Nina’s Predicament

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Nina watches her hands at work as she kneads the dough for the bread for supper. Across the kitchen, her mother is snapping green beans. Nina notices again how much she looks like her mother, same dark chocolate hair, same small frame, and delicate features. Even their hands were the same, except her mom’s seemed to be busy all the time. With a big house and four children, Katrina was always working. She was the disciplinarian in the home and though, quick to anger, was a loving and thoughtful wife and mother.

Nina knew that her own conception had been an accident, her parents had planned on having three kids and when the second and third happened to be twins it was settled. Then came the news that Nina was on her way. Nina’s siblings had always teased her that she was not wanted. One afternoon after a fight with her sister that ended in the accusation that her parents had only wanted one daughter and that Nina was a burden. Katrina found her youngest crying and miserable. When she found out why, she couldn’t help but laugh. She told her daughter she was not an accident, she was a happy surprise. And that her mother stopped wanting to have only three children about two nano seconds after she saw the positive pregnancy test. Then she told one of Nina’s favorite stories for the first time.

There once was a mother named Katrina. She had a wonderful husband named Larry and three children. The first was a boy who, while small like his mother, had his fathers eyes and smile. Then she had twins but these were tall fat babies, born bald with the light eyes exhibiting their father’s Russian stock, through and through. Now this mother thought her family was complete and she was utterly in love with her children no matter who they resembled. Then one day she felt a familiar sickness, her breasts hurt when her husband touched them, and yes, sure enough she was pregnant again. She had three children at this point, all under the age of three and worried if she would have the energy for another. None the less she was deeply excited to have this baby. When the day to deliver came, she was shocked when this last daughter had her mother’s hair and eyes, the shape of her mouth, even her eyebrows. Katrina now had a little girl that looked just like her. That is when she truly knew that without Nina, her family would not be complete.

“I really don’t think you realize what you are getting yourself into, Antonina!”, Katrina said.

Pulling Nina momentarily out of her thoughts. Katina only used her whole name when Nina was in trouble, and boy was she in trouble now. Nina wondered if her mom felt the same about her last born, for now she knew what her mom was talking about when she talked about morning sickness, sore breasts, and smell aversions. Very recently Nina had to tell her family she was pregnant. At 18 this was not welcome news. At first, everyone wanted to know how it could happen. Nina was using birth control, wasn’t she? Yes, she was but had accidentally forgotten it at a friend’s house. She didn’t think missing just two days was that big of deal. Her father and mother seemed to move from anger at her negligence, to concern for her future, to worry about how this child would be raised. You see, Nina’s family was a little different. They were all involved with each other, sexually. And with the exception of one awkward, fumbling tryst with a boy from school months and months ago, Nina had only been active with the men in her family. Therefore, this child could only be the product of incest. Her father had devised a unique and powerful punishment. From now on, her brothers and father would only fuck her ass. This was odd, but everyone knew the nympho that Nina was. And her father said he would never take his love or affection from her. But maybe, this would allow Nina to realize how serious this all was. At first, Nina thought she had gotten off easy. Then she slowly realized that without their attention to her always wonton pussy, she was left with only masturbation to get off. Even her sister and mother refused to help, no more oral, no more fingers, nothing but her own touch.

As if on queue, her father came into the kitchen from working in the yard. He was sweaty and a smell of freshly cut grass and dirt followed him in. Larry was tall, broad, and handsome man. He had light chestnut hair that was turning gray. Sparkling blue eyes, that istanbul rus escort always seemed amused. He was the joker and reveler, he was the easy going calm to Katrina’s serious energy. Immediately, Nina noticed the large bulge in her fathers pants. He was looking for more then shade and a cool drink. He approached his wife but the look she shot him was enough for him to know, now was not the time. He then saw Nina on the other side of the kitchen. With no words, he walked up behind her and moving the dough, bent her over the counter. In the next minute, he had released his cock from his zipper, pulled down his daughter’s panties and buried his huge cock into Nina’s little ass.

“ugggghhhhttt God! Yes,” he muttered “Are you okay, sweetie?”

“Yes daddy. You feel great, fuck me hard.” Nina could feel the juice flow in her quim. It would not get the deep, hard penetration she wanted though. But getting her ass fucked always felt amazing, and at least she would get some momentary relief from the constant craving for sex. Her Dad had amazing stamina. No one in the family could outlast him. She would be bent over getting pounded for a while.

She thought back to last night, her oldest brother had just come home from drill. He was in the reserves and was often away. This was always hard on Nina, she was by far closest to Luke. Last night in Luke’s room had been the first time they could talk to each other alone about the pregnancy. She had noticed his eyes darting down to Nina’s tummy. He had her ankles on his shoulders and was happily nailing her ass. It had been almost two months since he was with a woman. He had initially heard the news over the phone while he was still away. He too, felt the closest to Nina, and of all the sex he could have while home, it was Nina’s body he missed the most. Nina was squeezing down on his rigid cock, milking it with her tight rosebud. She was moaning. Luke loved the heat and lewdness of the idea of being balls deep in his little sister’s ass. She had become an excellent lover since turning 18 and was initiated into the family sex ring. Luke increased his pace, he was close now. His hips slammed in and out, Nina’s screams matched the tempo. He reached down and pinched her nipples, he knew this would push her over the edge. Nina threw her head back and cried out her release. She gripped him even more and this was it for Luke. He spurted his thick white seed, over and over into his sisters guts. She grinned up and kept milking his cock until the last drop was hers. Spent, he laid down behind Nina pulling her into him and wrapping her in his arms. He gently kissed the back of her neck, her earlobes, and her cheek. His hand drifted to her belly and the invisible little being growing in there.

“I’m sorry I did this to the family,” Nina’s voice broke as she apologized.

“No, no, sweetie, don’t say that. Our parents are freaking out cause that’s their jobs. But this is not a disaster, this will be wonderful. You’ll see.” Luke stroked his sister’s dark hair behind her ear. Like his sister and mother, Luke was short and lean, but he was all muscle. Others would say that Luke had an intensity in everything he did, and before he was of age he was already a soldier. It was only his mother’s tearful pleading that kept him from signing up for the Army. His bright blue eyes could be cold as steel at times, and he was not someone who shared his feelings. Yet, he always had a soft spot for Nina.

“Whose do you think it is?” Luke had wondered this question since the moment he heard the news.

“Well the doctor said I am 8 weeks along. But that starts from the first day of my last period. So I probably conceived about 6 weeks ago according to mom. You were on base at that time, and Ivan had gone off to that poetry retreat. So it was just Dad at that time, he’s most likely the father. Course we can’t do a paternity test, not without exposing us.” Nina sighed “Dad agrees, it was probably him. I think that’s why he’s so worked up. He blames himself.” They were quiet for awhile just holding each other.

“I wish I was the father, maybe I can be the next time” Luke whispered, shocked at the truth as he said it. Nina sat straight up.

“What?!? Really?!, I- I mean- Wow!!” Nina stammered.

“Are you freaked out?” Luke showed a brief moment of kadıköy escort insecurity.

“No, this whole time I was wishing it was your baby, not that I don’t love Daddy, but just that if it was going to happen I wanted you . . . but I didn’t think you or Ivan would ever want that. And now you are talking about another baby . . .” Nina’s eyes were huge in wonder. This was a very unexpected conversation.

“Not right away. I agree with Mom and Dad, you should be going to college and starting a life. This baby will make those things very hard. But in a few years, Jr. here will need a sibling and well I thought maybe that one could be mine.” Luke looked up with love at his sister. She was really everything he wanted. Kind, smart, calm and loving he always knew this. Nina bent and kissed Luke, for the first time in weeks, she felt something other then worry and guilt. Luke had said something she thought so impossible that she had dismissed the thoughts as soon as they formed. They made love after that, slow and sweet. Luke claimed his love’s pussy for his own, ban be damned. They slept in each others arms that night like they would from here on out, when Luke was home.

Back in the present Nina felt that slow heavy feeling of an orgasm, she stiffened and tried to feel every second of it. It would be a big one, she knew. Her father felt her preparing and started to really nail her. There was an audible squish as his testicles were slapped against his daughters wet, hot pussy. The thought of it made him moan. He almost wanted to kick himself for creating a rule that meant he could not enjoy the sweetness of his youngest pussy. He didn’t want her to feel unloved or abandoned and he still fucked her, at least once a day. He hoped she would see how serious this matter was, and how careless she had been. Nina was a nympho and he was pretty sure this got the message across better then taking away her possessions or grounding her. He decided that he would lift the pussy ban tomorrow. He didn’t think he would have been able to last that much longer anyways. He grabbed Nina’s hair pulling her back hard onto his shaft, she wailed and pinched her flour covered nipples. Beyond them, Katrina kept working. Seeing her husband buried in his daughter was not a new sight. There were footsteps on the stairs behind her, then in walked Ivan. At 6’5, he was the tallest member of the family, built like his father. He had chestnut hair that he was letting grow out. At this moment, it was a nest of unruly curls, going all over. Ivan had just woken up. It was late but the life of the poet meant you worked when the muse struck and he was up late into the night, writing. He stumbled into the kitchen, looking for one thing. His cock breached the confines of his sleep pants. It pointed straight up Ivan’s stomach. At least 8″ long, this was also a record in this household. Seeing Nina otherwise occupied he shuffled over to his mother.

“Mom I need you . . . please suck it.” Ivan mumbled almost incoherently.

“Ivan, I’m busy, go find your sister” Katrina replied annoyed.

“She’s at school, please I need it . . . come on please . . .” Ivan was now poking his mother’s shoulder with his turgid member.

“Stop it! I said I was busy. Jesus, go away!” Katrina attempted to push her very solid son away.

“J — just the tip for a little bit” Ivan yawned, he now tried to guide his cock to his mothers mouth, which was set in a firm frown.

“Ivan, I swear to God,” but now Katrina was smiling at the dogged determination of her youngest son. “God damn it, fine.” Katrina always had trouble saying no to her boys for long. She put down the peeler she was using and turned to face him. “You owe me one, son.” and she took his cock deep into her mouth.

Larry watched the encounter amused, Nina was beyond words lost in orgasm after orgasm. She had never had a problem cumming from anal sex. He felt his balls tighten, he added his own grunts to the chorus of sex in the kitchen. “GGGGGOOODDD, YES, COME ON BABY TAKE ALL OF DADDY’S COCK. YES, YES, THATS IT LITTLE GIRL!” Using Nina’s pet name during this lurid act was even hotter. One final slam and he held his daughter’s narrow hips to his. His cock twitched and unloaded into her. She was completely still below him. For a second, he thought she had passed out, but then she whispered kartal escort “Thank you, Daddy.”

“No, thank you baby. That was wonderful. Are you okay? I didn’t push too hard, did I?” Suddenly, concerned that he had been too rough. Nina was small and in her new state, he had to remember to be gentler with her.

“No, I feel fine Dad, don’t worry” Nina sat up and brushed the flour off her chest and stomach.

The two watched as Ivan thrust into his own mother’s mouth. Katrina was enjoying herself but like she had said was busy so she made quick work of the boy. In just a few moments he was jerking involuntarily. “Fuck yes, oh fuck yes.” he grunted. “GRAHHAAHHH.” They could see Katrina’s throat working to swallow the youths load. Some still dribbled past her stretched lips. When they finished, Ivan bent to kiss his mother. He licked his cum from the corner of her mouth. He then nodded a hello to his sister and father and shuffled out of the room.

“That one is all your fault, Larry.” Katrina kidded as she resumed her work.

“I don’t think anyone can explain how we got that one” Larry replied, this was a common joke concerning Ivan’s personality and behavior. He was the only artist in the family. In high school, he was a star athlete. He seemed like the all American boy. Now, he was a stanch vegetarian. He grew his hair long and dropped out of college. Lottie teased him constantly, calling him a jobless hippie.

Suddenly, Nina covered her mouth and ran from the room. This brought Larry back to the topic that had occupied his thoughts for weeks now. He and his wife had discussed how Nina was probably carrying his child. He can almost guess the encounter. He had been floating in his pool, on the first hot summer day. He had already awoken that morning to his wife sucking his cock and fingering herself. Since both sons were gone, it left Larry alone to satisfy his lusty harem. After leaving Katrina sprawled in their bed, panting, his first load of the day dribbling from her pussy, he went to shower. About halfway though he realized he was not alone. His oldest daughter Lottie had joined him, she asked her Daddy to shave her mound. While he was down there, he couldn’t resist eating her sweet peach. She gushed all over his face, there was nothing like a Lottie shower to get an old man’s cock hard again. He pushed her against the shower wall and fucked her fast. Lottie had the wildest inclinations and begged Larry to shove his finger into her ass while he fucked her. After they both came, Larry went out to work on the sprinkler system. It was hot, sweaty work and he was interrupted twice by his insatiable wife and buxom daughter. When he finished, he decided to cool off in the pool. Stripped down to nothing, he lounged on the pool chair, drifting in the water. After a while, he heard “Hi Daddy!!” Nina must have just gotten off from school. This was one of her last days of her senior year. He heard her splash into the pool. He watched the naked form of his daughter’s backside glide towards him under water. She came up next to the chair. “That was a great dive, sugar!”

“Thanks, do you want to play volleyball, Daddy?” Nina asked

“No, thank you, baby.” Larry sighed

“Wanna play Marco Polo?”

“No, sweetie. Daddy is very tired and just wants to rest.” Larry explained.

“Ohh come on, the Daddy I know is strong and never tired.” Nina teased.

“This Daddy is.”

“I bet I can prove you wrong.” Nina replied

Suddenly he felt his nimble daughter pull herself up and was quickly straddling his groin. The chair still floated in the water, hardly disturbed by the additional weight.

“I said no sex.” Larry groused.

“You said you just wanted to rest, and you still are. Just relax I’ll do all the work.” Nina had already started stroking Larry’s cock.

Larry chuckled and decided to take her up on her offer. Placing his hands behind his head he watched his 18 year old work him hard in her little hands. Then, she slowly began to lower her tight pussy down onto it. He grinned as his cock head seemed to stretch her sweet, little slit more then seemed to be possible. Inch by inch, he saw himself disappear into her. True to her word, Nina did all the work. Larry floated and his girl bounced on his cock. She moaned, and held his broad shoulders for leverage. Soon, she was cumming back to back. Nina could almost outlast her old man. Finally, when he could tell she had had enough, he let himself erupt into her. Secure in the notion that she had taken all the pills required to avoid pregnancy. The same pills she had been taking since she was 15. But soon he would learn how mistaken he was. . .

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