David’s Girls’ Academy Ch. 02

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(It was the autumn of 1960 and I was 20 years old and was following my new hobby of bird watching. In the grounds of Spathford Grange Academy for Girls I had been captured by five pretty 19 year old girls named Ingrid, Kasandra, Emily, Norika and Sarah. They had stripped me naked and had begun taking an interest in ‘facesitting’ me in their dormitory.)


I remained on the bed, my head beneath Norika’s exquisite petticoat and pleated tartan skirt, for the rest of the morning. The young Japanese girl appeared quite comfortable with having my upturned face between her legs. Sometimes she would flip her skirt up and scratch her leg or arse.This created an amazing sound as the slippery nylon of her petticoat moved over the smooth nylon of her stockings. I stared in wonderment at my warm confined world under her uniform. My nose remained impassive against her smelly panty crotch breathing in her feminine odours. My penis was in a permanent state of arousal.

Just before lunch Norika put down her book and told me, through the thickness of her skirt, that they normally had sandwiches in the dining hall on Saturdays and they would leave me here while they smuggled food up to me.

My Japanese host knelt up as I rubbed my cheeks against her inner thighs and stocking tops, and stretched my neck which had been in the same position for at least an hour. I noticed her suspenders were suddenly looser. She yawned and stretched above me and scratched her thigh through her skirt and flounced petticoat. From underneath this created a froufrou sound which drove me wild. My penis extended further toward my navel.

Norika swung her stockinged knee over my head as her skirt and petticoat hems slid across my face exposing me to sunlight. It was clearly going to be a fine afternoon.

As I looked around the dormitory, my eyes blinking trying to focus. The other girls were getting ready for lunch. Emily and ‘Sarah’, (the tallest girl with long straight hair), were both adjusting their suspenders and stockings. Kasandra was in the toilet. Ingrid and Norika were shaking out their skirts out and combing their hair. They left me alone and I thought that this was the time to make my escape.

“OK girls, where have you hidden my bloody clothes?” I shouted to myself.

My boots were under the bed but I couldn’t see the rest of my stuff. I discovered that the wardrobe next to my bed was locked. They clearly had been placed in there.

Of course I couldn’t just walk out through the dining hall stark naked except for a pair of wellies. I imagined the local newspaper headlines. “NAKED PERVERT IN RUBBERWEAR FOUND IN GIRLS SCHOOL DINING HALL”

I searched high and low for any of my clothes. I could make a quick exit just in trousers, anyone’s trousers, if necessary. Other wardrobes were full of blouses, skirts, petticoats and cardigans. There were no women’s slacks or jeans.” Didn’t these girls ever wear trousers?” I pondered.

Perhaps it was a rule of the finishing school that well brought up and respectable young ladies just did not wear trousers, I concluded.

Little drawstring backs hung on hooks on the side of each wardrobe. These appeared to be full of soiled underwear, stockings, suspender belts, illegal bahis bras and knickers. The latter clearly required intensive investigation.

I emptied Kassandra’s bag on her bed and examined her panties. She appeared to prefer white loose lacy nylon French knickers and some appeared to be badly soiled in the crotch. These stains were yellowy brown in colour and looked disgusting. I picked one pair up and held it hesitantly to my nostrils. “Yuk, ugh” It was unpleasantly strong and smelt of urine, sweat and vagina. I threw it down.

I was tempted to smell them again. This time I held them firmly to my nose ensuring the inside of her gusset was pushed firmly into my face. I inhaled deeply several times and it was fantastic. The hot Latin womanhood of this Spanish young lady had been captured in the smell. My penis extended horizontally bobbing up and down as I walked insanely about the dormitory breathing in her musky odour.

I pulled the pair over my head and arranged them so my nose was pushed into the crotch. I breathed in frantically, sunlight streamed in making my world appear white from inside her lacy knickers; I found another pair and pulled these over my head. A third pair I pulled on, but made sure the crotch area was across my nose. With three layers of soiled panty crotch over my face I began wanking, staring at myself in a full length mirror.

I was tempted to see what was in the other bags. Emily’s were full of white lacy panties in a traditional design. Ingrid’s were plain cotton ones with few frills. Sarah’s were white with sweet little pink flowers printed on them and pink bows at the front. I looked at the clock. Half an hour had past and I put Kasandra’s soiled underwear back in her little bag. Fifteen minutes later the girls reappeared with my food.

There was another girl with them. She was introduced to me by Norika as Katie and she looked truly beautiful. She was tall slim and had auburn haired. Her legs were perfect and she moved gracefully. She clearly had had deportment lessons.

Norika told me to lie with my face at the foot of the bed so my head was almost overhanging the mattress. From this angle I looked up and noticed Ingrid putting some wrapped sandwiches and an apple on the table in the centre of the room.

“Those are for you later.” She said to me casually. The rest of the girls continued reading at their desks or on their beds.

Norika and Katie stood next to me staring down. Katie looked at my thin naked skinny body. She probably thought that I was a miserable example of British manhood. She asked Norika if I did anything with my tongue. Norika said that she did not know.

“Well we’ll see if he does and if he’s any good we’ll set up a rota.” said Katie giving me a disdainful glance. I understood from further conversation between them that Katie was 20 years old and was ‘house-captain’.

The newcomer went to the toilet and had a wee, which appeared to last for ever, then rejoined Norika at the foot of my bed. She stood against the bed with her back to me. Norika told her she thought I looked ready.

Katie lifted her knee-length pleated tartan skirt and petticoat, reached under and pulled down her white frilly knickers. She illegal bahis siteleri stepped out of these and threw them over her shoulder onto me. She backed up to the bed and parted her legs and bent her knees, her stockings on full view from my low angle. She lifted the back of her pleats and petticoat and draped them over my head and upper torso. Parting her legs further she lowered her bare arse onto my face. I was confronted with thick auburn pubic hair. She adjusted her position so her vagina covered my mouth.

I took the earlier hint and began licking her between the legs. Her pubic hair was wet from her earlier urination and tasted salty and fishy. I continued with my licking concentrating on parting her inner lips. I supported her bottom under her skirt, my hands gripping her firm fleshy buttocks. She slid her vagina opening over my nose as I probed further. I exposed her clitoris and mercilessly licked it feeling her flinch at very flick. Her buttocks seemed heavier as she built up a rhythm.

“Not bad Norika, not bad at all,” Katie gasped approvingly to the Japanese girl.

My face glistened with her vaginal lubrication and sweat. Unexpectedly she got off me. I had naturally assumed she wanted me to take her to a full orgasm.

“Yes that’s fine, we’ve got a couple of new girls, only just turned eighteen who said they’d be interested. I’ll just go and get them.” said Katie to Norika.

Norika looked down at me thinking she’d earn a few extra house points from her find. The other girls in the dorm appeared disinterested in the activities surrounding the end bed where I was lying. I lay their thinking about the Tree Creepers and other birds I had missed.

Katie returned with two gorgeous looking beauties. Both had blonde wavy hair and looked rather Scandinavian. They walked in a very sensuous manner; their strong young legs swished their skirts as they moved. Their hips were wide. They were clearly new to the school as their tartan pleats looked immaculate and crisp. I couldn’t quite see their shoes but imaged them to be highly polished black two-inch court shoes similar to the rest.

“Norika this is Gillian Russell and Jennifer Bush,” said the house captain standing behind me. I looked up but they stared down at me as if I was a piece of furniture. Norika nodded and smiled widely in typical Japanese fashion.

“We do not know whether he has a good tongue or not yet,” Norika said to them, in her Japanese accent.

“Well he gave me a bloody good licking, despite me just having had a piss.” said Katie bluntly.

“Gill just stand over him and see how you feel, we can book him properly if you feel comfortable.”

I understood from the conversation that Norika had proposed to hire me out to ‘pleasure’ these girls, and presumably others, in a money making exercise, or perhaps just for kudos. I felt as If I was being exploited and felt vaguely ill at ease with being treated so. I thought given half a chance I should frighten them back to sanity before things got out of hand.

Gillian walked to the edge of the bed facing me. She parted her feet and placed her legs on each side of my head. I felt her black stockings touch my cheeks as she got into position. canlı bahis siteleri She stood looking down at me and my exposed penis which was clearly seeking attention. I felt the bed depress as Norika sat next to me. I felt her cool skirt over my thigh and her fingers on my semi-erection. She gently squeezed it as if it were a casual plaything.

Katie suggested to Gillian that she should shake her dress and petticoat over my face. Her hems covered my upper chest and again I was under a girl’s skirt. Norika felt my immediate penile reaction.

“He likes having his head up your skirt Gillian,” she said.

The view of her panties was incredible. They were pure white shiny nylon, completely without stains and pulled tightly into her cleft. They were covered in little embroidered white roses and looked very girly. Her petticoat had a half-inch lace trim and was also pure white slippery nylon. Everything smelt new.

Her suspenders appeared as if they had recently been taken out of their box and were perfectly tensioned, her black nylon stockings were immaculate and looked as if she had used gloves to pull them up as there were no snags or ladders.

I waited until she felt fully relaxed and bided my time. I felt that if I did something unpredictable, outrageous or deranged then they might release me so prepared myself for an instant reaction.

Suddenly I growled like a demented Hyena, bit her legs above her stocking tops and shook my head furiously inside her skirt. My hands scratched her buttocks and backs of her thighs and I thrashed my body around like something possessed.

I expected screams from Gillian; instead there was joyous laughter and giggling. She collapsed over me and kicked her legs about, straddling my chest. My world became a flurry of young legs and shoes, a blur of skirts, petticoats, black seamed stockings and suspenders.

She joined in the scrambling about, rubbing herself all over my upper body. My eyes focussed on her knickers and could see a damp patch between her legs. Clearly my actions had had the opposite desired effect. It now looked as if I had suddenly become more of a proposition. Norika beamed at me.

After eating my lunch the rest of the afternoon was spent under Norika’s tartan pleated skirt. She sat on my chest, her legs apart and tucked under, my nose pressed into her white lace panties. Her thighs held my head firmly in place. Her petticoat was draped over me and I felt relaxed. My penis remained semi erect. Someone had draped a blanket over the lower part of my body as it was beginning to get cold.

I heard Norika writing a letter above me, Kassandra having passed her her writhing pad and fountain pen. This went on for about an hour.

Emily had come to sit with us and she and Norika entered a long conversation about their parents and family. Norika seemed very comfortable to have me between her legs; clearly sitting in one position for a long time must be a Japanese ‘thing’

A couple of hours later Katie came in and said she had drawn up a rota. Because it was Sunday the next day she thought six girls would be a good number. She read them out and I recognised Gillian Russell’s name on it. So much for putting them off, I thought.

A bell rang in the corridor which was the five minute warning for high-tea. Norika and her friends left me alone again, promising that they would get me some food. I wasn’t sure what to expect the following morning,

(to be continued)

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