Alison and Me Ch. 01

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I suppose I should start at the beginning – the beginning being a long time ago now. I met Alison at university. We seemed to hit it off straight away and after a few weeks of getting to know each other in lectures and around campus we started going out. She had – still has! – a great body. Tall and slim with small but gorgeous breasts. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Her big green eyes and mischievous smile got me totally hooked.

We’d both had relationships before, though we were still pretty young, but this became a long term thing. The first time we went to bed together was just amazing. We’d been going out a while by then – not that we were prudes or anything – we just seemed to both wait till it felt the right time.

Seeing Alison naked that first time has stayed with me ever since. As I lay on the bed in her room, she stood in front of me and slowly wriggled out of her jeans. Her sweater still covered her from mid thigh upwards. But not for long, as she pulled her arms out from the sleeves, with that smile on her beautiful face and her big eyes staring at me. Her sweater went over her head and there she stood in her black cotton panties and bra.

She padded to the bed and lay down next to me, kissing me slowly and deeply. My hands wandered over her warm, soft skin, over her thighs, up and down her back. I felt her ribs and her shoulder blades, then cupped her neck in my hand, held her tightly round the waist with the other and held her close.

Alison rolled on to her back. I planted soft kisses on her cheek, her neck, as I slipped the bra straps from her shoulders. I looked in to her eyes as I felt her right breast under the cotton. I slipped nişantaşı escort my hand under the material and for the first time felt her firm breast. I felt her nipple harden as I gently massaged. I slipped the bud between my fingers and thumb and gently teased.

Still looking in to her eyes, I gently pulled back the cotton so it rested under her breast, then moved to the other and did the same. I rested my hand on her ribs and looked down at her beautiful milky white breasts and tiny, erect nipples. I couldn’t help but immediately take one in my mouth and gently suck, flicking my tongue over the bud. I felt her hand on the back of my head, pressing me to her. I moved to her other breast, suckling more firmly, my hand massaging the first again.

Alison pushed me over on to my back and climbed on top of me. She kissed me hard then sat back on her calves. I pulled off my t-shirt. She wriggled back and undid my jeans. She sat up so I could raise my hips and let her pull them down. I kicked them off as best I could. She ran her hands up and down my belly and chest then hooked them inside my boxer shorts. She slowly peeled back the fabric. My already hardening cock jumped out.

She put a warm hand around it and slowly, lightly stroked up and down. She looked at me as she increased the pressure and tempo. I smiled and closed me eyes. I felt her other hand hold my cock at the base, moving in time.

After a while I felt her hands leave me. I opened my eyes and watched as she dropped her head and shuffled further back. I felt the warmth of her breath then her luscious lips wrap round my cock. She pushed her hands under ortaköy escort my butt as she began to flick and tease my now rock hard cock. It was an amazing sight seeing her head bobbing up and down over me.

As she came up for air, I took advantage and rolled her on to her back. I manoeuvred round so that we were head to toe. I closed my eyes again and kissed down her belly as my hand explored her thighs. Brushed a hand over her mound and felt its warmth. Without hesitation, I hooked my fingers inside the waistband of her panties and pushed them down to her knees. I continued my kisses until I nuzzled her downy public hair. I could smell her – sweet and hot. I pressed my palms against her, Alison responding and opening her legs. I kissed along her pussy lips, beginning to taste her. She bent her knees and opened herself wider.

‘no one has done this to me before,’ she whispered. I nearly came just hearing her say it.

I traced the line of her lips with my tongue, slipping my hands under her butt, crossing my arms under her to raise her off the bed. I pushed my tongue in the cleft and licked inside her in long, slow strokes. Again I felt her hands on my head, pushing me in to her.

As I nuzzled against her, licking and pressing my tongue in to her, I shuffled over and straddled myself over her. Immediately I felt her crane up to take my cock in her hot mouth again. For ages we sucked and licked and teased. I loved the smell, the taste of her pussy.

It felt incredible, but I wanted to be inside her properly. We kissed again, as I thought of her tasting herself on my tongue. She pushed me on to my back and again pendik escort straddled herself over me. She took my cock in her hand and stroked the tip against her pussy lips. She put it to her entrance and slowly lowered herself on to me. I felt the head of my cock slip inside and the warmth and wetness of her pussy as I pushed up against her.

Alison rocked her hips gently, then began grinding her pussy against me. I felt my cock moving inside her. She began to sit up more and more as she rocked forward, pushing back down as she sat back. Soon she pumping up and down vigorously. I squeezed and pinched and kneaded her breasts, her hands moving to between her legs. She was feeling her pussy as my cock pulsated inside her.

As she started to moan the motions got harder and quicker. She bent to me and wrapped her arms round my neck as we rolled over. With Alison on her back now I thrust in and out her. I felt the knotting feeling deep inside me. She was now so wet that my cock was sliding all the way in and out. My cock slipped right out and in the frenzy I accidentally pushed against her butt hole.

‘No you don’t!’ she gasped. A hand guided me quickly back to her pussy and I pushed inside. ‘Not yet, anyway,’ she whispered.

That was it. I felt myself coming. She clutched me tightly, locking her legs round me, as we bucked against each other in rhythm. I started to come inside her – it seemed to go on forever as her pussy milked my throbbing cock. She buried her head in to my shoulder, whimpering and moaning I gasped as I jerked inside her.

At last the rhythm slowed. As we gently rocked together we kissed slowly and deeply. I stroked her hair away from her face and looked lovingly to her big, beautiful eyes. We lay like that for ages, softly kissing caressing each other until we fell asleep.

And so it was for three years. We explored, experimented, enjoyed each other. It felt like it would be like that forever. But then it all changed.

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