A Sissy for Mommy and Daddy

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They responded to my ad after seeing my asshole spread on Facebook. They wanted something young and fun to spice things up. Why get a girl when you can get the best of both worlds? I have a penis and I do anal.

Kate was 34 and Mark 37; They’d been married for eleven years. They live in a nice suburban home and have two children together.

Mark is in the closet about being bisexual or bi-curious if you will. He asks Kate for permission to respond to my personals ad and she agrees it would be a good time.

I’m told to wear a pair of my sisters dirty panties. They want me to look and smell as much like a women as possible. I’m to go only by the name Allison and to hide my penis as much as possible.

They love that I’m a teenager, legal at 18 but still a teenager and done up in makeup I remind them of one of their daughters friends. I am to try to speak like a girl and moan like a girl. My penis can only be out while I’m fucking Kate or someone is giving me oral.

I live in a small town and I had not gathered through correspondence that they were the parents of my friend Jen, 19; We go to high school together.

The night we meet I dress up entirely as a girl for the first time in my life with a mixture of my sisters clothes and some things I picked up at the local flea market when I got the nerve. I put on makeup following instructions i found on the internet and once it was dark I walked out my front door. I felt nervous but sexy. As I said I live in a small town so I’m avoiding people at all costs.

I know on their door and they let me in. Mark is fully clothed while Kate is wearing a white teddy with a silk white housecoat and white pantyhose. She looks like a mom trying to be seductive but its working.

When we reach the bedroom I strip down to my panties and bra while Mark gets completely naked. Kate’s panties are crotches and she takes off the robe. She has a fantastic ass.

I can see her asshole and it’s breathtaking.

“We want to play a special game with you, Allison.” Mark says.

“What game?” I ask hesitantly and sure it’s not monopoly.

“Tonight we are your parents. Kate will be mom and I will be daddy.” Mark says.

“Okay, Daddy” I respond.

I’m trying my best to use my most feminine voice and stay in character. It’s difficult when you’re this nervous.

“Come to mommy!” Kate instructs and I walk over to her almost cautiously while and crawl in bed beside her.

She starts to rub my tiny, little cock through my panties and then smacks me on the ass. She reaches back and pulls my asscheeks canlı bahis şirketleri apart while jiggling my bum before sliding a gently up my asshole.

“You’ve got a very tight asshole!” Kate says while wiggling her finger around inside of me.

“Let me see it!” Mark says while slowly jerking his cock.

I turn facing away from him, reach back to pull my panties aside and pull my asscheeks apart for Mark to see my little virgin love-hole.

“Do you like it, Daddy?” I ask.

He walks up to me and spanks my bum.

“I love it! You’re a good girl and the best daughter a man could ask for!” He says while stroking his cock with one hand and circling his finger around my asshole.

“Allison, lick this!” Kate says while spreading apart her pussy. She’s got a puffy pussy with a tiny little, trimmed bush.

“That’s it! Come to me Mommy!” She instructs me and I crawl across the bed on all fours and start to lick her clit. Her pussy tastes like soap but I’d rather taste soap than fish.

Mark gets behind me and starts to finger my asshole with some lube. His cock is very very thick and over six inches long. He has shaved balls but a tiny bush above his cock.

“Does daddy’s girl like that?” He asks as he shoves a fourth finger into my asshole.

It hurts a little but I stop licking Kate to moan “mmm, Yes daddy!”

“… Then my baby girl is going to love this!” He says as he pushes the head of his cock to my now loosened asshole and slams his length in me.

I jump forward, flattening myself out onto Kate. My head is at her breasts and she nuzzles me and pushes her nipple to my mouth. I start sucking on her tit.

“Good girl, Allison, breastfeed from mommy while Daddy takes advantage of that tight, little ass!”

He pushes himself deep into my asshole and I can feel it in my stomach. My asshole feels torn but it only hurts a little. I felt it rip while stretching as he slammed himself into me with no concern about my virgin status.

He thrusts and I suck Kate’s nipple to keep myself distracted. She reaches down and rubs my little penis. I can feel it growing in her hand but as soon as she stops rubbing I go completely soft again.

Mark pushed my ass up and adjusts my body like a ragdoll so that my genitalia is against Kate’s and we’re looking eye to eye while he fucks me from behind.

“Good girl, you’re doing so good. Give mom a big kiss.” Kate says and after a few small pecks we start making out. My bright red lipstick his all over her lips and cheek.

“You’re the best daughter ever, Allison!” canlı kaçak iddaa “You’re the best daughter ever, Allison!” “You’re the best daughter ever, Jenny!”

Mark means his daughters name by mistake and Kate looks disgusted. He moaned it loud.

He moaned it really, really loud and with that he bedroom door opens and as she enters Jenny says “Yes, Dad…oh.. my .. God!” She exclaims in shock while seeing me between her parents with her fathers dick up my sissy ass.

“Get out!” Kate yells at Jenny.

Jenny quickly leaves, slamming the door behind her with tears in her eyes due to what she just saw. The poor girl must be traumatized.

Kate reaches up, grabs my face and starts kissing me again and Mark stays in my ass as if nothing has happened.

I start to get erect and I slide my hard cock inside of Kate. She’s so wet I can barely feel it but she moans in pleasure as if she can.

Mark pulls out of me and lays down on the bed with his cock up in the air.

I’m fucking Kate harder now that I don’t have a cock thrusting in and out of my no longer virgin asshole.

“Put daddy’s cock in your mouth!” Mark instructs and I pull myself out of Kate and crawl over to him, tucking my cock back in behind my panties to hide it.

“Fuck yes, Jenny, suck daddy’s cock.” Mark says quietly.

“Cant help yourself anymore?” Kate says with a smile and starts to rub her pussy while watching me blow her husband.

“Mmm, lick my balls. Lick the balls you came from, Jenny!” Mark says and I start licking his balls, sucking them into my mouth and twirling my tongue around the loose skin.

Mark jerks his cock hard, bashing me in the face while I suck and lick his testicles.

Kate crawls across the bed to me and pulls my panties aside to start sucking my cock. I can feel myself grow in her mouth.

“I can fit the entire thing in my mouth without it touching my throat!” Kate moans “I love this little clit.”

“I love his little girl cock in my mouth.” She says while pausing.

Kate sticks her tongue out and starts to lick my balls with my entire cock in her mouth. She massages my shaft with her tongue while she swallows my hard cock.

“I’m going to cum” Mark says.

He reaches down, grabs my hips and pulls me up to ride him with my ass. I start to kiss him and he spins me around in one fluid motion.

Kate latches her mouth onto my cock and I start to ride Mark reverse cowgirl and bareback.

“I’m cumming, Jenny, Daddy is cumming in your sweet little, tight… mmmm!” He moans while he fills canlı kaçak bahis my asshole with cum as I lift my booty up and down.

Mark lifts me off of him and I feel myself leaking his huge load. Kate pushes me down and starts to lick my loose asshole, catching all of her husbands hot semen. I start to push it out of myself for her and she starts suckling my asshole.

“Mmm, Yes, Feed mommy!” She says as cum continues to leak from my body.

Mark starts to put on his clothes while watching his wife suck a teenage asshole.

“Well… ” Mark begins.

“Wait, she hasn’t came yet! Kate exclaims.

“You two have fun. I’m going to the garage for a beer. I hope we can do this again soon, Allison. ” he says “Here is some incentive to come back.” He continues while leaving a hundred dollar bill on the bedside table before heading out the bedroom door.

Kate nudges me to turn over and pulls my wig off. Thank God, I was so hot wearing it. She slurps my cock into her mouth and starts sucking my little, baby dick.

She grabs a remote off the table and turns around to turn on the television; changing the channel to hardcore lesbian strapon porn.

“Do you like this? I can put something else on.” She says while massaging my balls with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other.

I look at the television and see one girl fucking another girl up the ass with a very large strapon in an amazing anal scene.

“This is great!” I say and lean back while enjoying my blowjob.

“I can’t believe how small you are!” Kate says while slurping me back into her mouth.

Her warm mouth massages my hard, three inch cock and I start to feel it pulsing.

“Mommy, I’m going to cum!” I moan.

“Mmm, feed mommy your cum, baby boy!” She says while stroking my cock with one hand, massaging my balls with the other and keeping her lips wrapped around the head of my baby dick.

“I’m cumming!” I moan as I fill her mouth with cum.

“Ahh, thank you.” Kate says she swallows my thick load. I’ve never really came much but its thick enough to choke you.

She gets up and starts to get dressed and I roll over and start looking for my clothes.

“Don’t mind him calling you his daughters name, sweety. He does it to me all the time and don’t worry about our daughter – She won’t tell anyone. I’ll talk to her.” Kate says while I adjust my wig and fix my makeup.

When I’m ready I start to head for the door and Kate grabs my hand and puts the hundred dollar bill in it. “Don’t forget your hush money, sweety. Are you free next weekend?” She asks.

“Ye-Yeah I’m free.” I say with a stutter. “I’ll see you next weekend.” I say as I head out the door.

My ass is sore, my balls are drained and I just pretended to be someone’s daughter. I’m definitely going back there next weekend!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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