Ashley’s Teeny Green Bikini

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a thing for panties. Not wearing them. Seeing them, smelling them, touching them. And, of course, coming on them. I’m almost always turned on when I see a girl’s panties. With the current trend of low-slung jeans and pants, my eyes are always on the lookout for a girl whose panties or thong is in view. I’ll go out of my way to enjoy that forbidden view for as long as I can. The sight of those colors or fabrics caressing a woman’s ass will almost always get me hard. I can never stop staring, even when I should. Unless the girl wearing them is fat, I can’t stop staring.

When I met my wife, Lynn, in college, I was truly blessed to learn that she liked wearing very sexy panties. Not just thongs and g-strings, but cute panties in satin, silk, nice bright colors and patterns. She quickly came to learn of my fetish. And in the 20 years since we started dating, she’s been a true playmate. She knows I love panties and will tease me by lifting her skirt when nobody’s around and showing me what she’s wearing. She’ll let me fuck her or lick her pussy while she wears her panties. Sometimes, when fucking her, I’ll pull out and cum on her panties. Sometimes she’ll just lay there on her stomach and let me jerk off all over her panties. Then, I’ll rub my spent dick against her ass (she has a great ass) and in the cum. It’s such a treat — she knows I’m obsessed. When I travel on business, she’ll text me a description of what she’s wearing right then. No picture necessary — I know exactly which pair she’s talking about.

My wife and I are in our late 30’s and live in a very nice neighborhood where we happen to be one of the younger homeowners. There is a neighborhood pool that we walk to every weekend in the summer in the hot Texas sun.

Last summer, when the pool opened, is when I first noticed Ashley. I could tell she was in her twenties. She was quite tall – I would say about five foot ten – and lithe. She had very long, dark brown hair that she always wore in a pony tail. She had a pierced tongue, belly button and several piercings in each ear. A large tattoo was on her side, near her arm pit and a “tramp stamp” of medium size right where her lower back met her ass. She smoked frequently. Given her build — I generally like women shorter and thicker — and her low-rent appearance, Ashley is not my type. But every weekend she’d been at the pool, in the same skimpy, neon green string bikini. And it wonderfully showcased what is a perfect body. Two strings and two small triangles joined to cover her small, perfectly shaped B-cup breasts. The bikini bottom, with strings on the sides, is cut low. It is the view of her tiny ass, barely covered by these bottoms, and her long curvy torso that catches and keeps my gaze every time. Especially when she would lie on her stomach on a raft in the pool. I could not take my eyes off of that perfect little ass barely covered in the neon green bikini bottoms. I would get hard every time.

Then, in the middle of the summer, my wife and Ashley struck up a conversation. My wife learned that Ashley’s parents lived in the neighborhood. Ashley was 24 years old and has a young boy that was 6 years old. Ashley had recently gotten divorced from the child’s father and moved back in with her parents until she could recover financially. Towards the end of the summer, Ashley had found a job but was struggling with child care for her son. Her parents both worked and were of little help.

It was the end of July and my wife and I had made our way to the pool. Ashley was there, as always, in the same, skimpy little neon green bikini. The two women chatted and l laid out watching them. My wife talking to Ashley allowed me to stare at Ashley without getting into any trouble. Ashley was lying on a raft again, on her stomach, talking to my wife. There in full view was her long legs leading to that perfect little ass, barely covered. A teeny green string ran across her back to help cover her pert little tits. As was usual, my penis became semi-erect. Before I could talk my cock down, my wife came over to talk to me. I couldn’t’ take my eyes off of Ashley’s ass. She also noticed that I was hard. She smiled at me.

“Do you like looking at Ashley?” my wife asked with a wry smile.

“I do,” I said. “I can’t help it. She’s not my type but there’s something about her that makes canlı bahis şirketleri me hard.”

“She is sexy.” My wife assured me. “Is it her or her bikini?” my wife asked, knowing full well my love of any article of clothing that covers a woman’s hips, ass and crotch.

As she asked, she lightly and discretely stroked my semi-hard cock on the outside of my bathing suit. My dick stretched out further and I knew that my wife was teasing me and trying to get me to squirm in public.

“I think it’s the bikini. And she has a nice ass.” I answered.

“Yeah she does, “my wife said. “Anyway, I told Ashley that I would watch her son for a few days each week until she can get something more permanent lined up. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” I answered. “Are you going to charge her?”

“No!” my wife exclaimed. “I’m doing it because she’s a neighbor, a young struggling woman and she needs help and I can help her.”

“Great.” I said.

The next few weeks went by with the only change being that my wife was providing free day care to Ashley. I continued to get hard watching Ashley at the pool. And my wife had fun with it, teasing me, stroking me discretely, all the while trying to keep me hard and make me squirm. My wife is playful and very confident in my love for her. It was towards the end of August when we were at the pool one last time before the pool was closed. We were there for a while but no Ashley. I was disappointed but said nothing to my wife. Towards the end of the afternoon, Ashley finally showed up in her neon green bikini, only this time her long, dark hair was not held back in a pony tail. It flowed down her back and I found her to be much more attractive with her hair this way. When she entered the pool, she approached where my wife and I were sitting and stood before me, talking to my wife. I pretended not to be looking but my gaze was fixed on her perfect body. I noticed her nipples were hard. I started to get hard. My wife handed Ashley something and Ashley left the pool.

“Where’s Ashley going?” I asked my wife.

“Why? Sorry you won’t get to stare at her ass and that skimpy green bikini?” She asked teasingly. She knew the answer so I offered none.

About 10 minutes later, my wife suggested we go back home and so we picked up our things and walked back to our house.

My wife opened the door and we put our things down.

“Close your eyes, ” my wife instructed, “I have a surprise for you.”

I had no idea what was in store but did as I was told. My wife grabbed my hand and led me back to our large master bathroom. I could tell by the path we walked. My wife instructed me not to move or open my eyes and I did as I was told. I heard the sound of bare feet on the tile floor and some light shuffling. The, she told me to raise my arms. When I did, she removed my t-shirt, leaving me only in my bathing suit.

“OK, you can open your eyes now!” my wife said excitedly.

When I opened my eyes, Ashley was standing in front of me — in the master bathroom of my house –in her skimpy green bikini and her long dark brown hair flowing down. She had a smile on her face. To my side stood my wife. Needless to say, I was stunned and hadn’t at this point figured out what was happening.

“Lynn tells me you really like my teeny green bikini,” Ashley said sweetly. “Is that right?”

Still unsure of what was occurring; I shot my wife a puzzled look.

“Go ahead, tell her the truth.” My wife encouraged.

“Yeah, I really like that bikini. It’s very sexy.” I said, careful not to divulge that I thought she, too, was really hot. I had to be careful not to make my wife jealous.

“Lynn also says you think I have a nice ass. Is that true? Do you like my ass?” she asked. Her tone was playful.

“I think you have a great ass! I really enjoy watching you at the pool.” I said.

“Well, Ashley has been kind enough to return a favor to me for watching her son, so she’s going to help me help you.” My wife explained. I knew I was not in trouble, but wasn’t sure where this was going.

“Now, Ashley, turn around.” My wife directed.

Ashley turned her back to me, standing at the bathroom counter. She put both hands on the counter and stuck her bikini-covered ass towards my direction. I stood facing her and could see her front in the mirror. The view was heavenly. canlı kaçak iddaa Here she was, right in front of me. Closer up and with her hair down, I found her to be a very attractive young woman with a near-perfect body. Just then, my wife approached me, reached into my bathing suit and untied the drawstring. She pushed it to the floor and my dick sprang free.

“Do you want to cum on Ashley’s bikini?” my wife asked playfully, like asking a child if they wanted some candy. She was looking me right in the eyes.

At that point, my cock started to stiffen and began reaching towards Ashley’s ass. My wife reached over to the counter and pumped some hand lotion into her palm. Standing at my side, perpendicular to me and Ashley, my wife took her lotioned hand and softly grabbed my rock-hard dick. She began stroking me and I finally realized what was about to take place. I relaxed mentally knowing what was about to happen and let myself enjoy my wife’s hand. My eyes never left Ashley’s ass and bikini. And my dick was inches away from her ass.

As my wife pumped my cock with her hand, up and down, up and down, soft and slow, Ashley began to softly shift her weight from one to the other and back. It was as if she were a stripper on stage, dancing for me. Every so slowly and seductively, Ashley shook her ass and moved her hips.

“Oh wow! Your dick is so hard!” My wife exclaimed with a big smile. “Look how thick he is. Is he going to cum all over Ashley’s little bikini?”

“Oh yeah, stroke me” I said. I was in heaven.

My wife’s little hand continued to move up and down on my cock, stroking it, rubbing it. With her free hand, she lightly rubbed Ashley’s tight little ass.

“She does have such a nice ass!” my wife agreed. “Do you want to cum on her ass or her bikini?” She asked.

“I can’t decide,” I said honestly.

“Oh, Ashley, you should see how hard Mark’s cock is! He’s really likes your ass and your bikini. Why don’t you show him your hot little pussy?” My wife commanded.

Ashley bent over the counter so that she was nearly at a right angle. She snaked one hand down to her crotch, grabbed the side of the bikini bottom and pulled it aside. From my view, her beautiful, plump labia were now visible. I could tell Ashley was clean shaven and noticed a piercing. My head began to swim with pleasure. Her pussy was truly a site to behold. Ashley held her bikini bottom aside for a few seconds so the view could soak in. My wife’s hand began to pick up a little more speed on my cock. My cock and balls wanted to explode but my mind wanted to continue to take in the sight of Ashley and enjoy the feel of my wife’s perfect touch on my cock. She continued her up and down pumping, from base to the tip.

“Ashley, are you wet?” my wife asked her.

“I think I am,” Ashley responded. From the hand that was holding the bikini aside to expose her cunt, a finger extended and found its way into her bald snatch. “Oh yeah, a little wet.”

“Ooh, rub your bikini bottom into your wet pussy for Mark.” My wife commanded.

Again, Ashley did as she was told. She replaced the bikini bottom so that her cunt was now covered. Then, with her hand she pushed the material between her moist labia so that the crotch of her skimpy green bikini bottom was shoved up inside her pussy. With her free hand, my wife reached over and pulled Ashley’s bikini bottom down so that half of her tight little ass was exposed. Her green bottoms were bunched up at the base of her ass and a good portion of her ass crack now peeked above the green material.

“Do you like the way I’m jerking you off? Are you ready to cum all over Ashley?” My wife asked me.

“Oh yeah, I love the way you’re stroking my dick. Don’t stop. You’re going to make me cum soon” I said.

My wife increased her speed and began pumping my cock faster and faster with her little hand wrapped tightly around my thick, hard cock.

“Ashley, are you ready for Mark to cum all over your ass and bikini? He’s so hard.” My wife said.

“I can’t wait!” Ashley said. “I hope he shoots a huge load of cum all over my teeny green bikini.”

And with that, I felt an explosion move up from my balls and through my cock.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum now!” I nearly shouted. “Look at her little ass and her little green bikini!”

“That’s it, cum all over Ashley and canlı kaçak bahis her bikini. She wants it!” My wife exclaimed, her hand pumping vigorously.

The first shot of cum hit Ashley’s ass, right above where her bikini had been pulled down to. I convulsed in pleasure as my wife jerked my cock, aiming for the target. More cum finally hit the teeny green bikini bottom. My wife kept pumping my cock, draining me of every ounce of cum.

“Oh my god, there’s so much cum!” my wife said surprisingly. “Wow! Ashley, don’t move.”

“Ooh, I can feel his cum all over my ass and bikini.” Ashley said.

My wife took my cock and used it to spread the large drops of cum that were on Ashley’s ass and bikini, making sure it was all covered with my cum. The sight and sensation of my cock rubbing cum all over Ashley’s tight little ass and skimpy green bikini was mind-boggling. Then, my wife dropped to her knees and licked my cum off of Ashley’s ass and off of her bikini while Ashley held still. I was about to faint from the delirium. Then, my wife turned her head and took my still-hard cock into her mouth. She sucked it up and down, nice and slowly, cleaning it of the cum she had wiped on it. When she had finished licking me clean, she turned to Ashley and slid her bikini bottoms down her long, tan legs.

“OK, Ashley you can go now.” My wife told Ashley.

Ashley left the bathroom. My wife then removed her bikini and told me to go lay down on the bed. I did as I was told. She came into the bedroom, naked and holding Ashley’s bikini bottom.

“I’m so wet now, ” she said. “You’re going to lick my pussy until I cum all over your face.” She said.

And with that, she mounted my face and I began to lick her incredibly wet pussy. I love my wife’s pussy. It always tastes and smells very fresh and I love her full, dark, womanly bush.

I flicked my tongue at her clit while she reached down with her hands and spread her pussy wide open for me.

“Oh, that’s it. Lick me, lick my pussy!” My wife said. “I’m so turned on.”

I continued to rapidly flick my tongue against her hard clit while my wife held her labia aside. My hands reached up and I began to massage my wife’s C-cup tits and pulling lightly on her erect nipples. As I did this, my wife grabbed Ashley’s bikini bottoms and sniffed the crotch which was damp with Ashley’s pussy juices. “Oh wow, ” Lynn exclaimed, “Her pussy smells so good, so fresh. I bet her pussy is really tight.”

At this point, my hard dick now needed relief as well. My wife grabbed the skimpy green bikini bottoms and wrapped them around my dick while reaching behind her. As I continued to suck her clit and massage her wonderful tits, my wife began to jerk my hard cock using Ashley’s bikini bottom. The sensation of that bathing suit material, damp from her cunt and my cum, around my cock was magical. My wife jerked me hard.

“Come on, fill her bikini with your cum.” She said. “Oh, you’re so hard and I’m so wet.” My wife was ecstatic.

“Oh god, I’m cumming! My wife shouted. She grabbed my hair with her free hand and held my face against her pussy. She started grinding her wet cunt into my face and mouth, rocking back and forth. “Don’t stop, don’t stop! Oh God, it’ so good!” All the while she never stopped jerking my thick, hard cock.

I sucked her clit feverishly and started tugging really hard on her erect nipples. My wife was screaming in pleasure. I began to cum, too, but with my wife’s beautiful pussy covering my mouth, I couldn’t inform her. Instead, I just pumped more cum into Ashley’s skimpy green bikini bottom that was wrapped tightly around my swollen dick. My wife’s little hand never stopped pumping my dick.

“Oohh, I can feel more cum in my hand, through the fabric!” my wife informed me. “So much cum. Fill it, fill her bikini with your cum!” My wife commanded.

After about a minute, our orgasms had subsided. Drained of all cum and energy, my wife dismounted and snuggled up next to me, Ashley’s little green bikini bottom still wrapped around my semi-hard cock.

“Thank you.” Was all I could say to my wife.

“You’re welcome. I knew you’d enjoy that.” She responded. “I’m beginning to think I’m enjoying your ass and panty fetish almost as much as you do.”

“Oh, and by the way,” my wife said, “You get to keep her teeny green bikini bottom as a souvenir but we owe her a new bikini for next summer.”

“It’s a great deal!” I said. I rested peacefully next to my sexy, beautiful wife. I was already beginning to plan the next time I’d fill Ashley’s skimpy green bikini with my cum.

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