Giving a Hand Pt. 01

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I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or just my family, but getting to grips with bodily functions, why they happened, and for whose benefit was never a strong point of our communication. School didn’t help, so here I was, a taller-than-average Asian girl with little idea about how relationships worked and, not to put too fine a point of it, what the deal was with all this sex stuff that seemed so important to so many people (but not my parents).

My official education on this subject was not the best. We had the awkward classroom discussion where the boys went to one room and we were shown medical diagrams. It was all very serious as we nervously looked at each other, thinking “do we all look like this?” One girl in the class asked if it was normal to have hair growing down there. We all shuffled nervously in our seats as we were told that it was and it should be left as it was, maybe just trimmed at the sides if it resulted in poking at the side of underwear or particularly our leotards in gym class. I only had a tiny tuft of hair at the top, and it was black like the hair on my head. But there wasn’t a lot so I wasn’t clear if I was normal. We were told all girls were different, had different times of maturing and growing, and that it was similar for boys.

The teacher explained how you got pregnant and what to do to avoid that, which was described simply as “don’t have intercourse.” I knew that sperm fertilized an egg, but I wasn’t clear how the sperm actually got up there. It involved a man and his penis, which sounded weird and a little gross, but that was about it.

My friends chatted about the class and talked about boys “jerking off.” I laughed along though I wasn’t sure what that meant. One of the older girls used a hand motion every time she said “jerk off” and joked about walking in on her brother doing it. But still I wasn’t clear on what it meant.

I started to feel like I was the odd-one-out and that the other girls all knew things I didn’t, so I eventually decided to ask my mother. She had never talked about sex, but always said to go to her with questions after I got my period and I had to wear a bra. I sat down with mom and told her about the class. She grimaced and took a deep breath, clearly uncomfortable, but asked what I wanted to know. I tried to keep it medical, like the class. I knew the penis would go in the vagina and that sperm would fertilize an egg. But how did the sperm come out? My mom got up and went to the kitchen. I figured she just hated the thought of the conversation, but she came back in with a cucumber. She created a circle with her finger and thumb, wrapped it around the cucumber, and motioned it up and down, just like the older girl had done when talking about jerking off.

Then she said that usually within a few seconds, it would “spit.” She wouldn’t say sperm, but I gathered that’s what she meant, and then she explained that’s how it got to the egg. But she had words of warning. “Boys, they always try to spit other places, in your mouth, on your face,” she said, shaking her head and grimacing.

“Every time, spit on face? Spit on face?”

Then she made a gagging motion, her head still shaking, her shoulders shuddering.

“You mean daddy?” I asked without thinking. Mom stopped dead. Then shrugged.

She nodded, her eyes cast down. “Special days, birthday,” she said.

So it spit. And it took movement with the finger and thumb around it. Got it. I think.

A few days later mom pulled me aside and asked me never to mention what she said, and then added I should never do it, even after I was married. But to be honest I was a little intrigued. I even looked it up on the internet, but all the sites that seemed to show this were blocked, and one I did find that was a doctor’s educational video was all blurred out where it mattered so it was basically useless.

I also could barely look my dad in the eye on his birthday when he came downstairs with a big grin on his face.

When I got to college and settled in with my roommate it didn’t take long for her to ask about any boyfriends, and how cute some of the other students were that she’d seen. I told her I’d never had sex and she was shocked. I didn’t think anything of sharing that because it seemed so normal. None of my friends had done it, but this girl, Ori, said she had a few times. I didn’t know whether to believe her, but she was very comfortable around boys as many of the rest of us stood around being shy and trying not to giggle.

One night Ori and I were chatting and she was asking what I’d seen and done sexually. The answer was nothing, which at first she didn’t believe. Then I told her the story of the talk with my mother, and not really understanding the spitting thing. She laughed, said it was okay, she liked seeing it, and that my mom was just an old prude. That might be accurate, but it didn’t help.

Two weeks later I returned to our room and I could hear Ori sobbing through the door. I opened it quickly only illegal bahis to see her naked, her legs astride a boy from our class—Dani—and not sobbing, but moaning. I stood there, frozen to the spot. She stared at me and then said “don’t just stand there, come in and close the door.”

I turned away and looked down as I closed my eyes and sat on the edge of my bed. I could hear Ori and Dani moving, I figured leaving.

“Hey, look up,” said Ori. I did so as she was pulling on a robe. I got just a glimpse of her breasts, just small round mounds with tiny dark brown nipples, and down below a thick wedge of dark black hair. Dani was sitting up behind her, the sheets up to his waist, but his defined, muscular arms propping him up.

“First,” Ori stated, taking total command of this awkward situation, “when there is a ribbon on the door handle, don’t come in.”

“I…I…didn’t even notice,” I stammered out, “I heard a noise and thought you were crying.”

“Well, I wasn’t, but since we’re in this situation I had an idea, and Dani is game.”

She paused and turned to Dani and leaned towards him, rubbing her hand down his smooth chest and kissing him on the lips. I looked away again.

“No,” Ori barked, “eyes forward, and consider this part of your ongoing education.”

The quizzical look on my face encouraged Ori to explain further.

“You know so little about this, but you really should. I mean, not even knowing about how a guy cums—sorry, as you say, ‘spits'”—as she did air quotes—”is something you should learn. It’s not hard…though it does need to be.”

She giggled and looked at Dani who was grinning widely.

“Come on then,” she said, nodding towards Dani. He swung his legs from under the covers and stood up. He was completely naked. I covered my eyes.

“Eyes front,” Ori ordered, “I don’t want to have to tell you again.”

I looked up. Dani had a huge grin on his face and my eyes lowered over his slim, smooth chest, down to the large patch of dark black hair from which protruded his penis. This was it. The closest I’d ever seen one that wasn’t in a textbook.

“So since you barged in it has gone soft,” said Ori, “and we need to change that.”

It was just a couple of inches of wrinkled pink flesh, but as Ori started talking, I could see it start to get longer and a bit thicker.

Ori put her hand under it and lifted it, cradling it in her open palm as if it was a soft tiny creature.

“This,” she said, pointing to the end, “is the foreskin. It pulls back and you’ll see that in a little while. Some men in other countries are circumcised, which means this is cut off as a young baby.”

My face contorted into a grimace.

“I know, it’s barbaric,” Ori responded, “but there are religions and stuff that require it. But it doesn’t affect the performance. I don’t think. Maybe. I’m not an expert.”

With this chatter the penis had grown to about four inches and as Ori moved her hand it only dropped slightly and was now clearly thicker than when it started.

“We need to get it to full size, so we can help that pretty simply,” said Ori with an authority that sounded straight out of a classroom.

With that, she slipped out of her robe and stood at Dani’s side.

“You should help, too, since this is for your benefit. Take off your shirt and bra.”

I looked at her dumbfounded.

“Look, it’s only fair. We’re both naked, and look, even with me here, see what’s happening?” as she pointed at his penis that had now lost some of its size. Dani tilted his head with an exaggerated frown.

I started to unbutton my white cotton shirt, pretty standard issue around campus.

“Quicker,” Ori yelled, “look, we’re back to the beginning.”

I saw Dani’s penis now back to its small wrinkly size. It looked a little sad. I flicked open the last few buttons and let the shirt slip from my shoulders. Ori nodded at me, towards my chest, in a symbol of not being done yet.

I turned around and unhooked my beige bra. Ori, to my knowledge, had never seen my breasts. In fact I think it was only myself and my mother in one awkward moment at the department store when we were shopping for bras and I didn’t know what the A, B, C, D meant and she barged in. We never talked about it. Even the locker room showers were private cubicles. Mine, it turned out, were quite a bit bigger than Ori’s. I was a C-cup, and my mom did once mention that I needed to be careful as boys liked them like that.

I slowly faced forward, my arms crossed tightly across my chest. Ori and Dani both just smirked, cocked their heads, and waited.

I let my hands drop and let free my firm breasts. My nipples started to protrude. My areolas were much bigger than Ori’s. I was comparing, taking mental notes.

Dani ran his hand down Ori’s side, and slipped it over her small breast as she reached down and lifted his penis slightly. He was staring at my breasts as he caressed Ori’s.

“Wow, those are killer boobs, girl,” illegal bahis siteleri Ori exclaimed, “you should show off them puppies.”

It was slang I wasn’t used to, but I had a certain sense of pride. I grabbed hold of them and jiggled. It seemed like the right thing to do.

“See,” Ori stated looking down at Dani, “that’s what I’m talking about.”

Dani’s penis was now pointed right at me. It had grown to nearly six inches and was way wider than when it started.

“So the foreskin I was talking about earlier, this is it,” said Ori as she wrapped her tiny hand around the shaft of this penis. She talked about her small hands and now they looked positively tiny, and as a result, this penis looked huge. She slowly pulled back towards the forest of black hair and as she did so I could see the top of the penis emerge from under the skin. It was bright red, like a torch. It almost looked painful.

“Doesn’t that hurt? I quietly muttered.

“Not at all,” said Ori as Dani shook his head, then looked upwards to the ceiling, “come closer and take a look.”

I inched forward and from about a foot away leaned down a little and squinted my eyes.

“If he was circumcised it would look a lot like this,” said Ori as she held her hand at the base of his shaft. Then she pushed forward, and with it came the skin that partly covered the broad red bulb.

Then she repeated the motion a few times and Dani started to twitch. I stood back and watched as she continued to pull back and push forward in steady strokes. “This is the motion he creates when he’s in here,” she said, taking her other hand and wiggling it over her vagina, “and since we were already doing it when you walked in, it won’t take him long.”

Right on cue Dani let out a small groan and I could see the muscles of his taut stomach tighten further and his thighs get defined as they tensed. With a few more pulls Dani let out a gasp and Ori took her other hand to cup it under the red bulb. Then, a deep breath that he held and Dani’s pelvis thrust forward and a stream of white liquid shot out with such force that it went straight over Ori’s hand, across the room, and landed on my foot. Then another as Dani groaned louder that landed on the floor, then a few more quick pulses as Ori adjusted her hand and caught the spit.

Dani’s entire body shuddered and he dropped back on the bed, his arms splayed wide, and his penis flopping to the side.

I was dumbfounded and snapped to reality when the warm liquid on my foot started to dribble between my toes. I was glued to the spot and looked at the long, long line of spit glistening on the hardwood floor.

Ori held her hand out.

“See, you can look at it closer. There’s millions of little spermies in there swimming around. This is the spit that makes babies, and also makes men very happy when they release it.”

I leaned forward and squinted again. “It’s, well, thicker than I thought, I think. Oh, I don’t know. But it is on my foot.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t kill you. In fact, there are reports—almost certainly written by men—that it has proteins and stuff that can be good for your skin,” Ori replied.

‘Spit on the face, spit on the face’ popped immediately into my head, then a picture of my mom, and my dad, and with that I had to shake the moment from my mind, but it was too late.

“Doesn’t it hurt ‘in there’ since it flew so far, with such force?”

Ori chuckled at my naïve question. “Not in the slightest, though some like the feel of it more than others. Personally, I love feeling Dani explode his ‘spit’ inside me; it has such force and makes me happy that I’m able to make him feel like that. I think it’s a compliment. But that might just be me.”

With that she pulled on her robe and I found my nightshirt and threw it over my head. Dani remained on his back, his limp penis now back to that original size. I found a cloth and wiped my foot and the floor. Wow, that was a lot. I drifted to sleep recalling in slow-motion Dani’s explosion of spit. I have to say, whatever awkwardness this might have caused, I felt like I owed Ori one.


An American exchange student—Danny, would you believe—had caught my eye in biology class and he seemed to like me. Ori had been convinced that I should make a move, but that could never happen. My mother would never approve. Of course as I thought that the “spit on face” line danced around my head.

I’d always smiled shyly while my friends Sue and Kim giggled as he walked by. He was handsome, had muscular arms and thighs and was taller and broader than the lanky build of most of my classmates. We had talked a few times. He had been complimentary of my hair, and me of his athleticism. And we’d texted a few times about class gossip.

We were both at a party that started out very boring, but livened up when the host, Suni, took off her top and shorts on a dare and dived into the pool. Suni’s house was big by our standards—her dad had some high-powered job canlı bahis siteleri at an energy company—and there were places to slink away. As Suni splashed around most of my friends pointed and giggled. But Danny looked around, pulled his loose-fitting basketball top over his head, dropped his keys and wallet on a table, and dived in after her. They frolicked a bit as everyone else watched. Eventually Danny pulled himself out of the pool and looked for a towel.

“I can show you where they are,” and ducked into the house, hearing his wet feet slosh on the floor behind me. I showed him to the bathroom and handed him a towel from the closet. He thanked me quietly and politely and I left, pulling the door closed. But was this a chance to move this forward? I stood outside the door, paralyzed by the predicament for what seemed like an eternity. I took a deep breath, turned around, and flung open the bathroom door.

Danny was staring at the long bathroom mirror, his hand wrapped around his penis, his wet shorts around his ankles. He froze for a second then bent to try to pull at his shorts. But the water made them stick, and he was having difficulty as they clung to his legs. With a side-on view his penis was big and evidently close to being fully hard.

“Ah, fuck it,” he finally said and stood upright, leaving the shorts where they were, “can I help you?”

I was stunned but knew I needed to think quickly as I surveyed the scene in front of me. This guy, broad-shouldered, a small matting of blond hair on his chest, a six-pack of abs, and a thick, what I assume was circumcised penis.

I coughed to compose myself. “I just wanted to say…I just wanted to…well, I wanted…the thing is, I was hoping we could talk. But now? Now…” I trailed off as I looked down at his manhood, “well…can I help you?”

I figured he’d started to, what was it? Jerk off?

“Look, I’m in a predicament right now,” he stated firmly, “shorts are on the floor, naked, looking at the girl I was just thinking about. This isn’t what was supposed to happen.”

With what seemed like an involuntary draw I stepped into the bathroom, my eyes fixed on his, and pushed the bathroom door closed, then fumbled for the lock and turned it. Our faces were blank. I tried to read his expression but it was deer-in-headlights mixed with a hint of glee. I moved behind him, close, so my breasts brushed gently on his back. I could just see over his shoulder so that our eyes could meet again in the mirror. It seemed so natural: I reached around my left hand and let it sit gently over his chest muscle, slowly dragging my fingers through the soft blond chest hair. Danny finally blinked, but didn’t say a word, and I could see his penis twitch in the reflection. I shifted my view over his other shoulder, letting my hand drop from his chest to his hip, and dragged my nails lightly over his skin as I reached around with my right hand and slowly wrapped it around the growing girth of his penis. I held it there as I felt him grow in my hand. It was an incredible sensation as it rose to point at the sink and mirror above it, responding to my touch.

Now the memory of my experience with Dani and Ori flashed into my head, her taking the shaft and pulling back, revealing the red bulb of the head. But Danny had no foreskin. Would this hurt? With a very light touch I pinched my thumb and index finger together, just as mom had showed me, and slowly pulled back. His penis was incredibly hard, the deep veins creating a more contoured feel to what Dani’s had looked like. I repeated the motion and Danny pursed his lips. Now, with our eyes locked in the mirror I pushed lightly forwards and backwards, brushing up against the lip of that large head, with each touch feeling his body shake a little and tense. With my other hand I dragged my nails lightly over his back as I shifted more to his side, letting them fall over his muscular bottom, and providing more room to pull on this thick shaft. I thought Ori’s hands were small, and now it seemed like mine were as my finger and thumb could barely touch. So I shifted to take the full girth into my hand and increased the speed. Danny responded with a small gasp, our eyes still fixed in the mirror.

I pulled for less time than Ori had done when Danny whispered through gasped breath “I’m cumming.” I knew now that meant to spit and I retained focus on staring at his eyes, watching his reactions.

Suddenly his entire body felt stiff, every muscle tensed. He gurgled a “Yes” and with the next pull back his spit shot towards the mirror, splashing on its surface. The next one hit the sink, and the next one, and the next one. I didn’t know what to do but to keep going, and the spit kept coming. After several seconds I felt Danny’s body relax and the strength and firmness of his penis begin to subside. But I kept hold, letting the trickles of spit drip over my fingers.

Danny stooped to steady his arms on the edge of the sink and I let go of his penis as it slowly lost its firmness and size. I could feel the warm spit on my fingers and wanted to know more about it, so brought my hand to my nose and smelled it…then stuck out my tongue and dipped it. It was okay. Not tasty, not sweet, but not terrible.

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