A Date with Mom

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My mom was not a Martha Stewart, but I can’t really complain. She had given up everything for me, even her own birthday. She had given birth in the back seat of an old beat up hot rod, running from a controlling family back in Louisiana and headed west racing the sun. If she hadn’t stopped to eat and rest her aching back in the parking lot of a small town cafe outside of Austin Texas perhaps things would have turned out differently for both of us.

Adopted by grandma and papa Cooper, and finding herself among the welcoming community, she finished high school and earned a business degree which she used to start her career as a real estate agent. Grandma passed away shortly after, her greatest wish fulfilled. I was five years old then and it has been me and mom against the world since, living in a 3 bedroom two story red brick home 2 blocks from where she had given birth.

Every time my birthday came, mom would keep me out of school and we would spend an entire 24 hours doing anything that I wanted. It didn’t matter if it was street hockey or rolling around in the mud she would do it and we would both laugh and play. But it was always about ME and what I wanted.

I started realizing that mom no longer had a birthday of her own. So after everything she had done for me I wanted to make this, her 34th birthday, about her. I had to be sneaky of course or we never would have made it past breakfast. Thankfully grandma had left me a bit of money for situations just like this.

The day started at 8:00am as I woke her with a breakfast in bed. I had woken early to prepare a delicious tray of creamy strawberry crêpes, a bowl of blueberries and whip cream, coffee, and a large glass of orange juice. I had spent days practicing and according to Mary Jane, my cooking coach, they were perfect.

My hands trembled and the tray shook in my arms. I watched ripples form in the coffee and prayed softly that it didn’t spill. Mom would never get out of bed this early without a stiff cup of coffee to wake her up. I found her door unlocked and gently pushed it open.

This was my first look at Sarah Le Blanc,. Not mom or Sarah Cooper the real estate agent but the real Sarah Le Blanc, the lost and abandoned girl who had become a woman at 16. She was beautiful with her long blonde hair held by a scrap of yarn, just a few strays clinging to her white satin pillow case. Her pearl colored skin seemed to glow in the morning light.

She had kicked the blankets off and was lying half on her side and half on her stomach, her firm round cheeks laid bare. A long T shirt was bunched up around her back. She had one hand clutching a pillow and the other appeared to be trapped between her legs.

Unsure what else to do I sat the tray down on the nightstand before leaning over and kissing her softly on the cheek. She groaned softly and stretched into a yawn as she quickly lifted the sheet to cover her legs. Turning towards me she looked at the tray and a sparkling smile stretched across her lips.

“For me? Oh how sweet.” She cooed.

“I want to do this right.” My hands trembled as I looked at her.

Seeing that I was already nervous she made it easier by propping herself up with pillows and patting her lap. Slowly I moved the tray, she reached for the coffee but stopped her hand as she noticed the scrap of paper underneath.

A hundred different thoughts flashed in her eyes as she pulled the note free. One line had said it all. “I want a day with Sarah Le blanc.” After a long silent moment she patted the bed beside her. Taking her invitation, I began the day by feeding her in bed.

She moaned in pleasure as I slid the first powdery bite onto her tongue. “You really don’t have to…” I fed her another bite, drawing another little moan from her lips. “Feed me” she moaned.

“You fed me every day for two entire years. I think I can handle one breakfast.” I chuckled taking a blueberry from the bowl and dipping it in whipped cream before offering it to her opened lips.

“Mmmm, you’re going to spoil me.” She moaned.

“You deserve to be spoiled, and if not by me…then who?” I looked into her eyes and offered another bite. “After all, you wound up pregnant with me when you were fifteen, and you could have aborted me, but you didn’t. Not even when my father disappeared… You’ve sacrificed a hell of a lot, to have me and raise an ‘oops’, all on your own, and that deserves more than just a little spoiling!”

Mom turned to look directly at me, and a dark furrow creased her brow as a brief glint of anger flashed in her emerald green eyes.

“Jonathan Michael Cooper, I’m pretty sure I’ve told you before,” she spoke the words slowly, and with emphasis, “but – in case I didn’t – you were NOT an ‘oops’! You were the BEST birthday gift I’ve ever received! And, there’s that old phrase, ‘the gift that keeps on giving’? Well, you’ve kept on giving me joy and happiness, and amusement and amazement, for the last 18 years. Nothing anyone could buy me, from güvenilir bahis a store, could ever top that!”

“Well, then be amazed and amused with this magical breakfast,” I smiled at her, my heart warming at her comment.

“I should, but I can’t help thinking about all the calories,” she chuckled.

“We’ll burn most of them off of you, today, Mom,” I assured her. “As soon as you finish eating and get yourself washed and dressed, we’re off to the mall,”

“Isn’t this enough?” she asked, waving her hand at the tray on her lap.

“No,” I shook my head. “You are always buying ME stuff but nothing for yourself. We’re going to spend the better part of the day fixing that! You’re a beautiful woman, and you deserve beautiful things,” Mom tried to protest, but I kept shoving sweet delicious fruity goodness into her mouth. Finally, she surrendered.

After I had stuffed her stomach with all it could hold she reached over me for the pack of Marlboro 100 cigarettes on her end table, I beat her to it. At first the look she flashed me was stern as if she was about to tell me that I was not old enough, then she seemed to remember what day it was and she leaned back giving me a grin. “Go ahead, if you want.”

I was around 14 and she had driven us out to the lake so we could watch the lunar eclipse over the water. We’d been laying on our backs, the water lapping at our feet, when she pulled a pack from her pocket and took out a cigarette. Placing the filter between her lips she flicked a 75 cent purple lighter purchased as we filled the gas tank. Her breasts rose and fell with each drag. I’m pretty sure that had been the moment of my first erection, watching her smoke in the moonlight… Since that day I have been bugging her to let me try one but the answer was always the same, wait until you’re 18. Well today, I’m 18.

I pulled one out and held it in my lips as I’ve always watched her do and struck the lighter with my thumb. Touching flame to tip I inhaled….I doubled over the edge of the bed, holding the cigarette far away until mom snatched it from my hand. I swear I heard her giggling as I coughed and hacked away.

“How do you do it?” I asked holding a hand to my burning chest.

“I’d been seeing this really hot-looking guy, around the halls. I really wanted to meet him, but it seemed like he was always with this mixed group of guys and girls, and I didn’t want to barge in, just to introduce myself. I mean, what if he was with one of the girls, in the group? I’d have been so freaking embarrassed!”

“So, one day, I saw him – standing by himself, smoking – out back of the gym. This was my perfect chance to meet him, but I drew a blank on what to say, to break the ice. I got desperate, and finally saw that he was standing right next to this big “No Smoking” sign. So I walked over and threatened to report him, for smoking there. He asked me if there was anything he could do, to keep me from squealing to the principal on him.” She paused, to take a drag from her Marlboro, leaving me hanging! How dare she?

“And you told him…?” I prompted her.

Mom smiled at me and ruffled my hair.

“I looked him in the eye and, with my sweetest ‘cute girl’ expression, I pointed at his cigarette, and said, ‘Teach me?'”

“Your dad laughed his head off, and started to pull a pack of Marlboro out of his jacket pocket, but just then the end-of-lunch bell rang.” ‘Do you ride the bus?’ he asked me, and I told him I did. Then he asked where I lived, and I told him that. Then he asked what time I had to be home, and I told him 4:45, since nobody else would be home at my house before 5:15, at the earliest. I figured that, since school let out at 3:30 that would give us plenty of time. “Your dad nodded at me, took the last drag from his cigarette, and stomped on the butt. Then he looked at me, touched my chin with his one index finger, and said, ‘Meet me here, after school, and I’ll teach you.'” ‘What about my bus?’ I asked him. ‘I’ve got a car,’ he said. ‘I’ll drive you home.’ “

“Okay,” I snorted. “That clears up how you and Dad met. It doesn’t say how he taught you to smoke.”

“Oh – that!” she chuckled. “He kissed me.”

“That’s it? He kissed you? I don’t see how that taught you how to smoke…”

“Then I guess you’ll have to stay tuned, for part two, kiddo!” she laughed, ruffling my hair again.

“Now, turn around. Momma’s gotta go get her shower and get dressed, so you can take her out and spoil her rotten!”

“That’s not fair, at all, leaving me hanging, like this!” I grumbled, turning around.

Briefly, I wondered if she’d forgotten the mirror on her dresser, across from the foot of her bed — in which I could see her reflection with perfect clarity.

“Well, at least I’m not telling you to tune in, tomorrow – same Bat-time, same Bat-channel, Jon!” she laughed.

I had no choice but to let her go. I knew that continuing to grumble would get me simply nowhere, with her, when she was in a mood türkçe bahis like this. I directed my gaze to the mirror, and almost betrayed myself, as she came fully into view. She’d already stripped off her t-shirt, and she was totally bare. I caught a brief flash of her luscious tits, but my attention was rapidly diverted to her lower abdomen – and the little landing strip of hair just above her mons.

My own shower took quite a bit longer than normal. I stepped out of the spray smelling of watermelon and kiwi from head to toe. It wasn’t until I was standing naked in my own room that I realized the flaw in my plan. I groaned when I realized we were both going to be subjected to make overs today. Grumbling to myself I dressed in my most comfortable jeans, a pair of fruit of the looms which I hated, a T shirt that didn’t really fit, and sneakers that I bought six months ago.

When I had told Mom I wanted a car for my 16th birthday, and then suggested we spend the day playing in the mud she had given me a silly little look. That day we bought a used jeep, and she taught me how to really play in the mud. Since it is mine I wanted to drive it as we went to get ourselves made over, hopefully by people who actually knew what they were doing. I drove the twelve miles east to Austin and we ended up at the mall, a place mom had somehow managed to avoid.

I remember Grandma always saying that to start something new one must first build a foundation. Mom always brushed her hair before getting dressed in the mornings so I decided that was a good place to start.

“What is wrong with my hair?” Mom squealed as she realized where I was taking her.

“Nothing, I love it and so will you. We’re just going to get a little trim and maybe some highlights.” I guided her with one hand on her back into the salon.

“You could use a cut too then.” She grinned as I directed her to an empty chair.

Thankfully she did not make me get my nails painted but it was a little distracting having them trimmed and filed while someone cut and styled my hair. I mean seriously, who would be looking at my toe nails?

While a lovely full figured beauty queen worked on my toes, an equally lovely though much older lady chopped off my hair. Once she had cut it with the scissors, as if that wasn’t enough, she took out a pair of clippers and buzzed it too. She left just a bit on the top so she could run her fingers through it and make it dance.

I didn’t get to watch mom’s transformation. They cut off her ponytail, seeing this almost made me cry. The only thing that kept the tears at bay was the fact she looked even more radiant without it. Her hair was now cut just above the shoulders and layered with rich reddish brown highlights and just a speckle of glitter that framed her angelic face.

“Wow” We said together.

“You did a good job ladies.” I reached for my wallet.

I made sure they all had a nice proper tip before taking mom’s hand and led her next door, into Bare Escentuals. Seeing mom in her “professional” makeup that was less real estate sales and more something else the ladies behind the counter were more than happy to help out. They not only cleaned off and redid her face but taught her how to apply just enough to enhance her already beautiful features. After they had finished I was truly amazed at what a foundation with a bit of pink on the cheeks, a deep ruby red lipstick, and a soft shadow under her eyes could do. This is what I consider a professional woman’s makeup.

She looked like a movie star from the neck up…now we needed to work on the neck down. I had to drag her into Victoria’s Secret, playfully of course. Once I threatened to carry her she relented. I didn’t know much about lingerie other than I liked it…a lot. So I didn’t feel qualified enough to pick out things she would feel comfortable in. Thankfully the woman standing behind the counter looked rather bored.

She flitted through the racks like a child at Christmas and within minutes mom had a hand basket full of things to try on. I waited patiently, anticipating what her choices might be. It seemed to take forever as she giggled and laughed behind the locked door.

“This stuff is going to cost a fortune!” I heard mom complain.

“You’re worth it mom and don’t worry…I have more than enough.” I chuckled.

“But no one will ever see them…” She complained.

“It doesn’t matter whether anyone else sees. You will be wearing them, and you will look and feel sexy. Try something on and tell me I’m wrong.” I sighed and listened to the sound of silk sliding against skin. I heard the moment she gave in, I’m pretty sure everyone else did too.

She strutted out of the booth holding her old cotton panties and plain Jane bra over her fingers. In her other hand dangled several tags. She had just a hint of mischief in her eyes as we walked to the register.

Going to the next place on my list. I wanted to let her know that it was ok to be herself at home. I no güvenilir bahis siteleri longer needed `mom’ in her baggy clothes and sweat pants. We were both adults and neither of us were exactly innocent.

I wasn’t into sports, not in the way most men were. I enjoyed a good game every now and again. I even played football my freshman year but realized it wasn’t worth it. I had tried out in an attempt to earn myself a date with a hot older cheerleader, then found out that they were not worth the trouble.

So I channeled all that built up frustration into school work and working out in the gym when I wasn’t earning money working at Pop’s Grill. My flaw was in thinking enough sit-ups would give me that sexy flat six pack women dream about. After a year of 3,000 sit ups a week I learned the truth about those flat six pack abs.

That said I had enjoyed the look in mom’s eyes as I wore my old football jersey around the house. Even if it hadn’t fit quite right there was something about it that had always made her smile and her eyes would shine. I missed that, it was like some buried memory had surfaced and it made me curious. Had my sperm donor played football? Was she remembering some pleasurable encounter under the bleachers? Could I put that look in her eyes?

This being Austin Texas, there were Long Horn jerseys all over the place and Sears has a most of them. I found one in my size so that it would hang just a little long on her. This of course would be the first thing I had her try on. She kept complaining about how I was spending all my money on her and not getting anything for myself…So I grabbed the closest thing to me in the right size, a pair of black cotton lounge pants, and dropped them into the basket.

Our hands brushed and I felt her tuck her fingers around mine. Not wanting to ruin the moment I slowed to match her pace as we glided through the aisles. After a bit more prodding from mom I gave in and let her add a few things she wanted me to try on. I gave in because I could tell she really wanted to see me in new clothes… I couldn’t very well tell her no while forcing her into a new wardrobe now could I?

When we had seen all Sears had to offer a woman I held her hand just a bit tighter as I guided us to the next place on my list. My eye caught a tear drop dress glittering in a window. It was her favorite color, a soft sparkling green that I knew would bring out the color in her eyes. Dragging her into the boutique I spoke softly to the clerk who was more than happy to help mom try on the dress, and all of its accessories. While mom was busy in the dressing room I mixed and matched the perfect suit for myself.

We still had to put everything away so I had given us two hours to get ready for dinner. I drove us back home and once the jeep was unloaded we went to our separate rooms across the hall from each other. Thirty minutes later I was nervously waiting in the living room in a dark green dress shirt underneath a black blazer, black slacks, and shiny new boots that pinched my toes.

I paced back and forth from stairs to the door for another half hour or so, until eventually she came down. It was a complete transformation, the woman I had known as my mother for the past eighteen years was gone and in her place was the real Sarah Le blanc as she was meant to be. She looked like a princess.

She glided down the steps on green 4 inch heels with sheer thigh high stockings that darkened her legs but didn’t hide them and covering her body was that gorgeous sparkly green tear drop dress. Dangling between her breasts was a crystal heart hanging from a gold chain. Her hair was held back but not bound by a glass tiara sparkling with emerald rhinestones. On her ears were two emerald hearts. The only thing missing is what I held in my hand.

I could smell the perfume she loved to tease me with and my mouth instantly watered. Tabu, a scent that is a layering of vanilla, bergamot, and musk that will forever remind me of sleepless nights spent curled in mom’s lap watching reruns and the feel of her soft breasts against my cheek.

“Who is this Goddess, and what have you done with my mother?” I asked, grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh, you!” she replied. “Flattery will get you everywhere!”

‘Everywhere?’ her comment made me wonder, and the naughty glint in her eyes made me wonder even more.

“How did I get so lucky, as to be your date tonight?” I held my arm to her.

“You seduced me with offerings of delicious fruit, sweet pastry, and that devilish tongue. You look hot yourself young man, like a big strong Greek God.” She slid her right arm through my left and linked our hands together.

Holding the ring behind my back I began walking towards the door. After a few steps and a long breath I spun around to face her. Pulling her hand up, I kissed the knuckles of her fingers before adding the final piece of her collection and what had been the most expensive.

I slid the 24 karat gold laced with diamond flakes and a sparkling emerald heart onto her right ring finger. “Happy birthday, I love you mom.”

“I love you too baby, this is beautiful.” She pulled me into a hug so I couldn’t see the tears that I felt dripping onto my collar.

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