A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 23

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[This is a continuation of a series. You do not have to read any or all of the previous instalments to enjoy this one. Most chapters do include somewhat severe discipline and also deal with bodily functions. If either of those topics offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]


Jackson was surprised firstly to be in bed so soon after returning to Eleanor’s home and to be with both his wife, Eleanor, and her sister, Meredith. Eleanor had committed him to a re-education treatment center which was much more of a hospital setting than the disciplinary re-education camp to which she had previously sent him.

He was still somewhat freaked out by the fact that the sergeant who oversaw him at the camp, the gorgeous blonde Sgt. Denise, was now also living in Eleanor’s commodious apartment, joined by another of the noncoms at the camp, the equally attractive brunette Sgt. Linda. Since the two both preferred relationships with women, he made sure when he returned to remember to acknowledge their presence very respectfully and to go not a millimeter further.

So now Meredith invited him to get it on with his wife which he figured, in his newly reformed mindset, was quite considerate given that he might have reasonably been expected to keep things cool in bed while his sister-in-law was joining them. He would do just what they asked him to do.

He embraced Eleanor and then helpfully removed her pj bottoms and crawled between her legs to lick her sweet-smelling split. He really did love his wife and realized that she did appreciate how much his support had meant when she had gone through her own crisis (see Chapter 1). He licked her lovingly and was only slightly surprised, for the second time, to see Meredith crawl over Eleanor’s face, apparently at Ellie’s invitation, so that Eleanor could apply her tongue to Meredith’s pussy.

It did not take long for either sister to erupt from the stimulation. Jackson actually enjoyed receiving her spend from her vagina and he ingested all the fluid as it flowed into his open mouth. Eleanor was now really ready, he knew, based on the nice sex life they had had for much of the time they had known each other.

He saw Meredith slip off her position above Ellie’s face and he slowly set himself over his wife and felt her fingers point his very hard cock right at her now super-wet vaginal opening. He responded by entering slowly and it took her no time at all to begin to press on him internally.

He kept thrusting very deliberately, gently, and carefully, both to maintain her tension and to delay his own climax. When he considered what he had gone through during the months of his treatment, which although not punishing in the way the camp time had been, was psychologically straining, he felt he was quite the lucky guy to be back in the saddle with his wife so soon. This time, he was not going to blow it.

He would fuck Meredith when it was appropriate and requested, by her or by Eleanor. He would do whatever they told him; he wanted Eleanor to feel good about sending in a very positive report on that form to the treatment center after he had been home for a week.

As he sensed from experience with her that Eleanor was about to have her next orgasm, he stepped up his movement as her muscles pressed harder on him in rhythm with her moving her hips and he managed to stay on the edge right as she went into her ecstasy and he provided his lengthy ejaculation that she must have felt deep inside her vadge.

He slowly withdrew as he and Eleanor kissed deeply and lovingly. He felt her warmth up and down her body and caressed his wife’s always enticing breasts. He also let his finger wander through her legs, past her seeping wetness from both his cum and her effusions and began to tease her puckered hole in the rear. This was something he hadn’t recalled doing in a long time and he hoped it would excite her.

He based his hope on her likely recollection that this was how they had sex during that awful year of her court-ordered infibulation. Eleanor had definitely enjoyed having those erogenous zones right inside her anal starfish caressed. Now she reacted very nice, he thought, by grinning at him.

“That’s so nice, sweetie,” she gushed, “but just use your fingers this time. We can save the other for next time: it will give me something to look forward to having again. I want you to let Meredith enjoy this time, too.” After a few more minutes of really loving what he was doing to her with his fingers in her bottom, Eleanor told him to let Meredith take over.

Her sister smiled, wondering what this would be like. Since she had spent some months when down and out performing as a prostitute, she definitely knew plenty about fucking. She pulled her legs up as Jackson moved over to her so that he was staring between her legs at her pussy and her asshole.

“Please lick me in back, dear,” she gently prodded her wife’s husband. Jackson responded by beginning illegal bahis to lick her cute little anal rosette until it started to expand and allow his tongue to pass past her anal sphincter. It had that peculiar musty smell that combined her natural functions back there with the cleansing agent she had clearly used before retiring to bed tonight.

:Oh that’s good,” she responded to his oral ministrations. She thought how wonderful it was that this man who had actually been a savior a while ago for her sister was now making love to her as she wanted it, as compared with the many men with whom she had had sex over the past months.

Jackson was not going to risk any possible discomfort for Meredith. He reached for the lube tube that Eleanor had thoughtfully placed within his reach on the side table. He managed to open it and rub some on his fingers and then applied that to his penis and went on the insert the lube-covered fingers, one only at first, into Meredith’s anal rosette.

He could tell that she was close to ready as the opening permitted his finger to enter readily. He thoroughly then used two then three fingers to allow the hole to widen. Finally, he drew himself up close to her, still with her legs held up by her hands now, and very very slowly began to penetrate her anus.

Meredith had not had anal for a long time. She had never wanted it during her slut days and barely recalled her early experimentation because she had tried to banish it from her memory, not that that was easy. But even the college guys with whom she had fucked were not especially into it. They were prudish in their own way and the idea of putting their cocks into her shit chute turned them off.

This was feeling very good, like nothing she had ever known. His oral attention had warmed her so that she was able to receive him and feel minimal pain. Sure, there was a little, but she was delighted. She felt herself come from it without even needing to rub her clit or to ask him to do that for her.

When he spurted into her bowels, she felt that too and was happy. This was a benefit of moving in with Eleanor she had not dreamed to be enjoying. She realized that her sister was a giving person and she almost cried at the beauty of her giving. Meredith had begun to feel she was spoiled goods: she had been a whore and whores couldn’t enjoy it.

He shrunk and emerged from her back channel. Eleanor looked at them both as Jackson held Meredith tightly in his arms. Then he went and took Ellie in his arms, too, and the three clung together. Jackson couldn’t believe how well this had gone and he wondered what Eleanor would want next.

Soon he felt her reach to caress his cock, which did rise to the occasion. “Now, darling, since I see you still have it in you, I want you to fuck Meredith for real,” Eleanor said in her sweetest way of requesting what was really a command.

Jackson merely nodded. He rose from the bed and went into the bathroom to wash himself off. He definitely wasn’t going to fuck Meredith right after plugging her in her ass without soaping up and cleaning off. Now washed, he went over and held Meredith tightly again and kissed her deeply on her lips as she opened her mouth to receive his tongue. She beckoned him to follow that by inserting his cock into her mouth. He moved up and complied with her signal. She began tonguing him and he really liked her technique. But he didn’t want to cum in her mouth, mostly because he had been directed to attend to her pussy and knew he could only cum so many times even when turned on as he was now.

So, he slowly withdrew from her mouth, smiling all the time at her, and ran his hands over her torso, playing with her nipples and trying to get her ready, although he figured she was likely already hot to trot. When he placed his member at her vaginal opening, she nodded to him and he slowly moved into her, feeling all going very very smoothly.

Meredith had learned a few moves of her own during her whoring period. She teased him at the base of his scrotum and ran her nail from there right up along his cock as it moved in and out of her vagina. Jackson was not used to this ploy and he reveled in it. He maintained his steady in-and-out motion and watched as Meredith became more and more turned on and her inner muscles responded much as her sister’s had done.

Jackson let himself think about how happy he was and how unlikely he had thought this would be his story tonight. He had worried that Eleanor might turn him over to the sergeants and that would have meant his getting the cane on his ass rather than his having sex with the two lesbians. He warmed to Meredith as a kindred spirit who had suffered her own version of hard times in a funny way not so different from his experience.

When he felt she was close, he did stimulate her pointy clit by running his finger ever so lightly over its tip and kept up his thrusts, and as she again orgasmed he managed to eject some cum deep inside her. He illegal bahis siteleri wondered when he would be ready for more of this—it was definitely a major homecoming and he had risen to the occasion.

Both Meredith and he were now exhausted from their coitus and anal adventure. They each lay back in bed, on either side of Eleanor, who was a bit peaked herself, and all three managed to fall asleep quite quickly.


Morning came, and Eleanor roused herself first. She did not intend for either Jackson nor Meredith to linger in bed. Meredith had an interview scheduled for a job that Eleanor had scouted out for her. Jackson, Eleanor knew, could return to his old job where he was well-liked and missed during his enforced absence.

She wakened both and told them to join her now, still bare, in the bathroom which was ensuite to her bedroom. Once there she said that Jackson needed to lie on his back in the wide tub. Then she clambered in and squatted over his face and she pointed to where Meredith should stand over his genitals facing Eleanor.

“Darling,” she said to her husband, “you’re going to help us enjoy our morning pee.”

Jackson knew something like this was not at all unlikely to happen, so it was not entirely unexpected despite his joy at the previous evening’s events. He braced himself for the strong morning pee with which Eleanor had seen fit to release on his face in the past. He didn’t have too much concern about Meredith, even if she had strong pee too, since it would go on his loins not his face.

Eleanor’s pussy gave a little twitch and a strong golden stream spurted out of her cunt right down into his mouth, which he knew he had to keep open for it. Her morning pee was always strong and today tasted super salty. He took it in and did not gag, although when his mouth filled, some ran down the side of his face and under him, tickling his bare back.

Now Meredith started her peeing onto his cock and it did stimulate him into an erection. She grinned and said, “That’s nice that you are turned on by my peeing, sweetie.”

She made a little scowl and bent forward to whisper to her sister. She was telling her in some semi-disguised manner that she had to relieve her bowels. Meredith was a bit embarrassed about doing this function here like this, since the last time she slept in Eleanor’s bed with her, while Jackson was gone, she had barely emerged from the bed in time to shit on the floor.

Eleanor gave her the nod in the affirmative and Jackson was now told by his wife, “Merry has to make a doody darling, so it will be coming down and onto you.”

Meredith stayed in her peeing squat and held onto the sides of the tub now as she began to excrete a long turd without any need to strain or even push. Jackson watched in a semi-angry mood but knew he could not lose his cool now. The movement coiled onto his pubic hair above his cock and after it tailed off, it was followed by another.

It was clear that Meredith had really need to poop because otherwise he figured she wouldn’t have rushed to do it. After all, it was still embarrassing for a woman to relieve her bowels in front of a man, even when she was shitting on him. When she had finished and nodded affirmatively to Eleanor, Eleanor told Jackson to take some toilet paper and wipe Meredith clean back and then front.

Jackson, for his part, was delighted that he had not been made to lick Meredith’s dirty asshole clean, so he responded with alacrity to his wife’s command. He deposited the tissues into the toilet adjacent to the tub and rose to climb out.

Eleanor told him she needed to be wiped, too, so he pulled off some toilet paper and gently caressed her cunt with it and moved it between her legs to get any moisture.

Then when he had disposed of it and stood up straight, she took him in her arms and kissed him. Meredith came over and bent down and kissed his glans. Jackson felt like he was doing quite well indeed, he laughed to himself, for a guy who had just been peed and shit on.

They went into the kitchen and found that Denise was busy getting breakfast ready for everyone. Eleanor thanked her and said that Jackson would be responsible for making breakfast in the future.

“He’s learned so much when he was away,” Eleanor said to Denise as Linda joined them. “I’m really happy he’s back and I can assure you both that he will be a positive presence here in terms of serving all of us exactly as needed.”

The sergeants smiled and soon Jackson and Meredith departed for their destinations and Eleanor was getting ready to be off to Goose Cookers. Linda came over to her and asked if they could speak privately for a minute.

When they had moved into Eleanor’s bedroom, and the door closed, Linda looked at Eleanor and told her how much she owed her in terms of her providing their living place and for her hospitality in general.

“I don’t want to be in the way of your re-uniting with your husband,” she said, canlı bahis siteleri “and while I can’t speak for Denise, I’d love to stay until either or both of us are re-assigned, which we know will happen at some point, but I don’t want to be a problem.” She went on to explain how she had gone too far at work and then been punished so severely by the captain in charge.

“That is so awful, dear,” Eleanor said, meaning it.

“Well, I tell myself that you know how things can get even worse,” Linda replied, “so I hope I haven’t done anything to get under your skin.”

“I love having the both of you here,” Eleanor exuded, “and we can be as close as you like when you feel any need. I’m really hoping my marriage works this time, because I do feel he and I love each other. Sometimes we don’t always show it. I know I can end it this time if it’s his fault, so I doubt I will need to have you discipline him, but I do like the fact that the two of you are here for me. I think, too, that it will reinforce his treatment experience.”

Linda blushed and said she really admired Eleanor and not just for what she had been through. “You are my idea of a modern, strong, independent woman,” she said, “and…I do feel love for you, Eleanor, sweetheart.” Unbidden, she leaned toward Eleanor, took her in her arms, and kissed her deeply.

Since Eleanor was bi, this did not disturb her in the least. She too admired Linda as well as Denise for the demanding jobs they had, retraining men who had offended their wives or bosses or some woman.

“Linda,” she answered, “I know that that awful punishment you endured from CPT Susan yesterday was a shock and a disappointment, but you will rally, and I predict you will go on to real accomplishment, too. I’m here for you, I want to assure you of my faith in you, and I even am ready to submit to your discipline if I feel I have offended anyone and need it.”

The brunette sergeant was surprised and pleased by Eleanor’s positive response to her confession and she said, “I have one more favor. The captain of course is aware that Denise and I reside with you and she knows about you, especially about your success at Goose Cookers. So she wants me after what happened yesterday to have you grade my behavior for the week and submit a conduct report to her for me. This is to impress on me that I have to pay attention to my temper and not lose it.” She handed a very impressive pink form to Eleanor, with the caption “Staff Conduct Report” printed boldly at the top.

“You should grade me each day as you see fit,” Linda said plainly. “I trust you will treat me honestly as you always have. And if you feel I have been out of line, I hope you will correct me, too. I can tell you that this has all been a horrible experience for me, but I do want to learn from it.”

Eleanor took the form and smiled at Linda. “I’m glad to do this for you, darling,” she responded, “and I’ve been impressed by you or I’d never have agreed with Denise to invite you to live with us. Because of my own experience, you should know that I will never punish you in any way like your C.O. did yesterday. But I take this on seriously, so I will grade you appropriately and if you need to be disciplined, I accept that responsibility.”

Linda smiled and managed to utter a simple thank you, then gave in to her impulse and kissed Eleanor on the lips. She then realized she could leave and get over to the Re-Education Center.

Later that week, Eleanor realized that she had been put in an extremely delicate position. She had to grade Linda’s behavior, as if the lovely brunette were back in school and Eleanor was her strict teacher marking her report card. If she graded Linda too low, the sergeant would have her career in the correctional service threatened; if she was too easy, the captain would disregard her report and Linda might also suffer the consequences.

But Eleanor was nothing if not creative. She wrote as her summary comment: “SGT Linda is a demanding officer. She clearly seeks to bring out the best in men who have been sent to her because they behaved badly. So, she gets them when they are both fearful and resentful and must work to reform them to bring out whatever may be good in them. Thus, she sometimes is too demanding and may overdo her effort. This apparent shortcoming can turn out to be a truly positive attribute when she is effectively supervised. Her superiors have apparently not always paid close attention to her evaluations of the subjects who have been assigned to her for correction. My experience in speaking with her and observing her conduct has convinced me that her perceptions are exceptionally acute and that when she feels she is valued, she performs at the highest level. Her behavior with me and my friends this week has been commendable.”

As instructed on the form, Eleanor inserted this report into the envelope provided, sealed it, and gave it to Linda to transmit to the captain. She thought about how the senior officer would respond it during her workday at Goose Cookers, so when she returned home, she was somewhat nervous.

Her qualms were proven baseless when Linda appeared back at the apartment and smiled her widest smile when she saw Eleanor.

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