Dana Answers an Ad

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For “Dana”.

Based on a true story.


She avoided her husband’s questioning eyes and pretended to be absorbed in the sermon, but it was difficult to follow along. The preacher’s passionate ranting just could not command the same amount of attention from her as the butt plug she had jammed up her ass.

Try as she might, she couldn’t stop shifting in her seat. With every little movement, every time she crossed or uncrossed her legs, slouched forward, leaned back, and just generally rubbed her ass all over the chair, she was hyper aware of the plug’s hard stem…

Pulling… stretching… this way and that…

As her sensitive little hole puckered – and grabbed it tight.

Shift, pull… squeeze.

Slouch, push… squeeze.

Slide, stretch… squeeze.

She couldn’t deal, at the moment, with her husband’s concerned glance, as he soothingly stroked her bare knee. She had bigger problems.

The continual play in her asshole had her nerves buzzing, which wouldn’t have been such a big deal if only she had been allowed to wear a bra. Nipples standing at attention, she told herself she wasn’t nearly as exposed as she felt. But still, the poor young man seated to her other side, barely older than her own son, must have noticed her condition. Averting his eyes and mirroring her uncomfortable shifting, he pressed the cover of his hard-back bible into his lap, trying desperately to discretely maneuver his hardening cock into a more tenable position.

Dana, a cute, waifish little blonde whose presence had raised many a cock, had never been sure if she ought to be excited or indignant about the hard-ons she inspired. And now, mortifying embarrassment before this kid was tempered with smugness at the effect she was having, which itself had to compete with pity and a bit of guilt at having put him in such a bad way.

But even the poor boy’s arousal wasn’t her biggest concern at the moment. It was her own. A little knot of anxiety began twisting in her stomach when she considered the fact that she hadn’t been allowed to wear panties either. It made her wonder which would be worse for her to soak through, the seat of her little skirt, or the cushion of her chair.

With a nearly panicked anxiety, an indignant inner voice vented, “I can NOT believe I’m making this decision”, as she slid her ass forward, flaring her skirt out behind her. Pussy now rubbing directly on the rough weave of the chair, she reached down and rearranged her skirt. Gripping onto the sides of the chair to slide back upright, she gritted tensely, aware of every little detail in the texture of the seat cushion, as that damn pontificating preacher prattled on, and unceasingly on.

When the service finally drew to a close, her young admirer executed a mercifully swift exodus. And she managed to slip a hymnal over the wet spot on her chair, casually edging away. Nerves abuzz, flushed with self consciousness, she tried to drag hubby through the sea of bodies. But oblivious to her condition, he was just too much of a social creature to cooperate with a hasty retreat.

Forced to give up on escape, she demurely tagged along, inch by excruciating inch, trying to make polite conversation as she went. And she tried to act as natural as she could, her face burning with secret shame, every time some bubbly girlfriend wrapped her in a hug, rubbing up against her thinly veiled nipples. “How the hell did I get into this?”, whined that tortured voice in her head, as the knot in her stomach tightened, her asshole clenched, and her pussy drooled.


It’s not as if she was some sort of straight laced priss. She’d always loved to party, and had done some downright wild things when she was younger. But she’d always been happiest following someone else’s lead, and for the second twenty years of her life that had been her husband. They were married pretty young and had partied together, but that seemed like a lifetime ago.

Life was still good, if not as exciting as it had once been. They spent a lot less time frequenting beach bars, and a lot more time raising two kids in the high end suburbs and being involved in school and church social circles. On balance, she really couldn’t complain.

But with the kids reaching teen-age, her life was no longer wrapped up in babies and children, putting her identity in a bit of transition. And having had youngsters in the house as she’d come into her sexual prime, her libido had been simmering and suppressed for years now. So lately she’d begun fantasizing. …about women, as it happened.

Eventually, she began browsing the online personals, never thinking she would actually answer one, until one day she ran across this:

Does Submission to a Younger Woman Make You Wet? – w4w – 22 casino siteleri (Newport Coast)

Does the thought of submitting yourself to a younger woman turn you on?

Does that growing sense of anxiety at putting yourself in the hands of a free spirit who will almost certainly not play responsibly with your trust and sense of modesty make you start to tingle and cream?

If the need to submit overcomes the panic that’s about to make you pee yourself, you should get in touch with me.

I’m spoiled and entitled. I’ll ask more than is fair. You’d be crazy to get involved with me.

Now put “Please” in the title of your e-mail, and send me a picture of yourself.

There was just something about that ad. It had a picture of a statuesque young blonde, standing proudly atop a pickup truck, a taut, lean body in a bikini and cut-off half top, filled out with a pair of gravity defying young tits.

But it wasn’t the body. It was the attitude. Here was a girl who liked to take charge, with enough confidence for the both of them. Suddenly there was a way for her to get with a real beauty without having to re-cast herself as the aggressor. This beautiful young girl wanted a woman that was both older and submissive. And yeah, the very idea of giving control to the arrogant little bitch was making her a kinda warm and tingly.

from: Dana

to: PersonalAd_jwznc-2462734471

subject: Does Submission to a Younger Woman Make You Wet?

YES!!!! Reading your post made me want you to fulfill my fantasy of being with a woman

Please respond


from: Erin

to: Dana

subject: RE: Does Submission to a Younger Woman Make You Wet??

Oh Dana, Dana, Dana.

I told you to show me a picture of yourself and to say please. We’re not into taking direction are we?

Now show me you want to do what you’re told.


from?: Dana

to?: Erin

subject?: RE: Does Submission to a Younger Woman Make You Wet?


[pic attached]

Dana still wasn’t really sure she would ever go through with it, but letting this girl push her around even a little was really turning her on. So when she received instructions to drop by a home in a nice neighborhood after work later that week, she cranked the car radio to keep herself from thinking too much about what she was doing and went on by.

The door was answered by a middle aged woman she didn’t recognize. Dana just stood there not really knowing what to say.

“Dana? I’m Sheryl. Erin told me to give you a massage this afternoon.”

A bit surprised and dazed at the unexpected situation, she was led through the house into a darkened den with scented candles burning, soft music playing, and a little table-top water feature gurgling in the corner.

Sheryl stepped out of the room as Dana undressed and situated herself and a towel on the massage table in the center of the room.

After rubbing her back with peppermint oil for a couple of minutes, Sheryl handed her a sealed envelope and stepped out again.

Dana,Sheryl is a straight woman and a professional masseuse, but if I tell her to, she will eat your pussy ’till you scream.

Enjoy your massage.- Erin

Frantically stuffing the note back into the envelope and tossing it at her purse, she lay there trying to control her breathing as Sheryl came back in and started rubbing again.

Suddenly her every touch was electric. Dana’s mind was racing, one minute thinking Erin was just planting fantasies in her head and Sheryl would never do any such thing, the next wondering if maybe she actually had received instructions and would be slipping a hand under the towel any second now. She felt dizzy, not sure she’d ever been so turned on in her life.

But the sexual advance never came, and after leaving the room again for Dana to dress, Sheryl returned with a little gift-wrapped box.

“You’re not supposed to open this until Erin says so.”, she said, as she walked her out and sent her on her way.

The next couple of nights were restless and filled with nasty dreams. Dana was a good girl and waited patiently for instructions without opening her present. Then finally Erin got in touch and they chatted about her weekend plans, deciding that they’d get in touch again on Sunday afternoon. She was instructed to check her e-mail in the morning before getting ready for church.

from: Erin

to: Dana

subject: Sunday: Fun Day

Today you are to wear a short skirt and no underwear of any kind.

Open your present and wear that too.

Unwrapping her gift, she didn’t know what she’d been expecting, but certainly not a butt plug…


They finally made their way through the throng and out of the slot oyna church building, and began slowly sauntering toward the car, keeping an eye out for the kids. Spotting her son across the way they diverted in his direction.

He was chatting with a young woman who, hand on his chest, seemed to be “steadying” herself from collapsing in giggles.

“What a little stud!”, Dana thought, a proud grin spreading across her face. Until the lithe young blonde turned around.

She was dumb-struck. It was Erin in a sundress, flirting with her boy.

“What the hell does this bitch think…”, but her mind was reeling, unable to even complete the thought. Awkwardly standing there in front of Erin and her boy, nipples erect, ass full of plug, it was all she could do not to stammer as “introductions” were made. Trying to gather her wits and remember how to act natural, she managed to nod and smile while Erin somehow smoothly arranged for just the two of them to slip away for a little lunch or shopping or something. So she mutely slid into the passenger side of Erin’s car, trying to think about anything other than the snail-trail she was leaving on the hot leather seat, as she was whisked away to a nearby hotel.

Obediently following Erin into a room, she began to tremble with nervous energy. Not knowing what to do, where to stand, what to say, the decision was suddenly made for her as Erin shoved her over backwards onto the bed. With a simple shrug of spaghetti straps, Erin stepped out of her dress and shoes, to clamber onto the bed and straddle her on hands and knees, completely naked.

Those big tight tits brushed firmly up her own as Erin pushed herself up, face to face, then slid up further to plant a slow, warm, gentle kiss on her forehead. Working back down a little, at a leisurely pace, her kissing lips tenderly engaged eyelid, eyelid, then nose.

Feeling Erin’s breath hovering, Dana parted her lips ever so slightly, but the kiss floated off to the side, brushing lightly across her cheek. Dana let go a long soft sigh, as deliberate, tender kisses seemed to dissipate her pent up nervous energy. It seemed as if only then did her spirit relax and lay back with her body beneath this young woman.

Her shirt was gently pulled off over her head and the kisses made their way to her breasts. Lips and fingers started gently tugging at her nipples, which had now ironically relaxed as well. She heard a playful “Hrmmm” as Erin considered the situation. The lips slid slowly up along her neck to her ear lobe, and when a pert little nose nuzzled into her ear and she could hear and feel the hot breath from it, her nipples suddenly sprang back to life. “That’s a good girl”, Erin teased, as she planted her elbows on the mattress, got hold of a nipple with each hand and started nipping at her lips.

Gradually, Erin’s manipulations began to escalate, tongue tickling lips and nipples, fingers pinching more firmly. Lips sucked a nipple in, tongue flicking rapidly back and forth across its tip. A prolonged, vise-like pinch of a nipple forced an inadvertent gasp from Dana’s lips, upon which Erin darted in, capturing her lower lip between her teeth, raking, pulling, stretching her lip, as she pulled away. Blood rushed in making her lip feel swollen, her entire face suddenly radiating heat.

Finally caught up in the passion of the moment, Dana reached up, pulling her in for a long, engaged, probing kiss. But then Erin slipped away, sliding slowly down her body, grazing lips across ribs, stomach, belly-button. Backing momentarily off the bed, she gently removed Dana’s skirt, leaving her in just heels, and returned to focus on her abdomen and hips, and to gently start teasing at her little trimmed tuft of hair.

Reaching a hand under each knee, she lifted them up, pushing them all the way back until Dana’s heels were pointed at the ceiling. Exposing her entirely, this spread her lips, allowing Dana to catch the musky scent she’d been brewing all morning. Intoxicated with its own excitement, her body began slowly writhing.

Grabbing her hands, Erin guided them to her legs, making her hold her own knees back while she slid back down below. Face burning, spine writhing, completely exposed, Dana’s eyes rolled up to stare through the ceiling as the feeling of slow, warm, wet nibbles on her thighs and ass produced quiet little whimpers.

A cool stream of air blew gently across her wet pussy, followed by hot breath. And…


Erin gave the butt plug a firm whack, which it seemed to transmit deep inside, eliciting a surprised, guttural moan. Kisses and licks all around her ass and thighs were mixed with flicks, tweaks, and gentle tugging on the butt plug. Trying as best she could to hold still, Dana groaned and writhed on the bed.

Then finally, canlı casino siteleri fingers gently spread her open, and tongue sensuously traced a straight line from hole to clit, as she wordlessly moaned her approval. Tongue extended, Erin raised up to look her straight in the eye, an iridescent strand trailing from clit to tongue, glinting as it stretched.

As Dana panted, mouth agape, a sly grin slowly spread across Erin face, drawing the tongue end of Dana’s juice into her mouth. And suddenly, she scrambled up over Dana’s body and mounted her face.

Shocked and surprised, Dana’s limbs flailed for leverage, as she tasted pussy plastered on her mouth while thighs squeezed her head. After several seconds of helpless struggle and muffled yelps, Erin put both palms down on Dana’s hair and rocked her hips back ever so slightly.

“Alright, knock it off. Stop that. Breathe!”

Gripping desperately onto the hips above her face, Dana found that she could draw breath through her nose, as she peered plaintively up at her captor.

“Good. Now breathe. Breathe. Ok, now let me feel that tongue.”

Her muffled complaint elicited no mercy as Erin bounced her full weight slightly up and down on her head.

“Tongue. Now!”

Dana couldn’t look her in the eye as she obediently forced her tongue up into Erin’s juicy folds.

“That’s a good girl”, came the patronizing approval, as Erin lovingly stroked her head and began to gently rock her hips, riding slowly, rhythmically up and down her face. Burning with shame, legs kicking spastically, hands gripping hips for all they were worth, it was all she could do to suck air periodically and try to keep her tongue extended.

As the riding began to accelerate, and she gulped on the fluid seeping into her mouth, it became too difficult, even dangerous, to keep her tongue engaged. Clamping her mouth closed against the buffeting, and tilting her head back, she was able to keep her nose mostly free to breathe. Without complaint, Erin grabbed two handfuls of hair and bucked, bounced, and ground ferociously on her jutting chin. Grinding harder and harder, wetter and wetter, crying out passionately, Erin worked herself up to an intense climax.

Gasping for breath, and slowly grinding to a halt, she fell forward to rest on her forearms.

“Whew! Oh yeah. That was good.”

Dana, still trapped underneath, was practically blowing bubbles with her nose now mashed up against Erin’s clit. After a minute or so, feeling unable to breathe, she “mumph”ed a pitifully plaintive whimper into Erin’s pussy.

“Ok, ok. Gimme a second.”, scolded Erin, as she deliberately sat there a little longer catching her breath.

Finally summoning the strength, Erin shimmied her ass back down ’till she could take in Dana’s slathered, shell-shocked face. Unable to contain a giggle, she cooed, “Oooh, you poor thing. You were soooo good.”, as she stroked her hair and kissed the sloppy wetness from forehead to neck.

“Now, where were we?”, she pondered as she slid back down South, putting Dana in charge once again of pulling her own legs back.

Picking up where she’d left off, she began exploring with her tongue, dipping deep inside for lube and bringing it out to smear around. Then pressing and massaging the entire area with the flat of her palm.

Pinching together the skin on either side of the clitoral hood, she began tugging it up and down, sort of jerking off her clit within the surrounding skin. The other hand kept the butt plug pushing and pulling at her asshole, while her tongue teased everything in between.

When Dana’s back began to arch and eyes fluttered closed, hand and mouth switched roles. Lips sucked in the clit, applying rhythmic suction, while fingers began to penetrate, rub, and swirl. Alternately pushing forward and back caused her internal muscles to stretch and contract. Then two fingers, three knuckles deep, began to make that “come here” motion to press on her G-spot over and over again.

When this started producing low moans, Erin slid up to lay beside her, one hand reaching down, palm on clit, two fingers inside pounding the G-spot, while lips and tongue alternated between nipples and mouth, until Dana started to writhe once again. Then Erin backed off until she calmed down.

Resuming the pace, she worked her up again, and the second time she backed off Dana tried to take control of the action by bucking into her hand. But the hand just matched her movements, denying her the friction she needed.

When Erin built her up and let her down for a third time, she let loose a whimper.


“Oh, alright”, and Erin attacked her G-spot mercilessly, pounding harder and harder, snaking her tongue practically down her throat, without stopping, until she was bucking wildly, legs kicking, thighs squeezing, stomach clenching, pussy gushing…


from?: Erin

to?: Dana

subject?: Obedience Has Its Rewards

Report to Sheryl’s house, Wednesday at 8:00pm.

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