A Death, Baked Bob, and the… Ch. 01

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Close Up

A Death, Baked Bob, and the Personal Ad

(F/F, oral, anal, exhibitionism, jewelry, drugs, tattoos, piercings, food, bad accents)

DISCLAIMER – This is a fictional story to be read and enjoyed. If you can’t read, stop reading. If you can’t enjoy, stop reading. If you don’t like any of the story codes mentioned above, stop reading. If you can’t stop, it’s not my problem.

Part 1 – Death and Addiction

There was complete silence for almost the entire car ride. At first I wasn’t sure if Greg wanted it that way or if he was uncomfortable and unsure of what to say. We were stopped at a red light when a woman walking a Dalmatian crossed in front of us. She was wearing a white fur coat with black spots and looked like the human twin of her dog. Greg broke the silence by saying, “If I were that pooch I’d be mighty offended.”

I didn’t respond and kept my eyes forward. Greg turned to me, and out of the corner of my eye I could see that he was smiling. He shrugged and said, “I can’t tell who’s walking who.”

That’s when I knew he was uncomfortable. I didn’t say anything. Greg’s smile slowly dropped. If there was a slight amount of tension in the car before, it had just doubled. A horn behind us honked because the light was green. Greg hit the gas and didn’t say anything else for the rest of the ride.

It wasn’t that I was trying to be a bitch, I was just holding in my emotions. I’d wanted to cry all day. But I didn’t want to do it in front of Greg or any of his family, didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me vulnerable. I wanted them to see a woman who was standing tall, not ashamed of who or what she was and able to take tragedy without turning into a puddle of tears. Especially after the way they’d treated me.

I wasn’t sure if Greg’s offer to give me a ride home came from genuine sincerity or if someone had dumped the responsibility on him. I should have left with my friends when they took off, but something – pride, stubbornness, or most likely spite – made me stick around until almost everyone was gone. Very few of the family talked to me or even acknowledged my presence, which seemed to make it all the more important for me to stick around, so they would remember that I had been a part of her life too.

When we pulled up in front of my building I uttered a thank you, figuring I should get out quickly and save us both from any more uncomfortable time together. But before I could open the door Greg said, “Keisha?”

“Yes?” I responded, without looking at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “for the way my family behaves around you.”

It should have cut the tension in half, yet somehow it didn’t work. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to respond to his statement, but Greg continued before I had the chance. “They’re a conservative bunch of people. And with Monica being the baby of the family, well, that just made it worse.” He paused for a moment and I realized he couldn’t look at me either. “They just wanted to think that it was some kind of phase she was going through.”

“It was not a phase,” I spat out with anger, “and she was twenty-seven, not a baby.”

“I know,” Greg said. Then he turned to look at me. “And I know it wasn’t just some phase. I think I knew it since we were teenagers. Just one of those things you kind of sense, you know?” Greg waited for a response but I offered none. He continued, “Anyway, I’m not trying to excuse the way they behaved, in fact I’m telling you I know it’s not right and I’m sorry I played along with it.” He turned and looked out at the street. “My cousin really loved you and we should have understood that. To tell you the truth, I don’t think Monica had half as much of a problem with the family accepting her for who she was as she did with how we treated you.”

There was a long silence after that, but the tension was gone, at least for me. I realized I needed to ease it for Greg, but couldn’t think of how.

Finally I said, “When I came out to my dad…he laughed.”

Greg turned to me and I looked at him. “Not the kind of reaction you’d usually expect, but if you knew my dad,” I smiled, both for emphasis and the thought of my father. Greg smiled too. “He was such a joker,” I continued, “and a wiseass. He laughed at a lot of things in life. But it was the kind of laughter that came as a reaction to how horrible and twisted life could be, because if he didn’t laugh the only other options were anger or depression. So when he was done laughing he told me ‘Honey, you’re a woman, you’re black, and now you’re gay. All you need is a disability and you’ll be the Minority Queen.'”

Greg laughed outright and so did I. When we finished I shook my head. “And in that wonderfully fucked up way of his I immediately knew what my dad was saying. That I’d better prepare for having a hard time with people accepting me.”

Greg’s smile faded and so did mine. We both looked straight ahead. Greg said, “You’re father sounds like a wise man.”

I took uşak escort a deep breath. “He was. And he was right about a lot of things.” I turned towards Greg again. “But it’s people like you that prove he could be wrong sometimes.” I leaned over and kissed Greg on the cheek. “Thank you.”

I got out of the car before he could say anything else.


Walking up the stairs to my apartment brought back memories, specifically of that day, six months ago, which was the last time I could remember feeling any kind of happiness. A day when I was running up those stairs with only joy and excitement coursing through my body because I’d just found out I’d landed a promotion at work, something I had been working on and sweating over for months. Monica kept telling me I’d get it even though I worried and fretted, so I was dying to tell her. When I burst through the door she was sitting on the couch.

“You will never guess what happened!” I yelled. And that was exactly the last moment of happiness I had. The look on Monica’s face told me there was something wrong, very wrong. She was home early because she had an appointment with the doctor and suddenly I put the two together in my head.

Yeah, that was the last moment of happiness I can remember.

It was cancer, and it was long past the doctor’s ability to do much about it. Sure, there were some last ditch efforts and the possibility of taking part in a new experimental drug. Lots of researching on my part with everything from doctors working on the extreme edges of science to holistic and natural remedies to positive thinking therapy, but nothing worked and here I was six months later, walking through the door to the apartment again.

And this time she was gone. Forever.

Crying should have been the first thing on my agenda, I’d been holding it in all day, but I was so tired that I went to the bedroom and laid down on the bed and passed out. When I woke up the sun was setting. I went into the living room and saw there were some messages on the machine.

My fingers went to touch the play button, and that’s when it happened. A flash of memory from when Monica and I bought the machine – we got into an intense argument about whether to get it in silver or black (I won). It was one of those stupid arguments that started over something small and blossomed to the point where it’s more about anger than the small thing that started it. After spending the entire ride home bringing up every single thing that bothered both of us about each other, we got into a screaming match in the parking lot and finally ended up apologizing for everything we ever did to piss each other off in the stairwell. The makeup sex started as soon as we walked through the door when she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. Now I was alone with the stupid silver answering machine. Somehow I wished I could go back and let her win the argument. I shook my head and chalked it all up to not eating anything all day.

More memory flashes came in the kitchen. The microwave was the second one we owned together, only because we dropped the first on the way up the stairs. The utensil drawer held two sets of silverware that didn’t even come close to matching – the cheap stuff from my college apartment and her grandmother’s ornate set that was older than our building. The Liberty Bell salt and pepper shakers were from a romantic weekend in Philadelphia where we spent the entire time having sex in our hotel room. We realized we needed something to remember the trip and picked them up in the gift shop after checking out. I made food quickly and left the kitchen.

Eating and watching television kept my mind busy for a little while. But once all the food was in my stomach I started noticing how every damn story on television has a romance blooming, in trouble or ending. Don’t these stupid writers have anything else to write about? Then I remembered when Monica wrote a poem about the first time she saw me. I could recall some of the lines and started reciting them to myself and suddenly I started crying.

I turned off the television and curled up on the couch. My nose was buried in the cushion and I smelled the same scent I’d smelled all those times we spent curled up here. Monica would usually lay behind me and start by kissing my neck, soft, light kisses that made me moan. Then she’d press her lips against one spot and let her tongue come between them to touch my skin. Her hand would slide slowly up and down my side until she finally got under my shirt and…

No, no. I wasn’t going to do this to myself. I needed to keep it together.

But the more I told myself that, the more I felt myself slipping. I looked around the room for some kind of help, but all I saw were things that brought back more memories of Monica. The computer she always screamed at, the do-it-yourself cabinet that we put together backwards, the desk lamp we both hated but kept around, pictures of uşak escort bayan us every place we’d been. My eyes fell on the picture of us at her uncle’s cabin. I walked over and picked it up, staring at the two of us with wide smiles on our faces. That was what did it. I started into an outright bawl and dropped to the floor, clutching the picture to my chest and calling her name several times. The picture reminded me that at twenty-nine years old I was already a widow.

I had to get out of the apartment. Jumping to my feet, I barely stopped to grab my jacket and keys before I was out the door. When I got to the street I looked both ways, unsure of where I was headed. I realized I needed to do something extreme to get my mind off of things. Suddenly I knew what that was. I walked the three blocks to a local bar, but I wasn’t there for a drink. Alcoholism runs in my family, so I always avoided using booze to ease my pains. I used something else.

When I walked in the door someone grabbed my arm. This was no surprise since most of my friends hang out there. But the person on the other end of that arm was Asian Andy. When he was a baby Andy was abandoned on the steps of a church, and since he doesn’t know his exact ethnic background he just calls himself Asian Andy. His hair is down to his shoulders and he wore one of the six hundred heavy metal T-shirts in his wardrobe. For a laid back guy, Andy always has a serious look on his face and tonight was no different. If I didn’t know any better I’d think he was waiting for me to walk in.

“Keisha, don’t do it. This is a mistake.”

I yanked my arm away from him. “Stop it Andy,” I said and walked away as fast as I could. Andy is a sweetheart, but he claims to have psychic visions that predict the future, and that bothered the hell out of me. I’m a firm believer in self-determination, that our destinies are not written and we have the power to choose our own fate. It’s why I don’t practice religion, read horoscopes, call psychics, use Ouija boards or toss pennies into fountains. So Andy’s visions have become more of an annoyance for me on principal. I decided not to worry about it and concentrate on what I came for.

My eyes looked up and down the bar until I finally I spotted him. He also has long hair, except it’s brown and curly, and where Andy is medium height and thin, Baked Bob is a large framed man who towers over most people. Usually he wears T-shirts as well, but Bob was still in his suit from the funeral. He was talking to an attractive woman that I recognized but couldn’t place. I walked up to them and smiled.

“Excuse me, sorry to interrupt,” I said.

Bob smiled. “Keish! Didn’t expect to see you out tonight, I mean, after the funeral and…” he suddenly turned to the woman. “My friend Keisha here is a lesbian. You know what I always say about her, ‘Real men don’t eat Keish’.”

His female companion laughed. Something seemed strange about Bob; he was acting weird and talking too fast. I realized I needed to cut to the chase. “Bob, I need some pot.”

Baked Bob looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He got up and excused himself and pulled me over to the wall. “Your timing sucks ass.”

I looked into his eyes and saw something I’d never seen before – they were clear. That’s what was wrong with him. “Holy shit,” I said. “Are you straight?”

He sighed. “I didn’t want to smoke before the funeral today. I figured I owed Monica at least that.” While Monica smoked pot once in a while, she objected to Bob’s twenty-four seven diet. Bob smiled, “And then I met the lovely lady over there and we’ve been together the rest of the day.”

“Wait…you picked up a girl at the funeral?!”

Bob nodded with vigor. “Crazy, right? I never thought about it before, but funerals got loads of opportunity. You’re with all these girls you’ve never met and you all have something in common to talk about already, you know? ‘How’d you know the deceased?’ It’s the perfect icebreaker.”

I shook my head. Monica had to be turning over in her grave right now. Bob continued, “And not only do I meet a chick, but she’s so into me. We spent the day together, and I mean the whole day! It’s like she doesn’t want to be without me.”

I looked over at the woman, and then it hit me. “Fuck, Bob, that’s Monica’s cousin Leslie!”


“So she’s insane!”

Bob laughed. “Well, Monica always said any girlfriend of mine would have to be.”

“No, I mean literally insane! She was committed for two years because she was obsessed with some married guy and tried to kill his wife!”

“Really?” Bob looked over at Leslie. “Cool.”

“Cool!” I yelled. Bob put up his hands to quiet me down. I caught my breath. “I tell you she’s a lethal head case and you say ‘cool’?”

“Yeah. I mean, haven’t you ever wished you had someone so into you that they’d kill for you?”

Suddenly my heart sank. Bob’s jaw dropped and he put his hands escort uşak on my shoulders. “Keish, I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

I pushed his hands off. “Don’t,” I said, keeping myself calm and trying to keep Monica out of my head. “Don’t worry about it. I just need some stuff.”

“I don’t have any here. But…” Baked Bob looked like he was in thought, which was a strange look on him. “I know someone who has some stuff, and she’s nearby.”

Bob said he would call ahead and tell this woman I was coming. I had to take a taxi to the address he gave. The whole ride over I kept thinking about what Asian Andy said to me. Deep down I knew I shouldn’t even be entertaining the thought, especially since I don’t believe anyone has psychic ability. But there’s just something about Andy. I’ve seen him in action, and while he’s not a hundred percent correct all the time, his track record was good enough for me to wonder if he was the real deal.

The address was in a part of town with large mansions, where rich people are separated from the common riff raff by endless front lawns and tall bushes. The actual distance was only two miles, but in so many ways it’s light years from my area where apartment buildings and small row houses sit right on top of each other. It took about as long to walk to the front door as it does for me to walk up to my fifth floor apartment from the street. Right as I was about to touch the bell the door swung open. There was an Asian woman standing there wearing a bra, panties and a sheer bed jacket. Many Asian women can be hard to judge age-wise – this one could have been anywhere from sixteen to thirty-six.

“Renee?” I asked.

“No. You must be Keisha. Lady Renee has been expecting you. Come in.” I walked in and she shut the door behind me. The foyer was lit with several candles and a chandelier that barely illuminated the area around it. The woman stepped in front of me. “Lady Renee will see you in the master bedroom. Follow me please.”

I had to keep myself from laughing at all this pomp and circumstance. Lady Renee? She’s been expecting me? There had to be ten or fifteen minutes between the time I left Bob and the time I got there. And this woman must have been waiting by the window in order to open the door before I had a chance to ring the bell. What was really strange was the master bedroom part, unless Renee was an invalid.

I followed her through the foyer into the living room. It looked very fancy, but in a strange way, like the designer was on crack. Each corner of the room had a long piece of fabric hanging down from the ceiling with an excess bunch piled on the floor. Every piece was a different color and none of them matched the couch or chairs. Somehow every one of the knick-knacks around the room managed to look out of place, and instead of being one piece, the mirror above the fireplace was a bunch of smaller mirrors of different sizes and shapes. It looked like a puzzle that would never come together.

As we walked up the stairs I could see the thong the woman was wearing through the sheer fabric of the bed jacket. There was a tattoo on her right butt cheek that I couldn’t make out. She wore an anklet on her left ankle, and when I looked closer I realized it looked like diamonds. Either it was a really good fake or one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry I’d ever seen.

Once we were upstairs she led me to a set of double doors and then turned to face me. “Please remove your shoes and socks,” she said. I complied and put them beside the door. The way things were in this place I wouldn’t have been surprised if the bedroom floor was covered in an inflatable moonwalk. The woman turned and gave a soft knock on the door.

A voice from inside said “Enter.”

She opened both doors and we stepped in. It was a large room designed the same way as the one we passed through downstairs, with mismatching trinkets and the colored fabrics hanging in each corner. Soft music played from a stereo I couldn’t see, some kind of nature sounds were mixed in with the music. There was a heavy smell of incense in the air.

Against the far wall of the room was a large four-poster bed with a canopy. On the bed were two naked women. One had copper colored skin and long dark hair and looked to be somewhere in her mid to late thirties. Her body had some curves to it and she had large breasts with large, brown nipples and a thin strip of pubic hair. The other woman was a pale, thin girl who looked to be nineteen or twenty. She had small breasts and if she ever allowed hair to grow on her mound it would probably be the same reddish brown as on the top of her head. The girl had what I assumed to be a bong in her hand. It was a large metal piece with a tube covered in metallic mesh leading out of it. The girl held the tube while the older woman sucked out of it.

“Miss Renee, this is Keisha.”

The older woman sat up and slowly let the smoke dribble out of her nostrils. “Thank you Zhi. You may go.” Renee spoke with an English accent. Zhi gave a slight bow and closed the doors as she left. It was getting harder and harder to keep from laughing at all this.

“So,” Renee said. “Baked Bob tells me you want to buy some pot.” She started stroking the younger woman’s breast. “How much?”

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A Girl Called Sami Ch. 20

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Big Tits

Sami leaned her head against the passenger window of Charlene’s new car as they drove back to Jackson for the Christmas Holidays. Charlene and Debbie had graduated the previous May, and moved together to Houston where they had both secured jobs. Debbie would be with her family in Dallas for the holidays, as Sami and Charlene would do with theirs, in Mississippi.

“Thanks for detouring to pick me up,” Sami said as her eyes took in the swamps that they crossed over, leaving the City behind them.

“Not much of a detour, baby, it’s interstate all the way,” Charlene smilingly replied and sneaking a quick side-long glance to the cousin that she loved so much; beyond the sex, she loved Sami as if she was the sister she never had. In truth, they were more like sisters, than cousins; well, except for the sex of course, Charlene thought, which caused her to wonder if she would’ve fooled with Sami, had she been her sister, all those years ago.

Yeah, probably so, Charlene thought, which, in turn, troubled her to no end.

“Still, I appreciate it; I owe you,” turning to look at Charlene when she said it.

“Show me your appreciation over the holidays sometime, Sami-girl, when we can sneak away, okay?”

“You bet,” Sami replied, and turning back to look out of her window, she took stock of the fall semester that had just ended…

Scholastically, it couldn’t have gone better for Sami. She had pulled straight A’s in all of her courses, and had been accepted as the new RA for her dorm. With Casey’s help, Sami already had her stuff moved into 312, ready for her return after New Year’s.

She and Casey had bonded as roommates, and though each had flirted with the thought of crawling into the other’s bed some night, neither did. Both of the girls ‘knew’ the other would welcome a tryst of the Sapphic sort, though neither openly spoke of it; they ‘knew’, was what it was.

She and Bea had one, last final night of fucking before Bea left for graduate school, and both would miss the sex with each other terribly. Since that night, in October, when Bea came to Sami’s sexual rescue, they continued to meet for sex at least once a week.

A week after that night with Bea, Sami showed up, unannounced, at Jena’s door one night. When Jena opened the door, she knew by the look on Sami’s face and in her eyes, that she and Sami would make love that night, and Jena was soooo ready to welcome Sami into her bed, once again.

Charlene dropped Sami off at her house, running in to say a quick hello/goodbye to Sami’s parents before she drove the mile or so to her parents’ home. The girls had made tentative plans for some private time for themselves and after a couple of days doing the family thing; both were ready for that private time, in a big way.

Telling their parents that they were going to Oxford to see some friends at Ole Miss and that they’d be back in a couple of days. Charlene and Sami did go to Oxford, but rather than crash at somebody’s house, they opted to get a motel.

“Sami, how are you doing, babygirl, you know, since Bonnie’s…” Charlene stopped, searching for a word or phrase that wouldn’t upset Sami, but coming up short.

“Death, that’s the word you’re looking for Charlene, Death; Bonnie’s dead, you can say it, I won’t go ballistic on you,” Sami offered to Charlene, “and to answer your question, I’ve learned to deal, and have quit cursing God for taking her, okay?”

Sami’s tone was harsh, something she rarely was with Charlene; but Sami wasn’t the same person and it would be fair to say that Sami had taken on a slightly harder edge.

“I’m sorry Sami, I didn’t mean to upset you,” Charlene apologized, meaning every word of it.

Blowing out a breath of air, Sami pulled Charlene to her body, and apologized for her shitty attitude, kissing her cousin’s cheek afterwards.

“Let’s go see your friend and score some weed,” Sami suggested out of the clear blue sky, “I need to mellow out, really mellow out.”

Charlene agreed that Sami-girl definitely needed to mellow out, but she wouldn’t dream of saying that out loud. Since Bonnie’s death, Charlene thought, being around Sami was like walking in a minefield blindfolded; you just never knew which step would be the last one.

The girls scored their weed, they got high and they fucked; but, it wasn’t the same, for either of them, though neither would say so.

No, they both decided, independently, that they’d rather bury their heads in the sand than to confront the issue.

Their familial duties for the holidays completed, the girls left on their return trip; Sami to begin the Volleyball season’s play, and to the new spring semester, and Charlene to her job and of course, to Debbie.


T and Sami were still friends, of course, but they were no longer lovers on the road trips, or anywhere else for that matter; they hadn’t talked about it, they hadn’t discussed it, it just became so. Strangely, yalova escort bayan they were both okay with that and felt their relationship had transcended the sex; no, the sex didn’t matter to them anymore was the simple truth of it all.

But, make no mistake; they still had each other’s back, both on and off the court.

Sami pounded away at her game and at her studies, loving the solitude of her private room. There was very little intrusion into Sami’s time from being the RA for the dorm; oh sure, there was the occasional roommate squabble that she had to mediate, but in the end, it really wasn’t demanding at all.

All in all, as Sami matriculated in her senior year, things were good for Sami-girl.

Occasionally, she’d retreat to that private place in her head and think about Bonnie, which made her miss her all the more; and in those moments, she would cry, alone, in the solitude of her room. That it took several months for her to cry for her Bonnie was something that would trouble Sami to no end.

But make no mistake, Sami-girl grieved for her Bonnie Sue.

The spring semester was moving along quite nicely and Sami had decided that instead of going on spring break this year, she’s stay and work instead. Besides, she was doing modeling shoots weekly now for a couple of PR agencies and really couldn’t spare the time to get drunk on the beaches of Texas or Mississippi.

About a week before break, there was a soft knock on Sami’s door.

“Come in, it’s open,” Sami called over her shoulder and then turning to see who she had invited into her room.

“Casey, damn, I was just thinking about you,” Sami said and getting up from her desk to hug Casey in welcome, “it’s really good to see you.”

“Thinking about me, huh?” Casey teasingly commented after returning Sami’s hug, “Good things or bad things?”

Actually Sami had been at her desk trying to study but her busy subconscious was bouncing all kind of shit around in her head, making it hard to concentrate. And one of the things she had been thinking about was why she never put the moves on Casey, and before she could answer that question, she was interrupted by the knock at her door.

“Good things, of course,” Sami teased back, “So, what’s up? Do you need me to do my RA thing and solve a problem for you,” Sami’s tone clearly showing that she was teasing.

“Want to solve a problem for me? Move back in with me then, before I kill that bitch of a roommate that I’m stuck with,” Casey replied, but not teasingly.

“Oh, oh, what the fuck happened, Casey?” Sami asked, serious now.

“Bitch is a fucking born-again and keeps trying to save my soul; Sami, I have to really, really stop myself from strangling her,” an exasperated Casey said, her voice clearly showing frustration, “and you know what else? Fucking bitch insists that I stay properly dressed when she’s in the room; claims that me lounging around in my panties and tee shirt makes her uncomfortable, aaaahhhhhhhhhh, fuck it!” she finally spat out.

Sami stayed silent for a few minutes, letting Casey’s anger and frustration dissipate before speaking.

“Casey, you know I can’t move back in with you but if you’d like, I can get you moved to another dorm or floor; there’s a few slots open, but you’d have to be in a three-person suite,” Sami offered.

“My luck, they’d all be trying to save my soul too,” Casey joked, smirking a bit and then laughing a bit, “Ah, shit Sami, don’t pay me no mind, I just had to vent.”

Trying to keep the tone light, Sami said, “Well, the girl must be crazy not to like seeing you walk around half-naked,” chuckling afterwards.

“Well, that’s sweet Sami, but it sure didn’t do me any good with you, now did it?” Casey smirked.

Sami hesitated before she answered, thinking about what she wanted to say, and finally decided to just say it; “I thought about putting moves on you, I really did, Casey, but I, I don’t know, I just didn’t…” her voice soft, “I guess the whole roommate thing, well, you know…” her voice trailing off to silence

“You don’t know how many times I almost crawled into bed with you,” Casey said in reply, “but, I didn’t either, but I really wanted to.”

They both stayed silent, neither looking at the other, for several minutes before Sami spoke.

“Well, if you get frustrated enough with Ms. Holy Roller, you can always run around my room half-naked, if you’d like,” Sami laughingly said in an effort to lighten the awkward moment, “You know, if it’d make you feel better.”

Casey looked up from her lap, and into Sami’s eyes, just staring, not saying anything; oh, there was a lot she wanted to say, but just like thinking about crawling into bed when she and Sami were roommates, she didn’t act upon it.

“Casey?” Sami finally asked, “Are you okay?”

“No, I guess I’m not,” Casey admitted, “and as slutty as this may sound, I keep regretting that we didn’t sleep yalova escort together when we had the chance; there, happy now?”

Sami didn’t speak for a few moments, her mind tossing options around in her head, but her eyes not leaving Casey’s face; finally, her mind made up, Sami stood and walked to her door and locked it.

Turning, and facing Casey, Sami said, “We have that chance now, if you’d like to,” walking back to her bed and Casey as she said it.

Lifting her hand to take Sami’s hand into hers, Casey replied, “Yeah, I would.”

Sami got onto her bed, straddling Casey’s legs, dropping her ass to sit on Casey’s thighs as she brought her hands to frame Casey’s face. Moving slowly, tentatively, Sami and Casey’s mouths moved towards each other.

Closing their eyes at the same time, they kissed sweetly and softly, both of them finding the other’s lips warm and soft. They pecked at each other like that for quite a while with soft, sweet kisses to the other, savoring the smells and taste of each other.

Casey put her hands under Sami’s tee shirt, letting her fingers slide up and down the smooth skin of Sami’s back while Sami’s hands held onto her head as they kissed. Sami felt the electric shocks to her spine as Casey’s fingers ghost-walked on her skin, really enjoying the tenderness of what they were doing to each other.

When Casey opened her mouth in invitation to Sami’s tongue, she moved her hands to cup and caress Sami’s firm breasts, a bit surprised at the size of Sami’s hard nipples against the palms of her hands.

Sami’s crotch was moving in a slow grinding motion on Casey’s lap as the intensity of their love-play increased; neither wanted to rush this moment, both satisfied to let their lust build slowly. When Sami felt the dampness in her panties, she broke their kiss to stand at the side of her bed, saying to Casey, “Keep that thought…”

Sami moved about her room, turning off the harsh overhead light, and lighting a few candles to place on her window sill. Turning off her desk lamp afterwards, Sami turned back to the bed and Casey, taking off her tee shirt and shorts as she and Casey made love to each other with their eyes.

Pulling Casey to stand next to her bed, Sami kept her eyes locked with Casey’s as she lifted the tee shirt from Casey’s body, her stomach fluttering a bit at the sight of Casey’s larger, fuller breasts. Lowering her head, Sami took a nipple into her mouth to suck and lick as she deftly unsnapped Casey’s shorts, then unzipping them to fall to the floor with a little encouragement from her hand pulling them from Casey’s hips.

Casey’s arms were around Sami, holding her tight, her fingers loving the feel of Sami’s skin to the touch as Sami suckled her breasts. Casey lifted her chest in an effort to push her tit deeper into Sami’s mouth; taking the hint, Sami squeezed Casey’s tit with her hand in order to get as much of it into her mouth as she could, her tongue flicking around Casey’s now-hard nipple as she did so.

Dropping to her knees after sucking and licking Casey’s breasts for a bit, Sami slid a finger into Casey’s panties, moving them to the side so that her tongue could flick and taste the sweet-smelling pussy before her, all the while loving Casey’s fingers rubbing through her hair.

Teasingly, Sami brought Casey to the brink of climax several times, always backing off before it could burst free, and in the process, producing a wanting that Casey hadn’t felt since her initiation into Sapphic sex by a classmate’s older sister when she was much, much younger.

Standing so that she could move them onto her bed, Sami’s mouth was immediately surrounded by Casey’s lips, the sounds of lust and passion coming from deep in Casey’s throat.

Sami gently pushed Casey to lie on her back without breaking their kiss and lying on top of Casey, both girls began a slow, rhythmic dance with their pussies pushing hard against each other.

They could feel the dampness of their pussies through the thin fabric of their panties as they kissed each other hard, fondling the other’s breasts, grinding hard as if trying to meld their play-boxes.

Breaking her kiss with Casey, Sami traced a trail of wetness as her tongue moved down Casey’s firm, athletic body, pausing only long enough to pull Casey’s panties from her body. Spreading her legs to wrap around Sami’s body, Casey threw her head back in fiery pleasure as Sami, ever-so-expertly, brought her lips and tongue to Casey’s trimmed, drenched snatch.

Casey’s pussy smelled like Magnolias, thought Sami as her tongue explored the pinkness, and the wetness, of Casey. But when she sucked on Casey’s swollen clit, the ex-roommate moaned in ecstasy, humping her pussy hard against Sami’s mouth. Slowly butterflying her tongue over and across Casey’s clit, Sami allowed a finger gently rub and probe her lover’s puckered hole, and that sensation to Casey is what pushed her over the edge escort yalova to orgasmic bliss.

“Ahhhh, oh God, mmmph, oh yeah, oh yeah, please don’t stop,” Casey moaned loudly and gripping Sami’s hand with hers, she pulled Sami’s finger into her ass while thrusting to meet it with her hips; “OH, MY GOD!!” Casey screamed as her orgasm kicked into high gear.

Her breath was coming hard to Casey, her brow and hair wet with sex-sweat, her eyes glazed over and her ears full of white noise. She felt dizzy from the rush of her orgasm, not trusting herself to even think about sitting up or even moving.

Rising from between Casey’s legs, Sami bent down and kissed Casey, telling her, “Just lie there baby, I’m going to duck into my bathroom for a sec, okay?”

All that Casey could do was to slowly nod her understanding.

When Sami returned to her wrecked bed, Casey was sitting with her back against the wall, her trimmed bush showing the wetness from Sami’s mouth, little beads of moisture catching in the soft candle light of the room.

Reaching with her hands, Casey pulled Sami’s panties from her body and gripping Sami’s ass cheeks with her hands, she pulled herself so that she could nibble and kiss Sami’s blonde bush, her nostrils straining to capture the essence of Sami’s pussy.

Pulling Sami onto the bed, she positioned her so that Sami was sitting with her back to the wall, after which she moved to kneel on the floor, between Sami’s long, slender legs.

Reaching with her mouth to Sami’s, Casey kissed Sami hard and lustfully, her heart beating at a thousand beats a second, it seemed. Pulling back from that kiss, Casey lowered her head between Sami’s legs and began a long, delicious oral assault of Sami-girl’s wet pussy.

Fueled by Casey’s excellent oral abilities, and the combination of tongue and fingers in her pussy, Sami-girl came quickly; but Casey would not be denied her time between Sami’s legs and continued to eat, and finger, Sami to several more body-wracking climaxes which produced cries of delight from Sami, loud cries, at that.

The girls didn’t realize it at the time, but their sounds of sex could be heard, faintly, but heard nevertheless, had anyone been passing by Sami’s room, walking in the hallway.

And, there were a couple of gals who did hear; and smiling at the sounds, they continued to wherever it was they were going that spring evening.


Casey spent the night, of course, neither of them getting very much sleep as they discovered each other. And when Casey finally got dressed that next morning to return to her room so that she could redress for class, she and Sami kissed each other feverishly before finally parting from each other.

“Return visits okay?” Casey asked as she leaned her head against Sami’s, both of them embracing the other.

“Anytime you’d like,” Sami replied, “anytime you’d like, babygirl.”

Sami jumped into the shower for a quick cleaning and, after dressing, she rushed to her photography class, sliding into her seat just as the instructor walked into the classroom. Listening, but not hearing, Sami’s mind replayed last night’s lovemaking with Casey and damned near climaxed again, there in class.

After class concluded, Sami was walking out of the door when her cell rang; stepping into the hallway, she answered it after noting that it was Jena who was calling.

“Hey, sweetcheeks,” Jena’s cheerful voiced greeted Sami, “got a proposition for you.”

“Hey there, Jena,” Sami responded, “how the hell are you?”

“Feeling kinky is how I am, and thus, the reason for the call,” Jena replied sounding very upbeat.

“Oh yeah, well that could be dangerous, couldn’t it?” Sami joked back.

“Oh, I hope so,” Jena joked back, and then moving on the reason for her call, “So, are you going to be around next week at break, or are you going to the beaches?”

“Nope, I’m working; picked up a couple of shifts, so yeah, I’ll be around. Why? What’s up,” Sami replied as she walked to her next class.

“Want to go out with me to a place across the river, in Algiers, for a night of dancing and teasing with a bunch of lesbians that hang out there?”

“Jena, I won’t be twenty-one for another six weeks,” Sami explained.

“Not a problem, baby, I promise you, it won’t be a problem,” Jena pushed further.

“Well, if you’re sure that it won’t be, then yeah, I guess so,” Sami quickly decided.

“Why don’t you plan on coming over to my apartment next Tuesday, in the afternoon, and we’ll hang out a bit and then head across the river, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan, bitch,” Sami teased Jena.

“Great, I’ll see you then, babygirl,” and smacking a kiss into the phone, Jena broke the connection.

Well, well, well, Sami thought, this ought to be interesting. Sami had never really been to a lesbian bar before but the more she thought about it, the more appealing it seemed to her.

Returning to her dorm after her last class, Sami passed a couple of residents who were walking down as she was walking up. She nodded to them in passing, but heard a bit of a snicker when they thought she were out of earshot.

Fuck ’em, Sami-girl thought, and with that she dismissed it from her mind.

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A Journal of Truth Ch. 08

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The original intent of these ‘confessions’ was to ‘fess up to sexual liasons, on my part, without my husband’s knowledge. As they unfurl, he expresses no anger, no judgements…just as I knew he would.

But, last weekend, at home, he asked me about my first time with another female. He said that he knew a lot about my sexual past but had no idea about my first time with a woman. He said that he was just curious, that’s all…so, I told him.

Growing up, my best friend also happened to be my first cousin, Madeline, or Maddie as we called her then. She was older than me by two years and from the time I could walk, I followed her everywhere, strangers often thinking that we were sisters. We grew older together, though I could never make up that two year gap, but, nevertheless, we discovered life together.

And, that too, was quite alright…

We were forever sleeping over at one of our houses, just blocks apart. As we grew older, we discovered other things together; how our boobs just started to grow, and how much every day! Fashion, heart-throbs, other girls that we hated (not really, just didn’t like so much), the usual pre-teen and early teen angst issues.

When I entered freshman year, she was already a junior, an upper-classman, but we still found time for each other. As my freshman year wore on, I blossomed from a 32-A cup size to a very, if I do say so myself, nice 32-C. Maddie commented on them a couple of times when we’d get ready for bed on one of our sleep-overs.

One night, after Maddie had turned off the light, we lay there, side by side, talking, sharing thoughts, etc. She was the one who asked if I had ever kissed a boy. I said no, I hadn’t but thought about it, thought about it a lot. She turned on her side, facing me, and said that she could teach me, teach me to kiss.

I thought about it for a minute, maybe, then said, yozgat escort “Okay, teach me to kiss.”

The moment her lips touched mine, I knew it was not a cousinly kiss. Her lips were incredibly warm, almost hot, and when she worked her lips against mine, moving them, parting mine, it was absolute heaven. I had never felt anything like that before, in my life.

When I felt her tongue probing my lips, I parted them, opening my mouth, almost instinctively. Her tongue, exploring my mouth, sent waves of heat to my crotch, again, nothing like I had ever felt before.

Pulling away, just out of reach of my own lips as she held my head to the pillow with a hand, she just stared at me, for the longest time, before asking, “Did you like that?”

“Yes,” I remember me saying, my breathing very hard and I remember thinking that I wanted her to kiss me again, just like she had done.

She did…only this time, it was with a little more force, a little more pressure, and looking back, I guess a little more lust.

She broke away, whispering quickly, telling me to suck on her tongue with my mouth when she kisses me. I did, I sucked on her tongue as hard as I could because it felt good in my mouth. The harder I sucked, the harder she kissed me, and when I thought it couldn’t get any better, her hand slipped under my tee shirt and onto one of my breasts. She fondled it, squeezed it, pinched my nipple and continued to kiss me until I thought I would…I don’t know what, I hadn’t been there before, but I know that I wanted something to happen.

Breaking from our kiss, my head trying to reach her lips, to continue the kiss, she leaned on her elbow, one hand at the top of my head, stroking my hair, slowly, lovingly. Her other hand stayed on my breast, but slowly playing with it, caressing it.

“I’ve been having sex with yozgat escort bayan Marsha,” she suddenly blurted out. Marsha was a team-mate of Maddie’s, on the field hockey squad.

“She taught me how to get sexual satisfaction without having to worry about getting pregnant by having sex with boys,” she continued. “I’ve only had sex with her but I wanted to have sex with someone else,” she said further, “and, you were my first choice.”

“I’ve never done anything, Maddie,” I admitted, embarassed to no end.

“I could show you, if you want to learn,” she coaxed. Her hand had left my breast and traveled until it rested between my belly button and my mons. I remember that I could feel the heat from her hand and than my ‘privates’ liked the feeling.

“I do,” I admitted, closing my eyes and lifting my head for her to kiss me again.

She did, her hand brushing over the top of my panties, over the top of my mound. It felt good, I remember. Pulling up my tee shirt, she turned so that her front faced my head, and she leaned down to place little kisses on my breasts. My hand, I don’t know how, but my hand found Maddie’s breasts under her tee shirt and as she sucked on my nipple, my hand played and carressed her breasts. She took my hand and placed it between her legs, the warmth and wetness of her panties very evident to me. When I started rubbing her, she moaned and returned to fondling and sucking on my tits.

I loved how her breasts had felt to my hand, even more so, the dampness and heat of her pussy, through her panties and just as I was enjoying it, she rolled until she lay between my legs, her head over my breasts, and my tee shirt pulled up to my neck. Leaning down she kissed and sucked on me, my pelvis grinding against her grinding belly, liking the feeling. I liked it so much that I didn’t realize when she escort yozgat pulled my panties down and off my feet.

Before I could say a word, her mouth was on my pussy and her tongue was fluttering across my pussy lips and clit. She alternated between sucking my clit and licking it, which produced my very first orgasm. I will always remember my very first orgasm.

As I tried to catch my breath, she pulled off her tee shirt and panties, crawled up to lay next to me, and moving me with her hands, she placed me on top of her, between her slightly-spread legs, pulling my head to her tits.

“Just like I did to you, cousin, just like I did to you,” she commanded as my mouth took in one of her nipples.

And I wanted to do nothing less.

The more I kissed and sucked and played with Maddie’s breasts, the better it felt to me, making me want to do it even more so. And when she began to push me gently down her body, towards her grinding pussy, I knew what she wanted me to do. And I wanted to do nothing more than to do that to Maddie.

My first taste of pussy, even at that age, hooked me for life. I know that. I’m very much okay with that.

Somehow, someway, I was able to make Maddie cum. And cum again, and again, as she did to me before we finally fell asleep.

Until she graduated, Maddie and I’s overnights were all about sex with each other. We couldn’t get enough of it. When she went away to college and our playtime was limited to a few visits a year, I found, nurtured, and seduced a classmate whom I used for sex until we graduated and went off to college.

Now, as an adult, I find that my time in bed with other women just as satisfying as ever. The fact that I like both cock and cunt is just a plus for me, in my eyes.

But, the older I get, the more I see my sexual liasons with women taking a turn towards bondage, that sort of thing; in short, control…

When I have the opportunity, I liked bedding ‘newbies’ and the ‘curious’, especially, the young and curious. Young is good but legal is a must, obviously.

Maddie? She’s a GYN/OB, in private practice in Los Angeles.

Figures…the girl did (does) love pussy.

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1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 07

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Female Ejaculation

“Oh, I got the job, by the way,” Tess cooed softly as she and Soo lay languidly in her sex-messed bed in post-coital bliss.

“Mmmmmm, that’s good, baby, I’m happy for you,” Soo cooed in reply, loving how Tess, her sweet, sweet Tess, was nuzzling her neck and nibbling on her ears.

“I’ll let you know what the work schedule is when I find out, okay?” Tess added, cupping Soo’s girlish-boob in her hand, running the tip of her tongue around Soo’s large, thick nipple.

“Okay, baby, whatever…..,” Soo cooed in reply, her mind not really wanting to concentrate on anything else right now but the horniness that was ramping up in her belly, between her thighs, from Tess’s oral stiumulation. I mean, Soo thought in passing, even though I just got off there’s not orgasm-limit rule, is there?

It was a Thursday afternoon and as happenstance had it, an ‘off’ afternoon for them both, no classes, no labs, no one else in Tess’ house but them.

“Night stand,” Tess instructed Soo between bites of Soo’s nipples, “get the strap-on, I’m going to fuck you before my meeting with Dr. Willie.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Soo said happily as she fumbled the night stand drawer open, reaching in and wrapping her small hand around the thick faux-phallus.

“Ass or pussy?” Soo asked as Tess slipped the harness of the strap-on around her waist, lubricating the dildo with K-Y, after it was attached.

“Ass, baby; I want to fuck your ass,” Tess replied at the same time she flipped Soo over onto her stomach with a hand on Soo’s hip.

Raising her ass to Tess as she got onto her knees, Soo’s head lay on the pillow, her hands gripping the sheets of Tess’ bed, her back arched as she offered up her ass for Tess’ pleasure….and, her own, of course.

Soo and Tess were not a couple; were not exclusive in anyway. Had you asked either of them, both would have said that in answer to the question. Simply put, it was pure, raw, sexual pleasure with the other that kept both of them coming back for more.

Rec-sex; recreational sex, nothing more for either of them. Soo had had a few other flings with a couple of other coeds on campus since Tess seduced her on the night of the party. And Tess, well, Tess was Tess and had quite a few flings herself.

So, no; no exclusivity, just unbridled, lustful sex is why they continued to fuck each other. Not really complicated in the whole scheme of things.

“Tess, this is Dr. Pollard,” Dr. Willie said when she asked Tess into her office, “She’ll sit in on the meeting since we’ll be sharing you.”

Sharing me? What the fuck? Tess thought in the moment.

“I’m sure you realize that with the economy, higher education institutions have been forced to seek areas where cutbacks can be made,” Dr. Willie continued, “and to that end, the powers that be in administration have approved an assistant for the department, the caveat being, that two full professors must share one assistant,” Dr. Willie concluded.

Oh, ‘that’ kind of sharing, Tess thought to herself quickly. You are such a slut, Tess thought again after hearing the explanation, trying very hard not to laugh at herself.

“The game plan, at the moment,” Dr. Pollard said as she picked up the conversation from Dr. Willie, “is that Willie, Dr. Willie, will have you on Mondays and Wednesdays; I’ll have you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, adjusting that as necessary, as circumstances dictate, clear?”

“Yes ma’am,” Tess said demurely.

“As I’m sure you are aware, Dr. Pollard is the department head for the Studies of African Culture and since her office is right next door, we’ll both have easy access to your talents as our student assistant,” Dr. Willie said further, picking up the conversation from Dr. Pollard.

There she goes with those fucking double-entendre remarks, Tess thought again, not sure in her own mind if that’s what it really was.

“Any questions?” Dr.Willie asked Tess.

“No ma’am,” Tess replied.

“Good; well you’ll start ‘officially’ on Monday, in my office, but it wouldn’t hurt for the three of us to get together before then to go over some basics of the job, of what we expect from you and what you expect of us,” Dr. Willie continued, “What’s convienient for you, Tess?”

“Well, I’m free tomorrow night or late afternoon, after classes, if that works for you and Dr. Pollard?” Tess replied.

“Tomorrow night, around six’ish, we’ll order in,” Dr. Willie said, sounding as if she was concluding the meeting, “dress casual and we’ll get to work right away, working as we eat, okay?”

“Yes ma’am,” Tess answered, standing, then leaving through the opened door, her eyes quickly darting towards Dr. Pollard who was holding the door open for her, the meeting clearly over.

“So, that’s Tess,” Dr. Pollard remarked to Dr. Willie as she closed, then locked the door of Dr. Willie’s office.

“Yes. Smart young lady, very quick in picking up the bare-bone facts in class and able to expound upon them in essays,” Dr. Willie said trabzon escort in answer.

“But,” Dr. Pollard said further as she sat on the small divan of Dr. Willie’s office, pouring tea for both of them as Dr. Willie joined her on the divan, “Can she really be that good of a lover at that young age as you claim her to be?” raising her cup to slowly sip the hot, herbal liquid, her eyes over the lip of the cup, showing interest.

“Experienced beyond her years,” Dr. Willie answered her friend, and lover, Dr. Beatrice Pollard, taking the cup and saucer from Dr. Pollard’s hands.

“You’ll see. Tomorrow night. You’ll see for yourself,” Dr. Willie commented further while unbuttoning Dr. Pollard’s blouse, then yanking it open, part of it pulled from the skirt waistband, revealing the firm, coffee-colored breasts of her younger, but equal, colleague.

“You’ll see for yourself,” Dr. Willie reiterated, leaning forward to slip her lips over the gorgeous, thick brown nipple, sucking it quickly into her mouth……………

Interesting lady that Dr. Pollard, thought Tess as she walked the few short blocks across campus to Dr. Willie’s home.

One of the youngest department chairs on campus; she was what? Twenty-six? Seven? Had her PhD at the tender age of twenty-two, Tess believed she had heard when she started at the college a year or so ago .

Certainly not bad-looking, Tess thought further as she made the turn onto Dr. Willie’s street. Her skin was smooth, almost flawless, a beautiful shade of Mocha. Tess guessed her to be ‘almost’ as tall as Dr. Willie, maybe an inch or so shorter; one-thirty’ish? medium-sized breasts from what Tess could judge based on the blouse she wore at the meeting yesterday. Loved her ‘do’; buzzed, close to the scalp, African-tribal buzzed, big hoop earings to complete the ‘look’.

Gay? Well, Tess wasn’t sure. She got a ping on her gay-dar, and her gay-dar was never wrong, but it was more of a ‘maybe? ping’, a ‘not sure? ping’ Confusing, to say the least, for Tess. Oh well, she was pretty sure there’d be no play between she and Dr. Willie tonight, not with a guest joining them.

Tess dressed casual as Dr. Willie had suggested, choosing a long-sleeved rugby-type shirt and jeans; no bra, she hardly ever wore one at her age, and the thong that Dr. Willie loved so much, you know, ‘just in case’?

Approaching Dr. Willie’s door, the delivery driver was leaving, Dr. Willie still at the door with a large, paper sack in hand.

“Tess, there you are; remarkable timing, the food just got here, so now we won’t have to reheat it. Hope Chinese is alright with you?” Dr. Willie said, stepping back to allow Tess to pass, to enter her house.

“Love Chinese, Dr. Willie,” Tess smilingly replied, her mind thinking of both Soo and the cuisine and proud of herself for her own double-entendre thoughts.

“I’ve told you; call me Willie, off-campus,” Willie chided her young lover.

“I know,” Tess said, her voice low so that only Willie could hear, “But, with Dr. Pollard here and all, well, you know….” leaving the rest unsaid.

“Not a problem, my darling, you’ll see,” Willie responded a bit mysteriously, piquing Tess’ curiosity a bit.

“So good to see you again, Tess,” Dr. Pollard said, taking Tess’ hand in hers softly, a slight caress rather than a hand-shake or squeeze, her demeanor clearly less formal than at their meeting yesterday.

“And just so we’re clear,” Dr. Pollard threw out into the air, “away from school, please, call me Bea,” smiling at Tess, her eyes warm and soothing, Tess thought, and captivating.

Bea’s eyes were a mesmerizing yellow/green, clearly a sign of white blood in her gene pool at some point of her family’s existence. So unusual was it to find in Afro-Americans, it captured, and held, your attention when you did.

“Thank you, Bea,” Tess stammered out, ” great to see you too.”

“Well, let’s eat and get that out of the way, shall we?” Willie announced, “here, in the kitchen nook and perhaps we can get the work done while we feed our bodies,” she suggested further.

The food was to die for, Tess thought, trying hard not to seem like a piglet as she sampled from every box of the ‘family-style’ meal that is Chinese cuisine.

They were able to get the minutae dealt with fairly easily, the job really not all that complicated. Prepare tests for distribution; help with the grading of said tests, and varying miscellany of tasks. No, not difficult at all.

“Well, that was quick,” Willie said as they sipped their after-dinner Irish coffees, expertly prepared by Bea, “I hope you don’t have anything pressing that would prevent you from staying for a while?” Willie asked Tess, her eyebrows raised in question.

“Well, no, I don’t actually,” Tess answered, more curious now, wondering, now, as to exactly what Willie’s plans were for the rest of the evening.

“Outstanding!” Willie beamed, “Well, you two go get better acquainted trabzon escort bayan while I just neaten up the kitchen and all that rubbish,” smiling at Tess and Bea as she said it.

“Bea, be a darling and open that bottle of Merlot we talked about, and pour some for all of us; I’ll catch up with you two in just a few minutes,” Willie concluded as Bea and Tess got up from the kitchen nook’s table.

“A lovely idea, Tess and I getting acquainted,” Bea said softly, taking Tess’ hand in hers, gently pulling Tess to follow her to the entertaiment space of Willie’s home.

Those damn green eyes, Tess thought as she mindlessly followed behind Bea, those fucking, mesmerizing green eyes.

Reaching the large couch, Tess sat as Bea opened, then poured three glasses of the excellent Merlot. Sitting at one end, Bea raised her glass to Tess who returned the gesture, both sipping as they stared into each other’s eyes, Bea winning that battle.

“Willie says that she’s extremely fond of you, as a student, as a new friend, that she appreciates your ‘special’ talents,” Bea said, breaking the silence of the moment.

“Special talents?” Tess questioned, even more confused now.

“Do I really need to spell it out for you, sweetheart?” Bea asked with an amused, crooked little grin, “Do I really need to be clearer?” setting her half-finished glass of wine onto the coffee table before them.

Well, okay then, Tess quickly thought, smiling broadly when the idea fully sunk in, I get to pleasure the profs.

“Oh no, I’m very clear, now,” Tess replied, her smile now one of excitement as she viewed Bea in a completely different light.

“Good, now sit closer to me so that I can taste those lips of yours,” Bea replied, patting a spot right next to her on the sofa, “I want to kiss you for a deliciously long time, okay?”

“I can do that,” Tess replied as she slid closer to Bea, her horny motor having been switched on now, finishing her wine quickly before moving.

Fuck, I really am such a slut, Tess thought to herself as her lips neared Bea’s; thought it and, as always, was okay with that view of herself.

Slipping her hand behind Bea’s head, Tess pulled them closer together, feeling a jolt of electricity when her lips first touched Bea’s, that, along with a jolt to her snatch at the same time. Closing her eyes as their lips opened for each other, Tess slowly rubbed her hand over Bea’s buzzed head, getting hornier by the nano-second.

“Mmmm, taste scrumptious, sweetie,” Bea murmured as she sucked Tess’ tongue into her mouth, sliding her hand, at the same time, under Tess’ rugby-style shirt, her hands drawn to Tess’ larger breasts as if by a magnet.

Tess didn’t reply, didn’t want to reply, she just wanted to feel the heat of Bea’s mouth enveloping her probing tongue. Mimicking Bea’s hand, Tess slid her hand under Bea’s peasant blouse, her hand finding and fondling Bea’s tits quickly, their kissing making loud, wet sounds in the silence of Willie’s entertainment space.

They are smaller than mine, Tess thought in a flurry of other thoughts as she continued to kiss and be kissed. B-cups, with large nipples sitting on raised areolas. Little bumps on larger bumps, she thought excitedly, her lustfulness taking control of her, of her actions, of her desires as it always did.

“Raise your arms, babygirl, I’m going to take your shirt, then your jeans, off of you,” Bea instructed Tess when she broke their kiss.

“Ooooh, nice,” Bea said just before leaning forward to quickly suck a nipple into her mouth, her hands unsnapping Tess’ jeans at the same time.

Bea pulled Tess’ jeans from her firm legs quickly, returning to suckle on Tess’ breasts while cupping Tess’ pussy in her hand. Sucking hard with her mouth on Tess’ tits, her hand squeezing, rubbing the pussy in her hand with a frenzy of want.

“That feels sooo good,” Tess cooed as she rubbed both of her hands over Bea’s closely-shorned scalp, throbbing bolts of excitement in her belly from Bea’s mouth on her breasts.

Neither of them had heard Willie walk into the room so busy were they in their foreplay. Sipping her wine slowly, Willie watched them, her excitement building quickly from the live sex-play before her.

“Getting started without me?” Willie’s said, her voice breaking into the tableau in her entertainment room, “Can’t have that now, can we? You’ll both need to be punished, understand?”

Lifting her mouth from Tess’ breast, Bea continued to rub her thumbs across Tess’ nipples, her eyes burning into Tess’ eyes, answering, “Yes, Willie, we do, don’t we, Tess?”

“Yes, yes I, I mean, we, do,” Tess answered after a short pause, a pause in which she wondered where this was all going.

Not that she wouldn’t want to go, but she was just curious as to where she’d be going with these two, tonight.

“Upstairs, now,” Willie’s voice commanded, her tone not one that Tess had heard before in any of her trysts with Willie, escort trabzon and there had been quite a few of those with Willie and others.

Sure, she’s had threesomes before with Willie, even foursomes, but, never in their light bondage sex play had Willie ever sounded quite like this, Tess thought.

Shit! Her mind registered, I’m the only one naked here, as Bea and Willie led her up the stairs to Willie’s bedroom, her hands in theirs, a path that Tess had come to know well over these past several months. Sure, I still have my thong on but, seriously, do you count a thong as having clothes on?

“Here, turn around,” Willie commanded Tess. Doing as she was told, Tess felt her hands being shackled behind her back, not a whole lot of movement available to her, afterwards. Willie’s fingers slipped into the almost non-existent waistband of Tess’s thong, quickly pulling it down, then off of her.

Afterwards, while she stood there, naked, hands restrained behind her back, Tess enjoyed, yes, enjoyed, watching Willie and Bea get out of their clothes. Both naked now, Willie and Bea kissed each other in a lover’s embrace, their fondling of each other’s bodies meant to excite Tess.

It worked.

“Over here, babygirl, on your knees, over here,” Bea said, sitting down on the side of Willie’s bed, “I want to see for myself if you’re as good as Willie says.”

Walking the few short steps to the side of Willie’s bed, Tess slowly kneeled, her eyes focused on the prize. Leaning forward slowly so that she wouldn’t lose her balance, Tess moved her head forward so that her tongue could flick over Bea’s perky, aroused nipples.

Lowering her head even further, Tess ran her tongue slowly up and down the dark lips of Bea’s shaved pussy, having to use her tongue to separate those lips since she didn’t have the use of her hands to do so. As she busily used her mouth and tongue on Bea, she sensed Willie behind her and in a swift movement, she felt the collar as it was slipped around her neck, clasped, then shackled to her hand restraints, restricting her movements even further.

It was in that moment that Tess wanted so much to be free, to have her arms and hands unshackled so that she could feel, fondle,and touch Bea while her mouth and tongue tasted Bea’s sex. The desire to do so and the realization that she couldn’t because of the shackles, gave Tess a mini ‘ah-ha’ moment of the thrill of bondage. She had been restrained before, with scarves and the like that, had she tried, she could have gotten out of. But this was different, very different; there was no getting out of these restraints unless freed by her ‘captors’.

And, she liked it.

Not being able to use her hands just made Tess redouble her oral skills to please her partner and, afterall, wasn’t that the point?

Bea made it somewhat easier for Tess to pleasure her by sitting with her ass on the edge of the bed, her feet raised from the floor and propped on the side slat of Willie’s large, california-king bed and her legs spread wide.

Feeling movement on the bed as her oral efforts became noisier, Tess raised her eyes upward, seeing Willie now kneeling behind Bea, fondling Bea’s breasts as their lips were welded together in a lustful kiss. Bea kept one hand on the back of Tess’ head, holding it tight to her pussy, her other hand behind her, holding Willie’s head and lips tight to her own, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouth.

“Awww, that is sooooo good,” Bea cooed to Tess, her hips moving faster now, in concert with Tess’ excellent mouth and tongue, the first signs of climax making itself known to her now.

Willie was now reclining on the bed, behind Bea, her head on a pillow watching, her eyes glazed over with desire and lust as she watched her student perform cunnilingus on her colleague, her friend, her lover. Willie, of course, had one hand playing with her own increasingly moist cunt while the other hand played with Bea’s tits.

When her orgasm erupted suddenly, Bea grasped Tess’ head between her hands, gripping it tightly as she humped, pushed and rubbed her pussy in a frenzy against this young coed’s experienced mouth and tongue. Collapsing backwards when it was over, Bea enjoyed Tess’ post-climax licks of her pussy with her head resting on the thigh of the reclining Willie.

“My turn,” Willie said matter-of-factly as she switched places with Bea, her ass and legs positioned as Bea’s had been.

“Now, earn that A+ grade you want so badly,” Willie commanded Tess, “make me scream with delight, you little cunt-munching slut,” Willie’s voice almost a grunt when saying it.

Cunt-munching slut? Tess quickly thought, the sting of the barb quickly giving way to the thought that Willie was very much correct. Tess was a cunt-munching slut and accepting that as a truth, Tess closed her eyes and gave Willie the best pussy eating that she had ever had before in their brief, but moltenly hot, relationship.

Tess lifted her head and mouth from between Willie’s thighs after Willie experienced the “mother of all orgasms” she had said afterwards, Tess’ mouth awash with the juices of the two professors. Laying on her bed, her body still quaking and Bea leaning over her, lovingly sucking on Willie’s breasts, Willie simply smiled in the afterglow of outstanding sex.

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A First Time For Everything

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Catherine lived in a small town, just outside of Bakersville California. She grew up in a Christian household with her parents, and had no brothers or sisters. Becoming a teenager in a strong Christian household was a difficult thing to do, especially when it came to sexuality. Catherine was always taught that thinking sexual thoughts about the opposite sex, masturbation, and sex before marriage was wrong. Sometimes she felt closed in, and not allowed to be herself. Catherine did obey her parents, and continued to be the refined girl she was brought up to be.

At 18, Catherine was sent to an all girls drama camp during the summer. She was staying for 3 weeks there, and was ecstatic to finally get out among other people during the summer months. Maybe her parents were finally letting go….

Her parents dropped her off at camp after a long 4 hour drive. She said goodbye to them, took her things out of the car, and went towards the main lodge. Catherine looked around curiously, seeing all kinds of new and exciting people she was waiting to meet. Some girls looked different than those in her small town. Some had different colored hair, some had piercings, and some looked just like her. Catherine had never thought of herself as ugly, just plain. She had somewhat wavy, plain brown hair down to the middle of her back, and dark brown eyes. She had smaller breasts and an average build and stood about 5’7″. She never really thought of complaining about her looks, she just accepted them.

Catherine entered the building to find a large group of girls around her age and some which seemed older than her. They were all gathered around a large table which she assumed was for signing up and finding which cabin you stay in. Catherine eventually made her way to the table and received her map and location of her cabin, and went off to get settled in.

Catherine was in the cabin, sitting on the bottom bunk of one of the beds emptying her luggage, when a girl walked in nonchalantly.

“Hey, guess we’re roomies in this hell hole”. The girl said blandly.

Catherine looked up shyly and said nothing.

“My name is Julie, I’m from Lanely, California”. She said, as she claimed the other bunk bed.

“I’m Catherine, nice to meet you”.

Julie looked over at her and gave her a small smile as she continued to roughly take her belongings out of her suitcase.

“This place sucks you know, its dull and uneducational. I don’t know why my parents send me to this fucking place, suppose because they think I will stay out of trouble. I’m just glad that I don’t have to room with a whole shit load of people this year. They stuck the two of us in this stupid cabin because they ran out of room in the larger ones”.

Catherine looked at her shocked. Not many girls she knew would even think of swearing like that. Catherine figured that her all girls school she went to, shielded her from the harsh extremities of the outside world, and she sort of resented her parents for that.

Catherine continued to be reserved, not saying much to Julie. Catherine watched Julie unpack her things, and admired the way she looked. Julie stood about 5’8″ and had a voluptuous frame that was framed by a mane of gorgeous curly black hair. Julie had really dark eyes that looked almost black. She wore tight black jeans and a tight white tank top, and just a little too much makeup.

Outside, a loud bell rang out and Julie sat up and looked at Catherine.

“Well, time to fuck off to orientation”

Catherine looked at her walk off, and noticed that her own eyes wandering to Julies tight butt. Scolding herself and her newfound thoughts, Catherine finished what she was doing and took off after Julie.

In the orientation, about 50 girls sat down surrounding an alter like area where a large man stood talking about the camp and the agenda for the next 3 weeks. Catherine sighed, wondering herself why she was here. She didn’t really have a huge interest in drama. Catherine looked around the room and saw Julie sitting a few rows ahead of her, and her mind wandered back to Julies nice ass. She couldn’t help it, Julie had such a beautiful exotic look that she had never seen before. Julie must have noticed eyes on her, and looked back at Catherine and stared. Catherine looked away shamefully, not looking back for the rest of the orientation.

For the van escort rest of the day, there were assigned workshops, plays, and even movies that had to be attended. Julie was off in another group for most of the day, and Catherine felt a loss not being able to see her. Catherine felt stupid about that seeing as how they just barely met 8 hours ago. At the end of the night, everyone gathered around a campfire and talked about what they learned that day. A group of 4 girls had put on a skit for everyone as well. Catherine and Julie actually sat together at the campfire and small talked about their lives. A couple times, Julie had caught Catherine looking at her, but didn’t say anything about it, she just smiled.

On the way back to the cabin, Catherine and Julie were walking together through the trees, and entered the musty cabin. Julie lay on her bed, just beside Catherine’s and sighed. Catherine took out her PJ’s and was about to go outside, and find the bathroom to change, when Julie spoke:

“I’m not going to bite you, you can change in here. No need to get bit by a swarm of mosquitoes.”

“Uhh, I suppose so, thanks”. Catherine said, feeling very uncomfortable now. She has never changed in front of anyone except her mother before. Catherine turned off her light beside the bed, and discreetly changed into her PJ’s as quickly as possible.

Julie had already changed into a pair of tight sweat shorts, and a loose T-Shirt. The two girls never spoke that night after that.

Catherine woke in the middle of the night to a ruffling sound beside her, thinking that it could be outside, she lay still, like a scared kitten. She just opened her eyes to look outside, and saw that it was actually Julie. Catherine was so naïve that she didn’t even realize what Julie was doing until she remembered about a book she saw in the library about masturbation. Catherine had never even touched herself in that way or slept with a man. She tried not to breathe while she watched Julie rub herself but couldn’t help but notice a tingling between her legs. Julie had the covers half off of her, and one breast was slightly out of the shirt, and she was pinching it furiously all the while, her hand was working on her little clit. Catherine found the look on Julies face more arousing than what she was actually doing to herself. Julie looked as if she was about to explode, all from what her hands were doing. Her eyes fluttered, and her soft moans made Catherine almost stop breathing. Julie’s legs spread even more, and because of the heat in the cabin, she threw the covers right off of her body. Catherine was shocked that Julie wasn’t scared about being caught, but Catherine was sure to pretend that she was sleeping as she was so fixated on watching Julie. Julie was still pinching on her right nipple, and gently rubbing her clit in a circular motion, occasionally dipping into her hole for juices. Catherine probably looked as red as a tomato watching this, but she couldn’t help but just stare and hope Julie didn’t see her watching. All of a sudden Julie arched her pelvis up in the air and let out a long sigh and started to convulse on the bed. Catherine wanted to see if she was ok, but Julie just started to lick her own fingers after the obviously wonderful orgasm, and eventually she pulled the covers back on went back to sleep. Catherine assumed she didn’t see her watching and she had a hard time falling back to sleep after what she just saw.

For the next few days, Catherine was even more shy around Julie, but still, the two became friends during all of the boring lectures and movies. They started to partner up for things and sit together at lunch and dinner. Catherine could still not get Julies rendezvous with herself, out of her mind. She became wet just thinking about it. The other night when Julie was sleeping, Catherine tried to touch herself like Julie had done the night before, but she quickly felt ashamed and stopped.

Friday, the one night of the week where there isn’t anything planned for the evening. Julie and Catherine sat in the cabin talking about anything that came to mind. It was very hot in the cabin, and Julie was wearing just a little tank top and shorts. Catherine had on tight leggings and a tank top. Julie had got up at one point and strode of to the closet at one point during their conversation and brought back escort van a large bottle of vodka. She started drinking some then offered it to Catherine.

“Isn’t that illegal?” Catherine asked.

“Yeah, so?” Julie replied.

Catherine just looked at the bottle and thought she better not irritate her only friend in the camp, so she took the bottle and had a small sip. She winced at the taste and Julie giggled. Catherine’s body quickly warmed up from the alcohol.

Over the next hour, the two girls had finished over half the bottle and started talking about sex. They told each other about their fantasies, or in Catherine’s case, a lack of. Julie listened closely as Catherine talked about her strict household, and her inability to talk about sex at home. She also told Julie about never being with a man and she actually admitted to her own thoughts about Julie. If it hadn’t been for the alcohol, Catherine would never have spoke about it.

They both dizzily finished off most of the bottle of vodka, and just started to stare at each other.

“Have you ever wanted to be with a woman?” Julie asked curiously.

Catherine was surprised she asked that, but she just looked down and didn’t say anything. Julie walked over to her bunk bed, and sat down beside her. Catherine looked up to find Julie’s vodka smelling mouth only 4 inches away from hers. Julie looked in her eyes and said;

” I have been with women, but I want you to experience it now”.

And with that Julie touched Catherine’s face gently, lovingly stroking her cheek. Catherine wanted to pull back and run out of the cabin, but she didn’t. She felt mounted in place. Julie started to run her fingers along Catherine’s pouty lips and down onto her neck. Catherine felt that familiar tingling between her legs and started to become wet again. Catherine just looked at Julie, not knowing what to do. She started to feel violated and very aroused at the same time. Julie leaned forward and put her lips on Catherine’s ever so gently. Catherine kissed her back and within 10 seconds, they were exploring each other’s tongues. Catherine had to catch her breath when the kiss broke.

“Lie down Catherine”. Julie said erotically.

Catherine was so mesmerized by this that she lay down as asked.

Julie lay beside her and got up on one elbow and with the other hand started to trace the contours of Catherine’s face and neck. She started to kiss Catherine’s face and neck as her hand moved down to Catherine’s right breast. Catherine stiffened but Julie told her that she wasn’t going to hurt her and Catherine relaxed a bit. Julie started massaging Catherine’s breasts and found each nipple and gently pinched them. Catherine let out a quiet moan of pleasure. Slowly Julie found the bottom of Catherine’s shirt and worked her way up over her flat belly and over top her bra covered breasts. She found the front clasp and undid the bra, letting Catherine’s breasts fall out gently. She then lifted Catherine’s shirt up all the way and began kissing her on the belly, tracing up towards her perky breasts. She found a hard nipple and began to slowly and gently suckle it. Catherine let out another sigh of pleasure and thought she would never experience anything like this in her life and was glad it was happening. Julie had both nipples standing straight up and marveled at her accomplishment. She put her had gently down towards Catherine’s elastic of her leggings, looked at her, and gently kissed her as her hand slowly found her pubic mound covered by the thin material of her panties. Catherine involuntarily pushed her pelvis up as Julie’s fingers found her little bud through her panties. Julie moaned at the feel of her shapely mound. She pressed on her bud with her finger and moved around in a firm circle.

Catherine was already moaning and sighing out loud, lost in her pleasure. Julie sat up and started to remove Catherine’s leggings, leaving her panties. Julie looked at Catherine’s long shapely legs, and ran he hands up her calf and thigh.

“You have the most beautiful legs”. Julie said in wonderment. All Catherine could do was let out a delightful sigh, and at that moment, all of her inhibitions of this experience were gone. She wanted to touch Julie all over and give her pleasure. She tried to get up but Julie gently lay her back down on the bed. Julie van escort bayan straddled overtop Catherine and bent down to kiss her gently, then more deeply. Catherine’s hands moved to Julie’s arms then up over her back. Julie sat up and removed her own shirt and bra. Catherine couldn’t help but stare and touch the large breasts of her newfound friend. She gently pinched her nipples and stroked every part of her breasts. Julie moaned softly, and then bent down so Catherine could taste her breasts. Catherine explored them with wonder and excitement as her hands moved down to Julie’s tight ass, which she had been staring at for so many days. Julie giggled when Catherine nibbled on one of her breasts but Catherine couldn’t help it, she wanted all of Julie.

Julie then started back down Catherine’s belly and towards her pussy. Catherine watched her as she went down and was curious about what she was going to do. Julie started to kiss just above her panty line, and then down toward her covered clit. She started probing and tonguing her clit and covered hole as if she was trying to pry through the panties. Catherine started to buck up towards Julie’s hungry tongue, wanting more. Julie moved Catherine’s panties down and off her gorgeous legs and came back up in between her thighs. Julie tried to spread Catherine’s legs open more but Catherine felt that familiar uneasiness and Julie quickly made that feeling subside when she started to caress Catherine’s little nub with her thumb. She kept moving in circles over the nub and went towards her tight hole for some juices. She started to slip in a finger when juices started to come out without any help. She slipped her index finger in and explored the inside of her friends canal. Catherine was already squirming on the bed, moaning in pleasure. Julie moved her face towards Catherine’s awaiting clit and gently put her tongue on it, moving slowly, trying not to do things to quickly. Catherine’s eyes opened wide with this new pleasure. Julie started to get quicker with her tongue and eventually Catherine was panting and squirming like a dog in heat. Julie put her lips around Catherine’s swollen clit and started to suck and lick at the same time all the while her fingers working furiously inside Catherine’s pussy. Juices were flowing out everywhere and Catherine was bucking wildly as if to get more of Julies tongue on her clit. Julie took out her finger, and slowly inserted another along with it. Julie continued to tongue Catherine’s hard swollen clit and finger her, when Catherine started to somewhat panic and tried to move away from Julie. Julie knew Catherine had never had an orgasm before and didn’t know what to expect but she still tried to keep her tongue working on her clit. Julie moved her fingers out of Catherine, and put them under her soft butt, trying to keep her in place. All of a sudden, Catherine let out a loud cry of pleasure as her whole body shook with a raging orgasm. Julie kept prodding her little clit as fast as she could and Catherine just kept cumming. Catherine felt every extremity of her body pulsate from this wonderful feeling and she kept moaning over and over. In about 5 minutes she stopped shaking and Julie moved back up towards Catherine’s face.

“What…happened to me?”. Catherine asked, still slightly short of breath.

“You had an orgasm”. Julie said matter-of-factly. Julie was now extremely turned on after that experience, and Catherine had a feeling of what to do.

Catherine flipped Julie over without saying anything and started to suck Julie’s breasts, kiss every part of Julie. Julie was already moaning quite loudly. Catherine was totally excited about making Julie feel the way she just did. It may have been slightly premature, but Catherine went straight down for Julie’s pussy. Julie stopped her though, and brought Catherine overtop her so she could access her as well. In the 69 position, Catherine bent over, and took her first smell and taste of a female. Without any experience, she was still able to make Julie moan and grunt in pleasure. She just kept working her tongue over Julie’s large clit very quickly and occasionally putting a finger or two inside Julie’s hole. In a matter of a couple minutes, Julie had 2 orgasms but the two girls kept working on each other for over an hour. They both were spent and drenched with sweat and love juices as they both lay down beside each other, stroking each other’s face and hair and sharing in passionate kisses.

“Did you like that sweetie?” Julie asked with care.

All Catherine did was gently pull Julies glowing face towards hers and kiss her and they both knew this was something that was special.

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A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 01

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Clara is also a writer of erotic fiction. She tells me that she’s 27, slim, quite pretty (she thinks) quite sexy with a pussy that loves to be loved, suggested I try it! We met through a mutual ‘fan’, exchanging many ideas and thoughts, writing episodes of stories together, masturbating together. We became close cyber friends for several months until Clara, getting over frustrated, decided to flirt with a business client, called Fiona. She told me all about it, during our exchanges, then, at the height of our relationship, Clara suddenly disappeared. I suspect her new found lover whisked her away! The conversations and messages passing between us covered over 60 pages. These are but a small selection, not necessarily following on from each other. I may publish more at a later stage if they’re sufficiently popular! As usual, names and places have been changed to preserve anonymity.

I begin with a little fantasy.

‘Clara, I must tell you that when I started to slide out of my sleep this morning, nice and warm under the duvet, my half conscious mind thought about you, about your obsessive fascination with your vulva. In my half conscious state, I found that I was actually infiltrating your body – insinuating my way into you – it was your flesh I was inhabiting. This was crazy! I was you! But just to test it out, my fingers crept down between my legs, and – wow – that wasn’t my vulva! It was yours! I was you! Heavens! It was your thighs and belly I was feeling. My fingers combed through the nest of your hair, exploring the texture of the skin, the contours of your groin, trailing softly up and down the softness of your inner thighs. I was lying on my back, right leg stretched down and the left leg bent outwards at the knee, allowing access to that delightful patch of womanhood between the thighs.

‘My fingers started to explore the sides of the unfamiliar vulva, the plump outer labia, silky in their frame of fine hair. They gently examined the sponginess, eager to seek out that most pleasurable part of your body. Your vulva. Your vagina! Yes! Soft and pliable. I was entranced by it. My middle finger tested the entrance to that delectable secret passage, guarded by small tongues of soft flesh. As my finger nudged enquiringly into the outer opening, it was greeted by a small offering of special nectar. The gift from the goddess within.

‘Now smeared on the finger, I was able to explore further – the sides of the vestibule, warm and lovely. Yes! Here was a perfect vulva to worship – to adore – I could understand why you dote on your vulva. It is really gorgeous! The inner labia are set rather lower than I am used to, and slightly smaller than mine, but delectable. Wishing I could engulf the entire vulva in my mouth and suckle it, I was unexpectedly reminded of a girl at boarding school who had a supple spine. She was able to double up her waist until the thighs pressed against her face, taking her own vulva into her mouth. I was so jealous! I dearly wanted to suck my own.

‘Whilst still toying with my new-found idol, my left hand reaches to the right breast. Yes – rather bigger and fuller than my own, with a hard chunky nipple. I roll it between thumb and finger sending trembling currents of desire down to the groin. But it’s no use! I can’t hold back any longer. I must feel the center of your being – your clit, still hiding coyly beneath its hood. My thumb pushes back the hood, allowing my fingers to find the touch paper of the body. I flinch and jerk involuntarily. Oh yes! That superb knot of gristle capable of the most sublime sensations of ecstasy and delight.

‘I can still smell the scent of your vagina – taste your bottom – feel the texture of you skin – I’m fingering myself again before James gets in – any time now – so it’ll have to be a quickie – just for you. Oh jeez – here we go – again – mmmmmm – my Gawd! I’m trying to visualize your face – your vulva – your body – mmmmmmm – I can smell your personal scent – delicious – here we go – aaaaaaaaaaa – yes yes yes! Again!

‘Phew … that was so good.’

‘Sarah. Did you really come that many times just for me? How lovely … do it again tomorrow! – and tell me all over again how good it feels to come whilst thinking of me. Love, kisses and such fragrant wetness waiting for you and Sue (kiss her pussy for me)’

‘I was feeling pretty horny Clara – and you helped get it under control!! You sexy lovely lady! Besides, four orgasms isn’t all that many – is it?? You lost count of yours, if you remember – watching Sue and me in your story! Are you around this week? I can still smell the heavenly scent of your vagina on my fingers.’

‘As sexy come-on confession-seductions go, your e-mail has to be as close to as good as it gets. Wow! Reading it again all I can think about is having you between my thighs. Shall I lift up my skirt for you, pull down my panties and kneel across your face? I know that would feel so good, your lips kissing the soft slippery gooeyness of my warm vulva, urfa escort your long tongue driving deep inside me, stretching and straining to reach my very sensuous soul. I taste so good, Sarah. ‘Love me slowly, enjoy my sweet creamy taste, enjoy the warmth of my smooth thighs against your cheeks, enjoy the feel of my swollen clitoris against your nose. Then be rough with me for a moment, pull your tongue out, clamp your lips hard and tight around my bud, nibble and suck me, hard, harder, pull me into your mouth, deeper, harder now. Pull open your blouse for me, pull down you bra, let me lean back and feel your warm smooth breasts, your hard nipples in my palms while you drive me wild. Mmm, I would love that. ‘Then love me slowly again Sarah, take me inexorably, ineluctably towards the orgasm you so want to feel flow across your tongue … take me, I’m yours.’

‘Darling Clara. Thank you so very much for bringing me such a lot of joy and relief over the weekend – even though we had guests yesterday, my thoughts were between your gorgeous thighs for much of the time. And again this morning when I woke up. I chewed your labia and nibbled your clit with stiff lips and teeth! Drank your copious juices as I fingered your bum. You really enjoyed me feeling your bum, slipping the finger in as I licked and nibbled your vulva. You had such a long slow build up to your shattering orgasm! To say nothing about mine. I inhaled your vaginal perfume, fingered your vagina and licked the sticky fingers afterwards! It was delicious – of course.’

‘Oh Sarah. It’s Friday. It’s lunch time. Feeling good and sexy, I’m wearing these beautiful scarlet silk’n’lace side-tie panties beneath a short grey skirt … and all morning long, through a series of boring meetings, I thought of you all the time, wanting you. You are so sexy! All I could think about was finding some quiet little room where I could imagine you kneeling before me, pushing up my skirt, untying my panties with your teeth and then kissing my pussy slowly and lovingly, your lips sliding between my labia, around my clitoris, then south to my juicy hole … pulling your blouse open while you did so, pulling up your skirt, pushing down your knickers, having yourself while you have me … do it for me sweetie. ‘OMG Sarah, please, come and lick my juicy pussy NOW! – I’m mad with desire right now, I might have to let this company’s ugly dyke of an accountant use me in a minute – she can’t stop staring up my skirt, I swear she’s unbuttoned her dress since lunch …

‘You’re deeply frustrated and very very wet Clara.’

‘Must have you this weekend Clara. Really must!’

‘What can I say, Sarah? Thank goodness it’s Saturday! I’d been working really hard all week. I knew Luke would be out till quite late. Fiona – that was the accountant’s name – was far from pretty, but intuition suggested she would be very attentive … and then I’d had you e-mailing me all week, making me hornier and hornier.

‘So, in fact, really, it is all your fault. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling so randy I could have shagged anything. I think I all but forced Luke to stay in bed for another ten minutes … and then I lay there afterwards with my hand between my thighs, letting all those warm juices pool in my palm, while he scampered about trying to get ready and out in time to catch his train. As soon as he’d gone I skipped into the bathroom – apart from anything else I needed to pee.

‘The instant I sat down I thought of you. I smeared all the juices from my palm over my breasts and called out for you to come and lick me clean. I wanted us to be dirty together, I wanted you to kneel by me, I wanted you to kiss my breasts and gently caress my clit while I peed – I’m into any kind of urolagina fetish, but equally there are times when I would just love to have someone kiss my pussy while I just let go.

‘Anyhow, within seconds I was out on the landing, rolling around completely naked, taking myself quite wildly while thinking of you … finding me, watching me, joining me. So, of course, I came wonderfully – and again … which led me to those very sexy panties, which led me to get horny all over again yesterday afternoon, which in turn left me vulnerable to an advance later on from Fiona.

‘I’ve been doing some work with her company on and off for a year now, so I was quite used to having her around. Can’t say I’d ever expected to give way to her, though she is the kind of woman I quite like for a bit of casual – obviously needy and so certain to be ineffably grateful. Anyway, I didn’t finish all that I wanted to get done till nearly seven. (Oh, we hard working consultants!) Only she and her boss were left in the office, and although he’s a real bore, I accepted the offer of a quick drink a nanosecond after she did. He took us to this really nice little bar, bought a good bottle of wine, drank barely half a glass himself, and left – perfect.

‘So, Fiona and I were left alone – and urfa escort bayan actually, the place didn’t get very busy at all (credit crunch I guess) so we kept a nice private little corner all to ourselves. The more we chatted the more I could sense her getting nervous – I had guessed her for a lesbian ages back, but not an especially active, confidant or lucky one. So, I flirted with her … leaning against her one minute, leaning back and crossing my legs another, touching her arm gently one minute, smoothing out my stockings the next … and so on. She drank a full glass of wine quite quickly, beginning to relax. Whilst I’m quite a tactile person, she had never been, so I knew she was playing her bravery card when she started to reply to my soft touches. I refilled her glass and, as I did, I whispered, as if suddenly surprised, “oh, sorry Fiona, but your dress seems to have come undone.”

‘In truth, she only had the same three buttons undone she’d had all day and whilst that gave a nice glimpse of a very wantable cleavage, she was hardly improper. Her reply confirmed that it would be mine if I wanted her . “No-one can see,” she smiled shyly.

‘”Except me,” I smiled back.

‘”Th… that’s O… OK,” she whispered.

‘”Good,” I whispered while reaching up to unfasten another button. She sighed, but did nothing to stop me. “There,” I breathed huskily, “now you look even more relaxed.”

‘She stuttered something or other before taking another large glug of wine. “Fiona,” I smiled, “your choice: would you like me to buy another bottle of wine and we get separate taxis later, or would you like me drive you home?” There was a pause. No contest!

As she leaned around looking for the seatbelt I reached across whispering something chivalrous like “may I” – save I had no intention of helping with the seat belt. I unfastened the next button down on her dress and watched as her dress fell open to reveal a soft, pale and fleshy bosom in an ordinary, but pleasingly half-cupped, white bra. “I’ve been wanting to do that all day,” I lied, while leaning across to kiss her. She kissed quite nicely but her frustrations were obviously gaining control – without any finesse she pushed her hand between my thighs.

‘”Later,” I whispered, breaking the kiss.

‘Following her directions we ended up at this seemingly quite isolated little cottage. It was dark so I couldn’t be sure, but I don’t think there were any houses nearby. I say this only because, even with that apparent seclusion, she rushed into the sitting room and began drawing all the curtains before I’d had the chance to have one of those great hallway moments. So, I followed her into what was a lovely room. She turned to face me after drawing the last set of curtains. She looked incredibly nervous again – so much so that it almost made her pretty.

‘I think, Sarah, that I was cruel yesterday when I suggested she was ugly. She isn’t. Just plain and perhaps too often unloved. She is a mousy late-thirties woman, who has never been helped to understand such beauty as she has – but she does have beauty in her. Every woman does.

‘”D-do y-you want a dr-drink?” she stuttered.

‘”No, I want to make love with you Fiona,” I smiled all vamp-like. I walked over and kissed her on the forehead and then whispered, “would you like that?”

‘Well, I thought the woman was going to cry, so passionate was her declaration of love and more. I stepped back a pace and unbuttoned the rest of her dress. Her body was fleshy, with curves in all the right places. Her knickers were as plain as her bra, but, a little surprisingly perhaps, she wore a rather sexy red and black suspender belt with lace topped stockings.

‘Anyway, the long and short of it is, I sat on a sofa and told her to undress save for the stockings – and she did. I told her to lie on the floor and masturbate for me to watch – and she did. I pulled my skirt up and told her to come and untie my panties – and she did. I told her to kiss and lick my pussy – and she did. I told her to do it to me again with her nipples – and she did. Then I told her to lick me again – and she did …

‘And by this time I had decided I would use her, and do nothing for her until she actually asked me to. So, I let her kiss me and lick me again while she made herself come. Then, with a nervously shy and embarrassed giggle she said she needed to pee. I smiled, thinking of nothing more than my morning, but I guess she saw something else in my mind – or perhaps it was just in hers.

‘”You won’t go, will you?” she whispered

‘”Of course not,” I said, “I’ll come with you if you like.”

‘”Would you,” she smiled taking my hand as she stood. So I followed her upstairs to this beautiful bathroom.

‘”Do you want me to watch you?” I asked, now a little uncertain of the erotic possibilities.

‘”C-can I k-k-kiss you while I go?” she stuttered … which sounded exciting enough so I unfastened my escort urfa skirt and let it fall to the floor and stood next to her while she sat, and let her nibble and suck my clitoris while filling the air with a warm fragrance of lemon and pinot noir – it was actually quite exciting, I came in no time at all.

‘Then she asked me, no, begged me, to do something no-one has ever asked before . “P-p-pee over me Clara,” she pleaded . I worried for a moment about such submission, but in truth I did need to go – so I did. I pressed my pussy tight against her lovely warm and fleshy breasts and bathed her, while she masturbated quite wildly. She screamed out with delight as she came, thanking me over and over, telling me how much she loved me and would do anything for me … it was both weird and touching. It was also finished, I thought. So, I kissed her once more and said goodnight. I picked up my skirt and left her there in the bathroom, found my panties and went home, getting into bed moments before Luke returned. I pretended to be asleep as he climbed into bed.

‘So, Sarah, now I’ve confessed all, what shall I do – go back and let Fiona have me again or wait for you? Unbutton your blouse for me Sarah, or take off your jumper or whatever – I want to be able to kiss your breasts from here … please, unfasten your bra and hold your soft bosom against the screen and press your nipples into it for me to suck … mmm, I promise, I could make you come just by the way I kiss and lick and nibble and suck your nipples.

‘Now, slip off your knickers and let me see your gorgeous pussy for real – I love the photo of your pussy Sarah, I’ve been looking at so much, longing to kiss you, lick you, make you come, then have you rub yourself against me, smearing your juice over my thighs, my breasts, my nipples … let’s go on line.’

“Here I am Clara. All ready for you.”

“Hi e-lover, how are you? Tell me how much you would like to slip your fingers up my skirt … well, it would be great to feel your readiness for myself – and how jealous you are that I let tubby Fiona kiss my pussy through my panties again, yeah … the lovely warm crotch between your thighs.”

“Oh! I am very very jealous! Are you ready?”

“Sarah, darling, of course I’m ready … that’s the point of these little get-togethers! When what I want is to believe that, when I say how much I want to stroke up inside your thigh, your fingers are doing my work for me!”

“Well, my fingers are toying with your little friend … I think I would rather feel your tongue right now, just where it matters most”

“Baby, that lady is potentially a real little lifesaver – for when I feel in need of a little tlc …”

“Perhaps you’re busy feeling my fingers probing your bottom … slipping into your wetness …”

“Tell me about your knickers while I imagine licking your pussy through them …”

“Oh they common or garden M&S today, Clara – but rather damp … they soak up a lot of juice.”

“I was busy imagining your fingers along the valley of my vulva, so you could suck the juices through the material which is lovely and warm AND a little sticky … and I would have liked to take them off for you … and then, if your tongue works quickly, I might manage a quick orgasm!”

“You could slip them down to my knees… well, that’s where they are right now …ready for you.”

“And let you imagine licking my come from the inside …’Cos sweetie, this wasn’t going to be my first orgasm … nor yet the second one … my tongue wouldn’t fail you Sarah … ever.”

“I know … I know – oh yes, please!”

“Feel my tip pressing into those M&S cottons … mmm, love your juice … love your taste … love your smell … work it inside both entries … love your mature everything.”

“Go on you devil … she devil … work me up more – go on – go on.”

“You’d need to take them off for that darling.”

“Oh alright then … hang on … there – I’ve popped them into the top drawer.”

“Are they creamy inside?.”

“Yes, VERY creamy … and all because of you.”

“Do you like having your bottom licked?.”

“Love it.”

“A tongue rimming around your tight little hole? Fingers tongue lips … does Sue do that for you?.”

“Yes … and me to her.”

“You knelt on the vicarage kitchen floor … she’s really into anal tonguing?.”


“I’d want you on the kitchen table Sarah … with her leaning against the table, nuzzling my nose between your buttocks … oh yes … smelling the syrupy stickiness….”

“Go on then – I’m ready for you.”

“Love that smell … whilst I sample the taste of your pussy … licking your tight little crater … it’s all rather sticky and messy … then licking down into your pussy. Don’t sample me angel, EAT me! No baby, I want a clean but aromatic bottom … please!”

“I can take the whole of your vulva – labia and all- deep into my mouth and chew hard … but I’ll like any kind of sticky pussy … as my fingers explores your bum … mmm, swallow my vulva?”

“My God baby – I shall come in minute ….”

“With your tongue deep inside me? … I am chewing your vulva with my lips … deep, deep inside? … with my tongue feeling for the vagina.”

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A Birthday Favor Ch. 01

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It was several hours before Jennifer’s 21st birthday bash. She couldn’t wait. She had been looking forward to this all week. “wow, I can’t wait” she said with a smile. Then she started thinking of who was gonna be there. Mostly her girlfriends, but she wondered would he be there. Charlie, was a very handsome well built guy she had been eyeing for months now. He was tall about 6’3″ crew cut black hair. Very nice muscular chest. Very tight ass. He worked out a lot playing football here at college.

Jennifer had tried many times to catch his attention in the halls. But every time it seemed like he wasn’t interested. But if he wasn’t interested why did it seem like he was every place she was. Who cares she thought. If he was at the party tonight she would make her move and talk to him for sure. The more Jennifer thought of Charlie and how handsome he was the wetter she became.

Oh! She groaned. She got off the bed where she was laying and grabbed her towel. Time for a quick shower. she kinda really needed one now. A cold one at that! she had a lot to do and wouldn’t have a chance later.

“Brenda I’m jumping into the shower if someone calls tell them I’ll call them after I am done,” Jennifer said.

Brenda was Jennifer’s roommate. They met there freshmen year of college and became best friends. Brenda was 5’5″ and had very long brown hair, with big brown eyes. She had a slim waist and very large breasts. 44d was big for her body frame.

“Okay,” Brenda said.

As Jennifer took her clothes off to get into the shower she looked at her body in the full length mirror, on the back of the door. She never really considered herself to be attractive, until now. She was a tall 5’9″ very long black hair green eyes, very thin and athletic type of body. She had 38c size breasts, which she thought were perfect for her body frame. She cupped her breasts and turned to one side admiring her thin waist. Her long legs.

OK enough of this she thought climbing tunceli escort into the shower and turning on the water. She grabbed the soap and lathered her hands up. She ran her hands up and down her thin waist. She started moving more slowly and was thinking of him again. Charlie! Thinking of all the things she wanted to do to him. Without even realizing it she was cupping her breasts and moving her hand out to the nipples. She was pinching them and rolling them gently in her fingers. She put her head back and a moan escaped her lips. OK, that’s it she thought. Rinsing off, she turned off the water grabbed her towel and trotted quickly for her bed room.

Brenda who was passing by the bathroom when Jennifer ran by, was wondering what the commotion was all about. She followed quietly and peaked through the crack in Jennifer’s door.

Jennifer was laying on the bed with her knees bent and her legs spread wide. She hadn’t noticed in her haste to take care of something she had forgotten to close the bedroom door all the way. She was caressing her breasts, and playing with the nipples. Pinching and rolling them between her thumb and middle finger.

Brenda who was outside the door grew very hot and wet quickly. She had always had a secret passion to sleep with another women. So she pushed open the door quietly and walked over to where Jennifer was laying on the bed.

Jennifer now moaning with her eyes closed, never heard anyone walk in. she did feel a warm hand cup her breast. It felt nice. She slowly opened her eyes and Brenda whispered sshhh let me help you. Jennifer was so horny she couldn’t say no. She at the moment just didn’t know how to.

Brenda began to fondle her breast as Jennifer still cupped the other arching her back and moaning with anticipation Brenda bent down and stuck out her tongue gently touching her nipple. It was so quick and gentle, It was hardly felt. But nevertheless very erotic sending tunceli escort bayan shivers through Jennifer’s entire body. She gasped as Brenda once again stuck out her tongue and this time touching it a little harder and longer. In fact she traced a circle around Jennifer’s nipple before closing her lips around it. Jennifer was moaning very passionately and thrusting her breasts up into the air.

Brenda began sucking on her nipple while flicking it back and forth with her tongue. Jennifer ran her hand in Brenda hair grabbing a hold and pulling her closer. She allowed her hand to fall to Brenda’s shoulder. Quickly her other hand followed to the opposite shoulder. Jennifer followed the curves on Brenda’s shoulder to her back. she grabbed a hold of her shirt and tugged it up over her head, tossing it to the floor. Brenda picked up where she had left off only taking the other nipple into her mouth and teasing, sucking and playing with it. Jennifer quickly undid her bra and tossed that to the floor as well.

Once again Brenda returning to assault Jennifer’s nipples. Brenda began to lick and suck a trail from one breast to the other, and back again. While at the same time pushing them both close together. She paused briefly looking at Jennifer.

“Let me suck on your sweet pussy Jennie,” ” Oh yes, please!” is all Jennifer could say.

Brenda leaned forward and kissed Jennifer very passionately before she began making small kisses and sucking spots. First on her chin, then at the top of her neck. To the middle. Licking and sucking. Brenda’s hands still cupping and fondling Jennifer’s breasts. All Jennifer could do was caress Brenda’s back. Encouraging her to keep going.

Brenda was now making her was past Jennifer’s breasts. Stopping and giving each one a kiss before continuing downward. Kissing, licking and sucking small parts of her skin until she reached her belly button. There Brenda traced and outline with escort tunceli her tongue. She moved her body and potion it much better in-between Jennifer’s thighs. She quickly finished undressing and knelt down. Jennifer with her head thrown way back moaning from the erotic pleasures Brenda has given her. She was wet, oh so wet!

Brenda ran a thumb over her nicely trimmed pussy hairs. Gently just tickling them. Jennifer grabbed at the blankets under neither her, arching her back as much as she could moaning out loud. Brenda could not only see her dripping juices but she could smell her sweet smelling pussy. With her index finger she ran her finger right down the middle of her folds, stopping at her very hot wet hole. Jennifer thrust her hips up in reaction to the feeling, trying to take Brenda in. Brenda with both index fingers parted her lips, stuck out her tongue and ran it right over the back of her clit. “OH MY GOD!” Jennifer exclaimed.

Her hips bucking again into the air. Again Brenda placed her tongue right near her hot wet hole and ran it right up the back side of her clit. Shivers running madly through Jennifer. Brenda paused a moment and circled her clit with a thumb. Massaging bottom to top making her clit so very hard. Brenda let go and repositioned her middle and index finger to hold open Jennifer’s sweet folds. With her other hand she took her middle finger and slid it deep into her pussy. Brenda began tracing small circles on Jennifer’s clit sending shock wave after shock wave of pleasure right through her. Brenda inserted her index finger deep into her pussy. She was finger fucking her plunging two fingers in and out, while licking and sucking on Jennifer’s clit.

Jennifer wildly bucking and moaning incredibly loud. “yes! Oh god, yes,” she couldn’t hold back any longer. She spread her legs and hips as wide as they could possibly go and thrusted her hips into he air. Brenda continued to suck on her clit, and fuck her pussy with her fingers. “ooooooo” god she was cumming and it felt so great. She soaked Brenda fingers with her cum. After a few moments Brenda stopped and looked up to meet Jennifer’s gaze.

Jennifer was smiling now “why don’t you bring your self up here and let me return the wonderful favor you gave me.”

***To be continued*****

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Double Fantasy

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Henrik barely made it through day from hell. In addition to one bullshit thing after another he’d dealt with at the office, he and current girlfriend Colleen had one doozy of an argument after not only letting her daughter Emma go out with friends on a school night following cheerleading practice, but also lending her his Mercedes.

He liked Emma and enjoyed seeing her happy; of the few boyfriends her mother had over the years, Henrik was Emma’s favorite. She dubbed him “Uncle Hank” and wished he was younger so she’d take him herself.

The girl hadn’t seen her father for at least a decade and Henrik constantly reminded Colleen she couldn’t keep a tight grip on Emma forever.

“What are you trying to do, prepare her for the convent? For fuck’s sake, Colleen, she’s eighteen and a responsible girl; it isn’t like she’d drinking or experimenting with drugs. She’s an honor student and cheerleader.”

“She isn’t your child, Hank,” she reminded him. “Emma needs to follow the rules of this house long as she lives here. Besides, we don’t exactly know what she’s doing when she’s out.”

“She’s in her last year of high school,” he replied. “Let her enjoy this time of her life. It only happens once.”

“God, you damn Swedes are difficult!”

“You weren’t saying that in bed last night.”

“Yeah, well forget about a repeat performance tonight.” She stomped upstairs, ending their dispute. “I’m going to change and head to Rita’s for bridge. You better pray Emma comes home in one piece and before curfew if you don’t want he couch to be your permanent sleeping spot.”

Henrik grunted in response; he hadn’t been in the mood for sex anyway, already exhausted from his long and turbulent day. He turned on the TV and flipped through several channels, settling on a sports program before dozing on the sofa.

He woke with a start almost two hours later and glanced at a nearby clock. Bolting from the couch, Henrik sprinted upstairs, stripped naked, and jumped into the shower to wash away any remaining tiredness before Emma was due home.

He let the water run over him for a while and began to washing himself. He had no idea how long he’d been in the shower while lost in thought before he turned off the water and stepped out just as the bathroom door opened.

Emma gasped, “Oh my God!” and quickly retreated.

Henrik wrapped a towel around himself, worried she might be embarrassed. He dried off, went into his and Colleen’s bedroom to change into shorts and T-shirt before heading downstairs.

“Sorry, Emmy,” he apologized when he spotted her in the living room. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

Her face was still red. “Don’t worry, Uncle Hank. I was stunned for a minute at seeing my mom’s boyfriend naked.”

“We’ll keep that a secret between us,” he replied with a reassuring smile. “I presume you brought back my car in samsun escort one piece?”

She nodded. “Including a full tank of gas. Are you done in the bathroom?”

“Sure, sweetheart; it’s all yours.”

He heard the water upstairs as Emma showered for several minutes before returning downstairs in shorty pajamas leaving little to the imagination and plopped beside him on the sofa. “Anything decent on TV?”

“Not really,” Henrik replied and flicked through several channels.

She shrugged and stared at the carpet with an empty look on her face.

“Everything okay, kiddo?” he asked.

Emma sighed. “Another stupid fight with Jason. He rarely bothers with me anymore since he got lettered in basketball.”

Henrik put an arm around her. “Must be the day for arguing. I had a battle of my own with your mother before she left for her bridge game.”

“At least you don’t insult each other, and from what I sometimes hear from my room, the make up sex you guys always have seems worth the fights. Jason also said earlier tonight I’m getting fat and called me a whore for talking to Trent. He’s my lab partner for God’s sake!”

“Oh, sweetheart. You are not fat. Chances are good Jason said those things in the heat of the moment. You’re smart, beautiful, and there are other guys who’d kill to have you if he can’t accept the way you are.”

Emma brightened. “You really mean it?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you, Uncle Hank,” Emma said as she leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips.

Her response caught him off guard; he hadn’t expected her to attempt making out with him. Emma’s tongue pried its way inside his mouth as she pushed him back on the couch.

“Remember how I always say I’d love to have you for myself if you were younger?” she asked in a husky voice while rubbing the bulge between his legs. “I’ve changed my mind. Time for Mom to start sharing. Boys aren’t doing it for me anymore. I need a real man.”

“Emmy, we really shouldn’t do this. I’m your mother’s partner and -“

She pressed a finger to his lips. “Jason and I haven’t fucked in ages. Hearing you doing Mom almost every night makes me so horny.” She climbed onto Henrik’s lap, positioned herself, and ground her hips against his. “I want you, Hank. I always wanted you.”

His will to resist now gone, he began caressing her tight yet shapely ass. She sucked and licked his neck and he moaned in pleasure. Emma peeled off his shirt and kissed him passionately, her tongue exploring his mouth. His tongue massaged hers as his hand moved to rub her ass through her pajama bottoms.

“Let’s finish this upstairs,” he suggested.

Emma jumped off his lap, helped Henrik to his feet, and led him to the bedroom. She lay on top of him, kissing and running her tongue down his body, and teasingly licked the bulge escort samsun of his shorts before pulling them off to reveal a throbbing erection.

She stood at the foot of the bed and took in his nakedness. “Guess you no longer have reservations.”

“Not in the least. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“You tell me.” She continued to undress, undid the last button on her top, and revealed perfect, natural 36D breasts not unlike Colleen’s.

Emma slowly turned around and removed her pajama pants, showing her brilliant naked ass. She turned around, faced Henrik, climbed on top of him, and pressed her crotch into his exposed penis.

He rolled over until he was on top, kissing her neck, collar bone, and her nipples. Emma moaned in delight as he traced his tongue over her nipples, kissed his way down her body, rubbed her mound with his hand before burying his face between her legs.

She gasped with pleasure as he licked and sucked her pussy, tonguing both it and her asshole. Henrik then slipped two fingers in her wet cunt and resumed his oral assault. Emma shuddered, came into his mouth, pushed away his head, sat up, rolled him over, and once again straddled his hips.

“Fuck me, Hank,” she hissed as she slowly lowered herself onto his bare erection. “I need you to fuck me now.”

They both moaned simultaneously as Emma bounced up and down on his hard shaft with enthusiasm. Henrik groaned as he felt her walls surround his cock, massaging it slowly as she slid up and down. She squealed with delight as his cock penetrated her over and over, reveling in the sensations she never felt with her boyfriend.

“Damn, baby,” he panted. “I’d swear your mother gave you sex lessons if I didn’t know better.”

“Who says she didn’t?” Emma teasingly asked, not letting up on her bouncing.

Henrik gripped her ass and guided her up and down, slowly thrusting his hips with hers, heightening their pleasure and allowing him further inside, her hair sliding gently over his chest while she moved.

He began thrusting upward faster before Emma suddenly stopped to avoid an early climax. He knew what she was doing and pushed deeper, but she barely staved off her orgasm.

Henrik pushed Emma off him and made her kneel on the bed. “I want to look at that sexy ass while taking you from behind.”

She moaned and cried out as Henrik slowly entered her and slapped her ass several times. “Such a bad girl for fucking your mama’s boyfriend,” he grunted while whacking it a few more times and thrust deeper into her pussy. “Dirty little slut.”

“Yes…” she breathed as he hit her G-spot harder, yet still managed to delay her orgasm. “I love feeling your big Swedish cock in me. I’ll give you all the pussy you want when Mom won’t.”

“I’d love that, baby.” Henrik continued fucking Emma nonstop, hitting samsun escort bayan her G-spot each time before waves of ecstasy spread throughout her body.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, pussy walls massaging his cock as her body shuddered violently and juices flowed. “Yes! No one ever made me come like this before!”

Henrik thrust deep into her once more to complete her orgasm before Emma collapsed face down on the bed. He gently rolled her over onto her back and began to kiss and lick her neck.

He thrust his cock into her, moving in and out slowly at first, and then faster for several minutes, feeling Emma’s hips move against his, wrapping legs around him and driving ever deeper into her tight 18-year-old pussy.

Her hands gripped his muscular ass as they intensely fucked, the bed crashing against a nearby wall. Each gasped, moaned, and cried out with every thrust, sweat pouring off their bodies as Henrik continued to pound Emma’s slick pussy.

Her full tits bounced and body shivered as she screamed out her third orgasm. “Oh, yes..fuck me…fuck me…fuck me… fuck me, Hank. Keep giving me the biggest and best cock I ever had!”

Henrik’s erection began to quiver with an impeding climax and he tried to pull out, but Emma’s legs drew him back in.

“No. Come in my pussy. I want all your cum inside me. Do it!”

Her words were all it took to bring forth his orgasm. Henrik grunted with pleasure as streams of thick, virile semen erupted inside Emma before he finished and collapsed beside her totally sated.

They lay together afterward, their heavy breathing gradually slowing before he spoke.

“Guess we both realized our fantasies today.”

She looked at him, confused. “What do you mean?”

He chuckled. “Well, you said you wanted me and I always wondered what it was like to fuck a cheerleader with naturally big tits.”

Emma laughed. “You can’t be serious.”

“Yeah, I asked your mother a few times to do some role playing and dress like one, but she’d act like I was some kind of freak. I never said anything, but looking hot in your uniform always turned me on. Of course, your mother never figured out why I was in such a hurry to get home and have sex after your school’s games.”

Emma playfully smacked him. “Dirty old man.”

“Hey, thirty-four isn’t that old.”

“So…was having an actual cheerleader in bed everything you imagined?” Emma asked in a seductive voice as she played with his hair.

“Much more, but I have another request.”

“Sure, what?”

“Next time we’re alone, wear your uniform with nothing underneath it.”

“Mmmmm…consider request granted. I’ll even throw in something better than Mom’s bed.”

Henrik was intrigued. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well since you enjoy fucking a cheerleader so much, how about we really make your fantasy complete by doing it under the football field bleachers sometime?”

“You got it, baby.” He sat up. “Right now we better clean up before your mother gets home from her bridge game.”

Emma leaped from the bed and winked. “Let’s clean up in the shower together. Saving water and all that, you know.”

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Driving Through

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Driving into the village of Coyle NC, 31 year old Jake Benson was trying to find an address of a property he bought through a broker he hired. Unfamiliar with the area he wondered if any of the small towns’ residents could help him out.

There was a variety of people, mostly women, slipping in and out of store fronts and Jake wasn’t able to flag anyone down until he saw Lindsey. Lindsey he found out later on was a bit older then him but as precocious as they came like himself. Lindsey who was at least 45 if not older he figured after studying her off and on, was willing to give him thorough directions upon seeing him.

Jake is a respectful looking young man who always kept a hidden agenda. Lindsey on the other hand, even though she commanded respect never was shy about speaking to a stranger especially newcomers to the area.

Upon hearing someone call her out using general terms she happened to turn towards the sound of a younger man’s voice. “Miss ohh miss can you help me please” Jake called out to her once he saw he was able to pull into a parking space along the street and grab her attention. “Miss I need some help and have a couple of questions. I was hoping you might be able to assist me.”

Likened to the idea she was called “Miss” and not mam she turned around cheerfully to ask Jake what it was he needed. Once turned around Jake was immediately impressed. This wasn’t an old lady. She wasn’t a tired old hag by anyone’s standards. Lindsey looked as sprite as they came. She certainly did not look as old as he initially figured and she never looked as old as she told him later on that she was.

Smiling as she walked towards his convertible he told her hello and thanked her for being so nice as to help him out. “That’s a nice dress you have on” he said beforehand. She thanked him for the compliment but was leery already of his intentions. “Anyway I’m trying to find this address. Can you tell me where it’s at?”

She told him it was tricky but tried to explain where it was located at. He understood about half the directions. He didn’t tell her he didn’t get them all. He was still confused. But she was too attractive not to pay attention to. He was on vacation and all he was doing was checking out the new investment property and nothing else. The area was nice, the people seemed pleasant, and his first contact was with a nice looking elderly woman.

“So what was that second question” she asked him.

“Oh nothing” he said first catching on that she wasn’t wearing a ring. She said she was happy to help him out and asked him again.

“Well I guess I was wondering if a woman as beautiful as you who isn’t wearing a ring and who is wearing such a nice looking dress like that well I wondered if you loved cock or how much you love it miss?”

Half shocked she wanted to slap his face. She turned around initially in disgust but siirt escort he waited for her to turn back around and say “Yes I do as a matter of fact.” He waited and waited. She walked and walked, but not briskly as to suggest she was insulted and put out by what he was suggesting.

Several yards away he got his answer. She didn’t even have to say yes. 52 year old Lindsey McClain knew she liked it. 52 year old Lindsey McClain knew she loved it. 52 year old Lindsey McClain turned, looked, and smiled gently as though peace filled her heart.

“I don’t know that I’d admit that to a complete stranger sir but something tells me; yes something tells me to say yes to you. So yes I well yes sir I do love it” she said as she walked closer to his car. He studied her figure and the more he studied it the more he liked it. He didn’t just crack a smile, Jake cracked a wide, wide satisfying grin, and so did Lindsey.

“I’m Lindsey by the way and you are” as she stuck out her hand to introduce herself. He introduced himself and they shook hands. “You sure have nice hands Jake Benson. What sort of work do you do?”

“I’m a dentist” he told her. Lying to her he asked her if she realized that a man’s cum was a great plaque remover. She laughed and told him he was lying but would play along anyways. “Well your right Lindsey it isn’t but I am a dentist of it makes you feel better. Hop in and show me my place okay” and she did without hesitation.

“The wind blew through her long flowing hair and the two talked freely. By the time they were at his new house he purchased they were laughing and his hand was on her thigh. Jake was gradually pulling it up and Lindsey never once stopped him.

Further and further up it went. Closer and closer the edge of the skirt came. Before either knew it they were on the street and at the home he bought. Pulling in the sold sigh was on the lawn. They walked out, he walked over, pulled the sign, and invited her up inside.

On locking the front door he let her in. She walked in, he walked in, and they looked around. Not a piece of furniture around. All the curtains were closed and the room was comfy, but Lindsey kept walking around. She kept rummaging through the one story home. Room by room she went and Jake finally followed her.

There she stood in the largest room of them all with two large windows covered by cream toned drapes and offering more room to two people who barely knew a thing about the other.

“So you asked me if I like cock. Did you want to find out that answer Jake” she said.

“I always love to know when a woman as beautiful and as sexy as you likes cock.” Walking towards him with a well worn smile just before she laid her hand on his crotch she winked and offered a smoochy face. Planting her hand against his crotch and limp cock, he laid his hands against her siirt escort bayan supple chest. The two went about their business pleasing themselves and each other.

“Mmmmm that feels nice Jake. Having a man’s hands feeling me like that again ohhh that feels soooo nice baby.” He agreed as she caressed his limpness softly.

Before she knew it he had dropped to his knees and lifted her dress up offering up his lips and tongue for her to take pleasure in. Jake, underneath her long dress, kissed the insides of her thighs and the outsides of her warm panties. From underneath her dress she heard him tell her how fabulous her legs were.

“Yeah they are” she admitted “for a 52 year old lady.” For a moment there wasn’t any movement of any sort underneath. She smiled knowing he was surprised to find out she was that old. “Surprised I am that old are you baby” she added.

She heard a muffled “uh huh” as in yes. All of a sudden she felt his warm lips going at her inner thighs once again. All of a sudden she felt his head nudging between her thighs and pushing up against her pussy. All of a sudden she felt his hands pulling aside her panties and his warm exciting tonguing taking liberty inside her glorious tenderness.

“Ohhhhhh my god baby that is incredible ooooh yes oh god yes, yes ohhh ohh ahhh yes” she exclaimed as his tongue reeled throughout her deep hole. She slid off one strap and then the other. She slid her dress off as he completely disappeared from her sight. It draped over him and he took it off.

Standing with only her bra and panties before him he stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt and undid his pants. After slipping off his shoes and removing his shirt and pants he grabbed her wrist and placed her hand against his underwear.

“Now isn’t that what you wanted” he asked. She shook her head no.

“I really wanted this baby” and she dropped to her knees, lowered his underwear a tad, and tugged on his limp structure enough that she could get her tongue on it. Holding it with one hand she swirled her tongue around it repeatedly.

Jake hardened as quickly as she licked. Jake was easily turned on by a woman he didn’t expect to turn him on that fast. “Boy now that’s what I call experienced.”

“Baby you haven’t seen anything yet” and she pulled his underwear off, pulled him to the carpet, and went down on him. She swallowed it whole. Sucking slowly and sensuously she offered sounds of praise. “Mmmmm ahhh ohhhhhh yess” and she sucked slowly on it more and more. She loved it. She moaned and murmured while holding it, sucking, it, and swallowing it whole inside her mouth.

While down on his cock he hardened and expanded. He became larger and more enjoyable. He tugged at her while she sucked his beautiful, fleshy, and solid cock. She felt incredible on it. She was magical. She was escort siirt brilliant. She was as good as it gets.

“Damn am I lucky” he cried out.

“Noooooo” she began to say looking up and him. “Noo thank you because I’m the lucky one. Thank you for stopping. Thank you for asking for directions. Ohhh god baby thank you” and she went back down on him licking, spitting on it, and sucking it for him.

“I wanna shag ya now honey” he told her.

“Then why didn’t you say so” and she spread herself out removing her bra and panties.

On his knees he looked her over. He told her no woman was as sexy as her especially at her age. He told her she was incredible looking for 52 and all she did was smile and wink.

“You going to just kneel there in front of me or are you going to do what you really came to do here. Fuck me and get me off?”

With her legs spread out she watched him slide himself in. She smiled as it disappeared inside her. As it inched its way inside her Lindsey closed her eyes. Initially she showed signs of discomfort but that quickly disappeared. Joyous pleasure surfaced knowing his young virile cock filled her soft sensuous cavity.

“Ohhh god that feels so divine” she cried out. “Pull it out. Pull it out and slam me quickly baby” she screamed and he did. “Ohhhh god ohhhh god yeahh ohh yeah do me hard Jake! Do it harder and do it more!”

He fucked and fucked and fucked her. She moaned and moaned and moaned. He banged his new lady friend and she thanked him for coming and asking for directions and then she moaned some more.

Switching positions he went in on her sideways doing her that way and finally going in on her on all fours from behind. Every ounce of her jiggled as her tits wobbled back and forth. She was a sight for sore eyes. It was a sight for sore eyes.

Having sex with an experienced older mature and good looking woman couldn’t have been better for him. Getting sexed up by Jake was a dream come true for her. Soon enough after being in different positions finally he brought Lindsey to orgasm. She exploded marvelously as she howled out and thanked him from the bottom of her heart.

Jake was so aroused by her he mounted her, jacked off, and squirted into her mouth. Like any good woman who said she loves cock, she swallowed almost all of it with a smiled forever planted on her face. “Jake thank you for letting me show you your new house. Umm were you planning on coming here in the future baby? Or is this a rental?” He told her it was rental. “Stroking his limpness she asked him if he was planning on coming back up.

“Well if you wanted to stop by the Lindsey McClain Motel sometime if you’re down this way umm my doors and I mean all my doors are open for you baby. Is that understood?”

Looking at her and then her naked loveliness, he looked up at her and smiled. “Yeah I think we can work things out. How about say next weekend? I can come up to your motel and you can umm entertain me when I come up and stay there. I pay good money for good hotel services too. Especially when I stay at a person’s private motel Lindsey.”

“Really do you and how much is that Jake Benson?”

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MILF Book Club Pt. 02

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MILF Book Club pt. 2

The middle segment of this story, again I felt it was so long that I broke it up.

After the others had left Sharifah sat in the living room thinking over what Miyu had described to the group. In truth she still loved her husband, but the sex sometimes left something to be desired. However she couldn’t actually say what she wanted, more perhaps, but no idea more specifically.

So she returned to reading the book. The story soon reached the heroine’s seduction of a young man at her office, who was providing tech support. This was not unexpected, given the way the story had gone so far, but the difference was the young man was a bit reluctant and the heroine wasn’t asking. She briefly lowered the book to consider the idea of being dominant during sex. In the bedroom she and her husband were equals, he may on occasion take the lead, but equals nonetheless. So the idea of dominating a lover was intriguing.

After clearing up from the meeting she went to her room to change. No sooner was she in the closet than one of the shelves noticeably sagged. Moving quickly she pulled things off the shelf to examine it close. She swore as she remembered that she had been putting off dealing with the shelf. A smile slowly came to her face.

“I guess I have an excuse now.” She picked up her phone and dialed. It was picked up on the second ring.

“Coleman Maintenance. Devon speaking.” Her grin widened as she responded.

“Hi, Devon this is Mrs. Kattan. Do you have time today to fix a shelf?” He paused momentarily.

“Me? Sure, but my dad could do it.” She laughed softly.

“I asked for you. It’s a minor thing. I’m sure we won’t need to bother your father.” She could almost imagine him shrugging in the pause before his response.

“I guess not. I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.” She sat as she responded.

“I’ll be waiting.” She hung up and stretched out on the bed, considering what she wished to wear for her seduction. She finally decided to go for simplicity, a loose fitting robe that covered her from head to toe, except for her forearms. Underneath she was naked, but she would not be exposed until she chose to be. At last she heard the doorbell. Pausing only to ensure that the robe covered her she moved quickly to the door. As expected it was Devon.

“Mrs. Kattan?” She nodded as she turned.

“Sharifah, please and follow me.” She led the way to the bedroom and pointed to a shelf in the closet. He nodded and set to work. Meanwhile she lounged on the bed to watch him as she idly ran a hand between her legs. Inwardly she was becoming impatient, but nonetheless she waited until he was finished and emerging from the closet. As he did so she allowed the robe to open, revealing her breasts. He stopped short and nearly dropped his tools. She waited a short time before speaking.

“Undress.” When he seemed about to speak she gave him a sharp glance. Nodding slowly he put his stuff down and swiftly undressed. She nodded and spread her legs before gesturing him forward. When he started forward she shook her head and pointed to the floor. “Crawl.” He blinked, but slowly lowered himself to his knees and crawled forward.

When he reached her she pointed to her pussy. He did not hesitate to put both hands on the bed to support himself and lowered his head between her legs. She forced herself not to jump when his tongue made contact with her lips. His movements were methodical, covering every inch of her pussy and even pausing to kiss her legs on either side. She moaned softly and placed both hands on his head.

He returned his attention to her pussy. This time his tongue penetrated between her lips and her moan became slightly more audible. She pulled him in harder and ground herself against his face. She moaned a bit louder as he spread her lips to thrust even deeper into her pussy. She felt her orgasm approaching, but soon grew tired of the position and pushed his head back. Struggling to find her voice she gasped out a command.

“On…the…bed.” He did not hesitate to climb on to the bed and lay on his back beside her. She slowly lowered herself onto him, eliciting a small gasp from him. Pressing her hands into his chest for support, she slowly began to raise her hips sivas escort until he was almost out of her and then slammed back down on him. This time his moan was louder than hers. She was soon gripping him with her knees and riding him at speed. She tightened her grip and began riding for all she was worth. She moaned louder as she leaned forward in order to concentrate more effort on her hips.

In time she rested her head on his shoulder and she began making hard, short downward thrusts. Her moaning became only somewhat louder, but her tightening pussy caused him to moan a bit louder still. At last she slammed on to him. She kissed his neck hard as she ran a hand through his hair.

She lay for some time gathering herself before finally rolling off of him. A sideways glance told her he was still hard. He looked up and they briefly made eye contact. Suddenly all feelings of dominance left her and she found she could no longer look him in the eye. He slowly stood and looked down at her for a short time. After a moment’s thought he stepped back from the bed and certain he had her attention he pointed to the floor in front of him. She found herself kneeling in front of him, a bit uncertain of how she had gotten there. He pointed to his hard dick and she saw a drop of precum in danger of dropping on to the floor.

“Suck.” She leaned forward to lick the drop of precum before it could hit the floor. She swallowed, enjoying the taste. Opening her mouth wide she got a good look at his cock. He wasn’t huge, but a respectable size nonetheless. Once her mouth was open he took her head in both hands and pushed forward. She didn’t have a lot of experience with giving blowjobs, but he wasn’t huge either. She concentrated on relaxing to allow more of him inside. About halfway he met resistance, but continued to push forward even as he attempted to reposition to allow himself further access.

She spluttered and even choked a bit, however he was soon all the way in. He stayed in this position for a time and she began to see spots, but he quickly pulled out. He waited until she had recovered before thrusting back in. This continued for some time and she felt she was taking it better, but her choking continued. Without warning he stopped and released her. She collapsed and he stood in silence. When she looked up he spoke.

“Are you a dom, or a slut?” She blinked as she considered this. Finally she looked down, shrugging.

“Both, neither I don’t know.” He pointed to the bed.

“Bend over.” Only briefly hesitating she stood to comply. She waited anticipating what would come next. The sudden smack on her rear caught her by surprise. She yelped and turned her head to look back. This time the smack was to her cunt and her cry was louder.

“Eyes front, slut.” Her head immediately turned back and she realized she was wet. She squirmed as she squeezed her thighs together. He returned to spanking her. Her cries slowly changed into moans and she struggled to remain in position. With each smack she felt herself grow wetter still. With as much suddenness as it had begun the spanking stopped.

However she waited without looking back. Instead of further smacks she felt his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She groaned when he only pressed the head against her, but did not penetrate. His cock slid up her pussy until it rested between her cheeks, with the head pointing to her own head. She groaned, wondering if she should speak. He broke the silence.

“Beg, beg for my cock, slut.” The words tumbled out before she could consider them.

“Please…sir fuck my pussy, use me until you cum.” She thought she heard a gasp behind her, but all thoughts were pushed out of her head as he thrust inside her. She moaned loudly and he soon was pounding at speed. He smacked her ass, but primarily squeezed as he maintained speed. His pounding was unrelenting and with each thrust she was crushed into the bed. All thought was focused on the pounding she was receiving unable to keep her head up she let it fall to the bed. He pounded her through at least two more orgasms before his thrusts became erratic and he was reduced to sudden hard thrusts before he at last came.

When she opened her eyes he was dressing. Instead of leaving as soon as sivas escort bayan he was dressed he sat next to her on the bed.

“How was that, Sharifah?” She smiled.

“Amazing.” He cocked an eyebrow and she laughed. “I don’t know. With my husband we have always been equals in bed.” He nodded.

“I guess you are a switch.” She blinked at him before nodding.

“I guess so.” He rose to gather his tools.

“I need to get going. My dad called and I missed it.” She nodded and lay back to consider her afternoon. She smiled as she reveled in how thoroughly satisfied she felt. Reaching for her phone she dialed Athena, who picked up on the third ring.

“Hey Sharifah, what’s up? You cancelling the meeting?” Sharifah felt her face break into a grin.

“Nothing like that. I just wanted to tell someone, I did it.” There was silence as Athena processed this statement.

“Did what?” Sharifah burst out laughing and couldn’t speak for a moment.

“Not ‘what’, whom actually, Devon.” Athena’s response was initially annoyed.

“You ‘did’ Devon. What do you…oh, really?”

“Yep, it was amazing. I’ll give everyone the details at the meeting, I just had to tell someone.” Athena was once more briefly annoyed.

“Oh come on, you’re seriously going to drop something like that on me and not give me details.”

“See you at the meeting.” Sharifah hung before Athena could respond.

Once the phone was back on the table Athena briefly stared at it as she considered what Sharifah had told her. It was only two out of five, but she didn’t like the idea of being left behind. She stood and though about what she was going to do before the next meeting. Once in the kitchen she realized that she needed to do dishes. She groaned but set to the task with determination if not enthusiasm.

When she finished she pushed the switch for the garbage disposal. She heard a whirring sound that was a bit disturbing before it cut out completely. She groaned and cursed before she remembered the earlier conversations about Devon’s skills outside the bedroom. More accurately what he could do with his clothes on. She picked up her phone and breathed slowly before dialing. The phone was answered by an older man that she could only vaguely recall speaking to before.

“Coleman Maintenance, Sid speaking.” She clamped down quickly on a curse and spoke calmly.

“Hi Sid, it’s Athena Smith. My garbage disposal has just died. Any chance you could fix it today?” He inhaled slowly and she could imagine him shaking his head.

“I’m sorry Athena, I’m actually just packing it in for the day. My schedule’s pretty solid for the next couple of days. But I could send Devon. He’s been so eager to do more these days. Would that work for you?” She grinned, but tried to keep her voice calm.

“Yes, could he stop by in the morning, say ten?” He inhaled slowly as he considered.

“Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll text if something comes up.” She tried to keep the grin from her voice as she spoke.

“Thanks Sid, good night.”

“Night, Mrs. Smith.”

The next day she was standing in the kitchen checking the time and tapping her foot. She muttered to herself each time she checked.

“10:01…10:02…where is he?” Finally at five past the bell rang. When she reached the door she inhaled slowly and exhaled with equal slowness before opening the door. Devon was in the doorway, eyes down.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Smith, I know I’m a little late. I promise you won’t be disappointed.” She slowly nodded.

“Fine. This way.” She led him to the kitchen, where he set to work on the disposal. She didn’t have a plan or even a certainty that she was even going to go through with this. Deciding to get some water she turned to the fridge with a glass and pushed it into the dispenser alcove. Almost immediately the water burst forth onto her shirt. She gasped and almost dropped the glass. She quickly set the glass aside and check the damage. When she looked at her shirt she gasped out a more vocal response.

“Shit!” He looked up and she covered herself as she blushed, her shirt was now transparent revealing her bra. Quickly pulling herself together she spoke. “Just concentrate on that. I’ll go change.” He slowly nodded, although escort sivas it was clear he was focused on her chest. Once she had turned away from him she smiled and walked to her room to change.

Swiftly shedding the shirt she tossed it into her bathroom and discovered that her bra was equally soaked. Removing the bra it joined her shirt in the bathroom. She went to the dresser and pulled out a bra. She was just closing the drawer and pulling on the bra, when she realized Devon was standing in her bedroom door. He spoke hurriedly, but his eyes remained fixed on her breasts, the nipples hardening.

“Sorry, Mrs. Smith…I didn’t know. Uh, the door was open. Need a part…can’t finish.” He seemed ready to speak further, but wasn’t sure what to say. She immediately stepped over to him and pressed an index finger to his lips, silencing him. Without speaking she gently pulled his face toward hers. He yielded easily to her as their lips met. She moaned softly as her lips slowly parted and their tongues met, tentatively at first, but soon moving with greater speed. Slowly the urgency left as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in tighter. She moaned again as she felt her chest crushed against his. Their lips briefly parted before pressing back together and he took her in his arms.

After several moments and she took his hands to lead him to the bed. They sat and returned to kissing. She moaned and pulled him in tighter. His hands slowly moved over her arms and shoulders before moving to her breasts. She moaned as his gently squeezed her breasts. She gasped out loud as his fingers found her nipples. Once the kiss was broken he kissed her chin and slowly kissed his way down her neck until he reached the base. She felt his lips and tongue at the side of her neck and she moaned louder as he pinched her nipples. She cried out and he pulled at her pants.

She lay back and raised her hips to allow him to finish undressing her. He returned to kissing her neck as he rubbed her pussy, eliciting loud moans from her. With some pressure from him she slid back and he joined her on the bed. His lips returned to hers and one hand lined up his cock with her pussy. He found her quite wet and soon pushed inside her.

They embraced one another and he broke the kiss to kiss the other side of her neck. They thrust their hips toward one another and one of her hands pulled his head in tighter while the other was on is back, the nails starting to dig in as they got up to speed. Wrapping her legs around him in an effort to draw him in deeper. She felt herself tighten as her orgasm approached.

With difficulty he moved his head to take a nipple in his mouth. She cried out as she felt his teeth delicately sink in. However this soon turned to cries of pleasure. He switched to the other nipple, eliciting fresh cries from Athena. She tried to grip him tighter and to increase the force of her thrusts. As she increased in volume her thrusts became increasingly erratic before she collapsed onto the bed. Devon’s thrusts continued unabated and Athena’s vocalizations became almost undetectable as they reached a higher pitch.

Suddenly he returned to kissing her, muffling her cries. She made an unexpected, thrust and once more collapsed onto the bed as her orgasm hit. He continued to thrust for a short time before he stopped and sat back to watch her. In time she sat up and grinned when she saw that he was still hard. Switching to all fours she crawled to him to take him in her mouth. He moaned as she engulfed him, with her nose touching the hair at the base of his cock. She moved rapidly using her tongue.

He began making thrusts of his own. She reached forward to take his balls in hand, causing him to moan louder. With her other hand she grabbed an asscheek and squeezed. His thrusts became harder and she moved her hand further on his ass until her index finger was probing the hole. He cried out and made one last thrust, before making several shallow thrusts. He soon stopped and she licked to clean him up as she swallowed. Athena lay back to catch her breath. When her breathing returned to normal she sat up and he slowly stood to dress.

“I can get the part and be back tomorrow, is that okay, Mrs. Smith?” She nodded as she lounged on the bed.

“Same time, I’ll be out all day, but my husband will be here.” His face fell slightly as he nodded.

“Tomorrow.” When he left she lay on the bed, grinning.

“I guess Sharifah isn’t the only one who will have a story to share.”

To Be Continue in MILF Book Club pt. 3

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