Come to Me, My Love

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Sarah stands at the door to his shop watching him. She doesn’t want to interrupt and she doesn’t want to tell him what’s on her mind; but with all her heart she wants his attention and she’d like him to telepathically know what she’s feeling. She’s so wet, her liquid could possibly seep from her crotch and she feels the familiar ache deep inside her pelvis that yearns to be stroked. She eases inside the workshop and stands beside the hood of the car where his head is buried. She watches his hand holding the side of the car, steading his torso, so he can work inside its bowels without losing balance. His hand is strong and beautiful and the most perfect man hands she’s ever seen. Her breathing is shallow and she wants him so very badly.

Paul knows she’s there because he can feel her beside him. Sarah feels unlike any other woman and he knows when she’s near and when she’s far away. He stands, faces her, and looks into her face. She slightly smiles at him with her lips, but that’s not what he notices. He sees the storm in her eyes and is able to guess her state. He feels his member swell with the realization that she’s come to him, only him, in this condition. Neither of them speak, they just look into each other’s eyes, feeling each other, smelling each other, and lusting.

She beckons him with her eyes, then quickly, without warning, the beckon changes to longing. He sees it. Her eyes draw him inside her deeply, to her core. She can’t stand it – the waiting. He’s making her wait. He stands before her soaking in the sensation of her need and after what seems like an eternity, he raspily whispers, “What do you want?”

All she can muster to whisper back is, “Paul.”

They continue to stand, looking into each other’s eyes, feeling each other, and the earth stops rotating, the breeze stops blowing, birds stop singing, and space becomes vacuous. Both of them are finding it difficult to circulate oxygen and the heaving of their chests proves this.

“Tell me what you want.” He says to her in a commanding way.

“Oh Paul,” she whispers, closing her eyes tightly as if she’s unable to stand seeing any longer.

“Come to me,” he growls as he wraps his arms around her waist, drawing her to him tightly. Her body is at the mercy of his strength and she collapses into him after finally, what seems like an eternity, he attends to her. His lips devour hers and he thrusts his tongue into her mouth and she sucks.

She feels his hard penis against her thigh and this elicits a little bubble of delight that expands inside her pelvis and works its way upward to her mind. He’s drinking her in like manna and she wants him totally; she wants him to consume her, to ravage her, to claim her mind, body, and soul.

With one mighty swoop, he whisks her in his arms and takes her into the house. As he walks toward the bedroom, he whispers, “You’re mine.”

Clinging to his neck, Sarah whispers back, “Yes.”

He places her on the bed and looks deeply into her face and growls almost with an animalistic nature, “You are mine!” His eyes are dark and stormy and reminiscent of something primal, something that hasn’t evolved very far, something that’s at the core of human instinct.

She can’t wait. Her need is so strong that her pelvis is innately writhing on the bed. Her yearning eyes are watching every move he makes, longing for what is to soon come.

He stands, towering above her, and with two mighty whisks, removes his clothes allowing his aching penis to expand its full size without the pesky constriction of pants. She reaches for his penis and he takes a step back and growls, “Don’t move.” He lifts a solitary finger in authority and asks, “Are you going to move?”

She shakes her head no and grinds her pelvis into the bed, savoring the agony of arousal. She watches him go into the bathroom and hears him wash the grime off his hands. He returns wearing the faint smell of soap and stands beside her watching her writhe on the bed. His heart swells with love for this woman – his woman; who lusts for him and comes to him full of desire. “Tell me what you want.”

“Paul, please,” she whispers. Her body is so taught with desire, she can hardly talk but she manages to pinch out, “Don’t tease. I can’t wait any more.” And truly, she can’t. She is in such a state of arousal that he doesn’t have to work toward making her body ready to accept him. She is ready and has been more than ready for quite some time.

He positions himself between her legs, scrunches her knees towards her abdomen, then parts her knees giving full access to her crotch. Only then does he realize her state. She is soaking wet and her delicate pink skin is glistening with fluid.

His eyes dilate and he situates himself above her. Then, using his hand, he guides the head of his penis to her crotch and rubs a time or two feeling for her entrance.

The anticipation is about to push Sarah over the edge and she stares at him with primal desire aching for what is about to happen. Then, she feels it. The soft head of his penis parts her labia and with one steady, firm movement he pushes himself into her swollen vagina. His penis expands her internal aching tissue and she groans as he possesses aksaray escort her with his manhood. She wraps her legs around him and holds him tightly. Ever so slowly, he begins moving and she’s overtaken with sensation. Her pelvis rocks in rhythm with his movements as he devowers her mouth with erotic kisses. He takes her up with him, to an unseen place, where two lovers go when their heads are dizzy with lust and their hearts are bursting with love. The ethereal place that’s detached from reality and all that exists is sensation; wonderful, agonizing, sexual sensation that swirls higher and higher.

Her legs have clamped his hips so tightly that he doesn’t feel he’s moving very much. She is doing most of the work because he can feel her gripping his penis with her vaginal muscles. She grips then releases, grips then releases, then she tears her lips from his kisses and buries her face into his neck. With all her might, she holds onto him as if melding her body into his. He hears her sighs turn into what sounds like expressions of agony, then her vaginal muscles grip hard and deep. A primal groan rips from her throat while her body stiffens in an all-encompassing contraction of ecstasy.

He pushes his penis into her as far and as he can and holds this position while an orgasm rages through her body. After several seconds, her body releases the initial contraction then waves of convulsions continue to ravage her and she gasps for air. Eventually, he feels her body relax; her legs release hold of his hips, her arms let go of his neck and her head sinks into the pillow. He thinks how beautiful she is, lying beneath him with flushed skin and an expression beaming with blissfulness.

Still inside her, he brushes a strand of hair out of her face and she opens her eyes and smiles at him. “You’re beautiful and you are all mine,” he says tenderly. This time, his words are not commanding, rather, they are stating a fact. Slowly, he pulls out of her body and just as his penis leaves her, she feels a pang of separation that causes her to wince.

He turns her over so that she’s lying on her stomach. Next, he straddles her lower legs, stretches upward to caresses her shoulders, then curls his fingers and intensely scratches with both hands down her back, buttocks, upper thighs, and stops at her calves. He pushes his hands upward applying pressure and stops about midway on her thighs, then rubs down and up. Each time he rubs down and up, his hands pull laterally at her inner thighs, teasing her and letting his hands go higher and higher. After five or six passes, he lets the very tips of his fingers brush the crack between her buttocks and her back arches. After a few more passes, his fingertips go deeper in between her buttocks and he purposefully separates her cheeks before rubbing downward. He presses more deliberately into her flesh with the palms of his hands and he continues rubbing her inner thighs and buttocks.

She begins to squirm. Anything to do with her back side produces a strange plethora of sensation. If he touches too lightly, it feels ticklish but if he presses firmly, it causes a curious feeling that is not pleasant but is very erotic. She can feel her vagina begin to moisten again. Stroking her inner thighs produces one type of experience and pulling her buttocks apart produces another. The two sensations together are driving her crazy and she innately pushes into his hands.

His face is drawn to her flesh and he begins to kiss her buttocks – tender kisses all over her delicate skin and as kisses, he inhales her intoxicating scent. Every now and then, instead of just kissing with his lips, he give small little love bites with the front of his teeth. He knows this drives her crazy and her writhing and occasional moan proves he’s doing well to arouse her need. He moves upward and kisses her back, while again giving occasional love bites. He feels her body respond with small shudders of tension.

She reaches behind her and sinks her nails into his sides. He stretches his body on top of hers, pressing her into the bed, and buries his face in her hair. Then, he whispers, “Raise your pelvis. Go on, Baby, I’ll raise with you.”

She follows his instruction and as he feels her try to raise her pelvis, he also raises his allowing her room move. Paul positions himself over her with one arm, and reaches for a pillow and crams it between Sarah’s pelvis and the bed. Then, he lowers his pelvis pushing her back down onto the pillow. She loves feeling Paul’s weight on top of her. She feels that he’s in total control and that she’s protected. Nothing can happen in this room, or to her, that he doesn’t allow and because she loves him and unequivocally trusts him, she will relax into whatever comes.

He pushes his hand underneath her belly and begins to fondle her navel. She gasps then gives a long, deep moan and he can feel her hips try to raise but he holds her down with his pelvis. She tries to move with the sensations he making her feel but he’s too heavy and he’s not giving her an inch of free space. She’s helpless and all she can do is endure every luscious tug of sexual tension shooting through her womb.

“Paul! Paul! anal yapan escort I can’t….” she whispers. “Oh God….Paul…”

“Breath, Baby, and just feel.” He whispers to her.

She raises her head back, searching for anything that could ease the tension. But, truly, she doesn’t want the sensations Paul is causing in her body to be hampered. It’s just so all-consuming! Her head is spinning, her muscles are tense, and she feels such a deep ache in her pelvis that it is truly agonizing.

Finally, Paul removes his hand from her belly so that he can position his penis at the entrance to her vagina then, he pushes into her. Sheer ecstasy. Sarah groans one long deep groan in response to the fulfillment she’s been craving.

With the tip of his penis, Paul can feel her engorged, rock hard, G tissue. He smiles to himself because he knows he’s done well. He slowly begins to move inside her allowing his penis to slide all the way into her. He pays particular attention to the front of her vagina, deep inside. He can feel her body contract, sort of as if she’s taken a hit to the stomach. He wraps both of his arms around her torso, pulling her into his body, and rests both of their weights on his elbows. She is one with him and the rhythm of their bodies join in tandem while their minds float together in in agonizing bliss.

“Please,” she murmurs.

“Not yet, Baby. Stay with me.” He tells her as he stops moving inside her. He holds her, completely still. “Don’t move.”

“Paul…” she whines.

He can feel her vaginal muscles gripping his manhood. He whispers, “Be still. Soon, Baby, but not yet.” He is not trying to tease or torture her but he’s not ready for her to climax. He wants the two of them to savor more of the journey together. He holds her deathly still in his cocoon of heat and, when he feels her body relax a little, slowly moves again.

She gasps for air. It’s so strange how the first stroke after a pause is even more intense than the previous strokes. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to take much more, then, without warning, he changes strokes. Because she’s close to climaxing she finds this irritating. She would like him to let her soar but she’s under his control and at the mercy of whatever he wishes to do.

His arms release her abdomen and he raises his torso off of her and she feels cool air drape her body where once his heat encapsulated. He begins to pull out of her but, before he completely disjoins, he pushes in at a downward angle and crams the tip of his penis into her G area. He pulls back, then again forces his penis tip into her G tissue. She tries to raise her torso and reach for him with her right hand. He puts a palm in the middle of her upper back and pushes her back down into the bed. She is helpless and writhing in sexual agony. She feels as if she’s coming out of her skin and should be able to do something to help herself, but, Paul is in complete control so all she can do is take what he gives her and hang on for dear life. He reaches around her waist with his free hand and finds her naval with his middle finger. He begins to press into her belly button tissue once more.

Sarah becomes animalistic. She tries to move with Paul’s thrusts but he has her practically immobilized. He is driving her insane with sensation and she loves every agonizing pulse of pleasure he’s pushing through her body. She’s soaring again. She’s above the clouds in a vortex of time and space where nothing exists except sensation and she’s no longer aware of any noises or movements she’s making. Her body is one with the primal thing that is at the root of all human existence. Something beyond control and reason, something that is magical and unearthly.

Then, simultaneously, they both feel it – the hot heat of orgasm rips through their bodies and both become stiff with pleasure. As Paul releases his seed inside her body, her urethra spasms causing her to squirt female ejaculate. A deep, groan rips from the back of her throat so fierce that it hurts and yet she is helpless to it all. Her body is doing one of the things it was made to do. She doesn’t try to control herself; she allows the physical response to take her body where it may.

Paul’s body goes limp on top of her and the two of them savor the first exquisite moments after orgasm. In a few moments, Paul raises and pulls his member from Sarah’s body and she curls up on her side and he spoons around her.

She whispers, “I’m tired.”

“Then sleep, Baby.”

Sarah is aware when he slips from the sheets and goes into the bathroom. She hears him take a shower then, she hears water running in the tub. She’s too relaxed to think much about it so she continues to snuggle in bed. A few minutes later, she feels Paul sit beside her and stroke her hair.

“Wake up, Sarah.” Paul whispers. He leans in and gives her a few butterfly kisses and says, “Wake up, I have a treat.”

She rolls on her back, looks at him and smiles.

“Bath time,” he says.

He takes both of her hands in his and leads her from the bed’s warm nest to the bathroom where she sees a Jacuzzi tub full of warm water. He whispers to her, “No talking, unless atakent escort something has to be said. Got it?”

She smiles at him and nods yes.

“Into the tub you go.” He tells her. As she steps into the tub, he gets in behind her and sits down first. He takes her hands and pulls down, signifying for her to sit down too. She does as he wishes, and sits down in the warm water in between his legs and leans back on his chest.

The warm water feels so good and Paul’s skin is as warm and sultry as the water caressing their bodies. His arms wrap around her and he uses his hands to cause water to lap around her breasts. He kisses her shoulder then whispers, “You’ll let me wash you.” His words are gentle and tender but they are commanding and Sarah knows he is not asking, rather he’s instructing. Pauls hands caress her body and splash water upon all parts of her exposed skin, then he says, “Hair first.”

He reaches for a large cup sitting on a nearby ledge, then begins to wet her hair. He notices the way her hair looks as it becomes saturated with water and enjoys running his fingers through it and comparing what it feels like wet versus when it is dry. He squirts a large dollop of shampoo into his hands and begins to work it into Sarah’s hair. Occasionally, she offers a small sigh of contentment and this makes him very happy.

Once her hair is thoroughly washed, he tells her, “Scoot down and lean back into the water.” She does as instructed and leans back until all of her hair is submerged. She looks up into his face and he smiles at her, then she feels his hands in the water begin to coax the suds out of her hair. His hands work gently underneath the surface so the water’s edge isn’t disturbed enough to splash into her eyes. Paul has the ability to be so very tender and loving but he’s also strong and commanding.

Sarah feels his hands move from her hair to her upper back and he tells her to sit up, then he positions her between his legs once more. He leans her back against his chest, and reaches around her to grab the bar of soap and lather his hands. Then, he washes her arms. He stretches them out in front of her and, as he reaches around, he envelops her in an embrace and his hands caress her arms and hands. He washes between each finger and around her nails and she realizes, not only is he washing her, he’s studying her body; what she looks like, what she feels like. He moves his hands toward her body and places her hands in the water. He washes under her arms and her shoulders before moving to her chest. He puts more soap on his hands and leans her back once more. His hands expertly glide over her breasts, under and around them then, he circles her nipples. Using the cup, he rinses the soapy areas of her skin then tells her to lean forward so that he can wash her back. He takes his time and kneads her muscles using the slick soap as a gliding agent. Occasionally, Sarah moans and he can tell she’s relaxed and enjoying herself. As he washes her, he’s learning where she enjoys being touched and what various body parts feel like and look like. He notices where she has scars and where she has freckles and where she holds tension. Then, he rinses the soap from her back and moves around the perimeter of the Jacuzzi so that he’s facing her.

He tells her, “Lean back and rest against the side of the Jacuzzi.”

She does as she’s told.

“Give me a foot.” He says tenderly.

She raises her right foot and he places the sole of her foot on his chest. He lathers his hands and washes her foot, each toe, and in between each toe. Then, he washes her leg up to where the water’s edge is encapsulating her knee. He takes her foot off of his chest and places it in the water, but before letting go, he rubs her foot paying special attention to her arch. He can tell by her facial expression she likes this very much. So, when he washes the other foot and leg, he gives that foot a rub as well. She leans her head back against the wall of the Jacuzzi and watches him. He’s watching her expressions and she’s watching him learn her. His eyes are as intense as dark marbles and he stares deeply into her eyes. Sarah realizes that he’s not only studying her body, he’s studying her soul.

Paul stands and Sarah notices the water run down his beautiful, hard body. Then, he signifies with his hands, that he’d like her to place her hands in his. She does as he wishes, then he whispers, “Stand up.”

She stands and Paul turns her around so that her back is against his chest. He reaches for the soap, lathers his hands, then begins to rub her tummy. As he rubs, he pulls her body close to his and she can feel residual steamy heat on his skin from the warm water they’ve been in. He feels so good that she innately lets her head rest upon his chest. He circles his hands on her stomach, the sides of her stomach, then lowers his hands to her thighs. His large hands lather her thighs then his hands slide inward, then upward, and he parts her labia with his fingers. Paul feels Sarah’s knees grow weak so he uses his left arm to hold abdomen steady and he proceeds to wash her with his right hand. His fingers expertly and gently rub around all her crevices and he kneads her inner labia between his fingers. Sarah’s breathing becomes shallow when his fingers stroke over her clitoris; she gasps for air and he pulls her into him closer. He leans into her ear and whispers, “Just a little more.” Then, he gently kisses her ear. He puts more lather on his hands and tells Sarah, “Lean forward.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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