A First Time for Everything

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This is my first straight sex entry, please leave any comments on possible ways for me to improve. I hope you enjoy this story that involves adults just over the age of 18, exploring together.


The doorbell rings suddenly, and my heart jumps into my throat. I stand and straighten my outfit nervously. “I hope he’ll like it,” I think to myself as I readjust the see-through black and red baby doll halter dress I had picked out earlier this week.

I turn the doorknob and step back into the shadows, so that he can see me, but the rest of the world cannot. Isaac stood with the most adorable, dumbfounded look on his face in the threshold of my front door, completely speechless. I stick out my hand for him to take, and he does, letting me pull him inside. I lock the door tight behind him, and calmly and quietly lead him to my room.

I push him lightly down onto my bed, straddling him in the same motion. I take the hem of his blue T-shirt and pull it over his head, revealing the beautiful chest underneath. I take the back of his head in my hands, turning his face upward towards mine so that our lips can meet. Still in shock, Isaac’s hands are glued to his sides. I take his hands, with their long, graceful fingers and place them on my voluminous backside, hoping he’ll get more involved. illegal bahis It seems to work as he throws himself more into what is turning into an impressive make out session, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I pull away, smiling down at him like a hunter looking at her prey. I push Isaac back, turning him slightly so that we are laying across the bed long ways. I kiss him with one hand tenderly resting on his face, while the other reaches up to find what I had stored under the pillow earlier. I take the new, leather blindfold in my hand, breaking our kiss.

“Do you trust me?” I whisper with all the confidence I could muster.

“Uh huh,” Isaac mumbled, trying to pull my head down to reconnect my lips to his. I duck my head down suddenly, and bite sharply into his exposed shoulder. “Ah! What?”

“Do. You. Trust. Me?” Spitting out every word, making sure he’s taking them all in.

“Of course babe.” He says, smiling up at me.

“Close your eyes.” He looks a little tense, but does what he is told in the end. I secure the leather over his eyes, letting him feel the texture he desires so much. He shivers, realizing what I’m doing. I reach over to my nightstand and take out the leather wrist restrains, and I take first one wrist, then the other, while kissing him softly. I wrap illegal bahis siteleri them around the bars of my iron headboard, adjusting the straps so they are just tight enough to keep him right where I want him.

I take the final item of my perfect fantasy out of the draw, the breathable gag ball with the fine leather strap sliding nicely through my hands. I kiss him one last time.

“Open,” I instruct, his mouth goes wide the second I speak. I put the ball into place between his sweet lips, wrapping the strap around to the back of his head. I kiss my way down his chest, circling back up to lightly bite at his nipples. Isaac arched his back, moaning into the gag. I flick my tongue lightly over both nipples, making them hard, but not as hard as the growing bulge that rest against my leg. I lick and bite my way down his torso, reaching his belt, which I undo and remove with gusto, throwing it to the floor. I pull his pants down hard, revealing tight, red boxer briefs that can barely containing the treasure they are hiding.

I pull those down too, letting the generous girth underneath spring free. As I rub my hand lightly over his member, his fists tighten in the cuffs, and he breathes hard around the gag, wanting to touch me too and getting frustrated at his inability to do so. I remove canlı bahis siteleri my hands entirely, waiting for his reaction. He starts to thrust into the air, begging me to touch him, and getting more frustrated by the second, judging by the huffs and puffs he is trying too hard to make audible around his pretty gag.

“Do you want something, little boy?” He nods vigorously, quiet now to better take in my every word. “Do you want my mouth on your pretty cock?” He fights his binds, and kicks out, wanting it so bad, wriggling with desire. “Aw, cute boy wants it so much. Say please.” The overzealous attempts at syllables were fun to observe, but I don’t make him struggle for long.

I bend down, using my hand to guide him, taking is hard dick into my warm, wet mouth. Licking around the tip, then gently wandering down to as close to the base as I can manage. I repeat the motion, letting my throat become accustom to his size, and slowly being able to take him into my throat. I take my other hand and lightly message his balls, feeling the pressure ready to burst within.

“Cum for me baby,” I say while pausing for a second, then resume my efforts with a much faster speed. He gasps. He rolls back and forth to the best of his restrained abilities. And finally, I feel his balls tighten more as warm goo fills my waiting mouth. I swallow as much as I can manage, the rest dripping back onto his softening dick. As he releases his last bit of cum, I move up to his face, and remove his gag, kissing him deeply with the taste of him still on my tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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