Fucking My Ex-Wife

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I got divorced from Michelle ten years ago and remarried with Nelly. I only saw Michelle again a few times at funerals and birthday parties for our grandchildren. Each time I saw her I was glad we were divorced, she was such a bitch. Until recently.

My daughter Nadia was in hospital and Michelle was looking after the kids. She had remarried too but her husband wasn’t in good health and had recently undergone a liver transplant. I had picked up the grandchildren from school as I always did, once a week. When we got to their home Michelle was there, preparing the dinner. It was strange being alone with her again after so many years. She looked nice with blonde hair and tight jeans. Her tits looked good too in her thin pullover. I wondered if she had had a boob job. As we talked I felt a strong attraction to her. About a year after our separation she had told me that she wanted to get back with me. I was at her home which was the same house we had shared during our marriage. I had come to fix a leaking tap for her. It wasn’t long before she was wearing only her panties and I was sucking and caressing her tits. I wanted to fuck her but she had her period and didn’t want to do it. She gave me a hand job and said we would do it properly the following week. It didn’t happen however. I was overcome with guilt and prayed that my wife Nelly wouldn’t find out. Ever since then I have often fantasized about fucking Michelle, imagining it was her while I was screwing Nelly.

My cock was getting hard as we talked about old times. I kept looking at her tits and I knew that she had noticed. “What are you looking at?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“I’m looking at your tits, have you had them enlarged?” I replied. “They look beautiful.”

“You haven’t changed,” she said. “Still as dirty as ever. No, I haven’t had them done. Nelly wouldn’t be pleased if she knew you liked them.”

“She doesn’t know.” I said. Now I was really horny and I wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her. I touched her hair and told her how nice she looked. She gazed into my eyes with a look that told me I could have her if I wanted. Then the kids came into the kitchen and didn’t look like they would be leaving so I said that I had to go home. Michelle came to the door with me and I put a hand on her arm as I kissed her on the cheek. Then I quickly kissed her on the lips.

“Can I see you somewhere this week?” I asked her. “Just you and me.” My cock was throbbing now and if we had been alone I would have seduced her and I’m sure it wouldn’t have been very difficult.

“Where?” she asked. “And why?”

“It’s been so long since we were together and I often think about you. It would be wonderful to be alone with you.”

“How about a coffee in the shopping center on Thursday afternoon?” she whispered, looking round to see if the children were within earshot. “Two o’clock at Stacey’s?”

“OK,” I said. “I can’t wait.”

I had a raging hard on all the way home and masturbated several times over the next few days thinking about what was going to happen. I felt guilty concerning Nelly, especially as we love each other very much, but the thought of having sex with Michelle again was driving me wild with desire. I knew escort bayan gaziantep that she would probably want to have a serious affair with me and probably cause me terrible problems but I couldn’t resist. I kept thinking about our sex life when we had been together. She used to let me fuck her in her pussy and sometimes in her ass but she didn’t like sucking my cock. Maybe she had changed and would have had lots more experience over the years. I remembered how she loved me to suck her pussy. I wondered if she shaved it now.

Thursday finally arrived and when I walked into Stacey’s Michelle was already there. We had a coffee and I held her hand across the table as we talked about this and that. She said it was such a pity that we hadn’t made a success of our marriage. I said that we could start seeing each other and she agreed but the problem was where?

She wanted to buy some clothes and I went into a store with her. Walking behind her I saw that she still had nice shapely legs. She chose a few shirts and I followed her into the changing room. There was nobody else there and I asked if I could go into the cubicle with her. I helped her take off her coat and unbutton her blouse. As she stood there in her black bra her tits looked just as lovely as before. I unhooked the bra and saw her bare breasts. They were perhaps a bit saggier than ten years ago but they were still full with bigger nipples than Nelly’s tits. I stood behind her and fondled them, weighing them in my hands and squeezing the nipples. She moaned with pleasure as I kissed her neck and pushed my hard cock against her ass.

“You don’t waste any time, what if somebody comes,” she said, peeping out behind the curtain.

“Take your skirt off.” I murmured in her ear. “There’s nobody around.”

She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She pulled down her tights and I removed her panties. She was completely naked now and I held her in my arms tight against me. I ran my hand down over her belly and she opened her legs. I could feel her soft pubic hair and I kissed her mouth, feeling her tongue on mine. I pushed my fingers into her pussy which was wet. She always got very wet when she was turned on, her juice used to run down between her ass cheeks when she was lying on her back. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Nelly’s but Nelly didn’t get wet the way Michelle did.

She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was such a fantastic thrill to feel her fingers stroking my prick. I started to rub her clit and I soon heard her whisper the words I remembered so well, “Oh God, I’m coming.” I hoped that she would sit down and suck my cock but she didn’t.

“I want to fuck you sweetheart,” I said as I zipped up my pants. “I want to make love to you properly.”

“Can you come to my place tomorrow?” she asked. “Mike has to go for a check-up and it takes all afternoon. Can you come around two o’clock?”

“I’ll be there, I want you so much.”

I walked with her to her car in the car park and sat next to her for a while. We kissed and caressed each other and I wondered if we could have sex there in the car, my cock was so hard again. But there were several people around. I told her that I liked stockings and high heels. “I know,” she said. “I haven’t forgotten. Holy shit, I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve often thought about you and wished you were with me. What in God’s name would Nelly say if she could see us now?”

“Why don’t you shave your pussy? I want to suck you and it’s much nicer that way,” I told her.

“Maybe,” she grinned wickedly. “Wait and see.”

When I got home I was in for another pleasant surprise. Sometimes when Nelly was feeling horny after a few drinks she would put on her sexy underwear, high heels and stockings. She came into the living room dressed like that and I hoped to hell that I didn’t smell of perfume. I had a scotch and watched her as she did a little dance and staggered a bit. How much had she had to drink? I stripped off my clothes and was glad that I was going to get a fuck and empty my balls. She sucked my cock for a while and then I bent her over the back of the sofa and fucked her from behind. She always comes quickly and so it didn’t take long. I closed my eyes imagining I was shafting Michelle and shot a big load up her.

The next day I pretended that my daughter had called to say there was nobody to collect the kids at school and could I do it. Nelly wasn’t too happy because she wanted me to take her shopping but I promised to go with her on Saturday. Nothing was going to stop me from spending the afternoon in bed with a lovely woman who wanted me as much as I wanted her.

I had never been to Michelle’s apartment before and I was shaking with anticipation as I rang the doorbell. When she opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes, she looked so gorgeous. She was wearing a short, low cut black dress with black stockings and shoes with very high heels. We had a couple of drinks and then she stood up and took off her dress. She looked absolutely incredible in her red bra and silky red panties. Her belly was a bit fatter than before and her thighs were larger but she still had a great body.

“Do I still look good? Want me to keep my stockings on?” she asked.

“Yes, keep them on, and your shoes. God you look incredibly sexy, look at what you do to me.” I took my hard cock out and showed it to her. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. I got my clothes off and held her in my arms against my naked body. I ran my hands over her ass as I kissed her. I put a hand inside her panties and caressed her ass cheeks, then I moved it round to the front and stroked her pussy. Wonderful! She had shaved it! Her pussy was soft and smooth. I pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. I unhooked her bra and then she was naked except for her black stockings and shoes. My cock was dripping precum as I stood back and looked at her body. It wasn’t as firm as the last time I had seen it but she was still a magnificent, beautiful woman.

I sat her down on the side of the bed and pushed her onto her back. “Hold your legs up,” I told her, lifting them until her knees were on her tits. I could see her lovely smooth pussy, still a bit pink after the shaving, and her asshole was visible, brown and puckered. I knelt down and kissed her cunt, holding the lips open and pushing my tongue inside. She gasped as I licked her clit. “Suck me,” she moaned. It’s been so long.” I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could go. I licked her asshole and then I began to suck her clit, flicking my tongue back and forth on it until she began to cry out, pushing my head hard against her. I made my fingers wet in her pussy and pushed one into her asshole. How long since I had done this before?

“Oh my God, I’m coming,” she gasped, pushing her cunt against my mouth which was full of her juice. When she had finished I pulled her up and stood with my cock in front of her face. She held it in her hands and licked the precum off the head.

“It hasn’t changed,” she said, looking up at me with a big smile on her face. Then she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. She started to suck me and stroked my balls. Nelly gives me a good blow job but this was so much more exciting, my ex-wife was sucking my cock! It wasn’t long before I shot a big load into her mouth. She didn’t swallow. She took a Kleenex and spat my cum into it.

“You still don’t swallow?” I asked. “You never liked doing that.”

“No I still hate it,” she said. “Does Nelly swallow?”

“No, she doesn’t like it either but it doesn’t bother me.”

We lay on the bed in each other’s arms and I felt another erection coming.

“Fuck me David,” she said, “I want to feel your cock in me again. It’s been ten years and nobody has ever fucked me as good as you did.”

That was nice to hear and when I slid into her wet pussy it felt just the same as I remembered. Every woman feels different when you fuck her. Michelle’s cunt is not tight, in fact it’s rather loose, but I prefer a very wet pussy like hers. I moved up higher so my cock was rubbing against her clit. I fucked her hard, kissing her passionately until we both came.

Maybe I should try and sodomize her too, I wondered. Why not, there might not be another chance. I made my fingers wet with her pussy juice again and slid them between her ass cheeks until I felt her anus.

“Turn over,” I whispered, “I want to do it there.”

“Slowly then,” she said and turned over onto her belly.

I got on top of her and pushed my cockhead against her asshole until it popped through the sphincter. She gasped as it went in. I slowly pushed and my cock entered her ass until it was right in. Jesus, this was absolutely incredible, I was fucking my ex-wife in the ass! What would Nelly do if she knew? I moved it back and forth, kissing Michelle’s neck and stroking her hair as I sodomized her, it felt so good. I shot my hot cum in her and pulled my cock out. We lay together for a while and talked. As I had thought, she started to talk about our future. Maybe one day we could be together again. I decided it was time to go. We arranged to see each other the following week and I went back to Nelly, the woman I love. It was wonderful to fuck Michelle again but we had got divorced because we couldn’t stand living together. It would never work out again. I was seeing her now simply for the pleasure of screwing her.

I am still having an affair with her which will have to end before it goes too far. I am in dangerous territory and it is worrying. Michelle is a bitch and wouldn’t think twice about telling Nelly everything, but I can’t resist the thrill of having raw, passionate sex with a gorgeous woman who will do anything I want.

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2 Guys Are…

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2 Guys Are Better Than 1

My best friend Jake called me and asked if I’d fly up to visit him to help him move. I never turn down a free trip so off I went. We spent most of the first day putting all of his stuff in boxes, and by nightfall we were both ready for a few beers. We met up with some friends of his, including Darcy, a beautiful redhead with a great body. I flirted with Darcy all night as we went from bar to bar. I thought I was making pretty good progress, even though Jake kept giving me signals to back off, but I just figured he was jealous. Finally, I asked Darcy if she’d ever slept with a guy she’d just met. She laughed and asked if I’d ever slept with a lesbian. I stuttered, not knowing how to respond. She replied, “If you get the chance take it, we’re excellent.”

“Do you exclusively sleep with women, are do you sleep with men also?” I asked, hoping I still had a chance.

“I’d never do a guy. Woman are just so much prettier.” I had to agree with her, even though my hopes for the night were dashed. After that however, Darcy and I were still just as flirtatious, maybe even moreso now that I knew I wasn’t going to get any. Jake still had no idea that I knew, and kept trying to warn me, I played dumb and let him think I thought I still had a chance. The bars all closed down, and the whole group, about nine of us, all went for a night cap at a nearby apartment. We stayed up most of the night telling embarrassing stories and drinking. Darcy was sitting on my lap while Jake continued to give me silent warnings. I got up to use the restroom, and when I returned Jake had taken my place under Darcy’s beautiful backside. Knowing I wasn’t losing out on anything, I simply gaziantep escortlar took the available seat and rejoined the fun.

When time started to take its toll on all of us, Jake called for a cab. In no time the buzzer rang, and Jake and I said our goodbyes to everyone. Jake walked out of the door in front of me, and as I closed the door behind me, I felt a third person following us. “I figured you might want to split the cab three ways.” she smiled.

We walked outside, and I got into the cab first, followed by Darcy, and last was Jake. He barely got the address out before Darcy had him on his back. I was just watching, which meant the two of them were in a rather uncomfortable position on the backseat. “I thought you don’t do guys?” I asked as the two of them kissed passionately.

“I said ‘I’d never do a guy’ two guys is another story.” Then she reached back, grabbed my collar and pulled me on top of her. There we were, the three of us grinding away in the back of the taxi. Jake and I had rolled Darcy’s blouse up, and unfastened her bra, so that we could get to her gorgeous breasts. With the exception of her top, we were all fully clothed, making a dry-hump sandwich. Suddenly the cab came to a stop, and we all fell out of our lust enduced haze. We had fogged up the windows to the point that the driver had turned on the defogger in order to see. We asked how much it was, but he told us for the show we’d just put on, the ride was free. We didn’t argue, and raced upstairs to Jake’s apartment.

It was an easy decision between Jake’s twin bed, and the air mattress I was going to sleep on. We all pulled the clothes off of one another as we clumsily made our way to the bed. Jake fell back onto the bed with his pants around his ankles, and his socks on. Darcy climbed on top of him still wearing her panties, which I quickly freed her of. Lastly, I pulled off my boxers and joined the fray.

Darcy was playing with Jake’s balls and kissing his chest and neck when I climbed into bed. I started by licking from the top of her ass all the way along her spine to the back of her neck. Grabbing her breasts from behind when I got high enough. I kissed her neck while I reached around to finger her. When my hand got to her flower, I felt Jake’s hand already there. I pulled away and went back to her breasts. Then I felt Darcy reach back and begin to tickle my jewelry, as the two of us slowly slid off the side of the bed. Darcy slid so that she was kneeling at the side of the bed, and went to work sucking Jake’s manhood. I slid all the way down to my back and placed my head between her legs. I knew I had my work cut out for me, I’d never eaten out a lesbian before.

I started slowly, licking the inside of her thighs. Then I got higher and higher, until I licked the fold where her ass and thighs meet. I could tell from Jake’s moans, and her upper body movement that she was giving him the blowjob of his life. I slowly began to lick along her pussy entrance, just barely sticking my tongue inside. I could feel her hips press down towards me as I moved upward. Finally, her clit peeked out at me. I gently blew on it, at which point I heard her moan for the first time. Then I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck on it. Her hips really started to push down against me, but I was careful not to put too much pressure on her swollen clit. “You give head like a girl.” I heard her say. With that, I took my index and middle finger, and pressed them into her pussy, rubbing against the bottom wall. She began grinding her hips into my face and moaning just as loud as Jake was. I heard Jake grunt as he came, after which Darcy leaned back and put her full weight on my face. She bobbed up and down as Jake’s cum dribbled out of either side of her mouth. Finally with three strong thrusts and grunts, Darcy orgasmed and fell back on to me.

Darcy excused herself to the bathroom, and it wasn’t long before we heard the shower running. I still had yet to relieve the passion that had built up inside of me, and Jake had been revived watching me eat out Darcy. We looked at each other for a couple of seconds, then raced each other to the bathroom, cocks slapping between our thighs. We both grabbed a bar of soap, jumped in the shower and lathered Darcy from head to toe. We washed her off, and tried to grind against her, Jake in front, me in back, but it was too slippery.

Instead we led her out of the bathroom, and back to the bed. With all of us dripping wet, Jake laid down on his back, and Darcy straddled him. As they began to fuck, I pushed Darcy’s upperbody down to meet Jake’s and lubed her backdoor with my still lathered up fingers. With a loud grunt I entered Darcy perfect ass (she later told me that I was the first animate object to go that route). We all found a rhythm, and grinded to it un blissful unison until we fell asleep, all three of us in a twin bed.

When we awoke we had another go or two, before we decided we needed to finish moving. Darcy helped us move everything on the truck, but even with three of us it took longer than we thought to finish, but that might have had something to do with our frequent breaks.

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My First Threesome

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People say I am the best of moms and wives, but I am a bit of kinky.

Let me to introduce myself.

I am Claudia, 40 yo, 5.8, not overweight, married 19 years.

I’m in love with my husband, Mark, and we have a wonderful family with a daughter and a son.

I have a degree in piano but I don’t work being a stay at home mom and 100% a nice next door married lady alike.

Nobody could say that, but my husband and I are a naughty couple too.

This is the story of our start.

I have terrific exhibitionistic tendencies and a very submissive character.

I realized it a few months only after marriage when my young husband started to take pics of me.

At first he took simple portraits of me, then legs, than breasts, then my whole body.

He was very keen with his camera and a few nude portraits of me obtained special awards and money prizes.

An evening he invited a friend from the photo club to take pics of me.

At first I was upset but he convinced me saying I was so beautiful and Peter, the friend, was absolutely enthusiast to get my acquaintance after having seen the photos that Mark showed him.

I got mad when Mark told me that between the pics were some nude shots but he giggled saying it was no difference between a photographic committee and a young guy with a talent for photography. More the guy was habituated to see nude girls as he had tons of models but he said to my husband that no one of those models had the same effect on him than me. This convinced me, so I told my husband ok to meet this guy for a photo session but I discarded the idea to pose naked.

Peter came by us a Friday night. He was a handsome guy same aged than Mark at 25 opposite my 21. The first time we had a nice time talking and discussing my photos then the guys took their cameras out and I started to model for them. I posed totally dressed showing a bit of legs and only at the end of the session when they started to beg for a bit more flesh to photograph I put my dress down consenting them to take pics with me in a corset. Not a big deal to be honest.

The friend was very agreeable and we planned other sessions.

At the time my husband and I were a very private couple. We lived in a nice cottage on the hill with a great view on the bay and a delicious little pool in the garden. It belonged to my mom. We enjoyed there our loving, solitary condition with no regrets about leaving the crowded town. Mark and I were very happy there. Of course we mixed with friends on Saturday nights, but the cottage was rather far from downtown and few people, save my mom or elder sister, paid us the occasional visit during gaziantep escortlar the week. Peter was single having split with his girlfriend only a few weeks before and he became our closest friend. His presence added an unexpected spice to our life.

After that first session my husband insisted for me being naked. This was a bit strange as I was raised catholic and restricted as well as Mark had been always a bit jealous, but he started to say that I was born to pose naked. I staggered for a while like uncertain, but Mark was proud to have me naked in front of a keen photographer such as Peter. After a lot of discussion my exhibitionistic tendencies and my husband’s blandishments won so that, keeping it as a play, I agreed. An evening, posing in my corset, I lowered the cups showing them nipples. They made enthusiastic comments and I allowed them a few topless shot also. Since then step by step I undressed totally for them. With great fun I must say.

In a couple months I was completely natural posing naked.

We had a weekly photo-session with Peter. Our friend had great photographic skills in absolute. He was able to realize elegant pale colored pictures putting in great evidence the contrast running between my auburn skin and my long black hair. He took pics of me at the piano, or in the bath-room, which I adored, with my body barely visible between steam and perfumed vapor. Because I was a former classical dancer he convinced me to pose in a ballet skirt and I am glad to say that a glamorous photo of me standing in a diaphanous tutu and nothing else than my dark pubes received a bigger prize as a winner in a photo-contest. He also appreciated some little flaws in my body like my natural deflated and pendulous boobs balanced by long huge and erect nipples which I stirred before every naked shot.

My husband was not only a devoted assistant to those exciting photo sessions but also he encouraged me assume new and more daring poses. Under his suggestion I became more uninhibited and felt submissive to their wishes. I gained confidence and slowly I even spread my legs consenting them to take pics of my opened pussy acting like I was masturbating. And that was not exactly artistic. An evening I also led them watch me having a piss on the loo and take pics before I pushed them outside the bathroom locking the door.

Being naked in front of Peter got me in a status of arousal and sometimes I had to masturbate the day after a photographic session even if my husband fucked me silly. Discussing this new situation my husband didn’t object but said I was a naughty girl.


A day I had an argument with Mark.

It was something really unimportant in any way, but Mark went upset and said, “one day o another Peter will give you a good length and you will be happy, slut!”

“You silly,” I answered him.

“You act bashful but you have great fun being naked for him.”

“I do it only because you told me to undress.”

“You love it. I see it in your eyes when you start to undress for him in front of me.”

“That’s true, but it was your idea and I can’t help now.”

“Imagine if I say him to fuck you.”

“You are ill, very ill, bucko.”

“I see you posing for him and how excited you are being naked. I’m sure you even can’t stop him if he makes a move to you.”

“You can’t say that, pig. Since today no other guys than you had their way with me.”

“Let see,” he said again in a burst of laughter.

I tried to slap his face but the argument was near to end and he kissed me.

We made love and that was all, never the less I started to think on Peter making love to me. It was a mere fantasy but at the same time Mark started to talk about to try threesomes and sex with other people and once he acted explicitly like it was Peter caressing, kissing and entering me all the way. I came like no tomorrow.

An evening before to start our weekly photo session Mark and Peter proposed to take pics in the bedroom with me in my wedding dress. I was amused and they took great pics with a terrific effect of the white dress on my body as I slowly undressed for them. At the end of the session I was naked as usual and before to stop Peter asked to kiss the bride.

I had a burst of laughter and answered him of course you can as everyone kiss the bride at weddings.

Peter kissed me on the lips (no tongue). This was quite normal as I kissed him on the lips every time saying him goodbye so I reciprocated his kiss even if I was in the nude. My husband actually took the camera and started to shoot pictures of Peter kissing me. I giggled and said him stop to take pics but he said it was such an erotic scene to photograph a dressed guy kissing a naked girl and kept to take pics. We went on kissing like that for a minute or two.

Now Peter asked what if he kissed my nipples. I looked at Mark who nodded yes and Peter gently took my nipples between his lips and sucked on them. I felt like butterflies wings fluttering on them and my legs started to fail.

He asked again where he could kiss me now. This question was a surprise for me and I was speechless for a moment as the play drifted dangerous but Mark answered for me “kiss her all over you want”.

I petrified when Peter knelt in front of me and posed his lips on my belly-button slowly starting to go with his mouth on my tummy kissing and licking every inch of my skin. He also cupped my ass for a major contact and his tongue rummaged through my vaginal lips searching for my clit.

A part of me said something was wrong but I hadn’t the courage to stop him and I even opened my legs to give him better access.

For a moment Peter stopped his action and undressed totally sporting a very long and hard cock.

Mark said it was a very special photo session and encouraged me to touch Peter’s cock.

I took Peters’s cock in my hands and Mark started to take pictures then Peter kissed me again.

Mark took a shot after another and encouraged me to let Peter make a good work as I moaned under our friend’s kisses. At this point Mark wanted to take pics of with Peters’s cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe he dared so much. My legs failed with excitement and I started to suck our friend. Like mesmerized I stretched then on the bed as Peter climbed between my legs and slowly rubbed his cock up and down my pussy.

“Oh my,” I said as he entered me.

In a moment Peter’s cock was completely inside my pussy.

“It is so fucking big, uh Claudia?” said my husband taking some close ups of Peter’s cock pumping my vagina.

“Slow pump her for a bit, Peter. She likes it slowly in beginning,” he recommended.

“What do you think, Claudia? Is it the right speed?” asked Peter.

“Oh yes it feels so good,” I said in excitement.

After Peter slowly pumped my pussy, he started to pick up his speed.

“Oh you have a hot pussy. Feels so good. Do you want me fuck your pussy, Claudia?” Asked Peter. I had no words needing nothing else than being naughty.

“O yes, Peter. Fuck me good now. Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me,” I said.

Peter really started to fuck fast and hard. He caught both my legs and raised them up to his shoulders as he fucked me hard and fast.

I was making noises as well as Peter. This went on for some minutes then I went on my fours and Peter entered me from behind. He pumped me two or three minutes again then he came on my back. At this point Mark replaced him and fucked me also for my first threesome.

Mark also stretched at my side like tired. We remained silent for a while breathless then we had a small talk as we just rested.

“How was that? Mark asked me.

“I loved it.”

“I know. I was sure you liked it, and I told you so,” said Mark

“You bastard,” I giggled remembering our argument a few evenings before, “you told Peter to fuck me, cuck!”

Mark giggled and said “You loved it, dear…”

“I can’t say no,” I giggled at my side.

“Maybe we can do that again…”

Of course this was our first threesome but not the last.

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Mr. White’s Cum Sluts

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This is the final sequel to “My daughter gets her first fucking” & “Turning Diane into a cum slut”.


Over the course of the next couple of weeks things went well for Diane. She moved most of her personal items to the mansion. She had a large bedroom that she put her own personal touches to make it feel like home.

Diane called me every day to say that she and Mr. White got to know each other very well and he was a real nice man.

She said that the sex with him was great and he hadn’t made any unusual demands regarding sex, yet.

Diane told me that Mr. White bought her clothes and whatever else she wanted.

Then she told me that he was having friends over this weekend and she was going to be joining them.

After the weekend, Diane called an filled me in on what happened with his friends.

“Mom,” she said, “I was Mr. White’s pet for the weekend. He had me naked, wearing only a rhinestone dog collar and a fancy leash.”

“Then,” she said, “I had to stay on all fours and if somebody called me, I had to go to them so they could play with me.”

I asked her to tell me more.

“Well, there were two couples. Both couples we’re in their fifties. It didn’t take them long before Mr. White and his friends got naked. The two men had nice sized cocks and the two women were both smooth and had big tits and pierced nipples.”

She continued. “Mr. White told me to sit, which I did while he fucked both women as their husbands watched. He shot his cum on them and called me over to lick it off of them, which I did.”

Then she said, “While I was licking his cum off of them, one guy got behind me and slid his cock in my cunt and fucked me until he came. When he finished, the other guy slipped his cock in my ass and gave it a good fucking and shot his cum in me.”

Diane continued. “One woman took the leash and led me to the outdoor shower. She had me kneel down and she placed her pussy almost in my mouth and then pissed directly into my mouth. I tried to drink it all but there was so much it spilled out all over me. She gave my ass a few slaps because I didn’t drink it all.”

“She brought me back inside where both men had hard ons again and told me to get on the bed. Then they dp’d me and Mr. White had me suck his cock as the two women sucked on my nipples. The men both shot their hot cum in me as I was still sucking Mr. White’s cock. It didn’t”t take long for him to cum in my mouth. This time, I swallowed all of his cum.”

“After they finished with me, they told me to go lay in the corner.”

Diane then told me that she serviced all of them throughout the evening and the next day, as well.

She even told me that she had a lot to learn and I told him I wanted him to teach me everything. She said he even would like me to join her in a special get together he is planning for next month.

I told her I would be happy to Join her and for her to tell Mr. White.

The next day, Mr. White called me to discuss Diane’s training. He said that Diane was good but needed more work and asked if I would help. I told him I would be happy to make Diane the best cum slut he ever had.

He then told me to stay over at his place to train her before next month. I told him I would be there in the morning.

The next morning I arrived and Diane was surprised and happy to see me. She took my stuff and put it in her room. As soon as I got settled, I undressed and we went to see Mr. White.

Mr. White told Diane that I was there to help train her in becoming a great cum slut. He then said that training will be 24 hours a day until his gaziantep escortlar get together next month.

He then said that four of his friends would be over tonight and he left us alone.

Diane and I went to her bedroom and got on the bed and started making out.

My daghter learned a lot in a short time. She wasted no time in getting into 69 and with us eating each other out, Diane started peeing slowly in my mouth. As I drank her golden liquid, I returned the favor and she drank all of mine until I was dry. It didn’t take us long before we both had our orgasms.

We shared our golden nectar as our tongues played together.

We rested a bit then showered and prepared for tonight.

It was about 9 p.m. when four young men arrived. They must have been in their early twenties.

Diane and I greeted them naked and brought them into the large living room.

Mr. White came in and introduced me and Diane to the men. He also told them to undress and that we were theirs for the night.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw them each give Mr. White wads of money which made me realize what we were in for tonight.

As the men undressed, Diane and I watched them and when they finally got naked, we saw their big, hard cocks.

One of the men approached me and pulled me towards him. His big hard cock pressing against me. He pushed my head down to his cock and told me to suck it. He then said that he wanted me to watch Diane with the three men as I sucked him off.

The other three men took Diane and told her to kneel. As she did, she was told to suck their cocks.

I watched as Diane took turns Sucking their big cocks.

As I sucked my guy, Diane was sucking them. Then one by one, they pulled their cocks out of her mouth and shot stream after stream of their cum all over Diane.

Just then, my guy shot his load on me.

My guy told me to go to Diane and suck the cum off of her and share it with Diane. I did as I was told and lapped up their cum and kissed Diane and shared their cum with her.

After a brief respite, they told Diane to lie on the bed. One guy mounted my daughter and another guy laid underneath her. I could see the top guy slide his cock into Diane’s cunt and the guy underneath, slipping his cock into her cunt as well.

I gasped as both men had their big cocks in her cunt, fucking her.

She was able to take both of them as they started fucking her. This time, they shot their loads in her. When they finished, I was told to suck out their cum from Diane’s cunt.

As I sucked out their cum, Diane’s body was convulsing in one orgasm after another. It was evident that Diane was loving every second of my tongue being in her cunt.

The men left us alone while I finished off my daughter.

Later, after some rest, One guy threw me on the bed and spread my legs and shoved his cock in my cunt and started fucking me. Another guy came over and told me to get on all fours. The first guy got underneath and got his cock back in my cunt and continued fucking me. The second guy placed his cock at my ass hole and slowly inserted it in my ass.

Soon, both men were fucking both my holes in unison. Another guy came over and stuck his cock in my mouth and the last guy had me jerking him off.

All the time, I saw Diane watching me and I could not imagine what she thought of her mother but I was enjoying it too much to care.

As I tried fucking them back, I could feel that they were ready to cum. I fucked them hard and faster as my body rose off the bed. Then, both men came at the same time and filled my holes. The guy I was sucking, came all over my tits as did the guy I was jerking off.

Mr. White told Diane to gather up all the cum and put it into a glass. She did as she was told and got a glass full of hot cum. Then Mr. White told her to drink it all down.

Diane looked at me, still with evidence of cum on me and lifted up the glass and drank it all down.

Then she went over to each guy and sucked their glistening cocks clean, then came to me and shared it with me.

I was never so proud of my cum slut daughter as at that moment.

The next day, I got a call from my niece, Maureen. She told me she just graduated high school and was coming for a visit.

I told her that Diane and I were staying at a friend’s house and I would have to let her know if she could stay here. I told her I would call her tomorrow.

I went to Mr. white and told him the situation. He said she could stay but only if she would be willing to train as a cum slut.

Maureen just turned 18 and is drop dead gorgeous. She is about 5’4″, 115, about a 38c, a flaming red head with her hair hanging down over her shoulders, green eyes and a sexy smile. And, the last time I saw her, she had a trimmed red bush.

I told him I wasn’t sure but I would see what I could do. He said she sounded great and hoped that she would train.

I then called Maureen and told her she could stay but, and it was a big but, that Diane was in special training and would she like to train too?

Maureen asked what was the training and I took a deep breadth and said, to be a cum slut.

There was silence on the phone. I heard nothing for a long time and asked if she were still on the phone. Maureen said she was and was a bit shocked. Then she said that she would still like to come for a visit and see what it was all about.

Two days later, Maureen showed up at the mansion. I answered the door, forgetting I was naked and when she came in, I hugged and kissed her. Diane came running and hugged and kissed her cousin. We then took her to our room.

Maureen was a nudist too, so she wasn’t surprised seeing us with no clothes on but she was curious about the training.

Diane eagerly told her what she was doing for Mr. White and I could see Maureen getting a little excited.

As Diane told her, I told her to get naked and join us by the pool and Diane would tell her more.

In no time at all, Maureen was naked and the three of us headed out to the pool.

Just so you know, Maureen still had the trimmed red pussy.

As Diane was telling Maureen about her training, Mr. White came out to the pool. He was naked and had a nice hard on.

I introduced him to Maureen and he gave her a kiss on the cheek and sat close to her on a lounge chair.

He asked if she heard about the training Diane was undergoing and she said that Diane was just telling her about it.

Mr. White just came out and asked Maureen if she would like to be a cum slut too.

As Maureen thought about it, Mr. White got up and moved toward her. He placed his hard cock in front of her mouth and told her to suck it until he came.

Diane and I watched as she swallowed his cock in her mouth and in a few minutes, he shot his load in her mouth. Diane quickly ran over and started sucking the cum out of her mouth.

Mr. White told Maureen she did real well and would like her to be a cum slut.

Maureen looked at me and Diane and just nodded her head yes.

Over the next few nights, Diane and I had a much sex as possible with Maureen, with Mr. White joining us or watching us.

He loved watching Diane and Maureen doing 69.

One day he took both girls outside to fuck them. He did Diane first and came in her, then, with his cock still in her cunt, he peed in it, then told Maureen to lap it all up.

Maureen obeyed without hesitation.

Then, after a few minutes, he fucked Maureen and shot some cum into her. This time he told me to place my pussy against hers and for me to pee in her cunt. Then he told Diane to suck out the nectar, which she did.

Mr. White’s party was the next night and he was proud to have three cum sluts available for his guests.

The next morning, everything was being prepared. Caterers were there as well as bartenders. The guests would be arriving at 8 p.m.

Mr. White said ten couples would be there and the three of us would be at their disposal and fulfill all their requests.

He told Maureen to wear a short, white pleated skirt that barely covered her pussy along with a see through top, and to basically to look like a teen cheerleader.

He told Diane to wear a sheer g-string and a sheer bra and high heels.

He told me to wear a black bustier with my tits visible and high heels.

He also gave me the job of making sure every guest’s needs were met.

Guests started arriving and I led them to the gigantic room where the party was beng held.

Mr. White already had large pillows, towels, dildos, vibrators, whips, nipple clamps and other assorted goodies for the guests.

Maureen served drinks and the guests made sure they felt her up and touched her whenever they got the chance.

Diane moved among the guests, letting them play with her if they wanted to.

I was approached by several men and women for sex and made arrangements with them to please them during the course the night.

Mr. White came in the room and asked the group for silence. He introduced the three of us and told them that we were available for their pleasure for the night.

He then left the room and the party really began.

The first thing everyone wanted was for us to get naked, which we did.

Then men and women came over to us and told us to undress them, which we did. In a short period of time, everyone was naked.

One fellow took Diane and laid her on a pillow. He mounted her and slipped his cock in her cunt. As soon as he started fucking her, a woman went over and placed her cunt over her mouth.

I watched as Diane was getting fucked and eating a woman out. The guy finally shot his load in her cunt.

As soon as he was done, another guy came over and got her on all fours and fucked her ass, shooting his cum in her hole.

I saw Maureen on her knees blowing a couple of cocks and watched as they came all over her face and tits.

One women came to me and had me like down so she could mount me and rub our pussies together until she had her orgasm.

Then I saw four guys around Diane. She was on all fours. One guy got behind her and slipped his cock in her ass. Then another guy got right beside him and tried to get his cock in her ass too.

I could not believe it as my daughter took both cocks in her ass.

I was told to go lick their cocks as they fucked her ass.

Diane then let out a moan and said, “Mom, this feels great.”

Suddenly, the room got quiet, then realized that they had mother/daughter cum slut.

The rest of the night was complete sex for the three of us and the guests.

The next morning, Diane woke up when I called her name several times and shook her.

Finally, she awoke and said that she just had an incredible dream that seemed to go on forever.

As she got out of bed, she asked why the bed was so wet. I just looked at her and smiled.

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Miranda’s Memories Ch. 03

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3D Cartoon

“Hurry Leo! I want to show you my surprise!” Miranda yelled at me as I was hauling all of our groceries toward the apartment. She had another destination in mind after our grocery trip and she planned on going straight there but she forgot that milk spoils. For someone so smart she sure can be forgetful. After I put the groceries away I got back in the car with a waiting Miranda looking eager. She directed me at every turn and we finally got there. I looked up at the towering hotel before me. Not some cheap motel, I wondered why she went to somewhere so expensive. We’ve been to motels that were cheaper and still pretty good so why this place?

She practically jumped out of the car as soon as I put it in park. I followed her as she giggled and had a slight spark in her eye. She walked up to the front desk and talked to the lady for a little bit before handing her ID to her. After a small wait it was handed back with a room key.

“It’s nice, the hotel,” she said as we started to walk toward the elevator. “It has a pool, an arcade, oh and not to mention the nightclub that is at the top of the building.”

“So you won’t tell me what this is for, even if I ask, will you?” I quizzed, already knowing the answer.

“Nope, you should know better silly,” she responded as she took the lead. We got onto the elevator and the doors shut behind us. She turned to me and pushed me to the wall with her hand on my chest. She got real close and whispered to me, “Besides, what fun is a surprise if it’s revealed? I promise you, though, it’ll bring us both a lot of pleasure.” As she said this her hand slowly crawled down until it was cupping my cock through my jeans. She massaged it slightly as she looked me in the eyes before she kissed me and let go just as the doors to the elevator opened.

Thirteenth floor, her favorite number. The whole hotel is 37 floors high including the nightclub. It’s the tallest building in the entire town. She lead me to the room and we opened the door to find a pretty impressive room. It was decorated with a modern style, much like the rest of the hotel. There were two queen sized beds, but one was already a little messy.

“Hey, um, what’s up with that?” I said concerned. Even in the motels the beds were always immaculate. “Should I call the house keepers?”

“No, no silly. That’s part of the surprise,” she responded nonchalantly. I looked around the bed and noticed there were suitcases along the wall.

“Are these ours?”

“No, Leo relax I promise you’ll find out everything soon.” I sat on the clean bed and sighed. I figured she took care of everything she does know what she’s doing. A couple minutes later our suitcases arrived to our room. I wondered how she got our suitcases around me without my notice but it didn’t concern me. She can be sneaky.

She ran to the bathroom and I turned on the t.v. Nothing good was on particularly but I did find a good music channel so I left it on. I saw the bathroom door open and Miranda walked out. She wore nothing but a bra, leaving the rest of her bronze skin exposed to me. The sight of her walking around like this wasn’t uncommon but there was a new addition. She got a tattoo, a lily by the looks of it. It was placed on her left side, the flower was red and rested on the top of her thigh and the green vines wrapped around part of her thigh and extended to the top of her hip.

“Do you like it?” she asked. She knows I go nuts for good looking tattoos. “I got it to represent my name, Miranda, which means admirable. I’ve always found lilies to look extremely beautiful. I see you like it too!” I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was sexy as hell. I got up off the bed and walked straight up to her. I picked her up by her legs, which forced her to wrap them around me. I pinned her to the wall and forced my mouth to her’s. Our tongues danced with each other for a bit while her hips grinded her pussy into my pants. I could feel even through the jeans she was wet. She finally parted our lips and pushed me away.

“Not yet, big guy. We still have tons to do tonight and I still have to get ready. Speaking of which, I packed some nice shirts for you. Figure out which one you like the most and get ready. We have to be somewhere in an hour,” she commanded as she walked back to the bathroom. “Oh, and by the way, you’ll see more of that tattoo later tonight.” She winked at me and with that closed the door to the bathroom.


I checked the mirror one last time to make sure my hair looked good. I wore a red button up shirt and the same jeans. I switched to nicer pair of shoes though. I saw Miranda finally step out of the bathroom and she looked… Wow. She wore a black skin tight dress with lacing going down the front of the dress until just after her bellybutton piercing then curved to the left and down the rest of the way on her leg, which the dress ended about mid-thigh, perfectly framing her new tattoo. Her stilettos were black and had a bunch of small straps going across her feet in a stripe pattern. Her nails were painted a deep black to match gaziantep escortlar the dress and heels. Her makeup was done up with winged black eyeshadow, which her grey eyes contrasted brilliantly against, and bright red lipstick to match the color of the tattoo. Her brunette hair fell in big curls around her shoulders and ended right about shoulder length.

“Trying to impress someone are we?” I asked teasingly.

She pouted and replied, “Am I not impressing you right now?”

“Trust me I am extremely impressed. You still manage to find ways to tease me even after we’ve been fucking this long. I should be used to it by now.” With this I pulled her close and stole a kiss. She pulled away after a few short seconds.

“Nah uh, no playing until tonight. Trust me you’ll need the stamina.” We left the room and headed for the elevator. When we got in she pushed a button on the top floor and up we went. When we hit the 37th floor, the doors opened to a entire club on the roof covered by nothing but the night sky and glass walls surrounding the roof. Lasers were dancing off the floor and lights flew everywhere silhouetting the DJ on the stage on the opposite side of the roof. The music was loud and modern club music with a heavy bass. There were only a handful of people, maybe thirty to forty people who were dancing or sitting at the bar. Tables were placed on the outer edges of the club to give people a view of the city. Miranda took my hand and led me to the bouncer. He was guarding a velvet rope that went the length of the floor before the glass walls. Miranda and I had to show our ID’s and I noticed she pulled her student ID as well which was weird. You see Miranda went to one of two universities in our town, Harem University. It was a school that taught people to be strippers, pornstars, or anything else to do with the business of sex and lust. We entered the club and immediately she started to lead me.

“Ok so a little bit of an explanation now,” she started to say as we walked. “We are here because I have a homework assignment from my Film Studies class. The school paid for the hotel room and such, which is why you saw a messy bed. The school didn’t want to cough up the money for each student to get their own room so we have to share. However, this works in the assignments favor.”

“What is this assignment?” I ask curiously.

“I will explain after I introduce you to our roommates,” she replied. We walked up to a table where two people sat. There was something familiar about this couple. I couldn’t quite place it though. The man was wearing a similar attire to myself and had a much more muscular build than what I have. The lady was wearing a white blouse that hung off of her shoulder and white pencil skirt with silver studs dotted on both the articles. Her heels were also stilettos but the white fabric covered most of her foot save the small slit at the top and the open toe at the end. Her nails were painted white as well. She wore silver jewelry to match the clothes. She was not wearing much makeup, just some eyeshadow. Her blonde hair was worn in a twisted bun style and held with some silver pins.

“Leo, this is Melissa and Carmelo. Guys this is my friend, Leo,” she introduced us. We all shook hands and Miranda asked, “Leo, do you remember these two?”

I started running through everywhere I could think of, mainly work, and came up with nothing. After seeing the blank expression on my face Miranda sighed, “Don’t you remember the first time we fucked? Do you remember the couple that joined us?” My memory clicked and suddenly I remembered them crystal clear.

“Oh yes that’s right! I’m sorry my memory tends to be terrible,” I apologized.

“It’s ok, his is nothing to be proud of either,” Melissa responded. “Lucky for both of you boys, that’s not why we are into you.” She winked at Miranda and they both giggled.

“Anyways, I was going through my classes on the first day of school and when I got to film studies I recognized Melissa,” Miranda explained. “Right away we hit it off and became friends. So, when the teacher assigned us to make our own film we had to choose a category. Melissa, being the overachiever she is, wanted gangbang. Unfortunately, that slut Silvia already stole that roll with about eight other guys in class. However, foursome was still available, so her and I hatched a scheme to get you guys here.” I stared at both of them in disbelief, and judging by Carmelo’s expression be was in the dark too.

“So you want us to film all of us having sex?” I asked. “Simple as that?”

“Yep,” Melissa answered. “First though we need to get liquored up. It’s more fun that way, plus it feels so much better.” She went for the bar and came back with four shots.


After a couple hours in the club we returned to our room. Miranda and Melissa stumbled into the room with Carmelo and I following with the bottles of alcohol and plastic cups. Melissa went to her suitcase and pulled out a pretty nice camcorder. She stumbled to me and handed it over. “I want it to be fro- from your perspective,” she stumbled over her words as well. “Miranda is the sexiest of us, so her lover should start it off. I turned it on and started to do a panoramic of the room. Miranda poured more drinks into our cups and we all sat on the beds and chairs.

“I love our school,” Miranda blurted randomly, but she seemed a little more sober than Melissa.

“I’m thinking about joining myself,” Carmelo said. I moved the camera to follow whoever was speaking.

“So Melissa, last time we met I guessed your cup size,” I told her. “May I see if I was right?”

“OH, A GAME!” she shouted. “Of course, shoot.”

“Uh let’s see… B-cup?”

“Incorrect my friend! I have C’s!” She giggled. “I mean I should be offended…”

“Don’t be offended. How about we play another game?” I asked.

“Ok, I like games!” she excitedly responded.

“I noticed, hey Car, hand me that table,” I set the table in front of us and an empty bottle resting on top of it. “I’m sure you guys are familiar with this game. I’ll go first.” I spun the bottle, focusing the camera on it, and it landed on Carmelo. “Ok, truth or dare?”

“Truth please,” Carmelo replied.

“Ok let’s see… how many women have you slept with?”

“Uh… just Melissa here… remember how nervous I was the first time you guys approached me?”

“Oh yeah, you tried to stay a gentleman. Sorry about that.” I replied with a chuckle. Carmelo spun the bottle and it landed on Miranda.

“Ok Miranda, truth or dare?” he asked nervously.

“Oh baby, give me a dare,” she replied as she leaned in real close to him.

“Oh, um… Kiss leo?” He said.

“Is that it?” She came to me and straddled me, pulling my lips to hers and full on making out, our tongues intertwining. She bit my lip as she pulled away. The camera just faced the floor. She went back to her seat and spun. This time it landed on me. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I responded. “Gotta keep some variety.”

“No fun, but fine, do you wanna fuck Melissa?” She asked with a devilish grin on her face.

“Hell yes. Do you see those legs? Especially in those heels.” I spun almost immediately and it landed on Melissa. “Speak of the devil. Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” she blurted out. “Gotta keep variety.”

“Ok, I’ve noticed you haven’t been wearing a bra all night. Show us what’s under that shirt.” I said. I pointed the camera at her and she pulled her blouse down to reveal her tits. You could still see the tan line that her bikini hid under normal circumstances. Her nipples were fully erect. She squeezed them together and shook them a little to let them jiggle for the camera. She left her breasts out over her shirt as she spun. It landed on Miranda again.

“Truth or dare honey?” she asked.

“Oh please baby, dare,” she eagerly replied.

“Come here honey.” Melissa beckoned Miranda over to her and pulled her into a kiss. The girl’s tongues visible to the camera, entering each other’s mouths before Miranda kissed her way down Melissa’s neck and started to suck and lick her tits and nipples. Miranda got up after a couple minutes and walked back to her chair after whispering something to Melissa.

“Hey, Leo, I have something I wanna show the camera,” she said. I went over to her and she pointed down as she opened her legs. I saw white lacy thongs covering her pussy but they were completely drenched. I set the camera down on a nightstand and went back to Melissa. I peeled her thong off to reveal a glistening pink pussy. I went to work, licking the bare pussy broadly. I kept licking slowly making my tongue localized until I hit her clit. I could hear her moans coming from above me. I looked up to see one hand squeezing and playing with a tit, while I felt her other hand pulling on the top of my head. The moans got louder the closer I got to her sweet spot.

Eventually I heard moans coming from beside us and I looked over to see Carmelo eating out Miranda, though instead of just sitting, Miranda was bent over the desk with her dress hiked up, as he licked her from behind. One hand was holding her black g-string to the side as he slurped her juices up. I must’ve gotten distracted because Melissa threw her legs on my shoulders, blocking my view, and crossed her legs behind my back. I looked up to see Melissa had let her hair down. Her blue eyes looked at me pleadingly and I continued to lick up the sweet juices. After a couple minutes I hear Melissa’s moans turning to small squeals and screams just before she squirted. I slurped up as much of the juices as I could, and stood up, noticing her twitching. She stood up and almost fell but I caught her.

“You ok?” I asked concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just a little hard to stand with shaky knees and heels,” She replied giggling. She planted a kiss on me and whispered, “Grab the camera. This part should be a P.O.V.”

I grabbed the camera as she walked over to Miranda and Carmelo. When I looked back over, She had stripped her shirt, so she wore her skirt and heels. She pulled Carmelo away and sat him on the end of the bed. Miranda walked toward me and kissed my cheek, then led me to sit on the bed as well. The both backed up from the bed and Melissa helped Miranda unzip her dress. As she teasingly started to remove it, Melissa fiddled with her phone until some music started to play. Miranda and her started to dance, with Miranda in nothing but her g-string and heels. They were grinding on each other and giggling, before they came to us. Miranda started to grind her pussy against my pants. I pointed the camera towards her hips as I leaned back a little and it showed her expertly moving her pelvis back and forth.

I panned the view up to show her tight tummy and then her double d’s slightly bouncing to the beat. When the camera hit her face, she smiled before sticking her tongue out. I moved the camera to the couple next to us and saw him sucking on Melissa’s tits as she grinded herself against him as well. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, as her hand pushed Carmelo’s head against her breast. Miranda started to remove my shirt and I let her. She climbed down and the camera watched as she rested on her knees and beckoned me to stand. I stood and she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down with my boxers, springing my cock right in front of her. I kicked off the items and she started to work on me. She licked my tip first before giving it a small kiss.

She took a small portion into her lips, then moved her mouth all the way down my shaft slowly. Her red lips consumed as much of my cock as they could before she pulled her head back. She licked the side of my shaft then her tongue made her way to my balls. She licked and sucked on them and she played with her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples, so she moaned as she licked me. I looked over and saw Melissa climb off of Carmelo and strip her skirt off. She crawled back onto the bed and stayed on her hands and knees as she turned me towards the bed. She took my cock fully in her mouth and Miranda moved in front of me to continue playing with my balls, sucking one at a time. Carmelo looked almost offended until he realized Melissa was wiggling her ass in front of him.

He quickly stripped himself and I handed the camera to him as he lined himself up to enter her pussy. I heard a moan release from around my cock and she swallowed my cock every time Carmelo pounded into her. Miranda must’ve gotten jealous because she pulled my cock out of Melissa’s mouth and put it between the two. They both started to lick each side, and when their mouths met they made out heavily. Eventually, Miranda laid down underneath Melissa. She started to lick and suck Carmelo’s balls as she pulled her g-string off and spread her legs. I wasted no time and started to pound away, her pussy was soaked making lubed for my cock. Her walls are always so tight, her tanned lips stuck to my cock as I pulled away. I heard moans come from underneath Melissa.

“Oh, fuuuuckkk… Miranda that’s myyy CLiiII-” I heard Melissa try to say before juices erupted from her pussy, spraying all over Carmelo’s cock and Miranda’s face. Her mouth opened in ecstasy and eyes rolled back. I pulled my cock from Miranda’s pussy and slid it into her mouth. She closed her mouth around me before she realized what she was doing. When she finally came down from the high she realized and started to suck the juices from Miranda off of me, licking my balls just to get the extra that dripped on them. I pointed down and put my cock back inside Miranda, slowly sliding in as I pinched her clit, making it very prominent for Melissa. She got the hint and took it into her mouth. I heard her slurping on Miranda’s juices, but it was quickly drowned out by Miranda’s screams as she came multiple times, each time her pussy gripping my cock tightly.

I pulled out of Miranda and signaled Carmelo to do the same. When he did Melissa immediately fell next to Miranda. Both of them laid there and panted. “M-more… please more..” I looked down to see Miranda pleading. I walked to the other side of the bed and told Carmelo to go to the other side. I pulled Melissa to the edge of the bed and started to pound into her as she laid on her back. She gasped with pleasure and glee and she begged. “God, yes… harder please… god like that yes… Fuuck…” she moaned. Her tits bounced along to the rhythm of my pounding . I looked up to see Carmelo driving his cock into Miranda furiously. Miranda turned Melissa’s head towards her and started to heatedly make out with her, their moans escaped into each other’s mouths. I saw Carmelo pull out of Miranda and spray his cum all over her, from her tummy all the way to her lips, and there was a good amount. Melissa almost pushed me out of her and scrambled to Miranda. She started to lick the strings of cum off Miranda’s stomach. Miranda graciously took my cock in her mouth and licked Melissa’s juices off me. I heard another soft moan as I saw Melissa’s tongue linger over Miranda’s nipples. The sight was extremely erotic, so much so I couldn’t hold my cum anymore and started to blow into Miranda’s mouth. Miranda exclaimed at first but realized what was happening and sucked every drop of cum out of me.

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My First Chatroom Party

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Journal Entry #92 – My First Party

Hi Journal!

Well, last night was the big party! I got dressed up really nice and drove over to the Hotspot. They had been spamming the room on the Hookup website I belong to, and I had RSVPed several days before. It was going to be my first party, though you know I’ve met a few people from that room before with notable results.

I was wearing a simple white sleeveless silk top with a simple black skirt with black thigh-highs and my cool black leather Oxfords. It was warm so I didn’t wear a jacket. My hair was down, and my only make up was red lipstick. Underneath I had gone to town and was wearing a full set of black lingerie, lacey black bra, matching panties, and a garter belt. I have to say I was feeling really sexy right from the start.

It was just a little after seven when I got to the Hotspot, and when I went in I felt a little bit nervous. It looked like (and is) a dive bar, with pool tables up front, a little dance floor in front of the DJ/KJ (Karaoke Jockey), with a bar running all the way down the wall and around the back.

The place was filled almost to capacity with a pretty varied group. I could see the Young Guys, between 21 and 35, dressed up to look hot, more than a few in military uniforms. There were the Older Guys, between 40 and 60, mostly cleaned up and wearing Hawaiian or brightly colored shirts, most with shorts. There were the Young Things, girls between 21 and 30, dressed in tight, revealing outfits that most didn’t have the bodies to carry off.

They mostly looked trashy and desperate. More than one was easily over 200 pounds and squeezed into corsets and skirts that were straining to hold them.

And then there were the older chicks, from 30-50 dressed better than the Young Things, but most showing years of mileage I pray I can avoid.

One of the Older Guys, a handsome one about 50-something in a yellow Tommy Bahama and shorts with flip-flops came up and put his arm around me. He said he was AnalCommander61 and I hugged him. He was one of the “Leaders” of the room, and a really nice guy.

“Max wants to meet you,” he said, and he ushered me through the crowd to the back, where Max was holding court.

Max is PrincessMax, a forty-something Asian woman, petite and beautiful. She was dressed impeccably, looking like she was going to go to the finest nightclub in town rather than this little dump. The men and women were gathered around her on her bar stool against the wall. When she saw me her eyes brightened and I went over and we hugged.

“So, my hubby brought me a prize,” she laughed, her arms tight around me. ” I love your shoes!” I could tell the moment I walked in that my 5 1/2 inch heeled Oxfords were a good choice.

Max introduced me around, whispering in my ear whether they were good people or not worth bothering about. I was standing with my back right up against her, with her arms around me as she introduced me. After most of the boring chitchat I normally put up with I finally turned around, and Max kissed me.

I wish I could explain how sexy it feels to kiss another woman when she’s wearing lipstick too. The slip sliding, the softness, well, it’s really arousing for me. I felt her hands on my tits, and then they slid down and pressed against my pussy through my skirt. The fact that there were crowds of people just inches away was making me so hot I couldn’t stand it.

AnalCommander61 was close behind me then, and I felt them both gathering my skirt and lifting it. Max’s hand pressed to my pussy with only the sheer fabric of my panties to protect me, and I jumped. She had a little vibrator on her finger and she was feeling me through my panties, giving me a really good buzz.

“Holy shit! Jesus, what an ass! Take a look at those legs!” I heard the voices of men and women behind me and realized that AnalCommander61 had moved aside but was still holding my skirt up, showing my backside off to the group. I blushed, still kissing Max as she worked her finger around over my panties, which were getting very wet.

I pushed Max’s legs apart and reached under her skirt, finding as I ran my finger along her smooth slit that she was not only very aroused, but that she was not wearing panties under her tight leather skirt. I was slightly afraid of going too far in the crowded bar, but I couldn’t help myself. I broke out kiss and squatted down, putting my face only a few inches from her exposed pussy. She was shaved bare like me, and her full pouting lips had a brownish tint.

In a flash I was sucking on her sweet pussy, running my tongue over her sensitive flesh. Anal moved in and started kissing her, and I felt her hand on the back of my head as she rubbed Anal’s hard-on through his shorts.

I glanced away and saw legs all around us, people who had moved in close to watch but who were also shielding us from more casual observers.

I spread her lips wide with my fingers and went to work on her clitty for a little while, then gaziantep escortlar leaned in closer and went deep with my tongue. Her juices were flowing, and she pushed against my face, so I knew I was pleasing her even though we couldn’t communicate. There was a gush, and her come became thicker, but I hadn’t sensed any tensing or anything. She tasted really good.

I rose up between the couple and they took turns kissing me, licking her juices from my face and lips.

Anal lifted my skirt and I felt his fingers in my waistband. I didn’t discourage him, so a few moments later I felt him work my panties down my legs. He stooped and picked them up and put his face against my ass under my skirt, his bristly beard tickling me. He spread my cheeks and I felt his tongue start lashing my asshole, no doubt getting a mouthful of my running juices too. He stopped, and soon was joining our kiss, sharing my taste with Max.

“You said you were flexible,” Max whispered in my ear, and I brought my leg up and held my ankle up over my head. Max laughed and putting her fingers inside me she said, “That’s wonderful, but not exactly what I meant. You want to come home with us for the after-party?”

I said I did, and she told me she had to be polite and talk to some other people, but that I shouldn’t go too far away.

I went away a few feet and the bartender (Amy, a cool girl who took care of me that night. Thanks, Amy) and ordered a beer. After checking my license she handed me a glass and told me I had a few lined up, already paid for by guys at the bar.

“Damn, girl! You are so hot! Let’s go to my place and fuck!” a guy yelled in my ear from behind me. Wow, I love a subtle guy. I turned and saw it was Sammy, a giant Samoan guy in Marine camo pants and a tank top. Sammy had tried to chat me up on the board a few times, always with the same level of subtlety. I blew him off, a little scared of what he might do or say in person, but he was pretty sweet about it and left me alone.

“TeriGirl!” a harsh voice screamed next to me, making me almost spill my beer. I turned and saw BigPeaches, a fifty-something woman with over processed blond hair, 46 double-D’s that gravity had caught up with a while back, and a belly roll that had easily conquered her overly tight denim mini skirt. She threw her arms around me and tried to crush me.

BigPeaches was one of those women who would try to get you into a threesome with a young jock or military guy, to be their bait. They used you to get the guy, and then hogged him the whole night.

We had started to have a polite conversation when she suddenly leaned in and kissed me, shoving her boozy tongue down my throat, and she grabbed a handful of my crotch in her hand. I was still wet from making out with Max and Anal, but Peaches must have assumed I was all for her because her other hand quickly moved up to me tits. To my relief the bartender came up and told us to knock it off because we were out in the open. I handed her my credit card and told her to charge me for a couple of beers and to add herself a fifty dollar tip if she could keep rescuing me like that. She winked and walked away with the card.

A couple of the guys I’d met before came up and chatted, but I reminded them that I only did one-nighters and they went away pretty easily.

“I’ve got nine inches that wants to get into you,” a man said from behind me, and when I turned I briefly saw a huge black guy before he bent down and kissed me hard, his hand taking mine and putting it on the hardness in his pants. I’ll admit that his dick felt huge, but I didn’t know him and he wouldn’t let me up for air. I started to struggle with him and he finally pulled back, but quickly slipped his hands up under my shirt and started squeezing my titties.

“Stop!” I cried out, still trying to get away, and then I saw Sammy come up behind the black dude. He tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, “What do you think you’re doing to my girlfriend?”

When the guy turned Sammy slammed a fist into the side of the guy’s head, spinning him around. They were shouting at each other as they went outside. A little bit later I saw Sammy come back in, none the worse for wear. He looked over at me and smiled, then waved and went over to chat up one of the Young Things.

I took a couple of turns at the karaoke machine, getting far more applause than I deserved, and it must have been nearly eleven when I went over to find Max and Anal.

Max put her arm around my waist and she kissed me. “We’re having a few people over for the after-party, do you mind?” I said that I didn’t, wondering who was going to be there. She told me that they had come in one car, so she was free to drive with me and guide me in. I said that was totally cool and we took off.

That sounded easy, didn’t it? It actually took up nearly an hour. We had to say goodnight to everyone one at a time, and somehow I ended up on the bar with three different men and two women doing body shots off of me.

One we were safely in my Lexus we made polite small talk. Max kept looking at my car and then at me. Finally she asked me what I did that I could afford a new Lexus. I told her I was an avowed Daddy’s Girl, and she laughed. I told her about some of the jobs I’d had in the past, and she said I was an idiot for even doing that, since Daddy was willing to support me. I asked her who was going to be at the after-party and she laughed and said it would be a surprise.

She led me to a gated community and along beautiful streets filled with big houses with perfect lawns. I pulled into the garage of a gorgeous two-level and parked next to a red vintage Porsche, and we went inside.

Their house was perfect in every way, with thick white shag carpets and gorgeous antique furniture. Max put me in the living room and I sat on the humungous sofa while she got us some drinks. She handed me a scotch and sat down close to me, and I barely had a moment to sip before her arms were around me and we were kissing. I carefully put my glass on the table and put my arms around her, settling back so she could have her way with me.

We kissed and touched for a little while, getting pretty hot, but not touching anywhere that would get us in deeper. Max stood up and slipped her skirt down, then unbuttoned her top and took it off too, revealing perfectly round, full breasts enclosed in a tan demi bra. Her perfect little body was glorious, and I could tell she was very proud of it as she slowly removed the bra, leaving her naked except for her red pumps.

I took her lead and stood up and I pulled my top off over my head and then removed my skirt. Our arms went around each other again and we kissed deeply. I felt a little off balance because I was several inches taller than she was, even in her heels.

“Do you want to join the big party right away, or have a little one-on-one first?” she asked me before taking one of my nipples in her mouth through my bra.

“One-on-one,” I said, and Max led me up the stairs to a little bedroom. I could tell it wasn’t the master bedroom, but I didn’t say anything as we fell to the bed and started making out for real.

Max kissed down my body, pausing to flick her tongue across and around my navel piercing. When she got down to my pussy she lapped at me deeply, then started playing with my pussy with her lips and tongue.

It wasn’t long before I was thrashing around, moaning and whining. I mean it, the woman has a gift.

We didn’t even slow down when the door opened and one of the older guys from the party came in. He took off his bright yellow shirt and tapped Max on the shoulder. She stood up and kissed him on the mouth, and then left the room!

I was pretty freaked out by that, but I was also on the verge of coming. The guy got on the bed between my legs and started licking my pussy. I ran my fingers through his thin white hair and moaned, and he put a couple of fingers in me while he worked on my clit. He paused for a couple of seconds to drop and then kick off his red shorts, and then he tore open a condom packet with his teeth before going down on me again.

I was biting the side of my hand just about to come when he started moving up my body, stopping when his big belly was on mine and we kissed. He tasted like beer, and I could tell pretty quickly that he was missing a couple of back teeth, but I was pretty far gone. I felt his fat fingers spread my pussy, and his cock found my creamy center fast enough. It must have been exactly what my body was craving, because as soon as his fat (if a little short) cock was inside me I started to come.

I brought my legs up around him and stuck my heels into his ass and bucked like a bronco, wailing with joy. He started fucking me fast and hard, right away, which was the perfect choice. I came all over his dick and then collapsed back on the bed, exhausted. He kept up the pace for a few more thrusts before slowing down and fucking me with long, slow strokes.

“Give me your big, fat cock,” I whined.

“Your pussy is so tight!” he gasped, and I had the feeling he was going to pop off pretty soon. I dug my nails into his sweaty, hairy back and pushed back against him, thrusting my hips into him with every thrust. I was working myself up pretty good, and I felt another come building up slowly. I heard the door close and looked over and saw KatMaggie, an older girl with a pretty good body slinking over to the bed, naked.

She had a big thick black bush over her pussy, and her B cups swung with each step. She climbed onto the bed behind the guy and disappeared from view, but when he moaned loudly I thought I felt breath on my pussy, so I guess she was either tonguing his ass or sucking his balls. Either way, it wasn’t long before he grunted and shoved his dick in as far as he could. I guess he was coming, because he immediately fell on me with his full weight.

He pulled his dick out and moved aside, and KatMaggie fell on my pussy like it was a treat and started tonguing me deeply. I mean it too. Her tongue felt like it was six inches long, the way it slithered up inside me and writhed around. I watched the guy get off of the bed and wander over to a trashcan, where he stripped off his condom and tied it off before dropping it inside.

KatMaggie’s tonguing was getting me going so I threw may arm over my eyes and didn’t see the guy leave. KatMaggie stopped and pulled her tongue out and whined, so I moved my arms and looked down to see one of the younger guys behind her, fucking her while she ate me.

I wasn’t getting anywhere except for watching the show, the skinny younger guy was pounding away at KatMaggie’s pussy, shoving her face against my pussy. She pushed up and crawled over me, I guess sliding off of his dick, and she put her knees on each side of my head and lowered her sloppy pussy onto my face.

It was sloppier than I like, loose and with fat, heavy lips, but I went to work on her, lapping her juices and buzzing my tongue across her clitty. I felt fingers probing my pussy, and then he grabbed my legs and lifted my ass up off of the bed. He set my butt on his thighs and slid his dick into me.

This guy had the longest, thinnest dick I think I’ve ever had! It wasn’t enough to stretch me, but when he got it all inside it felt like he was getting close to unexplored territory. It was like being fucked by a really long slim-line dildo.

He started fucking me with long, strong strokes, holding my thighs in his hands. After a while I felt him release my thighs and the next thing I knew my bra fell away. He leaned forward, bending me almost double and started sucking on my nipples, one at a time.

KatMaggie was really grinding down on my mouth by then, and I had to concentrate on working her good, but I vaguely registered it when the guy started slamming into me hard, then pulling out really slowly, then slamming back in fast.

My nipples exploded in white-hot pain as he pinched them hard and twisted. I ground my hips hard against his and thrashed my face against KatMaggie’s sloppier pussy. The final result was that I came really hard right at the same time KatMaggie sprayed her come all over my face, humping my face hard and squealing.

KatMaggie climbed off of my face and turned around and started making out with the guy fucking me, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride, finally free of her hairy pussy.

“I’m gonna come!” he yelped, and he whipped his dick out of me. KatMaggie pulled off his condom and took his dick in her hand and started beating him off fiercely until his thick, white come started splurting out all over my belly. She aimed it lower and he shot his remaining loads onto my excited pussy.

He fell back away from me, and KatMaggie got back down and started licking up his creamy deposits from my pussy and belly. The guy climbed off of the bed and came around to where my face was. He kissed my lips and said thank you before leaving.

I was feeling pretty well fucked, but I sill wanted to join the real party. I wanted to suck on Max’s pussy so bad, and the thought of sitting on Anal’s cock made me dizzy. Anal’s cock was famous for two reasons. Firstly, it was supposed to be pretty fat and ten inches long. I wanted to have some of that. Secondly, he was famous for only fucking a girl up the ass, a pretty safe assumption given his chosen name. I’d never had anything that big inside my butt, but he was very experienced so I knew he wouldn’t hurt me intentionally.

I climbed out of bed and gave KatMaggie the obligatory kiss before heading out into the hall. The sound of screaming led me to the master bedroom, where I found Max sitting quietly in a chair in the corner, a young blond’s head in her lap, and Anal on the bed reaming out a BBW redhead.

She was on all fours and her ass shook and her tits swung with every powerful impact. I watched his hard ass tighten and relax with each slamming thrust as he went balls deep into her, and the redhead was screaming like he was splitting her in half. I looked at the skinny blond eating Max and saw that her ass was bright red already, a big wet spot on the carpet between her legs.

Max looked over and saw me, and she brought her leg up and put her red leather pump on the blond’s shoulder and pushed her away. The blond looked around confused, and then slowly crawled out of the room on her hands and knees.

“Darling,” Max said, rising to her feet, “The main course has arrived.” Anal looked over and smiled at me, then slammed home one more time before slowly sliding his cock out of the redhead’s ass. When it popped free the redhead collapsed onto the bed, crying. Anal’s condom looked absolutely disgusting, a slimy sheen of shit and lubricant covering the bright yellow latex. He stripped it off and dropped it into a trashcan, and as he slowly stroked his massive rod I wondered if I would be able to take it.

Max helped the redhead from the bed and we all watched her stumble out of the room, her legs like rubber. As soon as she was out Anal closed the twin doors and locked them.

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Melora’s Gang Bang

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This story is in tribute to zaaz who invented Melora. It is all my own work though…..

There was a knock at the door. Doc who had had a busy night with Melora woke up from his doze and rather stiffly walked over and answered it.

It was Jake.

“Huh,” he said disparagingly,” I suppose you think Melora will win the gangbang competition against Messalina tonight?”

Doc did not particularly like Jake. This was saying something for Doc was slow to anger and rarely took a dislike to anyone.

“I’d bet on it!” said Doc.

A smile spread across Jake’s face. “Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?” he asked.

“A thousand.” said Doc. He could hardly afford it but there was something about Jake that made him rise to the bait. In fact the idea of winning money from Melora’s activity would have rankled him in a saner moment.

“Make it ten thousand!” said Jake disparagingly.

Doc knew he shouldn’t have done it but he couldn’t help himself. “O.K.” he said. “You’re on!”

Jake smiled and they shook hands.

“Oh and by the way. The club committee asked me to tell you that they have changed the time of the competition. They decided to start it earlier. It will start at 4:00 this afternoon instead of midnight as originally planned!”

With this information Jake said good morning and left.

Doc looked at his watch. It was already 10:00 AM. That meant that there was only six hours left to the competition. His aching bones made him remember last night. If Melissa felt anything like he did then she needed all the rest she could get! What time did they get to sleep after all that magnificent sex? Doc couldn’t quite remember. He did hear the clock in the hallway chime three times before he made his way down to the lounge room to collapse in the easy chair in a pool of sweat. He had not wanted to disturb Melora with his snoring. He knew that she would have a hard night ahead of her. In fact he was disturbed that she had tempted him into last night’s session. She had come home from work even randier than usual, and when Melora wanted sex it was very hard to deny her. Melora as usual was insatiable and Doc, as usual was more than happy to try and satisfy her need.

“Amazing woman” thought Doc to himself as he wandered slowly into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Recently she had decided that one way to get more men was to take up employment at the local brothel, and so she had become a working girl. She definitely worked harder than any other girl there, and would have done it for free if such a move would not have upset the other ladies. Yesterday when she came home after the day shift at about 8 PM she had told Doc that she had been busier than usual.

“I’ve had 10 customers today,” she had said. “Each one made me want more! Now I have come home I need you!!!” And she had proved it. Doc gave till he could give no more.

Doc drank the coffee slowly. Messalina would have been resting of course. She had been building herself up for over a month now. Her training schedule had been carefully organised by Jake. He had been using his machine on her to build up her stamina, exercising her amazing pussy for hours at a time, but now, close to the event he was letting her desires build by enforcing a period of celibacy. Messalina had not had sex for a week and was sooo randy that there was no knowing what would happen when she was finally offered an inexhaustible number of rampant dicks. Perhaps he had been very foolish to have taken on that bet, and even sillier to have worn out Melora the night before the contest.

Doc was so tired he couldn’t worry for long. He sat back in the chair and found his eyelids closing lulled to sleep by the silent morning made more peaceful by the quiet sound of something squeaking upstairs….

Something squeaking upstairs?! Doc did a double take. The noise was coming from Melora’s bedroom. He could only guess what was happening.

He raced upstairs and opened Melora’s door.

The first thing he notices was three of the biggest blacks he had ever seen. He noticed their physique first. Ebony skin was taut around huge muscles. All three of them had to be over six foot six, and looking down between their legs Doc saw that everything was in perfect proportion. They were gazing at the bed.

Doc followed their gaze to where the bed was moving up and down under the weight of three more of their friends. Doc assumed that somewhere under the pile was Melora. He knew he had guessed right when a female voice yelled:

“For God’s sake…. Deeper! I want more! I want it harder!”

“Shut up and suck me bitch!” was the response from the guy at the top of the bed, busy feeding his huge member into the squirming mass. Another guy who was humping Melora and who was so big that he covered her small body completely started to move even faster, plunging into her with such abandon that Doc thought that the bed would collapse.

The guy who was on top of Melora humped with even greater enthusiasm as he approached climax. “By gaziantep escortlar God Bitch” he grunted. “By the time you’ve been fucked by me you will find it hard to walk, let alone fuck!” Doc could almost believe it as the huge black’s member was almost the size of his forearm. Melora didn’t answer. She was trying to see how far down her throat she could stuff the second monster that was invading her. She seemed to have the talents of a sword swallower. Meanwhile the third guy was using his fingers to open up her anus preparing to invade her third hole and make her air tight.

“Melora!” shouted Doc. “What are you doing??”

As soon as he said it he realised it was a stupid question, and how Melora was going to answer it with her mouth stuffed to the brim made the question even sillier. Doc waited patiently. He knew from experience that none of the three would be fucking her all that much longer. Melora had a way of using her internal muscles that no man could resist. In less than a minute the guy in her mouth had released his load, which Melora could not help but swallow whole. The guy fingering her ass realising that the man at the door meant business flung his dick in her ass with a force increased by his sense of panic.

But he lasted no more than two minutes. Both guys fell back on the bed and watched as the third guy was trying to give her the fuck of her life.

You had to admit that he had more than average stamina. He flung himself into the task, now abetted by the cheering of all the others, who disappointed a little at their own performance, were sublimating in the success of their companion.

“Yes, bitch!” said one. “You’ve finally met your match!”

Even Doc was dumbfounded. He looked on in awe as the guy pistoned into her with unbelievable force for over ten minutes, never letting up for a second. He didn’t want to interrupt such a performance.

On an on it went, not so much sex as an athletic competition. The neck muscles in the huge black were knotted as he tried as hard as he could to exhaust Melora.

“I’ve seen Jake fuck seven girls to exhaustion,” said a companion to Doc. “And I reckon he could have still taken on another!”

Suddenly he saw Melora’s eyes roll back inside there sockets. She started the whimper that Doc knew signalled and oncoming orgasm. But the huge black did not stop. The noise which started in the back of Melora’s throat and became louder and louder seemed to inspire him to greater efforts. Doc had never seen (or heard) Melora cum like this!

Soon she was screaming and moaning, writhing in ecstatic agony. Doc could not imagine that someone cumming like this and surviving. Every nerve in her body seemed to be stretched beyond measure.

On and on it went. The clock ticked on.. Twenty minutes …. Thirty…. And still there seemed no indication of either party tiring.

Doc had no idea how to stop it! The orgasm was so intense and sustained that he was worried that some emotional or physical damage might be incurred if he pulled the two apart. That appeared to be the only way of interrupting the intense contact!

Eventually the huge black screamed at the top of his voice and Doc imagined the semen flowing from him sucked into Melora’s accommodating cunt. She was still thrashing around on the bed in a sexual frenzy, as with every muscle in her body was trying to stop the inevitable shrinkage that would follow Jake’s orgasm. With a sucking noise it flopped out of Melora’s body. Melora lay there whimpering, her huge hole an erotic site. You could see it expanding and contracting as her orgasm continued. Eventually it subsided and she lay there comatose.

“I’d say that was a draw,” commented one of the guys who had watched in awe the whole spectacle.

“Yeah,” said Jake looking at Melora. “That was incredible! I don’t think I will be fit for another fuck for a week. Looks like I’ve worn you out at last though bitch!”

Melora dreamily opened one eye, and a sly smile spread across her face. She looked up and saw the crowd of naked men around her. Jake may have been exhausted but the spectacle had obviously aroused the interest of the onlookers. Seeing all those rampant cocks, Melora started to lick her lips…

“More,” she whispered. “More, more…. I want much more!”

Doc took advantage of the lull in the proceedings. “Ohh no you don’t.” He said. “Sorry guys,” he said to the surrounding crew, “but you’re out of here. Melora’s got a gang bang contest on tonight in about four hours, and she needs all the rest she can get.”

“Oh no Doc,” moaned Melora. “Don’t make me stop now, just as I was starting to enjoy myself!”

“Sorry Melora, but tonight is important!” He didn’t think he ought to expand on just exactly why it was important to him. “Come on guys out of here! You can come tonight. Save yourselves for then!”

Doc was secretly hoping that the big black would find Messalina rather than Melora an appropriate partner if he came to the contest tonight. There was a lot riding on it!

Sheepishly the guys slowly filed out of the room and Doc went back downstairs. He was still feeling pretty exhausted and it wasn’t long before he found himself dozing off. He woke up long enough to set the alarm for 3:30. He hoped that Melora would make the most of the next four hours to rest.

The alarm went off, and Doc woke with a start. He went upstairs to wake Melora. Four hours wasn’t long to get one’s breath back after so much sex but Doc knew that once she was faced with a line up of guys, it would not be long before Melora forgot her tiredness and started to work her audience.

He walked in to Melora’s bed room.

“Come on sweetheart,” he said. “I know your still probably beat but we have a big day ahead of us.. Are you up to it?”

But Melora was not asleep. She was busy with her vibrator, working her hot sloppy cunt with a motion that bordered on frenzy.

“I’m cooooommiingg.” She moaned.

And sure enough she was once again in the depth of an intense orgasm.

Doc saw his bet going down the drain. He mentally shrugged. What could a guy do? Melora was in no state to fuck any one, let alone win a gang bang competition!

“God Melora, you look as if you have not rested at all….” As if to prove the point the battery on the vibrator gave up and Melora disgusted through the implement into a corner.

“Did you remember that you had a gangbang competition on now Melora! For goodness sake get yourself cleaned up. You are starting in a half an hour!

“Gang bang competition? Gosh yes! I must admit I had almost forgotten.” The anticipation of more male meat had sparked Melora up, and she quickly made her way to the shower to get cleaned up.

Five minutes later she was standing there in her little black dress (and nothing else) looking as if she had spent the last day in a health resort. The dress buttoned from the rather low neckline to the very high hemline, and Melora undid the top two and bottom two buttons.

“We are going in the sports car aren’t we?” she asked. “I hope the top is down. I feel that I would love to give a few car drivers a bit of a thrill!”

Doc did not say anything. He was used to this. Melora only wore totally revealing clothes. In fact he reasoned that this must have been the first time in over 24 hours where she actually had any clothes on at all!

There could have been a few accidents on the way to the club, but fortunately there were none. There was a near miss when a large truck passed Melora and the driver looked down inside the sports car. What got to him was not so much that Melora was fingering herself at the time, but that when she saw she had the truck driver’s attention, she took the finger out of her pussy and sucked it deep inside her luscious lips. If it had not been for Doc’s quick reaction the truck would have veered into the open Ferrari.

It was only fifteen minutes later and the car had pulled up into the car park of the club.

“That’s funny. No one seems to have arrived yet. Don’t tell me we are the first here”

It wasn’t long before they had their answer. Standing at the door were twelve of the biggest bouncers either of them had ever seen. Any one of them looked as if he could do a lot of damage; together they were impenetrable.

“Going somewhere sweetheart?” one of them said to Melora.

Doc looked at Melora. She didn’t seem afraid. Doc would not have blamed her if she did. His heart was in his mouth to start with.

“Maybe.” She answered. Doc couldn’t believe it. He could see the spark of lust starting to build in Melora’s eyes.

The next guy, even larger than the first lounged against the entrance door to the club and drawled: “We hear that you are the gang bang girl for tonight!”

“Reckon I could be. Do reckon I like sex,” And with that she pulled her neckline aside and exposed her luscious tit. Doc noticed that she had not applied body makeup and there were several bruises where her tits had been sucked too hard in previous encounters.

The guys’ eyes popped open. They had expected some sort of resistance.

“Look I’d like to help you out guys… You look as if you could fuck me in the way I’m accustomed. But I have another engagement!”

“Oh no you don’t.” said the huge bull. The gang bang doesn’t start until midnight.”

A suspicion that had been in the Doc’s mind suddenly increased. He felt that some dirty bastard had been spreading misinformation. It was not an accident that there were a group of guys standing at the entrance to the club right at the time Melora had been told to arrive.

“Ohh God”said Melora. “You guys mean to rape me!”

“Nah!” smiled the largest of them wickedly. “Nah, slut! We just intend to give you a little practice before the contest starts!”

“Ohh no!” whimpered Melora, “My soft juicy cunt couldn’t stand it!”

Doc had known Melora long enough to realise that this was making Melora’s pussy a good deal softer and much juicier than it had been a few minutes before. Even while she was saying it her hand was fiddling with the button just at her pussy level as if her subconscious wanted to make it as easy as possible for the twelve guys to gain entrance.

They were definitely huge. Much bigger even than the guys that he had interrupted earlier in the day. Doc realised that Jake must have quite a few contacts!

The largest and the leader said. “Come on bitch… get into that van!” He pointed at a large campervan that was parked in one corner of the car park.

Melora was sweating. Not so much with fear, Doc would have bet, but with lust. Though it made her act that much more realistic.

“You’ll have to make me guys!”

“For Christ sake Melora! Don’t egg them on! Can’t you see where in enough trouble?”

“I’m never in enough trouble Doc.” Melora whispered back. “By the time I’m finished with these guys they will want to slam me to China.”

On of the guys grabbed Melora by the hand. She quickly whipped it up to her mouth and took a large hunk out of it with her teeth.

“By God Bitch!” he screamed, and he hit Melora hard enough across the face to cause her lip to bleed.

“Ohh” said Melora. It could have been a sigh of pain, but Doc realised that it was another orgasm coming on.

Doc was brushed aside by group who manhandled her struggling for all she was worth into the van. Her struggles only helped to increase the arousal of the group who by this time were all telling her what they were going to do to her. And that, of course was exactly Melora’s intention.

“You fuck slut. My cock is so big that when I fuck your cunt you will not need to felate anyone! It will be coming out your slut mouth.”

“I think we had better see if more than one of us can fit into her at the same time.”

“Shit you bitch. When my cock has finished with you we will see if you are sloppy enough to take my fist!”

Dock did not hear any more the group had manhandled her into the van by this time and the door was slammed in Doc’s face.

He must get help at once. He turned round and was face to face with Jake with yet another two guys. .

“I don’t think that Melora needs any help Doc”said Jake. “Looks like she can take care of herself.”

That appeared to be true. The van was shaking like there was an earthquake! There were groans and great deal of noise coming from it as well. Suddenly above all the noise Doc could hear Melora’s voice.

“Come on you pussy! You can fuck me harder than that. God take me you wimp!”

He shook his head in disbelief!

“Well we could tie you up. Or perhaps you and I should just have a drink while Melora enjoys herself.” said Jake with a smile.

“You bastard!” said Doc.

“No I’m not! I am only giving your candidate a little warm up practice before the main event!”

“You’re fucking killing her!” Complained Doc.

“Don’t give me that dear fellow. If Melora wants to stop, then all she has to do is say so. I have given strict instructions to my men to stop at any time they are asked to do so.” Jake nonchalantly wandered over to the campervan and opened the back door. Inside was Melora, hungrily grabbing at one of five cocks that were being offered to her greedy mouth. She was sandwiched between another two cocks, one in her pussy and one in her ass. She was squirming and bucking as if desperately trying to increase the friction of the cocks plunging inside her.

“More you bastards!” she was screaming. “Fuck me harder” and then she lost concentration trying to cram more cock down her throat and all that came from her was moans and gurgles as another orgasm started to envelope her.

Jake closed the door. “Come on,” he said. “I’ll shout you a drink. I think after the night is over, I will be easily able to afford it!”

Doc wondered what his options were. It looked as if he had been well and truly tricked. If he went in and stopped the orgy now he would have a demoralised Melora on his hands and that probably wasn’t the right mental attitude for her to have for later that night. In fact the more he thought about it, perhaps things were going to turn out alright after all. He had never seen Melora satisfied. Sex only made her want more. The more she had the wilder she became. She was the original insatiable nymphomaniac. He walked back to the campervan, slowly this time and opened the door a crack and looked in.

Melora had just come down from an intense orgasm but already she was rubbing her pussy in anticipation.

“OK you wimps.” She said. “That’s one down. Who’s next?”

Doc walked slowly back to Jake.

“Mmmm you’re right.” He said. “Tell you what. Let’s raise the ante to $50,000.”

Now it was Jakes turn to gulp. However he had no say in the matter. He shook hands and smiled bravely. Secretly he was pleased. He still had a couple of Aces up his sleeve yet.

Doc and Jake went off to have a conciliatory drink. If anyone had come into the car park for the next four hours they would have been surprised to see a campervan apparently bouncing around as if having its shock absorbers tested. But when Jake and Doc finally reappeared from the bar round the corner it was strangely quiet.

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More Twisted

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Big Tits

Excitement coursed through my veins as I walked onto the University campus for the first time. I was nineteen, away from home for the first time, and about to open a new chapter on my life.

I had enrolled to start in the winter semester. I had decided to pursue an MBA, with the ultimate goal of developing my own line of clothing. I know it might seem strange for someone who prefers to be naked most the time to want to design clothes! It was a dream, and I knew a lot of hard work lay ahead. But hopefully, a lot of hard fun too!

I had been introduced to sex for the first time only five months ago, by my stepdad of all people. Now, I know it sounds awful, but it wasn’t. In fact, it was an awesome experience, and I was looking forward to more sexual adventures. I felt as though I had been born for sex.

I would be staying at Jackson Hall. I moved in the weekend before school started. I wore a Dolman off-the –shoulder tunic top with a pair pink shorts and sandals. After getting my room assignment, I went up to meet my roommate. The door was open and I poked my head in.

“Hi, I guess you must be my roomie. I’m Nikki.” I held out my hand.

“Oh, hey, I’m Taryn! Welcome to UT.”

She took my hand, and then hugged me. She had a pair of leather shorts on with a white tie top. She looked really hot!

She was really sweet, and we immediately hit it off. She was several inches taller than me, very athletic, very pretty, with shoulder length dark brown hair in a layered style. Her eyes were what I call smoky, and very pretty. She was lean and leggy.

I’m small and blonde with my long hair usually in a French braid, blue eyes, and an hourglass figure. She was a sophomore and also majoring in business. It would be good to have someone who knew their way around for a friend. She told me she was engaged to be married to an engineering student. I told her I was single, she probably wouldn’t understand if I told her about Ben.

Our room was very basic, just two twin beds, two sets of dressers and nightstands, and two desks. It was barebones basic, but it would be fun for us to decorate. We shared a bathroom with two other students. Taryn was on the pep squad, very popular, and was always invited to the best parties, and said she couldn’t wait to introduce me around. This was going to fun!

The first few weeks of school were tough, with little time for anything else. After a couple weeks, we found our routine, and could finally think about developing our social lives.

Taryn wanted to set me up on a blind date with one of her fiancé’s friends. I reluctantly agreed, and the four of us met for dinner at one of the more popular BBQ places in town. I wore a black sleeveless fishnet mini and high heels. Taryn looked great in a pair of black lace lounge pants and black Tribeca crop top.Taryn’s fiancé seemed nice enough, but a little self-absorbed, it seemed like all he could talk about was how great he was.

My date, Michael, was okay, but like most boys my own age, he just seemed so immature. It was probably a flaw on my part, but I have always been attracted to older guys. We went out dancing after dinner. After a few dances with Michael, Josh asked me to dance. The DJ was playing the latest Justin Timberlake song. Josh had his hands all over my ass as we danced.

“Nikki, you’ve got one hell of an ass, how about letting me take it for a test ride?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be getting married next month?”

“Yeah, so what? I’m not married yet.”

One dance with him was enough, so I went back to the table. It was getting late, and I was ready to go back to my room. Taryn told me she was going to spend the night with Josh, so Michael would take me home. He tried to kiss me as I got out of his car, but I made it clear I wasn’t interested.

The room was lonely, and I got envious, and maybe a little (jealous?) when I thought about what Taryn and Josh were doing right now. In an attempt to get my mind on something else, I took out the dildo I had in my dresser drawer, and imagined it was Ben.

I grew closer to Taryn everyday. She was like the sister I never had. We talked about everything, and went everywhere together. I even confided to her about what happened between my stepdad and me. She wasn’t the least bit judgmental, and even thought it was hot.

She came back from the shower one night, and her robe was open as we talked about some of the hot guys in our classes. She only had thong panties on underneath. I tried not to stare at her body, but my eyes kept being drawn to her. It was strange, I had never been attracted to women before, I didn’t know what was happening to me.

The longer we lived in that same room together, the more comfortable we got with each other, but we were both going out of our way to stay covered up. I made a move in an effort to see more of her terrific body.

“Hey, would you be uncomfortable if I got naked? I don’t usually wear anything back home when I’m in my room.” I asked.

“Oh thank God! I’m the same way, I was just trying to not to offend you. Let’s get gaziantep escortlar naked!”

We stripped down and watched a movie together, but the sight of her lying naked on her bed made it hard to concentrate on the movie.

One evening, I was studying alone in the room. Taryn said she was going over to Josh’s apartment and surprise him by showing up unannounced, wearing only a g-string and a corset under her raincoat.

Less than an hour after she left, she walked back in the room, crying.

“What’s wrong” I asked. She plopped down on her bed, burying her head in her pillow.

“That fucking bastard. That dirty liar.”, was all she said. I knew right away.

“He wasn’t alone, was he?” I asked.

“No, he sure wasn’t, he had that slut Stephanie Connors in his front room, both of them as naked as jaybirds…”

I didn’t tell her about Josh hitting on me, there would be no point in it. After she cried herself out, I ran hot water in the bathtub, got her out of her clothes, and made her soak. I opened a bottle of white wine we had in the mini-fridge, and took a glass in for her. After she got out we finished the bottle together, stripped down, and got into our beds.

” It’s so fucked up, the way guys are sometimes. I’m just so afraid of being alone.”

With that, I got out of my bed and climbed into hers, putting my arms around her and kissing her cheeks.

“As long as you got me sister, you’ll never be alone.” I told her.

I spent the night in her bed, our naked bodies spooning each other. Nothing else happened, as badly as I wanted it to.

We grew even closer over the next few weeks. Since we both liked to dance, we would go out to the clubs. We would dance with a few guys, and then dance with each other, We found one of the funnest things to do was dirty dancing with each other, getting the guys all worked up. I would bend over in front of her, and she would grind me from behind, she would get on the floor in front of me, and I would act like I was fucking her face, things like that. It was great to be the center of attention.

One evening she came out of the shower. She complained that the little vee of dark hair above her vagina needed to be trimmed up.

“Josh used to do that for me, I guess I could just go get a Brazilian done.”

Enjoying the opportunity to stare at her pussy, I suggested,” Don’t do that. I like your little vee, it’s unique. It seems like all girls are going bare now.”

“Really? You think it’s cool?”

“Oh yeah, you know, if you want, I could trim it up for you.”

She agreed. I got my razor and scissors out of the bathroom She sat down in a chair, and I got on the floor in front of her. She spread her legs, her snatch just inches from my face. I went to work.

I lovingly shaved perfect sides, and trimmed the middle. She stood as I toweled the excess shaving cream off, and I had to rub her pussy to get all of it off. I thought I heard her let out a little sigh. Temptation got the better of me and I kissed her belly just under her navel. She looked down at me, and I feared she was offended. Then she smiled, I was so relieved. I stood up, looked her in the eyes, and our mouths met.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time…” I whispered.

“Me too….”

She turned me around and pulled my t-shirt over my head, and undid my bra. Then she unbuckled my pants, and slid them down with my panties. I stepped out of them, and we kissed again, our naked bodies pressed tight, my tits on her tits, my groin against her groin. It was the most delicate kiss ever.

She went on to do things to me with her tongue which were exquisite, and I learned how to do those things to her. One of my favorite places to be was with my head between her legs, and hers between mine, at the same time.

After that first time together, we couldn’t leave each other alone. It was just like with Ben and me. We were obsessed, and would even sneak away between classes to play with each other. One afternoon we went to a local adult store, and spent nearly $70 on toys, which we proceeded to use on each other till the early morning hours. One of my favorites was something called a strap-on . We would fuck each other silly with it. It was cool!It was very empowering, it actually felt like I had a cock, and would fuck Taryn with it till she cried in ecstasy.

We also began to be more public with our displays of affection. Nothing seems to get guys more worked up than two pretty girls grinding on each other on the dance floor, or French kissing each other.

One evening, we both went to a frat party that we had been invited to. They had a pool, so we brought our bikinis along. I had a yellow micro on a chain, and Taryn brought her black beaded western suede, with her cowboy hat. There were some really good beats playing, and some guys who had seen the two of us dance at a club were egging us on . We did so, and soon there was quite a crowd urging us on. We both seemed to thrive on the attention.

Soon, I was on my hands and knees, Taryn was grinding against me from behind, with her hand on my tits. Whether intentional or not, my top slipped and my boobs were both hanging free. She turned me over and began sucking them, right in front of everybody. I got a hold of my senses, and slipped my top back into place.

I went out to the kitchen to get a soda, as the dancing had worked up quite a thirst. When I turned around, my way was blocked by four really big guys. I recognized two of them as football players.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here guys.”

“Yeah, if it isn’t the slut of the day.”

“You guys are really rude or really drunk or both, so excuse me.”

One of them grabbed me by the arm, and pawed my breast.

“You let your girlfriend drool all over those tits, ain’t we good enough for you, whore?”

“Get your fuckin hand off me or I’m gonna scream!”

Before I even knew what was happening, one guy hooked an arm under mine, clamped his hand over my mouth, and lifted me off the floor. I desperately tried to kick anybody I could connect with, but another guy grabbed my legs. Before I even realized what was happening, they carried me downstairs to the basement. When one of them locked the door behind him, a creeping fear spread over me. This was not just horseplay, something really bad was about to happen.

They laid me on my back on a pool table in the room. I struggled as hard as I could, but one guy took his belt off and tightened it around my wrists and tied it off on the corner pocket. When another guy ripped my bikini top and bottoms off, I stopped struggling and began to cry.

” Here, stuff these in her mouth to keep her quiet.”

The guy who had his hand over my mouth stuffed my bottoms into my mouth, effectively gagging me into silence. Two of them grabbed each of my ankles, and parted my legs.

“Wow, she is one hot little piece of ass, look at that little blonde pussy!!” the big one said.

“Baby, I hope you’re ready for the fucking of your young life.”

“Ok, I called dibs on first fuck.”, said one guy as he took off his shorts, revealing his hard cock.

“That’s okay, as long as I get first crack at her asshole. Hey baby, have you ever been ass-fucked?”

The first guy climbed on the pool table and got between my legs, which were being spread apart farther by the other two guys. He put a hand around my throat and started to push into me, when there was a loud crash at the door. He pulled back and I saw someone come into the room. I realized I was being rescued when this very tough looking man grabbed a pool cue and cracked it across my would-berapists back.

“Anybody want some of this?”, he roared, standing over the first creep, who was writhing on the floor in pain. The accomplices backed off, as the interloper, unbelted my arms and picked me up. I clung to his neck as he carried me up the stairs. Taryn was at the top of the stairs with a sheet to wrap me in. I dimly recall people asking what happened as he carried me out and sat me in his car.

“Hey! Cmon, we need to get her out of here.”, he yelled to Taryn.

The three of us sped off. Taryn put her arm around me.

“I saw those bastards drag you off into the basement, I got so scared, so I told Bax, and he kicked the door in…oh baby, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think so….they were gonna rape me…”

“Yea, I know those guys, they are bad news when they get drunk, all of them are on the football team, so they think they can do whatever or whoever they want.”

” You were ready to fight four football players?”, I asked him with awe.

“Yea, well, truth is, football players really ain’t shit. They know me, and know that I fight in the MMA.”

“I don’t know how to thank you…” I whispered.

He said he would take us home. The problem was, I was only wearing a sheet, and Taryn was just in her bikini and cowboy hat, having left her clothes at the party. We would not be able to get past the dorm monitor. Bax said we could go back to his place, and he could give us some sweats to put on. We readily agreed.

On the drive to his apartment, he told us about his job as a trainer and his fight record. He told us he used to go to UT, and got invited to a lot of the parties. His forearms looked like they were made of iron, and I couldn’t help but lightly touch one.

“You must work out a lot…” I murmured.

He took us up to his apartment. He asked if I wanted to call the police. I didn’t, I just wanted to forget about what happened. By now, I was mostly mad that they destroyed my $120 bikini. I guess I’m pretty resilient.

“You know, you two should be more careful. The little dirty girls dancing routine you two did by the pool was not a good idea with so many drunk frat boys around. You came about this close to getting gang-raped and maybe even worse. Those guys might do anything to cover up a crime, including murder.”

He asked if I wanted to use his shower before he took us back. Taryn said that would be a good idea and led me into the bathroom. She got me in, then peeled down and got in with me. The hot water felt so good. She squeezed some body wash in her hand, and began to lather me up. Soon she was caressing my tits, and sucking my nipples. She always knew how to make me feel better. I returned the favor, and we both steadily were getting horny. She stood behind me reached between my legs, rubbing my mound. All I could think about was Bax’s forearms.

“Oh baby..that feels good..hey baby, what do you think about Bax?”

“Ooh, he is a hunk!”

“Not like those immature college boys.”

“Baby, I’m starting to get a little jealous, what are you scheming?”

“Well…uh…we both think he’s hot…and he did save my life, so maybe could both….”

“Are you talking about a threesome? I’ve never done that before, although Josh tried to talk me into it”

“I haven’t either, you know the only people I’ve had sex with is you and Ben….maybe it’s time we expanded our horizons….”

She smiled at me, and I could tell by the look in her eyes that the answer was yes.

He looked kind of stunned when we sat down on each side of him, both of us naked.

“We thought of a way to thank you…”

Both of us slid onto the floor in front of him. I undid his belt and unbuttoned his shorts, as Taryn slid them down. We both attached our mouths to his cock like babies to a tit. In a couple of minutes, he was rock hard. I would lick his shaft while Taryn tongued his scrotum. Then we would switch. Taryn was hogging it. He wasn’t quite as big as Ben, but it was very well-defined, and he kept it neatly trimmed, which makes it much nicer when sucking on the balls.

“Hey, get off, it’s my turn!” I whined.

I deep-throated him, and he groaned with pleasure.

“Oh my God…you both have done this before…”

“No, actually you’re just the second guy I’ve ever blown.”I managed with a mouthful.

“Oh fuck..you are a natural…”

After mouth-fucking both of us, he was close to cumming, so we stopped. We sat on the couch side by side, and spread our legs as he knelt on the floor in front of us.

“Me first..” I purred.

“No way bitch, fuck me first..” Taryn blurted.

“Ok, lets all be fair. Eeny, meeny, miney, HO!” he pointed at me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he entered me. I thought about the first time Ben fucked me. I loved the way it felt, and I loved to watch his cock go in and out of me. Taryn leaned over and put one of my nipples in her mouth. After several minutes, he shifted over and started fucking Taryn. I watched her, fascinated to watch another woman being screwed. I reached over and began to play with her clit as he fucked her. She came almost immediately. I knew how to get her off!

Bax suggested we all get on the bed. I climbed back onto his pole, as Taryn straddled his face. We both kissed, making a triangle of sex. Then I leaned back and began to grind, cumming and squirting all over his cock. Taryn and I traded spots again, only this time turning around so we were back to back. Soon his face was slick with my juice.

“I need to catch my breath, why don’t you two girls show me how you get each other off?”

We got into a sixty nine, with me on the bottom. She had the taste of his cock in her pussy. I heard him groan as he watched us. I felt him climbing onto the bed, and saw his cock getting ready to enter her from behind, right over my face. I grabbed his cock and guided him into her. Soon he was fucking her hard, his balls slapping into her clit. Then he would stop and shove his dick into my open mouth. He would fuck my mouth, then I would lick her pussy, then he would fuck it. We kept this up for a while, it was so fucking hot! I tasted precum and wondered where he was going to shoot, in my mouth or in her. He put it back in my mouth and blew. I swallowed at least three jets. Wanting to share, I pushed him back into her where he continued to pump sperm. When he finally stopped cumming and pulled out, I put my lips back on her hole, tasting him again. It was so much fun being so nasty!

The three of us grew very tight, and we would get together at least once a week. I was beginning to have strong feelings for Bax, and found myself wanting to have him alone, without Taryn. I would get jealous when it seemed like he was fucking her for a longer time than me, or when he came in her. I know it was just my imagination, because he was pretty much equal when sharing his cock. Regardless, I longed to have him alone, but didn’t want to do anything to hurt Taryn, because I loved her too.

One day, while I was doing homework, I got a call from Ben. He wanted to come and see me. Of course, I said yes, but I had mixed feelings about it. I treasured my memories and experiences with Ben, but I wanted to move on. The truth was, I wanted Bax all to myself. I had the inkling of a plan.

Ben wanted to meet me for dinner, and I assumed he would want to take me back to his hotel room after. I had been telling Taryn about Ben ever since we began being roomies. I began to talk him up even more to her, telling her about all his good qualities, including what a great fuck he was, and how big his cock was. I asked her and Bax to come to dinner with us, sort of a double date.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Anne reread the flyer she found. It advertised for a new masseuse offering a unique massage. It had been years since Anne had treated herself to a massage. She enjoyed them years ago, but after a while they all seemed the same and not really satisfying the tension she felt. She could never communicate what exactly she was looking for, but she knew what she found was not it. She never connected the fact that she had gotten divorced and could not find anyone to scratch her itch in over a year, to her not finding what she wanted in a massage. She stopped getting massages and called them a waste of money.

The ad showed the picture of a very handsome young man, smiling and wearing a white T-shirt. It would be worth the money just to be in the same room with this eye candy. Anne found herself looking forward to getting a massage from this man and having his hands on her body. She suddenly found it very warm in her house; maybe she should open a window.

She called the number and mentioned the ad. The man on the other end of the line sounded cheerful and confident. He said he was trying out a new technique in order to stand out from all the other masseuses in the area. She made an appointment for the next day and got directions, she then turned on the fans as it was starting to get very warm in her house. Summer must be coming early this year.

The next morning she awoke with a new energy and didn’t know why. Maybe she finally got a good night’s sleep or maybe she had a healthy dinner last night and passed on the desert. Whatever the reason she felt wonderful. She took her shower and trimmed up all the areas that needed a touch-up.

Her appointment was at two and in an area that was not overly busy, but still in a well used strip mall. There was a sewing store, a craft store and a couple of places to eat among several small office type spaces. She entered one of the offices five minutes early and walked up to the man behind the desk. It was the same man from the flier. She felt a bit of heat rising. She figured that it was warmer outside today than it had been.

She signed in and offered her credit card to the handsome young man wearing that tight, white T-shirt. He introduced himself as Jack and led her back to a room with subdued lighting and very soft sounds of ocean waves. He directed her toward the chair and told her to remove her clothes and leave them on the chair. He also directed her to lie on the table with the sheet over her. He said he would be back shortly.

A few minutes later she heard a knock at the door and answered, “Come in.” She was lying on her stomach with the sheet covering her when Jack came in.

He looked over at her and said, “This is to be a very unique massage and I think you will enjoy it. The waiver you signed out front allows me to perform my task in the way I deemed appropriate. So just relax and allow it to unfold. This is not going to be like any massage you have ever had before.”

She had signed something, gaziantep escortlar but she figured that it just that standard boilerplate they all had about not being under a doctor’s care and all that. She wasn’t aware she had given him so much control. Was this really a safe thing for her to do? She could leave if it got too far out of control, couldn’t she. It would have been better if she had read that waiver before she signed it.

Jack lower the sheet covering her; exposing her back and then the scent of almonds filled the room as he poured oil into the oil warmer and then some onto his hands. He rubbed his hands together together warming up the oil. He then placed his hands flat onto her back near her shoulder blades, allowing the heat to permeate her body, relaxing her. All thoughts of her safety left her as a feeling of bliss overtook her. No one had touched her is such a long time.

He started to slowly and with only medium pressure rub down her back close to her spine turning his hands at her waist and moving back up to her shoulders. He added more oil increasing the scent of almonds then kneaded her shoulders, griping and gently pulling the muscle groups. Back down her back his hands flowed, increasing the pressure with each pass.

Anne relaxed and her breathing slowed as tensions left her body. She was not even aware of how tight her shoulders had been until they relaxed. She felt like a limp noodle in his skillful and very masculine hands.

After several minutes of his hands removing all tightness from her back, neck, shoulders, arms and even fingers, he lowered the sheet exposing her butt. She remembered that some masseuses massaged the glutes, so maybe this was the unique part of the massage, besides something deep inside of her enjoyed that fact that this sexy looking man was looking and touching her butt.

Jack started to stoke her butt and something in her mind told her to not complain. He kneaded her cheeks opening up her butt crack each time. She could imagine the view she was providing to him and her breathing increased. Something about this wasn’t right, but she couldn’t think of what that was. The kneading continued and each time his hand seemed to get closer and closer to her crease. He then ran one finger up that crease and she involuntarily lifted her pelvis.

He stopped touching her and stepped to the side of the table so that she could see him. He pulled his T-shirt over his head and she inhaled sharply. The view of that vast amount of naked muscle brought a flush to her face.

This really isn’t appropriate, she thought but only half-heartedly. She knew she should be protesting, but something inside her said not to. She was torn about what to do. He was a professional and he did promise something unique. This was unique and very unlike any massage she had ever had before.

Jack moved out of her view and placed his hands back on her butt. He placed his finger low between her legs and moved it upwards. She found herself lifting her butt off the table again. He ran his finger up again as she let out a sigh the door opened and another man entered wearing a white lab coat. She was now completely naked in front of two clothed men. The new man moved in front of her just as Jack started to finger her anus.

Anne’s eyes focused on the man in front of her and her ass focused on the finger probing her rear. The new man removed his white coat and stood naked just a foot in front of her. His erection stared back at her her and he moved forward. She opened her mouth to say no, but only “Na” came out before a penis filled her mouth.

She found herself penetrated both front and rear, and not in the traditional way. A finger in her ass felt amazing and a cock in her mouth likewise. The finger left her ass and she felt its loss. She concentrated on the unknown cock in her mouth, until it too left. She looked over and saw that now Jack too was naked with his cock sticking straight out.

The new man turned her over to lie on her back. He stood behind her head and started to massage her shoulders. He hand went lower to her breasts. The table being low allowed his cock to caress her forehead every time the new masseuse reached for her breasts. He massaged lower and onto her stomach, his cock likewise touched lower on her face. He developed a path for his hands starting at her shoulders and glazing down to her breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze and light nipple pinch, then moving down across her rib cage and to her navel. His cock also defined a path of being dragged from her forehead, across her nose and over her lips to her chin. It was the way back that was most exciting. His cock would hesitate resting on her lower lip then kiss her lips with just a bit of pressure indicating a desire to enter before moving back up her face to start again.

He ended the massage and moved to the foot of the massage table. Gripping her ankles he spread her legs, then climbed onto the massage table with her and entered her slick channel. Again she tried to protest, but Jack turned her head and stuffed his cock in her mouth. She felt herself tense up and lifted her pelvis to meet the driving cock, she adjusted her rhythm to match the diving cock in her mouth and found her release within minutes. The arousal she felt from this unique massage is almost more than she could bear, but she didn’t want it to stop.

The men released her and allowed her to catch her breath for about thirty seconds before some one’s mouth started sucking on her clit. His tongue licked down her slit and then plunged deep inside her channel before moving further south. At his furthest point he reversed his path now licking upward back to her erect clitoris.

Anne’s eyes are closed and the tongue is now gone. She feels the tip of a cock at her lips and opens her mouth, someone’s knees are pressing against her ears and then the tongue returns this time licking lower. It starts at the top and licks down all the way to her little puckered hole and back up. The tongue probes into her channel and the cock pumps her mouth. There is a rhythm forming as a dance and she wants it to continue. She lifts her pelvis matching the rhythm and moves her mouth to take the cock as deeply as she can.

The sixty-nine ends too early, but then she is being helped off the table and onto her feet. She is turned so that she is facing the table and bent over to rest her head on the massage table. She feels oil being poured down the crack of her ass and an oily finger probing her. She hadn’t been probed like this for many years, but she did remember and spreads her legs.

She felt a hardened penis moving up and down her crease and her anticipation rose. Nothing happened and she increased her motions against that cock. Her body wanted this and she thrust her butt back, but he backed up too, until just as her frustration was nearing its peak, he slammed into her front very wet channel.

This was not what she expected after the probing by the oil coated finger, but it was welcome and soon she was thrashing about. She tensed every muscle in her body then collapsed onto the massage table.

Anne stood with help from Jack’s assistant and she watched as Jack climbed onto the massage table with his cock reaching for the ceiling. Wasting little time and with some assistance she climbed on top of him and gave his throbbing cock as warm place to reside. She rode him a bit until she felt a hand on her back pushing her forward. The weight of another person now lay atop her and another, now familiar cock probed her oily hole.

She remembered this experience from long ago, and loved it then. She basks in the warmth of the two bodies surrounding her and the feeling of two cocks kissing each other inside of her. She had no control and simply could ride out the experience of multiple orgasms.

This experience also ended too soon for her liking. She again found herself standing with an oily finger probing her ass. The finger suddenly left leaving her again empty until the tip of a cock pressed against her back door. Arms wrapped around her grabbing her breasts and pulling her back, more upright and onto the waiting cock.

Jack appeared in front of her and lifted one of her legs. His cock presses between her legs and her anticipation hit a record high. What was about to happen she had never experienced before. She relaxes and feels Jack enter her from the front while his assistant is fucking her from the rear. A double penetration in the standing position was something she had never heard of before and wasn’t even sure it was possible until she is weightless and being bounced between two gorgeous men. The rhythm is intoxicating as she is lifted up then allowed to fall from the force of gravity onto the two waiting cocks filling her completely. Over and over she is bounced without any control on her part. This is what she has been missing.

Thirty minutes later Anne, fully dressed and very relaxed, stood at the front desk making her next appointment.

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Michael Ch. 03

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In chapters one and two, Louisa meets Michael and Rob. Michael takes her up to his hotel room and fingers and fucks her to several orgasms before Rob knocks on the door. Chapter two sees Rob joining the party, firstly tit fucking Louisa and then sucking her to climax. During the tit fuck, Louisa also comes and the three of them realise she can ejaculate. After a bit more sex play, Louisa finds herself being double teamed by both Michael and Rob as Rob penetrates her pussy while Michael fucks her ass. All three of them come hard and Louisa squirts again screaming loudly as she does so. Chapter two ends with another knock at the bedroom door. This time it is a Spanish police officer, alerted by Louisa’s screams, checking everything is okay. Having assured him things are fine, Michael invites him into the room to see for himself…

I looked in slight panic at Rob. I might be getting horny again but that didn’t mean I wasn’t aware of the situation. A police officer had turned up to check if things were okay because I had been making so much noise while we had sex and Michael had invited him in to ascertain that things were fine. Not only that but he’d actually told the guy that I’d been making such a racket because I’d been getting fucked. Those were his very words. “She’s not been attacked. She’s been fucked. Want to see?”

“Don’t panic,” Rob whispered to me. “If you don’t want him to come in, Michael won’t let him in. Trust me. And him.” Sure enough, as Michael walked back into the room and looked at me, he put his arm out to prevent whoever was behind him getting further into the room.

“Are you okay if the police officer checks out our story Louisa?” he queried. I hesitated. I could feel my loins turning to liquid again. They were certainly ready to give a positive answer. I took a deep breath.

“Okay,” I agreed.

Michael smiled as he dropped his arm and let the police constable into the bedroom. He was young, about ten years younger than me I’d guess and sexy as hell. Thick dark hair and typically handsome Hispanic looks. His dark eyes glittered as he took in the situation, staring at Rob and me lying on the bed, trailing his gaze up and down my naked body and coming to rest firmly on my tits. Rob grinned. Michael did too. “Great pair right?” Michael muttered to the officer. The young man took a few seconds to process the question then he grinned too.

“Si,” he agreed enthusiastically, “She’s very…” his hands gestured breasts of great size, “Sexy,” he concluded.

“Oh you don’t know the half of it,” Michael laughed. “Want to see just how sexy?” The officer’s eyes widened as if asking a silent question. “Sure,” Michael confirmed. “She’ll let you watch. Isn’t that right sweetheart?” He looked encouragingly at me. I nodded quickly before I could back out. “Take a seat officer,” Michael gestured to a chair, “And we’ll show you just how hot she can be.” He climbed back on the bed on the other side of me from Rob and looked at his friend. “Right Rob. Let’s bring her off. And make her…” he left the gaziantep escortlar implication unfinished. “If we can,” he smiled. I knew what he meant. Let’s make her squirt if we can. I imagined he didn’t want to spell it out for the cop. Maybe he wanted it to be a surprise.

“Part your legs honey,” Michael whispered in my ear. “Show the young cop your pussy.” I raised my knees and spread my legs. My cunt was bubbling again and I was obviously very wet. This did not go unnoticed.

“She’s… very, very wet,” the officer said with something like awe. “Very turned on. Very sexy. Sexy lady.”

“You aint seen nothing yet,” Michael chuckled. “This is like the Sahara compared with how wet she will get.” He looked at Rob. “We’ll go at her from both sides right? Do the same thing as each other. Be guided by me.” Rob nodded. “You can suck her tits as well if you want,” Michael laughed. “Not that you’d ever not want! In fact let’s do the same on those. I’ll play with this one, you concentrate on that one,” he nodded to the tit nearest Rob who gazed down at it reverently as his cocked twitched involuntarily with the thought.

The officer sat forward in the chair to get as good a view as he could as Michael and Rob began their dual attack on my pussy. “Gently push her lip aside and swirl your fingers round. Fuck she’s drenched again.” Michael gazed down at me. “You’ll be dehydrated if you keep losing fluid at this rate. You must have come by the bucket load tonight.” He smiled as his fingers paddled in my copious juices and Rob’s did the same on the other side. “Okay let’s penetrate her,” Michael continued as both his and Rob’s forefinger then middle finger snaked up inside me. I gasped and so did the cop watching. “Shit,” he murmured, his eyes transfixed on my already beginning to spasm cunt. The four fingers inside me felt fantastic. They were probing upwards, pushing at the sides of my vaginal wall as if seeking something out. Juices flooded out of my cunt soaking the guys’ hands. “Further up,” Michael muttered and pushed his fingers deeper. As did Rob. I realised I was moaning loudly and crying out again.

“She’s very… loud” the cop declared “It’s good. I like it.”

“That’s it,” Michael smiled in satisfaction. “We’ve got her now.” I felt the tip of his and Rob’s middle finger deep inside me pressing on what seemed to be a swollen cushion of tissue high up in my vagina. The sensation was unbelievable.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned. “What the shit… Oh fuck what’s that?”

“Your G-spot babe,” Rob grinned down at me.

“Yep,” confirmed Michael. “Just one more thing.” He looked at the cop. “You better be ready for this officer.” Rob and Michael increased the pressure of their fingers deep within me and then Michael gently pressed with his other hand on the upper part of my outer pubis. As they did this down below, they both assaulted my tits from above, fastening their mouths around as much flesh as they could then biting and licking at my erect nipples. Michael increased the pressure outside, they both increased the pressure within and climax hit with the force of a speeding train.

“Aaaaaaeeeee fuuuuuuccckk!” I screamed as my orgasm overwhelmed me For the third time that evening I felt liquid spurt from my cunt. It streamed out in a fountain, soaking bed, carpet and hitting the dressing table.

“Fuck, Madre di Dios,” groaned the policeman no longer in his chair. He was standing over the three of us, staring in disbelief as my shuddering cunt jetted stream after stream of cum all over everywhere. His pants were open as he skinned his own cock muttering curses in his native language as he did so. Michael raised his head from my tits to postpone the lad’s orgasm. “Don’t come yet,” he urged. There’s more fun to be had.” I barely heard him as I carried on spasming and twitching on the bed as Rob mouthed my breasts.

It took several minutes for me to calm down from yet another intense climax and when I did, Rob had ceased his ministrations on my tits and the young police officer had stripped off completely. His body was in great shape – muscular but not too much – and his cock was huge and standing proudly erect.

“Fuck,” I mumbled, staring at it.

“It’s okay Louisa,” Michael reassured me. “He’s only going to fuck you. Your cunt can handle it.” He presented the young guy with a condom then flipped me over onto my stomach. “Up on your knees babe. Get that gorgeous ass up in the air.” I turned round in alarm at his words. Was he going to allow the cop to stick that huge rod up my bottom? Michael shook his head slightly. I relaxed. I was confident my pussy could take that massive dick but I was far less sure about my arse. Reassured I propped myself up on my knees, rested my head forward on the bed and stuck my arse up and out. The officer muttered something in Spanish again before driving forward and plunging his enormous prick into my sopping wet pussy. I was so wet and slippery that, huge as he was, he almost slipped out. He cursed and grasped my hips to steady himself before finding a rhythm that began to bring ecstasy to us both. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” I chanted as he drove that massive tool in and out of my throbbing vagina. As we both built to our mutual orgasm, I was vaguely aware of another knock at the door and of Michael getting up off the bed to answer it. I could see nothing, being pounded as I was by the young police guy and only realised what had happened when I heard Michael murmuring in my ear.

“The guy’s mate’s here,” he said. “Be mean not to let him join in don’t you think?” Even as I acquiesced, I wondered exactly what he meant. Did he want me to suck him off? That’d be okay, I thought. I’m pretty talented in that department. This wasn’t what he meant however. “She’s got another hole,” I heard him saying to the new cop. “Why don’t you try there. But put this on first.” I could hear the newcomer snapping a condom over his dick although I had no idea what he looked like. Right now I didn’t care though. The first cop had slowed his fucking right down as his mate sought to join in and I just wanted him to speed back up and start fucking me hard again. Then I felt it. While his colleague was still buried deep in my vagina, the second cop pushed insistently at my arsehole. For the second time in my life I felt a hard cock enter my tightest crevice. Fuck, it felt amazing.

“Oh God yes,” I cried out. “Push it in. Push that dick into my arse.”

“You heard her,” Michael instructed. “Push in. Don’t disobey the lady.” Lady, that was a laugh I thought as I pictured my situation – face forward on the bed with two strange cops with one of their dicks in my cunt and the other in my arse while two other guys I’d only met that day watched intently, one of them essentially directing proceedings. Yes, such a lady. Lady Sex-mad Whore. As I brought my mind back to events in hand I realised that cop one and cop two had established a rhythm. Cop one pulled out of my cunt as cop two pushed into my arse and vice versa.

“Yeah guys, fuck me like that,” I breathed. “In and out of my cunt and arse. Pound me like the slut I am. Do it. Make me fucking come.”

“You horny sexy bitch,” Michael exclaimed into my ear. “You’ve come so many times tonight. Do you really need another orgasm?”

“Yes I fucking do,” I grunted. “I need to come again. Oh shit, fuck that. I need to squirt again.”

Michael sounded incredulous. “You serious?” he asked. “You’re really going to squirt again?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I panted. “I can feel the sensations.” Meanwhile, the guys were really fucking up a storm driving in and out of my soaking pussy and tight little arse.

“Oh Dios,” cried cop one as he plunged incredibly deeply into my vagina.

“You gonna come?” Michael asked him.

“Si,” the cop groaned.

“Then pull out man, and if you’re close to coming you better pull out too.” He was talking to the other guy. You can take those condoms off and come on her ass. Rob, get underneath and get ready to catch this.” The two officers caught Michael’s meaning and did as he said. I felt Rob push his head under my raised pelvis just as the first cop began to come. As I felt his spunk spray onto my bottom cheeks and the first jet of the second guy’s cum hit me too, my own climax hit. I was right. I squirted again, shooting jet after jet of clear liquid cum over Rob’s face, into his mouth and onto the bed. I howled my ecstasy yet again wondering if a third cop would come to check things out and if I could possibly handle another screwing. Rob emerged from underneath me covered in my cum as I collapsed forward onto the bed covered in the cum of the two policemen.

“Gracias,” I heard several times from both guys and was also vaguely aware of Rob getting up but that was it. Finally, after a night of debauchery I’d never have thought myself capable of, I had nothing more to give. I cared nothing for the fact that I was lying on a sopping wet bed in pools of my own cum, I needed to sleep. And sleep I did. For several hours solid. On drenched bed sheets covered in sperm from two complete strangers one of whom I’d never seen but who I’d allowed to fuck my arse. With Michael’s arms around me, I slept.

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