land in Sheila’s mouth and outstretched tongue. Using both hands she clamped down on both the base of my dick and around my balls to stop me cold and make me moan in a combination of ecstasy and frustration.

“WOW, can you show me how you did that?”

“As long as Wayne can take it I’d be glad to show you.” Annette replied.

They switched positions, and grips, and Annette was reclining in front of me slowly squeezing one breast and teasing her aydınlı escort damp dark fur and clit with the other. Sheila had my sack in one hand and was slowly and firmly stroking me with the other. That first blast had relieved some of the pressure in my balls but had not come close to full release, YET.

“What you need to be looking for is the moment you’re sure he’s ready to shoot” Annette almost whispered as she kept playing herself “and when you feel it start pull on his balls and then squeeze the shaft just below the head. Usually works on most guys, works like a charm on one like Wayne who can go more than once.”

Sheila had a great touch and obviously enjoyed what she was doing. Her hands kept me on edge for what seemed like a long while but was likely only minutes. Annette still had one hand on her tits, squeezing their fullness and pinching the brown nipples, but her other hand was busily strumming her clit and she was moaning loudly as she watched my dick getting this workout. The combined effect of the action and the view was driving me to a release of some kind!

“Get him close, I’m ready to cum but I need a splash of him in my mouth to get there!

I was more than ready to fulfill that request and with Sheila’s ministrations on my cock it wouldn’t be sooner not layer.

“Now, NOW, squeeze. OH FUCK I’m there!”

Annette quickly leaned forward with her lips open and ready as Sheila followed instructions and manipulated my blast into her mouth. With that shot and her hand flying across her pussy we had what was a mutual if separate orgasm. Sheila kept the firm grip around my dick that helped insure I’d stay ready for another, longer one next time. Her other hand had found its way to her pussy and was spreading her lips and nearly abusing her clit.

“Holy fuck, you figured that out quick. How can I repay that one?”

She slumped back on a lounger and closed her eyes briefly, slowing her assault on her pussy before giving an answer that surprised both Annette and me.

“I still can’t let you fuck me or have your cum in my pussy, you remember my rules, Wayne. I want to watch you fill Annette up, cum while you do, and then taste it when you cum in her! And of course she’ll need to get off, too!”

All that sounded good to me. And it must have sounded good to Annette, too. She pushed me down onto the deck and swung her legs over my hips, burying me to the balls in one thrust. I arched my back and pulled her hips down to stay completely engulfed in her hot dripping pussy. Sheila sat watching her eyes partly closed as she chased another orgasm of her own. I knew, and I’m sure Annette did too from prior encounters, that we’d both be ready to explode soon. Something about the way we fit in this position never failed to get both of us going and exploding together, we often had finished together this way in past sessions!

“OH FUCK, Wayne, can you feel me, I’m ready. Don’t make me wait, fill me up NOW!”

That was enough for me and the flood gates opened and filled Annette just as her pussy spasmed on me indicating her climax had been split seconds behind mine. She collapsed atop me and we rested that way for a moment briefly forgetting that Sheila had observed this and was closely approaching another orgasm, too.

“OHHHHHH, too fucking hot, shitshitshit I’m cumming again!”

She shivered and then relaxed, one hand cupping her breast and the other laying idly atop her faint blonde path of fur. I hadn’t forgotten what she said before we all got off that time and gently slid Annette off my now semi erect prick with a soft ‘pop’ accompanied with a large dollop of our combined juices landing on my balls. We snuggled together and Sheila opened her eyes looking at the mess we’d made. She slipped down beside us and scooped a finger thru Annette’s lips to catch a fingerful of it.

“Ummmmm, very tasty. Now both of you sit up here and let me get the rest of it.”

Well she did just that, sucking me as clean with long slow strokes and deep throating what was left of my erection. Once she’d eased me down past half staff she slid over to Annette’s pussy that was oozing out the load I’d left there. She looked up at both of us with a smile and licked the last of it off her lips. None of us had energy remaining so me sat back, sipped what remained of of our sweet tea that had been forgotten and shared a laugh that expressed the craziness of the moment.

“Well, that went better that expected. When’s the next visit?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch” they both replied.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Black Supremacy

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yardim etti hicbirseyi kalmadi

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Let the cat out of the bag

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Let the cat out of the bagHaving just finished my second bottle of wine, I was just awaiting the arrival home of my wife from her girly night out. This week it was one of those Anne summers sex party she was at.At 12.30 Sally arrived home more than the worse for wear, having had a good drink by the state she was in. Although she was in a pleasant mood she could not wait to tell a little secret she had learnt that evening.I enquired “how was the night”? Sally giggled and replied “brilliant, we had a real good laugh” “Did you buy anything”? I asked.“There wasn’t any think there that I like or that I haven’t already got” was Sally’s answer.Sally giggled again and said “anyway you will never guess what happened”? I asked her to tell me and Sally then went into how the night had panned out.“Well” Sally started “remember Dee our old neighbour”? “ ” Of course, why was she there as well?” “you bet, anyway as the night was getting going, Dee was drinking more and more red wine.” “apparently her and Dave (Dee’s Husband) haven’t been getting on well lately and she more than let everyone know about it” “it was quite embarrassing really but that isn’t the best bit. When some of the fuddy duddies left we really started to have a good giggle about the toys dressing up and fucking etc.”“ we finished of with a game of spin the bottle truth or dare, well when I lost mine was truth, so they asked me about any one night stands bursa escort etc. I told them about the time I fucked that Bounce in Newcastle, they could not believe what a tart I was just to get fucked by a k**”I was slightly pissed that Sally had let the cat out the bag about her fucking on a girly holiday!Sally continued “ well sally B got dare on the next spin and we dared her to make Dee come using one of the big Dildos, Dee was more than up for it, I swear she just dropped her skirt laid back on the chair pulled her thong aside and told sally B” “ what you waiting for little girl?” “ This really pissed sally B off big time, so she picked up the large white dildo, spat on it and then just basically ****d Dee’s cunt with it”.As my Sally was speaking I had moved her to the settee , slowly I pulled her skirt up and rubbed my fingers over her tight lacy thong, she was very wet so I guess the night had gotten to her, the dirty married slut.“Carry on then Sally, tell me what was Dee’s pussy like, did you have a good look at her cunt?” as I was asking I kept rubbing her pussy. Sallys breathing was getting harder and harder. “Trimmed, Dee’s cunt was trimmed, just like mine” was Sallys breathless reply.“did Sally B make her come?” “Sally didn’t get a chance, Dee took the dildo her self and started to really fuck her self, she was drunk but she still knew what she was doing”.Dee then shocked my Sally, as she bursa escort bayan pumped the huge dildo in and out of her trimmed cunt Dee asked “ Sal I bet Mick’s is as big as this isn’t it, I can remember hearing you through the walls as he fucked you stupid”Sally blushed at this as all the girls started giving her a ribbing, “so Sally you used to fuck whilst Dee listened , you dirty strumpet” all the girls laughed.Sally not to be out done told me to show face, she replied “ well I think its just a little bit bigger at a guess, but Mick’s is a lot fatter”Dee still holding court then took every body by surprise when she said “ Sal after I listened to you being fucked by Mick I would make dave pretend he was Mick and I would fuck him using mikes name, I fucked my husband many a time making the wimp be your husband. Can I use him now please babe” Dee requested.“Go for it Dee” Sal replied.With that apparently dee forced the dildo harder and harder into her trimmed cunt, as she was about to come Dee screamed “Fuck MICK come you bastard, Come in me Mick you bastard” and as her shocking words filled the room Dee organised.Sal told me the room was silent for a couple of seconds then the room burst out laughing.A couple of the remaining girls seemed to be sneakily stroking their pussies watching Dee Wank her self to conclusion.With my fingers inside Sals Knickers I stroked her trimmed cunt until I slipped two escort bursa fingers into her married dripping wet pussy. As I thrust harder into her Sals eyes shot open she looked me in the eye and said “ that’s it babe finger that cunt, ye finger that cunt, she’s had your cock tonight do you want her cunt babe, do you want Dee’s cunt mike?”Why not I thought, “ go on then Sal lets do It” you mean Dee don’t you? Was sals reply.With that I roughly pulled Dee to the edge of the settee, spun her around pulled up her skirt, the knickers were then ripped down her arse. With out ceremony and no manners I rammed my cock hard into Dee wet pussy. I know Sal liked it hard but I was determined to make Dee the same. I pounded my hard cock right into that wet cunt of Dee’s. “Fuck mick, that’s it fuck me, fuck my dirty cunt babe, give me what dave cant come on squirt your come in me” was Dee’s loud words.After a quick ten minutes fucking, I pulled out of Dee’s cunt spun her over climbed her body , now Sal isn’t that keen on me coming on her face, but as it was Dee’s face I thought why not?Looking into Sals / Dee’s face I wanked hard on my cock shooting a massive amount of come right into her face / eyes /mouth and nose.Looking down there was Sally sprawled on the settee covered in come. Looking up Sally asked “ did you enjoy that hun?”“you bet” was my quick reply. “Perhaps I should fuck Dee for real just to piss her off” I joked.“Why not?” Sally laughed “just go down to her shop and fuck her there”.Having showered and a rather leisurely fuck with Sally I decided that tomorrow i was going down to Dee’s shop a fuck the shit out of her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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