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All the way to 18 and Sally had never even kissed a boy, yet here she was standing in the lounge room of the new kid at school this year.

Classes had finished at half-eleven because of a teachers union meeting. There was a twenty minute home-room session and then everyone was free for the day – but Sally’s home room teacher Mr Thomas was the school’s union leader. He needed to go early so Sally, the class’ student association rep, was told to check everyone off the roll before leaving.

Sally’s friends had planned to meet at the Quadrangle Tree, a giant willow near the front of school, then work out their day from there. It was summer, it was the last year of school, first exams were gone. For once this was a genuine afternoon off. Everybody, even the most do-gooder of study-heads was planning a day off.

Group by group, Sally’s classmates came to homeroom, checked off and left earlier than the rest of school. Sally expected to be at the Quadrangle Tree before anyone, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Ten minutes past midday and three students had still not checked in, those ratty north-side girls. They would be off smoking cigarettes, but where? Surely she could just leave, surely she couldn’t be chastised for not signing them out – Mr Thomas knew them well enough. A quick look around, if she couldn’t find them in five minutes, she would go.

12:35pm at the Quadrangle. She hadn’t found the north-side sluts, and she was so late her friends had gone. Fuck. Sally didn’t swear a lot, but now was a good time. Her friends had left. The bitches! At least they could have told her where they were going. No, actually they couldn’t, she wasn’t in her classroom, she was out looking for…. Fuck. They could be at one of a dozen places. Fuck. Those three witches, ooh she would suck up to Mr Thomas and have him flay them for fucking up her entire day. Fuck. What the hell was she meant to do now?

It was then Sally noticed Greg, sat alone on the cement border of the lawn, watching her mumble and pace under the tree. The look of bemusement on his face made Sally realise how animated she had been. Embarrassed, she stopped in her tracks. It was Greg who had come over…

Now Greg was somewhere in the rear of the house changing his clothes while Sally walked the perimeter of his living room, making a show of looking at all the wall hangings and shelves. She sat on the sofa then stood again, conscious of how short her skirt was when she sat down.

It had seemed like twenty minutes since Greg had said he’d be back in a second. Where was he? She felt a sense of anxiety. Sally had never been alone with a boy, and it would be hours before she was accountable for her whereabouts. Part of her was hoping that Greg was interested – she was kind of old to not to have kissed anyone. She knew most of her friends had, some had done more than just kiss. Part of her felt the need not to get it wrong. It was difficult for a teenage girl to know exactly what to do and not to do when it came to boys.

Breaking her thought was Greg, appearing suddenly at the doorway behind her. He had taken a shower. To Sally’s shock he was wearing only a towel around his midriff.

“Are you hungry?”, he said, handing her a plate of sandwiches matter-of-factly.

“Sure”, was all Sally could say, stunned at the situation. Greg was certainly being calm, she thought. Wasn’t there something a little unusual about this?

Greg sat down cross-legged on the living room floor. He put his own plate down on the carpet along with two bottles he carried under his arm. Sally looked at him and slowly sat on the floor herself. Greg wasn’t watching, he was unscrewing the tops from the bottles. She sat opposite with her legs crossed, conscious that possibly her skirt and his towel were the only things in the way of them staring right at each other. Was he wearing anything under that towel? She tried not to look, afraid of being caught.

“Do you like Ruski?”, Greg asked.

“I don’t know. What is it? What’s in it?”


Uh-oh. Sally tried a little bit. Ooh, delicious, that was nice. At least he had told her. Vodka, though. She would drink it slowly.

“It’s okay”, she said.

They ate, they drank. Conversation was oddly natural and comfortable, belying the fact that she was sitting across from a half-naked man. They finished lunch, spread out on the floor and talked some more. Sally liked him, she felt attractive, she felt interesting.

After time chatting, Greg sat upright and called her over.

“Sit up”, he beckoned. This was going to get messy, she knew it, and yet she sat.

“Come closer”.

This wasn’t a good idea – and yet she found herself moving closer.

“C’mon, more, more”. Sally moved in a toe-length.

“C’mon, closer”. Sally moved in some more, only a couple of feet away, her legs now crossed over the top of his.

“A little bit more”, he said.

Sally’s stomach churned as she shuffled further toward him. Something was going to happen.

Greg reached out with his right hand and took the top mecidiyeköy eskort button of her shirt in his fingers. Sally was taken aback. Did she want this? He started to undo the button, slowly enough to allow her to object. Sally looked down at his hand and said nothing. The top button was undone, her collar falling slightly away to show the base of her neck. Sally couldn’t look Greg in the eye, she could only watch as his hand slowly moved on to the next one.

Time was motionless as the second button fell open. Sally felt breeze hit the v of her neck as the shirt dropped away some more. As Greg moved to the third button, the back of his fingers brushed against the top of her breast giving her goose bumps. Her heart was racing. Sally looked up. Greg was checking her eyes for problems but she quickly looked back down, neither approving nor disapproving.

For what seemed an eternity, Greg moved from button to button until finished. Her small breasts and their small white bra glimpsed through the gap in her shirt. Her stomach was flat, even sitting like she was. She looked up, absorbing confidence from the glow on Greg’s face.

Greg lifted his hand and pulled her shirt back over her left shoulder, opening her bra to full view on one side.

“Stunning”, he said. Sally smiled nervously. With the right side still covered, Greg pulled down the the exposed strap of her bra and ran the back of his hand along her naked collarbone. His fingers ran along the edge of her bra and over her breast as Sally closed her eyes.

With both hands, he slid Sally’s shirt down to her wrists and moved both bra straps down to her elbows. Her breasts were almost exposed, but when Greg pulled down the front of her bra, daylight spilled onto her nipples.

Sally couldn’t believe what had happened, how had it come to this so quickly? Her breasts were out. She was with a boy and her breasts were out. She was excited, nervous, anxious, apprehensive, she felt attractive, embarrassed – even moreso as she looked down with a blush at how much padding was in her bra.

Considering the situation, Sally thought she was handling it well. But could she go any further?

Greg sensed the need for a pause and left the bra there, down around her stomach, and began to run his hands through her hair. It was bizarre, sitting on a living room floor in the middle of the day, breasts covered in goose bumps, nipples standing erect only inches from a towel-clad boy from school. And now he was making her feel wonderful by massaging his hands through her hair, almost putting her to sleep.

Having sensed consolidation, Greg pushed back down to Sally’s naked chest. He brought his hands down and cupped her breasts, gently rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. Sally could feel herself slipping away. Her body was responding independently of her mind, influencing her behaviour. She didn’t know how to stop, or how to explain why they should stop. He was squeezing her breasts, her nipples, her rocky nipples. It was all so new. Just the thought of it, a male running his hands all over her breasts, what would her friends say if they could see her now? Sally was the last person they would expect doing this on a Tuesday afternoon.

She was getting all the attention. Did Gary expect something in return? Sally couldn’t tell. She wouldn’t know what to do anyway. His touch fluctuated from gentle to gripping. She thought of her conversations with her girlfriends, she decided Greg could do what he liked as long as it was above the waist, that was okay wasn’t it?

Almost intuitively Greg’s mouth leant down onto her right nipple.

Oh dear, that was… her body was taking charge, but it was okay. Everything would be okay, she could enjoy it, just as long as they stayed up top.

Sally fell back to the carpet and Greg’s lips remained latched to her breasts. She ran her hands through the back of his hair, squeezing on clumps as chills electrified the muscles in her chest. The breeze on the saliva that covered her nipples accentuated her feeling of nakedness. Greg reached around and removed her bra completely, kissing her stomach as his hands retained their grip on her breasts. His chest was pushing between her legs and her vagina twinged. This was borderline, any more and she would have to find a way to stop. Her skirt sat high on her hips, stopping Greg from moving his tongue further down.

Thankfully he moved up, spending more time on her breasts, then her neck. Sally ran one hand over Greg’s back as he sucked harder and harder on her shoulder, leaving a love-bite. He went down and did the same near her nipple, and once near her cleavage. She had swim class tomorrow, people would clearly see what she had been doing today.

“Give me some more.”

“More what?”

“Of those.”

Greg smiled and went back to her body. He covered her breasts in bruises, most of which would show out the sides of her swimsuit. Greg sat on Sally’s hips and admired his work.

“They’ve had a workout”, he said looking at the mess he had made of the top half of her body. Sally escort bayan looked down toward her breasts, then realised that Greg’s towel had come away. She could clearly see the top of his penis pushed against his stomach. It was the first time that Sally had ever seen an erection.

Greg noticed the shock on Sally’s face.

“What?”, he asked, knowing full-well what the issue was.

Sally just looked at the ceiling. Greg stood up, holding out a hand for Sally to stand as well. Sheepishly she took it, but even Greg could tell they had reached an awkward moment.

Sally let Greg pull her to her feet and for the first time she stood face to face with a naked male with an erection. She couldn’t look at his body, and didn’t want to get too close. She was a skirt and panties away from a tricky situation. She would see what Greg was doing before reacting. The situation had become tense.

Greg spoke first.

“C’mon, let’s do something else”, he said and moved away, expecting her to follow.

Do what, she thought. Sally reached for her clothes.

“You don’t need those, come on”, Greg told her.

He took her hand and led her through the house. Aware of the open curtains, Sally held her hand over her chest as she followed along behind this naked boy. This had better not be leading to his bedroom, she would leave straight away.

Past the kitchen the hall opened up into a billiard room facing the outside deck and rear garden. Walls on three sides were mostly glass sliding doors, draping the room in brilliant sunshine. Again there were no curtains, but the yard was private.

Greg brought her attention back inside. “Can you play, or do I have to show you how?”.

Sally looked around the room and at the table. “I’ve played before”.

She noticed that Greg was more relaxed, his erection had fallen away. When she thought about it, now was the first time she had stood in front of a naked male who didn’t have an erection. He set up the balls on the table and Sally watched his body as he moved over and took two cues.

“Any preference?”, he asked, showing her both.


Greg walked behind the bar and took two more Ruski’s from the fridge, opening them and leaving them on the counter. Her mouth was dry, Sally drank half a bottle. She could feel the alcohol. She could hardly believe what she was doing. Dressed only in her skirt, her body covered in love-bites, about to play billiards with a naked boy and no idea where this was going.

They played. Sally had her breasts kissed every time she potted a ball. It was wonderful, she stuck them forward for him each time he came over. She drank her drink and opened another. Greg would stand behind her and wrap his hands around onto her chest. She could feel his penis pushing against her skirt, erect again. She watched him moving around the table, Greg touching and sucking every time they came near.

Sally finished another drink as Greg leant over to play a table-length shot. She moved around into his line of sight. With her back to the window, she undid the button of her skirt and slowly pulled down the zipper. Greg didn’t move, only lifting his eyes from the shot. With a flick of her hips the skirt fell to the ground. He looked at her, she looked back. Small and shapely hips wrapped in the smallest of soft white panties, her mound pushing noticeably forward as you find with flat-stomached girls. Sally’s hands moved to her hips, inside the elastic of her panties. After just a moment’s hesitation, she pulled them to the ground.

“Stunning”, said Greg as he stared at the tuft between her legs, the daylight between her thighs silhouetting the lips of her vagina. “Stunning”. He played his shot without taking his eyes off her.

Sally looked down at her own naked body. Why had she just done that?

Greg didn’t get too close, but followed her like a puppy. She was in every way a brilliant nude, even more so in motion. For her part Sally was amazed that she had just taken her clothes off in front of a naked boy. She knew that a line had been crossed. But for the moment she was in heaven having a boy flaberghasted at the sight of her. It was extraordinary.

They played like this for at least another half hour. Greg’s game disintegrated, his eyes and thoughts followed her nakedness everywhere it went. He knew the naked body in front of him had not been seen before by a man, not like this.

After winning a game, Sally stood at the table. Greg came to her from behind. He kissed the back of her neck, one hand reaching around taking a breast, the other to her stomach, his erect penis for the first time touching the bare skin of her backside. Having taken off her own pants, Sally knew she would struggle to control the situation completely, but she still had thoughts they would only touch.

Invariably Greg’s left hand moved down between her legs. They were closed, but he motioned them open. Sally was unsure of what he would do. What do boys want with vaginas? A finger ran along her lips. It was dry and uncomfortable, but then the finger bayrampaşa escort found its mark and came out with moisture. Suddenly the movement was fluid and smooth. She opened her legs further. A finger was sliding along from her clitoris to her vagina, dashing inside and then back again, the other hand squeezing her breast, pulling her nipple. This was a revelation, it was hard to imagine such a feeling existed. No wonder people were obsessed with sex. Sally’s pelvis swayed involuntarily back and forth.

Greg’s right hand was away from her breast and onto her backside, pushing one leg up onto the table. Greg stepped back, taking a quick photograph in his mind before moving in and running his middle finger straight into Sally’s vagina from behind. Sally was biting her bottom lip, leaning over the billiard table. She was scared by what was happening to her, but was hardly going to stop. How could she have known that she would love being fingered so much.

Greg pushed two fingers into her, struggling for a while until she opened her legs even further, stretching to take them. He was slapping the fingers in and out as Sally began a high-pitch moan. Greg stopped, took his fingers out and turned her around.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh-huh”, was all Sally could manage as a reply, trying to catch her breath, and then “Are you stopping?”

Greg smiled and slid two fingers back into her from the front. He pushed them in deep this time and wiggled his fingertips about. He could see her eyebrows quiver and again she was biting her bottom lip.

“Touch me”, said Greg.

“Uh-huh”, Sally reached out and took a penis in her hand for the first time.

“Your first?”


“It’s okay, just run slowly and softly up and down, move as fast as my fingers in you”.

Greg and Sally masturbated each other until their wrists were tired. Sally’s hips were vibrating, she struggled to keep standing. Her vagina squelched with the pace of his fingers, recklessly spraying slop in every direction, over both of them and onto the hardwood floor. Her head was light with oxygen as she sucked air with the speed of the fingers slapping into her.

“So, how are we going to get this into you?”, asked Greg, wrapping his hand around hers on his penis.

“I don’t know”, Sally said, slightly disorientated. “Perhaps we shouldn’t do this, not today. Let me practice with your fingers first. Maybe I’ll get bigger”.


“What do you mean..no?”

“You need to be fucked today”.

“Greg, come on, look at us, look at me. I hardly knew you before today, I’ve never had sex of any kind, my entire body is naked, you’re naked, my legs are spread, my breasts are covered in love-bites that everyone will see at swimming tomorrow, my hand is wrapped around your penis, you have two fingers in my vagina, during the day, in your billiard room in full view of the yard. This has been kinda a big day for me, don’t you think it’s enough for a starter? We can do this again, can’t we?”

“You need to be fucked today,” Greg simply repeated, “Turn around”.

“Turn around?”, Sally was getting nervous, “Have you heard a word of what I’ve just said?”

“Turn around, lean on the table and open your legs”, Greg calmly ordered.

“Greg…”, Sally said meekly. Greg took her by the hips, turned her body around and knocked her legs open with his feet. He pushed her face down onto the green matting of the billiard table. “Greg, I’m dry now, it won’t work. C’mon, not today”.

Taking a moment’s heed of this, Greg moved behind her, knelt down and buried his face between her thighs. His tongue sank as deep as it could and he licked her back to wetness. Ooh, she’d not be saying no to that anytime soon.

He stood up and directed his penis to the opening of her vagina.

“Greg, c’mon, can’t we do this next time”, Sally begged, her thoughts back on the issue of her virginity.

“Open your legs more”, Greg said. Sally closed her eyes. She opened her legs.

Greg’s penis pushed against the right spot. He gave tiny thrusts which made little slopping sounds as he coated his penis in moisture. Once wet enough, he pushed the head of his penis inside. It was hard work and Sally wasn’t making the bubbly noises she was earlier when being fingered.

Keeping on the pressure and with occasional thrusts, Greg made steady progress inside her virgin cunt. Slowly but surely her vagina gave way and fitted around him, all of him. It took five minutes, but he was in as far as he was going to be. A virgin, now an ex-virgin. He held his penis up inside of her.

“So?”, he asked, “What do you think?”

“I don’t know”, said Sally, face pushed onto the table felt. “Just don’t move”.

“See, now you’ve had a big day…”

“I can’t believe I’m lying face down on a billiard table with a boy inside me. How did I get here?”

“Through good luck”, answered Greg. “Now it’s time to fuck”.

And Greg did. He pumped her from behind with no regard for her level of experience. Her feet were lifted from the ground with each thrust, she was literally being lifted up by her cunt. Luckily for Sally the angle she was at was the one of least resistance, so despite the constant slapping of his pelvis against her backside Sally wasn’t in unbearable pain. If anything, she began to pick up the rhythm.

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The Window Ch. 01

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Copyright: This story is a work of fiction. Please don’t reproduce this text in whole or in parts without the explicit permission of the author.


And then she was gone; I heard her climb down. I sat there, in a limbo, for a long time. My cock shriveled and sticky; hung on top of my balls. I knew that something very profound had happened to me that afternoon. I knew that a million questions would come to me, why did Madhu do this? Why did I do this? Did I love her? Did she?

But I was too sated to even think about anything for the moment. My breathing was back to normal, though it was still deeper than usual. I knew I had to get up, the doors were open, and my parent would surely come up, when they found the breakfast and lunch untouched. I looked down, at my penis. It had gone where I had never gone before; it had seen from up close, what I had only glimpsed. Envious, I gave it a slight tap with my fingers. It rolled a bit, exposing a skin that was still slick with her and my juices. My fingers, with a mind of their own, slowly rubbed that slick spot. The slickness spread under the manipulation, and I could see it slowly dissolve into the skin – just like a face cream that I used when using my hands. I brought my fingers to my nose – her smell lingered still, a million times more desirable than any face cream.

I thought back, how it all started. It was the Window that led me into this wonderful and confusing world of love, maybe lust. And sex, there was definitely sex. I thought how it had all begun.

The year was 1988. A couple of years back, I had completed my schooling and was selected through very competitive exams to the computer engineering program, in one of the top engineering schools of the country. My parents lived in a large three storied house. The ground-floor (well it is called ground floor in India, while here, it is the first floor) was big, with a large veranda in front, and a backyard.

We were on the ground floor. We had rented out the second floor (well it is called first floor in India) to another family. As long as I could remember, they had been our tenant (the Gupta family), uncle, auntie and Madhu”. On the top floor was a single room, and an attached bathroom. We had retained the third floor for ourselves. In fact, that was my room, whenever I was home. My bedroom was downstairs; however, this was my study room, occasional bedroom, and my domain. Well, anyway it was full of books on domain analysis, algorithms, C and other such study material. The way to this top floor was through a stairs. The stairs were at the back of the house, they went along the outer wall of the house at the back, up to the first floor stairwell, and then up to the top floor. There was another stairs at the front. But that led from the garage to Mr. Gupta’s floor only.

In 1988, the society in India was not very permissive, no, not like today. We did not have any sex education or anything of that sort. We learnt about sex from the older boys in the neighborhood. Sometimes, they would let us take a peek at some magazine that they had got from god knows where; glossy, smudgy picture of a woman with large pink nipples, the page torn right between her legs. But I knew all about women (and man) from the line diagrams in my biology book. So, at 19, there I was a bit naïve, and a bit of a bookworm.

“I am going up to study,” I said, as I climbed up the stairs to the top floor room. There I was, back to meet my parents. It was the spring break, of my 2nd year engineering. My mother was in the kitchen.

“Come down at lunch. I have made your favorite dish. And we have some people over for lunch. So be well-dressed, OK,” my mother reminded me.

“OK mother,” I said, climbing up the stairs, to go to my room.

The window was just where the stairs reached the first floor landing. I stopped involuntarily, at the landing. The window had wooden doors, with patterns of birds carved in the wood. The window was closed. It had been closed most of the past 3 years since Madhu left, after her marriage. I smiled to myself, remembering those days, when that room used to be Madhu’s room, and she used to come up to the window and say ‘good night’ to me before closing the windows. Somehow, I was not able to focus on my studies that day, I don’t know why, my mind kept wandering back to the days when …. Oh well, I was hungry anyway and it was nearly noon. I decided to go down for lunch. I also remembered we had some guests over for lunch. I took a bath, changed and went down.

From the stairs, I could hear her voice. It was the same voice, the one I had heard 3 years back. I rushed down, taking two steps at a time. The rickety old stairs made a hell of a noise, as I jumped the last 3 steps and ran inside. And there sat Mr Gupta, his wife and …. Madhu! She was as beautiful as ever (…. when did I think of her as beautiful ??? never before….. but she was…..).

Madhu was perhaps older to mecidiyeköy escort me by about 5 years. My childhood had been spent playing with her. Being older to me, she had taken me under her wings, well, meaning, she used to boss me around, but was also extremely protective of me. We had grown up together, and 3 years back, when she got married, I was heart-broken. I didn’t understand why, except that I wanted the world to end. Anyway, soon thereafter, I was accepted in the Computer Engineering program, I left my town to attend school. I also accepted that Madhu was now married, and gone, like most girls in the world.

And here she was, after 3 years.

“Krish!” she exclaimed. She stood up, left the table, and rushed over to me. I stood rooted, not knowing what to do next, but that decision was taken away from me, as she spread both her hands, and clasped me about my shoulders (… when did I grow so tall…)

“Krishna, you have grown so tall, look Aunty.” ( she used to call my mother, aunty…) “3 years ago, he was crying with his head on my shoulders, and look now, I can only put my head on his shoulders,” and saying that, she put both her arms around my neck, and put her head on my shoulders. I stood there, straight as a ramrod, my arms spread, not daring to clasp her. And then the moment was gone. My mother was laughing, aunty (her mother) was smiling, and Madhu took hold of my hands and led me to the table.

Well, during the conversations at the table, I learnt that she had come back to visit her parents. In fact, this was the first time after her marriage that she had come to visit her parents. She was different, somehow. She had the same smile, but I thought, her smile never reached her eyes. The same laughter, but when her laughter ended, her eyes didn’t retain the sparkle as they used to.

“So, Madhu, how’s married life? Why didn’t you get your husband along?” I asked her.

“Oh, he wanted to come, but couldn’t at the last moment. Had some work,” She said. We had retired to my bedroom on the ground floor. Our parents were still at the dining table, talking.

“So, how is married life… come on tell me,” I asked.

“Its OK, it’s the same as it was here,” she said.

“Cannot be,” I said. “I am not there; I am here, so how can it be the same?”

She looked at me, and smiled, a sad/ happy smile, and suddenly reached up to pat my cheeks. She was wearing a sari… the traditional dress of most Indian women. She was half reclining on her side, and as she reached up, I saw a glimpse of her blouse ( a short bodice worn with the sari, it usually leaves the midriff bare) and a deep cleavage of her breasts…as the ends of the sari shifted with the movement of her hands. Suddenly uncomfortable, I looked up away, anywhere but at her, and regretted it instantly. I brought my vision back on her, but she had sat up, and had adjusted her sari. We talked, I don’t know what and how long. Then it was time for them to go.

I followed them up the stairs, and after saying a hurried “see you later,” I continued up the stairs to my room. That afternoon, I could not study at all. I kept thinking about how she had held me, her head on my shoulders; her special aroma, and the deep shadows of her cleavage. It was disturbing to say the least. Anyway, I kept staring at my books, and soon, it was dark outside. I don’t know when the clock struck 9 pm, but I heard my mother calling me down for dinner. I went down, had my dinner, and decided that I better spend some serious time finishing my term paper. I told my mother, that I was going up, back to study, and would sleep upstairs.

As I went up the stairs, I saw that the window at the end of the flight of stairs. It was partly open. That was Madhu’s room, it had always been Madhu’s room, and as long as I remembered, We used to say, “Good Night” to each other through this window. As I reached the end of the stairs, without thinking, I stretched my hands to pull open the wooden doors of the window…. and I stopped.

Madhu was in the room, but she was getting ready to go to bed. She was wearing a loose nightie that reaches down to her ankles. There was nothing indecent about the nightie, except that Madhu was wearing it. That was the first time I had seen her in a nightie (she used to wear frocks to bed earlier). She was facing a mirror, and her back was towards the window. I could see her applying some face cream. I saw her get up. She went to the door of the room, and locked it. Then she hitched up her nightie, up to her waist, and brought her hands down again, and stepped over something… and then she picked up…. her panties! A deep red piece of flimsy nothing that she folded and put in a laundry basket. The she reached for the lights, and the next moment, her room was engulfed in darkness.

I stood rooted to the spot. That glimpse of her milk-white thighs, as she hitched up her nightie had my cock rock-hard in a flash. And then I heard a creek of her bed as kağıthane escort she probably lay down on it. I was suddenly very aware of the rickety stairs. I was stuck at the landing. I didn’t dare go up or down, I was sure the stairs would creak, and in the dead of the night that noise would be deafening. I stood there for an eternity. Finally, when I was sure that enough time had passed, I crept down slowly, abandoning all hopes of studying that night.

I slept late the next day. As I hovered between sleep and wakefulness, I imagined I heard my parents talking…. my mother was saying, “Mrs. Gupta is so worried about Madhu……..xxxzzzzz….. three years since she has been married now……zzzzzzxxxxxzzzzz ….. No kids yet…. xxxxzzzzzxxxx…. Her in-laws have threatened……. xxxxxzzzzzz will not take her back…..”

I was suddenly awake. I was not sure what I heard. But my parents heard me get up and asked me to have breakfast.

“You must have studied till late last nigh,” my father commented, as he settled into his favorite armchair with the morning newspaper. After finishing breakfast, and morning ablutions, I decided to go to the library. As I was leaving, I heard a voice call me. “Krish” (Madhu used to call me that). Madhu was coming down the stairs at the front of their house. She was wearing a lovely white salwaar (an Indian ladies trouser, worn with a long shirt-like dress) and looking heavenly.

“Where are you off to?” she asked.

“Library,” I said.

“OK, I wanted to go to the market too, and see what has changed in the last 3 years.”

“Nothing has changed,” I said, “Everything is the same.”

We walked in silence for a while. Suddenly, she said, “No, everything is not the same. You have changed.”

“How have I changed? I am still the same,” I protested.

“Well, come on, I was speaking to Lali today, when I went on my morning walk… oh wait, see, earlier, you used to be ready at 6 am every day to go with me, but my first day after 3 years, and you weren’t there!” she said.

I protested, wanting to say that I was studying till late, but she stopped me, and continued, “Anyway, as I was saying, I met Lali today morning.”

Lali was a next-door girl. One of the many, in the colony. Giggly, precocious…. the usual. Anyway, I didn’t have time for Lali, or any of the others. My engineering studies ensured that.

“So what did Lali say?” I asked.

“Well,” continued Madhu, “We talked, and I can infer from all her talk that you have changed.”

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Well, you have a girl-friend, for one. See, you are so grown up now, and you even have a girl friend,” she said, with a smile.

“What did Lali say!” I nearly shouted. I had helped Lali a few times in the past, on a few math problems. Since my admissions to the engineering school, I had become the de-facto math and science problem solver for most of the neighborhood boys and girls, when I came home on vacations…. mostly girls. But girlfriend????

“Well, Lali told me how you two spend time together. I understand that you spend most of your free time with her. And in fact, she was complaining that….”

“Complaining!” I exclaimed.

“…..All you do is talk about math and physics problems,” continued Madhu. “You haven’t changed at least there, you are still a budhdhoo ( i.e. a fool said in a loving way )”

“So Lali claimed that I was her boyfriend. Wait… wait, let her come up to me with another of her problems, and I’ll tell her who her boyfriend is!” I was pretty angry, I don’t know why.

“OK, OK, Can’t even tease you. Don’t get angry, I knew right away that Lali was lying. But do you know, you are quiet a hero for the girls,” said Madhu, with a twinkle….

“Hero, me???” I said. “But see, if I were a hero, I would get the girl I really want, isn’t it.”

“So whom do you want?” asked Madhu, “Kamala, or is it Lata, or maybe the new girl, Priya.”

“No, none of them, I don’t know who Priya is,” I said.

“OK, so who?” she asked.

“Wouldn’t tell you,” I said.

“Wouldn’t tell me?” she looked a bit hurt. “Why not? Anyone I know? Come on, I can help you make friends with her.”

“She is already my best friend,” I couldn’t stop myself saying that, and I went red all over.

Madhu looked at me, perhaps she noticed my reddening ears, and smiled and said nothing. We went to the library and the market. We talked about everything, and anything. I don’t remember what, but it was like before…. before she was married. We laughed a lot, her smiles and laughter reaching her eyes this time, I noticed. We came back, it was afternoon, and I went up to study.

That night, I purposefully lingered downstairs, after dinner. When it was about 9:30 pm, I told my mother that I was going up, and would probably sleep up in my room. I crept up the stairs, and yes, the window was open and I could see slivers of light coming out of the cracks.

I crept beşiktaş escort up the stairs, and came up to the partly open windows. I looked inside. The sight was breathtaking. Madhu was wearing a petticoat ( a thin skirt like dress, worn at the waist. A petticoat is usually worn below the sari). She was wearing a bra, and that’s all. She was combing her hair at the dressing table. Her back was towards me, she was sitting on a chair. I could clearly see her reflections in the mirror. I felt a powerful stirring and that strange sensation between my legs. The bra that she was wearing was quiet deep at the front. In the mirror, I could see the bra-cups. Full, straining, I could make out an outline of an indentation at the tip of her bra-cup. I saw Madhu look at the window through the mirror, I froze. Could she see me? It was all dark outside, and I was well hidden in the dark. Suddenly, she seemed to come to some decision, and kept the comb down. She reached behind her, and unhooked her bra.

A groan escaped by throat involuntarily. The straps of her bra were loose and open now, the bra clinging on to her body, just at the tips of her breasts. The bra had come undone at the sides. I could see the beginning of the soft swell of her breasts below her armpit, before they vanished into the thin gossamer of her bra. She sat there, like a Venus, and then, slowly using her left hand, she hooked a finger to the front of the bra and pulled slowly.

I could see the curve of her breast emerge as the bra slipped out. The straps fell from her shoulders and suddenly, the bra cup fell off her body. I stopped breathing. Her large breasts were free, as they hung proudly. The tips swollen, like ripe and juicy grapes. Her nipples… I could see them from the side now, and also, a full view in the mirror. They were turned slightly up, surrounded by large circular areola. Her breasts were fair, like the rest of her back. Then, she stood up, and turned towards the window. Her perfect round breasts, with proud upturned nipples were right in front of my eyes. She pulled the string holding her petticoat at her waist, and the petticoat fell around her feet.

She was like a young goddess, slim waist flaring to rounded hips, rounded thigh, with taut skin, neither a mark nor a blemish. Her navel was small and sunken, on her flat stomach … a perfect hour-glass shape, a houri from the heavens. And below her navel, a sudden expanse of manicured jet black hair, stopping just above the curve of her lower belly. And below those hairs, I could perhaps see a faint dark line camouflaged under the matte of the black hair that vanished between her thighs.

I looked up and got a shock of my life … her eyes were looking at me, large dark eyes, above a sharp nose, and lips, that usually smiled a lot, but were without any expressions. A perfectly formed oval face framed by her dark cascading hair. A beauty in any language. She did not acknowledge me; perhaps she did not see me. She stood there for a moment, staring … and an eternity passed. Then she sighed, picked up a nightie that was on the bed, and put it on and switched off the light. I don’t remember how long I stood in the dark on the stair-landing. But somehow, I went down, back to my bed and slept like a log.

The next morning, my mother woke me up.

“Krishna, every night you say that you would sleep in your room, but every morning I find you here. Anyway, I am going to the temple with Mrs. Gupta. Stay at home, your father is also going. I have made breakfast for you and lunch too. Eat it when you are hungry.”

“Why are you going to the temple so early,” I grumbled, as I got up.

“Well, Mrs. Gupta is doing a special ceremony at the temple for Madhu, and we are all going there, you need not come.”

“Is Madhu going too?” I asked suddenly interested.

“No,” my mother said, “She is upstairs. Take care of her.” I heard my parents, and Madhu’s drive off. Suddenly excited, I went up the stairs, onto the small veranda that lead up to their house. Madhu was up, wearing the same nightly I saw her in last night (was she naked underneath???). She saw me, and came towards me. “Want some tea, I have made some.” She was so nonchalant.

“Where did your and my parents go?” I asked.

“To the temple.”

“Why”, I persisted.

She looked at me, and then said crossly, “You wouldn’t understand. Go and study”.

That hurt me. What had I done? Anyway, Madhu had walked inside her bedroom (her bedroom had a door to this veranda too). I went up to study. I didn’t understand what had I done to upset her. About an hour later, I heard sounds of steps coming up the stair. Madhu came, carrying a cup of tea, and some bread.

“Did you have your breakfast, I don’t think so, here take this,” she put the tray on my study table. I didn’t look at her, but continued to sit on my chair, with my heads down. I stared at the page, which I had been staring at for the past 30 minutes. Suddenly, I felt her hands ruffle my hair, “Still angry with me?”

“No,” I shook my head.

“So, what time did you go up to study last night,” she asked. I was taken a-back by that question, and she saw the surprise in my eyes.

“I think I heard you go up at about 10 pm.” she said, looking straight at me.

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The Therapist Ch. 02

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Anthony’s life was turned upside down after his visit to the therapist. Dr. McKensie, Charlotte, had opened up a new world in terms of sex. Now it was all he could think about.

In class his mind would wander to the therapy session. How she guided him through the ins and outs, literally, of having sex when you’re particularly well endowed. He had always thought of himself as sort of a freak, destined to a life of frustration and disappointment when it came to sex. Now, he was starting to see it much differently.

She was so responsive! he thought. The way she moved and cried out. The way she talked when she got hot. The way her entire body convulsed when she came. Just thinking about it made him get hard. Not such a good idea in the middle of English Composition class.

That afternoon, he was leaving wrestling practice when his cell phone buzzed. It was Dr. McKensie.

“How are you, Anthony?”

“Great. Much better. Thanks.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Did our session yesterday help?”

“Very much.”

“Good. I’ve been thinking that it would be a good idea for us to have a follow up session. Just to be sure that the breakthroughs we achieved are properly integrated.”

Anthony wasn’t exactly sure what she meant but he liked the idea of seeing her again.

“Um, sure. I mean, I think that’s a good idea.”

“Good. I think we were making excellent progress. When that happens, it’s important to follow up in a timely fashion.” She cleared her throat. “Can you come to my office this afternoon? Now?”

“Now? Sure. I guess. Yeah.”

“Very good. Now there’s something very important I want you to keep in mind. This is entirely professional and as such it’s entirely confidential. As your acting therapist, I will respect your privacy by keeping this completely between us. That means that you, too, must keep our visits completely confidential. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“That means you can’t breathe a word about what goes on between us to anyone. Got that? There may be a time when we choose to expand our sessions to include your girlfriend, Angela is it? For now, though, even she mustn’t know about it. Understand?”

“Yes. I promise I won’t discuss it with anyone.”

“Good. With that settled, I think we’re free to continue the therapeutic practice and take it to new levels. Goodbye Anthony.”


Antony’s heart was pounding. He had hoped they could have another session but he didn’t have the nerve to initiate it himself. He was frankly a little relieved to hear about the confidentiality part. His parents would freak if they knew what happened. And Angela. He didn’t even want to think about Angela.

When he arrived at Dr. McKensie’s office, Charlotte’s office, it was well after five. Once again, the waiting room was empty. No receptionist. He heard her voice.

“Anthony, come in.”

He entered her office and she was seated at her desk looking at some papers. She was wearing reading classes and she had her hair up. Anthony had wondered what it would be like the next time they met. Would they kiss? Shake hands? Embrace? I guess this answers it. It was very business-like.

“Sit down, Anthony.”

He sat in the chair facing her desk. She regarded him closely.

“Anthony, I’m going to start by doing an inventory. I’m going to ask you a series of questions. It’s important that you answer those questions truthfully. Do you understand?”


“Good. How did you feel after our last session?”

Anthony thought a moment.

“I felt great.”

“That’s good. I’m glad you felt the session was helpful.”

“How did you feel?” Anthony asked, surprised at his own forwardness.

Charlotte stood and took off her glasses.

“Anthony, my role as therapist is to help you in any way I can. If I can help you achieve breakthroughs by inserting myself into the psycho-sexual dynamic, then that’s what I’m prepared to do. Do you understand?”

“Um, I think so” he replied. “You’re here to help me?”

“Exactly. I’m here to do anything and everything to help you overcome whatever obstacles are in your way. It’s not about me. It’s about you.”

“I appreciate it.”

“I know you do, Anthony.”

She picked up a small notepad and walked to the front of the desk, sitting on the edge in front of him. She was wearing a short skirt and high heels. Her legs looked amazing.

“Anthony, when you thought about our last session, did it bring up any ancillary thoughts?”

“Um, I’m not sure…”

“Afterwards. When you were home, say, laying in bed. At night. Before you fell asleep. Maybe you let your imagination go, thinking about what you had experienced. Did you think about us, Anthony?”

He looked down, blushing.


“Good. And when you were laying in bed, thinking about us, what were you wearing? Do you sleep in pajamas? In a t-shirt?”

“I was naked.”

“Were you laying on your back? On your side?”

“On my back.”

“Fine. So, you were aksaray escort laying in bed, naked, on your back and you were thinking of us.”

“That’s right” he answered, sheepishly. She leaned in.

“Did you touch yourself, Anthony?”

Anthony looked down again.

“Anthony, the only way this is going to work is if you talk to me. Now, did you masturbate while you were thinking of us?”


“Did you stroke your penis? Did you make it…long…and hard?”

“Yes” he said, feeling the pressure growing in his crotch.

“Did you play with the head until it became big and bulbous?”

“Uh-huh.” She took her pen and circled the area around his growing bulge.

“Did your penis get very big? And hard?”

“Yes.” Anthony could feel his cock getting hard now, pressing against his jeans.

“And did you keep stroking it…until you couldn’t stand it any more?…Did you feel the surge of cum building in your big, hard cock?”

She was breathing audibly now.


“And did you come, Anthony? Did you think about us having sex, stroking your big, hard cock, until you exploded cum all over yourself?”

“Yes. Yes, I did.”

“Good. Very good.” She stood and walked slowly behind him. She put her hands on his shoulders. He could feel her breasts brushing against the back of his head. The pressure in his pants was enormous.

“Now, what exactly did you think about when you were stroking yourself. When you were laying in bed. Naked.”

“Um, what we did, mainly.”

“You thought about us having sex together?”

“That’s right.”

“And what specifically did you think about? I need to know what specific thoughts made you feel especially aroused?”

Anthony licked his lips, embarassed. She gave his broad shoulders a squeeze.

“Now, Anthony, if I’m going to help you in a therapeutic context then you’re going to have to tell me everything. Do you understand?”


“Now. What exactly did you think about that turned you on the most?” She said emphatically.

“How it felt. When I was inside you.”

She sat on the side of his chair, perched on the leather-upolstered arm. She pulled out her clip and shook her hair down to her shoulders.

“You thought about the sensations you felt when your penis was inside my vagina.”


“How wet it felt. Here.” Her hand went to her inner thighs, instructively.


“How soft it was, wrapped around your hard penis.”

“Yes.” Her fingers slipped beneath her skirt.

“How warm…and wet…and soft it felt inside my pussy.”


“Good.” She proceeded, methodically.

“Now, what else did you think about?”

“Your breasts.”

“What about my breasts, Anthony?” She turned her body so her full breasts pressed against her sheer cotton blouse.

“How they looked. And felt. Your nipples.” She pulled her shoulders back and cupped her hand under her bosom, for emphasis.

“Did you enjoy touching them, Anthony?

“Yes. I liked…to suck them.”

“Did it excite you when my nipples became big…and hard…and you took them in your mouth?”

Anthony gulped. He thought he’d rip a hole in his jeans.


“Very good. What else did you think about?”

“Um, I thought about how you sounded while we did it. The things you said.”

“What did I say that excited you?”

“That you wanted me. That it felt good. You know.”

She noted it in her notebook. “You liked when I was verbal during love-making. I see. Did it excite you when I talked dirty to you?”

“A lot.”

“When I said things like ‘I want your big fucking cock’?”


“And the noise I made when I came? When I screamed?”

“Very much.”

“That’s very good, Anthony. Very good.” She gave Anthony’s thigh a squeeze.

“It’s important that you get in touch with your sexuality. That you know what it is that turns you on the most.”

Anthony shifted in his seat. His cock was so hard it hurt.

“Anthony, one last question.” Thank God, he thought. I don’t think I can take this much longer.

“Are you excited now?”

Anthony didn’t answer.

“Yes, I see definite signs of male sexual response here.” Her fingers pressed against his bulge.

“Anthony, has our conversation caused you to become aroused?”

“Uh-huh” he said, unable to speak.

“That must be uncomfortable. Is it uncomfortable for you, Anthony?”


“Why you should relieve the pressure, Anthony. That can’t be comfortable at all. Here, let me help you.”

She unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly. He slid his pants down his legs. His cock tented his boxers.

“Now that still doesn’t look very comfortable. Wouldn’t it be better to take these off too?”

She slid down his boxers and there he was, in all his glory. She marvelled at the size of his penis.

“There, that’s better. I’m sorry, I should have realized our conversation would result in topkapı escort a stimulative response. It must have been so painful cooped up like that. Here, perhaps if I gave it a little massage.”

She gently brushed her fingers over his long, hard shaft. His cock stiffened and throbbed under her touch.

“That’s better. Would a little oral stimulation help it feel better?”

“Yeah, I think so” said Anthony with great relief.

She knelt in front of him, between his legs, and guided his hard cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and gently took the tip between her lips. Her tongue slid over the tip, feeling the ridges and tickling the tender underside. It felt so good he squirmed in his chair. After a few minutes, she lifted her head. Her hand kept stroking him.

“I must admit that conducting the inventory caused me some significant stimulation as well. I definitely felt my heart rate quickening and my vagina becoming exceedingly wet.”

She stood dropped her skirt to the floor. Her hand slipped under her panties.

“Yes, I’m quite wet. Here, feel.”

She took his finger in her hand and slid it under her panties into her slit. It was dripping wet.

“You see, even the therapist is not totally immune to tranference.”

She pulled her panties off, standing before him. She gripped the arms of the chair and spread her legs as he fingered her.

“Yes, I have the same reactions as you. I need the same relief from pent up libidinal urges.”

She started to unbutton her blouse. He was inserting two fingers inside her now, his thumb on her clit. Her eyes were closed and she started to touch her breasts through her lacy bra.

“My breasts sometimes feel confined too. They feel so much better when they’re released from binding clothes.”

She pulled off her blouse, reached behind her back, and unclasped her bra. Her full breasts sprung forth, in front of his face.

“Take off your shirt, Anthony. To feel completely unencumbered. That’s it.”

They were both naked now. Her hands ran over his strong, muscled body. His pecs were big and well-defined, his arms muscular and thick. His abs were rippled, his shoulders broad. He had a washboard stomach and she ran her fingers over it appreciatively. God, he was built.

Anthony’s hands cupped her breasts, his fingers sliding gently over her nipples. It felt wonderful. He felt them getting harder, bigger. She leaned towards him and slowly brought her breast to his face. He opened his mouth and she inserted her extended nipple between his lips. He began to suck and lick it hungrily.

“I like it when you suck my nipples, Anthony. I get very excited when you do that. Yes, I can definitely feel my pussy getting wetter. Roll the nipple in your tongue. That’s it. Like that. Oh, yes. That feels so good. Now, suck hard, Anthony. Suck really hard. Ohhhhhhhh!”

He was sucking her grape-size nipple with abandon now and it was making his cock throb. He felt bigger and harder than he had ever been.

“I’m going to mount you now” she said, as she put her legs over the arms of the chair. She was facing him, with legs spread and draped over the leather arms. He held his rockhard cock upright and slowly she lowered herself. She felt it press against her wet pussy like a large, hot muscle. She slowly pressed into him, and felt his huge tip spread her lips. She gasped. As it popped inside her, she let out a shriek.

“Yes!” she cried. “God I want your cock!”

Anthony’s head was spinning. He raised his hips and sunk the hard mass deeper inside her. She moaned. He rotated his hips and she felt the thick shaft brush her clitoris. She moaned again.

“Go slow” she gasped. “Oh my God, it’s so fucking good” she moaned. “Feel how wet I am. My pussy is so wet for you, Anthony. Your big cock makes me so fucking wet.”

Her words made him want to come so badly. But he held off. He took his time. Pushing into her a half inch at a time. Letting her adjust to his size. Making it last.

“God, yes” she moaned, as she arched her back, head tilted back, eyes closed. Her chest heaved and her breasts strained upward. Her nipples were standing straight out. He cupped one in each hand and slid his fingers back and forth over the nipples, rolling them, playing with them. Her breath intake revealed how sensitive they were. He pinched them, gently at first, then harder, tweaking the rosy flesh. She moaned again.

Using her legs as levers, she started to raise and lower herself on his gigantic cock. She was used to him now, as used as she’d ever be to something so big. She felt him filling her insides, invading her warm wet folds. He was going so deep, spreading her so wide. It felt glorious.

His hands were caressing her body now, her slender hips, her round ass, her beautiful back. He couldn’t stop feeling her skin, so smooth and velvety. She loved the feeling of his strong hands on her body. He was so big and strong, she felt dominated by him, like he could break her in two with one thrust. Still, sarıyer escort straddling him like this, she felt in control too. In control of the pace and the rhythm, and importantly, how deep he went.

And God, he went deep. So fucking deep. And how he spread her. Filled her. His shaft was so thick, it rubbed against her clit with each stroke. Oh, THIS is what sex is supposed to be! Riding this gorgeous stud and feeling his giant cock deep in me. She wanted him so bad. She felt her orgasm approaching and she quickened the pace. She was taking him deep now. Her hands were on his shoulders, gripping the hard muscles. She grinded her pussy into him and let out a long anguished moan. The waves of her orgasm washed over her.

When her orgasm finally subsided, she opened her eyes and saw him watching her, looking at her breasts longingly. Her chest was still heaving, and her breasts raised and lowered at his face level.

“I like to watch you come” he said, quietly.

“Does it turn you on?” she asked.


“Does it excite to know that you can make me come like that? That your body can fuck my body until I come like that? That your cock can give me such pleasure?”

“Very much.”

“Do you know what would excite me more than anything?”


“Watching you come. Feeling you come. Deep inside me. Feeling your your big, hard cock shooting cum deep inside me. Will you do that for me? Please?”

“Sure” he gulped.

“I want to give you the greatest orgasm of your life. I want to know what will turn you on more than anything. Tell me.”

Anthony looked at her heaving breasts and swallowed.

“My breasts? Do you like my breasts, Anthony?”

She took her hands and touched her breasts, arching her back for him. She rubbed the nipples. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her. He was loving this.

“I like that you like my breasts, Anthony. I’m rather proud of them you know. I like it when you touch them. And suck them. You know, they’re very sensitive.”

She cupped one of the breasts in her hand and lifted it to her face. Her tongue reached out and licked the nipple. She gave out a little shudder.

“Ooooooh. Yes, they’re very sensitive. It makes me really hot to think about you touching and sucking them. Does that excite you, Anthony.”

“Oh yeah.”

“I can tell because your cock is getting bigger inside me. Tell me, what do you want to do with my breasts, Anthony. You can do anything at all with them. They’re yours. Just tell me what you want.”

Anthony thought a moment.

“I want to suck them. While I come. I want to suck them and come at the same time.”

“Oh, I’d like that, Anthony. I want you to do that to me. That makes me hot.”

She raised her elbows high in the air, her hands in her hair. Her breasts lifted up gloriously. She started to slowly rotate her hips, rubbing against the tip of his cock. She arched her back and undulated her body, displaying her breasts for him. She was performing for him, like a lap dancer, rubbing herself against his crotch. Except his long, hard cock was buried in her up to the hilt.

She squeezed her upper arms together to press her breasts into one voluptuous mass. The nipples were side by side, big and hard.

“I want you to suck my breasts, Anthony. Please? It really excites me when you suck them. You know, when you suck my breasts, it makes me want to come. Did you know that? It’s true. It gives me the best…orgasm…ever! Suck my breasts, Anthony. Make me come.”

Instantly, Anthony buried his face in her bosom and found her nipples. He began sucking them voraciously, tonguing them, biting them. At the same time, his pelvis was pumping his cock in lightning thrusts. She cried out in pleasure. Knowing this was his secret fantasy made it more exciting for her. She wanted to take him to the highest height possible. She started to implore him in a hoarse, sexy voice.

“Yes! Now fuck me baby! Come on and fuck me!…That’s it…Fuck me and suck me!…Give me your great big beautiful cock…That’s it…Oh God, you feel so good!”

He was lifting his hips into her, sinking his cock in as far as it would go. He felt the tip pressing against her insides. She wanted it, now she was going to get it. Every… fucking… inch. Deeper. Deeper. Harder. Harder. Anthony was thrusting into her with everything he had. He was on the verge of orgasm.

She was crying out loudly now, her nails digging into his skin. Her body writhed on his thrusting cock. She was hotter than she’d ever felt. She wanted him to feel the same.

“Now, suck my nipples hard…Like that…Oh, baby, that’s gonna make me come…Suck hard…Yes, I’m cumming…Suck and fuck me while I cum!…Yes!”

He gave one more thrust and buried his cock in her pussy. He grimaced and felt his sperm shoot deep within her, filling her warm, wet pussy. She let out a scream as her body started to shake and convulse. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Again he thrust and again she screamed and again he felt the flood of semen shoot inside her. One last explosion of cum and he was spent and she crumpled in his arms, her breasts pressed against his face. They stayed there the longest time, their bodies embracing.

Their second session was definitely a success.

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Toe Bows

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Copyright 2000 Del Edwards

Stan finished setting up the coffee maker and clicked it on. She had called about an hour ago and asked if it was okay for her to stop by. She was due any minute now. “Whew,” he said out loud to no one in particular since he was alone in the house. He marveled that just the thought of her could cause a flutter in his chest and a nearly tear-producing lump in his throat. “Damn woman, it’s a good thing you don’t know how deep you got your hook into me,” he muttered as he consciously took a deep breath and exhaled forcefully.

But she did know because it was nearly the same for her. She found herself happy and anxious each time she met him. Waves of excitement rippled through her belly and she tried mightily to control her blushing but never could do so.

Several years before he had told her she had a standing invitation to come by for coffee. Until that day she had only met him in public places for some beverage and chat, or maybe lunch. They took turns buying. When he told her she was safe with him should she come to his home, she said, “I know. I trust you. I just don’t trust me”.

When she described her visits to a massage therapist she arched her back and raised her hand to touch the back of her neck and shoulder. She had just pointed out the pain and tension to him. “I would do that for you,” he volunteered but she rejected his offer saying it would be best to leave that to Joe, her massage therapist.

“I’m afraid I’d like it too much and want you to …well, never mind,” she grinned at him. She began to blush. “Just teasing,” she added quickly in an effort to quench her blush. He wanted to share what ever was in her mind and smiled when he asked her what she was blushing about. She grimaced and shook her head slowly and leaned into the table toward him. After propping both arms on the table she rested her chin in her cupped hands.

“You get a whole body massage when you go?” he asked.

“Yes, it’s wonderful,” she replied.

“What do you wear?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she replied. “It’s a professional thing, like going to the doctor.”

“I see. All you’d have to do with me is remove your blouse and slip the shoulder straps of your bra down onto your arms. You’d be lying face down anyway.” She shook her head slowly from side to side. A hard knot of disappointment slowly sank from his chest into the pit of his stomach.

He even modified his offer to having her sit in a chair while he worked on her from behind and she didn’t have to remove any of her clothing. He did inject the proviso that she pay him a dollar in advance so the whole thing would be a professional exchange. He had offered her a foot massage under the same conditions. Then he commented, “Don’t just put down the dollar and stand up and start taking your pantyhose off…you’ll give me a heart attack.” Paula just smiled.

She seemed a bit on edge sitting across his dining table from him. Twirling her coffee mug she looked down into it. She was torn…wanting to leave escort şişli before she submitted to this man and wanting him to possess her, embrace her with his firm arms, pulling her body to his and kiss her ravenously until she melted into him. She dug in her purse, found her wallet and placed two dollar bills on the glass table half way between them. “Neck & shoulders then foot massage” she breathed.

“Sure thing, he responded, then rose, moved behind her and began to massage the back of her neck with his thumbs. “Tell me if I hit a sore spot or am pressing too hard,” he told her. She nodded her head. His fingers followed the tight muscles their length, ligament to ligament and then back again. He would have liked to work on bare skin with some lotion or oil but refrained from suggesting it. The pressure of his hands rippled the material at the front of her dress giving him little glimpses of the interior edges of her bra cups. It was white lace over white satin. It almost gleamed in contrast to the bordeaux-carmel-brown paisley print pattern of her dress. He wanted to slide his hands down the front of her and unbutton it, but he didn’t. Instead he suggested she close her eyes and describe what was playing on the screen in her mind.

“Oh, I was just thinking how pleasant and relaxing this all is. Humm, at the same time there’s a lot of tension in me,” she said. Her hands were resting on her thighs. He saw them close just a bit and then she let her shoulders drop, realizing she was tense. He worked on her upper back and neck for several more minutes then rested his hands on her shoulders and gently squeezed

“Okay, go take off your pantyhose and get in the recliner,” he directed.

“They’re thigh highs,” she said as she rose from the chair. Moving to the recliner she pulled up her dress and sat on the edge of the seat. After removing her shoes she slowly removed one stocking. There was a brief moment when he glimpsed what had to be her lavender panties as she worked her fingers inside the elastic top of the second stocking. He stood transfixed as she bent forward and stripped it slowly down her leg. Glancing up at him she smiled. She was teasing him and he knew it.

“You’re outrageous,” he scolded with a grin.

“Just a teasy bitch, huh?” she laughed.

“Yeah. I’ll get the lotion. Be right back.” When he returned to the living room she was sitting back in the chair with her legs crossed. The hem of her dress was back to its proper place. “Reach down with your right hand and pull on the lever,” he told her. He wanted to distract her from noticing some extra things he had brought in addition to the lotion. The leg rest rose under her calves and left her feet jutting over the edge. He deposited the items he was holding just below her feet except for one. There was a quizzical little smile on her face, which he left unanswered as he installed the black sleep mask over her eyes and gently positioned the elastic band around her head. “Now lie back and relax while I put some music on,” merter escort he told her. When she leaned back and the chair yielded to her, there was a mixture of amusement and anxiety showing on her mouth.

The music was some of her favorite rhythm & blues tunes. Stan sat cross-legged on the floor facing the bottoms of her feet. He pumped a dollop of lotion into one hand and then rubbed his palms together warming the creamy stuff. Starting in the center of her left foot he worked with enough pressure to insure the strokes wouldn’t tickle her. After a minute or two he used more lotion to work the sides and bottom of her heel then moved up to her anklebone. He was giving special attention to her Achilles tendon when the first small moan issued from her. With a new supply of lotion he began working the basal joints of her toes with occasional excursions to her arch and outside of her midsole.

Not in protest but in pleasure she moaned as he applied firm pressure to her midsole with both thumbs, his fingers opposing them on the top of her arch. “God your good,” she breathed. He said nothing but continued to work slowly, treating each toe individually. Then he went back to the underside of her arch and used more pressure until her hips bucked and she uttered a sound that was half growl and half moan.

Stan made the same slow, sensuous tour of her right foot, extracting more sounds from her. Then he put one hand on each foot and began a dual massage of the underside of both arches. He increased the pressure slowly until she began to squirm and she was repeating, “Ooh, oooh, oooh,” as if she was nearing orgasm. He eased the pressure off slowly and finally stopped just long enough to grab one of the two longer lavender satin ribbons on the carpet. He wrapped it twice around her big toe after getting on his knees. Finishing with a shoestring bow, he repeated the procedure with the other long ribbon on her other big toe.

“What are you doing?” she asked softly.

“Decorating your toes,” he responded. “No extra charge.” He continued to work until each of her toes was ligatured with a satin ribbon. Then he stood, moved beside her and removed the sleep mask. She blinked a couple of times and smiled as she looked at her feet. She wiggled her toes and animated the bows. As she started to sit up he pushed the back of the recliner back to its horizontal position. “Actually, I lied…sort of. Your toes are decorated but I was also putting you in bondage. You are now totally under my power. You have no will of your own. You will be pleased to do exactly as I say, without question or complaint,” he said evenly.

“And what if I don’t want to play your little game,” she smiled up at him.

“That will be your loss,” he said emphatically.

“Okay, let’s see where it goes,” she agreed.

“Pull up your dress. I want to see those gorgeous legs again.” Paula bubbled a chuckle, grasped a handful of dress and moved it as high as she could without changing her position to free the back of the istanbul escort dress trapped under her thighs. “Show me more,” he growled at her. Her hips and legs rippled; she tugged the hem of her dress to her navel and smiled at him. There was a glow to her very brief lavender panties and a dark translucence where they were wet over the lips of her love rose. “Oh my, we must remove your panties so they can dry. Raise your hips,” he commanded as he grasped the strings at the outsides of her hips. She did so and he pulled her panties off her hips, down her legs and clear of her.

Never had he seen a sweeter smile than after he glimpsed her moist, close-cropped lips and set her panties to dry on the back of the love seat just behind him. “Down the hall, last door on your right, close and lock the latch and leave your aura there for me with no less than four orgasms,” he instructed her. Her eyes moved up to his as a smile of connection and compliance spread across her face.

“Your sensuality and spirituality overwhelm me, sir. How could I refuse.” Evenly she moved away from him and went to do as she was instructed. He heard a couple of them, even through the closed door. A brief gasp and then a scream of pure pleasure.

Sometime later she glided down the hall, a sense of satisfaction embracing her mood and movements. “I could get to like this game,” she breathed as her eyes swept appreciatively across him.

Her toes glowed with the iridescence of ten lavender bows. It went clear up into her eyes, having set her heart on fire as it passed. Her dress was in place as he encircled her waist with his hands. “My control bows are still in place around your pretty toes. Sit on the edge of the recliner and pull up your dress,” he said, leaving no doubt that she must do exactly as he directed.

He knelt on the floor before her and slowly spread her bare thighs. Taking her hands in his, he moved them to the hem of her dress, caused her to grip it and hold it high and close to her navel. Then he bent forward and kissed the petals of her rose. First the right and then the left lip he sucked into his mouth and then flittered his tongue across. He began to tongue-fuck her going as deep as he could. Her hips yielded and he found her clit and sucked it into his puckered lips so he could flick it with his tongue. She yipped and gasped but he would not let up. Then her low moan rose to a scream as she went breathlessly half an octave higher with each thrust of his tongue.

Some minutes later she shrieked in ecstasy as he licked her slit and tongue-flicked her clit. First she pushed into him and then drew away, afraid that his tongue would consume her. His hands were over hers, pressing her skirt away from her hips, wanting to fill her.

It was never clear whether she slipped willingly off the chair or if he pulled her onto his purple-veined shaft. The sound she made was infinite surrender, a moan of oneness as they coupled as only a man and woman in love can. Not long after he screamed as he slammed up into her again and again.

Later he escorted her to her car in his driveway. She was barefoot and there were ten lovely lavender satin bows still tied to her toes.

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Another Aftermath

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“Can we do it?” She asked in an unsure voice.

“It’s not that simple,” the answer came, “I need to fully understand what happened between you two over the past 3 years to ensure there are grounds for a lawsuit.”

“Look at me,” the red-haired woman demanded, “look at what she did to me! She ruined my life.” Her voice was furious, filled with rage. Her body still possessed the light shimmer of a beautiful woman, but something was not right. Her once flat belly, a compliment to her bombshell figure, stuck out like a sore thumb. While the woman was average in weight, her abdomen was many times bigger.

“While I understand your frustration,” the slim, black-haired lawyer retorted, “I also understand you signed a waiver…”

“What? That stupid piece of paper?” The redhead practically screamed with rage, “Are you telling me that little piece of shit can get away with what she did because of a damned legal paper?”

Monica noted just how furious her client was, and rightfully so. Her belly was so titanic it was hard for Monica to grasp its size. It was hard to work with those types of people, though her distress was completely justified. “Listen, I know this is hard, but I need to go over your story. I have to understand exactly how you got here in order to establish a lawsuit.”

The redhead took a deep breath, “Okay, what do you need?”

“Just start from the top, Karen, and tell me how that happened.” She gestured at the woman’s once perfect body, now reduced into a container of ungodly amounts of semen and used exclusively to birth new babies.

“It started three years ago,” Karen recalled, “when I first met Anastacia Bloomhaven. “

“If I understand correctly, she is the target of this lawsuit.” Monica made sure she recognized the name.

Karen nodded in approval, “The bitch hides under the guise of niceties.”

“Okay, better get this out of the way now,” Monica sighed, “no more name-calling when you talk about this case. The last thing we need is you calling her a bitch before a judge.”

Karen nodded her head. As angry as she was, Monica had a point. Suddenly, she felt a movement in her lower body, “Oh, Monica, can you please get the doctor? I think I have another birth coming.”

Monica blinked at her client, “But… But you just gave birth when I came in an hour ago…”

“Doctor please,” Karen screamed as a man dressed in white rushed into the room to check up on her. Five minutes later the doctor left the room with a baby cart containing the newborn octuplet of girls.

Monica tried to pick things up when they left, “Can you retell your first meeting?”

“It was February 20th three years ago. Nine twenty in the morning, on the dot. I remember it clearly because that was when that bitch-“

Monica cleared her throat, reminding Karen to watch her language. Karen lowered her head and corrected herself, “That was when Anna started ruining my life.”

“Please explain.” Monica requested.

“I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop when she walked in,” Karen recalled, “when you look like Anna, that alone is a crime.”

“Karen, please refrain from passing judgment.”

“I wasn’t passing judgment,” Karen protested, “she has a restraining order on those types of places because of her condition…”

“What?” Monica sounded surprised.

“The moment she stepped in the door her hormones made people go wild. One minute I was sitting in a coffee shop eating breakfast, the next I was in a porn movie.”

“How bad was it?” Monica asked.

“Bad, real bad… Everyone around me went into a sexual frenzy. I saw things that belong in cheap porn flicks. Threesomes, gangbangs, it all happened in a couple of minutes. My date just came in his pants and then went on to join a ganabang without saying a word.” Karen recalled.

“Sounds intense, and what about you? What did you do?”

“Nothing,” Kat said and shrugged her shoulders, “for some reason I’m immune to her pheromones.”

“Creepy, I can’t imagine myself in that situation,” Monica said as a shiver ran down her neck, “what happened next?”

“Next, Anna Bloomhaven noticed me and decided to ruin my life,” Karen shifted around uncomfortably, “she walked through the crowd of sex-crazed people and sat where my date was moments ago. It was such a strange thing as if in that instant the world was gone and there was only us two.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Monica tried to cheer her client.

“It wasn’t, it was as if I was the center of the world for a moment.” Karen şişli escort smiled, “We talked and she introduced herself as if there was no crazy sexual bonanza happening in the background. Then she proceeded to invite me to her place, produced a business card and vanished the same way she came.”

“Wow, what an introduction,” Monica whistled, “and I take it once she left the sex party ended..”

“Nope,” Karen chuckled, “it took them another 3 days to come out if it…”

“Fuck,” Monica mumbled at the thought of going through such an experience.

“Didn’t you say we should watch our mouths?”

Monica nodded, “Yes, you are right, I apologize.”

“My relationship with my ex ended after that, I dumped his ass because all he could think about was sex after that little incident. It was ridiculous, he came 6 or 7 times every day, no matter what…” Karen picked up the story, “I lasted two months before I broke and contacted her…”

“What do you mean?” Monica looked honestly baffled.

“Anna, she was everywhere, in my days and nights, shopping, exercising, driving, everywhere!”

“Stalking is a good base for our lawsuit, do you have any proof?”

“No, it wasn’t like that, Monica, she wasn’t doing anything, it was my mind, refusing to release the thoughts of her, it even happened in my dreams.” Karen paused and a shiver went down her back, causing her giant midsection to wobble.

“You went to meet her?” Monica guessed how things unfolded and was rewarded with a head shake, “and in her apartment, one hidden-pill-in-water-glass later, you two were at it hard…”

Karen shook her head, “unfortunately no, it was nothing as simple as that-” suddenly, her expression changed, “can you get the doctor?”

This time Monica didn’t even think about it and immediately rushed out to get help. One hour and thirty babies later, the situation cleared and Monica was able to resume her inquiry.

“We had a really good launch and talked about the details.” Karen resumed.

“The details of what?” Monica wondered.

“The details of our lovemaking. Anna insisted she only gets it on when there’s an agreement between her and the potential mate.”

“So she ran you through it, rushed you to the end with promises of sex?” Monica tried to get an angle on her lawsuit.

“Quite the opposite,” Karen admitted, “she told me we will not be having any type of sexual activity that day because she didn’t want to force me to agree to anything.”

“Wow, that girl is one sly cat…” Monica released her grip, “Okay, what did you talk about?”

“About how sex with her works, mostly,” Karen blushed a little.

Monica walked over to the desk and picked up a legal paper and a blue pen, the agreement between the two, “Details, Karen,” she demanded, “I want to check if she hid something from you in the contract…”

Karen cleared her throat and tried to remember everything, “she told me it could last anywhere between 1 day and 6 years depending on how backed up she was.”

“Check” Monica approved and marked the document.

“She also told me I will become pregnant for sure but she had no way of knowing how prolific the pregnancy would be.” Karen recalled, “she framed it between fifteen babies at the lowest and over a billion at the top.”

Monica ticked off a couple more marks on the paper and her face looked grim, “Anything else?”

“I asked about contraceptions*, and she said there are no scientifically proven ones that worked for her…”

Monica chuckled, “I’m sorry, Karen, but this contract is legitimate.” She shrugged her shoulders and thought about a different approach, “was there wine at the table? Did you consume alcohol during the meal?”

Karen nodded, “Sure, I drank a couple of glasses.”

“Cleaver lady, intoxicating you to get you to sign the contract.” Monica railed, “a contract signed under such impossible conditions won’t hold in court.”

Karen frowned, “but we didn’t sign it at that meeting, that was just a review where she explained everything.”

“Oh,” Monica sighed in despair, “so, when did you sign?”

“A month later, after the demo,”

“Demo?” The lawyer wondered.

“She insisted I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation and wanted me to see it first hand.” Karen explained, “She invited me to a demonstration that night.”

Monica sighed and frustration was starting to chip at her mask of professionalism, “What happened at the demo?”

“I watched Anna have sex with another woman. She taksim escort put on a show for me, went at her really hard,” Karen remembered.

“Did she hurt her partner? Abuse her?”

“Oh, no, not at all,” the bloated woman recalled with an affectionate smile, “she was actually super gentle with the whole thing.”

Monica paced around the room with a plastered expression of confusion, “what next?” She sneered.

“Once she had the head of her cock in the girl’s snatch things started going. I think it took her about a minute to go into an orgasmic loop-“

“Orgasmic loop,” Monica wondered.

“It’s when a woman constantly orgasms because a cock is big enough to hit all her sweet spots.” Karen elaborated.

“Wait, just how big is she?”

“She said she was 5 feet long, fully erect and her circumference is 4 feet around.”

“That’s crazy!” Monica marveled, “that’s thicker than my waist, are you sure this is her size?”

“Definitely,” Karen approved, “she measured it for me live on the demo. You know what? She told me that she gets bigger when she orgasms, but I never saw or measured that because it was inside the girl…”

“What the actual fuck!” Monica burst, “how can that bitch be so perfect?”

“Everything okay, Monica?” Karen looked at Monica with a confused expression, unsure why the lawyer was getting so worked up.

“Her cover, it’s watertight,” Monica paced around the room, “she’s completely covered, no loopholes in the contract…”

“So, no lawsuit?” Karen wondered.

“I don’t know, what happened next?”

“She fucked the girl for a couple of minutes and then her own orgasm started. It took her about three days to fire her first blast of cum into the girl.”

“Wait, are you telling me that Anna had an orgasm that lasted three whole days?” Monica sounded shocked that such a thing was possible.

“No, no, no,” Karen corrected, “it was just the first blast of the orgasm that took 3 days. The whole orgasm took over a month – around 12 blasts.”

“Are you serious, Karen?” Monica was clearly upset now, “are you telling me this futa orgasmed for a full month non-stop?”

Karen nodded in the affirmative. Suddenly her eyes went wide, “doctor,” she whispered and the medical team rushed in to deliver another batch of newborn babies. This time Monica didn’t stick around to watch the show and went to the adjacent room and made a few phone calls.

Two hours later, once Karen calmed down, Monica returned to the room, her face grim, “I looked at a couple of angles, the woman you watched Anna have intercourse with is also on a perfectly good legal contract. She’s an avid supporter of Anna, so no gold there…”

“Next time we met?” Karen wondered if she should continue her story, Monica approved, “I didn’t stick around to watch the whole demo, I visited routinely every couple of days over the next year to see the two undergo their lovemaking.”

The yearlong sex didn’t phase Monica. Reviewing the legal information, 30 minutes ago, she learned the woman was now housed in an industrial warehouse and birthed enough babies to count as a small nation. “Fine, what happened after the year ended?”

“Anna needed a day to recharge herself for me, and we used the opportunity to have a meal and sign the contract,” Karen recalled.

“Alcohol? Anything addictive?” Monica started to fish for leads again.

“Nope, just a regular lunch, though Anna ate a ton of food to replenish herself…”

“Fuck! Why is that woman so waterproof?” Monica blew a fuse. It wasn’t that she never lost a case, it happened once in a blue moon, but this woman seemed impossible to smudge, “okay, sex time?”

“The next day, we came here and got cracking…” Karen said.

“You had intercourse? Or was there some kind of training montage?” Monica was clearly upset.

“No, we just went at it,” Karen answered, oblivious of her lawyer’s unrest.

“Tell me about it…” Monica sighed with deep frustration.

“It started out rather mechanical. We both undressed and stored our clothes away. We kissed a little and things started to heat up. We started with me on my hands and knees and she positioned her cock on top of my pussy…” Karen started retelling the story, still unperceptive of the situation, “it was ridiculous how much bigger she was. But once she started to push in my body seemed to go with the flow and my slit started to gap open for her…”

Karen went on and on about her lovemaking, how it took them 3 hours to get half beşiktaş escort of Anna’s cock in her. And how things went from there, once cum started blasting out of the hyper futanari.

“Honestly, it felt amazing. Who knew cum can be this thick,” Karen sounded like she had a hard time grasping the words coming out of her mouth, “I still can’t believe I’m full of such thick cum.”

“Karen,” Monica tried to focus her client on the subject, “please tell me about the rest of your intercourse.”

“It was rather plain, Monica, really, she was so intense there was hardly any need to pump her cock in and out of me… but the cum, Monica, look at how solid it made my belly. It’s not like those runny cum loads where you see the belly wobble.”

“Karen…” Monica tried to interrupt the passionate woman and put her back on course but to no avail.

“No! Don’t change the subject, Monica,” she demanded, “you need to feel this…”

Monica hesitated walking forward, wanting to push her client back on track, but at the same time unsure she wanted to feel her cum filled womb. Reaching her hand out to touch the pale skin she gasped. The flesh was so tight and firm it was almost alarming as if Karen could instantly explode given the lightest of agitations.

“Amazing, right? We don’t know how much she pumped into me, but it was so thick that almost nothing spilled out.” Karen said with a low moan, ” thousands of gallons and we only spilled about a cup’s worth of cum on the floor by accident.”

“That’s crazy, How did you agree to undergo such a thing, Karen?”

“I honestly don’t know, Monica, it’s such a strange feeling,” Karen admitted with a sigh of delight, “every time I thought about it my mind screamed that this is a mistake… But my heart couldn’t deal with missing the opportunity to participate in such a great thing.”

Monica sighed, “Please carry on with the story, what happened next?”

Three hours and two births later, Karen was nearing the end of her ordeal. “I think that at that point Anna’s was near her five million orgasms mark, though I’m not completely sure. It’s hard to keep track with two years of nonstop sex.”

Monica’s frustration calmed down as she listened to Karen recounting her sexual odyssey. It wasn’t something she’d do herself, but it was intriguing to hear.

“The last blast was pretty pathetic,” Karen reached the end of her story, “remember the first one was around 300 gallons of baby butter, the last one was a measly 10 gallons…”

“But that’s natural, Karen,” Monica sighed, “cocks drain, you know, the more orgasms they undergo, the less cum they’ll expel.”

“Whatever, I expected more…” Karen shrugged and rested her hands on her distended midsection.

“Wait,” Monica started to wonder, “just how big are you right now Karen? What are the doctors saying about the extent of your pregnancy?”

“Basically, I’m a mild case of hyper pregnancy,” Karen summed, “would you believe that? Two years and giving birth every hour until the day I die, and I’m a mild case…”

“How do they defy a bad case?”

“Turns out there’s this lady Anna started fucking when she was 18 and she was at it for a decade…” Karen shrugged, “I understand she’s basically giving birth so fast it’s just a constant stream of babies day in and day out.”

“Damn…” Monica whispered and silence filled the room. After a long while the lawyer retorted, “I think I’ve heard enough and am thoroughly familiar with the case.”

“Great,” Karen cheered, “so when do we make our move?”

“We are not making any legal move,” Monica emphasized the words, “you made a very bad call and am paying for it… According to what I see, Anna was way more than fair with you, she even included financial compensation for what she did to you…”

“But she’s a futa freak!” Karen demanded, “she has to pay for what she did to my perfect body…”

“What she did was done with full consent, Karen, you did this to yourself,” Monica concluded.

“You know what, Monica? I think I want a better lawyer than you… I deserve better” Karen frowned at her friend.

“You know what Karen,” Monica said with a smile, “you are perfectly correct, you should ask for a second opinion.”

“I will,” Karen agreed, “thanks for nothing…”

“You’re welcome,” Monica smiled, “just one final question?”

“What?” Monica sneered at her friend.

“Can you give me Anna’s number? I’d like to hear her side of the story as well.”

“Bullshit,” Karen called, “you’re envious of my perfect body. You want her to take you too!”

Monica blushed deep red, “I can neither confirm nor deny…” she said with a devilish smile as she copied the number off of one of the legal papers and walked away from the cum filled Karen.

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The Sheriff’s Bounty

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Dusk began to rise over the town of Two Stone, a gray and purple mess of sunbeams over the desert and the little structures erected upon it. Adelaide Preston sat on a railing at the old church on the corner of the street. The bell tower rang one sharp, crisp tone, signifying that it was 7:30, the final bell toll after sunset.

Adelaide was due to return to her home across town where she lived with her parents. They didn’t appreciate that the eighteen-year-old didn’t live someplace else with a husband, even if she did earn enough working at the church to contribute to the family.

There was a hollering in the air, like there was a commotion somewhere on the outskirts of town. Adelaide hitched up her skirt so that the fabric wouldn’t get caught on the low-hanging weeds and brambles that lined the ground. A coyote laughed somewhere far-off in the plains, and Adelaide used what was left of the daylight to navigate towards home and to the lighted part of the street.

The commotion continued as soon as she’d crossed the first block, not even half a mile from her home. A group of horses and their people were snickering as they traveled down the street at a trot. The bounty hunters that rode along the road cussed and spat like drunkards.

“Blazes, girl,” mumbled the one in the front of the pack. Adelaide gripped at the long sleeves of her blouse, as a chill wind had picked up, dismissing them as lowly wolf-whistlers who preyed on the teenage girls in town. “Mind if we stop you over here for one second?” The burly man commanded, blocking her from continuing on the path under the streetlight.

“I’ll be damned,” Adelaide spat out softly to herself, trying to move so that the men would leave her alone. They ought to have better things to do, she thought, considering that all they were after was a little bit of the government’s money in exchange for catching criminals. She hopped over a low-lying fence bordered by darkness to avert their attention, but when she came back to the lighted street she was met with a burgundy horse in her face.

“Ah, see, this one’s out here airin’ her lungs,” a scrawny fellow towards the back on a dun stallion guffawed, “Bet she’s the one.”

“I beg your pardon,” Adelaide said, trying to avoid the group, but startling when she looked up to find herself face to face with the barrel of a revolver. She looked at the thick finger resting tentatively on the trigger, refusing to say a word.

“Naw, that can’t be her, she couldn’t be that dull to run around here right now.”

“This is her,” he said, gunned hand refusing to bow as he pulled a folded piece of paper from a pocket, a wrinkled photograph. He passed it to the man next to him who had dismounted his horse and held the dusty photograph up in front of Adelaide’s face. The photo of the woman was dim and he narrowed his eyes.

“Cook, I’m tellin’ you, this is the one.” He lowered his gun, seeing she wasn’t going anywhere, and Adelaide supposed it was time to ask who in the world they thought she was.

“Hey, hey!” She protested, as they started to bind her wrists from behind. “What’s going on? I haven’t done a thing! I’m just trying to get home!”

“Sure, you haven’t, Miss McIntyre. We’re gonna have to take you down to the sheriff real quick, then after that you can go wherever you want.”

“My name’s Preston, it’s not McIntyre,” she said, pointless amidst the boyish commotion of the hunters. Without acknowledging her, they gathered quickly and pitched her small body onto the back of one of the horses like she was an unruly drunkard. She protested several times more, precariously balanced and tied, traveling the road into the darkness surrounded by the smell of horse shit and human sweat. Her heart thumped in her chest as she lay behind a strange man who reeked of tobacco as they moseyed down the road towards the sheriff’s office

“Alright now, baby,” the gruff leader said as he let her off the back of the horse. She relaxed a bit knowing that she wouldn’t fall six feet face-first onto the gravel. A few of them hooted like she was a prostitute flirting on the corner. “We’re just gonna hand you over and Mr. Lancaster will take good care of you.” Adelaide decided not to say a thing as they unlocked Manavgat escort the door to the dark building and shoved her in. She didn’t look forward to explaining this when she got back home, smelling like horses with a dusty skirt.

“Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I swear on my mother’s life.” Adelaide was sat in an office lit only by a single lamp in the corner. Her face was flushed and there was a whine in her voice like she was about to cry. It was late now, she hadn’t had a meal in hours, and now she was all the way across town. “I was just walking home from the church – I was working there – and these men came and picked me up and didn’t tell me nothing about what I had done.”

“Cora McIntyre…” A man lit dimly by the lamp mumbled, scribbling something down on some paperwork he had strewn upon his desk. Adelaide sat in the chair facing him; the door to the office was shut and one of the posse who’d brought her there was positioned outside.

“That’s not my name, I’m Adelaide Preston. I live at the end of the street that the church is on, I swear. My family hasn’t been here long. I don’t know if we have the proper papers. But I haven’t done a single illegal thing in my life.”

The sheriff looked up at her like she was telling a good joke. “Huh?” He looked her up and down. “See, what I have here is that twenty-year-old Cora McIntyre walked into Bell’s Grocery down on High Street at 7:15 this evening, pulled out a six-shooter stolen from her father, and took all the cash in his register.” He shifted the papers around. “And you’re telling me that’s not you?”

“I told you already. I live in town, and my name’s Adelaide Preston.”

“My boys told me you said that. Can’t seem to find that in any of my records, though. Convenient.” He stood up to double-check, searching in a drawer behind him that held the town documents. “Are you sure you have all the necessary papers filed, if you are who you say you are?”

Adelaide stuttered, not wanting to tell him how she was born out of wedlock and outside the country, something her parents had had an unresolvable amount of shame over for nearly the past two decades. They had told her that they’d lost her birth certificate in a fire when she was very young, but Adelaide now knew the truth. For now, the lack of documentation mostly meant that it was hard for her to live there without losing her job. If the sheriff found out, her family would have one less source of income.

“I…they must be in there somewhere.” She wrapped her fingers around a tight fist.

“You said you worked over at that church across town?” He’d returned back to the desk.

“Oh,” she froze up, fearing saying anything else that would either incriminate her as an undocumented teenager or imply she really was this Cora McIntyre, wherever that girl was now.

“Well, then,” the sheriff said, candlelight glinting off his gilded badge. “Miss Preston,” he used a lilt when he said her name. “I suppose you can either provide me with your documentation, or you can tell me what I’m looking to hear. There’s really no other option.”

Adelaide sat there, tight, avoiding his glare, face red.

“That’s what I thought,” he moved the photograph of the woman to the side. “I don’t know what’s going on with you, or whether you really are one of those ladies from the bed-house, but until we come across a gal who says she did it, I’m afraid county law says we gotta hold you.”

“Sorry, from where?” Adelaide’s posture straightened, suddenly aware of her possible fate. “You can’t do that, I can’t stay here! My family doesn’t know I got picked up out there, they’re probably worried about me!” With the lack of a gun in her face, she felt like she could say anything she wanted to the gentleman.

“Well, honey,” he murmured, peering to the window next to him that did little more than look upon a dark alley. He ruffled the dark shirt he was wearing, bringing his hand up to his hair, slicked back with grease. “I’m sure the county would be able to let it fly if they had, say, a five dollar donation.” His eyes were dark but Adelaide felt compelled to look at him.

“Five dollars?” Adelaide said, catching herself, remembering the man outside Manavgat escort bayan the door was probably waiting to act if things got a little too rowdy. She had maybe fifteen cents in a little bag somewhere, but when she went messing around in her coat pocket she found that it was missing. “I don’t have anywhere near that amount on me.” She boldened up. “And I don’t think the county even takes bribes, mister.”

“Sweetheart. Whoever you are, whatever your name is and wherever you’re from,” he cooed, “I’ll tell you a thing you should learn from Two Stone. First, it’d be better if you called me Sir, and second, I’m sure there’s some way we can work this out.” It didn’t look like there was going to be a way out of there anytime soon, unless she gave the man what he was after.

Adelaide stuttered and started to question this vague request. The intonation of his voice, her blouse with two buttons undone and the severity of the crime she’d allegedly committed suggested what he was after.

She pressed her back against the chair in an effort to move away from him. He sat there quietly with an eyebrow raised, His eyes were smoky and dark, and his tongue began to mess with his lip.

Many of the girls Adelaide had known growing up were wedded and some even had children. Having not found a single young bachelor suitable for her in this derelict town, Adelaide had never been with a man before. Her heart began to pound underneath her flesh as the sheriff eyed her. She couldn’t tell this man she was a virgin – he was likely twice her age – but he would probably learn soon enough.

“Why don’t you show me what those Desert Rose girls do, and I’ll let you off with just a warning.” Adelaide’s stomach boiled at the corruption she was experiencing, but with the building closed down for the night, the bodyguard outside, and the gun on the edge of the table, there wasn’t another option. “And I don’t care who you are, don’t care what your name is or what your story is. It’s the money or this, baby.”

Adelaide squirmed in her seat, feeling the sweat build up itchily on the backs of her knees. The words wanted to spill out of her mouth, but she was unsure if, knowing her lack of experience, he would take it easy on her or want to break her.

He beckoned her over to him, and after a long few seconds of decision, she stood up and approached his side of the desk.

“Now what can I call you again?”


“Adelaide? How about Cora?” Adelaide didn’t say a word, but her body was shaking in a way that mimicked a head nod.

The sheriff sat there, his facial features amplified by the dim firelight emanating from the lantern on the edge of the desk. It was hard to see, but he had dark hair and was wearing a button-up shirt, the jacket moved to the edge of the chair. He stood.

“Get up on the desk. Move those things aside.” She tentatively pushed the papers to the farthest edge of the desk and hoisted herself onto the dark, polished wood desk. The intricate carvings pressed into her skin and made her ache. He didn’t come to kiss her, but ran his fingers up her neck, along her collarbone.

“What a pretty thing you are,” he said, first hand still near her neck, the other hand coming down to brush against her bloomers and push her legs apart. She trembled, but started to feel a change in her body, an acceptance. His fingers were cold and calloused.

“Now, I assume you girls don’t do anything too European; the girls in the next town over don’t either.” Adelaide couldn’t tell what he meant for sure, just knew that she was too young to have any knowledge of the pleasures she could give that were not part of traditional biblical responsibilities. All she knew to do was to lay back like a good housewife fulfilling her duty.

The sheriff went for his belt – one of dark, thick leather with a simple brass buckle that shone and blinded in the lantern light. He undid it swiftly, leaving the belt still in its loops as he let his trousers fall; now their undergarments were the only things separating them from each other.

“Wait,” Adelaide cried, after the man had removed her underpants and it was just her bare bottom half in front of him now. “I haven’t Escort manavgat done this before.”

“Ah,” he seemed pleased, as he stopped and grinned. There was no way that he truly thought that she was Cora McIntyre. The picture he had shown her, the face was too rough, too influenced by years of crime and knowing men in ways their wives could only guess at. “That’s alright. I’ll be gentle with you, darling.”

She tried not to look at what he did next, opting to gaze now to her side at a large and ugly oil portrait of some older man hung on the wall. She hadn’t expected her defloration to be very special, but this was unexpected.

Next thing she knew, she felt the constriction of her folds around his member as he gingerly pushed it inside her. She had begun to feel some sort of wetness down there, but it wasn’t nearly enough to accommodate what he was giving out. She felt her thin skin stretch as he filled her, and tried not to complain or make any noise at all.

“Yeah, it might hurt a bit at first.” He said, trying to pull her so that her rear was closer to the edge of the table and to him. “But soon you’ll practically be begging me for it.” He laughed.

Adelaide’s heart leapt; he had fit his entire length in her and now it was starting to feel a bit less uncomfortable. The fabric in her skirt slipped against the smooth wood desk as he thrust into her, softly grunting, running a hand up her smooth thigh.

“Not so bad, now, is it?” He asked, sweat beginning to glimmer a bit on his face, stubble starting to show through. She was glad he didn’t return to kiss her, but she was starting to see what he meant. Her muscles relaxed.

As she felt him pump in and out of her, she began to feel the tightness subside, after a bit of stinging. She started to feel the beginning of something good. It was like he was scratching a deep itch within her, somewhere far off and rarely satisfied. A faint moan escaped her.

“Let me show you something,” he murmured, taking one hand and beginning to rub at her folds softly with his fingers. Adelaide felt her wetness flow and coat his fingertips, stretching her legs out wider, feeling him go deeper as he rubbed her.

“Oh,” she cried out softly once he had hit a particular spot, hoping there was no one in the building who could hear them. The sensation was definitely memorable. He stopped rubbing her to steady his hand on the desk, but her pleasure continued as his thrusting became more erratic.

He sighed deeply, “I’m almost done.” Heaven only knew what her parents were thinking with her being out this late.

He came back with his fingertips against her, hitting that spot, then missing, then hitting it again. One hit nearly knocked the wind out of her, the sensation she felt was overwhelming like a deep yawn that had come over her. She tried to roll her hips so that she was closer to his fingers, feeling her body pulsate around him inside her, crying out.

He smirked but then sped up his thrusts. He stopped and stood there for a second, breathing raggedly but softly, before he pulled out of her. Though her body craved to be filled again, she recognized that he would have to retreat eventually; she knew how babies were made.

He stroked himself, which she could barely see in the dying firelight. She watched his hands tug in stiff, jerky motions, groaning lightly. Her back ached but she wanted to watch him from her strained position on the desk, seeing him work just inches from her moist folds, slick and coated in pearly moisture. His other hand gripped hard at the table’s edge and he bit into his lip jaggedly. Engaged and aroused, she watched it erupt from him, shooting warmly over her sensitive skin and up to her stomach.

He sighed. “Well, little lady,” his muscles relaxed and he loosened his grip on her, “I suppose that’s it for you, Adelaide.”

She let out a sigh, one of relief but also great satisfaction. She pulled up her pants without cleaning up, as she knew she’d best be getting home as soon as possible. The sheriff, pulling his trousers back up and buckling his belt again, let go of the gentle appreciation he’d showed for her minutes before, and looked like he expected her to just get out and get on her way.

She adjusted her skirt around her hips. It must have been fairly late now, but the man did not budge in his seat, as if he had nowhere to go home to.

“Now, I fancy I won’t see you around here anymore, miss,” he said. “Stay out of trouble, and you’ll stay out of my office.”

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The Neighborhood Girls Ch. 02

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Jennifer and Carmen had to leave but they promised to come back later that night. Both girls were excited by the afternoon fun and wanted more. They were looking forward to seeing more of Mike. Jennifer had planned to spend the night at Carmen’s so after they changed their clothes, they went to over to Carmen’s house. Once they were in Carmen’s bedroom, they couldn’t stop talking about the day’s activities.

Carmen was talking about how much she enjoyed Mike’s tongue and how she came so hard. Jenny agreed but she also liked kissing on Carmen.

“You made me wet when you were kissing and licking my boobs,” Jenny said.

“Yeah, I liked that too, maybe we could try that again,” Carmen said smiling.

“That would be fun, I’d like to see you naked some more,” Jenny laughed. With that she began to take her clothes off.

Carmen laughed too but she was soon standing naked in front of Jenny. Jenny admired Carmen’s body and stepped close to her. She was trying to rub her nipples against Carmen’s nipples and it was sending shock waves through their young bodies. They put their hands on each others side as their hardened nipples wiggled together. Carmen leaned in and started to kiss Jenny. Her tongue reached out and found Jenny’s and they began to kiss passionately.

Jenny ran her hands down to Carmen’s butt and rubbed her as they kissed. Carmen reached up and played with Jenny’s boobs and her nipples. She began to pull on Jenny’s nipples and twisted them slightly. They moved to Carmen’s bed and fell on it together. They laughed as they continued to rub and stroke each other.

“Let me try something,” Jenny said. Then she began to kiss Carmen’s tits and sucked on her nipples. Carmen moaned as Jenny gently bit on her nipples and slowly kissed her way down Carmens’ body. Carmen liked the attention Jenny was giving her and she spread her legs for her. Jenny took the hint and she started kissing Carmen’s mound. She licked the hair around it and then slid her tongue into her pussy. Jenny found her wet and juicy as she tongued Carmen’s pussy.

Jenny slid a finger into her pussy and stroked it in and out as she soon found Carmen’s clit. She used her tongue to lick all over her clit and then she pulled on it with her lips. Carmen was squirming on the bed as Jenny brought her close to an orgasm. Jenny cupped Carmen’s ass as she licked and sucked on her pussy. She lapped at her juices and ran her tongue all over her pussy. She slid another finger into her and then she sucked her clit into her mouth. She stroked her clit with her tonuge as she fingered her pussy with two fingers. Carmen couldn’t take it anymore and her orgasm rocked through her body. She shuddered as she reached her peak and then she slowly came back to Earth.

Jenny crawled up from her pussy and slowly sucked on her nipples before reaching up and kissing her mouth. Carmen could taste her own pussy juice on Jenny’s lips as they frenched kissed. Carmen was a little dizzy from the action but she wanted to return the favor. She rolled Jenny over and licked and sucked on her lips. She kissed her way to her tits and she squeezed them hard while she licked the nipples.

Jenny was hot from sucking on Carmen and she loved having her body kissed. She lovingly stroked Carmen’s head and spread her legs wide for her. Carmen liked the way Jenny’s nipples got really hard when they were sucked on. She used her tongue to swirl all around them. She gave them one last long suck and then moved down to her pussy.

She smiled at the way Jenny was craving her touch. Jenny was already slightly humping her butt in anticipation of Carmen’s tongue. Carmen stuck her tongue out and licked Jenny from top to bottom. She slithered her tongue all over her pussy. Carmen used her thumb to stroke her clit while she tried to tongue fuck her pussy. She stuck her tongue into her pussy as far as she could. Carmen even ran her tonuge down farther until she grazed Jenny’s tight little asshole. Jenny jumped when she felt her tongue on her ass but she was loving it.

Carmen licked Manavgat escort her asshole and then lapped up the pussy juice that was running down her crack. She used a finger to slowly rub into her asshole. She worked it in until the tip was in her ass. Then she glued her mouth to her clit. She wanted bring her off in a big way. She sucked and pulled on her clit until Jenny was raising her ass off the bed. Jenny was pinching her nipples while Carmen was sucking her. She felt her orgasm build straight up from her pussy. She came so hard that Carmen was having trouble hanging on. Jenny’s skin had goose bumps while she panted her way through her orgasm.

Jenny calmed down and finally caught her breath. Carmen was gently kissing her clit until Jenny had to pull her off. Carmen began to kiss her as they ground their pussies together. They were both still hot and found that they could grind their pussies together and rub their clits at the same time. They were grabbing each other’s ass while they tried to keep rubbing their clits. Both girls were breathing heavily as they they neared an orgasm together. Their juices were mixing together as they rubbed clit on clit. Soon it was all they could take and they both reached an orgasm at the same time. Not as powerful as before but they peaked and felt their pussies get soaked.

When they broke apart, they were panting hard. “Carmen, I’m going to have Mike fuck me tonight. I’m horny and I’m so ready for it,” Jenny said to a shocked Carmen.

Carmen smiled and said, “Yes, I am too and I think it will give Mike a real shock to fuck both of us. Let’s get ready.” The girls got cleaned up and hung around Carmen’s house until her parents went to bed. Then they quietly snuck out of her bedroom window and walked the few blocks to Mike’s house. They saw a light on in the loft and quickly entered the garage and called out for Mike.

Mike was hanging out listening to some music when he heard the girls come in. “Hey, I’m glad you’re here, come on up,” he called out.

The girls got up the stairs and Mike showed them what he was listening to. Mike was ready to jump their bones but he figured he would let them set the pace. He knew the fireworks would begin soon. He laid down on the floor as the girls looked at his music collection.

Jenny was horny from being worked up all day and she sat down next to Mike and began to kiss his lips. Mike responded by slipping his tongue into her mouth and feeling her wet slippery tongue against his. Carmen knew her friend was hot and excited so she leaned over behind her and began to massage her tits as Jenny kissed Mike. Carmen was liking the feel of Jenny’s tits and she pulled and pinched her nipples until they were hard and standing out. Carmen was excited about what she knew was going to happen and she lifted Jenny’s shirt up and over her head. She then slipped Jenny’s bra off and left her sitting there with her bare tits sticking out while she and Mike continued kissing.

Jenny pulled back from Mike and leaned into Carmen. Carmen began kissing Jenny’s neck and holding her tits out for Mike to suck on. Mike dove into Jenny’s tits, licking her nipples and using his lips to pull on them. Jenny moaned as her friends were kissing her body. Mike took hold of her tits and felt the smooth softness of each boob. He licked all around each one before concentrating on the nipples. He gently bit them and made them stick out farther.

Carmen had slipped her hands down Jenny’s flat belly and unsnapped her shorts. She rubbed her pussy mound through her sheer panties. She could feel the heat that was building and she knew Jenny would be soaked because she felt her own pussy get juiced up by the exciting scene before her. Jenny spread her legs apart to allow Carmen some room. She wanted someone to finger her clit in the worst way. Mike continued to squeeze and fondle Jenny’s tits while he leaned up to kiss her pouty red lips some more.

Carmen had gotten her zipper down and slipped two fingers inside her panties. She felt the slick Manavgat escort bayan wetness of her slit and quickly located her excited clit. Jenny cried out as Carmen used two fingers to squeeze and rub her clit. Carmen eased her fingers lower and felt her entire pussy which was hot and wet. She slid a finger into her pussy and rubbed the juices all over her pussy. She brought her fingers back up and rubbed Jenny’s clit softly and then harder. She circled it and rubbed slowly and then faster. Jenny was humping her little ass off the floor as she tried to get Carmen to let her cum.

Mike went around to Carmen and wanted to get her naked too. He pulled her shirt off and as he lowered her bra, he kissed her bare skin. He used little soft licks and kisses as he uncovered her skin. He was behind her so he couldn’t suck her tits but he did undo her shorts and she lifted her butt to allow him to slide them off. She was left in her panties and Mike began to kiss her bare legs and thighs. She shifted as best as she could to give him room but she was intent on rubbing her friend to an orgasm.

Carmen stopped teasing Jenny and focused on rubbing her clit until she tensed up and her body shuddered with a forceful orgasm. Jenny was humping her ass into Carmen’s hand and panting in short breaths as her body shook. Carmen was delighted to be able to make her friend cum like that. Jenny rolled over and Mike pushed Carmen on to her back. Jenny laid there trying to catch her breath as she watched Mike slowly kiss Carmen.

Carmen had spread her legs to make room for Mike and he began sucking on her tits. He was squeezing and licking her tits and kissing his way down her body. He got to her panty covered pussy mound and kissed her deeply. His lips sucked at her panties and he could smell her sex. She lifted her ass up trying to get his mouth on her pussy but he backed off. He kissed her slit and slid his tongue up and down her pussy as her panties were soaked with her juices. She squealed as he continued down and kissed her thighs. He licked his way back up and then peeled her panties off.

By this time, Jenny had revived enough to sit up and watch her friends. She could see Mike had a huge bulge in his pants. After he took off Carmen’s panties, Jenny pulled off Mike’s shirt. She wanted to get him nude because she knew his cock needed her attention. She worked at pulling his shorts off and soon he was naked like the girls.

Mike went back to licking Carmen and he had her writhing and squirming as he licked her pussy. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks and held her pussy up so he could feast on her clit. He stroked her clit and licked her pussy lips. Carmen was building to a climax quickly as Mike sucked on her clit. He was circling her clit with his tongue and rubbing it over and over.

Jenny had taken hold of Mike’s cock and was pulling on it. She rubbed his precum all over the head of his cock. She slowly pumped his cock and then bent down to lick his balls. She stroked him as she sucked at his balls and licked his hairy sack.

Mike was busy getting Carmen off but he was hot as Jenny licked at his cock and balls. He tried to forget about what Jenny was doing and finish Carmen but it was not easy. He started to suck and circle Carmen’s clit with a faster speed. He knew she was close because she was moaning and wimpering loudly. Carmen exploded with her orgasm and cried out as her body shook. Mike kept sucking her clit until she had to stop him.

Carmen slumped back on the floor, out of breath. She loved having her pussy sucked and cumming like that. She laid back with her eyes closed and a smile on her face as she tried to regain her senses.

Jenny was now sucking at Mike’s cock and licking up and down the entire length of his cock. His cock was shiny with her slobber and she sucked the head of his cock harder. His cock was rock hard and he loved having it sucked on. Jenny sucked on it and then pumped it with her hand as Mike got extremely excited.

Jenny suddenly swung her leg across Escort manavgat Mike and began to rub his cock on her wet pussy. “What are you going to do?” Mike asked with anticipation. Carmen opened her eyes when she heard Mike and knew it was time.

“You are going to fuck me and then you are going to fuck Carmen,” Jenny replied with lust in her voice. Jenny kept rubbing his cock between her lips and when they were both soaked she began to sink down on his cock. Mike felt his cock slide into her hot tight pussy and he about died. Nothing had ever felt this good, he thought. Jenny went slow and when she got to her hymen, she tensed a little and then swiftly broke through. She sat impaled on his cock while she waited until the pain had died down some. Mike rubbed her legs and sides as he let her control the action.

Carmen too had sat up and was gently rubbing her sides and back as her friend lost her virginity. Carmen thought it was beautiful and could hardly wait for her turn. When Jenny began to slowly move again, Carmen reached out to squeeze and rub her pretty tits. Then she pinched her nipples and fondled her tits.

Jenny was sliding up and down on Mike’s thick cock and she felt so stuffed. Her pussy was tight and Mike’s dick filled her. She was wet enough to slide easily and she was soon feeling pleasure in her pussy. Carmen’s handling of her titties was getting her even more excited. Mike reached down to rub her clit and as soon as he did that, Jenny went over the edge. Her cum soaked around Mike’s cock as she slumped forward on to Mike’s chest. Mike gently eased Jenny off to the side and made sure she was alright. Jenny smiled and assured him she was.

Carmen saw Mike’s big cock standing out all wet and shiny with their juices. She dropped down and began to lick all of Jenny’s love juices off of Mike’s cock. Jenny’s orgasm and his concern for her helped him to keep from cumming so quickly. Carmen cleaned him up and savored her friends’ pussy juices. When she had him all ready to go, she laid on her back and pulled Mike on top of her.

She grabbed his cock and pulled it to her wet slit. She rubbed him a few times up and down her pussy and then told him to ease it in to her. Mike went slow and began to push his cock into her tight pussy. He used short strokes to let her get used to his size. Their juices made it easier and then Carmen told him to take her virginity too. Mike started to stroke a little faster and then broke her hymen and sank a few inches into her hot pussy. He again held it there until she told him to start again.

Carmen knew it would hurt and was prepared and soon the pain turned to pleasure. She started to hump her ass toward Mike driving his cock in further. Mike was using longer strokes and soon his cock was buried in her pussy. Their juices made his pumping slide easily but her pussy was still very tight. Mike knew he would not last long after going so long without cumming.

Jenny had rolled over to watch her friend get fucked and was slowly squeezing her tits while Mike fucked her. Carmen was moaning loudly and felt her orgasm building up. She loved the feeling of Mike’s big dick pumping in and out of her wet pussy. Jenny leaned down and took a nipple into her mouth and let her other hand slide down to Carmen’s pussy. She sucked on her nipple while she rubbed her friend’s clit.

Carmen lost control and squeezed her pussy muscles hard. She came hard all over Mike’s dick and squeezed him tight. This caused Mike to lose it as well. He pulled out quickly and crawled up to Carmen’s mouth to shoot his load. Carmen and Jenny both had their mouths and tongues hanging open waiting for his cum. Mike pumped his cock twice and his cum shot out of his cock hard and fast. He aimed it into each girls mouth and kept shooting cum shots at them. As his load slowed down, he layed his cock on each girls tongue and let them lick and suck the end of his cock. Both girls were licking and swallowing, loving his cum.

All three of them were finally exhausted and the girls decided they had better get home before they were missed. They got dressed and kissed Mike before leaving. Both were a little sore but loved every minute of it. Mike was in heaven having found two beautiful girls to have this kind of fun with. He watched them leave and then feel on the floor tired but happy.

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The Preacher’s Son Ch.01

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Big Tits

*Hello! Oghma here! So sorry about the long absence, the Holiday season is always a real busy time. But now that it’s all over I can get back to writing regularly. Anyways, this story marks the beginning of the second narrative in the Breeder universe; a different perspective for this ongoing saga. I hope you all like it as much as the previous stories, and I hope to see you all very soon for the next one!*

**Disclaimer: Excessive sizes, inflation and unrealistic anatomy ahead. All persons depicted in any sexual situations within are of 18 years or older.**


“Good evening, I’m Mark Chapman.” Said the host with that familiar news anchor smile. He definitely looked the part; Clean-cut slicked back hair, a thick trimmed mustache, blue suit with a simple striped tie. “Tonight’s debate is in regards to the recent death of James Clark, the High School senior brutally killed in an anti-breeder hate crime. Joining me are Dr. Yukiko Shimada, sexologist and activist for the Breeder civil rights movement and Pastor Greg Hartford of the Pentecostal church and chairman of the Save the Family Initiative. Thank you both for stopping by.”

“Thank you for having me.” Yukiko said graciously. She was a beautiful woman of her early 40’s. Her long black hair was neatly tied up in a graciously coiffed ponytail. She was wearing a white long-sleeved buttoned-up shirt, a tan jacket and fairly long blue skirt, not that one could see it from behind the desk. One only needed a cursory glance at her to tell that she was a breeder. Her large full breasts stood out noticeably, straining her buttoned up shirt to the limit. Not the largest pair one saw on a breeder but still tremendous, at a glance probably a J cup or so. Even her face was a visage of radiant sexuality; long full eyelashes surrounding marble grey eyes, a cute pointed nose supporting a pair of round half frame glasses, and full plump lips highlighted by a deep red lipstick.

“Good to be here Mark!” Pastor Greg replied. Unlike his opponent he certainly didn’t look the part of a fire and brimstone spouting preacher. He looked to be about the same age as Yukiko, with a very warm and friendly aura to him. He was a Caucasian man with short brown hair and a clean-shaven face. Much like the host, he was dressed in a well-tailored suit, grey with a plain sky-blue tie.

“You are most welcome.” Chapman replied. “Now, the recent killing has been causing a backlash all across the board. Many are saying that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there is a larger systemic problem regarding anti-breeder sentiment. Do you agree with that statement?

“Oh absolutely.” Answered Dr. Shimada. “Over the past 25 years we’ve seen both subtle and overt. As we’ve seen countless times throughout history, such as the attacks on racial minorities and the LGBTQ; the more hatred for marginalized groups is spread and made normalized, the more people will act on it. Usually violently.”

“Interesting, and what do you have to say about that Pastor?”

“Well I’m afraid I have to disagree with her. It is certainly a tragedy what happened; but understand that what organizations like mine are doing isn’t spreading or normalizing hatred.” He began his well-rehearsed spiel. “We are trying to reach out to these poor breeders and warn them about the damages caused by their lifestyle.” Yukiko clenched her fist under the table in annoyance, and took a moment to gather her thoughts.

“You are in your right to believe that.” She finally said. “But you have to admit, that there is an increasing number of people acting on those beliefs, many of whom do not…” it was difficult to put this in a way that wouldn’t antagonize him. The last thing she needed was to make herself look bad by inciting an argument. “Many of whom do not view this as a case of salvation but instead a war they need to fight.”

“Whoa now! Please don’t misrepresent us!” Pastor Hartford interjected, waving his hands. “We’re not trying to start a war at all! But if your house was on fire, wouldn’t you want us to warn you about it? It’s the same here, we’re just trying to save your souls from the fires below!”

“Look, all we are saying;” Said Dr. Shimada in a matter of fact tone. “Is that we Breeders are human beings like you are! We are not asking you to provide us anything special, we just want to be able to walk down the streets without the fear of being attacked!”

“Well, certainly. I do not endorse these acts of violence, and I am praying for the souls of those who killed that poor boy.” He replied, choosing his words carefully. “But that does not change the fact that Breeders are engaging in and even glamorizing immoral sexual behavior! Are we to just ignore all that?”

“How is it immoral?!” Exclaimed Dr. Shimada. “We are not harming anyone, violating consent or even doing anything in public! All we’re really doing is enjoying ourselves and creating families! Isn’t that being fruitful and multiplying as you’d put it?”

“But it’s not done properly! Many of you Breeders are having their children out of wedlock, with countless partners to boot!” His speech was getting a tad more passionate, Manavgat escort yet still he was able to keep a relatively cool head. “Families have always been the union of husband and wife. This allows children to grow up in a happy, stable home. But lifestyles like yours are destroying the sanctity of the family unit! And to make matters worse, you’re encouraging your children to follow in your footsteps!”

“But that’s ridiculous! Many of us are in stable monogamous relationships!” Yukiko wasn’t really doing her side any favors. “And you’re flat out wrong! All throughout history we see families springing from all sorts of arrangements from polyamory to harems! The definition of marriages has changed so many times we can’t keep track of it! And to top it all off; most marriages in this country end in divorce!”

“Ungodly marriages yes.” A slight concession. “But the Bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman, ‘one flesh made whole’. Indeed, Jesus Christ himself condemns divorce just as much as you do. God expects us to commit to the marriage and work hard to keep it together so that we may form a happy family. Not to…” he struggled to find a way to put it delicately. “To sleep around like that, what kind of example are we setting for our children?”

“Maybe that there are other paths to a happy family life than a simple monogamous relationship? I know my children are growing up healthy and well-adjusted. Perhaps their fathers are not there all the time, but they are still a major part of their lives. Indeed, I’d argue having so many has allowed them to experience a diverse collection of viewpoints and values they’d never be able to otherwise!”

“Oh, diversity is important, don’t get me wrong.” Pastor Hartford countered. Quick to cover his tracks. “But no matter how diverse our ideas and views may be, they must all be held to the higher standard of God. And no matter what, God demands that families be born of two people, one flesh made whole, not fornicating randomly like a bunch of animals.”

“Except; we ARE animals.” Here it was, something she was educated enough to weigh in on. “We may be the only ones in our Genus left, but we are still a species of apes. Anthropological evidence shows that we evolved out of a communal species, and there are numerous advantages to having a sexually communal society: It helps create stronger bonds between the group, creates a great amount of genetic diversity, and-” And so it continued well into the program, with neither side giving an inch to the very end.


“How did I do Matthew?” Greg asked as he stepped backstage.

“You did great dad.” His son responded, handing him his coffee. Matthew (always Matthew, never “Matt”) was a young man of 18, the pastor’s oldest child and only son. He looked a great deal like his father, with chestnut brown hair, a naturally warm countenance and well sculpted jaw line. However, the similarities ended there, for his physique was leaner and more well-toned from years of track in school. His hair was styled differently, not particularly long but roughly around chin length and expertly layered. One feature inherited from his mother’s side was his sky-blue eyes. As he wasn’t going on TV, he was dressed far less professionally, with a simple grey shirt and a pair of long cargo pants. “I think she was getting pretty nervous by the end of it.”

“Well, I can’t take full credit for it son.” Greg said with a laugh and that wide grin of his. “After all- “

“The lord speaks through me, and I only open my heart to let him do it.” Matthew finished for him. He’d heard the line many times before. The pastor looked at him for a moment before letting out a louder, more boisterous laugh.

“You remembered! We’ll make a preacher out of you yet son!”

“Right, of course.” Matthew said sheepishly. There he went again, urging Matthew to follow in his footsteps. While he wasn’t sure about what he wanted to do with his life, Matthew was certain that he didn’t want to be a pastor. He never could wrap his head around the Bible the way his dad did, and he was pretty sure you needed to be a stronger believer in the material than he was. At the moment, he wasn’t even really sure what he believed. “Say, dad?” he asked, attempting to steer the conversation away. Besides, he needed to ask something important. “Did you mean what you said back there, that God still loves the Breeders? Even though they…well you know.”

“Of course, I did!” he replied. “Though they may be cursed with deformed bodies by Satan, their souls are still human. When they pass to heaven, lord Jesus will cleanse their bodies of all deformity and sickness and make them whole once more. As it is written, so shall it be.”


“Why do you ask?”

“Oh um…” Matthew struggled for a moment. “Well, I met a uh…a Breeder on the squad. And I’m…trying to preach to him. You know?”

“I see…” nodded Greg.

“I mean he says he hasn’t, well… acted on it? He says he’s been keeping pure, and he hasn’t acted on it. But still, he can’t help but have those urges, he’s becoming ashamed of his body and is wondering Manavgat escort bayan what he should do about that. “Pastor Greg paused, pondering internally.

“What have you told him?”

“Well, nothing really right now. I really don’t know what to say. That’s why I’m approaching you.”

“Hmmm….” He said. “If he hasn’t acted on his urges so far, then you should congratulate him on his self-restraint. He’s showing far more willpower and piety than most of his peers. Though he may struggle in this life, great shall be his reward in heaven. After all, as it says in the book of James: ‘Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.’ Do you understand Matthew?”

“I…yeah. Yeah I do.”

“Excellent. Don’t worry son, you did the right thing to come to me like that.” Pastor Greg reassured, clapping his son on the shoulder. Now, I’m going to go discuss my fees with the producers. Why don’t you wait here, and then we’ll go grab something to eat?”

“Okay Dad.” Said Matthew with a slight sigh. Though he meant well, he was no better off than before. As his father stepped away to go meet with the producers, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Matthew needed to unwind a bit, he never enjoyed hearing his father’s sermons and hearing him debate was even worse. He then booted up the emulator, some Zelda sounded good right about now. All he needed was a place to sit down.


“Goddess that was a mess!” Yukiko groaned as she walked to her dressing room. Well, walked may have been the wrong word to describe it. Her hips, forged by her Breeder genes and tempered by years of childbirth, jutted out so widely they made a standard walk almost impossible. At best, she could manage a sensual sashay, one that sent her tremendous butt into an erotically wobbling fit. Out of the corner of her vision, Yukiko noticed all the stares she was getting from the men. Normally she’d be proud of all the attention, but right now she had other things on her mind.

“I dunno, I thought you did pretty well mom!” said Himawari as she trailed behind her. Himari was Yukiko’s second daughter (third child overall). As she was of mixed ethnicity (even if her father was still unknown), her skin was a great deal darker than her mother’s, a sort of milk chocolate shade. While her jet-black hair was naturally curly, she had straightened it out to a flowing, feathered style. Deep brown eyes, a slender pointed nose, and full kissable lips adorned her face, giving it a visage of beauty and fertility. Naturally, being the child of two breeders her body was wonderfully curvy. Although not as large as her mother’s pair, her big, round tits rested proudly on her chest, only a little bit smaller than her head (she had just gone up to an I cup). Her expansive hips flared out past her shoulder span, supporting an exceptionally large booty one even comparable to Yukiko’s, which was quite impressive for she had yet to breed. Right now, she was dressed in an orange sundress, specially fitted to accommodate her physique, with deep black mascara and sparkly red lip gloss. Slung over her shoulder was a small black purse, currently filled with only the bare minimum of her supplies. “You made so many great points, and all he did was fall back on his Bible verses.”

“In a debate club or Academia that would have won me the argument.” Yukiko said with a nod. “But this was neither of those, it was a TV debate. He was able to keep his cool and provoke me into rage. Anyone watching it would have seen me as some kind of ranting lunatic.”

“Don’t say that Haha!” Himawari exclaimed. “You were just passionate about the subject, and he was clearly winding you up! I’m sure anyone would agree with that.” Yukiko stopped and turned to her daughter, a warm smile forming on her face. She always liked it whenever Himawari called her that, a little gesture of appreciation for her lineage.

“Oh Hima…” she said warmly, drawing her in for a hug. She clutched her daughter tight to her, and placed a motherly kiss on her cheek. “I wish I had your optimism, but I’m still glad to hear it. How did you turn out so helpful?”

“You raised me that way Haha.” She replied with a plucky smile.

“Well…” Yukiko said as she broke off. “I need to get a few things taken care of. Would you mind waiting for me?”

“Of course!” Himawari reassured. With that, Yukiko strolled off to deal with her business. Looking around her, Himawari noticed that there was nowhere to sit down. She had been standing just off-camera the whole time, and her mom would probably be quite a while. For a good minute or so, she navigated her way through the studio before she finally noticed a sign directing her towards the lounge. It was a bit out of the way, but worst come to worst, she could just text her mom and let her know where they were. Without a second thought, she strode over to the room and opened the door.


Inside the lounge was a set of red armchairs, carefully arranged in 4 rows. In-between the chairs facing each Escort manavgat other were short wooden tables with some magazines haphazardly spread out on them, many of them looked older than she was. A soft hum of fluorescent lighting and air conditioning could be heard in the background, giving the room a sense of relaxation and ease. Seated right in the middle of the first row to her left was a young man, about her age, fiddling around with his phone. He was pretty cute, thought Himawari to herself. Still, best not to disturb him right now. She made her way to the furthest row on the right sat down. As she was about to take out her own phone, she noticed what was on the boy’s screen. Her hesitation had given way to curiosity, and she leaned forward to get a closer look.

“Is that ‘A link to the past’?” The sudden noise jolted Matthew to attention, causing him to smack right into an enemy projectile. He paused the game and turned his head around to see the intrigued face of Himawari. It took him a moment to collect his thoughts and figure out how to respond, he wasn’t exactly used to talking with women. Especially not one as…lovely as she was, to put it politely.

“Yeah, yeah it is.” He replied, twisting his body around to better face her. “I’m sorry. Was it too loud?”

“Oh no, not at all!” Himawari replied. “I was just wondering how far you had gotten.”

“Oh uh… I’m at the Tower of Hera. I’ve been stuck on it for a while, I just can’t beat Moldorm. He keeps knocking me down and I have to fight him all over again!” he vented. “Why, do you know it?”

“Yes, I do!” Himawari answered cheerily. “My mom has quite a lot of old game consoles in our house, she’s a bit of a collector. So I’ve played it before growing up. Although…I never thought it would be playable on the phone. Isn’t it hard with the touch screen?”

“No, not really.” Matthew reassured her. He was growing more comfortable with speaking to her, the subject really helped break the ice. “The emulator I have is very responsive, see?” he continued, demonstrating his point on the screen as he approached the boss’s floor. “Ah sh-shoot.” He corrected himself. “Here we go again…”

“Um… may I?” Himawari gently climbed over to sit next to him. Her hips made it a bit of a tight squeeze, but she managed just fine. She then leaned over to get a better look at the screen. Matthew turned a little red at her close proximity, but managed to avoid showing it too much. “Okay, see; you’re trying to get close and engage him. You’re being too impatient. Try going into the corner right over there, charge up the spin slash and wait for him to come to you. Then you can evade and strike at the tail. Just keep away after that and get back in the corner.” Matthew said nothing, it did sound like an odd strategy, but he had no better one to fall back on. So he did what she said. For a moment, it seemed like it wasn’t doing much better than what he was trying before. Then something changed, he started to win. It wasn’t exactly easy, but he was managing to avoid the boss’ approach and thus wasn’t falling through the floor. After several tense moments and close calls, he managed to land that final sword slash and Moldorm finally fell.

“Yes!” he exclaimed. “I did it! Oh thank you so much!” Out of instinct, he reached over and drew Himawari in for a hug. It took him a moment to realize he wasn’t on the field and this wasn’t a teammate he was embracing. Once it came to him, he seemed to recoil backwards as he broke off the hug. “Aw jeez!” Matthew said sheepishly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Why not?” Himawari asked in confusion. “It’s just a hug, it’s no big deal.”

“Well, I mean you’re not my girlfriend or anything.” Matthew replied. “It was a little too ah, forward I think the word is.”

“Forward?” Himawari said with a chuckle. “Trust me, that wasn’t too forward. I’m a Breeder after all, a hug is completely platonic by our standards.” Matthew nearly did a double take; he hadn’t expected anyone to just blurt it out like that.

“Oh, um… I ah… I didn’t notice. “Matthew lied frantically. Himawari paused at the statement and then let loose a soft laugh.

“Really now? You took a long pretty long look at my tits and you didn’t think I was a breeder?” Matthew turned bright scarlet and his eyes grew as wide as dinner plates.

“I-I-How did you- “

“I didn’t really until you just conformed it.” Himawari laughed again, this time a little bit louder than before. “But it happens all the time, so I naturally assume that happens. Besides…” she continued, gently cupping her enormous mounds and giving them a little jiggle. “They are pretty hard to miss.” Matthew was speechless. Such confidence and brazenness was unheard of in his communities. Pre-marital sex was heavily frowned upon, and by extension so was any behavior even remotely sexual. Yet here was a girl not only showing herself off, but seemingly proud of it. All his upbringing told him to leave the room, pray to the Lord for the strength to resist her temptation, lest his urges cause him to sin. But that wasn’t what he was doing in either respect. He was entranced by the sight of such soft, mountainous orbs jiggling so erotically, yet that was all he was doing; There was no great loss of self-control and act of sin, despite everything he had ever been told about breeders. “Oh, by the way. My name’s Himawari. What’s yours?”

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The Lake House Lessons 01

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Friday and Saturday

It is a cliché of the high school movie that the social structure is rigid, and it is almost impossible to change your status. That once you are classified as a nerd, a jock, a stoner, or a popular kid, you are locked into that status for four years barring something like getting super powers. As a nerd and social outcast, I had always hoped that this wasn’t true, but as my senior year came to an end, I had pretty much accepted my lack of social status and hoped that I could start fresh in college.

My marginal position in the pecking order at North High School was not surprising on one hand—I was valedictorian, editor of the school newspaper, shy and socially awkward—and my one attempt to ask a girl out on a date in sophomore year was met by stunned silence and laughter, followed by days of giggling and pointing by most of my classmates. On the other hand, my older sister Sarah was beautiful, the most popular girl in her class, and dominated the social life of the school when she was a senior. If I had been a different person, I probably could have ridden to social acceptability on her coat tails. But when she was a senior, I was just a lowly freshman, small, skinny and shy, and never capitalized on her status in any way.

At the end of my junior year, I had the late growth spurt that my dad always promised, but which I never believed would happen. I grew 6 inches, and once I got over the pain, I started to swim a lot in our pool and at the gym. As a result, the little scrawny freshman became a 6’1″, reasonably in shape, senior. But it was as if the three prior years had created a lens that prevented anyone from seeing me as anything but what I had always been. And one other thing—when you are a teenaged boy who has had zero luck with girls, and a laptop, and minimal parental supervision, you watch a lot of porn. Based on that, I could tell that my male equipment was, to say the least, fairly substantial. But I could not walk around school with my cock hanging out, so it didn’t help me charm the ladies.

Despite my physical changes, I remained introverted and utterly lacking in confidence. I was afraid of girls, and could hardly speak to any of them, and the prettier they were, the more I feared them. Of course, in reality, the really pretty ones didn’t even know I existed. Instead, I kept to myself and my two close friends, Fred and Gina. Yes, Gina was a girl, but she and I had been friends forever, and she didn’t really do anything to act like the other girls. She wore baggy clothing, no makeup and got her hair cut at the same barber that I did. None of had been on a date, or to a big high school party. Instead, we spent time together, doing things like math league and science fairs, talking, playing video games and on the Internet, pretending that was enough for us, and what everybody else seemed to be doing for “fun,” like drinking, smoking weed, dating or going to parties, was beneath us.

It was the end of my senior year, late on the afternoon of the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I had just returned home from the coffee shop where I had been hanging out with Gina. We had a long discussion about a British TV show that we both liked, but never agreed about, and after that discussion petered out, we left, with vague plans to hang out over the long weekend. There was, I had heard, a huge party that night at a football player’s house, but as usual, I was not invited, and had convinced myself that I didn’t care to waste time with the morons in my class.

Instead of getting ready to go out, I was, as I often was, in my room, wasting time on my computer. I was in all AP classes and had taken the exams earlier in May, so the next month of school before graduation was going to be pretty light—a few fun projects, some final newspaper things, including passing the reins to next year’s staff, and a few easy finals. And writing my graduation speech, in which I was planning on ripping my classmates for the way they had excluded me and my fellow nerds and other social pariahs.

I looked out my window to our pool and could see Sarah, home from college, and three of her friends, Ariel, Beth and Cara, standing outside the pool in their bathing suits, drinking beers and laughing. This had been one of my truly guilty pleasures over the years, watching a parade of hot girls swimming outside my window. My sister’s friends were always the best looking girls in the school, and I admit to having jerked off more than once while watching them cavort in the pool. I remember once in ninth grade even seeing a girl’s bikini top come off, which kept my fantasy world going for weeks.

I kept watching the girls out my window. Ariel, almost as tall as me, blonde and lightly tanned, with broad shoulders from her volleyball playing and clearly intense workouts, nice sized breasts being held up by her patterned, multicolored, bikini top, and long, athletic legs. Beth, shorter, with dark curly hair and olive skin, wearing a navy blue one piece suit that barely contained her exceptionally large tits, and which was cut high on the leg, showing off her strong gymnast’s thighs. And Cara, nearly as tall as Alanya Escort escort Ariel, skinny and pale, with long light brown hair that reached down to her incredible ass, which was displayed alluringly by the yellow thong style bikini she was wearing, and which was crowned with an ornate lower back tattoo. I realized that my hand had reached inside my gym shorts and that I was stroking my hardening cock. As I had so often done during the past few years, I moved to my bed, pulled down my shorts and began to jerk off in earnest.

When the door opened.

I screamed, tried to cover myself with the blanket and saw my sister, with a shocked look on her face.

“Jack-what the fuck are you doing?” she yelled.

“None of your damned business,” I cleverly responded, “and don’t you know how to knock?”

“I was coming to ask whether you wanted to come out for a swim with us, and I didn’t expect that you were whacking off,” she replied.

“Well, I kinda expected some privacy,” I responded.

Now that the moment of total embarrassment had passed, and I was back in my shorts, rather than leave me alone, Sarah sat down on the edge of my bed and looked at me. We had actually always been pretty close, despite our different personalities, and I could see some concern on her face. She was a lot like our mom, and after Mom died a few years before, Sarah really tried to be there for me, even checking in on me regularly from college, which was especially helpful because Dad had reacted to Mom’s death by throwing himself into his law practice and rarely was home. And when he was home, he really didn’t pay much attention to what Sarah and I were doing.

“Jack,” Sarah asked, in a motherly way, “do you do this a lot?”

My faced reddened and I nodded.

“You’ve never had a girlfriend, have you?”

I shook my head.

“And are you a–“

I interrupted her before she could finish. “Yes, I’m a virgin,” I spat out, “A fucking 18 year old virgin. I haven’t even kissed a girl, unless you count once in 6th grade on a dare, and I don’t.”

Sarah’s face fell. “That shouldn’t be. I mean, you have turned into kind of a hot guy, and from what I saw, your, um, is kinda–“

I interrupted her again, because it was getting uncomfortable. “O.K.—stop. That’s enough.”

Sarah got off the bed and turned to leave. “I have an idea, but I need to talk to my friends about it.”

She was gone before I could say anything. I liked the fact that she thought that I was kind of hot. I looked out the window and saw Sarah speaking in an animated way with her friends, occasionally pointing toward my window, and the rest of them talking, laughing and nodding. I was both embarrassed by the situation, but intrigued. I knew that Sarah would never do anything to embarrass or humiliate me; to the contrary, I believed that she always had my back. I knew that she felt bad about her inability to protect me from the nerd’s treatment at school, even though it was totally my fault.

Later that evening, I was in the kitchen making myself dinner when Sarah came in, her hair still wet from the shower, wearing a t-shirt and pajama bottoms. She was as beautiful as her friends, if not even more so, with dark, almost black, wavy shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes, full red lips and a great body. If she hadn’t been my sister, I would have included her in many of my fantasies, and Fred once mentioned that he had a huge crush on Sarah, which she, of course, never noticed, probably because Fred never actually spoke to her when he came over to our house. Not that it would have mattered—girls like Sarah and her friends, even the ones our age, were way out of our league.

Sarah sat down on one of the stools that surrounded the kitchen island and smiled at me.

“O.K., Jack,” she started, “here’s my plan, and the girls are all on board. We want you to come with us tomorrow to the lake house for the weekend. I pretty much guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself. I also think you’ll learn a lot, and maybe it will help you get enough confidence to actually find yourself a girlfriend.”

“Are you saying that your friends are going to—”

She interrupted me—”I am not saying anything more than I strongly suggest that you cancel any weekend plans that you might have, pack a bag and get ready for a weekend that you will always remember.”

I told her that I would do that and texted Fred that I was going to the lake house over the weekend with Sarah, Beth, Cara and Ariel. He was a bit annoyed that we wouldn’t be going to see a new movie together as we had planned, but when I told him what I thought was going to happen, he was excited for me and wished me luck. I wasn’t comfortable mentioning it to Gina, who I knew would give me crap, and assumed that Fred would let her know where I was. I then packed my bag, and after agonizing over it for a while, chose my clothing for the next day–an ironic t-shirt and shorts, with a pair of Converse sneakers.

Late that night, Sarah and I were watching some sitcom reruns together when Dad came home from the office. Apparently, he wasn’t aware that it was Alanya Escort bayan a holiday weekend, and that pretty much everybody leaves the office early. Ever since Mom died, he worked his ass off, came home, watched a little TV, maybe checked his email, and went to bed. No social life that we were aware of. I guess that he was more like me, and Sarah was more like Mom, who was always throwing parties and organizing nights out with their friends.

Sarah reminded Dad that she and her friends were going to the lake house for the weekend, and that she had invited me. Dad seemed a bit surprised, but just nodded and agreed to let us take his SUV as long as we left him the keys to our cars. He rarely questioned either of our movements, not that I did much, anyway. Sarah asked him what his weekend plans were, and he told her he needed to work on a brief, and was going to do some stuff around the house. She tried to convince him to go out or do something fun, but he just ignored her, said good night and went up to his room.

After awhile, Sarah suggested that we hit the sack, since we were leaving early the next day. I went to bed, but started thinking about the weekend. The only thing I could think of was that my sister had convinced her friends to fuck me, so that I wouldn’t graduate a virgin. Frankly, as embarrassing as that might be, I decided that if this was the way that I was going to finally have sex, and that if any of those super hot college girls wanted to take my v-card, I wasn’t going to complain. I started to imagine each of them naked, comparing and contrasting their faces and bodies and thinking about what I would do to them, based on the videos I had seen on the Internet, until I realized that I had a raging hard on. So I did what anyone in my position would do—I jerked off, and afterwards was able to get to sleep.

I woke up the next morning at 6 a.m., two hours before we were scheduled to leave, but couldn’t fall back to sleep. This was the weekend that I was going to have sex for the first time, and with a girl ridiculously better looking than I could ever imagine. I showered, shaved off my minimal facial hair and got dressed. I thought I looked O.K. I checked my email and Facebook quickly, then shut down the laptop and packed it up for the weekend. I grabbed both bags and went downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. The house was quiet—Sarah didn’t seem to be awake yet.

About 7:30, I heard Sarah come out of her room and shower. A while later, she came downstairs, wearing a tight, white t-shirt that showed off her nice rack, and light pajama pants with her college logo. Sarah went to our state college. She was only a fair student in high school, and from what she told me, she spent much of her time focused on cheerleading, partying and screwing big, athletic guys. I was impressed that despite her active social life she never missed classes and, when Mom died, still held it together and did well enough to graduate in the middle of her class. From what she told me, her college years have been similar—she does O.K. in class, and enjoys her social life. She is president of her sorority, after a successful year as social chair when she organized parties that were, she told me, the best and most fun on campus.

I handed her a mug of coffee, and she told me that we would be running a bit late because Beth was a little hung over and needed to sleep a little longer.

“That’s O.K.,” I said. “No big deal.”

“How long have you been awake?”

“Since 6—I couldn’t sleep.”

She sipped her coffee and looked at me knowingly over the cup.

“Yeah, I can understand. Anyway, we’ll leave soon.”

We ate breakfast. She told me that whatever happened this weekend, I should have fun, listen and learn. She told me that I shouldn’t be nervous or worried, because her friends liked me, and I didn’t need to do anything to impress them, other than just be myself.

I objected, “Being myself is why I have never been with a girl.”

Sarah laughed and said, “I’m talking about the smart, funny, thoughtful and sweet Jack that Fred, Gina and I know, not the shy, passive aggressive high school Jack who is so scared of rejection that he pushes everyone else away. If you had let the good Jack out more often, I guarantee that you would have had a better time the last few years.”

I thought about what she said, and realized that she was right, but I never had the self-assurance to do anything but take the snubs from the social elite. Sarah then demanded to see what I had packed for the weekend, removed a few items that she deemed wholly unacceptable and looked through my closet and dresser to find replacements that she told me were more flattering. Sarah told me that I was, objectively, a good looking guy, and that I didn’t have to try to hide it. At that point, Sarah’s phone went off.

She checked her message, turned to me and said, “OK, let’s go.”

Sarah grabbed the keys to Dad’s SUV and we went to the garage, tossed our bags into the back and got in. I guess I just assumed that she would drive, and she never hesitated getting into the driver’s Escort alanya seat. As she turned on the engine, I reached for the radio.

“Don’t touch that,” she ordered. “We are not listening to your indie crap on a 3 hour drive.”

My one real complaint about Sarah was her lousy musical taste—sappy pop music and rap. I guess that was what I would have to put up with to get to the promised land. She tuned the satellite radio to some station that I never listened to, and we were off.

First, we picked up Beth, who despite the hangover, looked good to me behind her sunglasses, her tits straining against a tiny green shirt that also showed off her flat tanned abs. She threw her bag in the back of the car, gave me a bigger smile than I expected, and got into the back seat. Next, we drove to Cara’s house. She came out of her house wearing a black bikini top and tight shorts, with her hair in a long braid reaching down to the top of her perfect butt. She got into the back seat behind Sarah and immediately started singing along to the radio. Finally, we stopped in front of Ariel’s house, and waited a couple of minutes before Sarah texted her. A few minutes later, she emerged from the house in a baggy t-shirt and pajama pants. She got into the car behind me, moving Beth, the shortest of the 3, into the center seat.

Sarah drove the car toward the highway and the girls all started to chatter over the loud music.

Cara reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of tequila, taking a swig and offering it to Beth, who said, “hair of the dog, I guess,” before taking a drink.

Sarah laughed and said, “Starting early, are we?”

Cara responded, “Haven’t stopped.”

They laughed, and Ariel asked for the bottle and took a drink.

“What about Jack?” Ariel asked.

Before I could say anything, Sarah said, “If he expects to play with us, he needs to keep up, I guess.”

They passed me the bottle. Although I was not a big drinker, having some beer every once in a while, I wanted to fit in, so I took a drink, and felt the fire on the way down. I coughed and passed the bottle back to Beth in the back seat. I was happy to see that Sarah didn’t take a drink.

The girls began to talk and I quickly lost the thread of their conversation, which was mostly about people I didn’t know and TV shows I didn’t watch. Between the tequila and having not slept well the night before, I began to doze off, fantasizing about what each of them would look like naked, and what it might be like to fuck each of them.

Suddenly, the car came to a stop, and I woke up, my cock hard. I looked at my watch—I had been asleep for nearly an hour and a half, and we were parking in a shopping center.

Sarah gave me a shove and said, “get up—we need supplies.”

The 5 of us got out of the car, Sarah grabbed a cart and we went into the supermarket. I tried to hide the bulge in my pants as we entered the store. Rather than start with vegetables, as I normally did, and work my way methodically around the store, Sarah made a bee-line toward the beer aisle. She and Cara each threw a case of cheap beer into the cart, then looked at each other and threw in another case. We then careened around the store, buying burgers and chicken to barbecue, milk, coffee, bread, eggs, OJ, ice and other staples for the weekend.

After paying for the food, we left the store. Sarah tossed me the keys and told me to load the car as the girls went into the liquor store next door. I rolled the basket out to the car and carefully loaded the bags in the spaces around our luggage. As I finished, the girls returned, with a brown cardboard wine case, which, based on the way that Ariel was carrying it, was heavy, but the top flaps were folded closed, so I couldn’t see what was in the case. I trusted that this crew knew their way around a liquor store, and mentally prepared myself for a weekend of drinking.

“OK, now we are ready to party,” said Beth, and we loaded into the car for the last leg of the trip.

As we hit the road, Ariel, who was sitting behind me, reached up and started to rub my neck and shoulders, saying “Jack, you’ve barely said a word—you seem nervous. Don’t worry—this will be a great weekend—relax and enjoy yourself.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, and pressed my back into her strong hands, letting her massage some of the tension away.

After a short time, we left the paved road and started up the dirt path to the lake house. My father had inherited the house from his parents. Originally a small, Spartan place with a beautiful lake front, my mother and father renovated and added to it to the point that it was a modern vacation house. My father’s family was fairly well off, Mom’s was actually pretty wealthy, and Dad’s law practice was successful, so money had never been an issue with us. Mom didn’t work outside the home, devoting her time to volunteer work and Sarah and me. She did, however, have a degree in design, and renovating the lake house was her pet project when we were younger. What had been the original structure became a large, open common area, with a large living and dining area and modern kitchen. The common area was surrounded by a large double bedroom, with its own bath and shower, designed to accommodate a second couple, and two single bedrooms that were connected by a shared bathroom. Upstairs was the master bedroom suite, with a king sized bed, sitting area and bathroom.

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The Enlightenment of Bay Ch. 02

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Once again, Bayrod stood in front of his mistress’ room; full of emotions and guilt. He took a deep breath, centering himself in the Force and exhaled as he pushed the com button. He was admitted and stepped through the door into a beautiful night beach side. It was stunning every time he saw her quarters in the evening, she truly took pains to recreate what little she knew of her world. The stars twinkled brightly above his head and she had cleared a place in the sand so they could have dessert together, a beach blanket was laid out and she had on a short robe, tied loosely. His mistress’ hair was done in his favorite manner, tied in island style; knotted and piled on her head, perched on her graceful neck. He was breathless, stumbled forward.

“Be mindful of the Living Force, young padawan,” Xeira corrected him and he felt her steady him with the Force, she hadn’t done that since he was much much younger. He smiled; embarrassed again, thanking her. She was focusing in the coconut ice cream that she was pulling from the cooler at her foot and drizzled them in a light pineapple sauce, topping the dessert with flakes of coconut meat.

Xeira looked up at him guiltily, confessing she was hungry for a real dessert tonight and figured that he wouldn’t mind. He had to bite back an exclamation, he LOVED her home world food and was delighted every time she shared it with him. It was exotic and rare enough that he truly felt pampered by her intentions. He sat down on the blanket, cross-legged; thanking her for her thoughtfulness instead of rebuking her for her selfishness. She was sharing after all.

Bayrod waited until she served him, sitting and waiting patiently as his experience would allow. He took the bowl, thanking her again, daring to look in her eyes and speak huskily. He turned his glaze into the bowl and took a bite delicately. He savored it, letting it melt on his dry tongue and swallowed it, following it with another bite immediately. Xeira fed him a spoonful from her bowl, which somehow always tasted sweeter than his, he didn’t have to thank her this time, she nodded.

He finished the ice cream and put the bowl down and took in the vision he was experiencing. Her hair was beautiful, more than beautiful, there wasn’t a word for it. With the beach side nightlight and her beauty, he didn’t stop himself when he took her chin in his hand and told her, “You are truly beautiful, Mistress.” She just looked at him, blushing and licking the ice cream off of her lips. Bay noticed she left a spot where she couldn’t reach, he had Alanya Escort escort meant to wipe it off with his thumb but his body took over and he quickly bent his head, licking the drop off of her jawbone. Xeira went rigid and shakily said, “Padawan…?”

Now his body had dared what his mind couldn’t do, he warmed up to the idea and kissed her lightly along the jawbone. She sighed and leaned into it, steadying herself against the sand with her hand. His warmth moved down to take in her graceful neck and over to her hairline to smell her amazing hair. Oh my, he felt bold and like he would stop at any time, he kept pushing himself further more, more, oh my more! He inhaled and exhaled her scent. She had bathed in the coconuts milk and used the pineapple in her hair, it was intoxicating.

Xeira summoned the strength to push him away, she wouldn’t deny that it was what she had wanted for awhile and only Master Windu knew. He had counseled her during their therapy session this mid-day. Padawan Bayrod’s mind was wandering and he needed something to bring it back to focus. Yoda had seen this crush bloom into more than that a few months ago and had brought it to her attention. Jedis were not allowed to have lovers with other cultures but part of her job was to help the Jedis with their normal frustrations. As she was the only one to do this for her Padawan, the Council had given its permission for her to counsel him in this manner. She still had motherly doubts, thinking this might be too incestuous for the boy. To be honest, was much more restrained than boys his age, more patient and mature. This is what the Council saw and had decided upon. She turned away from him.

He just looked at her, knowing he had violated millions of Jedi codes and some very personal ones. He dropped his hands and sat back on his legs. His voice was barely a whisper as he said, “All my life, I have wanted one thing, Xeira. That one thing was to truly be yours, have you give me your joy, your love and your suffering. To be the pillar on which you could rest yourself on. I have seen your beauty, your calm, I have seen you and you are all I could ever want. Let me, mistress, let me be yours…” He turned her head gently and met her lips with his own.

At first, she didn’t respond–he didn’t need her to. He was lost in her full lips, the taste of her in his mouth for the first time; his first kiss. His eyes opened into hers, willing her to move somehow. She took the back of his neck with her long loving fingers and pressed him to her. He Alanya Escort bayan reveled in the trust, permission, the love he was feeling. His hands instinctively ran up her robes and parted them. He caressed the bare up-turned breast he found there, he was excited to find that she was as aroused as he was. She broke the kiss and stood up, climbing into his crossed legs and he held her weight, she wasn’t much. Her legs pooled around his backside and her warmth pressed against his. She was kissing him again, he was learning at the speed of light now. His fingers played against the hardness of her nipple, stretching it to a hard little pebble that he had no idea what to do with. He broke her kiss this time and cradled her ass into his arms, pressed her forward against him, popping her round pinkness into his waiting mouth. Xeira sighed, letting him explore her breasts with his tongue.

Her hand dropped to his robes, spreading them open while untying them. He was wearing the formal undergarments that he would have to a Council meeting, she parted these also with the usual ties as he lingered on her breasts and allowed her to undress him. She left the loincloth that would be the final piece before he stood there naked in front of her for the first time since he was a child. He could do that when he was ready, she thought.

Bay was glad she stopped, it was entirely pleasurable and very uncomfortable all at once. It also left her hands free, he reached to take a breast in each hand and push them together so he could have them in his mouth at once. She cried with abandon and nudged herself upon his loincloth. As he continued, he was aware of two things; this was incredibly exciting for him and she was so excited, she had made a wet little puddle on his cloth directly above his cock. His cock also seemed aware of this, as it was not going to be contained any longer.

He stood hurriedly and took off the loincloth, throwing it somewhere on the sand. As he stood, she caught him, literally in her mouth. Xeira’s incredibly full lips met his cock and he almost lost it there. He called on the Force to guide him, give him strength to not do what he wanted to. To have the patience and wisdom to know the right time, he breathed heavily in this knowledge. Then, he opened his eyes, there she was, licking his cock, magnificent in its hardness, cradling it in her mouth. Loping on and off of it, never letting him reach that pleasurable moment too soon. She varied it up, licking and stroking him with the full length of her mouth, he Escort alanya was breathless with her skill. Soon enough, it was only worse when he watched her take obvious pleasure in her job, the Enlightenment came.

It hit him hard as he was standing, like a blow to the body, he arched like a fish out of water, gasping, crying, grateful. Xeira was kind enough to take his whole organ into her mouth and let his normally messy juice fall down her throat. It felt glorious as she tickled the underside with her tongue, making sure she got all he had to give. He was retreating as she removed his cock from her mouth. He fell back on the blanket, knees first, winded but wanting more…

Her robes were hanging opening and her sex was exposed, in its wet warm nature. He felt his cock harden a little. “Thank you, mistress,” he breathed. She just smiled and took off her robe, showing her world to him. Oh Almighty Force, he thought. She stood now and he got the idea, straightening and looping her knee over his shoulder, opening up the most intriguing mystery that was his to solve. He licked and ran his tongue into and around her, randomly, passionately. He opened his eyes and watched her face, enjoying the pleasure he created in her. Xeira cried for him, rubbing herself against his mouth, just as he thought she was going to make another puddle for him, she removed herself. He was stunned, he sat back in the sand, looking at her incredulously.

She got down on her knees and pushed him down on the blanket, he laid there, waiting for her as was his cock, she saw. She straddled his hips and slowly met his cock, resting it at her entrance. “Bay, this is what you want?” She had him firmly, in body and mind. All I could do is nod furiously. His mistress let gravity take over and impaled herself on his thick cock, she was tighter than he would have expected so he helped her by holding her by the hips and pushing his legs so that they cradled her in a gentle manner. He was lost, in the feeling. She rode him and massaged her clit as she needed it. After awhile, Bay caught on and replaced her fingers with his thumb and that was perfect. They rode together, sighing, crying and fucking to their peak. When she reached hers, it was unbearably tight that Bay, for the second time that night, found True Enlightenment. It bathed him in its light and she accepted it just as before, wanting him.

They stopped their beat, breathed without breathing. Both were affected. Xeira stayed on top of him until he lost the better part of his erection, then freed herself from his hands clamped around her waist. Bay just sat there, he could do nothing else. Soon, he reached for his robes and pooled them under his head, thoroughly satisfied. She brought another blanket and covering them with it, their bodies warming the sand. And they slept, perfectly.

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