Senior Prom Traditions

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Joanie needs a date to the senior prom


There were a lot of traditions involved with our high school’s senior prom. I suppose maybe there are with lots of high school senior proms, but I know only about mine. Our country high school was small, with around 250 students, for grades 9 –12. My senior class had 60 students, and the gender balance was a bit off, with 25 boys and 35 girls. Needless to say, every girl needed a date for the senior prom.

Twenty of the boys had steady girlfriends, and if they valued their heads, and their balls, they were taking their own girlfriend to the senior prom. The remaining five boys had their pick of the rest of us, and we were 15 girls. Ten girls were to be left out. I wasn’t particularly worried, because I had Jake. Jake and I had been best friends since elementary school, soul mates, really, and Jake was one of the five without a steady girlfriend. I knew, I just knew, he was going to ask me to the prom.

There was, of course, a complication. The tradition at our high school was that the girls would put out for the guys. This was not a big problem because the twenty girls with steady boyfriends were already putting out for them. Sally, for one, had put out for quite a few of them, by my count. I relied, mind you, on strictly reliable gossip.

It was three weeks until prom and still nobody had asked me. I knew why: Patty and I were the last remaining virgins in the senior class, and no guy probably wanted to take the chance that we would refuse to put out. It wasn’t true, I’d put out for any guy who asked me, just to avoid the shame of going dateless the night of the senior prom. Patty felt the same way. Maybe the guys just didn’t know that.

Then Jake was picked off. The slut Marybeth had given him a blowjob behind the woodshop building, on the condition she’d be his date. Jake had pointed out that meant she’d have to fuck him after the prom, and after castigating him for being crude, she said, “I believe in traditions, Jake.”

My ace in the hole had gone up in smoke. There were only two boys left without dates, Billy, and Billy Bob, and rumors were rife they were both gay, and maybe were going with each other. I was totally screwed, and destined not to be screwed. Melissa and I got together to give each other sympathy.

“You know, there’s always Big Mike,” Melissa said. Big Mike had already graduated, and he worked at Joe’s Garage, over at Joe’s Food and Gas, the unfortunately named diner and service station on the State Highway that ran through town.

“I can’t possibly go with a grease monkey,” I sniffed. “He’s all yours.”

“Hey, thanks! Betty Smith went with him last year and she said he’s great in bed! Good way to have my cherry popped. You’re an angel, Joanie,” Melissa said. Melissa had already lost her cherry several times, by my count, but I let her own fantasies go undisturbed.

“Don’t mention it,” I said, now feeling doubly sorry for myself. I needed a miracle. Miracles don’t often arrive in Appalachia. I needed to make my own miracle. I borrowed my father’s truck and drove five towns over to Cousin Eric’s place. I was not about to give my virginity to my cousin, although there was plenty of precedence for that even in my own high school class, and not just with cousins but also with fathers and brothers, but maybe Eric had a friend?

I gave Eric the whole story. I left nothing out.

“Let me get this straight: whoever takes you to prom gets to pop your cherry during the after-party at Sally’s place?” he asked.

“Yeah. It’ll be an orgy with over fifty high school seniors getting it on,” I replied.

“Do the girls get passed around?” Eric asked.

“Eric Williams! Shame on you!” calming down, I reflected and said, “I shouldn’t think so. Most of the girls have steady boyfriends. They wouldn’t cheat on them, at least, not right in front of them. Maybe behind their backs, but not right there, in front of them!” I said. “Truly, Eric, I don’t know what goes on at these things, or what’s expected, or what will happen in actuality.”

“You’re really pretty, Joanie. How come you’re both a virgin and don’t have a date?” Eric asked.

“I’ve never been interested in sex, until recently. I guess boys could sense that. There’s a lot of pretty girls in my high school, and lots of sexy ones, too,” I said. “I just got overlooked.”

“Even by Jake? You were always sweet on him,” Eric said.

I began to cry. “Yes, even by Jake,” and then I began to sob.

“I’ll take you, Joanie. I’ve always had a thing for you, you know,” Eric said.

“Eric, you’re my first cousin. You can take me, but I’ll be the only girl not having sex at the after party,” I said. “Thanks for offering, though. You’re really sweet.”

“Look, Joanie, nobody knows we’re cousins. I’ll just be your mystery date. Remember when you went to the lake last summer, and you were bored out of your mind?” Eric asked.

“Don’t remind me!” I said. “I didn’t know a soul there. It was aw….oh!” I said.

“Exactly. xvideos porno We say that you met me there, we fell in love, and you’ve been keeping me under wraps for fear of Melissa or one of your other little friends stealing me. I’ll be all over you at the prom, and fuck you silly at the after party. All your little friends will be jealous. Maybe I’ll fuck some of them, too, if the party gets wild,” Eric said.

“You don’t mind that we’re first cousins?” I asked.

“Nope! You have no idea how much I want to fuck you, Joanie! How about you? Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” I said. “You’re quite handsome, you know, and besides, I’ve always loved you and Mark.” Mark is Eric’s older brother.

“Say, since you came all the way out here, want to start now? Get some practice in, before the big show?” Eric asked.

“Tempting, but no. I wouldn’t mind a kiss, however,” I said.

“A kiss and a blowjob?” Eric asked. I thought about how Marybeth had locked in Jake via a blowjob. I’d never given a guy one, but maybe it was time to learn. Every other senior girl, even Patty, had already mastered the art of blowjobs. Maybe it was time for me to learn, too?

Eric saw me hesitating, and sort of read my mind. “It’s kind of normal to have given a guy a blowjob at some point before he pops your cherry, you know.”

“Your brother Mark is home,” I pointed out.

“We’ll close the door. If he discovers us, you can buy his silence by blowing him, too,” Eric said. I laughed, thinking he was joking.

“Clothed, okay?” I asked, starting to unwrap him.

“No, doll, it might get messy, and you don’t want to go home with my spunk coating your clothes, do you? Here, let me help you get naked.” Eric said.

In retrospect, I think Eric knew that Mark was hiding in the closet watching us, and listening to the entire conversation. Eric coached he through my first blowjob, and I freaked out when he squirted into my mouth, spitting it out all over my boobs and legs. Eric left to get some towels and Kleenex, and while he was gone a rapidly undressing Mark appeared in front of me, presenting one hell of an erect cock in front of my eyes.

“You look gorgeous naked, Joanie. You should visit us more often,” Mark said.

I sat there, dazed, waiting for Eric to return. Mark kept waving his cock in my face. “Just give it a little kiss, will you, my pretty?”

I was charmed when he called me ‘my pretty,’ so I kissed the tip. Mark groaned in appreciation, so I licked it a bit, going up and down as if it were a lollipop. Mark began to stroke my hair, and then to massage my shoulders, and it felt lovely, so I kept licking his cock. “Use your hands, too,” he said.

I took the head of his cock in my mouth, and used my right hand to jerk the stem. I fondled his balls with my other hand, and then I took as much of his cock in my mouth as would fit, as I had done earlier with his brother Eric. I tried to take it all inside my mouth, but I gagged.

“Relax your mouth, pretty girl. Squeeze this part of your hand,” Mark said, showing me where to squeeze. “Lie down, and I’ll finger you while you blow me.”

I lay down and Mark lay alongside me. His cock was at the level of my head, so I arranged myself and took it into my mouth. If felt nice in my mouth. I squeezed the fleshy part of my hand between my thumb and my index finger, hard, and as Mark’s own fingers played with my pussy, I tried again. I gagged a second time.

Mark was providing a major distraction with what he was doing to me, with his fingers highly active around my pussy! My oh my oh my! I just went on automatic pilot and tried again without thinking and then boom, I had all of his cock down my throat, and my nose was being gently tickled by his pubic hair! I slowly pulled my mouth up, shocked that I had actually done that, and then straightaway I swallowed his cock, whole, a second time. Just to prove to myself that it was no fluke, I swallowed it whole a third time!

Mark then did something — to this day, I still don’t know what — to my clit, and I exploded in my first ever orgasm. Yes, it’s true, I had never masturbated, and had never before climaxed. Had Mark tried to fuck me just then, he could have. Eric could have had sloppy seconds, too. Perhaps, though, because we were cousins and they had both known me all my life, they both loved and respected me, and they did not take advantage of me. After all, I was kind of in a state of shock.

“I should get back. I wish I could take both of you to the prom!” I said.

“Say, Joanie, maybe you have a friend who needs a date and/or to get her cherry popped?” Eric said.

“You know, maybe I just do! Does she have to be a virgin, Mark?” I asked.

“Hell, no. Any friend of yours is good enough for me!” he said.

“Let me snap a picture of you, Mark. Dressed, please!” I said.

I left, promising to text them later.

Me: My friend Patty is waiting for your call. I’m texting you a picture of Patty

Patty yerli porno had posed topless for me. We girls would do anything for a date for the prom. Patty had boobs that should be in a museum, they’re so pretty. She had a pretty face, too. Under the picture I wrote her name, Patty Jones, and included her cell phone number.

Me: She’s waiting for your call.

Mark: I owe you, cousin!

Me: Anytime, Mark. Especially if your talented fingers are involved.

Patty and Mark dated a couple of times before the prom, and I’m not sure she was still a virgin at the prom itself, but the important thing was that she was radiantly happy.

Eric and Mark cleaned up well for the prom, and everyone looked at Patty and me, as we had my two handsome cousins on our arms, although nobody, not even Patty, knew Eric and Mark were my first cousins. We danced the night away, and I danced mostly with Eric, but sometimes with Mark, and sometimes with Jake, while Marybeth gabbed and gossiped to the other girls about all sorts of things. I think everyone but me, for example, knew the size and details of Jake’s cock. But hey, his choice. I had no sympathy for Jake.

I had a wonderful time, and of course Patty and I, and our dates, were invited to the afterparty at Sally’s. Games were involved, designed to get the girls to lose their clothes, and they were highly effective, as everyone was primed for some no holds barred raucous sex. The men remained clothed, and then there was a ladies’ choice dance. You could ask anyone, of course, to dance, except for your own date! Thirty-five naked girls were choosing their men for the dance.

I was blindsided by Marybeth who asked Eric to dance, and I looked for Mark, but Melissa had snagged him. I looked around for someone to ask to dance, and saw Jake and Big Mike. Still mad at Jake, I asked Big Mike. That was a mistake. As we danced, Big Mike began to finger me, and I swear he must have been a graduate of the Mark Williams school of fingering a girl. My knees gave way, and the only thing keeping me vertical were my arms around Big Mike’s neck (and they only barely reached!) and Big Mike’s three fingers in my pussy. Mike eased me to the floor.

As I went down, I noticed quite a few other girls were being eased down to the floor as well. Uh-oh, I thought, as Big Mike never let up with his assault on my pussy. Eric had given me permission to let anyone I wanted, to pop my cherry, as long as he got his turn. I knew right then, I was a goner. Big Mike had talent coming out of his ears. He was kissing me wonderfully, while fingering me to heaven, and somehow undressing himself, all at the same time.

A naked Melissa came over to us, with my cousin Mark in tow, just as Big Mike spread my legs and was positioning himself, all while still kissing me and driving me wild. “Mikey, you promised to fuck me first, you bastard. If you want to keep your balls intact, get off that tramp known as Joanie, and get off her right now!” Melissa said.

Saved by a slut. That’s me. Mark replaced Big Mike, and as Big Mike left I saw the second reason he was called Big Mike. The first one was that he was six feet four, and clocked in at 240 pounds of rippling muscle. The second one I had been about to experience.

Mark entered me gently, and if someone had to take my cherry, I was glad it was either Mark or Eric. Eric would have been better, since he was my date, but I knew he’d get his turn in due time. All in due time. I had no idea what to do, but Mark whispered instructions to me, telling me to push back against his thrusts, raise my tummy from time to time, and moan if it felt good. Very basic, I know, but it turns out fucking is intuitive, more so even than giving a blowjob. We had a wonderful fuck, and yes, there was a little pain and a little blood, but nothing too horrible. Everyone now knew that yes, I had in fact been a virgin, and that my own date had not popped my cherry. Nobody but Patty knew Mark and Eric were brothers, although they did in fact look alike.

After Mark and I had both cum, with Mark squirting inside me (I had gone on the pill right after I had given both brothers blowjobs!), Patty pulled Mark off of me and led him away, and then Eric was right there, hard and ready. “How was Marybeth?” I asked Eric, as he got into position.

“Very experienced; almost professional,” Eric said, and I giggled, and then he entered me and sparks flew before my eyes. “Mark got to me first,” I groaned out, confessing how ephemeral my loyalty to Eric was.

“Good to keep it in the family,” Eric whispered back, and I lost it, giggling up a storm until my giggles morphed into moans. Eric felt so, so good inside me! This is what was meant to be. Don’t get me wrong: I was glad it was Mark who deflowered me, but now the man I loved, the man I chose, the man I wanted, was between my legs and fucking me in the way the good lord had intended me to be fucked.

Well, maybe not, I don’t know the good lord’s position on cousin incest, youjizz porno but if he’s not opposed to it, then good for him! Boys were crowding around to see the virgin getting laid, and by the looks in their eyes, they were all jealous of my mystery date, Eric Williams. And well they should have been: I was getting the fuck from heaven, but I decided to give a show, and I used every trick I could think of. Eric flipped me onto my hands and knees and he skewered me doggy style, with my boobs hanging down and swinging suggestively, and then it was cowgirl time. I knew everyone and his date was taking pictures of my debauchery, but right then, I couldn’t have cared less.

Eric had staying power, since he had already fucked Marybeth, to the chagrin of Josh, who had to take sloppy seconds. Again, no pity for Josh. We put on quite a show, and at the end, I was a sweaty mess, just lying there on the floor, trying to recover from the fuck from heaven. I was at my most vulnerable, when Adrian decided to fuck me too, while his girlfriend Alexis was screaming at him. I was alarmed, not wanting Adrian to fuck me. Adrian was a bit of a skunk, and his only motivation was to make me another notch on his belt. He collected women as conquests, and probably right then, I was a bit of a prize. For the first time in my life, I said no, I even screamed it out, “No!”

Adrian suffered from selective deafness, not being able to hear girls screaming no, and he was going to fuck me, his cock had even just barely entered me (which technically counts as fucking me, so I was already destined to be on his little wall of conquests, number six, as the rumors had it, it was no question), when happily Big Mike returned and picked him up as if he were weightless, and tossed him a good five feet through the air.

“When a lady says no, she means no,” Big Mike said, as I lay there, naked, my body heaving in fear. Everyone applauded Big Mike. He took a bow.

“What do you think, Joanie: May I?” Big Mike asked.

“What about Melissa?” I asked. Melissa was my friend, and I wanted her to stay one. “I’d love to with you, but I can’t do that to Melissa.”

“It’s okay, Joanie. I just wanted him first tonight, and he gave me the fuck of my life just now. Can I have Eric in exchange?” Melissa said.

“It’s okay with me, if it’s okay with Eric,” I said. Big Mike was getting into position.

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse,” Melissa said.

“What’s that?” I asked, and Big Mike demonstrated that he should be called Very Big Mike, as he entered me right at that moment. So, I barely heard Melissa when she said, “Me. I’ll offer him me.” She had a point: If a pretty, 18-year-old girl, who’s naked, wants you to fuck her, what red blooded hetero guy would say no?

Big Mike, or should I say Very Big Mike, was also a wonderful fuck, so I was three for three, but I just could not stop thinking about Eric. I so wished he wasn’t my cousin. But he was.

After Big Mike, I was done. I found Eric, who was still fucking Melissa, and told him it was time to take me home. I was still naked, and looking for my clothes. I was messy with the cum of three men all around my pubes. “Not yet,” grunted Eric. “I’m having the time of my life.”

Jake tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to face him, giving him a full frontal, in case he was one of the few who had not seen it yet, nor taken a picture of it yet, not seen me in the throes of ecstasy during one of my three fucks.

“May I have the honor of giving you a ride home, Joanie?” Jake asked. I wondered if he regretted not having asked me to the prom, instead of that slut Marybeth.

“What about Marybeth?” I asked.

“We had a fight. She refuses to talk to me, or even to look at me,” Jake said.

“My God, Jake! What did you do?” I asked. I found my clothes and was quickly getting dressed.

“I shouted your name when I came inside her,” Jake said, and I couldn’t help myself, but I laughed.

“You do know that’s not funny, don’t you, Joanie?”

“Yes, and please take me home, Jake. You know, I had been hoping you would have asked me to the prom. I’ve been furious at you for having asked Marybeth. All is forgiven, now. Take me home,” I said.

“Joanie, since you’ve forgiven me, can I kiss you?” Jake asked.

“Jake, yesterday I was a virgin. Today I’ve fucked three men. I’m finished. Rain check?”

“Just a kiss, Joanie,” Jake said.

Knowing it was never just a kiss, I kissed Jake anyway. Soon my clothes were on the floor once again, and I was on my back, and a naked Jake was spreading my legs. He was the first man to ask me, ever, but he did. He said, “Condom?”

I laughed some more. Maybe a condom would protect me from Marybeth’s slime? I just said, “I’m on the pill, Jake,” and a microsecond later his cute little cock was inside me. I wasn’t going to need my deep throat talents with Jake, that was for sure! Still, Jake proved that size doesn’t matter much. It’s not the meat, it’s the motion, that makes this girl want to rock and roll.

What it really is, though, is affection. There were three men I loved, and two were my cousins. Jake was the third. When a man you love fucks you, it’s the best of all worlds. That was the case with Jake. Lord almighty, it was good!

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