First Time

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I walked against the wall of wind trying to prevent me from gaining access to what lay beyond. I leaned into it and pushed; it pushed back with half the force. It was only toying with me. I knew that the wind was an unrestrained creature with violent intent. It could no doubt hurl me to the frozen ground and bind me there like an insect helplessly bound to a spider’s web but it did not. Instead, it feigned weakness and inch by inch I made my way forward into the land of the deceased.

I halted in the middle of the cemetery; the wind followed suit. For a moment there was no sound, no movement. All had gone dead around me. I slowly turned full circle, glancing over the white marble tombstones and the wilting flowers accompanying them. Angry black clouds rolled across the sky, drunkenly tumbling over one another, trampling the moonlight in their brawl. I leaned back into the arms of the wind and faced the sky, raising my arms up above my head. The sky rumbled and the trees bent toward me until they looked as if they may snap.

Suddenly, I was standing amidst the chaos of nature. The stillness was broken, replaced by a raging storm; the trees were pulled every which way, snapping against each other. As the wind swirled around me, I caught a glimpse of a shadow darting thru the black iron gates of the cemetery. A plump rain drop landed on my head and trickled off the tips of my hair. The rain had begun. The scenery was now complete.

I took in a deep, involuntary güvenilir bahis breath at the sudden sensation of warm lips on my neck and an arm tight around my waist. No words were exchanged, but he sensed my excitement. I turned to face him, my body pressed against his. His eyes bore deep into mine and looking into them I caught the rising hell-fire overcoming their natural icy blue. A gasp escaped my lips and a longing I had been ignoring for so long washed over me. He traced my wanting lips with his tongue, making me feel weak and vulnerable, and then kissed me deeply, embracing me so close that for a moment I thought we might melt into one solitary being. Like starving animals, we responded to one another’s kisses ravenously.

I opened my eyes for a brief moment to digest the scene. The outline of gravestones and gnarly old trees over my lover’s shoulder looked like a movie set, perhaps even a simple trick of light and shadows played across a white screen. With each kiss, I was slipping farther from reality. All that I recognized as being real was the warm body against mine and our heavy pants of ecstasy as the rest of the world rapidly disintegrated into nothing more than a pile of dust to be swept under the rug of my subconscious. His hand left my neck, leaving it vulnerable to the cold breeze and the tears of angels pouring down upon us, and he positioned his arm around my waist. Softly, he kissed my neck and I drew in a sharp breath in preperation. Just as I had expected, türkçe bahis his teeth came crashing down on my flesh in a swift and angry motion, administering the vivid sense that my skin was being pierced with a sharp needle. I rocked against his mouth, whimpering at the sudden mix of pain and pleasure washing over me. I didn’t breathe again until his mouth traveled back up to mine, taking me in another hungry kiss.

Our eyes met for just a second but I averted mine shyly to glance across the plains behind him once more. I watched the rain streak the sky in slanted lines. The wind lifted his trench coat so it trailed behind him, reminding me fittingly of a vampire’s cape. I turned my attention back to him, pressed my lips to his, and all his violent passion took over. He lifted me against him so that my feet no longer touched the ground. I’m flying. Thunder rumbled overhead and the wind pounding through the trees was deafening. A flash of lightening struck, almost unnoticed. We were too caught up in each other to care.

Come, I whispered, interlocking my fingers with his and leading him deeper into the cemetery. A minute’s walk brought us to a set of stone steps which led to a flat stone slab on which a family tombstone plated in black marble sat and watched over its dead. I mounted the steps, my lover following silently, and motioned for him to lay down. He obeyed, quite conscious of what was to come. I straddled his hips and pinned his arms above his head. My lips brushed his, güvenilir bahis siteleri so lightly it could barely be called a kiss. He lifted his head to deepen the kiss, but I pulled just out of reach and, instead, lashed at his neck with my tongue.

I want to feel you inside me, I panted under my breath. …I want us to be one,… I tugged off my pants and rocked against him, getting him ready. He groaned impatiently and maneuvered his pants out from between us.

I closed my eyes and sucked in my breath. His hands rested themselves on my hips and I let go of all restraint. Suddenly, I fell upon him and the piercing pain of my virginity being torn from my very being overwhelmed me. The stormy night and the cemetery embracing us came at us in flashes. Black and white photographs laced with screams and tears.

I watched the photographs transform from historical grave stones into mirror images of us in my mind’s eye. Like spying on strangers, I watched our struggling bodies strive toward release. A tear streamed down my cheek. Frustration was building within me. So close. The world spun faster around us, orgasm surged beneath my skin; I could feel the flames of climax blaze through my body. I’m dying. And then it all came together. The world slowed so that the images became clear again, and finally came to a dead stop. It was no longer raining but our bodies were slick with sweat. I love you, I breathed almost inaudibly. I ran my fingers absent-mindedly through his hair and kissed him with the last of my energy. Spent, my body went limp and I collapsed on top of him. The night wrapped around us like a black cotton blanket studded with stars, protecting us through our dream-filled sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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