My Giantess Adventure

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My first trip to a 99c store turned into one of my greatest fantasies come true. I was more excited than I should have been. I was about to buy junk I probably didn’t need. I stare at items trying to figure out if I needed it or could use it. A candleholder, a mug, a plastic potted plant all found their way into my basket. I was like a kid in a candy store. I walked the aisles for about forty minutes before I noticed a woman walk in. How could I miss her? She was about seven feet tall, curvy and shapely. I immediately caught myself and stop my stare. I continued my shopping on the next aisle over. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her tower over the aisle just enough that her cleavage peaked over the fluorescent light bulbs. I turn away when she caught my eyes trained on her gigantic breast.

I spent an extra twenty minutes on the tool aisle pretending I knew what I was looking at. I keep my head down while sifting through hundreds of the exact same screwdriver. Suddenly my shoulder bumps something. It was the large curvaceous hip of the woman I had been avoiding. A rush quickly came over me. The woman rested her hand on my head. He long fingers draped the side of my head. Her hand was warm. I blushed and my heart began to pound loudly. So loudly I’m sure everyone in the store could hear it. It drew a smile from the enormous beauty. I look up at this gorgeous redhead with blue eyes. I can barley see her face as I look up through her ample cleavage. Her name embroidered on her tightly fitting tee shirt. It reads Norma. She pulls her hand away and I nearly fall over as I stumble away.

Later in the parking lot as I struggle to my car with loads of things I wasn’t sure I even needed, a shadow of a large figure blots out the sun behind me. Just as I turn to see who it was when one of Norma’s bountiful and curvaceous hips bumps my shoulder again. Norma looks down at me, and samsun escort winks. She shuffles her bags to her right arm as she reaches into her pocket with the left. She stuffs a small folded piece of paper into my shirt pocket.

Later that evening I sit uncomfortably at the dinner table. I can’t get Norma out of my head. I’m starving but the butterflies in my stomach won’t let me down even a bite. All I can think about is the feeling of her warm hand on my head. Why did she give me her number? She likes me? I think to call her but I just sit and stare at my pork steak and fries.

The next morning I pop out of bed at 6am on a Saturday. I normally sleep in late. I look over at my nightstand. The little piece of paper seems as big as the nightstand itself. It screams at me. I lay back down and stare at the ceiling. A huge boner tents my sheets.

At breakfast my appetite has returned. I devour a large stack of pancakes. I think to myself that I’m five foot ten inches and weigh I whopping one hundred and eighty pounds. Nothing compared to the woman in my head all night. And to think she’s not a thinly built woman at that. Norma must be an entire foot taller than I am. Now I’m thinking of asking a woman out on a date that will dwarf me as if I was a small child.

I decided to go out on a limb and call.

I hang up the phone in a cold sweat. Finally I muster the courage to give Norma a call. She sounded very interested to meet me at the bar near my place. I sit and I wonder what she sees in me.

At the bar I sit quietly nursing my ice cold extra stout. The door opens and Norma’s curvy body falls in. If I thought she was attractive in jeans and a tee shirt, wow! She was even taller in heels She ducked down to clear the doorway. A tight fitting knitted dress forms neatly to her curvaceous body. Her plump breasts sway with her every step. I gaze at Norma’s long creamy white legs. She gives me a little smile as she sits down next to me. I stare at her smooth inviting legs until she raises my chin to bring my eyes even with hers. She bends over to kiss my forehead and her ample breast slams against my chest. They’re soft and warm, but hang perfectly. Norman runs her large hand down my chest until it gets to my stomach, which she pats gently. My stomach buzzes like a swarm of bees. She gives me a wink.

Norma downs her beer as if it were a shot of whiskey, then looks down at me. I try to match her gulp but I fail miserably, spilling beer all over my shirt. She stands and motions to me to follow. Then Norma heads for the door. I struggle to my feet and stumble out the door behind her.

Back at my apartment I worry that Norma would find me a slob once she sees my mess. Good heavens I hope she doesn’t find my small stash of porn. My place is a true mess when we walk in. Before I could think anything Norma finds my copy of Big Hooters magazine lying on the coffee table. She turns to me and smiles sexily. The only thing I could think to do is go to the fridge and grab a couple beers.

Back in my living room I find Norma has made herself comfortable on the couch. Her heels kicked up on the coffee table watching a porno I left in the DVD player. She looks at me as she uncrosses her legs. Bees still buzzing in my gut, I sit on the couch next her and I hand her a cold one. I look over to check out Norma’s tits. My boner grows to twice the size.

Before I knew it I was lying on my back in my bed with a fire raging in my pants. Norma towers over my bed. She shakes her hips a little and does a dance as she strips her top off. She rips my pants down to my ankles. Then pulls down my underwear. Revealing my now nearly purple throbbing cock. As she strips the rest of her clothing I’m amazed at her thick hairy bush. She sexily rubs her plumb labia. That drips with wet juices by this time. She lets out a deep moan that ripples through my body. I lay on the bed in a trance.

Norma plops her warm body on top of mine. Her breast completely smothers my face. Her long legs caress me. She grabs my vibrating shaft and plunges it into her wet twat. We both slowly and deliberately thrust toward each other. One of her breast sits against my face like a soft pillow, the other rests on my chest.

The room becomes an inferno. I struggle to breath but maintain my vigor as I work to please my gentle gigantic beauty. My stiff member wants to explode but I hold on until she is ready. I make one final thrust before we climax together. A huge flush of energy flow through our bodies until Norma collapses on top of me.

Norma slides down my slippery body. She kisses my chest as she slowly makes it down to my still rock hard manhood, which is as stiff as a board. Before I could catch my breath. Her tender lips caress my cock. Norma carefully slurps my hard cock. She envelopes my swollen member with her large hand and plants it back into her warm wet hole She then rolls on her back placing me on top of her. I work vigorously to please my queen. From time to time I would plant my face in between her breast as she hold them firmly around my head. I raise my head up as I thrust deeply into her. She stares into my eyes with sensuous desire. I keep going until I feel her tighten on my rod. She wraps her legs around me. We shiver together until we become cold. I push my tool into her with one last hard thrust. A flood of ecstasy overcomes us as I collapse on top of Norma. We pant heavily until we both fall asleep.

The following morning I awake to a spinning hangover but to my surprise I’m still fully wrapped in Norma’s warm body. How could this have happened to me? I didn’t get drunk and dream my greatest fantasy again. It actually happened. A lie still and stare at the ceiling with huge grin on my face.

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New Life Ch. 03

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My mouth was terribly dry when I opened my eyes. Everything was blurry again and I could hear the rush of oxygen. Another set back I thought until I heard my name being called over and over again. The voice wasn’t a familiar one. Not Brion. Not my Dad. None of my other family or friends. Nor was it any of the three nurses that I could recall caring for me over the last two weeks in the ICU. I glanced down and saw the horseshoe shaped oxygen mask covering the bottom of my face, then followed the voice to the face that floated above me. Dark brown eyes behind square framed glasses and something about her eyeshadow made me laugh. It came out in a slurred giggle and she smiled.

“You with us honey,” she said with a deep southern drawl, her thin peach tinted lips parted in a smile. “You did great young man. That bullet came out clean.”

Not another setback. I remembered now. Today was the day I got rid of the last souvenir from that awful night some two months ago. I’d almost died. I did die, twice, technically but it didn’t stick thanks to the surgeon who wouldn’t give up on me. Probably a little divine intervention too but I can’t be too certain about that. Either way I was alive and making progress.

I’d started therapy, physical and speech, to help speed my return to normalcy. I could wash myself now and move from the bed to the chair with relative ease. I still wasn’t eating solids yet but I’d always loved jello and popsicles so I didn’t mind much. The chest tube was gone but the catheter still remained but the doctor promised that it would be gone after this last surgery. So far, he’d made good on his word so I had no reason to question it.

“I’m thirsty,” I said and my voice sounded harsh. “My mouth’s crazy dry.”

“I thought you had aphasia,” she said, looking down her glasses at me.

“I don’t even know what that means,” I said and she laughed a little.

“Lets get you settled first and we’ll see about getting you some ice chips. There’s a couple guys out there waiting, want me to send them back? They can hang out with you until you’re room is ready.”

Today was also the day I checked out of the ICU. Chrissy was there to see me off, she seemed sad to see me go and made me promise to come back and visit when I got myself back right again. She was a sweetheart and I don’t think I would have made such a quick turn around without her gentle pressure to push myself. She never did take my pad but only because I didn’t stop talking, no matter how messed up my words came out.

“Wait, you understood me?”

“Sure did honey, listen to yourself. Maybe it was waking up from the anesthesia, or just that it ran it’s course. Doubt we’ll ever know,” she said before she left me.

I could have cared less of the reasoning just that it was over. That was more frustrating than not being able to move. I had always been a man of few words but I knew well how to put them together. It was irritating knowing what I wanted to say but having it come out in an unpredictable mishmash of nouns and verbs. I couldn’t control it, believe me I tried. Even the speech therapy didn’t help. We’d go back and forth, saying a phrase one word at a time but as soon as it was time to string them together it was like somebody put them in a blender on their way from brain to mouth. It was awful and thankfully I didn’t have to worry about that anymore. Now I could focus on getting my body right, even if I’d lost 30 pounds and my arm was in a sling for who knew how long. But those were things I could fix and even if I couldn’t get back to 100% the possibility of a having a normal life after all this seemed much more plausible if I could speak.

My Dad came in first, and I was actually glad to see him. True to his word, he’d been coming to see me every day. Sometimes he only stayed a few minutes but more often than not he spent his evening with me. It was tentative at first, neither of us really knew how to act around each other. It was Brion’s idea to bring out the dominos. Nothing breaks the ice for Black men like cards or bones and eventually we got to the point where we could laugh and joke. He had even gotten to the point that he didn’t have to avert his eyes at every show of affection between Brion and I. It wasn’t like we were making out in front of him but he stopped looking uncomfortable when we touched. And it seemed that he and Mac had rekindled their friendship as well. On the nights she was on, Chrissy would bend the rules a little and let all three of them in as long as we didn’t get too loud. Which didn’t always happen when we started playing tonk and spades but we made an effort.

“Don’t look at me like that Pop,” I said to him and he furrowed his brows. “Like I’m dying or something. I might look worse but I feel better but that could just be these awesome drugs,” I said and tapped the IV pole. He came over to the bed, shaking his head and gave my head a rough rub.

“A father can’t be worried about his boy,” he said and I smiled as he took my hand. “I been up half mersin escort the night worried about today. That woman ain’t help none…”

“You can save that for somebody else…”

“Anybody else,” Mac said from behind my father. Brion pushed past both of them and came to the other side of the bed, shock plain on his face. All I could do was smile.

He ran his hand over my face, wanting to kiss me. It was in his eyes, and a few tears too, but he held back for my father’s sake I’m sure. “I was kind of getting used to it,” Brion said quietly as he slipped his hand behind my head.

“Well sucks to be you,” I said and he laughed.


“But you looooove me,” I slurred a little, all of a sudden feeling sleepy again. I heard our dads laugh at that, my own patted my hand and let it go. I grabbed Brion’s shirt front and pulled him closer so I could whisper in his ear, “And as soon as they get this tube out, we gonna see how well everything else works.” I kissed him softly on the neck and he blushed a little as I let him go.

“I appreciate you trying but I think the whole recovery room heard that Nev,” he said as he stood. “I gotta go get my cast off but Pops is gonna stay with you ’til I come back.”


“Ain’t no place I’d rather be bud,” he said and I smiled wide, my eyes starting to droop a little bit.

“Go to sleep babyboy. I’ll be back as soon as I’m done,” Brion said and kissed my forehead. “Love you.”

“I know,” I said, eyes already closed and he sucked his teeth.

As I drifted off I overheard our Dads talking, reminiscing mostly about how things used to be between them, and sharing hopes that maybe they could patch things up. My father thanked Mac for always being there for me in spite of his own absence and Mac apologized for the harsh words he gave over the years. They talked of possible fishing trips and watching games in Mac’s man cave like they used too. Mac joked that seeing us together got less awkward over time and my Dad agreed that he was getting over it.

“He look at him the way I looked at his mother once and I can’t deny how powerful that feeling is,” he said and Mac laughed.

“Tell me about it brotha. I admit it ain’t ideal. Hard enough being a Black man in America then to add that to it…they damn sure got some struggle ahead but I ain’t gonna be the one to add to it.”

“I don’t want to either, not anymore,” my father said and for the first time in a long time I was proud of him. “Now that Pru on the other hand…I don’t know.”

“What’s between you and your boy is between you and your boy, Declan. She ain’t got no say in the matter,” Mac said but his tone was more sympathetic than anything else. “If Margie talked about Breeze the way Pru goes in on Neville I’d have to kick her to the curb. No hesitation. But that’s for you to decide, I can’t tell you what to do. Just what I would.”

“Yeah I hear you Byron, loud and clear. Guess I just got used to being uncomfortable that I made it comfortable, you know.”

By then I was awake but I didn’t open my eyes, allowing them to talk as if I wasn’t there. I had no illusions of my father leaving her but the fact that he was actually owning his displeasure was steps in the right direction as far as I was concerned. The subject quickly changed to more innocuous topics like sports and work life. Both were approaching retirement age and not really sure what that meant. They’d both grown up in a world where the norm was working until death, now though that wasn’t exactly necessary. Neither had children to take care of anymore, so the rest of their lives were their own for the taking, and they weren’t sure what they would do with it.

Eventually I had to stop pretending when they came to move me to my room. It was private and the first thing I asked was when the catheter was coming out. With my speech back I had a whole new sense of purpose. I wanted to move, needed to, and with my arm in a sling I figured it might be difficult with a bag hanging off the front of my walker. And I wanted to eat. As far as I was concerned I wasn’t an invalid and I was done with the liquids. My new nurse, Jackie, promised that would all happen in the morning.

“I bet that show has made your life that much more difficult,” I said to him and he laughed. “I promise I won’t be making any druggie jokes.”

“And I thank you kindly for that,” He said as he helped me get comfortable in my new bed. He then went about explaining the unit I was on and standard operating procedures. No more limits on visitors or how long they had to stay. “Chrissy in ICU is a good friend of mine and she told me you’ve been itching for pants. When that cath goes, comfy sweats will be fine. Shorts would be best since you’ll be working with one hand for a while. And aside from your injuries your in pretty good shape so I’m sure you won’t be having any dietary restrictions but we’ll go over all that tomorrow when the doc changes you over to solids. Get some good rest in tonight, tomorrow the real work starts.”

“I’m not scared,” I said with a cocky smile and he gave my shoulder a pat.

“Yeah she said you were all will and believe me in your circumstances that’ll come in handy.” He put my buzzer in the bed next to me and told me he’d be back in a little bit.

The Dads were back immediately and commented on my new digs. It was a nice room. Big tv, nice view of the city, a bathroom with a door instead of a curtain. Not like I got to use the last one but at least now the option was better. There wasn’t much machinery either. Just the IV pole. And nobody had to stand anymore. There were two chairs and a couch that Jackie told me turned into a bed for overnight visits. It was bigger than the shitty studio apartment I lived in before I got locked up. If I wasn’t itching to get back to the real world I might have tried to stay as long as possible. I asked Mac to let Brion know about the changes and he happily obliged me, filling him of all the new details of my move. It was about then that my father’s wife called him, inquiring of his whereabouts. I had overheard this conversation before but never had he been so forthright, or short.

“Visiting with my son and then me and Mac is going for a bite to eat…No I don’t know where or when I’ll be back…Yeah you keep singing that song but I still ain’t seen no bags packed Prudence…Wish this was a show…Aight now that’s enough,” he said before he hung up. His phone rang immediately and he silenced it, put it back in his pocket.

“Better hope she don’t have herself a waiting to exhale moment on you Deck,” Mac said with a smirk and my father shook his head, but he let out a chuckle of his own.

“Don’t know why she would, ain’t like you some young white girl come sweep me off my feet.”

“Yeah but I damn sure might lead you off the path of righteousness far as she concerned,” was Mac’s quick response and they both laughed heartily at that. “Shit we ain’t too old to get in a little trouble and Margie wouldn’t mind another mouth to feed.”

“Yeah right,” my father scoffed and batted that notion away with his big meaty hand. “I be damned if she kick me out my house.”

“But yall married ain’t you?”

“Her name ain’t on nothing I had before she came along. That deed still say Declan and Cheryleen Sinclaire. And I already fixed my will so it goes to Neville when I’m gone. Me and his mother worked too damn hard for it to go anywhere else.”

“Oh is that right,” I said and they both looked at me like they’d forgotten I was there. “I appreciate the gesture but why would I want that house? I mean I ain’t like you. It’s not like I can look back and remember any good times there. Let’s be real Pop. I was three when you married her and I could be wrong but I don’t remember a time when she was anything like nice to me. Maybe she wasn’t always as cruel as she was once I got older but I was a nuisance always. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad you’re here now but don’t think my name in your will is anything like amends. It’s gonna take a little bit more than that.” When I was done, I expected him to be angry, to leave. But he didn’t.

“I can respect that,” he said with a shrug. “But that’s not why I did it. Not to make amends anyway. I just want to do right by my boy is all. It ain’t no bribe, just how things is supposed to be. Shit just cause I’m leaving it to you don’t mean you got to live in it. Sell it for all I care, I’ll be dead anyway.” That made me laugh, breaking the tension in the room. “Look Neville, I know we got a long hard talk coming and I’m sure most of it won’t be as civilly worded as that. I did a lot of wrong by you boy, a lesser man would have spit in my face a long time ago. I don’t know whether to be sad or impressed by the man you’ve become without me.”

And that was the end of that for now. Jackie returned with a pitcher of ice water and a stack of cups for me. He started to fill one but I told him to let me do it. It took me about five minutes but I did it, and only with minor spillage. Took care of the straw all on my own too. Progress was a beautiful thing. And before I knew it Brion was back with a soft cast and overnight bag. Our fathers stayed long enough to say goodbye and were out the door. When they were gone Brion shut the door and kissed me long and hard. Now that he didn’t have to worry about my breathing, he let go all his pent up feelings but stopped short of climbing up in the bed with me. There wasn’t enough room and I wasn’t strong enough to force the issue just yet, but I was getting there. He pulled one of the chairs up close to my bed and put his feet up on the edge, took my hand in his. The other was busy working a stress ball, I guessed that was his physical therapy. We didn’t talk but the silence was comparable, just being able to look at him was enough. To feel his hand in mine. I kissed it occasionally and he’d look at me with love in his eyes.

“You sure about this Breeze. I mean this would be the perfect time to cut and run. I’m not really in the position to give chase.”

“Is that what you want,” he asked without looking at me, steadily working the ball in his fist.

“Of course not.”

“Aight then, why you asking,” he said as if I had offended him and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m not trying to be funny Brion,” I said and grabbed his chin, turning him to face me but he didn’t look up. “The last thing I want is for you to feel trapped out of guilt. I don’t want you to look back on this in six months and regret it. I’m not sure if I could take it.” He looked at me then, his eyes wet but there was a little smirk playing at his lips. I guessed today was the day for hard conversations.

Brion didn’t respond right away, he didn’t pull away either, our fingers still laced together. He must have opened and closed his mouth four or five times before he worked out what he wanted to say. “How could I call myself straight when I’m in love with a man…my best friend?” He could have stopped there but he kept going. “You know, when I came to your place that night I was seeing someone. Met her at some fundraiser thing. Cute little Colombian lawyer. Legs for days, phat ass, nice tits. It wasn’t serious but she was cool peoples and we enjoyed each other enough that we went on a handful of dates. Then you kissed me and I was all out of sorts. She came to my place one night and I couldn’t pull the trigger. I tried to say it was because I drank too much but she knew that wasn’t it. She asked me flat out if I was seeing someone else, not because she thought we were exclusive or anything, she made that very clear. Eventually she got it out of me. Not the whole truth but I told her that somebody had come back into my life and made me question everything I thought I knew about myself. And you know what she says Nev… ‘That sounds like love.’ I tried to deny it, told her you weren’t my usual type but she tells me love doesn’t have a shape and that you can’t deny it when it slaps you in the face. But you know me bruh, I’m hard headed. I couldn’t stop thinking about you and it wasn’t like before. You were always on my mind Neville but not like this. Me hanging out with…I was trying to distract myself from those feelings. Thinking maybe it wasn’t just about you, that maybe I’m just bi and you kissing me pushed those repressed feelings to the surface. But that wasn’t the case. It’s you. I can’t say I won’t get a itch for some pussy every now and then but I got the feeling you’ll keep my dick distracted enough that he can’t think too hard about it.”

“If you let me watch I might not be opposed to it,” I said with a smirk and he laughed.

“Yeah that work both ways babyboy…naw naw don’t look at me like that. Don’t think I forgot about Red,” he said and I found myself blushing. “Mmmhmm neither did you. Don’t worry bruh, once we get you back right again we gonna have us some fun. Trust.”

“I love you bud.”

“Yeah, yeah I love you too so stop thinking so hard about this and just let it happen…fuck I forgot,” he said and jumped out of the chair. He looked at the clock on the wall and counted on his fingers, mumbling something about it not being too late. He grabbed his bag and came out with his laptop, set it up on my bedside table. “I promised somebody that when you were able that I’d have you call them. Don’t be mad.” Brion hit couple keys and I heard the computer ring a couple times before he spun the monitor around to face me. “Live from Paris, France Soleil MacIntosh…”

“It’s Dallier again actually,” she said and I did my best to hide my sneer, but it wasn’t good enough. “Oh stop it Neville, at least pretend to be happy to see me,” she said with that giggle of hers and I rolled my eyes. “I’m happy to see you,” she said and even through the computer I could feel how sincere she was about it.

“She came to the hospital that night and did a damn good job keeping me from losing my mind those first couple days…”

“I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to get back to my little one,” she said with tears in her eyes. The years hadn’t done her as badly as I had hoped. She was a little heavier and her hair was in one of those short funky cuts like Rihanna but she was still as beautiful as I remembered. Now it seemed her personality matched. “Brion told me you had some trouble speaking…”

“Not anymore thank God,” I said finally and she smiled wide. “Still not moving too much but I don’t plan on staying that way too much longer.”

“I’m so glad to hear it Neville. Really I am. I’ve been a wreck over here. I know you might find that hard to believe but I’ve done some growing up since Ferris was born. I was a snotty little entitled bitch and what I did to you guys was probably the lowest point of my life, ruining a lifelong friendship for shits and giggles. And all the awful things I said about you…I really was a bitch Neville and I’ll be forever sorry for it. Whether you forgive me or not.”

“Ahhh, I let that go a long time ago Soleil,” I said, sincerely and she smiled again. “You let it go too. I can tell you’re different. We were kids, I can’t hold that against you lil’ mama.”

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Nasty Neighbour!

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Ok this story was written by request for a girl that was into extreme verbal abuse, humiliation, and degradation. It is not for everyone but if you are into total surrender and submission then you may like this one. Just a warning that for some, it is extreme and for you real sick bastards, by your standards it may seem tame. Enjoy:

It was one of those hot summer days, which for me happen to be my favorite days cause it means that all the ladies are taking off more of their clothes to stay cool. However, as much as I like the skimpy outfits, it does mean that I have to put up with the hot weather. And wouldn’t you know it my air-conditioner broke down yesterday so to seek some relief I had to go out side to the front porch with a cold beer to drink and try to cool off. So there I am sitting on my porch chair with my beer and you came out of your house wearing some extra short cut off jeans and a half cut T shirt in your bare feet. You had a bucket of soapy water and appeared to be getting ready for a good ol fashion car wash. Oh this was going to be good. So good that I needed to run into the house and get my binoculars to catch every wet soapy detail up close and personal.

I returned just in time to see you spraying down the car and lucky for me it was a big car. “This could take a while,” I smiled and whispered under my breath. Thank God for white thin half cut T shirts and big tits. And oh man do you have some of the nicest big ol floppy, full of life tits on the block, not to mention a smoken curvy body with one of those full round asses like you see on black chicks, which happen to be my favorite types of asses to look at and fuck for that matter. Yup, you had the body of someone that could take a good hard pounding. A body that could handle some rough punishment. Not like one of those skinny super model chicks that look as if they would break at the slightest touch. I hate the way those girls look. Nothing worse than doing a chick where you can see her rib cage and spine. Most guys will agree that real anorexic skinny chicks are out and thicker women are in.

So there you were washing away at that car, getting those big tits of yours nice and soapy wet. Your nipples jutting out and the wet shirt clinging to your tits, revealing their round curves. It was clear that you were an exhibitionist and had no shame in showing off your body. With my binoculars I caught you looking in my direction and now I knew you were putting on a show for me. So I said to myself that if you weren’t shy in showing, then I wasn’t going to try and hide the fact that I was looking at you with my binoculars. This cat and mouse game went on for quite a while till I decided that I had, had enough.

It was obvious you were teasing me and what can I say, I don’t like to be teased. So I put my binoculars down and walked across the street to you. You were soaking wet and you had a slight smirky mischievous smile on your face. I spoke up and asked, “Sure is hot today Miss…….???” “Lisa. My name is Lisa.” “Nice to finally meet you Lisa. My name is Anthony. I’m sorry I haven’t been a more neighborly neighbor and welcomed you to the neighborhood.” You laughed like a little she devil at my over use of the word neighbor in one sentence but I loved the way it sounded. “It’s ok and yes it is very VERY hot. I thought washing the car would cool me off.” “Well, unfortunately, my air-conditioner quit on me yesterday so I had to resort to a cold beer and my front porch.” “Oh? Well, my air-conditioning works just fine. Why don’t you come in and cool off?” “Hmm ok, sounds good.”

As promised your house was fully air-conditioned and it felt nice. Then a question popped into my head. “Hay Lisa, here’s a question, if your house is so cool then why did you need to go outside and wash your car to cool off?” The worried look on your face sent your eyes casting downward and betrayed your innocence. “Ok Anthony, you caught me. When I saw you out on your porch I needed an excuse to go out side so I decided to wash my car. I’ve actually been trying to meet you for a while.” “How come you didn’t just knock on my door you silly girl?” “Well, I was going to but then I thought you would think I was some kind of psycho girl next door. You see Anthony, there’s something that I want to tell you about me but I’m afraid to be so open with you because we just met. But I’m going to gamble that because you’re a guy, you will understand my situation.” “Ok Lisa, I’m listening and I promise to keep an open mind.”

“Well, let me get you another beer and I will tell you my story. Please have a seat anywhere and make yourself at home.” You left the room and I sat down on your love couch. Shortly you came back with a couple of cold beers and a towel wrapped around your naked body. “Here you go.” I was stunned at your towel but before I could say anything you sat down and began your story.”Well you see I recently broke up with my boy friend for many reasons that I won’t bore you with but manisa escort it’s just as well cause he just wasn’t able to satisfy my needs. Ok Anthony, here’s where I need you to keep an open mind. By needs, I mean that he wasn’t able to explore new ways to keep things fresh in the bed room. Actually, it was more like he was unwilling to try some things I wanted to try. In a way, I sort of don’t blame him. The things I wanted him to do to me were pretty severe. Ok, so I hope you won’t think I’m weird or anything but what I really want is for a guy to take complete control over my body and my mind. I have had a normal childhood with normal parents but somewhere I began to feel a need to be treated like a complete whore. I want a guy to treat me like dirt. I want him to spit on me and call me all kinds of degrading names and make me feel like trash, like garbage, like a total fucking piece of shit. Basically I want him to have his way with me and use my body in what ever way he wants. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to have nothing to do with me ever again Anthony.” ” So what your telling me is that your boy friend had no spine what so ever and you want someone to treat you in a harsh way and be physical with you.” “Not someone Anthony, you. I want you to do it. And not just harsh, beyond harsh. I need to be treated and talked to like total crap. Can you do this Anthony?” After a pause and some thought I said, “Sure why not. So where should we start?” “Well, I know a good place to start. You know that broken air-conditioner of yours? Weeell I sort of, kind of, may have, had something to do with that.” “You what? You broke my air-conditioner?” “Yes, it was me. Does that make you mad? Do you want to punish me?”

I wasn’t sure what to do. I was turned on by what you were asking me to do. I mean it’s not every day that a total fox tells you that she wants you to have your way with her but now I was pissed off. You just admitted to sabotaging my air-conditioning system. Before I could speak you said, “Come on Anthony, punish me. Take your anger out on me and my body.” And that was it. It was go time. I grabbed your towel and ripped it off. I saw exactly what you were trying to do so I just decided to give in and assume the role that you were desperately looking for me to play.

Ok Lisa, you want me to get angry? You have gone too far bitch. You are going to pay all right. You’re gonna pay with your body. Get your fucken ass on your knees in front of me bitch. Now undo my belt and pants.” With my pants now around my ankles I sat in the love seat and said, “Now take off my shoes and socks and remove my pants all the way. Remove that belt from the pant loops. Hand me the belt. Ok you mother fucking cunt your going to clean my ass hole with your tongue. My hairy, poorly wiped, unkempt ass hole. And if you don’t do it right then I’m going to whip your ass with my belt.” I lifted my legs in the air and exposed my nasty ass hole. “Start licking you mother fucking bitch.” Then I grabbed a fistful of your hair and forced your face into my ass. “That’s it bitch, tongue fuck my ass. Fuck it. Fuck that ass hole of mine with your tongue you fucking piece of shit. Fuck you, you god damn fucking dirty whore, drill my ass with your god damn fucking tongue. DO IT! Tongue fuck my ass hole bitch. That’s it bitch, sink that tongue in deep. How do you like the taste of my left over shit from my poorly wiped ass Lisa? HUH, you fucking tramp? That’s it, suck that shit right out of my ass. Eat it god damn you!! Eat my fucking shit Lisa!!! You fucking nasty bitch. Eat my shit you god damn mother fucking bitch. Come on Lisa, lets hear you make some animal noises while you tongue fuck my ass. Come on Lisa, grunt like a pig you fucking dirt bag. You nasty tramp. LOUDER!!!!” A swift whip to your ass made you do what I commanded of you. Immediately you started grunting and snorting like a pig. Like a god damn filthy she pig. “That’s it you dirty ass licking pig. Clean my ass with your fucking tongue and make pig noises.”

The animal noises you were making were getting me aroused. I started to get a hard on so I said, “Ok Lisa that’s enough of that. Now I want you to suck my cock but first I want you to lick my sweaty balls. OOO that’s it bitch, suck on those hairy sweaty nuts. Yeah suckum you fucking bitch. Yeah now lick the stale sweaty crease between my balls and thighs. Oh yeah bitch, I haven’t taken a shower today. Yeah that’s it. Lick that old rotten sweat down there you mother fucking piece of shit. Fuck you, you god damn son of a bitch!!! Start sucking my god damn cock now slut!! OOO yeah, that’s it Lisa, suck that cock nice and hard. Yeah I want you to stroke it with your hand while you suck on it. Oh yeah, scrape your teeth on my dick head. Oh bite it. That’s it, nibble on the head. OOOO that feels so fucking good Lisa. Now shove it all the way down your throat. That’s it bitch, swallow that cock. Swallow it god damn you.” I took your head in my hands and forced your head all the way down your mouth till I felt it hit the back of your throat and held you down for a few seconds. You tried to back out but I held you down. “Oh no bitch, you’re not coming back up for air till I let you.” Then I let go and as my cock exited your mouth you almost gagged. Then I decided to punish your face by slapping it with my cock. “Oh yeah bitch, stay still while I beat your face with my dick.” I began to slap your face with my cock and you held out your tongue and made an evil twisted look on your face that turned me on. So I started slapping your tongue with my cock and you were loving the abuse.

“Ok Lisa, turn around, get on all fours, and stick your ass straight in the air. SSSSS oh yeah what a hot looking ass you have bitch. I’m gonna enjoy fucking it but first I’m just going to play with it and your cunt too.” With your beautiful round ass straight in the air I couldn’t resist spanking it. First I circled your ass with the palm of my hand then with no notice I slapped your ass hard leaving a perfect hand print right on your ass cheek. Then I circled again and again, this time 3 slaps rapid fire right on your ass. Then I spit right on your ass hole and slowly pushed a finger into your ass. I sunk it in all the way to my knuckle and then twisted and bent my finger and tugged on your rectum, inflicting as much pleasure and pain as I could on your ass hole. Then I put my thumb in your ass and my middle finger in your cunt and said, “Ok I ‘m going to lift you off the ground so I want you to reach back and grab your ankles.” After you had a good hold of your ankles I pulled up until your knees were off the ground with my fingers in your two holes just like a bowling ball. Your head and your shoulders acted as a pivot while I rocked you slowly up and down with my two fingers. And then you screamed, “Oh my god Anthony, I’m gonna cum! Keep doing that! It feels so fucking good! Oh god, tug on those holes! Pull on them! Oh shit I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhh!” When you started cumming I set your knees on the ground and started finger banging your holes at a blurring speed. “Yeah, you like that bitch? You like when I finger fuck your holes at the same time, real fast? Yeah? I can fuck them even faster.” So I started finger fucking you as fast as I could until my arm muscles started to burn and I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to stop.

I was actually winded when I stopped so I decided to catch my breath with something a little less physical. “Oh yeah Lisa, keep that ass in the air you nasty fucking bitch. I’m gonna tongue that dirty ass and cunt of yours.” “Oh god Anthony yes, tongue my holes.” I dove in like a cave man. Pushing my tongue in your ass and then spreading it apart by flattening my tongue. “Oh yeah bitch, reach behind and spread your ass cheeks apart so I can get at that ass.” Then I plunged my tongue into your puckered wrinkled ass hole and pushed in as far as I could go then twisted and wiggled my tongue tip. Next I started fucking your ass with my tongue fast, getting my whole upper body into it. Your ass cheeks acted as two pillows to plant my face into as I slammed slammed slammed your ass with my tongue. And what most would call the dirtiest hole on the planet, I call heaven. In fact it turns me on even more knowing that you’ve recently taken a shit earlier that day and I’m the one cleaning up after you. Hay if dogs can do it then so can I. Taking a quick break from your excrement exit I moved on to your cunt and made it mine. Soon the room was filled with animal grunts and snorts. My mind had left my body and was replaced by an animalistic cunt and ass eating machine. You screamed like a savage beast, “Oh fuck Anthony, you’re gonna make me cum again! Oh god yes, keep eating my holes like an animal! Use your teeth! Use your whole mouth you god damn fucking bastard! Yes, that’s it, I’m gonna cum on your face! Here I cum! NOW!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” My mouth went to your pussy and I drank while your body contorted as you had your orgasm. I had to mimic the movements of your writhing body as you dumped your cum load right into my thirsty mouth. The taste was of sweat coconut milk and I drank every last drop.

“Ok you fucking bitch, time for you to fuck my cock. I’m gonna sit on the couch and your gonna ride me you fucking piece of shit. Oh yeah, that’s it sit right on that cock with your nasty cunt. Oh yes, now fuck me you dirty nasty whore. Yeah that’s it, fuck my cock. Come on you can fuck me faster than that.” Then I got angry cause your compliance was to slow to my liking and I grabbed your hair, pulled on it real hard and yelled, “Did you hear me Lisa!? I said fuck me faster! Where the hell did you learn how to fuck, Disneyland!? I want you to fuck the shit out of me you god damn mother fucking piece of shit! Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast! Come on you fucking bitch, fuck the hell out of me! Fuck that cock! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it hard god damn you! Your nothing but a fucking dirty piece of dog shit! Your the gum on the bottom of my shoe! Your the snot I blow out my nose! Your a pig that wallows in it’s own shit! Your the putrid scum on the bottom of a pond! You belong in the hole of an outhouse toilet so everyone can take a shit on you and piss all over you and you can swim in everyone’s excrement! Your a stupid no good fucking bitch! Now Fuuuuuuuuuuuuk me god damn you! Fuck Meeeeeeeeee!” After my barrage of verbal humiliation and abuse you began to cry but I did not let up. I dug in even harder. “Awwww did i make you cry Lisa? Are you crying you wimmpy fucking bitch? Did I hurt your feelings you stupid cunt? Well that’s just too fucking bad!!!! I don’t give a fuck about you or your god damn piece of shit feelings ya dumb bitch! If you want to cry then I’m gonna make you cry in pain.”

Just then I shoved you real hard in the back and you fell hard on the ground. Then I stood up and grabbed you by the arm and dragged you across the room and then I stopped and grabbed you by the neck and pushed you face down into the floor. You stay there you mother fucking cunt. Don’t you fucking move. Your body lay flat on the floor with your ass facing upward. Roughly I forced your legs apart and said, “Ok bitch, now I’m gonna make you cry. I’m done fucking around Lisa. I’m gonna fuck you right in the ass real hard and it’s gonna fucking hurt real bad you fucking slut.” I was semi soft so I started dry humping and grinding my cock into your full round ass to get hard. As I did this I talked low and evil in your ear saying, “That’s right Lisa, I’m about to fuck you hard in the ass. Is this what you wanted? You want to be treated like shit? You want me to fuck you and call you nasty names? Huh Lisa? Is that what you want you fucking bitch? Ok bitch. I’ll fuck you. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you!” When I was good and hard I spit right on your ass hole and shoved my cock into your ass hard and deep. Then one at a time I slammed into your ass hole as hard as I could trying to dent your floor, I pounded your ass and the room was filled with the sound of my hips slapping your cheeks. “Ok you fucking ass hole, prepare to get fucked.” Then I went into full jack hammer mode. Planting my hands on the floor, I dug into that ass at full speed and kept it going for at least 30 seconds the whole time shouting obscenities at you. “You like this bitch? Is this what you want? You like it when I talk real nasty don’t you? You like it when I yell at you and call you nasty names with a real foul mouth don’t you Lisa!? Your a nasty mother fucking filthy whore aren’t you? You’re nothing but a dirty rotten smelly fish for a cunt aren’t you, you nasty fucking bitch!? Yeah, take my cock in your ass bitch! Take it!!!!! Take my cock god damn you, you fucken skanky tramp! How do you like it when I fuck the shit out of your ass bitch!? Huh Lisa!? You like me fucken your ass nice and hard you mother fucking piece of crap! Yeah that’s right bitch, you heard me! Your nothing but a no good mother fucking god damn piece of shit!! You’re just 3 holes for me to fuck and cum in and that’s all your good for! Do you hear me you piece of dirt? Fuck you Lisa!! You’re a fucken bitch!! Yeah, squeeze your ass together and make it nice and tight for my cock!! Yeah that’s it, squeeze with all your might!! Awww fuck you bitch, I’m gonna cum!! I’m gonna fucken cum all over you, you slimy bitch!” Then I pulled out, stood over you and shot my load all over your body, trying to cover as much of you as I possibly could with my cum.

When I was finished exploding my cock all over you I barked, “Get up and clean off this cum covered cock, fresh out of your nasty ass hole with your mouth bitch. Obediently you got to your knees and started to suck my cum and your shit off my cock. Without having to ask, you went primal on my cock with all those erotic animal noises guttering from your throat. “That’s it slut, suck your shit right off that cock. Swallow it god damn you!! Yeah your a nasty fucken bitch aren’t you Lisa?” Then I said, “I’m not done with you yet you fucking bitch. You’re not dirty enough yet. I could feel the beer and your cum that I drank about ready to exit. “Stay right where you are bitch.” Then I let it all flow. Pissing all over your body, covering your hair, your ass, your legs. And you loved it saying, “Oh yes Anthony, mark your territory with your piss. Piss all over me.” You were on the ground wallowing in my urine like a pig as I released your cum and two beers all over your body and you just rubbed it on yourself like you were taking a shower. “Stay right there bitch, I have one more dirty deed for you. I went into the kitchen and grabbed the garbage can, came back, and dumped it all over you. Then I said, “Your a fucken bitch and I’m gonna come back and use your holes whenever I want to, you got me Lisa? Now wallow in my piss, my cum, and your garbage and then we’re done for today. Before I left I grabbed your hair and spit right in your face and said, “And that’s for breaking my air-conditioner bitch.” Then I put on my pants and went home for another beer.

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Double or Nothing Ch. 04

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To the reader: I hope you can tell by now that I love writing stories like this. I never intended this simple brother-sister one to turn into a saga, but your comments and private feedback have encouraged me to let it keep coming to me. It surprises me every time. Writing is the first joy, and your feedback is the second. Don’t let any author try to tell you otherwise. Thank you. – Brandie

Emily was my best friend in high school. She had gone off to college in New York while I went to a small school in North Carolina. Today was one of those rare chances for the two of us to catch up, since I had the day off and her summer internship had just ended.

We were sitting around a table on the deck at my parents’ house, under a big green umbrella, sipping some sangria that Emily had brought. My parents were both at work. My little brother, Jordan, was home, but he left us girls alone. In idle moments I wondered if he would want to play our game after Emily left. I had been enjoying our little game and it had been a few days now since the last time.

Emily had on a bright yellow summer dress with a tiny print. It had little strings on the shoulders and was ruffled across the breast, made to be worn with no bra. Unlike my small chest, hers filled out the dress properly.

I had on what I called boy-shorts: soft flannel things cut like oversized boxer shorts. They were pink, and above them I wore a loose white tank tee, also with no bra underneath. It was baggy enough that it revealed nothing about my chest, as I wanted it.

Along with the wine, Emily had also brought a copy of Penthouse magazine that she had “borrowed” from her younger brother.

We looked and giggled together and sometimes gasped at the girls who were splayed so obscenely across the well-used pages. But looking at “wide open beavers” – or “WOBs” as Kurt Vonnegut called them – had only so much interest for two college girls. Emily turned to the “letters” section and, reading to herself for a second, wiggled in her chair and grinned, “oh, listen to this!”

She proceeded to read me a story about a man who had been working as a nude model when the gorgeous, 36-24-36 blonde who was drawing him set down her pencils and had sex with him three different ways. Although I’d seen a boy start to get hard again not long after having one orgasm, it sure seemed to me that three in a row was a bit much.

“I never dreamt this would happen to me,” indeed!

Although we both laughed, I felt a familiar warmth start to grow in my middle.

I grabbed the magazine from Emily and read the next letter to her. It was from a woman who really enjoyed sharing the magazine with her husband, and who took inspiration from the photos of some of the girls to let her husband enjoy her anally for the first time. I remember she described the feeling as “not unfamiliar,” and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what that meant. In fact, I squirmed a little thinking about having a penis in there. I mean, I knew some people did that, but, ouch.

With a few glasses of sangria in me, and the pleasure of being with Emily, I was becoming nicely relaxed. The raunchy discussion of sex between us, even if it was just other peoples’ crazy fantasies, kept a pleasant tension growing in my belly.

It was Emily’s turn, and she read a story about a young man masturbating alone in his room, describing in some detail the way he touched his penis and cupped his balls to give himself pleasure. Then came a tap on his door and, too quickly, his mother had walked in with a stack of clean laundry. Confronted with his obvious predicament, she had frozen on the spot. Meanwhile, the sight of a woman observing his private business had pushed him over the top, and he described how he coated himself with “buckets of goo” right there in front of his mom.

“Buckets of goo.” Honestly, who thinks of these phrases?

But you know, of course, what that story had brought to my mind. My own little brother, 19-year-old Jordan. This summer, I had discovered that he liked letting me watch him masturbate. And I discovered that I liked watching it, too. In fact, just a few days ago, we had each pulled off our bottoms and pleasured ourselves in our turn, right here on the deck.

Unaware of my thoughts, Emily let out a “whew” and made a show of wiping her brow as she passed the magazine back to me. There was one letter left.

“I’ve never seen a boy do that,” she said, “but I just know my brother does it. What else would he be doing with this stuff?” She gestured at the magazine. I blushed as I fumbled to pick it up.

“Whoa, what are you blushing for? Don’t tell me… Have you … you know … ever watched a guy doing that?” I avoided her eyes. Seeing me hesitate, she rushed on. “You have! Oh, no, girl, you have to tell me all about it. My God, tekirdağ escort that’s so nasty! Really? Who was it? What was it like?”

I was embarrassed to the limit. I gave her a weak smile and held up one finger and stood, making like I had to go to the bathroom.

“I want to hear everything when you get back,” she called after me.

I did not have to pee. Instead, I went quickly down into the family room, where my brother, Jordan, was alone playing bumper pool on the little table down there. I noticed that two windows high up on the wall of the converted basement were open.

“Jesus, Jordan! Were you listening? Could you hear us?” I asked in a low tone, unable to hold back a smile.

He laughed gently. “Yep. I heard. I know why you’re here and the answer is ‘no.'”

“Oh Jordan, come on. I think she would love it. Why not? You know I do!”

“Really? I think she’d just think I’m a loser.”

“I think you’ve got it all wrong. You need to trust me on this.” He looked at me and raised his chin in a way that said “I’m listening.”

“Just let me ask her, please? And you can listen and see what she says.” I gestured toward the open window. “I’m telling you, she’ll love it.” And I added, even more softly, “and then she’ll owe you one.” I could not resist a wink.

My little brother moved away from the bumper pool table and set down his cue. I thought I detected a bulge in his crotch. He just shrugged, saying nothing. “Wait here!” I whispered, and practically flew back up and out to the deck.

I sat down across from Emily, doing my best to suppress a smile.

“So, Emily,” I said slowly.

She leaned forward to hear my story. “No, wait,” she interrupted quickly. “Tell me it wasn’t Bill Kelly, isn’t he the one you … you know…?” She meant the boy whose cum I had swallowed the summer after graduating from high school.

“No,” I assured her. “Better.” This got an appreciative “ooh” out of her and she clapped her hands.

“What if,” I began, still dragging it out slowly, “what if you could actually watch a guy do it for you right now, live?” Her eyes went big and round, and her mouth was following suit, as the realization came to her.

“Jordan!? No!” and she leaned forward so far she nearly came out of her chair. “Oh my God, I mean yes! Are you serious? He…” and she made a gesture with her hand simulating a guy stroking himself. “Oh my God!” she repeated.

“Do you want to? I’m sure he would if you want.”

“Girl, what are we waiting for?” I had expected I could eventually talk her into watching him. I was a bit surprised, however, at her eagerness. I guess I was not the only girl who liked watching a man showing his most private touch for me.

She stood up and gave me a “get moving” gesture. I led her down to the family room where my little brother was setting up another game of bumper pool. He looked at me and blushed when Emily and I came in. He avoided looking at her.

“Well, bro, she said ‘yes.’ In fact, I think what she said was ‘hell yes.'” Emily gasped and slapped me lightly on the arm.

He kept his eyes on me and said, “Well, you know the deal. I’m not the only one who loses my pants.” Crap. I hadn’t thought of this. My secret was out. Emily was staring at me now with her jaw open and it was my turn to blush. “In fact,” he went on, “since I’m … since there’s two of you, I think someone should get naked. All the way.”

Emily and I stumbled on each other’s hurried denials. “Oh no. No way.”

“Ok, fine,” he said, and pretended to go back to his game.

To my surprise, it was Emily who wouldn’t let go. “We’ll make it fair. We’ll … we’ll play a hand of Hearts, and the loser has to strip.” Hearts was a game that Emily and I and our friends had played a million times over the years. “Jordan plays too, but his score doesn’t matter, just me and you.”

I really, really didn’t want to show my chest to my brother, any more than I wanted to be naked with him where Emily could see us. But her compromise seemed only fair, and the sangria and my desire were out-voting me. So with a slight feeling of dread at where this might lead – what I might have to do – I gave in and grabbed a deck of cards from the game closet. We sat on the floor around the coffee table and my kid brother removed the two of clubs and dealt out the 51 remaining cards.

I picked up my cards and sorted them. I looked worriedly at the Ace, King and ten of Diamonds; that could be trouble. But there was not much else in my hand. No high Spades, and just two low Hearts. The rest I could find a way to get rid of.

Emily, to Jordan’s left, played first. We played a few tricks without breaking the ice, and finally Emily was the first to take a Heart. Nice. I relaxed a bit thinking that I was one card closer to keeping my clothing on my little breasts.

When Emily took the second heart, a nagging doubt rose in my mind. By the time she had collected five of them, I was sure.

She’s shooting the moon, damn it, I thought, biting my tongue to avoid table talk with my brother. Shooting the moon: a truly appropriate name under the circumstances, I thought with a wry smile. If she took all the “bad” tricks, she would win. It was risky, sure, but sometimes the only way out if you had a lot of high cards. It failed often enough, and when it did it failed spectacularly, leaving that player with most, but not all, of the unwanted cards.

Emily must have a very bad hand. She was playing all-or-nothing with her modesty. And mine.

“Little brother,” I willed him to read my thoughts, “do something! You’ve got to protect me. Take one before it’s too late. Too late for me. Don’t make me be the one who has to undress.” But I respected the rules and said nothing.

She led out the high Spades, trying to draw the Queen. Jordan must have had it. He ducked the Ace and the King. With that, Emily gave an exasperated sigh and led a low Club with a gesture of surrender. She had failed and she already had five hearts against her. I smiled triumphantly, imagining her shame as she dropped the cute summer dress in front of us. My brother was going to love watching that.

I had to take the Club trick with only the five. I pushed a low Spade at my brother, and he smiled broadly at me before playing the Queen. Emily dropped another high Heart on the trick, now desperately trying to get rid of her winners. But the first bridge had been crossed; my brother had taken one for me, preventing Emily from getting them all. It was 14 points for him, but as Emily had pointed out, that didn’t matter. He would be stripping for us no matter who won the game. This was between Emily and me. And he was on my side.

Alas, brother led a Diamond, and my ten was good. I was stuck in the lead with few cards left and the knot in my belly grew as, one by one, I collected the remaining Hearts. At the end of the game, Jordan had 14 points, and Emily 5. I didn’t bother re-counting the 7 Hearts in my pile. I had lost. I would have to strip naked in front of Emily and my brother together.

Jordan stayed quiet as Emily gloated. “Come on, girl, take it off! You’re holding up the show.” I was tense, reluctant, and I felt heat spreading unwanted from my breasts to my cheeks.

We all stood, with Emily smoothing her summer dress and taking a seat in the overstuffed chair near the sofa. I looked at my brother with a nervous smile. “Turn around a sec, ok?” I asked him. He gave me his own reassuring smile and turned to face away from me, folding his arms. I turned as well, and stepped out of my boy-shorts and stopped. The top or the panties next? It didn’t matter in the end. I chose the top and removed it, and noticed Emily watching me, a hand covering her mouth. “What are you looking at?” I demanded in mock anger.

This was it. It was hard – harder than peeling off my pants on the deck for Jordan to see. I had never undressed in front of my best friend. She would see me do it now, with my brother right there in the room.

And worse, if it could be, the handfuls on my chest had never been seen by a male.

Emily reached out suddenly and yanked my panties past my knees. I felt my bareness right through me. I bent at the knees, ladylike as I could; freeing my panties, I folded and set them with the rest of my clothes. I quickly dropped onto the couch, trying my best to crawl into the corner of it and disappear. Looking at my brother standing there, his back to me, I reminded myself this was going to be worth what I was feeling right now. I was going to get another boy show, and to share it with my best friend. But my naked body was paying the price of admission for her. I vowed not to let her forget it. I drew my bare knees to my chest.

“Ok, go ahead. You can turn around now,” my voice quivered as I said it. He turned his head and found me. My hands moved involuntarily to cover my boobs.

He turned the rest of his body then, and seeing me covering myself, he cocked his head and gave me a half-hearted scowl. He peeled off his shirt, and then in one motion pushed his denim cut-offs and white briefs together to the floor. Emily let out a little “oh my God” as he straightened back up. He was hard. She whispered to me “it’s so… nice!” A whisper, but loud enough that I knew my brother could hear it.

He took himself in his hand while still standing and, returning her appreciation, he pointed himself straight at Emily. It might have been the first time he had looked directly at her. He touched himself slowly up from the base of his shaft, letting his hand slide all the way past his swollen tip. His erection bounced free and he settled himself on the corner of the sofa across from me.

The cushions shifted with his weight. Without thinking, I moved my hands down from my breasts to help me adjust on the couch. Once I settled, I quickly returned them.

“It’s ok, you know,” he said gently, subtly massaging himself as he spoke. “I think they’re really pretty if you ask me.” My own kid brother telling me, naked me, that my breasts were pretty. An odd sort of gratitude washed over me and a tingle ran over my skin.

“She has beautiful breasts,” Emily responded firmly. “I can see you don’t mind looking,” she added, giggling as she nodded at his rigid member.

“Hmmmm,” he breathed, taking just one finger and rubbing the tip of it up and down the length of his penis. He had one leg bent and resting along the back of the couch, his foot a mere inches from mine. The other leg was stretched out with his foot resting down on the floor, pointed nearly at Emily. His testicles rested softly on the cushion beneath him. As he continued to touch himself lightly like that, my eyes were locked on his body, and Emily ceased to exist. My hands fell forgotten to my sides. I let one bent leg rock back and forth against the other, sending pleasant sensations coursing through me.

My brother took so much time pleasing himself, gently, slowly, lazily. He would seem to reach a plateau where his toes would stretch apart and he would breathe out a soft little moan, then remove his hand completely and draw in a gasp and start all over again. The sweet agony of want was driving me crazy; I don’t know how he lasted so long.

At last, he could postpone it no more. He tilted his head way back on the arm of the sofa and pointed his penis higher in the air than he ever had before. He gripped himself in his thumb-and-two-fingers way and his movements became quick and uneven. “Oh fuuuu…” he breathed, and then he shot stream after thick white stream of himself up in the air, looping ropes of his climax, to land on his stomach and ribs. I sensed real wetness arrive at the tops of my thighs and my nipples were so taut and sensitive just then that I’m sure they would have burst from a touch. I loved watching his seed squirting up from the fat tip of his dick.

If I thought he had pumped out a large volume of liquid before, I had seen nothing yet. Clearly, this new escalation of our secret masturbation game had brought him to a new level of climax.

He looked down at himself and quickly brought his arms in to his sides and leveled his belly. It dawned on me: he had draped so much of his fluid on his belly that if he so much as moved right now, he would drip sperm onto the fabric of the couch, and that would be a bit of a problem.

I jumped up without thinking, to get a hand towel, and in the same motion I grabbed my top, dragging it with me. As I moved, I saw Emily, remembered Emily, from the corner of my eye. She was quickly pulling down the hem of her dress and pretending to brush something from her knee. She looked up at me sheepishly, cheeks speckled red, and shrugged. I wondered if Jordan… Had she…?

There wasn’t time to finish the thought. I imagined him soiling the couch any second. I moved quickly to the downstairs powder room, pulling my top over my head as I went. It barely came down over my privates, but it was something. I grabbed a hand towel and wetted it with warm water.

When I got back, Jordan still lay there nude, his penis thick now but not hard, still awkwardly using his arms to stop his orgasm from staining the cushions. Without thinking, I reached down and began wiping his cum from the arm nearest me, so that he could free it to clean himself the rest of the way. I inspected my work and saw that there was a good bit of the stuff on his hand, the hand that he had used so slowly to produce this condition.

While Emily sat silent and still, I took my brother’s hand in the wet towel and gently cleaned his thumb and fingers. It rushed through me hard without warning that this was a deeply, unexpectedly intimate way of touching him, hand to hand, separating his fingers, taking care of his semen for him.

It had been an unstated rule that we did not touch during these games, my brother and me. Watching each other was one thing.

That barrier held solid for me, meaningful and important to me, and I hurried to finish his hand and release the raw touch; yet, as I wiped his mess from my brother’s hand one finger at a time with the cloth, something light and electric seized my heart. My bare sex felt the air burning between us.

And then a movement near his belly drew my eye, while Emily sat there yet, silent and still.

Oh God, little bro. Oh, Jesus God, not now.

Lying on the sofa right after his hot climax, bared there before Emily and me, with his hand being cleaned by me and the wet towel, my kid brother, Jordan, was hard.

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Teaching Zoe

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Zoe sat in the booth, her eyes trained on the door, her right leg bouncing up and down with the speed of a jackhammer. Her face and chest were flushed, physical evidence of her nervousness. She checked her phone again to check the time they were supposed to meet for the seventh time. She had arrived early so she could pick a good spot and get some liquid courage into her system before her date showed up. Now her cranberry vodka was half gone, and her nerves had only increased since she sat down.

Needing something to occupy herself, she stared down at her drink, using her straw as an ice pick to break up the ice cubes. As she separated the last two she heard the swish of fabric and the gentle creak of the vinyl booth.

“I hope you haven’t been waiting long,” a soothing voice invaded her thoughts.

Zoe shook her head, looking up. “Just a few minutes,” she lied, her eyes meeting her date’s gaze. The eyes that met hers were a pale brown. Zoe was suddenly very thankful for the dim lighting that helped to hide her blush. The woman sitting across from her was easily the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

Dark blonde curls fell to her shoulders, perfectly framing her face. Her lips were full, forming the perfect, kissable pout and painted a soft pink. She was wearing a dusky lavender shirt that showcased her breasts, the fabric was sheer enough that Zoe thought she saw a bar pierced through on of the nipples that were standing at full attention. Some of her nerves died away and she was glad she hadn’t chickened out on meeting Sadie tonight.

Sadie signaled the waitress and ordered a drink. As the waitress walked away she leaned forward across the table. “Zoe, I know you’re nervous, but there’s no reason to lie.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ve been here for almost fifteen minutes.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I’ve been here for almost twenty minutes. I wanted to be here when you got arrived. I hid at a table back there” she gestured to a table in the darkened corner “and watched you before I came over here.”

Zoe took another sip of her drink, taking in the information. A small part of her was weirded out, but the largest part of her was oddly soothed by the knowledge that Sadie had taken time to observe before coming over to her, letting her calm down and get more comfortable with the situation.

The waitress returned with Sadie’s drink and she raised her glass in a toast “to new experiences”. Zoe clinked her tumbler against Sadie’s and smiled as she took a sip.

For years, Zoe had found herself fascinated with the idea of two women kissing and cuddling. Over time those fantasies had evolved and become more sexual to the point that whenever she masturbated, it was to lesbian sex. It was nothing she ever thought she would act on but enjoyed keeping it as her secret fantasy.

One night, after another horrible date, she drowned herself in a bottle of wine and made herself a new online dating profile on a lesbian dating site. The next morning she woke up and saw dozens of notifications on her phone, all from the app she had completely forgotten she had downloaded. Many of the messages were not ones that she would ever have responded to, but one stood out from the rest.

SassySadie: Good morning beautiful! I’m sure you’re being flooded with messages right now from women trying to get into your pants, but I wanted to reach out and let you know that if you just need a friend or someone to talk to, I’m here for you!

Zoe spent a long time staring at the message, not sure how to respond. She clicked on Sadie’s profile samsun escort and liked everything that she read and all the pictures she saw. Heart pounding, she replied to the sweet message.

NewbieZoe: Thank you for your message. I am completely new to this and have no idea what I’m doing!

SassySadie: We’ve all been there! Can I ask what made you join this website?

NewbieZoe: Too much wine and a horrible date.

SassySadie: LOL. I’ve been there myself. How do you feel about it now?

NewbieZoe: Honestly? Completely out of my mind with nerves.

SassySadie: What can I do to help ease your nerves?

From that point on, Zoe found herself being completely open with this woman she had met. For once in her life, Zoe didn’t find herself trying to figure out what she was supposed to say, instead answering openly and honestly. Their conversations never felt awkward or stunted and every time her phone buzzed she felt a rush of excitement, hoping it was Sadie and disappointed when it wasn’t. Things progressed slowly, which suited Zoe just fine. Early this afternoon Sadie asked if she wanted to meet tonight for a drink to see if they clicked. She’d agreed, and now here they were.

“How nervous are you right now?” Sadie asked, interrupting Zoe’s thoughts.

“Not much anymore. I was until you got here, but this just feels…right.”

Sadie smiled, dimples flashing in her cheeks. “I’m glad to hear you say that. I don’t want any of this to be weird for you.”

“I do have one question though,” Zoe said, proud of herself for putting the topic on the table.

“You can ask me anything.”

“What are you expecting out of tonight? Or just this” she gestured between the two of them with her hand “in general?”

Sadie took a slow sip of her drink, her lips pursing around the straw in a way that made Zoe want to be that straw. “Well, at the risk of freaking you out, I want to finish these drinks and go back to my place.”

Zoe gulped, then took another sip of her drink. With a sudden surge of daring, she tipped her glass back and drained the rest of her cocktail. Setting the glass back down she licked her lips. “I’m all done.”

Sadie smiled and let out a low mmm before pushing her drink aside. “I’m suddenly not thirsty anymore.” She tossed a twenty on the table and stood, reaching for Zoe’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Butterflies danced in her stomach as she took Sadie’s hand. She followed her through the dimly lit bar to the parking lot. “Did you drive?” Sadie asked.

Zoe shook her head. “I wanted to be open to anything that might happen tonight, so I took an Uber.”

“Good girl. Are you good to ride with me?”

“I am.”

Sadie led her to a black SUV and opened the passenger door for her. Zoe expected that Sadie would shut the door and go around to the driver’s side, but instead Sadie reached across her to buckle her seatbelt. Once she buckle snapped into place she leaned back and rubbed the backs of her knuckles against Zoe’s cheek. “If I kiss you now we won’t make it back to my house until after we’ve been arrested for indecent exposure.”

Zoe blushed. “Then we better get going.”

The whole drive to Sadie’s house Sadie kept her hand on Zoe’s thigh. Zoe felt like a live wire, aching for more of Sadie’s touch. Luckily, Sadie didn’t live far and they made it to her house just a few minutes after they left the bar.

They held hands as they walked into the house. “I’ve never done this before,” Zoe blurted.

Sadie curled a hand around Zoe’s neck and leaned in so that their foreheads were touching. “I know, baby.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“That’s okay, baby. I’ll teach you everything you need to know.” She leaned in and brushed her lips across Zoe’s.

Zoe sighed as a brief jolt of pleasure rushed through her system. Her mouth opened and she felt Sadie’s tongue tracing the inside edge of her lips. She opened her mouth further, inviting her to deepen the kiss. Sadie obliged, taking control of her mouth, stroking her tongue alongside Zoe’s and exploring every crevice. Zoe moaned, kissing Sadie back with everything she had in her. She lifted her hands from her sides and speared them into Sadie’s dusky curls

When Sadie pulled back Zoe let out a whimper. “Why did you stop?” she whined.

Sadie chuckled. “Don’t worry, we’ll get back to the kissing. Right now, I want to see more of you.”

Zoe blushed but nodded. “Out here?” She asked, looking around the living room.

Sadie shook her head and tugged Zoe down the hallway to a softly lit room. A bed covered in pillows dominated the space. They stopped next to the bed as Sadie tugged Zoe’s shirt up over her head, their lips smooching together as Sadie’s hands roamed her body. Zoe’s bra came next, her nipples hardening instantly in the chilled air.

“Oh look at these tits,” Sadie exclaimed, her breath brushing hot over Zoe’s skin. Her teeth lightly nipped across Zoe’s right nipple before sucking it deeply into her mouth. “You taste delicious.”

All Zoe could do was moan and run her fingers through Sadie’s hair as her lover explored her body. Sadie moved her mouth across her breasts randomly. Sometimes nipping, sucking at other times, laving her rock-hard nipples with her dexterous tongue. “You would look gorgeous with your nipples pierced,” Sadie told her.

“Like yours?”

Sadie winked, “So you noticed?”

Zoe brushed a finger over the pierced nipple. “It definitely drew my attention.”

“Want to see it?”

Zoe nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, please.”

“Take off my shirt,” Sadie ordered.

Zoe obeyed eagerly, flinging the flimsy shirt across the room to land over by the dresser. Sadie wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts landed in Zoe’s eager hands. She couldn’t control herself and immediately ducked her head to suck on one nipple, drawing it hard into her mouth. She moaned around the nipple, not sure how she had gone so long without these feelings.

“Holy fuck, you’re good at that,” Sadie breathed. “Suck it harder.”

Zoe obliged, moving to the pierced nipple, sucking hard around the bar that ran horizontally through the dusty rose nub. She alternated between the two nipples, loving the responses she elicited from Sadie. Each moan sent another rush of wetness between her thighs until she was clutching her legs together, trying to soothe the ache.

Two hands tugged on her hair, drawing her mouth away from Sadie’s tits. “Why’d you stop me?”

Sadie kissed her hungrily before replying. “I’m dying to get between your legs, baby girl. Get on the bed,” she ordered, shoving Zoe backwards onto the bed.

For the first time, Zoe regretted wearing pants. If she had worn a skirt, Sadie would be eating her out right now. She couldn’t wait to feel Sadie’s tongue exploring her folds, delving into her aching slit. She wriggled her hips, trying to help Sadie get the tight jeggings off her legs. She kicked the denim free, sending her heels along with it.

“Look at the pretty pussy baby,” Sadie groaned, staring at her lace-covered mound. “It’s so wet, just for me.”

“All for you. I’ve never been this wet.”

Sadie’s grin was sly. “Oh, you’ll be much wetter before the night is through.” She hooked her thumbs in the fabric, “Do you like these panties, baby?” Zoe shook her head. “Good,” she said, tugging hard on the fabric, ripping it from Zoe’s body.

Zoe gasped, goosebumps erupting over her flesh. “Ohmigod. That’s so hot.”

Sadie took one of Zoe’s ankles in each hand and spread her legs wide. “Oh look at that beautiful cunt. It’s glistening, begging for my touch. You want me to eat you, baby?” She knelt down and blew gently over Zoe’s exposed clit.

“Yes! Ohmigod yes!” Zoe fairly screamed and Sadie dove in.

Zoe hadn’t been eaten out in years, but even with the distant memory she knew she had never been devoured like this. Sadie was rough, then gentle, tugging at her clit, pulling it hard between her lips. She kept Zoe’s legs held in her hands, though she now held her by the thighs, keeping her legs spread so she could access all of Zoe’s pussy. Her tongue slid in and out of Zoe’s quivering cunt, fucking her as deeply as she could.

Sadie moaned into Zoe’s slit, “this is the most delicious pussy I have ever tasted. You’re close to cumming, aren’t you, baby girl?”

“Yes, so close.”

“Has a man ever given you so much pleasure?”

Zoe shook her head, thrashing against the pillows, desperately wanting Sadie’s mouth back on her. “No. Never.”

Sadie nipped at her clit again. “Do you want a man to eat at this pussy?”

“No, no. Only you. Please. Just eat me.”

Sadie slipped a finger into Zoe’s needy cunt, feeling it pulse around her, trying to bring it deeper inside her. “Such a greedy pussy,” she slid another finger inside. “I’m going to make you cum so hard, baby girl.”

Sadie attacked Zoe’s pussy with fervor, fucking her fingers in and out of her weeping slit. She sucked hard at her clit, pulling it deeply into her mouth, sucking relentlessly in time to the thrust of her fingers. Zoe bucked against her mouth and came, screaming, her hands pulling Sadie’s mouth harder against her pussy.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, Sadie pulled back and nuzzled the inside of Zoe’s thigh. “How was that, baby girl?”

Zoe mumbled something incoherently, smiling a dreamy smile. Sadie slid up onto the bed, pulling Zoe along with her to cuddle into the pillows. Sadie ran her fingers through her lover’s hair as Zoe continued to float down from her orgasm. “Thank you,” the shy girl murmured, nuzzling her head into Sadie’s breasts.

“Oh, I have so much more to show you, my precious girl.”

“You do?” Zoe wriggled closer. “Hey, you took off your pants. When did you do that?”

“You were a little busy while you came, so I slipped them off.”

Zoe pouted. “I wanted to take off your pants.”

Sadie laughed. “You’ll get to next time, babe.”

“Can I eat you out next time?”

“That’s just one of the many things I have to show you, sweetness.”

“What else are you going to show me?”

Sadie pointed to the drawer of the nightstand. “Open that drawer and see.”

Reluctantly, Zoe pulled away from her new lover and opened the drawer. She gasped as the contents came into view. There were dildos, beads, handcuffs, scarves, and so much more. “What’s this?” she asked, pulling out a hot pink dildo with leather straps.

“That’s a strap on, babe. I’m going to fuck you with it.”

Zoe blushed. “Are you going to fuck me with it now?”

Sadie smiled and pulled Zoe close to her again, tossing the strap on in the direction of the open nightstand drawer. “We’ve got lots of time to try out all the toys, baby. We won’t even come close to using them all tonight.”

Zoe kissed Sadie, sending her tongue into Sadie’s mouth with a moan. “I can’t wait.”

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Family Togetherness Ch. 04

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Big Tits

When I woke next morning, for a second, I was confused about where I was it wasn’t my room. Then I remembered, smiling I turned to mom, she was still asleep. Pulling back the sheet I looked at her naked body, the body I’d grown so used to in such a short time, barely over 24 hours. I could see traces of my cum from our last session on her thighs and pubic hair, I leaned over and kissed each breast, and then woke her with a kiss on her mouth. “Morning, mom.”

“Morning, Wayne.”

“Before we go to church we’d better clean the house a little.” I said. Climbing out I reached down and pulled mom from bed. “No clothes. Either of us.”

Mom just smiled and went into the toilet. After she returned we headed downstairs. There wasn’t really very much to do, have breakfast, and a little straightening. But those chores are so much more fun when you’re not wearing clothes. The chores took a little longer than they should have. We were both looking at the other. Any job takes on a new meaning when you do it naked I guess. Finally we were finished. It was time to move onto the next stage of my plan. I took moms hand and led her upstairs. We didn’t go to bed as she obviously expected, (she could quite clearly see my erect cock leading the way) instead we went into the bathroom and I started the shower. Fortunately it is a large shower. Once the water reached the correct temperature I led mom into the stall.

As the water cascaded over us I started to wash her. First I’d soap up the cloth and then gently run it over her body, stroking her, caressing her. I washed her entire body, except for her pussy; I was saving that for last. When it was finally time to wash it, I soaped up my hand instead. As I washed her pussy with my bare hand I told her I’d want to shave her pubic hair later. Mom just grinned. Then it was her turn to wash me; she did the same as I had done. The feel of her hand washing my cock and balls was wonderful. I decided then and there that from now on, whenever we could, this would be the way we’d shower in future, having someone else wash you is so much better.

Once the last of the soapsuds were washed away I moved forward, pushing mom up against the wall, kissing her, hard. Her arms tightened around me as our bodies crushed together, and the water played over us. I reached down and started to caress the pussy that I’d become so familiar with, mom reached for my cock. We kissed harder. Then I splayed the lips of her slit open, and crouched slightly. Mom, realising what I intended guided my cock into her pussy. When I felt the head safely enclosed in the entrance to her vagina, I slowly eased in, pushing mom up against the wall as I did so. Once I had fully penetrated her, I cupped her buttocks and lifted her. Mom automatically wrapped her legs behind my butt. We adjusted ourselves slightly until we were both comfortable. Then I began to fuck her. As I drove in and out of her body, I moved her forward and backward with my hands. “Harder, Wayne, faster, I want it all.” She gasped in my ear. I obliged as she covered my face with kisses. It seemed to go on and on, but it really was probably only three or four minutes before I shot my cum. Once more my mothers vagina and womb were filled with her sons seed. I quickly lowered her to the floor and turned off the shower. We just stood there, heads on each others shoulders, totally fulfilled.

I realised that we didn’t have much time left. I dragged mom out of the shower and we quickly dried each other. “Come on, we have to get ready for church.” I told her. “Today you will wear no underwear at all.” Mom just nodded, she went to her closet, picked out a dress and put it on over her naked body. “You know this is not right, going to church without any underwear, with my sons sperm in my belly.” I could tell she wasn’t really concerned, in fact she seemed turned on with the thought, so I just told her that from now on I’d be the one that would say what was right or wrong for us.

To make sure she didn’t make a mess on her way out I had her cup her hand over her pussy, holding it closed, so my cum wouldn’t escape. Then, in the car, I pulled her dress up so, if there were any leakage, it wouldn’t mark her dress, and, not wanting to mark the seat I replaced her hand with mine. We drove with my hand fully planted between her legs, covering her pussy. When we arrived, at the last minute before we got out, I removed my hand and pulled down her dress.

In church all I could think of was my mother, my lover, sitting next to me listening to the sermon, naked under her dress, with my cum trickling out of her pussy. I was hard the whole time. It got even worse when mom stopped to talk to the minister as we were about to leave. From where I was standing I noticed a small glob of semen slowly run down her thigh. She looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Once she was finished talking I rushed her to the car, I wanted to get home, fast. Mom, however wasn’t in a hurry, “I felt really depraved when I was talking to the minister. I was thinking if only he knew I was fucking my son. Then I felt your cum on my leg, God it was exciting, knowing if anyone looked they could see that I’d just had sex. Even if they didn’t know whose sperm was running down my leg.”

When we got home I jumped mom as soon as the door closed, again I fucked her in the hall. This time as I drove into mom I could feel the remnants of our previous coupling; I could feel the sperm my cock was displacing coating my cock and balls, and her pussy lips. It was enough to drive me over the edge quite quickly, adding a new load to her pussy. Once we came down from our high, mom said that it had been great, but that she was worried about how much time we’d have together after Debbie came home next weekend. I told her not to worry, so long as we were careful we’d have plenty of opportunities to be together. By now I was starting to become erect again, it’s hard not to when you’re holding your naked mother in your arms. Mom just laughed when she felt my organ prodding her belly. “Looks like Wayne is ready for a little more fun with his mother, I know I am.”

Standing mom grasped my cock and led me by it into the kitchen. There she sat me down on a chair and fell to her knees in front of me. “Lets just get this nice and ready for me.” She said. She took my cock into her mouth, gently sucking and lubricating it. When she was satisfied, she stood, and, holding my cock erect guided it into her pussy as she lowered herself onto it. Once my cock was fully seated in her vagina she slowly started to ride me, all I could really do was sit there as she set the pace. It was the first time I’d been able to watch my cock entering my mother the sight blew my mind. The feeling of my cock driving into her already cum filled pussy was wonderful, we’d never done it twice so close together before, I reached down to stimulate her clit so she would be able to come as well. And it was her climax that triggered mine, the muscles of her vagina contracted on my cock, once again I came in my woman, and that was what she really was, mine. The fact that she was also my mother didn’t matter. I was just a male, mating with his female.

We sat there, still joined for several minutes. Then, looking at me, mom said, “I’m really full, I better be careful or I could make a mess.”

Realising what she meant I told her to get off me. She did, holding her hand over her pussy to keep my semen from running out of her. I went over and got a glass, then I placed it on the chair and positioned mom over it. I told her to take her hand away and let my cum run into the glass. Mom immediately did as I asked, after the initial flow of sperm mom opened her slit and concentrated on contracting her vaginal muscles to deposit more of my cum. By now I was on my knees, within inches of her pussy, watching everything, watching my cum trickle out of my mothers open vagina. When no more semen came out I picked up the glass, telling her that her snack was ready. Without the slightest hesitation mom took the glass and drank it straight down, she even licked around the sides of the glass to get the last few drops.

Leaving mom I went upstairs and got my shaving gear and a towel, it was time to shave moms’ pubic hair. Getting back, I spread the towel on the kitchen counter and then helped her up onto it; I spread her legs and moved between them. First I dampened her curls, then applied the shaving foam, finally I was ready to begin. With short strokes I carefully removed the hair above her pussy. Then, holding her labia to the side, I shaved the left side of her pussy, and then the right. Finally I wiped up the few drops of foam that remained, it was done, moms’ pussy was completely bare. “So, mom, what do you think?”

Mom bent forward to get a better look, “Well, it looks a little strange, I haven’t been bare like this since I was shaved before I delivered you and your sister. The real question is what do you think?”

“I love it mom, your pussy looks so different without hair, and I think it looks even sexier than before. You’ll have to be careful next time you sunbathe though, you don’t want to be burned there.”

“You’re right about that Wayne. Wayne?”

“Yes, mom?”

“Do you think you could fuck me again now, just to see what it feels like, you know, as an experiment?”

Looking at my naked mother sitting there, with her shaved pubic mound, I decided that I’d like to take part in that experiment, very much. Taking moms hand we went upstairs to her room, no, on second thoughts I changed my mind, I guided mom into Debbies room, I wanted to take her in my sisters’ bed. Mom didn’t complain, she just went straight to the bed and, turning the covers down, climbed in and waited for me to follow. She didn’t have long to wait.

I took mom in my arms and our bodies came together, I held her as we kissed, our mouths meeting in kiss after kiss, our tongues exploring each others mouths as we deepened our kissing. I began to run my hands over moms beautiful body. Pulling my mouth away from hers I dropped my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth, gently sucking on it as I caressed her other breast with my hand. Then I felt her hand reach for my rising cock, not wanting to be left behind I moved my hand into her crotch. Her pussy felt strange without the hair, strange but good. I could immediately feel that she was well lubricated, it was time. I rolled mom over onto her back and mounted her, holding her pussy open as she guided me in. I easily sank into her excited body, as mom hooked her legs around me. Once my cock was properly seated I began to slowly fuck my mother. Each time I drove into her depths my mother arched her hips wanting more, I gave her everything I had, wishing I was bigger so I could give her more. We established our now familiar rhythm; we were both now attuned to each others needs, and did everything we could to see they were met. I moved my mouth to moms ear, kissing her all the way. “How does it feel, mom, having sex in your daughters bed, with your son?”

Mom laughed, “It’s great, it’s such a turn on. Making love in your sisters bed, what will you think of next.”

I was coming closer and closer to release until, finally, it was time. I drove into mom, harder and faster as the crisis approached. Mom slipped her hand between us and started to play with her clit. We both came together, my cum spurting, well, dribbling (after all it was the fourth time today) into her as she reached her orgasm.

Exhausted I dragged myself off of mom, slumping beside her, as my equally exhausted cock deflated.

After a while mom kissed me, “Thank you Wayne, that was just what I needed. So what did you think of my shaved pussy?”

I reached over and caressed her pussy, “It was wonderful, mom, I think it’s great.”

Mom looked down at my hand on her bare pussy, “I think it does too. I’ll tell you one thing though, we’re going to have to change Debbies sheets and air the room out, or she’ll know something happened here.”

Looking down I noticed the damp spot on the sheet and had to agree. I also realised that I would have to make the most of the time we had until Debbie returned. It was going to be a busy week, and I couldn’t wait.

To be continued.

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A Perfect Match Ch. 02

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Part Four: The Summons

When Jeremy finally received the phone call he had been fervently praying would come he had been sitting in his car parked down the block from Miss Natasha’s apartment for over two hours. She had told him to be available any time after seven so he had gotten there around six just to be sure. It was now after eight and he had begun to be afraid that she wouldn’t need him after all. He really didn’t expect that she would call him to tell him that so he would just have to wait, all night he guessed if need be. He certainly didn’t want to miss any chance of being called back into her service.

For as long as he could remember Jeremy had always felt that women should be placed on a pedestal, to be worshiped and adored. He always tried to treat any woman with whom he had ever tried to have a relationship with that type of deference and respect. But he never had been able to get to first base with anyone. He understood the reason, of course, but he had never been able to do anything about his one obvious shortcoming. After years of discouraging rejections he had just stopped trying.

Initially he had felt guilty and embarrassed about turning to the internet to indulge his fantasies. He never went into chat rooms or tried to contact anyone, but he had slowly discovered web sites that eventually led him to understand what he really was. He was a submissive. He wasn’t a masochist, he learned. He didn’t yearn to be mistreated and certainly not to be beaten or tortured. He just wanted to find someone who needed to be taken care of, to be pampered and served in all ways desired. Romance, he understood, would never be part of this type of relationship, but he had given up on that a long time ago. He could certainly dream however of being accepted and maybe even appreciated. All he would ever ask in return was to be allowed to worship and adore.

Of course he realized that this was an extremely unlikely fantasy to ever become real, especially for someone like him. But he had grown so lonely in his private life that he began contemplating some of the personals that were posted on the web sites he frequented. After a long period of internal debate he finally screwed up his courage and answered one that he thought seemed the most promising. That encounter did not go well, nor did the next one he answered. He wasn’t what they were looking for the women told him at the initial meetings and he suspected, as it had been in the past, that he knew the reason why. It took him several months after these two failures to try once more, and likely his last time.

It was then with surprise and delight, that after Jeremy’s first meeting with Miss Natasha she had ordered him to return again. And then again and again. It wasn’t long before she had him coming to her apartment on a regular basis. It was apparent to Jeremy that Miss Natasha was as much a beginner in this type of situation as he. She was constantly experimenting with different facets of the relationship, expanding on what she liked, and discarding whatever didn’t suit her. That he often didn’t care for some of these experiments had no relevance. What went on between them was always at her direction and whim, and he knew that this was how it had to be. If he sometimes felt she was unnecessarily nasty he would chide himself that who was he to question what was necessary . He only knew that she had finally given some purpose and direction to his personal life and he didn’t want to contemplate, even for a moment, the possibility of losing that.

He felt a great deal of anxiety then when about four months ago, after almost two months of practically daily service, she began calling him over less frequently. She eventually told him that she was in the process of training a new slave, and while that went on she would be needing him less often. His anxiety became fear when he briefly met this new person, Scott, one day when he had been ordered over and Scott was apparently just leaving. He immediately saw that he was at a major competitive disadvantage with Scott. His worst fears were realized when three months ago Miss Natasha informed him that she had decided to have Scott as a permanent live-in slave, and that she would only need Jeremy on occasion from then on.

Jeremy had been devastated. The only possibility for a long term relationship that he had ever had was now apparently gone just as he had begun believing that he had a chance. Unable to give up all hope he jumped at the opportunity when she called him over twice in the subsequent months. Maybe, he rationalized, if he was even more diligent and ardent in his service she would consider taking him back.

It had been over six weeks since she had last called him, and he finally had begun ro resign himself that she was done with him. Then he received this most recent call. This time however, she had only told him to be nearby and available. He didn’t know what to make of that. Maybe she had become dissatisfied with Scott. Maybe Scott’s one big advantage didn’t offset a deficiency in service that Jeremy had hopefully proven to be more able to provide. It was what he thought about constantly anyway, but tonight it may actually come to pass.

With these high hopes Jeremy hurried to Miss Natasha’s apartment after her summoning had blessedly come. These hopes were immediately dashed when he was met at her door by the sparsely clad Scott, who ushered him into the hallway, then tersely told him to undress and present himself in the livingroom. Without another word Scott then turned and went back to his own duties.

Oh God, what was Scott doing here, Jeremy thought as he began to undress and rapidly fold his clothes to put in the hall closet. He tried his best to stifle his disappointment. Why was Scott here tonight? Did Miss Natasha want to dominate two slaves at one time? He would certainly not enjoy that, and shuddered slightly when he thought of some of the possible implications. In the end he knew it didn’t matter what he thought. He had been summoned to serve, and he would. He had no choice.

Part Five: The Introduction

Meryn had flinched when the doorbell rang not three minutes after Natasha had ended her call. She realized how unsettled she was by the whole situation, and she wished it would just go away. She was even more startled when she saw that it was Scott, undressed as he was, who went to answer the door. Her spirits rose momentarily when not thirty seconds later he emerged alone from the hallway and went back to the kitchen. Maybe this Jeremy had decided to leave when he had found out what it was all about. Her silent hopes went unrealized however when a minute later a new person emerged from the hall.

Like Scott, Jeremy was dressed only in a pair of bright pink satin panties. That was where all comparison ended however. Somewhat shorter, probably about five-eleven, he had a pleasant enough face, Meryn conceded. But what was most striking about him was that he was significantly overweight. No, that was way too mild, Meryn concluded. He was fat. And his ample belly and love handles made the pink panties look markedly more ridiculous on him than they did on Scott. She couldn’t help but cringe.

She was relieved when it didn’t appear that this Jeremy had noticed her look as he hurried over to kneel before Natasha. As Scott had done before he bent down and kissed both of her feet, and then said, “I am thrilled to be summoned to serve you once again Miss Natasha.” With that he knelt up and leaned back.

“Prompt and punctual as always Jeremy” Natasha answered. “That is a good first impression. I’d like you to meet a very dear friend of mine, Miss Meryn. And Jeremy, it is very important to me that you continue to impress tonight.

Turning to look for the first time at Miss Natasha’s guest, Jeremy noted that although plainly dressed, especially as compared to Miss Natasha, she was extremely pretty, even though she seemed tense and uneasy. As he knew was expected he bent down, kissed both of her shoes, and then offered “It is an honor and very great pleasure to be presented to you Miss Meryn.” With that he knelt up and smiled’

Meryn had to admit that he had a very nice smile. It lit up his entire face including his eyes. It induced her to bring forth a small smile in return and nod in acknowledgment even as she was unsure of how to verbally respond.

“Miss Meryn is my guest for dinner tonight” Natasha went on. “We haven’t seen each other for a while and have so much to talk about. As Scott will be very busy as always attending to me, I brought you over tonight Jeremy to attend to Miss Meryn. You will care for her every need tonight as if it was for me.”

Watching Jeremy closely, Meryn thought she saw a flicker of disappointment flash across his face. This was quickly replaced by another of his smiles as he spoke to her again. “It will be a cherished privilege to be able to attend and serve you tonight Miss Meryn.”

Responding to his smile again, and the seeming sincerity of his words, Meryn found some voice this time to respond, “Ah…thank you Jeremy. I’m sure I will…ah…appreciate any of your efforts.” Her reply must have been acceptable because it was met with an even brighter smile.

“Good. Now that we’ve taken care of that” Natasha added, “Jeremy, I believe Scott could use your assistance in finishing up the preparations for dinner. I’m starving.”

“Yes Miss Natasha.” With that Jeremy bent down and kissed Meryn”s shoes again, knelt up and said, “By your leave Miss Meryn…” and remained unmoving.

Meryn belatedly realized that he was waiting for her permission to leave. She looked over to Natasha and saw that she was surprised as well and even slightly annoyed. Well, Natasha had given him to her for the night hadn’t she? Still, she didn’t want him to get into any trouble on her behalf so she hurriedly said, “Yes, of course, go on Jeremy.” With that he bowed his head slightly, rose and went join Scott in the kitchen

“I still don’t know about this Tash.” Meryn said as soon as he was gone.

“I know he’s not much to look at Meri. Now you can see why I got Scott. But he’s very attentive and enthusiastic and will do anything he can to please you. So just relax and take it as it comes tonight. You’ve got nothing to lose, and I really do believe you’re going to enjoy all the pampering you’re going to get tonight.”

What was Meryn going to say. They hadn’t even had dinner yet, and she didn’t want to insult Natasha. Not when she was trying to rekindle their friendship, although given this night’s surprise events she wondered if that was such a good idea. No, Meryn had to admit that in her own very weird way Natasha was trying to help her. So she would just go with the flow for the rest of the night and hope that the evening would end quickly.

A short time later Scott, with Jeremy following, came in to indicate that dinner was ready. He offered his hand to help Natasha up, and Jeremy did the same for Meryn. Natasha then took Meryn by the arm and led her around the corner to the dining area with the slaves following behind. Meryn noted that there were only two place settings at the table, set across from each other. Scott pulled out a chair to seat Natasha at one, as Jeremy did for Meryn at the other. They then went into the kitchen and brought out a plate of salad for each of them, Jeremy serving one to Meryn and Scott placing the other before Natasha. That service done they went to opposite ends of the table and knelt down.

Meryn was so unsettled that she had trouble focusing on Natasha’s conversation about events at work. She ate her salad very quickly, and when finished was surprised when Jeremy arose, approached her, and politely asked if she would like more. She could only nod no, and Natasha then announced that she too was finished with her half eaten salad. Taking their cue the two slaves removed the salad plates and then returned from the kitchen with a platter of sliced steak, sauteed Brussel sprouts, and two baked potatoes. Jeremy then placed some of each on Meryn’s dinner plate, politely asking each time how much she desired, as Scott did with Natasha. They then returned to their kneeling positions at the ends of the table.

“I hope you will forgive me for the rather plain dinner Meri.” Natasha offered “Scott isn’t a very good cook yet, so I thought I would keep it rather simple tonight.”

“Everything has been fine Tash.” Meryn then decided to finally ask the question that had been bothering her throughout the meal.

“What and when do they eat, Tash?”

“Oh, you mean the slaves? Why our leftovers of course. Although looking at Jeremy I think it would be a blessing if we didn’t leave anything tonight.” What a cruel thing to say Meryn thought as she couldn’t help but glance at Jeremy. “But I want to keep Scott healthy, so I always allow him to make a little more that I usually need. So don’t worry Meri, there should be enough for them to pick over while they’re cleaning up”

Meryn’s appetite seemed to decrease after that, and she softly declined each of Jeremy’s polite inquiries of whether she desired more . As the slaves cleared the table, Natasha announced that she had a surprise dessert, which Scott then brought in.

“Tash. Wow. A strawberry rhubarb pie from Grandma’s. You remembered it’s my favorite. When did you have the chance to go get it?” Meryn asked, knowing that Grandma’s was an hour drive outside the city.

“I didn’t. I sent Scott today. I wanted something special for you, and I know how much you like it.”

Feeling somewhat better after a large piece of her favorite pie, Meryn and Natasha retired back to the livingroom while the slaves cleaned up. Natasha wasted no time after they sat down.

“Well, what do you think about all this Meri?”

“Oh I don’t know Tash. I really don’t think it’s for me.” That was really putting it mildly Meryn thought to herself.

“I know he’s somewhat grotesque looking Meri,” That was a way too harsh assessment thought Meryn, although she had to admit that she had always been turned off by fat men, “but he’s well trained, and he’s already broken in, so he’s perfect for you to try it all out with, at your own pace. If you don’t like it, get rid of him. But if you do, and I really think you will if you give it a chance, I’ll help you find someone much better like Scott. They’re out there Meri, believe me. Think of Jeremy as a starter slave.”

Meryn didn’t want to think of anything of the sort. She wanted nothing to do with any of this. She had to let Natasha know.

“Tash, I just can’t. I don’t think it would be right.”

Natasha misunderstood. “Oh, because you think that you’re taking him from me. Nothing of the sort.” And before Meryn could reply Natasha shouted for Jeremy to come in.

Jeremy hurried in from the kitchen, knelt and performed the now familiar obeisance to Natasha, and then knelt back on his knees.

“Jeremy, one of the other reasons I had you come over tonight,” Natasha began without preamble, “was to inform you that I will no longer be requiring your services. Scott has been meeting my needs quite adequately, and I think you can understand why you are no longer necessary.”

Meryn couldn’t help but notice the terrible hurt that registered on Jeremy’s face as he listened to Natasha’s pronouncement.

“But it so happens that Miss Meryn may be looking to take on a slave, and if you’ve impressed her tonight she may consider you on a trial basis.

What was Natasha doing? How could she even think?

Jeremy slowly shifted on his knees to face Meryn. His attempt at a smile could not fully mask the wound he was still feeling.

“It would be a tremendous privilege Miss Meryn if you would allow me the opportunity to be of some service to you.”

Meryn could only blink her eyes as she struggled to find something to say to him. Finally, “Jeremy,” she said softly, “I don’t think so. This is not something I think I want.”

Silence. She couldn’t say any more.

“Of course not.” Natasha interjected. “How unforgivable of me Meri, to expect you to take my leavings. You certainly deserve something better than someone else’s reject. I’ll help you find someone much more suitable.”

Meryn was furious. How could Natasha be like this. She looked at Jeremy, whose head was now bowed, his lips compressed as if he was biting them. No one deserved to be treated like this, and she was not going to allow Natasha to have her become a party to Jeremy’s rejection. Not twice in the same night. Against her better judgement, but in anger she spoke up.

“That won’t be necessary Tash.” Back to Jeremy more softly “What I was trying to say Jeremy is that this is not something I want to discuss tonight.” A pause to consider, then a plunge ahead. “Tomorrow is Saturday. Do you know the coffee shop on the corner of Taylor and Vine Street?” A block from her brownstone.

“No Miss Meryn, but I’m sure I can find it.”

“Good, meet me there tomorrow around eleven, and we can…uh…well talk about this some more.”

“Thank you Miss Meryn. I will certainly be there.”

Meryn nodded, and then to Natasha, “Well Tash, it’s certainly been a most interesting evening. You’ve clearly taken my mind off other matters for the moment, so thank you for that. But I find I’m very tired now. I think it must be the wine, and I think I should be going.

Natasha smiled as she accompanied Meryn to the door and kissed her on the cheek. “Well done Meri”

Don’t bet on it, Meryn thought as she said goodnight.

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By Chance

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The story I have to tell is one of raw passion…You know , that “at the right place at the right time…” kind of deal. I was never a wild child when I was young, so most of what my story is about was all new to me at the time. On with it than, shall we…

The day started out like every other day. Woke up, dragged myself to the bathroom; Stepping in the shower, (I sleep in the nude…) still not fully awake, I let the water cascade over my nicely shaped C-cupped breasts. I stood there for a while to let the hot water stream down my body. After a quick wash, I thoroughly dried myself, got dressed, and in about ten more minutes, I was out the door. Today was suppose to be an easy going day for me. i was off from work, and felt like having a little fun. So naturally, I was prepare for any event that may happened to take place. What I got was a bit more than I bargained for. On my days off, I like to jog in the park across from my apartment. I always loved the outdoors and the smell of the grass in the morning. On this fateful day, I was doing just that. Some children were throwing a Frisbee back and forth, and I was taken in by the huge smiles on their faces. Lost in thought, I didn’t realize, of course until it was too late, that I was on a direct collision course with another jogger. The impact knocked us both off our feet. A bit confused, I stayed on the ground for a moment to gather my senses.

“Are you ok, miss?” a voice asked.

Still in a daze, I muttered “Fine, thanks..”

A hand was stretched out in front of my face. I accepted the gesture and brushed my body off. Trying to compose myself, I didn’t notice that the gentleman who helped me up was still there.

“Is everything ok? I’m sorry about that,” he said.

“No, I wasn’t looking where I was going, I should be apologizing to you.” a replied sheepishly.

I found myself staring at him. I couldn’t help letting my eyes wonder over his perfectly shaped body. He had an olive complexion that nicely complimented his muscular physique. I’ve always had this thing about shoulders and backs. I don’t know, I just find them extremely arousing. His were sharply toned. He was wearing a sports top, you know the kind that has those huge cuts for the arms so that they show off a bit of the chest. I could tell that his chest and abs aksaray escort were rock hard. I had to stop myself from looking further. His eyes than meet mine. He smiled when he realized I was checking him out.. My face turned all shades of red. I smiled and quickly shifted my eyesight away from his glare.

“I was distracted myself.” His face blushed slightly. I let a giggle escape from my lips.

“I was wondering if you didn’t have anyplace to go soon that you’d join me for lunch? I know this wonderful place we could sit down and try to sort out exactly who’s fault it was.” He flashed another smile and again extended his hand to me.

“My name is Daniel. My friends call me J.D. And yours?”

“Avae. What does the J stand for?” I joked.

“My first name.”

I watched him look me up and down, trying to absorb every one of my soft curves. I felt my face burning with heat.

“So, what do you say?” His stare finally rested on my eyes again. “Ok, you’re on. I’ll meet you here in about 30 min.”

Needless to say, I ran home. (this time paying close attention to where I was going…) In no time I was ready to go. I had chosen to wear a short sky-blue wrap-around skirt with a sheer cream colored top. I twisted my dark auburn hair into a braid letting some strains fall around my face. I wanted to look natural, so I decided not to wear make-up. I did, however, apply lip gloss to my lips to keep them moist. When I was satisfied with my look, I grabbed my keys, and headed to the door. i hesitated there for a brief moment. It has been a long time since I’ve dated. Since the divorce, in fact. That was two years ago. A smile crossed my lips.

Its now or never.. I told myself. I was ready to do this.

I reached the spot almost expecting him to change his mind. Maybe I was a little nervous. You could imagine my surprise to see him waiting for me. Even more surprising when I noticed he hadn’t changed. (he had been waiting there the entire time…) We walked to the restaurant slowly, exchanging tid bits of information about ourselves here and there. He was from Italy, which explained his dark olive skin. He had adapted to America rather well, for there was only a small trace of his accent left.

The walk seemed to take forever. I was so intrigued with this man, I didn’t even notice we had arrived. It was a small cafe with an outside sitting area. He helped me to my set and order some white wine. he than started to ask more questions about me.

“So, are you from around here?” he laughed nervously.

“Oh the small talk, huh…” I gave him an ensuring smile. “Yes. I actually live right across the street from the park. “

He nodded and then asked,

“So why does a beautiful women like yourself live alone?”

His intense stare burned right though me. I could feel the sexual tension between the both of us. My skin was on fire. I noticed he too was sensing it. His bulge was obvious.

“After the divorce, I just didn’t feel like making a fool of myself again.”

“Sometimes its the other person who is the fool. In your situation this is undoubtedly the case.”

I was in shock. I couldn’t even respond. We order our lunch and ate slowly, enjoying each others company. After we finished, we made our way back towards the spot we met. We decided to continue walking. After about ten minutes, we came across a trail that lead into the wood. I had found this trail before on one of my jogs. I looked at him, and without a word started for the trail. He followed quickly behind.

While we walked I felt his hand on my shoulder. We came to a stop. He than turned my around and gave me a kiss that sent electricity through my body. I grabbed his shoulders as he began move his kiss to the nip of my neck. When he did this, I just let go. I let him remove my shirt and bra. My nipples were erect. His hand were gripping my ass tightly as his lips made their way towards my creamy white breast. I gave out a low moan as he sucked and teased them, making my nipples even harder. I had managed to discard his shirt as well. I was able to admire his back and shoulders up close and personal. He leaned my up against a tree and undressed me the rest of the way.

He than removed his jogging pants revealing his massive cock. I felt one of his hands on my breast as the other made its way to my wet silt. His playful fingers teased my clit. My hip began to move to every touch. I wanted so bad to taste them. I took his hand from my pussy and put his fingers in my mouth one by one. He understood what I wanted and let me take over. I leaned him up against the tree and immediately started my way down his body. Without hesitation, I got on my knees and stuffed his rock hard dick into my mouth. I started at the head and let my tongue taste the pre-cum that had already discharged. I than glided my tongue down his throbbing shaft. He grabbed my hair and I heard him moan with pleasure. This only made me suck harder. I felt him getting close and wanted to taste his hot jism. Only he had other things in mind. He lifted my from my knees.

“Bend over. I want see how that tight pussy of yours feels around my dick.”

I bent over and held on to the tree for support. His huge cock spread open my pussy lips as he entered me. He began to thrust his dick hard in and out of my dripping cunt. I could feel the orgasm building quickly. He grabbed my hair again. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I exploded on him hard. He only pumped harder into me. I couldn’t believe it. I never came before a man and I could feel another coming on.

Without warning, he stopped. He laid me down on his shirt. He than proceeded to let his tongue explore my body stopping briefly at my tender nipples. He glided his body slowly down mine until he reached my swollen clit. His tongue flickered across it making my body jerk with ever movement. He continued to eat me out this way until i reached another explosive orgasm. After licking up every drop, he dipped his dick again into my convulsing slit. Holding my legs up, he pumped deep into me. This time I couldn’t hold back the screams. My body was ready to come again. I tensed up and came so hard that I felt it squirting out. At that moment, he withdrew from me and let his hot cum shot out all over my body. I got up just in time to let some of it reach my lips. He rubbed it off with his hand and put it to my face. I accepted it, licking every finger until every drop was gone.

He held me close for a while. It was dark before we decided to leave. We got dressed and made our way back to the original trail. We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in close contact. He kissed me again, and than he was gone. I lingered in the park for a while recalling the events that had taken place. Even if he didn’t call, I had the time of my life and was satisfied with that. As I walked across the street to my apartment, I let my thoughts wonder again. Realizing that that’s exactly how this day began, I decided that I should do that more often.

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Momma Bird

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“Yes honey, I’ll wear the black one.” Lacey cooed into the phone. She was having a hard time concentrating on getting her make up just so while her husband described in lurid and lewd details exactly how he was going to take her when she got home from her business trip. That wouldn’t happen for another three days. “With the heels you got me for Valentines Day.” Beast that he was he loved seeing just how worked up he could get her when she was away, the only blessing Lacey had now was she was already off work for the evening. Normally he liked to whisper in her ear while she drove to work and she’d have to sit through her meetings hoping nobody could see how flushed she was. Worse sometimes he’d send her pictures of his glorious body.

“I’ve got to go. Sara wants go out for a few drinks to unwind. It might the only chance we get while we’re here. Boss man has us on a pretty tight schedule over here.” Lacey said as she finished getting her make up just right. “Goodnight Love, I’ll see you soon.” Lacey made a loud smooching noise before hanging up and dropping her phone into her purse.

Lacey smiled and took one last look in the mirror. She wasn’t quite the ‘hard body’ she’d been in high school but only her husband minded that and he was smart enough to keep it to himself most of the time. She’d never really been comfortable with the body that five years of running track had produced, she’d been the only girl in school who wore a regular bathing suit to cover up her abs instead of her gut. You could only see them when she was wet but getting wet was a normal part of swimming so she always went covered up.

Now that she was six years out of high school and track was replaced with three times a week in the gym her stomach had softened to a still trim and sexy belly, just not one her husband could trace the lines with his tongue. Her breasts had filled out a little as well. Harold didn’t seem to mind that change at all and he was overjoyed that her ass had a little bounce in it now. She was wearing the same little black dress she’d worn when they met but now she filled it out much better stretching the fabric in all the right places.

“You ready yet Lacey?” Julia called from the next room.

“Yes,” Lacey stepped out of the bathroom turning around for Julia, “-how do I look?”

The older blonde was wearing a smiled. “You look amazing dear.” She snatched up the red leather purse to go with the vibrantly red dress she’d chosen. “Come one, I want to get there while drinks are still half off.”

Lacey hoped that she looked as good as Julia did when she was in her fifties. She was the kind of woman that had helped coin the term MILF and she knew it. Unlike a lot of women childbirth had done Julia a lot of favors widening her formerly waifish hips into shapely grippable curves. It had also replaced her just more than a handful breasts with the kind of tits that turned heads, male and female alike. Just to pass the time she lean into through a doorway to ask trivial questions in her low cut blouses. Her blood red knee length dress did a fantastic job of showing off her body.

Lacey was actually happy that her husband wasn’t around to see Julia dressed up. Not because she cared about him looking at other women, she knew he did it and he was usually pretty discreet about it. He wasn’t quite as low key when he caught her looking at a woman. A threesome was one of the things Harold had always wanted to experience and never had so he never hesitated to comment when she was obviously slipping back into her curious college mentality. There weren’t a lot of people in the world that would say no to an opportunity to kiss Julia and Lacey could not count herself amongst them even if the woman was more than double her age.

The nearest bar was a fifteen minute cab ride from the hotel they were staying at. Fifteen minutes of Julia promising her husband the most mind blowing sex of his life time and putting on a show for the driver at the same time.

Julia insisted on sitting at the bar and Lacey reluctantly allowed herself to be led to the bar. It took less than a half hour before Lacey admitted that sitting at the bar was a better plan than her plan of staking out one of the relaxing corners. It was the first time she’d been at the bar since she got married and during those three years she’d forgotten just how eager men were to buy a pretty lady a drink.

She and Julia were discussing the job when a handsome young çanakkale escort man in a black silk shirt and red tie sat down beside the two of them Julia with a smug smile. “Hello ladies. Would you mind terribly if I got you each a drink, I hate to drink alone.” Lacey rolled her eyes, she’d seen his type before dozens of times. He thought he was God’s gift women. And not entirely without warrant either. He was a handsome man with a strong square jaw that would have looked perfect on a poster for an action movie, especially with the ‘I couldn’t bother shaving this morning’ stubble he was sporting. His shirt did nothing to conceal his broad shoulders either. Julia crossed her legs towards him and accepted his offer for both of them. He had a slightly South American Accent that made every word he spoke sound exotic and sensual.

“Thank you, it’s a pleasure to have a drink with a two beautiful women. May I ask what brings you and your,” he paused slightly looking them over. Lacey couldn’t tell if it was rehearsed for dramatic effect or genuine but she couldn’t deny the slight flutter he gave her while he spoke, “-sister, here?”

He wasn’t the first person to comment that the two ladies bore a certain resemblance to each other. Julia had had the same sporty build as Lacey when before her children had transformed her body. They had matching blue eyes and high cheek bones as well and at the request of her husband Julia had bleached her hair blonde a few weeks back.

“My daughter actually.” Julia replied with a sugary smile. “We’re in town on business for a few days.”

Daughter? Lacey tilted her head slightly taking a sip from her Long Island Iced Tea. This could turn out to be interesting and even if she was only going to be looking at him Lacey wasn’t quite ready to send him on his way yet. “We here with the PR division of Tepestech to film a commercial.” It was close enough to true. Lacey was Julia’s assistant and Julia was the webmaster for the Tepestech website.

“Models? I should have guessed.” He smiled. “I am very sorry, I completely forgot my manners. I’m Alejandro and you are?”

“Julia.” She extended her hand. Alejandro took it with a flourish and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles. “And this is my daughter Lacey.”

Alejandro rose from his seat so he could take Lacey’s hand and repeat the kiss. “Your perfume is exquisite Lacey. It reminds me of my mother’s garden back in Brazil.”

Oh, he’s good. He’s very good. Lacey mused hoping she wasn’t blushing too obviously. “Thank you Alejandro.” Even his name felt good on her tongue. She had to take a sip from her drink to break away from his gaze. She didn’t trust herself not to get lost if she let him continue staring at her. “But we’re not the models for the shoot.”

“That’s a shame. I was hoping I would be able to gaze upon your beauty again in the future instead I shall have to enjoy you both as much as I can before the time comes for us to part.” He brought his bourbon to his lips. Lacey casually noticed how closely the drink matched his bronzed skin then making the leap to wonder if tasted that good.

“I guess you will.” Julia giggled.

Losing track of time with the hot blooded Latino was incredibly easy. Lacey stopped trying to keep track of the minutes after a while and instead started measuring the time in drinks. At two Long Island Ice Teas and three shots she had to drag her partner in crime off to the ladies room to freshen up. “Hey mom, I’m headed to the bathroom, would you like to join me?”

As soon as they were safely out of earshot, “I’m your daughter!”

Julia beamed her response. “Yes dear, now why don’t you behave? My God he’s sexy.”

Lacey tried to temper her voice but she couldn’t quite sound as nonchalant as she wanted to. “Yes he is. I have to get back to the room. A few more drinks and I might do something I’ll regret.” Lacey wanted to blame it on the drinks but that was just a pleasant excuse. Even without the drinks he would have had her hanging on every word and gesture. With the drinks she was dangerously close to asking him back to the room.

“Well you can go if you want Lacey, but if I don’t have a few more drinks with him I might not do something regret it!” The scandal of it lit up Lacey’s eyes and scored Julia a light slap on the shoulder. “Don’t look at me like that I can’t help it that I have a thing for handsome men with smooth tongues.” She took a deep breath and dramatically fanned herself.

“But you’re married!” Lacey hissed.

“I know. Duncan will love hearing all about it when I get back home.” Julia smiled. “Actually give me one second.” Julia pulled out her phone and placed it on the sink while she touched up her make up. Duncan picked up after three rings. “Hey honey guess what. . .me and Lacey met the sexist man alive. He looks kinda like that Arabic guy from The Mummy.”

“The guy who’s on Covert Affairs?” Duncan asked. To Lacey’s surprise he didn’t sound the least bit jealous. Julia thought for a second then confirmed but pointed out he had longer hair. Hair that she wanted to run her fingers through. “Have fun, I want to hear about it when you get back sexy.”

“I might not get to though.” Julia said with palpable pout.

“Oh, that’s too bad dear. Why not? Your charm isn’t fading is it?” Duncan taunted.

“It’s not that. Lacey, the new girl, is with me and we’re sharing a room!”

“Hey don’t blame me! You can get laid if you want!” Lacey retorted a little louder than she’d meant to. It was just the two of them in the bathroom so it didn’t really matter but she still meant to whisper. “Don’t let me stop you.”

“I can’t just leave you behind dear. Either we both get laid or neither one of us does.” Julia declared. “It just wouldn’t be right to leave you all alone. And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

“We’re not in Vegas, we’re in New York.” Lacey replied trying to come up with a plausible excuse.

“Fine, if you’re uncomfortable with it I’ll send him away and we can finish our drinks in peace. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” Julia finished her make up, hung up on her husband and walked back out to the club leaving Lacey alone in the bathroom.

I will not be the stick in the mud with a woman twice my age. Lacey wasn’t sure if it was lust, liquor talking but neither of them would let her be outshone by an old lady. Even one who could easily pass for half her age.

When she got back she wasn’t sure if Alejandro had moved or if the seats at the bar had just shifted but instead of sitting next to Julia the open seat was right beside him opposite Julia. “I’m sorry Alejandro, we should probably get going.” Julia started leaning forward and placing one hand on his thigh.

“What is the problem?”

“Well nothing Alejandro. I was just telling Mother that it wasn’t right for us to keep spending your money here when we have a fully stocked mini-bar back at the hotel.” She leaned forward placing her hand on Julia’s sliding it up a little just an inch.

Alejandro’s lips curled seductively. He finished his drink in a single swallow and placed a couple of bills beneath the glass. Lacey gasped slightly when she noticed that the bills he’d subtly set down were fifty dollar bills. She couldn’t remember the last time she went to a bar but there was no way the three of them had racked up a hundred dollars worth of drinks. Lacey quickly found her attention drawn toward something else. Alejandro’s black slacks clung perfectly to his firm ass. It was very easy to imagine those muscular thighs pumping back and forth.

Lacey wasn’t sure if the ride back to the hotel really took twice as long or if it was just that every second stretched into an eternity crammed into close quarters with Julia and Alejandro. Since she was the smallest one she was stuck in the middle and each of them had a hand on a leg subtly inching her dress up a little higher every time they could. If she hadn’t known they had only just met two Long Island Iced Teas and four shots ago Lacey would have sworn the two were working in tandem to get her undressed. The driver seemed to be in on it as well locking his eyes with hers through the rearview mirror. It was impossible to keep her cheeks from lighting up under his scrutiny and their combined lack of decorum and she felt powerless to do anything more than sit perfectly still and let them all assault her body.

When they pulled into up to hotel Lacey was the one who threw a the man a few bills in her rush to scramble out of the cab. She took a few steps before realizing the two hadn’t just worked dress up an indecent amount, they had also dragged the top down enough to for the edge of her bra to be visible over the top of her dress and pulling her dress down to cover her grey lace thong just drew more attention to her chest. She picked up the pace to something between a power walk and a trot to get to the relative privacy of the elevator before pulling her dress back up. “You two are beasts.” She hissed.

“I am the one to blame Lacey. I could not resist.” He brushed his fingers along her cheek tucking her blonde hair behind her ear in the process. You are just so overwhelming.”

“Isn’t she?” Julia answered slipping behind Lacey pressing her breasts against the younger woman’s back. Julia’s hands rested on Lacey’s hips already working her dress up a few inches before the elevator reached its destination.

It was the first time Lacey had been in the middle of what she could only call a tumble to the room. Two sets of hands eagerly pawing at her body occasionally pinching, squeezing or rubbing was a new experience for her. Two sets of hands were overwhelming yet they were nowhere as tremendous as two sets of mouths working opposite sides of her throat. Lacey’s dress was bunched around her waist by the time the door was shut. The only reason the slinky black fabric wasn’t on the floor was because Alejandro insisted on pulling it down so his satiny lips could kiss along Lacey’s shoulders and Julia was determined to get the dress up high enough that she could side get rid of her Lacey’s panties. Calling bunching her dress around her belly like a belt a compromise would imply that Julia or Alejandro had intentionally stopped there instead of that just being the one place it wasn’t bothering either of them.

Lacey’s legs wobbled beneath her forcing her throw an arm around each of her lovers to keep from toppling over in a heap of entwined limbs. Alejandro’s eager mouth found it’s way to Lacey’s muffling what would have been a scream when Julia’s equally rapacious lips made contact with Lacey’s nether lips.

Lacey wrapped her arms around Alejandro’s torso crossing over his back and digging her fingers into his firm muscular shoulders. She clutched his unyielding male flesh against her soft submissive female body refusing to let him retreat even an inch from her kiss. Lacey’s body contorted into a position she’d regret when she woke up to accommodate Julia’s blonde head jammed between her thighs. The older blonde had Lacey on the precipice of an orgasm almost as soon as her tongue made contact with sensitive flesh.

Alejandro’s kiss kept Lacey from crying out in pleasure. It didn’t stop her body’s expressions. Alejandro didn’t’ need words to understand what the suddenly savage kiss meant coupled with Lacey clawing at his shoulders. Julia was well enough versed in the human female’s various expressions for rapture that Lacey’s thighs clamping shut around her head conveyed her desire as clearly as any words. The three remained locked in place until Lacey finally unwound from the two and stared blankly at the ceiling.

The vulgar cacophony of noises emitted by her partners eventually brought Lacey back from her leave of senses. Beside her on the bed Julia was completely nude save for her white lace bra and white strapped heels. She was straddling Alejandro’s head. It was impossible to see what she was doing behind the curtain of blonde locks bobbing and down with her head. It wasn’t difficult at all to hear her alternating between moaning and slurping noisily and Alejandro’s tongue waggling inside her. Lacey watched the two and immediately felt her body warming again.

Lacey pulled her dress off stripping down to just her heels and slid beneath one of Alejandro’s legs so she was staring up at Julia. No invitation was necessary, Lacey wrapped her lips around his scrotum sucking. Lacey clutched one thigh keeping Alejandro’s flesh between her pursed lips. Julia’s eyes were lit with lust. The sight of Julia’s lips stretched taut around Alejandro’s pulsing golden member was instantaneously seared onto Lacey’s retinas. For week’s she bee able to recall every detail of what she witnessed including the supremely satisfied look on Julia’s face when she pulled away from Alejandro’s cock. It was still twitching a little when it dropped out of sight.

Julia caught Lacey completely off guard when she took the young woman’s face and pulled her into a sloppy sperm soaked kiss. Normally she didn’t even do this for her husband. Here, with Julia feeding it to her and Alejandro watching, it was a treat to feel the fluid slipping between her tongue and Julia’s. The two women finished the kiss and turned toward Alejandro with hungry smiles.

“Like a mother and baby bird.” Alejandro playfully taunted. The women exchanged a smile before crawling up on opposite sides of their swarthy lover for a fresh round of kissing.

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My First MMF

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This is a true story which happened several years ago, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

It could have been considered very unwise to select one of my best friends for a threesome with my girlfriend, but this all happened long before the internet, and in a small Northern town where picking up a stranger could have been disastrous. Anyway, I knew she fancied him and I knew that almost any straight guy would want to fuck Claire – but it was still pretty foolish. It lead us all into one of the most bizarre and incestuous periods of our lives.

Claire and I had moved out of the shared house into a one bedroom flat about a street away because we were working on an album and needed some peace. However Andrew was always around our flat, bumming off university and smoking hash with me.

Claire left the bedroom where we were chilling out and went to the toilet, as I continued chatting with Andrew and smoking our spliff. She was gone for ages. Eventually I went to the kitchen to put the kettle on, and just as I finished putting the sugar into the teas, Clair came out of the bathroom.

“Shall we do it then?” She asked quietly.


“Shall we do that threesome?”

“If you want to…”

“How do we get it started?” She was really jumpy.

“Leave that with me. Let’s go back in to the room.”

We returned to the bedroom, where Andrew was sat on the edge of our futon. I handed him his tea and sat on the floor opposite. Claire sat nervously beside me. Andrew handed me the joint, and I took a deep toke and handed it to Claire with a conspiratory wink.

“Andrew,” I said, exhaling blue smoke. “Question for ya. Would you like to fuck Claire?”

He looked shocked. “I’d LOVE to fuck Claire.”

“Go on then.”

“Are you joking?”

But by then she was already sitting down beside him. She lifted his chin with her finger, kissed his lips once and put her tongue into his mouth. They stared to kiss passionately. To this day I have never felt so many emotions at once. Anger, jelousy, and incredible hornyness to name just three. She waved me over to join them, but I just wanted to watch for a while.

Claire’s hand went down to his crotch and rubbed his packet as he started squeezing her tits through her shirt, their tongues kissing deeply. I must confess that I had a serious boner as I watched the situation unfold. He pushed her back onto the bed and undid her jeans, pulling them down to her ankles and exposing her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She sighed as he slid a finger into her pussy, and slowly began to poke her. She lifted herself onto her elbows and made eyes at me to come closer.

I sat down beside her, kissed her once and then pulled her top off over her head. Andrew was eating her pussy as I undid her bra and threw it onto the floor. She whispered “Somebody fuck me.”

The following ten seconds must have looked hilarious to a fly on the wall. Claire was sprawling on her back, naked, as Andrew and I quite literally raced to get our clothes off. We wore tight jeans back then, and there was definitely a bit of hopping about as we struggled to free ourselves. Eventually, we both stood naked. I took a crafty peak at Andrew’s cock and was rather relieved to see that it was smaller than mine. I know they say size doesn’t matter, but I promise you it does. I’d never seen another hard cock in real life before, and if he’d pulled out a “throbbing ten inches of man-meat”, as years of pornography would have had me believe, I’d have felt rather intimidated. I glanced down at Claire, and as I looked back up I caught him assessing mine in the same way. He looked away quickly. All good though, I was still the daddy.

I made a kind of “after you” gesture, and he knelt down between Claire’s thighs, preparing to screw her. Then he stopped. “Have you got a condom?” he asked. Shit. We hadn’t thought of that. Claire and I hunted the flat for about five minutes, and found only one. Claire was on the pill so we didn’t use them except for anal. She hurriedly put it on him, and resumed her position. He slowly pushed his rubber clad cock into her, and began to gently thrust in and out. She put her arms around his neck and winked at me over his shoulder.

“Fuck me harder Andrew. Harder.” He stepped up the pace somewhat. I knelt beside her, grabbed a handful of hair and started working her head back and forward on my cock as Andrew banged away between her legs. Her face was flushed, her nipples were as hard as rubber as I pinched them, and she was obviously loving it. She put her legs around Andrew’s waist.

After a few minutes of this we switched position. Andrew sat against the cushions, and I fucked Claire doggy style as she knelt between his legs, sucking his cock. I slapped her arse until it was rosy red, and she moaned with delight. I suggested that Andrew hold her by the hair while she sucked him, and he seemed only too pleased to give it a go.

We switched around, and I got to enjoy her mouth as Andrew fucked her from behind. She looked back at him and asked him not to come inside her, “I’m wearing a condom, ” he said. “I took it off when I was sucking your cock.” She replied, and went straight back to sucking me. After a minute she told him to lay on his back.

He did as he was told, and Claire lay down beside him and began to roughly stroke his cock. “Look at me. I know you’ve wanked yourself off thinking about doing this with me, Andrew. It’s real now though. I’ve let you fuck me, and now I’m going to make you spunk up.”

It took him another second and a half to squirt. It was rather impressive actually — much more than I usually came — it went all over his stomach and chest, as well as her hand and forearm. She dabbed a bit on her finger and licked it off, then pecked him on the lips.

My turn. She went down on me and hammered my cock with her hand and her mouth until I came. She swallowed it with a smirk, and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

I was in a kind of shock. Then Andrew said “I didn’t know you were into this sort of thing Liam. Angela’s always talking about being fucked by you, but we were scared to ask.” Angela was Andrew’s girlfriend. Hmmm.

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