Summer Heat Ch. 10 – Vacation

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The sprawling, epic tale of the trip to the beach. I wanted to split this in two but didn’t know where to break it. All characters are fictional and of legal age. There is no violence or abuse. No imaginary dolphins were harmed in the writing of this twisted tale.


“I wondered why we went past The Steak Pit. I thought you were taking me to lunch.” Katherine stated.

“I am taking you to lunch, right after we do this. It’s time to nut up or shut up, Kat.” Donna said smiling. They had just gotten out of the car in front of a sinister looking building. The signs said, ‘Tattoo and Body Piercing’. “Are you sure this is a good place?”

“I asked around. Come on. Let’s go check it out. You still have time to chicken out, after we go in.” Donna teased.

The building was a hundred times cleaner on the inside. They looked over the tattoo pictures on the walls. Near the reception desk, there was a poster size photo of a tall slender girl. She was partially nude displaying a full body tattoo. It was a grapevine that went from her ankle, up her side and over shoulder. A closer look showed her close cropped blond hair, strong pretty face and one of her tiny breasts. It was Cynthia. “Yes, this is a good place.” Katherine announced. “Let’s do this.”

After paying the modest fee they were shown to a private area with an old medical exam table.

“Hi, I’m Sandy. I’ll be taking care of you today. This will only take a minute. It will only hurt for a second and I think you’ll love it.” The attractive girl with lots of tattoos and piercings said. “OK, sweetie. Let’s see what we’re working with.”

Donna was surprised at how easy Katherine was about taking off her blouse and bra. “She wants it on the left and straight across.”

“We can go ahead and do both while you are here.” Sandy looked at Katherine’s breasts and then closely at her nipple. “You are a very pretty lady. Your nipples are perfect for this. It will look great.”

“I’m nervous, but I’ve wanted this for a while.” Katherine said. “I saw a girl I know on the wall out there.”

“Yeah, which one?” Sandy asked.

“Cynthia, the long grapevine tattoo. I met her at a party a couple of weeks ago.”

Sandy prepared here supplies. She looked Katherine straight in the eyes. “My husband and I both did her, in a few sessions.”

“I see. I got to know her and Mack both. I guess a big job like that can stack up.” Katherine said with a quick wink of her eye that was away from Donna.

Sandy showed Katherine the canular piercing needle and the little barbell she would leave in. “I usually do nipples with a sixteen gauge. Your nipples are robust enough to use a fourteen. It’s just slightly bigger.”

“What size is yours?” Katherine asked Donna.

“Mine is sixteen gauge.” Donna said. “There is plenty of jewelry in that size.”

“Then that is fine for me. Hers is very pretty.” Katherine said.

“OK, let’s get this lined up. Sit up straight.” Sandy said. She made some marks with a temporary marker. “This is going to work great.” She used an alcohol prep pad. “This could hurt like hell for two seconds. Some people actually enjoy it. It helps to think about sex.”

Katherine snickered. Her mind immediately went to the poster of Cindy. All that skin and ink. Her tiny tits and tight pussy sitting on her face while her husband licked her pussy. The needle touched her nipple and backed away for an instant. Then it touched again and pierced the surface. Katherine felt electricity shoot through her breast and down to her pussy. Milliseconds later the needle cut its way out the other side. It felt like lightning struck her tit and shot out her pussy. Then it was in. The feeling of the metal displacing flesh was strange.

Sandy inserted the barbell in the end of the needle and pulled it through. Then she screwed the silver ball on the end. “That’s it Miss Katherine. I hope it didn’t hurt too much. It came out perfect.”

“It wasn’t bad. Very strange in fact.” Katherine said hiding her flash of pleasure.

Katherine and Donna arrived at The Steak Pit, greeted by Jason who had kisses for both. “My favorite ladies! Glad you made it.”

“What about me, brother?” Shelby asked, walking up on them. She had turned up her look since working with Jason. Gone was the apron she wore at Family Feast. She had added some make-up and a silky product to her hair.

“Shell, you look great. This place agrees with you.” Katherine said.

“I like it here. The people are great except for my boss.” Shelby said with a wink and nod toward Jason.

“I love the tie, babe.” Donna said noticing that the way Shelby looked was turning her on.

“Come this way ladies.” Shelby lead the way to a prime table.

Donna whispered to Katherine, “We got a cute little waitress.” Both ladies giggled.

Katherine ordered a salad with a piece of grilled salmon on it. Donna ordered the petite sirloin special. “Well, did she do it?” Shelby asked Donna.

“Yes, she took it like a champ.” Donna answered with a grin.

Shelby took the menus. “I illegal bahis bet its sore, Kat.” She made a mean face at Katherine and thumped the menus as if thumping her on the tit. She turned and went to see to their lunch.

“You see the meanness I have to put up with sometime?” Katherine shook her head.

Some of the other staff came by to greet “Miss Kathy” as the ladies enjoyed their lunch. They talked about various things. Donna filled Katherine in on some details of their trip to the beach. “I know they have to work all day today, so they can take off, but they better be ready to go in the morning. I’m dying to get down there.”

Jason and Shelby approached carrying a tray, “We have a special desert for you ladies.” Jason said.

Shelby placed a cupcake in front of each lady. Each cupcake was frosted in white. Each had a tiny strawberry on top with a toothpick stuck through sideways. Katherine and Donna giggled and turned red blushing. The siblings grinned with Jason blushing. “Come on, Shell. Let’s leave the nipple sisters alone.”

Donna dropped Katherine back at her office and went to pack. Katherine made quick work of a few details and phone calls for her job as a realtor. The new sensation in her nipple was making her horny. She set the phone to forward to her cell phone. She put the ‘Gone to Show One’ sign on the door and went home at top speed.

Once home, she went to her room and stripped off her top as fast as she could. She gasped at how sexy her own tit was with the pin through it. Katherine noted that there was only a slight trace of blood on the pad that Sandy had placed in her bra. Looking in the mirror, she rubbed her breast and gently tickled the barbell. The slight soreness was a pale shadow of the sensation she had as the needle skewered her nipple. She began to wet her panties.

Katherine lay back on her bed and began to play with the newly pierced nipple. It was sore and touching it was painful, but it was sending waves of pain and pleasure into her body and resonating in her wet pussy. Katherine had never enjoyed pain of any kind, but this thing in her tit was making her guts contract like an orgasm. She rubbed her clit with her left hand and tickled her nipple with her right hand. Softly at first then harder. She tickled her tit harder and rubbed her clit with more vigor. As she felt the rumblings of an oncoming orgasm Katherine pinched the sore nipple and launched into a deep spasming orgasm.

In the mirror she could see her breast. “Shelby will want to see that later.”

Midafternoon the next day, Katherine’s phone chimed an incoming text: [Shelby Cell > Hey. We made it to PCB. Jason’s not here yet. I’ll send you the room number when we get checked in. Love you.]

[OK. Have fun. Call me later. Love.] Send. Katherine sat her phone on her desk and thought about the beach and the warm water. She thought of the sun and the kids in swimwear in the sand. Then her mind wondered about the sleeping arrangements and sex. Could they really all be sleeping together? Could they really all be fucking together? Katherine’s clit tingled, and she squeezed her thighs together.

Katherine’s cell phone rang. “Hey baby. What’s up?” She answered without looking.

“Well hello to you sweetheart.” The voice said. It wasn’t Shelby.

Katherine quickly looked at the screen. “Cynthia! I thought it was my daughter calling. How are you?”

Cynthia chuckled. “I thought you were just thrilled to hear from me.”

“Well, I am, dear. The kids went to the beach this morning. I just sent Shelby, a text to call me and it rang.” Katherine explained.

“Mack is in Savanah on business. I thought you might like to have a drink with me.”

“Sounds interesting. I think I met someone you know, Sandy at the tattoo parlor.” Katherine said.

“Yes, Sandy worked on my ink. Did you get a tat?” Cynthia asked.

“No, I just got that nipple pierced that I told you I wanted. I really like it. Is it odd that I got aroused by the whole deal?” Katherine asked.

“No. It’s a sexy thing. A stranger touches your tits. Then the sting of the needle, it’s hot.”

“I’ll get the other one done sometime. With the kids out of town, why don’t you come over? We’ll have a lady’s night.” Katherine asked.

“Send me the address. I’ll bring the wine. Oh, Kathy… Wear something pretty.”

“Oh, my God! Donna, this place is fantastic. This is a great condo.” Shelby squealed.

“I know. If it weren’t for the discount and the off-season rates, we couldn’t afford it.” Donna replied. Her corporate credentials had gotten them one of the nicest places on the beach for the price of the economy places off the beach. It had a huge open kitchen and two bedrooms. Everything was new and the latest style.

“How soon can we get our feet wet?” Shelby asked.

“Let’s get all our stuff in. Call Jason and see where he’s at. I’ll put the food away.” Donna assumed her natural roll as a leader. She put the food and drinks in the fridge. She left the salty snacks out and the coffee near the illegal bahis siteleri coffee maker.

“He’s still up on I-10. Looks like he’ll be another hour.” Shelby reported. “He said he had another stop to make.”

Clothing bags all went to the big master bedroom. Jason was bringing chairs and beach umbrellas along with a large cooler in his truck.

“Let’s go check out the pool and the beach.” Shelby said with the excitement of a child.

“OK. Are we changing into swim suits?” Donna asked.

“Let’s just check it out for now. I love this place. I want to see the rest of it.”

The girls left the room with just sunglasses and a room key. They explored the lobby area. They found the gym and an indoor pool. They exited toward the gulf. The pool area included a huge kidney shaped pool flanked by a shallow kid’s pool and two large hot tubs. Tables and chairs surrounded the area. There was an outdoor bar specializing in big fruity drinks. They found their way down one of two long ramps to the beach. Long rows of wooden lounge chairs faced the surf. Donna and Shelby walked out to knee deep water and hugged and kissed. A group of young men drinking beer on the beach were both disappointed and stimulated to see the two beautiful girls kissing.

“Wow, the water is still warm. It’s like summer, but without kids everywhere.” Shelby observed.

“Yesterday was the last day of summer. It will stay warm for several more weeks.” Donna said, “What are you laughing at?”

Shelby grabbed her around the neck laughing. “You are so much like him. That’s exactly what he would have said. Useless, boring information.”

“Smartass!” Donna tickled Shelby’s ribs and chased her back up onto the beach. “It’s great being here with you. Let’s go to the room and wait for Jase.”

In the condo, the girls organized their clothes. “I think I’m going to shave and shower. Care to join me?” Shelby asked. “I think I’ll go bald.”

“You little tart!” Donna said with a grin. “I leave a patch on mine. My junk looks better with a little bit of a triangle.”

“You want me to trim it for you?” Shelby asked.

The girls made quick work of shaving each other’s pubes. Donna carefully shaved Shelby’s pussy bald and smooth. Shelby trimmed Donna’s closely then shaved around a triangle in front. After looking at it for a minute, she took the razor and rounded the corners and made a valentine heart. Shelby snickered. “That looks more romantic.”

Donna looked in a mirror. “Oh, that’s cute. You are silly. It looks good though. Jase will like it.”

Shelby pulled Donna close and kissed her belly. “You are so beautiful, babe.” She slid her hand up between Donna’s thighs and rubbed her moist labia.

Donna leaned over and kissed Shelby. “I’m turned on, too, Shell, but I think we should wait and have a big romp with Jason tonight. I’m really looking forward to a threesome with both of you.”

“Yeah, I’m kind of thinking the same thing. I just get so hot touching you and seeing your pussy.” Shelby said. “Will you give me a little attention for just a few seconds?” Shelby lay back on the bed and pulled her legs up to show herself to Donna.

Donna looked down to see Shelby’s swollen lips open. She was wet. Creamy white goo was beginning to come out. “Damn, Shelby! I can’t believe what a horny little thing you are.” Donna sat beside her and spread her pussy with her fingers. As Shelby closed her eyes. Donna slipped two fingers into Shelby’s hole. She worked her fingers around and in and out and rubbed the swollen clit with her thumb. Shelby moaned and then had one of her mini-orgasms. Donna chuckled. “Well, you must have been ready.” She licked some of the goo from her finger then wiped the rest on a towel.

Shelby giggled. “This condo is sexy. I wanted to get my clothes off as soon as we got here. That pube trimming makes me too hot.” Shelby paused and then quietly. “I want to tell you something. I’m going to tell Jason later. Kat and I have been shaving each other.”

“You already told me that, Baby.” Donna said.

“Well I didn’t tell you about the last two times. When you and Jase were at that wedding, I shaved mom. She was going to a pool party. But I got so fucking hot, I couldn’t help licking her.”

“Shelby Lynn! I can’t believe you. You ate your mom’s pussy?” Donna asked.

“Yeah. I know I’m crazy. But in the moment, it was nice. She’s beautiful and it just happened.”

“I know Katherine’s beautiful. I got hot seeing her boobs, but she’s not my mother. You need therapy. Maybe we all do.” Donna shook her head.

“I had just been looking at her too much. Kat has gotten fit and I see her in tight clothes and even nude sometimes. It was different with her than with Jason. He and I kept flirting and teasing. With Kitty-Kat, I just wanted her.”

“I’m not sure what Jason will think. Katherine gets to him too. If not for you two, I’d want her. She’s hot and as nice as a lady can be.”

“I think she’s been partying with a couple. Can you imagine her doing shit with a couple?” Shelby was now shaking canlı bahis siteleri her head. “Let’s get a shower. Jase will be here soon.”

“Wear something pretty.” She tells me.” Katherine thought to herself. She had complied, of course. She had left work a little early. Once home she prepped some food in case she needed to cook a meal quickly. She showered and cleaned herself out. She wanted to be ready for anything. Katherine selected a summer dress with a full skirt section and bare shoulders. She put it on without underwear. She knew what this evening would be about. She turned to make up with care. Summer had he skin color the way she liked it, so she went very light on the make-up. Then at the last minute she slipped on a pair of pink bikini panties. She just felt better that way.

In a short while, there was a ring of the front door chime. Katherine opened the door to greet Cynthia. Katherine was surprised to see a tall, slim figure dressed in gray pinstripes. The suit was tailored for Cindy but fashioned after a man’s suit. Long slacks with matching vest, a white blouse and wide tie. The outfit was topped off with a gray fedora canted slightly to one side.

Cynthia kept her head down for a moment. Then, she lifted her chin and took off the hat, revealing her hair greased down and parted on one side. She had used an eyebrow pencil to make a fine line mustache. “Pardon me Miss. Is the lady of the house home?”

Katherine was stunned and then aroused by the sight in front of her. “Yes. I’m the lady of the house. Can I help you, Sir?” She reached for Cindy’s hand and pulled her inside, closing the door. Katherine pushed Cynthia up against the wall and dove into as passionate a kiss as she had ever given. Cinthia accepted and ran her hands to Katherine’s ass. “That’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.”

“I had some more lines and roll playing shit to do. I didn’t know you’d just jump me.”

“Well, I’m sorry, “Sir”. That look just hit a button I didn’t know I had.” Katherine giggled. The ladies kissed more slowly. Katherine walked her guest to the bar that separated the kitchen from living area. “Would you like some wine or anything?”

“Do you have anything stronger?” Cinthia asked.

“There’s vodka in the freezer. I have some whiskey somewhere.” Katherine looked in an end cabinet and found a half bottle of scotch and an unopened bottle of Tennessee whiskey. “Does any of this appeal to you?”

“Some of the scotch with a little ice would be nice.”

“That’s what my son likes. His dad liked it too. The Jack is here from a party. I don’t know why no one opened it.” Katherine fixed the whiskey and made a strong cranberry and vodka for herself. “Can I show you the house?”

The ladies walked around a tour of the upstairs. Katherine pointed out certain artifacts of their family life. The framed pictures were a highlight. “Your kids are gorgeous.” Cindy observed. “His dad was so handsome. I know you miss him.”

“Yes. I see him in my dreams sometime. It’s bitter sweet. Check this picture out.” Katherine pulled out some pictures from a drawer. “Shelby and Jason are natural comedians.” The top picture showed Jason menacing his sister with a baseball bat, but Shelby was holding a big knife near his crotch. “I can hardly get them to take a serious photo.” Then the portrait of Donna and Jason from the wedding came up.

“Oh, my God! Look at those two. Who’s the knock-out?” Cynthia asked.

“That’s my children’s girlfriend.” Katherine waited for a reaction that didn’t come and then chuckled. “That is Donna. She and Shelby have been lovers for over a year. Now she and Jason are together too.”

“Lucky girl. It really complicates things with the sibling thing.” Cindy said.

“I’m afraid to speculate how it works. They are all three in Panama City together right now.”

“If he was my brother, we’d be lovers.” Cynthia said. “It’s a new world. They are adults and very sexy.”

Katherine refrained from any more revelations. “Let me freshen these drinks and fix a quick meal. I have it prepped already.”

“Kiss me first then you can be hostess.” Cynthia kissed Katherine passionately and felt up her firm breasts. All this time, she had kept up the masculine mannerisms and attitude. She watched as Katherine filled the glasses and turned the stove on. Cynthia slipped off her tie and vest. As Katherine worked away sautéing chicken fillets and steaming vegetables, Cynthia watched how she moved. Cynthia took off her blouse to reveal a little undershirt that continued the male theme. Lack of a bra let Cindy’s hard little nipples poke out in a chic sexy way. She slipped up behind Katherine and cupped her full breasts from behind.

Katherine enjoyed the attention. She loved being held from behind. Cynthia was strong and firm herself. Katherine felt something pressing into her ass. She turned around and kissed Cindy. She reached down and felt Cynthia’s prosthetic cock. “Another surprise for me?”

Shelby met Jason in the parking garage with a luggage cart. They loaded the equipment that he brought. Folding chairs, beach umbrellas and a cooler along with Jason’s duffle and the groceries he had bought on the way. Shelby kissed him and lead him toward the condo. “You are going to flip over this place. It’s first rate.”

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