A Replacement for Susan Ch. 03

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Just as Mary dropped her bomb shell, I got a text from Diane asking if I could meet her at the café next to the conservatoire where she attends an evening class. I’ve got to say it was a case of perfect timing as something about the way Mrs Summers had made her magnanimous offer had set alarm bells ringing in my head. I was actually glad for a chance to figure out what they meant. Mrs Summers asked for my assurances that our conversation would remain private and I readily gave them to her.

As I drove across town to meet Diane, I obviously thought of little else but what she had said. I went over our conversation several times and in the end could only conclude that it was what it seemed; Diane’s mother wanted me to use her as my fuck toy! Wrap it up anyway you like, that was what it added up to.

Diane seemed a little down when I eventually found her. The reason surprise surprise was her mother who’d given her the third degree about me.

‘You’d think I was a child the way she interrogated me this morning!’

‘What kind of things did she ask?’

‘Had you asked me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. Have you offered me drugs. And worst of all… no I can’t say!’

‘That bad!’ What did you tell her?’

‘At first I was determined to ignore her but in the end I gave her a blow by blow account of what we did the other night. I’m really sorry. I lost it with her and I hope you’ll forgive me.’

‘There’s nothing to forgive. How were you getting home?’

‘Mom was supposed to pick me up but I told her you might…?

‘Sure but not straight home.’ I said and she smiled with me.

We walked out to my car and drove to a quiet spot I know and had sex. I guess when you put it like that it sounds sordid but we actually did just have sex, pure and simple. One minute we were kissing, the next she was on my lap bouncing away like a woman possessed. It was as much as I could do to get a condom on. Afterwards I asked if she had needed that but she declined to answer!

We chatted as we came back to earth and on the drive back to her house. Diane apologised again for telling her mother about me and promised to make it up to me soon. When I quizzed her what that meant she only smiled and said I had wait and see. By then it was getting late so I made my way home.

The next morning my mother was waiting for me when I came into our kitchen.

‘Paul I may have said a few things to Diane’s casino siteleri mother last night which I realise I shouldn’t have. I hope it doesn’t make any waves for you and Diane.’

‘No real harm done.’ I reassured her.

‘What do you mean? Has Mary said something to you?’

‘She asked me to go over last night and we had, a chat.’ I told her.

‘A chat? Something in the way you said that meant it was something more.’

‘It was. Mrs Summers was a little concerned that I might corrupt her innocent daughter, I’m not at liberty to say more.’

‘But you’re still seeing Diane?’

‘Yes we’re still seeing each other.’

‘I’m so relieved, but now I’m wondering what else Mary said to you.’

‘Mom, you really don’t want to know.’ I said as a way of ending the conversation, but I figured she wouldn’t rest until she knew.

After I’d had something to eat I headed over to my friend Simon’s. True I’d been sworn to secrecy but as Bono says, ‘A secret is something you tell one other person!’ and I needed to hear his opinion about what Mary had said. True to form he reckoned it was a no brainer, his exact words were.

‘Fuck her any which way you can and then think of new ways to do it!’

There then followed a lively debate about the merits of the different ways we could actually think of, we even put in a search on Google which turned up a few we hadn’t!

By lunch time I was texting Anna to see if she was free. Unfortunately she wasn’t, but I had better luck with Diane who text back that her mother would be out all afternoon. I said I’d be there about one and told her to wear as little as possible.

I’d been at Diane’s less than two minutes before she was naked and I’d tied her hands behind her back using my belt. With remarkable intuition she began to beg me not to hurt her. As I roughly rubbed her pussy with the side of my hand she continued to plead with me. Something I found to be an incredible turn on! As I rubber her with one hand I pinched and pulled at her right nipple with the other whilst nibbling the left nipple with my teeth. Her orgasm when it came was explosive. By the end of it she could hardly stand. I picked her up easily in my arms and laid her face down on one of their sofas. As she lay still, getting her breath back I slipped out of my things, rolled a condom on and buried my shaft into her soaking vagina.

After I came I undid her wrists and lay down beside her. slot oyna Diane started to talk about her mother again, somehow she knew Mary had asked me to come and see her yesterday evening. I quickly figured out that she must have got her hands on her mother’s phone. Like mother like daughter as they say. There was no point in denying anything so when Diane asked why I’d been summonsed me I had no hesitation in telling her. I even told her about Susan and how I’d led my mother to believe she was practically in league with the devil.

Diane wasn’t shocked in the slightest by what I told her. Actually I was more surprised when she told me I should take her up on the offer.

‘Pardon me?’

‘Take her up on her offer, unless you still want to carry on seeing Susan.’

‘Susan and I have split up, she actually living with someone now.’

‘Do you have any plans to drag me off to a tattoo parlour or of making me have my nipples pierced?’

‘None of the above.’ I told her.

‘In that case I’d take it as a personal favour if you’d except her offer and maybe even take her down a peg or two. It’ll keep her off my back if nothing else, especially when she finds out I know about it.’

Wow! What is it with the women in my life these days; maybe there was something in the water. Just as I was about to tell her that I would do as she asked she came up another incentive.

‘You know I said I’d make it up to you, about telling my mom? Well I worked out what I’m going to do and believe me, you will enjoy it. But maybe I should wait until you’ve sorted my mother out before letting you in on the secret.’

I smilled as I dug out my phone to write a text to Mary.

‘Mary, are you free later?’

A few moments later Diane’s phone chirped. It was a text from her mother.

‘Do you still need a lift to your class this evening?’

Diane kissed me deeply before replying that she did but wouldn’t need a lift back. Mary text me a few minutes later to say she was free this evening at eight.

‘Dad usually plays cards with his cronies tonight so you’ll have her all to yourself for two hours. What do you plan on doing?’ Diane asked as she reached for my semi hard dick.

‘I’m going to text her in a minute to set a few ground rules.’

Diane had shuffled down to take me into her mouth. I was fully hard by then. She let me slip from her mouth to ask what the rules would be. I noticed she had also slipped canlı casino siteleri a hand between her legs.

‘She has to promise to do what ever I want while we are together. I’m going to tell her that she is never allowed to speak, unless I ask her a direct question.’ Diane was moaning as she sucked on my dick, I was getting close to coming myself but concentrating on Mary and my demands helped me hold off a little longer.

‘Once she agrees, I’ll tell her what I want her to be wearing.’

As Diane came, I did too. When we’d both got our breath back Diane picked up my phone and started to write out a text. She sent it before passing it back to me.

I didn’t know what to expect when I read what she’d put.

‘Mary, I agree to your requests. Are you serious about your offer?’ not so bad I thought.

‘Paul that is good to hear. I am very serious.’ Diane picked the phone out of my fingers and began to write another text.

‘Mary. Do you promise to do what ever I want while we are alone?’

‘Yes.’ Came her swift reply which Diane read out.

‘Also while we are alone you will not speak unless I ask you a question.’


‘Diane tapped out another text as I started to suck her nipples. She read it out to me before sending it. ‘Wear something slutty. I’ll be there at eight.’

As I kissed my way down her stomach Diane asked me what I was going to do when I was with her mother. I teased her clit with my tongue a little before telling her that I would make her stand in the centre of the lounge. I asked her what she thought I should do for starters.

‘Tell her to strip. Blindfold her and use your belt on her tits.’ Diane started to moan as I sucked on her clit again. ‘Take a photo of her if you can.’

‘Then what?’ I asked.

‘Bend her over the dinning table and use your belt on her behind.’ Her moaning increased significantly at that point.

‘Then I’ll fuck her.’

‘Do it up her bum.’ Diane gasped as another orgasm overtook her.

Diane really did seem to get off on idea of me humiliating her mother, but I have to say the thought of being her willing accomplice wasn’t bothering me unduly!

We got dressed after we’d calmed down and over a coffee I checked that she was still ok about me seeing her mom later.

‘Hell yes.’ Were her exact words. Enough said I thought to myself.

I dropped in on Simon on my way home to keep him in the loop. He seemed as excited as Diane was about it. He told me the woman he was seeing was into submission and stuff like that too. It didn’t take us long to figure out how much fun it would be to organise a foursome with them both.

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