A Special Surprise for Blake

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I called him up…told him I wanted him to come over. Had him drop everything.

He came quickly, my voice had made it sound very important. When he arrived, I answered the door wearing one of his dress shirts, one he’d left here before, and a pair of jeans. I pulled him in the door, and kissed him really hard, right away, sliding my body up against his…he could feel my breasts push into his chest, but he could also feel a hardness pressing up against his leg.

He looks at me oddly, but he doesn’t stop. He responds in kind, kissing me back just as hard.

I kind of press my crotch into him, letting him know I’m already hard for him without words. I grab him by the shirt collar, pulling you further into the room. “Take of your clothes.” My voice is hard and full of authority.

He doesn’t dare argue, and he starts to undress quickly, throwing clothes left and right.

I lean back and nod, watching him, my eyes hungrily looking at each body part as it is exposed. Then I reach down as his clothes come off, and rub my hardness, up and down.

I undo my jeans and step out of them, kicking them out of the way. A pink phallus springs to life, pointing at him as it juts out of my harness. I rub it again, this time, my hand wrapped around it, and I walk closer to him, my face perfectly serious. “Get on your knees.” I say. His eyes go down to my cock straight away. He pauses momentarily to stare at it. His eyes go wide when he sees how large it is. All he can do is stare at my cock. Slowly his eyes come up to meet mine, and he falls to his knees subserviently.

“Yeah…” I nod, and move in, closing the distance. I lick my lips in expectation. “I want you to put me in your mouth. Suck my dick, Blake.”

He looks up at me wide eyed. Not often he hears that, I suppose. “You want me to suck your dick?” He asks. His voice has a tinge of fear in it, but I can hear the excitement as well.

I nod. “Yeah…and then I’m going to fuck you…” I move in closer, moving my hand to the top of his head, smoothing down his hair in an encouraging motion. He just blinks at me a few times, but he can’t argue with someone with a 7 inch cock, so he opens his mouth, his tongue extending towards the tip.

My grip on his hair tightens in expectation. I help to guide him forward while looking down, watching, not wanting to miss even a second of this.

His tongue touches the tip first, and then casino şirketleri the head slides into his mouth. I guide him with my hand on his head, sliding the first few inches of my cock into his hungry mouth. I give a little shudder and smile. “Yeah…that’s the way to do it…” I pull his head back, then push it forward again, the process repeating.

He starts to suck on my hard cock all on his own, needed no encouragement from me anymore. His cheeks suck inwards as I slide in and out of his mouth. He rests his hands on his thighs and looks back up at me with his mouth full of my cock.

I stare right back down at him, and our eyes lock. My smile is one of satisfaction. My free hand moves to take his arm, bringing it up to reach around me. I place his hand on my ass. I lick my lips and throw my head back. “Yeah…take it…” I thrust into his mouth twice more, then pull out, teasing him. I bend over just far enough to grip his shoulders to pull him up so that he stands in front of me. I kiss him again, hard, lips searching, tongue slipping past his lips to thrust inside his mouth, mimicking what I am about to do to him next. He kisses me back with equal passion. He wants this just as bad as I do.

While we continue to kiss, my hands move over his naked body, over his chest, fingers flicking over his nipples, making them hard. Finally I reach down and grab his arousal in my hot little hands. He is hard as a rock and dripping already with precum. I pull back and look at him in the eyes, my breathing heavy, excitement evident. “Say you want me to fuck you.”

He is silent for only the briefest of moments before his mouth opens to answer me. “I want you to fuck me.”

I bite down on my bottom lip, unable to contain the smile of delight. I lean back into him and kiss along his neck, hard, biting him there, marking him. I turn him around roughly, so his back is facing my front. He can feel my hardness press in to the back of his thigh, still wet from his mouth. My hands push him forward, moving to lean him over the edge of the couch.

I offer him a bit of comfort and encouragement by trailing my fingertips up and down his back, and then I grab his ass hard, nails biting into the soft flesh. At the same time, I lean in and kiss soft little kisses along his back, sending mixed signals. The further I lean in to kiss him, the more he can feel my hard cock pressing against the crack casino firmalari of his ass, sliding up and down there. I’ve lubed up for him, I’m ready.

He moans. He doesn’t fight me, he wants this as much as I do. He lifts is ass in the air for me while bending over the couch, his hands gripping the couch cushions to steady himself. He’s ready too.

A little more gently now, I reach down with both hands to massage his ass, my thumb moving in circles closer and closer to his hole. I probe the opening, teasing him. My other hand moves down further between us, touching the soft skin between his ass and testicles. For a moment more, I massage him like that, preparing him. One hand still gripping his ass tightly, my other hand goes to my cock, guiding it towards his hole. I push the head against him, slowly, slowly pushing inside. Just the tip, I rock it gently in, taking my time, savouring the moment. A moan escapes my lips as soon as I enter him, obviously this gives me pleasure too.

He gasps softly as I enter him and his breathing stops for a moment as the head slides inside. I can tell he’s trying to relax, to submit to my penetration. He moans again.

I slide into him a little more with each soft thrust, easing my cock in. I get further and further each time, until my pelvis presses against his ass and I’m in to the hilt. “Oh yess…” He moans when my full 7 inches are inside him. I stay there, fully inside him for a moment, and I lean over, my breasts pressing against his back. I reach to take his cock in my hand, squeezing it gently. It is hard as a rock and dripping. My hips start to rock, slowly at first. Back and forth, pushing in and out. At the same time, my hand moves up and down his shaft, playing with him.

I start sliding into him a little faster now, picking up speed. My hand on his cock matches the speed of my cock moving inside him. I bite down on the flesh of his back, my body pressed against his. But soon, the pace begs to be quickened, and I can’t go faster until I push myself up, grab his hips, and start pumping. I do. Faster and faster, a little harder each time, every time my cock pushing into him all the way then pulling out to almost the tip. He takes it, moaning like a whore, his back arching up into me. A breath comes out of me forcefully each time my pelvis bumps up against his ass. I start to get lost in the motion. One hand keeps hold of his hip, using güvenilir casino it to help me thrust, the other moves up to his shoulder, pulling him back in to me. I ride him hard.

He tries to steady himself, but the couch creaks from our fucking, the sound of our thighs slapping together echoing through the room.

My hand moves from his shoulder and up the back of his neck, then his head, gripping his hair, pulling his head back so I can hear him moan louder. “Yeah, take my cock…take all of it.” I push into him harder, faster. He begins to loosen around me, getting used to the onslaught. “I’m taking it Sapphire, I’m taking your cock!” He yells out. This excites me, and only makes me move faster still.

I cry out now, screaming out with a sound he knows…he hears it every time he makes me cum. I keep pounding into him, not letting up even a little. “I want you to cum with me inside you…you cum when I tell you to.”

He moans, louder this time, and just keeps taking every inch as I give it to him. “Yes, yes, fuck me.” He practically yells it out, all hot for me.

My body is shaking, my skin is wet with the effort, but I keep pounding into him just as fast, just as hard. I lean forward again and bite down hard, harder on his shoulder blade. My hand is hot and it reaches out for his cock again. I feel his slippery wetness and groan. He shudders and moans again. My hand wraps around his shaft as I continue to pump into him. “Feel how hard I am for you…you are so fucking hot.” I pound again and again, the motions shorter, faster. My hand grips his cock tightly. “I want to feel it. I want to feel you come with me inside you.”

He pushes himself back onto me now, further and further in, taking my cock deep inside his ass. Then I feel it. His ass tightens around my cock and semen starts to fly from his own. He screams my name as he cums “Sapphire!”

My hand pumps him while he cums and I continue to thrust. I moan as I feel his cock spasm in my hand. I scream out again, in that certain way, and we cum at the same time, my orgasm flowing into his, his into mine. I start to slow down, then stop, my hips still jerking spasmodically as I ride it out. I stop pumping his cock only when I feel the last of his spurts and I lean back down against him, laying my face on his back, kissing him lightly all over, where ever my mouth can reach. “Oh Blake…” I punctuate each kiss with little murmurs of appreciation.

“Thank you…thank you for letting me be your first…” I slip out of him and turn him back around to face me. He looks up at me with a big smile on his lips, then leans in to kiss me. “No…thank you…” He says. And he means it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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