A Wanton Wife Ch. 03

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I try to be very good since the day you took me at my word and fucked me so hard that I literally couldn’t sit down for three days (which made my life rather difficult since I have an office job). You took what I wanted so much further than I thought you would that I am actually a little scared of how you might respond to any more ‘special requests’ as you called them. The thought of you pounding my ass like you did my pussy that night is more than I can bear to think about. Yet, as time passes and the bruises on my ass (from the spanking) and my pussy (from the pounding) start to fade, my anal fantasies start to resurface and even grow in strength.

One day about a week later I can get nothing done at work (even though I can at least sit down now). Over and over I find myself daydreaming about you bending me over the foot of our bed, or the hood of the car and fucking me in the ass. Then I daydream about you stopping by my work, walking into my office, closing the door, spinning me around and bending me over my desk, pushing up my skirt, ripping off my panties, and then fucking my ass while all my coworkers listen to me scream and moan and beg. Finally I lock myself in the bathroom at work and try to relieve the pressure, but I can’t seem to finish. I just get more and more frustrated and wish I had something to shove in and out of my ass while I play with myself. I remember the box of toys in the closet at home and wish I had something, anything, from that wonderful box right now. Finally I give up, rearrange my clothes, wash my hands and open the door – just as my boss raises her hand to knock.

“Oh,” I cry, stepping backwards. My face feels hot and I know I’ve just turned beet red.

“You were in there a long time,” she says. “I was getting a little worried about you.”

“Ummmm, I, uhhh,” I stammer, completely mortified and just wanting to run out the door.

“Are you feeling OK? Your face is all flushed – are you running a fever?” she asks, reaching out to feel my forehead. “You feel really hot – maybe you should take the rest of the day off and go home and put your feet up.

The image of the box of toys flashes into my head, and I turn even redder at the thought of the rest of the afternoon off to play with them. “Maybe I should,” I answer after a moment. “I’m sure not getting much done here.”

“Go home,” she says, handing me my purse and pushing me towards the door. “Take it easy – you’ve been working too hard. I swear you didn’t even sit down last week, you were so busy. We’re not behind on any major projects right now.”

“Thank you, I will,” I answer, while thinking ‘If only you knew why I didn’t sit down all last week…’

“Take tomorrow off if you need it,” she adds as I walk towards the door. “I know everyone around here thinks I’m a bit of a hardass, but even though I’m a pain in the ass when we’re in a major project push, I do believe in letting everyone have some downtime between projects. Otherwise, things around here would be too hard on everyone.”

“Thanks,” I say as I make it out the door before leaning against the wall and laughing hysterically at her words that hit close to home. The drive home seems to take forever. I skip over any errands I was thinking about running on my way home, my head filled with images of the toys that have laid hidden away in the back of the closet for over a week now – anal plugs in four sizes – small, medium, large, and “oh my god;” a strap on dildo about the size of your cock – maybe I can somehow attach it to the bedpost and do for myself what you won’t do. Finally, refillable enema bags (and an inflatable enema plug!) and lubes of all kinds – in case you are squeamish about anal sex for hygiene reasons. I even ordered condoms with different textures, thinking I can put them on the strap on and figure out which I like the most, so that I know what to ask for when you finally – finally! – fuck me in the ass. If you ever do…and I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

I stop long enough to grab the mail on my way in the door and find a box addressed to me. I open it up and find something else I was bold enough to order but too shy to tell you about – a couple of “cast your own dildo” kits – you make a mold from someone’s wonderfully erect penis and then cast a silicon model perfect in every detail. During the last week, whenever I would think back to that amazing and terrifying night when you did everything I wanted you to do to me and even more, I have developed a new fantasy – one where you make copies of your cock and then fuck my ass hard, strap a copy on and dildo my pussy and make me suck on the other one to muffle my cries. I think about what it would feel like to have your cock in all my holes at once, and my knees are so shaky that I almost don’t make it up the stairs to the bedroom.

I have hours before you get home from work, and decide that I’m going to take advantage of every minute. I get out my toys and lay them neatly on the bed. I turn güvenilir bahis on some music – wouldn’t want the neighbors to hear – and quickly remove my soaking panties. I go downstairs and get a wooden tv tray and bring it back upstairs and set it up next to the foot of the bed. I carefully apply lubricant to all of the anal plugs and the dildo and line them up in size order on the TV tray. I bend over the foot of the bed, slowly pushing up my skirt and spreading my legs as far apart as they’ll go, ending up on my toes. I take the smallest anal plug and start to press it against my clenched ass and wish I had more hands – one to play with my clit, two to spread my ass checks apart, and finally one to work the plug in and out of my ass. No, not more hands, your hands – pressing and forcing the plug in while demanding that I use my own hands to spread my ass checks as far apart as possible. Just as the rounded head begins to part my eager and constricted asshole, I hear a harsh voice behind me demand, “Just what the HELL do you think you’re doing?”

“I thought I told you that in the future you were supposed to discuss any ‘special needs’ with me. I call you at work and find out you’ve gone home sick and I come home to see if you’re OK and find you pleasuring yourself without me, and about to fuck yourself in the ass when I’ve told you that it’s not going to happen until I am good and ready?”

Oh no, on no, on no. I’ve ruined it. I’ve lost my chance. “I’m sorry,” I begin, “I just couldn’t wait any longer. I want you to fuck me in the ass so much.”

Whack! Your open hand lands hard on my ass check. “Shut up,” you snarl, “unless you would like me to shut you up with my cock in your mouth, instead of where you seem to want it so badly.”

Silently, but emphatically I shake my head no, and spread my legs wider and ease myself up onto my toes, to show how eager and ready I am. I think about defying you more, since you don’t spank me nearly as often as I think you should, but I decide not to press my luck.

“That’s better,” you say in a more level tone. I feel you grab my hips in your hands and know that I’m finally going to get what I want, what I need, what I deserve.

Without warning, you ram your cock hard as far as you can into my pussy. You pull out and slam back in, over and over, lifting me onto my toes and pinning me against the bed with each brutally hard thrust.

“Noooooo…” I wail in disappointment, “Please, please, oh please I want you to…”

You jerk out without warning and your hand rains down over and over on my ass and pussy, turning my skin bright red and causing me to squirm around on the bed. “I told you to shut up, bitch. If you want to earn the privilege of my cock in your ass, you have to follow orders. I was just lubing up my cock so that I didn’t hurt you too much, but now maybe I’ve lost interest…”

“No, please!” I beg in desperation. “I’ll do anything, anything at all, just fuck my ass. Please! I’ll call you Master, Sir, Headmaster, whatever you want. I’ll shave my pussy and wear any outfit you like. I’ll do every household chore on my knees and naked. I’ll give you 5 blowjobs every day for a week, just please, please, please fuck my ass,” I beg, trying not to scream with frustration. “I’ll lube your cock with my mouth, or my pussy, or anything else you want, or even do it dry, just give it to me hard in the ass! Ream me! Make me so sore I won’t be able to sit down for a month, just do it! I can’t stand it any longer!”

“Welllllllllllllllllll,” you say, drawing it out and making me whimper. “Really? Anything? Anything at all?”

“Yes, anything! ANYTHING!” I moan. “A week of fulfilling every fantasy you have. I’ll be your total slave.”

I remain face down over the bed, panting and hoping, spreading my legs as wide as they’ll go, lifting my skirt higher, awaiting your decision, your desire, and hoping desperately that I’ll soon feel the rock hard head of your cock start to force itself into my tight but oh so ready ass.

“Fine,” you say after dragging the anticipation out for a few more seconds. “I’ll give you what you want so much, but you may regret it. I intend to do everything I’ve ever wanted to do to you over the next week. Things I’ve never even hinted I wanted to do. Things I would have been too embarrassed to ask a prostitute to do. Every fantasy I have, no matter what it is. For the next week, you’re only going to be my wife to anyone outside this house. Inside, you’ll be my slave and servant, cook and maid, my total whore and anything else I want you to be. Is that what you want? Is 7 days of that a fair price for this? For making me put my cock in your ass before I was good and ready to do it? Because I don’t like being made to do anything, and believe me, I will remind you of that each and every day for the next week.”

I almost can’t believe my ears. It’s everything I want – to be a bottom, a slut, a slave, a whore – without having to ask for it. I can türkçe bahis act like I don’t want to, make you force me, make you punish me, make you think you’re forcing me into what I want more than anything.

Afraid that my vocal cords will betray me, I nod slowly, only to be answered with a series of stinging slaps to my ass, pussy, and inner thighs. “What…why?” I gasp out over the sound of the loud smacks to my ass. “What did I do?” I moan.

“From now on,” you reply harshly, “you will not answer me with nods or simple replies. You will call me Sir or Master. You will answer along the lines of ‘Yes, Master, if it pleases you it pleases me’ or ‘No, Master, I do not want to do that, but I have no choice since you are my Master and will do with me as you please.’ “

“I want very much to know if you want to do something or not, because if you don’t want to do it, I will still do what I want and then I will punish you for refusing. And, if you really want to be punished, you’ll say yes and then change your mind and say no, or try to stop me or try to get away, because then I will do what I want to you, being as brutal and rough as I possibly can, and afterwards I will punish you over and over in every way I can imagine. So, for the next week, which are you, my wife or my whore?”

I take a deep and shuddering breath, scarcely believing my ears, stunned that you, my sweet and loving husband may also be the cruel and demanding master that I’ve secretly desired for so many years, not quite admitting even to myself how much I’ve wanted to be forced and dominated, controlled and punished, and allowed to be the wanton whore that I want to be without feeling ashamed and embarrassed – if you make me do these things, then it’s not my really my fault that I want them, is it?

Letting my breath out slowly and arranging the words in my head so that I get it all right, I whisper reverently, “Yes, Master, if it pleases you to be my Master and owner, to control me and force me and punish me whether or not I have given you reason to do so, to treat me kindly or cruelly at your whim, to do what you want with me however, wherever, and whenever you want, and to compel me do to you – or myself – whatever you desire, and the pledging of that agreement starts with the first agonizing shove of your huge, rock hard cock into my tight and defenseless asshole and lasts for the next 8 days.”

“Eight days?” you ask, and I can hear the amusement in your voice.

“Today is almost over, Master, and I want to make sure that I fulfill my end of the agreement and you get a full and complete 7 days use out of me,” I reply. “Of course, the rest of today doesn’t have to count, either, if you don’t think it’s fair,” I hastily add. “We can start the 8 days tomorrow.”

“Ah, I see,” you answer. I can hear you rustling around behind you, removing your clothes. “It’s not because you’re greedy, then, is it?”

“Oh no,” I quickly reply, then remember a second later to add, “Master.”

“Oh my. Slipping up already, are we? I’ll have to punish you for that. Given your mouth and your attitude, I have a feeling that I’ll be forced to punish you so much that I may not be able to keep track. As a matter of fact…” you trail off as you leave the room. I hear you rummaging around downstairs and you come back up and walk to the head of the bed. You take down the artwork hung there and hang up the large whiteboard from our home office.

“I may end up having to get a larger one, and a calendar to schedule your punishments, but it will do for now,” you say as you hang it up on the nail above the bed.

“OK,” you say as you write down my first transgression: ‘Forgetting to address your Master properly.’

“Now” you say, walking around behind me again, “I believe that, instead of the traditional handshake to seal the deal, the agreement is me putting my cock in your ass? That when I ram my cock deep into your tight hole – all the way in your ass – that once that first complete thrust is complete and my balls slap into your pussy and clit, you are my slave according to our terms and there is no changing your mind or going back on your promises to me? That for the next 8 days (and a bit more) you are mine to do with as I please, body and soul, mouth and hole?”

Unable to speak, I nod.

“Ohhh – 2nd one already,” you say, putting x2 behind ‘Forgetting to address me properly’ on the whiteboard.

“Oh no Master, I’m sorry I forgot!” I say quickly.

“That’s OK,” you say cheerfully, “I’m sure you’ll forget again, and I look forward to each and every time you do. Now, are you ready?”

“Yes, Master, I am ready,” I say in a trembling voice, burying my face into the covers because I am a little nervous and I don’t want you to see that and take advantage of it.

“OK, then, I promise to make this very, very memorable. Now, spread your legs wide…wider…no…WIDER!” you say impatiently, slapping my ass to show your displeasure. “Looks like you güvenilir bahis siteleri need a little help opening up to me,” you say, ominously. “Stay there and don’t move a bit.” I hear you open the closet door, then the nightstand, then move back behind me. I feel you slide a soft rope or scarf around my right ankle, then feel a tug as you draw my leg toward the leg of our king sized bed. You repeat this with my other leg, then keep tightening each one until my legs are spread as wide apart as they will go, much wider than I could have spread them myself.

“Now for step two,” you say, as I feel cloth slide around my upper thigh and then again tied to each of the posts. You keep adjusting all four until my legs are spread as far apart as they can possibly go.

“Stttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp threeeeeeeeee,” you tease, and I expect you to tie my hands, but instead I feel you sliding something under my hips between me and the mattress, and I realize that it’s the “doggie style harness” that we sometimes use when you want to fuck me doggie style, extra hard and extra deep.

“OK,” you say, “Since my hands are occupied, you’re going to need to reach back and spread your cheeks for me.”

Feeling more spread open and vulnerable than I ever have, I nervously reach back and spread apart my ass for you.

“Very good,” you say. Now…oh, wait, I forgot the condom. Stay in that exact position while I put one on.”

You rummage around in the nightstand for what seems like ages and then come back around behind me. I wait nervously as I hear you opening the wrapper and rolling on the condom.

“Now,” you say, “I want you to tell me exactly what you want me to do to you, what will make you my slave for 8 days. Tell me exactly how you want it.”

I take another shuddering breath and answer you, “I want you to fuck me in the ass, hard. I want you to rape, ravish, and pillage my tight hole with your cock, your cum, and anything else you want to ram into it. I want you to pound me as hard and as deep as you can, to ream me so roughly that I never forget it. I want you to take my asshole and make it yours, to own it, to take it hard and fast and deep. I want you use me, to use my ass, entirely for your pleasure. I want you to fuck me so hard I forget my own name, but never forget yours…Master.”

“That’s almost enough to make me forget this was your idea, that you coerced me into it, and that I’m going to punish you for it,” you say quietly. “Almost but not quite. Now to lube up…”

You slide your cock quickly into my soaking wet pussy, bottoming out in one hard, swift stroke and then pull out as swiftly as you entered.

After a few more agonizing seconds of waiting, I feel pressure against my tight and tense asshole. I try to relax, but I am so nervous that I just can’t. I hear you groan as you slowly force your way in, past my defenses with the rock hard battering ram of your cock. You have barely begun to get the tip in when abruptly you stop.

“Talk to me,” you demand. “Tell me all about it.”

“What?!?” I ask, confused.

“Tell me. Tell me how it feels. Tell me if it hurts or feels good or both. I want to hear a play by play of exactly how my cock feels going into your ass. I don’t want you thinking of something else to help you relax your asshole – I want you to think of nothing but how hard my dick is and how it feels stretching open your tight little sphincter.”

While you are making this demand, you stop pushing forward. I relax enough that the head of your cock slides in a half an inch or so.

“Oh no!” you say, pulling out completely, causing me to moan in both relief and frustration. “I’ll start again. Oh, and don’t worry, the condom is a sturdy one – on of those ‘Rough Riders’ that you had hidden at the back of the drawer, probably for just this reason. And I’ve jerked off twice today, and once again slathered numbing cream onto my dick before putting the condom on, so even though I’m really turned on and hard as a rock, it should take me a truly long time to come, and you should feel every single second of it. Now, talk…”

“You feel huge…” I start, but you interrupt me.

“Probably the cock ring has something to do with that,” you say happily. “It’s holding the condom and it should also make me extra hard and take a lot longer. But don’t stop, do continue…”

“Huge and hard,” I whisper as I feel the pressure increase. “I don’t think I can do this. You’re too big. I don’t know if I can take it all.”

“Oh you’re going to take it all,” you answer. “And you’re going to beg for it. Or we stop right now and I will never, ever, fuck your ass. Now, am I stopping or am I reaming you?” you ask.

“Reaming me, oh please reaming me,” I hastily answer. “I can feel you reaming me, I can feel you stretching me open, oh god, you’re so huge please go slow,” I beg.

“Sure honey, however you want me to do it,” you answer as you press harder. “Just keep talking…”

“Oh god,” I moan as you push in slowly but steadily, gently but firmly forcing your cock into my tight and bruised hole. “Oh god oh god oh god, you’ve never felt so huge and hard. I feel like you’re fucking me with a baseball bat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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