A Cheap Birthday Gift

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I wish you were here. I mean, I always wish that, my dear, but right now, I really wish you were here with me, kissing me, touching me, licking me, biting me, fucking me. I really want you.

If you were here, if we were alone, I would wait until you’re nearly asleep, then I’d get out of bed and creep down the hallway in my pyjama pants and come into the lounge. I’d lie down next to you and kiss you, kiss you on the forehead, the nose, the cheeks and the lips. I’d kiss you softly, but you’d know how hungry I am by the way my breathing changed when you flick your tongue across my lips.

With just a night and a day together, I’d want to spend as much time with you as possible, making you feel as loved and desired as possible and to make you feel like you’re floating. My conscience would be niggling in the back of my head, but all I could focus on would be you.

I’d kiss you for eternity, then pull back with a mischievous smile on my face, making you giggle.

I’d pull the quilt right back and scooch down to the end of the bed. I’d pick up your left foot and, resting one hand under your heel and the other under your calf, I’d bend down and kiss the top of your foot. Holding it gently, I’d run my tongue from your toe, up and over your foot to your leg, then I’d lift your foot and run my tongue along the bottom of it, until I reached your heel, where I’d gently run my teeth and nibble on the fleshy bit to make you squirm. I’d lift your leg further and run my tongue up the length of your calf, then kiss back down the front to your ankle, and then all the way around your ankle.

I love your legs, you know that. I’d take the time to massage them, placing your ankle on my shoulder and just softly but firmly rubbing my hands along your calf, shin, knee and (pushing under your pants) your thigh. I’d kiss your ankle as it rested next to my head and rub my cheek against your calf as I ran my hands around your beautiful, beautiful thigh.

I’d HAVE to kiss your knee, then lower my head and nuzzle behind your knee, pushing in with my nose and flicking my tongue, making you squirm and giggle.

At this stage, I’d gently lower your foot back to the bed and start on the right foot. Kissing, stroking, nuzzling, licking, nibbling every inch. Feeling your soft warm skin against my cheek, I’d be dying to suck on your toes, but I know that’d be too risky.

Here, I’d look up at you and smile quietly to you, then I’d reach up and hook my fingers into the waist band of your pyjama pants. Kissing your knees, I’d gently pull your pants illegal bahis down, while you lifted your butt to help. Both of our hearts would be racing at this stage.

Lifting both of your feet up, I’d rest them over my shoulders once more and kiss the insides of your thighs. My hands would run along the back of your thighs to your ass, then around and over the top of your legs. I would run my tongue right up your thighs, first one side and then the other, all the way up to your undies and hips. Lying down on my belly, I’d rest my cheek against your undies and kiss all over your upper thigh, occasionally nipping it gently with my teeth and gently pulling, teasing the skin. My favourite part would be running my tongue along the crease where your leg meets your body, hand on your butt, face resting against your pussy, running my tongue up toward your hips.

Then, I’d turn. I’d lift my head and turn my face, sliding both hands under your ass and pull you close to me. I’d run my tongue up the length of your pussy, tasting you through your undies. Gently squeezing your butt cheeks, I’d nuzzle you hard, kissing and sucking you through your undies. My left hand would slide out from under your ass and my finger would slide along inside your undie elastic, then pull them aside, showing me your perfect, smooth pussy lips for the first time. Running my hands over your hips and back down again, I’d kiss the soft skin around your pussy before running my fingers along the length of your lips, then licking them to taste you.

After licking them clean, I’d gently push two of them into you, causing you to gasp and lift your hips towards me. At this point, I’d crawl back up toward your head and lie next to you, kissing you hard and deep, flicking your tongue with mine. I’d lift your pyjama top with my free hand and rest my head on your chest, with my tongue within range of your perfect, pale pink nipple, already hardening and growing. Flicking my tongue across one nipple, I’d push my two fingers further in to you, loving the warmth of your lips grabbing me.

Your hands would be in my hair at this point, I think, playing, stroking, grabbing, pulling hard. The latter would make me grin and moan, turning me on and making me pull your nipple toward my mouth with my tongue, sucking it in gently between my teeth.

My fingers would be sliding in and out of you, softly but firmly, deeply, pushing right in. The palm of my hand would be resting against your mound, the movement forcing my palm to rub against your clit, up and down, around and around. illegal bahis siteleri After a few minutes, I’d remove my fingers and rub them over your exposed nipple, covering it with your wonderful flavour. I’d then reach down and, instead of rubbing your clit again, I’d gently pinch it between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently back and forth.

By now, I’d be pretty desperate for another kiss, so I’d shuffle my head back and kiss your chin, neck, shoulder, your ear and cheek, anywhere but your lips. Then I’d chuckle at you trying to kiss me back and getting frustrated For a brief second, I’d lean in and give you a quick peck, before rolling away, whispering “I’ll be back in a tic.”

I’d run to the bedroom for a moment, then run back, a dark wet stain evident on the front of my pants. In my absence, you probably would have removed your top, leaving you lying almost naked, but for your undies pushed to the side. The hungry look on your face is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, your body absolutely captivating. You’d look at me with a question on your face, seeing I was hiding something. To your disgust though, I’d keep it hidden behind my back as I lie back down next to you, wrapping my arm around you and pulling you to me.

The next hundred years would be spent kissing, so intensely, so softly but firmly, My hands would be stroking your back, your leg draped over mine, your pussy rubbing against my thigh. Through your kisses, I could hear you moan into my mouth. You’d feel my hard cock pressed against you, through my pants. Your hands – they’d be scratching my back, making me arch and moan. I’m sure at one stage, you’d pull away from me and shuffle down to take my nipple into your mouth. You’d make me moan out loud, with your tongue swirling around my small nipple, it’d be a chance for sweet revenge, if only for a minute. You’d probably make it sweeter by digging your nails in as you scratch my back lightly.

I’d be pushing my leg in a little firmer and would be thrusting toward you, causing my thigh to push hard against you as you thrust back. I’d be desperate to take my pants off at this stage, but there’s a time and place for everything and this wasn’t it.

You’d come back up to continue kissing me. My hand would be in your hair, gently pulling your face toward me, making the kiss harder, more passionate. I’d half hear, half feel you whisper “Please” into my mouth. At this point, I don’t need to be asked twice. Continuing to kiss you, I reach around behind myself and grab the large dolphin dildo canlı bahis siteleri I’d retrieved from the bedroom. You’d know I was doing something, but you couldn’t tell what, until you felt it press against your pussy lips. I’d swirl it around for a minute or so as we kissed, then I’d push it deep inside your dripping cunt, loving the feeling of you tensing and crying out as I fill you up.

Reaching down, with your leg draped over my hip by now, I’d begin to push it in and out of you, trying to match the rhythm of your thrusting, trying to make it as perfect as possible for you. Only when you were used to the feeling of it filling you up and when you were relaxed with my in/out motion, would I switch the rotation on.

Your eyes would widen as the dildo started to rotate in a wide circle inside you, rubbing against every part of your sex as I continue to pull it out and push it in, pull it out and push it in. The two rows of spinning beads around the base would be rubbing against your lips and the soft pink skin just inside your lips, making you moan even louder. After every minute or so, I’d increase the tempo of the rotation and to match, the tempo of my thrusting, both with the dildo and with my hips as I rub against you, moaning into your mouth.

You’d be talking to me – “Oh god Tim, shit that feels good. Oh GOD!” Hearing you like that, that excited, would blow me away and turn me on even further.

After ten minutes or so, seeming like a life time, I could hear you starting to get close to orgasm, your breath quickening, your hips pushing harder and harder, your pussy slurping loudly as I continue to push in and out of you. You wouldn’t know yet, but you’re about to discover that I have another trick up my sleeve.

As your moaning got louder and you squeeze your arms around me, I’d move my head back so I can take in your beautiful face as I switch the vibrating knob on. The dolphin would rub directly against your clit starts to vibrate quietly, with me rotating it in all directions, so the vibrations are against your clit, nest to it, underneath it, and against it.

Your eyes would widen in shock and you scream out my name. I’d stop pushing it in and out and instead, hold the dildo in one place, so the beads are exciting one place and your clit gets to full benefit of the buzzing. I’d hold it in place with my leg and reach around to grab your butt, cupping it gently and pulling you close, my leg forcing the dolphin right into you, your leg wrapping right around my waist.

Your eyes would close as you’d start to scream. I’d take your boob into my mouth at this stage and roll your nipple around my mouth, sucking hard, as you came. With one arm around you, the other pulling you close, you’d shake as wave after wave of orgasm hit you, safe in my loving arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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