Fucked at Dawn in the Wild

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Copyrighted 2001 – Do not reproduce without permission of suziesamuels.

* * * * *

“Thanks, for letting me share your sunrise,” Dana gasped breathlessly as she jogged along. Physically she had a long way to go before she’d be back in running condition. She laughed aloud as Kevin stumbled on an exposed root on this rugged mountain path. He smiled benevolently, regaining his stride.

Dana’s life had crumbled in more ways than one when she lost custody of her three children, twin ten-old girls and a nine-year old son. It shouldn’t have happened, but the judge in his infinite wisdom said that her ex was more stable and at the time Dana’s work schedule was heavy. As a flight attendant she traveled, but she had live-in help. Her only life when she was home was her darlings and she devoted her time to being the perfect mother. Loving, caring, fun, and perhaps she was too strict, but she worried about the times she wasn’t around and they needed a solid grounding and understanding of the rules of decency and respect. After all when she was forty-three thousand feet over the Pacific Ocean they couldn’t call her to see if it was okay to do something. They had to know the rules and the box they could move around within those family values. But, still it wasn’t enough.

Though they were wonderful and her love was reciprocated it matter naught to the family court judge who believed that a parent had to be home to tuck the kids in every night. Hence now her ex and his honey were playing house with her children. While she’d been hospitalized he’d moved the kids back east. She’s never received even a card from them after the accident, let alone seen them.

The accident wasn’t here fault but nonetheless it had destroyed what was left of her life. The day of her accident Dana had been sailing high, she’d just landed a ground job with a rival airline as classroom instructor for flight attendants. She would be home to tuck the kids in every night and get their breakfast every morning. She was ready to fight to regain custody of her kids back. Then it happened. An inexperienced long hauler had cut her off and forced her off the road, she’d plowed down the steep precipice face. She’d nearly died. The inexperienced train long hauler was convicted of attempted vehicular manslaughter and was now in jail.

“Come on, race y’ to the big rock,” Dana said sprinting ahead. She felt young and alive, as she kicked up her heels.

That pretty day, she was back to my old pre-accident self. It had been a long road to wellness, but now ten months to the day, the old Dana was reborn. Opening her eyes that morning she was aware that she was truly well again.

After months of rehabilitation and therapy Dana was attempting to rebuild her life. She’d bought a little house and invested the rest of the settlement. The job she was to have started was long gone. She was not in the physical condition, yet, to fly again. So in some ways she was at loose ends. She was pretty low emotionally, but she was determined to re-establish get her old life back.

She was elated that her new friend Kevin had insisted she join him at his mountain cabin. What surprised her more was that she’d had the nerve to join him. They’d only been out a few times together and one could hardly call those dates. This sojourn was a big step for her. Kevin made her feel pretty again.

Kevin was her personal trainer at the gym where Dana was spending hour’s everyday building her endurance and mobility. He had worked hard to assist her in meeting her goals and but for him she would have quit. Double entendres and his kibitzing had kept her foraging ahead. They often shared a coffee after her session and it was then that she realized that she quite liked the sandy haired man. He was in fantastic shape, funny and he certainly cared for her. He oozed sex appeal and that made him a favorite personal trainer among the women.

Running the comb through her hair before their undertaking this dawn outing, she’d güvenilir bahis noticed her eyes were clear and sparkling, all the puffiness and sootiness was finally eradicated. It gave her hope.

She was sporting new running dudes. Dana had lost enough weight that when she started to put her life back together necessity dictated that she buy a new wardrobe. Kevin had helped out by driving her around, as she didn’t have a car yet. He’d insisted that she let him guide her on what was trendy; after all she was single again.

Dana was no one’s fool she knew that Kevin was married, but she believed him when over coffee he’d told her that his marriage was on the rocks. He said he expected that his wife was having an affair. He felt vindicated. At that time he made no untoward advance to Dana. She felt safe with him.

Dana laughed aloud when Kevin dropped behind enjoying the flexing of her bum as she slowly jogged along. Being an imp she gave him a playful little extra wiggle. Kevin mischievously slapped her cheek, as he matched her stride. Dana stumbled head over heels nearly banging her head on the big rock.

He caught her. Gently Kevin pushed her back against the boulder. It felt cool against her perspiring bare midriff. She shivered. Kevin stole a series of fleeting kisses, teasingly awakening her sexual being. He seemed to know just how touch her body to orchestrate responses.

Dana stared at the mountain peaks watching the unfolding dawn trying to stay her arousal. She was afraid. Fanatically, she reminded myself that this same sun warmed her children. Too much time had passed, but life wasn’t fair. Good old-fashion guilt overlaid her fledging arousal. This was the first time in a very long time that she felt that old stirring in her core. There had been some awkward fumbling when they arrived last night, but she’d remained passive, unawakened. Dana was scared there was safety in her passivity. Kevin nuzzled her neck alternatively pushing aside her crisscrossed red jersey to lick sweat off her breast. He ventured forth further each time.

She might was well have cried, “uncle,” when he final caught her right nipple between his teeth gently worrying it. She was lost. Dana gave up. “Yes,” she whispered on an exhalation. The word seemed to echo though she’d only whispered it. Throwing his head back, Kevin roared; roosting birds took flight as his laughter bounced off the peaks. They chuckled playfully.

“Oops,” he said shrugging. Kevin reeled her into his arms. Pinioning Dana against his chest, he proceeded to knead her ass. His sweaty kinky curls peaked out of his open shirt. Resting her cheek against his chest she inhaled his unique scent – a combination of his spicy cologne and sweat, “mmmmm.”

Almost reverently, he tipped Dana’s chin up until their eyes met. Tantalizingly slow Kevin lowered his head. His lips mesmerized her. Their eyes locked. Kevin sucked her bottom lip; his tongue snaked up under her upper lip. She couldn’t ever remember anything more erotic. Moaning her acceptance and acquiescence, her soul craved him. For the first time, they shared an enchantingly sensuous kiss. She felt alive. The wondrousness of the kiss etched itself permanently into her mind. Dana wondered if Kevin was whom she’d been seeking all her life, but he wasn’t free.

It was as if there was nothing to her as Kevin, in a fluid movement, lifted her into his strong arms, infant style. She was such a little thing. He loved how she snuggled up with her arms around his neck, “Don’t go ‘n’ get fat or I won’t be able to do this, you know I’m getting old.”

Languidly she shyly smiled at him, “no you aren’t.” She mused, ‘He’s the only person since the accident who has made me feel safe?’ Suddenly Dana was conscious of just how aroused she’d become.

Damn it, she wished her rigid morals would just had to take a hiatus, ‘just let me have this once without judgment.’ She knew that he had a wife somewhere. ‘How can I consort with such a person?’ But, türkçe bahis her body, her emotions and that reptilian portion of her brain didn’t see him as evil. She knew that he was what she ached for. “Later.”

“Hmm?” He said kissing her sweaty hair, carrying her into the deepening gloom of the forest. She wanted it.

After twenty feet or so, he found a satisfactory setting. Kevin gently positioned her on the side of a knoll carpeted with pine needles. Dana’d felt so safe in his arms she regretted that he’d laid her down a chill ran through her. Joe, her ex, could’ve never carried her like that, and it saddened her that he failed by comparison.

Momentarily her depression weighted heavily on her, as it reflected across her eyes. Wetness oozed from between her engorging labia lips. It felt good to allow her body to sexually awaken after its lengthy sabbatical.

Giving him her best Mona Lisa smile she held up her arms. Without hesitation or embarrassment she invitingly pulled her knees up butterflying her legs. ‘What a shameless hussie …!’

His eyes crinkled as Kevin’s face split into a huge smile. He understood her spontaneous invitation. “Oh yeah!” He flopped down between her legs. She bore his weight stoically as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be about to be fucked at dawn in the wild. She loved how alive and relaxed she felt as he squashed her deeper into the carpet of needles.

Dana felt like a scarlet woman, though her ex had taken a new wife and her kids, she knew Kevin did not have his freedom. Afterwards she’d reconcile my adulteress behavior and take her leave, but first she wanted to taste this forbidden fruit. This was all such a breach from her Christian upbringing. She should leave. But she was beyond that point. With a toss of her head, she parked her emotions.

That early morning, she participated in her seduction, she could never remember being so wanton. There was no coercion, just her willingness; actually the more appropriate word would be eagerness to have this illicit man make love to her in this wild forest.

Dana held Kevin’s head to her as he nuzzled her neck switching to a constant sucking. She recognized the sensation. She remembered her last hickie had been the night of her senior prom. She hadn’t wanted that one. Now she was no longer a kid, but she desperately wanted to sport his mark if only for a few days, she softly murmured against his graying hair, “yes, I want it.” All she could think was, ‘What did it matter?’ Things were different here in the mountains; the social norms were all askew, as no one was within miles. After all she was here with a married man so she might as well wear the mark of a hussy. Gently she rocked him holding his head to her.

“Mmmm,” she whispered kissing his earlobe. Ever so gently she sucked it into her mouth. The tip of her tongue teased it. He growled deep in his throat.

Rising up on one elbow he looked into her eyes as he pushed an errant strand of black hair off her face. His finger traced her chin line. He continued his exploration lazily meandering over her face as if mapping it, committing it to memory. “Dana, you’re so beautiful. I wonder if you even comprehend how marvelous you are. You have the perfect combination of beauty, outgoing personality and strength of character, I only wish…,” he whispered. She wished he hadn’t reminded her that all they had was this brief interlude.

Dana knew he really cared for her, but home commitments forbade more. She wasn’t sure that love was the right term, but there were deeper emotions within him for her. Without conscious awareness she pulled his head down until their lips met stilling further conversation. This moment was enough to last a lifetime. She was very afraid that her moral upbringing was going to win if they didn’t get on with their lovemaking immediately. Their kiss was crushing, brutal and glorious.

Their passions needed abating without more ado. Kneeling Kevin first slipped her off güvenilir bahis siteleri her black Spantex shorts and underwear as one. Quickly he pushed down his bright blue running shorts. Dana watched as his turgid penis surfaced. If any sense of morality remained in her, viewing his eager penis blew it away. Their eyes met, his challenging, hers inviting. Actually, hers were begging. When he hesitated, she couldn’t help herself, “Kevin, please. I need you. Please, now.”

There was no time, no need for lengthy foreplays. This was the time that their mutual animalistic urges needed release. Holding her hips up so she was positioned to his liking, he drove his penis into her sopping wet vagina with such force that she gasped. She was taken aback. Her body responded. She groaned. It turned into a moan on his second equally demanding thrust. Screaming to the heavens, she howled as she crested her first climax on only his third forward push, “YES! YES, MY GAWD, YES!” Wings fluttered overhead.

Because of the intensity of his look and the set of his facial features Dana was not even sure whether he was aware of her early orgasm. Her vaginal muscles worked overtime telegraphing her ecstasy.

Kevin was lost in his own urgent need to ejaculate. He could only let his physical self reign over his being. His need controlled him, its force all that mattered. The sensation of ejaculation was all he lived for at that moment. Later he would worry about making sure that Dana was satisfied if need be. Wonderful seismic waves transmitted from her to his ramrod. He didn’t believe he would finish leaving her wanting. His eyes never left hers, though he had the sense that he was soaring above looking down on the pair of them out of body-like. It was as if they were cosmically connected at that moment.

Dana’s fingers racked his back. She was unaware of her actions. All she knew was that she wanted more. Her legs encircled his thighs like tentacles holding him to her letting her match his rhythm completely. Scrunching up, Dana sought his lips. Their lips locked. Hungrily she sucked his tongue into her mouth.

She was complete. Her lover possessed her body and soul from both extremities. They were locked into the mating dance that man has played out since Adam and Eve and yet Dana knew that there had never been a more perfect coupling in eternity.

Their mutual guttural moans and groans were matched as they rocketed to explosive orgasms. They did it. They met at the pinnacle of their shared climax. It was perfect. It was glorious. Birds took flight. The pounding of hooves reminded them that there was other mammals close enough to smell their sex. Dana hoped some lucky doe was going to get screwed because of their wanton behavior. She smiled. He panted pushing through to his ejaculation. With a final thrust he became rigid and rode his climax. She met him halfway for a celebratory kiss.

Time stood still. Only the brightening of our hideaway told her that the world hadn’t halted in its spin.

Arms shaking with exertion and adrenalin waning, Kevin more or less collapsed onto Dana. He remained buried in her now leaking vagina. She bore his weight gladly. It was his right to be cushioned by her body. Slowly, their breathing returned to normal. Dana wiped the sweat off Kevin’s brow with the back of her hand while pushing a lock of his hair into position.

She gave him a wry smile, not sure what was proper etiquette out in the wilds with a married man just after he’d made love to her. As she returned to earth from whatever lofty plain she’d been on while they made glorious love, reason overtook her. Guilt assailed her like a horsehair cloak. She wanted to chew her bottom lip but Kevin’s lips possessed it. Guilt fought her euphoria.

Later, as reason returned, for the first time Dana felt bad that she’d participated in Kevin’s betrayal of his marriage vows. She couldn’t help but wonder, ‘how anything so wonderful could be wrong?’

Arm in arm, they sauntered back to the cabin. Slowly her vagina gave up Master’s ejaculate and her juices as they walked. Thin trails of come matched relentlessly down her thighs. Normally she’d have been mortified by such a leakage. Today it was her honor badge.

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