Putting the Buzz Back into Marriage

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Although I’d only had one lover before I met my husband, I had always thought that the sex in our marriage was fine.

Over the years we tried all the usual sexual positions, and a few I hadn’t heard about before. We got to know each others bodies intimately, and our lovemaking almost always finished with both of us coming simultaneously. I knew I never wanted another man in my bed, but after twelve years of comfortable normal lovemaking, I realised that I wasn’t horny very often. Realising this just made matters worse. Slowly, I started avoiding sex. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him, I just felt I was failing to excite him; so the damper that put on our sex life became almost unbearable at times.

It was my birthday; and I knew he was planning something sexy.

I longed for the excitement of our old sex life back, but the thought of yet another lingerie set as a gift just turned me off again. Instead, we had a great dinner, and then he handed me my present. I opened the lavishly wrapped box to find the most enormous vibrator I’d ever seen. Actually, to be honest, I’d only seen pictures before, I’d never seen one for real. But this one was huge. It had a smooth plastic shape that reminded me of my first lipstick, and the dildo was a deep violet colour.

I wasn’t sure what to say. I’d wondered about vibrators, but I hadn’t been brave enough to ever try one before, and to be honest, I only had the vaguest idea about what I was supposed to do with it.

He saw my expression and immediately took charge. “Go upstairs and have a hot shower,” he commanded. “I want you to shave off most of your pubic hair, and then I want to see you on that bed wrapped in a towel in five minutes. In the meantime, I’m going to get everything ready.”

I did as he said. Feeling strangely excited and very naughty, I raced to the bathroom and turned the shower on hot until the heat made my skin glow. I did occasionally shave the hair from around my pussy, but it had been a while, and the sensation of having a freshly shaved cunt added extra excitement to my anticipation. When I emerged I wasn’t sure what to expect; so I padded down the hall to the bedroom feeling like I was on a first date.

In the bedroom he’d spread a black satin sheet over the bed and had laid my new vibrator out on top of it.

He’d also set up our video camera on a new tripod, and was sitting beside it in a comfortable chair waiting for me. My heart felt as if it was squeezing against my chest, but that was nothing compared to the sensation from my pussy. Just the sight of the impromptu film set was making my clitoris swell in a way that I hadn’t experienced in ages.

He laughed at my face. “I know it’s your birthday,” he said, “But you are going to have to do everything I tell you.”

I raised my eyebrows in a puzzled expression.

“I promise, it will be great,” he said.

I sat on the edge of the bed, not sure what he would want me to do, and he got settled behind the camera. illegal bahis

“Right” he directed, “Let’s see how you like your new toy. First I want you to stroke yourself all over with your fingers.”

I amazed myself as I realised that I needed very little encouragement.

“That’s it, and now concentrate on your nipples. I want to see them really stand out.”

Having the camera pointing at me was turning me on, and my nipples were already pink bullets standing out against my white skin. I knew that against the black satin sheet my fair skin and copper hair would look great; so I started to play to the camera, for a moment forgetting the dildo that lay beside me. I arched my back and parted my lips, doing what I imagined porn stars probably did. I lay back against the mounded pillows and ran my hands down my belly, through the neatly trimmed triangle of auburn hair at my crotch, Still surprised at my boldness, I opened my legs to the camera.

I snuck a peek at him, and, even though his eyes were on the tiny screen of the video camera, I could see him watching me intently. The bulge in his trousers was already pronounced.

“Want to join me?” I invited, expecting him to come and take over from here. “Oh no,” he said. “You do this all by yourself. Time to try out the hardware.”

Picking up the dildo for the first time I realised how cold it was, and stroked it over my breasts. The cold touch made my nipples stand up even further, and I again became aware of the way my pussy felt engorged. I turned the dial on the base of the vibrator, just a little, and let the head tickle my nipples.

This wasn’t so bad. I could feel myself relaxing in front of his stare and decided to play along fully. I circled my breasts with the vibrator, and spiralled down slowly towards my crotch.

I had planned on inserting the vibrator and wriggling in emulation of one on one sex until I came, but as soon as the buzzing head touched my clitoris I realised that something quite different could happen. I’d never felt a sensation quite like this before, orgasms with him were soft and lingering. But the thrill that the slight touch of the vibrator against my throbbing clit produced was unlike anything I’d ever felt.

He smiled when he heard me gasp, and I could feel the tension in the room go up. I wanted to feel more of these new sensations and circled my hard node with the tip of the vibrator. Realising that my pussy was dripping wet by this time, I slid the vibrator into my cunt. Planning on wetting the end just a little, I was surprised to find myself thrusting the whole enormous thickness into myself. I had to know what I could do with this new toy, and turned up the dial to full. Pulling and pushing the thick smooth purple torpedo in and out of myself made me writhe, and I saw that he’d unzipped his pants to get at his own hard cock.

“You want me to join you now?” he croaked at me, his voice thick and hoarse with desire.

“No!” I responded. “You bought illegal bahis siteleri me this for my birthday. I get to play with it first.”

The sensation of the dildo inside me was fun, but it gave none of the insistent excitement of rubbing it against my clit. I deliberately positioned myself so that the camera could get the full effect as I slid the dripping, slick length out of my cunt, aware that as it exited me it left me wide open to his gaze. I dragged the shivering length of it along one side of my pussy, and pressed it hard against my clitoris. The deep fast vibrations were triggering sensations that I’d never felt before, and I hadn’t realised it was possible to feel these thrills so intensely. Wanting to prolong the moment, and also uncertain where these throbbing, almost stinging feelings would take me, I turned the dial down just a fraction on the vibrator and was amazed at the change in sensation that the deeper throbbing brought on.

Suddenly I felt as if the world was dissolving round me, my pelvis seemed to belong in another dimension, and I knew that if I had been standing up, my knees would have given way as a deep, liquid sensation washed over me. I felt as if I was riding a huge wave of pleasure, and though I wanted it to go on and on, I cried out in fear suspecting that I couldn’t take it any more.

Just as I thought the sensation impossible to sustain, I felt my pussy and clitoris start to contract and spasm, as the biggest orgasm of my whole life swept over me. I was vaguely aware that I was thrashing on the bed, gasping and yelling. My dildo was still pressed into the side of my clit, as the deep, clenching shocks carried me away.

As I came back to myself, I looked at my husband. I found that he was staring at me open mouthed with his hands covered with his own cum. I wriggled over to make space for him on the bed, and he quickly shrugged off his clothes and lay down next to me.

“I never imagined that you’d react like this,” he murmured. “I take it you liked your present!”

As I silenced him with a kiss, I realised the camera was till running and sighed, “It’s the best present ever. Now I just need to find out what it will do to you!”

I started running the still steaming vibrator down his chest towards his balls. Hesitating briefly as I reached his navel, I started making small circles on his skin. I wanted to draw the moment out for him; so I took my time reaching the thick dark hair that surrounded his cock.

As the vibrator reached the base of his shaft I turned it right down to the lowest setting, teasing the skin with the lightest touch, and was delighted to see him spring almost immediately back into a full erection.

Leaning down, I played the vibrator over his shaft and balls whilst I flicked the very tip of his cock with my tongue. As he became even more engorged I turned up the dial–just a little at a time–and alternated between pressing the toy into the skin between his balls and cock, canlı bahis siteleri whilst working his tip with my tongue.

Flicking the head of his tool with my tongue, nipping lightly with my teeth, lifting and retracting his foreskin with my lips–these were all games we both knew and loved. But with the added intensity of the vibrator I knew he was getting closer to orgasm faster than ever before. I realized that it wasn’t just him getting close, I too had become very horny and more than ready for my second major orgasm.

Turning the dial up to full power, the buzzing noise filled the room. I found myself thinking that the sound must be audible in the street. Realising that I really didn’t care, I turned my full attention back to him. Loving the way he was laid back on the sheets, one arm raised partly covering his face, he breathed erratically. I shifted positions, as I wanted to look into his eyes as he came.

“Don’t hide from the camera,” I teased him. “Wriggle round so we’re both in shot.”

I arranged him so that we’d be visible to the camera, then started kissing and nibbling again. Switching back and forth between his rigid cock and his belly, his hips and arms, I sensed that he was getting really close. I swung a leg across him and impaled myself on his jutting length. For a second I couldn’t breathe, the intensity of my orgasm just a few minutes ago had left me amazingly sensitive, and I could feel every inch of him with a clarity that I hadn’t experienced before.

Slowly, to accustom myself to his width, I started riding him, loving the feeling of his slippery thickness inside of me.

Impatient now for another orgasm, and wanting to share with him a part of what I’d experienced earlier, I drove down hard. Bringing him deep inside my body, I then pushed the vibrator firmly against my clit so that it also made contact with his cock. Turning the dial to just that magic point, I could feel the sensations building rapidly inside me again. This time was rewarded by his gasps becoming moans of pleasure. He not only felt the effect of the vibrator on his own skin, but felt the transferred tremors as my cunt clenched and fluttered around him. I arched my back and continued to press hard with the vibrator.

“Any second now,” I gasped, as I felt his balls tighten in readiness for his own orgasm.

That intense, liquid feeling started to roll over me again, weakening my knees and making my toes curl. Panting in unison, I felt him spurt heat inside of me just as the deep shocks turned my belly to fire. It made it feel as if my insides were trying to devour him.

Yanking away the vibrator, we clung together as the shudders kept coming, each one squeezing him a little further out of my clasp.

Realising we were stuck together with sweat and were clutching each other hard enough to leave marks, we broke apart. Trying to move gently, each of us lay curled side by side on the bed.

Some time later we managed to look at each other and I saw a new fire in his eyes. “Woman, you never cease to amaze me” he said, pulling me into a familiar embrace.

“Thats nothing,” I said, smiling. “Just you wait until your next birthday, or tomorrow, whichever comes sooner!”

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