An Email Affair Ch. 1

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* Jen *

I am on a bus, reading a book. I am wearing a short black leather skirt and a white silk blouse (No bra of course). I look up and see you watching me. I smile at you, letting my eyes linger over the length of your body, slowly taking in every detail. I meet your eyes once more and go back to my book with a small smile on my face.

* Chris *

Having just got on the bus, I notice you sitting reading your book. My eyes are immediately drawn to your long lovely legs. From your heels to your short mini skirt, I am almost unable to look away. From the white blouse you are wearing, I can tell that you aren’t wearing a bra. My cock hardens, as my arousal increases.

Quickly turning away, I gaze out the window, and try to gather myself. I can see your reflection in the bus window, and I have to look back. Glancing at the book I try to make out what it is. I guess maybe I was looking to hard because you look up at me. I’m amazed as you slowly move from my eyes, down my chest and legs, then back to my eyes. Oh shit, I have to talk with this woman!

My stop was next, but screw it! As a few of the passengers disembarked from the bus, the seat next to you became available. Walking over, I’m aware of how hard my cock has become. Sitting next to you, I glance over and introduce my self.

“Hi, I’m Chris,” I say as my eyes rediscover your legs, “I was just wondering about the book that your reading, is it good?”

* Jen *

I flip the book closed, looking over at you and shifted slightly so our legs were brushing as I moved around a bit.

“It’s very very interesting.” I hold it up so you can see THE STORY OF O written on the spine. I smile slowly,

“You ever read it?”

While waiting for your response, I look you over slowly, stopping on your crotch, almost licking my lips over the bulge I see there. My nipples harden slightly under my shirt and I feel the urge to lean forward and taste your mouth.

I “accidentally” drop the book and lean over to get it from where it fell between your feet. My breasts brush your knees and my hand inserts itself between your legs to support my body as I lean over. As I lean back up I face you slightly so that you can see my cleavage against the open buttons of my shirt.

I meet your eyes, my voice drops to a husky whisper,

“Well? Have you ever read it?”

* Chris *

As you lightly flip the book closed, I can feel your leg graze against my pant leg. Your eyes are electric as my cock searches for room to stretch.

As I start to answer your question, I notice your eyes. I watch as they move from my face over my chest, to my groin. Aware of your stare, I lean back in my seat trying to relax. Dropping your book, you lean into me to retrieve it. Your hand reaches my thigh, and my cock bobs against my kacky pants. Unconsciously my hand reaches for your back, but quickly I think better of it. Reaching for your book, your hand finds the space between my legs. Slowly you rise, closely you rise. My mouth is dry, as my body trembles a bit from your dance. My right arm resting across the back of your seat, you ask again about the book.

Oh shit!

“Huh? Oh the book.” I had been openly staring into your chest; I could almost feel a bit of drool forming in the corner of my mouth.

“No, I’m not familiar with that one.” Turing in my seat, I sit toward facing you. My left hand grazes your thigh, then stops. My fingers, not moving at first, lightly start up your thigh, slowly, very slowly, lightly touching, finally reaching your skirt.

“I really like to read a lot. If you have time, maybe you could tell me about it,” I say, my eyes staring lustfully into yours.

* Jen *

I look at you while I wait for your answer; you seem oblivious to everything but me. When it finally hits you that I was talking, you jump a little and without even glancing down at the book, you tell me no, but could I tell you about it?

“Well, I was just going to go home and read, if you’re not busy we could,” I pause and bite my lower lip, “get together. I am only a few blocks away.”

Suddenly I feel a bit scared, but as I straighten out my things, I see your crotch again, mmmmm to have a few hours to play with that, much better than reading a book.

I look up at you, I feel my face flushing with heat, the thought of touching you is so overpowering that I feel like I have to. I place my hand on your thigh, in the same spot where yours is resting on mine, lean close and breathe in deeply. With my mouth by your ear, I say,

“God you smell good.” I make sure my breath blows on the hairs on your neck and behind your ear. “You didn’t have plans for tonight did you?”

Slowly I run my hand up your leg, almost to your crotch, back down to your knee. The leg beneath my hand felt strong and muscled. I look into your eyes, hoping that if you had plans you’d cancel and we could spend some time together. I had never met anyone like you before, never felt that spark Escort Ankara of attraction so strongly, I felt like I was burning up with desire and need.

* Chris *

My chest pounds, and my cock aches as I stare into your beautiful eyes. With my cock growing harder, I squirm a bit in my seat, trying to become a bit more comfortable. Suddenly I realize that you’d asked me a question, and smiling at you I start to answer.

Before I’m able to speak, you lean toward me. My God you’re beautiful, I think, as you move to me, as if to whisper. I can feel your warm breath on my neck and ear as you mention how good I smell. Your hand reaches for my knee and slowly slides up my pant covered leg. My legs and ass instinctively tighten in anticipation as your hand slides closer to my crotch. My eyes narrow and I quietly groan as your breath and hand fondle my body. Quietly you whisper if I have any plans tonight.

Oh shit, I think to my self. I have never been in this situation before, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone this badly before. Fuck, I was supposed to meet my brother for drinks tonight.

“Nothing I can’t reschedule.” I say as I fumble for my cell phone and quickly dial his number.

As the phone rings, I can’t help but let my eyes run down your body. Your chest heaves and your nipples seem hard. And your legs, oh God your legs. My eyes traveled down your sweet legs to your heels, then slowly back up your body, to your face. I could feel the heat, or maybe an energy coming from you, a sexual energy if you will. My cock grew harder just from the thought. She had me, I was fucked, the good fucked though, I think to my self grinning.

My brother’s voice snapped me out of the trance I was in, and I explained that I wasn’t going to be able to meet him tonight. He continued babbling, but I was unable to focus on anything but you. “We’ll get together later, give me a call later in the week,” I say. Snapping my cell phone shut, I turn to you again grinning.

“Well, I’m free for the evening, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than, umm, discuss your book. By the way, I never caught your name.”

* Jen *

I smile as you mumble back to me that you can find a way out of your plans. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you. I watch as you whip out your cell phone and dial a number. I can feel the heat between us. I can almost see the lightening shooting back and forth.

The bus pulls to a stop and I hold out my hand to you and nod my head.

“This is my stop.”

We walk off of the bus holding hands, exploring the way our hands fit into each other, as we walk down the street. I can’t help but notice the calluses on your hand.

“Do you play softball,” I ask rubbing your palm. You look at me and smile. Again you ask me my name. I smile and say,

“Jen, my name is Jen. So do you?”

We arrive at the front of the townhouse I live in. I open the door hating to let go of your hand. My body is flushed with heat and my knees are trembling with desire. I feel as though I have dived off of a cliff. The adrenaline rush is giving me a high that feels as though I am on a rollercoaster. My stomach is in knots and my mind is racing.

Ah hell, I think, what am I doing? I turn and look at you one last time before the lock clicks open. Ah there it was, he is the reason I am doing this. I look into your eyes and click open the lock. Before the door opens, I take your hand again and lead you inside.

As soon as we are inside, I pull you to me, bringing your lips down to mine. I moan your name.

“Chris, make love to me, touch me, burn with me.”

* Chris *

I’ve never been in a situation like this, never wanted anyone more. I was completely unaware of anyone else on the bus but you. My body ached, yearned, to touch you, hold you, be with you. I grin as you smile at me, my mind racing, and my eyes, lost in yours.

As the bus comes to a stop, you rise and reach for my hand. “This is my stop,” you say. Our fingers massage each other’s hand, as we walk down the street. With my heart still racing, you ask if I play softball.

“Yeah, I guess my hands are a little rough,” I say as I chuckle. “I love sports, so I tend to play a lot.”

With the rest of the world tuned out, all I can hear is your voice, and your heels as they click on the sidewalk.

“Jenn, that’s a beautiful name.” I say.

I glance down and notice again the hardness of your nipples. My eyes trace downward again, to your legs, then back to your eyes. I gently smile at you, completely unaware of where this might lead.

Reaching your townhouse, your hand slowly slips from mine. I watch intently as you search for your keys, your hands almost appear to be trembling. Glancing back at me, I smile as I hear your lock click open. Grasping my hand, you lead me into your home. With the door still open, you pull me to you. Reaching up, you bring my lips to yours as you moan for me to take you.

My Ankara Escort right hand finds your waist and pulls you hard against me. I reach back with my leg, and kick the door closed. My left hand finds your face as our tongues explore each other’s mouths. Brushing your hair back, I let my left stroke your hair as I kiss you deeply, passionately. My right hands slides to the small of your back, pulling you tighter against my ever hardening cock, as my left slides from your hair down your shoulder to your supple breast.

Gently I squeeze and massage your breast, feeling the hardness of your nipple, my other hand finding your skirt and working it up. My hands tremble with excitement, I fumbled with the buttons on your blouse, popping a few off, as my other hand slides up your skirt up to your waist. Now moaning myself, my lips find your ear, gently biting and nibbling, as you back up deeper into your townhouse.

Backing into a table, I kiss, lick and nibble down your neck to your chest. My hands slide down to your waist, and I gently lift you onto the table. Your hard nipple slides into my mouth, as my hands slide up your soft thighs, reaching your now wet panties.

* Jen *

When you pull me to you, I feel a jolt through my whole body. I lean against you and feel like I am melting into your hard frame. I grip the hair at the back of your head while our tongues stroke each other. I grind against your cock, feeling its hardness through your kackis.

When your hand touches my breast, I gasp. Everywhere your fingers move, send shocks through my whole being. I am hungry to have you, to touch you and to be touched by you. My legs tremble, I feel weak. My head is spinning from our kiss.

I hear my buttons go flying and a small tear of fabric. I don’t care, your breath tickles my ear, sensitizing my neck, sending goose bumps over my whole body, and forcing my already hard nipples even harder.

Although I was unaware of it we had been backing up. When the back of my legs touch the table I shift slightly against you. You lift me up, sliding me back until you have access to my breasts. Your mouth envelops one breast in heat your sucking sends shivers of desire running along my whole body. I arch up towards you, meeting your hand as it rides up my thigh. Even though I want you to touch me, I feel as though if you do I will shatter into a million little pieces. My skin is flushed and I am moaning and clawing at your arms and back.

Yes, Yes Yes seems to be my litany. I crave your touch more than I have ever craved anything in my life. I moan as you stroke me through my panties. They are so wet it feels as though there is nothing between the two of us. The thin layer of silk does nothing to shield me from your questing fingers. You hand slides between my panty and my pussy. I am drenched and suddenly very glad I had trimmed up everything. I was shaved almost completely except for a thin stripe running around my pussy that was cropped very closely.

Sure enough, as soon as your fingers touch my clit, I explode into your hand. My orgasm shaking me to my core. I cry your name as I cum, holding on to your shoulders, my nails digging in scoring your back and shoulders. You never let up your assault on my senses. I am thrown headfirst into another orgasm that sends the world spinning. Your fingers, your mouth, I arch against you, mindless in the passion you evoke in my body. I feel your fingers moving in and out of me, stroking, pushing me higher and higher.

I take your hand and push you away a bit. I want to enjoy you and play with you as much as you have played with me. Slowly I raise the fingers that had been inside me, to my mouth, sucking on each one in turn. I watch as your eyes darken and your breathing becomes even more irregular. I don’t trust my legs to hold me up, so instead I lean forward and slowly start to unbutton your shirt. My hands are trembling and I feel glorious.

I slide your shirt off of your body, stroking your chest, leaning in and gently biting and sucking on your nipples. My hands slide down and I feel you hands grip my hair and force my mouth back for a kiss. I unbuckle the leather dress belt and undo the button, sliding the zipper down. You cock seems alive, twitching at my least little touch. You pants fall to the floor, soon followed your underwear.

You cock and balls keep me fascinated. I stroke them slowly, lifting the balls into my hand, rolling them between my fingers, feeling their weight and softness.

* Chris *

Having lifted you onto the table, my mouth kisses sucks and nibbles its way to your breast. You gasp loudly as I reach your breast. As I suck your nipple hard into my mouth, my hand slides up your bare thigh and your soaking wet panties. Gently, and then more firmly, I nibble and then bite your hard and swollen nipple. As I continue to stroke your wet panties, you arch your back to my hand. Your moaning increases my arousal as I press harder against your pussy. My Ankara Escort Bayan index finger finds the edge, then slides inside your panties. Finding your wet pussy, I look down as I pull your panties aside. As you claw at my back and arm, my fingers slide up, then down your wet pussy.

“God you’re so wet,” I moan as I slip two fingers into your tight wet cunt. As my thumb finds your clit, you scream loudly and your pussy contracts around my fingers. Sliding a third finger in, I rhythmically fuck you with my hand. Bucking against my hand, I can almost see your cum pool up in my palm as you explode into orgasm. I watch as you throw your head back in sexual bliss, I thrust my fingers faster and faster into your swollen wet gash. I reach again for your breast with my mouth, as the fourth finger of my hand slides into your pussy. Sucking your nipple hard into my mouth, I can feel you near your second orgasm.

Pushing me back, you reach for my wet hand, wet from you. I moan loudly, as you take each of my fingers one at a time into your mouth. It’s almost to much for me, watching you clean your cum from each of my fingers. My knees feel week, and my eyes narrow to slits as your mouth works on each of my fingers.

Releasing my hand, you unbutton and remove my shirt. My heart is racing, and I’m almost unable to catch my breath as you stroke my chest with both your hands and mouth. My cock has been so hard, its been oozing pre cum for the past 10 minutes, and as your hand reaches for my belt I almost lose my balance. Reaching for you, I grasp your hair and pull your mouth to mine. I have to taste that sweet mouth of yours again. As our tongues dance together, I can feel your hands unbuckle my belt and lower the zipper.

You push back from our kiss as my pants fall to the floor. With my cock bulging from the top of my underwear, you smile at the wet spot on my underwear caused from my pre cum. Hooking your thumbs into the waistband, your send my underwear to the floor. My cock ‘bounces’ free, as if it had been tied to my stomach. As you reach for my balls, I moan your name, while having to reach for your shoulder for support. Gently you need my balls, gently rolling them in your hand, I’m only able to moan, babble, and my hips instinctively push into you. As you lightly grab my cock, I moan even louder, my eyes all but shut. Your hand fits like a glove on my cock, massaging it, milking it.

Looking down, I watch as you stroke my hard throbbing cock.

“Oh God, Oh God, oh God,” I moan. I lower my hands to your thighs, then back to your ass. I pull you to the edge of the table.

“God how I want to slide my hard cock into your pussy. Please Jenn,” I almost plead. “I’m so hard, and I want you so bad.”

* Jen *

I suddenly feel shy, my belly is fluttering my legs are shaking, but now that I have had release, I can take my time and pleasure you. I push you away from the table and drop to my knees in front of you. I had tasted myself and wanted to taste you too.

I run my tongue slowly up your length. I circle your tip, slowly sliding my mouth around your tip as my tongue flicks it. You grip my shoulder and hair as though you were going to fall over. I slide my mouth down your length and pull back up, slowly sucking and increasing the friction with my tongue.

While I suck on your cock, I massage your balls, holding them in my hand, rolling them in my fingers, feeling their softness, and pulling at your sack to keep the sensation up. You are swaying and holding on to me for dear life.

Suddenly, I feel your balls rise, and I feel your grip tighten, your cum shoots into my mouth where I swallow it down and suck for more. When you finally relax, move from your cock to you balls where I suck them into my mouth I suck on them while you re-gain your breath.

I stand and tug down my skirt and pull my shirt together. I take your hand and walk into my room. I have a huge four poster bed that is covered in dark blue velvet bed curtains. When they are closed, it is perfectly dark in the bed. I could sleep for hours and hours in there. The sheets are silk and also a dark blue. The spread is blinding white.

I lead you in, sit you on the edge of the bed and strip for you, my hands moving over my body, teasing my nipples, watching the fire leap back into your eyes.

* Chris *

As you continue to massage and stroke my rock hard cock, I moved closer to you. Mostly to couple with you, but also desperately needing balance. My legs trembled and my breathing was irregular. I needed you, I wanted you, but you had other ideas.

With your hand never leaving my cock, you push me back from the table, and slowly fall to your knees. Gasping, I look down as you tongue extends to my cock. With just the tip of your tongue, you lightly lick my shaft up, then back down. Throwing my head back, I groan loudly,

“Oh God Jenn!”

Every once of fluid in my body seems to be pooling into my hard cock. My body sways, and I reach for you for balance. As one hand finds your shoulder and the other your hair, I can feel your hot breath on my aching member. The muscles in my ass and legs tighten, and my hips arch forward in anticipation of your sweet warm mouth enveloping my hard throbbing cock.

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Amy’s First College Wrestler

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Big Dick

It’s Saturday night and Trey (21 yrs.) is walking back to his college dorm room. A gate is locked and he’s forced to walk around a girl’s dorm building. His eyes notice a light coming from a window. He walks closer and the curtain is halfway closed.

A naked woman is walking around inside. She’s wearing red panties and her round tits are on full display. She has smooth brown skin with long, black hair.

He says, “Holy shit, nice tits… She looks familiar.”

It’s Monday evening and wrestling practice is over. Trey is naked who stands on a weight machine. He smiles because his competing weight is still at 157 lbs. His feet step off the machine and he stride’s over toward the showers.

Trey leans one hand against the wall. The hot water splashes over his head. He thinks about the woman he saw in that window. Those great looking tits and long black hair. He knows that he’s seen her somewhere before.

Amy (21 yrs.) is a Polynesian with a terrific body (35-24-32). It’s Saturday afternoon and the home wrestling meet has just started. She sits down in the bleachers inside the large gymnasium.

Trey lost his first match of the season and isn’t happy. He angrily walks off the gym floor, but looks over his shoulder. He notices Amy sitting in the bleachers. She’s the girl in Escort Eryaman that window. He unstraps his head gear and rests his hands on both knees. He looks over at her and the guy sitting next to her. He must be her boyfriend.

Trey finished his shower and sits down in front of his locker. A thought finally comes to him. That girl has been a fan of the wrestling team. She’s been sitting in the bleachers during home meets and practices.

Thursday night. Trey walks into his single hotel room for an out-of-town meet. He strips naked and lays on the bed for a nap.

Knock-Knock-Knock. It’s the door and Trey wakes up. He says, “It’s probably coach.”

He walks over and his hand cups his cock and balls. He leans forward and looks through the peep-hole. It isn’t coach. It’s that girl standing by herself.

Trey whispers, ‘Shit, it’s her.”

He opens the door, but only a few inches. He asks, “Yeah, can I help you? I’m not dressed.”

Amy replies, “Hi Trey. I’m Amy and a big fan of yours.”

“Well, thanks. What do you need?” He asks and then opens the door a little more. He shows his bare chest.

Amy hands over her hotel card-key. She says, “That’s my room key. I’m getting married in a few months. And…, I’ve never slept with a white guy Eryaman Escort before. I’m Polynesian.”

She quickly walks away. Trey looks at the card and smiles, “I never fucked a Polynesian before, either.”

It’s been a long two days. All Trey can think about is Amy’s nice tits. He wins his match on Saturday afternoon. His eyes look for Amy who isn’t anywhere in the stadium. Maybe she’s waiting for him, in her hotel.

Saturday night inside Amy’s room. The curtains are closed and there is only one lamp light on. It shines over the naked bodies of Trey and Amy. She’s laying back on the bed. Her black hair lays over a pillow. Her legs are spread open. He’s lying on top of her with his chest pressing against her tits. His face is turned over her right shoulder.

Trey’s thick, 6-inch cock, is buried inside of her pussy. He’s thrusting long and slow.

Amy responds, “Oh… God… Ohh… Trey… Mmm… God…!”

Each thrust brings their hot bodies together. Trey keeps it slow moving.

He whispers, “Fuck.”

Both of her hands grip his broad shoulders. She breathes hard, “Tr-Trey… Uhh… God… Don’t… Stop… Trey…!”

He lifts up his head and they kiss passionately. Trey doesn’t stop thrusting.

Amy screams, “Trey… Riiightt… Eryaman Escort Bayan THERE… THERE…! God-My-God…!”

Trey pulls out his cock and pushes off her body.

He gently turns her, onto her stomach. Amy breathes hard as Trey pulls her legs over the edge of the bed. He smiles down at her firm buttocks and black pussy.

His fingers stroke her wet pussy lips. He wipes those fingers around his condom.

Trey states, “You’re so wet Amy.”

“Only when I see you” she replies.

He guides his cock-tip toward her pussy lips and inserts slowly. He pushes in as deep as he can.

“God!” she says.

Trey leans over and places his hands on the bed. His eyes look down at his black crotch touching her butt cheeks. He begins thrusting fast and hard.

Amy responds, “Uhh-Uh-Uh-Uhh-Uhhhh!”

His eyes never leave his crotch as it hits her buttocks.

Amy’s hands grip the sheets, “Uhh-Uhh-Uh-Uhhh!”

Trey grunts, “Here it cums!”

He pushes in one last time and explodes, “Shiiiiiittt…! Shiiitt…! Ssshh-iitttt!!”

His cock pulls out. Trey then yanks off the condom and drops it. He falls to his knees and his hands grip her firm buttocks. He kisses them.

Late Sunday morning.

Amy wakes up naked and Trey is gone. She climbs off the bed and notices that the room telephone is blinking. She walks over and presses a button.

The voice-mail says, “Amy, it’s Trey. I had to catch the early bus back to college. If you want to meet again, before your wedding. My private email is “HotTrey”.

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Alice Ch. 02

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Editing done by: Lestrange, with thanks.


Chapter II – The Midnight Call


She moved out of the way, and I crawled out after her and stood up. She too stood up letting her skirt fall back into place, and then she kissed me and stepped back. She was again in ‘business mode’.

“I won’t need you for the rest of the day,” she said, “Give my secretary your address and phone number, where I can get in touch with you twenty-four hours a day. Then you can go home if you wish” she said, as I opened the office door to leave.

As requested, I gave the unsmiling secretary my information, she didn’t say anything, but she must have been wondering where I’d been when she’d brought those people in to the meeting and stayed to take the minutes.

Perhaps she knew that I was under the table between her bosses legs, giving her a right good old licking out. Maybe that’s why she seems to be giving me the cold shoulder, I don’t know; don’t really care either, what’s she going to do about it, tell the boss.

I left her with a sly smile on my face, licking my lips, to collect my things, and left to go home.

From the time I walked out of the office I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that had happened that day. The abuse on the train, getting fingered before I moved away from whom ever was doing it. Then meeting ‘her’ by the doors; pressing herself against my hand. Getting me in such a state that I had to go and sort myself out in the ladies toilet’s at work.

Then whilst there, to be surprised by her again, pushing the cubical door open catching me well on the way to an orgasm, with her skirt up over her hips, knicker-less and fingering herself whilst watching me.

On top of all that, To find out she was my ‘boss’, and that she was willing to help me orgasm by licking me out was fantastic to say the least. Then of course, there was the matter of what happened after the toilets, ‘in the meeting,’ and the sudden promotion, as a reward.

Let me tell you by the time I was on the train going home, It felt like I had a rolled up beach towel wedged high up between my thighs. Thankfully I got to a seat with a table because I couldn’t sit with my legs closed while I was that aroused. I sat on the edge of the seat so I could open and close my thighs pressing my swollen lips against my blood engorged clitoris, hoping to make my self orgasm before I got to my station.

Even before the train set off, I was joined by what it seemed were a man and a woman sitting opposite me at the table. I’d say he was in his late teens, she looked older than him. I just accepted that he liked older woman and she liked younger men. But then the train set off and he began to behave in a strange way. Once he become bored with looking out of the window, he took out of his pocket a pair of toy cars and started playing with them on the table top.

There was something not quite right with him, maybe this woman was his mother, or his carer, and she was taking him out on a day trip to somewhere nice.

“Don’t mind him,” said the woman next to him. “He won’t hurt you, ‘not intentionally,’ he has the mind of a child and he’s big for his age, ‘very’ big,” she said looking to one side.

That last, almost unheard comment of hers intrigued me, I looked at her sharply and she blushed, confirming what I’d thought. Be her, his mother or just his carer, it was obvious that she derived satisfaction from him in some way.

“It’s okay love, I don’t mind,” I said reaching for my paper.

I heard a clatter of something being dropped and then he started crying because it was one of his toy cars.

“It’s alright Edward love; you know what to do don’t you? Just climb under the table, find your car and you can come back up and play with it again, yes?!”

Edward gave her a toothless smile as she lovingly wiped the tears off his cheeks.

“There you go, all pretty and kissable again, to prove the point his kissed her… on the mouth then scrambled under the table to look for his missing toy car.

I don’t know what came over me, I opened the paper to hide behind and at the same time I opened my legs and felt the hemline of my skirt slide up to about halfway up my thighs. ‘He must be able to see me now,’ I thought, wondering if he could smell my pussy yet.

Evidentially he had, he put a car against each of my ankles.

He said “Drivers; are you ready? Get set…GO!”

I could feel the wheels of both his cars moving from my ankles up my legs. Apparently, he was racing his cars up my legs. I bit my lower lip hoping the finish line was my pussy.

He reached my knees, with a lot of simulated squealing of tyres.

“They’ve just rounded that treacherous corner, Escort Çankaya and are now on the home stretch,” he said in an announcers voice then went back to the sound of roaring engines.

He took his time swerving his cars ‘up and down,’ my thighs as he made his way ever closer. I rolled my hip down so he could see the whole of me and that his hoped finish line was a lot wider for him. I was nibbling now on my bottom lip anticipating the long awaited finish. My clitoris must be standing out like a little white beacon, indicating the finish line.

“They’re neck and neck, which one will win, is anybody’s guess,” he said, ‘as the announcer.’

“It’s… it’s… ladies and gentlemen, it’s official, its ended in a draw. You can see that both cars are still racing each other up and down the winners’ lane.” He stated excitedly.

He was driving me crazy with lust, I wanted to grab his head and press his face into his winners’ lane until I showered him with my champagne!

“Then they will be going off to park up in the winners’ tunnel.” He said.

I nearly screamed out, when I felt him push his cars up inside me.

Then, in a completely different voice, one of the drivers I think. “Yes that’s right, I drive only for the woman, and the sex, when I win, like today I’m rewarded like this.”

He pressed his mouth against me, kissing me down there, a ‘French kiss!’ thrusting his tongue in and out of me, sucking my white little beacon into his mouth, and chewing on it with his toothless gums.

My body shook, I showered him, ‘and his cars,’ with my bubbly champagne, which he happily lapped up until I was clean again.

He managed to get one of his cars back, but the other was too far up my cunt. He started off gently probing in me, but once he realised he couldn’t reach it, that’s when he started trying to get his fingers inside me to get it out. To help him, I pressed hard against my abdomen, and pushed down feeling the thing inside me move. He felt it too, so I tapped on my clitoris hoping he’d understand what I wanted, and that he wouldn’t get his car back if he didn’t.

He was cleverer than I took him for, I didn’t need to do it again he latched on to me straight away and started sucking again and probing me looking for his car to return.

It did…, eventually, I pushed it out with my last orgasm, and thankful that it was out of me now.

As soon as he was out from between my legs and getting back up to his seat, I clamped them shut with a slap.

“Where have you been all this time, and what have you been up to?” the woman asked.

“I hope he wasn’t being a naughty boy down there?!” she said to me.

Without waiting for an answer she turned to him, saying “Did you find your car? Where is it? What’s that in your mouth Edward, come on now, spit it out,” she ordered holding her hand under his chin.

I swear there was this smile in his eyes as he looked at me and spat out, not one, but both cars. He’d been sucking them clean of my womanly fluids.

“Naughty, naughty boy Edward, you know you shouldn’t do that, you never know where they have been!”

That smile he had on his face, ‘got bigger.’

“Come on,” she ordered. “It’s time now for us to go!”

They both stood up to leave, but there was something about him that wasn’t right. He put his hand to his mouth, stood up straighter and straitened his clothing so they didn’t look so unkempt and lived in. he almost blinded me with the radiance of his smile. His mouth was now full of teeth, whereas before he had none.

He bowed over the table, took hold of and kissed the back of my hand.

“It’s been a ‘tremendous pleasure,’ Madam,” he said in an English Accent.

She too leaned in closer to me and whispered in my ear. “Tell patty it was our pleasure.”

“Who’s patty?” I asked confused.

But she just looked at me and smiled, as they both left the train.

By the time I got home that afternoon, I was spent, used up, ready for the scrap heap, don’t even bother with the recycling bins. You couldn’t recycle this! Not anymore! Just crush me up, and throw me away. I couldn’t even sit on my saddle riding my bike back from the station, I was that swollen.

All I wanted was a shower and bed; I didn’t even have enough energy to put a nightie on. I just fell, flat, face down on my bed. I don’t even remember hitting my bed; I must have passed out from exhaustion before that.

I was woken up hours later; the moon was shining through my window. I don’t know what time exactly, but it was to someone banging hard on my door, and continually ringing the doorbell.

I got up aching all over to answer the door. I put on my dressing gown because that was the Çankaya Escort nearest thing to hand and went down stairs and opened the door.

‘What the hell,’ I thought, It was her, ‘my boss,’ standing on the door step. She didn’t even say hello, before barging her way into my flat.

“Why don’t you answer your phone? I called several times but you didn’t answer. So now I’ve had to come all this way here for you. You are supposed to be available to me twenty-four hours a day, that’s your job, do you want to keep it, because you are not starting off on a good footing!” she ranted storming on into my flat. I quietly closed the door behind her and followed her into the living room.

“What can I do for you Mrs Johnson,” I asked a little nervous.

“Well for a start.” she barked back at me, making me even more nervous.

“Don’t call me Mrs Johnson when we’re away from the office,” she said, in a much softer tone.

A smile broke across her face, and she said with a husky voice. “You can call me Patty.”

She came to me, and held me in her arms hugging me.

“It was my mistake to let you go home early,” she admitted.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and what you did to me in that meeting. I’ve literally been dripping all afternoon, and when I couldn’t get hold of you, I knew I’d have to come here and spend the night with you. You don’t mind do you?” she asked unsure.

Shaking my head, I smiled back and pressed myself against her.

“I have a little surprise to show you how much I’ve been thinking of you,” she said.

She let go of me to let me step back, with a shy look in her eyes she undid the buttons of her coat and let it fall to the floor.

I gasped with both surprise and shock, when I saw that she’d travelled all this way naked under her coat. Then I saw it, the surprise she had for me. She was completely hairless, her lips swollen and pouting like a school girl, when she can’t have what she wants.

“You’re cunt!” I exclaimed. “It’s bald! You’ve shaved you’re cunt for me! How did you know? I love a smooth pussy?” I cried reaching for it.

She spread her legs and let me finger her.

“How would you like me to shave your hairy snatch?” she moaned, with her hands on my shoulders as I fingered her.

I stood up and threw my arms around her shoulders, kissing her, holding her close, trapping her arm between us.

I could feel her fingers searching beneath my robe, exploring, ‘she would say,’ for my fleshy opening.

She stopped, and stepped back away from me.

“You too?” she said huskily.

She pulled at the belt around my waist, and then opened my gown. I was looking, ‘but not seeing,’ until she put her hand against my ‘camel toe.’ I was hairless too! I honestly had no idea how or when it happened. I know I had pubic hair when I showered earlier, I don’t remember if it was still there before I passed out on my bed. Had somebody come in and shaved for me, or had I done it myself?

“I’m ready for you,” she whispered breathlessly in my ear, ‘stepping back again.’

I went to her, and took one of her nipples into my mouth, before dropping down to my knees in front of her and, ‘explored,’ between her legs with my mouth and tongue.

“I didn’t want to waste any time in getting undressed,” she said moaning at what I was doing to her.

“I thought you’d like it better like this, do you approve?” she asked.

By way of an answer, I started licking, and sucking, her plump, juicy, hairless cunt even harder and looking up at her with lust in my eyes.

She called me an ‘insatiable vixen,’ backing away from me, and pushing me away when I tried to follow her.

Breathlessly she said “I’m here now, because I’ve wanted to taste you’re cunt, to feel my tongue slip in and out of those soft velvety lips. I want you to sit on my face, rubbing yourself against me; until you wash my face with your orgasm… what do you think about that?”

“I’m more than ready,” I said standing up and dropping my gown to the floor.

I stood in front of her as naked as she, as ready as she, as wantonly lustful as she. I went to her and pressed my lustful body against her warm and soft body. We straddled each other’s thighs, thrusting ourselves against the other. Our breasts came together like the teeth of a zip, or the cogs of a wheel. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss, lips pressed, tongues entwining, teeth knocking against the others and our saliva mixing as we continued thrusting our hips at each other.

“Shall we retire to the bedroom?” I whispered breathlessly in her ear.

I found quickly that I couldn’t let go of her, our soft bodies intertwined, rubbed against each other, and excited both Çankaya Escort Bayan of us as we stood there kissing. She was the one with enough strength to step back; she took hold of my hand.

“Shall we,” she said reaching down for her bag then following me to my bedroom.

For a woman of her age, she had great stamina, she could out last me every time. I’d be tired after each time and start to doze off but ‘no,’ she’d wake me up doing something else to me. Most of the time, she’d wake up with her face planted firmly between my legs licking and sucking at me. Then she’d expect me to do the same to her, she didn’t care if I was asleep or not, she said it gave her nice sexy dreams.

She scissored her legs around mine, and moved herself towards me until her cunt flaps were pressing hard against mine, and we’d thrust at each other until we creamed.

I’d never done anything like that before, pulling on each other’s leg and grinding ourselves against the other until I came over her fanny and she mine.

“It’s time for sleep now,” she said, reaching for her bag and pulling out a double ended dildo and putting it on the bed between us.

“This, is so we stay together in our dreams,” she said sweetly.

“And these…” she said again reaching into her bag of tricks and pulling out two thick, leather belts, with large buckles on them.

“This one, we fasten our knees together to stop us running away, and this one is to be fastened around our chest to keep our bodies together.” She stated.

“Plus I want to feel your tits pressing against me all night long,” she said putting everything between us.

“I never done anything like this before,” I told her.

“How do you do it?” I asked, nervously, but excited at the same time.

“Of course, I will show you! First I get this…” she said picking up the dildo by one end.

“Now open your legs for me will you, so I can put this end inside you. Good girl,” she said pushing up and deep into me.

She pressed some of it between my lips, and told me to close my legs so I’d be trapping it like that. I found it highly amusing to look down and see that I’d become a man with a really big cock between my legs.

Before she put the other end into herself, she used the smaller belt, and ‘loosely,’ tied our knees together. Then she threaded the larger one around my back and just under my arms and around hers so she was like me and tied that loosely too.

Now it was her turn to be ‘inserted,’ she took the other end of the dildo, tugged it a couple of times like she was wanking it off.

“Do you feel that inside?” she asked.

I nodded.

“That’s exactly what I’ll be feeling too whenever either one of us moves during the night. So in essence we’d be fucking each other all night long.”

I was already starting to become very aroused again as she pushed her end of the dildo up into herself. I felt it moving inside me when she reached down to tighten the knee straps. The mutual fucking went on as we jostled so the front of our body’s pressed against each other and that’s when she pulled on the chest belt. Not tight, just tight enough so that we could easily rub our nipples together if we wanted.

“I’d like to fall asleep with your tits in my hand,” she informed me shoving her hands up under the belt between us and grabbing my nipples.”

This is what we do if we’re about to orgasm.”

She pulled her hands out from my breasts and wrapped her arms around my waist and spun me so I was now lying on top of her, before putting her hands back on my tits.

“Now fuck me hard, the way you’ve always wanted a man to fuck you hard!”

At first I started off softly, kissing her and thrusting at her, but she pinched my nipples really hard.

“Do you feel that?” she said giving them another pinch.

“Ow…!” I yelped in pain.

“That’s how sore I want you to make my soppy cunt feel, I want you to make me scream out in ‘pain and lust,’ I want to be begging you to stop fucking me because your cock is just too big and too fucking hard,” she ordered, just to make sure I understood, she pulled hard on my nipples until I started fucking just as hard.

She was doing it so hard she bounced us both off the bed and onto the floor, and she didn’t even miss a thrust. Her body started shaking, suddenly everything stopped while she ‘howled at the moon. She looked down at me, for some reason I felt scared of her the way she was looking me.

She pushed my tit’s up to my chin took my nipples into her mouth and chewed on them whilst she had her own orgasm.

I don’t remember much after that just some weird dreams. She was gone when I woke up the next morning, gone but definitely, ‘not forgotten.’

A note on my bedside cabinet explained it all. ‘Good work girl, I won’t be needing you for the rest of the weekend.’ Just make sure you’re at work Monday morning by 7:30am. You’re coming to a meeting in Scotland with me, I need entertaining up there and you’re it,’ Signed, ‘Patty.’

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Along for the Ride

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Like all guys worth having (and even some that aren’t) he had a girlfriend when I met him. I’m a big sucker for things I can’t have. For example, there are those shoes in the back of my closet that are an entire size too small but were marked down 60%. I managed to squeeze my toes into them just long enough to convince the wary salesgirl that I was completely insane. They’ve sat on a shelf in their box ever since. I guess you could say I’m a bit compulsive.

My ex says I’m neurotic, which I think is a bit hysterical since he’s the one who made me that way. A girl can only handle her man having to “work late” so many times before it officially starts to fuck with her brain. Oh, Jesus, I wasn’t going to bring him up. This is not His story. This is about Glenn.

Glenn is from Boston — complete with the accent and attitude to match. On a lot of people, Boston sounds a little trashy but on Glenn it sounds rough around the edges and hot and did I mention that the man works construction? Fuck me three ways from Sunday, I Love a man who can fix things.

Also, I grew up in Denver. It’s pretty but it’s chock full of people who pronounce their r’s. In short, really nothing to write home about, so plop me on a plane seat next to someone from New England and hope to God I packed a fresh pair of panties in my carry-on bag. Coincidentally, this is how Glenn and I first met… sort of.

I was on a flight from New York back to LA, with a layover in Chicago and I was trying to get caught up on some work. I’m a photographer for a magazine in Orange County that promotes the lifestyles of the fakely tanned and obnoxiously wealthy. Sometimes I also got sucked into writing ridiculously dull copy to accompany my artwork, something I was unapologetically behind on. I kept staring at my picture of an Infinity pool with buoy-like fake breasts bobbing on its surface but nothing witty was coming to mind. I guess I should point out that the breasts were accompanied by the rest of a fairly cougarlicious body but trust me, the cleavage was a much bigger selling point than the bra length platinum hair and sixth face lift.

“Douchebag,” a tall, well muscled man mumbled under his breath as the flamboyant flight attendant continued to push his cart down the aisle.

I had missed the part of the interaction where the hot guy had been cut off but I found that I just couldn’t get back into my work now that I had glanced up and saw well muscled forearms leading to clinched fists with the veins popping out slightly – a sure sign of someone who uses their hands for more than playing piano or typing a term paper. I sat there checking out the curve of his bicep peeking out from underneath the short sleeve of his t-shirt and began visualizing him fixing a roof or gutting a wall with a sledge hammer.

He turned to glare at the retreating cart and I caught a glimpse of his face. He wore a Red Sox ball cap, which left just the sideburns and bottom of his dark brown hair visible. He also had thick eyebrows, brown eyes and luscious red lips… I let out a sexually frustrated sigh and began to contemplate sucking on his bottom lip. I guess I forgot to quit staring in his direction as I did so though because after a minute I felt someone tap me on my shoulder.

“A picture lasts longer sweetheart,” a higher pitched voice informed me. Allow me to clarify a point. I love, love, love the Boston accent on men. On women it sounds masculine and terrible and really really unattractive. Of course, I also don’t fantasize about joining the mile high club with women, so maybe that has something to do with it.

“Excuse me?” I was really into my day dream envisioning the guy in nothing but a tool belt and I was having a hard time pulling myself back into the present.

“You’re fucking drooling over my boyfriend and I think it’s only Etimesgut Escort fair to let you know that if you don’t cut that shit out, I’m gonna kick your fucking ass.”

Quite the mouth on this one, let me tell you. Finally my eyes were able to focus in on her face. She was sitting in the seat next to me, across the aisle from the hot guy. If they were together, why weren’t the sitting next to each other? Well, I guess technically they were… maybe they just both loved aisle seats. She was skinny with unnaturally jet black hair and enough eyeliner to supply the Playboy mansion on Halloween. Minus her god awful accent and poor makeup choices, she was probably decent to look at, if you went for that whole “please feed me a sandwich while you search for my ass” look. I contemplated forming an excuse but what was the point? I Had been checking out her boyfriend, assuming she wasn’t lying about their relationship. I wasn’t about to polygraph her. I kind of like my nose where it is, you know? I just mumbled sorry and buried my likable nose back into my work.

The next few minutes I got to hear them argue back and forth, his deep sexy voice telling her she was rude, her nasally annoying tone calling me all kinds of names. Apparently he won the argument because she got up and went to the bathroom looking incredibly displeased.

“Hey, sorry about that. She can be a real bitch some times,” he said to me once she was out of earshot.

“Don’t sweat it. If you were mine, I’d fight off random passengers too,” I smiled. Ok, so I’m a flirt. It’s probably going to result in me getting my ass kicked, but he was just so… productive looking. “I’m sorry for staring at you and causing you to fight with your girlfriend. It’s pretty rude.”

He raised one eyebrow at me. Oh GOD, I love that. Big lips and the ability to move his eyebrows independently of each other… Even retelling the story I feel the need for a little Me time, “So you were staring at me? You’re awfully ballsy to just come out and say so. You must be from New York.”

“Not a chance,” I answered shaking my head in a way that caused my straight red hair to sway slightly, “I’m a Cali girl. Well, these days anyway. My name’s Parker, by the way.”

“Glenn,” he said reaching out a hand to shake mine. Oh God, the calluses on his hands made me tingle.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see his girlfriend emerge from the bathroom. Immediately I shrunk back into my seat.

“Glenn, I don’t really fancy getting my ass kicked just now. I’m going to get back to my work, but it was really nice to meet you.”

He was unable to answer because she had nearly made it back to her seat. I remember wondering why I’d had the opportunity to meet him when he was clearly taken and didn’t even live in the same city. If he’d been unattached at least we could have hooked up during the layover in Chicago, but as it was, it seemed pretty pointless.

As luck would have it, we both found ourselves standing in line for a slice of deep dish pizza in Chicago while his girlfriend chatted on her cell phone near the terminal.

“So what’s her name?” I asked. I don’t normally chat guys up about their girlfriends but I couldn’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

“Her name’s Miranda. We’ve been together a couple years and she still always thinks I’m gonna cheat on her. I haven’t. I don’t do that.”

“Hey, you don’t have to convince me. I wasn’t offering,” I giggled. Trust me, if I hadn’t have been so afraid of Miranda, I would have offered.

“So you live in LA, huh? We’re heading out there for a wedding — some friend of Randi’s from high school. I’m just along for the ride.”

“Where you staying?”

“Anaheim. Her friend is getting married at Disneyland of all places. For fuck’s sake, who does Escort Etimesgut that?”

“Seriously, did you really just say you were along for the ride and then casually announce that you’re headed to Disneyland? Wow…”

He tried to defend himself but I mocked him anyway. Hell, I’m certainly not the best writer but even I could do better than that. Dear God. We chatted for a few more minutes and I swear, I don’t normally try to pick up guys who are taken, but I just really wanted him. I handed him my business card and told him to call me if he got Mickey Moused out. I walked away quickly before I could get too embarrassed and take it back.

Back in the OC, I forgot all about him. Ok, that’s not exactly true. I snapped a covert picture of him on my cell phone when he wasn’t looking as we stood around waiting for our baggage and then went home and masturbated like crazy, looking at it. After that though, I decided to clear him out of my brain. Just because I’d been recently dumped didn’t mean I was despearate… well, not completely anyway.

I was shocked when a few days later he called my office.

“Hey Parker, it’s Glenn, the guy from the plane.”

As if I wouldn’t recognize the accent or the voice.

“Oh hey, how was the wedding?” I asked trying to think of a reason why he would still be in LA.

“We broke up. Oh, sorry, the wedding was ok. We got in a fight, for the billionth time and I finally left her. It was a long time coming. Plus, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Welcome to my club,” I thought, but didn’t say. Suddenly all of my brazen flirting techniques were gone. He wasn’t taken anymore. This could really be game on.

“Really?” I asked, biting my lip.

“Yeah. Really. Any chance we can hang out tonight?”

I quickly arranged to meet him later that evening and promptly called my boss to let him know I was sick and going home early. I needed to shower and shave and generally girl up and there was no way I was going to get any work done now anyway.

By the time I heard a knock on my door, I had transformed from artsy photographer jeans into a cute sundress and heels. My makeup was perfect and my apartment was the tidiest it had been in weeks. I opened the door trying to think of something witty to say.

Just on the other side, standing in my doorway, there he was… looking at me like he was imagining licking whip cream off of every inch of my body. Words escaped me, so I just leaned in and kissed him. His lips against mine felt searing and his tongue in my mouth was equally scorching. I felt him lift me up to pull me closer to him and I wrapped my legs around his waist, letting him carry me backwards into my apartment.

With one hand supporting my back, his other slid its way under the hem of my dress, over my thighs and up my stomach. I shivered as he reached the lace of my bra, finding a taut nipple beneath it which he pinched lightly before leaning me up against the wall and pinning me against it. With his other hand now relieved of the duty of holding me up, he traced a finger across my cheek and caressed my swollen lips. His eyes said he wanted to be inside me, to fuck me hard, right there without a word but his fingers said he wanted to play. I was down for either option. I was already ready, wet and more than willing and I didn’t even know his last name.

He brought his lips back down to mine, stealing any inclination to talk and robbing me of the ability to breathe. By the time he lifted his head again, I was panting and moaning, needing to feel his skin against mine. Unwrapping my legs, I fought to stand, though he had to steady me for a bit as my knees were actually weak. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been kissed into insensibility.

He reached out and ran his hand through my hair Etimesgut Escort Bayan but I was busy finding the buttons of his shirt. I unfastened them as quickly as my trembling fingers would allow. My God, he was beautiful. He obviously spent quite a bit of time in the gym. No sooner did I have his button down shirt open then I ripped it off and helped him out of the white t-shirt beneath it. The muscles in his bare chest twitched reflexively as I ran my fingers over his pecs, his biceps, his abs and teasingly beneath the waist of his jeans.

A quiet groan escaped his lips as he whispered my name. Just hearing him say it made me crazy with wanting him. I pushed him towards my couch and paused long enough to unzip my dress and step out of it. I still had on heels, a bra and panties and I could tell from the sparkle in his eyes that the combination really worked for him. I sat in his lap, straddling his legs and kissed him again while slowly grinding my pussy over the bulge in his jeans.

His hands slid behind me and unclasped my bra. I giggled because I could see over his shoulder that we hadn’t managed to close the front door in our haste to touch and taste each other. His hands cupped my tits, as if weighing their fullness before lowering his mouth to flick his tongue over my dark pink nipple. I gasped as I felt the heat of his mouth and caressed his face while holding his head to my tit, watching as he sucked on first one nipple and then the next.

With his hands he stopped the motion of my hips and traced up my inner thigh to the lace of my panties. Sliding the cloth to the side, he rubbed his fingers along the wetness readily available and then raised his fingers to his mouth, licking them clean. I was so turned on, I thought I was going to explode but he returned his fingers to my cunt, tracing my lips, finding my clit and finally shoving two fingers inside of me, fucking me with his hand as he sucked on my neck.

My hips moved in time with the thrusts of his fingers and he slid me off his lap to lay on the couch so that he could get a better angle. Pausing for a moment to remove my panties altogether he looked down at my naked body and exhaled the sigh of a man who needs to bury himself inside a woman and hear her scream his name. He stood and removed his jeans and boxers in one quick motion before rejoining me on the couch. I was torn between wanting to stroke his thick cock, wanting him to lick my pussy and wanting him to fuck me so hard I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week. Reaching for him, I found his perfect cock pushing into my leg as he leaned down to kiss me again, the weight of his body pressing me back into the cushions of my couch. I stroked him as he kissed my cheek, my jaw, my neck and back down to my nipples. His eyes looked directly into mine, seeking confirmation before he positioned himself at the entrance to my wet warm cunt. I nodded and he thrust inside me feverishly, filling me up and causing me to moan with such pleasure I was sure that I could be heard 10 apartments down.

Our bodies fell into a rhythm as he pumped in and out of me. The slick sound of my juices sliding between our bodies spurred us on until we were both panting, moaning and biting. My fingernails scratched across his back as the length of him stroked inside me. Mindlessly I bucked my hips, racing alongside that feeling that my body was going to burst into a thousand pieces. He whispered to me to say his name and I screamed it as I came. I came hard and it seemed like forever before I could focus on anything other than the sense that every nerve in my body had been pleasurably tweaked. I watched as he continued to fuck me, even faster until I felt him cum inside me, filling me with his warm load as he leaned down to kiss me again.

“Hi,” I whispered, highly amused that we hadn’t gotten around to the simple greeting.

“Yeah, I guess we skipped that part. Hi – so lovely to see you again.”

“So does Disneyland have any rides that match this attraction?”

“Hardly, although I’d have to go again to be sure.”

“Whatever you say, Glenn, I’m just along for the ride.”

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All Work and No Play

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This story is a work of fiction, but I do have to admit that the people in the story are very much real. Although I will omit most of the identifying information, those that are mentioned might still recognize themselves if they look closely enough.


Rob couldn’t seem to stop staring at her. No matter how hard he tried, there she was. It didn’t help that they worked for the same big toy store. Normally he didn’t go for black girls but for her he would definitely make an exception. She had long brown hair that just brushed the top of her chocolate shoulders. Her dark brown eyes were mesmerizing and her full lips were constantly in his fantasies and dreams. She was very short with an extremely full figure: He asked her in the week they first met exactly how tall she was. She told him she was 4′ 8″. Looking at her you would think she was only 12 because of how little she was. When someone first told him she was actually 25 he was blown away. She was his fantasy come to life and every time he tried to talk to her, he got all tongue tied and had to walk away before he embarrassed himself.

One day, they were both assigned to work in the stockroom cleaning the shelves and taking inventory after the store closed. He could hardly believe his luck. Their boss would go into her office and not come out until they came to her and told her they were done.

” So is this going to take a long time?” she asked.

“Not that long” he replied.

“Well I hope not, I need to get out of here as soon as possible.”

“Hot date?”

“Not yet but I’m working on it.”

He was curious about what she meant by that but decided to keep quiet and wait for a time when there was no one around to ask her.

After the last customer and employee had left the store he went looking for her. When he didn’t see her after walking all of the aisles in the store, he quickly made Escort Kızılay his way into the back stockroom.

“Lee, where are you?” he called.

“In here Rob” she answered.

Peering around the corner, he caught a glimpse of her walking into the stockroom office and decided to follow her to see what she was working on and maybe catch a glimpse of her tits when she bent over in her partially unbuttoned work shirt.

He always got a thrill when she did that her breasts were at least a 38c and that looked amazing on her.

Rob caught up to her in the office. She was on the computer entering in the information for the inventory. She must be in a hurry, he thought.

“What’s the rush?” he asked. “Still planning for that hot date tonight?”

“Got to find the date first.”

“What do you mean find the date?”

“Simple. I go online and go into a chat room to see if there are any people there who live close enough to meet for a little no strings fun”

As she talked, Rob found his dick getting hard. The thought of being able to sink into that black pussy was enough to make him tent his shorts big time.

“Why go online? Can’t you find any guys the normal way. I mean you know how gorgeous you are. I bet you have guys lined up waiting for a chance to get with you.”

“That’s so sweet.”

Rob blushed. Now she was going to think he was a complete and total nerd. What made him say something like that to her.

” Guys just look at me and think I am a little kid so they don’t approach me. When I am online no one can tell how tall I am so they are more willing to give me a shot.”

“I would give you a shot.”

” Well I still don’t have a date for tonight. Sure, why not.”

He could hardly believe his luck. This beautiful goddess wanted to go out with him. It was the best news he had ever heard. They Kızılay Escort went back to work on the stockroom, finishing in record time. Before they knew it, it was time to leave. They shut down all the lights and quickly informed the manager they were done before heading out the door.

After a quick discussion, they decided to go to a nearby hotel. Since Lee lived so far away she was not as familiar with the area as Rob so he led the way. When they got there, Rob jumped out of his car and immediately went to go register for the room while she sat in the car.

As soon as he came out she got out of her car and followed him. They ended up in a room on the top floor of the hotel. Lee looked around while he nervously started closing the curtains and turning on all the lights. When he turned around to say something to her he found himself at a loss for words. She had stripped and was standing in the middle of the room. He couldn’t speak. He could hardly breathe.

“One of us is severely overdressed right now.”

“Well let me catch up then.”

With a grin on his face he slowly started to undress all the while watching her watching him. He could tell she was getting turned on by what she was seeing cause her breathing got faster and her nipples were standing at attention.

Finally they were both naked. He picked her up and tossed her on the bed. As soon as she landed on the bed, his lips landed on hers, the kiss as passionate as he had ever had. He couldn’t help himself, she was so damn hot. While he was kissing her, she started running her hands up and down his back, sending shivers up and down his spine.

He worked his hand between them and began to pull on her nipples before abandoning her lips to replace his hands with his mouth.

“Oh shit, that feels so good. You’re going to make me cum just like that.”

Rob grinned around Kızılay Escort Bayan her nipple before moving on to the other one. His free hand was caressing her hip and thigh before he slid his hand her pussy. Slowly he ran his finger up and down her slit, never letting up on her nipples.

She was so wet he almost came just from the feel of her hot wet pussy. To make it easier to reach her, he rolled her on to her side and continued to tease her with soft touches.

“Stop playing. “she panted.

“Make me.” he challenged.

Up to this point she had been fairly passive. Now she decided to take some initiative. Her hand went to his balls, fondling and caressing, but never actually touching his dick. After only a few seconds of this he caved, if only so she would stop torturing him. His busy fingers found her clit and continued their soft exploration.

He could immediately feel a change in her. Her hand moved to his dick and took up the firm stroke he had been craving since the beginning, Her moans were getting louder and louder. Her body starting to thrash around the bed. It took all of his willpower not to cum at the sight of her.

Quickly he abandoned his playing, leaned over the bed to get the condom out of his pants and slipped it on faster than he had in his entire life.

As he eased his dick into her hot, wet pussy he felt the walls of her pussy grabbing on to him as she had what he planned to be the first of many orgasms. As soon as he was seated to the hilt, she started screaming and calling out his name

“Fuck! Fuck me Rob please! Oh my god, that feels so fucking good.”

Rob couldn’t say a word. He was too busy trying not to come all the while slamming his dick into her harder and harder, never seeming to be able to get deep enough to satisfy himself. She was so tight it felt amazing.

When he felt Lee starting to have another orgasm, he finally let pumping for all he was worth. She screamed and came and the contractions of her pussy sent him over the edge as he spewed buckets of cum into the condom.

“Damn that was good. We should do it again.”

Rob couldn’t speak so he just nodded.

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Alain’s Story

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Alain-part one:

Alain’s Story

…Alain pressed His face to the window and stared out into the night. He could see snowflakes dancing as they fluttered and fell softly to the ground. The streetlight gave everything an eerie glow as His dark ice blue eyes carefully looked at His surroundings; at least as much as He could survey from this window.

Another city, another country; Alain had lost track of how many places He had been in the past month. Always searching, always hoping upon hope that He would find what His heart, and soul demanded so ferociously. He did not dare to mention to His friends what He was feeling. It was like an addiction, but to something He had not ever had, but knew that He would. He just had to find her.

Alain was in Eastern Canada, a French speaking city, which made His search all the more difficult. He only knew a few words in the language. He also knew He would go to the ends of the earth, for her.

As He watched the snowflakes He allowed His mind to wander and rest on what He searched for so relentlessly. She had come to Him in a dream; a dream so unlike any other dream He had ever had. It was so real. He remembered everything about her. The way she felt, the way she smelled, the tinkle of delicate slave bells around her slim ankles. Then she spoke and it was at that precise minute that she had stolen His mind, His heart, His very soul, forever. Her voice was ethereal and light, musical and seductive, like smooth cream slipping past His lips, and then dancing upon His tongue before flowing down His throat. He wanted her. He needed her. He had to have her.

No, He dare not speak of her to His friends, none would understand, even the closest of His friends did not really know Him very well. Alain only allowed so much of who He really was to be known. He had secrets, secrets He carried in His mind and heart for so long. Finally, He thought, I must be getting close. I can almost feel her.

Alain-part two:

The Dream

…Alain pressed one fingertip to the window and slowly moved it around creating odd designs on the pane from the moisture collected there. Almost as quickly as He drew them they disappeared, moisture collecting into drops and sliding down lazily in various paths until they reached the sill and puddle there.

He wanted to sleep, God how He wished He could sleep. For sleep would bring her to Him in His dreams, it always did and each time He would search for a clue to her identity, to her location, for anything that would bring her closer to Him.

Alain shook His head in an ironic laugh. His background was French, and here He was in a French speaking city but could barely navigate through it. He silently cursed His parents for insisting He learn English and use that only in their home. He never knew why they were so intent on Him learning and speaking English but not the French that He knew they both spoke fluently. Just another mystery of who He was and who His parents really were. No time to pursue answers to that right now. He had to find her.

His Escort Eryaman last dream of her was magical; there was no other word to describe it. He was on a beach somewhere, with no idea of His location, just walking and enjoying the warm sand beneath His feet, the heat of the sun’s rays upon His body and the scent of the ocean, salty and filled with mystery.

There was a cottage there, surrounded by lush foliage, high enough to look over the ocean, to see the beauty of it all, day and night. The stars and the moon shone like dancing diamonds on the light swells of the moving water. All of it so ethereal, yet so real in His mind. The cottage had very tall windows which overlooked the ocean, and each was wide open, long gauzy curtains gently fluttered in the breezes, the scents of the exotic blooms wafting into the room ready to entice all there. He was standing inside now, looking out over the water just as the sun was setting. The sky was ablaze with a myriad of colour so splendid that He could not ever imagine something could be this beautiful. All the oranges, pinks, blues, greens and grays spread out like delicate fingers caressing a lover.

Alain breathed in the scent of the blossoms surrounding Him; they filled crystal bowls and were placed all over the room so that day and night He could always see and smell their scent, it was like their gift to Him.

Alain turned as He heard her silky seductive voice whisper out, “Alain? Alain? What are You doing my Love?”

He turned sharply and looked towards another room, and there she was. It was at this moment that a noise woke Alain up and He cursed. Now He could not fall back to sleep and stood by His window looking out as the city was treated to a light covering of pristine flakes of snow. He closed His eyes and tried to remember everything, every scent, every sound, searching for a clue. He knew that He was closer now, He just had to be.

Alain-part three:


…Alain stood at the window barely noticing the rain outside; His mind was full of her. He could still see her, her image was burned into His mind. She had very light blonde hair, so pale it was almost white, and it hung down past her waist in deep waves, with tendrils framing her sweet face. Her big bright blue eyes were a perfect shade of azure blue framed with ebony lashes. Her voice was so melodic, so seductive, and so innocent all at the same time. He had seen and heard her for mere seconds, yet the sight and scent of her filled His mind, His soul and His heart. He had to have her.

Each day and night brought Him more clues of who she was and where she was. Alain only had to piece them together; there must be an answer in His dreams of how to find her, to learn her name. He let His mind wander a bit, guessing names, trying to think what this angelic creature would be called.

Alain looked out into the night, looking at the neon signs strung out everywhere proclaiming that their product must be bought in order to bring harmony to all. Bright greens, Eryaman Escort pinks, oranges and blues, all flashing and twinkling as if in a contest with the stars.

Alain shook His head and turned and walked back towards the bed, then fell into it and prayed He would fall asleep and dream of her. He laid there for what seemed like hours, in-between the layers of awake and asleep, as if in a daze. Her image swirled around constantly in His mind; His eyes could see nothing else. He had to find her!

Slowly and without noticing, Alain’s body finally succumbed to sleep. In a swirl of colours, sounds and scents He focused and was back at the cottage, she was still there, looking at Him strangely.

“Alain? What is wrong?” The words slipped past her sweet lips and floated to His ears, caressing them with each syllable.

“Wrong? I…I do not know. Is something wrong? Who are you?” stammered Alain.

“Alain, You are frightening me. Please do not act like You do not know me. Please.”

Those perfect azure eyes sparkled even more as tears began to swell. She looked up at Alain silently pleading with Him to tell her what was wrong.

“Alain” she sobbed, “Alain, please, You must know who I am, I am veronique, Your slave”. “Please, if this is a joke, stop it, I am so frightened.”

“veronique?” asked Alain questioningly, veronique?” Alain gathered her up into His arms and held her tight, kissing her face, her hair, holding her tighter, wanting never to awake and lose her.

“Am I dreaming veronique? Is this real? Are you real? Please tell me that you are real, for I could not bear it if you were not.”

“Alain, I am as real as You are my love, I always have been.”

Alain-part four:

His Whore

…veronique woke up trembling. Dazed, breathing hard, almost panting and looking around her. She was alone. How could that be? He was just here with her. It took a few minutes for veronique to realize she had been dreaming of Him, again.

She brushed the damp curls from her face, and sat up tossing the pale gold waves of silk to cascade down her back. The pale silk chemise she wore was damp and clinging to her breasts, each hard nipple outlined. Veronique moved in the bed and she could hear the silk sheets make a rustling sound, and then she tossed back the pale rose pink satin duvet and stood up. Barefoot she padded to the window and looked out at the city. It was dark, so very dark, but all the bright lights of the city shone like diamonds placed on a black velvet background.

So many times she had looked out a window at a city and wondered if this was the time she’d find Him. Was this the time her dream would come true. She felt close, so close to Him. She knew His name, Alain. He was tall, over six feet with jet black wavy hair, and dark icy blue eyes. He spoke with a slight French accent but in all her dreams of Him, she had only heard Him speak English. The dreams of Him were unlike any others she had; never had so felt this way towards anyone. He had to be real; Eryaman Escort Bayan there was no other explanation for how she felt, for how she was drawn to search for Him. This time she felt so close to Him.

Veronique wondered if He was in this city, looking out at the city and up at the same night sky as she was. She pressed one finger tip against the window and lightly swirled it around on the gathering moisture, making designs as she looked and thought. It was so hard to sleep; she had to fight constantly to sleep, for in sleep she was with Him. He was her Love, her Master, her soul mate.

Her cheeks blushed a pale rose as she remembered her latest dream with Him. Alain had totally ravaged her body, quenching both their heated desires over and over. She smiled softly as she remembered sitting on top His rock hard cock and riding Him hard; His hands alternately pulling at her nipples and slamming her down harder on to His cock. He knew that her cunt was spread very wide now, almost to the point of tearing, but she kept moving, riding His cock harder and faster. Pale blonde tresses spilled down over His chest like a golden rainfall and tangled in His hands as He pulled her down to kiss soft lips. Veronique moaned as she moved harder and faster; up and down; back and forth, forcing her hot wet cunt to take every inch of His huge rock hard cock. She could feel the thick fuckmeat stretching her cunt, and still she wanted more of it. “Fill me Alain, fill Your slut’s cunt with Your hot cum, fill me Love, fill me please!” she panted out.

Alain moaned and moved up pulling her off His cock saying, “Get on your knees love”.

Veronique moved as fast as she could, she wanted to be filled and fucked by Him so much. She spread her legs wide as she got on her hands and knees, both her fuck holes open to Him.

Alain smiled, then slapped her bare ass hard, grabbing it and slamming His throbbing cock deep into her ass. “Mmmmm My whore, such a lovely ass to fuck!” veronique screamed out in both pain and pleasure as He pounded His thick cock into the depths of her ass, fucking her hard, pounding into her body with all His strength. She pushed back, impaling herself onto His cock, taking it, wanting it, needing it, craving more and more.

“Oh god Alain! Yes! Yes! Fuck Your whore fast and hard please my Love, my Master”

Alain trembled hearing her begging for His cock, then used both hands and slapped her ass leaving handprints, before leaning onto her and grabbing both nipples and squeezing them, pinching hard as His cock spurted white hot cum into her sweet ass.

Veronique screamed hard and this made Alain pinch and shove His cock harder and deeper into His whore. “You love to be used as My whore don’t you veronique? Your cunt and ass are Mine, Mine to use whenever I choose, never forget that.”

Veronique bit her lip and nodded fighting to speak, “Yes Alain, I am Your whore, and always shall be. It is what I was born for, what I was born to be, Your whore, forever more. You totally own me, forever.”

Alain smiled…pulled His wet cock out of her ass…”Clean your Master’s cock whore and be quick about it.”

“There is so much more to do with you this night slut…so much…”

…perhaps in time, they will find each other apart from just in their dreams…perhaps.

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Against The Odds

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Adriana Chechik

I woke up last Monday morning with my dick in my wife’s hand. It was something that she had not done in too many years. Memories of fantastic hand jobs at drive-in movies or in the school library when we were dating flooded my mind. I let a hand move to her parted thighs, finding her pussy so hot that it burned my fingers. The lips of my wife’s pussy fluttered as if they were nibbling at my fingertips. Her clit was like a small cock, standing tall and squirming under the feather-like strokes of my fingertips.

We lay like that for a long time, stroking, gasping, and building up to a need so urgent that by the time it hit, I had to roll onto her waiting body and fuck her pussy like a madman while she held her legs wide and met every thrust with an answering hump of her hips. When I came it hit so hard that I wondered if I would simply pass out. It was so good that I honestly didn’t want to get out of bed or go to the office.

I was thirty minutes late to work, with the aroma of pussy still on my fingers. I guess my mind was still between my wife’s thighs because as I passed my secretary’s desk, she winked and gave me a knowing smile. She followed me into my office and handed me a steaming cup of coffee. My secretary is twenty, almost half my age, and she has a body that makes my mouth water. But that morning I was very satisfied and practically immune to her charms. I thought my morning roll in the hay was my secret but I had forgotten one small item: my fly was open. Unfortunately, my secretary spotted it before I did and she pointed at my crotch and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth.

“If I had a shot at that, you’d be a lot more than thirty minutes late,” she whispered as she stared at my open fly and let her tongue slowly circle her lips.

“You’re used to those young guys. Us old men are only good for once a week,” I joked as I reached down and grabbed the tab on my zipper. I said it to make her laugh but there was more than a hint of truth in the statement. It had been a while since I had sex more than once in a week and I was no longer sure if I was capable of more. Before I could close my fly, her hand touched mine.

“Don’t,” she said. “I have a little wager for you. Let me do that and if your dick stays soft, I’ll buy lunch today. If it gets hard, you buy lunch.” I let my hand fall to my side. I can’t tell Escort Sincan you how many times I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to touch her ripe, young body, nibble her firm tits, or maybe run a hand under her short skirts. But after having great sex with my wife less than an hour earlier, I was sure that it was a bet I’d win easily.

“Take your best shot,” I said, confident that my dick was about to win me a free lunch. Of course, I thought she’d stand there and zip my pants, but she fooled me. She knelt in front of me and looked up with a big smile.

“I’m going to do it with my teeth. Is that okay?”

The position she was in gave me a clear view down the front of her blouse. She was not wearing a bra so I could see her milk-white mounds and the pink, pointed nipples capping each one. I grunted my okay and licked my lips while I imagined that my tongue was tasting her soft, pink buds. As soon as I gave her my okay, she nuzzled her face against my crotch and then she kissed the white lump that my growing dick was making in my shorts.

“I think I’ll order a nice, thick steak,” she whispered as her fingers took over long enough to fish my dick from the tangle of underwear and let it jut proudly from the opening in my pants. It wasn’t bone-hard yet but it was getting bigger by the second. She puckered her lips and blew a stream of warm breath across the head of my dick and I put my hands behind her head and guided her mouth to my waiting cock. By the time her tongue touched the head, the bet was lost.

“I love the taste of fresh pussy,” she whispered. “Tell your wife I would love to lick the real thing.” There was no chance that I would ever tell my wife any such thing, but hearing her say it made my dick thump against her wicked tongue.

“You win the bet,” I said, thinking that if she stopped sucking my dick soon enough, I could save a lot of embarrassment by not shooting off in her mouth so quickly.

She laughed and, since she was still sucking my dick, her laughter vibrated up the length of my stiff prick and made my whole body shake. I’d never been so close to shooting off without letting go. It was a pleasure like nothing I had ever imagined. It was like a long, long climax. My balls were throbbing, my knees were knocking, and my dick was sliding happily in and out of her hot mouth.

“I Sincan Escort know a way you can pay off your bet without spending a dime,” she said, taking her mouth off my cock just long enough to look up at me.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked. I was curious, but not because it might save me money. There was something in the sexy sound of her voice that told me I might love the answer.

“If you take care of this, we can call it even,” she cooed as she lifted her skirt to reveal that she was naked underneath.

“Where are your panties?” I blurted out without thinking that she might tell me that it was none of my business.

“They’re in my desk drawer were they usually are,” she answered, reaching down to spread the lips of her pussy for my horny eyes. I watched her tease the lips of her pussy for a few seconds and then, when her finger was nice and slick, I watched her use the juice to wet her swollen clit.

“I like to sit at my desk and play with my pussy,” she whispered, her finger stroking the wet, swollen lips of her pink slit. “I like to imagine that you know what I am doing and that you have your pants unzipped so you can jerk off while you watch me.”

“Whoa. I didn’t think you would ever think that,” I said, letting my eyes drink in the sight of her fingers probing her tight cunt. I love to imagine that I am watching a woman masturbate while I jerk off.

“Taste me,” she said, lifting her creamy fingers to my lips. “Do I taste as good as your wife?”

I licked her fingers clean and sucked them between my lips. Her juice was hot and sweet. It tasted so different than my wife’s, but I wanted to tease her a bit, telling her I needed another sample.

She gave me a naughty smile and took one of my hand in hers to place between her legs. I stroked the lips of her pussy for a few seconds and she sucked in her breath.

“Keep that up and I’ll cream all over your fingers,” she gasped as I let a finger slip into her tight, hot hole. “Oh yes. Like that. Fuck me with your fingers. Make me cum all over your hand.”

As her excitement increased, I moved my fingers faster and harder until finally she arched her back, whimpering my name, melting all over my hand while her entire body shook with pleasure.

Afterwards, she leaned her ass against the edge of my desk while she caught Sincan Escort Bayan her breath. I sat there with my hand slowly stroking my cock, watching the lips of her pussy continue to quiver with pleasure.

“I like watching you do that,” she purred. “I’d like to know that you were doing that while you sit at your desk watching me.”

“I think that’ll happen more often now,” I replied, moving my fist a bit faster around my cock as she watched.

“If you do, will you promise to call me over when you’re ready to cum?” she asked, her voice once again thick with desire. Her pussy was slippery wet and glistening and her her fingers were gently toying with her swollen clit as she watched me jerk off.

“I promise,” I said. “I’d like to let you watch me cum.”

“Watch, hell,” she whispered, “I’m gonna want to kneel down and lick up every drop.”

“Keep talking like that and you’re gonna get your wish sooner than you think,” I grunted, trying like hell to hold back the flood of cream that was churning in my balls.

“Well, then let’s give your dick a rest for a second. You can help me with this,” she said as she put her hands behind my head and drew me forward until my tongue was sliding up and down between the lips of her wet pussy.

“Eat me,” she moaned, clawing my scalp with her nails while she hunched her hips. “Fuck me with your tongue. I wanna cum on your face.”

It was the first time a woman had talked dirty to me during sex. It was a turn-on that made my balls ache terribly. I pushed my tongue in and out of her slippery cunt and nuzzled her clit with my nose while she creamed, screamed, and moaned with raw lust. When she could stand no more, she pushed my head back and leaned forward to kiss me, letting her tongue taste the fresh flavor of pussy that coated my lips.

As she pulled away, she knelt down in front of me and started sucking my cock. Her fist circled the shaft of my prick and pumped it and squeezed. Her tongue fluttered over the sensitive head of my dick, sending chills up and down my spine.

“It’s time to let me make you happy,” she purred between long, slow sucks. “I want you to cum in my mouth.” I was too close to climax to say a word, so I cupped her face in my hands and pushed my dick deep into her sucking mouth, watching her head bob up and down until my vision began to blur. That’s when I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, blasting the back of her throat with a load that had her gulping furiously until my balls were totally drained and I sunk down into my chair. I thought I’d take her to lunch anyway, it seemed like an appropriate thank you.

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Afternoon Delight

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I just finish my shower.

And as I open the shower door. I find you standing there holding my towel.I ask what your doing home. You smile and say “lunch”. You hold the towel out and I step into it as u wrap it around me. Holding the towel, you pull me close to you. And kiss me long and hard. I extend my hands to your head. I love the feeling of your hair. It turns me on seeing the contrast of my pale white skin against your dark brown skin.

As we continue to kiss,your hands find my bottom.

And you lift me, sitting me on the edge of the sink. I spread my legs so that you can stand between them. The towel parting as I did. Exposing my shaved pussy to your eyes.

You undo the towel letting it fall onto the sink. And lower your head to my breasts. Lightly kissing them. Barely letting your finger tips touch the sides. You know that makes me nuts. As you kiss me. Your goatee rubs on my neck. And your hands start to go lower, seeking my wettness.

You slide your finger up my slit, taking time to dip it inside. Making me gasp. As my juices begin to cover your hand, you Escort Keçiören use your free hand to place my foot on the sink. Pulling me closer to the edge. You get to your knees and start kissing, licking my inner thighs. You can smell how turned on your getting me. Finally, your tongue touched my lips. You begin licking, sucking. My hands find your head. I pull you closer. Grinding all over your face. My legs shaking as I cum. As I catch my breath, I pull your face to mine. And kiss you. Tasting my juices on your face. Licking and sucking on your goatee.

You break our kiss. Step back, and pull your zipper down. Let your pants fall to the floor. I can see your cock pressing against your boxers. I get off the sink and walk towards you. Placing my hands around your neck. I can feel your cock on my belly, your boxers wet from precum. I slide them off your hips. And take your shaft into my hand. Stroking you. You say you cant take it anymore. You turn me around. I place my hands on the sink. You use your leg to spread mine. You kiss my neck, and slide your hand between my Keçiören Escort Bayan lips feeling how wet I am. I tell you “papi, please you have to fuck me. I want to cum on your cock.” With out warning you slide your hard brown cock into my waiting pussy. You reach your hands around and find my breast. Squeezing them. I open my eyes and look in the mirror, to see you looking at me. I smile. And you start thrusting hard into me. Pulling almost all the way out and them thrusting back in. The smell of sex filling the room. The sound of your balls hitting my thighs, take you over the edge and you begin pumping your cum deep inside me. We stay like this until your cock softens. As your standing behind me you kiss my cheek and say ” thanks for lunch”……..I say “wait until dinner”

After a long, hard kiss. You quickly dress. I walk you to the door, wrapped in just my towel. And watch as you walk down the street. As I watch you, I can feel your cum mixed my juices running down my thigh. I shut the door. Thinking about what just happened. My pussy starting to throb.

Keçiören Escort I walk to the Living room and make myself comfortable on the chair. Moving my bottom to the edge. Spreading my legs wide. Placing each one of the arm of the chair. My eyes closed, I slide my finger down between my pussy lips. Scooping your cum. Bringing it to my mouth. The smell of our cum mixed together filling the air.

I lick the cum from my finger and begin sucking it. Savoring the taste. I place my fingers back on my pussy and start smearing your cum all over. Bringing the wetness to my clit.Rubbing my index finger in a circular motion. My clit hardening. My lips beginning to swell. I slide my finger inside and begin thrusting it in. Wanting more I add another finger. Pulling them all the way out. Trying to imitate the way you were fucking me. I add another finger, but instead of fingering, I just begin rubbing my pussy. Using my fingertips to massage my pussy lips as my palm presses down on my clit. My juices streaming from me, running down towards my bottom. I begin thrusting my hips up to meet my hand. Lifting my bottom off the chair. Grinding harder and harder until I bring myself to a leg shaking oragsm.

As I sit there, regaining my strenght. I repostion myself on the chair. Licking my fingers. Thinking to myself. This does taste good. Now I know why you enjoy eating me so much!

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After the Party

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By the end of the party, I was, to say the least, rather drunk. I wandered into my bedroom. I was holding the hand of one of my best girl friend as she was struggling to stand (having reached a fair state also). I laid her down on my bed and made sure she was comfortable, before I headed off to the bathroom.

‘You’ll be back soon won’t you?’ Mumbled Kirsten, waking me out of my reverie a bit.

‘Sure.’ I replied.

‘Good. Need you to keep me warm tonight. It’s pretty cold.’

As I wandered off to the bathroom, I began to think about sleeping in the same bed as Kirsten. I’d had a crush on her for a long time but never had the chance to do anything as she had been with another guy.

Kirsten was quite short, with olive skin, as she was half pacific-islander. She had long brown hair, with a slight reddish tinge. She had a great body, with a flat stomach, small, but nicely formed breasts, and a great arse. She was wearing jeans which perfectly showed off her arse, and a fairly low cut top, which allowed a nice look down her top.

We had been dancing together most of the night and it was great to cop a feel as she danced close to me. More than once I had thought about kissing her and looking at her thought that she wanted to as well. I had definitely thought about her as more than a friend, and more than once, and now I wasn’t sure if she felt the same and whether I could take things any further with her.

‘Ben? Ben, are you around here?’ I heard my name being called softly by another one of my girl friends, Mari.

‘Hey Mari, over here.’ I called back, as I headed back from the bathroom.

Mari headed over towards me. ‘I’m pretty smashed Ben. Could I stay in your bed? I don’t really wanna sleep on the blow up beds downstairs like this.

‘Sure. But it might be a tight fit. Kirsten is in there at the moment. I guess I could always crash down there.’

‘Don’t be silly. I’m sure we can squash up. Besides, you’ll keep me warm, coz it’s fucking cold out there.’ Mari replied. I laughed.

‘No misbehaving though!!’ She said as she winked at me. Mari and I had been close for so long (even hooked up a couple of times) and she knew about what I thought of Kirsten.

I poked her in the ribs and made her giggle. ‘You’d better behave or you can go sleep downstairs!!’ I warned her.

‘You wouldn’t do that to me.’ She pouted.

‘You’re right, you’re just too cute.’ I said as I winked at her.

‘Thanks babes.’ Mari replied as she kissed me on the cheek and hugged me against her and then headed into the bedroom.

Mari was a Korean girl but who had lived in an English speaking country her whole life. She was a bit taller than Kirsten, and a bit slimmer. She had dyed auburn hair and brown eyes. She had one of the most amazing arses I had ever seen and regretted never making a move on her years ago. She also had small but perfect breasts, and a great tanned body. She knew she was gorgeous and didn’t mind showing it off. Tonight, she was wearing a short jean skirt, which only just came below the bottom of her arse cheeks and showed off her great legs. Her tight tank top was clinging to her breasts and I could see the outline of her nipples through her top and bra.

‘Stop checking my arse out, cheeky!!’ Mari said looking back over her shoulder at me, and winking as she walked into the bedroom.

I headed into my bedroom after Mari. She was slipping her bra out from under her shirt and dropping it on the floor.

‘You were right when you said you were cold.’ I said as I nodded towards her hard nipples, with a grin.

‘Hey!! Behave hun!!’ Mari giggled as she hit me playfully in the arm. ‘Back in a sec, just need to head to the bathroom.’

I jumped into bed to check on Kirsten. ‘You’re back.’ Kirst whispered sleepily.

‘Yea sorry, I ran into Mari. She needed a place to crash as well. Means that we might be a bit squashed though.’

‘That’s ok. Like I said you’ll need to keep me warm. I’m freezing. At least you’ll be closer to me.’ She said. ‘Can you do me a favour and help me get my top and pants off. I’m very uncomfortable.’

‘Sure you won’t be too cold Kirst?’ I said.

‘I will be, but I can’t sleep in these clothes. It’s too uncomfortable. You’ll just have to work even harder to keep me warm won’t you?’

I definitely felt that she wanted more than just friendship at this point and the thought of holding her close against me, while wearing only her underwear, definitely turned me on.

I helped her take her top off, and slid her jeans off her legs. I dropped them both on the floor, took my clothes off, leaving my underwear on, and jumped into bed and cuddled up close to Kirsten, hugging her from behind.

‘Mmmmmm, you’re nice and warm, like a hot water bottle.’ Kirst whispered as she snuggled back against me.

I heard Mari approaching the bed and felt her climb in under the covers as well.

‘How you doing Kirst?’ Mari whispered.

‘Meh. I’ve felt better. But I’m a lot warmer now.’ She replied, sounding half asleep.

I Escort Etlik began to think that Kirsten was probably not in the best state for anything tonight. Although disappointed, I was happy to be close to her.

A few minutes later, it sounded as though both girls were asleep. My mind was buzzing and I knew that with these two girls lying next to me, it would most definitely not be easy to fall asleep at all.

The bed rustled as Mari shifted, and I felt her come closer to me and whisper in my ear. ‘I saw her clothes on the floor, naughty boy.’

‘She said she was uncomfortable!!’ I whispered back as I defended myself.

‘I’m only kidding hun.’ She giggled softly. ‘Can I get a bit closer to you Ben? I’m fucking freezing!! Can’t have you giving all your warmth to Kirst, and not saving any for me!!’

‘Sure Mari. Come here.’ She shifted closer to me and snuggled up against my back.

‘Thanks babes.’ She breathed into my ear, and kissed me softly on the cheek. ‘Night Ben.’

‘Night hun.’ I whispered back.

Shortly after I could feel her breath on the back of my neck as she was breathing deeply.

My right arm was over Kirsten and resting on her stomach. Without really thinking I was drawing little circles on her stomach with my finger.

‘Feels nice.’ Kirsten whispered so softly. I was surprised as I thought that she was asleep. I stopped what I was doing.

She shifted her hand and put it on top of mine. She started moving mine in circles again. ‘Don’t stop, it feels really nice.’ I carried on rubbing her stomach in circles with her hand on mine. ‘Mmmmm your hand is so warm Ben.’

I kissed her on her shoulder and the back of her neck softly as I continued to rub in circles. I could still hear Mari asleep behind me, her body pressed up against me. Kirsten moved my hand up her body and onto her breasts, still covered by her bra.

I rubbed softly on her bra. ‘Inside.’ She breathed to me. I slid my hand inside her bra and began to rub her nipple. Kirsten let out a small gasp of breath as I touched her nipple. I could feel it begin to harden beneath my fingers.

Kirsten shifted so that she was lying on her back, while I was still on my side, my hand was still caressing her breast. I kissed her neck and although it was dark, I could see her turn her head towards me. I kissed her lightly on her soft lips. I leant in closer and kissed her harder, her soft tongue entered my mouth, as I kissed her deeper. A small moan escaped her.

Mari was still pressed against my back, but I could feel her shifting around as I was changing positions. She moved her arm off me but was still pressed close up against me.

I continued kissing Kirsten as she reached her hand around and pulled my head closer against her. I reached under her back and with one hand unclipped her bra strap, and slid it out from under her.

‘Take it off Ben, please.’ Kirsten breathed softly to me. I slid the straps down her arms and totally off, freeing her breasts. I felt to her right nipple and slowly brushed across that. She gasped and pulled away from the kiss slightly as her nipple hardened to be as hard as the other one.

I felt Mari roll away slightly from me and on to her back. It seemed like she was still asleep.

I brushed my hands across both of Kirsten’s nipples. They were hard but also felt so soft as I slid across her breasts.

‘Oh fuck babe that’s amazing.’ She whispered.

I bent my head down and began to lick her soft nipples. Just teasing around the areola, before she started grabbing my head and trying to make me lick her nipple. I knew she wanted it, so I flicked my tongue across her stiff nipple lightly. Kirsten moaned, a bit louder this time.

I thought I heard movement and a sound from Mari’s direction. I paused and checked behind me to see if she was still asleep. Her eyes were closed and she was still breathing deeply. It seemed like we were in the clear.

I turned back to Kirsten and starting sucking harder on her nipples. She stifled a moan as she started breathing harder. I slid my hand down to her inner thigh and began to rub lightly.

‘Fuck Ben, touch me. I want you!! Please touch my pussy babe!!’

I began to rub her pussy through her panties. I could feel that they were already damp from the attention I had been giving her body. I could feel the heat from her pussy through her panties. I slid my hand down inside her underwear. I could feel that she was fully (and freshly) waxed as my fingers reached her clit. I rubbed her in a circle as her breathing became very erratic.

‘Oh my fucking god Ben!! Fuck I’m hot for you!!’ Kirsten moaned quite loudly.

This time I was sure I heard a sound from Mari. Keeping my hand in Kirsten’s panties, I shifted my head around to look in Mari’s direction. She was lying on her back, her skirt pulled up around her waist. I could see that she had no panties on. Her top was off, exposing her gorgeous breasts. One hand was rubbing her breasts, while the other was rubbing her clit. Etlik Escort Mari had a fully waxed pussy as well apart from a very narrow landing strip of very short hair just above her clit. I could hear that she was wet as she played with her pussy, her mouth half open in pleasure.

She looked directly at me this time and smiled. She mouthed ‘This is so hot, don’t stop what you’re doing.’

‘Did we wake her up?’ Kirsten asked.

‘Ummm you could say that.’ I replied. I quickly whispered what Mari was doing, as I didn’t want to lie.

‘Well at least I don’t need to be as quiet anymore.’ Kirsten said, ‘keep going Ben.’

I slid her panties to one side and slid one finger up the length of her pussy up to her clit. This brought a louder moan from her. I circled her clit and then I slid my finger into her hot, wet pussy.

‘Oh fuck Ben that feels so great!!’

My cock was now getting uncomfortably hard in my boxers. It felt like I was going to burst right through them. I pressed my cock up against Kirsten as I continued to finger her wet pussy. She was gasping louder as she got wetter. My fingers were getting coated in her juices as she pressed herself down against my finger, trying to get them deeper inside her.

I slid a second finger inside her, feeling her wet heat, as I circled her clit with my thumb. I could hear soft moans coming from Mari’s direction, and she gasped loudly as a pleasure wave hit her.

‘Oh my god Ben!! You’re fingers are fucking magic babe!! I’m gonna come so fucking hard!!’ Kirsten moaned. She was pushing herself hard down on my fingers and riding them faster.

Mari leaned over and pulled my face towards me and kissed me hard and deep. ‘Shit Ben this is so fucking sexy babe!! I’m gonna come all over your bed soon!! I’m so fucking wet!! If you’re cock doesn’t end up in my pussy later I’m gonna be really pissed off!!’ She gasped out in between kissing me. ‘It’s so fucking sexy that you’re making Kirsten come as well…turns me on even more!!’

‘Ben make me come!!! Holy shit babe!! O fuck baby I’m gonna come all over your fingers Ben!!! O shit I’m close!! I’m fucking close babe…oh shit!! I can feel it babes!! O fuck baby!!!’ Kirsten moaned as she closed in on her orgasm. I was fingering her pussy harder as she ground her clit against my thumb.

‘O fuck this is sexy Ben!!!’ Mari moaned into my ear. She was pressed up against me as she fucked herself. I could feel her arm moving frantically as she fingered her pussy, while the other arm was moving slower as she tweaked her stiff nipples. ‘Ben I’m gonna come baby…I’m gonna fucking come all over your bed Ben!! Holy shit I’m close!! Oh my fucking god!! This is so fucking hot!!! My pussy is so fucking hot and wet right now!! Oh Ben!!! Fuck!!!! O yea baby make her come!!! O fuck!!! FUCK!!! O god Kirsten fucking come on his fingers!!! Fucking moan his name Kirst!! SHIT!!! O god I’m gonna fucking come!!! OHHH GOD!!!! SHIT!!! OH FUCK!! FUCK!!!!’

‘O god yea Ben!!! Finger my hot pussy!!! O fuck I’m gonna soak your fingers baby!! Fuck I’m gonna come!! Mari fucking make yourself come you horny bitch!!! Fucking hell I’m gonna come Ben!! OH FUCK!!! FUCK!!! OH SHIT!!! I’M FUCKING COMING!!! OHHHHH FUCK!!!! FUCK!!! FUCK MY PUSSY BEN!!!! OH SHIT!!! OHHH GOD!!! FUCK!!’ Kirsten screamed as she came on my fingers. I could feel her juices running down my fingers and wrist as she rode out her orgasm.

‘OH FUCK THIS IS SO HOT!! I’M GONNA COME BEN!! FUCKING COME KIRST!! COME ON HIS FINGERS!!! OH GOD BEN I FUCKING WANT YOU SO BAD!!! FUCK I’M WET!!! I’M COMING BEN!! OH FUCK!!! OH SHIT BABY!! O GOD!!’ Mari screamed as she came hard. She was pressed up against me and I could feel her orgasm trembling through her body as she came.

Kirsten was still shaking from her orgasm when Mari leaned over and kissed me, while her hand reached around and down to my hard cock.

‘Mmmmm, glad someone is turned on by all of that.’ She whispered. I could feel her wet pussy juices on my cock as she stroked me, which made it even more pleasurable. Mari liked to squirt when she got really turned on, so her hand was soaked in her pussy juices.

‘Holy fuck, that feels so fucking good babe!!’ I said to Mari as she stroked my cock. Her hand felt amazing as her wet juices lubed up my hard cock as she teased me with her hands.

‘Mmmmmm yea babe I love your hard cock. Fuck I want it inside me!!’ Mari whispered as she nibbled softly on my ear. She was moaning softly as she stroked me, grinding her wet pussy against my leg and rubbing her breasts against me. Her nipples were so hard and I could clearly feel each nipple as it pressed against me.

I suddenly felt Kirsten’s hand feel up the inside of my thigh, and rub my balls and reach up to my wet cock. She felt Mari’s hand on my cock.

‘Is he nice and hard Mari?’ she asked.

‘Fuck Kirsten this is such a hard cock, I desperately want to fuck him!’ Mari replied.

‘Ben, get your cock in me now baby!! I fucking need you!! I want it so bad!! I wanna be fucked!!’ Kirsten Etlik Escort Bayan moaned.

‘Do it Ben. Fuck her hard and deep!! I’ll get your cock in me later babe. If you don’t fuck her now I’m gonna eat her pussy!!’ Mari whispered to me, ‘Here, get these off.’ As she pulled my boxers off.

I slid closer to Kirsten and she lifted her leg slightly to allow access to her wet pussy. Her hand grabbed my cock and guided me towards her pussy. She was so hot and wet as my cock rubbed up her soft pussy lips and against her clit.

‘Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!’ Kirsten moaned as she felt my hard cock rubbing her pussy. She wrapped her hand around my cock and guided me inside her tight pussy. ‘Get your cock in me now Ben!!’ She was so wet that I slid in with no resistance. She moaned loudly as I slid deep into her, and her hot wet pussy enveloped my cock.

I reached under Kirsten, as I thrust into her from behind, and felt her breast and rubbed her nipple. ‘Holy shit Ben, keep doing that!!! That feels so fucking amazing!!! God your cock feels so good inside me baby!!’

I could hear Mari moaning behind me as she fingered herself again. ‘Fuck her hard Ben!! Fuck her deep!!! Make her come on your hard cock!!! Oh god baby I’m so wet!! I wanna come again Ben!!’

I reached behind me with my free hand and Mari grabbed my hand and pulled it to her pussy. I felt the heat from her pussy as she placed my hand against her. I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and fingered her as she rubbed her clit and nipples with her free hands.

‘Ben you feel amazing inside me baby!! Your cock is so fucking hot and hard Ben!! Oh my god baby!! Oh shit yeah!!! Fuck me Ben!! Fuck me!!! Oh god!!! Fuck me harder!!! Fuck my pussy hard!!! Oh my fucking god, baby!!!’ Kirsten was moaning loudly as I fucked her.

‘Yea Ben!! Oh god you’ve got magic fingers baby!!! You’re gonna make me come again!!’ Mari moaned, ‘This is turning me on so fucking much!! It’s so fucking sexy with everything happening!!!’

I could feel that Kirsten was getting close to coming again, as she was pressing herself harder back against me, and moaning loudly, as I slid my cock deeper into her. ‘God Kirst your pussy is so wet and tight babe!!’ I said to her. I could tell that she was getting closer as she was just moaning (well almost screaming) rather than saying words.

‘Holy fuck Ben I’m gonna come on your fingers babe!! Fuck!! Oh fuck!!! Shit yea!! Fuck me with your fingers Ben!! Oh my god I’m getting fucking close Ben!!’ Mari was screaming in my ear as her hot juices were running down my fingers and onto my hand. She was writhing on the bed frantically rubbing her clit as I fingered her.

‘Oh Ben!! Holy shit!!!’ Kirsten suddenly screamed, ‘I’m gonna come Ben!!! God your cock feels amazing inside me!! Fuck!!! Oh yea babe!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me!!! Oh my fucking god!!!’ Kirsten was screaming as I thrust harder into her. I was so turned on but I knew that I could hold back even when she came.

‘Shit yea Ben!!!’ Mari moaned, ‘Fucking make her come!! Oh my fucking god I’m so horny right now!! Fuck I’m gonna come!! I’m getting so close Ben!!! Fucking come on his cock Kirst!!!’

‘Oh fuck yea I’m fucking just about to Mari!!! I’m gonna come so fucking hard on his cock!!!’ Kirsten’s pussy was getting tight and I could feel that she was almost going to come. She was rubbing her clit as I fucked her from behind. ‘Mari come on Ben’s fingers babe!! I want to hear you scream in pleasure!!’

‘Oh fuck Kirst!! Oh my fucking god Ben!!! Fuck this is so sexy!! Soak his cock with your pussy babe!!! Holy shit I’m almost there Ben!! Don’t stop!! Please don’t fucking stop!!!’ Mari was shaking as she rapidly reached her peak.

My cock was as hard as a rock as I thrust harder and deeper into Kirsten. I could feel her pussy start to contract tightly on my cock as she started to come. ‘Oh shit Ben I’m coming!!! Holy fuck!!! I’m fucking coming Ben!!! Oh fuck!! Shit yea!! Oh my god!! Fuck!! FUCK!!’ Kirsten was screaming. I thrust as deep into her as I could and she came hard all over my cock. I could feel her juices soaking into me as they ran down my cock. ‘OOOOOHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!! FUCK!!! OHHH GOD!!! OOOHHH BEN!! Holy shit Ben!! Oh my fucking god, babe!!’ Kirsten was still moaning as I left my hard cock inside her and turned my head to see Mari about to tip over the edge.

‘Oh fuck Ben!! Fuck!! I’m gonna come babe!!! God Kirst, you sexy bitch!!! Hearing you come on Ben’s cock almost made me come straight away!!!’ Mari moaned.

‘Come on his fingers Mari!! I wanna hear you come too babe!!! God, that was a fucking amazing orgasm!!!’ Kirsten said. She slowly pulled off my still rock hard cock, which I was slightly disappointed about, and turned to face me. I rolled over onto my back, which gave me a better view of Mari, and also better access to her pussy. I fingered her a few more times before I felt the contractions on my fingers signalling the start of her orgasm.

‘Holy shit Ben!!! Here it comes babe!!! Oh fuck here it comes!!! I’m gonna come!!! Oh fuck babe!!! I’m coming Ben!!! Oh fuck Ben!!! Oh yea babe!!! Oh god!!! You fucking like this Kirst?!?’ Mari screamed as she tipped over the edge into a huge orgasm. I looked down to see Kirsten rubbing her clit and moaning softly as she watched Mari come.

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Chat Friend

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This is my new posting. this story is based on a real chat that happened during this April. This is how one of my chat friends shows her boobs on net during the chat. And later enjoyed fuck with me.


I used to chat on net. Some times some gals feels free to chat on sex also. Once while chatting I found a gal chatting in yahoo. She was waiting for her b/f to be online I intercepted her and asked for her age, sex and location. She described herself as 21 f from Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Studying in final year of her graduation. Her name was Neena. She was mistaken by my chat ID which was quite similar as of her b/f who was at present abroad. And I also pretended as her b/f.

So while chatting I gathered some information about her. And came to know that she was fucked by her b/f before leaving abroad. And she was fearing of pregnancy. I suggested her to wait for another day or two before taking any step. She agreed and asked me to be on chat after four days.

So when she came to chat on next date she told that she had her periods. She was feeling a bit relieved. So going through the chat that day I asked her I want to see her heart. (I mean to say about her boobs). First she didn’t understand but later when she understand the meaning she said that I have already seen her heart and seen her fully also. I pressed her so much that she agreed to show for a while on cam. I said ok and then she slowly unbuttoned her shirt partly and pulled up her boobs a little. It goes on like this for about two chat sessions and on the third session I asked her to came wearing some sexy and see through bra next time. She agreed.

So on the next chat session I asked her whether she wore that type of bra that day and she nodded yes. I asked her to show. And she asked me to wait as there was some one in the café and she might be noticed doing this. So after about five mins she said ok and lifted her shirt up and showed her boobs with bra

She was so much in control of me that she did whatever me said. I asked her to open up the bra and show her boobs fully open before the cam. And she accepted. I clicked the Escort Ankara picture and saved it to my pc.

She even played with her boobs for me showing it on cam.

All this was going on just as a live cam show on the net. Later she was feeling so hot by chat that she started saying that she is so hot now that she wants my cock right now as her pussy was in need of a cock and it is itching in her pussy. I asked her if she want to have cock so madly she can have it of my friend and he can satisfy you, as me (her b/f) was much far away from her right now. She said what you will think about me for having sex with his friend. I said no matter its common in western countries and here all guys and gals enjoy this as a change. During chat she also showed her panty also.

I asked for her favorite position to get fucked. She replied as me on top of her as it gives deep penetration. When me asked for doggy she replied it is ok but it pains her but she would be feel her pleasure to oblige me in all positions of fuck. I asked her when I will be back in India during November this year and will take her to some hill station and fuck her for 15 days continuously. She said ok. I asked her that she would have to remain fully naked while in hotel room for all the days during stay at hill station, and there will be fuck and fuck only and no other things are to be done. She said it will be a great occasion for her. As she was dying for sex. She was seemed to be so desperate for sex that she agreed for having sex with my friend during my absence, but with taking precautionary measures for pregnancy.

So other day when we were chatting I asked her again if she is ready to get fucked by my friend she agreed and told that she had started taking pills for avoiding any unwanted pregnancy. And asked me to tell my friend on phone and contact her for the meeting place. I said ok.

And next day I called her as a friend of her b/f and asked her to meet at my place. And the time was fixed for next day.

On fixed time she came to my house. After some initial chat I made a move and caught hold her hands and pulled her to my side and put my lips on her lips. Ankara Escort She responded the kiss. Then I slowly started pressing her boobs and she started moaning with ecstasy. Slowly I pulled her top upside and started squeezing her boobs over the bra. And I put her hand on my cock over the pant. And she started caressing it over the pant while kissing and fondling was going on. Then I removed her shirt and jeans and she was only in matching see through bra and panty. She was looking like a sex a goddess showing 36-size boobs. Which were fully hard by then. Then she undressed me and I undid her bra and panty also and she was stark naked in front of me.

We both were hot by then. Her pussy was shaved. I started caressing her pussy and she started squeezing by cock madly. I then made her sit on bed and me stood on floor and my cock was right before her lips in a saluting position. I guided my cock deep into her mouth and she started sucking it like a lollypop. While I caressed and squeezed her boobs. After about five minutes of her mouth fucking. She become so hot that she was virtually begging for a fuck. And was saying please fuck me now I cant wait any more. And she wants my cock inside her pussy. And wanted to get her pussy being tore her as she got fucked for more than a month now. Juices were dripping of her pussy and making her pussy lips wet.

Then I made her lie on bed on her back on the bed and placed a pillow under her ass to lift up her swollen pussy and penetrating deep will be easy. I lifted her legs up and placed them on my shoulders and pushed my cock inside her in a single stroke and she made a high scream as my cock rammed her pussy. Then after getting adjusted to my huge cock inside her tight pussy she also responding to my strokes and started enjoying my heavy strokes. She was moaning in pleasure and was saying:-

Daal do poora meri choot ke ander mere raja. Meri choot ko phaad do jaise mera b/f pharta hai. Daal do poora ander aur meri choot ka bharta ban do, meri choot bahut din se pyasi hai. Jab se woh abroad gaya hai main to lund ke liye taras rahi hoon. Is ka paani poori tarah se nikal do. Aur ab jab tak who wapis nahin Ankara Escort Bayan aata tum mujhe choda karo. Meri chhot ki pyass bhuja diya karo. Is main aag bahut lagti hai. Main thumhare pass chudwane ke liye apne aap aa jaya karoongi. Maine kaha koi baat nahin jab dil kare tum mujhe phone kar dena main thumheh chod ke liye hazir ho jaoonga aur thumahari choot ki pyass bhuja doonga.

(Please insert fully your cock inside me and tore it fully just as my b/f do. Tear it and crush it like anything. My pussy is hungry from the day my b/f left for abroad. And I want cock madly. Make me cum fully. And till he comes back you fuck me regularly. I will come to you to get my pussy fucked. I said ok, just call me on phone. I will be ready to fuck your pussy till you feel satisfied).

I stroked her pussy so hard that she said that she is more satisfied by my cock rather than her b/f as my cock is even bigger and thicker than her b/f. I stroked her almost 15 minutes and she experienced multiple orgasms for about three times. And I finally exploded and sprayed all my cum on her shaven pussy, belly, boobs and part in her mouth also, which she swallowed fully and sucked my cock dry. And we lay exhausted on bed for about 20 minutes.

Then after some time I asked whether she want more for today and she nodded yes. Then I took her to bathroom and started fucking her in doggy position. While squeezing her boobs hardly. And while fucking her in doggy she was screaming madly to fuck more harder and harder and satisfy her fully. I asked her whether she want to be get fucked in all the three holes at a time. By three guys at a time, she agreed for this also as she was so feeling so pleasure in getting fucked. So after a long fuck in bathroom, when I was about to cum I pushed out of her pussy and put my cock on her lips so that she would drink all my cum and she obliged me by sucking me dry.

Then we had a bath together and while taking bath some mischief were going on regularly.

After that she was so much exhausted that she was not able to move properly to bedroom. And in the bedroom she rested for almost two hours (in nude Position). And before leaving to her house she planted a deep kiss for a satisfying session of her fuck and left for her house. And to get fucked in all holes next time.


Then after some days I called her to get her all the holes filled.

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