Caught Red Handed

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There I was, lying on my bed with my rigid cock in my hand. I’d been edging myself closer and closer to orgasm for near an hour now, and could tell that I was getting close to maximum pressure. My wife was out with her friend shopping, I’d hoped that she would be home in time to suck me off and swallow this ever growing load, but the chances of that were growing slim. My computer lay next to me on the bed, the screen flickering with a maddening array of eroticism. I turned my attention from my cock to the screen and watched as a gorgeous brunette took a porn-star sized cock into her mouth. My eyes were transfixed as she slowly inched her way to the base of the enormous dick. I squeezed my cock in time with the brunette’s rhythm and closed my eyes. A flurry of images raced through my mind and settled on my wife deepthroating my cock while her shopping buddy licked her wet pussy from behind.

The thought was too much to bear, I shut my eyes tight and moaned with the intense pleasure of the scene playing out in my mind. I felt my cock erupt with the enormous weight of my built up cum, and heard the soft “thud” as stream after stream hit the pillow and wall above my head. I shuddered and the last jets of cum landed solidly on my stomach, my cock still firmly gripped in my hand. I stayed like that for a few moments, letting the final waves of orgasm expire, as I slowly had the realization that I had just shot cum inches past my own head.

“Jesus.” I said aloud, though only thinking it was to myself.

“Jesus indeed.” said a familiar voice.

My eyes flew open and I sat up with a start. My wife Jen and her friend Amy were standing in the doorway to our bedroom, shopping bags still clutched firmly in their hands and slung over their shoulders.

“Oh shit.” I stammered “Um, I was just… Well, you weren’t here and… Sorry!”

“It’s ok” Jen said “Amy was just helping me with my bags. I guess, um, we’ll just take them downstairs.”

As Jen was talking I could see that Amy’s eyes were fixed on my still semi-erect cock. Jen must have noticed too because she turned to Amy and said “That is.. Unless you want to help him clean up?”

“WHAT!” Said Amy, obviously embarrassed and at least a bit shocked.

“No, it’s ok.” I said and pulled the blankets up from the foot of the bed, where I had unceremoniously kicked them earlier, and covered myself up to my chest.

“Weren’t you saying that you thought Jim was ‘hot’ earlier?” Jen persisted. “And didn’t you mention last week how you’d always wanted to try a threesome? I only assumed, I mean, at the time, that you were referring to Jim and I.”

“No! I wasn’t!” Amy blurted, and she looked back and forth from me to Jen. “Well, I didn’t mean you and Jim necessarily. But I have thought about that before. Have you guys ever had one?” She asked

“Never” Jen and I replied in unison, and Jen winked at me with a wicked smile. She had set her bags down and was slowly closing the door behind Amy. The effect was one of a predator blocking their pray’s only escape. She placed her hands on Amy’s shoulders and slowly slid them down her slender arms, pulling slightly at the straps of Amy’s tank top.

“Well,” Said Jen “What do you think?” She was still caressing Amy’s arms and shoulders.

The room was filled with an awkward silence for what seemed an eternity. Amy was staring into my eyes and had a look of fear and excitement on her face. She looked as though she was trying to work out whether Jen was serious about the offer.

Suddenly the silence was broken by a woman screaming “OH FUCK! FUCK ME IN THE AAASSSSSSSSS!!!” Jen raised her eyebrows at me as the long since forgotten computer, still playing a bahis firmaları skin flick that even Jen didn’t know that I had, bellowed the screams of the brunette as the sex scene escalated. I slammed the lid of the laptop and the moaning faded away.

We all burst into laughter at this, though my face I could tell had turned beet red with embarrassment. After a pause Amy said “Ok. Let’s try it!”

Until that moment I had been in shock from being caught by my wife, and her friend, in such a compromising position to really grasp what it was that we had been discussing. When Amy said “Let’s try it” it was like an explosion happened in my mind. “I am about to fuck two women at once!” I thought to myself. The look of utter amazement must have been plain to read on my face as Jen said “Let’s give Jim a break, and get things started. What do you think Amy?”

Amy nodded in agreement and for the first time in minutes turned her gaze from me to my wife. Jen grasped her hand and pulled her so close that their breasts pressed together, and kissed Amy passionately on the lips.

I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Jen in her pink tank top and jeans, blonde hair, fair skin, and amazing legs and Amy, half a foot shorter than Jen, in a strappy red tank top, jeans, and heels that made her perky ass look even perkier, were kissing and caressing each other with an amazing intensity.

Jen pulled Amy’s silken black hair, forcing her to tilt her head back, and licked her neck. Her hands had made their way down to Amy’s ass and were busy squeezing and pulling through her jeans. While Amy held on to Jen’s elbows, her eyes closed, and looked as though she were in ecstasy. I pulled the covers off and started stroking my already hard cock.

Amy unbuttoned Jen’s jeans and helped her shimmy out of them. Jen pulled off her pink tank top revealing her large supple breasts as Amy worked her way out of her own clothes. The two, now only in panties (Amy’s red and Jen’s a transparent white), began kissing again. Not able to stand on the sidelines any longer I got up from the bed and approached Amy from behind.

She smelled wonderful, her vanilla perfume mixed with the slight sweat beading on her skin. I kissed her soft neck and pressed the entire length of my cock onto her panty-clad ass. She moaned and pushed her back against me, grinding her hips in a subtle circular motion. Jen was sucking on Amy’s breast and licking her perfect nipples. One of Jen’s hands found my hip and pulled me closer to Amy’s body while the other remained focused on Amy’s body. A moment later the hand that had pulled me close now pushed me away as Jen led Amy to our bed.

Amy laid down on her back and Jen kneeled between her legs, then slowly pulled her panties and slid them down Amy’s firm thighs. “My god, you’re beautiful.” Jen said as she freed the panties that were now caught on Amy’s ankle.

Amy’s pussy was beautiful. She was perfectly shaven, her delicate flower opening for us to see as she spread her legs and slightly arched her back. Her pussy was glistening with arousal and she snaked a finger down her her labia. Jen looked at me for approval, the intense desire apparent in her eyes. This was the most amazing thing that I had ever seen, there was no way that I would stop this now. I nodded my complete consent and Jen smiled widely. She turned her attention back to Amy’s waiting lips and tenderly ran her tongue up the length of Amy’s lips.

Amy moaned and rolled her shoulders, arching her back further, as Jen continued to kiss and lick her pussy. Using both of her hands Jen spread Amy’s lips and sank her tongue deep into her pussy, only to pull back a moment later, flicking her tongue kaçak iddaa across Amy’s clit as she withdrew.

With her face still immersed in Amy’s pussy, Jen reached back and began stroking my raging hard cock. I knelt beside her and whispered in her ear “My turn.” Reluctantly Jen slid her body up from her kneeling position and crawled up the bed. Straddling Amy’s shoulders so that her pussy lips were directly above Amy’s open mouth. Amy looked deeply into Jen’s eyes and slowly leaned her head forward to taste, for the first time, another woman’s pussy.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” Jen moaned as she writhed on Amy’s tongue. I moved between Amy’s legs and kissed her clit. Then I licked the entire length of her pussy from her ass to her clit. She inhaled deeply and tried to say something but Jen pressed her pussy down upon her lips stifling Amy’s words. I massaged her lips with my fingers and continued exploring her sex with my tongue. Amy ground her hips, begging me with her body to keep licking her pussy.

I looked up from Amy’s pussy to watch Jen being eaten. Jen was rocking her hips back and forth over Amy’s tongue. As I stared at the amazing site before me, keeping my fingers working on Amy’s lips and clit, I realized that I had become mesmerized by the rhythmic glimpses of Jen’s asshole each time she slid her hips backwards. She truly had an amazing ass. We’d tried some light anal play a few times, mainly while I was going down on Jen I’d sneak a finger down and massage her bud. I’d always been a little too timid to try or ask for anything more, but she’d never objected to my touch.

Emboldened with the pure eroticism of the moment, and in the spirit of trying something new, I leaned forward and put my tongue directly on Jen’s asshole. “Oh my god!” she shrieked as she was instantly brought to the point of orgasm. She reached back and pulled my head hard against her and I continued to fuck her ass with my tongue. At the same instant I felt Amy’s pussy convulse around my fingers as she was rocked by the intensity of her own orgasm.

Jen swung her leg from over Amy’s shoulder and slid to the floor. Breathing hard she looked me straight in the eye and said “Now it’s your turn.” I was halfway laying on Amy’s naked form and I could feel my rock hard dick pressing against her thigh. Amy looked straight into my eyes and wrapped one hand around my cock and the other reached up and began fingering Jen’s pussy.

I crawled over Amy’s leg, fully onto the bed, and sat on my knees next to her letting her stroke my cock. I reached down and continued playing with her pussy while I watched two of her fingers disappear into my wife’s pussy. Jen leaned forward, over Amy’s midsection, and slowly took my cock into her mouth.

“Oh my god, that’s so hot.” Amy said as she jerked my cock into Jen’s wet mouth. Jen took me deeper into her throat, almost to the point of gagging, and held herself there. Amy moved her hand down to fondle my balls and said “I want you to fuck me. Now.” Jen moaned deeply and pulled her mouth off of my dick. Her saliva glistened on my skin making my large head shine in the late afternoon light. “I would love to see you fuck him” was Jen’s reply.

“Okay with me!” I replied with a smile and leaned down to kiss Amy deeply. As our tongues explored each others mouth her hand returned to my cock and began furiously jerking me. “Turn over, I want to fuck you from behind.” I said. Jen smiled at this. Knowing that I was, in her opinion, a master of doggy-style fucking.

As Amy turned over and got onto her knees, Jen sat in front of her and positioned her pussy directly in front of Amy’s face. She reached out and caressed the breadth of Amy’s back and gripped kaçak bahis her fingers tight into Amy’s hair as she felt Amy’s tongue return to licking her pussy.

I watched this for just a moment, and then focused on the beautiful ass and pussy being lifted, offered, to me. I knelt down and licked Amy’s pussy and moved up to her asshole where I let my tongue linger for just a moment. Amy sighed deeply and I saw Jen give me a wry smile. A smile that said “We’re going to explore this more later.”

I rubbed the head of my cock against Amy’s wet pussy and then slowly sank into her from behind. One long stroke and I was entirely inside of her amazingly snug pussy. My pelvis pressed against her ass cheeks and Amy moaned with pleasure. Jen was moaning loadly now and gyrating her hips back and forth. I pulled out, almost to the tip of my cock, and then sank back into her depths this time more quickly and with more force.

“Oh god. Fuck me!” Amy yelled. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her faster and with more intensity. Jen was cumming on Amy’s face now, I could tell by the way her legs were shaking, and I continued to slam into Amy’s pussy. I could feel my own orgasm building now and I pulled my dick out of her pussy and erupted with a huge stream of cum onto her reddened ass cheeks. “OH FUCK!” I screamed as wave after wave of cum landed on Amy’s ass and on the small of her back.

“Stay right there.” Jen told Amy as she scooted out from under her and came around to my side.

I was sweating and just starting to regain my breath when Jen reached down and grabbed hold of my cock. “Did you enjoy that?” She asked

“More than you can imagine.” I replied

“Good.” She replied with a smile and, not losing eye contact with me, leaned over and licked all of my cum off of Amy’s back. I groaned with pleasure at the sight, and Amy shivered a bit and said “Ohh, that feels good…”

Jen turned her back to me and bent over next to Amy. She was now in the same doggy style position. I watched in awe as she spit all of my collected cum into her hand and, with a wink to Amy, reached back and began massaging my load into her asshole. “I never realized you were so into anal.” She said looking directly into my eyes.

“Yeah, I am.” I said “I never thought that you would go for it.”

“You should’ve asked…” She said but whatever she intended to say next was cut off as Amy leaned over and began kissing her. I noticed that Amy’s hand was now between her legs rubbing her own pussy while she made out with my wife.

Jen was fingering her ass now, her hands lubed up with my cum. Surprisingly I hadn’t lost my erection in the least and I moved forward to Jen’s bent over form and pressed my cock against her anus. With a bit of pressure my head slipped past her ring and I was inside of her ass.

“OH GOD! Fuck my ass!” Jen screamed as an unexpected orgasm hit her. I pushed in deeper and her ass convulsed upon cock, squeezing my dick in time with the waves of her orgasm. It felt amazing. I watched as Amy and Jen continued to flick their tongues into each others mouths, my cock was now deep within Jen’s tight ass.

“Oh shit!” I yelled “I’m going to cum!” I’d barely taken three full strokes into her ass when my cock erupted and sent my cum deep inside her. Jen collapsed on the bed in front of me and I slowly pulled my cock out of her.

Amy was rubbing her clit furiously now and had her face pressed hard into the bed’s mattress. Her cries of pleasure were muffled as I watched her body shake as she came again.

Amy collapsed next to Jen, and I fell in between both of them. We lay there for a good thirty minutes without saying a word, the only sounds in the room were of our own heavy breathing.

I was the first to break the silence and said, in somewhat of an understatement “That was good.”

“Yes, yes it was.” Said Amy

“Do it again tomorrow?” Asked Jen

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