Black Woman Loves Black Man

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A lot of American people carry inside their heads this popular misconception that black females are sexually inhibited. Well, that’s a damn lie. My name is Sarah Jessica Johnson and I’m a Boston gal here to tell it like it is. Black women are not sexually inhibited. Well, not all of us anyway. Sure, there are quite a few frigid bitches in our communities just like every other communities I could think of. Black men for the most part are satisfied with their women’s sexual prowess. Don’t believe any goddamn lies told by some goddamn liars who are trying to spread rumors about the black community. Take it from a real sistah. Take it from me.

I am a strong black woman and I will do anything to make my man happy. His happiness is as essential to me as my own. That’s how it’s supposed to be in a marriage. The man in question is James Johnson, my husband of ten years and the man I love more than anything in the world. I’m going to give you a blow by blow expose of what an average night at our house is like. My man James comes home from work. He’s a Boston city fireman and I’m a Boston city policewoman. I only work five hours a day four days a week, and only in the mornings, so I’m usually rested when he comes home. The Boston Fire Department is short-staffed these days, so James has to put in a lot more hours. A fireman’s job is the most dangerous job on the planet. It’s even more dangerous than a cop’s job. I’m thirty six years old and I’ve been a cop for twelve years. I’ve never had to use my gun even once while on the job. James on the other hand jumps into burning buildings every single day. My hat’s off canlı bahis şirketleri to him. He does a really tough job. My hero. He steps into the house, and guess what he finds? A five-foot-ten, thick and curvy, large-breasted and big-bottomed, naked beauty waiting for him. In other words, me.

I smile when I see him. I walk over to him and kiss him on the mouth. I’ve been waiting for him for quite some time and hot damn, I want what he’s got. James smiles, and kisses me. I practically rip his clothes off right then and there, but I have a surprise waiting for him in the bedroom. I take him by the hand and lead him inside. Once in the bedroom, I undress James hastily. I love the sight of my sexy black man. I love him even better when he’s naked. I push him on the bed, then kiss him from head to toe. I play with his chest hairs while making my way to his groin. I take his cock in my mouth, and swallow heartily. My man has a nine-inch long dick and he’s a natural man. What does that mean? He’s uncut. That doesn’t bother me one bit. I like uncircumcised men. I love playing with foreskin. I called James my boyfriend with the hood when we were dating.

I take my sweet time as I suck on James big dick. I love the smell and taste of his dick. Did you know that no two men have the exact same scent? Also, no two dicks taste the same. Oh, yeah. James sighs in pleasure as I work my magic. If cock sucking were an organized international sport, I’d be the Olympic champion. I know how to work it. I lick James cock and balls like they were made out of the sweetest substance I’d ever tasted. I flick my canlı kaçak iddaa tongue over his sensitive cock head, and he grips the bed sheets in sweet agony. Yeah, I know how to do my thing. In no time, I get him hard as steel. I work him up until he finally does cum. I lick every last drop of his manly cum when he erupts.

Like I said before, I love the way my husband tastes. I love his cum. He tastes wonderful. Hot and salty. I lick every last drop while James is in high heaven. Once I am done, he smiles at me and kisses me. Yeah, he’s happy. I lie next to him, fingering my pussy while whispering to him all the sexy and dirty things I want to try. He’s up for it. I smile and leave the bed to get on all fours. Then, I spread my plump butt cheeks wide open. My husband James is a big fan of big black women with big butts. He’s an even bigger fan of a big black woman who has both a penchant and a willingness to try the most forbidden form of erotic pleasure. Anal sex. I’m totally down with it. I was in college when I discovered the great pleasures I could have by allowing my asshole to be penetrated by a well-lubed stiff cock. I tried it once and got hooked. I’ve been into it ever since.

James gets up from the bed and watches me as I get on my hands and knees. I shake my fat ass in his face and ask him what in hell is he waiting for. This big black butt of mine isn’t going to fuck itself, hello! James grins, and grabs a bottle of lotion from the nightstand. In porn movies and erotic stories, there’s always a bottle of KY Jelly handy. Well, we don’t use KY because we don’t have KY. We are a real canlı kaçak bahis couple and we make do with what we’ve got. James takes the bottle and pours some of the lotion in his hand. He rubs it all over his cock. I wait patiently for him to lube me up. I’m a strong black woman who loves rough, passionate lovemaking. However, I don’t think I could take a nine-inch dick up my ass without lubricant. A dick that size would split my ass in half and make me sing like a frigging canary.

James greases me up, and presses his cock against my backdoor. I am quivering with anticipation. My pussy is soaking wet. With a swift thrust, James dick slides into my ass. I grit my teeth as he penetrates me. The first inch is usually the worst. He’s fucked me many times before, but I don’t think I will ever get used to his big cock up my ass. So, as James placed his strong hands on my hips and began pumping his cock into my asshole, I found myself first groaning then screaming. I mean, he was shoving his cock so far up my ass, I thought it was going to come out of my mouth. For real! James smacked my plump ass while fucking me. I laughed and begged him for more. I love it when my man gets all aggressive like that.

As James slams his cock in my asshole, I finger my pussy. Oh, man. I am so damn wet down there. I must be really turned on. Hey, no surprise there. Anal sex is one of the most intense experiences in the world. I totally love it. So much that when James finally does cum, blasting his load deep into my asshole, I scream in sheer delight. Heaven have mercy, I love having my ass filled with cock and if loving it was wrong then this fine black woman didn’t want to be right! James squeezed his cock out of my asshole. I winced. Hey, it hurts, alright? He kisses me. I kiss him back. We climb back onto the bed, and begin again. Too much of a good thing is a good thing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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