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Big Tits

It was a quiet night. TV was boring as usual so I was happily sitting on the couch at home reading a book.

My name is Cyndi and I’m the older one of the “not really twins”. My sister Annabel and I differ in age by 11 months. We both have our mother’s good looks and our father’s good genes. We both stand at 5’4″ and look like identical twins. We both keep our dark blond hair long and wear the same make-up. We both fit the same clothes so we only had one big walk in closet. Although the bra’s we had, fitted me perfectly they were a little tight on Anna.

The book I was reading was good. Actually it’s the third time I’ve read it. There were a couple of scenes that got me revved up and a chapter, that was so hot I couldn’t stop fingering my clit till I came.

Anna was out that evening with a guy from school that she was head over heels with but I thought was a rat. Some other girls thought so too but he was quite new so there wasn’t much info on him.

Mum and dad were working as always. Dad is one of the top surgeons at the biggest hospital in Miami. Mum was a surgical assistant and they even worked together sometimes.

Tonight they had both been paged, as there had been a gang fight with guns involved, as usual.

I was so into my book I didn’t hear the car outside screech away. I was startled when the door burst open and Anna came running in crying. She didn’t stop and went straight up to her room.

I waited 10 min. till I heard she had calmed down before going up.

I lay my hand on her shoulder as I sat down on her bed next to her.

“You want to talk about it? I asked


“You want to talk about it anyway?”

“You were right about him!” Anna sniffled

“You didn’t want to listen! But tell me, what happened?”

“We drove up to lookout point and made out a little. He started fondling my dress and I stroked the lump in his pants.

We both started to get a little hot and soon we had our hands in each other’s pants.

I was stroking his rod when suddenly he grabbed my head and, pushing it down, told me he’s gonna cum.

No way in hell was I going to suck him off and turned my head away at the last moment.

He blew his wad all over the seat. After having a fit a he wiped his cum off the seat with my hair whilst calling me a useless bitch.”

“Sounds like he loves his car more than you!”

“Stupid prick does, is working 2 jobs just to pay it off.”

“I back handed him, across the cheek, for calling me a bitch and tried to get out of the car but he started it and sped off.”

“The whole way he cursed me. Here, at home, he told me to go fuck myself in the future and never wanted to see me again.”

I’ve had my disappointments with men too to know that she really didn’t care to see him again either. What Anne needed now was a good hug and some reassurance.

“I think we need to wash your hair out before the folks come home. How ’bout we take a nice warm bath and I’ll wash your hair for you?”

“Anne always enjoyed our baths and nodded eagerly.”

Usually we chatted a lot when we bathed but today she just sat silently in front of me whilst I washed and rinsed her hair.

“Am I really a useless bitch Cyndi?”

“No” I laughed. “I know you better than any one else, and you’re not a bitch.”

“In fact I think you’re the loveliest person there is.”

I knew she was sad and pulled her shoulders back till she lay on my chest and gave her a great big hug.

A tear ran down her cheek and I kissed it away. Anne didn’t move and I kissed her again on the ear.

Anne turned her head slightly and looked me in the eye.

I’m not sure what it was but I had the passion to kiss her lips.

Slowly I leant forward till our lips nearly touched, I could feel her warm breath in my face.

Anne closed the gap between us. Her lips were so soft and tender and we kissed like no one had ever kissed us before. As we both melted into one with our tongues entwined.

My hands moved, as if automatically, and weighed Anne’s ample breasts. I took her nipples between my fingers and twirled them softly. She cupped my hands and guided my fingers.

She made me pinch and pull her nipples harder than I would have ever dared.

Anne slipped her hands behind her back and massaged my inner thighs.

Soon we both were moaning and as horny as hell.

“Think we should get out of the tub sis!” Anne whispered.

“I want to try something on you that, I think, will blow your mind!”

I agreed on getting out of the bath but wasn’t sure about her experimenting on me.

Anna made me lay down on bed. Her hand began massaging were it had stopped.

Soon I was moaning again and gripping onto the bed sheets as she massaged my swollen clit with expertise.

Knowing the signs of an orgasm Anna began kissing my nipples as my climax neared.

Oooohhhhh Annna, shit that feels gooooood. Oh god! I think I’m going to cum.

“That’s what I’m thriving for sis.”

Her rubbing felt amazing. I finger myself a lot but porno indir this was far better.

“Jesus Anna that’s sooooooo fricking good I’m goanna cum any moment now! Phew yessss, don’t stop please don’t! Oh… Oohh… Ooooohhhhh yesss now… Nowww. Ohh I’m Cumming yes’s!!!!”

In the moment she felt my cunt contract she bit my nipple hard!

I screamed loud as the pain shot through my breast and spread out.

Another orgasmic wave pulsated from my belly and connected with the pain from my breast. The effect was astronomical as they combined. My whole body felt like it was exploding. It literally blew my mind and I passed out for a moment. My legs felt like jelly when my climax subsided.

My groin felt like it had just been gang raped by a whole football team.

“Sis” I said still panting, “that was the best fricking orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Where did you learn that?”

“Remember that rapper guy I had a while ago? One of his chains nearly ripped my nipple off when we climaxed. The feeling blew my mind too and, like you, I passed out!

I’ve been experimenting with it since. I’ve always wanted to share that with you but never dared… Till now that is. Did you like it?”

“Did I like it? Christ sis, if “that” was an orgasm then I’ve never had an orgasm before!”

I pushed Anne back on the bed and rolled on top of her. I kisses her on the mouth passionately then worked my way down her body till her neatly shaven pussy.

I knew I’d pleasure her, but had a strange thought moments before I actually dipped my tongue into her wet mound. I thought I was weird when I looked at woman and sometimes even got turned on! Sex with men never really satisfied me like I could satisfy myself.

In that moment of thought I realized the unavoidable truth “I was lesbian!”

A scent so special and can never be bottled swirled through my nose as it hovered above Anna’s pubic mound.

Like honey running off a hot knife the flavor of Anne’s womanhood spread through my mouth as I Slowly I pushed my tongue between her sweet wet lips.

As my tongue ventured in as far as it could go Anna moaned sensationally.

Within moments she was in ecstasy as I thrashed my tongue from side to side over her swollen clit.

Anna grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth to open over her twat.

I knew she was about to cum by the tell tail change in her voice and moans.

My tongue in her vagina sensed the first wave of her orgasm wash up out of the depth of her loins and instantly I pinched my manicured nails into the soft flesh of her nipple.

An ear-piercing scream erupted from her lungs.

The spreading pain and climatic waves connected somewhere in her stomach causing her to erupt in total ecstasy and squirting her cum into my mouth.

Totally taken by surprise I tried to pull away but the grip Anne had on my head left me no choice than to swallow her hot girl cum.

The grip on my head subsided along with the orgasmic waves that nearly knocked her unconscious.

I took a deep breath “I never knew a woman could cum like that!”

“Neither did I! I thought it was the weirdest thing and was embarrassed because I thought I was just peeing. In a chat group I heard someone talking about her girlfriend who could squirt her cum across the bed.

I asked her if it wasn’t just pee, and she assured me it was cum as it was a little slimy and thicker than normal pee.

She told me that not every woman could cum like that but it was considered special if you could. What did you think of it?”

“At first perverse, then delicious and now deliciously perverse can you do that again?”

It takes a while for the fluid to gather. Maybe tomorrow!

We lay arm in arm and talked about being lesbians as well as the whole incest situation.

We found out that we both had had our fantasies about women and each other, but never dared to admit it and very relieved now the secret was out.

Throughout the next month we had sex whenever we could.

Mum and dad were working long hours at the hospital, what was usual in the summertime.

Having so much time we were able to do a lot of surfing on the computer as we had a million and one questions as inexperienced lesbian lovers. We surfed a lot of adult sites and found a mass of sites, forums and information for lesbians.

We came across a lesbian chat room that appealed to both of us. We sighed in, anonymously, and listened to the group of woman talking there. It became obvious that we were listening to woman who enjoyed a certain sort of sex. That being SM and BDSM. There were doms as a well as subs in the group all talking about what they liked, wanted or wished for.

To us, one Dom stood out of the group. A very soft-spoken woman who answered our questions and queries with a certain assertiveness and still kindness.

During the whole next week we wrote a lot with her as we enjoyed the information, directness and honesty in her answers.

Though rokettube this forum was anonymous we made a bold move and sent madam D a private text asking if we could meet her in person.

She didn’t answer us, what made us very nervous. The whole evening we waited for an answer, but nothing came. We thought we’ve overstepped our boundaries and that she blocked off the contact.

After school the next day there was a text message waiting in our inbox. Excited but nervous what it would say we opened it.

Tomorrow: Chat Noir 15:00 sharp!

Madam D.

We entered Chat Nior the next day at 2:30PM. We ordered a cappuccino and waited. Nervous as hell we looked at the few guests sitting at the tables around the room. No one seemed to notice or take interest in us although we did have the feeling we were being watched.

3 o’clock came and passed. We became more and more nervous.

3.30 a stunning woman of about 35 in a light summer dress and heels came in and our hopes lifted, but with out even looking in our direction she walked past us and sat in a confined booth in the back corner of the café.

Giving up all hope we waived the waitress over to pay our bill, as we were disappointed and wanted to leave.

The waitress came to our table promptly and addressed us.

” Madam D would like to see you please, if you would be so kind as to follow me to her?”

Surprised we looked at each other and nervously stood up.

She led us to the booth in the back of the café where the stunning woman sat and motioned us to take a seat.

In silence we looked at the woman sitting across from us. She looked at us too, silently and surprised. She then opened her handbag and got out a small box of cigarillos and lit one.

She blew a cloud of smoke up in the air. “Young lovers!”

We nodded slowly.

She drew another puff of smoke. The booth was so dark we could see the glow sparkle in her eyes.

“Young lovers indeed! Just how young are you two?”

“19” I said. “Nearly 19” Anna said.

“You both don’t look a day older than 16!”

The waitress appeared again and placed a cappuccino in front of each of us.

Madam drew another puff. “I could end up in jail for this!”

Anna shrugged her shoulders. “What? For having a cappuccino with two young girls?”

Intrigued madam smiled.

“How long have you two been “lovers?”

“About a month now”. I answered.

“So you have no real experience in the SM scene except what you’ve seen on the web?”

“No, and we question the real existence of it. Punkto dommina and slaves that freely submit to all sorts of abuse and actually enjoy it.” I replied.

Madam smiled. “Oh I assure you that it indeed exists!” She then looked in the direction of the waitress and nodded her head ever so slightly.

The waitress appeared again. “Yes Madam?”

“Show these young ladies how a good slave has to present her pussy to her mistress”.

With out word the young waitress slightly spread her legs and lifted her mini skirt and presented us her completely shaven, naked, puberty.

Anna and I stared in surprise.

“Very good! And now show the ladies what happens if her mistress is unsatisfied.”

Again without word the waitress unbuttoned her blouse and presented her bare breasts that were covered in about 20 violent red welts.

Anna and my jaws dropped at the sight.

“Tell the ladies why you were punished and how.”

“I was punished because I didn’t shave properly and seeing this was the second time I’ve done this I received the just punishment of 24 strokes with the crop madam.”

“Did you purposely disappoint me all though you knew what the punishment would be?”

The waitress smiled shyly.” Yes Madam”

Madam waved her hand and the waitress curtsied and left.

“I guess that answers your questions then doesn’t it?”

“Without doubt madam D!”

“I have one question for you young ladies, your answer will determine whether or not I spend any further time, or risk for that matter, in this little relationship.

“Which end of the crop would you prefer to be, working or receiving?”

Both Anna and I answered in Unisom “Working!”

Madam D smiled. “Good answer! I was afraid you sought a mistress to be dominated by. Fact is, at the moment I’m up to my ears in young girls who want me to train as slaves and I barely have the time at the moment to do so.

Having an extra pair of hands would be wonderful but you two are too young and I could go to jail if I was caught.”

“Actually, I interrupted; you would have to be caught red handed with us actually having sex according to the law. Even if we were caught naked in one room we could say we were swapping clothes and the law couldn’t do a thing about it.”

I personally have no interest in making anything public and actually prefer to keep it secret! What about you Anna?”

“No I don’t either, my lips are sealed.”

“Madam lit another cigarillo and sipped her cappuccino. porno She looked at us both and smiled.”

In a low voice she said “Just the sight of you two is making me horny”

“Do you have a couple of hours of time?”

Now Anne and I smiled “All depends what for?”

“Well it just so happens, and is the reason I was a little late, a young woman has been bugging the crap out of me for weeks now. She wants me to train her to be a slave and although I turned her down she keeps on pleading me to take her in. This afternoon she handcuffed herself to the gates of my house and threw the key on the driveway.”

“I had my servant take her inside and place her in the dungeon.

“I think it would be the perfect slave for you to show me what you’re made of and to give you a few tips and lessons on.

Would you ladies be interested?”

Anna and I nodded vigorously. “Yes madam we would”

“Let’s go then!”

She picked up her purse and headed out with us closely behind her.

The drive was about 40 min. from the café, the connection between us clicked wonderfully and we talked and laughed the whole way. We introduced each other, D stood for Denise but in the presence of servants and slaves Madam D.

Anna was to be called Mistress A and I mistress C.

We stopped in front of two enormous wrought iron gates flanked by 8′ brick walls as far as we could see. Denise read our thoughts, “Chat Nior is not the only business I own!

The gates swung open and in front of us lay a driveway flanked by old walnut trees forming an alley to the house that was just humongous.

At the house a young door maid greeted us. Her maid’s outfit had been custom made to fit her like a glove.

It was traditional black and white except her décolleté was so low that it presented her ample breasts as if on a plate and the skirt was so short that one could see her nakedness. She wore net stockings, which were held up by garters of fine black silk.

She made no effort to cover nakedness and wasn’t embarrassed that we stared at her shaven pussy.

Denise saw us staring “Get used to that ladies. All the girls here walk around like that or totally naked”

“Where is the new girl?”

“In the dungeon, madam, as you wished.”

“I suspect you have placed her in an appropriate position.”

“You left that open before you left madam so I placed her on the rope.”

Denise smiled wickedly. “very good slave G”

“Lets go and see how she’s doing then shell we?”

We followed Denise into a library but saw no door or stairs that would have given entry to a dungeon.

Denise stood in front of one of the bookcases and pulled one of the books out and replaced it backwards. She then turned one of the inlayed roses and pushed it in. She stepped back and without a single sound a whole section slid back and moved behind the other panel.

“My private little entrance!”

We followed Denise through a small tunnel just wide enough for one person. At the end we stepped down a spiral staircase and came into a round room with a small round, glass, elevator in the middle. Two people could fit comfortably in the elevator and with a little squeeze, three.

The walls were glass and it seemed that the room was in the corner of three dungeon rooms.

The fourth quarter was a dark room sealed by a glass door.

Stepping around the room one had a clear view of what was happening in that curtain dungeon room.

Two slaves were cleaning one room and looked as if they had no idea they were being observed.

In the other room there was a young girl standing on her tiptoes, straddling a thick rope. In front and behind her were two 8′ 10″X10″ wooden posts. Between the posts there was an inch thick rope, one end tied to a ring about 4′ high and on the other end the rope went through the other post and from it a 5 gallon stainless steel bucket hung.

Above the barrel there was a small jug. The jug was slow being filled with water. Each time it filled up it tipped over splashing its contents into the large bucket.

The, naked, girls arms were tied to a large bamboo stick that rested on her shoulders, and a rope from the ceiling attached to a collar around her neck kept her leaning forward thus she was unable to relieve any discomfort from the rope with her hands

Through loud speakers we could hear her moaning as the rope cut into her defenseless pubic mound evidently crushing her clit.

Denise opened the glass door to the dark room and instantly halogen spotlights lit up reveling a room full of sex toys and punishment instruments ranging from mid evil to the latest gadget.

Everything we had ever seen on the Internet and more was in cabinets around the room.

“I’d like you both to choose a nice riding crop or cane from that cabinet.” Denise said.

We opened the cabinet with crops, canes and whips and made our choice.

Denise nodded at our choice with a smile.

I had chosen a thin cane and Anna had a 2′ long riding crop. Denise led us to the back of the room where there was a walk in cosset she picked out two masks and handed them to us to put on. “The slaves being punished are filmed and I later sell the video to well paying customers later. I always ware a mask whilst being filmed and it’s better you do too!”

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Dave and Leroy Ch. 15

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Author’s Note: I know it has been a long time, I’ve updated all the chapters in this series (edited, some had stuff removed or even added in). The first 14 chapters are set to be replaced, I’m hoping they will go live before this one, but I don’t know, but as I said on my profile I’ll keep people informed.

For the people that haven’t been following my profile, I’ve been sick, it’s why I haven’t written in a while. Not on deaths door but God it felt like it some days, but I dragged ass for almost a entire year and had a lot of test ran on me.

I don’t know what I’m going to do, I kind of would like to stick with Dave and Leroy, I have another chapter in me, but I know everyone is waiting for the other stories lines. We will see who emerges first, Chris, Adam or Toby. I’m Leroy when it comes to Dave and Leroy.

Thank you for the people who wrote with the encouraging words. It helped when I was down, when you are lying in bed tired, because your body won’t allow you to do anything. It is nice to hear from someone saying they love your writing and don’t worry they will wait.


Chapter 15 – The Adoption and a Divorce

It was the still Wednesday Lee had started the process for the divorce. Dave, Leroy and Lee were sitting out on the deck watching Jason play on the play scape. “I need to tell the rest of the family.”

“Okay Dad, when do you want to tell them?” Leroy asked, he was trying to think of a way to get everyone over to his house without discussing it.

“The sooner the better.”

Leroy nodded and left them sitting on the deck, he decided it would be easier to text his siblings as a group. He didn’t like being in the middle, but felt he was the reason his parents were getting the divorce, and he hated it.

‘Need everyone to come here, Dad would like to talk to you, ASAP.’ Leroy texted.

Most had responded they were free every night that week, but of all of the siblings, Jeff was the intern and the hardest to pin down. When Jeff responded he was free after eight-thirty that evening, everyone responded they could make it.

‘I will let Dad know, thanks.’ Leroy responded after everyone agreed.

After dinner, all three went into the living room and watched Jason play with his toys. When it was close to eight, Leroy took Jason to his room to get ready for bed. Naturally Jason didn’t want to, but Leroy was able to get him to lay down and go to sleep. He knew his siblings would be showing up any minute and he didn’t want Jason in the middle of what would be discussed.

Chris and Jewels showed up together first, then Aaron, Allison and Pat came in, Jeff showed up last he came straight from the hospital. When Leroy walked out, everyone was sitting in the family room, they had taken some chairs from the kitchen table. Leroy grabbed one on his way through and sat next to Dave.

“Okay Dad, Leroy said you needed to see us. We’re all here now, what’s going on?” Allison seemed to be the spokesperson as always.

Lee kind of winced, he didn’t know if he was ready to tell them. He knew he had to bite the bullet and just do it. “As you all know, your mother and I’ve had some problems these last few years.” A few heads nodded. “This is the second time I’ve moved out, but when I had moved back in, I had been sleeping in Aaron and Leroy’s old room. Chris and Jewels knew but I’m sure none of the rest of you did.”

Lee took a few breaths. “This morning, I filed to divorce your mother, she will be served sometime next week.”

“Dad!” Allison said in shock. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Allison as I told Leroy this morning, I don’t love her anymore, she is not the woman I married. The bitterness towards Leroy, Dave and now Jason has to stop. I will not tolerate it anymore.”

“But Dad.” Allison looked at Leroy, than back at her dad. “Dad, I’m not condoning what Mom did or said by any means but are you sure, you two have been married for thirty-seven years.”

“Allison, it isn’t just what your Mother has said and done to Leroy, yes it is part of it. I was hoping your Mother would ease up on this bible shit, and see she was losing her son, our son.” Lee looked at Leroy. “But this isn’t the complete reason for doing this, your mother and I haven’t been happy for a very long time, even before Leroy came out.”

“Why didn’t you say something, Dad?” Aaron asked.

“Because we still had Chris and Jewels in the house, Pat had just left for college.”

“Dad, that has been like ten years?” Jewels said. “It would’ve made me like thirteen.”

“And it is exactly why I stayed.” Lee looked at his youngest daughter. “I’ve stayed longer than I wanted to. I don’t know why sometimes, maybe I did still love your mother, I don’t know. But I do know now I can’t stay with her, for the sake of staying.” Lee looked at Leroy again. “Leroy, I’m sorry for how your mother has treated you these past five years, a parent is supposed to love their children no matter what. Leroy you have done nothing wrong by loving Dave and now taking türkçe altyazılı porno in that sweet little boy.”

Lee looked at all of his children. “I wanted to tell you before the papers were served, I don’t know how your mother will react, but I wanted to warn you. You can all choose to not know when she comes to you, or you can tell her you knew, it is up to you. It is also up to you if you want to take her over me.”

“Dad, we’re not going to do that.” Allison stopped her dad before he continued. “Dad, we didn’t stop seeing Leroy when she asked, yes we were stupid in the beginning and tried hiding it, but we’re not cutting any family off, just because Mother wants us to.”

“I would prefer to cut her off before anyone else.” Aaron spoke very low and everyone looked at him. “Oh shit, did I say that out loud?”

“Don’t worry you weren’t the only one thinking it.” Chris responded and with a few of his siblings nodding.

“Anyways Dad, if you are sure this is what you want, I’m fine with it.” Jeff stated, with that statement a few of the siblings heads nodded.

“I just hate to see a thirty-seven year marriage end Dad, but it is your decision not ours to make. I love you either way.” Allison got up and hugged her father.

Everyone stuck around and talked for a bit. When everyone started to leave for the night Jewels pulled her father aside. “Dad, out of everyone here, I’m probably the only one that knew how unhappy you were in the house. Dad it is okay, do what will make you happy, you deserve some happiness too.” Jewels hugged and kissed her dad on the cheek.

Lee had followed everyone through to the living room, leaving Dave and Leroy in the family room. “Hon, you haven’t looked happy about this since your father has told you he wanted to file.” Leroy just shook his head and Dave knew that he wouldn’t talk about it right then. Dave decided he would ask Lee if he would watch Jason, so he could take Leroy out for lunch before his shift at the station tomorrow.


“Talk to me Leroy, what’s going on? You won’t talk about this at the house. What’s bothering you so much about this divorce?

“He is lying, they were happy five and half years ago, before mom found out about us. I know every relationship has its problems, but I’m the main issue that my Father is unhappy in his marriage.”

The waitress came over for their order and Leroy just glanced at the menu and ordered the first thing he saw. Dave smiled, it used to be the other way around, Leroy would pay attention to what Dave would order and change it because Leroy knew Dave wouldn’t want what he order once it arrived at the table. So when Dave ordered he changed Leroy’s, which Dave doesn’t even think Leroy even noticed.

“Leroy you can’t put all the blame of your parents’ divorce on your shoulders. You don’t have any idea what has been going on in that house for the past 5 to 10 years or a little longer. Hon, once you moved out at eighteen, you didn’t see them as much. Even when you moved back here, we were trying to keep our secret, so you bought our house.”

“I know you are right, but just getting my mind to grasp it is one thing. As much as I can’t stand Sue, I don’t want her entire world to fall apart. Hell, my world fell apart when she found out about me…” Leroy shook his head. “Us, and I know it isn’t all that happen to me. The tumor was found and then my world fell apart, I’m so glad you stayed there beside me the entire time and could handle my stupidity at times. Sue wouldn’t have done that.”

Dave reached across the table, held Leroy’s hand and squeezed. “Because I love you Leroy, and you have not done or said the awful things that Sue has. If your Father says, that how Sue has treated you is just a small piece of why he is finally taking the step to divorce, then believe him.” Dave looked at Leroy, because he could still see the doubt in his eyes. “Will you please discuss this with Dr. Watts the next time you see him?”

Leroy nodded. “Of course, would you like a progress report too, Mom?” Leroy smiled and chuckled as Dave smacked Leroy’s hand and pulled his hands back as the waitress came with their food.


The lawyer had informed Lee the paperwork was delayed and when it was delivered to Sue, she fell out. Jewels was the only one home, she was up in her room when she heard something crash. She ran downstairs wondering what had happened.

Jewels walked into the kitchen and shards of glass were scattered all around, “Mom what’s going on?”

“Just leave me.” Sue responded.

“Mom, WHAT IS GOING ON? Why did you break all the plates?”

Sue sat down at the table and looked defeated she still had the divorce papers in hand. Silent tears were slipping down her cheeks.

“Mom!” Jewels walked over to her.

“Leave me, like everyone else has.” Sue responded and then threw a glass which was on the table at the wall.


“GET OUT!” Sue yelled.

Jewels left the kitchen, went to her room xnxx and called Allison. “Allison, I think Mom was served, she is really upset.” Jewels told her about all the broken dishes and about how sad she looked. Allison said she would be right over.

When Allison arrived Jewels was waiting for her in the living room, and met her at the door. Sue had stopped destroying things and was sitting at the table in the dining room. “Has she said anything to you?”

“She won’t talk to me, she screamed a few minutes ago and kept telling me to leave like Dad and Leroy have. “Jewels stated.

“She pushed them both away.”

“I know, you are preaching to the choir.”

Allison walked into the dining room, “Mom?”

Sue looked up, “Take Jewels and get out of my house.” Allison just barely heard her.

“Mom, what happened?” Sue threw the papers at her and walked back into the kitchen. Allison picked them up and looked at the cover sheet, as Jewels walked up behind her.

“Well, yup it’s what she is upset about.” Jewels responded.

“Well did you think it was anything else?”

Allison walked into the kitchen to talk to Sue. “Mom.”

“Seriously just get out, I heard the two of you. I take it everyone knew?”

“Yes, Dad told us a few weeks ago.”

“Tell Jewels to pack her shit and get out of my house. I don’t want to see any of you when I return.” Sue grabbed her car keys and left Allison standing there.

Jewels walked into the kitchen after hearing what Sue said. “Where am I going to go? Where is Chris going to go?”

“One of you can stay with me and Leroy or one of the others, we will find a place for the two of you. Where is Chris?”

“At his girlfriends.”

“Well pack a few bags and go to my house, I’m going to go talk to Dad.”

Allison went over to Leroy’s, everyone was at home it was only ten in the morning. She knocked on the door and waited, she had already tried to open the door to just walk in, but it was locked. Jason ran to the door, he was trying to open it when Leroy picked him up, unlocked and opened the door.

“Good morning, Sis.”

“Auntie.” Jason shouted.

“Leroy, where is Dad?”

“Well, I’m fine Allison and how are you doing?” Leroy responded.

“I’m not playing Leroy, where is Dad?”

“He’s in the family room.”

Allison walked past Leroy, he shook his head and shut the door. He decided to stay out of it and took Jason with him to his bedroom. “I want to see Auntie Ally.” Jason said as Leroy shut the bedroom door, Dave was lying in bed awake.

“Not right now Jason, maybe when Aunt Allison finishes with Papa.”

“Jason crawled over to Dave’s open arms when Leroy placed him on the bed. “What’s going on?” Dave asked.

“I think Sue was served.”


Over the months before the adoption Lee, Sarah and Dan wanted to know a little more about their grandson. So one night while Dave was off, Sarah and Dan came over to have dinner. Leroy asked Allison if she mind watching Jason that evening.

“What else could they possibly want to know about Jason?” Leroy asked, while they were driving back from dropping Jason off at Allison’s.

“I don’t know, knowing my mom, it’s probably nothing about Jason.” Dave laughed. “But I did pull out every document we have on him, just in case she wants to know if he is allergic to pears.” Leroy just shook his head and laughed along with Dave.

When they arrived home, Sarah and Dan had already arrived. They walked into the house smelling of wonderful food. “Mom, you didn’t have to cook, Leroy and I were going to take you all out to dinner.”

“That is nonsense, I can cook better than most restaurants and these portable warmers keep everything hot.” Sarah smiled, kissed and hugged both Dave and Leroy. “Let’s sit down to eat and then we can discuss our grandbaby.”

“That sounds like a good plan.” Lee agreed.

The dinner was wonderful with great conversation. When it was done, Sarah wouldn’t let Dave or Leroy touch her dirty dishes only what was theirs. She just packed her things back in her bags and sat them by the door but not before leaving a good portion of the leftovers for everyone to enjoy the next day.

They sat down in the living room with coffee for the main point of this visit. “Mom, Dads, what would you like to know?” Dave started the conversation.

“It was more me than your fathers.” Sarah spoke up.

Dave chucked, “We figured that Mom, what do you want to know?”

“You have never discussed much of Jason’s background.”

“Because what we know about his background is what little the papers and Lisa has told us.” Dave responded.

“We have his birth certificate, it states his father was Daniel Lee and his mother was Rebecca Sarah Marshall. Daniel had changed his name when he came here, according to Lisa, they had to do a lot of work trying to trace living relatives down, before Jason could be adopted out.” Leroy was explaining.

“So is there a possible relative out there?” porno izle Sarah asked?

“They tracked down Daniels village in China, there was no one there. No one here they could find. Rebecca was a ward of the state when she was a child. They had no will leaving guardianship to anyone so Jason went into the system.” Leroy continued.

“How were his parents killed?”

“Car accident, Jason was in his car seat, it’s a miracle he survived.” Dave answered.

“Oh that’s horrible!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Jason’s full name?” Dan asked.

“Jason Lee is his full name, his parents never gave him a middle name.” Dave responded.

“We.” Dave took Leroy’s hand. “We decided when the adoption goes through we were going to change Jason’s name.”

“What to?” Sarah asked.

“We were going to move his last to his middle and give him our last name.” Dave smiled. “We know he will have one hell of a last name, but….”

Lee interrupted Dave. “That is a wonderful idea, no buts, you two as I said before deserve this little boy. You deserve this happiness.”


The day of the adoption hearing was quickly approaching; Dave and Leroy couldn’t wait until Jason was officially theirs. Dave took the weekend and week off to spend with the both of them. He decided, he would surprise Leroy and Jason with a mini vacation. To help ease some of their nerves, just for the weekend.

Dave booked a hotel waterpark resort, so Jason could run around and play and he knew Leroy would have fun too. He didn’t even tell Leroy where they were going. Dave packed everything while Leroy was gone to his appointment with Doctor Watts and put it in the car. When Leroy came home Dave just told him to get into the car and Leroy looked at him.

“What’s going on?” Leroy asked.

“Leroy, be a good Marine for the weekend and follow orders, just get in the damn car.” Lee smiled when he heard Dave order Leroy.

“Yes Sir.” Leroy smirked, snapped to attention, throw a laughing Jason up over his shoulder, walked out, buckled Jason up and got in himself.

“We will be home sometime Monday, I left the information on the counter.”

“Go have some fun.” Lee responded.

Dave leaned over after getting in and kissed Leroy. Leroy smiled, “Permission to speak freely, Sir.”

Dave laughed and responded. “Yes.”

“What are we doing?”

“We are taking a mini family vacation Leroy, we will be home Monday afternoon.”

“Okay, where are we going?”

“Leroy, you will see when we get there.”

Dave drove to the resort, which wasn’t far, just a little over an hour away. When they arrived they went up to their room and changed for the waterpark. They took Jason in the river section of the park and they floated around for a bit. When they floated by a section with a lot of little kids playing with jet powered water fountains he wanted to get out and play in them.

Dave lifted him out and Leroy took him over, Dave walked over and sat down in a chair and just watched them from a distance and smiled. He would watch Jason put his foot over a hole in the ground where water had just been shooting out of. When it would start again it would spook him and he would start laughing, which would make Leroy laugh with him.

When they finally decided to call it an evening it was way pass time to feed everyone. Jason was getting whiny, they decided it would just be better to run out and grab something from a fast food place than to have Jason wait for something which would be healthier for him. They decided they will have to watch their time better Saturday and Sunday to make sure they stop and have a proper lunch and dinner.

The weekend was wonderful, Dave had more fun watching Jason and Leroy then he did in the pools with them. When he could he took pictures, as did Leroy when he would rest and let Dave take over for a bit.

When they arrived home Monday, they actually had a very tired out child. As soon as Leroy walked through the door with Jason, Jason walked not ran over to Lee, called him Papa and climbed up in his lap.

“He is a little tired Dad.” Dave responded.

“I can see that.” Lee looked down at his grandson. “Do you want Papa to read to you?” Jason just snuggled in closer to Lee and closed his eyes. “I guess not.” Lee laughed softly. “I take it you had a nice time.”

“Yes a wonderful time.” Leroy responded as he hugged Dave from behind.


Dave and Leroy walked out of the courtroom with Jason swinging between them in their arms smiling. Everyone was asked to wait outside because it was a small courtroom and there were just too many between Dave and Leroy’s families. Jason was officially theirs, there were no more hoops to jump through. They could finally take him home and not have to worry he could be taken away. He will now and forever be known as Jason Lee Standish-Ayers.

When they walked out, everyone cheered, everyone had taken the day off and there was a party planned to take place at Allison home. Lee pushed past everyone and hugged Leroy, “I’m proud of you son.” He looked over at Dave and held out his hand to him because he was holding Jason. “You two deserve happiness, you deserve Jason and I’m glad you were able to adopt him today.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Both Dave and Leroy said at the same time.

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From Friends to Lovers Ch. 30

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When Talia and I reappeared at the campsite the next morning, the others were already up and about. Beth spotted me first, wrapping me in her arms. “OK?”


I kissed her, and she looked curious. “Mm, something sweet.”

I grinned. “You’ll have to ask Talia about that.”

Beth gave me a knowing look. “Oh, I think you can count on it. Want breakfast?”

“Please – and coffee if there’s any left.”

Talia smiled. “So, I have some other matters to attend to, but perhaps later it would be possible to travel back with you? You already know much of what is important about this planet, and I think the next part of our work can more easily be done on your world.”

“Of course,” I reassured her. I did a quick calculation in my head. “If you return at nightfall, it’ll be evening too at home.”

Talia raised her hand in farewell, shimmering and fading. “Till then,” her words lingered in the air.

Marie glanced at me. “I’ll send a message capsule, let them know to expect us.”

She chuckled. “After all, the envoy of an alien race probably ought to have some kind of welcoming committee, no?”

We spent the day gathering as much information from the instruments as we could, then packing them up carefully. Over lunch Beth gently quizzed me about my time with Talia, and I saw her growing look of wonderment as I described our encounter. “I wonder how their other gender’s made, then? And whether -” her sensual shiver betrayed that her question was far from purely academic – “they could be with a human girl…”

She grinned. “But regardless of that, I’m sure Talia won’t make us wait too long to discover how things work between us, too. That sweetness…”

“Earth calling Beth,” I teased, echoing one of her favourite phrases. “Come on, let’s finish clearing all this up.”

Talia reappeared as promised as the reddish sun was setting, and we made our way back up the hill to where the portal was still shimmering. This time I was first, Beth and Sarah behind me, and I turned on the arrival ramp to see Marie emerging from the portal with Talia.

Marie stepped off the platform, speaking to the technicians, and after a few seconds the surface of the portal collapsed, dispersed.

The Vice-Chancellor had returned to welcome us back, and he looked distinctly overwhelmed by Talia. “Ah, welcome, Madame Ambassador, er…”

She took pity on him. “Thank you. It will be my privilege to serve our peoples in whatever way I can.”

Marie came to the rescue. “It’s fine, Bertie. We can introduce Talia to the press at the next briefing – in the meantime, she’s coming with us, and we’ll keep you informed.”

Talia looked around curiously as Marie drove us home from the lab. “Much has changed on your world.”

I made a mental note to ask her what she already knew of Earth, and after a few more minutes we arrived at the house. “First order of business, hot showers,” said Beth determinedly. “Tim, why don’t you go with Marie, and Sarah and I will look after Talia in the en suite.”

Marie grinned at me. “Well, I do need someone to wash my back.”

She hd porno and I were the first to return to the kitchen, feeling very much fresher, and after what seemed a long time the girls reappeared with Talia. I blinked, recognising one of Beth’s dresses, and a knowing smile from Beth brought up all sorts of questions, none of which were likely to get an immediate answer – had the girls introduced her to their most intimate items of clothing, had they taken the opportunity to become more familiar with her body as they got clean, or afterwards…

Beth was shaking her head, smiling. “I don’t need Talia’s telepathic skills to read you like a book. To answer your questions – yes of course, absolutely, and later.”

My jaw dropped, and would have dropped again if that had been physically possible as all three of them collapsed into a fit of giggles. Finally Talia caught her breath. “It feels so good to relax – I know we have a lot to do, but I can’t tell you how much it means to be with you all as a family.”

I nodded. “We should definitely have our evening meal soon – Talia, is there anything you don’t eat?”

She shook her head. “Our diet is very different to yours, but I’m determined to at least try everything – I’ll say if something really doesn’t work for me.”

Dinner was simple, fish fingers and chips, and Talia nodded as she squeezed more ketchup onto her plate. “It’s good.”

We finished our meal, and I glanced at my watch. “My body has no idea what time it thinks it is, but probably a good idea if we turn in soon.”

Marie covered a yawn. “I’m struggling to keep my eyes open, actually – we might as well stick to calling it jetlag.”

She leaned over to kiss Talia. “We can get better acquainted another time, can’t we.”

Marie headed upstairs, the door of her room closing, and Beth grinned at me. “Let’s go up, and you can get the answers to those questions you had.”

When we reached the bedroom, the girls quickly undressed and climbed on the bed, arms around each other, watching Talia turn to face me with a smile. “Now you can discover all of what your companions chose for me to wear.”

She reached back to lower the zip of her dress, letting it slide from her shoulders and stepping carefully aside. Underneath she wore one of Beth’s short silk camisoles, her nipples already visible through the thin material, and a sheer thong. I wondered fleetingly how different the sensation would be for her if I were to tug at the thong, the narrow strip of silk pressing into her soft valley…

Talia stood patiently, as though time was of no consequence, but Beth cleared her throat, raising one eyebrow. “We were hoping you’d bring her over here before too long.”

I took Talia’s hand, drawing her toward the bed, and she knelt gracefully by Beth’s feet. I joined her, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind and kissing her hair. “We didn’t really explore very much in the shower,” Beth confessed.

She reached out to caress Talia gently. “But you have beautiful breasts…”

Sarah too extended hesitant fingers to stroke softly, and Talia closed her eyes, sex izle breathing in. “Mm, that feels lovely.”

I caressed her bottom with my hand, suddenly curious to know how else Talia differed. As if reading my mind, she moved her thighs a little apart, and I slid my hand between them, fingers stroking her through already-dampening silk. “Oh, take it off,” she breathed.

I slid the thong down, off, but before I could return to my exploration, Beth’s hand drifted lower, over Talia’s stomach, her fingers touching the edge of the golden fur between Talia’s thighs. Beth’s face held a wordless question, getting a nod in response. Beth’s fingertips moved lower again, and I saw her eyes widen as she encountered the top of Talia’s inviting valley. “Oh…”

Talia closed her eyes, her expression blissful, as Beth’s fingers explored. After a few moments Beth brought her fingertips to her tongue, tasting. “Mm, Tim, you must have loved burying your mouth there…”

Beth offered her fingertips to Sarah, and Sarah took them into her mouth, seeming to shock herself with her own boldness as she sucked them. “Mm…”

Beth gave a shiver of pleasure. “I almost can’t decide what ought to come next – I can’t wait to see what it looks like, Talia, with Tim in you there, just a spurt of his stuff spilling on to your stomach as he reaches the top of your valley while he’s coming…”

Talia breathed in as she imagined. “Oh, yes… But something first, Beth. I want to feel how you’re different, too.”

In response, Beth parted her thighs, revealing the already-wet opening that to me was deliciously familiar, but to Talia must be as enticingly alien as I’d found her. Talia moved a little closer, watching Beth’s face as she reached out to explore with her fingertips. “Go inside,” breathed Beth, and Talia’s expression betrayed mingled shock and curiosity. She slid her fingers further in, watching them as though uncertain whether they would ever reappear.

“Mm,” Beth responded quietly. “Talia… perhaps Tim said, we’re not as sensitive there as you, but there is one place you still need to discover.”

Beth reached down, using her fingers to spread the edges of her soft lips even wider. “Do you see…?”

“Oh…” breathed Talia. “Should I…?” she asked as she bent closer, Beth’s gasp of pleasure answering her question as Talia’s tonguetip brushed her hard nub.

Talia’s expression became more daring. “And if I -“

She suckled gently on Beth’s nub, and Beth cried out softly, flexing her hips. “Oh, god, Tali, yes.”

I threw a smiling glance at Sarah. “I think it’s time we helped a little.”

Sarah bent to Beth’s breast, and I followed suit, both of us doing what we knew Beth would appreciate most, softly suckling, then ever so gently pressing nipples with teeth. Beth’s breathing quickened, and she managed to gasp out, “Oh, Tali, harder with your fingers, it’s OK.”

Talia pressed more insistently inside her, lips and tongue still varying their touch on Beth’s nub, and Beth gasped softly once, then again, before her back arched and she cried out incoherently. “Ohh…”

Talia’s altyazılı porn face showed surprise and wonder as Beth’s enclosing softness rippled, squeezing her fingers. “That must feel incredible when you’re inside her,” she whispered to me.

Finally Beth was spent, gasping, and I moved to stroke her hair while Talia embraced her from one side, Sarah from the other. “Now you know all our secrets,” murmured Beth.

“Not quite,” Talia shook her head, smiling. “Tim may think he guards his thoughts, but some of his imaginings are of other things I’m looking forward to sharing with you…”

I glanced at Sarah, her face clearly betraying her own arousal. “Maybe now would be a good time to let Talia see one more way for us to share…”

She breathed in, lying back against the pillow, opening her thighs to me. “If you’re careful, she’ll see just how much you enjoy what she said – when we both get there at the same time, and I’m rippling around you while you spurt your stuff…”


Marie found us the next day still sleeping, Beth’s arms encircling Talia, Sarah and I entangled in each other’s limbs. “Come on, lazies,” she grinned. “Aren’t we supposed to be saving the universe or something?”

Talia sat up, rubbing her eyes, her golden hair forming a halo around her face. “Mm. Could we have some of your, what is it, coffee? Then we should begin.”

“Better than that,” I chuckled, kissing Sarah as I reluctantly pulled away from her arms. “A decent breakfast will set us up for the day.”

By the time they all joined me in the kitchen, bacon was sizzling, and Marie poured coffee while I filled plates. “Tuck in.”

“We can set the conservatory up as a bit of a ‘war room’,” suggested Beth. “We still have that big decorating table if we need to spread papers out, things like that.”

When we’d finished eating, we rearranged the conservatory, putting the table and a whiteboard at the front. “I’m not sure how much help I’m going to be,” Sarah frowned. “Physics, and ancient languages, and all that.”

“Nonsense,” I reassured her. “Don’t forget it was you that pointed out what I needed to do to that last equation.”

I turned to Talia. “So, do you want to get us up to speed?”

She nodded. “As you’ve seen, your world had an outpost in the Magellanic Cloud. If you read the texts from ancient Sumer correctly -” I saw Marie chuckling to herself, obviously anticipating Professor Gray’s reaction to being corrected by an apparently young woman – “you’ll see that the Sumerians became involved in a battle with the Magellans which eventually engulfed your entire Solar System.”

For a moment her face turned grim. “It resulted in the destruction of what was then your fifth planet. You call the consequences of that the asteroid belt. Millions of lives were lost.”

As if by some unspoken agreement, we were silent for long moments in recognition of the tragedy, then Talia spoke again. “The Magellan force was eventually destroyed, using a weapon so terrible that it has been outlawed. The outpost was abandoned, the portal closed, and history overtook Sumer so that the technology was lost. Only now have you regained it, and I was sent to give you knowledge of all this.”

Talia’s words had an ominous ring. “The Magellans are still out there, and they may respond to a new incursion from Earth.”

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For the First Erotic Scene

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It was the third week of production and Catherine McNamara spent the later part of the night reviewing the storyboard in her hotel room, sorting out minor details for the next day of filming.

The budget for this movie was capped at $30 million, making it the most costly production in her career as a director, and the pressure was on. Even more daunting, this was her first horror movie and the studio expected it to be able to compete with all the other upcoming films of the same genre.

So Catherine was left with no choice but to be bold and creative in order to differentiate her product. It was a challenge she was up for.

Right when she figured out the details on how to film key scenes for tomorrow, there was a stop to her thought process. Her phone buzzed and the icon on the screen showed the face of a youthful and attractive latina woman; her starlet for this feature.

Alejandra had texted: ‘Cath, do you have a minute? i know you’re still awake in there’

Catherine texted back ‘How??? hmmm???’

‘standing outside your door… i can hear the tv in background.’

Staying in that old hotel was necessary for shooting certain scenes they’d need. But as an unintended consequence, there was less privacy it seemed. Or as she’d later find out, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing…

Catherine turned the tv off, put her notes aside, and hopped out of bed to check her appearance. She was in a small tshirt and sweatpants. Given the time of night, she was braless, so she slipped on a thin sweater to make sure that her nipples didn’t poke through.

When she opened her door, there was Alejandra, dressed in slim fitted jean pants, sneakers, and a small striped tshirt. The actress leaned one arm against the door frame in a cool manner, with a sly smile on her face. Her brown skin looked sexy against the blonde streaks dyed in her hair. And although her limbs were rather skinny, she had curves in all the right spots.

An effortless beauty.

“Like I said,” Alejandra winked. “I knew you were awake.”

“I’m always awake, Ally. What can I do for you?”

“If you have some time, I’d love to talk about some of tomorrow’s scenes. I’m feeling a little insecure about some of the new script changes.”

Catherine nodded understandably. “A sit down in my overstuffed hotel room kind of chat? Or a drink at the cafe in the lobby?”

Alejandra took a peek inside the hotel room. As described, it was overstuffed with storyboards, papers, and production devices scattered around.

“Hmmm… I think a chat like this requires a little more intimacy. How about a rooftop meeting?”

“You can get us on the hotel rooftop?” Catherine asked curiously.

“I can get us anywhere.”

“Nice. Let me find my room key first.”

Catherine grabbed the key card, slipped on something for her feet, and headed out the door.


They went to the rooftop of the hotel and the view was gorgeous. It overlooked the city on the warm night and they stared with her forearms leaning on the brick counter.

It was their first time working on a movie together. Already they had the kind of chemistry where they could stand there and listen to the sounds of the city without there being any awkwardness at all.

Finally, Catherine spoke first. “What did you want to see me about?”

“I think you know…” Alejandra’s seductive voice lingered.

Of course Catherine knew. The script (along with all the last minute changes) she wrote was bold, risque, and above all else, sexual. Erotic horror is a niche genre in the industry, but the studio had faith in it given the talent and star power of everyone involved.

“Okay, I think I’d be fine with small changes. Nothing major. We can negotiate.”

“I’m not looking to change the new material,” Alejandra replied.

“Then? Is there too much nudity for you?”

“Honesty, the sexual stuff I’m okay with. It’s just that I’m afraid I might look like a goofball doing the demonic position stuff.”

Catherine thought about this for a moment. “How so?”

“Well, showing my tits is one thing. I can live with that. I have a spectacular pair of small tits, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Ally, everyone knows that you have spectacular tits.”

Alejandra laughed. The most the public had seen of her body were a few brief scenes of her luscious butt, and a side view of her left breast and nipple in a previous movie. There was also a nip slip the paparazzi caught of her on the beach, which made its way around the internet.

“All I’m saying is, it might look weird,” the actress said. “I did a rehearsal this evening in my hotel room, with my hair stylist watching.”

Catherine raised an eyebrow. “The orgasm scene.”

“Yep, exactly how you described in the new script edits. I mean, I did all of it. I acted possessed, I rolled around in bed, everything. Now that part was fine. She gave me rave reviews for it. I still made it look sexy when I pulled my top and exposed my breasts. But when it came to the orgasm part, she couldn’t keep a straight face. In fact, she was cracking up, türkçe altyazılı porno which made me laugh in return.”

“Well, why do you think that is? It seems like a perfectly doable scene the way I imagined it.”

“Some of the details were a bit awkward,” Alejandra noted. “I mean, my legs were spread underneath the blanket, my tits were out, and both hands clasped onto the bed sheet. That part looked good. And I must say, the demonic possession face, I totally nailed that. But to do all of that, and have an orgasm at the same time because of whatever is possessing me?”

Catherine gave a half shrug. “Point taken, but I still think the scene is doable. We just need to work at it.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think the scene can be done. I was hoping you’d give me some acting advice or something, before I make a fool of myself on set. You know how embarrassed I can get if I do a horrible take.”

“You’re a great actress. You really are.”

Alejandra blushed. “I feel the same about you. So, Ms. Actress-Director, got any tips you can share with your starlet?”

The comment made Catherine feel proud. She had come from a long line of Broadway actors, and had several rave reviews of her own (both as a stage actress and a writer), before becoming a full time film director. It was nice being acknowledged and remembered, especially from someone in Alejandra’s generation.

“First off, I’ve done nude work before,” Catherine said proudly, yet in a secretive tone. “It was about, maybe 7 or 8 years ago, for a stage production. I bared myself for a brief scene in front of hundreds of people every night. So I know what it’s like as a woman taking off her clothes for the sake of art. I would never ask any of my actors to do something I’d never do myself.”

“I know. I did my homework. And possibly a little firsthand insight.”

There was a sly smile on Alejandra’s face, which made Catherine squint her eyes in wonder.

“Were you there?” Catherine asked.

Alejandra nodded. “My drama coach in high school used to rave about your work after he saw your previous production. He loved your acting and writing. Anyway, when I turned 18, I begged my parents to buy me two tickets to your latest show. I begged for months. My parents are immigrants and they barely spoke English at the time, so they thought I was crazy for paying all that money for Broadway tickets, when I can just watch tv at home for free.”

“And when you purchased the tickets with their money, did you agree with your parents that you were indeed crazy? Surely there are much much better things for an 18 year old girl to spend her money on.”

“Nope,” Alejandra shook her head and smiled. “After I took my best friend to go see your show, I was mesmerized. I mean, I was hooked. Back in high school, I thought I was the shit when it came to acting. When I saw you, I realized I was just shit. I was nothing. So I stereotypically got a part time job as a waitress at my dad’s Cuban restaurant, and I took professional acting classes late at night.”

Catherine smiled proudly. “And 8 years later, here you are.”

“Under your tutelage,” Alejandra added.

“You know, suddenly I feel embarrassed.”

Alejandra seductively bit her lower lip. “Why? Because I saw you masturbating on stage?”

“That, and you probably caught a glimpse of my breasts for that particular show.”

“Not a glimpse. Your boobs were on full display.”

“Ahh, well you got your money’s worth that night,” Catherine joked.

Alejandra winked. “I certainly did.”

As a woman who interacts with countless people on a regular basis, Catherine knew when someone was coming on to her, and this was it. But work was work. And there were important matters on hand, so she brushed it off.

“There are a few tips I can give,” Catherine said.

“Sure, anything would be great.”

“Some are a bit… unorthodox, shall we say.”

“Unorthodox is my style,” Alejandra smiled. “Let’s hear it.”

“When doing a nude scene, I always try to keep calm by telling myself that it’s all for the sake of art. Every night, before I went on that stage, I thought about how beautiful the story was, and how necessary the scene was to that story. I’ve always thought of myself as an artist, as pretentious as that sounds.”

“That’s actually what I admire about you. I want to mature into a serious artist someday, much like yourself.”

Catherine was flattered and didn’t bother hiding it. “Thanks. That’s sweet. Which leads us into more of a method acting mindset.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere.”

“When I got nude and masturbated on stage, on the bed, underneath a bed sheet, it was because my character had an intense desire. So as an actress, I embraced that. I’ve never been an exhibitionist in my real life, but I became one for that part. I stopped looking at stage nudity as something scary, and instead saw it as something thrilling. I imagined the audience desiring my body, my breasts, and my masturbation in all its glory. It always got me psyched up.”

Alejandra xnxx licked her lips. “Did it work?”

“There were a couple times where, if the scene had gone longer, I would have cum and made a mess of the sheets.”

Alejandra’s eyes lit up. “The behind the scenes secrets. Very nice.”

“It was. I learned a lot about myself from that performance. More importantly, I learned a lot about the craft of acting, writing, and directing. And about audiences. It was a pivotal moment for me.”

“Did it change your sexuality at all?” Alejandra asked.

“As in, did it make me more deviant?”

Alejandra nodded.

“You’ll find out after you do the nude scene tomorrow,” Catherine replied coyly. “I suppose doing a nude scene is different from person to person.”

“Thank you. I love your tips and I’ll take them to heart.”

“It’s a big scene tomorrow,” Catherine said. “A pivotal scene, in fact, so I want you as comfortable as possible. We’ve got to be on top of our game.”

“Exactly. Is there anything else? I know you’re holding out on me.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I was there, remember?” Alejandra said suggestively. “I saw you perform that scene on stage. As a woman, I knew there was no faking that. The way your body moved. The look on your face. Those gasps. It was real. And I want to know your secret.”

Catherine looked like a woman who was caught. “To be honest, I cheated a little bit.”

“How so?” Alejandra inquired.

Catherine was blunt. “I used a small vibrator underneath the bed sheet.”

“Oh my. How naughty. How smart.”

“I know, right? The director thought it was a cool idea, as long as the vibrator was quiet enough. Now keep in mind, Broadway shows are very low budget, so it wasn’t like I had an assistant or anything. I had to go to the seedy part of the city to a sex shop and buy one. I had a long conversation with the cashier, an awkward dorky guy in his early 20’s, about which vibrators are the most silent. He even let me test a few of them.”

“You tested vibrators in front of him?” Alejandra asked curiously.

“Just the sound, Ally. Just the sound. Although at that stage in my career, I would have probably used it in front of him if he would have bought the vibrator for me. But that’s a different story.”

They both laughed.

“A vibrator, huh?” Alejandra remarked. “Do you think we can pull that off on set tomorrow?”

“You mean you’re crazy enough to try it?”

“I only learn from the best. According to my old drama coach, you’re a woman to learn from.”

“I’m flattered.”

“But seriously, could we pull that off?” Alejandra asked again. “It sounds like a great way for me to, you know, look like I’m in pleasure, even with my hands clasping on the sheets. It would look so realistic.”

“Are you sure you’d be willing to do that?”

“Yep. I love your script and all the scenes we’ve shot so far. I can’t ruin this movie with any sort of bad acting.”

Catherine agreed. “You raise a compelling point. Are you sure though?”

“Whatever you can do, I can do.”

“In that case, we can do it discreetly.”

“Which begs the question,” Alejandra said. “Do you think we can get a vibrator by tomorrow? The shoot is at 8 am right?”

“Yes. And we can’t switch the time slot either because we have to leave the hotel by the afternoon. The schedule is tight.”

“Bummer. It would have made a practical acting tool. Oh well, I’ll keep on rehearsing that, and hopefully we nail that scene tomorrow.”

“Unless…” Catherine’s voice trailed off.


Catherine sighed. “This is going to sound crazy, and I’m going to regret even bringing this up. In fact, I regret this already.”

“Let me guess,” Alejandra said with a wicked expression.

“Go ahead.”

“You have a vibrator in your room.”

“How did you know?” Catherine asked.

“You seemed shy all of a sudden. And people are shy about their masturbation habits. Plus you seem like a woman who travels with a vibrator– no offense. With your daily workload, I can’t blame you.”

“Well, it’s about to come in handy. That is, if you’re interested in using mine for tomorrow morning. The thought of sharing a vibrator seems kind of gross, but somehow, I doubt you’d mind.”

Alejandra smiled. “Not at all. I’d be honored to use your vibrator. We’ll be sharing spiritual energy that way.”

“Was that a joke?”

“Nope. As a yoga practitioner, I study the importance of energy flow.”

Catherine playfully scoffed. “What have I done? It’s not too late to change strategy, is there? Surely there’s a better way.”

“Ms. McNamara, the decision has already been made. As an acclaimed director, your instincts must be trusted and followed. As your student and actress, it is my obligation to follow your orders, or risk the fate of becoming the worst actress this world has ever seen. That’s not something we can risk, can we?”

“Since you put it like that,” Catherine played along. “No, we can’t risk that. Our reputations are on the line and you must orgasm porno izle like never before. Only the most dedicated of actresses can pull off such a complex scene.”

Alejandra held out her arm. “Shall we?”

“I suppose we shall.”

They locked arms and headed towards the stairway.


Once they returned to Catherine’s messy room, the mood between them had changed. They were like two women who came back from a night of drinks and the party was still ongoing. The notion of retrieving a vibrator gave them a weirdly festive vibe.

The mood toned down once they both kneeled in front of Catherine’s luggage, which was laying on the ground, ready to be opened.

“I still feel like an idiot for suggesting this,” Catherine said.

“You have a device which gives convenient orgasms, and you’re sharing it with your friend, for the sake of your multi-million dollar soon-to-be-hit film. That makes you a genius.”

Catherine couldn’t help but see the logic in that. “Interesting point.”

She opened her luggage and they were like two pirates opening a treasure chest. But instead of gold, all they saw were stacks of neatly folded clothes. Catherine pulled her clothes aside to reveal a small container, which had the real treasure they were looking for.

There were two vibrators inside. One was a pink 6 inch device. The other was about 3 inches, silver color, and there was a small remote control next to it.

“I’m assuming we’re using that one.” Alejandra smiled and pointed to the small vibrator. “Compact and tidy.”

“Most of all, silent enough for discretion.”

“This will be our secret.”

“Perfect,” Catherine agreed. “For a moment I was worried that you’d want to be open about this. In which case, people will wonder where you got that vibrator and things would lead back to me.”

“First of all, if anyone found out, I’ll just say that it’s mine. Secondly, I don’t want anyone knowing either. God, can you imagine the headlines? I’ll constantly be questioned about it.”

“So will I. I don’t want my film sets to have a reputation for using real sex acts. People will say I’m a pornographer.”

Alejandra gave a playful ‘are you kidding me?’ look. “Your last film was pretty sexy. And by that I mean, when I saw it in the movie theater, I heard guys adjusting their pants and women crossing their legs.”

“That was all in the name of art,” Catherine blushed. “Fine art. I like showing the reality of life in each performance piece.”

“Just like your old theater performances,” Alejandra smirked.

Catherine blushed a little harder. “You just couldn’t resist, could you?”

“I’m a bad girl. Sometimes I can’t help myself.”

“A lot of my work has been pretty raunchy. Sure. But I’m proud of everything I’ve done. Including my work on stage.”

“And I’m proud of what it made me do later that night.”

They both laughed in amusement.

Catherine squinted her eyes at the joke. “You’re kidding? Right?”


“So you… enjoyed my performance later on?”

Alejandra nodded proudly. “What can I say? I was 18 and curious. Seeing you on stage really triggered something inside me and I couldn’t wait to get home to, you know, contemplate what I saw.”

There was no shame whatsoever when Alejandra had admitted masturbating to the stage performance, and it was the first time anyone had ever told this to Catherine’s face. Was this supposed to be a compliment? If so, society is certainly evolving and people are a lot more open. Catherine tried not to be a prude about it.

“I’m flattered,” Catherine said, trying to sound unfazed by it. “But couldn’t you have found another star of your late night… whatever …”


“You know why.”

“In my opinion, you’re severely underrated as a sex bomb,” Alejandra stated as a matter of fact. “I know you like to be taken seriously, but come on Cath, you’re hot. You were hot then, and you’re hot now. You’ll always be hot.”

“I’m almost 39.”

“The perfect age, some would say.”

Catherine raised an eyebrow. “What would you say?”

“I’d say that rehearsal is a good idea to make sure we know what we’re doing. And since this is your vibrator, we better try this now, under your supervision. It’s better to fix the kinks now than embarrass myself later on set.”

As a director, how could Catherine ever refuse an actress who needed her guidance for a big scene?

“Okay,” Catherine said. “How about you step into the bathroom to change? I’ll arrange the bed. And when you’re ready and in-character, we’ll begin.”

“That’s a plan. I’ll be back.”

Alejandra went to the bathroom and Catherine wondered if this was really happening. She watched her actress walk with a strut. There was an air of excitement as the impromptu rehearsal was about to begin.

She went to her bed and moved away all the papers and electronics on it. For a moment, she imagined herself laying on the soft sheets alongside Alejandra. What a nice feeling that must be, but she shook it off. There was work to be done.

After fixing the bed and making the sheets nice and neat, Alejandra stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a tshirt and panties. She had no issue showing off her slender legs, which were nicely curved around the hips. And it was also clear that she was braless too, as the scene had called for.

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Free Birds Ch. 05

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EMILY’S STORY – part 3

Okay, it’s me, Emily Sterling, and my story has gotten out of hand here. This is part 3, and you still don’t know why I’m miserable. So, I’m going to wrap this up, and the ‘Free Birds’ story can move on.

In the first two parts, you know I talked about my ‘initiation’ into my high school basketball team, AND I discovered a world of sex besides that I was having with my twin sister Kira – more on her later in this story.

About one month or so after the team initiated me, after the season was underway, and I’d even gotten into two games (yay! – although they were blowout wins for me to get put in the game by Coach Maria), Coach called me into her office after practice. She said that there were a couple of things that she wanted to go over with me, kind of a mid-season evaluation.

Coach Maria was about 30 years old, cute, with medium length brown hair, brown eyes, a cute ass and 34A breasts, and about 5′ 9″ tall. I didn’t know much about her personal life, but I thought that she was a great coach, and she was respected by everybody. Anyway, she had me sit by her desk in a chair next to hers. She had an evaluation sheet, and she went over the areas that she thought I was strong in and where I could improve. But I really appreciated that she told me HOW I could improve in those areas. That’s one of the things that made her such a great coach.

There was a knock at her office door, which surprised me because I thought that all the other players had left. Coach Maria got up and opened the door, and there was a young woman of about 25 there, really cute, and very, very pregnant. She was pretty short, maybe 5′ even, blonde hair, long and down on her shoulders, and enormous breasts, but I guess that’s not surprising considering she was pregnant. They hugged, and then, surprisingly, they kissed. Not a peck on the cheek type kiss, I mean a full bore, tongue in her mouth, ‘Emily and Kira alone in bed together at 2 AM’ type kissing. I felt a tingle in my little pussy at seeing this, and wondered what was going on.

Coach ushered the woman in, and had her sit down in a chair with arms on it. She was wearing a maternity skirt and blouse, nothing too colorful, kind of beige all over. She plopped down with a sigh, looked at me, and smiled a friendly smile. “Hi, I’m Nicole,” she said, extending her hand to me, and so I shook it.

“Nicole’s my wife,” Coach Maria said, and my jaw DROPPED! Before I could say anything (which I guarantee would have ended up embarrassing me), Coach said, “Yeah, Emily, I’m a lesbian, and I’m married to another woman, which is what pretty much all lesbian women would do if they had someone they loved very much, and if they were allowed to get married to that person.”

Of course, I rushed in to say something dumb. “Are you allowed to marry another woman?”

“Well, no, under the law we can’t right now, but the pastor of our church is open-minded and realistic, and he married us ‘under God,’ so as far as we’re concerned, we’re married. In order to have something like marriage in the eyes of the law, we’ve had to legally put everything in both names, like our mortgage, and cars, and all that. Frankly, it’s a pain in the ass, but it’s the only option available to us, at least until the law changes. And Emily, I’m trusting you to keep this to yourself, the school doesn’t know, and might fire me if they found out for sure.”

I said, “It’s my secret Coach. I’ll never tell.” Coach and Nicole smiled at me.

“And as you can see, Nicole is pregnant. She was impregnated by a male donor friend of ours, and we’re so excited about starting this part of our family.” I thought about asking about that, but fortunately I recognized that there was no way I could venture into the impregnation thing without REALLY looking like an idiot. But, I thought about what a wonderful idea it was, for two women who loved each other to get married, and live happily together. A thought began percolating in the back of my head, and it would ultimately lead to my own misery.

“If you don’t mind, Emily, Nicole came to see me, we’re going out to dinner after I finish up here,” Coach said.

“No, it’s fine,” I said, looking Nicole up and down. She was very lovely, and probably the pregnancy was a big part of that. She had a lovely glow all in her face, and I thought that her pregnant body was just about the most attractive thing I’d ever seen in a woman. Of course, I’d seen other pregnant women before, but never a pregnant lesbian, and I thought it was charming, and kind of exciting to me.

Nicole looked back at me just as intently, her dark eyes pulling me in. In a soft voice she said, “You’re quite attractive Emily. You must have tons of boys after you….”

“Um, no, I’m not really interested in them,” I said.

“Emily was initiated by the other girls on the team a month ago,” Coach Maria told Nicole. “From what they’ve told me, she was very happy to be initiated.” She looked at me frankly, and I blushed. I had porno indir never been sure what Coach knew of my initiation, and I figured it was a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ kind of situation.

Nicole said, “Really…do you have any special….friends?” I knew what she meant. I didn’t have any girlfriends, other than my sister Kira. We were fucking like mad, every chance we got, which was pretty much every night, but there was no way I could tell my Coach or Coach’s, uh, wife, that I was enthusiastically fucking my own sister.

“Uh, no,” I said, looking down. Nicole leaned forward, and took my hands in hers. Her hands were warm and strong.

“Would you mind helping me out, Emily?” she said, in an even softer voice.

“What can I do?” I asked.

“We’re in the last month of the pregnancy, Emily, and that time puts a lot of stress on the mother-to-be. Our obstetrician tells us there’s a couple of things we should do, to relieve discomfort, but I always need a partner. Maria usually takes care of it, but some variation would help, and frankly, make it a little more exciting for us both. And you, if you’re interested.”

“I’ll do anything to help,” I said.

“Well, it involves you jilling Nicole, to tell the truth,” Maria said.

“‘Jilling?'” I said.

“Um, playing with her, to help her have an orgasm. It relieves the pressure on her uterus, and also stimulates her breasts. Would you be interested?”

“It sounds very exciting,” I said. “If it would help, yes, I would!”

“Good,” Maria said. She had me move my chair next to Nicole’s, so that we were sitting side by side. Nicole looked at me lovingly, and gently took my hand, bringing it between her legs, under her skirt and the bulge of her stomach. It was warm and damp there, and I loved the feel of her pussy through the thin fabric of her cotton panties.

“Do you know how….” Maria began, and Nicole interjected, “Oh yeah, she knows!” as my fingers, long used to the touch of a wet pussy under them, whether mine or Kira’s, had automatically begun tracing the outline of Nicole’s swollen labia, and her already prominent clit. She was quite wet, as the soaked condition of her panties already testified.

“Oh, that’s SO good, Emily,” Nicole sighed as I stroked and caressed her. She slouched down a little in the chair, bringing her pussy to the edge of the seat. I slipped my fingers through the leg hole of her panties , and quickly found her slippery slit. “Oh, God!” Nicole exclaimed, as I slipped my finger inside her. I’m afraid at that point, we all kinda lost control.

I got out of the chair, and knelt in front of Nicole, lifting up her skirt so that I could look at her panties, with the big wet spot, and her swollen pussy lips very pronounced through the fabric, showing a ‘cameltoe.’ Nicole held her skirt up so that I had my hands free, as she was very excited now, and open to what I might want to do. I put my fingers on the over-stressed waist band of her panties, and slipped them off her, Nicole lifting up her remarkably big bottom as best she could to allow me to strip her.

Her pussy was absolutely beautiful. It was an angry purple, all her parts swollen, I guess from the pregnancy and also from her excitement. I love a young girl’s delicate pink pussy and clit, but a real woman’s pussy is very thrilling and beautiful in its own way. I brought my face close to her, and I could smell Nicole’s sexual musk wafting up straight to my nose. Maria, behind me, lifted up my practice shirt, and pulled it over my head, off me, then she unhooked my bra, and I shrugged it off, so that I was topless in front of these two women. I looked up at Nicole, and she glanced at Maria, and she nodded imperceptibly, as I brought my mouth to her hot, wet, swollen, mother-to-be cunt, and began lapping her for all I was worth.

Her pussy was very tasty, different from a girl’s, I guess due to the pregnancy, but just as delicious. She was producing creamy clear liquid, almost faster than I could lick it up, but I loved the taste, and especially the thought that I had my tongue inside a pregnant woman’s vagina. My hands were on her hips, but Nicole took one of my hands, and placed it on her swollen belly, and the other hand on her enormous breasts. What a difference from a girl she was!

I felt something moving under my hand, and Nicole said, “Do you feel that, Emily? That’s the baby kicking!” I was thrilled to feel and be a part of such a primal component of womanhood, and I fell in love with that wonderful baby, and knew that I would want to be a mother some day, perhaps the way that Nicole and Maria had achieved it.

My other hand was on one of Nicole’s breasts, and her front was all wet. I stopped and glanced up – there were two big wet circles in her blouse where her nipples were. “Emily, Nicole is releasing milk, due to your stimulation of her,” Maria said. Wow!

I could only get Nicole to lift her legs a little so that I could suck on her clit, but rokettube fastened my lips on it and gently sucked her large pebble, causing Nicole to moan with pleasure. “Oh, that’s so nice, Emily, suck my clit, yeah! Put your finger inside me, fuck my little twat with your finger!” I jilled her with my fingers while I licked her, and groped around her boobs with my free hand.

Meanwhile, I felt Maria (I guess) pull down my gym shorts and panties, cool air hitting my naked, teen-aged girl’s ass. Her hands were all over my bottom, caressing my round, full butt, and my pussy tingled at the stimulation. Next I felt Maria caressing my clit, and I could already feel my lubrication running down the insides of my thighs.

Nicole soon came, and came, and came, tremors running through her thighs as jolts of pleasure arced from her clit to her brain, and back again. Her juices increased, and she actually gushed out some liquid onto my face, and into my mouth, some of which I drank, and some of which I wore. I looked up, and Nicole was unbuttoning her blouse, and unsnapping the cups of her bra, I guess it was made that way, and later they told me it was a nursing bra. Then she decided to just take it all off, the bra and her blouse. That was when I saw that she didn’t shave under her arms, and she had pretty big blonde bushes under each arm.

I could smell the odor of her perspiration and sex from under her arms, and I went wild with desire for her, and any other female who happened along while I was under the spell of her body perfume. I also decided that I would go without shaving that part of my body, something that my lovers ever since have said is their number one turn-on.

Her breasts spilled out, and they were really big (but I already said that, didn’t I), and her nipples were giant, too, kind of long and thick. There were little tiny white spots, each about the size of a pinhead, maybe twenty or so, on the tip of each nipple, and I learned that that’s how milk comes out.

“Would you like to taste my milk?” Nicole asked, smiling at me. Would I?

I nearly yelled, “Yes!” Meanwhile, I felt Maria pulling my shorts all the way off my legs, so that I was completely bare now, except for a pair of white gym socks. Maria spread my legs, and I raised myself up to bring my mouth to one of Nicole’s breasts, her nipple slipping into my mouth, warm and wet on my tongue. I felt Maria’s bush behind me, on my ass, and from my initiation, I knew that meant she was naked and rubbing her pussy against me. Well, her pussy, and a cock like Cindy had used, big and long, but instead of slipping it into my ass (thank God!), she slipped it inside my dripping pussy from behind.

I’d never been fucked in my pussy from behind, but it felt really great, especially when Maria brought her hand around front, between my legs, and started lightly pinching my clit. God, she was slamming that hard rubber thing deep inside my pussy, and her hot body pressing into my ass, then following it up with her fingers on my clit, and I came about a thousand times, the rubber dick pulling out gallons of my cream every time Maria pulled nearly out of me, teasing me before slamming back hard inside me.

Meanwhile, Nicole was helping teach me how to drink her milk, telling me to suck gently and for a long time, then kind of milking her breast with her hand and fingers, and I’d get a small gush of sweet tasting mother’s milk, right from the mother! Then she’d have me switch to the other breast, and I’d suck that. I fell in love with the whole idea of being a mother, then, how fulfilling it really is to do something that no man could ever really manage, and to care for another person when they couldn’t care for themself, and watch them grow, and develop feelings, and everything.

We were happy like that for a while, Maria fucking me ‘doggy-style’ (she called it), and me sucking on Nicole’s boobs. But eventually, we all had to slow down, and I knew I was going to miss the feel of Nicole’s nipples in my mouth, her milk gushing, and the feel of Maria’s big dick inside me. We kind of just wound down, and rested a while. Nicole put her hand under my chin, gently lifted my face up, and looking me in the eyes, said, “Was that good for you, honey? Is there anything you want?”

I nodded, stars in my eyes – Nicole was my new hero! “Yeah, I’d like to smell under your arms…” Nicole smiled, and said, “Yeah, Maria likes that too.” I got up and sniffed in her hot, wet, hairy armpits and the odor drove me crazy, so that I was licking her pits, and it was almost as good as licking a hairy cunt, which is pretty cool, too.

Then Nicole said, “I have to go pee, Emily. Would you help me get there?” I shook my head up and down. “Sure,” I said. I got out of Nicole’s way, and put on my gym shorts and jersey. Nicole kind of swayed her way up to a standing position, rocking from one side to the other, then headed for the private bathroom right off Maria’s office.

I led her in, then porno positioned her over the seat, and guided her in for a landing. I giggled, it was kind of like the space shuttle joining with a space station, her giant ass docking with the tiny toilet seat. Then Nicole said, “Because of my pregnancy, my pee sometimes shoots out between the seat and the toilet. Would you mind putting your hand there to keep it from spilling out?” Well, I had been thinking about how much fun pee was since the initiation the month before, and nodded happily.

I slipped my hand inside the toilet, right below seat level, between her legs, and Nicole let her hot pee jet out. I was fascinated watching the sparkling golden liquid that her body had produced, and the salty smell, like the ocean near our home, but somehow ‘hot’ smelling, the comforting feel of her hot liquid running over my hand and fingers, and finally, the hissing sound her peeing made, coming out of her body, and hitting my hand and water. I found the whole thing highly erotic, and I actually came once or twice from it, without even trying.

After she was done, I pulled my hand out from between her warm legs, my fingers dripping golden dew, and brought it to my nose, then mouth, tasting it tentatively. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” Nicole spoke up, stirring my reverie. “Maria and I like to play with each other’s pee sometimes, too.”

I felt a tingle in my clit at the thought of Nicole and Maria doing pee play with each other, maybe even drinking each other’s hot pee! The things I was learning! I hoped that maybe Kira and I could do it, too. We finished cleaning up, then I went and showered (by myself, unfortunately), and went home, after saying goodbye to Maria and Nicole, and telling them how much I’d enjoyed our time together. They promised to invite me to the baby’s christening, and I hoped that maybe we could play again sometime, too.

I hurried home, with lots to think about. Kira noticed my mood as soon as I stepped inside. She is so perceptive, and so perfect. I really love Kira. I grinned at her, and promised I’d tell her all about it when we were in bed. Kira knew what that meant, as we always saved our sex talk for bed, when we could be naked and alone together.

So, later that night, there we were in bed together. We like to start out slow and easy, both of us wearing nightgowns. We moved closer together, feeling each other’s body heat, until we were just an inch or two apart, our faces so close. We looked in each other’s eyes, by the moonlight streaming in through the window – it was so romantic! I started telling Kira about the events of the day, just as I had told her about my initiation.

And just as had happened with her that time, Kira started kissing my face while I talked, then kissed her way down my body, me talking all the while, getting her, and me, hot. We started side by side, then I lay flat on my back while Kira kissed her way down my body, through my nightgown, the story getting hotter and hotter, just like the two of us.

Kira went all the way down to my feet, then she started kissing ME, meaning my skin, not the dumb ol’ gown, first taking each of my toes in her mouth and sucking on them like they were each little cocks. She does that only sometimes, but she already had me cumming by then. Then she moved aside the front-opening gown just a little, and kissed up my legs, each side of my calves, and my shins. The most exciting thing is that, while she’s kissing me, she’s stripping me naked in slow motion, from a completely night gowned teenage girl, to a completely naked dripping slut, by the time she finishes.

Anyway, she slipped my nightgown off my thighs, and my little pussy was now exposed, but Kira took her time, kissing my lightly tanned thighs, both on the outside, then the fronts of my thighs, lots of little kisses, with a little tongue here and there. Then, pushing the nightgown to either side of my hips, kissing along my hipbone on both sides, teasing my pussy and clit, that she knew damn well were begging to be kissed and licked. But Kira’s a lot more patient than I am. She moved the nightgown off from over my navel, and at least she fucked my inny navel with her tongue, which felt good, but didn’t make me cum. I was getting more tightly wound with the teasing.

Just when I got to the breast sucking part of the story (remember, I’m telling the story with Nicole and Maria that I just told you), Kira moved the night gown off my breasts, my nipples standing erect, of course, begging to be sucked. So, Kira did, but gently, softly, not hard and hurty like I wanted her to, which just made me that much wetter and excited. God, she’s such a bitch when she plays with me!

By this time, at least my whole front is naked and ready to rocket off at the slightest touch. So Kira gets off the bed, takes off her night gown, and I could see that she was naked. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, and in the moonlight, she looked like a black and white photograph of the greatest model or actress or whatever you can think of that you think is most beautiful, and my heart ached at the sheer magnificence of my sister. She pirouetted for me, knowing my eyes were riveted to her fantastic, feminine body, and her wanting to please me, too.

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The room is dark, lit only by flashing light and the music is loud. I can feel it resonate in my chest. There are women dancing, kissing and touching each other. The way they are turns me on and I know I’ve made the right decision to come here to fulfill my fantasy.

I sit at the bar watching and waiting for her to arrive.

You see, I arranged to meet her on a chat site, she would be here soon. I drink my second drink quickly trying to dissipate my nerves. I can do this I tell myself with more confidence than I feel.

Her name is Suka and I see her approach me, her eyes filled with lust. She stands before me and says nothing, she leans in and kisses me gently. Taken aback by her actions I step back, but only for a second, I lean back into her and kiss her and that is our introduction. Lips pressed together, tongues seeking the other. It’s so passionate, onlookers would think we were already lovers.

She pulls away and takes my hand, “Come!” She says and leads me from the bar. She nods knowingly to the staff behind it as she takes me through a door into a darkened corridor.

Excitement builds within me as we walk down the corridor. She stops in front of a door and opens it. The room we enter is just dimly lit and in its centre sits a beautiful ornate bed. She turns to lock the door.

I am stood in what she asked me to wear, a basque, short skirt and stockings. kağıthane escort She comes to me and leads me to the bed. I follow and allow myself to become lost in the feelings of right now and not to think too much about it.

She reaches her hand up to my face and caresses my cheek. I lean in and close my eyes. Her other hand is stroking my bare shoulders and the tops of my heaving breasts. My breath hitches as she does.

She kisses me once more and this time I hold her face as she does.

Her hands travel down my torso and rest on my thighs at the top of the stockings. She lifts my skirt and fingers trail the inside of my thighs. I break the kiss as I throw my head back in pleasure.

“Mmmmmm!” She murmurs.

She unzips my skirt and it pools at my feet. I kick it off along with my shoes. I stand before her in my basque and stockings. My shaven pussy on show as I have no underwear on.

She undoes my basque with my help, so apart from the stockings, I am completely bare to her. She gently pushes me so I fall onto the bed. I lie on my back, anticipation builds within me and already I feel my excitement between my legs. She seductively removes her clothing so she is also naked. I run my eyes over her beautiful body, her nipples have hardened and her body is voluptuous and I can not wait to have her.

She stands levent escort and runs her hands over her body, pulling at her nipples and dipping between her legs and rubbing her pussy. My breathing quickens and I find myself mirroring her actions.

She comes on to the bed and sits astride me, I feel her wetness on my thighs. She bends her head and kisses me, my mouth welcomes her tongue and she entwines her hands with mine.

It feels so natural to kiss her. She releases my hands and she moves down my body, kissing me as she goes. I gasp as she takes my hardened nipples into her mouth. She sucks and bites them, causing me to arch my back. Her hand trails over my skin and I feel it between my legs. She rubs my slickness over my clit. Then I feel her fingers delve into my pussy. She moves herself down the bed and her head is nestled between my legs. I feel her tongue lap at my juices and her mouth surround my sensitive clit, sucking it. Her fingers are still buried deep inside me.

The sensations I feel are overwhelming and I can’t help but take my breasts into my hands and pinch and pull at my nipples. I moan as she continues to pleasure me beyond belief. I feel the build up of my climax and I cum hard all over her tongue and fingers.

She moves back up over me and kisses me, I taste myself on her lips. God that is so good. She leans towards şişli escort my ear and whispers “It’s your turn now. Make me cum!”

She moves to lie next to me on the bed and I move to sit astride her. I slowly kiss her mouth, her neck, over her chest and take each of her nipples into my mouth and suck and bite them hard. She moans beneath me.

What I am doing feels right and natural as I move my hand down to feel her excitement for me. My fingers find her clit and I rub it gently and then I dip them into her pussy. She arches her back as I push them deeper inside her. I move lower over her delicious body and bend my head down to use my tongue on her sweetness. She tastes so good. Her excitement is making mine build again. She takes hold of my head and pushes my mouth onto her.

I remove my fingers and move my mouth over her sweet opening. I taste her with my tongue and slip it inside her.

“Oh god yes!” She whimpers. I can sense that she is close, so quicken my pace with my tongue as my fingers have found her clit once more. She moans and fidgets beneath me. Her release comes quickly and flows all over me, as it does, my own build up releases once more. Oh fuck that was fantastic.

She pulls me up and kisses me hard, our hands continuing our exploration of each other. We bring each other to climax again and I collapse breathlessly beside her. Our limbs tangled together, the sheen of sweat covers our bodies and the taste of her still on my tongue.

I thank her for giving me my fantasy and she replies by kissing me. I wonder if we will ever do that again. She turns to me as if she can read my mind and says “We will do this again Jane, soon!”

“Yes Suka!” I say.

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First Time With A Girl

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I thought I would tell you about my friend, Lydia, who visited last weekend. It was her birthday on Friday and she arrived late in the evening with all her presents wrapped up in a box. I added mine to the pile. I bought her a figurine made by Lladro, she collects them.

Though she knew I was bisexual, there was never anything sexual between us. She had told me in the past, that she was slightly bi-curious but had no intention of doing anything about it. We have a mutual friend, Will, who often made innuendos about my sexuality and has suggested on more than one occasion about threesomes with his gf. At one big party a year or so ago, the talk progressed to sex (after many bottles had been consumed). The chat revealed many secrets, including a couple who revealed that they had had a threesome, with another woman. The wife had told how much she enjoyed being intimate with another woman, and that it had always been a fantasy of hers. Will then asked everyone there whether they had any bi experiences or curiousity. The question went around the room, and Lydia admitted she had fantasized about kissing a woman.

She became the centre of attention and joked, “so which of you girls wants to fuck me?”

One of the guys admitted he had sucked a cock or two at college, which moved attention from Lydia, to her relief.

Anyway, back to last weekend. We sat down with a bottle or two of wine and she started to open the presents. One of them was from Will, it was a rectangular box with a card on the front. Both were left with me, the card reads

“Use this if a girl wants to fuck you.”

She was nervous about opening the box, but I egged her on. When she opened the box she found two dildos and a harness. Lydia looked confused and I laughed. I explained how it worked and she sort of understood, but I could see she was embarrassed, so I went and opened another bottle and pushed the sex toy away and offered my gift.

Later after all the presents had been opened, and she had loosened up more (some way through the second bottle), she told me how much she liked the figurine and leant over to kiss me on the cheek. Lydia half lost her balance and ended up on top of me, kissing my neck. She laughed, straightened up and kissed me gently on the cheek. She sat down next to me, on top of the half hidden toy from Will. Moving it out from behind her, she started asking about it.

I told her more about strap-ons and how they were (occasionally) used in the bedrom. Lydia asked me to put the harness on her, which did not work with her flowing skirt. I was wearing jeans and offered to model it. She was disappointed and asked if I minded her trying again with her skirt off.

I laughed and said

“You are welcome to strip.”

With her skirt off, she pulled the harness on. However, her long blouse kept getting under the straps so she undid a few buttons, this made it worse so she took that off as well. Lydia remarked that it did not fit very tightly, but I let that pass. She grabbed one of the dildos and asked me to fit it in place, I insisted on the second dildo and though puzzled she accepted. It was difficult to fit with her already wearing the harness and we both had to put our hands against her panty covered crotch many times before it was inserted correctly. Her underwear was obviously wet from this attention.

I had never thought about Lydia sexually until then, but with her standing güngören escort in my lounge in red bra and white wet (almost see-through) panties with a large dildo strapped to her waist and her doing thrusting movements while giggling, made me shiver slightly.

“Would you like to try it on?” Lydia asked.

I agreed, and she slid the thing down and handed it to me. I started to pull it up my legs.

She said, “No you don’t, come on…strip first.”

I paused and she egged me on, so I pulled my top off and dropped my jeans.

“I love the sexy CK arabesque bra and panties.” she said.

Lydia looked down at her red and white combo and remarked that she wished she had worn a matching set.

I had my back to her as I was pulling on the harness and said, “You are welcome to remove your wet pants.”

With the straps in place I turned to Lydia and saw her lovely breasts free from the bra.

“You can talk.” she said (to hide her nervousness), “I can see your shaved pussy, you are so wet.”

I moved closer to her, the dildo pressing against her crotch and whispered in her ear, “Been staring at my naked cunt, sexy Lydia?”

Lydia backed off and suggested I remove the strap-on and said, “Can we talk about something else.”

I took the strap-on off and she smiled and said she still felt comfortable almost naked. I joked and mentioned something about her skirt coming in to contact with her wet panties. She smiled again and said that we should put a towel on the sofa before we sat down to watch the one of the dvd’s that she had just received.

I laughed and plonked myself down and said the sofa had seen some action. She laughed and we watched the film together, close for warmth and comfort. Both of us tearful in places throughout the film, I kissed her tears away in a friendly way. Once or twice she kissed me the same, and when the two stars kissed, she kissed me on the lips quite passionately.

We continued watching the film, holding hands, touching sometimes. When the film actress was in a dress, I looked at Lydia.

“Your tits are nicer than the actress on screen!” I remarked.

Lydia pushed her braless breasts together and said, “Really?”

She let me play with them a bit, and kiss them…and kiss her full on the mouth. I took my top off.

“Like to return the compliment, no strings attached?” I said.

“I have never kissed another woman’s breasts!” she replied.

I leaned closer and half lifted my left breast. She spent so long (probably just a couple of minutes) kissing and fondling them, I had to rewind part of the film we had missed.

After the film finished, I offered to let her get dressed, but she said she was very comfortable almost naked.

I stood to poor some more wine and said, “Your fondling of my tits has made me wet again.”

I peeled my wet champagne panties down and stepped out of them. “If you are uncomfortable, I will put on some clean undies.”

I turned my back to her and went and turned the tv off and put some music on. As I walked back towards her, the first thing I noticed were some damp white knickers on the floor. I looked up and Lydia had a cushion in her lap,

“Better not hold it too close to your wet pussy.” I said and laughed.

She laughed back and was relaxed enough to move the cushion away. I sat down next to her on the sofa and bağcılar escort turned to face her cross legged. As we chatted about various things, she kept turning to me and glancing down between my legs. When she realised I had caught her looking at my cunt, she half smiled, and hesitated.

“Come on,” I said, “tell me what you are thinking?”

Lydia said “You are very smooth, and so lacking in hair!” pointing to my cunt.

“Do you ever cut yourself with the razor?” she asked.

“I wax and would be happy to show you later?” I queried, “Though I love how you have neatly trimmed your bush.”

She idly touched the outline of her pubic hair and turned and probably without thinking moved and faced me in a similar lotus position, so that I could now see her fully opened and glistening labia.

“I trim it most evenings to keep it this way.” Lydia remarkeded.

I leaned forward and ran my finger over the edge and complimented her work again, she did not attempt to move my hand so I stroked her bush.

“mmm, lovely.” I said

I noticed the wet patch on the sofa.

“Still aroused, Lydia?” I asked.

She did not answer, but asked me, “What about you?”

I ran my fingers over my inner lips and said “mmmm, oh yes.”

Lydia looked a bit uncertain….

“I am not embarrassed, playing with myself in front of you.” I reassured her. “Play with yourself!” I ordered her.

She started to put her fingers over her vagina, as much to cover herself as to obey my instruction.

Lydia said, “We should go to our own bedrooms now!”

“I enjoy watching you,” I said, “do you like watching me?”

Lydia nodded. “What about the sofa.”

“It is already wet, lets see how much worse it can get?” I said and laughed.

“You are rude.” she said, but smiled.

Lydia closed her eyes and started fingering herself more. I leaned over and kissed her. She started to move her hand from her pussy. I put my hand over her own, between her legs.

“Don’t stop.” I told her.

After about a minute of fingering, she came, making both her hand and mine wet. During this time her tongue and mine had met in each others mouths, in a full minute long passionate kiss.

After Lydia had cum from fingering herself, she relaxed and smiled

“I enjoyed that.” she said.

I was licking my fingers, and told her, “I like the taste of your cum.”

She laughed and waved her fingers and asked me if I wanted to taste some more. Pretending to misunderstand her offer, I jumped down from the sofa, pulled her legs forward, so that her bum was on the edge of the seat and quickly pressed my face to her wet cunt. She was taken aback, but was far too hot and horny to put up any protest. As I was licking and sucking her labia and clit, I was rubbing my own crotch, making sure I stayed near the edge but not cumming. Lydia has lovely labia, which became redder under my attention. She came again very fast and soaked my face in her second orgasm. After a few seconds, I got up and sat down beside her again facing her, still fingering myself, and smiled.

I could see Lydia had her mouth open and was licking her lips.

“Would you like to return the compliment?” I asked her.

She shook her head firmly, so I leaned over and kissed her passionately and she kept her mouth open and we shared tongues for a while. I moved esenler escort back and with her mouth still open and tongue ready, I placed my fingers in her mouth and she sucked some of my pussy juice.

“I taste OK?” I asked

She nodded

“Nobody will ever know.” I said and smiled.

She looked at my glistening lips and slipped off the sofa, still near the other end. I quickly moved to her end of the seat, put my hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head and opened my legs wide in front of her.

“If you dont like it, just stop and we can watch another of your DVDs.” I said softly.

She briefly looked up at me, smiled and shook her head. For the next ten minutes or so, she did not exactly rock my boat, but then she started to learn the art of dining on a cunt. Over the next hour I came several times.

Lydia was surprised so much time had passed, when she finally sat back down on the sofa. My new best friend was quiet for a while and I put some more music on. She then said that she would be sober by morning and not want to ever repeat this, so she wanted to use the strap on tonight!!!!

“Are you joking?” I asked.

She stood up and retreived the harness with the dildo still sticking forward. She started to pull it up her legs.

I stopped her and said, “Wait, let me get the other, smaller dildo.”

“Afraid of a big cock?” she asked.

“No.” I replied. “This small one works as an anchor, keeping the bigger one in place.”

Lydia was still holding the harness half way up her legs. I put the dildo in the loop below the other one, facing the opposite direction.

Lydia looked puzzled for a moment, then realised!

“That goes in….me!” she said.

“Yes” I replied. “In your CUNT!” I emphasised the last word.

“I thought the strap-on was a bit loose before.” Lydia commented. “I am still wet,” she paused, then said “my CUNT is still very wet!” She said and smiled. “Shove that thing in.”

She opened her legs a bit wider, I stood closer to her and we kissed passionately as I eased the anchor fully into her waiting vagina. I sat back on the sofa, my bottom near the edge, my legs open wide. I held open my labia and said she was lovely and sexy

“Come and fuck MY cunt.” I then said, “If you want to fuck my arse instead, I will have to get some oil first.” and giggled.

“You are very rude!” she exclaimed before pushing the dildo straight into my waiting cunt.

“Oh…..Oh…..Oh…..Oh yes, yes, fuck me!” I groaned.

“Oh god, the strap-on is rubbing against my clit hood.” she said, breathlessly. “Oh! Oh! Oh GOD.”

After a couple of minutes we slipped off the sofa and fell apart.

“The plastic cock kept wriggling about in my cunt.” Lydia commented.

She grabbed the dildo protruding from her crotch.

“Want some more?” she asked.

“I am going to have to give Will a big kiss.” I said.

“Me too.” she said.

Lydia moved on top of me, sliding part of her present from Will, back in to my waiting cunt.

“MMMM…. Lydia…..Oh yes, Oh yes that feels sooo good, fuck me Lydia!”

Lydia drilled my cunt for nearly two hours, both of us having many orgasms. She suggested we briefly try swapping positions.

It was more than an hour later, that we walked naked hand in hand to share a shower. Afterwards, with us both wrapped in towels, I pointed to her room and said goodnight. Lydia pulled my towel off me and said she wanted to spend the night in my arms. I grabbed the top of her towel and pulled her to me, as it slipped down. I fondled her bum and kissed her. As we got into bed, I remarked that I might not be able to keep my hands off her.

“Good.” she said.

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Fire of Lust II – Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation

Sonali and Jina took a taxi from the train station to the house, an old colonial set on the outskirts of the main city. The house was not very large but the grounds where spacious and beautiful with plenty of privacy.

The taxi driver helped bring their luggage in, Jina paid him and saw him on his way. Closing the door Jina turned around only to find Sonali lips on her own in a passionate kiss. As Sonali’s tongue entered her mouth and started to duel with her own, her hands were busy pulling away the sari from her chest and exposing her blouse and the charms that they hid from her view.

Putting her hands on Jina’s breasts she slowly started to squeeze them while they kissed. Jina’s hands slowly traveled down Sonali’s back and settled on her ass and she pressed their bodies together trapping Sonali’s hands, still covering her breasts, between their bodies.

When they finally broke their kiss Jina uttered a low moan and exposed her neck to Sonali, who immediately fastened her lips to her neck. Moving her kisses down her neck she started to unbutton Jina’s blouse as soon as the blouse was open, she started licking the valley between her breasts. Stepping back Sonali pulled the bra off Jina’s body exposing her breasts to the air. Placing her hands on Jina’s exposed breasts Sonali started to tweak her nipples with her fingers. Her actions brought a long low moan from Jina’s mouth as her body reacted to Sonali’s manipulations.

Burying her face between the heavenly and abundant breasts of Jina, Sonali started to lick slowly kissing her way to Jina’s right nipple and then back to her left nipple, not letting her lips leave her skin for even a moment. Fasting her lips to one of Jina sweet breasts Sonali started to slowly suckle her breasts as Jina’s moans grew in volume.

The heat of their aroused bodies and humid weather covered their bodies in a fine sheen, displaying Jina’s body even more gloriously and causing Sonali’s dress to plaster on to her body. Pushing Sonali’s lips away from her breasts Jina devoured them with her own, her tongue forcing its way into her wiling mouth where their tongues dueled together in a deep french kiss which left them both panting. Breaking off the kiss Sonali moved back and in one quick motion pulled the frock over her head.

She had been naked under her frock from the moment they stepped off the train and was now standing in all her naked glory. Stepping forward her hands went to Jina’s waist her merter escort where she started to take off her sari while her face returned back to the valley between Jina’s abundant breasts. As her hand nimbly pulled out her sari her tongue and mouth with equal nimbleness continued to arouse and tease Jina’s breasts and nipples.

Jina’s sari was eventually loosened and fell down around her feet. Stepping back Sonali surveyed Jina who now stood naked except for her petticoat, her body now covered in a fine sheen of sweat which reflected the light off her flawless body. Her beautiful and abundant breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing.

Sonali went down to her knees and raising Jina’s petticoat quickly ducked her head inside and placed her lips directly on to her slit and started to lick her. Jina’s breathing became even more labored and she started to moan softly with the pleasure that Sonali’s tongue was bringing to her body as her pleasure mounted she felt her legs started to go weak and leaned heavily against the door to keep herself from falling down. Meanwhile Sonali was busy licking Jina under the petticoat as she continued to push her tongue into her cunt she felt her own arousal and quickly proceeded to push two of fingers into her cunt and started to finger herself.

As her arousal mounted so did the pace of her tongue on Jina’s slit and her fingers in her own cunt. By this time Jina was highly aroused and her moaning loudly and urging Sonali to continue. Jina placed both hands to Sonali’s head and pushed her mouth even more strongly on to her own vagina. Thus both women moved towards the peak of their sexual satisfaction and moments later Jina screamed out her orgasm the taste of her juices, and her fingers in cunt pushing Sonali over the edged also, her moans muffled by Jina. As her orgasm subsided Jina let go of Sonali’s head and she slumped back, spent and withdrew from under her petticoat while Jina also slowly slumped down to the ground her legs no longer able hold her up.

Sonali slowly crawled up to Jina and placed her head on her breasts. As they both slowly started to regain their breath Sonali lowered her face started to slowly suck on Jina’s nipple while her hands started wandering over her body. Jina meanwhile was also slowly running her hands through Sonali’s hair and over her naked body.

“Not now, Sonali, we will have the whole day and night to enjoy each other. Right now, zeytinburnu escort lets us settle down and clean up the house. Then we shall enjoy each other in the comfort of our bed instead of on the floor.” said Jina said.

Sonali raised her head from Jina’s breasts “You promise?” she said.

“Of course.” said Jina as she started to get up, Sonali also stood up, then moved forward she gave Jina a deep kiss.

“OK let’s go, the sooner we are done, the sooner we can get down to discovering each other” She said.

Sonali quickly put on her frock and as Jina reached for her blouse and sari she snatched them away from her. “You don’t need these. I want to see as much of your body as possible” Sonali said. Jina looked at Sonali but was secretly thrilled at the idea of going about the house just wearing her petticoat and quickly agreed to Sonali’s suggestion. The two of them immediately set upon cleaning the house and putting their stuff away. They worked fast secure in the knowledge that the sooner they finished the sooner they will be able to get to the bedroom.


Nikita slowly walked towards Reeva and got down on her knees in front of her. Tentatively reaching forward she placed her hand on the protruding end of the strap-on dildo. She wanted to take a closer look at this wonderful contraption that they had just enjoyed. As she looked at it closely, she could smell Reeva’s and her own sex. She slowly lowered her head and took the dildo in to her mouth and tasted her own sexual juices on it. Watching Nikita licking the dildo and taking it in her mouth plus the sensation of it moving in her moist vagina aroused Reeva and her nipples started to become hard, reaching her left hand between her legs she curled the fingers into Nikita’s hair and slowly guided her ministrations of her body.

As the pressure mounted in her, Reeva felt an urge to satisfy her hunger and taking Nikita’s face in both her hands slowly brought her face to her own. Looking into her adoring eyes she lightly kissed her lips several times and as Nikita moaned she kissed her in a more needful way and pushed her tongue into her mouth where it played and dueled with Nikita’s.

Nikita stood up with her lips still attached to those of Reeva and took the end of the double headed dildo and guided it in to her slit. Nikita slowly sat down onto Reeva’s lap and pushed the dildo into her self. Seating herself comfortably güneşli escort onto Reeva’s lap Nikita slowly started to move her hips back and forth.

The dildo inside her started to move around and she felt the pleasure of being full shoot thru her entire body. Reeva placed her hands on Nikita’s waist and started to return her thrusts and while holding on to her body. Nikita broke off the kiss and moaned loudly holding on to Reeva by placing her hands on her shoulder. Reeva dropped her face in to her bosom and caught one of her nipples in her mouth and flicked her nipple with her tongue. Nikita moaned arched her back and grabbed Reeva’s head with one of her hands and pushed into her breast.

Reeva put her hands on Nikita’s firm behind pulled her strongly against her while pushing forward at the same time until the dildo was buried fully inside the two of them and there bodies were completely meshed together. There breast mashed together nipple against nipple.

Unlike their previous lovemaking they took their time with no fear of being caught and enjoyed each other’s bodies slowly moving their bodies against each other enjoying the sensation of the others body against the other and the feeling of being full and connected to each other. As they rocked together with Nikta sitting on Reeva’s lap they continued kissing long and tender kisses pushing their tongues in each others mouths.

As they both reached towards their climax the pace of their lovemaking increased. Nikta reached her climax first, breaking the kiss she let out a low moan as she came Reeva followed her and also moaned as she came, as they both climbed down from their orgasmic high, they continued to rock against each other and soon started to climb towards another climax. The two of them continued in this fashion for the next hour enjoying one climax after another until they lost count, their bodies covered by a sweat and their breath coming quick and short.

“No more, no more” moaned Nikita after a very satisfying orgasm her body covered in sweat and shaking from the long lovemaking session. Reeva was also out of breath and with no strength to continue after her own orgasms. She dropped her face to Nikita’s cleavage and licked the sweat off her body.

They stayed like that for a while catching their breath finally Nikita stood up and the dildo slipped out of her body releasing the juices that had been trapped within her, the juices flowed down her leg and made a small puddle on the floor. Reeva un-strapped the dildo and pulled it out of her allowing the juices trapped inside her to also flow. The two of them sat in the chairs and looked at each other and smiled in the knowledge that soon they will be enjoying each other again, and again, throughout the day.


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File Explorer Pt. 02

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Rebecca awoke with a start. Sean was still asleep snoring on her couch, while she had moved to her warm queen-sized bed. She had sucked and otherwise massaged another two big loads out of him over the course of the night. She had swallowed one of them and the taste in her mouth reminded her of it as she became more lucid. She remembered him grabbing her by the back of the head and pounding his big thick cock into her throat. Her hand wandered between her legs as she checked the time. 6:45 am Saturday, May 12th.

Laying on her back, she started rubbing herself thinking about the big sexy nerd in her living room. Her fingers gained speed as she basked in the warm tingling feeling spreading through her pelvis. Soon she was slowing down, riding her depraved edge and spying on the sleeping man, watching his flaccid cock twitch in his sleep.

She paused herself before getting too carried away and crawled out of bed. She slipped on some goofy anime bunny slippers and slipped past her doorway otherwise completely naked. She made her way to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Closing the bathroom door behind her, she noticed Sean had shifted in the time it took her to brush her teeth. He was now laying on his side with a blanket around him. ‘Aww he must be cold’ She thought to herself.

As she stared at him thinking mostly wholesome thoughts, she noticed the blanket protrude slightly. Oh my god was he getting a sleep boner? Becca had to investigate. She tip-toed over to the couch and knelt down. Judging by his snoring, he was still fast asleep. Sean’s erection seemed to be growing as she stared at it. She leaned in and gently exhaled on it through the fabric. Her breath bounced back at her, minty and fresh. She gently, carefully lifted the blanket.

Sean’s cock was nice and hard. She smiled, drawing her attention to his ballsack pulled tightly up beneath the root of his thick cock. Nuzzling her head beneath the blanket, she gently lifted it up with her hand. Feeling particularly perverted just now, she floated her nose just above where his scrotum and shaft met and inhaled deeply. She sighed contentedly as she breathed out warm air onto Sean’s throbbing early morning hard on. Her free hand slid back down to her greedy lips and she began sliding her middle finger up and down her already primed clit.

Becca gave the pulsing cock in her hand a few test licks. Reading Sean’s reactions she timed gentle strokes to elicit more throbbing. She gently ran her fingernails over the head several times. She thought surely that would wake him up but he seemed to be a textbook heavy sleeper. She mercilessly teased herself in time with him, licking up his precum as she did. Her horny cunt was egging her on, and she began pressing her lips against his glans.

His cock strained and pulsed in her mouth. She bobbed gently on his head, sliding her soft lips over it. He groaned but remained asleep, as far as she could tell. She was getting so bothered she had to stop herself several times from cumming. She felt so good about sucking his dick, like her purpose in life was to please this man. Her wetness was running down her leg now.

For quite some time she played with it in her mouth, occasionally popping it out to stroke it gently, all the while being careful not to rouse him too much. She was having too much fun to ruin it by waking him up. Eventually though, she was no longer satisfied with just going halfway down the shaft. Her fingers were darting over her overworked cunt now. Every few seconds she had to either slow down or stop in order to stay denied (her own rule for herself this morning). She pushed her head all the way down, taking his cock into her throat with a wet gag.

That did it. He woke up, startled. Memory flooded back to him and he moaned as Rebecca expertly deep throated his hard cock. She giggled in between coughs and gags. Sean felt her warm wet drool running down his abdomen.

“Wow!” He exclaimed, “What a nice way to wake up.” He stretched out his limbs, unintentionally forcing his cock further into Becca’s throat.

Rebecca moaned her approval, suctioning his cock with her cheeks. She ran her fingers up and down the length of her slick pussy. She then lifted her fingers up to Sean’s face. He inhaled her scent.

“Sucking cock must really make you horny.”

She gurgled in reply.

“Fuck, keep going like that and you’re gonna get a mouthful of cum little lady.” He warned. She didn’t let off, letting her throat get invaded by his thickness.

“You’re the perfect little slut you know that?” He brushed her hair across her brow and admired her tits. He reached out to where she was kneeling and took one of her breasts in his hand. It barely fit, spilling out of his grip. He massaged and kneaded it. Becca’s hands were still very busy, one now stroking Sean’s cock as she let up for air, the other furiously working her clit. She sped up on both fronts. Their moans became more terse and primal. Sean was thrusting into her throat now, picking up speed. Just as he began to shoot his load into her, taksim escort she took her hand away from her own genitals. Sean silently pumped his cum into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back as she swallowed. She had exercised such control over her own orgasm that she had essentially ruined it for herself. Her clit was still very exposed and swollen between her spread legs. His cock was settling back into rest now, slowly deflating in her mouth. She smiled and let it slip out.

“Did you cum too?” He asked.

“No, I was so close though.” She said “I kinda thought it would be fun to hold off. I’m still so horny, I want to stay this way all day.” She stated.

Sean saw no problem with that. He abruptly grabbed her by the ass and pulled her into him. He slipped one finger down over her pussy lips eliciting a shudder from her.

“God that feels amazing.” She whispered to him “My pussy feels so good.” She groaned into his chest.

An alarm suddenly sounded off on Sean’s phone. It was still in his pants pocket and the tune was catchy. Rebecca hummed it while enjoying his teasing fingers.

“Better go feed the cat.” He said, lifting Becca up.

“That was really fun.” He said, looking in her eyes. “Let’s do it again sometime. Maybe we can go do something more…social sometime too.”

“Yeah,” She said, slightly taken aback at the sudden stop. “Yeah that sounds amazing.”

With that Sean got dressed and left the apartment, leaving Rebecca alone on her couch. She got herself dressed, if you could call it that, and proceeded to make herself breakfast. It was a Saturday, and she had all day to play alone but she wasn’t feeling particularly aroused in that moment. The high of playing with Sean’s cock was wearing off. She went about her day.

She decided to watch a movie and clean her house. She wore only her frilly baby blue lingerie panties and opened all her curtains to let the spring sunshine into her apartment. She paused several times to admire herself in the mirror. Sometimes she got herself going. She loved being her own porn, it was a thrill to know what others felt when they saw her. She bounced her tits in the mirror after cleaning her bathtub. Up down up down, she bounced and smiled at her reflection. She tidied up her house and went shopping and when she returned, had another girlwank in her living room.

She turned her porn volume up all the way and massaged her clit, careful to avoid climaxing. She was really digging denial today. She just kept edging her aching slit until bedtime and passed out. She managed to stay chaste all of Sunday and as Monday rolled around she felt a little odd. Shouldn’t he have texted her or something by now? He mentioned he wanted to go out sometime. She was preparing for work Monday morning when a text hit her inbox.

‘Wanna carpool?’ It read.

Innocent enough. Maybe they could talk. She really wanted to set up a plan and go on a normal date with the man.

‘Sure :)’ she replied

He met her downstair and they climbed into his Toyota.

“How was the rest of the weekend, bator girl?” He teased. He started the car.

“It was good. Just chores and stuff nothing special.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

He nodded and placed his hand on her thigh. She had worn a dress today. Recently she had sensed that the dress code at work was a lot more flexible that she had initially thought. There were other managers and senior devs who dressed comfortably. ‘Business casual’ was the recommendation when she started but over time at the company she had ascertained that it was more towards the ‘casual’ side as far as cress codes went. Sean had on khakis and a t-shirt.

“I picked up a pregnancy test, just in case.” Rebecca said, trying to sound calm.

“Oh ok yeah I was gonna say. Sorry I should have planned ahead and brought a condom or-“

“No it’s ok.” She ran her fingers over his hand “I went and got a new prescription for birth control yesterday.” She inched his hand up her dress.

“Oh fuck..” He gasped as she pulled his arm gently, grazing his knuckles over her panties and the warm cunt lips underneath them.

“You’re amazing.” He said, still focusing on the road. She let his hand go and giggled. They chatted as he drove them to work. She brought up that she really liked a certain restaurant downtown in their city and he agreed to take her there that Friday. They also chatted movies and video games for a while. Other than the initial teasing their ride was fairly uneventful. It was about a 25 minute drive to the office. When they got in the parking lot, there was not a lot of parking spaces left. She usually would have left a little earlier than he did but she didn’t say anything. He parked far away from the entrance doors.

“So are you my boyfriend now or..” Rebecca finally built up the nerve to ask.

“I mean do you want me to be?” He asked. Rebecca guessed that he hadn’t had many girlfriends yet. He shrugged and then, more confidently spoke.

“Yes I mean.” He cleared etiler escort his throat. “Yes I want you to be my girlfriend.”

She squealed and hugged him. She made lustful eye contact.

“Do you want a new relationship blowjob?” She asked.

“I dunno we’re at work already. What if we get caught?”

“No one can see us here don’t worry.”

She ran her hand along his thigh now. Feeling his pants tighten as his cock hardened for her. She ran her hand up and down over his pants and then stuck her hand straight down into his underwear. His cock was warm. She liked how it felt half hard in her hand.

“Yeah you want me to suck your big boyfriend cock here in the parking lot?” She teased. She had a feeling the dirty talk really elicited a response from him.

“Yes please. I want a deep throat blowjob from my sexy new girlfriend.” He stammered. She unzipped his pants and pulled his erect cock out. She gave him another piercing gaze before she bent over the middle console and slid his cock in her mouth. She felt him grab the back of her head and push down. Her jaw gave way and he slid deep, hitting the back of her throat.

“Fuck baby…” He moaned. He starting thrusting slowly, feeling her throat relax. Suddenly they both heard what sounded like high heeled footsteps in the distance. They were growing closer. Sean panicked and lifted Becca’s head up. She tried to casually seat her back upright. She laughed nervously.

“Act casual.” He whispered. They turned their heads in tandem and saw Heather, the DevOps leader on Sean’s team. Rebecca knew her and knew she could be a real bitch. She had probably ten years at this place already, while Rebecca hadn’t even been there a year yet. Heather made eye contact with them as she strolled by. She smiled and waved. She was always a little overly friendly, even in formal situations. Rebecca smiled and waved. Heather smirked in response. She had her blonde hair up in a tight bun this morning and was sipping a latte.

She came right up to the car window and tapped on it.

“Good morning Sean, Rebecca.” she laughed nervously and it was an odd sound. “What are you two doing together?”

“We carpooled.” Sean replied cooly. He smiled and gestured that he wanted to get out of the car and Heather moved aside so he could. Becca got out on the other side too.

“Oh, that’s fun. And economical!” Heather smirked again, glancing at the outline of Sean’s semi hard on.

“Traffic wasn’t bad.” Sean replied aloof.

“See you later, best not be late.” Heather chirped. She turned and walked away.

“That was close.” Sean inhaled deeply and exhaled. “Please be more careful next time.” He said.

Rebecca was glowing. Oh, there would be a next time.

“Why is Heather always so involved in other people’s lives?” Becca asked.

“She’s just like that.” Sean replied. “Has to get the last word in at every stand up too. Word around the office is she’s a total sub though. You didn’t hear that from me.”

“What? Her?” Rebecca was genuinely taken aback. “Who told you that.”

“Rodney. He told me they used to date. Kind of a prick telling her business like that though.”

“Yeah he’s a weirdo.” Rebecca stared down the length of the parking lot at Heather’s now distant figure as it disappeared through the doors of the office. They went to work. As the day wore on Becca had several chance encounters with Heather. The woman let her presence be known each time. Heather and her team worked in a separate but connected office to Becca’s. It was a nice space, very open with very comfortable workspaces for her crew. Rebecca waltzed through it on her way to the water cooler, deliberately bouncing a little as she passed Sean’s desk. He smiled at her and his gaze floated to her behind. He carefully corrected himself and she carried on. She bumped into Heather, who also happened to be getting some water.

“Hey Beck.” she greeted cheerfully. “What’d ya get up to on the weekend?”

“Oh just ran some errands and relaxed.” She replied.

“Oh cool, same.” Heather seemed intent on forcing small talk so Rebecca obliged her. She glanced over at Sean who’s gaze was transfixed on his screen again.

“Hey Heather, why don’t we grab lunch today?” Rebecca suggested, a plan forming in her mind.

“Oh yeah? Where at?” She asked intrigued.

“Wanna go to Santiago’s?” Rebecca suggested. It was a Mexican restaurant just down the road.

“Yeah ok that sounds great. We’ve never really hung out before though. Why so outgoing today?”

“Oh no reason.” Rebecca smiled coyly.

“Well it’s nice of you to offer anyhow. To be honest I could use a friend.” Heather admitted.

Rebecca was intrigued but stayed silent. Perhaps she had been wrong in her initial impression of Heather.

“Yeah it’s no thing just wanted to get to know you better is all. Anyways does noon work for you?” Rebecca asked.


and with that the two women nodded and dispersed. Rebecca went back to her desk beşiktaş escort and thought about how similar yet different they were. Her and Heather were on basically equal footing, but Heather had many more people under her. She had seniority after all.

Lunch came up quickly. Rebecca got up and went to collect Heather. Heather’s office was pretty open, with floor to ceiling windows. Becca knocked lightly on the door.

Heather held up a finger at Becca through the window and spoke at her monitor. She must be on a video call, she thought. Becca waited patiently. Heather stood up after a moment or two and came to open the door.

“Sorry, lots going on lately.”

“Tell me about it.” The women laughed organically at their shared troubles.

They travelled mostly in silence to the restaurant. When they got there they sat down at a table near a window with a view of the busy street they had arrived on. They put in their orders and got to talking some more.

“…and so, after I graduated my boyfriend left me.” Heather was telling her life story basically, but Rebecca managed to stay alert and remember details.

“Maybe he wasn’t the one.” Rebecca said

“Oh no most definitely not.” Heather continued. “No, no he was way too timid you know? And no drive. No when I met my husband is when things really started to click for me with relationships.” She explained.

“Oh I didn’t even realize you were married. How dense of me.” Rebecca said. She was secretly a little disappointed.

“Yeah Henry takes good care of me. How about you? You’re still single and on the prowl I bet.” Said Heather.

“Actually I kinda met a guy.” Replied Becca.

“Oh? who is he? Is he cute?” Heather asked. She was always in need of more info on people’s personal lives.

“Just a longtime friend. He is such a cutie you wouldn’t believe.” Rebecca winked at her new friend. Heather smiled and laughed.

“Sounds nice, the first months of a new relationship are always so fun.” Said Heather. She sighed dejectedly.

Their meals came and they ate and chatted some more. Rebecca couldn’t really remember why she thought Heather was mean before. She really warmed up to her over their lunch date and soon they were laughing and joking like old friends. Must have been some one-off comment or action Heather had done in her work career that had soured her before. After they finished eating Rebecca stood up.

“Gotta pee.” She said. She realized after that it was maybe a bit crude to announce. “Come with me?”

“Of course, Let’s go pee.” Replied Heather.

They walked to the bathroom together. There were three stalls. Rebecca took the one on the left while Heather took the right one, leaving one empty stall between them. They each finished up their business and went to wash their hands.

“You look really good today Becca.” Heather complimented. “Not gonna lie your boobs are fantastic.”

“Oh! Thanks!” Becca laughed, taken completely off guard by the comment.

“Do you think…” Heather hesitated.

“What?” Becca asked.

“Do you think I could see your tits Rebecca? I’m straight I swear I just want to see what they look like.”

“Oh um, Heather, I’m flattered.” Rebecca blushed. She peeked over at the door to the bathroom.

It was still shut. It was just the two of them. Becca pulled up her dress, exposing her D cups in her bra.

“Glad you like them.” Said Rebecca. She squeezed her tits together with her elbows. “You want to feel them?”

“Yes, can I?” Heather breathed out quickly, her nervousness very apparent. Her face went crimson.

“Go ahead it’s alright.” Becca took Heather’s hand and placed it on her breast. Heather squealed.

“They’re so big!” She said probably louder than she intended to. “Bigger than mine…”

Her hand disappeared beneath Rebecca’s bra. Becca slid her hand behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra, causing her tits to pop out. Heather felt both of her heavy breasts in awe, her mouth agape.

“Becca they’re so soft oh my god.” Heather said. She stopped suddenly. “I should really not be doing this.”

“Why not? Haven’t you ever wanted to have fun with another girl?” Rebecca asked.

“Well kinda, I dunno, maybe I’m a little bisexual. But my husband, I don’t know if he’d be ok with me-“

“Oh crap right! I’m so sorry Heather I totally forgot that you’re married. We were just talking about that too I-“

“It’s alright.” Heather frowned “I better tell him what happened.”

“Probably for the best.” Becca put her bra back on. She was a little disappointed.

They returned back to the office after, Heather’s hair was slightly disheveled. Rebecca wanted to tell her but she also kind of enjoyed seeing the woman all hot and bothered. This just added to the look. Rebecca wondered if her new friend was sexually frustrated at home. She had seemed very aroused back there.

“Heather do you masturbate?” Rebecca asked before they exited the car once they had returned to the office parking lot.

“Well yes of course.” She admitted, “Do you?” She asked.

“Yeah. Like a lot. Probably more than is regular I think.” Becca proceeded to describe her habit in great detail to Heather. Heather was getting visibly aroused at Becca’s descriptions of her porn theatre living room and her collection of sex toys.

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Explanation of Love 03

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Chapter 17

Miss Helena herself took on the role of mentoring Terry as the young woman began her service in the very exclusive salon.

She liked the girl; she was polite, warm, and friendly. She treated all with respect, from the very wealthy client that came once a month for pampering and care, to the client that had scraped and scrimped and saved just enough to splurge on a new hairstyle that they’d never be able to get anywhere else.

Each client of Terry’s got a small ‘Miss Helena’s’ bag with sample cosmetics, hair treatments and one of Terry’s business cards. The other hair stylists were very choosy about whom they would give these bags to.

Terry always dressed in skirts and dresses, never in slacks or jeans, and always in four or five inch heels, never in tennis shoes or flip-flops. Miss Helena was a stickler for looking professional; she’d often sent a girl home to change into more appropriate clothing. Terry exceeded those expectations.

Miss Helena peered over Terry’s shoulder as Terry worked on Mrs. Schaub. Mrs. Schaub was from one of the wealthiest of families, had been living in the exclusive South Side of Baylor Lake for all of her life, and was rarely civil with anyone; others were beneath her, in her humble opinion.

“There you go, Mrs. Schaub,” Terry said, giving a final tousle to the old woman’s hair. “Is that to your satisfaction or is there anything else I can do?”

“No, no, I suppose that will do,” Mrs. Schaub sniffed, lip curled in a sneer.

“Ma’am, what else can I do?” Terry asked, resting a hand on the old woman’s shoulder. “I really would like for you to be satisfied with my work.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” the woman said and indicated the sheet that covered her.

Terry removed the sheet, making sure to not let any errant hairs fall onto Mrs. Schaub’s dress or shoes.

“Do you um, do you do children’s hair, Ms. Dayton?” Mrs. Schaub asked, getting to her feet. “It’s almost time for my granddaughter to get her first hair-cut; I’d like to bring her in for you to cut it.”

“Oh how wonderful!” Terry said. “I’d be delighted! Just make the appointment with Heather, all right?” “Merry Christmas.”

Miss Helena backed away and listened as Mrs. Schaub made an appointment for the two year old grandchild.

“And please add a twenty five dollar tip for Ms. Dayton,” Mrs. Schaub ordered Heather as the girl ran Mrs. Schaub’s credit card.

“Excuse me?” Heather squeaked.

Miss Helena smirked; she’d never heard Mrs. Schaub ever give anyone a tip, believing that the girl should be thrilled with the opportunity to serve her.

Terry finished cleaning her station and looked; she had another twenty five minutes until her next appointment.

She wished she had not quit smoking three years ago; she had nothing to occupy her hands, her mind for the next twenty five minutes.

But she forced herself to walk around the salon, checking to see if anyone else needed any assistance.

Terry returned to her station and looked again at the clock. She now had twenty one minutes until her next appointment.

Miss Helena smiled at her and Terry returned the smile, even though she didn’t really feel like smiling.

She missed Paula, missed just being with her.

It wasn’t the sex; she had her two vibrators for that. She missed curling up with Paula on the couch while they watched TV, even though Paula had extremely boring taste in television. Paula liked old movies, or Fox Business or Fox News.

Terry missed dancing; Paula would put on some soft music, take Terry in her arms, and dance her around the living room; Paula leading.

She missed going to the Dead End just because Paula was going into Wings withdrawal.

She missed Paula laying her head on her chest and falling asleep like that.

Her apartment was a nice one; just off Highway 27 in Baylor Lake. The furniture had come from Acclaimed Furniture Outlet, a small store in Lafayette, Louisiana. She had carefully looked at each piece, ignoring the very aggressive salesman, asking herself ‘is this something Paula would have in her apartment?’

Her car had come from ‘The Church of The Used Car And Salvation;’ it was a small, non-descript Kia. Just like the furniture salesman, the Reverend Smith had been counting on his profit to come from the financing. His face had actually flushed with anger when Terry wrote out a check for the full amount.

Paula had protested when Terry refused to keep the Escalade.

“But I bought that for you!” Paula sobbed.

“I’m sorry, Paula, but I can’t keep it,” Terry had said, fighting her own tears. “Every time I got into it; I’d think about you.”

“But I want you to think about me,” Paula sobbed, clinging onto Terry.

“Believe me; I will, each and every minute of each and every day,” Terry whispered into Paula’s ear, losing the fight against her tears.

Moving out of the condominium and into her own place had been a real eye opener for Terry; she had no idea where to go to get the electricity turned on. She had no idea how to switch her cell beyoğlu escort phone plan ; Paula wanted to continue to pay, but Terry refused.

Thankfully, she had Marlene and Charlene helping her. The twins had pulled a few ‘midnight moves’ when they were about to be evicted from one apartment, moving into another one to start their ninety day cycle all over again. They would put down the deposit and the first month’s rent, then would not pay the second or third months rent and spend several weeks avoiding the landlord.

“Don’t y’all ever get tired of that?” Terry asked; they were on their third apartment in the short time she’d known them.

Marlene simply shrugged.

Terry looked at the clock again and wondered what Paula was doing.

Terry smiled when Heather told her of the tip Mrs. Schaub had given her. Then she looked at the clock again. Seventeen minutes until her appointment.

She hoped Paula was happy with Sonny.

She hoped Sonny was making Paula happy. Paula needed to be hugged often, needed to be kissed often, needed to have her long strawberry blonde hair brushed often.

Paula was an extremely intelligent and extremely driven woman, but Paula needed light touches, soft words to validate her worth.

Terry hoped Sonny was validating Paula.

“Hope you don’t mind; I’m a few minutes early,” the young girl asked.

“Not at all,” Terry smiled brightly.

She ignored the faded bargain brand jeans, the cheap flip-flops and the ill fitting top the young woman wore.

“Let’s see; you’ve got good hair, would probably benefit from a hot oil treatment, nice color, a few highlights would really ‘wake’ that hair up,” Terry said, running her hands over the girl’s head.

She swiveled the girl around and looked into the girl’s nervous eyes.

“But, why don’t you tell me what you want; why are you here today?” Terry asked.

“I’m in that stupid Christmas play; I’m the Virgin Mary and my momma said I need to get my hair done,” the girl admitted.

“The play at Baylor Lake High School?” Terry asked.

“Yeah, the one those ass holes are protesting,” the girl admitted. “They’re all ‘this play is trying to force religious views down the throats of our children’ and stupid shit like that; I mean, where do they think the name ‘Christmas’ comes from?”

“Don’t have to tell me,” Terry smiled. “I mean, I’m not super religious, but even I understand what Christmas is all about.”

“And it’s not like we’re making people go see it,” the girl continued.

Terry started heating the oil for the hot oil treatment.

“Um, hey, um, how much this going to cost?” the girl whispered, embarrassed.

“One forty,” Terry said. “Um, when you made the appointment, they didn’t tell you that?”

“Yeah, just making sure,” the girl said. “But when you started talking about hot oil treatments and highlights and stuff…”

“Ma’am,” Terry said, looking into the girl’s eyes. “My clients receive the very best I can give them; it’s what they are paying for.”

Heather waved Terry away from the client.

“Terry,” Heather whispered. “You know that hot oil treatment’s thirty dollars extra.

“She’s an eighteen year old girl ,” Terry whispered back. “Believe me, she’ll remember this day for the rest of her life; she’ll tell all of her friends all about it, and every time she has a few extra bucks, she’ll be in here. Take the hot oil out of my account.”

“Just making sure,” Heather said, resting a friendly hand on Terry’s arm.

Terry flinched when Heather touched her. Paula used to touch her like that, resting a loving hand on her as she made a point. Or just touching her to be touching her.

“Ma’am?” Heather asked the girl. “Would you like a coffee? Water? Maybe a coke?”

“I um,” the girl stammered.

“Ma’am, it’s on the house,” Heather assured the girl.

“Coffee, please,” the girl said, trying to act grown-up.

“Sugar and cream?” Heather asked as Terry began to apply the oil to the girl’s long brown hair.

“Yes ma’am,” the girl said.

Heather smiled and added an extra teaspoon of sugar to the coffee.

“Perfect, the girl said after taking a sip of the too sweet beverage.

Heather did pull up Terry’s account and began to charge the thirty dollar hot oil and the forty dollar blonde highlight treatment against Terry’s pay schedule.

“No ma’am,” Miss Helena said, hand on Heather’s shoulder.

She leaned close to Heather.

“I heard what she said and she’s right,” Miss Helena said. “That girl’s going to remember this day forever. Reverse the charges out.”

“Yes ma’am, Miss Helena,” Heather said.

“You’re Miss Helena?” the girl asked, looking over her shoulder as Terry massaged the oil into her scalp.

“Yes ma’am,” Miss Helena smiled at the girl.

“I just want you to know, you’ve got the best staff ever,” the girl beamed.

“Well, thank you so much,” Miss Helena said, fighting down her laughter.

Of course she had the best staff; Miss Helena would only hire cihangir escort the very best to work for her. And even as her newest employee, Terry Dayton was quickly becoming the top stylist in the shop. Her genuine soft and gentle nature however kept the other stylists from exploding in jealous rages, which they were prone to do with one another.

“Now, are you satisfied with this,” Terry asked an hour and a half later swiveling the girl around to look at herself in the mirror. “Or is there anything else I can do?”

“Oh my God!” the girl gasped as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Ma’am?” Terry asked as the girl stared at herself.

“I’m going to be the hottest fucking Virgin Mary ever!” the girl declared.

“Well, that goes without saying,” Miss Helena smiled. “But are you satisfied with Miss Dayton’s work here?”

“Yes ma’am,” the girl agreed.

“Should have done a ‘before and after’ picture of her,” Heather said as the girl left the salon, clutching her ‘goodies’ bag tightly.

“Excellent work, Miss Dayton; but then again, I do expect that of you,” Miss Helena said.

“Thank you, Miss Helena,” Terry smiled and looked again to see when her next appointment was due.

She wished again that she had not quit smoking. Terry hated the taste of cigarettes, the smell, especially the smell it left on her hands and in her mouth, but she wanted something to do.

“Miss Dayton?” Terry heard a girl squeak and looked up.

Her client stood in front of her, goodies bag still clutched tightly to her chest.

“Yes, something wrong?” Terry asked, ready to assist the young woman with her coat.

“No, no ma’am,” the girl smiled widely. “No, I um, I just wanted to give you these.”

She held out two tickets for the school play.

“Oh, well thank you so much!” Terry said, accepting the gift.

“I got you two of them; bring your boyfriend,” the girl jiggled happily.

“Again, thank you so much,” Terry said and the girl ran back out of the salon.

“Aw!” Heather said. “That was so sweet!”

Terry’s appointment came in, shrugging out of her expensive leather coat. Rather than wait for Heather to escort the woman, Terry went to greet her client.

Terry decided to take Heather with her to the play; she’d received an invitation to Paula’s Engagement Party and just did not want to be alone. She also did not want to disappoint her young client by not showing up.

Heather obviously thought it was a date; she rested her head on Terry’s shoulder, clutched Terry’s arm in hers.

Bethany, the young client, had obviously rehearsed and rehearsed well; she did not miss a cue, executed her lines flawlessly, and even had tears come to Terry’s eyes when she spoke of carrying the Lord with the humility of a servant.

Terry did not want to, but Heather cajoled her into going backstage to tell Bethany how much they’d enjoyed the play.

“Ah!” Bethany gasped, delighted to see Terry. “Polly! Jada! Come see! This is her! This is the woman done my hair!”

Suddenly Terry had a horde of teenage girls around her, clamoring for their chance to be her client.

“Girls, girls; it is not cheap,” Terry cautioned them as she handed out her business cards to the girls.

“You, um, you do guy too?” the young man that had played Joseph asked.

“Yeah, but I charge extra to do beards,” Terry teased, handing him a business card.

“Oh, no, no ma’am, it comes off. See?” the boy answered, showing Terry how it was stuck to his face with double sided tape.

Terry was glad she brought extra cards in her purse; she handed out nineteen of them before she and Heather left the high school auditorium.

“So, what you want to do now?” Heather asked, huddled against Terry to stay out of the harsh wind that blew in from the Gulf of Mexico.

“Go home,” Terry admitted. “Take these shoes off, sit back with a glass of wine…”

“Okay!” Heather readily agreed.

Terry stopped and looked at Heather. Heather stood on her tiptoes (she was five inches shorter than Terry, and much shorter than that as Terry had on five inch heels) and gave Terry a soft kiss on her lips.

Terry fought against the tears; the four foot eleven inch Heather, with her slender body and short blonde bob was not Paula and could not hope to replace Paula.

There was no love, at least not on Terry’s part. Heather was just a warm body that was accessible.

“You need to let your mom know you’re going to be late?” Terry asked as she poured two glasses of wine.

“I um, I told her I probably wouldn’t be back tonight,” Heather confessed.

Terry did not catch the implications, did not catch that Heather had already planned on having sex with Terry that night.

“Love your place,” Heather said, looking around.

“Thanks,” Terry said, handing her one of the glasses of white wine.

Terry put the tray of crackers, fresh fruit, and cheese wedges onto the small coffee table, took a seat on the small couch, and took off her pumps.

“Oh, okmeydanı escort that is so much better,” Terry sighed, wiggling her toes.

“Here, let me,” Heather offered and sat on the floor.

She took one of Terry’s feet and began to rub the foot slowly, sensuously.

“That is good,” Terry groaned.

“How about…” Heather asked and sucked Terry’s big toe into her mouth.

“That tickles,” Terry giggled.

Heather took her wine glass, took a mouthful of wine, then again sucked on Terry’s toe.

Chapter 18

“T. Dayton,” Selena intoned as she answered the telephone.

She said ‘Dayton’ with a French twist; ‘day TAWn,’ with the ‘n’ being nearly silent.

“Yes ma’am, Miss Dayton does have an availability for two o’clock next Thursday, the eighteenth; is that satisfactory?” Selena asked.

She listened for a moment.

“Well, ma’am, I can add your name to the ‘Cancellations’ list; if we have a cancellation we’ll call,” Selena offered.

“Very good, Mrs. Richards, thank you,” Siena said and pressed the button, ending the call.

Terry pressed a button on the wall of her cubicle. Salinas the light on her computer screen and nodded. The young woman got to her feet and approached Mrs. Schaub.

“Mrs. Schaub? Miss Dayton is ready for you now,” Selena said.

“It’s about time,” Mrs. Schaub grumbled, even though Terry was actually fifteen minutes early for the woman’s standing Second Tuesday of the month eleven o’clock appointment.

Mrs. Schaub did not pay any attention to the seven other stations in the long room, did not pause to admire the soft muted pastel colors, did not acknowledge the seven other hair stylists, all dressed in pink and white knee length dresses and white lab jackets.

“Mrs. Schaub,” Terry greeted the woman, grasping both of her wrinkled hands and giving her an air kiss on each cheek.

“I don’t know why you had to move so far away,” Mrs. Schaub again voiced her disapproval.

“I was pretty limited in finding a building large enough to accommodate my business, with ample parking for my clients,” Terry again explained why she’d moved into the Baggett Building.

“This used to be that old mattress factory?” Mrs. Schaub asked again, now taking the time to look around.

“Yes ma’am; pretty smart of them, how they set it up,” Terry said, easing the difficult woman back so that she could wash the woman’s hair.

“I bet Miss Helena was sorry to see you go,” Mrs. Schaub said, offering her version of a compliment.

Actually, Miss Helena had threatened a lawsuit against Terry.

“You signed the ‘Non-Competition’ clause!” Miss Helena shrieked when Terry turned in her two week’s notice. “Five years! It says you can’t do no hair for five years!”

(In times of stress, Mona Rubenstein, a.k.a. Miss Helena let her Brooklyn Jewish upbringing slip out.)

“Actually, Miss Helena,” Terry smiled sweetly. “I never did sign it. Remember? I said I wanted my lawyer, Sophia Coutre look at it? She advised that I not sign it, so I didn’t.”

Miss Helena let loose with a string of profanities and Yiddish that shocked many of her clients and actually caused two to cancel their appointments and leave the facility.

“But I promise, Miss Helena, as much as I do want to, I will not take any of your staff with me,” Terry offered.

“Like they’d ever leave to work for an ungrateful little bitch like you,” Miss Helena

Heather made her decision; as much as she was sure that she was in love with Terry, she’d seen three other employees leave Miss Helena’s, only to return a few weeks later, begging to be rehired. Laughed.

Terry was actually relieved; she knew she did not love Heather and some of the things Heather did or wanted to do sickened Terry.

Terry finished rinsing the conditioner from the woman’s hair, used her hands to squeeze the excess water, than grabbed a warmed pink and white towel and gently blotted the woman’s hair.

She assisted the woman up, then walked her to her chair.

“Actually, Mrs. Schaub,” Terry said, picking up her comb. “I did very much appreciate my time with Miss Helena’s; she’s a great woman to work for, and I met several great people there. I don’t know if she was sorry to see me go, but I do know I was sorry to go.”

Mrs. Schaub sniffed; she had expected nothing less than Terry’s diplomatic and professional response. Miss Helena had not been as professional and had tried to foist Mrs. Schaub onto another stylist. It had been Heather that had given Mrs. Schaub the telephone number for T. Dayton.

(And if Miss Helena had witnessed Heather’s act of disloyalty, Heather would have been discharged immediately.)

“Oh, my daughter said she’s bringing Maggie in; I swear, that child won’t get her hair done by anyone but you,” Mrs. Schaub complimented as Terry applied the final spritz of hairspray.

“I know; she’s such a sweetie, too,” Terry praised.

Before pressing her ‘available’ button, Terry walked around to check on the other stylists and their clients.

Terry had to smile a sad smile; her few months as Paula’s Personal Assistant had truly taught her a great deal. She benefited from Paula’s four years of undergraduate and two years of graduate work. Her first stop had been to Sophia Coutre, to present her plan. Three hours later, she staggered from the woman’s office, head reeling.

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