Finding the Perfect Fit Ch. 03

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All characters are over 18!


Waking up Saturday morning I inserted a plug and after breakfast set about to clean the entire house. Most of it was clean but I made sure everything was pristine because after our hike I was planning on inviting Tim back for a drink and who knows what else. Moving around, bending over while cleaning kept the plug shifting around and driving me crazy. My cock was perpetually hard and dripping and my underwear was soaked.

I have never been much of a leaker but seeing this only fueled my desires further. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I took off all my clothes, then laid on my back and started stroking myself. I brought my wet underwear to my nose and inhaled my scent. Then I sucked on the wet fabric while stroking my cock. I was delirious with cum lust and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to cum now. I wasn’t limber enough to get into a position where I could point my cock straight at my mouth so the next best thing I could come up with was supporting my back against the bed with my dick at a 90 degree angle above my head. I would let gravity do the rest.

I quickly got to the edge and another dollop of pre-cum formed at the tip of my cock and then dripped onto my upper lip. I adjusted the angle of my dick downwards and then I could feel my orgasm start to rise from my depths. Clenching my ass muscles around the plug made it more intense and then it washed over me and the first jet of sperm shot out of my dick and landed on my eye, followed another hitting my lip and finally I was rewarded with two smaller pulses landing in my mouth.

I grabbed my phone and took a picture of my dripping dick and then one of my face. Turning on video, I filmed myself coaxing the rest of my cum out of my dick only to fall into my mouth and then my tongue licking the cum off my upper lip. I swirled it around and then pursing my lips pushed a fair amount to my lips and then let it slide back into my mouth. Then I made a show of swallowing it and ended the recording.

I thought about sending the video to Jen but then held off thinking that if I am starting a relationship with Tim he might not understand or not appreciate me sharing raunchy pictures and videos of myself with other people.

After cleaning myself up I went out and did a little shopping and went for a run. That night after dinner I got a text from Tim asking how my day went. I left out the naughty parts and told him about cleaning and getting ready for tomorrow. Asked him about his day and he pretty much replied with the same. I told him that I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. He couldn’t wait either.

I woke up early, got ready, had breakfast and Tim showed up promptly and honked from the driveway. I grabbed my rucksack, locked up and headed out. When I got into the car he leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek and we were off. We made small talk on the drive to the trail head. Once there, we parked and headed up a trail that followed a fast flowing stream. The day was cool but by the time we got to a waterfall we were both sweating.

Turning to me he said, “what do you think?”

“It’s awesome. I wish I brought my swimsuit.” I said kind of sadly.

“You don’t need one.” He said gleefully. “Take off your clothes!” He demanded.

“We are going to cool off and then eat.” He added.

I thought, ‘Oh God, I hope I don’t pop a boner in front of him.’

Tim got his clothes off in no time and dove in. It took me a little longer and when he came up for air he was staring straight at me with a big grin.

“What’s taking you so long. The water is great!”

I finally got my socks off, stood up and to my chagrin I was at half mast and could feel my pulse quickening and my dick thickening. His eyes were staring at my crotch but finally I was able to get to a spot and dive in.

What a shock! When I came up for air, I said, “the water is fucking freezing!” and then I splashed him. I started shivering, my cock and balls shrinking quickly.

He came up next to me, pulling me into his arms and holding me tightly to him. I was still feeling nervous being naked in front of Tim but my cock said otherwise. I could feel his cock, too, and it had a presence unto itself. Then he put his lips to mine and started kissing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth and all my reservations about being naked in front of Tim melted away. My hands dropped to his rear and I pulled his crotch tighter into mine and there was something indeed big there.

He pushed back and then said, “I love kissing you.” Then moved in and kissed me again. His passionate kisses and use of his tongue took my breath away. I returned his passion and moaned when his hands dropped to my rear and squeezed my cheeks. I moaned in his embrace. His lips left mine and he started kissing and licking my ear. Having that done to me makes me extra horny and I needed to do something about that.

I slid my hand between our bodies and touched his penis. I have never held another man’s dick before. It was hot, hard and rubbery. He moaned as I gave canlı bahis şirketleri it a few strokes and then pushed it into mine so I could thrust against it. I wanted to hold both our cocks and stroke them together but he was too big. I gulped at what I was feeling and then pushed back to look him in the eyes.

“You have a big dick” I blurted out.

“I know but don’t worry about it.” He said confidently. But then he reached between us and pulled my hand off of him and added, “let’s get out and enjoy the food that I brought for lunch.” He led the way through the pool, pulling me with him. His wet ass and flexing muscles of his glutes were amazing.

He got out and started rummaging through his knapsack but I stayed in the water still a little shy to come out sporting a boner. He turned to me and my eyes went immediately to his dick. It was indeed huge. I licked my lips but my throat was dry.

“Here.” He said, handing me a towel.

I took it and got out of the water and covered myself up and started drying off.

We both got dressed and then laid down on the blanket he spread out. He poured two glasses of wine and we ate cheese and crackers, while sipping the wine. We made small talk but I kept thinking about his big cock. I stopped talking and started thinking about the sexual aspects of where this relationship was heading. The reality of it all, having a dildo in my ass was one thing but a real live cock, and a big one at that one, had my thoughts swirling. It was turning me on and scaring me at the same time. Does this make me gay? Is that such a bad thing? I hate labels and pressure they bring.

He leaned over and turned my head to him and spoke softly, “I want you to know that I really like you and we are going to take this slow.”

Still, I was really nervous. I wondered if I should tell him about what I have been doing with my toys but before I could open my mouth again, he took me in his arms and kissed me again. All my nervousness melted away. He moved closer to me and his bulge was pushing into mine and it was making me horny.

“I keep thinking about making love to you but when I got a glimpse of what you have between your legs it kind of frightened me.” I took a breath and then added, “I want you but this is so new that I don’t want to ruin anything on a bad first impression.” I kissed him again.

I pushed him back and then threw caution to the wind and told him about my toys and what I liked doing with them. I left out the part about Jen, though. While I was describing what I did with the dildo his hand slid down my stomach and into my shorts, wrapping his hand around my cock and then started stroking.

“Oh god, that feels good, Tim.” I leaned in to kiss him.

“I can’t wait any longer. I need to taste you.” He said and then kissed his way down my chin to my neck where he kissed and nibbled before continuing further down. Pushing me onto my back, he pulled his hand out of my shorts and started opening them. Pushing them off, along with my underwear and then inhaling my cock.

I arched my back as I felt the heat and saliva constrict around my penis and was overtaken by how wonderful it felt. Then there was a constricting feeling around the tip of my cock that I could only imagine was his throat. Then he started rhythmically sliding almost completely off my cock. sucking on the tip and then plunging back down again. At the same time he was kneading and stroking my balls.

I took my other hand and put it on his head. The pleasure coursing through me was indescribable. That familiar feeling, a tightening in my loins and my increasing heart rate was my signal that I was close. He must have sensed that and pulled off my cock and started sucking my balls. While dismayed at the loss of contact with his mouth the feeling of him sucking my balls was something new and felt equally pleasurable and it kept me on edge.

Grabbing the base of my cock he placed the head on his pursed lips and looked me straight in the eyes and then smiled. Closing his eyes he swallowed me again and then that wonderful feeling pulsing through my loins overtook me. Arching my back again, I gripped his head and let out a shriek as I felt my orgasm rush through me like a freight train. I shuddered when the first pulse of sperm left my dick and then jerked as each subsequent spurt followed the last. Tim didn’t miss a beat and milked me till I couldn’t take it any more and pushed his head off me.

I lay there on my back in the afterglow of one the best non-self induced orgasms and not wanting to move when he started sucking my balls. That’s when I saw Tim’s penis try to bust out of his shorts and by the look of the wet spot showing he must have cum at the same time I did. That was quick.

I touched the wet spot and then brought my finger to my nose and took in the scent of his sperm. I wanted to lick it but before I could move he climbed back up to me and planted a kiss on my lips. His tongue slid into my mouth and I immediately recognized the taste of my sperm which then was followed canlı kaçak iddaa up with more as he fed me my sperm mixed with his saliva. I moaned my appreciation and kissed him harder after swallowing his gift.

Finally we stopped kissing and just looked at each other.

Then I said softly, “that was the best blowjob I have ever had. Thank you, but I wish you’d let me return the favor.”

He kissed me and then said, “well, as you can see I enjoyed as much as you did. I hope this wasn’t too fast for you. I couldn’t control myself. Seeing your cock for the first time drove me wild and I had to taste you. Also, when I am really excited, I can cum with little or no stimulation.” He gave me a peck on the cheek and then said, “I hope you are not mad at me for jumping the gun.”

I looked at him and he was so endearing that I just had to kiss him again.

“Also, I feel it’s necessary to ease you into my dick. It’s kind of a blessing and a curse at the same time. It has scared away many potential partners in the past but done correctly I think you are going to love it.” He kissed me again.

I put my hand back on his dick, I could feel it softer than before and smiled at him. “Thank you. It is daunting but I can’t wait to see it.” I got up and looked around and noticed that the shadows were getting longer.

“I think we should get moving.” I said. I know he would be traveling for next week and that he had to get up early to fly out.

We picked up our stuff, adjusted our clothing and headed back down the trail towards the car.

We drove back in silence. A million things going through my head. When we got to my house he turned to me and I said, “Thanks for a wonderful day.” I kissed him.

“I hope what we did was OK.” He said and then put his hand on my thigh. “I loved having you cum in my mouth.”

“Do you want to come in?” I asked.

“I do, but I can’t. I am flying out to see one of my clients tomorrow and if I come in I don’t think we will get much sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I want to but at the same time I don’t think we should.” He said thoughtfully.

“You are right.” I kissed him again. “When are you back?” I asked.

“Thursday, late. I might take Friday off. See if you can take it off, too, and come hang at my place.” He said.

“I will let you know by Wednesday if I think I can.” I said. I kissed him again and then said, “Safe flight. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

I got out of the car and he drove off. Once in my house I stripped and got into the shower. I thought about getting off but I was tired, so I just dried off and went to bed early but once in bed I started thinking about the implications of where this relationship was going. I didn’t think I was gay but I loved what just happened. I opened the pictures that Jen sent me and got excited and thinking about sucking Tim’s cock was equally exciting. I drifted off to sleep pondering this question of my identity.

Monday was a blur. Tim and I texted back and forth all day and I ended up working late. I went to the gym to workout and after a quick bite to eat headed off to bed.

Tuesday morning, I woke up early and was feeling really horny. I got into the shower and lubed up the dildo and then took a few pictures of the head of the faux cock resting against my hole. When I found the right angle I took another of the head pushing into me. Next one, it was half way in and the last picture it was bottomed out. I moaned at the fullness and wishing it was Tim that was filling me with his big tool.

I texted him to see if he was up.

[Me] Rise and shine lover!

[Tim] Just got back from the gym. I am all sweaty. Why are you up so early?

[Me] Woke up horny. My dildo is balls deep in my ass and I am jacking my cock.

Then I sent him the series of pictures of the dildo sinking into me.

Then my FaceTime was ringing. I answered the call.

“Let me see.” He said. I angled my phone so he could watch me slide back and forth on the dildo. I grunted each time it bottomed in me.

“I want you.” I moaned. “I want you to fuck my brains out.” I panted.

“That is so hot. Check this out!” I saw his phone pan so that I was now watching him stroke his cock.

“That is so hot.” I managed to get out between pants.

“Let me see your dick” He demanded.

I aimed the camera at my dick. It was bobbing in time with my thrusting.

“Stroke your cock.” He demanded again.

I started to stroke and then I felt my orgasm blast through me, “Oh god, I am coming.” My ass muscles gripped the dildo and everything tensed up as the pleasure washed over me and my cum was splattering on the shower door.

I looked at him on the phone. His mouth was open and he was panting and then the view switched to his dick as it was shot cum onto the bathroom floor.

“Thanks for a wonderful morning. I have to get ready for work. Let’s chat tonight.”

“Can’t wait till you are back.”

After I showered, I put a plug in my ass and went to work. Before pulling up my pants I canlı kaçak bahis took a picture and sent it to Tim. He sent back a thumbs up.

All day at work I fidgeted. I couldn’t find a comfortable way to sit that didn’t stimulate me. At lunch I had to go to the bathroom and jerk off. I called my therapist to see if she could see me after work this evening because I told her I was having an identity crisis. I kept asking myself whether I was gay or not, and if I wasn’t gay could I still love Tim and be with him.

I showed up as her previous client was leaving.

“Thanks for seeing me at the last second Doctor Lisa. I really appreciate it.” I said.

“Are you OK? You look a little piquish.” She asked.

I started to sweat and then I said to myself I might as well just get it over with and said, “I … I have been worried whether I am bisexual, or atleast I think I am.” I said.

“Why do you think so?” She asked.

Then I I told her about Tim, making out with him on the beach, and having oral sex with him on a picnic. I probably went into to much detail about the oral sex part because she started squirming. Then I told her about this morning’s session and how I have a butt plug in my ass that’s stimulating my prostate and that I am really horny. Also told her about my adventure at the ABS and Jen.

That’s when I noticed that her legs were no longer crossed and she was holding her clipboard in front of her open skirt concealing a hand that was obviously rubbing her pussy.

Then I said, “I think I am bisexual because being with Tim really turns me on but right now I am equally turned on by the fact that you are masturbating in front of me and I want to bury my face between your legs and eat you out.”

I got up and then kneeled at her open legs. She threw her clipboard to the side and then put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her crotch.

Her womanly scent was divine and I started kissing and licking her sodden panties. Reaching in with one hand I pulled one side down and she helped me pull them off her.

She had a big bush and it was matted with her juices. Without her panties her aroma was much stronger and I drank it in. She then pulled my head into her molten core and I began eating her out. Her flavor was strong and I slurped and tongued her hole and then worked my way up to her clit. Alternating back and forth, I found when licking her clit she would squirm and then moving back to her hole she seemed to be extra juicy.

Moving back to her clit, I started sucking on it causing her to moan but when I put two fingers into her and did the come hither motion is when she let out a shriek and came. She got sensitive really quickly and pushed my head away.

I looked up at her and smiled. My face was wet with her cum. Dr Laura then bent down, taking my head in her hands and kissing me on the mouth and then stopped kissing me to lick her cum off my face.

Pulling apart she said, “I love the taste of my cunt on you.”

“I am so turned on right now.” I said.

“Well, you don’t need to fret about whether you are bi-sexual, gay or heterosexual. They are just labels that society uses to put people into classes so that they can, in some cases discriminate against or make a stand for.” She said, putting me at ease.

“Now, why don’t you drop your pants and let me return the favor.” She said with a salacious grin.

I did as instructed and sat back down in my chair facing her. She came over to me and got on her knees and started sucking my cock. She was good but Tim was so much better. When I came in her mouth I was thinking of Tim.

Dr Laura then got up and pulled me up with her. We kissed and I tasted myself on her tongue and then she pushed away and said, “well our time is up. I think you can stop worrying about these labels and just live your life. If you are attracted to a guy, go for it. Have fun with it and don’t worry about what others think. OK?”

“Yes doctor, you are right. Thanks.” I said.

“Let’s do this, come back in a week or two and tell me how your relationship with Tim is progressing.”

“Sounds, good, and thanks again.”

Before I started the car to drive home I turned on my phone and saw a few texts from Tim. He was worried that I hadn’t responded back right away and was wondering if something was the matter. I sent him a quick text to let him know that I was fine and that I would call him once I got home.

Once home, I drank a beer, went to my bedroom, laid on the bed and called Tim.

“Hey, sorry I couldn’t respond earlier but I went to see my therapist and talked about my feelings and I told her about us. In fact, and I hope you don’t think any less of me because I am still struggling with this, but I told her everything that went on between us and we ended up having oral sex.” I just blurted out.I didn’t hear him on the line and wondered if he was now mad at me.

“Tim, are you there?” I said nervously. “Look, I am sorry,” I said. “It happened so quickly.”

I heard him breathing and then he said, “Hey, I am not mad. I know this is a big step for you and I figured after our date Sunday that you might call certain things into question. I am kind of hurt by the way you were easily pulled in by this woman but it also turns me on.

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