Louise and Her Friend’s Father Ch. 03

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Louise had been a little apprehensive about going to a hotel with her older lover. So she came to his house early where she felt more at ease. If things got out of hand she could leave and be home in minutes. But now it was like one of her wet dreams, a very nice sexual dream. She had been licked into almost total heaven right in Mr. Wilson’s living room. Then he had fucked her on the rug in that room just like she had imagined he would do. But she never imagined how good it felt for real when he filled her with that big cock. She wasn’t even thinking about anything but being fucked again by Mr. Wilson’s nice big cock.

She had never felt anything like the orgasms that swept over her body when Tom was licking and sucking her pussy. And then he had fucked her with his big cock, which was so much better than any boy she had ever been with. Louise smiled as she walked up the steps in front of him knowing he was looking up under her legs and seeing his own cum leaking out of her very stretched pussy. In fact he had even put his hand under her ass and cupped her pussy so the cum wouldn’t get on his rug as she walked.

Now she stood in the shower with him something she never even dreamed of doing. She had dreamed about him fucking her in a bunch of different ways but she had never dreamed he would be making love to her. He ate her pussy so much better and for so much longer than anyone had done to her. She never realized that if a man licked her more after her first orgasm she could cum and cum and cum over and over again. This was absolutely heaven having his mouth on her pussy and his tongue inside it. “God he really know how to please a woman”, she said to herself.

Tom was so happy to have this young beautiful woman in his house alone pleasing her. He had finally tasted her pussy and his cock had finally fucked her and he had cum in her. And it was better than he ever imagined. She was so lovely and built so nice and she really got off when he ate her like he was doing now. He told himself that if he worked her hard with his mouth she would fuck him and fuck him and fuck him. He knew she loved the way he had eaten you’re the other day and now as he knelt on the tub floor with water running over her body he licked her pussy knowing his own cum was in it. He didn’t care as long as it was his cum. Plus he had washed her pussy first and knew the amount of cum he tasted was mostly hers. And what the hell it was worth tasting a little of his cum if she worshiped him and wanted to fuck him.

Louise knew she still had his cum inside her and as she looked down she saw his mouth suck her cunt and his tongue fucking it. She felt this was the most nasty and the most erotic and sexual thing she had ever had seen or that was done to her. She loved his tongue and what he did to her young pussy. Louise had never felt anything like what Tom did to her. As she stood there with her legs opened as wide as she could get them in the shower she watched as Tom was washing and licking and sucking her pussy.

She put a foot up on the ledge of the tub opening her up even more and letting his tongue go deep into her hole. Tom didn’t hesitate and buried it as deep as he could get it. She moaned loudly and pushed her pussy into his face. She held his head as her body began to hump his mouth faster as she came closer to her climax. Tom shoved two fingers deep into her pussy hole and began to really fuck her with them. She cried out as the feeling of pleasure came over her more and more. As he pushed his fingers deeper he sucked her clit and that made her cum.

As Louise started to cum her body began to go wild humping his mouth as she moaned and fucked his face hard and fast. Tim held his hands around her beautiful body and used his hands to cup her ass as he pulled her lower body into his face. She held his head with both hands and pulled it towards her. With his face pressed tightly to her body Tom’s nose was just above her clit and his mouth sucked and his tongue licked driving this beautiful young woman crazy with orgasm after orgasm from his oral stipulations.

Just like the other time Louise had climaxed multiple times and it made her feel wonderful. And still Tom licked and sucked. Finally her clit became too sensitive and she couldn’t stand any more. She now needed something in her pussy. And it had to be something larger and thicker than his two fingers. She moaned, “Oh God Mr. Wilson come up. Oh please! Please come up here and fuck me now. Oh come onnnnnn baby! Oh God please come up here and fuck me! Ohhhhhh pleaseeee!”

He released her pussy from his mouth and smiled as he stood and immediately pulled her closer and kissed her hard and long. She jammed her tongue into his mouth and held him tight humping her body on his. She rubbed her pussy all over his cock and balls as it stuck straight up and pressed between their two bodies. He loved the feel of her body against his. Her breasts were crushed between their bodies and Tom could feel her pussy moving on his cock. sincan escort

She was so beautiful and had tits like he had always dreamed of having on his fantasy girl. Louise was it. His hands came up and moved between their bodies as he cupped each one and he continued to let her fuck his mouth with her tongue. They let the warm water run over their bodies and as he squeezed and played with her breasts feeling her hard long nipples. Louise was extremely excited and had his cock him her hands now squeezed and played with his hardon.

She broke the embrace and said, “Fuck me please. I need your big cock in my pussy now Mr. Wilson. Fill me up please.”

Tom knew that eating his new young lover’s pussy like he did that Louise would be so ready to fuck. Now he turned her around and she felt his big cock pressing against her shapely ass. Tom looked down and ran his hands over the two mounts of flesh and he marveled at how firm and round they were. Then he used his hands and made her bend over. He told her to hold on to the faucets as he worked his cock up and down her slit. He rubbed it under her ass and over her clit and pussy hole. She moaned and said, “Put it in. Please put it in.”

He found the hole and slowly inserted the cock head into it. She opened her legs wider and felt him push. She looked back at him and told him how wonderful his cock felt. He pushed more and more and then holding her hips from behind he started to fuck her long and hard. He worked her pussy hard pumping in and out of her as he held her hips and feeling her body reacting to his cock. She seemed to love everything he did to her. He loved it too especially when he did it from behind her. He watched her ass jiggle and shake as he pumped into her and then pulled out. His thrusts became harder and she grunted with each one but never told him it was to hard or that it hurt. He moved his arms around her body and used one to cup her left breast pinching her nipple as his other hand went the front of her pussy. He used his fingers to rub her clit as he continued to pump into her with long and hard strokes.

They continued fucking like this until they had both climaxed and he filled her with cum for the second time that day. After a few minutes he pulled her up straight as his cock stayed inside her slowly deflating. She turned her head and they kissed and tongue fucked each other until his cock was softer. Then he slowly removed his cock hearing a sort of popping sucking sound when the big dick head came out of her pussy hole. He bent her over once again and looked at the gapping pussy hole slowly begin to close back up again. Louise stood up again and smiled at him as he told her how great their sex was. She rubbed her cunt as she moved into him. She pressed her body into his and took her other hand and squeezed his now semi-hard wet slippery cock. Then she knelt in front of him and took a warm wash cloth and began to clean his cum covered cock.

Then she smiled up at him as he stood there and she took the soft cock into her mouth sucking and licking it. She pushed the for-skin back from his cock head and cleaned between all the folds of skin that surrounded it. She lifted the shaft and cleaned under it and down over his balls that were completely covered with there cum. It had dripped out of her pussy running down over his body that was under hers. Tom’s cock was about 4 or 5 inches long when it was soft. She wiped it and sucked it and made love to it. She even wiped between his ass cheeks. She cleaned off his cock hair and thighs and as she pushed down on the base of his dick she wiped out the hole in the cock head. When she was satisfied it was clean, she threw the wash cloth towards the bathroom floor and came up and kissed him.

Her tongue danced in his mouth and around his lips as her body rubbed over his body. She sucked on his tongue hard as her hands slowly and very softly played with his cock. Tom told her, “I don’t know baby! It may not get hard again from the love your pussy put on it! God you make me cum like no other woman has ever done to me. It might be soft of hours!”

She smiled and said, “You want to bet? I’m going to suck your cock and you are going to get so fucking hard you’ll be the one crying out this time Mr. Wilson.”

He smiled and told her: “OK Go for it baby! I’m game for anything with you! If you get it hard enough I’ll fuck you again!”

They dried off and walked into the bedroom. As she climbed on the bed Tom watched her magnificent body move like some animal as she sat in the middle of the mattress and patted the seat next to her. Tom was on the bed in a heartbeat. He said, “I want you on top this time, once you get me hard enough I ant you to ride my cock and fuck me.”

She smiled as she licked his face with her tongue and told him, “Oh no baby! I want you to cum in my mouth! No fucking, I want you to cum! Not in my pussy this time! I want you to cum and I want to drink it all! I’m going to suck you dry Mr. çankaya escort Wilson.”

Tom moaned from her words and her mouth wasn’t even near his cock yet. She was using her hand to stroke his shaft as her other one rubbed the sensitive head. She ran her fingernails over the head giving his body chills. She smiled as she saw him shiver. Louise asked him, “How’s it feel to shiver from my touch this time Mr. Wilson? You know you make me shiver all the time. Now it’s my turn”

Tom smiled and told her, “Good baby! Real good! See if you can make me shutter like I made you do a few minutes ago!”

She moved and got on all fours again. She licked her way down his body and sucked his nipples now just like he had sucked on hers. Her nipples were much longer but Tom’s nipples were just as hard from her mouth and tongue. She looked into his eyes and Tom could see her smile as she moved further down his body. He watched her perfect ass moving around as she slid her body down his. She licked his thighs and lifted his leg up off the bed and licked under his thighs as her mouth moved to his balls that were hanging down. She said, “Hold your legs for me please.”

He did as she asked. And with his legs up in the air now Louise started to play with his balls gently with her hands and mouth. His cock was about the same, soft, well maybe a little harder. It has grown some and was about 6 inches long now. She sucked each of his balls and rolled them around in her hands as she played with the cock head trying to get him hard again.

She smiled at him again and again as she licked over the head of his cock with her hard tongue. Then she stuck her tongue in the pee hole and wiggled it around. Her fingernails were raking and running over the sensitive areas on and around head. She was taught that the most sensitive was that area just under the head. One of her small hands was wrapped around the shaft moving up down on it. Her other hand was use to hold the shaft up so her tongue could lick around and under it. She moved down the shaft and over his nuts again. She used her mouth and sucked in one of his big nuts. Her lips sucked the other one into her mouth! Her fingers slowly moved up and down the shaft squeezing and pleasing it as they went all the way to the top and then she squeezed the head again. Her fingers were thin and small so her hand could just cover the thickness of his growing shaft.

Louise made Tom’s cock come alive again and it began to move and jump now as his sexual excitement grew and grew. It was starting to grow much more now, maybe 8 inches long and the head was swelling big and fat. She slapped it against her face feeling the weight from the blood filling it. She was making him feel wonderful and now Tom felt a tingle beginning in nuts. She had the same tingle inside her clit and could feel it throbbing. She looked up at him and moved her lips over the head and covered it completely. The head of Tom’s cock felt her sucking and it wanted more. She engulfed it and took as much of the shaft as she could manage too. Her mouth formed a tight circle around the base of the head and he felt her begin to suck hard on it!

Her hand began moving up and down the rest of the shaft as fast and as tight as she could. She pumped up and down as she sucked the head. Tom’s cock to its fullness and he could feel the cock head becoming much more sensitive and bigger in Louise’s small young mouth! She felt it growing too and she smiled up at him as she sucked down on the shaft fucking it with her mouth. She had maybe 4 inches of the shaft as well as the big head in her mouth. Her tongue ran around the cock as she sucked. Her tongue was like silk as it licked and moved over his shaft! Tom could see her face and her cheeks were caved in as she sucked harder and harder on the full-grown cock!

She heard Tom moan out as she used her fingers to tickle his ass hole. And then he felt her use a finger and pushed it inside. She began to take more of his cock into her mouth! He could feel the head touch the back of her throat! Her head began to bob up and down on the shaft as she began to fuck it faster now with her mouth! Her finger began to fuck his ass as she had his balls cupping them in the palm of her other hand. Her thin fingers on her hand, which held his cock shaft was really pumping up and down on it. Tom’s cock was throbbing hard now and he told her he was going to cum soon. She popped her mouth off of the cock and just looked at it loving. “It had to be at least 9 inches long and so thick she could wrap her fingers all the way around it.

He was now as hard as he got and he lowered his legs and she knelt between them. Tom watched as this beautiful young woman made love to his dick, sucking and pumping it trying her best to make it shoot cum into her mouth. She moved her mouth up to the tip of his cock again and she slowly very slowly used her lips to cover the head as she smiled into his eyes and teased him as she pulled it back out. eryaman escort It made a loud pop sound as the cock popped out of her mouth! She heard him moan and tell her, “Oh god baby! Come on! Don’t stop now! Suck it Lou! Put your mouth over it again and suck me!

She smiled and asked me, “I was just wondering how I was doing baby! Do you like it Mr. Wilson?”

He yelled, “YES! Now suck it!”

She smiled and put her lips back on the head again. She slowly circled the head with her lips and his hands came down to the top of her head and pushed her mouth over the head more. She looked up at him with the most sexist smiled and he saw her beautiful bright eyes. She smiled as she lowered her mouth back down on his cock shaft and sucked it hard. She began to work harder and faster now and he knew she was going to make him cum with her mouth.

Louise was sucking so hard Tom was afraid he was going to have my nuts sucked out the hole in his cock head. She began to really pump the shaft as her mouth sucked hard on his cock head. Tom’s hands guided her and directed her mouth as she sucked. Then she felt him arch his hips up into her face as she continued to suck. Tim had all of his cock sticking straight up in the air now as she worked both of her hands up and down the shaft. As her lips and tongue pleased his cock head he arched again, and again as if to fuck her mouth.

It took a while and Louise worked her magic for maybe ½ hour and from time to time she would lick his pre-cum that leaked out of the cock hole. She would take her tongue and lick it out. Then she would circle the head and lowered her mouth down over it and suck hard. Tom could feel his nuts tightening and tightening and she held them in her hand she could feel them tighten up too. He moaned that he was going to cum and she should suck as hard as she could. But Louise knew what to do. They both knew he was on the verge and was going to cum very soon.

She worked harder now to please him like he had pleased her with his mouth. She used her mouth and she was pumping up and down on his cock as her hand pumped the part she could reach with her mouth! Again and again she took him close and then backed off. Her head came up to the tip of his cock and then sank down taking 5 or 6 inches into it! Tom was in heaven from her sucking but he wanted to cum so bad from her teasing.

His cock was throbbing hard now and each time it began to swell she would pull back making him hold off from cumming. It was getting thicker and harder and when he felt her mouth come down over all of the shaft and take his cock deep into her throat he knew she was trying to deep throat him. That was it, he began to cum. His hips pumped up into her face and as his ass came up off the bed he grabbed her head and slammed his cock into her mouth and down her throaty. She gagged for a second or two and then her face was pressed hard against his cock hair. She had done it; she had taken all of him. She had deep throated his cock all the way.

As Tom began to orgasm she swallowed his cock down her throat again and again. Each time she took it down her throat a shot of cum flew out the cock hole and went into her mouth and directly down her throat. When she brought the cock out of her throat a shot of his cum filled her mouth! She smiled as best she could with the entire dick in her mouth! Tom cried out as he reached the peak of his orgasm. When he did Louise held him down her throat until he finished cumming!

She finally had to take his cock out so she could get a breath of air. “Oh my God you took it all”, he moaned the words. She was good, very, very good. Louise had sucked his cock like he had never been sucked in a very long time. Even after Tom had finished cumming she continued to suck it making sure she got all of his cum! She sucked hard taking the last drop of cum that always is left over after a guy had a climax. She licked him dry just like she told him she would do.

As she finished him off she moved her body around and spread her legs so she could straddle his face. Tom looked up and saw a very wet, open and throbbing young pussy coming down on his face. He took his hands and put them on her thighs and pulled her down on top of him. Her pussy came directly on top of his face and mouth. His tongue circled her pussy and began to suck her entire cum into his mouth.

She moaned as she felt his tongue slide inside her hole. Tom began to flick it in and out of her hole as she rotated her cunt over his mouth. She hissed, “Yes! Oh yes lick me. Eat my hot wet pussy Mr. Wilson! Eat it!”

The feeling of his warm breath and the touch of his lips and tongue made her rock her pussy like it was fucking his face. She rode his mouth like he knew she could ride his cock. He loved having her sitting on his face. Tom held her pussy and ass tight and shoved his tongue as deep as he could get it into her body. He began to vibrate it and his mouth as best he could all over her cunt. The shock waves went into her hole and around her entire body! She began to orgasm and scream as she climaxed hard against his face. Tom’s nose rubbed up into her clit hood and came into direct contact with her hard sensitive sex bud! She bit her lip so hard in her fit of passion it started to bleed.

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