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Jill mentally went down her checklist before settling in on the big plush living room sofa. Laptop fully charged and connected to the Wi-Fi-check. A glass of wine-check, black, lacy robe with sheer sleeves-check. No bra-check. Going braless was a last minute decision just in case he might want more pics. She decided it would be easier than trying to wrestle off her DD cup bra when he asked for pics which he surely would. She previously had sent him a few that were only semi-revealing since she was still a bit new to the whole chat thing and was a bit wary but also felt she might string him along a bit and not show him all the goods at once. He said he loved her pictures and complimented her on her curvy figure and huge, shapely tits so tonight she would give him what he wanted. He had not been shy about sending her fully nude images of himself showing off his young, lean athletic body and fully erect penis which was impressive in its own right so it was time to return the favor. But he had yet to show his face in any of his pics so, she reasoned, he might just be a little shy too.

She settled in on the sofa, propping up herself with a couple of large pillows. Her husband, Mark, was asleep after drinking several glasses of bourbon and water, not that he would care about her engaging in some racy chat. Their marriage was very open and since Mark loved watching other men fuck her, she doubted he would care about what she did on the computer. However, she did want to keep this part of her life secret from their daughter Lena although she likely wouldn’t care either. She was out with friends but had to be back by ten-thirty since it was a school night. Whether she was with friends or making out with some boy somewhere didn’t really matter to Jill either. Lena was a beautiful girl and always had young men calling on her and Jill suspected that her lovely daughter, who had just turned 18, might not be as innocent as she seemed. Her son Jack was off at college but had let her and Mark know he would be coming home for the weekend probably with a bag full of laundry for her to do not that she minded.

But the next couple of hours belonged to FitWaterDude_02 so she booted up her laptop, typed in the website’s name in the address bar and logged in- BakeSaleMom. It wasn’t the most original chat name but it did have the advantage of attracting younger men to chat with her. Although who really knew how old or what gender anyone might be on this site. It is the internet after all.

She clicked on the room called Naughty Moms which seemed appropriate for her since last weekend she had fucked one of Mark’s friends on this very couch while Mark watched and had been with numerous other men away from home. At 43 she was still quite lovely although a bit curvier then in the past and her DD tits always attracted attention which she returned if the man appealed to her. She scanned the list of people in the room ignoring the messages on the main board. In a matter of seconds she had 3 PMs which she ignored. She waited a bit more hoping he would show. They had a loose agreement to meet here around 8:00 or so on Wednesdays and the clock in the bottom corner of her screen read 8:12.

Then a PM popped up from FitWaterDude_02. She smiled as she clicked on it.

Hello again. He wrote

Hello yourself. How are you?

Much better now that you’re here

Jill felt a small wave of pleasure flow over her just from that simple comment.

She started to reply but another message from him appeared.

Are you wearing that black negligee robe thing again?

She had worn it when she sent the last pics and he said he really liked it.

Why yes I am. How did you know?

Lucky guess.

I’ll bet you want to see me in it don’t you?

Yes I do.

She moved the computer onto the coffee table and positioned it so that the camera framed her upper body nicely then took a couple of pictures, She quickly filed them, decided on which one was best and sent that to him.

Hot pics mom!

You like that one?

I do, I do and I see you’re not wearing a bra this time

No I’m not.

She opened her gauzy robe and took another pic, this one showing her huge tits clearly and unabashedly. She sent that one along and anxiously waited for his reply.

How do you like that one? Your turn.

I love it!! But I have a surprise for you.

Almost immediately a pic arrived. Her eyes quickly went to his handsome dick and another wave of arousal swept over her, a bit more intense this time. But then she saw his face for the first time. Her jaw dropped as she suddenly sat up straight on the couch.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed out loud.

At the same time her phone rang. Still in shock as she looked at the picture on her screen, it rang a couple of times.

The chat screen had a message. You should answer your phone mom.

Completely flustered she started to type a response in reply but stopped, moved her laptop to the side and looked at her phone. The name Jack showed on the screen.

“Oh my god, no, no, no!” she said again then she picked bursa escort up the phone and answered it.


“Hello BakeSaleMom.”

She was too frazzled to respond. After a few moments of silence she heard Jack start laughing.

“Surprise Mom!” he said with obvious glee.

“Oh my god, Jack! How did this happen?”

“You left your laptop unguarded las time I was home so I took a peek at your history.”

“But the last time you were home was three months ago. We’ve only been chatting for less than a month.”

“I’ve been logging on with different names. We’ve chatted several times but each time I tried to be different as far as how I came on to you. I got to say I was surprised to see my mom liked to get kinda dirty. It was really hot by the way.”

Jill’s heart thumped in her chest as she listened to him talk to her in a way sons should not talk to their moms.

“But how did you know which name was me?”

“Oh come on Mom. BakeSaleMom? You’ve made more cookies and cupcakes for school and the swim team than anyone. Plus I kinda went through most of the women listed until I figured out which one was you. I didn’t really know until you sent that first pic though.”

“We can’t do this Jack. We just can’t.”

Why not? We’ve both been having fun. No one’s gotten hurt. I don’t see a problem.”

“I’m your mother! That’s a problem!”

“Yeah I know. My mother who all my friends say is one hot MILF and to be honest I think so too.”

“Please tell me you haven’t told any of them about this”

“No I haven’t. This is between you and me.”

“Oh my god! You can’t ever tell anyone about this, promise me.”

“Don’t worry mom. Our secret is safe. Now can we continue chatting?”


“Well we don’t need to stay in the chat room now. We can just talk on the phone and send pics that way. It’d be faster for sure and hotter too.”

Jill fell back on to the sofa totally shocked and confused about what to do next. She had not expected that her favorite chat partner was her own son: her son who seemed to know exactly what she wanted when he chatted with her. Her son that had told her what he would like to do to her in graphic detail. Her son that had turned her on so much that she stroked herself to frenzied orgasms each time they had talked. As she thought about the whole situation she felt herself involuntarily getting aroused. Her hand almost unconsciously started making its way down to her crotch as she thought about what Jack had said to her online. Then she shook her head, trying to clear these forbidden thoughts away.

“I’m not going to have phone sex with my own son. Just hearing your voice now makes me feel guilty enough.”

“Aww, come on. It’s not like we haven’t done it before, just not on the phone.”

“No and I mean it, not tonight. You’re coming home this weekend and we’ll talk about it then.”

“Mom, I’m sorry. Are you OK? I didn’t mean to upset you. I thought you’d be cool with all this.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Come on mom. You told me when we chatted before about how you fuck other guys while Dad watches and sometimes when he isn’t watching. I figured why not keep it in the family. Maybe Dad would get off watching us fuck. I mean it’s like the hottest thing I can think of, right.”

Jill let the phone drop onto the sofa and fell back on the pillows. “Shit, shit, shit!” She said softly. How did she let this happen? Now Jack not only knew about her and Mark’s rather liberal sex life, he knew that his own Mom was a complete slut and, worst of all, it was obvious that he wanted to fuck her himself. But try as she might to suppress it, something in her mind found fucking her own son very alluring. She pictured his naked, 20 year old fit body, his hard dick and shaved pubes, his handsome face…enough of this.

“Mom, are you still there?” She could barely hear him since she had dropped her phone.

She picked up her phone. “I’m hanging up now. Don’t call me again. We’ll talk about this whole mess this weekend. Do you understand?” she said in her best scolding Mom voice.

“OK. I’ll see you this weekend.”

“OK. Love you Jack,” she always ended their calls that way but somehow this time it sounded weird.

“Love you too, BakeSaleMom.”

She could hear him giggling as she ended the call then turned off her phone. She tossed the phone onto the sofa again then her hand went straight down her panties. She found her vagina dripping wet and then started vigorously stroking her clitoris causing waves of pleasure to build up inside her. After less than a minute she came so hard she shrieked loudly then grabbed a pillow and covered her face as she continued to come, her body shaking and jerking so hard her leg knocked over her glass of wine. Afterwards she collapsed into the sofa pillows, panting and quivering all over. She stayed there for a time until she recovered a bit. She noticed the spilled glass of wine but decided cleaning it up could wait a few minutes until she got her thoughts together. After a short time she looked at her computer bursa escort bayan screen. She was still logged into the chat room and she looked at the screen and saw a message from Jack.

See you this weekend Mom.

As she saw the message she realized she had no idea as to how to handle this mess but had two days to come up with some kind of plan before things really got out of control. Who was she kidding, she thought. Things were already off the rails.

Although she was dreading it, Friday came none the less. Jack arrived, with a full bag of laundry in hand, and greeted everyone like he normally would. There were no sideways looks, no sneaking a hidden feel of Jill’s butt or tits, no sneaky smiles, just a college swimmer coming home for the weekend. To add more stress to things Mark was going to a friend’s house for poker night and Lena was staying with a friend so that they could “study for a big test”. Whether that was true or not didn’t matter for she was alone with her son until sometime later tonight at least.

After Mark and Lena had left the air became tense, for Jill anyway. Jack seemed just fine. She asked if he was hungry and he said no. She wanted to start his laundry right then but he said it could wait. So any stalling tactics she might have wanted to try were over and it was time to get down to the situation at hand. Jill sat on the sofa and Jack sat on the other end facing her. She hadn’t noticed before but both of their laptops sat on the coffee table. He picked up hers and handed it to her then picked up his own, opened it and put it in his lap.

“What are we doing?” Jill asked.

“Well since you’re not fully on board with everything I thought we could start on the chat room and see where things go,” he answered.

She thought that was actually a good idea so she typed in the chat room web address and quickly saw Jack had sent her a message.

Hi Mom. How are you feeling?

How do you think I’m feeling?

I hope you’re not upset with me is the big thing

No I’m not


Yes really. You just really caught me off guard is all

I guess it was quite a surprise

Oh you think

So what now??


Well you could take off that big sweater for starters

“Jack!” she said out loud.

Jack shook his head and pointed at the computer. She got the message and typed it in


Well are you going to or not?

Jill hesitated for a moment then slipped the sweater off revealing her undershirt. She had a bra on but her nipples were hard and pushed through the fabric, partially from the sweater moving over them but also because of feelings a mother should not have for her son.


Thank you

Why don’t you take off your t-shirt

Jill looked Jack straight in the eyes then removed her t-shirt revealing a lacy black bra underneath

Wow! You’re one hot mom!

He reached across and touched her hand and a feeling akin to a mild electric shock ran up her arm making her gasp. Without prodding she deftly unhooked her bra, took it off and tossed it to the side.

“Holy shit, mom…” Jack exclaimed out loud.

Jill shook her head and pointed to the screen this time.

I’d love see you rub them together

She took both of her hands and started massaging her big tits slowly, pushing them together and stroking her nipples. She looked at her son and saw his hand inside his pants rubbing his likely rock hard dick. This continued for a time as they ignored the computers in front of them and focused on one another.

It was time to make a decision. Jill ultimately was in control here so she needed to decide where to take things. Whatever way she decided would have a big effect on her relationship with her son and possibly her husband and daughter too. She could end things now and hope no major damage had been caused or…

“Jack. Let’s stop this nonsense,” she said, releasing her tits as she did.

Jack pulled his hand out of his pants and leaned back into the sofa exhaling loudly as he did.

“OK mom, whatever you want,” he said.

“What I want is for us to get up off this couch and go to the bedroom.”

Jack actually looked shocked at her answer as if he was not expecting her to say that. “Uh, OK, I mean Hell yeah let’s do it.”

Jill got up first and turned to go back to the bedrooms leaving Jack on the sofa. He almost threw his laptop off to the side then jumped up and followed her. He saw her go into his old bedroom. By the time he came in she had already shucked off her pants and had her panties halfway down her legs. In a flash Jack nearly tore off his clothes. Jill took a quick look and saw that her son was obviously ready to go judging by his stiff, hard cock. She fell back on the bed with Jack climbing on top of her before the mattress stopped shaking, Jill grabbed his head and brought his face down to hers and started kissing him hungrily. Jack returned her kisses in kind while his hands groped her tits roughly. He ran one hand down to her pussy and felt the full wetness there, eliciting escort bursa gasps of pleasure as he ran his fingers around every part of her, rubbing her clitoris along the way.

“Do me!” she panted. “Fuck me now before I change my mind!” Jill knew full well there would be no turning back, not given the waves of sheer sexual pleasure streaming all over her body.

Jack pushed himself up and obliged his mother, pushing his hard cock inside her then frantically driving it in and out as she thrust her hips up to meet him.

“Oh shit!” Jack exclaimed. “Oh my god that’s so good. He pushed up off her and looked down to see her huge tits shaking back and forth in time with his thrusts. He pushed up some more until he could see his dick going in and out of his mother’s pussy which turned him on even more, increasing his pace.

Jill looked up at her son’s face which was contorted in pure pleasure. She felt his big cock slamming into her wet pussy over and over again. She wrapped her legs around him and reached up and grabbed his tight ass, pulling him further into her as she squealed and gasped with each stroke. Suddenly Jack quickened his speed even more, thrusting harder and harder. Her own ecstasy amplified, building and building until her body seemed to burst in forbidden pleasure just as her son exploded, shooting stream after stream of sperm inside her. Both of them shook and stiffened as they climaxed together, bucking on the bed, shaking the bedframe to near destruction until Jack collapsed on top his busty mother, totally spent.

They both were silent for a time since coherent conversation wasn’t possible at the moment. Jill hugged her son to her tightly as their breathing and heart rate slowly returned to somewhat above normal. Finally Jack lifted up a bit and looked at his mother who smiled up at him. He leaned down and gave her a kiss, not a passionate as before.. He rolled off her and stared up at the ceiling. Jill reached over and took his hand in hers and gave it a quick, motherly kiss.

“Well that was something,” she said.

“That was absolutely something,” said Jack.

“But I need to know something,” she asked.


“When can you go again?”

Jack lifted up and looked into Jill’s smiling face, still a bit sweaty from their efforts. “Mom, I’m a college swimmer. How long do you think it takes me to recover?”

In response Jill rolled over and took her son’s cock into her mouth, sucking it expertly. In no time Jack was rock hard again. “I thought so,” she said as she climbed on top of him and guided his dick into her still well lubricated pussy. She bounced up and down on him leaning back as she did so as to get maximum penetration. Jack responded by massaging his mother’s big tits, rubbing his hands all over them. Jill then leaned forwards, pushing her huge tits into her son’s face and shaking them back and forth as his mouth and tongue licked as much of her as possible. It didn’t take long until she came again, gasping and panting as she fell across her son’s muscular chest. But there was no pause in the action this time. She rolled off him and pushed herself up on all fours, her message clear. Jack mounted her from behind this time taking his time with less forceful strokes as he admired his mom’s curvy, beautiful ass. He watched again as his cock slid in and out of his mom’s slick pussy, the sight only increasing his excitement. He reached down and pulled her head up by the hair as he continued to fuck her. She yelped not in pain but in delight as the two of them continued with the most forbidden of taboos.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah. Keep doing that!” she commanded so Jack obliged her with the pace and strength of a college athlete. Time and taboo were oblivious to both of them now. Their world was one of pure sexual pleasure, damn the consequences.

Jack pulled out then grabbed her hips and turned her on her back then climbed on top of her. In a flash he slapped his cock between her tits as she pushed them together for him. Which each long stroke she took the end of his dick into her mouth, giving it a brief kiss or suck until she saw his eyes close tightly and his head arch back. Jill she reached up and took her son’s hard cock into her mouth as Jack came again, shooting stream after stream of cum into her mouth. Jack pulled out before he was empty and shot semen on to his mom’s gorgeous tits. She spread it around them with her hands as he wiped his cock across her boobs, pushing the sperm all over them. Jack watched as she lifted first one breast then another up to her mouth and licked off some of the copious amounts of cum he had just released.

Jack fell to the side of his mother breathing a bit hard as he lay beside her. He looked over and saw her tits glistening in the lamp light due to his slick sperm coating them.

Jill rubbed her tits together a bit more enjoying the musky smell of her son’s seed. Neither of them spoke as they recovered from the most electrifying fuck either of them had ever had. Mother and son and just fucked the daylights out of one another but all the social ramifications, possible legal trouble (if anyone found out that is) and mom/son relationship consequences were not on their minds just now, The first fuck was over. The only thing on either of their minds was when they could do this again. Both hoped it would be soon.

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Crossdressing Son and Dad Pt. 05

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The next morning, Eric was up early to get ready for work. While he was dressing as Heather full time now, he still made sure everything was perfect before leaving the bedroom. He still hadn’t told his brother Matt, who he was. He wasn’t sure how he’d feel about it, and how much he would freak out about what he is doing with their dad. Matt was already up and sitting at the table eating cereal.

“Morning,” he said noticing Heather. She was wearing tiny shorts, and a t-shirt under her robe.

Heather sat down to eat something small before getting ready for work. She wasn’t sure how to play everything. Should she tell him everything? Would he be okay with it? Matt would be leaving in a few days, and it would be okay after, but it was getting there. They had some small talk before Matt asked, “So do you stay here a lot, or do you ever go back to your house?”

“Ryan…your dad…said it was okay for me to stay here for a while. I hope that’s okay,” Heather answered.

“Fine with me, I’m sure my brother won’t mind either,” he commented. “Have you met him yet?”

“Yes, he was very nice,” Heather answered nervously. He tried to stay away from that conversation.

“I heard you and my dad last night. Seems like you two are very happy together,” Matt smiled as he continued to eat.

“Oh sorry, we didn’t realize…he makes me very happy,” was all she could say.

“Don’t be sorry. Wish I found a girl like you who could make me happy like that,” he stared at Heather seductively.

“Well, I should really get ready for work. I don’t want to be late,” Heather said getting nervous. She went to their dad’s room and tried to calm down. After fixing her hair and makeup, she tried to find something to wear. She picked out a matching red bra and lace thong. As she did so, she thought she heard a creak at the door. She peered over but didn’t see anything. As she strapped her bra on, she heard it again. This time, she kept going and looked at the door pretending not to notice. She saw Matt there this time, trying to hide in the shadows.

She paused for a moment pretending to fix her bra. In doing so, Matt never left. While Matt didn’t know who Heather was, Heather knew Matt was aware was he was a crossdresser. He didn’t seem to mind as Heather could still hear the creaking of the floor as he watched Heather.

She was turned on as she knew she was being watched. She played with her cock a little bit before she tucked it away. The she got her red blouse and white skirt on. Her tits looked great as she tried to show off more. Her skirt ended right before her knees. It really made her ass pop as she admired it in the mirror. She got her bag and left the room.

“Hey Matt, I’m heading out.” She waited a minute to see where he was. He came out of his room a few seconds later, a little out of breath.

“Sure, No problem. I’ll see you later.” She smiled as she left feeling much better about herself.

All day at work Heather texted her dad and was anxious to see him. She also told him about Matt.

-Maybe you should see if he wants you also


-Only if you’re ok with it

-That would be kinda hot. What if he freaks out

-If he does it’s his problem. I love you no matter what baby

– 🙂

Heather was excited to return home to see how things would play out with her father’s approval. When she got home, Matt was not there. She wasn’t sure when he would return but she decided to change in the meantime. It was a sundress bursa escort that barely covered her ass. She put on some strapped heels as well to make it go a little better. Her tits weren’t used to being so out and about, but she didn’t think either would care.

About 30 minutes later, Matt had returned home while Heather was in the kitchen still cooking. He walked into a wonderful smell and was surprised she was there already. He was even more surprised when he saw Heather’s dress.

“Wow, that’s interesting cooking attire,” he smiled. He placed everything down and began to get more comfortable.

“Well, it gets hot in the kitchen. Didn’t want to be sweating all over the food,” she answered. He moved a little closer to her. Heather noticed the growing bulge in his pants. She bent down in front of him on purpose, her ass exposed and her cock barely staying in her panties. Matt felt like she was doing this on purpose, although he wasn’t sure why. Maybe she didn’t like his dad and just was some slut. Either way, he didn’t care.

As he got closer, she could feel his cock pressing against her ass. Heather couldn’t believe she was doing this to her own brother. It was hot that he didn’t know, and it was even better that their dad was okay with it, but she wasn’t about to tell Matt that. He got behind her and started to rub her back.

“When I saw you, I was wondering how my dad could get such a hottie like you. Then I peeked into your room and saw you two fucking. Quite an incredible body you have. Didn’t expect to see this flopping around,” Matt said as he reached down and held Heather’s cock in his hand. He could feel it getting hard. He smiled as he moved her hair with his nose from behind her. Her eyes were closed as she felt his cock push against her.

“Did you like what you saw,” she asked, showing she was into it.

“I didn’t think I would ever be so turned on by a cock before. I didn’t think see a sissy get fucked by my dad would be something that I enjoyed. Yet here we are, my cock throbbing so hard thinking about it,” he explored her body with his hands.

Heather was done playing games. “Maybe if you want it so bad, you need to take it,” as she spun around. She leaned against the counter, staring at him in the eyes. He didn’t wait a second longer either as he rushed towards her and began kissing her. His hands grabbed her face as his tongue slipped into her mouth. She reached down and could feel his cock even better. She didn’t realize her brother had such a huge member.

“I think it’s time for this thing to come out,” she said with a giggle. He was shocked by how commanding she was as she pushed Matt against the wall. His pants flew off and his cock smacked Heather in the face. She just laughed again. “I love giant cocks like this.” She took a moment to explore it. It was about 8 inches and very thick. He kept it nice and groomed as he had very little hair. His balls looked like he hadn’t cum in weeks.

“Think you can handle all of that baby?” He looked down and gave a little smile.

“You tell me,” She said finally opening her mouth. She started with the tip of his cock, just getting it nice and wet. With each bob of her head, she went down further on the thick cock of her brother.

“Mmmmm yes baby,” he started to moan. Heather was on her knees in her short dress, sucking a cock right in the kitchen. Matt looked down at her ass peeking out. “So fucking hot you are.” She kept going, using two hands now bursa escort bayan to work his meat. He looked down at her, her mouth full of cock but he could see how happy she was to being doing it.

Matt had been with many girls before, nights of fun that he still talked about, yet as he looked down, he couldn’t believe how this sissy was more beautiful than the rest of them. Knowing there was a cock under the dress made him even more excited and never expected to feel this way. Heather’s mouth worked his cock, and it was so wet, it was dripping onto the floor.

“What an amazing cock you have,” she moaned, coming up for air. He reached down with one hand and grabbed her by the throat. She followed biting her lip, spit and cum, all over her face. He pulled her closer and kissed her with such passion, he could now feel her cock starting to get hard. As they kissed, they moved out of the kitchen, down the hall, and into Matt’s room. Heather had been in this room plenty of times before, but never like this.

She pushed him down onto his own bed. He looked up at her smiling. Heather looked down at Matt, her unsuspecting brother and wanted to feel his cock in her badly. “I’m going to need to get this cock nice and wet before it’s able to fit anywhere.” She bent down in front of him and started sucking the slab of meat on her brother.

“Fuck baby, you really know how to suck dick,” he moaned looking down at her. Her tongue worked his small dick hole. Her hands carefully massaged his balls, even slipping a finger near his ass. He flinched a little but never resisted. Heather then felt the big cock start to twitch. He was about to cum. She prepared her mouth and throat for the coating it was about to get.

“Oh God, fuuuuuck.” Matt shot ropes in Heathers mouth. She took a moment to gather all of the cum in her mouth. She stood up to show Matt how much she caught. “You are incredible. I’ve never cum that fast before. I’m a bit embarrassed to be honest. I wanted to go much longer with you.” Heather did say anything. Instead, she grabbed Matt by the back of the head and lifted his head up. She opened his mouth as she leaned in and let all of his cum from her mouth drip into his.

“This is how good you taste,” she smiled as she gave him a kiss on the lips. Matt was taken back at how in charge she was. The taste of his own cum was sweet and salty. Before he could say anything else, Heather was giving more orders.

“Since we didn’t get to do everything, we wanted, I think I’ll have to be a bit more aggressive this time.” She pulled her cock out from under her dress. It was fully erect and much bigger than Matt thought. “Turn around for me baby.” Matt did as he was told. His cock semi-erect dangled between his legs as he waited for Heather to enter him.

“This is for not giving me a cock in my ass,” Heather said as she began pushing the tip of her cock into his hole. Matt considered himself a very manly guy. Never thought about being with a man or even thinking about cock. Yet as his dad’s cross-dress lover stuck her cock in his ass, he wondered how he ever went so long without it.

“Holy Shit. I’ve never had a dick in my ass before.”

“You enjoying it so far?”

“I…I think I am.” Matt didn’t want to admit he was enjoying being fucked. “Heather began to slowly pump away at her brother’s ass. Slowly but surely, he went harder and faster. “Fuck baby. This is amazing.” The slapping of Heathers balls hitting Matts ass turned escort bursa them both on so much. Heather grabbed her brother by the hips and started to go harder, pulling his hairy ass deeper on her cock.

“Yes, fuck Heather. Fill me up baby.” Words Heather would never though her brother would say those words, especially because of her. Heather felt the cum starting to get ready and shoot out. A few pumps later, Heather held herself there and emptied her balls into her brother’s ass. Matt could feel the warm seed enter his hole and he felt himself getting hard again. Heather pulled out and some cum dripped out as well. Before either of them could say anything more, they both noticed their dad at the doorway.

“Holy shit. Dad what are you doing… This isn’t….” Their dad just laughed and raised his hand. “Don’t worry son. Heather and I have a very open and understanding relationship.” They smiled at each other still keeping their secret. “I never knew you were into crossdressers and cock before Matt.”

“I didn’t either. There is something about her that made me want to try it out though.”

“Maybe we can finish off this night with helping me finish, if you are both okay with that.” Ryan wasn’t sure if this was crossing a line for Matt but if he was okay with it, he knew he could push him more in the future.

“What did you have in mind?” Ryan smiled and began undressing. Heather removed her dress until they were all completely naked. He gave her a deep kiss before saying, “I think my girl needs to be double stuffed.” They all agreed and quickly moved into position. Heather was on all fours on Matts bed with her dad in front of her and her brother taking behind. Matt was finally able to enter Heather as she sucked her father’s big cock. Heather moaned and slobbered away on the cock in front of her.

Matt’s cock was fully hard again as he gave Heather a similar pounding. Now she knew what her brother did with all those girls when he went out and why he was so popular. He was hitting her deep and felt like she would cum again herself. She looked up at her dad while she was still enjoying his cock and gave him a small wink. He gave one back and loved how this night was going.

Heather pulled away from both of them and asked, “Can we try something new?” They both nodded. She had her dad lay on the bed and she got on top of him, looking down as he entered her. She then instructed Matt to enter her ass as well.

“Unless you don’t feel like having your cock rub against your dads while you both fuck me,’ she teased. He didn’t even need to think as he began pushing her own cock into Heather’s ass. Her asshole had never been so stretched out before. Her moans quickly turned into screams as both men fucked her like crazy.

“Yes, fuck. Give me both of your cum in my ass!” She grabbed her dad’s face as she kissed him, her ass turning beat red. Her cock began to squirt out its own cum from the pounding she was getting. Her seed went everywhere. Her cock was wet as both men were abusing her ass and she loved every minute of it.

“Fuck baby, I’m about to cum.” Her dad moaned. “Me too. Let’s fill her up.”

Both men released their load into Heather’s ass. Each could feel the other’s cum hitting their cock in her ass. As each slid out of her, she made sure to lick the cum that was still on their cocks. Matt bent down and began to suck and lick the mixed cum out of Heather’s ass and swallow it. He couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed the taste and what he had just done. As Heather and his dad made their way back to their room, Matt laid there still naked. He loved every part of being with a crossdresser and planned to look for more in the future even if he didn’t know this one was his own brother.

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Islak Göğüs Uçları

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Islak Göğüs UçlarıHava berbat durumda yağmur yağıyor ve sırılsıklam olmuşsun bense şemsiyemle yolun kenarında bekliyorum sen yavaşça bana ıslandığını ve şemsiye altına girebilirmiyim diyorsun seni görünce düşünmeden kabul ediyorum sana göre küçüğüm ama aklımdan geçenleri yaşımla özdeşleştiremiyorum nerede oturuyorsun diye soruyorum gidiceğim yerin tam tersi olmasına rağmen bende otrafa gidiyorum sizi bırakabilirim diyor ve arabaya doğru yürüyorum belki de yolun kenarında anlamsız beklememin sebebi sensin arabadayken laf lafı açıyor okuduğumu söylüyorum ama sen kendinden bana hiç bahsetmiyorsun evine yaklaştığımızda bana zahmet ettin yukarı gel izmit escort bi çay iç diyorsun gencim işte düşünmeden davranırım kabul ediyorum senin niyetini kestiremesem de ben sadece seni istiyorum yağmurda ıslanmış kıyafetlerinden beliren o göğüs uçlarını emmek için kuduruyorum sen odana doğru gidiyorsun beni bekler misin üzerimi değiştircem diyorsun tamam beklemeye başlıyorum ama azgınlığıma ve senin şehvetine dayanamayıp odanın kapısına doğru ilerliyorum delikten bakmaya çalşyrm ama pek bir şey gözükmüyor hafifçe kapıyı aralıyorum o anda o güzel uçları taş gibi olmuş göğüslerini ve traş etmediğin amını görüyorum elim sikime gidiyor yahya kaptan escort dayanamıyorum kalmış vaziyette seni izlemeye devam ediyorum bu yetmezmiş gibi birde dantelli beyaz bir iç çamaşırı giyorsun o sırada kendimi iyice kaybedip gürültü çıkarıyorum sen önce panik oluyorsun seni dikizlediğimi görünce bana bakıyorsun şaşkın bir ifadeyle beğendin mi dye soruyorsun eee evveet beğendim o kusursuz vücudun karşısında titreyerek konşyrum yanıma yaklaşıyorsun daha fazla dayanamayıp dudaklarına yapışıyorum deliler gibi bir dudağından boynundan neredeyse vücudundaki her yerden bir öpücük alıyorum gebze escort hızlıca kıyafetlerimi çıkarıyorum sende yeni giydiğin çamaşırları ikimizde çırılçıplak sevişmeye başlıyoruz seni yatağa yatırıyorum ve amını yalama başlıyorum sulanmış ve yanıyor adeta bir yandan 2 parmağımla seni parmaklıyorum bir yandan da dilimle seni vakumluyorum artık dayanamıycam taş gibi olmuş aletimi bir hamlede içine sokuyorum inliyorsun bu beni daha çok tahrik etti hızlanıyorum ve hiç durmadan giderek hızlı bir şekilde seni delirtiyorum terler içindeyim ve beraber boşalıyoruz her yerine döl bulaşmış sonra bir sigara içtikten sonra ağzzına aıyorsun hemen sertleşiyor ağzınla beni öldürüyorsun sanki ve bu şekilde amından ağzından seni beceriyorum 4 posta attım ama dayanamıyordum hala seni istiyorum.Bir daha ki seferin olmayacağını biliyorum ve seninle yatağa uzanıyorum biraz dinlendikten sonra seni bir kez daha öpüyorum ve evden ayrılıyorum.

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Husband Wife and Incest with Sibling Ch. 03

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Third and final Chapter

you really have to read chapter two for this chapter to make sense.

My wife came over to the bed and sat on the edge she then looked me in the eyes. She stared me in the eyes for a while and said, “go on then, if you have tears flowing down your cheeks it must me pretty extreme for you to hold it back from me. I mean, we have been married for two years and you could not tell me about what is bothering you before this, it must be hard to handle?”

I let her eyes penetrate me for a while and said, “scoot closer. I need you next to me when I tell you this” I really wanted her close as I began to tell her my darkest secret, I needed her touch in order to get through this, so I began.

My chest was in my throat and my nerves were stressed as their full level. I knew my blood pressure was going up.

“My sister and I had sex before you and I met, it was passionate sex. My father caught me when we were both in the middle of our orgasm as he slammed to door open and ripped me off of her by my hair. He stopped paying for my college and that is why I had to drop out of my classes. It is the reason why I could not finish the schooling. I just didn’t have the funds to continue”.

I continued to tell her about the story of what happened, (Reference Chapter 2 for the whole story). As I continued I noticed she started to finger her pussy, she was starting to have an orgasm without much work on her part to make it happen. She was really enjoying this, my nerves began to calm down, my blood pressure I could tell was also calming down. I stopped for a minute and gave her a kiss. She stuck bursa escort her tongue in my mouth and we began to French Kiss.

She reached over and closed her fingers around my cock. Then she turned her mouth to my ear and whispered in my ear, “Fuck me like you did your sister”. That is not hard for me because much of what I have been doing when I have sex with my wife is the same as what I did with my sister.

So I moved on top of her and slid my hips up toward her’s. My penis slipped into her vagina without any problem at all. She hadmade herself that wet listening to me. I slid it back and forth in her pussy, deeper and deeper I would go. I hit her cervix and just held it there for a while. I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm. Then my wife whispered in my ear, “suck on my ear lobe while your Cumming. Please suck on my ear lobe. This is what my brother used to do when we would have sex.

I paused for a moment, it was then that I realized I had truly married the perfect woman. She under stands me, she knows me through and through. So I sucked her ear lobe in between my lips, then I rolled my tongue around her ear and stuck my tongue into her ear opening. Then I sucked her ear lobe back into my lips and she began to scream, Yes, Yes, Yes.

It was my sister that I heard screaming, I opened my eyes and I saw my sister under me not my wife. She spoke to me, “Yes James just like before, let us pick up where we left off”! My cock got rock hard, I started grinding my penis into her cervix, then I exploded my cum into her pussy.

It was amazing, it felt like I had relived the moment with my bursa escort bayan sister. The difference is my father did not slammed the door open and ripped me off her so hard that my cock would make a pop sound as it came out of her vagina.

I rolled off my wife and I saw my wife again not my sister. I looked her in the eye with the most love I have ever had for her. She looked at me, “Thank You honey, you know my brother is still alive. Would you consider us ever having a threesome together? A mad passionate sexual adventure?”

Wow, this is really turning out to be some night! Then the phone rang, my wife picked up the phone. “Hi Randy”, she paused and listened for a moment. Randy is her brother so I let her have the time to have her conversation. “Sure Randy come on over, I will make up the couch for you, you can stay for as long as you like”.

Tonya looked me in the eyes, “His wife just kicked him out of the house and told him he could never come back”. I looked at her and knew things were going to take another step in our relationship. Would I be able to handle this? I did not know, but I knew I had to try because I did not want to loose Tonya. I was just getting started to truly know her.

About a half hour later Randy knocked on the door, he came in with three suitcases and a 24 pack of beer. He sat on the couch and Tonya went over and sat next to him. She kissed him on the lips, Randy was taken a back some and just looked at her and glanced at me. Tonya spoke up, “not to worry Randy, James knows all about you and me when we were young and he has some secrets of his own as well”.

Randy escort bursa sported a knot in his pants immediately, he kissed my sister back and dropped his pants to the floor. Tonya dropped her panties to the floor and took her top off. What the hell I thought to my self, I dropped my pants and took off my top. Randy then took off his top, we were now all naked. Tonya took his penis in his mouth and starting giving him a blow job. I started to stroke my cock, Randy began to play with Tonya’s tits. She began to moan and and grunt with that 6 inch Dick of Randy’s in her mouth.

It didn’t take long and Randy climaxed, sperm was dripping down the corners of Tonya’s mouth. She stopped with Randy and took my Dick in her mouth. Randy put his Dick into Tonya’s pussy then I climaxed a second time, Randy then climaxed and filled her cunt with sperm. Then she took Randy’s Dick in her mouth again and I stuck my dick into Tonya’s pussy. We climax again all at the same time.

“Gee I think that is the most I have cum ever in a long time”! Randy spoke up, maybe this is something we could continue with Longterm? I looked at Randy with a crooked smile, “that is just what Tonya and I were about to discuss when you called tonight”.

Tonya spoke up, “if we are going to continue with this we are going to have to move, somewhere we will not be afraid of the law. It is illegal for a Brother and Sister to have relationship like this. You and I James are OK but not Randy and I. How do you suppose we tackle this? Leave that to me Tonya, I will take care of it all. We are going to make this work, I will see to it.

Then I saw my sister standing behind the couch with a big smile on her face. She winked at me and took her top off. I immediately got a big knot in my pants. Tonya turned to look behind the couch and looked back at me. “It will be OK James, I will take care of you also.

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Kızım benim 2

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Kızım benim 2Üç gün sonra kızım yanıma gelip. Baba lütfen kızma ama o çocuk üç gündür peşimde. Affetmem için yapmadığı şey kalmadı.Bugün affettim.Bugün yine eve gidelim dedi ama ben bize çağırdım. Bir saat sonra gelecek. Merak etme odamızdan çıkmayacağız. Sende bilmiyor gibi davran lütfen. Onu seviyorum dedi.Bende tamam kızım sen nasıl istersen dedim.İçeride tv izliyordum. Karım yine alt komşuda günlük dedikolarındaydı. Yarım saat sonra zil çaldı kapıyı açtım. Çocuk karşımdaydı kibarca selamlaştık içeri buyur ettim. Havadan sudan konuşuyorduk. Çocuk gerçekten hoştu, sanırım okulun popüler çocuğu olduğu için kızım vaz geçemiyordu. Sonra kızım geldi. Hafif göğüs dekolteli mini etekli. Çocğun yanına gelip merhaba diyip öptü. O da azıcık yanımızda oturdu. Bense “hadi çocuklar odanıza geçin ders çalışın zamanınızı iyi değerlendirin bende dışarı çıkacağım zaten dedim. Tamam deyip odalarına geçtiler.On dakika sonra kızım yanıma gelip “baba, kocaeli escort bizi bir saat gerçekten yalnız bırakacak mısın”dedi Bendenede nedim. Beklemediğim bir hareket edip, elini dizimle sikim arasında bir yere koyup, bugün küçük kızın kadın olacak. Ama sen buradayken yapamayacağını söyeldi.”Bende kızım saçmalama ne diyorsun “ dedim. O dahada yanıma sıranıştı eli hafiften sikimin ucuna değiyordu. “lütfennn babacık, hani arkadaştık bırak kızın kadın olsun artık daha rahat konuşuruz söz her şeyi anlatacağım “ deip kulağıma eğilip, “zevk aldığını biliyorum “ dedi yanağımı öptü. “tamam” dedim çıktım evden tabi beş dkaika sonra çaktırmadan girdim. Kızımın odasına doğru yavaşça yürüdüm inleme sesleri çokta geliyordu. Kapı deliğinde baktığımda çocuk pantolonunu çıkartmış sikini kızıma yalatıyordu. Kızım amatörce çocuğun sikini yalıyordu. Arada birde direktif alıyordu. Baya yalattı çocuk sonra kızımın amını yalamaya başladı. Çok darıca escort göremesemde bacakları ayrık olan kızımın amının üstünde bir kafa vardı.En sonunda kızımı yatağa yatırdı. Sikini tükürükledi ve yavaşça girdi. Tam sokamıyordu kızım durdurup devam ettirmeye çalışıyordu. Beş dakika sonra çocuk sanırım hepsini sokmuştu ama devam etmiyordu. Kızımın alışmasını bekliyordu. Sonra sikini çıkardı sanırım kızımın amı kanadığı için, onu siliyordu çocuk. Sonra tekrar sikmeye devam etti. Beş dakika sanırım sikti kızımı. Sonra prezarvatif taktı ve o şekilde sikmeye başladı. Dura dura kızımı mutlu ede ede sikti çocuk .On dakika sonra sanırım boşaldı ki kızımın üstüne yığıldı. Beş dakika yan yana yattılar. Sonra kızım birden kalktı ve çocuğun sikini tekrar yalamaya başladı. Çok geçmeden kaldırdı da sonra ayağa kalkıp domaltı bir yerden krem aldı kayganlaştırıcı gibi götüne bolca sürdü. Sonra götünü sallayıp yanına çağırır gölcük escort gibi yaptı. Net göremiyordum ama çocuk birkaç denemden sonra gidip gelmeye başladı kızımın götünde. On dakika boyunca hayvan gibi sikti ve o şekilde yine kızımın içine boşaldı. Sanırım kızımın ayaklarında derman kalmadıki yatağa yığıldı.Sonra ikiside giyindiler ve yatağa uzanıp hem konuşup hem öpüşüp zaman geçirdiler. Bende dışarı çıktım. Uzun uzun kızımın bu durumunu düşündüm. Bir saat sonra eve geldiğimde oğlan yoktu karım yemek hazırlıyordu.Kızımın yanına gittim saçını öptüm, nasılmış benim küçük kızım dedim. Oda güldü, kadınım diyecektin herhalde dedi.Evet dedim nasıl bir duygu dedim. Baba hala ara ara kanıyor doğal mı dedi. Bende eve birkaç güne geçer ama hep dikkat et dedim. O da tamam dedi, ee anlat zevklimiyi dedim. O da önce acı ama sonrası zevk .Gerçekten çok güzel bir duygu. Kendine birine ait hissetmek kadın olduğunu issetmek çok iyi dedi. Bende “aman ha sadece bir kişiye ait ol yaşın erken ama lisede adın çok çabuk çıkar” dedim. O da merak etme dedi .Biz birbirimize söz verdik ölene kadar beraberiz dedi. Sadece güldüm ve çıktım. Tabi kızım bir hafta sonra oğlandan ayrıldı.

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Mom’s Motivation: Lesbian Seduction

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Mom’s Motivation: Lesbian Seduction

Summary: Mom takes daughter’s virginity with strap-on.

Note 1: This is dedicated to Larry, who requested the story.

Note 2: This is part eight in the MOM’S MOTIVATION series.

In Part 1, Mom’s Motivation, Stephanie uses her sexual prowess to motivate the younger of her two grown sons into finally getting a job.

In Part 2, Mom’s Motivation: A 2nd Son, after a few fun and exciting encounters with her younger son, she invites him over for another all-nighter (while her high school senior daughter is away at a sleepover), and they’re caught in the act by her elder son, which leads to a very hot threesome. (Which only happens once Andrew, the elder son, convinces his Mom that he too can and will get a job.)

In Part 3: Mom’s Motivation: Anal Mommy, the next day the boys double penetrate their Mommy.

In Part 4: Mom’s Motivation: Daughter’s BF, Stephanie, upon discovering her daughter’s fear of losing her boyfriend Joel, decides to take matters into her own hands (for ‘matters’ read Joel’s cock), and into her mouth and pussy… willing to do anything to protect her daughter.

In Part 5, Mom’s Motivation, Daughter’s Prom, Stephanie drains Joel before Haley’s prom, ends up making sure he has a good prom when Haley doesn’t follow through, and gets caught sucking his cock in the car by his roommates.

In Part 6, Mom’s Motivation: Dorm Blackmail, Joel’s two roommates don’t quite mention blackmail when they tell Joel they want to meet Stephanie, but not wishing to take any chances (and also happy to get laid), she goes over late the next morning and takes all three of them on for a few hours, including a hot interlude while she’s plugged completely airtight.

In Part 7, Mom’s Motivation: Hot Masturbation, Stephanie teaches her daughter the pleasures of masturbation and the joys of watching porn.

And now…

Mom’s Motivation: Lesbian Seduction

Stephanie arrived home at 2am and found her daughter in her (Stephanie’s) bed, fast asleep. The laptop was closed, and her sex toy was lying on the bed… not where she’d left it.

The mother smiled.

She’d already helped both of her sons improve their lives through having lots of sex with them (after requiring them to get steady jobs).

She’d also improved Joel’s sexual skills (after insisting upon his pledge to be faithful to her daughter… except for having all the sex he wanted with Stephanie), which would eventually become a valuable gift for her daughter.

And she’d very recently (just several hours ago) taught her virginal daughter how to masturbate and had pointed out some of the attractions of pornography.

So as crazy as it seemed, and as objectionable as most people would consider her actions, Stephanie had created imaginative ways to remain close to her children, and to bond with them in ways that were emotional, powerful and hopefully forever.

She slipped out of her work clothes (she worked at Hooters, so they were pretty sexy), but remained in her pantyhose, then slid under the blanket and sheets and wrapped an arm around her daughter.

Haley woke up somewhat, saying vaguely, “Mom?”

“I see you enjoyed my toy and my porn,” the Mom whispered, as she pulled her mostly naked daughter close.

“I just felt so….” Haley began and stopped… since even after their frank conversation earlier in the day, she wasn’t sure what was okay to say.

“It’s okay, honey,” Stephanie said. “We all have needs, and there are no limits to what you can tell me or ask me.”

“It’s just so embarrassing,” the daughter said, even though she felt so warm and safe in her Mom’s arms.

“It’s natural, honey,” the Mom said, giving her daughter a squeeze (believe it or not, just a motherly one). “Now, just go back to sleep if you want to.”

“Okay,” Haley said, completely spent from her discovery of the pleasure of sex toys… and the orgasms they’d given her.

“Love you, honey,” Stephanie said.

“Love you too, Mom,” Haley said, drifting back to slumber within her Mom’s safe cocoon.


The next day, Stephanie woke up to an empty bed. As she looked at the clock, she was surprised to see it was after eleven… Haley would have gone to school hours ago.

The mother got out of bed, had some breakfast and a long shower.

She was sitting at the kitchen counter watching The View on her laptop, while also scrolling through Facebook, when her daughter’s arriving home startled her. It was barely afternoon, and she didn’t normally come home for lunch.

“What have you done to me?” Haley asked immediately after coming through the front door, sounding agitated, and with her cheeks flushed.

“What do you mean?” Stephanie asked, standing up with concern.

“I can’t focus on anything at school,” Haley said, exasperated.

“Why, bursa escort honey?”

“Because I’m so… I’m so… I’m so horny,” Haley blurted out.

“Oh honey,” Stephanie said with a slight soft laugh as she came around the counter and gave her daughter a hug.

“I’m serious,” Haley said. “All I can think about is needing to come again.”

“That’s what happens when you wait so long,” Stephanie said. “The dam broke.”

“Well, now I need to get myself off… again… so I can focus,” Haley said.

“Let me help you,” Stephanie said, the idea of fucking her popping into her head, and perhaps even dining on her sweet, virginal daughter.

“Now that you’ve taught me how, I think I can do it myself,” Haley said, heading upstairs to her Mom’s bedroom… feeling so frustrated that she couldn’t control herself enough to stop sinning… couldn’t resist the temptation. As she’d headed to school that morning recalling the previous day’s crazy conversation, then masturbating with her hands being controlled by her mother, watching porn, mostly lesbian porn, and coming on one of her mother’s toys, she’d made a vow to herself not to let that kind of pleasure control her. But that vow had lasted less than four hours. At school she couldn’t focus on the lectures, had daydreamed about sex during a video in history class, and had caught herself numerous times staring at Valerie’s nylon-clad legs in her too-short-for-school plaid skirt.

The mother pondered for a couple of minutes about what to do. Then, deciding to do what she’d done for her other two children, she walked into her bedroom just as her daughter was getting out of her jeans, and saw she was wearing pantyhose underneath… which made her smile fondly.

“Mom, please,” Haley said. “May I have some privacy? I know this is your room, but…”

“Honey,” Stephanie interrupted gently, “it’s my job as your mother to help you come to an understanding of your body.” She slyly admired her daughter’s body, which except for her small tits, was a younger replica of her own.

“Huh? What about equality between genders? Did you do that for Andrew and Alex? Teach them how to jack off?” she asked sarcastically, as she stood in front of her mother in only pantyhose, panties and a t-shirt.

“Actually, I did,” the Mom acknowledged.

“You did?”

“Yes, with no father figure in the family, I had to,” Stephanie said, not willing to go into detail about just how much she’d helped… at least not yet.

“And how did you do that?” she asked.

“Just guided them to an understanding,” she answered vaguely.

“Well, you guided me very thoroughly yesterday,” Haley said. “So today I need to guide myself.”

“Okay, okay,” Stephanie said, not wanting to push it. “I’ll leave you to self-explore, but if you want to talk some more about your sexuality, or how to get ready for Joel, I’m here to help.”

“What do you mean get ready for Joel?” Haley asked, suddenly concerned.

“Well, now that you’ve discovered the pleasure your body can experience, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll become curious to know how to receive that pleasure from another person. And if you’re anything like me, which I believe you are, you’ll come to love the thrill of giving pleasure to others.”

“I’m not ready yet,” the girl said, even though all morning she’d wondered what getting fucked would feel like… and oddly, what it would be like to eat a pussy.

“I’m not saying you are,” Stephanie said. “I’m just saying that I’m here when you’re ready to start considering it. There’s no rush.”

“Ummm…” Haley said doubtfully, then decided just to admit what was foremost in her mind. “But what if there is a rush?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“All I thought about today was sex,” Haley blurted out.

“That’s natural for someone your age,” Stephanie said, walking towards her confused daughter.

“Natural for a guy, maybe,” Haley said, knowing that was all guys thought about… knowing she was often checked out by her male classmates, and had also often seen how men drooled over her mother.

“That’s a misconception, dear,” Stephanie said, taking her daughter’s hands in hers.

“You’re saying guys aren’t always thinking about sex?” Haley asked with a smirk.

“Oh no, that’s true enough,” Stephanie agreed with a laugh. “But so are girls.”

“Really?” Haley asked.

“Certainly,” Stephanie agreed.

“So do you think about sex all of the time?”

“Well, not all the time, but your mother has needs, and I need to satisfy them quite often,” the Mom admitted with a smile.

“Gross!” Haley said.

“What?” Stephanie asked. “You don’t think that more than a few women want to enjoy the pleasure you experienced last night?”

“I never thought about it,” Haley admitted, recalling how good last night had felt… amazing… life changing.

“You know something? I walked in on your grandma fucking herself with a cucumber when I was your age,” Stephanie said, recalling the shocking moment.

“No way!” Haley gasped.

“Your bursa escort bayan grandma was always a very sexual women,” Stephanie added. “Actually, she still is.”

“Things I never need to know,” Haley said.

“Although she prefers women now,” the Mom continued, which was true, and a sly opening to where she wanted to steer this conversation. She couldn’t help it… she wanted to eat her daughter’s pussy, to have her daughter eat hers, and to be the first person to fuck her… with one of her strap-ons.

“Mom!” Haley gasped, shaking her head at her Mom’s shocking revelations.

“What?” the Mom asked, enjoying tainting her daughter’s innocent view of the world… about her grandmother and, of course, about herself… her daughter’s own mother. “Have you never considered being with a woman? You seemed pretty intrigued by those porn clips yesterday.”

“Mom!” Haley said exasperated, stunned by her Mom’s revelations about her grandma, and now her hints about she herself maybe being a lesbian.

“Sit down on the bed, honey,” Stephanie said. “Let’s have a real talk.”

“Mom, I’m half naked,” Haley said.

“Fine,” Stephanie said, pulling her dress over her head and tossing it aside… now wearing only a bra that didn’t really hide her huge breasts, and thigh high nylons… no panties… as usual… for quick access by her sons or her daughter’s boyfriend. “Now we’re both half naked. Better?”

“Mom!” Haley gasped again, as her Mom then gently pushed her down onto the bed while she stared at the unique nylons.

“Look, we’re both adults,” Stephanie said. “And I want what’s best for you.”

“I don’t even know what’s best for me,” the daughter said with a heavy sigh. Her sexuality had suddenly been awakened, thus making her even more confused, not less.

Stephanie placed her hand on her daughter’s leg and stroked it slowly, enjoying the feel of the sheer nylon and saying, “Honey, let Mommy help.”


“Well, it’s a little unorthodox.”

“Weirder than teaching me how to masturbate?” Haley asked, still shocked at what had transpired yesterday… even while her pussy tingled.

“Actually yes, even weirder, if you prefer that word,” Stephanie agreed.

“I can’t even imagine.”

“I’ll be right back,” Stephanie said, squeezing her daughter’s leg and kissing her cheek.

“Where are you going?” Haley asked, as her Mom stood up.

“Just into my closet for a moment,” the Mom said.


“You’ll see,” Stephanie said. “Why don’t you lie down and relax?”

“I’m not relaxed at all right now,” Haley said… still quite horny… horny enough that the revelation about her grandma being a lesbian hadn’t extinguished the fire inside her.

“Mommy will help with that,” Stephanie called out, as she pulled her eight-inch strap-on… the smallest one she owned… out of its packaging.

“I can’t imagine how,” Haley said, surprised to still be horny, even after what should have been the fire extinguishing conversation with her mother.

The pretty mother slid the harness up her firm legs and said, “Just close your eyes and relax, honey.”

“Your just saying that makes me feel anxious,” Haley said. And she didn’t close her eyes.

“Wasn’t I a help yesterday?” Stephanie asked, as she tightened the harness around her waist.

“Yes,” Haley said after a considerable pause. “Although it was weird.”

“Well, this is going to be weird too,” the Mom said striding out of her closet… her strap-on cock leading the way.

“Mom!” Haley gasped for the who could count how many time.

“What?” Stephanie asked, her hands on her hips as she posed.

“What do you plan to do with thaaaat?” Haley asked, as she stared at the dick suddenly planted between her mother’s legs and certain she could guess exactly what her mother planned to do with it… since two of the videos she’d watched last night had girls wearing them. Which they’d used to fuck other girls.

“Depends,” the Mom said walking to the bed.

“Depends on what?” Haley asked, as she felt a little wetness emerging between her legs.

“Well, I thought first I’d teach you how to suck a cock,” Stephanie said.

“Gross,” Haley said.

“It isn’t gross at all,” Stephanie said brightly, now standing at the edge of the bed… looking down at her daughter, who was lying down… staring up at the strap-on. “Sucking a cock is an important part of being a woman.”


“Yes,” Stephanie said. “Now don’t get all prudish or judgemental on me.”

“Mom, I am not a prude,” Haley said, having hated that word when she’d been called one in the past.

“Sorry, poor choice of words,” Stephanie said, knowing her daughter’s insecurity full well. “My point is that sex is about intimacy, about pleasing your partner, and about expanding your own curiosity about exploring.”

“I don’t know,” Haley said. “However, I do want to be good for Joel when the time comes, and I don’t want to disappoint him.”

“Honey, you most certainly won’t disappoint him,” Stephanie escort bursa said softly, “not a chance! But it will help if you’re ready. And I mean really ready.”


“Come here and sit on the edge of the bed,” Stephanie instructed. She was still standing.

“Okay,” Haley said, and after a momentary hesitation, she did, right in front of her mother. “Now what?”

“I want you just to look at my cock,” Stephanie said.


“And admire it for a little while.”


“What are you thinking?” Stephanie asked about twenty seconds later.

“I’m not sure.”

“Do you feel like sucking it?”

“A little,” Haley admitted, something about staring at a cock from so close was drawing her in… it was making her mouth water and her pussy dampen.

“Do you feel like having this cock in your pussy?”

“Mom!” Haley objected, feeling her cheeks burning.

“There are no right or wrong answers. Just tell me what you’re feeling, honey.”

After another pause, Haley admitted, “Yes… yes I do. I want to feel that penis in my pussy.”

“You’re allowed to use that word in a classroom or a doctor’s office, but never in a bedroom. It’s much sexier if you call it a dick or a cock,” Stephanie corrected.

“Fine. I’d like that dick in my pussy,” Haley said, as she reached up and wrapped her hand around it.

“Show me,” the Mom encouraged.

“How?” Haley asked, as she slowly stroked it.

“Worship my cock,” Stephanie ordered. “Start by just rolling your tongue around my cock head. Men like their cock stroked and sucked before they fuck someone.”

“This is weird,” Haley said, as she stroked the cock.

“Just trust Mommy,” Stephanie said, this being a far more delicate seduction than Alex or Andrew’s.

Haley stroked the cock slowly… becoming entranced by it… wondering what a real cock might feel like in her hand… might look like right before her eyes like this. “Okay,” she agreed, and she leaned forward, extended her tongue, and swirled it around the cock head.

“Good girl,” Stephanie encouraged.

Haley was all flushed… and yet excited… her pussy tingling. This wasn’t bad at all!

“Focus on the cock head,” the Mom instructed.

“Is this all I do?” Haley asked, wanting to take the cock into her mouth.

“No, honey,” she said. “But at first getting him excited and hard is part of the fun.”

“I want to suck it,” Haley said, after swirling her tongue around a few more times.

“Then talk to me. Explain what you want to do for me,” Stephanie pushed, doing her best to coax Haley into becoming desperately hungry for this cock.

“I want to suck your cock,” Haley answered, feeling excited to be using dirty words, and as she wrapped her lips around the cock, she found herself wishing it was real… wishing it was Joel’s.

“Take your time,” Stephanie said. “Get used to having someone’s cock in your mouth.”

Haley listened and obeyed. She was surprised by how natural it felt to have this cock in her mouth… even though it wasn’t a real one. It stretched her mouth somewhat. Her initial instinct was to bob. So… she bobbed on it.

“That’s it, nice and slow,” the Mom encouraged. “Keep worshipping my cock.”

“Mmmmmm,” Haley moaned involuntarily, the act of sucking her Mom’s strap-on cock really turning her on. The act was sexually stimulating, and yet it felt oddly innocent, too. It wasn’t dirty… or immoral… but simply an act of love.

“You’re a natural little cock sucker, honey,” Stephanie encouraged, as she watched her daughter bobbing slowly on her cock… in awe at how quickly this was all transpiring.

After a minute or two, Haley taking a little more with every few bobs, she was soon taking six inches between her lips with natural ease.

“By now you’d be swallowing Joel’s cum, honey,” Stephanie said, pulling the cock out of her mouth.

“I would?” Haley asked. That prospect would have been disgusting a day ago, yet now it was something she felt kind of curious about.

“Well, unless he pulled out and gave your pretty face a facial,” Stephanie joked… although it wasn’t really a joke.

“Gross,” Haley objected to the idea.

“All guys want to come on a girl’s face.”

“All of them?”

“Yeah, it’s part of the male DNA,” Stephanie said.

“So, you’ve allowed men to come on your face?” Haley asked, still stroking the cock without even realizing she was doing it.

“Would you judge me harshly for it if I said yes?”


“I’ve been happy about that happening many times,” Stephanie admitted. “Actually, I really like it.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, the act is a little humiliating, but frankly, I’m submissive in the bedroom, and so I love to do just about anything I can to please my man,” Stephanie explained

“That’s hard to imagine.”

“Yeah? Because I seem to be a strong-willed woman who doesn’t really need a man at all?” the Mom asked.

“Yeah,” she agreed.

“Actually, women like me… and like you, for that matter… are usually the most submissive ones.”

“How so?”

“Well, in public, we’re constantly living a life of righteousness and standing up for women and ourselves, so behind the scenes we just want to let go… to take a break from making all the decisions,” Stephanie explained.

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Fehmi de heyecanlanmıştı. Fehmi karımın kalçalarını ayırıyor, belinden bastırarak amının ve götünün daha da ortaya çıkmasını sağlayarak, sikini karımın götüne sokmaya uğraşıyordu.- “Ohh yavaş…” dedi karım, “Yavaş ol n’olursun… o göt henüz bakire… Öyle büyük ki sikin… ancak böyle bir yarak bu götü hak eder.. “O küçük deliğin açıldığını, Fehmi’nin kocaman sikinin yavaş yavaş içine girdiğini görebiliyordum. Hemen hemen yarısını almıştı ki içine, ufak ufak hareketlenmeye başladı. Hem inliyor ama aynı zamanda daha da girmesini istiyordu. Kalçaları yine yukarı aşağı, sağa sola oynamaya başlamıştı. Fehmi’nin siki, hafif hafif rahatça girip çıkıyordu artık. Her aşağı bastırışında da, biraz daha çok alıyordu içine. Sonunda kalçaları, Fehmi’nin kasıklarına yapıştı. Kısa bir süre, hiç hareket etmeden durdu karım. Sonra yeniden kalçalarını ileri geri oynatarak götünde sikin kendiliğinden girip çıkmasını başladı. Adaleleri iyice gevşemişti artık. 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Birden garip bir homurtu çıktı Fehmi’nin ağzından. Getiriyordu. Hem de bayağı iyi getiriyordu. Karımın götüne girip çıkmakta olan sikinin iki yanından, beyaz damlaların sızdığını görebiliyordum. Spermleri göt deliğinden amına doğru akıyordu. Daha da baş döndürücü bir manzaraydı bu. Sonra karımın da beli gelmeye başladı. İnliyor, çırpınıyor, titriyordu. Bir süre öylece kaldılar. Sonra karım yavaşça doğrulup, Fehmi’nin dudağına bir öpücük kondurdu. Bu sefer her şeyin bittiğine emindim. Fehmi, baygın gibi yatıyordu yatağın üstünde. Karımın yatağın bir köşesine savrulmuş havlusuna elini uzattığını görünce, hemen toparlandım ben de. Sessizce bende yatağın üstüne oturdum. Çırılçıplaktım ve sikim neredeyse patlayacak haldeydi. Acaba önce banyoya mı gidecekti karım? Onun sarhoş olduğunu unutmuştum her halde. Doğruca bana geldi. Havluyu beline sarmak zahmetine kocaeli escort bile katlanmamıştı. Yatağın ucunda ayakta durduğunda, zayıf gece lambasının ışığında göz göze geldik. Sarhoş, yarı kaymış ve mest olmuş gözlerle baktı bana ve ‘’güzel bir sikiş oldu. Şimdi sende payını alacaksın dedi Sonra gözleri, dimdik duran sikime takıldı. T-shirtünü de çıkartıp attı ve yanıma uzandı yavaşça. Öpüşmeye başladık. Dili bir anda ağzımın içine kaymıştı. Elini sikime götürdü. Az önce Fehmi’nin sikini sıvazlayan parmakların temasını hissetmek beni çıldırtmıştı sanki. Bana dönerek o kocaman yaraktan sonra ne benim amım, ne de senin sikin zevk alır, dedi. Biraz daha bana dokunmasına izin versem, kendimi tutamayıp, fışkırtmaya başlayacaktım. Ağzımı onunkinden kopardım ve başını aşağıya doğru ittim hafifçe. Ne istediğimi anlamıştı. Dilinin sikimin başına şöyle bir değmesi bile yetti benim için. Bir top gibi patladım. İlk salvo yüzüne geldi karımın. Sonra ağzını alabildiğine açıp, sikimi yutuverdi. Artık ağzının içine fışkırtıyordum. O da deli gibi emiyordu. Vücudu titremeye başlayınca, onun da tekrar geldiğini anladım. Tek bir damla bırakmayıncaya kadar emdi sikimi. 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Ne olduğunu, neden olduğunu tam anlayamıyordum ama, bu daha da çok tahrik olmama neden olmuştu. Elimi uzatıp, karımın sağ bacağını aşağı çektim. Sol bacağını da iyice karnına doğru bastırdım. Sonra sokulup, sikimi o vıcık vıcık bel dolu amına dayadım ve tek harekette dibine kadar geçirdim.-”Ohh ne güzel soktun sevgilim…” dedi karım, “Hadi sik beni… parçala amımı…Ohh hadi sik…”Amı iyice gevşemişti. Sikim amının içinde kayboluyordu. Sokup çıkarmaya başladım. Garip, şakırtılı sesler çıkıyordu. Bunu son derece tahrik edici buluyordum. Başım dönüyordu ve hırsla sikiyordum karımı. Taşaklarımın, birbirine karışmış sıvılarla sırıl sıklam ıslandığını hissediyor ve daha da çok tahrik oluyordum. Sonra amından çıkarıp, götüne dayadım sikimin başını. Öyle gevşemiş, öyle açıktı ki, neredeyse kendiliğinden içine kayıyordu. Götüne geçirmem, karımın da çok hoşuna gitmişti. Ohhh götümü de sik, o yarağa alıştı….Ohhh doyur götümü de sikine…Artık götten sikmek serbest. İnlemeleri giderek artıyordu. Sonra onu götten sikmeye başladım. Çılgın bir şeydi bu. Kendimi tutamıyordum. Çıkarıp tekrar amına soktum. Sonra da tekrar götüne. Artık onu bir amından bir götünden sikiyordum. İkimiz de çıldırmış gibiydik. Çevremizdeki dünyadan tümüyle koptuğumuzu hissediyordum. Tohumlarım götünde fışkırmaya başladı. Sonra çıkarıp amına soktum ve içimde kalan son belleri de da rahminin ağzına boşalttım. Tohumlarım şimdi Fehmi’nin tohumlarıyla karışmıştı. Sağ elimin başparmağını götürüp götüne soktuğumda, o da belini getirdi. Amının adaleleri kasılıyor, sikimi sanki sağmaya çalışıyordu. Götü de parmağımı bir mengene gibi sıkıştırmıştı. Artık konuşamıyordu bile. Yalnızca inliyordu. Sonra kendimizden geçip, öylece kaldık yatağın üstünde.

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Pedro Story Ch. 01

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Amber Hahn

Following an accident at work, my father became incapacitated when I was 8 years old. Consequently, he became bedridden. My mother was forced to work two jobs, to put food on the table for me and my two sisters–one older than me by one year and the other two years younger. I finished high school with average grades, but as the man of the house, instead of continuing to college, I had to go to work. So when I was 18 years old, my older sister attended college, while I worked in a car repair shop. Initially, I felt miserable; Life was not fair to me. It took me several weeks to learn the job and befriend the other workers.

One day, just before closing, I was alone in the shop when a European sports car showed up. Out came a young guy–about 17. “Look, I had an accident, with a nasty dent in my car. My father’d take my car away if he knew the accident was my fault. What’ll it take for you to fix it as soon as possible and never mention it to anyone?”

I took a look at the ugly dent, and told him that I could finish the job in a few days. Indeed, three days later, the car looked as good as new; I fixed the dent and repainted the whole area.

When the guy came back and saw that there was no sign of the accident, he was elated and said to me, “I owe you big! So this is what I’ll do for you: Take $1,000 now, and call me if you need tickets to shows in town. My father’s a big time producer on TV, and through him I can get all the tickets I want for free.” Then he gave me his card and drove away.

He was a lousy driver. He approached me two more times with similar “minor accidents”. I helped with his car and covered for him. In return, I asked him to get me tickets to highly sought-after shows in town, including 2 Cirque de Soleil ones. I got to watch Maroon 5 and Journey when they appeared here. The tickets were magnets to getting dates with chicks. I became very popular among girls.

One day my older sister heard me bragging that I could get tickets to every show in town. She asked how true it was. I assured her I had friends in high places that would do it for me. She didn’t believe me, and even laughed in my face. I became angry and told her, “Elena… remember that you mocked me today. One day you’ll regret it and want me to get you tickets for a show, or sport event, and then you’ll pay for doing it.”

In the next several months, Elena indeed watched me go to all the big-ticket shows, and gradually, I’ve noticed her trying to be nicer to me: frequently she made my favorite bursa escort meals, and one time, when I was bored, she offered to go with me to see a movie. I accepted her offer. When I saw her dressed to go out in a clinging dress, it was the first time that I thought of her not as an annoying sister, but as a real woman. How did I miss her looks until now? Her plump ass, ample breasts and her fine perfume made my boner harden. throughout the movie I bent forward, trying to hide it from her. When we took our seats I wasn’t sure if she did notice it, but 5 minutes later Elena looked at me with a devilish smile: “Pedro, that’s OK”. I blushed and said nothing.

One day, she came to my room and said, “Pedro! Mariah Carey is coming to town next month! The show is sold out already! I’ll do anything you want if you can get me two tickets! Anything!”

I looked at her, and started smiling: “Elena… I still remember you laughing in my face about my ability to get tickets. Forget about it. No way.”

“Pedro, I’m sorry I behaved like such a bitch. I’ll make it up to you. Tell me what you want for the tickets.”

My head was spinning: Did the time for revenge arrive at last or she’d laugh in my face?

Being almost sure that she wouldn’t do it, I said: “I want to see you naked!”

Elena blushed. “… Are you serious??” She blurted.

“Yes, girl!”

She was speechless.

“Elena, you have 1 minute to think it over. It’s up to you sister!”

She looked at me with teary eyes hoping for me to change my mind.

I was about to leave when she stopped me. Her face expressing indignation.

She whispered: “…OK, pervert. I’ll do it… but don’t you ever tell anybody I did it”.

So I closed the door, took my seat and for the first time in my life saw a girl UNWILLINGLY getting undressed. It didn’t look like a striptease show. She hid behind a curtain, and when she had only her panties and bra on, she reappeared.

“Pedro, I think this is enough.”

I got up and started toward the door again. She quickly removed her bra.

“Pedro I hate you. Why are so hard on me?”

“Elena, you have a great body and since our movie together I fantasized about watching you naked. By the way, you are right. I am ‘hard’, but it’s your fault!”

She had beautiful full-size tits with light brown areolas and dark nipples. Her chest was fucking amazing and definitely intended to be enjoyed by men. My dick started stirring in my pants.

“Now the panties!”

Elena bursa escort bayan removed her thong. Her bush was shaved; Only a small patch of black hair remained. I stared at her beautiful nude body. My hard dick bulged shamelessly forward. Elena stared at me. Her gaze moved from my face to my groin. She noticed the big tent.

“Poor Pedro, are your Playboy magazines not enough to satisfy your peeping eyes? Can’t you find a girlfriend that will show you her naked body? Why me, your sister? I see that my pervert little brother’s enjoying the view. Can I get dressed now?”

“Not yet. Turn around, slowly. I want to see all of you. Including your ass.”

Elena did try a pirouette-like maneuver. Obviously she wasn’t a ballerina dancer, but the way her breasts swayed from side to side was sexy as hell. I knew that I’d have a new subject to fantasize about next time I jerked off.

Elena started getting dressed. Interestingly, she didn’t seem as furious or even upset as I thought she’d be by now…

Three days later, I gave Elena the tickets she wanted. Row 5, in the middle.

She was very happy. Elena looked beautiful. Her eyes were shining and a big smile on her face.

“Nice doing business with you, brother.”

After work, most of my free time was spent going out with friends. But since the Mariah Carey concert, whenever both Elena and I were home together, she tried her best to please me–she cleaned my room, did my laundry, change the TV channel to my favorite show whenever I was around, etc. I of course loved it. Frequently she appeared in the living room dressed in short dresses or occasionally a nightgown. And when I thought she wasn’t noticing, I ogled her body and “stole a peek”. I became obsessed with her body frequently daydreaming about using her body sexually. The thought of touching those glorious tits of hers and sucking on her nipples was a common foreplay. It usually ended up with my cock devouring her vagina from behind or while Elena riding me in a cowgirl position. Actually, I was amazed that nobody commented on the number of tissues I was using lately…

Two months passed. One day Elena came to my room.

“Madonna is scheduled to appear here in September! Can you get me two tickets again?”

I gazed at her. “Elena, you know that you’ll have to pay a higher price this time.”

Her pretty face showed resignation and acceptance, but her eyes were glistening. “I need the tickets,” she whispered. “What do you escort bursa want?”

I didn’t answer. I merely looked at her silently.

“Pedro, please! Talk to me!”

“Elena… since I saw you naked, I cannot get your body out of my mind. I’ll give you the tickets… if you strip for me again… get down on your knees in front of me… and suck my dick… while I play with your tits.”

Immediately after saying it, I thought she’d slap me and run out of my room. But to my surprise, she was much calmer than the first time.

She stared at me half smiling and said: “Brother… I still vividly recall your reaction to seeing me without clothes the first time. And I have noticed you peeking at me every time I was partially dressed. I knew and expected you would ask for something like that.”

I was puzzled. “So… you agree?”

“…I’ll do whatever it takes to get the tickets.”

I was shocked. My request was so obnoxious, so out of line and Elena agreed without any argument…

I sat in my chair as Elena undressed. This time she disrobed slowly in front of me. She knelt between my spread legs and opened my zipper. She took my hard cock in her mouth, and began bobbing up and down while staring at me. I bent forward and touched her magnificent breasts. I massaged them, then kneaded them, and pinched them. I was very aroused, and could feel Elena becoming horny too. She continued sucking, harder and faster, until I erupted in her mouth. Some of my semen she swallowed, and the rest spilled on the floor. She finished by licking my dick clean, and smiled at me.

“Is the big bad wolf happy now, after taking advantage of the innocent girl?… And by the way, bastard, I wanted you to know… I was close to cumming too. Next time when I owe you for tickets, you better find a payment that’ll satisfy me too.”

I was still awestruck… One of my fantasies fulfilled at last! And Elena agreed to go further. Oh God!!!

From that day forward, most of the time Elena seemed to pass by my room only partially dressed ; She was wearing a braless tee shirt, covered with only a towel or moving around in her panties and a bra on.

She watched me ogle her body, not missing my growing hardness and was smiling sweetly…

Several months later, Neil Diamond had a show in the city. Elena and I had our first bout of intercourse. I must have been doing something right, because after our first sexual encounter, Elena didn’t need any excuses to frequently join me in bed.

For many years now, I have had many lovers and bedded multiple girls. Despite that, Elena and I continue our sexual activities. I fuck her on average twice a month. Our only concern is that one day somebody from our family finds out what we do together…

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Ofiste seks

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