Boner’s Ribs , Special Sauce Pt. 01

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Adriana Chechik

18+ Adults Only. This story is a work of fiction. Enjoy Responsibly.


“Wait, what’s the Apron for?”

* * *

In retrospect, I should have known something was up. I was out looking for some part time work. Nothing long term mind you. I just needed a little extra cash between normal pay checks.

It was a hot summer afternoon. And I was hungry. I saw a rib joint along a country highway. It was more than a mom and pop place but not up to the “high quality” of a Hooter’s or Twin Peaks. The sign read “Boner’s Ribs and Special Sauce.” Well not exactly original, but what the hell right?

It was the kind of place that truckers mix with off duty cops, lunch time military guys and the occasional hunters during season. “It was a real “man’s” kinda of joint.

The front was enclosed and featured big screen tv’s and the usual sports fare. But there was also a back portion that was open air. It had a tin roof for the rain but was pretty basic in design. It had both long wooden tables and a few rounded ones with high bar stools. Each table was adorned with a long orange table cloth that concealed the lower part of the tables.

The back portion looked out into a wooded area that cast a nice shade into the open air deck. The sound of crickets and cicadas chirping and chatting echoed off the tin roof in the evening hours. It was a relaxing kind of place.

I was walking up and noticed two things: good looking country girls wearing VERY SHORT denim shorts and a help wanted sign in the window.

At that point, I could have gone for either.

I started walking into the entrance of the back deck when a pretty girl saw and stopped me. “You don’t want to go back there do you?” I looked back at her, stopped and thought up a clever response.

“Oh you want me up front?” I smiled and added, “Is it closed or something.”

“No it’s open.” She said. “I just figured you’d be more comfortable in the air conditioning.” “And…”

“And?” I replied.

“Nothing.” She just smiled. “Sit where you like.”

I though better of it, and decided to take the advice of this long legged brunette. “Lead the way,” I said and followed her into the front section.

It was basic but nice inside. There were a few more girls like “Katie” the brunette I met, but none were quite as captivating. She had that perfect mix of bouncy curly hair that gets a touch a frizz in the summer humidity, long tan legs, nice boobs and an ass to die for! And her southern accent pretty much put my cock in a ready position.

I was sufficiently smitten as I ordered a half rack and a beer.

I chatted and flirted with Katie for a good 20 minutes while I ate and relaxed a bit.

As I flirted I could see the beads of sweat and condensation beading up between her breasts. When she bent over to collect the peanut shells from the floor with a dust pan I got a clear view of her pussy, or at least her outer lips poking out against her tight cut offs. I was in heaven.

She looked back at me and caught me looking. She smiled a wry smile and gave me a little wiggle as she crossed back across the room. “I told you you would enjoy this side more” she said.

I picked up my jaw and tried to straighten out my hardening cock in my jeans. Just as she said her provocative comment I noticed a couple of hunters arrive and head toward the back room. Right after them a big rig stone hauler pulled into the gravel parking lot and I watch a couple more guys head back as well. Now I was confused.

On the one hand, I was full of ribs, at least one beer, and this sultry southern belle was making my stop very memorable. But why wasn’t I invited the back? Was I not as good at the truck drivers? Or the hunters? Or…now…the loggers…? Wait, what in the hell? Not only was I not invited back there, but they were ALL going to the back. Not a one was coming to the front? Clearly they didn’t know about Katie and her excellent service!

My thoughts were interrupted as Katie slammed down my next beer.

“You look empty.” I looked at my other mug. She was right. I had finished the first beer.

“Hey, uh, Katie.” I managed, “I saw a help wanted sign in the window. Are you guys hiring? I’m open to pretty much anything I said.”

“Anything???,” She replied. “Well, yeah” I answered again puzzled. “You know, like dishwasher, cook, whatever.”

“Well,” she said as she leaned in to me so close I could feel her heat and practically taste the sweat on her tits and neck. “We do have an opening, casino şirketleri for the back deck. But I don’t think its something you would want to do.”

Wait, again with the back deck? What is so exclusive about the damn back deck!

“I’m just looking to make a little extra cash you know” I said. “Maybe some tips?”

She smiled a broad and deep smile, a knowing smile. Her red lips looked SO good as you slowly mouthed out her next words. “So you would like to get some extra cash?” I nodded. “Maybe UNDER the table?” She said.

I should have stopped right there, I should have caught the intonation in her voice. But I was two beers and a half rack in and I missed it. Completely.

“Yeah.” I said and shrugged.

Katie leaned back, smiled, and winked. “Give me a minute, okay Sugar.” And with that she disappeared into a back office that was between the two halves of the building.

She was gone maybe five minutes and returned with a friendly looking older guy in overalls.

“Hey,” The man said. “Name’s Earl. Boner’s is my place.”

He reached out a strong hand and I shook it.

“Nice to meet you Earl. I’m Jack.”

“Jack, Nice handshake. You must work out.” I smiled and nodded. “Yes sir.”

“Well that’s fine. Katie tells me you are looking for a job? That right?”

“Yes sir.”

“I like that Jack. You seem very respectful. I do have a job that needs filled. It’s sweaty, hot, tough work. You think you can handle that?”

Can I handle it? Come on. Who does this guy think he is? I can scrub a floor and make fries like everyone else. How hard could this be?

“I can handle it” I replied with confidence.

He smiled. He scratched his belly and smiled at Katie.

“Well now. I’m glad to hear it.”

“I have an opening on the back deck. It’s a customer service job. Basically I need someone to keep the men happy and eating ribs and buying beer.”

“Someone like Katie you mean?” I offered.

Again he looked at Katie.

“No, Not like Katie. I wouldn’t have my daughter do this job. No, this is a real man’s job.”

“Those men, my rough neck customers can get rough at times and I need someone who can take what they dish out with a smile and keep them flowing.”

“I get it,” I said this time losing patience.

This time Earl, drew back and looked at Katie in surprise.

“Oh you do huh? ok. When can you start?”

“How about now?” I offered and started to pull out my wallet to pay for the beers and ribs.

“No that’s ok Jack,.” Earl interrupted me. “We’ll just take it out of your pay.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Lead the way.”

“Well alright then” said Earl.

I followed him back to the office, figuring I would be filling out paperwork.

“Bye Sugar,” Katie offered with a smile.

* * *

I stepped into Earl’s office. More contradictions. More questions. One side, the side that faced the air conditioned front the windows had been painted over creating a solid dark wall. The opposite wall the one facing the patio was one way glass. Earl could see his customers but they couldn’t see him.

As I started to look around further, Earl caught my gaze and smiled.

“Ready to get started Jack?”

“Uh yes sir.”

“Good. Follow me down the stairs. Kegs are down there.”

Stairs? What? oh Stairs. Sure enough behind a bookcase there was a stair case heading down below the restaurant. As I moved behind the book case I saw something else. On the wall Earl had video monitors. But these monitors weren’t cameras on the cash register, or even the parking lot. The cameras were pointed at the outside back deck and even more strange some were pointed up from beneath the tables.

“Jack! You coming?!” Earl Bellowed from down the stairs.

“Yeah,” I called after. I went down.

“Say Jack,” Earl called. “You want to get paid off the books, under the table right? That’s what my Katie said.”

“Yes Earl. If that’s ok.”

“Oh its fine. Its fine. We can just skip the paperwork if that works for you.”

“Yeah that works.”

I made it down stairs and sure enough there was a stack of kegs. Some empty. Some full. There was a walk in cooler with the kegs rotating in for the cold beer. But outside the cooler the “basement” was sweltering. So humid, very hot.

“Like I said Jack, it’s not easy work.”

My mind was still on the monitors and the guys in the back room but now I was calming down. Earl must just be getting too old for all this casino firmaları heavy lifting.

I was sweating and swearing a bit under my breath.

“Hot huh?” Earl offered. I nodded in agreement.

Then Earl started unfastening his overalls. I was frozen.

“Oh Hey sorry Jack. We’re not too formal around here. Its so damned hot down here in summer that I usually just move the kegs nekkid. I usually strip off except for my boots. Hate to break a toe on Keg ya know what I mean?”

I was hot. Earl was odd and now getting naked right in front of me, and I really couldn’t argue with that logic. It was turning into a strange afternoon.

Earl stripped and so did I. I peeled my sopping wet t shirt from my body and got stuck half way up. I could sense Earl step closer. From my stuck shirt I could see Earls worn brown boots and a very large semi hard cock bobbing above them.

Then it happened. Earl’s thick 8 inch cock brushed against my leg.

I jumped back in shock.

“Oh hey Sorry Jack. Don’t mind me. Was just coming over to help with your shirt.”

I could feel his body heat and smell his sweat as his dick once again brushed my thigh.

Then my shirt was lifted and I could see all of Earl again. His chest was broad and strong. His chest and cock were covered in fur. And he wore a big smile.

“Better right?”

“Yeah,” I answered still uneasy.

Between the beer and the heat I was feeling a little woozy.

“Do you want help with the rest?” Earl asked as he motioned to my jeans.

I just nodded and let him continue.

He undid my belt and then started on my button fly jeans. One. Pop. Two. Pop. Three. Pop. All the way down the fly, Earl continued to expose me to him and the heat of the basement.

As he kept his strong hands moving my pubes began to show and my cock betrayed me. By the time he got to the last button I was rock hard.

“Hey now Jack! Looks like the heat’s getting to you too.”

I struggled to find words. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Earl didn’t hesitate. He gave my cock a quick firm squeeze and smiled as precut pooled on the head. But before I had my first experience with a man. He stopped.

He shoved my jeans all the way down and stood back looking at my naked, sweaty body. “You weren’t lying Jack. You do have a nice body. You do work out.”

He turned away rather matter of factly. “Well, should we get to work? Place will be busy tonight and we’ve got a lot of kegs to move.”

I was standing with my jeans around my ankles naked from the knees up. But I couldn’t argue with his logic. Damn.

I pulled off my shoes and socks and jeans. I put my sneakers back on and followed Earl to the Kegs. We started moving full kegs onto dollies and into position by the coolers.

We moved the empty kegs toward the exterior wooden door and then pulled some fresh kegs from the cooler. I would have said that was the best part, the relief from the heat but it wasn’t.

We must of moved kegs for around 40 minutes. We took turns pushing and pulling the kegs and had to brush against each other to get them loaded and positioned. I had forgotten about being naked until the end. I had just unloaded a keg into the corner, when I lost my balance and fell forward onto the keg.

Almost immediately Earl was there. I felt his strong hand catch my shoulder and pull me slowly back keeping my face inches from the wall and disaster. As he pulled me back i felt his thick cock slide across my naked sweaty ass. He was rock hard.

For a moment, no one moved. I was bent over the keg and Earl’s dick was laying across me like a wet log.

“Does it bother you Jack?”

My mouth was dry. And worse my cock was getting harder the longer he left his dick on me; a fact that Earl didn’t miss.

“It seems like it doesn’t bother you.”

As he spoke, he took his cock and rubbed it across my cheeks and then down my leg. He slowly brought it back up my inner thigh. He paused as his cock head reached my sweaty low hanging balls. I don’t normally have low hangers but the heat made me extra low. His cock was oozing precum, and I could feel him stick to my sack.

I let out a very soft sigh. He took that as an invitation and took my right leg by the back of my knee and lifted on top of another keg. I was spread across the barrels in his basement with old Earl’s dick teasing me and making me very hot.

Earl moved his cock back and nestled his cock head against my naked hole.

Almost whispering güvenilir casino Earl said again, “Does it bother you Jack?”

This time I found the words, “No.”

Earl began rocking his hips as his cock continued to kiss and tease my hole with his cock. Now, I was breathing harder and I couldn’t help rocking my hips too.

“Does it bother you Jack?” Earl repeated loaded and more forcefully.

“No.” I replied a little louder than before.

Pop. I felt Earls cock head line up with my naked hole.

“Do you want it Jack? Do you want my cock in your ass?”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. What the fuck was I doing? Was I letting this happen? Was I about to let this old guy with a hot daughter fuck me in his fucking basement????

Yes I was.

“Yes Earl. I want you to fuck my ass.”

Pop. Earl obliged.

His rhythm stayed slow to start as his cock head pushed forward past my sphincter. “OH.” I couldn’t help myself.

“Ahhh Ohhh.”

“It’ll just burn for a little while” I heard Earl say softly, calmly.

“It’ wont hurt for too long.”

“Uhhhhh Ohhhh my ass.”

Earl was getting into it and into me. His strong left hand was on my hip and he started spanking my right cheek with his free hand. The burning passed and I could feel Earl getting closer to cumming. His breathing got heavier and he started grunting as he thrust.

“Wait, Earl Wait.” I tried to protest.

“MMMmmm,” Earl replied, “Can’t wait. Getting close.”

Wait. What? I was going to not only letting this guy fuck me, but he was going to cum inside me????

Then it happened. Pop. Before I could even get to my next protest, I feel my own balls tighten and release.

“FUUUUUUUUCK.” I was cumming all over the kegs with Earl’s big dick pounding away inside me.

“MMmmm. Mmmm. Yeah. That’s it. Empty those little balls. Mmmmm yeah look at the mess you made all over my kegs.”

Little? The Kegs? Fuck the Kegs! “MMMMMM ohhhhhhh.”

It was like my orgasm never ended. From the time I shot my load and kept spasming Earl’s cock buried all the way inside me just in time for him to fill me with his.

“YEEEEAAAAH that’s it! That’s what we need Jack! Mmmmm you do have a sweet tight hole.”

I had never so much as showered with another guy. I had always focused on the pussy when watching porn. And I was a naked, in a dirty basement, with an old man’s cum dripping out of my ass and down my legs.

I turned because it suddenly occurred to me. This must have been his “dirty job.” This is what he wanted all along.

“Is this the job?” FLASH. I hadn’t even finished mouthing the word “job” when the camera flash went off. I had turned just in time to expose my face to the lens and the photographer, Katie.

Flash. Flash. Flash.

“Hahaha, ok Katie, that’s enough.” Earl said to his daughter.

Katie walked up to me on the kegs, her heals clicking on the concrete floor. She ran her finger across my shrinking cock and then followed my cum trail down onto the keg. She dipped her finger in my cream and then licked it off her fingers.

“Mmmmm too bad Jack,” She said. “You taste pretty good.”

Then she took her finger and scooped her father’s cum from my cheeks and wiped it on my face before she walked back up the stairs.

“Don’t mind Katie.” Earl offered. He was still naked cock “shrinking” back to just plain large after erupting in my ass.

Earl patted my ass gingerly and helped me off the kegs.

I sank to the floor.

I didn’t look at him. I couldn’t. Had this guy just raped me? But I TOLD him he could. FUCK ME!! What had I just done?

“Is this the job? Is this the dirty job Earl?”

Earl shook his head. “No Jack. No the kegs were the job. This was part of the extra tips.”

“Oh I see, I move Kegs and then you Fuck me?” I said angrily and defiantly.

“Don’t be such a Pussy Jack.” Earl scolded. “And don’t judge me too harshly.”

Again with the polite mind games?

“I haven’t been with a woman since my Mary passed. I just can’t do it. But I’m a man I still have needs.”

Wait. Why do I feel guilty now?

“The Job’ as you put it. The job is out back if you still want it. This was just to warm you up. To see if you would do it willingly. I needed to know if you could take care of my customers.”

Katie appeared at the stairs again with two cold bottles of beer. She opened them on a metal opener attached to the stair case and passed them to her father.

Earl passed one to me.

“Job’s your’s if you want it kid.” Earl said.

I sighed and watched the last of Ear’s load drip from my ass onto the cool concrete.

“What would I have to do?”

* * *

To Be Continued…

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