First Day of Summer Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 of a series.

I’m not sure how fluid this story will be w/o having read the first…

…check out ch 1, now.

Have a great day,



I cried myself to sleep that night.

I awoke at noon, the next day. That gave me two and a half hours before Jason was supposed to get here — we wanted to enjoy the warmth of the beach without heat stroke. Plenty of time to shake of the feelings of last night and get all my housework done. I, normally, didn’t look forward to housework but my chores proved to be a delightful distraction from the tricks my mind had played on me yesterday. Laundry, vacuuming, & cleaning ceiling fans and window blinds. I was almost half through when Jason showed up an hour and a half early. Dream or no dream, seeing Jason always put a smile on my face. He was my best friend long before we started dating. My parents loved him, too.

As my father let him in, my father told him, “You know the drill. If we’re working, you’re working.” Dad always tried to have a stern voice with my friends.

“No problem, Sir. Nate and Sam know that, too. That’s why they waited in the truck.” Jason replied. Dad made my friends use ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’. When they talked about my mother to me, they said ‘Mom’. When they were talking about my father they ALL said ‘Eddie Bear’. His personality is that warm.

Time flew by doing the last bit of work (especially with help and THIS helper). Jason and I left with our required Eddie-Bear-hugs and a wave to mom. All my friends love Eddie-Bear-hugs. We threw my bags in the truck bed for the beach and the graduation party tonight. I greeted Sam and Nate and we headed to the beach.

As happy as I was to be done with school and with my boyfriend and friends headed to the coast, I was disheartened. These were the same people — no Shawnda, but still — and the same setting as my nightmare. Jason knew me well enough to see that, even out of the corner of his eye.

“Tawnie… güvenilir bahis What’s the matter?

I explained that this wasn’t the time or place to talk about it. “Besides, it’s such a great day and we’ve been planning this beach day forever.”

“OK. You’re right about it being a great day. I’m glad we are doing this today. I read that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”

We got to the beach and tried to find a spot that wasn’t too crowded. While we spread out our blankets, I heard Nate cry out, “NOOOO!!!” The rest of us followed his prospective to a couple of guys that had graduated a year before Nate. ‘Someone saw Beaches one time too many,’ I thought to myself. I chose to keep that to myself because we all knew that one of the men going at it under the boardwalk was Nate’s hero. Carl’s coaching was the inspiration Nate needed to take the basketball team to regionals. We all attempted to comfort him with, “It’ll be OK’s.” The boys didn’t feel it best to hug their friend, under the circumstance.

Always the Boy Scout, Sam asked, “Who needs sunblock?” I took the bottle, knowing I was never completely prepared for anything. I could, also, not have prepared myself for the two things rubbing sunblock on my skin would do.

First, none of the boys had seen my new and improved body. I began to unzip my outer layer and felt like I was in one of those teen movies and I was the ugly duckling, nerd girl who had just become hot. Sam and Nate started catcalling until Jason threatened to leave them there. Apparently, I wasn’t hot enough for them two to thumb-it back home.

“You’re not helping,” Jason explained.

Second, rubbing the sunblock in was a lot more sexual than it should have been. My audience was a turn on. I heard one of the guys from the boardwalk finish as I bent over to do my feet and ankles. ‘That was just a coincidence,’ I thought to myself. But I knew my friends were enjoying the show. I could tell the boys were trying not türkçe bahis to look like they were gawking.

I was also turned on by how much, what I was doing reminded me of what Lisa had done. I hated what the dream may have meant, but that did not matter at the moment. As I reminisced of Lisa, my eyes closed and I let out a long sigh. That was Jason’s cue for us to talk. He led me into the water.

“What is WRONG with you?”

Not the strongest swimmer, I held onto his to brace myself against the breakers. His waist was also to brace us for what I was about to say. I stumbled and sputtered over the right way to explain what transpired before his call last night.

I could tell he wasn’t a hundred percent comfortable with what I had said and unsure of what to do or say, as a boyfriend. I was glad to get an, “Everything’s gonna be good. It was just a dream,” from him, but it didn’t set either of us at ease. Not totally. It *did* make things a little better when he gave me one of those hugs he learned from my dad.

We lingered deeper into the water and enjoyed being together as Sam and Nate played Frisbee on the shore. We always appreciated dancing with each other in the waves.

When it got too dark and cold to appreciate, we left the beach for Sam and Nate’s apartment. Nate went in his room to shower and take a nap. After Sam showered, he told Jason to toss him the keys so he could pick up the drinks and food for the party.

As he was leaving, Sam told Jason and me, “Don’t do anything in my bed. Don’t do anything you can’t clean up. I’m out of bleach.”

Laughable because everyone knew we were ‘good kids,’ as our parents said. We hadn’t done anything sexual, outside of making out. I decided to change that when I heard Jason turn the water off. I unlocked the door and walked in on him.

“What are you doing?” Jason asked with his towel in hand.

“Just my way of thanking you for today,” I told him. I took the towel from him and güvenilir bahis siteleri began drying him off. The romance of the gesture was received. I saw that in his eyes. He was an emotional person, but Jason was a MAN — with his girlfriend fondling his naked body. Jason’s dick reacted to this. It hardened and slowly started to rise as I finished drying him. I had never been this close to Jason’s naked dick (or anyone’s). When I took it in my hands, it was less of a sexual move and more an academic inspection. His moan reminded me that my research wasn’t just research to him.

He stopped me, “You don’t have to do this,” with my face in his hands.

The look on his face — in his gaze was why I DID have to. “I *want* to,” I assured him. I wasn’t planning on doing what happened next. I just felt like, what he did & said and why — the type of person he was, this was the least I could do.

I moved my face toward his dick and realized my inexperience. None of my friends who had done anything talked about it or were graphic; if they did talk about it. I didn’t watch anything that was more hardcore that a Hollywood movie. I imagined my best option was to treat this like when we made out. I placed light kisses on the tip until I got the guts to start licking the sides. I built enough nerve to open my mouth to begin sucking. Whatever I was doing, Jason seemed to enjoy. The noises he was making let me know I was turning him on and should continue circling his tip with my tongue.

Giving the love of my life was turning me on, too — maybe too much. I started licking and sucking with more ferocity, until I tried to reach my lips to the base of his hard dick. Bad idea. I don’t know if Jason liked it, but I did not feel sexy gagging. After I recovered, I decided to use my hands to stroke his shaft and regulate my depth. Jason removed one of my hands, sucked on my fingers until they were really moist, and put them on his sack. He could only handle me stimulating both for another minute or two more. He pushed my hands away from him as urgently and gently as possible as he turned to spray toward the drain.

“I guess I owe Sam a bottle of bleach,” Jason joked as he tried to rinse away the cum.

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