How I Became a Husband Stealer

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It had been two long and lonely years after my divorce was finalized. Three, if you count the last sexless ugly year of my 8 year marriage to my ex-husband who abused me and left for a younger woman that I knew.

It was in my new neighborhood after my ugly divorce when I became what I despised. I was at a neighborhood barbecue and met many new people, some of whom were very attractive men and women. I was one of only two single women there. It was very casual and I was wearing a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some wedge sandals showing off a little bit of my long legs and my new pedicure.

One of the women I knew from the neighborhood and her husband came over and we started just some small talk. I could not help but notice that her husband was continuously looking me up and down, as if giving me the once over during our entire conversation. I had caught him stealing glances at my legs and feet several more times throughout the day. This was a little awkward for me because I did not know if his wife was seeing the same thing or not. As it turned out, she was too busy talking to notice.

Honestly, it was very exciting and disturbing at the same time to me. Since my ex-husband left me, I had not felt very attractive in general and definitely did not think I would be the least bit attractive to this good looking, younger, and married man. However, I did not really care for his wife however, as she had one of those super annoying voices along with the fact that she was a good ten years younger than me, very pretty, and extremely fit and toned as well.

Her husband was extremely nice and had offered to help with anything around my house, since I was single and did not have a man around the house to help, which I thought was really thoughtful. We continued our eye contact throughout the day and even when we were talking to other people. There seemed to be this energy between us that wouldn’t go away. Just knowing that he was looking at me that way made me feel desirable in a way that I had not felt for years. I was actually getting very turned on by ankara escort the thought and my pussy grew wetter each time I caught him looking.

We ended up saying our goodbyes at the party and much to my surprise, just as his wife turned around to say her goodbyes to someone else, he gave me a quick stroke on the small of my back and a wink. This sent instant shivers down my back and to my pussy which was instantly wet again. As I walked home, I thought the touch may have been innocent and was a result of the alcohol in him acting up and a little overzealous but innocent flirting.

When I got home, I was still extremely turned on by the prospect of being attractive to him, as I had not been with anybody since my ex-husband. As soon as I got to my bedroom, I quickly took off my shorts and panties and started playing with my still wet pussy for an hour, just thinking about the slight possibility of fucking him. After my orgasm had subsided however, I felt horrible for masturbating to thoughts of fucking another woman’s husband. I remembered how stupid and worthless, I had felt when I found out about my ex husband’s cheating.

A few days later, I ran into him by himself at the grocery store after work. We started off with the small talk and again I noticed that he was checking me out from head to toe. The sexual tension between us was crazy as I knew for sure he was checking me out and I desperately wanted to find out his intentions.

As our conversation continued, he complimented me on my office attire. He used the words “sexy” and “amazing” when describing my appearance. He said that he would want his wife would dress more like me. I was shocked by this, since as I said, his wife was a good ten years younger and fitter than me and what I thought was much prettier as well.

I then asked him, is that why he was looking at me so much the other day at the party. He responded affirmatively, although a little shyly as well, but admitted to me that he couldn’t help himself but to look at my gorgeous legs and sexy feet along with the rest of me. escort ankara I was so flattered, that I felt myself blushing right there. My pussy grew wetter as well.

We continued talking and flirting at the supermarket. As we were about to check out, he again politely offered to help me with anything around the house, to which I took a rather bold step and said rather flirtatiously and suggestively, “Anything?”.

He then asked me if I had a problem with him being married. I told him that it was fine with me as long as we did not get caught. By that point I was so horny because I had been thinking about him non-stop since our meeting at the party, I did not really care about anything else, especially his annoying wife. I made plans with him to come over to my house later that night.

I was so nervous afterward, the thrill of doing something crazy like this, the thought of getting caught by his wife, and being naked in front of a new man. My pussy had been wet since seeing him at the grocery store and the anticipation just made it worse.

When he finally arrived at my door, he was wearing his jogging outfit and told me that was how he got out of the house from his wife. I was still in my office attire since he liked it so much, I decided to keep it on until he arrived, even though my pantyhose were completely soaked through by then. I was still very self-conscious about how my body looked so I asked him if he minded if I kept some of my clothes on during sex. He said, “Of course not”, and we immediately started touching one another and kissing. I then just got on my knees and started sucking his quite large cock, since according to my ex husband its the only thing that I did well. I really wanted to please him so I decided to suck him until he wanted something else because knowing that married men don’t often get this from their wives! I was still nervous about my performance with him since I had not been with another man since my ex husband, but he kept telling me how gorgeous I looked and how great my mouth felt to him. I was still getting hotter ankara escort bayan and wetter by the second and had to touch my soaking pussy through the wet material of my pantyhose.

Seeing me do this, he picked me up from the floor and pulled my skirt up to my waist and pulled my pantyhose down over my ass and started licking my pussy and asshole from behind. My body and especially my pussy never felt so good in my 43 years (my ex never went down on me because he said I had a ugly pussy). He continued to tell me how great I tasted and how hot my pussy looked to him for what seemed like an eternity. He then turned me over so we could kiss some more and started fucking my super wet pussy.

We ended up fucking for two hours straight that night and he finally had to go home to his wife. I told him that it was the best sex that I ever had and that anytime he wanted it from me all he had to do was come over or call me and I would meet him. He said that it was great for him as well. I then asked him if sex with me was as good as with his wife to which he said it was better. It was huge relief and a giant ego boost to me that I could please him as well.

Since the start of all this, we have maintained that our relationship is purely sexual, I do not want him to leave his wife for me, at least not yet because the sneaking around is so much fun. The fact that I could have him so easily from his very attractive wife gave me the much needed ego boost from my horrible ex and subsequent ugly divorce. Since we had this sex-only understanding, we are both completely uninhibited. I let him use me a his personal fuck toy and he can do anything he wants to me. I do not mind being used like this because it is mutual and he makes me feel terrific.

His wife and I are actually friends now and she suspects nothing on my part, because why would her husband want some old lady like me over her?

As a matter of fact, she was always asking me about how to keep her husband from straying (too late) since she knew about how my ex left me. She thinks that he might be cheating with someone he works with at his office.

Since our affair has progressed, I have even fucked him in their bed when she was out of town for work, while wearing lingerie that he bought for her, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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