A Passion for Penny

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This is the true story of how, after knowing each other for more than ten years, I found myself in bed with one of our closest family friends.

I’ve changed the names and a few other details that might give too big a clue to my or Penny’s true identities, but otherwise this is exactly how it happened – or at least it’s how I remember it!

In her early forties, a highly educated professional woman with two teenage children, Penny isn’t one of those women you would immediately see and lust after. She’s quite tall, with short dark hair and her body is angular – perhaps even skinny – rather than slim. Her face is full of character and distinctive, rather than beautiful. But without knowing it, I’ve wanted to make love to her for many years.

For most of the time I’ve known her, Penny has had a rather intense, commanding personality. She’s highly intelligent and well educated, and tends to want her own way most of the time. Her husband, a very good friend of mine, has found it easiest to let her have her way in most things; as a result, Penny can be cold and hard when thwarted in any way. For years I found this harder side of her personality to be quite off-putting, but gradually, beginning in the October of 2003, things began to change.

I suppose we all desire most the things we do not possess. In Penny and my case, this has been particularly true. My wife is quite short, with a rounded figure – not by any means fat – and blonde hair. In contrast, Penny is tall and angular with dark hair. My wife’s breasts are large and full. Penny’s breasts are small. My wife’s legs are shorter and muscular. Penny’s are long, slim and pale.

And I feel strongly attracted to both of them.

Similarly, Penny’s husband is short whereas I am very tall. His skin is tanned while mine is paler. He has more hair all over his body than anyone I have ever encountered; in contrast I have little body hair which, as a consequence of my wife’s aversion to it, has been trimmed even shorter.

I suppose in this perverse way Penny were bound to be interested in each other.

For a full ten years our two families got on well together – kids about the same age, interests similar – and there was little or no sexual content to our friendship. It’s true that, when I sat next to Penny at dinner parties, the conversation often took on a sexual nature, but there was no real suggestion of anything more – until one New Year party when I realised that, gradually but undeniably, something had significantly changed.

Looking back, I can now see how it began with small things – holding on to me just a fraction longer than she used to when kissing goodnight on the cheek; the conversation turning sexual slightly more often than usual; occasionally ‘accidentally’ not turning her head far enough at the end of an evening so we kissed slightly on the lips by mistake.

Nothing concrete, but in retrospect a sexual frisson was definitely developing. Of course, I failed to spot this at the time!

Gradually, when making arrangements for our families to meet, or to help with each other’s kids, it became my mobile phone that Penny called or sent texts to rather than my wife’s. Text conversations involved more than just one or two practical sentences; Penny’s messages began to end with an ‘X’.

Only small things again, but gradually they added up to a distinct change in the nature of my relationship with her. And because it happened slowly, it had become bedded in long before either of us realised it.

It was only after one long, slightly drunken Friday night dinner party at the house of mutual friends that things suddenly changed in a way that even I couldn’t miss.

Penny seldom drinks, but that night she and her husband had been given a lift to the dinner by some other guests, so Penny was free to have a few glasses of wine. Amusingly, she gets giggly after only a couple of glasses and, predictably sitting next to me, she became a little tipsy quite early on.

We had been discussing the holiday that our two families were planning to go on together in the summer. I had gathered together a bag of brochures and had short-listed half a dozen to select from. Penny’s husband always lets her choose their holidays, and my wife leaves the decisions to me, so it was normal and natural for the two of us to talk them over. I offered to give Penny the bag of brochures I had brought with me, together with my hand written notes, so she could look them over and tell me what she thought.

That was when things changed. Penny put her hand on mine and a slightly odd look came over her face. Her voice when she spoke was low and conspiratorial.

“No!” She said. “Bring them over on Monday after the kids have gone to school.”

I was silent for a minute. A little tipsy myself, I wasn’t sure I had understood her correctly?

“Monday morning?” I asked, testing the situation. “So Paul can see them too?”

“Paul will have gone off with the kids.” Penny whispered, casino oyna a little drunkenly, a meaningful smile on her face. She squeezed my hand under the table and turned to chat to the friend on her other side. I sat back, bemused.

The rest of the dinner passed off without event. I thought that Penny’s leg ‘accidentally’ brushed against mine more often than chance alone would have allowed, but by the time we were all standing in the hallway saying our ‘thank you’ and ‘goodnights’ I was beginning to doubt whether there had been any ‘message’ at all.

The guests walked as an elongated group along the long driveway to our cars, the night dark and moonless around us. My wife turned as she opened the car door and Penny gave her a goodnight peck on the cheek. I shook hands with Paul, both of us slurring our words slightly.

As Penny casually leaned towards me for the usual farewell kiss, I had decided that it had all been an illusion brought on by too much good wine. But then as I bent to kiss her goodnight, she turned her head – it had to be deliberately – and I found myself kissing her full on the lips.

In the pitch darkness, her lips opened for a fraction of a second. I felt the hardness of her teeth on my mouth and the sudden, hot, soft thrust of her tongue against mine.

She pulled away suddenly, smiling.

“See you on Monday!” he whispered. “Sleep well!”

I stood speechless until my wife’s voice brought me to my senses. I sat in the car and she drove us home.

Not surprisingly I spent the rest of the weekend with a belly full of butterflies, unsure whether Penny had really invited me to be alone with her; and even less sure whether I should take up the invitation if there had been one.

No! I wasn’t unsure – I knew full well I shouldn’t, but I equally knew I had to see if I had been right. I had never cheated on my wife before – despite a number of opportunities and our own unsatisfactory sex life.

Besides, I had always thought of Penny more like a sister than a friend. Suddenly, to my horror, I realised that this made the idea of making love with her even more exciting.

I spent an anxious Sunday and a restless Sunday, my head already full of lust and guilt even though I had done nothing….yet. By the time I went to bed on Sunday night I had convinced myself that it had all been a misunderstanding and that I wasn’t interested in her anyway.

By the time I woke in the morning, however, I knew I had to at least see if I had been right…..

So on Monday morning at 7.30 am, I parked my car just round the corner from Penny’s house on a busy through-road where it would not attract attention. I waited patiently, half listening to the news on the radio and watching the driveway until I saw the automatic wooden gates swing inwards, and her husband’s car, full of children, leave for school.

I had told my wife that I had an early appointment with a customer in Leeds and had left the house early myself. She had no reason to suspect. Early appointments happened on a weekly basis.

I fired up the engine and quickly nipped through the open gates and up the long straight driveway to the front door. In the rear view mirror, I saw the gates swing shut behind me.

Drawing to a halt, I pulled on the hand brake and stepped nervously out of my car. I looked around carefully. The house seemed deserted as I took my plastic bag of brochures out of the back seat and looked up at the windows.

The room I knew to be their master bedroom had its curtains drawn. Suddenly there was movement behind the drapes and I thought I saw a face. It disappeared just as suddenly. Nervously I adjusted my tie and also the lie of my cock which was already hardening uncomfortably in my boxer shorts.

I crossed to the red front door and knocked softly. There was no response. I knocked a little harder and thought I could just make out the sound of running feet inside the house. There was a fumbling at the door; it opened a few inches then stopped, held by the security chain. Through the gap, I could just make out Penny’s face. She had a bathrobe pulled around her tightly.

She didn’t smile. My heart sank.

“Hi Penny.” I stammered, trying vainly to keep a casual note in my voice.

The door closed in my face. Oh God! I thought. Have I made a mistake? Did I misread her messages?

But then I heard a rattling as the security chain was unfastened and the door slowly swung open. Penny stood inside, her eyes on mine. There was a strange look on her face which did not at first reassure me.

“Is this a bad time?” I asked, giving us both the chance to back out, or for me to pretend I’d come for some other reason.

Penny just grinned in an embarrassed manner. As she looked at me, her bathrobe fell ever-so-slightly open – just the tiniest bit – before Penny pulled it tightly around her again. Has that been deliberate? Through the gap I thought I could see she was wearing sexy slot oyna pale lace underwear – that wasn’t normal for a Monday, surely?

“Oh God!” I thought. “Perhaps I was right!”

“Come in.” She whispered and, with my belly alive with butterflies, I entered the hall.

“I’ve brought those holiday brochures for you.” I said nervously, my voice squeaking stupidly as she closed the front door behind me.

“Thanks.” Penny smiled. “Have you got time for a coffee?”

I looked at my watch. Stupid again. I knew exactly what the time was and how long I could stay. “Please.” I replied.

Penny led the way down the short corridor and into her large, sun filled kitchen. I followed her, still frantically seeking signs that I’d not been mistaken – that she DID want me. I noticed her nicely brushed hair. That certainly wasn’t how it had been when she had got out of bed. As she passed me, I could smell the sweet newly-showered freshness of her skin. Was that a sign too?

As Penny filled the kettle, I placed the bag of brochures down on the wooden kitchen table.

“There are a few choices in here. But it’s difficult to find properties big enough for us all.” I said, trying to maintain the pretence it was an innocent visit. I was pleased that my voice sounded a little more normal.

Penny crossed to the table, ‘accidentally’ brushing against me as she passed. I stood my ground close to the table, still nervous and unsure, looking for a clear signal – any signal.

She thumbed through the top two brochures, her hips touching mine. Was this the signal? Still I couldn’t be certain – her conversation remained practical; to the point. Perhaps I had made a big mistake. Perhaps I hadn’t, but she’d changed her mind. Perhaps….

I was brought to my senses as, across the room, the kettle began to boil noisily. Penny stood up slowly, brushing against me once again, and went to make the coffee. The stomach-tingling smell of her perfume wafted past me again. I felt sick with excitement.

The wonderful aroma of Penny was joined by the strong smell of freshly ground coffee as she ground the dark beans in the noisy, rasping shiny steel machine on the kitchen dresser. She to me spoke over the machine’s din.

“….I think the Victorian cottage in the blue brochure would be nice….” Penny continued as if unaware of the effect her presence was having on me. “….but then a seaside place would be nice too… Oh Hell!” She swore under her breath.

“What’ the matter?” I asked crossing over to where she stood.

“I can’t get the lid open. Can you have a go?” She asked.

Always pleased to play the big strong male, I smiled and, standing close by Penny, took hold of the machine’s stainless steel lid. She grasped the grinder’s body tightly and made a show of bracing herself.

“Got it?” I asked. Penny nodded. Our bodies were pressed close together as I wrenched the lid anti-clockwise.

It turned very easily. It had not been jammed. I looked at Penny, puzzled.

And she kissed me. On the lips! Full and purposeful! No accident!

It was as if a long closed door had burst open.

Suddenly ten years of bottled up desire broke free as our mouths melted into one another in the heat and passion of our first real kiss. Our teeth clashed awkwardly and our tongues writhed over and around each other as our hands leapt to each other’s bodies as if we were teenage school kids all over again.

Penny tasted cleanly of mint toothpaste, with just a hint of fresh coffee on her breath. Her body smelled of bath oil, her hair bore the lightest aroma of roses. I held her firmly against my body, drinking in the heady, sensual cocktail of her presence, my chest and belly tight with astonishment and incredible arousal.

After what seemed an age, our lips parted and we both gasped for breath, giggling like school kids. My lips felt a little numb. How many yeas had it been since that had happened? Penny leaned back in my arms, her body still closely pressed against mine. She couldn’t possibly mistake the erection in my pants as it pressed firmly into her lower belly. She laughed.

“I thought you were never going to make a move.” Her eyes were bright and lively. “You big dope!” She kissed me playfully on the lips again. “How obvious did I need to make it?”

I felt very silly, my face flushing red with embarrassment. Penny grinned and kissed me on the mouth once again. We melted together in a second passionate embrace. My hands slipped deep inside her bathrobe and around her waist, feeling the soft smooth skin of her back as they slid both up and down her spine from the silky smooth waistband of her panties to the tightly fastened clasp of her bra. I felt her firm, smooth buttocks under the silk of her panties and she pressed herself back against my palm, then forwards against my painfully-hard cock again.

Penny’s arms snaked around my neck and my fingers danced over her skin. I kneaded her soft, silk canlı casino siteleri clad buttocks; I ran my fingernails down her sides; I stroked her flat smooth stomach; I fondled her small silk encased breasts. All the time, Penny’s tongue reached deep into my mouth, entwining with my own, our mouths open wide as trying to consume each other entirely, her bony, active pelvis grinding against my erection.

We broke for breath once again, giggling a little in relieved arousal. Penny released my neck and, stepping away from me, let her bathrobe fall to the ground. My eyes opened wide in delight.

She wore expensive, pale lemon coloured silk underwear which highlighted the whiteness and softness of her skin. Loose fitting, lace trimmed French knickers covered her buttocks, the fine silk almost transparent; the outline of her dark triangle clearly visible through its fine weave. Above her flat, slightly stretch-lined stomach, a matching bra barely concealed and temptingly presented her small breasts in a way which simply demanded the attention of my lips.

Penny looked a little unsure, her eyes turned to the floor.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, unable to stifle the childish gasp. To my relief, Penny looked pleased.

“You like it?” She whispered. I nodded eagerly. “I’ve never…..you know…..let anyone but Paul see me like…….like this….”

I took her fingers in mine and kissed them, then her lips, then knelt before her, my face close to her wonderful breasts. I breathed on their tips and saw her nipples harden through the silk. I drew each nipple in turn into my mouth, lightly flicking my tongue over its tip as my hand gently cupped its soft round body. I felt Penny tremble.

She placed a single finger under my chin, tipping my face towards hers.

“Not here.” She whispered. “Come with me.”

I rose to my feet. Penny took my hand I hers and led me out of the kitchen and up the stairs to where I knew the guest bedroom to be. I closed the door behind us and quickly undressed down to my boxer shorts, my eyes never leaving Penny’s as she slowly lay back on the off-white duvet on the large double bed.

I went to the window to close the curtains but Penny stopped me.

“I love the sunlight.” She said. “Leave them open.” Indeed, the morning sun was playing brightly over the bed, making Penny’s skin look even paler; her silk lingerie almost glowing.

I lowered and kicked of my boxers, my erection slapping eagerly against my lower belly. Penny stared at my body. Suddenly I felt embarrassed. I’m much less muscular than her husband – what if she didn’t want me at this late stage?

But my fears were assuaged when Penny reached out towards me. I approached the bed, placing a hand on each of her pale white knees and spreading her legs. I knelt on the floor, pulling Penny’s body towards me until one long, slim leg was either side of my head.

Her freshly showered body was pale and soft, her knees, hips and shoulders bony and angular. As my mouth descended between her legs, I felt her white thighs rising like ivory towers either side of my face.

I closed my eyes as my lips brushed against the lemon silk covering her pubic hair. Her body was clean – freshly showered by the sweet soapy smell, but already I could detect the smell and distant metallic taste of her excitement. There was a dark, damp patch on the silk between her thighs, and I could clearly feel the animal heat of her arousal on my face as I ran my tongue along the crease at the top of her thigh. I slipped my little finger under the hem of her knickers. Penny moaned softly and raised her hips towards my mouth. The dark wet patch grew wider on the smooth silk.

I began to slip the knickers down over Penny’s buttocks and was delighted when she raised her hips from the bed to let me reveal her sweet vulva. I quickly passed the damp panties over her smooth white thighs; over her slightly knobbly knees and threw them aside.

Penny’s beautiful sex was bare before me for the first time. My chest felt tight with excitement. Her pubic hair was sparse, dark and trimmed – even sweeter than I had imagined it. I felt her fingers in my hair as I turned my full attention to the delight before me.

Burying my nose between her fleshy outer lips, I inhaled deeply, feeling my spine shiver with the deeply arousing aroma of Penny’s body coming on heat. I breathed out, my hot breath rolling over her inner lips as my tongue darted outward and upwards to tickle the underside of her swelling clitoris. Her smooth white thighs clamped hard around my head and I heard the muffled sound of a deep moan as her pelvis shook.

I slipped the palms of my hands under her soft white buttocks and gently raised her vulva to my lips, tilting her pelvis as her heels touched my back. Her outer lips swelled and parted before my eyes, revealing the bright pink sweetness of her inner lips within.

In a single smooth move, I slid the tip of my tongue the full length of her slit, from its rounded, open base to the hard nub of her clitoris above. Penny gasped aloud and a small, animal-like whimper escaped her lips. I lapped at her again and again, feeling her legs open wider and wider as if to draw me into her.

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