Cabin Fever , Me Ch. 2

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Big Dick

After the marathon sex session with my new friends, Mark, Jeff, Anna and Deb we were all exhausted and decided that a little sleep might do us all some good. Mark and Anna headed off to one bedroom while Jeff and Deb went to the other one. Still naked, I laid down on the couch and was soon fast asleep. I awoke to find my cock in Jeff’s mouth. “Just thought I would return the favor” he said. “I really loved being the first one to fuck you in the ass. You were so tight. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up and I got a hard on right away”

I looked down and sure enough Jeff cock was as hard as a rock. “Let’s 69,” I said and we quickly swung around so that we could both enjoy the feeling. His cock felt great in my mouth. I was wondering why I had waited so long to try this. Jeff started to lick my balls and my asshole so I did the same to him. His tongue was darting in and out of my anus and I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I think he could sense it too. He stopped sucking on me and said, “I want your cock in my ass.” I didn’t need to be asked twice. We switched positions so that Jeff was on his back on the couch. I lifted his legs up high to expose his puckered asshole and started to rub my slick cock up and down his crack. I was all wet with his saliva and my precum.

“Stop teasing me, he said. I need your cock in me! I slowly started to push my cock into his ass. It was an incredible feeling as I watched my cock disappear inch by inch into his ass. When I was all the way inside him I leaned down casino siteleri and stuck my tongue in his mouth. He responded with his own tongue and soon we were kissing each other with as much passion as I had ever experienced. Meanwhile my cock was going in and out of his ass at an ever-increasing speed. Jeff took his tongue out of my mouth and started to lick and suck on my nipples. That did it for me. I yelled out “Oh, Jeff, your ass is so hot, I am going to cum in your hot ass… I’m cuuuummmmminnnggg. I shot a huge load of cum into his ass. That was when I heard the applause. Jeff and I looked around and there were Deb and Anna standing there watching our performance. They both had this incredible look of lust in the their eyes.

“Well, it looks like you boys couldn’t wait for us,” Deb said. “Since these boys like to take it in the ass so much, I think we should both fuck them. Let’s get our strap-ons and show them what a real ass fucking feels like. I looked over at Jeff and he was smiling. “It looks like we are in for it now,” he said. The girls came back into the room suitably attired with their strap-on dildos pointing the way. Deb said, “since it was my fucking of Mark in the ass that caused you to fall down the hill I think I should get to fuck you. Besides, I have fucked Jeff in the ass many times with my friend here. Come over here and suck my cock, you slut.” I crawled over to Deb and took her fake cock into my mouth. “Get it nice and wet, slut,” she said. You suck well for a newbie.

I can’t wait to get my cock slot oyna into your nice tight butt. Turn around and let me slide this into you.” I got on all fours and Deb positioned herself behind me. Jeff who had been kept busy sucking on Anna’s strap on joined me on the carpet. “Let’s show these two boys what ass fucking is all about,” said Deb. “They both have nice asses, don’t they? Said Anna. They were naughty to start without us. I think we should spank them while we fuck them. ” Deb started to spank my ass while she slid her strap on into me. I was surprised how easily it went in.

Apparently I was quickly becoming a veteran at being fucked in the ass. The feeling was incredible. I could feel the heat on my ass as Deb continued to spank me while she thrusted her strap-on in and out of me. I have always liked to be spanked during sex. My cock seems to spasm with each stroke. Now I was also getting the added sensation of having my prostate stimulated by the strap on. I was in heaven. Jeff seemed to be enjoying his second ass fucking of the day as well. He had his eyes closed and he was moaning. I looked down and noticed that his cock was hard. I was sure I could see precum on the tip. Deb and Anna were really getting into it now. “Jeff is a great fuck” said Anna. His ass is really opening up for me. I love fucking him in the ass”

“You can have him anytime you want to,” said Deb. This one’s ass is really great, too. I am really glad he decided to drop in on us. Just then, Mark walked into the room. “What a sight,” he said. This canlı casino siteleri group may set a new record for the most sex in one weekend. Where can I fit in ladies?”

“Well, there are a couple of cocks hanging down that need attention, said Anna. I think Jeff would appreciate it. “Yeah, Mark, come over and suck me. It won’t be long before I cum. Anna is really got me going with her strap on in my ass. I watched as Mark slid under Jeff and took his cock in his mouth. “You are so wet,” said Mark. Mark started to slide more and more of Jeff’s cock in his mouth. Then he started to go up and down on it.

“Suck me, suck me Mark, Jeff exclaimed. Suck my cum out of me while your wife fucks me in the ass!!” Here it comes, I’m CUUUMMINNGGG! Swallow it, swallow all of my cum” Mark swallowed it all and licked his lips. “Tastes great!” he said. “Me next” , I said. Mark slid underneath me and wrapped his lips around my cock. Deb was still slowly sliding her strap on dildo in and out of my ass. Each stroke was exquisite. Now I had the added sensation of Mark going up and down on my cock. “He really likes having his nipples sucked,” said Jeff. “He came right away as soon as I started sucking his nipples.”

“Let’s do it” said Anna. “I want to see Mark swallow his come just like he did yours.” Both Jeff and Anna came over and each took one of my nipples in their mouth and started to suck. Deb started to spank my ass again. Just picture this. Deb is fucking my ass with a strap on dildo while spanking me. Mark is underneath me with my cock in his mouth while Jeff and Anna are on either side of me, each sucking on my nipples. I was totally out of control. “FUCK ME, SPANK ME, SUCK ME, DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO ME, MAKE ME CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM! And I did. What a weekend!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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