Careful What You’re Dreaming

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I have quite a bit of time on my hands. I have not held a job since I was fresh out of college. The man I married did so well in his career that I opted to stay home and raise our children. I have no regrets about that choice since my two boys have turned out very well. The youngest is a successful lawyer, recently made a partner and placed in charge of the Appeals Division of his firm. The older son went into computers after graduation but ended up moving to England after a massive retrenchment by the company he worked for. Who knows how they would have turned out if they’d been latch key kids?

What I do regret is the man I married. He recently went through a midlife crisis he resolved by running off with one of his secretaries. I don’t know how he decided which one, perhaps he tossed a coin. My older son in England has been after me to visit him and my younger son has offered to pay the round trip air fare so I’ve decided to accept their offers and see a little bit of the world, especially since I have very little else to do and my lawyer son can easily afford it.

A friend told me that I can get a passport photo a lot cheaper at a drugstore than at the regular passport photo places and I have a very frugal nature, possibly as a result of my Scots heritage so I entered the drug store at the closest shopping center and this delightful young girl was very helpful in explaining the procedures to me and offered a lot of very good advice since she had apparently done some traveling

While I was waiting for her to go through all the steps to get my passport finished, I noticed a lady come in and browse around the pain relief section of the store. She did not appear to be in any particular hurry until she finally decided on a brand of headache medicine and approached the check out stand.

She huffed around a while and then said to the young lady who was helping me, “Excuse me but could you ring up this purchase? I am in quite a hurry.”

I could tell the young clerk was embarrassed by the woman’s rude behavior but she replied with admirable patience, “as soon as I finish with this customer I’ll be right with you.”

The woman literally exploded in her exasperation and went screaming for the manager. I saw a trace of worry in the young girl’s face as she looked at me; apparently the store had no established procedures to cover this situation.

Soon the irate lady returned with the mild little store manager in tow but she didn’t complain about what had actually occurred. No, she was busy berating the manager for allowing his salespeople to come to work dressed in such outrageous attire. Her shorts were too little and too tight and she obviously was not wearing any sort of undergarment under her loosely hanging top.

“Decent people will not patronize a store where the employees are allowed to come to work nearly naked.” The woman fumed, apparently intent upon causing trouble for the young girl in however manner she could while completely ignoring the severe time constraints she had previously claimed to be under.

The store manager was in a quandary trying to decide what to do.

I don’t understand how businesses are run today. If the store had a dress code, the girl was either within the code or not and if she was not, that should have been decided at the beginning of her shift. If the store had no dress code, the girl could not be accountable for violating a rule that did not exist.

“Excuse me, Sir,” I said to the manager, “but this woman came in here and dawdled around for some time choosing a headache product and then came to the counter demanding that this girl drop what she was doing and wait on her first. This girl behaved in a very professional manner and I’m sure in accordance with your established procedures and politely replied that she would be right with her as soon as she finished with me. That’s what the old biddy is upset about and this complaint has nothing to do with her clothes.”

“Well, I never… ” said the woman and promptly left the store with her intended purchase still on the counter.

The manager thanked me for my intervention and went back to whatever store managers do after a crisis is resolved.

The girl thanked me with honest feeling after he left. She finished up cutting and pasting my photo and even included some extra copies. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” she asked with such innocent candor that I was stricken with a strange feeling, almost a sensuous feeling.

“Perhaps you can help me find some sort of carry on bag for the plane. I’m not sure I have anything suitable.” I had to think of something to keep her from ushering me out the door with the unaccustomed feelings raging inside me.

She pointed to one of the upper shelves and said, “We have these camera cases that might be ideal.”

She placed one of her trim and gorgeous legs on the counter under the shelves in order to reach the cases and when I saw the way her ass filled out her shorts, I immediately decided that I really needed to take a look at one of those camera cases. The bottom of one of her provocative ass cheeks was almost visible the way her shorts internet casino rode up when she lifted her slender leg. The well toned muscles in her gorgeous thighs were driving me to distraction and I was having a difficult time remembering how to breathe.

She posed so prettily for me that I fervently wished I had a camera to record the beauty I was absorbing like Texas black land soil welcomes the rain. My enthralled vision moved up her beautiful back bared up to the single tie at her shoulders that held the top in place. Her obviously unfettered breast stood in profile and thrust forward in a heartbreaking curve that caused my cunt to seep in moisture.

Suddenly I was awash in memories of many young girls I knew in college and the naughty things we did to one another in that exploratory time in our lives when we reached out and tried to encompass what life had to offer. I was tinged with regret that I had not been even more open and pursued more of the opportunities I had when I was young.

I found some solace in the certainty that if I had chased after every sexy set of tits that I saw in college, I would never have married my husband and would never have known the joy of my two fine sons. I probably would not even be going to England and would not have needed the passport photo that had caused me to be exposed to this delectable vision of loveliness.

Her cheerful face soon dissolved into a look of complexity. “Do you want to see the camera case?”

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry I must have drifted off. You know they say the mind is the first thing to go but that’s really not true. And I suppose I will need one of those cases, can you get it down?”

“If you come around the counter and help me. What is the first thing to go?”

I eagerly swung around the counter and stood as close to her as I could. “You’re much too young for me to be talking about it.”

“I’m older than I look, a lot older.”

I very nearly lost control of myself when she reached over to lean on my shoulder as she swung up on her knee onto the counter under the shelves. “So you mean by a lot that you might be twenty six and look twenty?”

“Well I ‘m not quite twenty six but most people think I’m eighteen. Anyway, if it’s about sex, I’m definitely old enough and I could probably tell you a few things you don’t know.” With both hands up to lift the case, she said, “Grab a hold, I’m about to fall.”

My hands went up to grab her and landed, by accident or design, right on the fullest and softest part of her round behind. She just stayed there with me holding her, neither trying to get up or climb down, as though she didn’t object in the least to the way I was touching her. She confirmed this by saying, “I’ll give you just an hour and a half to get your hands completely off my ass.”

Not knowing what else to do, I giggled like a second grader. “So you could tell me a few things about sex?” I asked as I slowly helped her back to the floor. My hands brushed against the bare part of her lower back and I felt a sensual thrill I haven’t experienced in many years. When she bent over to get a large sack for the case, it was all I could do to keep from humping against her blue jeaned behind. “I’m sure there are lots of things I don’t know. I’m sure I don’t know what young girls like you do for fun after they get off work.” I was shocked myself by the question that seemed to have just erupted spontaneously from somewhere deep inside my mind or maybe it came from my hands still tingling from holding her delicious ass .

“We do lots of things. Why, are you asking me out on a date?” She said, looking directly into my face to study my reaction.

“I definitely am. What time do you get off work?” I went for it despite feeling very foolish for even imagining such a thing,

“I didn’t say I would. I’ve had dates with girls before but never with an older woman. What would you want to do?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out, what you do for fun.”

“What kind of car do you drive?”

“A Mustang right now but I can change it this afternoon if you have a strong preference.”

“There’s no need for you to play so hard to get. I’ve already decided I owe you something for saving me from that velociraptor that came in here looking for some fresh blood.”

“I was just a casual observer.”

“Yeah, well a lot of people are casual observers who remain very casual when it comes to confrontations to help somebody.”

“I was afraid they’d make you go home and put on a Mother Hubbard dress and I couldn’t look at your nice tushy in those sexy shorts.”

“So that’s why you wanted me to turn around and reach up for the camera case, huh? You have no intention of buying it.”

“Oh, yes, I do need it. I want to buy it.”

“You don’t have to.”

“What do they give you a reverse commission for saving befuddled old ladies from making extravagant purchases? What a nice concept for a retail store. It’s been tried by others but they only stayed in business for a few hours.”

“Oh, all right, buy the damn thing!” she laughed, “and I was going to ask you what color your car was but canlı poker oyna I’m afraid you’d have it down to the body shop for a new paint job if I didn’t react with the proper enthusiasm.”

“It’s a yellow convertible and I’d love to see what it looked like with your long mane flowing out over the back seat.”

“My shift ends at six,” she said thoughtfully as she punched in the numbers to ring up my purchases and process my credit card.

“I’ll see you then,” I said as she handed me the sack. My hand touched her hand briefly, but enough to awaken feelings I’m not sure I ever experienced before. “You do want me to come by? You know you don’t really owe me anything.” I guess I was grasping for reassurance.

“I’ll see you at six. Now be a good girl and go, before I get fired for spending so much time with you.”

I left the store, passport and camera bag in hand but I’m not sure my feet ever touched the ground. I was so excited; it was like the most far-fetched fairy tale that could be imagined. Why would she do that, go out with a woman twice her age? I had no notion what I was going to do, what girls did together. That’s when the panic struck. I had just rushed into this thing without thinking. I wish I had someone to talk to. Do they have emergency counseling services for doddering old fools who jump into alternative life styles at my age?

Maybe it wasn’t even an alternative life style. Maybe she was just being friendly to a woman she felt like had helped her out of a little jam. My goodness, what was I going to do? How was I going to act? What if I touched her and she reacted like I was crazy?

I don’t know how I got through the rest of the afternoon. I somehow managed not to have my car painted or to trade it in. I searched through every closet trying to decide what I should wear. I was so keyed up I jumped at every sudden sound. My telephone rang and I was hanging on to the ceiling by my fingernails and toenails. It was just another telephone solicitor, like three fourths of the calls I receive. Who pays for all that and what do they get from it? Surely nobody buys anything because of a randomly selected phone call.

I did get through it. I was sitting in my car dressed in the best clothes I owned and also the sexiest, waiting for her outside the store. My heart fluttered every time the door opened, and finally surged when I recognized her in her tie-died looking top, her short blue jean shorts, and her sandals with the mind-numbing straps wound around her magnificent calves.

I tapped the horn and she looked over with the most radiant smile I’d ever seen, maybe she was glad that I was there. I survived another few attacks of panic as she walked over and climbed into my car. She greeted me and leaned back against the seat, spreading her thighs wide despite my arrested vision. I could not tear my eyes away. She even rested her hand palm down on the inside of one of her full, gorgeous thighs.

“Where do you want to go?” I managed to croak through my suddenly malfunctioning throat.

“You’re dressed so nice we better go by my place so I can change, don’t you think?”

“My name is Shirley,” I said, realizing I’d never introduced myself.

“I’m so glad to know you,” she replied with such casual ease that I was almost able to relax a little. “I am Diana and you need to get out on 635 and get on the northbound.”

She continued to give directions in plenty of time for me to move into the proper lane and make the appropriate turns. We drove through hundreds of acres of apartment complexes. I would never be able to find her particular complex again. When I found a place to park and we walked through a winding route to her building, I had no idea how I would ever even find my car again without her aid.

I followed her up some outside stairs into and down a corridor and suddenly she stopped in front of her apartment door and handed me her key. I felt rather strange taking the key and unlocking the door. It was as though she was defining roles and I was barely aware that we were in a play, I certainly didn’t know I was cast in the male lead.

“Do you live here alone,” I asked, trying not to sound as nervous as I felt.

“Not hardly,” she replied, “no one can afford Dallas housing on a single income, unless they’re a CEO or something. I have two roommates and they are sort of a couple but I join in sometimes when they’re in the mood to share.”

A hot flash suddenly ran up my spine as I realized I was in very uncertain waters. I had never even been around people who talked that frankly about such intimate details of their lives. “You mean you… “

“I suck their pussies or their strap-ons, depending on the mood we’re in and they suck mine. What did you think girls living together did?”

I thought about how long and how ardently I had worked to get my husband to do down on me the first time and how long I waited for the second and last time, yet these girls did it to each other just because they happen to be in the mood. “I guess I’ve never had much reason to think about it. Are we going to….?”

“We don’t need to develop an itinerary, poker oyna we’re just going to chill and see what happens. I don’t know how the others will react to you. None of us has ever brought home someone like you before.”

By that time we were in the living room and I was clutching my purse like a tourist. Diana was releasing the tie at her back and letting her top slide off her shoulders as she left the living room to enter her bedroom. I didn’t know if I was supposed to follow her any further or not.

“There’s a bar there by the television. Fix yourself something to drink and make me a scotch and water,” she hollered to me. At least she was telling me what to do. I was so confused like I was inching along in a wading pool and suddenly stepped off a steep drop off. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could; I dreaded the thought of confronting her roommates who I was by now imagining them to be depraved perverts. I probably would have fled if I had any notion that I could ever find my car. Then the rattle of the front door and a young, attractive girl walked in and stopped abruptly when she saw me at the bar.

“Hello,” she said. “I didn’t know we had company or I would have at least combed my hair a little bit.” She smiled at me like there was nothing strange about me being there.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Shirley. I just met Diana today.”

“I’m Beth. Are you fixing drinks? I could use a gin and tonic right now.”

Her casual, friendly attitude helped put me at ease. I fixed Diana and her and a drink made one for myself as I managed to calm down considerably. I may have been among strangers and knowing nothing about how to act but at least they didn’t seem to be a pack of predatory sharks. They were just normal people. Another young girl came in about the time Diana emerged from her bedroom and we were introduced. Her name was Alice and she was a little larger than the others. Not fat, she just had a larger frame and she was decidedly more masculine in her manner. She fixed her own drink and plopped down on the couch beside Beth, crossing her ankle over her knee, the way a man does. She was a bit less cordial, more stand-offish, and more intimidating that Diana or Beth.

Diana had changed into another set of shorts but they must have been considerably altered because the legs were cut up to the middle of her hips with just a thin strip of cloth, the seam actually, running between her thighs. I gasped when I saw her from the rear. The shorts were cut up to the middle of her asscheeks and a good portion of each buttock was struggling to emerge from the bottom. My asshole clenched spasmodically at the sight, especially when she bent over to refresh her drink. Her top was a strapless strip of cloth that just inadvertently covered her tits. I was becoming somewhat delirious.

“What are we going to do about groceries?” Alice inquired during the first lull in the conversation as Diana finished explaining the circumstances of our meeting.

“Why don’t we just order something delivered?” Beth suggested.

“Chinese or pizza,” Diana asked as she picked up the phone, apparently the vote had been tabulated in her head.

“Let Shirley decide.” Beth conceded. “She’s company.”

“I’d prefer pepperoni.” I said because I didn’t care much for Chinese food. I wonder if any Mexican places do deliveries.

“I’m going to get out of these work clothes while we’re waiting,” Beth announced.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Alice agreed and went with her. I suppose they shared the other bedroom.

“Do you want to wait in my room?” Diana asked me.

I struggled with the decision for about three seconds and rose to my feet in answer and followed her into her bedroom. There were no chairs so I perched on the edge of her bed. She came over and stood in front of me, very close, very seductively, very conducive to whatever crossed my mind. I reached around her and my hands once again enclosed her asscheeks, this time all but bare. The contact with her ass radiated massive waves of erotic thrills throughout my body as I rubbed her firm butt. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her bare midriff. My tongue erupted from my mouth and began laving her smooth, toned stomach while flashes of intense arousal inundated my passion racked body.

Diana reached under my chin and undid the button if her shorts. The zipper lowered itself from the pressure of the tightness of her pants. Pressure on the top of my head indicated she wanted my mouth lower. I followed our instincts until my mouth was on her hairless pubes. God, I had no idea people could be subjected to such intense emotions and somehow manage to survive the sensations.

Between the two of us her pants were gradually worked down to mid thigh and I was able to get my mouth on her puffy, girlish lips, My tongue thrust rapaciously in and out of her pussy and I gathered her clit into my mouth and sucked with all the fervor and gratitude that I felt to be so close to her. She spread her thighs as far as the shorts would permit and her hips thrust forward and back, grinding her cunt into my my eager mouth. I could have sucked on her until doomsday but she suddenly stepped back and shoved her shorts to her ankles. One foot stepped out of them and she planted it on the bed and pushed her pussy again into my face, screaming, “Suck it, suck it, you nasty slut!”

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A Visit From My Niece, Helga

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Foreword: My niece, Helga, had always been my favorite. She is my older sister Caryn’s daughter. It could have been attributed to the fact that she bore a striking resemblance to my younger sister, Anja. For those who haven’t read some of my earlier excerpts, my younger sister and I shared an intense incestuous relationship which started when we were quite young and spanned several years.


Caryn called me to say that Helga was doing badly in Math and wondered if she could spend a couple of months with me so I could tutor her. It was her final year in school and she had to pass Math in order to go on to University. It was summer break and I hadn’t seen Helga in several years so I was looking forward to her visit. It was years later that I learned that Helga had badgered my sister in coming to stay with me.

For those of you looking for a “quick fix” this is not for you. It is sexual but takes a while developing. I have tried to remain true to the events as they took place while protecting the identities of the people involved.

The first week was uneventful as we worked towards establishing a routine. I would wake Helga up in the mornings before I headed for the gym and when I got back, we did an hour’s worth of Math starting with the basics. It was evident that her teacher must have been an ass because Helga was a quick study and was making good progress. On the personal side, I wasn’t used to having someone stay with me, let alone a beautiful eighteen year old but apart from an occasional lapse in privacy, I was getting used to having her around and for most part she was eager to fit in with my routine.

After the math lesson, she would help me with breakfast, which usually consisted of orange juice, eggs, muesli and of course, coffee. We’d chat while she nibbled on her food, drinking her coffee from an oversized mug. I would give her the math assignments and chores for the day before heading out to the office. I was a Design Engineer and owned my own Engineering Services Company with about fifteen employees. I enjoyed my work and being the boss did have its perks one of which was a flexible schedule. This made things convenient while Helga was staying with me.

On most nights we had dinner with Jenny, the new girl in my life. Jenny was the physical antithesis of Helga. She was small and voluptuous with dark hair and hazel eyes. She had something of a Natalie Wood look to her (okay, so I’m stretching) and having grown up in a large city she was a fashion plate, dressing immaculately, abundantly self assured and possessing a sharp wit. She was a cultural bon vivant, up on the latest trends, the music scenes, nightclubs etc. and had a taste for fine wine. Her sophistication may have intimidated Helga a bit but from the beginning I sensed that there was more to this than just an issue of personality. Helga was much quieter when Jenny was around and though she was only a few years younger when compared to Jenny, she seemed immature and naive. I had expected Helga to loosen up with time but she remained introverted around Jenny and usually sat quietly watching us with those smoldering green eyes laughing politely at the silly jokes we made.

One evening after dinner while enjoying a drink of schnapps, Jenny tried engaging Helga in some personal conversation:

“So, what’s your boyfriend like?” she quizzed.

“I don’t have a boyfriend …” Helga smiled and continued sipping her drink. But Jenny wasn’t about to let up and probed further:

“I find that hard to believe – a pretty girl like you?”

“Most of boys in school are jerks and they are so immature … and I don’t have any time. Between training for volleyball and schoolwork, I’m lucky if I get to watch any Telly.” Helga was being earnest but Jenny wasn’t about to give up yet:

“Well, what are you looking for in a guy? Is it the strong silent type or a dark and dangerous rebel or maybe someone nerdy, like Bill Gates; a rich sugar daddy!” She laughed a rich, throaty laugh which normally was very sexy but it was obvious that the topic was making my niece uncomfortable.

Helga looked into her drink, rolling the clear liqueur around in her glass seriously cogitating on the question then she looked up directly at me and just smiled.

“Hey, maybe she’s not ready yet … okay? Anyone for a second round?” I chipped in, trying to deflect the attention from her.

As I got up to refresh my drink, I got a grateful glance from Helga but Jenny was a bulldog:

“You must have someone in mind, someone you like … I used to have such a thing for my Chemistry Teacher, Estaban Blanco.” She said ‘Estaban’ with an exaggerated Spanish flair. “He was from Spain and was stone-gorgeous! He gave me the chills whenever he was near me!”

“My teachers look like Santa Claus …” Helga said and they both laughed.

Helga took a sip of her drink and then looked directly at me. I was at the Wet Bar behind Jenny when we locked eyes. I felt illegal bahis a thrill run through me and was surprised by it. She smiled again and went back to swirling the liqueur in her glass. I’m not sure whether Jenny noticed anything but she was quiet for a while and then:

“Well, take my advice you definitely don’t want someone like Tor … he’s what we girls refer to as a serial heartbreaker.” She had suddenly turned serious. I was surprised by this candid revelation and when I looked over at Helga, she was blushing.

“What are you doing with him then?” She said softly but with an edge to her voice.

At first Jenny didn’t answer then she looked at me almost nostalgically:

“Good question. I don’t know … for a smart woman I’m being pretty dumb, that’s for sure. I guess we all have our weaknesses! Mine is good looking, rakish men.” Her voice was soft and gentle, a side of her I had never seen before. “You want someone who will care for you, Helga, that’s the least you can expect.”

The women looked at each other and then Jenny got up to leave. It could have been the alcohol but suddenly I felt bad for her, she certainly deserved better. As I walked her to her car, I asked:

“What was all that about?”

“She has a major crush on you, Tor, and if you can’t see that then you’re a bigger idiot than I thought you were. So be gentle with her. She’s young and silly and contrary to popular belief, heartbreak is not a good thing; certainly not for a star-struck eighteen old!” Jenny was rarely serious but she wasn’t joking and I felt like a kid who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I couldn’t explain it — nothing had transpired and I was feeling guilty already!

She gave me a quick kiss and drove away. I stood there watching the taillights fading into the night and recall thinking: I am an idiot. I typically went from dating women who reminded me of Anja to women who were diametrically opposite to her. Jenny fell into the “opposite” category. She was actually quite special; she was beautiful, educated, and incredible in bed. Most men would kill to have her but no matter how hard I would try, when we made love, I could only cum if I pictured Anja in her place. Over the years I had honed my ability to superimpose memory onto reality in a very literal and sexual sense. While fucking Jenny all I had to do was let the images of Anja’s body writhing wildly under me float into my mind and in a very short time I would experience an intense climax. That is how deeply I was locked into my sister — it was sordid and sad but it is what it is.

Like my younger sister, Helga was a natural athlete. Apart from volleyball she played several other sports including field hockey. Many of the larger colleges had scouted her for volleyball and she was assured of an athletic scholarship which was a relief for her mother because colleges were rather expensive. She was a bit taller than Anja and was slender but with curves in all the right places. She was certainly on her way to becoming a stunning woman. Genetics is a strange thing. Caryn and Anja look very different. Both are tall with thick blond hair but that is where the filial resemblance ends. We have some Inuit blood in us and it manifested itself in Anja’s skin tone. The dark, copper-golden hue of her skin was the envy of the village and she was often mistaken for an Italian. The rest of us look typically Nordic; light and blond. Strangely, Helga inherited the same skin tone as Anja along with the pouting mouth, a cute small, aquiline nose, accentuated by high cheekbones and exuded the same sexual aura.

Men had begun to notice Helga a few years earlier when she was in her early teens and I recall Caryn worrying about one of the older boys in the neighborhood who had a reputation for being a thug and had been pestering Helga. He was getting bolder by the day and even had the audacity to grab her ass as she walked home from school. After talking to Helga about the problem, I made a trip over and had a word with the overzealous culprit which put an end to that. Later, his mother had complained to Caryn that I had roughed up her boy bloodying his nose and threatening his life; all of which was true but the punk never bothered Helga again.

Needless to say that Helga saw me as her knight in white armor. At the time of the incident, she was, thirteen or fourteen, and her girlish adoration was, to be honest, flattering. I had to smile at the large poster she had taped over her bed — it was a picture of me surfing in Costa Azul. I thought it was sweet but in hindsight, I should have seen some of this coming. Until recently, she used to write me letters and some of them contained subtle innuendos professing love but I never thought much of it chalking it up to her hormones. It had obviously morphed into more than just a schoolgirl’s crush.

Her usual attire around the house consisted of jogging pants with a t-shirt; the tops falling into two categories: skimpy and illegal bahis siteleri oversized. In both cases she preferred going braless, au naturel, and I had to catch myself from being too obvious while ogling her. She was also very affectionate and one evening while watching TV, she came over and sat on my lap and laid her head on my shoulder. She didn’t say anything and after watching the tube for a while she fell asleep in my arms. I tried hard to distract myself to avoid reacting to her but my mutinous body succumbed and I felt my cock engorge and harden. I was embarrassed and glanced surreptitiously at her. This was skimpy day and I caught an eyeful of her firm, fleshy tits which only added to my predicament. I could feel my penis throbbing indiscreetly against her thighs close to the curve of her behind, being urged on by the damp heat radiating from her body. I also felt a change in her breathing as it got heavier but she remained sleeping or so I assumed. Later as I tucked her into bed, I caught the faint musk of her; an aphrodisiacal aroma which would linger with me for hours and had me tossing and turning in a state of somnambulistic arousal.

Shortly after that, our relationship began a rather rapid metamorphosis. One morning, towards the end of the second week, when I went to wake Helga up I noticed that the door was ajar — this was unusual because she normally closed her door at night. I walked in and saw her lying on her side curled up in a ball, her hair a glittering sea of gold strewn in careless waves about her face. There is something inherently fascinating about a woman sleeping, something which is most probably imprinted onto the male gene; she lay there bathed in angelic innocence, so vulnerable yet emanating the powerful undercurrents of sexuality eliciting the paradoxical response of wanting to protect and needing to ravish. I stood watching for a moment, speculating the enigma, before deciding to wake her up.

“Hey, Helga … Helga, wake up!” I gently shook her by her feet.

“Mmmmm …” was the sleepy response and then she stretched languidly, reminiscent of a wild, golden feline.

“Come on, Helga, it’s getting late … get up!”

She rolled over onto her back and in doing so the bed-sheet she used as a blanket to cover herself, pulled away revealing her breasts. She was sleeping in the nude or at the least, topless — it was unexpected and stunning!

They were perfect; burnished mounds like grapefruit halves capped with small, dark areoles and pointed hard nipples. Her boobs were slightly larger than Anja’s and I stood hypnotized like a juvenile getting his first glimpse of a woman’s mammary glands! My cock began to harden immediately and form the telltale tent in my trousers. I wanted to leave but was unable to move as though compelled by some greater force cementing me to the floor. And as I watched the unconscious ecdysiast, I felt a strange sense of déjà vu; the feeling of being transported back to the time I spied on my younger sister through a peephole in my closet. Anja had been lying on her bed masturbating, her hand buried inside her panties furtively rubbing herself while she pulled on her nipples. I had watched in a salacious stupor while stroking my cock to the rhythm of her unintentional exhibitionism — a tortured voyeur stealing illicit moments from his sister’s secret cache of sensuality.

Now here I was trapped again in a morass of uncertainty where psychosomatic allegory overrides the dimensions of reality contravening the quantum of time and space. I was unable to separate myself from the past, tied by the steely threads of our history which bound me permanently to my sister. But now, stoked by the flames of past indiscretions licking incessantly at the frayed ropes of my self control I felt them snap setting free the carnal beast within, insatiable and engorged with lust. Without thought, I reached down for my cock, lasciviously stroking the rigid stern through the satiny material of my pajama trousers. It was then that I heard her gasp; a fleshy, female sigh accompanied by the rustle of sheets as her hand moved lazily upward towards her breasts and through the misty haze of my lecherous vision, I saw her eyes flutter open and then shut again while her fingers sensually caressed her burgeoning body. I have no idea where this would have led but the strident sound of the phone ringing snapped me out of my reverie. I spun on my heels and literally fled the room without looking back at her.

There was going to no math lesson this morning. I didn’t want to wait — I wasn’t sure if I could face her or even control myself so I skipped my workout, took the world’s quickest shower and left for the office. I was angry and confused and still very aroused. I had underestimated the effect Helga would have on me now that she was older and looked so much more like Anja. Luckily the day was a busy one and I had meetings and phone calls which kept me distracted. My rational self knew that canlı bahis siteleri I should plan a business trip and send Helga home. Caryn would understand — business is business. But there was a reckless streak in me and I was about to roll the dice.

Towards the end of the day, my secretary buzzed to tell me that my niece was on the phone. Helga had never called me at work so I was a bit concerned wondering if the morning’s episode had upset her — I suddenly felt stupid; I had been stroking my cock in clear view of her. What was I thinking? What if she called her mother? Or, what if she spoke to Anja, they were pretty close. My mind flooded with a million “what ifs”:

“Hi, honey, what’s up?” I was trying to sound as normal as I could.

“Hi Uncle Tor … it’s nothing, I just wanted to chat. Is this a bad time?” She sounded like a little girl but I was relieved.

“No … of course not, I’m glad you called. Are you okay?” I was probing.

“I’m fine!” Her energy suddenly picked up “more than fine, really, uh… when are you coming home?” Then, a pause and hesitantly “I miss you …”

This made my day and I felt an overwhelming sense of relief.

“I miss you more, baby girl. Do you want to eat in? I could pick-up some Chinese.”

“That sounds nice …” then softly, “come home soon. I love you.” She sounded happy again.

“Love you back, baby, I’ll see you soon.” I hung up; excited as a schoolboy about to go on his first date. I struggled with my conscience trying to rationalize the complete happiness I felt and knew that this was headed into something I could never control.

That evening when I walked through the door, she jumped off the couch and nearly knocked me off my feet with her hug. We almost tumbled over. Helga is a little over five feet ten weighing in at about 130 pounds and is a pretty strong lass.

“Hey, wow … you must really like Chinese!”

She made a face and smiled. I could feel her pressing against me and my body reacted; my mind was beginning to cloud with desire but my sense of higher reasoning hadn’t quite abdicated. While she was setting the table, I left to freshen up. I washed my face and cleared my head before returning to the kitchen. We ate in silence, exchanging covert glances like coconspirators planning subterfuge; every look revealing more of the promiscuous blueprint. She got up to get some juice from the fridge and when she returned she hugged me from the rear, her thick mane cascading about us:

“Thanks, Eno …” She rarely used the Finnish term for Uncle and this had me wondering if any of this was healthy. I should have learned from the lessons of the past but here I was stumbling into another incestuous relationship with my eyes wide open. I was concerned about her — she was still very young.

It is unlikely that the morning’s incident by itself could create the overt transition which was taking place. It had, after all, begun as an understandable and innocent intrusion of her privacy. And I realized that it was not just me but both of us were guilty of playing a variegated game and as the evening would reveal, the stakes were about to be raised.

Later, as I walked by her room it was obvious that this was now a no holds barred struggle; a high-stakes game of sexual poker and despite her inexperience, she was the first to place her bet. Her door was wide open and the room dark, except for the light above the vanity which lit her up like some iridescent apparition. She was almost naked wearing only the scantiest of panties and stood with her back to me, combing her flaxen hair. She had wanted me to see her, there could be no doubt, but when she saw me standing by the door she instinctively brought her arms up to cover herself. I was harder than I ever remembered being, my cock throbbing painfully in my trousers while I stood there, hypnotized like a deer caught in headlights. Anja and I had played similar games when we were younger allowing each other fleeting glimpses of our juvenile bodies, getting steadily more audacious until we masturbated for each other, then did each other until in a fit of passion, I actually fucked her. However, in this instance we weren’t kids and both Helga and I knew what was at stake. We stared at each other through the reflections in her mirror; now strangers taking in every nuance of every move. Then very deliberately she dropped her arms exposing herself to me again, vulnerable yet secure in the rashness of youth, and continued brushing her hair never looking away from me.

The gauntlet was thrown and it was up to me now. I could call or raise the ante but instead, I folded. I could still stop this; my mind screamed: Anja, Anja … my little sister … what have you done to me. This was my sexual albatross and each time I was challenged, I reverted to my first and most intense experience. I stumbled back and headed quickly to the master bedroom which was diagonally across the corridor from her room. I closed the door and releasing my straining member, stroked myself to visions of her body quickly culminating in an intense orgasm. I was sapped both emotionally and physically and lay across my bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

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Bitch Dick Twitch

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First duty of the day. I slide my shaved-smooth body nimbly from the sheets and tip toe into the bathroom. I quickly take care of any errant stubble and look myself up and down in the mirror. I am 19, skinny, about 5’10” with short brown hair and blue eyes. Aside from the slightly-too small lace thong I am wearing, I am nude. That is, if you don’t include a chastity belt as clothing, which I don’t. If that were the case I would almost never be technically nude, instead of almost all the time, a distinction I take quite seriously. It’s funny where one finds one’s dignity when no longer in charge of one’s own penis. I see my trapped member twitch ever so slightly as I tie a little pink bow around it, and sigh faintly. Dawn sunlight begins to reflect against the bathroom mirror into my eyes and I know I had better get back to bed before it was too late. Mr. Dave would be stirring soon. I steal back into the bedroom with well trained and hard-earned silence. My butt cheeks tingling in anticipation of punishment every time I provoked the slightest noise from my surroundings. Gently, I lift the blankets at the foot of the bed until I can slide my head underneath and make my steady yet stealthy advance towards Mr. Dave’s ever-beckoning package. I lift his gorgeous slumbering cock slightly to one side, and reverently collect Mr. Dave’s musky balls into my mouth, with his cock resting comfortably across my right eye and face. As my tongue begins to gingerly explore the exquisite taste of his ball sweat and probe towards the testicles, I feel Mr. Dave open his legs a little wider, indicating that I should take his balls deeper into my sissy-bitch mouth. One of his hands sleepily begins to feel through my hair, occasionally tugging at me, sometimes to redirect my progress, and other times just to remind me who’s boss.

I güvenilir bahis know he is beginning to awake when I feel his cock grow and lift off my cheek. I move gradually from his balls and kiss fervently up all 7 inches of his cock, until I reach it’s head and begin to suckle and lick at it. From this point out I make quick work. Mr. Dave is a busy man, and he takes great pleasure in making sure his bitch is even busier. I take Mr. Dave’s 7 inches into my whore mouth and throat – I make a few gagging noises because I know he likes that. He gives me little thrusts throughout in order to provoke real ones. Before long, I hear him make the smallest of grunts. My bitch dick twitches, and I feel a little tingle in my bound balls. He grasps my hair and jerks me roughly upwards, so that only the head of his magnificent cock remains suction-locked to my quivering sissy-lips. I hurry to cradle and support his balls in one hand and firmly rub his shaft with the other in order to ensure he is comfortable while being so kind as to pump my cock-hungry cheeks full of his thick white cum.

“Ah.” He says as though I am not even there, while cumming furiously against the roof of my mouth. My cheeks bulge as the salty cream fills my mouth – today is more than usual, and I can feel it creeping through my sinuses and begin to dribble slightly out of my nose. With sheer force of will, I don’t swallow, and hold slightly more than a mouthful of cum in my mouth, my senses drowning in the taste and smell of it, my cock swelled as far as it can against the confines of it’s lonely prison. It aches deeply, and my balls feel heavy and swollen with frustration. Mr. Dave carefully withdraws his cock from my mouth, and I am grateful for the slight release of pressure in my mouth. I want dearly to swallow, but I know that that is a privilege türkçe bahis I must earn. Mr. Dave then takes a handful of the cleanest part of my hair he can find, and wipes any left over cum from his now fully awake penis. I am only allowed to wash my hair when we have company, for appearances sake, and it has been at least a week since someone has visited, so my hair is matted with cum. I felt some new droplets running down behind my left ear as I noticed a small cum-bubble growing from my right nostril. I crawled carefully up Mr. Dave’s body, until I am sitting astride him, my caged bitch-dick bumping against his much larger, freer cock through my sissy panties.

Mr. Dave, barely looking at me, reaches under his pillow and pulls a medium sized buttplug into view. He casually inserts it into my mouth. I feel it bump against the back of my throat and it’s all I can do not to spit jizz and latex straight into the wall. But I don’t think I’d ever get to cum again if I did that.

“Get it good and coated slut.” Says Mr. Dave, as he rolls onto his stomach and I start to massage him. 15 minutes of swirling semen and a butt plug around my mouth like it’s my favourite treat (and let’s face it, it is). I count down the seconds of the last minute, as holding jizz indefinitely in my mouth begins to feel more like a chore and my cock gets tired of trying and rests shrivelled and denied against the plastic of my CB-3000.

Finally, and without warning, Mr. Dave flips me onto my back, and pins my legs wide open with one of his arms. With the other, he pulls aside my panties, then reaches to my lips and pulls out the buttplug, with half of the cum splashing onto my face and hair, and the other, thicker half clinging to the entirety of the buttplug. After a couple of hearty laughs at my thoroughly cum-splattered güvenilir bahis siteleri face, and one little slap with the jizz-sodden plug, he roughly and matter-of-factly jams the buttplug into my ass-hole. I gasp and once again my unfortunate bitch-dick twitches wildly against the plastic. With firm preciseness Mr. Dave forces the 2″ wide buttplug to the hilt, and holds it in as he securely duct tapes it in place.

He gets up and starts to dress as I lay panting on the bed.

“What is it today then?” Mr. Dave asks, briefly glancing at my reflection in the mirror with a faint smile on his face.

“200 days Mr. Dave” I moan, rolling over, and being careful not to get my disgraced face on his silk sheets.

“And since I milked you?”

“15 days Mr. Dave”

“I’ll bet you’re a horny boy this morning then.”

“Yes Mr. Dave”

“Well, I’ll tell you what – you get on a webcam site and dry hump the bed for all the world to see until the cum on your face dries, then put on some lip stick and a bit of mascara to distract from it and come down to make me breakfast. You’ve got a big day ahead of you.”

“Yes Mr. Dave” I say, already online and enthusiastically humping the corner of our bed before he has finished his sentence. My cheeks go red with shame as I read the ‘lols’ springing up on the website at the sight of my plugged ass bobbing up and down, humping the bed like a confused dog. People tell me to make faces or lick cum off my dripping lips and I do it with tears in my eyes, hungrily swallowing every drop I think I can spare. I know Mr. Dave will have one of his friends cum in my eye if I come down to breakfast again without enough of his cum on my face, but I have trouble stopping myself from licking up every last drop.

And the whole time that I grind and pounding against that bed, my straining cock whacking uselessly against those soft silk sheets, I can feel his thick delicious cream being fucked ever deeper into my asshole with each thrust, and I know that this is the closest I will get to cumming today.

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Candi Photographs Nancy

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Angela White

Candi Martin could feel her hot pussy leaking creamy juice into her frilly panties as she surveyed the yummy young girl sitting on the edge of the bed.

She adjusted a flood-light pointed at the bed so the cute, sexy brunette in the striped bikini had more illumination.

“Come on, honey-girl, arch your back so those sexy titties poke out a little more,” Candi said, admiring the beautiful face staring back at her with its full, dewy lips and big, brown eyes. When this sexy bunny had sashayed into her studio and presented Candi with her card from the modeling agency, Candi had quickly noticed the fine ass and the long, just-right legs along with the beautiful, innocent-looking face and decided that this girl was the total package. Candi also took full note of the age on the card. 19. Candi had shivered. Prime stuff.

She was just the kind of exquisite chick that readers of the magazine, where her pictures would appear, would imagine should always be in a bikini, just like the one currently clinging to her hot body, sitting on a blanket at the beach waiting — just for them.

These photos, however, were being taken inside, in Candi’s studio, against a phony backdrop, to decorate an ad for a swim suit manufacturer. For a real beach scene, Candi’s fee she was currently charging would be doubled. She was good, she knew it, the people that hired her knew it and she charged very high fees for her work. Her skill was such that she could even make some of the older, saggy-breasted models they sent her look young and alluring.

Candi shivered as a sugary thrill rippled through her as bikinied Nancy Wells giggled and obligingly arched her back so that her young, shapely tits poked out further. She’d always thought she had a lovely set jiggling on her chest and here was her chance to show them off! Her legs were partly opened, as Candi had posed her, to show her pretty cuntmound, covered sexily by the barely-big-enough triangle of the bottom thong of the bikini. Her left hand Candi had raised to her long, dark, silky mane of hair.

“Now, honey, wet your lips so they shine for me,” Candi said, moving with her camera behind the flood-lights. “Think sexy thoughts so you look sensuous!”

A faint blush came to Nancy’s cheeks but Candi got a tantalizing glimpse of her tongue as the young model smiled and moistened those full, pouty, dewy lips. Professionalism about her pictures aside, Candi could only dream of kissing those gorgeous lips and playing naughty tongue games with the delectable Nancy. She felt more thrills tingle her clit and more creamy juice leak into her panties.

Who knew what kind of sexy thoughts Nancy was thinking, Candi thought, but she was obviously thinking something arousing as the horny photographer could clearly see her nodel’s nipples harden slightly through the thin material of the bikini cups.

Great! This chick seemed to clearly have it! Lots of it! And, despite some early coyness, she seemed to have no qualms about showing off what she had to offer.

Candi took several shots from several different angles. She was getting a neat girlie hard-on between her legs. The moment Nancy Wells had wiggled into her front office Candi had felt a sharp thrill and she had immediately decided to pose and photograph this new chick.

“Okay relax now, dear,” Candi smiled. “First assignment?”

“Yes,” Nancy breathed, her eyes shining. The idea of being a model in the big city obviously was very exciting for her. She had small town written all over her.

Candi smiled. She’d had a multitude of girls like Nancy in her studio and in her bed. She could almost recite her story by heart. Let’s see. Nancy had been a high-school queen, probably a cheer-leader back home and someone, maybe mummy, maybe daddy, had thought their daughter’s beauty was wasted at home. So she had been encouraged to pack herself off to the big city; probably daddy knew someone at an agency.

Candi could see Nancy Wells visibly relax and become more comfortable.

“Gosh,” Nancy breathed, “You’re very beautiful, Miss Martin. Oh excuse me, is it Miss? Don’t you model too?”

Candi was flattered and her clit hotly tingled.

“Oh, yeah, Miss it is.” Candi told her. “I used to model, and still do sometimes, but rarely. I’m getting too old. It is a young girl’s game. I’ll settle for just taking the pictures to make you young girls look sexy.”

In actuality, Candi Martin was a young-looking 40.

“What about you, sweetie? Did your boyfriend follow you to the big, bad city?”

“Nooo,” Nancy giggled. “We broke up before I left because I wouldn’t hop in bed with him. He was OK, I guess and we dated through high school but he just didn’t do it for me.”

She stretched daintily, her tits moved delectably and Candi felt a thrill throb through her crotch. Jeese! What a chick!

Her ears had pricked up with Nancy’s words — ‘he just didn’t do it for me’.

“If that bikini’s becoming too tight, take it off,” Candi smiled. “I want you in a regular bra and panties for the next shots. I have another client who publishes güvenilir bahis a girlie magazine and is always in the market for fresh new chicks. And please call me Candi. Enough with the Miss Martin stuff.”

“Oh, you!” Nancy’s eyes sparkled.

Candi felt another tingle shoot through her crotch even though she noticed and was disappointed that Nancy had made no move to remove her bikini bra. She was very anxious for her first good look at Nancy’s titties in their full glory. So far all she had seen of their peaks was the barest outline and she’d had to content herself with imagining just how big Nancy’s aureolas were and how hot would be the pinkness of her nips!

She placed her camera aside and moved partially into the shine of the flood-lights, the brightest of which she had just turned off. She posed for Nancy’s benefit, pretending to be adjusting something on another light.

Candi was wearing very snug pants that showed every line of her trimly tuned ass and long, long legs. Her blouse was equally snug to show off her thrusting tits. And thin enough that her nipples could be easily seen poking out hard. Her long, blonde hair reached half-way down her back. Candi was sexy, she knew it and she used it. On chicks.

Candi’s receptionist and part-time assistant, Laura Wheeler, was a pretty good girl-fuck; attractive and still young enough to attract Candi but she had been on vacation the last two weeks. Consequently, Candi was very, very horny and young Nancy was looking more and more interested as though she could be made. She was eyeing Candi’s body with a tell-tale interest.

“Am I really that sexy?” Nancy asked, breathlessly.

Candi winked. “You look good enough to eat, cutie.”

Corny, very corny, but Nancy blushed. Candi grinned. Surely even small-town girls were not that dense.

Young Nancy Wells rose daintily now and moved toward the dressing-room. Her sweet ass movements tensed Candi’s clit. She quickly found the undies she wanted Nancy to wear and followed her into the cozy dressing cubicle.

“Take everything off, sweetie,” Candi said.

Nancy seemed a bit reluctant to remove her bikini in front of Candi, who remembered that earlier Nancy had insisted on being alone while she removed her street clothes and donned the bikini.

“Ah, take it off, doll. It’s just us girls here, isn’t it?” Candi said, reassuringly. Her hot crotch was tingling mightily to see Nancy naked, but with lots of experience with young, inexperienced, small-town chicks, Candi had the smarts to know she had to play it cool.

Nancy giggled, reaching behind her for the strings of the bikini top. Then she paused, her eyes got wide, her smile got playful and she turned her back for Candi to untie the top.

“Would you mind, Miss Martin, I mean, Candi?” she asked, sweetly.

The dressing area had a couch and a fancy makeup table, fully mirrored. Candi had enjoyed herself with several models on the couch plus Laura Wheeler but goodies as good as Nancy didn’t come along every day. Candi shivered. A mingling of jasmine perfume and pussy aroma tingled Candi’s senses. Nancy had lots of it!

Resolutely resisting enormous temptation to put her arms around Nancy and fill her itchy palms with handfuls of Nancy’s tits, Candi skilfully untied the bikini top. The covering of gorgeous Nancy’s spectacular boobs was now in Candi’s hand. She shivered in anticipation.

“Been getting any lately, honey?” Candi smiled. She couldn’t resist a slight caress of the smooth slope of Nancy’s shoulder.

“Noooo!” Nancy exclaimed and finally she turned. Candi’s eyes gleamed as she saw, bare for the first time, what Nancy had to offer up-top. Lots! A lovely set! The sweet youthful thrust of her boobs and the rosy pout of the brunette’s darkly-banded nipples stirred the thrills between Candi’s legs.

“Me, either,” Candi laughed. “And isn’t that just the shits?”

Nancy blushed.

Candi barely believed it herself but she still resisted all temptation to reach out and fondle Nancy’s beautiful boobs. And though her mouth was watering to be filled with the gorgeous young model’s tasty-looking nipples Candi coughed and held herself back.

She could plainly see Nancy’s big brown eyes gleaming. She kept telling herself that holding back until Nancy was really panting for it was the way to go here.

“Do you mind it I get more comfortable?” Candi asked, starting to unfasten her blouse. “These pants are binding my cunny. You don’t mind, do you, honey?”

“I guess not,” Nancy giggled. “You sure say it right out, don’t you, Candi?”

“Why screw around?” Candi giggled. “How long since you had a piece, anyway?”

At least, this time, the cute brunette didn’t blush and experienced Candi could easily detect a glow of excitement.

“Well,” Nancy said, “To tell the truth, I’ve kinda been saving it . . .”

‘Incredible!’, Candi thought. ‘A virgin . . .?’

She shivered again, drawing her blouse open. The bare mounds of her big, floppy tits sat deliciously on her chest. The young brunette model could clearly türkçe bahis see Candi’s nipples hardening under her gaze. What she couldn’t readily see was the wetness oozing from Candi’s cunt, the delectable rising of her clit.

“Oh, wow,” Nancy exclaimed. “You’re really something, Candi!”

Candi smiled and arched her tits forward, weaving her shoulders making her tits jiggle for Nancy.

“Not bad for a girl my age, huh?”

“You’re just sensational!” Nancy gushed.

‘We’re almost there,’ Candi thought. ‘I’ll bet her pussy is damp. She’s really got it for me, but I still should take it slow and easy. I wouldn’t miss this for anything . . . but a virgin? Go at her too fast and she still might panic and that would ruin everything.’

“Getting back to saving it,” Candi smiled, loosening the band of her tight pants. “What or who are you saving it for, sweetie? What do you do for kicks?”

Now Nancy blushed deeply.

“Well, a girl can have fun on dates without going all the way, can’t she?”

“I guess, honey, but that’s kid’s stuff,” Candi told her. “And you really aren’t a kid anymore, are you, sweets? Oh, I know, mommy and daddy didn’t want you getting pregnant but didn’t they tell you about the pill or anything? And besides, Nance, there are other ways to have your goodies where you don’t have to worry about anything!”

“What do you mean, Candi?” Nancy asked.

Candi chuckled.

“You really do need educating, don’t you girl?” Candi laughed, inching her pants down her legs, watching Nancy’s eyes, watching her, the whole time.

“I’m just a small-town girl,” Nancy breathed, her bare tits poking out at Candi. “Mom never told me anything more than to be a good girl. But you, Candi, you are so sophisticated!”

“Thanks, honey,” Candi said, quaking with new excitement. This was almost too good to be true. Like plucking ripe fruit. Her pants came all the way off exposing her crotch, her cunt covered and decorated by black, lacy bikini panties. She dropped her right hand to her pussy and moved her fingers suggestively, her middle digit aimed at her mons.

Nancy blushed furiously.

“Oh, you’re so dirty, Candi!” she cried.

“You better lose some of that goody-goody stuff it you want to have fun in the big city, sweets,” Candi smiled. “Look, I play with my cunt when I haven’t gotten any for a while and I bet you do too!”

“Gosh, you sure are open about things,” Nancy said, some of the blush starting to leave her face.

“A hot pussy wants what it wants,” Candi laughed. “And, Nancy-girl, you’ve got my pussy just boiling. And I bet your pretty puss is heated up pretty well too!”

Candi moved even closer to the dainty brunette and slipped her arms around Nancy’s silky, warm waist, pulling her even closer.

“Oh, Candi . . . ” Nancy breathed.

“Relax, sweetie,” Candi said as their bodies touched. “You like me, I know it. And I’m hot for you. We can have some nice, safe fun!”

Candi shivered. Nancy wasn’t pulling away. She was almost home.

Nancy trembled, right on cue.

Shaking with lust, Candi lowered her head and touched her mouth to Nancy’s petal-soft lips and snaked her tongue inside the brunette’s mouth. She tightened her grip on the pliant waist, savoring the clingy hunger of the young girl’s mouth. Nancy’s arms crept around Candi’s neck. All systems said go!

Jeese, what a tasty young morsel! Their lips opened wider, eagerly! Their breasts nudged warmly together. Candi nudged her nipples at Nancy’s firming young breasts, teasing them around on her warm tittie-peaks. She shivered and uttered a hungry, little whine.

Her tongue still making love to Nancy’s tongue, Candi found a moment to reflect that now would be a perfect time to pose Nancy for some nudie shots; when a girl was turned on big time, as Nancy was now, it showed up good on film. But that could happen later. Right now she was aching for a more fun and Candi reflected that she had just what that cute pussy needed.

Candi stroked her tongue slowly and slid her hands down to the pretty, rounded ass that came as standard equipment on sweet, young Nancy. She responded by trembling. Candi chuckled into Nancy’s lips. The young girl was hanging right in there!

Candi fondled the velvety curves, her clit stiffing with anticipation. Gently, she fit her crotch to Nancy’s cunt-mound and hunched deliciously against her, using her knee to spread the soft, sweet thighs. They opened, her tongue responded more, her pretty lips fluttered.

Candi was shaking. Oh! There was nothing quite like making it with a new pussy! It swelled Candi’s ego the same way it swelled her cunt. Especially when the chick had not previously fucked another girl. And this one was a total virgin. No other cunt. And no prick. Beautiful!

She pulled her tongue from Nancy’s hot mouth, nibbling the engaging, soft lips. She could feel Nancy’s trembles of excitement.

“Over to the couch, sweetie!” Canadi murmured. “Time for some real fun-action!”

Nancy shuddered, hardly able to believe this was happening. güvenilir bahis siteleri In her little town she had been vaguely aware of girl-girl crushes but she had never been that close to any of the girls at her school. And now, here she was, on the verge of an all-out sex encounter with a sexy older woman! Candi was just wonderful! So understanding and so, so beautiful . . .

Steering Nancy to the dressing-room couch, Candi drew the pretty brunette down on her left. She slid her right hand between Nancy’s silky thighs, fitting her left arm around her warm, pliant waist. Nancy’s pinked throat, her uneven breathing, her big, warm, brown eyes and her full mouth, puffed from kissing, shook Candi from head to toe.

‘Control yourself, baby,’ Candi told herself, shivering. ‘This is the first experience for this young girl. You want to hook her on pussy forever, if you can. This first cum you are going to give her is very important. She’s a total virgin, so the bar is probably not set that high. But you should give her a cum better than any she’s ever given herself. Make her hungry for more delicious sensations. Luckily she has no prick cums to compare with. Make this ride good enough and she’ll never want one!’

Candi wanted Nancy to feel as she had felt ever since her first girl. Dating guys in high school hadn’t interested Candi after she realized that guys were just not turning her on. Tammy, now, the sexy senior next door, really did it for Candi! She day-dreamed for just a second about her first session with the hot Tammy but then jerked herself back to the present.

Right now Nancy Wells needed a good, hard, delicious cum and Candi Martin’s pussy surely ached for the touch of sweet, hot pussy. There really was nothing else like it! Absolutely nothing!

“Just the tongues now, honey,” Candi whispered, her mouth inches from Nancy’s trembling, parted lips.

“Ohhh, yesss!” Nancy breathed, her pink tongue emerging. Candi flirted her own tongue-tip into the warm sexy probe, coiling it around and under while her fingers crept closer to the alluring pussy. Her circling left arm tightened, she lifted her hand to a saucy tittie, enjoying the young girl’s tremors, finally cupping the sweet mound, pinching the virginal nipple between thumb and finger.

“Nnnnnnn,” Nancy whined, her soft thighs opening further. She loved it. The pink nipple stiffened sweetly in Candi’s fingers, Nancy’s tongue livened, her lips brushed into Candi’s mouth. Her hips began to lift in the primal urgency, and when Candi finally pressed her fingers into the soft cuntmound, Nancy shuddered.

“Ohhhhh,” she breathed, hunching. “Ohhhh, Candi — please…”

“Need a nice fuck, honey?” Candi whispered, licking Nancy’s ear, worming her fingers down inside Nancy’s bikini panty. The silky-soft puss was wet, the dainty crevice swollen.

“Yessss…” Nancy gasped.

“Nice, hot cunny,” Candi teased, easing her play finger up and down the moistened slit. She nibbled at Nancy’s sweet lips again, bit them lightly and pulled her hand out. “Take ’em off, honey. I want to play with you real good.”

Candi knew just how to make a pussy really wet and turned on.

‘Oh, I could feel this starting the minute Candi looked me over,’ Nancy thought, shaking with need. My clit really aches. Ohhhh, I gotta have a come, one way or another! I want her between my legs…’

Candi sensed that the last barrier of resistance was down. She chuckled. The naive ones were the easiest to make, and Nancy had so damned much to offer that Candi had hurried the nitty-gritty slightly. But she was all in, now.

Nancy reached for her bikini panties and slid them from her pretty ass. Candi helped, fingers shaking. A fresh wave of pussy aroma made her head whirl. As the panty hit the floor, Nancy spread her sexy thighs. Trembling with eagerness, Candi stood up and removed her own panties.

The view of Nancy’s cunt, very lightly sprinkled with dark curls of hair, the sweet puffed labia, already showing wetness which Candi had helped generate, hardened Candi’s clit into pencil stiffness. She wanted to rush Nancy back on the couch and start the fuck, but she also wanted this first piece to be very special, a high mark in Nancy’s erotic experience.

Naked now, Candi posed right in front of Nancy, writhing her ass, giving the brunette a straight-on look at her swollen cunt. Her own blonde bush was thin, her crevice showed clearly; she was very proud of her box, the way it expanded when she was hot. The way that without even Candi touching it, her pussy would start to pleasure Candi with tingly thrills and start leaking sugary honey at just the sight of a delectable treat like Nancy.

“Ohhhhh, wow!” Nancy breathed, her face very flushed. Her eyes wide, enjoying the sight of Candi’s pussy.

“That’s a very cute thing you’ve got there, honey,” Candi smiled. “Shall we get yours and mine together?”

“Yessss!” Nancy gasped.

“Then spread out there, cutie,” Candi breathed, her clit tensing and stinging. Her long, strong girlie pecker was an indication of certain male tendencies in her makeup, and she loved to show it off to more sophisticated gals, but on a first fuck she did not care to expose it. She had almost frightened off one sexy chick who evidently thought Candi was some kind of freak.

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A Very English Family Ch. 05

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Now that the house was relatively well organised, even if not entirely tidy, things seemed to calm down a bit. We actually walked around with some clothes on for a change and were able to meet without immediately starting having sex, if only because Mum had spent time putting some sense into us but then, just when I thought that we’d settled down, things slipped back into debauchery again.

Mum had gathered us all together one breakfast time to reiterate and expand on her earlier comments and suggestions.

“Look, I don’t mind admitting that I get paid quite well for my writing,” she said, “But we have to be seen to be normal. You boys will have to go out and find work — you can’t live on my money forever. And not only that, you need to find some friends too, even if they only become friends and not lovers, if you see what I mean.”

We all nodded quietly as we understood her words.

“There’s the other side too,” Mum continued, “I’m not really complaining but sex ought to be something for the weekends and the evenings — not an all day activity.”

She looked pointedly at Andy before sipping her coffee and continuing.

“You both need some outside interests too,” she added, “I think that Chris has got the message and I can keep his sex life going but you can’t spend all your time in Sarah’s arms.”

She smiled benevolently as she leaned forward and stroked Andy’s leg.

“Even if she is the best lover you’ve ever found!” she said with a chuckle as she drained her coffee.

“Yeah, so what about Sarah?” asked Andy, obviously feeling a bit picked upon, “Shouldn’t she find work too?”

Mum glared at him but blew him a kiss too, to show that she wasn’t mad at him.

“It’s not so important that Sarah finds work — she and I will be looking after the house for you, won’t we,” she said, “But if you and Chris are banging us both all the time we’ll need some time off to recover occasionally. It’s going to be hard enough catering for two lusty cocks without having to work as well. I’m ok — I can always relax and write and still earn an income so Sarah can go and find some work if she wants to but there’s no rush for her.”

She smiled at Sarah and blew her a kiss too while Sarah leaned forward and stroked Andy’s other leg lovingly.

“Any complaints?” she asked as her eyes scanned from Andy to me and back, “Of course, you can always go without if you’d prefer or go and find your own pussy after we’re both knackered.”

“No, fair enough,” I said, “There’s a couple of jobs in the paper I can go after and that seems quite reasonable to me. I’m sure that Andy will find some work too — I’ll help him if I can. Oh, but what happens though if we find girlfriends and want to bring them home?”

“We’ll just have to be more careful then, won’t we,” said Mum, “Anyway, its going to happen eventually that one of you want to set up your own home somewhere — but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it and enjoy what we can in the meantime — and speaking of the meantime, any questions?”

“Yeah, something’s been worrying me a bit,” said Andy, “We don’t use anything to stop you two getting pregnant so what happens if…?”

Mum held up her hands to stop him.

“Your sister and I are both on the pill so I doubt if it’ll happen,” she said, “You’ve heard of it — it’s that new contraceptive from America, our doctor agreed to letting us use it.”

Andy let out a long breath, one of relief and I did the same a moment later, causing Mum to chuckle.

“We’re actually on it because it helps keep us both regular,” she said, “We certainly weren’t seriously thinking about having sex with you two when we started using it though!”

She paused for a few moments and let a thought develop, a thought that was followed by a big grin.

“Mind you,” she said, “I’ll try to be entirely honest — I had actually thought about it, as part of my writing. I built up the idea of a family moving somewhere new and having their own little love nest — it was to be the basis of a book to be honest — and then after your dad died I realised it could actually happen!”

She smiled happily as she let her mind enjoy the memories and I saw her arse squirming innocuously as the thought expanded.

“So I think the idea was already brewing in my mind when I saw the doctor…,” she said, “Even if it wasn’t a full grown plan just then.”

She opened a drawer and showed us the packets then put them away again and sat down.

“Which reminds me Sarah, we’d better get and see the local doctor down here,” she said as she settled on the chair beside me, “Don’t want to run out, do we?”

“Might be fun to get pregnant,” said Sarah thoughtfully, “Perhaps not yet though.”

“No way!” said Andy firmly, “You keep taking those pills.”

“Mmmm yeah, you’re right, I can just see me trying to explain that the father was one or other of my two brothers!” said Sarah with a sickly grin, “On second thoughts, definitely not!”

“But with us on the pill you can both shoot off inside either of us any time — it’s so much güvenilir bahis nicer than using those horrible condoms,” said Mum with a big smile, “Still messy though — all that spunk gets everywhere doesn’t it!”

She paused and frowned then grinned broadly.

“Mmmm, all that spunk!” she sighed, “I used to hate it all getting pumped into a rubber rather than into me because I just love that feeling as it gushes into your…ohhhh, yess, there’s nothing nicer…!”

Mum’s words tapered off as her mind absorbed her thoughts…

“Mmmm, I’m just imagining a nice big cock jetting all that stuff up inside me,” sighed Mum eventually as she licked her lips.

“I can do that for you!” said Andy eagerly, “Any chance of doing it soon then?”

“Doing what dear?” asked Mum, her mind still otherwise absorbed.

“Spunking — filling your pussy for you,” he answered, “I’m horny!”

Andy stood up to reveal the bulging prominence of his erection inside his shorts, now holding the material tight over his cock to enhance the view, then he leaned back against the kitchen unit with his erect penis clearly on show.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, not again — you’re terrible!” said Mum with a wicked grin, “Like a bloody goat, aren’t you!”

“You make me feel this way,” said Andy as he continued to display his lightly clad erection, “Oh come on, please, I didn’t have much last night!”

“It’s alright Mum, I’ll take him,” said Sarah, “He’s right, he didn’t get much last night and I’ve finished my breakfast.”

“You’ve only had a cup of coffee,” said Mum, “You ought to have more than that.”

“Looks like you’re going to have some nice creamy porridge to go with it then,” I commented with a laugh and Mum joined in.

“With Sarah’s appetite she could probably manage a couple of nice big sausages as well as some porridge,” she said amid more laughter, while Sarah merely glowed and smiled sexily.

“Couldn’t you Sarah?” she added, “So don’t forget Chris after you’ve finished with Andy!”

We all enjoyed the humour and while Mum and I remained seated Sarah rose and moved to stand beside Andy. Her hand snaked down and over his bulging cock while Andy groaned and pushed his groin forward, his own hand moving to slide down inside Sarah’s shorts whose body reacted to his touch as well.

“Yeahhh, come on Andy,” she sighed as she stroked Andy’s lengthy bulge, “Let’s see if we can find some of that porridge.”

She sucked in a breath as Andy’s fingers slid into her pussy.

“Ohhh yesss, I’m wet already aren’t I?” she hissed, “And you’re so hard! Come on then, I’m so ready for you!”

“Do it here,” said Mum, “Chris, go and get some cushions; then we can watch these two enjoying themselves.”

I had the distinct feeling that if I didn’t get the cushions quickly I’d miss the action so I quickly stood up, adjusted my own stiffening penis and dashed off to find some assorted padding, immediately remembering that the patio chairs had nice flat removable seat cushions. Until we bought a garden shed they were being stored in the utility room next to the kitchen, where I also found a couple of big towels so I brought a large armful back to the kitchen where I discovered Sarah already on her knees.

I held out a big cushion and with a thank you smile she quickly knelt on it while I spread the other cushions around and hardly had I done that than Sarah was pushing Andy’s shorts and underpants off, leaving him leaning back against the work unit in his t-shirt and with his erection pointing outwards and upwards.

She quickly adjusted her pose, leaned forward and took hold of his cock, her fist pulling his foreskin back to reveal his glistening bulbous knob. Her eyes flicked upwards to look at Andy, then she leaned further forward and kissed it, the sucking sound of her lips resonating in the quiet room. She pulled away as if to admire his cock, then a moment or two later she extended her tongue to let it slide wetly all over and around his knob, then she pulled away again. His wetted penis seemed to glow and gleam in the morning light and I heard Mum draw in an appreciative breath. His penis looked quite good enough to eat and I was almost tempted to join Sarah but she, after briefly standing to remove her own shorts and knickers, returned to his cock and now let it slide into her mouth, much to Andy’s pleasure.

“Yesss,” he hissed softly, “That feels goooood!”

Sarah worked his penis in and out of her mouth for while and as she did so her arse seemed to be moving, clenching and relaxing — then I noticed that she had one hand at her pussy, exciting herself and preparing her pussy for his insertion. The sight made my cock jump strongly but then it was my body’s turn to jump as Mum’s hand now covered my bulge, pressing down delightfully on my erection.

“I thought we were just watching?” I enquired quietly but Mum just smiled at me and let her fingers continue to stroke my stiff penis.

“Well yes, but that looks so good, doesn’t it?” she said as she released her hold on my cock and lifted her t-shirt from her türkçe bahis delicious tits, “But you know me; I just can’t say no these days and if they’re going to do it then I think we’d better join in too, don’t you?”

Inevitably the sexy activity before me had woken my desires and the thought of enjoying Mum for breakfast was perfect.

“You sure?” I asked as I removed my own t-shirt and Mum nodded eagerly.

Mum had now discarded both her t-shirt and bra and was busy rubbing life into her delicious tits.

“I love this kind of impromptu sex,” she said, “I’m so glad that we’re such a happy family!”

“Horny family you mean,” I said as I admired Mum’s full breasts, “Is it alright if I…”

“It won’t be alright if you don’t!” Mum replied, “Come on, give me your hands.”

Quickly I moved and knelt in front of Mum so I could cup each of her delicious breasts. They felt warm and so smooth and so heavy too; they were a delightfully perfect pair of deliciously firm yet mature appendages. I kissed each nipple, pulling away quickly to watch each little mound turn into a juicy, shiny cherry as it responded to my touch then I used my fingers and thumbs to feel the rubbery nipples, to roll them around and to stretch them gently.

“That’s lovely,” crooned Mum, her hands now on my shoulders, “You really know how to turn me on, don’t you!”

“I’m learning Mum, not that it takes much to get you going!” I said as I again kissed her nipples one after the other, “Anyway I’ve always wanted to do this — it sort of comes naturally!”

Mum hummed delightfully to my kisses and then squirmed deliciously to my mouth and fingers on her breasts for a while longer before pushing me away.

“Mmmm, so nice, but what about the rest of me?” she said as she stood up, “You’ve made me all excited now — come on, I think we’d better get down there and join them!”

It was the work of only a moment for us to remove what few remaining clothes we wore and then my naked mother lay down on her back on some of the chair cushions with her head supported on a bigger cushion. She held her arms up to invite me and when I settled above her she drew me to her lips. While trying not to squash her beneath me I returned her kisses lovingly with lips soft and pliable until we were both out of breath, then she pushed me again, this time downwards and I quickly realised what she wanted.

I moved, letting my stiff penis slide down past her pubes and then down one thigh until my mouth moved over her breasts again where I settled comfortably, sucking each breast, chewing each nipple, stroking, pressing, feeling her warm flesh with my fingers, my lips and my tongue until Mum’s body was bucking and lifting strongly against me.

“Ohhhh darling…!” said Mum breathlessly, “Oh God — perfect! Now down, please…”

“Good?” I asked and Mum’s blown kiss and smile told me the answer before she pushed me further downwards again.

I relinquished my pleasurable sucking to let my lips slide down her sternum between her breasts, placing little butterfly kisses as I went and breathing in the delicious perfume of her body.

Mum hissed her pleasure as I moved, then sucked in a sudden breath as I stuck the tip of my tongue into her navel.

I stayed there briefly, exploring the little indented folds of skin then moved again, sliding down until the warm musk of her pussy invaded my nose and it was only then that I noticed that Mum had shaved off a lot of her pubes and she had tidying her bush into a smaller and more controlled mound of trimmed hair that now prickled my chin. Her trimming had also exposed her lips and clit more but as my interest wasn’t in her pubes, I took a breath and I dived right past her little nest and settled at her pussy.

“Ahhhh!” gasped Mum as I pressed my open mouth between her parted lips, discovering immediately that she was deliciously wet and slippery already, “Yessss!”

The taste of Mum’s pussy was superb, a warm mixture of honey and pungent sex, a taste that I imagined could be added to almost any dessert to improve it. The scent of her pussy was stimulating as well, not so much pungent as mind-filling somehow, blocking out all other imaginary and real scents. Perhaps the scent was a mixture of all of Mum’s flavours and delights but whatever it was I was delighted to absorb it with my taste buds and inhale it with every breath as I let my tongue slide over the inner skin of her soft lips.

Her delectable clit now loomed large just inches from my eyes and I admired it’s construction, the way it looked so like a miniature penis, even down to possessing a hood or foreskin.

I licked my tongue up and over her clit, causing Mum to shudder beneath my face and I brought my hands up to rest over her hips with my thumbs caressing her ovaries through her abdomen.

“I like it!” she breathed softly, “You’re good, you’re so gentle, and oooh yes, right in there.”

I took my cue from her words and continued to slide my tongue over her increasingly slippery folds and protuberances, occasionally delving deep into güvenilir bahis siteleri her cleft, occasionally moving from her wet pussy to her inner thighs as I searched for places of erotic arousal. I was determined to explore as much of Mum’s excellent body as I could while giving her as much pleasure as she desired too.

Beside us Sarah and Andy had settled into a similar position to us and as I glanced at them Andy looked up from between Sarah’s thighs and winked at me.

“This is great!” he enthused with a big smile, “Feels like I’m in heaven!”

He ducked back into his sister’s pussy then lifted his head again.

“And it’s making me so bloody horny too!” he added, “I’m gonna screw the arse off her in a minute!”

“You do it nicely,” warned Sarah as she lifted her head to look at her brother, “You be gentle or you won’t do it at all.”

“Yeah, but I get so excited!” said Andy, humping his arse up and down to demonstrate his eagerness, “It’s not easy to go slowly.”

“Just remember it’s me and my pussy, not your hand,” said Sarah, “Any rough stuff and I’ll cut your ration off.”

Instead of answering Andy just lowered his head between her thighs again, leaving me to return to Mum’s lovely lips and causing Sarah to sigh heavily as his tongue began working at her. I ignored them now and worked on Mum’s arousal, an easy task as she guided me to where she liked it the most.

“Yes, there,” she breathed as she pushed my mouth down over her clit, “Stay there for a bit — suck it — chew it — oooh sweetheart, yesss!”

I worked contentedly, squeezing and manipulating that little rubbery protrusion while Mum’s hands pulled and pushed my head to enhance her pleasure and it seemed to be working. Slowly but surely her hands pushed me harder or quivered with arousal; occasionally they tightened, sometimes they lost their grip entirely and all the time Mum’s pussy seemed to get wetter and hotter. Her hips were moving up and down too and her breathing was becoming faster and more erratic.

My cock was pressed against a seat cover beneath me, now sliding over the plastic coating on a bed of precum, proof that my efforts were arousing not only Mum but myself as well.

Perhaps it would be time soon to move my mouth away from Mum’s pussy and to insert my cock in there instead and as I paused to draw breath I looked up to see what else was happening.

Beside us Andy was still at work at Sarah’s pussy but judging from the way her body was moving it would soon be time for him to fill her hole with his cock. Sarah’s entire body seemed to be writhing like a snake, lifting and bending as Andy worked on her sensitive parts, her hissing cries imparting another similarity to the serpentine effects.

I was almost reluctant to concentrate on Mum as they enjoyed the build-up to their act of intercourse and my attention was diverted even more as Sarah suddenly cried out.

“Ahhh, yesss!” she cried loudly, “Oh Andy, right there — right there! Ohh, ohh, I’m cumming — I’m cumming!”

She grunted and cried out several times now, her arms flailing around wildly as her orgasm thrilled her and took control of her body before she eventually flopped, limp and temporarily exhausted, her mouth now relaxed and smiling.

Finally she stirred and looked down her body between the generous mounds of her breasts to where Andy was smiling back at her.

“Oh Andy, that was brilliant!” she exclaimed, “Come on then, put it in me, I’m all wet and so ready for you now.”

In seconds he’s risen, shuffled on his knees, then settled again, directing his stiff and distended penis towards her hole. Slowly he lowered himself and as he let his cock slide into position Sarah breathed out a long sigh of pleasure.

“Yeahhhhh!” she breathed softly, “Nice and slow, take it easy — just let it slide into me, all the way!”

She breathed deeply as Andy moved downwards until he could descend no further.

“Ohhhh,” she breathed, her voice all quivery, “That’s lovely, just hold it there, all the way in.”

“I’m trying!” said Andy as he held his quivering body in place, “Don’t want to upset you, or lose you for that matter.”

“You won’t, darling brother,” she said as her hands reached up and stroked his face, “Sometimes I do like it hard and rough but other times it’s so nice when you’re all gentle and slow, like now.”

“Got the message,” he answered, “I’ll be good, I promise!”

I glanced at Mum, just as she turned and looked at me, her tongue licking her lips.

“Looks so good,” she said, “Are you going to do that to me, lover boy?”

“Will if you want me to,” I replied, “Do you want me to get you off with my tongue?”

Mum immediately shook her head though.

“No darling, I’ve changed my mind,” she said, her hands beckoning me, “Come up now, come and put that lovely cock in me just the way Andy’s doing.”

“Mmmm, yeah Mum,” I said eagerly as I too shuffled into position.

Once settled above her I slid my hand down over Mum’s smooth belly, pressing between us until my fingers slid over her pubes and neatly between her lips. I immediately felt the sweet slickness of her liberally oozed juices and I smiled broadly at Mum as I explored. A whole new level of slippery wetness was there, preparing her vagina for my cock.

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Camp Larry Horton

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I was told that the drive into Camp Larry Horton would relieve me of all my fears. I was skeptical, of course. This was my first full-time position as a young adult camp coordinator and nothing seemed capable of alleviating the butterflies in my stomach.

But soon after turning off the main road onto the dirt and gravel path leading to the camp, I began to believe. Dense woods on either side of the car quickly blocked out civilization’s existence. I was only twenty miles from the center of downtown, but I might as well have been in the Alaska wilderness.

Each turn in the narrow road revealed even more beautiful scenery. After three quarters of a mile I was actually feeling rejuvenated. I crossed over a crystal clear creek and slowed to take in the idyllic surroundings. Damn, it was working. I hate it when my friends are right.

Soon, the first rustic building came into sight and I knew from the descriptions provided to me in advance that it was the office. I pulled into the undersized parking area and turned off the car, allowing myself a few extra seconds to completely compose myself before getting out.

The early September air was fresh. Temperatures during the day were still climbing into the eighties, even approaching ninety on occasion, but the mornings were much more fall-like. Among the first things I noticed outside the car was the near-total silence. A few birds made the only sound aside from my shoes on the gravel as I approached the office.

The creaking of the front screen door made me look up and take notice of the first human I’d seen since leaving the main road. Justine was the Director of Activities at the camp and one of the key people in getting me hired. She strolled onto the porch and opened her arms in a welcoming sign.

“Traci. I’m so glad to see you again,” she said, embracing me.

Justine was in her late forties, making her twice my age. She was tall and gangly with short hair, a dark tan bordering on leathery skin, and a strong voice sure to put fear into the most mischievous camper.

“Hi, Justine. I can’t believe today is really here,” I told her.

She laughed and put her arm around me. “Everything will be fine. We wouldn’t have hired you if we thought you couldn’t do this. You were made for it. The kids will love you.”

“But they’re not kids,” I said with a bit of panic in my voice. “They’re in college. I was in college a couple years ago myself.”

“They’re freshmen,” Justine assured me. “Eighteen years old. You’ll be like an older sister to them. Perfect for what we need.”

“I hope you’re right. You know more about this than I do.”

Justine smiled. “C’mon in. I’ll show you around.”

I probably only retained half of what she was telling me during the ensuing fifteen minute tour of the simple office because my mind was still blurry from first-day-on-the-job jitters. Justine promised me we would sit down later and discuss in more detail what my role would be when the students started arriving the next day. All I knew at the moment was that it was an orientation program sponsored by a local college; team building and bonding.

It was right up my alley, of course, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t apprehensive. These were going to be real people under my supervision for several days in a close environment. And they would be having their own apprehension about starting college and being away from home for the first time and…God, I was a nervous wreck.

Justine was still talking. “OK. Let’s go out back and I’ll show you your cabin.”

I followed Justine out the back door of the office, across a small patch of scrubby grass, and onto the front porch of my cabin. It was made of wood, but not logs. It was one story with a large window in the front and wooden beams holding up a rickety roof over the porch. Inside, it was split into four main rooms: a living room with fireplace, a kitchen and eating area, a bedroom and a bathroom. It smelled of disinfectant and bug spray.

“These were never intended to replicate a Hilton,” Justine said. “As you know, meals will be served in the dining hall, but you can cook whatever else you need in here. As you saw, we have a washer and dryer in the back of the office that you can use. Other than that, we can’t offer much.”

“It’ll be fine,” I said. “I didn’t bring much.”

“The cabins the students will be in are built for two and everybody this week will have a roommate,” Justine told me. “It’s very rare that we don’t have issues with that when we have college kids here. So be prepared. The college insists that we keep that arrangement because they think it helps get them acclimated to dorm life. I’m not so sure.”

I deferred to Justine’s experience at the camp, but remembered my own period of adjustment at school. Having two in a cabin would be better than three, I thought to myself, where two roommates could team up against the third. In any case, I would keep it in mind.

Justine and I spent the rest of the day touring the multi-acre camp and going over güvenilir bahis the schedule. Then I unpacked. I sat in my tiny living room and looked over the list of two dozen students who would be attending the camp, but that did me little good until I could meet them face-to-face and interact with them the way I was trained to do. I believed I was a good listener and would become a very good one-on-one counselor. I had less confidence in my ability at conflict resolution when two or more people were involved.

Early the next morning, they started to arrive. The college had done a good job in selecting the attendees; half male and half female. Cabins were pre-assigned and the toughest task was directing everybody down the numerous paths that led to cabins in the woods. As I expected, there were vocal leaders and quiet followers. But they all seemed anxious to be away from campus for a few days at the start of their first year.

The dining hall at the camp also served as the meeting place for when Justine or I had to address them as a group. Justine ran the introductory session right before lunch and then we ate together. It was the first chance to get to know most of the kids better and I was feeling more confident at the end. They were just normal students. I was pretty sure I could handle that.

The afternoon began with the first of the team-building exercises that I was to lead. It was designed to be a low stress activity to get the kids interacting with each other and that’s how it turned out. It gave me a chance to learn a little bit more about each of their personalities and one girl, in particular, had my attention.

Her name was on my list as Samantha, but everyone quickly learned she went by Sam. She was a natural blonde, an inch or two above average height, with a well-developed body and a bashfulness that always attracted me in women. It struck me from that very first activity that Sam could be vulnerable in the camp setting. She was clearly less social than most of her classmates and it worried me that she might not fit in.

I watched her move about with athletic ease and grace, but mingling with the others in an informal way just wasn’t her style. I saw two guys approach her within the first couple hours, seemingly with the goal of becoming friends, but she put them off politely. This wouldn’t have concerned me except for the fact Sam seemed no more inclined to befriend one of the other girls.

In the evening we had just one group activity and then let everybody go back to their cabins. There were no cabins assigned as co-ed and the students were advised to keep it that way. But Justine and I knew visits would be made, as long as no ‘all nighters’ took place.

I was back in my cabin by ten, glad to be through the first day without incident. I changed out of my camp uniform into more comfortable shorts and a t-shirt and went to the kitchen to find a light snack to watch TV with. As I stood by the refrigerator, movement outside the tiny side window caught my eye. In the darkness, somebody was approaching my cabin and it appeared to be a female.

Half expecting them to walk past, I was a bit surprised—or perhaps, more accurately, disappointed—when I heard a soft knock on my door. I put down my plate and headed that way. With no way of seeing who it was, I opened the door with a little unease.

A very distraught looking Sam stared in at me sheepishly. She had obviously been crying.

“Traci, I…I’m sorry,” she said with a trembling voice. “Can I c…come in?”

I was pretty sure more tears started before the door was closed behind her.

“What’s the matter, Sam?” I said.

“I d…don’t know if I can do this.”

“Do what?” I asked, trying not to sound disturbed.

“Stay here. I mean, do this camp for three days,” she sniffled. “Stephanie had some friends over just now and I…I…damn it, Traci, I felt so out of place and pretty soon they were pretty much just ignoring me and…and…”

Sam broke into uncontrollable sobbing. I instinctively wrapped my arms around the young woman, who stood shaking within my grasp, her hands covering her face.

“It’s OK, Sam,” I said, running my hands over her soft hair. “Starting college is tough. I know. Being away from home; new friends.”

“I feel so out of place,” Sam said between sobs. “I couldn’t make friends in high school and I just know it’s going to be the same here. My Mom…”

I waited for her to finish, but she never did. Instead, her arms enclosed my waist in a tight hug.

“Your Mom what?” I asked quietly.

There was a long delay before her reply. “My Mom…well…kind of knows how to…you know…make me feel better.”

“I can’t be your Mom, Sam.”

Sam said, “But you can help. You can do what she does, Traci.”

It never struck me not to ask the obvious question. “What is that?”

Sam slowly took my arms in her hands, holding me by the wrists, and brought them to the front of her body. I watched as Sam placed them in the middle of her t-shirt, türkçe bahis just below her breasts. Before I had a chance to comprehend what was happening, Sam was pulling my hands onto her breasts on the outside of her shirt.

I could easily tell that she didn’t have a bra on. The tits were large and firm and her nipples began to stiffen under my touch. I looked at the last of Sam’s tears sliding down her beautiful face and my pussy ached with desire.

“No, Sam. I can’t.”

Still, she never let go and I never tried to pull my hands away.

“You have to, Traci. Or I’ll go crazy.”

I was torn between my duties as a counselor and my craving for the innocent girl in front of me. Finally, I said, “Tell me what she does.”

Fear replaced the tears in Sam’s eyes. Would she tell me? Was the experience in her cabin awful enough to tell me everything? I saw her lips tremble.

“Whenever Mom knows I’m worried about something or somebody has hurt me, she holds me,” Sam said. “She holds me and then…then she touches me like you are now.”

It was almost enough to make me pull away. But she kept talking, “And we kiss, Traci; wonderful, long kisses.”

Sam leaned into me and our mouths met. A few seconds later, her tongue was probing my mouth and my hands were gripping at her breasts more tightly. I heard her moan and the kiss became more passionate. I was pressing her tits against her chest and feeling the material of her shirt bunch up in my palms. Even with that, I could sense her nipples growing harder and harder.

“Then she puts her hands inside my shirt and touches me,” Sam said between kisses.

It was like a dream and I did as she said, searching out the magnificent flesh knowing that it was all very wrong. I pulled on her nipples and squeezed the tits until she nearly gasped during another kiss.

“What else?” I asked.

Sam caught her breath and silently pulled the shirt over her head. I gazed in awe at the perfect tits.

“She normally takes off my shirt and I let her, well, I let her do…whatever she wants.”

Sam was nervous and maybe a little embarrassed. But I saw in her eyes the same lust she must have seen in mine. I didn’t need to ask any more. I leaned down and licked one tit; then the other. I returned to the first one and kissed it all over. I couldn’t wait any longer. I opened my mouth and put it over a large portion of the breast, sucking on it feverishly. Sam pushed her chest forward and held my head in place with her hand.

“Oh God, Traci. Yes. Just like that.”

I spent considerable time assaulting each breast with my mouth and hands. Sam occasionally grasped at my own tits in the process, but I hardly noticed. She was such an incredibly sexy girl with such a perfect chest that I was lost in her.

Eventually, I stood up and faced Sam. As gently as I could, I ask her, “Is that what your mother does?”

She nodded cautiously.

“What else, Sam? What else does she do to you?”

Sam looked down at the floor and this time she shook her head. I paused, and then said, “I have to know, Sam.”

To my surprise, her little hands moved to the front of her shorts and she unbuttoned them, lowering the zipper a second later. At first she held the shorts in place. Then she let them fall to the floor.

Sam wore a tiny pair of panties. I couldn’t help but stare at her body; her smoothly rounded hips and tempting pussy and tight ass. My hand fell between her legs as if drawn there by a magnet and it rested on top of her panties. Sam closed her eyes and her lips separated in a silent moan.

I knew now that there wasn’t anything she and her mother didn’t do. But was it mutual? Did Sam only receive, or did she return the love? This wasn’t the time or place to determine that. It would wait until tomorrow. I rubbed her clit through the panties and I watched her body stiffen. I felt the moisture gathering on her underwear.

I kneeled down and yanked on the panties until her neatly trimmed pussy was in front of my face. The panties joined the shorts on the floor and I spread Sam’s legs. I heard Sam gasp the moment my lips touched her. She was wet and warm and sweet.

I licked every inch of the space between her cunt and her clit and kissed her thighs before returning to her most sensitive spots. My mouth encircled her clit and I worked on it with my tongue while my hands tightly clutched her ass. Every conceivable sound of sexual delight came out of Sam’s mouth. Once again, he hand held my head in place. But I wasn’t going anywhere.

I fucked her with my tongue and played with her clit until she was squirming and moaning loudly. Her body quivered. She cried out my name and begged me to make her cum.

Before long, I knew she was close.

“Yesssss, Traci. Oh God! Yesssss!”

I concentrated on her clit. Then she came in a series of long, fierce climaxes that shook her from head to toe. I could taste her as the orgasm went on and on. Her legs nearly buckled when the last jolt shot through her, but güvenilir bahis siteleri Sam leaned on me much as I imagined she did with her Mom.

I stood up and held her in my arms.

“You better go now, Sam.”


I purposely avoided Sam as much as I could the morning of the following day. She seemed to be interacting normally with the other students so I hoped things were getting along better for her. The activity I feared the least was the afternoon hike where we would all be together and, once more, I wouldn’t be forced into speaking to her in a private setting.

Or so I thought.

One mile into the three mile hike, when the kids were beginning to separate into little groups with large gaps in between, I decided to bring up the rear to capture any stragglers. We were in the thickest section of woods and the trail twisted with many bends, making it hard to see too far ahead or behind.

That’s when I noticed Sam, by herself, off to the side sitting on a fallen tree. She had removed her shoe and was working on her foot or ankle.

“What’s up, Sam?” I asked.

“Something inside my shoe.”

She never looked up. I watched her for another twenty or thirty seconds, any hint of the other hikers long gone up the path. Then she finally looked up at me.

“Thanks for last night, Traci.”

I frowned. “We better forget about last night. It won’t happen again.”

Sam stood up and moved closer. “But I never got the chance to…repay you.”

“It’s not necessary, Sam. I’m not your…,” but I stopped myself from saying it.

“What? You’re not my Mom? Can’t I still thank you?” Sam said.

Her hand was on my hip. Then it was on the front of my shorts, moving across my thigh. As her fingers slipped inside the leg of my shorts I cursed myself for wearing such loose fitting pants. She reached the bottom of my panties, but didn’t stop there. Soon, her hand was on my pussy.

“Not here,” I whispered.

“Yes, here.”

She rubbed harder and I tried to pull away. Sam stepped closer and put her other hand on my ass. The smile on her face would have been beguiling any other time or place. I glanced around and saw and heard nothing except the wildlife. Her fingers had found my clit and I winced.

No words were spoken as she moved her hand inside my panties. She adroitly sought out my cunt and slid a single finger a few inches inside. Using the moisture she’d collected, she moved up to my clit. I took in a deep breath and arched my back. Her other hand had shifted to one of my tits and she squeezed it through my shirt.

The next few minutes seemed to last forever. I was aware of our surroundings and the possibility of being seen, but nothing short of somebody tapping me on my shoulder could have made me stop Sam from her wonderful manipulation of my pussy. As my orgasm got closer and closer, I wasn’t sure even a witness would have made me stop. The girl was obviously an expert and my body, and mind, lost all control.

Near the end, I just didn’t care what sounds I was making or who might hear them. Sam was driving me wild. I put out one hand to prop myself against the nearest tree when I knew the orgasm was imminent. She furiously rubbed my clit and urged me to cum.

Finally, accompanied by a succession of muffled, delightful groans, I came in the middle of the woods. I was sure Sam would never cease her skillful massaging of my pussy. Somehow, I found the strength to force her hand out of my shorts before we looked at each other with unquestionable desire.


It was pitch black in my cabin that night except for a single candle on the kitchen table. Sam’s head rested on my shoulder and my arm was wrapped around her as we lay in bed under a cover. We had stripped each other naked a few moments earlier, knowing that a few hours together was inevitable. I stroked her soft hair and pulled her closer.

“Tell me about you and your mother. How did it start?” I said.

Sam sighed, but we both understood it had to come out. Her fingers rolled back and forth across one of my nipples as she spoke.

“As soon as I turned eighteen, she came to me one night when we were alone in the house. She said she had waited until I was mature enough to make up my own mind about things. I didn’t know what she was getting at. But then she told me how much she loved me and how beautiful I was. She asked about the guy I was dating and…well, if we’d had sex.”

Sam paused and moved her hand to my other tit.

“I lied and said no. Then she told me that Dad and her…you know…were apart a lot and didn’t get to see each other as much as they should and I knew she was just trying to tell me they didn’t have sex, but didn’t want to actually say it. When I said I understood she said, ‘Maybe we can make each other happy.’ God, Traci. That’s the first time she touched me…on the chest.”

I could hear her breathing harder and faster.

“She unbuttoned my shirt down to my tits and put a hand inside. We kissed a little bit. Not like she was my Mom, but like you would kiss somebody you loved. And then I felt her tongue on mine and her fingers were touching my boob. I didn’t know what to do, Traci. It felt good and I liked the kiss, but…God, she was my Mom!”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32




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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Eniştem Sonunda

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Eniştem Sonunda

Ben Bengü. 20 yaşında, bekar, çekik gözlü, kalçasına kadar uzanan saçları olan, hafif balık etli, dolgun kalçalı, 1.65 boylarında iri göğüslü, alımlı ve seksi, güzelce bir kızım…

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Tatilde, her zaman kendime çok yakışan, hazinelerimi zorlukla, ucu ucuna kapatan minicik bikiniler giyerim. Denize girdikçe ıslanan bikinimden memelerimin uçları belli olur, bacaklarımın arasında kabarmış yumruk gibi meydana çıkmış şeftalimin arasına giren bikinim, etraftaki erkeklerin önlerinin kalkmasına sebep olur.

Eniştem ilk zamanlar kıskançlık krizlerine girse de, baktı çaresi yok, söylenmeyi bıraktı. Onun da diğer erkekler gibi bana baktığını hissediyordum.

Çoğu zaman bana yakın ve derin yerlerde yüzer, hareketlerimi takip ederdi. Evde, hele hele yarı çıplak dolaştığım denizde, kumsalda, her hareketimi izlediğini fark ediyor, görebiliyordum.

Diğer erkekler neyse de, yakışıklı eniştemin de bana bir kadın gibi bakması hoşuma gidiyor, gururumu okşuyordu. Ben de daha çok baksın diye alabildiğine açılıyor, dekolteler, miniler giyiyordum hep…

Bir keresinde suya girip çıkıp dururken minik bikini üstünün ipleri açılmış ve kumaş parçası kayıp düşmüştü. Kıyıda suyun içinde arayıp bulana kadar epeyce bir süre memelerim meydanda kalmıştı. Yapacak bir şey yoktu, bikini üstünü bulup kapatana kadar eniştemin bana yiyecek gibi bakışları hala gözümün önünden gitmiyor, bana büyük haz veriyor.

Kayıp bikini üstümün açıkta bıraktığı dimdik, ıslak memelerim… Suyun serinliğiyle tomurcuk gibi sertleşip kabarmış meme uçlarım… Eniştemle birlikte bu güzel manzarayı seyreden etraftaki erkeklerin sikecek gibi bakışları… Hala mastürbasyonlarımın malzemesi bu görüntü….

Eniştemi o kadar çok arzuluyordum ki… Ama bir türlü ona yakınlaşamıyordum. Çünkü ablam çok kıskançtı. Kadınların yaklaşmasından, bakmasından bile rahatsız olurdu, şikayet ederdi hep…

Enişteme bakarken bile kaçamak bakışlarla ablam olmadığı anlarda bakmaya çalışırdım. Eve geldiğimde ablamlar evde değillerse yatak odalarına girer, eniştemin eşyalarını kurcalar, giydiği gömleklere, takımlara sinen kokusunu içime çeker, onun yattığı yatağa uzanıp hayaller kurardım.

O da benim ona olan ilgimin farkında ki genelde benimle baş başa kalmamaya çalışıyordu. Sanki olacakları biliyormuş gibi köşe bucak kaçardı. Ben de enişteme onu ne kadar arzuladığımı, nasıl sevişmek istediğimi direkt söyleyemiyordum tabi… Her sene bu yıl mutlaka sevişicem diye onu arzularken günler su gibi geçiyor tatilim bitiyordu.

Bu sene iyice başıma vurmuştu. Sürekli daha açık giysiler seçiyordum. Memelerimi belli edecek şekilde kıyafetler giyiyordum. Dar kotlarım üçgenimin arasına girince yarığım belli oluyordu. Giydiğim çeşit çeşit miniler… Meydanda duran uzun, güzel bacaklar… Oturup kalkarken frikik vermeler… Saniyelik külot ve dudakların arasına girmiş vaziyette görüntüler…

Eniştem ben oramı buramı açtıkça çekinmeden bakmaya başlamıştı sanki… Geceleri yatak odasının kapısına sessiz adımlarla yaklaşıyor, içeriyi dinlemeye çalışıyordum. Her gece sektirmeden ilişkiye giriyordu bizimkiler…

Esk**en sessizce sevişirlerken bu sene sanki dikkat etmeyi bırakmış gibiydiler… Eniştem adeta bana duyurmak istercesine ablamı sert bir şekilde sikiyor, acıdan, zevkten bağırtıyordu.

Hele orgazm olurken o inlemeleri yok mu…? Zevkten kendini kaybeden ablam başını sağa sola sallaya sallaya, yüksek sesle inleye inleye orgazm olurken eniştem de bağıra bağıra boşalıyordu.

Tabi onların şehvet sesleri beni de bitiriyor, bir elim külodumun içinde, diğer elim memelerimde ses çıkmasın diye dudaklarımı ısıra ısıra, onlarla beraber aynı anda ben de boşalıyordum.

Her gece ablamı sikiyordu. Ben de onların çığlıklarını duydukça yatağımda yatamıyor, kalkıp gizlice onları izlemeye, görmeye, dinlemeye çalışıyordum. Bazı geceler aralık bırakılan kapıdan konuşmalarını duyabiliyordum. Ablam bu kadar sık sevişmesinin nedenini sorduğunda ona sıcakların azdırdığından bahsediyordu.

Ablam aslında memnundu durumdan… Doyasıya sikiliyordu. Çoğu kez yorgunluktan duş almaya zor gidiyordu. Tek şikayeti sevişirken çıkardıkları sesleri benim duymamdı.

”Kocacım, ayıp oluyor kıza… Kendimizi kaybediyoruz sevişirken… Bu kadar bağırtma beni… İzin verme bağırmama… Yatakta ne yaptığımızı duyuyor hep, sonra yüzüne bakamıyorum.” diyordu.

”Sen zevkine bak karıcım… Küçük çocuk değil ki senin kardeşin… Merak etme, o da çoktan seksin tadına bakmıştır. Utanmana gerek yok…” diye tekrar ablama saldırmaya başlıyordu.

Onların bu konuşmaları beni daha çok tahrik ediyordu. Ertesi gün yüzlerine baktığımda gece yatakta yaptıkları gözümün önüne geliyor, konuştukları kulaklarımda çınlıyordu. Yüzlerine manalı manalı bakıyor, ara sıra gece uyuyamadığını falan söyleyip laf dokunduruyordum…

Bazen başımı çevirdiğimde eniştemin bana bakışlarını yakalıyordum. O evdeyken sürekli eğilip kalkıyor, yuvarlak biçimli kalçalarımı eniştemin gözüne batırıyordum. Onun kalçalarıma bakışlarını yakaladıkça yine aklıma geceki performansı geliyor, kızarıp bozarıyor, içim bir hoş oluyordu.

Bir gün ablam uzak bir komşusuna altın gününe gidecekti. Kadınların arasında sıkılırım diye gitmedim. Evde tek başıma duş aldım, ılık suyun altında kendimi tatmin ettim, rahatladım. Banyodan sonra saçlarımın kurumasını beklerken içime bir şey giymeden bol ve uzun tişörtümü üstüme geçiriverdim. Tam o arada eniştem çıkageldi.

Kalçama kadar gelen siyah uzun saçlarım hala kurumamış, üzerimdeki tek giysi olan uzun tişörtün sırtını ıslatmıştı. Islak tişörtün serinliği bir yandan, eniştemin delici bakışlarla vücudumu süzmesi bir yandan…

Ürpermeye başladım, sütyensiz iri memelerimin uçları kabarmış, tişörtten belli olmaya başlamıştı. Onun bakışlarından saklamaya çalışıyordum kabarık uçları… Gözlerini benden ayırmadan,

“Hayrola baldız, komşuya gitmediniz mi? dedi.

“Ben gitmedim canım sıkılır diye, ablam yalnız gitti.” diye yanıtladım.

İkimiz yalnızdık evde… Ablam akşam olmadan dönemezdi toplantıdan… Akşama kadar eniştemle evde yalnız, baş başaydım bu durumda… Ne yapacağımı şaşırmıştım.

“Enişte yemeği ısıtıyorum…” diyerek mutfağa geçtim, yemeklerle uğraşmaya başladım. Bu arada bir çırpıda odama gidip üstümü aceleyle değiştirdim. Altıma bir şort, üstüme sütyenle tişört geçiriverdim, işime devam ettim. Eniştem içerden seslendi,

”Sen yemeği hazırlayana kadar bir duş alayım canım..” dedi.

Ben mutfakta uğraşırken onun evin içinde dolaştığını duyuyordum. Benim yattığım odadan çıkıp banyoya girdiğini gördüm göz ucuyla… Şaşırmıştım. Ne arıyordu ki benim odamda bu adam?

Merakla banyoya girmesini bekledim. Hemen elimdekini bırakıp odama gittim. Yatağın üzerine çamaşır çekmecesinden aldığı birkaç külot, sütyenimi sermişti. Geceleri giydiğim pembe tülden şeffaf külodum da ortada yoktu. Açık bıraktığı çekmecenin içinde en üstte dururdu hep… Az önce giyinmek için çekmeceyi açtığımda orada olduklarından emindim.

Merakla odamdan çıkıp banyoya yöneldim. Sessiz adımlarla yaklaştım. Banyonun kapısı aralık duruyordu. Sanki özellikle açık bırakmış gibiydi. Çekine çekine, yavaş yavaş başımı uzatıp içeriyi görmeye çalıştım.

Evet… Çırılçıplak soyunan eniştem, eline benim pembe külodumu almış, taş gibi sertleşmiş damarlı kocaman sikine sarmıştı. Eli sürekli hareket halinde sikini çamaşırımın üstünden okşuyor, mastürbasyon yapıyordu gözleri zevkten kısılmıştı. Neye uğradığımı şaşırdım, ağzımdan istemeden,

”Hiii… Eniştee…” diye bir kısık çığlık çıktı.

Eniştemin ağır hareketlerle başını çevirdiğini, şehvet dolu kısılmış gözlerini gördüm. Kısık gözlerini açıp bana baktı. Hiç de beni gördüğüne şaşırmış, utanmış gibi bir hali yoktu… Sanki bu sahneyi planlamış, ne yaptığını bana göstermek istemiş gibi duruyordu her şey…

Duramadım. Her ne kadar onu çok istesem de, bu sahne çok fazlaydı benim için… Hemen geri dönüp mutfağa kaçtım. Biraz sonra da arkamdan eniştem bir şort giyip yemek yemek için mutfağa geçti.

Yemekleri koyarken aklıma banyodaki görüntü geliyor, yüzüm ister istemez kızarıyor, şortun önündeki hala inmemiş, çadır gibi duran kabarıklığa gözüm takılıp duruyordu. Aramızdaki sessiz, gerilimli saniyeler uzadıkça uzadı.

Ama az önceki olay konusunda hiçbir şey söylemeden masayı enişteme hazırlayıp kızarmış yüzle oturma odasına geçtim. Televizyonu açıp izlemeye başladım. Ellerim titriyordu heyecandan… Gördüğüm sahne beni öyle tahrik etmişti ki…

İçimden oracıkta soyunup kendimi okşamak geliyordu. Eniştem gibi masturbasyon yapmak, içimde yanmaya başlayan ateşi söndürmek istiyordu canım… Kasıklarımda karıncalar yürüyordu sanki, organımın dudaklarına kan yürüdüğünü, şiştiğini hissedebiliyordum. Elimi apış arama attım, kukumu sıkıp sıkıp bıraktım, rahatlatmak istedim, ama olmadı.

On dakika böyle geçti. Sonra bana seslenerek karpuz kesmemi istedi. Karpuzu keserken ellerimin titrediğinin farkındaydım. Altımda kısacık, yeşil bir şort, üstümde ise yine aynı bol kesim beyaz bluz vardı.

Eniştemin bakışlarını bluzun yanlarından görünen memelerime diktiğini fark ettim. Eğilip doğruldukça minik sütyenimi ve memelerimi görebiliyordu herhalde… Keşke bunu giymeseydim diye düşündüm. Ne yapacağımı şaşırmıştım.

Karpuzu yemesi için çatal vermek için çekmeceye eğildiğimde olan oldu. Alt çekmeceden çatalı çıkarmak için hemen yanında eğildiğimde eniştem yerinden kalktı ve arkamdan yaklaşıp kalkmış olan sertliğini kalçalarıma değdiriverdi.

”Aayyyy..” deyip hemen doğruldum.
Eniştem ben doğrulup kalkınca sarılıp memelerimi avuçladı. Vahşice sıkıyordu. Eniştemin ani hareketi ve sarılıp memelerimi sıkmasıyla şok halinde kalakalmıştım. Eniştem bu durumumdan yararlanıp arkadan ensemi öpmeye başladı. İki eliyle memelerimi avuçlamış kalkmış erkekliğini arkama dayamış şekilde sıkıca sarıldı. Şoku atlatınca yalvarmaya başladım,

“Ne olur yapma bunu enişte… Yapma lütfen… Çok korkuyorum” diye yalvarıyordum.

“Korkma canım, korkma bi tanem… Sen de hoşlanacaksın…” diyordu bana…

Elinden kurtulmak için, kaçabilmek için çırpınmaya başlamıştım. O ise kollarıyla mengene gibi sarılmış, kulak mememi yalıyor, bir elini sütyenimin içine sokmuş bir mememi cıkarmıştı.

Bir yandan mıncıklarken diğer eliyle de şortumun üstünden üçgenime elini attı. Heyecandan, istekten yumruk gibi kabarmış amımı avuçluyor, okşuyordu. Bense hala,

“Yapma enişte, lütfen…” diye ağlamaklı konuşuyordum.

Ok yaydan çıkmıştı, hiç konuşmakla, yalvarmakla duracak gibi görünmüyordu eniştem… Eliyle amımı okşarken minicik şortumun paçasından parmaklarını içeriye daldırmıştı bile…
Ben her ne kadar istemesem de, duygularım, isteklerim bana ihanet ediyordu. Eniştem mememi avuçladıkça, amımı okşadıkça zevkten dizlerim titriyor, kendimden geçer gibi, yere düşecek gibi oluyordum. Amımdan sular seller akıyordu. Parmaklarıyla amımı okşarken, benim iyice sulandığımın farkına vardı ve kulak mememi yalayarak,

“Bak sen de istiyorsun aşkım… Suların akmaya başlamış, sen de azmışsın benim gibi…” dedi.

Bir şey diyemiyordum, diyecek sözüm yoktu ki… Ben ne kadar istemesem de parmaklarının ucundaki ıslaklık ona her şeyi anlatıyordu işte… Çırpınmayı kestim, ama hareketsiz duruyor, ona katılmıyordum. Şehvetten iyice boğuklaşan, çatallaşan sesiyle,

“Söz baldızım, bebeğim benim… Söz veriyorum, bakireliğine bir şey yapmıyacam, sadece öpüp koklayacam…” dedi.

Kendine çevirdi, dudaklarıma yapıştı… Ben yine karşılık vermiyor hatta başımı sağa sola sallayıp dudaklarımı sımsıkı kapatmaya, onun sert erkek dudaklarından kaçırmaya çalışıyordum.

Bu hareketlerim sanki eniştemi daha da tahrik etmişti. Uzun siyah saçlarımdan eliyle tutup geriye doğru çekti. Canım yanıyordu. Boynum, memelerim gözlerinin önündeydi şimdi… Eniştem hemen dışarı çıkmış olan mememi yalamaya başladı.

Dil ve dudaklarını meme ucumda hissettiğim anda ben bitmiştim… Artık yalvarmayı bırakmış kısık seslerle inlemeye başlamıştım. Arada bir, zevkten kıvranırken,

”Enişte, yapma… Lütfen…” diyordum ama şehvetten boğuklaşan sesim nasıl zevk aldığımı ele veriyordu..

Benim bu zayıf itirazlarım sanki enişteme yap der gibi geliyordu. Elini bu sefer şortun önünden içime soktu. Zevk sularını iyice koyveren şeftalim vıcık vıcık olmuştu. Amımı okşadıkça zevk inlemeleri dökülüyordu heyecandan kurumuş dudaklarımdan…

“Ohhhh… Iııhhh ıhhh.. ahhh… ahhhh…” diyor, kedi gibi mırıldanıyordum. Artık çırpınma tamamen bitmişti. Memelerimden dudaklarıma geçti. Bu sefer ben de ona karşılık vermeye başlamıştım. Zevk aldığımı biliyordu. Bir ara yamyam gibi somurduğu dudaklarımı zorla çekip,

”Eniştem, oramı sadece öpeceksin, söz mü? İleri gitmek yok, tamam mı?” diye sordum.

”Tamam, bir tanem… Aşkım… Sadece öpüp koklamak istiyorum seni… Söz…” dedi.

Bu kez ben ona, dudaklarına yumuldum. Vantuz gibi dudaklarını emerken beni kucakladığı gibi yatak odasına getirdi, yatağa yatırdı. Kendisi de yanıma yattı.

Yavaşça üstümdeki bluzu çıkardı. Nefes nefese şort ve sütyenimle yatıyordum yatakta… Beyaz dantelli sütyenimi de çıkardı. Dipdiri, ellenip koklanmamış memelerim şimdi karşısındaydı. Hayran gözlerle memelerime bakıyordu eniştem…

Elini uzatıp parmaklarını memelerimin üzerinde dolaştırdı. Parmaklarını memelerimin üstünde hissetmek, okşanmaları anlatılmaz bir duyguydu. Meme uçlarım kabarmış, sertleşmişti. Okşamayı bırakıp artık öpmeye başlamıştı.

Taş gibi memelerimi bir eliyle okşarken diğer mememi yalamayı ihmal etmiyordu. Zevkten kabarmış irileşmiş meme uçlarına hafif ısırıklar atıyordu. Deliye döndürüyordu beni…

”Aahhh.. Uuffff… Mımmhhhh…” diye sık sık sessiz çığlıklar atıyor, altında zevkten kıvranıyordum. Minik dar şortumu yuvarlacık kalçalarımdan zorlukla sıyırıp çıkardı. Üzerimde bir tek tanga külodum kalmıştı şimdi…

Yeniden memelerimden yukarı yalayarak boynuma geçti. Boynumu yaladıkça kendimi ona bırakıyordum. Dudaklarıma yumuldu yeniden… O kadar ateşli öpüyordu ki… Dilim onun dili ile adeta dans ediyordu. Ben onun dilini vakum gibi içime çekerken o da benim dilimi içine çekiyordu.

Bir süre öpüştükten sonra tüm vücudumu okşayan elini külodumun üstüne getirip eliyle amımı okşamaya başladı. Zaten külot sırılsıklam olmuştu, zevk suyumdan vıcık vıcıktı.

Kabarmış amımı okşarken, bir yandan da yavaşça öpe öpe, yalaya yalaya aşağı indi. İşlemeli şeffaf beyaz külodum vardı aramızda sadece… Başımı kaldırıp ne yaptığına bakıyordum eniştemin… Şeftalimin yarığı külodun dışından belli oluyordu. Amıma yönelince beni bir korku sardı,

”Enişte, ileri gitmeyeceksin değil mi?” diyerek iki bacağımı kapayıp amımı kıstırıyordum. Korkudan ve zevkten ayaklarımın titrediğini hissediyordum. Öyle karışık duygularla sarsılıyordum ki… Beni sakinleştirmek için

“Korkma canım. Sana söz verdim. Güven bana…. Sadece yalamak istiyorum oranı… Çok zevk alacaksın, inan…” dedi.

O kadar azmıştı ki külodumu yırtarak çıkartmamak için kendini zor tutuyordu. Kasılan parmaklarıyla, sakin hareketlerle külodumu da okşaya okşaya çıkarıp bacaklarımdan aşağıya kaydırdı.

Günyüzü görmemiş amım, tüysüz, kaymak gibi, tabak gibi meydandaydı. Islak, sular süzülen pembecik şeftalimi iştahla yalamaya başladı. O yaladıkça ben kendimden geçiyor,

“Aahhh.. Iıhhhh.. Enişte.. Uuffff…Eniştemm… Fena oluyorum… Enişte… Geliyorum galiba…” diye inliyordum. O ise hiç aldırmadan hızlı dil darbeleriyle klitorisimi, iç dudaklarımı yalıyor,

“Boşal yavrum. Boşal… Ben hepsini yalar yutarım… Sularını içerim senin… Ooohhh… Mis gibi…” diye diye beni yatıştırmaya çalışıyordu.

Amım o kadar kaygan bir hal almıştı ki vıcık vıcık kadınlığımdan zevk suları aktıkca akıyor, eniştem de onları büyük bir zevkle dilinin ucuyla alıyor, yalayıp içiyordu.

Eniştem yaladıkça ben dayanamıyor, kalçalarımı sağa sola savuruyor, zevkten zevke uçuyordum. Altında yılan gibi kıvrılıyordum eniştemin. Birden içimdeki zevk dalgası yükseldi, yükseldi, yükseldi… Sanki bacaklarımın arasında bir volkan vardı. İnlemelerim arttı, dünyam karardı, bir an kendimi kaybettim. Delirecek gibiydim. Sonra yavaşça sakinleşti her şey…

“Boşaldın mı aşkım?” diye sorduğunda sesim çıkmadı. Evet dercesine başımı sallayabildim. Kasırga geçmişti artık…

“O zaman gel bakim… Gördün mü nasıl zevk aldın? Sana söylemiştim. Dünyanın en güzel şeyi bu aşkım…” dedi. Şortunu indirip taş kesilmiş erkekliğini meydana çıkardı. Damar damar kabarmış, zonklamaya başlayan penisini ağzıma almamı istedi.

“Olmaz” diyebildim. “Ben… Yapamam enişte… Midem bulanır…”

“Kız benimkini almasan kocanınkini alacaksın. Yarak ağıza alınmayınca amcığa girmez. Hem ben seni boşalttım, sıra sende… Bu meret kalktı inmesi lazım… Ya öyle ağzında inecek ya da…” Amcığımı elleyerek, “Burada inecek…” dedi. O böyle konuşunca,

“Sakın enişte… Olmaz… Yalayım, tamam…” dedim.

Hiç penis yalamadığımı anlamıştı hemen… Yalarken fazla sokunca öğürüyor ve dişlerimi aletine istemeden geçiriyor, canını yakıyordum. Hayatımın ilk oral seksiydi. Acemi acemi bir şeyler yapmaya çalışıyordum işte…. Ama eniştem yine de memnundu,

“Ohhh… Canım benim… Yala bir tanem… Baldızım benim… Ooohhh… Güzel baldızım benim…. Yala yarağımı… Seksi baldızım benim… Çok zevkli… Hayallerim gerçek oluyor. Körpecik baldızım sikimi yalıyor…. Ohhhh…. Bu bile bana yeter aşkım…”

Ben enişteme oral yaparken o da benim kalçalarımı, arka deliğimi yavaşça okşamaya başladı. Parmağını arka deliğimde hissedince yine kasıldım, ağzımdan sikini çıkartıp,

”Ne yapıyorsun enişte?” dedim hemen…

”Kızım bunun inmesi lazım, yoksa çok ağrı yapar. Kalktı bir kere… Bunun suçlusu sensin, indirmek de sana düşer…”

“Olmaz enişte, ben arkamdan vermem…”

“O olmaz, bu olmaz, amına korum senin… O zaman yat, amdan sikecem” dedi sert bir sesle…

“Eniştee… Ama söz verdin…” diyebildim… Dudaklarımı şişirip büzmüştüm çocuk gibi… O ise benim dudaklara bir öpücük kondurup, gülerek

“Ama amın için söz verdim, göte söz vermedim.” dedi şakalaşarak. “Tamam bakireliğini bozmayacam, söz… Ama istediğim şeyi vereceksin. Sen kendini bana bırak aşkım… Zevk almaya bak…” dedi. İtiraz etmeyi bıraktım, boyun eğdim. Bu andan sonra yapacak bir şey yoktu…

Yatırdı tekrar amımı götümü yalamaya başladı. Amımı yalarken bir yandan da ıslak parmağıyla arka deliğimi okşuyor, içime parmağını sokarak alıştırmaya çalışıyordu. Çok dardı tek parmak bile zor giren minik deliğime onun kalın erkekliği nasıl girer diye düşünüyordum. Eniştem parmağıyla uğraşırken benim canım yanıyor,

“Ayy… yavaş… acıyor… işşş… uffff…” diye sesler çıkartıyordum.

Hiç ellenmemiş, yeni banyodan çıkmış pembecik deliğim, onun ıslak parmağının altında açılıp kapanıyordu. Eğilip parmağını çıkardı, yalamaya başladı. Yalıyor, emiyordu büzüğümü…

Rahatlamış, sesimi kesmiştim. Az önce acıdan, korkudan inleyen ben, şimdi eniştem arka deliğimi yalayıp emdikçe zevkten inlemeye, kalçalarımı istemsizce kıvırmaya başlamıştım. Arada yalamayı kesiyor, ıslattığı parmağını sokuyordu.

Alışmış olmalı ki artık acı duymuyor, parmağına itiraz etmiyordum şimdi… Bu sefer iki parmağımı sokmaya başladığını hissettim. Altında tepiniyor, yataktaki nevresimi mıncıklıyordum. İyice yalayıp emdiği büzüğüm sırılsıklam ıslanmıştı.

Kalkıp sikini tekrar ağzıma verdi, yalamamı istedi. Dediğini yaptım, bacaklarımı omzuna aldı. Yarağının başını minik deliğime zorlarken, acıdan çığlık atmaya başladım. Sesimi duyan olmasın diye hemen bir eliyle ağzımı kapadı ama elini ısırıp gene çığlığı bastım.

“Enişte çok canım yanıyor yapma lütfen sadece öpüp okşasan olmaz mı? Lütfen… Yalvarırım enişte…” diye yalvarıyordum enişteme… Hemen bıraktı, kalktı, gidip çekmeceden krem aldı,

“Dur canım… Güzel baldızım… Bak şimdi olacak… Canın yanmayacak.” dedi.

Erkekliğini iyice, yedire yedire kremledi… Arka deliğimi de, parmağıyla kremleri içime iterek, sıvazlayarak alıştırdı. Bacaklarımı omzuna aldı. Kalçalarım kalkmış, götüm tabak gibi önünde duruyordu. Hedefe nişanlayıp kapıya dayandı.
Artık bu kadar kremden sonra kayganlaşan penisinin kremli deliğime girmemesi mümkün değildi herhalde… Penisinin başının girmesi ile çığlık attım yine… Ama durmadı,

“Amına koyum” dedi “Bağırırsan bağır… Sabrım kalmadı artık…” Yavaşça ilerledi. Gözlerimde şimşekler çakıyor, yine acıdan enişteme,

“Dur… Dur… Çıkar, çıkar… Ölüyorum… Aahhh… Ufffffff.. Yandım anam…” diye yalvarıyordum.

Eniştem yalvarmalarıma aldırmadı. Yavaşça zorladı. Sikinin başı girmişti, minicik deliğimde onun soğan başı gibi iri kafasını hissediyordum. O vaziyette durup bekledi biraz.. Eğilip memelerimi okşadı, uçlarını parmaklarının arasında sıktı.

Biraz sakinleşince, ben yine zevk almaya başlamıştım. Meme uçlarımı ezen parmakları yine şimşek çaktırıyordu. Bu defa arkamdaki kalınlık zevk vermeye başlamıştı şimdi… Gözlerim zevkten kaymaya başlayınca hareketlendi. Yarısına kadar ilerledi, durdu. Santim santim git gel yapmaya başladı.

Eniştem git gel yaptıkça, zevk ve acıyla altında debeleniyordum. Ama artık biraz açılmıştım. Git geller sıklaşmıştı ama yine de çığlık atıyordum altında… Amım acının yanında aldığı zevkten sulanmış olduğu için içimden akan zevk suları aşağıya sızıyor, göt deliğimin yanlarına geliyor, kremle birleşen sular ortamı iyice kayganlaştırıyordu.

Artık acı azalmıştı. Zevk sesleri çıkartıyor fazla debelenmiyordum. Üzerime eğilip sikini sonuna kadar kökledi. Dişlerimi eniştemin omuzuna geçirip inledim. Yine bir süre bekledi. İyice alışana kadar…

Sonra yavaş yavaş pompalamaya başladı. Yarağı daracık deliğimde gidip geldikçe taşakları çarpıyor, şap şap şap diye sesler çıkıyordu. İçim resmen ateş gibi yanıyordu.

“Kız zilli… Azgın orospum… Götün alev alev yanıyor… Numaracı kaltak… Senin ateşini söndürecem, merak etme…” dedi. Artık eniştemin altıda zevk almaya başlamış,

“Iıhhhh… Ayyyyy.. Uuffff… Yavaş yavaş… Eniştemmm… Yavaş gir… Çok güzelmiş… Seninki de ateşten sopa gibi… Oofffff… Aahhhhh…” diye inliyordum.

Taşakları dibime şap şap diye vururken eniştem de dudaklarıma yumuldu. Deliler gibi öpüşüyor ve şikisiyorduk. Bir kaç git gel daha yaptı, ben ikinci kez boşaldım. Eniştem de daha fazla dayanamadı, hemen arkamdan içime bütün döllerini attırdı.

“İkinci kez mi boşaldın?” diye sorduğunda

“Yok, bu üç oldu…” dedim.

Bir defa da mutfakta memelerimi okşarken boşalmıştım. İkimiz de nefes nefese yatağa uzanıp bir birimize bakıyorduk. Ben ona, çıplak erkek güzelliğine bakıyordum. O da hem beni seyrediyor, hem dudaklarıma, memelerime arada öpücükler konduruyordu. Dakikalar sonra nefes alışverişimiz düzeldi, kendimize geldik.

“Biz ne yaptık enişte? Çok büyük günah işledik…” dedim.

“Zevkler ve renkler tartışılmaz sevgilim… Tartışmaya gerek yok. Sen beni, ben de seni istedik. Seni zaten yıllardır sikmek istiyordum.”

”Ben de sizin ablamla sikişmelerinizi hep dinliyordum. Çok merak ediyordum senin yarağını… Ablamı hep bağırttıran yarak çok büyüktür diye düşünüyordum hep…”

”Eee? Nasılmış?”

”Haklıymışım. Büyükmüş… Canımı yaktı bu koca şeyin…” diyerek yarı sert sikini elimle tutup sıktım…

“Yarağın büyüklüğü önemli değil…” dedi. “İşlevi önemli… Ablanı akşamları kaç değişik pozisyonda sikiyorum, biliyor musun sen?”

“Söz sana, evlendikten sonra bu amı da sana feda edecem enişte… Senden daha iyi erkek mi bulucam?”

“Merak etme güzel baldızım, onu yarak manyağı ederim o zaman…” dedi. “Şimdi götünü yarak manyağı yapayım da iyice doysun. Seneye kadar yeter sana…”

Biraz sohbetten sonra tekrar beni okşamaya, ellemeye başladı. Bu sefer ayaklarımı, göbeğimi, memelerimi, dudaklarımı, her yerimi yaladı. Ben de kendimce onunkini kaldırıyor, elliyor, okşuyordum.

69 pozisyonuna geçtik. Acemiliğimi atmıştım artık, yalamaya devam ettim. Eniştem de benim şehvetle şişmiş, kabarmış amımı yalıyordu. Kıvama gelince domalmamı istedi.

“Ohhh. Güzel baldızım benim… O eşsiz götün, hayalini kurduğum, rüyalarımda siktiğim güzel götün önümde artık… Hem götün, hem amcığın, ikisi de bana bakıyor. Harikasın…”

Yine arka deliğime sertliğini dayadı. Biraz zorlamadan sonra lop diye yerini aldı. Saçlarımı tutup kendine çekti. Çektikçe canım yanıyor, biraz daha geri gelmek zorunda kalıyordum. Eniştemin penisi şimdi dibine kadar minik deliğime girip girip çıkıyordu. Islak amıma taşakları çarparken o da ayrı bir zevk veriyor, delirtiyordu beni.

“Eniştem benim, sikicim benim…” diye inliyordum durmadan… Eniştem kökleyip kökleyip dibine kadar geçirdikçe şehvetten, zevkten kıvranıyor

“Oohhhh.. Aahhhh… Diple… Diple eniştemm…” diye kısık çığlıklar atıyordum.

Bu sefer domalmış şekilde olduğum için gögüslerim sallanıyordu. İleri geri gelen göğüslerime yapıştı, okşuyordu. Bense artık kalçamı sağa sola sallayarak eniştemin koca yarağının tadını iyice alıyordum. Kalçalarımı salladıkça sallıyor, iniltilerim zevk çığlıklarına dönüşüyordu.

Eniştem alttan elini uzatıp ıslak amımı, klitorisimi parmaklarının arasında sıkmaya, avuçlamaya başladığında dördüncü kez boşaldım. Eniştem de benimle beraber fışkırmaya başladı. İyice boşaldığında yanıma yığılıp kaldı.

Yaklaşık üç saat boyunca seks yapmıştık. Onda da, bende de hal kalmamıştı. Hemen banyoya geçtim, duş aldım. Duşta yanıma gelen enişteme sevgiyle sarılıp kucakladım. Akan ılık suyun altında, köpükler arasında birbirimizi okşadık, yıkadık.

Çıktığımızda kurulanıp giyindim. Bornozuyla beni izleyen eniştem dudaklarıma bir öpücük kondurdu.

”Ben de işe gideyim artık… Sen merak etme, yaraksız bırakmam seni…” dedi. Gülerek,

”Sağol canım eniştem benim…” dedim.

”Ama bu aramızda kalacak tamam mı? Ablana sakın belli etme…”

”Tamam enişte… Merak etme sen… Ben çocuk değilim. Sayende koca kadın oldum.” diyerek sevgiyle sarıldım enişteme…

Bornozun arasından mızrak gibi çıkan sertliği bacaklarıma değiyordu hala… Gülerek yanından kaçtım. Yoksa ayrılamayacaktık birbirimizden…

Benim tatilim bitene kadar bir kaç kez daha seviştik eniştemle.. Tatil bitince istemeye istemeye eve geri döndüm. Seneyi iple çekiyorum.

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