City Garden

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He caught sight of her hair first, dark and long, gleaming where the sun kissed it. He moved closer as she walked between the market stalls. Coming up and standing next to her as she paused at a vendor’s stall, running her hands lightly over the baskets of fruit, lingering over the ripe peaches and pears.

Close enough now he could smell her hair and skin. Her hands disturbed a peach from its resting place and it tumbled down from the basket. They both reached for it, landing in her hand with his underneath. Her hand was soft and warm, and she looked at him in surprise. “Could I buy you some peaches?” he blurted out, looking into her eyes. Her smile started there, moving down her face till it touched her lips.

His eyes locked to her’s and he picked some peaches from the basket, full and ripe using only his hand. The other never left hers, his fingers entwined with hers now. She had yet to speak, but the smile on her lips was all he needed. The merchant bagged them and took his money.

She turned to leave, his hand tight in her and she pulled him through the crowd. He trailed behind her, appreciating the gently sway of her hips moving in time with her long hair. He flet an urge to lean in and pull her hair aside and kiss the back of her neck but both his hands were full as she pulled him through the crowd.

She paused at opening between two buildings, she turned and smiled at him. She gestured with her head and eyes, asking him without voice if he would come with her. Her hair, her eyes, the scent of her skin and hair, so familiar. He was sure they had never met, yet he know the curve of her neck, the roundness of her hips like he had known her forever. He was sure she was his dream come to life. In his dreams he had only seen hints here those hits were turned to flesh and blood. How could he refuse? He nodded yes as her eyes sent him a questioning look again and they turned down the narrow brick alley.

The tall narrow buildings gave way to a brick wall with an arched wooden door set in it. She took an old iron key from her pocket, placed it in the lock and turned it slowly to the right. It clicked and she pulled the latch to open it, swinging into the space beyond, a hidden garden.

The windowless building next door ran was longer and formed one long wall. The garden’s building formed the back and the high brick wall formed the other two, not that you could see the back. The garden was kissed by the afternoon sun, and felt warmer than the alley they had walked down. It was a riot of color soft green grass forming a winding path between the beds of flowers and other plants all turned to the sun.

There were birds whistling amongst the flowers and bushes and they entered the garden in silence. For the first time she turned towards him. “I know you” she whispered.

“I’ve never met you though” he replied in hushed tones. At some point their hands had come together between them.

“Sometimes dreams are more than dreams”, she leaned in and rested illegal bahis her head on his chest, listening to the slow thunder of his heart. Her own tried to match his in rhythm, trying to beat in time with his. Her hands moved to his hips and she felt his hands in her hair, stroking it, pulling it gently as his fingers moved through it. His hands slid down to her hips and he pushed her back a bit. One hand coming up to touch her chin lifting her head so he could see her eyes again. Lost in her eyes he leaned in and laid a gentle kiss on her lips, finally tasting their sweetness. An electric tingle ran through them. She gasped and turned away, one hand still in his pulling him down the grass path into the flowers of the garden.

Near the middle the path widened and rose up in a gentle hill, just a bump really, a grassy knoll between the red brick of the garden walls. Surrounded by large lilac bushes just coming into bloom, their sweet scent heavy in the air.

She sat down on the soft grass and pulled him down beside her. “I’m hungry, feed me” she said with a smile on her lips still tingling from their first gentle kiss. He reached into the bag and pulled out a peach, firm and ripe. He held it to her lips and she bit into it slowly, savoring the soft skin and the sweet juice on her tongue some of the juice rolling down her chin. He pulled the peach away and leaned in to lick the juice from her skin. His tongue soft and electric licking up to her lips. The kiss came sweet and natural, their lips coming together like they had kissed a thousand times before. Their lips full against each other, his hand slid down her back, pulling her closer to him.

Her scent filled him as they kissed, her body growing warmer against his. One hand on her back and the other in her hair, stroking and pulling. She twisted up and straddled him, their kiss deepening, tongues gently sliding against each other. They pulled apart to catch their breath. He offered the peach again and she took another bite, this time she deliberately let the juice run down her skin. She wanted to feel his tongue on her again.

He waited, watching the juice off her chin and fall into the hollow between her breasts, exposed by the low cut of her shirt. Finally he leaned in to lick it up slowly. He could feel her heart beating against his tongue as he slowly licked his way up from between her breasts, against her throat and over her chin back to her lips.

Her hands moved, as if on their own accord, unbuttoning his shirt, eager to feel his bare skin against her hands and she pulled his shirt down over his arms. She ran her hands over his forearms, felt their strength as he supported himself on them. Her hands ran over his chest and he moaned into her mouth as they kissed again. He sat up straighter taking his weight off his arms, bringing his hands to her hips. She wiggled at his touch. Their kiss went deeper and she pressed herself against him.

His hands slid up her body, cupping her breasts. She shuddered in delight illegal bahis siteleri at his touch, arching her back, inviting more. Instead his hands moved back down to the hem of her shirt his fingers reaching under it. He pulled it up, exposing her skin to warmth of the afternoon sun. His hands brushed the sides of her breasts and she felt an electric thrill as she raised her arms so he could pull it off over her head. With one hand he laid it to one side and with the other he gently unhooked her bra. With both hands he pulled it down her arms, letting his fingers tracing a tingly path down to her hands. The sun played over her naked breasts as he leaned down to take one nipple in his mouth. He sucked gently and she moaned. She pushed him on to his back and stretched out on top of him. Her lips seeking out his for another kiss as his hands stroked her back, his fingers tracing invisible patterns on her skin.

His hands moved down lower caressing her working his fingers under her jeans. She wiggled, feeling him swelling beneath her. She raised her hips and he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans beginning to push them down over the curved cheeks of her ass. She wiggled to help him and soon she was naked on top of him the sun warm on her back. She sat up and scooted backwards onto his legs, eager to feel his bare skin against hers. She unzipped his jeans. He rose up to her, to kiss again, but didn’t stop his motion, carrying her onto her back in the soft grass.

He kissed her lightly this time and the slowly slid his tongue down till he encircled on hard nipple. He sucked gently and she pulled his head to her breast holding him there. He pushed against her and slid his tongue across her skin to the other breast. He licked all around it, teasing her before pulling it into his mouth to suck on. He could feel and hear her moan now as he sucked and teased her breasts, moving back and forth between them.

Then he started moving down, kissing and nipping her soft skin, leaving a wet trail to her belly button. He paused a moment to run his tongue and teeth across her stomach and she moaned again, arching up against him. He moved lower still, till his tongue was poised above the swollen v between her legs. She moved her legs, bringing her heals against his body. Gently his lips came down to that sensitive spot nestled between her legs. His lips touched hers and the electricity raced between them, her hips pushing up against his tongue urging into her wet depths. It felt like he was devouring her and she responded pushing up with her hips, arching her back wanting his tongue deeper inside her.

She tasted sweet on his tongue and he continued to taste her, delving as deep as he could, then licking up to flick against her most sensitive spot then back to delve as deep as he could inside her. He could feel her shudder against his tongue, her body trembling with need. He flicked his tongue against her again and then sucked her into his mouth. She cried out her hands coming down to canlı bahis siteleri hold his head against her, not letting his tongue escape as her body began to crest, the pleasure surging like the tied through her body. He felt her grow limp and paused for a moment listening to her breath, feeling her wetness against his cheek.

She rose up enough to get her hands under his arms and she pulled him back up to her mouth, the kiss fierce now and he felt his hardness resting in the valley between her legs. Her hands moved back down to his jeans, pulling at them urgently to free him. He raised his hips to help her, then he was finally naked against her.

He could feel her urgency as well as his own, the need to become one with other was over powering. His hardness against her softness. Her hips thrust against him, rubbing herself up and down against him. He rose up sliding his shaft down her wet valley till the tip was poised at the entrance to her depths. They paused, their mouths coming together as he moved slowly into her. Her body yielded to him, letting him slide inside her in a long single stroke till they were nestled tightly together.

For moment they reveled in the feel of being locked together, one inside the other. They started moving slowly at first the sensations where their bodies came together nearly overpowering. The sensation where hard and soft came together urging them to move a faster as the heat between them rose higher. Now their hearts were beating in time as they felt the urge to move a little harder, a little faster against each other. He rose up on his arms, changing the angle and she felt a new sensation as he touched her in a new place. She writhed on him, twisting upon the hard shaft that filled her as he thrust still harder into her. Her eyes opened wide as filled her touching places that had not been touched before. She wrapped her legs around him and thrust up to meet him, urging him to continue. The sensation grow, exquisite inside her, starting deep, growing and spreading through her body till every nerve ending tingled. He thrust harder again and the spot inside her exploded sending waves of pleasure through her body, while lights flashing in her head as her body spasmed around him. She held him tight to her as the waves crashed through her.

He paused, holding himself deep inside as her body rode him. It was to much for him, he needed to fill her and fill her now. He moved again, faster, urgently, his blood pounding like a drum through him. He needed her around him, needed to spill himself inside her. She responded to him, thrusting up to meet him again, urging him to fill her. He lost himself in her eyes, moving faster, feeling the tide rising inside him. His body stiffened driving him into her, every muscle tense as he throbbed inside her filling her with his seed. She saw it in his eyes, felt it with her body and she pulled him tight to her not wanting a drop to be spilled outside of her.

They held together as he throbbed inside her, then he collapsed on her for a moment, his breathing heavy. He rolled off into the grass beside her and pulled her against him, her head resting on his chest as he nestled her closer, stroking her warm, trembling body. Sometimes dreams do come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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