A Spanking and A Little More

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From “The Shower” many have been waiting for Jamie to be spanked, she didn’t get it at the Halloween party but she was very naughty. This time Steve decides it’s time to show his wife who’s boss. Oh and you will meet the Phantom too, for those who wondered who he was.

* * * * *

On the ride home, Jamie was uncharacteristically quiet. Steve shifted into fourth gear before resting his hand on her leg.

“What’s the matter babydoll?”

She took a deep breath “Steven, when you left earlier, the man with the Phantom mask surprised me”. Steve was more than a little surprised but he went with it anyway.

“And then what happened?” He answered, sounding a little amused, and more than a little sarcastic.

“Steven, it’s not funny!” She turned looking out the window, pouting. She hated when he didn’t take her seriously.

He laughed, “I’m sorry baby, go on”. He wondered what story she might share with him.

“He came after you were gone and he…um, he…”

“He what, Jamie?” Steve asked, trying to sound as interested as possible.

“Well…” she paused, and took a deep breath. “He pushed me against the wall and he… he felt me up, Steven!” She looked over at him, but didn’t say more. She wanted to test the waters before she actually told him that he stuck his finger inside her cunt.

Steve sounded very skeptical of his wife’s little fairy tale; she had a habit of trying to get a reaction from him.

“Baby, what is this really about? Did I not give you enough attention tonight?” That comment infuriated her, she knew he thought she imagined the whole thing but she hadn’t. He obviously thought it was just another attempt to make him jealous, but it wasn’t.

Jamie didn’t continue to pursue the subject, instead she stared out into the emptiness of the night. After a few minutes, she drifted off into sleep as she often did when they drove home after a party. Steve kept his eyes focused on the road, it started to rain and he put on the wipers. Her words repeated in his head “He felt me up, the man with the mask, after you left.” He was pondering what she had said, the words running through his mind over and over. Did she really believe that story about the Phantom? How could it? The man with the mask, the phantom he thought was just a story…and the man she had been dancing with, he left the party early.

He knew his Jamie was a desirable woman and could drive men crazy; he had to work very hard to keep other men away from her. But still, the fact that other men desired her also made him very proud. He turned to look at her, she was sound asleep; he would have to wait to explore further what she meant when she said “He felt me up”.

In his mind, he pictured her with another man other than the Phantom. He imagined her being wanton and provocative, leading him on; then surrendering to his touch. He thought of how it would feel to know another man had actually gotten to cop a feel of her body, that some man had touched her moist cunt. How would he react if that ever did happen?

He tried to push the thoughts out of his head or he would have definitely have to give her a spanking…maybe that is what she wanted and the reason she had said those things. That had to be it, he reasoned, she wanted to be spanked!

He stopped as the light turned red and looked over to her again. She looked so beautiful sitting there, her long legs exposed. He smiled to himself and spoke to her as he often did, as though she were listening to him

“You were so beautiful tonight, my love; every man at that party was smitten with you, the same way I was when I first laid eyes on you. Paul even told me that he may have rubbed up against you and that he was sorry if he offended you, but he had a little too much to drink. But I’m not blind; I know it wasn’t an accident; but who could blame him.” Paul had done more than rub up against her; he had fondled her ass right up there on the stage, barely out of view of the audience. He thought he was hidden, but Steve had seen everything. He would have killed any other man who had even tried that.

“You are without a doubt, the most stunning, spectacular, exhilarating woman I have ever laid eyes on.” He continued, “That is why I decided to make you my wife, you know? I couldn’t bear the thought of any other man with you, and I don’t mean only in your bed either.” His seriousness took over again, “If anything ever happened to you, I would be lost”. He kissed Jamie on the forehead and the car behind him honked to signal the light was green.

Jamie was not sleeping, she was listening to Steve; she loved listening to his proclamations of love, and he was so free with his words when he thought she was asleep. She smiled to herself as he said those words, although she knew he’d be just fine without her. She also knew her husband loved her but she sometimes wondered if she weren’t as attractive as she was, would he love her just as much?

It was just after midnight as Steve drove up the long driveway to the house, parked, and went over to passenger’s side. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Jamie was out cold, he thought. He scooped her up in his arms and brought her into the house. She continued to pretend to be sleeping, as this was her favorite part. She loved being in his arms; he was so strong and he always made her feel safe. In his arms, nothing bad could happen to.

He fumbled a little with the door, but refused to put her down; he also enjoyed carting her. Once inside, he kicked the door closed and carried her upstairs to their bedroom, there he laid her on the bed. He stood over her, staring at her. Her skirt had lifted up and he could see her panties. She was simultaneous innocent and yet incredibly desirable.

He smiled at the beauty before him. He was tough with her sometimes but it was not because he wanted to be, he was so afraid of losing her that he had to make sure she knew he was boss, subconsciously that was what she wanted. She had always done what she p-pleased but when he came into her life, he showed her something different. He showed her how to live for someone else.

And she did exactly that, he thought. Not only was she his slut in the bedroom, but she also took excellent care of their house, cooked, cleaned and made sure everything was perfect for him. What’s more, she loved doing it.

He smiled at the thought as he looked around the spotless bedroom. Many times he wondered how a woman could be such a good wife and an excellent sexy lover at the same time. What was that word she liked when he used to describe her duel nature? He thought, then it came to him… oh yes – dichotomy.

The only thing missing, he thought, was a baby. He knew Jamie would make a great mother some day. But she was a little reluctant about children, she was afraid to lose her freedom, and he didn’t pressure her about it. This house needs a little one running around, he smiled at the thought, a beautiful little version of Jamie. “One day” he whispered to his sleeping wife. “I know one day you will want nothing more than to be a mother”. He hoped he was right.

As he stared at his sexy half naked wife, the thoughts of the Phantom came to him again. He needed to ask her, he needed to her story of what happened… or as much as she’d tell him now.

He sat down next to her “babydoll?” she only stirred. “Tell me what happened with the guy with the mask”. He knew she always told the truth when asked while asleep.

“Tell me Jamie”. He felt a little remorse for not allowing her to talk about it when she mentioned it in the car.

“He came at me Steve, when you left…” She half opened her eyes and closed them again.

“What happened when I left Jamie?” he pressed her for details.

“He surprised me, I thought it was you…he pushed me against the wall and he touched my ass.”

Steve was both surprised and troubled at what she was saying, but he kept it in control till he could find out everything.

“Did it turn you on?”

“Uh huh…I was powerless to do anything.”

“Did he touch your pussy Jamie? Tell me everything he did.”

“He slid his hand under my skirt and touched my pussy and then he fingered me.”

Jamie seemed to be responding to the memories as she told the story.

Steve’s eyes widened at the details she shared, “And you just let him do that to you?”

“I couldn’t move Steven, it was like I was frozen in place.”

Steve rested his hand on his wife’s thigh debating if he could continue any more detail; or maybe he should just check for himself. He slid his hand up her thigh to her pussy, he closed his eyes as he touched her soaked pussy and he knew she had cum. It enraged him.

He grabbed her shoulders and gently shook her out of her sleep. “You let him finger you Jamie?”

Her eyes opened wide. “I…. ummmm…. Steven!”

“So you just let him finger your cunt?” He could tell from the look on her face that she was ashamed it had happened. Someone had shoved his fingers inside her cunt and made her explode.

He let her go and went over to the captain’s chair by the door. He sat debating on what to say or do next.

“Come over here Jamie.”

She was reluctant but did as her husband instructed.

She towered over him, still wearing her heels but it was obvious who was in charge at the moment.

“Jamie, you have been a very bad girl.” Steve said very seriously.

She stared at him trying to decipher his mood; she hesitated before speaking.

“But it wasn’t my fault!”

He felt her leg with his hand; they were always so soft, so smooth; he loved the feel of them. She closed her eyes and relished the feel of his soft and yet strong hands on her skin.

“It’s never your fault, is it?” his voice snapped her out of the sensual haze she was in.

“And what do bad girls get for being bad Jamie?” He grinned.

She avoided his gaze. “They… um… get punished.”

“That’s right Babydoll, they get punished… to help them correct their behavior”

“But güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I don’t wanna get punished Steve!” She pouted almost like a child would, only it looked much much sexier on her full lips

“You need a good spanking to show you who’s boss”. Steve reached out and closed his hand around her wrist, dragging her forward; he bent his young wife across his lap. She didn’t struggle but she did protest.

“Steven please…I don’t wanna be spanked! It wasn’t my fault, he came when you left and pushed me against the wall.”

“Oh, so you mean it was against your will?”

Her eyes widened at the thought that she might have found a loophole “YES! Exactly!”

“And I bet you came against your will too?”

Something in his voice told her that there was no use and the thought of being spanked actually made her wet, yet again.

Steve lifted up Jamie’s skirt, exposing her bare ass and pussy, her g-string was almost invisible, tucked between her beautiful round ass cheeks. He pulled on the string like a slingshot and it hit her ass cheek. He didn’t bother to remove her panties.

“Look at you! How many times did you cum for him Jamie?”

Before she had a chance to answer, his hand came down harshly on one of her ass cheek marking it with a red print. She flinched, but didn’t make a sound other than a soft moan.

“Jamie I will make you a deal. I will only spank you ten times, but I want you to count each one or it won’t count”.

“NO!” she screeched defiantly, but not convincingly.

He slapped her other cheek again

“Count for me Jamie or I will spank you all night.”

She cried and begged him to stop to no avail.

“I said count!”

“ONE!” she sobbed as his hand hit her cheek again.

“You are such a naughty girl Jamie!”

> SMACK <. “Two!” “Letting strange men stick their fingers inside your cunt!” > SMACK < “Three”. He realized he was probably hitting her too hard and she would be unable to sit the next day, and he wasn’t even half way through. His next blow was a little gentler. “You’re a nasty little slut Jamie!” > SMACK <. “Four! Please Steve no more!” Although Steve was incredibly aroused at the sight of her lying there helpless on his lap, he didn’t want to hurt her; she meant everything to him and he wanted her to enjoy this every bit as much as he did. She could feel his erection on her leg and she was pleased even as she sobbed, she knew how to play the game well. He lowered his hand to her now pink flesh and rubbed her ass to soothe it. “This whole time I’ve been spanking your behind but it’s not your behind that’s been bad, is it?” She turned to look at him terrified. He slipped his hand to her wet open pussy. He rubbed it a little, feeling the completely soaked panties. “It’s your cunt that’s been bad” He tapped her cunt gently at first “It’s this nasty little cunt that deserve a spanking!” Jamie was incredibly turned on as she thought back on the night’s events; sucking Steve, being fingered by the Phantom, and now this. He parted her legs with his hand and she resisted, pushing them together. “Leave them open Jamie, we’re not finished yet!” “Steve no! Please stop it!” His hand came crashing down and he slapped her cunt a few more times and his hand was wet from her juices. “You little slut…first you suck me, then you get fingered by a stranger and now you’re wet again from your cunt being spanked!” He slapped her cunt again and she wiggled on his lap. He roughly slipped under her panties and easily slid a finger inside her wet open pussy. “You’re like a little whore Jamie, always in need of attention. Letting strange men finger fuck this pussy…tell me, is this what he did?” His finger pumped in and out of her pussy. You could hear the wet sounds coming from his finger sliding in and out of her cunt. “Steve please…” She cried. She was confused, in a daze, she was so turned on and yet ashamed that she had actually let another man touch her pussy and enjoyed it. “Well… is it??” His finger slid harder and faster inside her. “Yes! Yes! That’s what he did.” “And you enjoyed it didn’t you my little whore?” He was really fucking her roughly now, almost unable to control himself. She looked so innocent and yet so wanton spread across his lap riding his fingers. “You liked having his fingers slide in and out of your pussy Jamie?” Jamie only moaned in response. “This pussy is gonna get a gold old fashioned fucking, just what it deserves!” Jamie’s sobs stopped; finally she would get fucked tonight, what she had waited all night for. He lifted her off his lap “Lay down on the bed Jamie, we’re not finished yet!” “But I’m not in the mood” she pouted playfully. “I didn’t ask if you were in the mood did I? I wasn’t in the mood to have some stranger finger fuck your cunt but you still let that güvenilir bahis şirketleri happen, didn’t you?”

She lay down, her legs spread out on the bed, her feet dangling off of it. She wanted Steve so incredibly much right then.

“Come give this pussy what it needs then!”

Her grey eyes were filled with lust. She couldn’t wait to have Steve hard cock buried deep inside her. But Steve had something else in mind.

Steve pulled down his pants and boxers. He stood over her stroking his already hard cock. Jamie lifted up her skirt in anticipation; she didn’t bother to remove her bustier top even though her breasts were spilling out of it, her nipples exposed and puckered with desire. Her hand started playing with her soaked cunt, she rubbed her clit fast and Steve could see she would make herself cum quickly.

“Did I tell you to play with your pussy?” Steve spoke to her harshly, but not cruelly. He was enjoying this almost as much as her.

She stopped.

“I will tell you when you can come Jamie”.

She was enjoying the attention to this point but she needed to cum again, and very soon. She gave him a challenging look “Oh really?”

His eyes fixed her; she looked wanton lying there, her legs spread playing with her pussy. She was asking to get fucked; she wanted it, needed it.

He had had her a hundred times but his desire for her could not be satisfied. No matter how many times he fucked her, the minute he saw her again, he wanted her. He couldn’t understand it, the women before her were nothing more than one night stands, he had never wanted a woman for more than once until Jamie.

Jamie thought he would fuck her but he didn’t. He kneeled at the edge of the bed, in between her legs, her pussy staring right at him. Her lips were wet and swollen, her pussy open to his gaze. “I have wanted to eat you out all night.”

“No…you have to fuck me”.

“No I don’t.” He said as he slipped his hands under her buttocks and buried his face in her beautiful completely shaved cunt. He kissed her pussy and gave it little gentle licks.

She loved when he went down on her but she always resisted him. She didn’t want to come in his mouth; that meant he had the upper hand, and that she was giving in to him. She always held out as long as she could before she succumbed to his tongue, or his fingers or cock.

She let out a small useless protest “Steven… please no… Oooooooooooooohhhh”

“Yes Jamie”

His tongue licked up and down her slit as her legs spread even wider. Her eyes were closed now and although she was enjoying it she still protested.

“Steven, please stop…I don’t want to.”

He stopped for a second and looked up at her “You don’t want to what, Jamie?”

She didn’t answer only moaned.

“You don’t wanna come in my mouth?”


“Ahhh but I know you do” He latched on to her pussy and alternated between licking her slit and her pussy lips. His tongue circled and thrust deep inside her as she moaned again. He ravaged her pussy with his mouth and tongue and she fought the orgasm that was building.

“I love your pussy baby, I love how you taste, it’s so sweet” his tongue probing in and out of her, he grabbed on firmly to her buttocks and his tongue went deep inside her.

“Cum for me”

“No” she resisted. His hands slipped from under her and he opened up her pussy lips. Her clit stood erect just waiting for some attention. He licked at the little button making her body shiver. As he licked and teased and nibbled at her beautiful clit, his index finger gently slipped inside her. “Goooood Steven!” His finger thurst inside her sopping pussy as his tongue circled her tiny nub.

“Oh yeah baby that’s it” He knew she would give in to him soon.

“Fuck I love when you eat my pussy, God yes!” Her head thrashed from left to right as her fingers played with her erect nipples.

“Cum for me you little slut, do it!”

That was enough to send her over the edge, her body tensed up and she held on to his head as his tongue darted in and out again while her pussy contracted around his finger. The waves of orgasm crashed over her, her juices pouring from her and making their way into his mouth.

“Ohhhhh fuck yes!! Stevennnnnn…I’m cummmming”. Her body contracted with spasms of pleasure… over and over again, she came as she fucked his handsome face and fingers. Then, her muscles contracted and she froze in place, her back arched as she rode the last of her orgasms before she collapsed on the bed. She didn’t resist him now, and he finished licking her pussy clean. He couldn’t get enough of her.

She collapsed exhausted with the night’s event. He kissed his way up her body until he planted a kiss onto her open mouth. As they entwined in each other’s arms, he whispered in here ear, “Mrs. Alexander, my Babydoll…?”

“Yes my love…?” she moaned without even opening her eyes. She was still in an orgasmic haze, and she adored it when he called her that.

“If you ever let another man finger your pussy, Jamie, I will never eat you out like that again.”

She opened her eyes, and smiled at him; his threat was very clear. She leaned her head to his ear and responded in kind.

“And you, Mr. Alexander… if I ever find out that tongue was in another pussy, I promise you will never taste mine again.”

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