Gym Shower

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I (33 years old, slightly overweight but still decently muscular) am hot and sweaty after a fierce workout. I walk into the shower room of the gym. With a towel wrapped around my waist, I see you (an older man) entering the locker room as well. We had several brief conversations in the weight room waiting for several pieces of equipment to become available. Your slight and seemingly incidental touches drove me crazy with confusion and wonder, and want! I nod at you going towards the shower, you nod back, the sweat from your workout has seeped through your mesh workout shirt and running shorts.

Unwrapping my towel before entering the shower stall, I look back to see if anyone is watching. Having recently gained weight, I’m self conscious and comfortable being nude in public. I turn on the hot water and the let the steam rise around me. I take the shampoo and lather it around my decent sized cock and balls, rinsing the sweat of an epic workout off of me. I reach for the soap bar when I hear a knock at the shower door. Its you. I crack the door open and the steam that misted any vision of my body in a protective haze eeked through the crack. You tell me that all the showers are taken and if I would mind sharing with him, you look away to draw my attention away from an obvious look down at my soapy cock. I stutter nervously, not knowing exactly what to say. I am attracted to your stature, your posture, your brazenness, but I know so little of man and man interaction. While I am internalizing all of these things, you have walked in, said thanks for understanding, and closed the door of the shower.

You reach around me and turn the hot water back on. Your hand falls down towards my plump, but muscular rear end, letting it graze along the bottom curve. My cock springs to attention! “Woah there partner,” you say, cocking your head getting a good glimpse of my penis. You turn casino oyna around, untying your towel and hanging it up in the stall. Your firm lean ass beckons to me. “I really am glad that you are cool with this, you sem like a nice guy from the weight room and the other showers were taken,” you say as you turn around. The shower is tight. Your body motion pits us next to each other, full contact between our sides. “Besides,” you continue, ” if two guys can’t shower together, what is this country coming to?” I nod, completely entranced by the moment. You reach behind me for another bar of soap, your tool rubbing against my leg, mid-thigh.

It can’t be that big I think to myself, it just can’t be. I step forward to allow you to get a better access to the soap bin, you move forward and the Louisville Slugger you call a dick is softly entrenched between my ass cheeks. The tickling feeling between my legs, livens my spirits and other aspects of my anatomy.

You wash yourself fairly quickly, talking about nonsensical things, trying to alleviate all the tension in the shower. You reach out and grab my sides, beginning to scrub my back and sides. You giggle as I squirm in the moment of your grabbing me in places you want. You kneel down slowly and massage each thigh, calf, knee, and ankle. You move to the other leg, moving upwards. Ankle, calf, knee, lower thigh, mid thigh, upper thigh moving backwards to my buttocks, where your nose is tickling the outside of my cheek, nudging it gently. You instruct me to turn around…

To this day I will never know what prompted me to turn around so fast. As soon as I did, your hand encapsulated my shaft, stroking softly, reassuring and confident. Your other hand reached for under my balls, cupping, fondling, pulling them ever-so-slightly. You stop stroking my shaft and reach under my ass, cupping and caressing my quivering ass, my knees slot oyna weak with pleasure at your touch, your affection being poured out onto me. I see your cock also pick up with excitement as well, I begin to make a move for it, curious to see what a cock in my hand would feel like. You push my hand away, “You’ll have all the time in the world for that later,” you reassure me. I begin to wonder what that means when you nibble on my mushroom head with your lips. You kiss my head, licking a tad at the rim of the head. My mind and penis is about to explode with nervous excitement, homophobic terror, and unbridled passion all at once. Your hand, which was exploring the curves of my ass has now found the tight clenches of my rear. You tease the entrance with a couple of fingers, then as your mouth descends on the entire head of my cock, your finger shoots in the entrance of my ass. I thrust forward, not fully prepared for the pain, but especially the pleasure of the first time of you entering me. Then, you stand up, whisper in my ear that this isn’t the place for what has now become inevitable.

We pile out of the shower, the gym towels barely able to conceal the erections that we both sport. I go to put my street clothes back on and exit the locker room. You are waiting by the door of the locker room. “Follow me,” was your simple instruction. You get in an impeccable Cadillac Escalade and I follow you to the outskirts of town. We pull into the warehouse district of our town, by the harbor. You pull up to a brick warehouse with several other cars parked outside of the gigantic structure. As I get out of my car, you walk towards me, telling me this is your place and several other guys lived here as well. We walk in the door together, your arm around me. Several guys are on the couch, laying on one another. I’m introduced to the men, but my attention is drawn to a couple on the couch, canlı casino siteleri one’s mouth attacking the other’s cock in a loving assault. The younger man’s, late teens, head is rolled back in wonder and fantasy. Your hand quickly directs my body back towards you, leading me upstairs of the remodeled warehouse. The guys downstairs catcalled all sorts of encouragement! You cover my ears to try and protect me from their perversion, then whisper a different idea in my head. I love it!

I take off my pants and underwear and trot downstairs handing one of each to the guys on the couch. One man, about 35, thanks me for my boxer briefs by cupping my bottom and offering his room anytime I felt in need. I laugh it off and say that I’m spoken for. Running back upstairs, I call for you, I hear your voice in the room down the hall, I walk in and walk in the room. Glancing around the dark room, I don’t see your impressive physique anywhere. I hear the door shut and I am tackled from behind and slammed on the bed. You gently grab my cock from behind and begin stroking again. I instantly perk up! I turn around and you stand over me. Its my turn, its my time. I try to find a starting point, I’m impressed by your abs, your rock hard ass, your tantalizing thighs, but most of all, the foot long poking me in the eye. I kiss the head of your cock long and slow. I flick my tongue over the mushroom of the grandest cock I will ever see. My hands run down the back of your thighs as my mouth goes along your shaft for what seems like minutes, kissing every spot I can muster while my other hand cups and begins to fondle your massive bulges. I feel a tightness and release in your balls and then I’m hit with a blast of salty wonder that slams the back of my throat. I taste and begin my craving for the salty nectar of your being. Even though you shot a Big Gulp’s worth in my mouth, some oozes out. You take the leftovers and spread it all over my shaved head, giggling as you do. “You’re part of the gang now, feel free to move in anytime,” you say, “but upstairs rooms come with a different price,” you say, eyeing my bottom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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