Daddy Vader (Big Van Vader) Ch. 05

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Double Penetration

Author’s Note: Please see the previous chapters of this series to get the full understanding of what is going on. This is the culmination of my fantasy with the professional wrestler known as “Big Van Vader.” Enjoy! I always welcome feedback and suggestions on where to take the story next.



The last word echoed and a loud bass reverberated throughout the arena as Vader’s entrance music hit. I stood behind Vader and waited for him and Harley Race to step through the curtain. I wore my new wrestling gear – a present from Big Daddy Vader himself. Gone were my jobber blue trunks. Now, I dawned an all red set of boots, knee pads, and speedo trunks. On top, I wore a black t-shirt with “Daddy Vader” written across the front in red lettering.

The shirt was designed to embarrass me – to signal to the crowd and viewers at home exactly where I stood in this new wrestling stable. Vader was the leader – the dominant heel. Harley was the loud charismatic manager. And I was the boy lackie – a sidekick who did all the bitch work. The first time I wore the shirt my face turned the same color as my trunks. However, with each beatdown Vader handed out to some unlucky chump on the roster, the shirt became more and more a badge of honor for me. Vader was the most dominating force in wrestling – the hottest thing going at the moment. I got to be part of that. Sure, I was not his equal. Not even close. But, I was on the winning team.

“Alright champ, it’s time to win the big one! That gold belt belongs to you! Let’s show the world who is the real sheriff in town. You the man!”

Harely finished his short motivational speech and urged Vader to make his way through the curtain, but Vader did not step forward. Instead, he turned around, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in front of him. His right hand grabbed as much of my ass as it could hold, and with his big bear paws, he damn near held the whole thing. The bold music continued to blare in the background, but I could still make out his gruff voice.

“Sting’s not the only one getting his ass pinned tonight.” He continued to grab and squeeze my ass unapologetically.

I swallowed hard and nodded meekly. It was dark backstage but the flickering strobe lights offered brief glimpses of his terrifying masked stare. The cowered look on my face produced an evil smile on his. He wholly enjoyed being the big bad bully.

“C’mon big man, we’ve got to go.” Harley tugged at Vader’s forearm, but Vader shook him off with a violent flail. A good rule of thumb is never lay an unwanted hand on the “the man they call” Vader.

“Vader Time, it is.” The stocky bull said, and he released his handful of my ass, and gave me a hard spank. “C’mon Wonderboy! Let’s go give them a metaphor for what’s going to happen to you later on tonight!” Vader threw open the curtains and immediately began growling and flexing at the unwelcoming crowd. The music was louder than their jeers, but I could still make out a few “boos”. Vader strutted menacingly down the ramp with Harley and myself keeping pace a few feet behind. As I walked behind him and checked out his entire backside I thought, ‘Damn! He was a monster of a human being!’ The official WCW champion, Sting, did not stand a chance. No man could defeat this enormous giant.

Vader stomped up the steel steps and swung his thick legs over and through the second rope. I followed Harley around the ring to the announcer’s table where we joined WCW’s announce team, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross (J.R.).

“…he’s a big man with a mean attitude. And, wait a second. What’s going on here? What are you guys doing? Who invited you over here?” Schiavone had only now realized Harley had taken liberty and grabbed the seat next to him. I sat on the end next to Harley and we both put on a couple spare headsets.

“No invite needed, Tony. We’re with the main attraction up there. We came to make sure this historic moment gets the proper treatment it deserves. Tonight marks the beginning of what will be the most dominant championship run in WCW history. We can’t let you clowns screw this up.”

“Well, I’ll ignore that last insult, but I will remind you, Vader’s not the champ, yet, and if Sting has anything to say about it, I don’t think he’ll ever be.” Schiavone retorted. They continued to trade verbal jabs until J.R. stepped in.

“If I may interrupt this cute bickering going on, I know I, and our fans watching at home, would like to know who your and Vader’s little sidekick is over there.” J.R. wagged his finger at me. “He’s been following Vader around for weeks now wearing that hideous shirt.” I was tempted to answer but knew Harley would want to do all the talking for us.

“J.R., my friend…”

“That’s a strong word…” J.R. cut in, but Harley kept talking.

“…this is Wonderboy. He’s a gifted young man who has pledged his allegiance to Big Van Vader!”

“Well, that is certainly one way to put it. I, on the other hand and like most proud Americans, gaziantep suriyeli escort pledge allegiance by placing my hand over my heart, not by kissing another man’s you know what.” J.R. tried to induce shame in me. His voice sounded outraged. “Nor, could I call myself a man if I wore a shirt that referred to another man as “Daddy.”

“J.R. if you knew what was good for you, you’d watch what you say! Vader and I are tired of the hogwash that comes out of your mouth every week. You may find yourself eating those words very soon.” Harley put extra emphasis on those last few words.

“Oh, bull! I’m a proud son of Oklahoma. Never, will you ever, find me humiliating myself in such a heinous manner.” Harley did not respond, but I saw him smile sinisterly. I could see the wheels turning inside his head. J.R. continued. “You know, while we’re on it, you and your client up there ought to be ashamed of yourself. You damn near got us kicked off the air after the stunt you pulled with this…this…Wonderboy, as you call him. This is family television for Pete’s sake. There are kids watching!” J.R. was referring, of course, to several weeks ago when after a match with Vader, I had been forced (and somewhat did so willingly) kissed Vader’s ass after the match in the middle of the ring. Harley opened his mouth to respond but Sting’s music started to play and the crowd erupted.

“AND HERE HE IS, FOLKS! The crowd is on their feet! The WCW World Heavyweight Champion – Sting!!” Schiavone did not spare any effort in giving the fan favorite a proper introduction. He ran down a long list of accolades and titles Sting had held throughout his career and how he now carried the hopes and dreams of fans all over the world, praying that he would put an end to Vader’s reign of terror.

As Sting made his way to the ring I watched Vader. He became increasingly agitated and continued to sike himself up. He swung his bulky arms in circles to warm them up for the beating they were about to deliver. He bounced back and forth from rope to rope making them extend and stretch to their absolute limit. They strained back so far I thought they might break. There was no doubt about it. The mastodon was ready!

My cock twitched inside my trunks. I was thankful to be sitting and tucked in under a table. Regardless of the shame J.R. tried to make me feel, I loved being under Vader’s wing. His strength, power, and domineering attitude were absolutely exhilarating for me. I was still getting used to the little ways he liked to publicly humiliate me, but I was learning to enjoy them more and more. And really, I questioned whether they were really humiliations. In reality, they were all appropriate ways to show Vader the respect he deserved. I wanted to be beneath Vader, to be on my knees for him. I looked down at the words on my shirt again. Who cares what J.R. thought? I sat up straighter and puffed out my chest a little. I was proud to have that name written across my chest.

Sting high fived throngs of screaming fans in the front row and made his way around the ring to where we were sitting at the announce table. He pointed his finger directly in Harley’s face. “Stay out of my way tonight, old man! I’m more than willing to take out two bullies tonight!” Harley swung his hand at Sting’s finger but was too slow. Sting slickly pulled his hand away and Harley caught only air. Finally, the music died down and Sting stepped into the ring. The referee took the belt and held it high in the air.

“And here we go, ladies and gentlemen! The much anticipated showdown between the challenger, Big Van Vader, and the WCW World Champion, Sting.” The bell rang and Schiavone began play by play duties.

Immediately, Sting flew at Vader and delivered a flurry of punches to Vader’s head. Vader staggered and looked to be taken off guard for a second.

“And here comes Sting! Right from the start unloading punch after punch on the big man! The champ has come to fight tonight!” Schiavone shouted into his headset.

Sting backed away and propelled himself off the far ropes, but before he could set up his planned attack, Vader had bull rushed him and crashed into him with a thunderous shoulder block. Sting’s body hit the mat so hard he bounced in the air and ended up on his stomach. I knew exactly how that felt!

Harley let out a loud bit of laughter. “What a fool, Tony! Sting was landing some lucky shots, and he totally gave away his advantage. You can’t let a man of Vader’s size and strength gain any momentum. Sting’s not a champ. He’s a chump!”

“That’s a little harsh I’d say.” J.R. came to Sting’s defense. “Sting is certainly no chump, although I can’t disagree with that being an ill advised move.”

Sting lay on the canvas, and Vader took his turn to use the ropes. He bounced off them, jumped in the air and landed on Sting with his plus 400+ lbs frame.

“You see! That is when you use the ropes – when your opponent is down. Not only is Vader the biggest and strongest in all of wrestling, he’s also the smartest. Ain’t that right, Wonderboy?” Harley nudged me in the ribs with his elbow.

“Yes Sir.” I croaked.

J.R. scoffed. “Would you look at that? Wonderboy speaks!”

“He only speaks when spoken to, J.R.” Mr. Race fired back.

“Well, you two certainly have him well trained.”

“J.R that is the first time you have been right all night.” Harley then looked at me and smiled in a mocking way. I peered down the table and saw J.R. staring back at me with a very suspicious look on his face. He had definitely caught whiff of an innuendo in Harley’s comment. I blushed and averted my gaze.

“Let’s get back to the match, shall we?” Schiavone called our attention back to the ring.

Sting writhed on the ground after being hit with a merciless clothesline. Vader stepped over and straddled Sting putting his feet just beneath each armpit. The crowd had gone silent and Vader stuck out his arms and taunted them as he stood over their hero. “WHO’S DA MAN?” He shouted. A wave of ‘boos’ toppled down from the crowd. This only served to humor Vader. He feasted on their displeasure as if it were encouragement to deliver more punishment.

He bent over and grabbed Sting by the throat with both hands. Then, in one foul swoop, he lifted Sting off the mat and hoisted him above his head. Sting desperately grabbed hold of Vader’s wrists trying to release the choke hold. I had a perfect angle from where I was sitting.

Sting’s legs kicked wildly at the empty air as he struggled for breath. Sting was a big muscular man himself, but being held in the air like a rag doll, he looked so tiny next to Vader. Again, my cock twitched.

“…three, four, five! That’s it! Let him go! Let him go!” The referee demanded, finally threatening disqualification before Vader flung Sting down to the mat. Vader took his time sauntering over to where the wheezing champion now lay.

Next, came a series of punishing moves. Vader lifted Sting up, delivered a few big right hands, and then threw Sting across the ring with a german suplex. He scooped Sting up in a fireman’s carry and dropped straight on his back landing on top of the icon. After a two-count near fall, Vader flung Sting against the ropes and connected with a “Vader Attack” – plowing into him with his rock hard lineman stomach and clubbing his ears with both fists in a clamping motion. After another taunt, he hitched up his tights before picking the Stinger up and gorilla pressing him high in the air above his head. He held him there and walked around the whole ring posing for each section of the crowd. Finally, he dumped the poor wrestler onto the flat of his back. Man, I loved watching Daddy Vader deliver a beating.

“It is not looking good for the champ, folks. Vader continues to pummel the champion, Sting.” Schiavone’s voice sounded depressed. “Oh, no! What’s he going to do now?!? Vader stands over Sting, and oh, Lord! No!” The crowd cringed. I could hear it through my headset.

“That could have crushed his sternum!!” J.R. screamed.

“This might be it, folks! One, two, thr…and no! A kick out!” Schiavone took a deep breath. “How does he do it? How can Sting kick out after Big Van Vader just dropped all 420 pounds on Sting’s chest – sitting on him with that big backside of his!”

“You ought to ask Wonderboy over there how big it is. I’m sure he could tell you.” J.R. was not missing any opportunities to stick it to me with his color commentary. Harley did not defend me either. The grin on his face told me J.R.’s joke had unintentionally brought him a bit of joy.

Sting tried to make his way up to a standing position but each time he reached all fours Vader kicked him hard in the stomach causing him to roll over again. Eventually, Sting found his way to the corner closest to the announce table and sat with his back against the bottom turnbuckle.

Vader followed Sting and stuck his size 14 boot underneath his chin. He used the ropes for leverage and pushed on Sting’s throat. The current champion arched his back as he struggled to dislodge the giant’s foot off his neck. His painful grimace was much more visible now with his face paint being washed away by sweat and, of course, Vader’s punches.

As the referee gave another five count I noticed how the light reflected off Vader’s polished boots accenting their red and black color. I smiled on the inside proud of the shine job I had done for Daddy Vader.

“…four, five! Let go! Vader, let go! This is your last warning!” Vader released the hold. But, instead of lifting Sting up and transitioning to another move, Vader stepped all the way into the corner pressing his big belly into the turnbuckle. He stood there and again taunted the crowd.

“WHO’S DA’ MAN?” I laughed, but not at the crowd’s displeasure, but at the fact that with the way Vader was standing, Sting’s head was nearly level with Vader’s crotch. I was sure the dazed icon was getting a good view at Vader’s goods and probably a strong whiff of “da’ man” as well.

Unfortunately, it was this overconfidence that turned the match for the first time. Sting had been given a chance to recover from this unrelenting torture. First, Vader lifted Sting up to his feet and flung him into the diagonal corner. Sting smacked hard against the turnbuckles but as Vader charged across the ring and jumped in the air to deliver a humongous Vader splash, Sting moved out of the way. Vader hit the empty corner and stumbled backward. Sting moved underneath Vader, tripped him with a tabletop maneuver, and rolled him up for a quick pin attempt.

“One! Two! Thr….and no! A kick-out!” Schiavone shrilled, his despairing tone now gone.

“I thought he had it right there! Boy, could you imagine J.R.? That would’ve been a comeback for the ages.”

“Oh, nonsense, Tony!” Harley butted in. “You’re going to need a lot more than a rollup to beat Vader.”

“Well, a lot more could be coming, now! Look at Sting go! A right hand, now a left! The champ has caught a second wind!” Schiavone became more and more animated as Sting mounted his comeback.

Sting once again launched into the ropes. Vader swung a huge clothesline, but Sting ducked and bounced off the opposite side. Vader was still turning around when he was hit with a fully flared out Sting. The big body splash took the big man off his feet. Both men quickly scrambled up, but Sting was quicker. As soon as Vader stood up he was hit with a dropkick that knocked him over the top rope and onto the floor.

“Would you listen to this crowd! They have come back to life! You can hear chants of Sting ringing throughout the arena, now!” Schiavone wasn’t lying. The crowd feverishly called out their hero’s name trying to will him to victory. I grew slightly nervous. I looked at Harley to see if he would signal me to go and distract the surging wrestler in some way. I received no such signal. However, I was ready to step in at any moment.

Sting quickly hopped out of the ring not wanting his momentum to waiver in any degree. Vader stumbled away and tried to regain his composure and his breath. Sting grabbed Vader from behind and taking hold of his tights and the back of his head, he flung Vader into the nearby ring post directly in front of the announce table. Vader staggered backwards but remained on his feet until he fell against the metal guard rail. His arms draped over the top of the rail holding his body up. His feet remained flat on the floor. Sting sprinted at the off-balance big man and leaped up to deliver a Stinger Splash, but at the last second Vader moved nimbly to the side and Sting collided with the unforgiving metal.

Harley celebrated gleefully. “Look at that! Once again, Sting proves he has no brains. You’ve got to beat down the champ more than that before you try such a risky move!”

“May I remind you that Sting is the champ. Vader is not.”

“Oh, shut up, J.R.! Everyone knows Vader is the real champ! He’s the most devastating and feared man in the world, and he is proving that tonight. Your precious champion,” Harley added air quotes to the word ‘champion’, “isn’t worthy enough to hold Vader’s jockstrap, let alone the title belt.”

Memories of pulling down Vader’s jockstrap while on my knees flashed across my mind. I spoke without thinking. “Vader is THE alpha Daddy of the WCW.” There were a few seconds of silence and all the heads at the table turned toward me.

“My word! Would you listen to this crap?” J.R. started to lose his cool.

“Hey J.R., watch you language. May I remind you that this is family television.” Harley quickly retorted. “There are kids watching!”. J.R. stared daggers at Harley and then at me.

Vader once again had the advantage and now inflicted punishment from the outside. After a couple driving thighs to the stomach, he grabbed Sting by the back of the hair and brought him over to the announce table. He grabbed the smaller man’s head with both hands and slammed it against the table top. Sting would have fallen to the ground if Vader had not held on to him. Again and again, Vader rammed Sting’s head against the table finally letting go after the fourth time. Sting sank to his knees. His body slumped against the front of the table.

“C’mon now, stop it! That is uncalled for!” Both J.R. and Schiavone pleaded with Vader to stop the abuse.

But Vader wasn’t listening. Why would he? He grabbed the back of Sting’s tights and pulled him backwards. He spun the dazed wrestler around and bent Sting over at the waist by pushing his head down. He thrust his head forcefully in between his tree trunk thighs. J.R., Schiavone, and Harley stood up and backed away from the table. I scooted back as well but stayed in my chair. We all knew the carnage that was coming.

Schiavone and J.R. implored Vader not to go through with this. But, without any hesitation, Vader locked his grip around Sting’s waist and lifted him high in the air and delivered an absolutely devastating power bomb. There was a loud crash, and the table exploded in front of us. Sting laid on top of the rubble. His face paint had now completely disappeared, and so too the mystique that came with it. He no longer looked like a world champion. He looked like a beaten man – an average Joe. Vader lifted his arms in the air and laughed villainously at the silent crowd.

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My college bitch

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I was a freshman in college, new to campus, not quite sure what to expect. I got a dog for myself because the landlord of my apartment allowed a dogs in the building. I was 19, and wanted to be a photographer.

I brought my dog back from the shelter (I adopted her because I couldn’t afford a mutt on my megre salary), and she immediately loved my apartment. She was a golden retriever mix. When I got her, she was 2 1/2 years old. I didn’t have her spayed because I wanted her to have puppies down the road, someday when I was out of school.

One night before exams, I was studying economics, which was one of my hardest subjects. Ginger, not wanting to be left out of the fun I was having, came up and snuggled up to my feet. It was about one in the morning,and there was noting to be heard but the TV on low volume. Being bored as hell, I took a break from studying and went to watch some of the news. I walked over to my bed, and Ginger hopped up next to me. I went on gaziantep swinger watching the television for a few minutes, when I noticed Ginger wanted a belly rub. I started scratching her stomach and she rolled all the way over. That’s when I noticed she was in heat. Her cunt was bigger than a grape! I was unusually excited at this, and I stared for a full minute or two at the wet slit. Being bored oout of my mind from studying all day, I decided to have a little fun.

I undressed quickly and ran around the apartment making sure the doors were locked and blinds closed. When I got back, Ginger was still there on my bed, upside-down. I pulled off my boxers and my dick sprang to attention. I walked over to her mouth and showed her my dick. She licked the precum off the tip and madE a low grunting noise. Not wanting to miss this, I got off the bed and positioned her so her hind legs were at the edge of the bed. She just stayed there, so I went in and touched her wet slit. I rubbed my finger up and down the opening, then gently put one inside. I could feel her clitorice and I carefully twirled it around. She responded with a loud whining noise and opened her legs wider. I came back with two fingers in her cunt, I put them in upto my knuckles and brought them back out. I repeated this several times, until my fingers were envelloped iside her fuck hole.

I pulled them out after fingering her for a few minutes, and presented them to her. She greedily licked all her juices off my fingertips and sat back, wanting more. Not wanting to deprive her or anything, I went in with my tounge. I slid my tounge up and down her slit, then rolled it and shuck it in. I tounge-fucked her until I couldn’t take any more. I pulled my tounge out and grabbed my dick.

Placing my dick at the entrance to her slit, I eased the head in ever so gently. She whined loudly in pleasure and moved her legs back. I grabbed trhem and slowly entered her all the way. I couldn’t believe it, I was in a dog. I picked up the pace and steadily fucked her hot cunt until she came, her hot jouces dripped down my balls. When I was at the verge of orgasm, I pulled out and continued to lick her firey hole.

When I recovered, I stuck it in her for a few strokes to get it slick, and switched to her anal canal. She squealed, but I kept going in. I coould feel her rectum contorting around my shaft. I fucked her ass until I came hard. My little soldiers dripped out of her ass. Spent, she hopped off my bed and cleaned herself up. About an hour later, I went at it again, on the floor. She was ready to go, so I went straight in to her cunt, and there we were again. She pushed back against me, trying to get more in her. Remembering what dog’s dicks do when they come, I shoved as hard as I could and came in her, holding it there for several minutes.

Ginger and I continued ths throuought college, and we got a few companioons on the way…but that’s another story…

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My Horny Cousin

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It all started when I was 16 years old. My cousin Chad was 22 years old. He was a lot older than me, but
still liked to come over to see me. He teased me all the time. He liked to talk about everything to me and
played games with me. He was there a lot, ever since he was younger. He was there a lot when he was just
a kid himself.

Chad was a little bit on the heavier side. I have to admit though, he isn’t bad looking. He has a lot of
muscles, not just fat. I guess that is why he is built a little bit bigger too. He wasn’t that popular when he
was in high school, so maybe that is why he was over at the house a lot. He seemed to only have a few
friends now that he was out of school. I am not sure why he has no friends, but maybe he is a loner. He
teased people a lot too, maybe that could be why also. I can’t point the reason out, but all I can remember
is that he has always been at my house a lot. He was there even before I turned 16. I felt bad for him. He
loved hanging out with my family. He was there at least twice a week.

My mom and my cousin Chad loved going to the bars to drink together. Chad also loved playing darts
while he was at the bar. He was pretty good at it too. They went out at least twice a week, sometimes
three times. The days that Chad wasn’t with my mom, he was with my dad fishing. When my dad and Chad
wasn’t fishing, they were just sitting around talking about stupid bullshit.

One night when my parents were both away, Chad came over. We were just sitting there talking when Chad
decided he wanted me to touch and kiss his cock. I decided, why not. I did what he asked, then he wanted
more from my body. I told him he had to wait until I was 18. I explained for medical reasons, that I
couldn’t have sex until I was of age. He understood and left the subject alone. Since he knew I couldn’t do
anything until I was 18, he went out an extra night with my mom.

Chad finally found a girlfriend while he was out drinking one night. They ended up dating for the next two
years. He got her pregnant, but he wasn’t ready to be a dad yet. He didn’t see his daughter much. I am not
really sure what broke Chad and Stephanie up, but they did. Maybe it was because he didn’t see his
daughter much, but either way Chad didn’t discuss that part with me.

Chad came back a week after I turned 18. He seemed so excited. He had on a blue t-shirt and blue jeans.
He was even shaved for me. I had on a pink t-shirt and blue jeans. Chad could see my nipples sticking out
through my thin t-shirt. He was licking his lips just waiting for me. We started out kinda fast, to fast in my
opinion. He wanted me to touch and kiss his cock first. I did, and his cock started getting a little bit hard. I
kept kissing all over it, when I heard foot steps coming up the stairs. I took my lips off his cock and he put
his pants back up. I moved away from.

“Hey Chad, I knew I could find you in here.” mom poked her head in. She opened the door wider, and I
could see her all dressed up.

“Let’s go to the bar.” mom said with a smile.

“Well, I was gonna stay here with Angela for awhile.” Chad said and looked over at me, then back at mom.

“But I really want some one to go out with me. All my other friends are busy.” mom made a sad face at

“Alright.” Chad replied. Chad turned to look at me.

“Is that alright with you, if I stop over another night to hang out?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I replied. We tried the next night, but we ended up getting caught again. This time
though we were at least dressed. I was just sitting on top of him and he was making my ass go in and out.
I could feel his dick getting harder as my ass was moving in and out from his cock. We heard foot steps
coming, so I moved away. I gaziantep swinger knew we had just got stopped again and almost caught again.

“Can we go hang out again tonight, or did I wear you out?” Mom peeked her head in.

“No, I’m fine. I’ll be right down.” Chad replied.

“I’d better go, so it doesn’t look suspicious. We can try this on a weekend when your parents are both
gone. I hope it will be soon. Your mom doesn’t always need me there so, I will let you know when that
will be.” Chad said while standing up.

“Okay sounds good.” I replied. Chad left the room. I was kind of relieved. It does sound kinky to be with
my cousin, maybe because he is family. It would be so wrong, to have sex with another family member.
But what happens if we really go through with it? What would happen next? Would we still like each other,
or hate each other? Would we get caught? Would we be sent away? Would everyone hate us if they knew?
All these thoughts were going on inside my head. I finally fell asleep two hours later.
The next weekend my mom was out with her best friend Chris. Dad was out fishing by the lake. Chad came
over, since he didn’t need to be with mom tonight. It was finally just Chad and me.

“Are you finally ready for this?” Chad asked me softly. We were sitting on my bed.

“I think so.” I said with a shaky voice. I was very nervous.

“I’ve waited a long time for this. I really like you and you turn me on by just looking at you. You’re the
only family member that makes me feel this way.” Chad said looking intently into my eyes.
“I know, let’s go ahead. I’m ready.” I said with a nod.

“Okay, great.” Chad said very excited. He starting touching my arm and moving his hand up my arm. It
felt great. He took my shirt off. He rubbed the outside of my cute purple bra.

“Cute bra.” Chad said while taking off my bra and then he rubbed my 34 B cupped tits. My nipplies started
getting hard as he touched them lightly. He kissed my tits next. I moaned softly.

“Thanks, but can we kiss on the lips to help me get into the mood a bit more?” I asked.

“Sure.” Chad said while leaning in to kiss me. He kissed great. It helped me to get into the mood. I
rubbed my hands all over his muscle hard body and took off his shirt. He didn’t have much hair on his
chest which was a complete turn on. I moved my hands all over his chest and then moved down. I took
his jeans and boxers off next.

“This is what you have been waiting for my dear cousin Chad.” I said looking up at Chad with a sexy
naughty smile. I moved my head down towards his 7 inch cock. I kissed it first and then moved my small
lips over the tip of his cock. I moved my mouth up and down. I started out slow and then moved faster
and faster as Chad moaned more and more.

“OOOHHH YYEEEAHHHHH, That’s it. Just like that. That feels so goooddddd!!” Chad yelled out in a loud
moan. I moved as fast as I could and grabbed his balls with my other hand.

“AAAAAAAHHHH YYYYYYEEEEEESSSS!!!! FFFUUUUCCCCCKKK!!!!! I’MMMM CUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNGG!!!”Chad yelled out loudly. I felt his cum in my mouth so I swallowed it. I put my shirt back on.

“Tomorrow night, I will try to come back over. I want to be able to make you feel good next. That was so
good little cousin. Thank you.” Chad said smiling, while cleaning up and getting dressed.

“Your welcome, Call me and let me know.” I said while opening the door to go out. Chad left an hour

The next day mom went out again. Dad was out fishing by the lake. This was like this almost every
weekend, so I am usedh to being alone. I am an adult now, so it isn’t so bad anymore. Chad came back
over again. I won’t be alone for awhile now. We started kissing first. He took my tube top off and
rubbed my tits. They got hard quick. He rubbed over the top of my little white undies. It it felt good.
“OOOHHH That feels kinky, Keep going. Then I can get you hard next.” I said with a moan. My under wear
went off next. Chad could see my clean shaven pussy. I was starting to get wet. He rubbed my clit for
little while. Then he inserted a finger into my some what wet pussy. He had one finger on my clit while
the other one was in my wet hole.

“OOOHHH YEEEEAAAAHHHH, Just like that.” I moaned. Chad took his jeans and boxers off next. I could
see that he was already hard, so I told him I was ready. He inserted his hard cock into my wet pussy. He
moved in and out slowly at first.

“AAAHHH YYYYYEEEEESSSS. I am so glad I waited until I was 18 for this.” I moaned loudly.

“OOOHHH YEEEEAAAHHH. Fuck yeah that feels good. I’m glad too.” Chad moaned loudly.

“Faster cousin Chad.” I yelled. I moved my hips with the rythm. He moved faster and faster. His dick was
in all the way now and going harder inside.

“I’m cumming Chad.” I exclaimed.

“AAAHHHH, I’m cumming Angela.” Chad yelled out. We laid there for a minute. We were both breathing
heavy. We looked at each other and smiled.

“That was great, Thanks Angela.” Chad said while getting up. He cleaned himself up and got dressed.

“Your welcome. It was great.” I replied.

Chad left, since Dad was coming into the drive way. Chad came back over, when ever Mom and dad were
gone. He loving fucking my wet pussy. On the days Chad wasn’t there though, I went out to look for a
boyfriend. I was still depressed about the love of my life, David breaking up with me. I guess it helped to
be with Chad for a bit, it made me horny. It made me forget about things for awhile.

One day while I was at college, I met a guy. His name was Jeremy. I saw him a couple times a day. We
both needed tutors to help us study our subjects. We both struggled through college. I thougth college
was hard, just like he did. He was a smart guy and really cute. He was skinny and a few inches taller than
me. He loved wearing his red hat. After a couple weeks, I had the guts to ask him out. He said yes. I
never really took him on any dates, but I went to his dorm room a lot. I stayed there a couple times a
week. I had my mom’s cell phone, since I was gone a lot this week. Mom must have told Chad that and
gave him the number.

“Hey, What are you doing tonight?” Chad asked me on the cell phone.

“I am at Jeremy’s, which is my new boyfriend.” I explained.

“Ah, cool. When will you be home again?” Chad asked.

“Not until Sunday, unless it changes.” I replied.

“Well, if it changes let me know.” Chad said sounding upset.

“Okay, will do. Bye.” I replied and hung up.

“Okay, bye.” Chad said.

He sounded upset, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted more than he could give me. I hadn’t seen him in two
months. I was so busy at college, that I didn’t really miss him. I also got a boyfriend now, and don’t want
to cheat on him. I’d better stay away from my horny cousin Chad.

Jeremy was busy the next night, so I went home. Chad was there to see if I was home. I couldn’t get away
quick enough before he saw me. Dad had already left to go fishing, so it was just me and Chad there. I
turned and walked towards the door to go upstairs, when I felt his strong hand on my arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Chad asked.

“Up to my room.” I replied, trying to move again.

“I don’t think so. You’re staying here with me.” Chad said and pulled me close to his body. He started
kissing me. I pulled away.

“We can’t do this anymore.” I said.

“Why not, we’re family. We can love each other.” Chad said and moved his lips to mine again. I pushed his
mouth away again.

“I have a boyfriend now, Chad. So please Quit.” I said with a bit of seriousness in my voice.

“You’re not married, so I still can. You know you like it.” Chad said while moving his hands down my bak.

He started moving his hands down my bare leg and back up again. I do admit that it was starting to feel
kinky. I still didn’t want to cheat on Jeremy, so I pushed him away.

“Chad, Stop Now!!” I yelled. I was now furious. He was not listening to me. He was stronger than me
and kept moving his hands over my tits and butt. He lifted my dress and rubbed my clit through my small
undies. I found myself moaning more and more as he moved my undies to the side and rubbed my clit. I
couldn’t take it anymore. I let myself go and started rubbing my hands all over Chad and kiss his sexy lips.
he moved me onto the couch. He removed my dress and small pink undies. I took his clothes off as well.

“Fuck your horny cousin.” I yelled. I grabbed his hard cock.

“AAAHH Fuck yeeaahh.” Chad moaned. He inserted his cock into my wet pussy.

“AAAAAHHH FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK YYYYEEESSSS!!! That feels goooodd!!!” I yelled out.


“I’m Cummming cousin Chad.” I yelled out.

“I’m cumming cousin Angela.” Chad yelled out.

Chad left after an hour. I decided to dump Jeremy, since I felt like I cheated on him. Chad and I seen each
other for awhile after that. I had a couple more boyfriends, but none of them felt right to me. One night
Chad was over and we had started to fuck for a couple minutes. He decided to flipped me over onto my

“I want to try anal with you, is that okay?”Chad asked. He checked my ass to see if it was wet. It was very
wet and ready.

“Sure, just go slow. I will be using my vibrator while you’re in my ass.” I said. He inserted his hard cock
into my wet asshole.

“Just like that for a bit.” I said looking back at him. I was on all fours, while he was slowly moving in and
out. It was getting looser inside and feeling better, so I told him to go faster.

“Faster Chad.” I yelled out.


“FUUUUCCCKK that feels awsome. AAHHH YYYEEESSSS.” Chad moaned. My vibrator moaned and moved
onto my clit. If felt so good. I grabbed around the vibrator and onto Chad’s balls.

“AAAHHH FFFUUUCCKK YYYEEEAAHH, Angela. I’m Cumming.” Chad yelled out.

“AAAHHHH YYYEEEAAAHHH!!” I yelled out. I liked it in the ass more, so I decided to have Chad do it in
the ass more. He liked it. Chad left a couple hours later on that night.

A year went by and it felt good being with Chad, until I saw a guy I used to know. I saw him at Hardee’s,
one day when I went out to eat with my friend Kari. His name was Tim. Tim is a nice guy. He has black
curly hair and a black goatee. He is only an inch taller than me. He and I like the same music and movies.
We have the same goals. We decided to get married. I called Chad to tell him the news.

“Chad, I’m engaged. I just wanted you to know, so we won’t be together anymore. I’m sorry. I will help you
find a new girlfriend though.” I explained.

“Alright. It will be a bummer, but if I can find someone that I like more, then I can deal with it better.”
Chad said.

“Alright, I will call you when I find you someone.” I said and hung up.

A few months later Tim and I got married. I didn’t hear from Chad after that. A couple months later, I
called Chad to tell him that I found him someone. He met with her and they started dating right away. He
really likes her and now they are engaged. Everything is back to normal and everyone is happy.

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Mom and i were raped

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I believe a little back ground is in order before I tell my story. My Dad works at the Livermore Lab. He is doing some kind of work for the Japanese Government and spends a lot of time in Japan. Mom whose name is Fern works at the school I attend and is an administration assistant. She is tall for a women 5’11” and weighs 155lbs. She has very long legs and her breasts are medium size I would guess. I know when we went shopping one time I over heard the sales clerk say she was a 36-24-37. My name is Dawn and at the time this story starts I was 5’8” and weighed 140lbs and my measurements were 36-23-36. I play soccer and basketball for our high school and I was a sophomore. We live in a rather secluded area of Pleasanton. Our house is way up in the hills and our front gate is ¼ mile from the house. Our nearest neighbor is a half mile. You need a code or an OK from the house to get in. The house is four bedrooms and three bathrooms with a big family room off the kitchen and Dad’s den plus a 3 car garage.

It was one week before my sixteenth birthday. Mom and I had been out shopping for things to decorate the house. I was real excited because my Dad promised he would be home in time for it and I’m pretty sure he is going to give me a car. I have been taking driver’s Ed. And Mom has been letting me drive the car to the store and shopping center close by.

It was a little after six when we got back and I had pulled Mom’s Mercedes into the garage. We were giggling and carrying and weren’t paying attention. We got out of the car and Mom put in the code to get in the house. I had opened the trunk to get the packages out. Normally Mom shuts the garage doors as soon as she pulls into the garage. This time I was driving and didn’t think to do it. Just as Mom opened the door two guys’s appeared out of no where with hoods over their faces. One guy, the biggest one grabbed Mom and put a switch blade to her throat and said don’t make a sound. The smaller one grabbed me by my hair and said I’ll cut you if you scream. I was so scared I was shaking like a leaf. As Mom opened the door our dog Raven a black German Shepard leaped up on Mom wagging his tail not knowing what was going on. The big guy told mother to grab the dog. She did and he said as soon as we get inside close the garage door and put him out in the garage which she did. I could now see that the big guy who was about 6’3” was a black man and the smaller one was about 5’7” who was either Latin or Asian. I could see they were wearing surgical gloves. The Black man asked “who else is in the house?” Mom said no one, but my husband will be home soon which we both knew was not true.

They had each of us by the hair and began to go from room to room. When we got up stairs and went into Mom & Dad’s bedroom the black man said this will do just fine. Mom & Dad had this big king size four poster bed. He threw Mom down on the bed and said shut up and don’t move. He took off the back pack he was wearing and took several strands of rope and tied Moms hands to each of the two post at the head of the bed. He then tore moms blouse off and ripped her bra off. She tried to kick him so he took out the switch blade and said if you move I’ll cut you from crotch to your tits. He took two more ropes and tied one end of the rope around her ankles and the other end to the top of one of the foot posts. When he finished the other Mom was spread eagled on her own bed. Mom kept saying, please don’t hurt my daughter. Then the Black man tied my hands together and tied me to the left foot post. He took some tape and put it over each of our mouths. He said, “Now we are going down stairs to the kitchen and get something to eat. When we get back I am only going to ask once. Where do you keep your money and valuables? If you lie to me I will hurt you and your daughter something awful. They were gone about forty five minutes. We tried to get away but it was no use. When they came back the Black man pulled Moms tape off and said “Now where are your valuables?” She told him about the safe in their walk in closet and gave him the combination. He came out of the closet with a stack of hundred dollar bill and some of Moms good jewelry. He also had Dad’s 38 special. The little guy asked “How much did we get?” $3,500, he said. Wow said the smaller one we really hit pay dirt here.

The big one said now let’s have desert. He began to disrobe. When he dropped his pants and didn’t have any under wear on my eyes about popped out of my head. He was enormous, at least nine inches and about the size of my wrist. He got between Moms legs and shoved that huge dick up into Moms vagina making Mom scream through her gag and I think she momentarily fainted. He could only get about 2/3rds of his dick into her at first. He began to thrust in and out of Moms vagina. The little guy came up behind me and pulled my panties down and forced my legs apart. I was so fascinated by what the black guy was doing to Mom that I didn’t realize at first what was about to happen to me. I was a virgin and the only sex experience I had was about three weeks previous.

I had stayed over at my girl friends house one Friday. Over the previous year when we stayed together we would kiss and some time’s we would caress each other’s boobs. This night we went a little further with our experimentation. We were lying together and we started kissing, only this time Shirley (that’s her name) put her tongue into my mouth. I tried to pull back but she had her arm behind my head. She was shoving that tongue all over the inside of my mouth. I started getting a funny feeling between my legs and I felt my nipples pop out. It felt so good I started kissing her back and running my tongue inside her mouth. After about ten minutes she reached over and placed her hand on my boob and proceeded to massage it and run her thumb around my nipple. It felt so good and the feeling between my legs became much stronger. I reached over and placed my hand on her boob that was a little bit bigger than I was and I started to massage it and run my thumb over her nipple. Her nipple popped out at least a ¼ inch and it excited me. She than slid her hand down between my legs and inserted her finger through my vulva into my vagina. I tried to pull away but she kept pushing it in and out of my hole. I had never felt anything like it before. I had never masturbated before and this sensation was completely new. She moved her finger up to the top half of my vagina and I could hardly believe how good that felt. Suddenly I got this tremendous feeling there and I could hardly get my breathe. I felt like everything flowed out of my body through my vagina. I said christ, what was that. Shirley smiled and said I think you had your first orgasm. I felt so good and relaxed after it. I wanted Shirley to feel the same way so I reached down and began to finger her vagina pushing two fingers in and proceeded to move them in and out of her pee hole. We kept doing it to each other until we each had climaxed four times. We fell asleep in each others arm. The next morning before we got up for breakfast she reached down and touched my vagina and whispered, “the next time your over I want to eat your pussy.” I said what? She slid under the covers and got between my legs and stuck her tongue into what she called my pussy. I can’t do justice to the feeling I got. I spread my legs and she was running her tongue up and down my pussy lips when her mother called us for breakfast. When she came out from under the blanket her lips were all wet from my pussy. I said Shirley that felt so good I’m can’t wait until next time.

I came to my senses as my antagonist shoved his dick up my pussy. He hit my hymen and lifted my butt up a little higher and jammed it up into my pussy tearing the hymen. It hurt but thank god he was not as big as the Black guy. It didn’t take very long before he pulled me to him and I felt this hot stream shoot up inside me. The Black guy was still hammering Moms pussy with that huge dick. As I looked at Mom I saw a change come over her. She began to thrust her pelvic bone back at him each time he slid into her and she was taking his whole cock now into her pussy. She began to moan and he said “you like my big cock don’t you little whore. I could see white stuff oozing out of Moms cunt. I knew I shouldn’t have but suddenly it was making me so hot to watch that big cock ramming in and out of Moms fuck hole. He fucked Mom for close to twenty five minutes before grabbing her ass with both hands and shoved that big cock all the way in her and I heard him say Ohhhh shit that feels good. Just about that time the other guy jammed his cock back up my pussy again and began to fuck me like a rabbit. I felt that same feeling I had with Shirley and my pussy started secreting some fluid and I came all over his cock just as he shot his load up into my vagina. My legs became so weak I could hardly stand up.

The Black guy said I’m going to take a shower and then a nap number two so watch them. Turns out they called each other number one and number two. Mom was still moaning and I think she was still Cuming a little. It seemed to excite the little guy because he took his pants and shorts off and crawled up on the bed. He took some of Moms juices from her pussy and began to massage her ass. He pulled her down as far as her arms would allow and then lifted her legs up. He put a finger in her ass hole and began to run it in and out of it. Then he inserted two fingers and really started pumping them in and out of her shit hole. After about three minuets he inserted his cock into her anal cavity and fucked her. He lasted a lot longer this time and must have fucked a good fifteen minutes. To my amassment Mom started moaning again and was thrusting her ass down into his dick each time he came into her. I could hardly believe that my sweet shy mother was enjoying the fucking she was getting from each of them. I saw him push hard and as deep as he could into her cavity and shot his load into her.

The Black guy came out of the shower and smiled and said was it good in her shitter? He said yes she was nice and tight. He laid down next to Mom and put his arm across her stomach massaging her tits for awhile and fell asleep. Number two went into the bathroom and took a shower. When he came out he was completely naked. He went over to his own back pack and took out his switch blade and came over to me and cut my dress off and undid my bra and cut the straps so that I too was naked. He then got down on his knees between me and the bed post and started sucking on my titties. I would like to say he discussed me but it didn’t. It actually felt good and I began to get excited. My pussy heated up and secreted more of my juices. His tongue was rolling around my nipples as he sucked them in turn. When he decided I was hot enough he reached over to mother and extracted some of her juices and rubbed them into my ass. He took a finger and tried to shove it up my ass. My sphincter muscle was so tight he had a real hard time. Finally He was able to insert it into my hole. It hurt at first but he kept sliding it in and out very gently. He had about a six inch dick and not to big gaziantep swinger around. He inserted himself into my pussy and took several strokes before withdrawing and placing it against my butt hole. He began pushing into my ass; it was very difficult because the sphincter muscle was so tight. Finally he was able to shove his cock all the way in. Dam it hurt but shortly it started to feel kind of nice. He reached around and began to massage my pussy and my clit. I now understood why Mom responded like she did. I started pushing my ass back at his dick each time he shoved it in. He fucked me like that for about ten minutes and then he grabbed my hips and shoved it in as far as he could and came. I had three orgasms. His dick came out of my ass and he left and went down stairs. I kept thinking, my god why wasn’t I more upset over the situation. To be hones, I was having feelings I had never experienced before and I liked it. Suddenly the phone started ringing and the black guy flew off the bed and grabbed his knife and put it to Moms throat and took the tap off. “Who is that” he asked. Mom looked at the clock and said it’s my husband. He calls us every night around ten o’clock. “Ok, I’m going to put the phone next to your ear and will be listening. He picked the phone off the cradle and placed it along Moms ear. High honey, she said, yes everything is fine. Dawn and I went shopping today and bought the decorations for the party. Is there any chance you can come home any earlier? The black guy tightened the blade on Moms throat. That’s Ok I understand. Well I love you and will talk to you tomorrow night. He hung up the pone and said “you did just great.” Now I am willing to leave you tape off if you promised not to scream or call for help. It is doubtful if anyone would hear you anyway. Mom said she promised and he looked at me and I nodded affirmative so he removed my tape.

He went into the bathroom and came out with one of our full length towels. He rolled it up and placed it behind Moms neck. Then He took one of Moms big pillows and placed it under her ass so that she was at and angle with her ass way up. He began to rub his cock jacking himself off. When he became semi hard he got back on top of Mom and inserted that huge cock back into her pussy and started stroking. He fucked her real nice and slow for awhile. Christ I was getting hot watching. He increased his tempo and after a short time Mom reared up her ass and shot this huge amount of water out of her pussy. I thought she was peeing on him. It flooded both of them and the bed. He laughed and said “hey number two I guess I found her “G” spot.” I had taken a sex course in the eighth grade and know all about a woman’s sexual organs. Boy you sure did. She had a lot of pussy juice stored up there. He got up and cut Moms leg ropes and got back on Mom and began to fuck her again. Mom through her legs around his waist and was fucking him back. She was moaning and groaning something terrible. She was Cuming one after the other. He was now really fucking her fast and hard. Suddenly he extracted himself from her pussy and swung around so his cock was over her face. He picked up his knife and said if you bite me I’ll cut you. He shoved his huge dick into her mouth and began to fuck her like a pussy. Deeper and deeper he went. When he pulled back Mom was choking and gasping for air. He said hold your breath and I will withdraw in time for you to breathe. He pushed back into her and continued to fuck her going deeper and deeper into her throat. Then he would withdraw and she would take great big breaths before he shoved it back in. Finally I couldn’t believe what I saw. Her throat expanded and was bulging out as he shoved his cock almost all the way in. When he withdrew she moaned and again took huge amounts of air in her lungs and he shoved back down her throat this time he got it all the way in. He was fucking her throat really good and I was fascinated as I watched her throat expand around that big dick, He withdrew once more and said get ready I’m going to blow. She sucked in more air and he plunged deep into the throat and he grabbed her head and buried his cock completely and I saw her throat contracting as he came. He held her there until she started to struggle and then he withdrew his cock from her mouth. She was choking and sucking in air but none of his spunk came out of her mouth. I realized that she had taken it all down her throat and into her stomach. I marveled that she was able to do that. “My god lady you are fantastic. I have never had anyone able to take my whole rod down their throat. Mom’s chest was heaving from the ordeal and she was still taking big breaths.

Number one said “Ok ladies you have had your pleasures now it’s time to put on a show.” He came over and took the rope that had been around Moms legs and tied each of my legs to the bottom of each side of the bed spread eagling me. He untied my hand and tied my hands to each side of my Moms thighs. Ok girl I want you to eat your Moms pussy. Clean every bit of cum out of her box. No, I can’t do that she’s my mother. If you don’t I will cut her. Mom said its Ok honey I’ll be alright. I placed my mouth over her cunt. She had a real strong pungent odder and I began to lick her pussy and eat the cum the black guy had deposited in her earlier, plus her own juices. He said when I come back I want to se her cunt all clean and ready for her next fuck. No spitting it out.

I began to really get into it, licking and sucking her pussy. I was scooping out great quantities of cum and swallowing it. When I began to run my tongue over her clit she started moaning, what a feeling to know I was making my mother hot. I pushed the sheath covering her clit and was surprise how big it was. It was as big as the point end of a pencil about a half inch long. When I sucked on it Mom would throw her pussy up at me. She began to cum and I got real excited because I had such control over her. I sucked and sucked that clit and worked her cunt with my tongue. She was now Cuming in a continuous stream. We must have been at it for about fifteen minutes when suddenly I felt a ruff tongue go into my pussy. I was so wet from making Mom cum that it slid in quite easily. I tried to see who or what it was but couldn’t quite see. The tongue was going in and out of my dripping cunt and it made me cum. Every time I came the tongue went in deeper and faster scooping out my pussy cum. I finally realized it was Raven. Number one said. Your dog and I have become friends since I fed him some good steak meat. He helped Raven jump up on my back and that dam dog started humping me. He found my pussy and as soon as he was in he started fucking me like a jack hammer. Both of the guys were saying that’ a boy, fuck her good. Raven was fucking me a mile a minute. I felt something begin to swell up in his dick and he would shove it through my pussy lips and then it would pop out. It got bigger and bigger and was really hurting me. I cried please stop him he is hurting me. Then that knot went all the way in me and stayed, between the knot and the and the end of his dick was so long he penetrated my cervix, some how finding the hole where my vaginal fornix ring was. I thought I was going to go crazy it felt so good. Raven started shooting his jizz up into it with each thrust, and he went deeper and deeper until I felt him about two and a half inches up the cervixit. He just kept thrusting and shooting his cum up my cervix. I grabbed Moms legs and let out a moan and came one of those “G” spot fountains. It was shooting out like a jet steam between my vagina walls and Ravens cock that had me stretched to the maximum because of his knot. I had never had such an extreme orgasm as that. I didn’t think he would ever stop shooting in me. I couldn’t believe that after that enormous climax I could cum again so soon, but I did. Finally Raven turned himself around and we were ass to ass. We were really tied. He tried to pull out of me and each time he tugged I felt him shoot a little more of his doggy cum into me and I would explode with another orgasm. Finally after about ten minutes he came out of me with a loud plop. It was then that I realized he had scratched my sides with his nails and it hurt enough to make me cry.

Well sweet cheeks now that you have had that big knot up your snatch your ready for me. My Mom yelled no, your to big for her you will split her open. Shut up he said. The next thing I new he was shoving that huge peace of meat up into my sore pussy. My god he was big. He stretched my pussy lips to where I really did think he was going to split me wide open. However he didn’t, he started fucking me with long even strokes like he did Mom. At first it was hurting because I was stretched so tight. Even tighter than the dogs knot did. Then the pain turned to pure ecstasy and I began to cum once again. He increased his speed. Ohhhhhhhhh god that feels wonderful I cried. Yes. Oh yes yes, fuck me number one, faster, faster oh god yessssssss I screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhg as I came again and again. He was now ramming me like a great piston shoving that massive cock deep into my pussy, crushing my cervix. In the mean time as soon as he started fucking me number two came over and forced my face back into Moms pussy so I began to lick and suck her cunt and licking her clit all over again. In minutes I had Mom Cuming again. We fucked and I sucked for a good twenty minuets when number one grabbed my waste and plunged his dick so deep I thought he would drive my cervix & uterus into my stomach and unloaded a huge amount of his sperm in me. It was hot against my pussy wall. I couldn’t believe the cum he still had after fucking Mom twice. He was amazing.

He took two more pieces of rope and tied Moms legs to the posts. He said we need to get some sleep so will you be quiet so I won’t have to gag you. We both said fine. He went over and lay down next to Mom and went immediately to sleep. Number two came over and stuck his meat up my ass and fucked me for quit awhile. His stamina was getting much better. He finally shot a load in my ass and went over to the sofa and laid down. It took awhile but I finally fell asleep. It must have been about five in the morning when I was suddenly woke up with raven on my back. He must have been licking my pussy while I was asleep because I was all wet with new cum. He shoved his dick up my ass and began to fuck me. It felt good at first and then I felt his knot start to swell and I thought oh shit I can’t let that knot go in me so I began to wiggle my ass back and forth try to dislodge his cock. It didn’t work, he gave a big shove and the knot went up my ass hole and began to swell inside me. I screamed it hurt so badly, but Raven just kept on thrusting his dick and knot up my ass. Number one turned on the lights and said what the hell is going on? By then Raven was fucking me like a machine gun and was shooting his sperm into me. He was so far up my ass that I think he had entered my colon. I was crying and Cuming at the same time. Raven finally slowed and just gave me short little jabs shooting his Jizz into me with each thrust. Number one was laughing and saying look at that will you what a sight. Mom was saying Oh christ pull him off her he’s up her ass. She will be all right. The ass hole has the ability to expand quite a bit. In fact as soon as he pulls out I’m going to fuck her there. Mom said please don’t she’s just a little girl. Little girl my ass she a great piece of ass and some guy is going to be lucky some day if he’s hung well enough. After breakfast I’m going to let your dog fuck you in the ass then I’m going to bury my cock in there as well. Mom didn’t say another word. Raven’s knot finally came out of my ass and I hardly had a chance to enjoy it when number one shoved his humongous cock up my ass hole. It hurt a little at first but he was right my ass accommodated him and he fucked me for over a half hour before he shot a another load of his creamy sperm into my ass. When he finally pulled out I felt like he had jammed my colon clear up to my chest. The relief was wonderful I came at least six times during that half hour. We then all went back to sleep.

I woke up with my cheek on my Moms upper thigh and my nose next to her pussy. She smelled of pee, cum and her own juices. I realized she must have wet the bed because neither of us had been to the bathroom since we came home. I had peed on the floor my self during the night. One and two were no where in sight. I looked and saw Mom looking at me. I smiled and took my tongue and flicked her clit ignoring the strong smell. Her ass jumped and I did it again and I heard her whimper ever so softly so I buried my face in her pussy and began massaging her pussy lips with my tongue. I gently ran my tongue over her clitoris. She said Oh honey I know it’s wrong but god you make me so hot and you do it so well. That’s it baby, Oh shit I’m there already, oh sweet jesus ummmmmmmmm. And she shoved her pussy up into my face as she climaxed. I kept on eating that wonderful pussy that I came out of and thought “here I am trying to get back in” It made my pussy tingle just thinking about it. I kept eating and running my tongue in around and over her pussy. She kept Cuming time after time. Ummmmmm, Ohhhhhhhhh shit, yessssss baby yes she kept saying each time she had an orgasm. I think I would have eaten her pussy all day, but number one came in and said, well lookie here my ladies are starting without us. That’s enough of that. I’m hungry and I want you to fix us some breakfast. She untied Moms feet and then retied her legs so that she was tethered like you would a horse. He then untied her arms and did the same to me. Mom said we need to go to the bathroom and take a shower and then we will fix you a nice breakfast. Ok he said but make it fast, I will be right outside and leave the door open. We hobbled into the bathroom and Mom sat on the toilet and said thank god I was about to shit myself. I had to pee real bad so I stuck my pussy over the sink and peed. When Mom was finished we both go in the shower and turned on the hot water as hot as we could stand it. We soaped ourselves and shampooed our hair. When we finished rinsing Mom unscrewed the shower head stuck it up her pussy and gave herself a water douche, she likewise did it to her ass. She handed the long nozzle and said douche your pussy and your ass. It really felt good running the water up into my cunt. When I stuck the nozzle up my ass a whole bunch of shit came poring out. Mom got out of shower and sat on the toilet and got rid of what was left in her ass. She came back into the shower and stuck the hose back up her ass and held it there until clear water was coming out. She handed the hose back to me and said do the same thing. She than got out and sat on the toilet again and let whatever was left in her ass come out. She then got an enema bulb out from under the sink and took out a bottle of baby oil and stuck the nozzle into it and squeezed some into the little bulb. She than stuck the nozzle up her ass and squeezed, completely lubricating the inside of her ass cavity. I was just finishing running the water up my ass for the third time before the water came out clear. I squatted and let the water run out of my ass. I ask Mom why she had squirted baby oil up her but. She said, “incase those guys decide they want to fuck us in the ass again it will make it easier on us.” When I came out of the shower Mom said bend over. She shoved that tube up my butt hole and squeezed the baby oil up into my ass cavity. Then she took a piece of Kleenex and folded it and placed it between my ass cheeks. So the oil won’t run down your leg, she said. We finished toweling off and wobbled down to the kitchen. Raven kept trying to stick his nose up our crotch as we walked and I nearly fell down the stairs when he hit home and his tongue went into me about an inch. Mom gave him a good whack and told him to go to his bed.

Mom fixed a really nice breakfast for them. Number one had a porter house steak and four eggs, toast and coffee. Number two had bacon, about a half a pound, three eggs toast and coffee. I was starving I had not had anything to eat since noon the previous day. I ate a small steak and scrambled three eggs as well as toast and coffee. When we finished number one said Ok back upstairs everyone. Mom said she wanted to change the sheets before she had to get back on the bed. Number one said I think that would be a good idea and grinned.

We left all the other covers off when we finished changing the sheets. Number one said alright today we are going to let you choose how you want it. Mom looked rather sheepish and said I’d like you to fuck me number one. Ok but I want to cum in your mouth. I was really surprised to hear her say “I would like that. How about you sweet cheeks? Number one said to me. I surprised myself when I said, your way to big for me to take in my mouth and I have never sucked a dick before so I would like Raven to fuck me while I give number two a blow job. Number two was grinning and I think his chest stuck out a little more. I want to get a sweat shirt my sides are already marked from raven’s nails. I retrieved my sweatshirt and called Raven. He came bounding into the bedroom tail wagging like crazy. I told number two that I wanted Raven to first lick my pussy and when I was ready I wanted him to sit in the chair and I would give him his blow job. Then I changed my mind and said no I want you to sit on the end of the bed. I wanted to watch Mom get fucked again.

I sat in the chair and spread my legs and began to finger my pussy, after I had my first climax I let Raven lick me. He did so enthusiastically. I saw number one again place a rolled up towel behind Moms neck and the pillow under her ass. He got between her legs and plunged that massive dick into her wet hungry pussy. He was taking long easy strokes in and out of her Pussy. Mom was already moaning and had at least one or two orgasms already. I became instantly hot and I cam as Raven shoved his tongue up into my fuck hole. I walked over to the bed straddle legged as Raven continued to lick my now warm wet cunt. I got on my hands and knees and Raven needed no urging He jumped up on my back so I reached back and took his dick in my hands and guided him into my vagina. When I was sure he was in me I took number two’s cock into my mouth. Number two started humping my face while Raven was doing a good job of fucking my love hole. Number one had increased his tempo and was now grinding Mom’s pussy with a vengeance. The more I watched the hotter I became. Ravens knot was starting to swell up inside me and number two had his hands on each side of my face and was forcing my mouth back and forth on his cock .I could feel Raven now deep within my pussy cavity. His knot was in locked inside me and again I could feel the end of his cock go into my cervix causing me to have multiple orgasms. Mom’s legs were locked around number ones’ waist and was fucking that big cock for all she was worth. I was now taking all of number two’s cock sucking and running my tongue over the head of it. He was moaning, Mom was moaning and I was moaning. Number one unlocked Moms legs and switched around like before and drove his cock gently but firmly down her throat. Raven was squirting his doggy cum into my cervix, and number two grabbed my head and forced his cock deep into my throat shooting his thick creamy sperm and I swallowed it all. I looked over at Mom and I could see her bulging throat was once again receiving the full length of his humongous cock. Raven was still short pumping me and that did it I let go one of those “G” spot orgasms and it gushed out around Ravens knot and onto the floor. I just collapsed from it all. I may have even fainted because the next thing I knew was that Raven had turned around as was trying to get his knot out of me. I grabbed his hind legs and pulled him back tight against my ass. He was still Cumming inside me and about every third squirt I would cum again. Number one ground down hard on Moms face and his balls were under her chin. I saw him rear his head back and heard him say Oh god you are unbelievable. When he pulled out of her throat she gasped for air just like the last time. I thought, “If Mom isn’t careful she could smother to death. I realized I was still gripping Ravens hind legs holding his dick submerged in my vagina tunnel. I let him go and his knot plopped out of me and his doggy cum and the rest of my “G” spot fluid came poring out of my pussy. Number two said hey that was real nice, thank you.

After we had lunch number one said to Mom, “Ok it is your turn to fuck your dog and give us a show. She knelt on her knees at the foot of the bed and said this is so degrading do I have too? Oh Mom you’re going to love it I whispered. I brought Raven up behind her and he started licking her cum out of her cunt and ass. I could see his tongue go across and into her pussy, scooping up large amounts of her juices. She started moaning and lifting her ass higher so Raven could penetrate her further with his tongue. I saw her climax and Raven renewed his efforts in trying to eat her offering faster than she could reproduce it. Raven was losing the battle. I reached down and gave Ravens dick a couple of jerks and he mounted Moms back. I had given her my sweat shirt so she wouldn’t get all scratched up. I guided his dick into Moms waiting cunt and Raven did the rest. He fucked her hard and fast. I squatted down and watched him shove that knot in and out of her pussy until finally he gave a big shove and the knot went in and stayed. Mom was grunting and Cuming with each powerful thrust. She said Oh honey your right he is wonderful. He made me cum half a dozen times.

I got so hot watching Mom fuck Raven that I grabbed number one and said come on big boy I want that humongous cock in side me. He laughed and said “what a change since we arrived. You like big black cocks don’t you?” You son of a bitch I should hate you but you have made me learn to love that big cock in me. “Well you have your choice, in your ass or in your pussy but I get to cum in your mouth if I fuck your pussy” I can’t take that big a cock in my mouth like Mom did. How do you know, you haven’t tried. I don’t know where Mom learned to do that but until you two I’ve never had a dick in me any where before. Daughter like mother, don’t you think you’re as good as she is? I could force you to but I want you to volunteer. He’s right if my mother could do it I should be able to I thought. Pussy I said. He picked me up and laid me on the bed and placed the same pillow that had been under Mom under my ass. He re-rolled the towel and put it under the back of my neck. I was still wet from watching Mom and Raven but I fingered my cit anyway to make sure I was well lubricated. He slid that huge pole up in me and filled the inside of my cunt stretching my lips to the breaking point and I threw my legs around his hips as he began moving in and out of me with long easy strokes. He had been fucking me like that for about five minutes when Mom came by my head and said drink this. What is it I asked? It’s some oil and water to make it easier on your throat. I remembered how much easier it was to take it in the ass when Mom squirted that oil into me. Ok Mom I said and drank it.

Number one was increasing his tempo and I could feel his cock slide over a spot just inside my vagina about two & half inches in and on the upper side of my cunt. I could feel the sensation building and new I was going to have a “G” spot climax if he kept on like he was. I had already cum twice but I was anxious to have that wonderful & powerful sensation that the “G” spot brings. He was now fucking me with fast hard strokes. I felt the sensation building and I said yesss fuck me number one, harder, faster you have my pussy on fire oh shit yesss, OH YESSSSS I screamed and I shoved my pelvic bone up into him and let a stream of my pussy water come streaming out of my pussy between his cock and my vagina walls aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I went limp. I felt like all the strength in my body left. I drench my ass his cock and the bed. He gave me about a dozen more strokes and then undid my legs and turned around. He placed his cock to my lips and I opened my mouth. I was scared to death. He said breathe through your nose and if I enter you throat don’t panic. Take a deep breathe and hold it. When you just have to breathe again if I haven’t pulled out hit my thigh. I must be crazy I thought. He began to intrude my mouth with that huge cock. I was stretching my lips and when he touched my throat I panicked a little and began hitting his leg. Relax he said I haven’t even started. I relaxed my throat and he shoved about three inches down my throat passage. I had not taken a breath and I panicked again and started hitting his leg.
He with drew his cock out of my mouth and I was gasping for air and chocking. I told you to breathe through your nose until I touched your throat then to take a big breath and hold it as long as you can. Your throat opened just fine so you shouldn’t have a problem he said. I nodded my head and he re-inserted his cock into my mouth. When he reached my throat I did like he said I sucked in as much air through my nose as I could and held it. He shoved that pole down about five inches this time and held it there for a moment and then withdrew. I blew out the air in my lungs and took several big breaths. See now that wasn’t so bad was it. I shook my head no. Ok now let’s do it. He reinserted his cock and when he reached my throat tunnel I took in as much air as I could and he plunged his cock deep into my throat. It hurt at first because it was being stretched so much for the first time. He was now moving up and down my throat with ease. I was sure glad I had taken that oil. He pulled out and I gasp for air and then he went back in and I repeated the procedure. He did not put all his cock in me and was pumping my throat nice and easy. We repeated that three more times, and on the last one he was sliding up and down my throat a lot faster. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock all the way in and I felt like he ruptured my throat. It was really painful and I felt his thick creamy cum slid a short distance down my throat and into my stomach. He held me there and pumped several more globs of his spunk into my stomach. I started hitting his leg because I couldn’t hold my breath any longer but he just held me tight with his cock all the way down my throat. I started thrashing around and hammering his leg when he finally pulled out. I was chocking and sucking in air and saliva was running out of my mouth. I hollered at him, “You son of a bitch I damn near choked to death.” He just grinned and said no you weren’t you were fine. In fact you were great. As soon as I had gotten my breath back and my panic had subsided I thought that wasn’t so bad. In fact I was kind of proud of myself because I knew I was every bit as good as my Mom who had shocked the hell out of me. If this hadn’t happened I never would have suspected how much my mother liked to fuck and suck cock. When I looked over I had to giggle, Mom was on the floor tied to Raven with his cock up her ass and number two’s dick in her mouth that she was sucking like crazy. Looks like you have been busy with no concern while your daughter was practically being suffocated to death. She didn’t answer because number two had his hands behind her head and her face was shoved tight against his groin. I could tell he was Cuming by the look on his face. I watched her throat contracting as she swallowed it all.

It was now dinner time and we all went to the kitchen. Mom cooked and I fixed a nice salad she broiled steaks and some frozen french fries. I let Raven lick my pussy while we ate. He got a steak too. Number one said it was time for them to go and asked for Moms keys to the Mercedes. We have stayed two long but we enjoyed every minuet of it. It’s Ok if you report us two the police because we did force you to have sex even though you ended up liking it. I found these sleeping pills in your bathroom and I want you to take two each. By the time you wake up we will be long gone and we did.

We all went back up stairs and Number two had Mom sit on his cock and she put it up her ass. He said come hear girl and sit on my face. I almost ran thinking wow He’s going to eat my pussy. I straddled his head and lowered my pussy to his waiting lips. When he inserted his tongue I thought christ he has a long tongue. It went into my cunt hole close to four inches. He even tickled my “G” spot with it, what really set me off was when he ran it over my clit. His tongue was so long that it took seconds to run the entire length across it, and it didn’t not take long before I climaxed. I could hear Mom moaning about how good it felt up her ass. Number two jumped up on the bed and stuck his dick in my mouth. Boy what a difference from the previous one. I sucked it with vigor, running my tongue over his piss opening moving my head up and down his cock. I came three times while I was sucking him off. When he came he had his cock in as far as the edge of my throat and I enjoyed the smooth feeling of his thick sperm sliding down my enlarged throat. I came again and got off his face and sat in the chair. Number one then picked Mom up and turned around so she was kneeling on the bed and he began to ram her ass. Sitting there watching a nine inch cock going into her ass was quite a sight. Raven came over and stuck his nose between my legs and started licking. I scooted forward and opened my legs wide to allow his tongue full penetration. I came quickly and I turned around and got on my knees to let Raven hump me which he did. When his cock and knot were fully in I thought to myself what kind of a tramp had I become, because I really like having the dog fuck me with his long dick that could penetrate my cervix. Raven made me have two more orgasms. While I was tied to him I laid my head on the seat pillow and fell asleep.
When I woke up Raven was fucking me. I looked at the clock and it was three in the morning. I looked over at the bed and could see Mom lying there snoring very loudly. I was still groggy as Raven pounded my pussy. When he finished I fell back to sleep still tied to him. I woke up and it was day light and damn if Raven wasn’t fucking me again. I thought shit I need to get up but it felt so good with Ravens cock this time in my ass. I lifted my but up so he could get full penetration and he fucked me hard and fast. When his knot went in and stayed and he was giving me those short jabs squirting his juices into my ass cavity I swear I think he actually was able to go into my colon a little bit, maybe an inch and I came. I was really amazed at how often I could cum.

After I became untied from Raven I went over and woke Mom. What happened? I asked. She was still a little groggy too but she said well after you fell asleep while Raven was fucking you which was quite funny I might add. We talked awhile and then I suggested that for our final act how about number one fucking me and number two fucking me in the ass. Number two said hey that sounds great. I got on top of number one and bent over and let the other into my ass. That’s the last thing I remember.

Gees Mom what are we going to do I asked. Well first were going to call the police then I want you to put your robe on and we will wait for them to get here. I am going to put Raven out in his kennel. When the police come I don’t want you to mention the dog at all. Let me do the talking. Shit Mom I want to take a shower I’m full of dog cum in both my ass and my pussy. No, now that I think of it we are going to tell them the whole story how they forced us to have sex with them and the dog. If we stick as close to what really happened about being threatened with a knife and being tied up and all we will be Ok. I want us to be examined by a doctor. And I will have the doctor prescribe one of those new 24 hour prevention pills. Homey I want to say how sorry I feel about what happened between us being incest and all but it was forced on us. Mom of all the things that happened that was the most wonderful. I want us to continue making love. She smiled and said it was nice wasn’t it.

It’s been three months since and things are getting back to normal. They found Moms car in San Jose and we are on summer vacation. I had my party and of course I had a million questions thrown at me but I answered them discreetly not revealing too much. I did get my car, a little Austin Healy. Dad wanted to find and kill them. He still spends most of the time in Japan. Mom said he hasn’t been able to touch her yet. She thinks they may need to go to counseling. I bought a cock strap in Livermore at the porno store and I fuck and eat Moms pussy all the time. So Mom has not had to do without. The only other change is Mom bought a Great Dane last week. He is two years old and is larger than Raven. When He gets full grown the Veterinarian said he would be close to five and a half feet from ass to nose. We are teaching him to fuck when he smells our pussy juice. His cock is already a little bit bigger than Ravens. I can’t wait until he is full grown. Last Friday was the first time I let him fuck me and wow he is strong. When his knot went up me he stretched me and I started thinking about number one. I hope they never catch them. I am going over to Shirley’s this week end and I am looking forward to continuing what we started the last time I stayed over.

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Miley’s Harem – Ch. 04

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Over the next few weeks, all of the girls’ holes were stuffed, prodded, and well-fucked by Miley and some specialists that she brought had brought in for some expert training. By the end of the month, Miley was satisfied that her sluts were now some of the most talented and obedient fuck toys in the entire world. She decided that it was finally time to unveil her grand operation.

On orientation day, each girl received two things. First, a tiny RFID tracking chip was injected into each slut’s outer left thigh. Then, each of Miley’s slaves received a tiny tattoo of a cursive “M” on the sole of her right foot. When this was done, she assembled her small cadre of sex slaves in the common room. Taylor, Selena, Demi, and Anna stood in a row in front of Miley, all stark naked except for their slave collars.

Miley went up to each girl and unlocked the collars, tossing them into a discarded pile on the floor. She smiled deviously and gave a small round of applause as she addressed them. “Congrats, you guys! You’ve all officially made it through training, which means that you can go back to your normal lives. Well, mostly normal.”

“Is that it?” Anna asked hesitantly. “Are we done now, Mistress?”

“Done?” Miley giggled. “No, no. This is just the beginning. Now that you guys are done with training, you’re officially open for business.”

“What do you mean, Miley?” Taylor asked.

Miley giggled again. “Y’all didn’t think this was just for fun, did you? I mean, it definitely was fun, but this is about running a new, very lucrative business. When you return to your rooms after I dismiss you, you will find your phone, personal belongings, and some outfits. At 1:00 PM, you will all join me for a press conference announcing the opening of Pretty Pink Productions.”

“What is that, Mistress?” Selena asked.

“This is the explanation that you will all agree to at the conference,” Miley replied. “It’s a new company that we’ve all been collaborating on this past month, which will explain your guys’ sudden absence. To the world, it will be a new production company for you superstars to work together on new songs, albums, and movies.”

“What is it actually though, Miley?” Demi asked with eager anticipation in her slutty eyes.

“It’s my new business where I will rent you out to an exclusive list of rich and powerful people to service them however they wish for $100,000 per hour,” Miley smiled with triumph. “You whores are going to make me a lot of money.”

Despite their obedience training, the girls began to protest at the shock of this announcement. “Quiet!” Miley raised her voice. “You all get to go back to your lives, but if you don’t obey, I will release the videos of all the nasty things you guys have done over the past month to your friends, family, and the media. There have also been wire transactions to your bank accounts that will imply prostitution to the authorities, and you will all go to prison despite your celebrity statuses. So, you can either enjoy your normal lives and service clients when requested, or you can have your reputations ruined and go to jail. Your choice.”

There was nothing but silence in the room for a good minute.

“Good,” Miley smiled. “I’ll take your silence as agreement then. Remember, we can track you through the RFID chips in your legs. You will receive a text about when and where to meet your clients, and remember that we will be receiving satisfaction surveys from our clients after each session. Stay on the pill, and don’t worry. All clients will be vetted to be clean. We will meet back up here once a month for more training, doctor’s checkups, and performance evaluations. Anyone who doesn’t perform up to standards will be punished. Three strikes, and we will release your video and send you to prison. Understood?”

Her slaves replied in unison, “Yes, Miley.”

“Good. Go get your stuff, get dressed, and go see the makeup artist. Meet me at the limo at 1:00, and we’ll all go to the press conference together.”

Each of the girls returned to her room and gathered up her things. It felt strange wearing clothes again after a month of walking around naked. At 1:00, all of the girls and Miley piled into the awaiting limo. When they arrived in front of the large office building in downtown LA, a massive crowd of fans and media awaited them.

Flashes went off everywhere as the group exited the car and walked to the podium. The crowd cheered loudly as Miley approached the podium and spoke into the microphone.

“Hey everyone,” she grinned. “We’ve got a big announcement. I bet y’all have been wondering where we’ve been the last month, huh?”

The crowded erupted into cheers again.

“Well, today Taylor, Selena, Demi, Anna, and I would like to announce the official opening of the project we’ve been working on. It’s called Pretty Pink Productions, and it will be a new way for us to work together on some exciting, upcoming projects…”

The press conference continued as Miley detailed the fake projects they were working on. At the end of it, all the girls were interviewed and gave their rehearsed answers about how excited they were to start this and why all the secrecy had been necessary to keep this a surprise announcement.

By the end of the week, the girls had all dispersed and returned to their various lives. Taylor was in Nashville recording a new album, Selena was taking a break at her vacation home in Santa Monica, Anna was shooting a new movie in New York, and Demi was recording a new single in LA.

Meanwhile, Miley had spread the word to a select few trusted deviants who she knew would be interested in the services she was offering. The notice traveled through select circles that a few young starlets were now available for hire. Soon her inbox was full of requests, and she prepared to send out the first round of notifications to her sluts.

Demi was grabbing some water Friday afternoon during a break in recording when she received a text from a blocked number. “Go to the shipping/receiving office of your studio. NOW. – M”

Selena was just getting out of the shower when her phone went off. “7:00 tonight. Go to the address below. Wear the outfit that will be delivered shortly. – M”

Anna received a similar text as she was walking to another set after a long shoot. “Expect client visit tonight at 8:30 at your trailer. – M”

Taylor was eating lunch when her phone buzzed. “Be at Thompson Hotel, room 1414 at 10:00. Wear a little black dress and heels. No underwear. – M”


Upon receiving her text, Demi felt her crotch immediately start to get wet. She told her intern Tim to let her producer know that she wasn’t feeling well, and that she was taking the rest of the day off. Looking at her phone, Demi started walking over to the shipping and receiving area. She’d never really come over to this part of the building before, and it was eerily quiet.

There was no attendant at the window, and the area appeared deserted. “Hello?” she cautiously called out.

“Over here.”

Demi followed the voice over to a corridor with shelves of boxes on either end. Someone stepped out from behind a shelf, and it was Drake, who’d been collaborating on a song in another part of the studio. Demi had met Drake in passing, but she hadn’t expected to see him here.

“Umm, hi.” Demi was getting hot, but she wasn’t sure how to proceed.

“Well, get your ass over here,” Drake motioned.

She walked over to them, and Drake immediately grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around so that she was facing a shelf of boxes. He quickly ripped off her leather jacket, exposing her white tank top underneath. Demi’s panties were already soaked, and she gasped in anticipation as she was forced up against the shelf. She loved being manhandled, and doing this in this dark storage area turned her on immensely.

“Dayum,” Drake exclaimed as her dark nipples stiffened in the cool air, visibly poking through her black bra under her sheer white top.

In one smooth motion, he lifted up both her tank top and her bra over her breasts. Demi moaned as her nipples scraped against the rough side of the cardboard box. She pressed her plump ass against Drake’s crotch and grinded up on him.

“You want it bad, don’t you bitch?” Drake grinned. He took off his belt and pulled down his pants. Demi automatically got down on her knees and greedily took his stiffening cock into her mouth. She wrapped her luscious red lips around the head of his dick and swirled her tongue around, coating his rod in saliva as she bobbed her head up and down.

He grabbed the shelf above her head with both hands and started face fucking her. “Fuck,” he gasped as Demi accepted his entire cock down her throat without complaint. She had long ago learned to suppress her gag reflex. Demi had sucked plenty of dick for blow back before she got clean. Her fingers massaged her mound over her jeans Drake’s cock rammed ruthlessly in and out of her throat.

After a while, he was ready for the main event. Drake pulled his cock out of her mouth with a plop, and a strand of his pre cum mixed with her saliva dripped down her chin.

Drake stood her up and turned her around so that she once again faced the shelf. He quickly pulled off her jeans, then the soaked through pair black cotton panties she was wearing underneath. The excretions from her anxiously awaiting pussy coated the inside of her thighs. Positioning himself behind her, he rubbed the tip of his cock along her opening, and gaziantep swinger it easily slipped inside of her.

“Oh my God,” Demi moaned as he bent her over and quickly shoved the rest of his well-coated dick inside her eager cunt. The metal shelf made a slight rattling noise as the boxes on it shifted back and forth with each rough thrust, and her fingers were white from gripping the shelf so hard.

Her moans grew louder and louder as Drake plowed into her cunt from behind. She could feel her orgasm building with each thrust. His hands explored her delicious tits, tugging at her nipples and firmly grabbing at her soft globes, sliding up and down over the tattoo of feathers on her right rib cage.

“Fuuuck,” she groaned as the sensations overtook her, and she came hard. Her body shook, and her pussy clenched against his cock as he continued pounding into her sopping wet cunt.

Drake kept hammering into her as she reached the verge of another orgasm. “Ahhh!” she groaned loudly into the box in front of her as she came again.

“Shut up,” Drake hissed into her ear. “I paid off the delivery manager to leave for the day, but the whole studio’s gonna hear you if you keep this up.” But Demi was only half aware of what was happening as wave after wave of pleasure overcame her.

“Fuuuck!” she screamed as she continued to cum. He slipped his cock out of her mid scream and thought of a way to silence her quickly. He bent down and picked up her wet panties, wadded them up, and quickly stuffed them into her mouth, muffling her screams.

Demi huffed into her moist panties as she tasted herself and tried to catch her breath. “Mmph,” her eyes flew open, and she moaned into her underwear as Drake re-inserted himself into her tight slit and resumed his assault on her pussy.

He grabbed her hips with both hands and started pounding her cunt as hard as could. As Drake slammed into her, he felt himself close to orgasm and increased his pace. Demi was moaning rhythmically with each thrust. Finally, he slammed his cock as deep as he could into her and came, his seed exploding deep into her cunt.

“Goddamn,” he grunted as his legs shook with each final spurt, emptying his balls into her.

Finally spent, he pulled out of her pussy with a loud squelch, and she slowly fell to the ground as her legs were still shaking too much from the succession of orgasms.

“Shit, someone’s coming.” Drake hissed at her to get dressed as they heard the storage room door open. He quickly pulled his pants up and ducked out of the back door.

Demi quickly pulled down her bra and tank top, then grabbed her jeans and pulled them on. She took her panties out of her mouth and stuffed them into her jacket pocket as she put it on. Straightening her hair a bit, she walked out and headed down the hallway.

Tim, her intern, had been sent to see why no packages had been delivered today. “Demi?” he was surprised to see her. “I thought you went home sick.”

“Yeah, I just had to grab something first,” she quickly said, still somewhat out of breath from the hard fuck Drake had just given her.

Tim didn’t reply, staring at the wet spots on her tank top where her saliva and Drake’s pre cum and dripped down from her chin earlier.

“Oh oops, I spilled some water on myself.” She gave a fake laugh at her supposed clumsiness. “Anyway, I’m going home now.”

Demi waved to Tim as she quickly walked away trying her best to hide the growing wet on her pants where Drake’s hot cum was slowly oozing out of her pussy and pooling into the crotch of her jeans with each step.


Right around 7:00, Selena’s black town car pulled up to the address that Miley had sent her. She sipped on a glass of champagne in the backseat nervously. Despite it being very warm out, she had on a large pea coat that covered up the outfit that had been delivered to her house. She couldn’t let the driver see her low cut blouse, blazer, and tiny skirt as part of the school girl outfit she’d been instructed to wear.

As the car rolled to a stop, the driver came around and opened the door for her. “We’re here, Miss Gomez. Will you need me to pick you up later?”

“Um…I’m not sure,” she told him. “You can go. I’ll call you if I need you.”

Her driver tipped his cap and drove off. Selena turned around and looked up at the large mansion that she was standing in front of, wondering who had sent for her as her first client. Selena hoped that it was someone cute and nice.

The champagne gave her some courage, and she walked up to the large double doors and rang the doorbell. Very soon after, a butler appeared and ushered her in, leading her to a luxurious bedroom upstairs. “Please wait here,” he instructed her.

There was more champagne in the room, so she took a glass and filled it up. Selena sat down on the edge of the bed and sipped on her drink, not sure what to expect. After what seemed like forever, she heard the door open. “Oh,” she gasped as she was greeted by the large grin of Jack Nicholson.

“Heeere’s Johnny,” he cackled.

Selena instinctively close her legs and trembled as Jack’s flabby, wrinkly old body approached. His gravelly voice boomed, “Well now, let’s have some fun huh?” He was wearing a silk robe that he discarded on the ground as he walked toward her. “How about you take off that big coat you’re wearing?”

“S-sure,” she forced herself to smile. She didn’t want to have sex with him, but she also didn’t want to get punished by Miley. Selena stood and slowly shook her coat off her shoulders, dumping it onto the ground around her shiny black heels.

“My Lord,” Jack inhaled deeply. “Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” He quickly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, laying a trail of kisses on her neck. He was surprisingly gentle, Selena thought, and the light flutters of kisses felt kind of good.

His lips traveled down toward her chest and reached her cleavage. Jack deftly unbuttoned her white blouse and left a trail of saliva on her now exposed breasts. “Mmm,” she moaned unexpectedly as his rough tongue wrapped itself around first one nipple, then the other, as he threw off her blazer and blouse.

Jack continued south and inhaled loudly as he moved down past her navel. His hands moved underneath her plaid skirt and removed the white lace thong she had on under it. She lifted one leg, then the other as he tossed aside the thong. He lifted up the front of her skirt and pressed his cheek to her left thigh, inhaling her scent with a loud sniff and grunt.

“Goddamn that’s a pretty pussy,” he whispered as he moved his nose toward her slit. His wrinkled fingers grasped her smooth thighs firmly as his hot breath cascaded onto her moist slit.

“Ohhh,” Selena moaned involuntarily as his tongue began probing into her pussy, slithering around inside her as he pressed his face against her bare crotch.

Jack slurped up her juices as he sucked on her sweet little cunt lips and nibbled at her tiny pink clit. Her breathing grew more and more shallow as she neared the edge with each lick. Finally, Selena’s hips bucked against his whiskery face as she orgasmed, releasing her sweet nectar into his mouth. Jack drank up every drop, burying his face into her hot mound.

He released her legs and removed his face when she was done, standing up and engulfing her mouth with a sloppy kiss. Selena’s tongue wrapped around Jack’s as she sucked in her own pussy juices, her petite body pressed up against his. He broke the kiss and pressed gently down on her shoulders as he sat back onto the bed. Taking his cue, Selena slowly kneeled in front of him and took hold of his stiff cock.

She licked a drop of pre cum from the head before slowly sucking on it, gradually taking him into her mouth inch by inch.

“Yeah, just like that,” Jack mumbled as he placed his hands onto the back of her head.

He guided her head back and forth as she blew him. Selena slowly rubbed her clit as she sucked his dick, her pussy still drenched from her earlier orgasm. After a while, her knees began to ache, and still he showed no signs of cumming. She slowly released his rock hard cock from her mouth and stood, climbing onto the bed. She needed to cum again, and she mounted him and slid down until his raised cock penetrated her.

“Ohhh yeah,” he laughed as Selena started bouncing up and down his shaft. Jack squeezed her soft tits and jiggled them around as she rode him, increasing her pace until she was pounding down onto his cock, producing a loud slap each time her ass made contact with his hairy balls. She smashed her cunt down on his cock repeatedly until her pussy clenched, and she released a flood of juices onto him, her body collapsing down onto his as she shuddered through her powerful orgasm.

Jack pushed her limp body off him and onto her back. His shaft was still hard and bulging, and he quickly lifted her skirt and slammed all the way into her wet slit as she lay on the bed. “Ahhh,” Selena moaned as he powered into her, his flabby stomach bouncing against her lithe torso with every thrust. Her pussy tightened again as she came, her smooth body convulsing under his as he kept slamming his dick deep inside of her.

He must’ve taken a pill, she thought, as he continued to hammer her relentlessly. After what seemed like an eternity, Jack grunted and slid out of her snatch, furiously jerking himself off as he climbed onto her. “Open your mouth, chickadee,” he ordered.

Selena obliged and parted her pretty pink lips just as a hose of cum shot out of him, splashing all over her tits, face, and hair. She lay there, her chest heaving with exertion.

“Alright, now get out,” Jack grumbled, picking up her coat and throwing it at her.

She climbed out of bed and reached for her blouse. “No,” he growled. “I said get out.” She put on the coat over her bare breasts and wiped the cum from her face with her palm as she walked out of the bedroom. Selena’s heels clicked down the stairs as she texted her driver to come back.


Anna sat on the couch in her trailer, biting at her fingernails. She was into a blue spaghetti top and tight gray sweatpants. She hadn’t been sure how to dress for this visit, and it was already 8:45. Her client was late, and she wasn’t sure if she should call Miley for further instructions. Just as she decided to reach her phone, she heard a loud knock at her door.

She sprang up and walked over to open it. Anna gasped.

“Hey there,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson grinned at her with his charming smile. “Mind if I come in?”

“Um, sure,” Anna squealed as she backed into her trailer.

The Rock walked up the steps and locked the door behind him. “Sorry I’m late,” he said in his deep voice. He was wearing just a black t-shirt and jeans, his muscled, tan arms bulging out of the sleeves.

“Oh, that’s okay,” Anna told him. “I’m just here waiting for you. Nothing better to do.” She wasn’t sure what to say and just smiled awkwardly at him.

“Listen, let’s not make this weird,” he smiled disarmingly. “I’ve gotta catch a red eye flight out of here in a few hours, but I heard through some people that you were in town and available, so I called up Miley. I couldn’t pass up the chance to lay the smack down on your tight little ass.”

Anna let out a noise that was half squeal, half whimper. “Oh my God, okay.”

“Don’t worry, you’re gonna enjoy the Rock rocking your world,” he grinned as he took off his shirt, displaying the giant tribal tattoo on his left pec.

He picked her up and tossed her gently onto the couch, pushing her down on her back. The Rock took off her sweatpants and grabbed her bare feet, spreading her legs wide. Anna gasped as he slid aside her black thong, his large fingers spreading apart her pussy lips as he bent down.

Anna moaned and squeezed her thighs tightly together as his large, bald head wriggled around against her crotch, pleasuring her with his tongue. “Oh my God,” she moaned as her body writhed underneath him, pushing her mound against his face as he ate her out.

As the Rock licked furiously at her cunt, he slammed two fingers into her slit and started finger fucking the shit out of her. He continued the attack on her pussy as she squirmed around, her hands pressing his head to her hot box. Anna let out a shrill scream as her orgasm hit, her entire body shaking uncontrollably as the Rock slurped up her juices.

When she was still, he removed his fingers from her hole and stuck them into her mouth. “Mmm,” she sucked her juices off his fingers.

“Ready for round 2?” he asked.

“Mhmm,” she smiled and moaned, beckoning him to her.

He slid off her top, and with one strong pull, he snapped her thong as he ripped it away. He slid off his pants and revealed his giant, throbbing cock. Without hesitation, he pressed it up against her dripping cunt and slammed it home with a roar.

“Ahhh,” Anna screamed and scratched his muscled arms as he split her in two.

With every thrust, she was pushed hard up against the armrest of her couch, her head banging against the side. Her legs were up around his broad shoulders as he jackhammered into her furiously. Her pussy had never felt such a force before as the enormous former pro wrestler fucked her into submission. Soon after, Anna’s body could take no more as the strongest orgasm she’d ever experienced ripped through her body.

She shook as the waves of pleasure slammed through her, and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she briefly passed out. Anna came to a few seconds later on her stomach, screaming as the Rock slapped her ass hard.

“Where’s your lube?” he asked.

Still disoriented, she pointed hazily at the top drawer next to her bed, where she kept her vibrator and lube. Anna didn’t understand why he needed lube when her pussy was already soaking wet. She suddenly realized his intentions when she felt a cold glob of lube drop onto her ass, his rough fingers spreading it around her tightest hole.

“Wait what are you doing?” she asked.

“The Rock said he’s going to lay the smack down on your tight little ass, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.”

“Just wait a second,” Anna protested. She’d gone through plenty of training at Miley’s complex, but his enormous cock in her asshole still gave her pause. “Let’s talk about thiiis.”

Her last word came out as a drawn out groan as his monstrous dick slowly entered her ass. “Oh my fucking God,” she moaned out as he stuffed her hole, slowly fucking it until he built up speed.

“Holy fucking shit,” Anna screamed as he began pounding her ass without remorse. His dick slammed in and out of her ass as he propped himself up on her couch and propelled himself at her from behind. Her entire trailer shook from the pounding she was taking. Her water bottle tumbled off the kitchen table, and her phone fell from her dresser.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Anna repeated over and over as countless orgasms racked her body. The Rock continued destroying Anna’s pearly white ass. Her arms no longer worked, and her upper body rested on the cushion, her breasts rubbing raw against the upholstery. Finally, the Rock uttered a roar as he came.

Anna whipped her head back and came with him. Her pussy pulsed uncontrollably as she felt his seed explode deep inside her asshole. When he was finished, the Rock backed out of her ass with a plop.

“Thanks Anna,” he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and started getting dressed. “This was a lot of fun. I’ll definitely have to see you again sometime.”’

Anna had no energy left. With all the strength she could muster and a hazy smile on her face, she said, “Ok. Thanks. Bye.”

Anna heard her trailer door shut as he left, but couldn’t move. She lay there face down on her couch, her body glistening with sweat. As she passed out into a peaceful slumber, the Rock’s thick semen plopped out of her asshole in small spurts and slid down her raw pussy lips, pooling on the couch between her legs.


Taylor went through the back entrance of the hotel and took the service elevator up to the 14th floor. She found herself in front of room 1414 and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. Footsteps from inside approached the door, and then there was a pause.

The door swung open, and Jennifer Aniston stood there in a fluffy white bathrobe. “Well hey cutie. Come on in.”

Taylor’s mouth dropped open. She hadn’t been sure what to expect for her first real client, but definitely hadn’t been expecting this. She followed Jennifer into the room as the door clicked shut behind her. As Taylor entered the main part of the suite, two large men stood at attention, completely naked.

Jen took a sip of wine and offered a glass to Taylor. “Meet Mack and Joe. And here, chug this. You’ll need it.”

Taylor forced down the glass of white wine as she stared at Jen. “So do you want to watch me with them…or what?”

Jen laughed. “Oh goodness no. I’m going to fuck you until you beg me for mercy honey. And call me ‘Mistress’ or ‘Mistress Jen’, or you’ll be punished.”

Taylor stiffened as Jen peeled away her bathrobe, revealing a black latex bikini top and a black leather miniskirt so short Taylor could see a dark blonde landing strip. Despite getting up there in age, Jen still had a rocking body reminiscent of that of a woman half her age.

“Now get your cute little tushy over there,” Jen motioned over to the large bed.

Taylor walked over and stood next to it, turning to face her. “What now?”

Jen picked up a riding crop from an end table. She quickly strode up to Taylor and slapped her crotch with the crop.

“Ahhh,” Taylor screamed and doubled over in pain as the end of the crop made direct contact with her exposed cunt under her dress.

Jen grabbed Taylor’s hair and pulled her back into a standing position. She purred, “I told you that there would be consequences if you failed to properly address me.”

“Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.” Taylor whimpered, her pussy still stinging from the hit.

“See, much better already,” Jen fake clapped to an invisible audience behind her. “You’re such a quick learner. Reminds me of Miley.”

“What? Miley? What do you mean?”

Jen spun around so quickly that Taylor didn’t even have time to move as the riding crop struck her again right on her slit. Taylor shrieked and fell to the ground, moaning in pain as she cupped her crotch under her dress.

“Oh you poor thing,” Jen mocked with false concern. “Are you alright? You were doing so well.”

Taylor mumbled an incoherent response as she curled up on her side. In a flash, Jen whipped her again, this time in the ass. “You are to answer my questions promptly, slut.”

Taylor screamed again in excruciating pain. “I’m sorry, Mistress!”

“Good,” Jen squatted down and gently wiped away the tears from Taylor’s cheeks. She gave Taylor a quick kiss on the lips. “Now stand up.”

Taylor slowly lifted herself from the ground.

“Quickly,” Jen snapped, and Taylor shot up and stood at attention.

“Good girl,” Jen cooed. “All this whipping is making me so hot. Why don’t you relieve some of my tension?”

“What would you like me to do, Mistress Jen?”

“Figure it out, slut.” Jen sat back onto the bed and spread her legs.

Taylor got down on her knees and started kissing and licking at Jen’s moist slit. She nibbled at her clit as she massaged Jen’s thighs. “Ooh,” Jen moaned, “you’re not bad at eating pussy. Now eat my ass.”

Jen flipped over onto her stomach and lifted her skirt up to her abdomen. Taylor took a quick breath before diving into Jen’s puckered asshole, licking all around the rim.

“Get in there,” Jen commanded, and Taylor reluctantly stuck her tongue deep into Jen’s ass. Surprisingly, she tasted pretty good. The fact that Taylor was kind of enjoying this humiliation repulsed her, but it also turned her on. She moved her hand down and slid her dress up, inserting her middle finger into her pussy and exhaling as she penetrated herself.

Jen somehow sensed what was happening, flipped over, and sat up. “Did I say you could touch yourself, slut?”

Taylor’s hand shot away from her pussy. “No, Mistress Jen. I’m sorry, Mistress Jen.”

“Come here,” she commanded and pointed at her legs. “Lie down with your ass up. You’re going to get five lashes as punishment.”

“Please, Mistress.” Taylor whimpered. “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Get over here before I make it ten.” Taylor scampered up from the floor and did as she was told.

“Joe, be a dear and come gag her.”

Joe grabbed a bright red ball gag from the table and shoved it into Taylor’s mouth, fastening the strap around the back of her head. Joe stepped back, and Jen pulled up Taylor’s dress up to her waist. She landed the first strike directly in the middle Taylor’s right ass cheek.

Taylor’s eyes widened, and little bits of spittle flew from the sides of her mouth as the gag muffled her scream. Jen struck again, this time on the left ass cheek. Taylor let out another muffled scream and flailed around.

“Bad girl!” Jen’s aim was incredibly accurate as she struck again, this time the riding crop striking Taylor directly on the pussy. Taylor let out a muffled howl of pain and tumbled to the ground, rolling around in agony.

“Alright now, almost done. Get up on all fours. Come on.”

Taylor slowly lifting herself up until she was on her hands and knees, her bright right ass cheeks facing Jen. Jen stood flipped the riding crop around, this time striking Taylor with the flat of the handle. Taylor moaned and slumped over, her knees buckling from the intense agony.

“Last one. Get back up, slut.” Jen commanded. Taylor got back up on all fours and trembled, spit dripping down from the gag.

Jen struck her one last time with the handle of the crop, and Taylor collapsed into a heap on the ground, her entire body shaking and covered in sweat from the exertion. Both her ass cheeks and her slit were beet red from the hits.

Mistress Jen walked over and grabbed some ice from a bucket. She gently slid the melting ice over each ass cheek and hummed a little lullaby, soothing the stinging pain caused by the whip. Finally, she took a small piece of ice and massaged it against Taylor’s puffy pussy lips. Taylor moaned into the ball gag as the ice relieved the fiery jolts of pain.

“Alright, you took those hits like a good little slut.” Jen said after a couple of minutes. “I suppose you deserve a treat.” Jen rolled Taylor onto the bed on her back, lowering her mouth onto Taylor’s now cold and wet slit. The experienced tongue of the older blonde worked wonders, and Taylor was soon gasping into her ball gag with pleasure.

Taylor’s juices ran from her stimulated cunt like a river, flowing down her pussy lips and ass crack. Just as Taylor was about to cum, Jen stopped and pulled away, reaching up to unfasten the gag. “Mack, come over here and get under her.” Mack quickly got on the bed and flipped Taylor up like a rag doll until she was mounted right over his awaiting cock.

“Joe, other hole please.” Joe immediately positioned himself behind Taylor and placed his stiff dick at the entrance of Taylor’s asshole.

“Now then, let’s play a game.” Jen smiled deviously as she lay on her back and spread her legs into front of Taylor. “You’re going to eat me until I cum. If you can get me to cum before Mack and Joe get you to cum, you get a treat. If you cum before me, you’re going to get another punishment. Ready?”

Taylor nodded. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Go!” Jen exclaimed gleefully.

In unison, Mack and Joe began pounding Taylor’s holes. She gasped, but quickly recovered and began feverishly attacking Jen’s exposed cunt.

Taylor could feel their large rods moving around inside her, and her entire crotch and ass area were still incredibly sensitive from the lashing she’d received. She moaned ecstatically into Jen’s wet pussy as they hammered her asshole and cunt mercilessly.

She felt the orgasm building inside of her and fought to stay calm. Taylor tried to control her breathing, but it was hard enough as it was to suck in breaths of air in between burying her face into Jen’s crotch. “Mmm yeah,” Jen gasped as she wrapped her legs tightly around Taylor’s golden tresses. “Yeah, eat me, slut. Eat me good.”

Taylor redoubled her efforts, firmly wrapping her lips around the top of Jen’s slit and pressed down on her clit with her tongue. She was rewarded by a long moan from Jen. Her legs squeezed Taylor’s head even harder as Jen threw her head back with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Mack continued to fuck her pussy as he leaned up. Sliding her dress down so that it was all bunched up around her waste, Mack started sucking on Taylor’s pert little tits. He licked all over her chest and then focused on sucking on hard on her little pink nipples. Taylor’s breath grew shallow as her body grew closer and closer to orgasm. Joe had gotten up into a squatting position, a vein bulging in his neck as he hammered Taylor’s asshole as fast and hard as he could.

The bed was shaking vigorously, and their combined juices emitted loud squelches with each thrust as Mack and Joe’s balls slapped hard against Taylor’s taint.

Jen was close. Taylor could feel it. Jen’s breath came in tiny bursts, and she was making an involuntary high-pitched squeal every time Taylor’s tongue hit home on Jen’s clit.

Taylor smiled triumphantly into Jen’s crotch as she felt small tremors all over Jen’s body. She fought the urge to give into her own pleasure as she raced toward the finish line. Unluckily for her, just as Jen neared the edge, Joe decided to smack Taylor’s ass as hard as he could while he fucked her hole.

Still incomprehensibly sore from the beating it had taken from the handle of Jen’s riding crop, Taylor shrieked loud enough for the entire hotel to hear. The red-hot pain of Joe’s smack, combined with his assault on her asshole and Mack’s shaft pounding her throbbing pussy, sent over into an agonizing orgasm.

Taylor’s entire body seized up and began quivering. Her cunt lips clamped down like a vice on Mack’s cock, and her asshole pulsated around Joe’s cock. She shuddered as a flood of juices exploded out of her slit, coating Mack’s dick and balls. The instant pressure was too much for both men, and they both lost control.

Both of them came without their Mistress Jen’s permission, unleashing a torrent of semen deep into Taylor’s tight cunt and asshole. Their thick cum shooting deep into both of her holes unleashed another earth-shattering orgasm for Taylor. The shock of Mack and Joe’s loss of control startled Jen, and Taylor’s intensely shuddering mouth became too much to handle.

“Ohhh fuuuck!” Jen screamed as she squirted all over, covering Taylor’s beautiful face with her juices.

She grabbed Taylor’s head and bucked wildly against it, riding out the waves of her orgasm. Taylor could barely breathe with Jen’s legs and crotch enveloping her face. The lack of air combined with her own immensely powerful orgasm caused Taylor to grow light-headed.

Her eyes fluttered, and her shuddering body went limp as she passed out. Jen finally released Taylor’s head from between her legs. Completely spent, Joe backed out of Taylor’s ass with a plop, and Mack likewise popped his dick out of the unconscious girl’s cunt and slid out from under Taylor’s limp body.

They both stood at attention next to the bed and apologized to Mistress Jen for cumming without her permission.

“Mmm, that was magical.” Jen smiled. “I’ll forgive you two this time. Now go to your room.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Mack and Joe quickly threw on their clothes and left the suite.

Jen kissed the sleeping slut on the cheek, a thin strand of her own nectar dripping down as she pulled away. “I think you’ll be worth paying Miley a special rate to keep you all weekend,” she whispered to the sleeping pop star as she rolled over to get some rest.

Taylor lay facedown on the bed, her face glistening from Jen’s drying pussy juice. Her arms lay at her side, and her ass cheeks were still a deep shade of crimson from the brutal beatings they’d taken. Thick white strands of semen leaked from her sopping asshole and cunt, forming a large pool on the sheets beneath her.

But through it all, Taylor’s body heaved up and down from the best slumber she’d ever had in her life, a wide smile on her completely satisfied, sleeping face.

To be continued…

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My first taste of dick

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I was a 6 year old boy sitting in a car be driven to my friend’s house. Tyler was also 6 and we rode the same bus. My parents were going to some party that night so I had to stay at a friend’s house. Tyler’s brother, Eric, was also gonna be with us because someone needed to watch us. After his parents sent us to be in the basement we started watching a movie but none of us were tired.

“Im bored” Tyler said “We should play a game”
“What kind of game” I replied
“I dont know? A fun one” He said and we laughed
“I know of a really fun game,” said Eric
“What?” Tyler and I asked jointly
“Simon says,” he said

Tyler and I agreed and we start to play with Eric being Simon. We each followed to commands perfectly for a while. I hadn’t really realized why until later that night. Eric had never not said, “Simon says” all game. So he makes us do the “normal” Simon says stuff then it got a little weird. He stopped us

“Ok, now im gonna give each of you your own task to try and make it harder, but I wont say “Simon says” said Eric
“How exactly will this be harder” I thought to myself but figured whatever

“Tyler, take off his shirt and Jason, take off Tyler shirt” he told us. Tyler removed mine and II removed his.
“Ok, now take off each other’s pants” I reached towards him and slid his down, he then after, removed mine
“Now, each of you take off your underwear” Tyler and Me exchanged weird looks “Its ok” Eric said, “You guys will like this

Tyler slowly pulled his off first and I watched him and his soft dick flopped out. It couldn’t of been bigger than 2 inches. Then it was my turn, which I was embarrassed to do because mine was only about 1 and half inches. But I did.

“Now touch yourselves until you’re fully hard” he said

I noticed a bulge developing in Eric’s pants and got a little scared but nevertheless starting stroking my dick back and forth. I was near full hard when gaziantep swinger I looked over and saw Tyler’s now hard 4-inch dick. I was again ashamed when my dick got hard but was only 3 inches.

“Now stand next to each other and face one another” We followed the command given.
“Now Jason, open your mouth” I did “and get on your knees” I dropped to my knees and was face to face with his dick and I could see a small drop of pre-cum coming out of his peehole. “Now suck his dick” I wasn’t sure if I could. I just stared at it. “Tyler, help him. Put your hand on his head and push him towards your dick” He nodded with a grin

I now had no choice I open wide as his head poked into my mouth and I started moving my head up and down. I took my head of and lick his head and the sides then his balls then covered his dick with my mouth again. Eric stopped us and told us to switch. I stood up as Tyler knelt. He didn’t hesitate; he opened wide and slammed my dick in his mouth quickly moving up and down. It felt so good I started breathing heavily. He then started licking by balls and I started moaning even bigger now.

“Stop” Eric intruded “Tyler, stay on your knees but put your hands on the ground in front of you like a dog, and Jason get behind him” We did as told “Jason, see his butt hole? Fuck it! Stick your dick in it”

I hunched over Tyler and placed my head against his hole. Then I slowly inserted, I could hear Tyler wince in pain. The feel of his ass was so good. Nice and warm and tight. I could feel his ass try to fight back but I just pushed deeper. Eric told me to move my dick in and out and I complied. As I humped him every time I pushed in I heard him moan. I went faster and faster until my body tense up and I shot my boy cum in his ass. Without being told we quickly switched positions and Tyler, I could tell, wanted to repay me. He slammed his 4-inch cock into my ass hard and like I did to him started humping me. The repetitiveness made my ass throb in pleasure. Tyler stopped for a second

“Eric, I need to go pody,” He said
“Then go,” replied Eric. Tyler began to get up but Eric stopped him. “What are you doing”?
“Going pody,” he replied
“You don’t have to go in the bathroom, go in his ass”

So Tyler go back over me and continued to hump and just after he restarted I felt his warm pee flow into my ass filling it up till there was no room and it overflowed out of my ass and down my legs. The combination of piss and ass must of pleased Tyler as shortly there after squirted his boy cum into my rectum.

“Sorry Tyler, but I never told you to ass fuck Jason so you lose, come over and get your prize Jason”

I crawled over there and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his 6-inch dick and placed the head in my mouth and grabbed my head with one hand so I couldn’t move. He jacked off with the other hand untill I heard him moan real loud and he shot his tremendous load into my mouth. He looked me in the eye and told me to swallow, I loved the salty taste.

“Now you too are all dirty, get in the shower.”

It wasn’t that late so his parent probably figured it was Eric taking the shower. He threw us in and turned on the water. He demanded Tyler to stand next to time wall facing the wall. Eric stood outside watching us

“Lick his ass Jason,” he said. I bent down and stuck out my tongue and slowly licked his asshole up and down. I could taste the remainder of my boy cum as I pleasured him.

“Stick your tongue in his ass” he said. Without hesitation I shoved my tongue up there and Tyler let out a big moan. The taste of my cum was even stronger and I loved it combined with his ass. I stoop up.

“I have to pee,” I said. Eric told us to get out of the shower. He roughly dried off Tyler’s stomach and made him lay on his back.

“There, pee. Pee on his stomach” I quickly did. “Now, clean him up, lick it all up” He forced my down and made me lick, slurp and swallow and the pee. It was a good warm taste.

“You love the taste don’t you?” he questioned. I nodded. “Tyler, fuck his ass again” Tyler quickly inserted in my again but after only humping me for a minute Eric told him to stop and pull out. “Get back in the shower and suck that” I opened my mouth and took in his dick. It was a fantastic combination on dick, ass, piss and cum. After I sucked his dick clean he informed me to stand up and for Tyler to sit under

“Stick a finger up his ass” Tyler followed “now another, and another” Tyler followed again. “Now shove your fist up his ass far as you can and fist fuck him” Tyler’s fist was bigger than his dick and it hurt twice as much but also was twice as orgasmic. Eric noticed I was near cumming when he told Tyler to finish me off. He moved his head around and started sucking again. In seconds I orgasm and let my smallish load flow into Tyler’s mouth. Eric instructed him to swallow and he did.

“That wasn’t nearly enough you swallowed, turn around Jason and get on your knees” I thought I expected what would happen next but I didn’t. I thought I would feel a 4-inch dick ram up my hard ass, but it was twice as big. Eric worked my ass and I almost cried it pain but his dick felt so good up my tight ass. After a minute he took everything out but the head and like he did earlier jacked off but this time into my ass. Then he told me to stand up and spread my ass cheeks and for Tyler to sit under my with his mouth open.

“Now fart my cum into his ass” I pushed out with my ass and Eric’s loaded exploded into Tyler’s mouth. Eric made him swallow it all. So did I. I stuck my fingers up my own ass and lick off the cummy remains.

We went to bed that night exhausted from the night and I wondered where my sexual adventures would take me. Little did I know that I would have many more unforgettable nights to “cum”

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My ex-wife, part 1

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I met my ex-wife by accident. I shared an apartment with two other guys, and was a musician, a guitarist, in a local rock and roll band. The apartment was upscale, since we made very good money. I was the youngest of the three of us, 22 years old. My other roommates, were the drummer and another guitar player, and were both several years older than me.

The drummer and I had played together for about 3 years, and we had sometimes fucked the same women, occasionally at the same time. He was really into humiliation, double penetration, forced blow jobs, deep anal, and had a really huge cock. I am just a bit better than a normal endowment, but my cock is very, very thick and as such is truly a “weapon of ass destruction”. The other guitar player was sort of shy and mostly kept to himself.

Like most musicians, I had a “day” job, working construction. Since I worked with concrete, it was often the case that a wet pour would be postponed if it rained. My workdays would start with a check of the weather on AM radio, and waiting for a call on rainy days, while I had my breakfast. The drummer worked a regular day job as well, and was out the door every morning at 6:00 sharp.

One Thursday night, the drummer came home with this really hot, very beautiful girl. She had an ass from heaven, although her boobs were just a bit smaller than the girls I considered to be my type. He briefly passed through the living room, where I was watching a movie, and introduced her as Susie. I remember that I watched as they entered his room, and took note that she had the most gorgeous ass I had seen in a long time. Her cheeks were high and tight, and the paper-thin jeans she wore were skin tight and went deep into the crack of her ass, as if they were painted on. I knew that the drummer was an anal freak, and I imagined what it would look like to see his huge cock tearing up that perfect ass.

Well, the movie ended and I went into my bedroom to get some sleep, since I was expecting to work the next morning. I especially needed a good night’s gaziantep swinger rest because I was playing a gig on Friday night and would be up very late. I fell immediately to sleep, but I awoke about 2:00 AM to the sounds of screaming and the drummer’s bed thumping against my bedroom wall. I got out of bed and put my ear to the wall and was amazed that I could hear everything as clearly as though I were in his bedroom.

I was right, he was pounding that ass, and she was screaming and creaming so loudly that it roused me from a deep sleep. My cock got instantly hard, and I started to jerk off as I listened. It was insane, the harder he fucked her, slamming the bed into the wall, the more she screamed and begged for more and more cock. What I heard next really hit me. She started screaming at him “fuck my turds”, “cream on my hot shit”, and a lot of similar scat related expletives.

I couldn’t believe it. I had loved the idea of scat play with a really hot bitch since my teens, fantasized about it often, and jerked off to those fantasies. But I had never met a woman who was actually into anything like that. Suddenly, such a girl was being fucked by my buddy in the next room. They reached a crescendo, and I clearly heard him order her “shit on my cock while I cream in your fudge, you fucking whore!”.

Then her moans went off the chart. Loud “Ahhh’s” interspersed with “fuck my shit, fuck my shit”. He was moaning as he came, and he said “Yeah, shit all over my cock baby”. I could only imagine the sight and smell of his nasty ass-fuck, and blew my load all over the carpet. Exhausted, I crawled back into bed, but I distincly remember him ordering her to suck his cock clean.

The next thing I knew, the alarm was going off at 6:00 AM. My two roommates had already left for work, and I just went right from the bedroom to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and took a wicked dump, one really fat and extremely long turd, maybe 16 to 18 inches, when suddenly the phone rang in the kitchen and I got up to answer it. It was my boss, who said the weather was going to be bad, and not to come to work. I hung up and went back to the bathroom, and there SHE was….kneeling in front of the toilet, fingering her clit, and getting ready to cum.

I was in shock for a moment. I did not expect her to be there, and had assumed she left with the drummer at 5:30. But here was this angelic auburn haired goddess, kneeling in front of the toilet, licking her lips and looking at my massive turd, about to cream herself. She looked at me, standing there naked, my cock instantly hard, and asked “Did you do this?”.

I had to clear my throat, I was speechless, but finally said “yes, it’s mine”. She looked at my throbbing cock and told me to kneel behind her and fuck her ass, and I was there in a heartbeat. As I pushed against her tight pucker, I realized her ass was still shitty from the fuck she’d had several hours earlier. By coincidence, he thought she was alone in the apartment, had been awakened by the phone ringing, and went into the bathroom to shower.

I pushed through the dried shit caked all around her asshole, and my cock slid in. It was tight, it was dry, but her ass opened up and took every inch. She was kneeling over the bowl, sniffing my huge log, telling me how awesome it was and how huge it looked. I pushed all the way into her and felt a hard, thick turd against the head of my cock. Suddenly, I was in the same situation as the drummer, and she started begging me to fuck her shit, to cream on her turds.

I couldn’t believe it, a shit whore, right here,with my cock up her ass. I started humping her furiously, and she came over and over in waves. Then she asked my to push my cock in as far as it would go, and hold it still, and I felt her hot shit start to envelop the head of my cock, and start to slide down aound the shaft. My god, she was shitting around my cock as it was buried in her ass. She was grunting, and cumming, and moaning, and I looked down and watched as a ring of brown poo exited her ass, molded around the shaft of my hard cock. It grew, and soon was all over my groin and my balls.

Suddenly she screamed for me to fuck her ass and cream in her shit, and I laid it to her. I only lasted about 30 seconds and then I was pumping my load right into her hot butt fudge. This was the most excellent orgasm in my life, and the sight, the smell, and the feeling drove me over the top. After I came, I pulled back and my cock, still hard, plopped out. It was covered with at least a quarter-inch of thick, dark brown shit and smeared with my cock cream.

She turned around and pushed me onto the bathroom floor, and she straddled my cock and dumped a huge load of her hot poo all over my cock and balls. Without saying a fucking word, she got off me, knelt over my cock, looked into my eyes with the most wicked smile I had ever seen, and started cleaning my cock with her mouth. She ate all of her turds, fingering her cunt the whole time, and licked up the residue and cock cream, and then we went into the shower.

We stayed in the apartment and fucked all day, and when the drummer came home from work and found her there with me, he was pissed. I was surprised, because we had fucked the same women before, and I figured we’d share her, but he did not want to. In a few hours, we got into a fight, and he grabbed a bunch of his things and left. It was awkward playing the job with him on that Friday night, but we got it done. I tried to get along with him, to reconcile, and even told him I would lay off of her, but he was still pissed. So I said fuck it, she’s mine.

I returned to the aprtment that night with her, and too tired to fuck we both slept through the night. I awoke the next morning to find the drummer moving his stuff out of the apartment. I took over his room, the largest bedroom, and so the tale begins.

All of this is absolutely true. If you are really into scat and extreme sex, you will want to return here and read the ensuing stories. I encourage you to write to me if you have any questions about REAL scat play, especially if you ar female! Hope to hear fom you soon!


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Me, my Girlfriend, and her Mom: Part 2

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Part Two:

Three days passed and no police came for me, and when I saw Ashley, it didn’t seem like she knew anything. Just as I suspected, Jill didn’t have it in her to tell anyone about what I had done, either because she was ashamed or because she loved it, probably both. But after the third day, I decided it was time to stop by and pay her a visit.

I arrived at her house in the mid-morning, when Ashley was still there. Like before, I didn’t bother knocking, but I hollered when I stepped inside. “Ashley?”

“In here!” Her voice came from the kitchen, and at the same time, I heard a dish break. “Mom, are you ok?”

“Y-yes, dear, I’m fine. It just slipped out of my hand.”

Hearing Jill’s voice gave me a hard-on, the fact that she had broken a plate when hearing my own telling me that the iron was still hot and it was time to strike. I came into the kitchen, where Ashley was sitting at the dinner table in her waitress uniform with a stack of pancakes in front of her. Jill was at the stove in a pair of tight jeans and a tank top, standing with her back to me and trying to hide her trembling.

“Hey, what’s up?” Ashley asked.

“I wanted to see if you were up for a movie.”

“You should have called, you wouldn’t have had to drive. You know I have the lunch shift at the diner today. I told you before, remember? I got to leave in half an hour.”

“Oh yeah, I guess I forgot,” I replied, waiting for Jill to look over to me.

“Luckily my mom was in a good mood and offered to make me some pancakes. Want some?”

“I would love some. Jill, you don’t mind, do you?”

Jill had to turn to me or else her daughter would get suspicious. Putting on a brave face, she looked over to me. “Sure, I’d be happy to!”

I flashed her a grin, one that Ashley didn’t see, one that broadcasted what I really hungered for. Seeing that look in my eye, knowing what I wanted to do, Jill turned her attention back to the stove and began mixing up more batter, trying to keep calm so that Ashley wouldn’t sense anything while she prepared food for the man that had raped her. I watched her while she worked, her tight denims making her ass pop. The pancakes were made in ten minutes and Jill handed me the plate without making eye contact.

For a while, I sat with Ashley and ate this second breakfast, talking with her about the usual subjects while Jill cleaned up in the kitchen. Ashley soon finished and left for work, leaving Jill and me alone. At first I didn’t do anything, I simply continued eating while Jill tried to distract herself with dirty dishes. The kitchen was silent, save for the scratching of my knife and fork on my plate and clinking of dishes in the sink. I could tell the silence was getting to Jill, that she could feel my eyes on her. What was I going to do to her? What was I waiting for? These questions were driving her wild, and against her will, her body was preparing itself. All I had to do was watch my timing and the suspense would do a lot of the work for me.

Finally I stood up and strode over to her with intentionally slow footfalls, watching Jill tighten up as I approached. Finally I grabbed her ass and pressed myself against her. “Your cooking is as good as ever, now how about I prepare something to stuff into YOUR mouth?”

“Zach, what happened before was a mistake and we can’t ever do it again?”

“It wasn’t a mistake. I took you like a dirty whore and you loved it, begging me to rape you harder. You know, the day after we had sex, Ashley and I had a little bit of fun. I wonder if she could taste you on my cock, the way she was slobbering all over it. Her mouth felt just like yours.”

Jill tried to push me away. “I said no!”

“Haven’t you learned yet? You don’t get to say no to me.”

I grabbed the front of her jeans and unfastened them, then wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her from the stove and to the middle of the kitchen floor.

“No! NO!” she screamed as I yanked off her pants, revealing her pink thong.

I forced her to the floor and kept her on her stomach with me on top of her, letting me undress. I then flipped her over and ripped off her tank top like wrapping paper. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, her melon-sized tits bouncing freely. Momentarily letting her go, I stood up and retrieved a bottle of cooking oil from beside the stove. Pinning Jill on her back, I held her wrists together so that she couldn’t fight me off and poured the oil onto her chest. I rubbed it into her skin with my free hand, loving the feel of her breasts slipping in my grip.

“Nothing like a pair of big oiled titties,” I said with a chuckle.

Jill glared at me with fear and anger. “Fuck you,” she hissed.

“Oh no, I’m going to fuck YOU.”

My sadistic side getting the better of me, I squeezed one of her tits with a hard grip, making Jill cry out in pain. From there, I began smacking them, each time making her yelp as I whipped the mountains of soft gaziantep swinger flesh. The sound of flesh on flesh and her cries, the sensation of her beautiful breasts against my palm and fingers, and the sight of the forming welts turned me on beyond words. It was like they were stress balls, begging for abuse.

I shifted my position her, keeping her arms pinned beneath me but with my hands free. Having the perfect opportunity, I held her oiled breasts together and slid my cock between them, me shuddering in euphoria and Jill in revulsion. Even bustier than Ashley, I knew that Jill would give the best tit-fucks imaginable. I moved back and forth, rubbing her breasts against the shaft while Jill tried to keep her face away from the tip. Against my planning, I had a premature orgasm from the excitement. I didn’t lose much, mainly precum, and it sprayed across Jill’s tearful face while I maintained my erection.

I soon moved on, retaining my hold on her wrists with one hand and sending the other down south. She writhed beneath me, but I held her still. Grabbing her thong, I pulled it up, wedging it between the plump lips of her cunt. Again she cried out as I pulled harder and harder, using the narrow fabric like floss and pulling it against her erect clitoris. Again I let go of her, letting her try to push me off with her free hands as I pulled off her thong. Grabbing her again, I rolled her onto her back and bound her wrists with her underwear, having learned online how to use them as makeshift handcuffs.

With her incapacitated, I was finally able to pull off my own clothes, though they were already sticky from the cooking oil. Like before, I had Jill over my lap, her ass in the air. First I poured oil on her, giving her rear end a sexy shine, then I took my time spanking her, bruising her tan milf ass like I had done with her breasts. My hand slid right off her ass each time, her soft flesh jiggling from the strike. My fingers slick with oil, I worked them in her pussy, relishing the sounds of her voice. Regardless of her anger, her body was again relapsing in its desire for sexual contact. With just my fingers, I had her moaning in bliss, the volume rising and falling with the speed of my hand.

She came after only a minute, much sooner than I expected to. Maybe after fucking her the other day, her body was now on a hair trigger. Her moans echoed through the house, her whole body in spasms as waves of pleasure rolled through her while my hand was soaked in a spray of her juices. Not giving her any rest, I grabbed her legs and pulled them up, putting her in the same position as the other day with her head and the back of her neck pressed to the floor, her bound arms underneath her, and her ass in the air. This time, I was behind her, kneeling and holding her up with my arms around her stomach. Her virgin asshole was inches from my face, glistening from the cooking oil and just waiting to be used.

“Zach, what are you doing?”

Instead of answering, I grave a broad lick of her anus, making her shudder in bliss. The cooking oil didn’t taste very good, but all I really cared about was the physical sensation of running my tongue around her brown eye. I had already done it before, when she was passed out on the lawn, but I was enjoying it even more since she was awake to experience it. I penetrated her with my tongue, flicking around her insides while I sucked on her asshole with my lips. All the while, I worked her clit with my right hand, trying to coax another orgasm from her. I was able to push her over the threshold again, but I was able to make her moan like an opera singer.

After a few minutes, I retrieved the bottle of cooking oil and stuck the nozzle in her raised asshole like the jug of a water bottle. I squeezed bottle, making Jill gag as I pumped her ass full of oil like an enema. A full liter was pumped into her rectal cavity.

“How about we play a little game?” I suggested.

Without letting go of her or letting her fall over, I reached into one of the drawers above my head and grabbed a wine stopper. Jill shuddered as I inserted it into her ass as a makeshift butt plug.

“You’re going to suck me off like a good whore, and if you can make me cum without that oil spilling out of you, I’ll leave right now. Which of us can last longer?”

Jill stared at me in disbelief. “You promise you’ll leave?”

“I won’t even bother getting dressed. I’ll just grab my clothes and walk right out that door.”

Jill didn’t answer, but since this was rape, I didn’t care about what she had to say. I set her against the fridge, still upside-down like a weirdly drawn 2, her ass pointed straight up. I rubbed my cock against her face, just like after I skull-fucked her the last time. She resisted at first, remembering how I choked her with it until she vomited, but she soon gave in and began blowing me, though it was hard to do in the position we were in. Seconds passed, and before the first minute was finished, I could tell that Jill was struggling with all her might to keep the oil from spilling out of her. Even while upside-down, the pressure inside was painful and her body was trying to push it out. All the while, I was maintaining my composure, easily able to hold back my reserves in the face of this half-assed blowjob. Deciding to speed up the process, I started working my fingers in her pussy, make her give a shrill whine. Were she to speak, she would say I was cheating. But again, this was rape, so I wasn’t really under any obligation to play fair.

I used the stimulation to ruin her focus, and after less than a minute, the wine stopper shot out of her ass and a geyser of cooking oil sprayed up. I moved out of the way, letting it pour down on Jill. She cried as the thick fluid splashed her tits and face, knowing where it had just been. To her it might as well have been my semen. Standing over her, I inserted my fingers into her asshole, now loose and slick. I stirred them around, making her whimper and cry in humiliation.

“Oh, such a shame, now I get to rape your asshole for as long as I want.”

“No, please! Anything but that!” she begged.

“I told you before, you don’t get to say no to me.”

Grabbing her arm, I pulled her to her feet and then bent her over the sink. She continued begging for mercy, but I just spread her legs, and in a single shove, I forced my manhood into her asshole. She screamed when I violated her, having never before been sodomized by more than my fingers. I had mounted her like a dog, and with all the cooking oil in her ass, I was able to slide in and out effortlessly. This was my first time as well, none of my past girlfriends never being brave enough to try ass play. The sensation of Jill’s anus around my cock was indescribable, both physically and psychology. The fact that I was sodomizing this beautiful mature woman was like winning a trophy, with her unwillingness only sweetening the moment.

She cried as I slammed myself against her over and over again, punishing her asshole without mercy, unable to resist me as I turned her body into a sex toy. Her rear end clapped against my lap over and over, the sound music to my ears. But soon after I started, a familiar change took over Jill. She would look back at me, licking her lips with a lustful glare. After only a minute, her cries of pain were replaced with calls for me to fuck her harder and faster. I had reawaken the vixen from last time.

“You like that, don’t you? You like getting ass raped? Take my cock like a good whore!” I growled, reaching around and smacking her tits.

“Yes, I love getting raped! Fuck my slutty asshole harder! Cum in my ass!”

“Imagine if Ashley were to hear you say that. Your daughter coming in here, seeing her mother beg her rapist to turn her into a cum dumpster.”

She didn’t respond, but her asshole tightened around me. So it seems I had struck a nerve… I changed positions, pulling her down with me to the floor, removing my cock from her ass just long enough to turn her towards me. We were both on our sides, her body curled up with me continuing to thrust into her, her asshole forming a perfect seal around my cock. I stared into her eyes as I sodomized her, seeing the ravenous joy of being fucked like a dirty slut.

“Now do you get it? See how much fun it is getting fucked?” I panted, never stopping my movements.

“Oh god, I think I’m addicted to your cock…” she groaned.

“Just like Ashley. How does it feel knowing that the same man who routinely takes your daughter like a whore is now violating you? Does it turn you on?”

Shocking me, she took control, using her body weight to roll me onto my back so that she was on top, even with her hands still bound. Now riding me, she leaned over and slipped her tongue between my lips. Lifting her up, I began bucking my hips, shooting myself straight up into her asshole with her rear end jiggling magnificently. I wished with all my heart I could see us from behind, watch my manhood stretch her anus wide while her cheeks bounced and jiggled. I fucked her like a jackhammer, gripping her ass while she moved and spanking her, all while she and I made out.

“I always wondered why you were so ok with me and Ashley having sex while you were in the house. You had to have heard us, she moans and talks dirty just as loudly as you do. You had to have heard your daughter begging to be fucked, of her whines as she came over and over again.”

Again she tightened up on me, telling me that I was getting closer.

“Did it turn you on, hearing her getting violated? Hearing her beg for it? Maybe you were jealous. Maybe you wished I would do the same to you. Maybe you wished you were the one getting fucked and filled with cum.”

After a minute, she sat up, letting me watch her tits bounce as she rode me. The grin on her face was more depraved than Ashley’s, loving the feeling of bobbing on my cock, as if I had become the sex toy and she was using me to sodomize herself. But I could tell from the look in her eyes that I was getting closer. She changed again after a minute, finding the floor unsuitable for her to properly ride me like this. Instead, she turned her back to me and put her feet up on my knees, maybe so that we couldn’t make eye contact anymore. Now in my favorite position, I held her up and once again started bucking my hips, pumping her asshole like a piston while she moaned.

“Yes! Oh god, it feels so good!” she screamed.

Again I wished I could watch from another angle, wanting to see her jiggling oiled tits, her glistening slit, and her ass being pummeled by my cock.

“Or maybe it was because you liked the idea of your daughter getting fucked. You wanted to watch your little girl get penetrated, get mounted.” I suddenly stopped, a savage grin on my face. “Maybe you wanted to fuck her, to turn your daughter into your personal fuck doll!”

“Please don’t stop! I’m so close!”

“Admit it! Admit you want to fuck Ashley!”

“Please let me cum! I want to cum with your cock in my ass!”

“Admit you’re attracted to your daughter!”

“Ok, I admit it! I loved listening to Ashley get fucked! I want to fuck my daughter! So fuck me like you fuck her!”

That was all I needed. I returned to my maximum speed, ramming her from below so fast that my balls actually hurt from the movement.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Jill screamed the words over and over again, and from her slit, a wave of clear liquid sprayed freely. I never stopped moving, instead using her orgasm as a chance to fuck her even harder and drive her wild.

She soon calmed down, but I was getting tired from this position. I needed to be back on top. I grabbed her bound wrists and pulled her to the side, using the momentum to get us both up onto her knees. Now back in the doggy-style position, I was able to resume humping her while sparing my stomach muscles. I pulled on the thong around her wrists, using them to slam her down onto my cock after each retraction.

“Damn, I never knew you were such an anal whore.”

“Oh god, it feels so good! Fuck me, Zach! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me like you fuck my daughter!”

To be fair, I hadn’t yet taken Ashley’s backdoor virginity, but I did as told, hammering Jill with all my strength, again filling the house with the sounds of her oiled ass clapping against my lap, mixed with her euphoric moans. But I still felt I could get deeper. Without picking her up or pulling out, I got to my feet, bending Jill over farther until her face was to the floor. Now standing, I was able to put all of my weight into my thrusts, driving straight down into her. Jill continued to moan, drunk with sexual euphoria. She had orgasm after orgasm, spraying the floor over and over while I butt-fucked her without reprieve, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Shit, I’m about to cum!” I grunted.

“Pour it all in my ass! Fill my asshole with your cum!” she begged.

She didn’t need to ask twice, as with a shudder, I pumped everything I had into her rectum, a deluge of my seed. I pulled out of her, my manhood deflating and my lungs feeling like they were on fire. Just like before, Jill was now silent, remaining with her face to the floor and her ass in the air, now with frothy semen trickling from her bruised anus.

“Oh god, what is wrong with me? I can’t believe I admitted that,” she groaned.

“What first made you horny for your daughter? Her firm bouncing tits, her tight round ass, her soft luscious pussy, or the fact that it’s such a naughty taboo?” I asked, too intrigued to leave it alone.

“I don’t know. Whenever I would listen to you two, I would get so turned on. I would imagine you were fucking me instead of her. I kept fantasizing about it, and soon, my daughter would be there, just watching me get fucked. Each time I thought about it, it would just deeper and deeper. Soon I would dream about you taking turns with us, and then I even began to imagine Ashley and I kissing and licking each other’s bodies as you used us like whores.”

Hearing her talk was putting me back in the mood. It seemed my ultimate fantasy of a mother-daughter threesome might not be so impossible after all, and staring at her ass and pussy, sticky with cooking oil and semen, was returning my hard-on. Revitalized, I grabbed Jill’s bound wrists and pulled her to her feet.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she asked as I pulled her upstairs.

I led her into Ashley’s room and threw her on the bed, still warm and smelling like her. With my cock now fully erect, I grabbed a pair of Ashley’s dirty underwear and jammed it in Jill’s mouth as a gag. Then, I took her from behind and violated her pussy. My energy returned, I fucked her like an animal, turning her womanhood into a receptacle for my desires. As I rode her, she looked back at me, grinning with her daughter’s panties in her mouth, telling me that she was enjoying this even more than I was.

Things were going to get very interesting.

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The Lost Chapters–Condensed

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I had just finished up with a client in Atlanta and was on Interstate 85 headed to my home in Western North Carolina…
It had involved some “ Olympic caliber “ sex that had taken it’s toll on me. My nuts were sore..
As the miles slipped away, I wondered why this beautiful lady couldn’t find some local talent to ‘scratch her itch ‘…

My mind wandered to how we met. Samantha had been referred to me by a lady friend of mine.
As we spoke on the phone, she revealed that she was divorced, and her husband had accused her of being ‘frigid’ ,and ran around on her till she caught up with him. A good private dick had some intimate pics of him and his ???
Retaining a good lawyer, she had taken the wealthy guy for half his net worth.. She laughed all the way to the bank with 2 million of his dollars.
Now, months had passed and she was ready to have some serious therapy, to find out if indeed she was sexless in bed.
My friend had laid my reputation down thick, telling her of my massage / hot stone treatments and how relaxed she was after a session with me.

Samantha had told her that she had never had an orgasm, and would pay anything to experience them. The friend had also revealed my “erotic” side evidently…….

I’m sure Atlanta is full of sex therapists, shrinks, gigolos, and more. Why she chose to contact me is still a mystery. Sex was never implied as part of her treatment.
I drove to meet her in a public place, for obvious reasons. Upon seeing Samantha, I found it very hard to believe her story. On my 1—10 scale she rated a solid 9.5 …
Long shapely legs , killer ass , and a 34 b cup made up her frame and being a brunette with long sexy lashes and green eyes completed her .. A 26 year old natural wet dream..

“ You’ve come highly recommended Dano, and if you can help me with my problem, you won’t regret the trip. I have you booked at a small Inn near me, as I may need several of your treatments. When you leave, I will compensate you well..”
She said she would call with directions to her place after I had relaxed from the four hour drive. She had my cell number. I checked in and had a long shower , a double Black Jack over ice, and a three hour nap. My cell rang at 9pm. She asked was I up to a late night session and I said
“ Since it’s so late , why not come over here?”
Surprisingly ,she accepted. I set up my table and stones , and lay back down to wait. Samantha soon knocked.
Upon entering, she did not look like the wealthy woman I’d met earlier. She had on a pair of Chic jeans and sweatshirt.

“Well my dear , are we slumming tonight ?” I asked.
“ I wanted to blend in and not attract attention…” was her excuse.
I had her fill out one of my forms while I explained my routine.
“ I’ll need the bra off, but you may keep your panties on , if you’re shy.”

“I’d rather that you took them off Dano. It would help me relax and get in the mood for this,cause I’m very nervous. My ex never undressed me in all the five years we were married,and that may have contributed to the problem.”

She stood and handed me my form.. I had her turn around and said —

“ Close your eyes , and listen to my voice. I want you to raise your hands over your head and hold them there till I tell you to drop them.”

She did so , and I stood behind her, leaning in to let my breath be felt on her neck and ear. I was whispering softly that she should just trust me and relaxxxxx…..
I slowly placed my fingertips under the edges of her sweatshirt , and let them barely touch her sides, moving around to her flat tummy.. I repeated the move two more times.

With her arms up, her skin was stretched tight, which added to her sensitivity. I teased her navel, which took her breath. I continued to whisper to her..
” You are so beautiful– I’m sure you’ve been told that…”
Her voice said gaziantep swinger shakily– “N-No , not l-lately.” Her legs were trembling..
I kept my fingers moving , now going up to the soft skin under her breasts. My fingers stroked the pliant flesh as I blew warm air in her ear.

I knew her arms were tiring but I was only beginning..She should not have asked for my “Kinky Genie” to be let out of the bottle. Of course how would she have known I can be kinky? She had no bra on….
I was scratching the swells on the sides of both breasts lightly, then her armpits , and around and down her back to her lower spine. I came back up, moving my lips to the other ear and whispered

“ This feels good , doesn’t it “

My hands went under the sweatshirt again and pulled it over her head in one smooth stroke. Her arms remained up.. She listened well. I returned my hands to stroke between her breasts , never touching her nipples , which added to her torment.

“O-Oh my God –Yes!!” Her voice trembled as she spoke.

“You may put your arms down, but keep your eyes closed.”
“Y-Yesss! “ Cold chills covered her entire upper body, as I continued to torment her nerve endings with my ‘spiders touch.’

“Unbutton your jeans and unzip them..I’ll take them off.”

I whispered , again letting my warm breath raise the fine hairs on her neck. Her fingers fumbled and found the button, and I heard the zipper fall.

“Do you have panties on?” I whispered.
“ O-Only a t-thong Dano.”

I let my lips touch her neck, just under her right ear , my warm wet tongue flicked out at the lobe..
“Uughh–” Her breaths were ragged and shallow now..

“ I’ll be taking the thong with me when I leave–” A trophy….he he..

My hands came around her small waist , just under her navel , stroking her flesh at the opening the jeans had made.

“ O-Kay –Y-You can have them—oh-ommmy GG-God!!!”

I turned her to face me,her eyes still closed..
“ Kick off those shoes for me..” I whispered. She had them off in seconds.

“ Be very still now, I’m warning you”—still whispering.

I bent my head to her rock hard nipples, blowing my warm breath across one, then the other..Her moans mixed with her breaths..
I began to slip down her tummy, locking my hands on her ass cheeks. I licked and sucked every square inch of flesh on my way, bringing groans of pleasure from her throat.

At her navel, I stopped to tongue it well. I felt her ass cheeks tighten as I did this. I let go of them to drop onto my knees, sliding the jeans to her knees.

My eyes stared at the sight before me, Samantha trembling , her legs slightly spread..

She had soaked the crotch of her thong, and some had started to trail down her thighs. No way was this lady frigid.. I helped her step out of the jeans and felt inside them – also soaked!
I pulled the thong down, and her gasps filled the room. She stepped out of them and I led her to the table, her eyes still closed. On her tummy now, I could relax a little myself.

My cock was like stone, and the smell of her fluids were driving me like a dog in heat. It was so hard I could feel my heartbeat in it.

I worked this massage a little different..putting the warm stones on her first.. I had enough to run a line up each leg and a line up each side of her spinal column..

”O-Oh my Dano—T-That feels wonderful..”
I massaged her temples in slow circles, then her scalp , and moved to a point behind her ears. As the heat soaked in , I took the larger two stones and rolled them in circles on her ass cheeks. This brought more moans of approval from her.. I removed all the stones and returned them to the heater. I rolled her over to her back.. Her eyes still closed.
I was still whispering …..

“You have a beautiful body Sam– May I suck a breast ?”

“Please -Yes please!! Y-You’re driving mee crazy !!”

I held the nearest one with both hands cupped..

“You may open your eyes now” I said, sucking the erect nipple in deep and rolling it with my tongue.
Her hands came up and held the sides of my head in place. Tears had already formed and dried on her cheeks.
As I fed on the breast, my hand slipped across her shaved mound to stroke her outer labia, already in bloom, their nectar oozing.. I slipped a finger up to her inner lips, and barely got it to enter, her muscles holding me at bay.. I fed on the other nipple, making her moan loudly..
Moving down with my lips, I traced circles around the cute navel, dipping my tongue in and sucking there also. I raised my head long enough to whisper to her–

“Please relax…I need to get my fingers inside to help you.”

Try as she might, her inner muscle stayed clamped on my single digit. I pulled it out and replaced it with a half dollar sized stone. As the heat transferred, her ass raised off the table..

“ Noo–ghhh-aahh! “
It was helping dilate her somewhat and I rubbed the stone over her clit to further stimulate the area. I spread Sam’s thighs wide and got my face level with her pretty shaved pussy.
I pulled the outer lips back,forcing her clit’s hood to withdraw and letting the bud stand alone , erect and throbbing. Leaning close, I licked all round it, then placed my lips over it and sucked it inside my lips,using plenty of tongue..Samantha screamed– as the tip of my tongue traced out my ABC’s on the nub..

”I-Im C-cumminng !!”–her hands held my head steady , her cunt spasmed three times , releasing thick spurts of cum, as her head shook violently side to side.
Again I tried to get my finger in her, only this time I made it to the second knuckle. I followed it with another, hooking them on her G spot and immediately milked it, bringing another strong orgasm from the “frigid” lady..

” Oh My God-Danooo !!! I’m gonna cum again! Ahhhhhgg!!”
This one rocked her whole body into spasms, as line after line of fluids shot forth from her, drenching my arm above the wrist.

“Noo—Pl-please stop!! I can’t take this!! You’re scaring meee!!”

I let up ,removing my fingers . Her body lay jerking, and she was crying and sobbing , tears streaming down both cheeks.
I stood and dropped my pants and briefs , stepping up like a batter fixing to knock one out of the park.
I knew I’d be lucky just to get the head inside, but I had to try.. I rubbed it all up and down the soaked lips, trying to find an angle.. Sam had slowly calmed a little and was rolling her hips to match mine..

“That was incredible! I knew there wasn’t anything wrong with me…”

I pushed the wide glans inside her inner lips. Sam responded by raising her legs to help, holding them behind the knees..
I got an inch – then two as I stroked with short one inch pushes of my hips. I went so slow in fact, my erection fell by half it’s size, letting the last inches slide right in. I folded Sam’s legs on my chest to free up her hands.
I reached to the side for a towel, and tossed it to her to wipe her face and neck,where all the tears and sweat had collected.

“Y-You’re too wide for me Dano, it’s tearing me, I feel it .. I pulled it all the way out, checking for blood. There wasn’t any and I showed her.
“Look—no blood “ — I said as her eyes grew bigger, my size surprising her.. I was getting deep into pussy that had never been touched before.

I put it back inside and quickly bottomed out again, my fat balls slapping her ass.. My hips gathered speed while she adjusted , making those little grunts that come on the downward strokes. Her moans grew louder when I started to bottom out on every stroke..My cock had thickened to it’s full 7+ inches, and she was wailing”Ahh” at every stroke.
Her breathing came quickly to let me know she was close again, and now having a fat cock fucking her well, she put all she had into the project. Her own ass hunched upwards to meet me in mid stroke screaming–
” Fuck mee – Yeah -Do it faster! Harder!
I -I’m c-cu-cumm—ggg–noooo !!” I bottomed out and held it there, flexing my prostrate muscles , which made the wide head swell more.

Her muscles gripped me hard, and my crotch area received a soaking from the seemingly endless supply she had stored up. I shifted my hips to a blur,slapping her wet ass crack with my balls, and bringing out the best orgasm yet from Samantha..Her arms tried to pull me down, but that would ruin the great angle I had on her G spot..

“G-Godd—Oh –o -Shit !! Aahhhh—Nooo!!!” My seed erupted within her hot spasming walls, and she was milking my shaft with her incredibly tight cunt muscles. “I-It’s soo Hot!!”
Waves rolled through her, I could feel them as her head shook side to side…

Finally and totally satiated , she passed out , leaving me impaled on her contracting cunt , my cock still spilling it’s juices..

I had cum very hard, so I pulled out and rolled her onto her tummy.. Her ass cheeks were soaked in our thick fluids.. I spread her legs wide and inspected her pink anus, also coated with juices. I let my half-hard cock lay inside her cheeks, the shiny glans still dripping cum to puddle on her asshole.

Try as I might to wait, I pushed against the pink muscle.. It gave way surprisingly easy, and my cock began to slide into her rectum..
The heat and tightness was incredible , threatening to make me cum again, but I wanted to savor this wicked moment , and slid forward till my pubic bone was at the hole also.

I held my embedded member as far as I could in her ass, and started ‘flexing’ my prostate muscles , which in turn made my rectum contract…. Over and over I flexed till another huge climax erupted from me, shooting far into the recesses of the “forbidden fruit “ I had invaded.

Without taking a single stroke , I let my spasming cock jerk and lift inside her young ass , my moans coming from deep within.. I leaned forward to rest my head between her shoulder blades as my cock throbbed out a final spurt.

It was the most intense climax I could remember in recent encounters. I slid back out as I stood, my cock making a popping sound as it came free of the muscle.
Her anus began to constrict immediately , with just a couple of lines of cum escaping to pool on the table. I eased her back onto her back, and wiped her up as best I could.

Wetting a wash rag, I mopped the sweat from her brow, and rubbed a piece of ice across her cracked lips.. We were both dehydrated from losing so much fluids so quickly.
I’d seen this before and knew how to deal with it. Samantha’s eyes fluttered and then opened.. She smiled at me as I handed her an opened bottle of water..She drank quickly, downing over half the bottle before stopping.

I said nothing as I drank mine..I was waiting to see if she had any idea I’d sodomized her. It was never mentioned.. She was eager to describe the feelings of her first, full blown orgasm ..

My exit was coming up now , and my daydreaming of the encounter with Samantha had helped the long miles home pass quickly..
She had asked me to stay awhile, but I told her I had others who expected me to keep my appointments..
Sam wanted to know what she owed me. I knew she could afford it ,so I charged her a dollar a mile and two hours at $125 an hour..

Total bill was near $800 … She gave me a thousand, and told me to keep the change.. She made me promise to come at least once a month till further notice… I still see her once a month……….

I had an urge to see the mountains also, but that’s another story……

“It’s a hard way to live , but someone has to do it” Dano

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Morning sex_(0)

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It had been a week since the incident took place, and I was dealing with it rather well. Mostly attributed to the love and support from my boyfriend and mom. I would have been a wreck had it not been for these two. Today was mom’s first day back at work after our ordeal, and I wanted to do something to show her that I appreciated everything she did for me over the past week.

I got up extra early this morning, and left my boyfriend to sleep a little while longer. I went into the kitchen and prepared a delicious breakfast for mom and my boyfriend. Mom walked in using her police uniform, ready to go to work.

“Good morning baby, something smells amazing”, said Mom, smiling as she took a seat at the table.

“Morning mom, I made breakfast”, I replied, as I set down a plate in front of mom, and another two opposite.

I went upstairs and woke my boyfriend up, and told him to have a wash and come down for breakfast. Mom and I spoke as we ate, and enjoyed each other’s company. Come to think of it, our mother-daughter relationship has been somewhat amplified over the past week.

Mom was on her way out when my boyfriend walked downstairs. He hugged her and kissed her on her lips, and she left. He sat down on the table and enjoyed the breakfast that I’d prepared for us.

I started washing the dishes and, when my boyfriend was done he came and left his plate in the sink with the other dirty dishes. This morning I was wearing silk shorts, and a tight strap top with no bra. My boyfriend was using shorts and a t-shirt, as he usually sleeps with. I felt his hand rubbing my ass, and I turned my head slightly to look at him.

“Baaaabe”, I moaned, looking in his eyes, seeing the lust that I’ve come to know.

He said nothing, as I continued to soap up a dirty plate. He moved his hand up to my breast and caressed them. I loved the feeling of his big, strong hands on my petite and sensitive boobs. My nipples started to harden to the touch of him. He kissed my shoulder, and playfully bit me. Moving to my neck, he licked and sucked my delicate flesh. He knew exactly how to turn me on, and turned on I was becoming. I almost forgot about the plate I was soaping, when suddenly I felt his hand between my legs, over my silk shorts – my hands became buttery, and the plate slipped out of my hand and into the sink, making a loud noise and bringing me back to reality.

Just then, I could feel I was being lifted up. My boyfriend picked me up, legs supported by one arm and my upper body by the other. I wrapped my arm around his neck. He carried me to the sofa and placed me down, on my back, and got on beside me. I grabbed his face with my soft, small hands, feeling the slight stubble on his face. I pulled him towards me and latched my lips onto his. We kissed affectionately, playing with each other’s lips. We took turns taking gaziantep swinger first the bottom, then top lip into our mouth and sucking on it. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, met by his. I ran my hand down his slender chest and tummy, and rubbed his cock over his shorts.

My boyfriend pulled his lips away from mine, and drew back his head. I was sad, I was enjoying the kiss and never wanted it to end. He pulled my top up slowly – revealing my flat tummy, but not off, it still covered my boobs. Although, my nipples were pretty visible through it. He used the tips of his fingers and, very lightly, just barely touching my skin, ran them up and down. It was an electrifying feeling, my body quivered to his touch. As he did that, he lowered his head and licked, sucked, and kissed my tummy. I was loving this. He kissed my navel as his hands reached under my top which was covering my boobs. He cupped them, and played with my nipples between his fingers. Gosh, I was so fucking wet and horny at this point. He knew that, the little devil, he was teasing me. He looked at me and I saw that familiar mischievous smirk on his face.

My boyfriend got off the sofa, and I was getting up ready to suck his cock. But he pushed me back down onto the sofa and positioned me such that my hands were on the headrest, knees were on the seat, and my ass was in the air. Hmm, I loved when he took control over me like this. He pulled my silk shorts together with my panty down just a little, and kissed my ass cheeks while doing so. I moaned softly and rested my head on my arm, turning around to look at him. He spread my ass cheeks, revealing my tiny, puckered asshole and glistering wet pussy.

“Ooooh baby”, I cried, as I felt the cool air striking my hot pussy.

I felt his tongue on my asshole, lapping and licking hard on it, sending exhilarating sensations right through my body. My boyfriend used his fingers and spread my pussy lips, illuminating the pink flesh of my pussy. Soon enough I felt his tongue licking my pussy. He started at my hole, and licked down my slit. He used his fingers and spread the hood of my clit, bringing out my super sensitive and engorged clit. I felt his tongue start to lick my clit.

“Ooooh my god, baby, Aaaah”, I screamed, as his tongue started flicking my clit at tremendous speed, sending waves of pleasure through me.

With one hand holding onto the sofa, I used the other and squeezed my boob and pinched my nipple, looking back at him as I bit my bottom lip. He pressed his middle finger into my pussy hole and started to finger me furiously.

“Oh god, baby, I’m going to cum, Aaaah. Fuck, I’m coming”, I moaned as I began to have an immense orgasm. My knees went weak and I almost fell but my boyfriend held me as I rode out the climax which lasted almost a whole minute.

With my body still shivering from the orgasm, my boyfriend shoved his cock deep within the confines of my wet, hot, and tight pussy. He fucked me doggy-style in the position I was on the sofa. My pussy and clit were so sensitive right now, each thrust of his thick and hot cock gave me a fucking unexplainable feeling. As he fucked me, he put his hands in the front and grabbed onto my boobs. I let go of the headrest and wrapped my one arm around his neck, and used the other to play with my clit.

He pulled his cock out of me, and stood up. I quickly got up and kneeled down in front of him. It must have been an erotic sight for him. My silk shorts and panty had now fallen down to just above my knees. I hungrily grasped his cock with my hand and enthusiastically swallowed it down my throat. I used my tongue and tickled his balls, as my own hand unwittingly went between my own legs and I began to play with my clit. I bobbed my head and slid my lips along the girth of my boyfriend’s cock, using my fingers to play with his balls. He pulled out of my mouth and stroked his cock while looking at me kneeling down, patiently awaiting his hot cum all over me. White, thick, hot cum started to shoot out of his cock, and he intentionally aimed it at my face. When he was done, he shoved his cock back into my mouth. I sucked it clean and licked the last drops of cum.

My boyfriend lifted me up, and placed me on the sofa. This time, my back was on the sofa. He lifted my legs up and pulled my shorts and panty off. The feel of the silk on my legs was stimulating. My pussy twitched and oozed more juices. He knelt down, and got his head between my legs. I put my legs on either side of his neck and got comfortable on the edge of the sofa. He began to lap at my pussy, Ooooh it was so fucking sexy, he tongued moved like a dog drinking water out of a bowl. He pulled the folds of my pussy between his lips and kissed them, licked, and continued sucking. I closed my eyes and enjoyed having my pussy eaten. I felt his finger go into my hole, and he fingered me for a while. I guess he did this to wet his finger, because moments later that same finger was pressing at my asshole. It slid in and he slowly finger fucked my asshole, making it lose for what was about to go in there.

He got up and lifted my legs, he pulled me closer and my legs were rested against him. He put his cock in my pussy, made it wet, then pressed it slowly on my asshole until the head was in. He began pumping in and out as he’s cock went further into my asshole, inch by inch, until his entire cock was in there. He fucked me slowly and allowed my asshole to adjust to having an intruder in there. It felt good to have my asshole penetrated again.

I started to finger my pussy and play with my clit whilst having my asshole stretched. My boyfriend took my one foot in his hand, and put my toes in his mouth. He used his tongue and sucked on them as he fucked my ass. Oh yeah, I should have mentioned, my boyfriend has a colossal foot fetish. I didn’t mind, obviously, I would let him do anything he wanted to me. I had pretty feet. I just didn’t get what the big fuss was about. He sucked on each toe like a baby sucking a pacifier.

I was getting close to cumming now, and I was moaning loud and making sexy noises. He loved when I did. Although, truthfully they were involuntary groans. My asshole was relatively loose now and my boyfriend quickened his pace. He fucked me hard and brought the both us of closer to orgasms. My fingers were still roughly fucking my puss. My boyfriend shot his cum deep inside my asshole and the sensation, feeling his hot cum spewing in me, which caused me to cum. I fingered my pussy until my orgasm subsided.

My boyfriend pulled his cock out and be both collapsed onto the soft. He grabbed my sweaty body and held me close, and kissed me lovingly.

“So baby, what’s our plans for the rest of the day?” I asked, teasingly.

“Anything you want to, my love, you name it”, he said.

I looked at him for a moment, with a serious expression on my face.

“Babe, it felt so good having your cock in my ass. But, the other day when those guys were here and they put their cocks in my pussy and ass at the same time…” I drifted off.

“What is it honey? You want me to stop doing that?” he asked, compassionately.

“No love, it’s not that. It’s just that… I don’t know how to say this to you. I’m embarrassed”, I replied.
“Babe you know you can tell me anything, just get it out”, he said.

“Okay, I’m just going to say it. Please don’t be angry”, I said, looking at him a bit anxious.

My boyfriend looked concerned, but smiled at me so that I could continue. I explained that it felt good when the two guys were penetrating me at the same time, and that I wanted to have that feeling again. He confessed that he enjoyed watching that, when they were using both my holes and fucking my mouth at the same time, which was the most erotic thing he has ever seen. He said that he felt really bad for thinking that but he couldn’t help but get aroused.

We decided, as a couple, that we were going to get another guy to fuck me and that he was going to be the second guy. Together they were going to double-penetrate me. The only thing now was finding another decent guy. My boyfriend suggested my cousin.

“But baby, he’s only 14”, I said.

Although, I liked the sound of that. I’m pretty sure that he is still a virgin, and the thought of taking his virginity turned me on, more so because he was mom’s sister’s son. Almost a brother to me.

“Okay, I said, but now we have to make a plan to get him here with us babe”, I said.

We woke up, showered and got dressed, ready to take on the day.

To be continued…if you like.

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