Dirty Little Secret

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Hello everyone, and welcome. This is another story that my friend Savin and I worked on together. Please read it and I hope you enjoy. Please vote and remember to comment. All feedback is valued and welcomed. This story can fit under many different categories, so I selected the one I thought fit the best.


Robin wanted her brother to leave and go to the game with his friends. She wanted to be alone. You see, Robin was horny, extremely and unnaturally horny. Her plan was to go to her room and watch some of her favorite naughty videos as she pleasured herself.

Finally¸ she was alone. Pulling out her secret stash, she popped her favorite “ASSignment: Kikki’s Presentation.” Robin quickly undressed and climbed into her bed. The video started and Kikki appeared on screen. She walked into her office waiting for her work assignment with the other girls.

Anticipating what was about to happen, Robin began rubbing her tits. Her nipples were hard and needed to be stroked. She fondled her tits as the action in the movie became hotter. Oh, oh, fuck me! Fuck me! Kikki groaned as she engaged in the assignment she was given.

Robin’s hand slid down to her pussy and she began to stroke her slit. She imagined that she was not in her room alone, but with two of the men on screen. So engrossed in the fantasy was Robin, that she didn’t realized her private session was being watched.

Spreading her thighs as far as she could, Robin inserted three fingers inside her hot snatch and pumped vigorously. She watched the action in the movie as two more girls and another man joined in on the fun. Kikki’s ASSignment came inside Kikki and one of the together girls wanted to eat a snack.

Robin was riveted as she watched the girl slowly slurp cum from Kikki’s cum-soaked slit. Kikki was eagerly licking the cum off of her partner. The other guy in the room took position behind the girl that was cleaning Kikki, and began to fuck her doggy style.

Robin was close. So close that she was moaning out loud. Her neighbor, Mr. Richard Tiny, also known as Dick Tiny, knew Robin was up to something, he just didn’t know what. He saw her brother leave and saw Robin rush to close her blinds to her room. He knew she was up to something naughty .Dick wanted Robin, even though he was 30 years older than her and not at all attractive. The young hot bodied woman set his loins ablaze.

Dick sat inside his bedroom and watched the closed curtain of the young girl that spurred his desire. Robin was extremely vocal and her lustful wails teased and tantalized her sexually charged neighbor. Listening to the loud groan and moans coming from Robin’s window, he couldn’t take it anymore. He knew where his neighbor’s kept the spare key to the backdoor, so he walked over for a visit.

Dick let himself into his neighbor’s home and headed straight to Robin’s bedroom. Quietly he pushed her door open. Watching the young woman play with herself, he grasped his five inch tool in his hand and stroked.

When Robin squealed, that was all it took for Dick to shoot five hard ropes of hot cum into the air. He grunted, “Uuunnnggggg!”

Robin looked up and screamed. What was Mr. Dick doing in her bedroom? Robin scrambled to cover herself. “Mr. Dick, how did you get in here?” she demanded.

Dick Tiny wore a look of embarrassment. He blurted out, “Look, Ms. Robin, I intend no harm. Yes. It is completely my fault. You see–you see. I–I was..” Dick could not say much further.

Robin could see truth in his eyes but she still wanted to know why and how her neighbor just entered her private quarters. She was sure Dick was somewhat frightened and she thought she could take advantage of the situation. She advanced towards him and he went back a step. Robin was now sure he was in her control.

“Just tell me how and why you entered into my private quarters. You know this is a crime and I can call cops.” Robin made her wide eyes even wider.

“Robin, please let me explain.” Dick pleaded. “I have been friends with your family for years as you know. I often check on things when your family goes on trips. I used the spare key hidden in the secret place to get in. I followed your moans to find your bedroom. I needed to see your beautiful pussy up close.” Dick breathed heavily.

Rob could see Dick was trembling and she also realized that her hands covering her pussy were now busy in gesticulating and she had exposed her wet pussy to Dick. She showed as if she was unaware of this and advanced further.

Dick’s eyes were glued on her hot snatch. She had it neatly trimmed with a golden arrow pointing to her hot center. The scent of her arousal perfumed the air. Dick moaned softly as he imagined what that beautiful little pussy would taste like.

“Mr. Dick,” Robin called, “I should call the police. You are not supposed to be in here.”

“Look–look. Please don’t call the cops. I-I knew you feel horny at times and I could hear–“

“Hear what?” Rob demanded faking anger. She was still totally illegal bahis naked and realized slowly her horniness was returning. She could feel wetness in her cunt.

“Well-well I heard you moaning. And I-I knew it was moaning from your masturbation.”

“So?” Robin could hardly control her vaginal fluids from dripping downwards.

“You see-I-I too felt very lonely and horny. I wanted to masturbate myself.”

“Then you could’ve done it in your room, in your own home, darn it!” Rob was now enjoying every bit of this event.

“Well I wanted to see you masturbating and then do it myself,” Dick stuttered.

“But y’know it’s still a crime and needs punishment.”

“I beg you. Please don’t call police. You can give me whatever punishment you want to give me.” Dick spread his palms surrendering his will to Robin. She could see his small withered cock hanging limply–almost apologetic.

“Oh–your tool. It is so small. That’s why your name is Dick Tiny. Tiny Dick,” Rob laughed and Dick cringed.

“See Miss Robin. It is small but becomes bigger when excited,” Dick explained.

“No, I don’t believe you. Let me see it closely,” Rob demanded.

Dick moved forward and Rob could see his poor hanging tool. It was reddish white with somewhat withered skin. Its head was jutting out and was pink. It had small droplets of his semen still sticking out. Dick’s dick was surrounded by grey white pubic hair. Even they had drops of his cum sticking.

“You say it becomes hard when excited. But it is not becoming big. You can see me naked. You can see my pussy, my tits–everything no? You are lying. I think I will have to–“

“No, no. Please Miss Robin. Please don’t call cops. I will prove my point. You just lie on your bed as you were and show your open cunt to me and start masturbating. Then-then you will see my cock becoming bigger and harder.”

“I will do that but with one condition. I will open my cunt and show you–but you will have to masturbate me. I mean finger-fuck me.” Robin commanded.

“All right. But promise me you will not call the police.” Dick begged.

“Yes, done. Now get on with your job!” Robin ordered and went to her bed facing Dick. She jutted her cunt towards the front. The full wide lips of her pussy separated and showed her thick clit, her pee hole below it and her deep red vaginal passage leading to her uterus. Walls of her cunt, lips and clit were all smeared with thick white cum.

Dick came forward and kneeled in front of Rob. He first covered her neatly trimmed pussy gently with his palm and smoothly moved it. Robin felt as if a soft feather is moving across her pussy–her clit, cunt everything. Like a volcano ready to squirt her cunt juices wanted to explode and come out rapidly.

Robin spread her thighs waiting in anticipation for her much older neighbor to play with her pussy. The sight of the older man’s small cock surrounded by thick gray hair excited Robin. You see, Robin loved small dicks. She’d take a nice firm five incher over huge cock any day.

Small cocks stimulated her. They were usually just long enough to rub against her g-spot when she was being fucked. Dick’s tiny dick looked like something she could have fun with.

Then she felt his fingers massaging her moist nether lips. Already covered in cum, Robin’s pussy was at the peak of sensitivity so much so that even a tiny breeze could set her off.

Dick moaned as he touched her pussy. He loved the feel, scent, and softness of her aroused fleshed. He wanted to taste, but she had ordered him to only masturbate her. Soon, Robin’s clit peeked out of its hood and Dick flicked it lightly.

Robin’s hips shot off of the bed at the sensation, groaning out loud. Liking her reaction, Dick increased his pleasure by brutally assaulting her clit. Robin was in orgasmic heaven, but he wasn’t through.

Robin’s pussy opened up before him and he looked at the soft pink inside of her hole that was coated in her cum. Cupping three of his fingers, he slammed them inside of her and began to furiously finger fuck her. Robin was aggressively fucking his hand.

Dick’s cock was hard now and stood at a stiff five inches. “Mr. Dick, Oh God, that feels so fucking good” Robin exclaimed. Dick fingered her even harder.

Robin looked down and saw his hard cock. She reached and grabbed to and began to pump him furiously.

“Ahhhhhhh! Damn! Shit girl!” Dick exclaimed as she gave him an amazing hand job, not once removing his hand from her pussy.

“Stop!” Robin declared. “I need to fuck. Shove that hard cock in me Dick.”

Dick grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders. He wasted no time is slamming her with his tiny dick. He pounded her furiously with her screaming at him every time he entered.

Dick felt his balls began to clench. Robin felt her pussy began to throb. He knew he was close. She knew she was close. “FUCK!” they both exclaimed simultaneously as they rocketed into the most intense orgasm they had achieved illegal bahis siteleri in a long time.

Dick was breathing hard, when Robin reminded him that he wasn’t finished being punished. “Now”, she demanded, “Suck your cum out of my pussy. And you’d better lick me clean.”

Dick smiled, “Gladly” he moaned , as Robin spread her thighs to accommodate his head. Dick quickly began slurping the juices from her cum soaked slit. Their combined juices were delicious to the old man. He licked the outside of her pussy, then inserted his tongue and licked around her opening slowly.

He covered her entire cunt with his mouth and sucked. The sensation of having her entire puss sucked into his hot eager mouth made Robin cry out in ecstasy.

Robin was trying to let him stay in control and not face fuck him, but the old man was talented with his lips and tongue. He had an extremely long tongue that entered her pussy lapping up her juices causing her head to spin.

Before she could stop, she came again all over his face. Dick happily ate her cum, while waiting for her to continue with his punishment.

Robin came down from her sex induced high. She looked at her neighbor. This man was in no way attractive. She didn’t want anyone to know what she’d done with him, because it would be embarrassing for her. He was old, chunky, and very married.

Robin liked Dick’s wife, Mary, and she would hate for her to learn that her husband of 25 years broke their vows.

“What time will Mary be home?” She asked. Dick immediately looked contrite, because in spite of lusting after this girl, he loved his wife and never wanted to hurt her.

Dick looked away from the young girl, he could not face her. He knew if she told Mary about this, his life would be destroyed.

“Mary should be home any minute now.” He answered quietly.

Robin took a deep breathe. “Get dressed, go home, and shower. She will be able to smell the sex on you and we can’t have that.”

Dick stood and nodded quickly leaving her room. Robin called after him, “When we are alone I will call you Dick. In front of everyone else I will call you Mr. Dick. Understand. I’ve never had it this good and I will want it again. So, don’t even think that I am going to stop fucking you. Oh, and don’t tell anyone about this. I will deny it and you will look foolish, understand.” She declared, her eyes flashing with heat as Dick recalled the moments of passion they shared.

Her words hurt, but he understood. If the news of their activities got out, it would wreak havoc on their lives. Deep down, he also knew she didn’t want people to know that she’d fucked him, a horny old man.

“Y…yes, Robin” he stammered. “But you must know that I have to be able to take care of my wife as…’

Robin silenced him by placing her finger over his lips. “No, you listen. Normally, I don’t share my cock. But, since Mary had you first, I will share with her, but when I call you. I want you here, naked, and ready.”

Dick nodded. Realizing his good fortune, he had his beautiful loyal wife at home whom he could make love to whenever, and he also had a hot bitch that was willing to let him fuck her brains out at any time.

He felt his cock harden again, but knew he needed to get back to his house.

He moved to kiss Robin, but she would not allow that.

“Dick, no kissing. We will fuck each other, lick and suck each other, and even perform various acts on each other, but kissing is not allowed. Now, go home.”

Dick finished dressing, rushed to his house, and jumped in and out of the shower just before Mary walked in.

Dick went home very pleased. he always wanted to be a slave of a demanding woman and his wish was fulfilled today. He was just relaxing with a drink when Mary came in with a few purchases and wandered around. She sniffed like a dog and said, “Dick what scent are you wearing today? It is a ladies perfume!”

Dick was defensive and his face showed embarrassment. “No, no–I don’t know..” he stuttered.

Mary came near him, sniffed again and said, “Yes, you are wearing that perfume. Shit. You should be ashamed!”

Dick suddenly got an idea and blurted out, “Ah, yes. I see. A big fat lady bumped into me when I was walking around that corner. She was wearing this awful perfume.”

Mary was very sure about her husband’s timidness so she bought the idea. She changed the topic and said, “Dick do you know what happened today? My exercise shorts tore at the joint and I went to buy new. But they are out of stock. So I will have to do my yoga till the new stocks arrive!”

“My goodness! That is awful.” Dick exclaimed.

“I had not done my yoga today for that reason–now I have to do that in my torn shorts,” Mary said and went into another room. After a while Dick could hear her spread a small rug and start her exercise. Dick had finished his drink and wanted another so he went to the same room–fridge was there.

What he saw was an amazing scene. Mary had arched canlı bahis siteleri her body in a yoga posture. Her pubic area jutted outward prominently. Her tight shorts were torn exactly at the same zone. Her pink pussy along with her grey bush peeped towards Dick invitingly. “Oh, my God!” Dick muttered audibly.

“Dick, what are you doing here?” Mary demanded.

“I came to pick my drink and what I see is–is–“

“What do you see?”

“Oh your–your cunt, Mary. It is popping out of the torn shorts. The sight is lovely!”

“Is that? Your comment makes me horny. Yoga needs concentration and I am getting horny.” Mary said still in her arched posture.

“I can see that!” Dick said. He could see Mary’s pink-white jagged pussy with hanging lips which were already dripping wet with her cum.

“I have to remain in this position for at least a minute. Can you wipe my–my cunt, please?” Mary urged.

Dick was more than ready. He kneeled and with his finger started wiping Mary’s cum. Then suddenly he got an idea. Just half an hour ago he had tasted Robin’s cum but he had never tasted Mary’s. She had never demanded nor had he dared. This was his great chance

Now Mary’s cum had had almost started running down. Dick moved forward took out his tongue and started licking Mary’s cunt from her deep hole slowly upwards towards her clitoris which had by now swollen bigger than a peanut.

Mary jumped when Dick’s tongue reached Mary’s clit.

“Oh, I am sorry,” Dick said.

“No, no. Please continue. I might cum more–I am very very horny,” Mary shouted.

After a few seconds she begged at Dick, “Dick, please, please fuck me hard. My cunt is desperate–bang her, pump her with all your might.”

Dick looked at his small dick–it was still small. I can’t–my cock is not yet hard.

Mary looked disappointed but then recovered and said, “Ok. Finger fuck me as hard as you can Mr Tiny Dick!”

Dick obliged and fucked Mary vigorously with his two and then three fingers till at the end Mary collapsed in a heap with a gasp.

Mary was spent. “OH, Dick,” she gasped between breaths. ” I love when you finger-fuck me. You always hit it just right.”

Dick’s stomach growled and Mary got up to go fix dinner. When she reached to retrieve her clothes, Dick stopped. “No, my love.” He said staring at her thick gray-white pubs as she stood.” Let your pussy breath. I want to be able to touch it while you make dinner.”

Mary smiled. She loved being nude. She walked around nude most of the time and only dressed when she cooked or when guest arrived out of courtesy.

Mary went into the kitchen and Dick followed her. While she was preparing the chicken and pasta for their dinner, Dick was stealthily caressing her fat pussy. Mary walked over to the sink to wash off the meat and Dick stood behind her circling both his arms around her and used both hands to open her pussy and tease her clit with his probing digits.

Mary loved having her cunt massaged, so she carefully lifted her legs to give him easier access.

Before long, she was climaxing again all over her husband’s eager fingers.

As he held her through her orgasm, Dick thought, I can do this. I can fuck two women. I just have to make sure I keep both of them satisfied.

Mary came down from her sex-induced high and ordered Dick out of the kitchen. “I want to know the name of that perfume. I like it.” she called to his back as he left the room.

Dick went into their bathroom, removed his undershirt and threw it in the hamper. In his hurry to dress after fucking Robin, he accidentally put the wrong shirt back on. He knew then that he needed to be more careful.

Mary finished dinner and they sat down to eat. Dick’s mind was overactive. He kept thinking about his time spent with his sexy young neighbor. How wonderful her snatch tasted. He wondered when, he’d get to fuck her again.

“Dick, Dick!” Mary called. “What are you thinking so hard about?” Then she looked at his crotch. His five inch cock was rock hard and oozing precum.

Mary’s mouth watered, because she loved sucking in his tiny dick. It was easy to suck the whole thing in and she never had to worry about getting choked.

“Ummmmm, baby, give me my dessert.” She declared as she engulfed her husband’s rock hard member with her mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhh” Dick moaned. He loved it. Robin hadn’t sucked him off, but he knew she had skills. His wife knew exactly what to. She licked the small head of his cock. Twirling her tongue around it like it was a lollipop. Then she forcibly drew his head into her mouth. After that, she bobbed her head up and down on it in rapid motion for a moment, before she took him all the way to her throat.

Dick began to throat-fuck his wife. He loved the feel of her tongue and saliva all over his tool. He had come several times already and wasn’t sure he had any left, but he kept right on fucking her throat.

Before long he tell-tell signs of his completion was upon him as he spewed short burst of his baby juice into his wife’s hot mouth.

“Ummmmm, I love your spunk. It tastes sooooo good.” Mary groaned after she licked the last drop of cum off the tip if his dick. Dick was dried out and could not go any more.

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