I Like to Play

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Waking up in the morning to the tenderness of Anna’s slender finger gently massaging my clit with a steady circular motion is the most magical way to start the day. Turning my head towards hers I can feel her warm breath on my face as our tongues touch and our lips meet in a soft sensual kiss and I instinctively part my legs slightly to signal my submissiveness. I can feel the wonderful effect of her attention taking me closer and closer to a climax but she teases me by slowing her motion almost to a stop even though she knows I’m desperate for my orgasm. Perversely though I love the fact that she’s in total control of when I cum and we both know that it’s only going to take a slight touch to bring me off. When at last she raises the tempo a fraction and presses my clit just a little bit harder, my body jolts uncontrollably and waves of pleasure engulf me. I make no sound apart from a little whimper but with my chest heaving and my skin tingling Anna licks my ear and whispers softly, “Was that nice?”

We met just recently at the sauna on the park development where I live and our fledgling relationship has blossomed really quickly. The club provides private women only sessions on Thursday mornings and when Anna entered the sauna cabin on that first day I was struck by the physical similarities between us.

She was attractive and curvy with a smooth pussy just like mine and it was only her unnaturally red hair and slightly larger breasts that set us apart.

Although these sauna sessions are popular there’s never much in the way of stimulating conversation but on one occasion about three weeks ago, as other users gradually vacated the cabin, Anna and I were alone for a few minutes. With rivulets of perspiration trickling down our naked bodies we introduced ourselves and started chatting. We soon discovered that we had lots in common and despite the hot and steamy environment we both agreed that this was a lovely way to meet a new friend.

It was probably our own fault for ladling too much water onto the hot stones but the intensity of the heat suddenly became unbearable and we flopped into the cold plunge pool where the sudden shock really woke us up. As well as the gasps and sharp intake of breath, the effect on our nipples was quite striking as they went stiff in an instant. Hers were unbelievably long and looked really lovely standing to attention on her firm wet breasts.

We considered having a massage but decided instead to take a shower before sitting down to a light lunch in the bar.

As we talked we learned more about each other and she was fascinated by my job at ‘Playthings’ selling exotic lingerie and sex toys. I explained that although I love my job I’d recently come to an arrangement with my bosses to work on a part time so that I could pursue other interests

Anna revealed that she was married but had no children. Her husband was an airline pilot and was often away for days at a time. She enjoyed foreign holidays especially in the Far East and was a beautician by profession in business with another girl offering a mobile bridal hair, make-up and manicure service.

She added that she still has her own regular clients for manicures and pedicures and I expressed a real interest in her service. She gave me one of her business cards and invited me to call her anytime.

We ended our chat by giving each other an innocent kiss on the cheek and agreed that all being well we’d canlı bahis meet up again in the sauna in a week’s time.

The following Wednesday evening I rang her at home and asked if she was planning to be at the sauna in the morning and she said that that she was. “I know it’s a bit short notice,” I said, “But I was wondering if you’d be available to do my nails afterwards?”

She happily agreed and said that she’d bring her kit with her.

I’d been in and out of the sauna for about half an hour before Anna entered and sat next to me. We greeted each other and exchanged an innocent kiss, which didn’t go unnoticed among the others in the cabin and in fact had the effect of stimulating some friendly banter within the whole group.

When we’d had enough we both took to the plunge pool then under the shower before drying off and getting dressed. As we sat and enjoyed a coffee in the bar Anna inspected my nails, which I keep nicely shaped and painted but I explained that I was spending the weekend with a guy who had a thing about red nails and I wanted them to look perfect. She winked at me knowingly and said, “Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t be disappointed.”

We chatted as we made our way the short distance from the leisure complex to my eco-friendly lodge and Anna held my hand but there was no other outward sign of physical affection until we reached my front door. As I fumbled for my keys she suddenly blurted out, “Candy I’m a very naughty girl.”

I glanced at her quizzically and asked, “How so?”

“When Mark’s away I like to play,” She replied.

Understanding exactly what she meant I asked, “Men or women?”

Without another word or any warning she kissed me hard on the lips and forced her tongue into my mouth. I was totally receptive and we were openly kissing like true lovers on my doorstep. If any of my neighbours were watching there could be no doubt as to what was happening but I really didn’t care.

We made it through my front door and as soon as it shut behind us Anna forced me against it and pressed her body hard against mine. Our kissing was now so passionate that a new urgency to get our clothes off became the imperative. Anna broke away from me briefly to unzip her jacket and I did the same. “I wanted you the first second I saw you,” She gasped.

We both kicked off our shoes and eased our jeans over our hips pressing against each other once again. Anna was kissing me hard and running her fingers through my hair as I slid my hand down her tummy and into her panties. She clearly enjoyed me touching the silky smooth flesh between her legs and she even parted them slightly to make it easier for me slip my finger into her moist vagina.

Our lips parted briefly and I gasped quietly, “Where did this all come from?”

Anna’s bright blue eyes gazed into mine and she just shook her head slowly saying slowly, “I really don’t know.”

“We can go to bed if you want to,” I whispered.

“What about your manicure?” she answered.

“The manicure can wait,” I said as I took her hand and pulled her towards the spiral staircase that led up to the mezzanine floor and my king-size bed.

I dragged the black satin duvet onto the floor and we climbed onto the bed on our knees facing each other. Until that moment Anna’s hair had been tied back in a ponytail but she pulled the band off and tossed her head letting her glossy red hair cascade around her shoulders. We bahis siteleri kissed as we unbuttoned each other’s blouses and eased them off and Anna’s lovely breasts were barely contained within the skimpy bra she was wearing. She quickly unclipped it throwing it onto the floor along with her blouse and I took the opportunity to suck her gorgeous long nipples that stood fully erect from her lovely tits.

I wasn’t wearing any underwear so I was naked as soon as my blouse came off and after Anna had peeled her panties off she reclined on her back with her knees up and her legs apart showing me the beautiful vision of her perfect feminine slit.

It was far too tempting and I soon had my face buried in her crotch and my tongue probing the inner parts of that lovely cleft.

During the next fifteen minutes or so we employed all of our senses in the new discovery of each other’s bodies. Using sight to enjoy the way that the soft contours of our female shapes pressed together, touch to explore the smooth warmth of our naked flesh and hearing to absorb the subtle audio of women’s sexual pleasure. Our senses of smell and taste savoured the delicate perfume and flavour of each other’s vaginal juices as they oozed from the core of our womanhood making the whole tantalising experience really special.

The creamy white skin of our bodies contrasted perfectly with the glossy black sheet that we were laying on and no part of each other was out of bounds. At one point Anna positioned me in such a way that I was on my shoulders with my back propped against her body and my legs doing the splits. She’d noticed a bottle of lube just under my pillow and I enjoyed the sensation as she drizzled a generous amount over the entire area between my legs.

Her hands petted me and pleasured me by slipping two fingers deep into the soft opening of my vagina and working them slowly back and forth in exactly the way a woman likes to be fingered. When I felt her massaging my anal hole with her other hand I just gave in and let her do whatever she wanted. She squirted a bit more lube over my sphincter and tenderly slipped a slender finger into my rectum.

I was in total heaven with Anna’s fingers buried deep in both my holes and I didn’t want her to stop but she was doing all the work and in the end I had to say, “Let me do something for you Anna.”

“I’d love you to fuck me with one of your toys,” she said without hesitation.

Just before we finally disconnected she tenderly licked me from my clit to my anus and it was wonderfully sensuous. I reached under my pillow for my Feeldoe and held it up saying, “Have you tried one of these before?”

She grinned and said, “I’ve seen them on the internet but I’ve never used one.”

Mine was a recent present from a girlfriend and although my pussy is already quite tight I’d been practising keeping it in me just by clenching my kegel muscles. I felt that I was now ready to use it comfortably so I invited Anna to lay back and open her legs.

She was raised on her elbows watching me as I slipped the short bulbous end into my vagina. It felt good as it went in and I could feel the knobbly bit pressing against my clit. There was hardly any interruption to our sexual activity and as I kneeled between her widespread legs I leaned forward and touched the tip against her juicy cunt.

She reached forward with her hand and stroked it just like a real cock and I drizzled some bahis şirketleri lube onto it, which she spread all over the realistic looking shaft.

I leaned forward and pressed my tits against hers as I slowly lowered myself on top of her. As we kissed I rubbed my silicone cock against her slit and we started to get passionate again. I was really keen to enjoy my first fuck with Anna and I slowly adjusted my position until I was sure that the tip of my cock was in the right place and then I just pushed forward gently.

The combination of Anna’s wet and willing cunt together with the stiffness of my slippery cock made entry really easy and with one smooth penetrating stroke she groaned softly as I filled her luscious cavity.

I gently squeezed her tits and nipples as I gently started to fuck her and as I gradually became more confident with my Feeldoe I gave her a satisfying mixture of long and short strokes. Anna told me how she liked it and when I got into the perfect rhythm she responded with little feminine grunts every time I buried my cock deep inside her. Unlike a conventional strap-on with belts and harnesses the sensation of our bare flesh touching on every stroke made the sex between us as good as it could be.

I was tempted to try another position but it felt so good with my clit being stimulated by the Feeldoe and I knew it would be enough to make me cum but I was concerned for Anna and was getting ready to rub her clit as we fucked. I shouldn’t have worried though because just as I was about to touch her she dug her nails into my back and moaned softly, “Oh my God Candy, I’m cumming.”

I was so worked up that with just a few more rhythmic strokes I could feel things welling up inside me too and I knew my orgasm was close. Then as if we’d always been lovers we climaxed at the exactly the same moment.

Anna squealed as her body trembled with the sensations surging through her and it made my own orgasm even more intense. I could feel my toes curling backwards as the shockwaves of pleasure hit me and I just couldn’t stop thrusting my hips to extract every last drop of energy from Anna’s heavenly body.

I sank down on top of her and we could both feel our hearts beating hard within our chests. Our kissing and caressing was sensual and tender as we gradually eased down from the peak of our passion and when I finally rolled off Anna I was pleased that my Feeldoe was still inside me. I didn’t want to waste the succulence of her juice so when I pulled it out I licked it clean and enjoyed every delicious drop.

The sex we’d just enjoyed was incredible and we both knew that it wasn’t going to be just a one-off. Anna was happily married and wasn’t looking for sex with men but she needed a female lover and I felt blessed that she’d found me.

After a quick shower we got dressed and over a coffee in my living room Anna shaped the nails on my fingers and toes before coating them in bright red varnish.

“Will it be a handjob or a blowjob?” she asked cheekily.

I grinned and answered, “He wants to film me doing both, which is why I’ve asked you to make my nails look special.”

After a few more naughty comments Anna packed up her kit and I walked her to her car where we kissed tenderly before she left. Just before she shut the door of her Porsche she asked me if she could spend the night with me occasionally when her husband was away and I readily agreed.

I walked back to my place with a real spring in my step thanks to my wonderful encounter with Anna and the delicious prospect of a really horny weekend with Gordon to look forward to.

Happy days are here again.

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