Oh My Family Ch. 03

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Solo Male

After daddy and Aunt Karen, there was one more on my hit list: Mom. I fantasized being with mom and dad. I wanted them to make love to me and make me feel good. I felt disgusted and perverted at my thoughts but I couldn’t stop myself. Mom seemed to be oblivious to the fact that Aunt Karen and Dad had a good time with me. I started seeing mom in a sexual way. I longed to see her lovely mature curves. I stole quick glances down her blouse to get a glimpse of her massive cleavage. I imagined how big her breasts were. I shuddered at the thought of being able to suck on them as dad and Aunt Karen did. Every time she bent, I wanted to see the outline of her shapely ass. I hugged her as much as I could making sure I was not wearing much underneath. She seemed oblivious to my advances and that made me even more frustrated.

Every night I would remember the threesome with dad and my aunt and get all wet. Aunt Karen was out for the weekend with my cousin and dad got into his hard to get act again which drove me up the wall. I realized it was up to me to get him interested again. I planned my seduction on Saturday night. We all finished dinner and I announced my intention to go upstairs. I was shivering in anticipation and disgusted at my own thoughts but my pussy was already moist at my incestuous thoughts. I put on the sexiest t-shirt I could find which showed a good part of my midriff and shorts that did nothing to hide my legs. I was not wearing anything underneath.

I heard them coming upstairs and waited right outside their door. To my surprise, mom went to wash first and I could see dad on the bed waiting for her. The minutes seemed like hours and I checked him out as he lay on the bed. My eyes were drawn to his crotch and imagined his hard cock in my mouth. I tried to stop my thoughts as it was getting me excited. Finally, mom came out of the toilet dressed in a short night dress. I could see her shapely body underneath the translucent fabric. My pulse grew even more erratic as I fantasized how she must look naked. Her breasts jiggled underneath her dress as she bent over to pick something up. Dad disappeared into the toilet and I walked in as mom was settling down into bed. She looked up at me in surprise and then when she realized it was me, her face broke into a warm smile and her eyes virtually hugged me making me feel warm inside like I felt when I was a little girl.

“What’s up sweetie? You look like you have seen a ghost.” She said mistaking my excitement for fear.

“Nothing mom. I just feel a little lonely.”

“Oh my poor baby! Come here.” Her voice melted my heart and soul as it usually does and I jumped into bed. I climbed onto her and she pulled me to her hugging me. My face was close to the side of her neck. Her breasts were soft, warm and like soft pillows and could not match my C cups. Her body was warm and her motherly love made me feel comfortable. I could not stop thinking about the day Aunt Karen and my mom fucked my dad. I wanted mom to make me cum with her tongue and fingers so bad. I also wanted her to see me fuck dad. Thinking about all this made me hotter by the second I held her tight making sure my crotch was against her shapely thigh. I could barely stop myself from starting to hump her thigh. My pussy was soggy and I hoped that she would not smell my womanly fragrance. Her breasts crushed against my c-cuppers lovingly as she pulled me further into her warmth slowly sliding irresistibly into my little trap. I slid my leg between her thighs some more and buried my face in her neck making sure my breath fell on her. I felt her goose bumps as I caressed her arm. My wetness engine was starting to pump in earnest. I took a chance and started to move a little bit and to distract her, I started kissing her cheek and face. I planted wet kisses all over her face.

“Oh looks like my baby girl misses mommy,” she said with a nervous laugh returning my kisses. I was grinding my body against her under the guise of the kisses. I placed one hand lightly on her breast. She never suspected a thing. I kept squeezing it every time I kissed. I felt the nipple start to grow under my attention. I moved closer and closer to her mouth. She laughed nervously at my childlike playing but if she had checked my shorts she would have known how hot I felt. The slight rocking motion against her soft thigh drove me crazy. My short rode into the crack of my ass making me feel even nicer. I pulled up my legs up a bit straddling her thigh as if I was riding a motorcycle. She still seemed oblivious to my intentions and I felt bad. Her eyes were almost moist from the love she felt for me. I was also overwhelmed by the love I felt for her and then tears started to form in my eyes.

“Oh baby, what’s the matter?”

“I love you so much mom!”

She ran her fingers through my hair pulling me even closer. I moved onto her lips kissing her with closed lips grinding my chest into hers. Goosebumps started to rise on her skin and I could feel her nipples respond to my movements. Her mouth opened slightly in reflex. She must have been getting excited. I went in for the kill. I started to suck her lips. It was a gentle slow start istanbul rus escort so as not to alarm her but she stiffened and tried to push me away. I had the advantage of my weight and I pressed into her some more sucking her lips. She tried to pull back but her pillow stopped her from the movement and I pressed further. She turned her face away from me and I followed her pushing my body totally onto hers now.

“Mpfhh.. what are you doing?” she asked breathless as she tried to avoid my kisses. Her attempts seemed genuine and she kept twisting away. For a moment I was scared that the whole thing was a mistake. However, I kept the pressure on, knowing that dad would be out soon. She kept struggling under me, her breasts rubbing more and more against me. I pushed my knee towards her crotch and kept my full weight on her until I heard the door open. Dad was out.

“What is going on here?” He asked gruffly while I refused to turn around and acknowledge him. Two powerful arms gripped me and lifted me effortlessly making me kneel down on the bed. Mom was lying between us.

“What do you think you are doing honey?”

“Well, I thought mom would like to be kissed.”

“What made you think so?”

“Well she likes kissing Aunt Karen.”

I heard mom make a sound which was like a tiny screech.



“Girls shouldn’t kiss their mom!”

“Should girls kiss their dads?”

“Thats naughty too!”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really.”

I pulled him close and started to kiss him, running my hands through his hair. Mom screamed my name lying down right between us on the bed. I ignored her as I kissed him noisily and dad responded. His long tongue went into my mouth and my saliva was dripping onto mom’s dress. I loved putting on a show for her. Dad’s short suddenly sprung up a large tent.

I pulled away from him and grasped his hard tent.

“Did my kiss turn you on Daddy?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

I pulled open his boxers and exposed his cock. I held it like a toy playing with it. He blushed like a school girl.

“Did you like kissing your daughter daddy?”

“I.. I .. er.. don’t say that!”

I moved seductively towards him and rubbed my skimpily clad body against him. “Oh god Anna! What are you doing to your father?” Mom’s voice was high pitched. I ignored her lifting my t-shirt for him.

“Do you like my breasts daddy?”

He looked dumbfounded. I pulled his head towards them and nuzzled his face against them.

“Show mommy how much you like my nipples. You know how I like them sucked daddy.”

I forced a nipple against his mouth. He resisted at first but it was a token gesture. He started to suck it slowly.

“Anna, stop doing this to your father.”

I looked at her. Her expression was a mix of surprise and I also detected a slight trace of excitement.

“Now can you help me kiss mom?” I asked him.

“I guess that sounds fair enough.”

He pulled mom off the bed. She came without a struggle. He held her by putting his arms under her armpits and then locked them behind her head and held her like in a wrestling match. Mom struggled a bit but dad was too strong for her. I moved to her and started to rub my body against her like a stripper. She looked at me with a horrified expression but most of it seemed half hearted. Her nipples were hard and her breasts strained against her flimsy nightdress. I took off my t-shirt and shorts, standing buck naked in front of my mom. She couldn’t help but check me out.

I moved closer and started licking her lips. They quivered in embarrassment and anticipation. I licked her face like a dog and tried to open her lips with my tongue. Her mouth remained closed. I moved my hands to her breasts and started to caress them, pinching the nipples. Her mouth opened involuntarily and I kissed her hard. She didn’t dare bite my tongue as it went in for the first time. I moaned into her mouth as my mouth connected with my mom’s. She started to kiss me back and I found it so exciting.

After a while I moved out of her mouth and knelt in front of her and spread her legs. Then I reached under her and took dad’s cock out from between her legs. She was dripping wet. I made sure my hand rubbed against her pussy as I played with dad’s hard cock. Her eyes were as big as saucers when I stuck my tongue out curling ts sensuously, moving closer to her pussy. I looked mischievously at her and moved closer and closer and closer curling it seductively, mimicking a tongue licking pussy. She squirmed half in anticipation and half with dread at what I was about to do. I teased her some more.

“Oh Anna don’t do this! You are my daughter.”

“Why mom? Don’t you want your little girl to lick your pussy?”


Her crotch inadvertently moved towards my tongue and she gasped before she could check her movement. I calmly stuck my face between her legs. She moaned but I ignored her pussy and started to lick dad’s cock. “Oh god, what are you doing Anna?” Her voice was shaking in disappointment after she realized kadıköy escort that my tongue was not licking her.

I made a louder slurping noise.

I moved back and stood in front of her.

“Wanna taste dad’s cock?”

She shook her head. I move closer and closer to her mouth while she struggled to get away from me but dad held her in place. I started to lick her lips and sucked them into my mouth. She struggled some more and closed her mouth shut. I reached down and started to rub her breasts over her night dress. I moved towards one nipple and wet the material with my saliva, teasing it. Without warning I bit it gently sucking it into my mouth. She moaned out loud. I rubbed my body against her as I sucked her nipple. I moved my tongue up towards her neck and I felt goose bumps appear again. Her neck seemed to be very sensitive. I went towards her ear and licked the outline of her ear. She shuddered, making small noises. I pushed my tongue into her ear and I got a lovely response. Her crotch rose up on its own accord and rubbed against me.

Then I went back to her mouth. This time she let me kiss her. Her mouth opened like a flower letting me in for the second time. She kissed back gently with increasing intensity, her hands making me feel loved and needed. There was a mixture of motherly love and naked passion in her caresses that drove me crazy. Her gentle and insistent touch was something that made me like making love to a woman. It was way different to a man’s caresses and touch and both types had their exciting points. I crushed my breasts against her as I felt her heat and hunger. They were like large warm cushions that seemed so comfortable. I moved my hand lower and lower feeling every nuance of her body right down to her pussy and it was still soaking wet. Her lips and the folds of her opening felt slimy and engorged to my fingers, gently eluding my attempts to grasp them. She was completely shaved. I loved the texture but I pulled back my hand trying to tease her. She moaned at the loss of my hand. I kissed her hard wrestling with her tongue whilst I moved my hands to her large breasts again and massaged them. I rubbed her wetness all over her breasts paying extra attention to her hard nipples. She was starting to go crazy and kept bucking against my body trying to rub her pussy against me. She was now like putty in my hands. So I made her feel even hornier by turning towards dad. She moaned in protest as her eyes followed me hungrily. Dad finally released her and took off her dress. Her body was amazing. I watched her breasts swing lazily as she moved around.

It was time to give her a little show. We put her down on the bed and I knelt before dad. She was right between us and she looked up at us with a mixture of jealousy and love. I looked up at dad and started to rub his tummy running my hands over his hard flat muscles. I licked his lower tummy circling his cock but avoiding it altogether. It was hard and straight. I licked the side of his cock moving slowly towards the tip. Mom reached up with one hand but I pushed her away firmly. Dad realized what I was doing and he pushed mom’s hand under his foot and imprisoned it. I did the same with her other hand. She stood there helplessly watching her daughter kneeling in front of her husband. I continued licking the length of his cock and them moved lower to lick his balls. He was totally shaved too and I loved sucking his balls. I took time to explore the skin with my tongue. He tried to push my head towards his cock but I slapped it away. Then I turned him around and made him hold his butt cheeks apart. I know he loved being licked there. Mom gasped as I started to lick dad’s crack moving lower to his ass hole. Dad groaned as my tongue found his opening. I teased him with my tongue and licked at the opening. I knew he was loving every minute of it. I turned him around again and looked up at him. His cock was harder than ever. I looked up at him and reached out with my tongue giving his cock tip little mischievous licks. I knew he wanted to desperately fuck my mouth but I pushed him back with my hands tormenting him. Then, when he least expected it I opened my mouth and gobbled up his cock as much as I could. He moaned pulling by the back of my head pushing it further in until it reached the end of mouth. He held me in place hard not letting me move and slowly released me. I started sucking him hard. My neck ached as I increased my pace. He held onto my shoulders and moved in concert with me.

“Oh baby girl, suck daddy’s cock hard!”

“Mmmmm .. mmmm. mmm .mmm .mmm .mm .mmmmm .mmmm..”

He fucked my mouth. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth. I could taste some of the precum. I reached behind him and massaged his ass hole pushing one of my fingers in. I felt his cock spasm at the sensation. I kept sucking him, saliva streaming down the corners of my mouth. His cock made a wet noise in my mouth. My jaw hurt as I moved faster. Finally, dad pulled out of my mouth. I looked at mom and she was surprised to see how well I could suck cock. She seemed speechless. I bent over her and pushed one of my breasts to her mouth. kartal escort She sucked it like a baby. I felt dad start to lick my butt. I was kneeling and his mouth closed over my butt cheek. He bit me gently making me burst out in goose bumps. His touch was like magic on my skin. He moved close to my ass hole and started to rim me. I groaned as I felt his long tongue probe me. He started to rub my pussy pushing one of his fingers in. Mom moaned too and I realized that he had a couple of fingers in her too. I moved to her mouth and started to kiss her, feeling dad’s tongue and fingers. After a few seconds I felt daddy pull out. I moved my legs into position straddling mom’s thighs. She immediately understood my intention and spread her legs allowing me to rub against her pussy. After a few tries, we managed to get the right angle that I have seen in lesbian movies. We were scissoring each other mashing our pussies hard. Dad moved his cock between our faces and mom and I licked it while we rubbed on each other.

I felt he was left out when he said, “I wanna fuck you both!” I reluctantly pushed off mom and turned to him. He made me lie next to mom and he went down on her. I saw her yummy tits jiggling as dad licked her pussy. I reached over and rubbed them. They rolled lazily against her upper body. I started giving them my full attention. There was a lot of real-estate to cover and I licked and licked and licked, sucking her nipples into my mouth. I wanted her to lick my pussy. So I got up and lowered my pussy onto her face. I smothered her mouth and her tongue started to explore me. She was tentative at first taking her time to lick me. Her tongue started at one edge of my pussy and started to lick the full length. She teased my ass hole. I ground it harder against her tongue. Her tongue was loving and gentle. It sent shivers up my spine when she explored the little hole. My body was covered in goose bumps as her tongue explored me. Next she was inside my pussy fucking it with her tongue. Her tongue was stubby unlike my dads and it felt like a thick cock going into my pussy. I moaned and pinched her nipples. Dad was fingering and licking her and her hips were bucking.

“Fuck her dad!”

Dad took his cock and started to rub it against her pussy. I moved to her pussy and took his cock in my mouth, moistening it. Although from the stain on the sheet, I didn’t think he needed much lubrication. I held his cock and rubbed it against her wet slit. I pushed it deeper and he took over from me. He entered her and started to move. I loved watching him fuck her. I went back to sitting on her face. She gave a muffled moan as I rocked on her mouth feeling my orgasm starting to approach. I pulled dad to me and kissed him hard. I was getting dangerously close to my orgasm when I decided to lift off her mouth and wait for dad.

I sucked mom’s breasts while dad fucked her hard. She hugged me to her feeling dad’s powerful thrusts. It didn’t take long for mom to cum. She shuddered so hard holding onto my hand. Her nails dug into my arm and I realized that she must have had an awesome orgasm from the look on her face. She seemed lost for a few seconds looking up at dad with unseeing eyes. Dad moved over to me and we kissed each other. I moved to his cock and tasted mom’s juices on it. I sucked it again biting the base making him moan. He pulled out of my mouth and moved down my body towards my pussy. He started to lick me and I felt his long tongue traveling the length of my pussy right down to my ass hole. His tongue was probing and gentle.

“Dad, fuck me like you did before. Make me cum hard!”

Mom had a surprised look on her face. Dad moved between my legs and rubbed his hard cock against my opening. He entered me slowly than he did with mom. Mom finally looked at what dad was doing and gasped again.

“Yes we fucked twice before, mom. I love dad’s cock as much as you and Aunt Karen do,” I said and that made her smile. She watched in fascination as dad started to move. We kissed each other. His cock felt huge in my pussy. Each movement was pleasurable and he was very slow. I kissed him hard. I felt a lot of love. Mom reached over and massaged one of my breasts while dad was fucking me. I moaned and held onto him feeling my orgasm build up.

“Mom, get between us!”

Mom climbed onto my body between dad and me. We kissed each other as dad fucked me. I sucked so hard on mom’s tongue and loved the feel of her body. Her wet pussy rubbed against my lower tummy as dad rocked the two of us. I hugged mum and kissed her mouth as I felt my orgasm a few seconds away.

“Oh god, fuck me harder dad! I am gonna cum! Ahhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhh…”

I squirted a whole load of cum biting mom’s lips as the orgasm hit me like an express train. The bed was drenched. Dad was sweating so much and he fell on top of mom and we all hugged each other close. After a few minutes he pulled out of me and asked me to suck him. Mom and I made him lie down and we gave him a lovely blow job. We took turns sucking him until he was moaning out loud. We stopped each time he got close making him squirm. He was going crazy but loved what we were doing. We kept bringing him to the edge and then let up. Finally mom asked me to let him cum in my mouth. I was thrilled and kept sucking him hard. Mom licked his ass hole and he came so hard screaming my name. He filled my mouth with his hot cum. We were exhausted and lay down for some time not saying anything.

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