Agency Copy Writer

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Big Tits

Richard was nervous. He had never cheated on his wife, even after 32 years of marriage.

He was 62 years-old and his wife was 55. He had been an executive in a major national advertising agency for years, and had been tempted time and time again by the dozens of nubile young women who populated Madison Avenue.

But, there was one female copywriter, Elaine, who worked on one of his accounts. She was in her late 20s or early 30s, and was very attractive. She was about 5 feet, six inches tall, and had wonderful mahogany-colored hair. It was a dark, lustrous brown, almost black, shot through with lovely red highlights. She was slim without being skinny, and round without being fat. She looked, to him, to be healthy. He liked that, he mused to himself as he thought about her.

Richard liked her eyes. They were sort of green and wide set with nice arching brows. Her nose was thin and straight, but not blade-like, and was on the petite side. But he loved her mouth. She had generous lips and a wide smile with straight, white teeth. He thought she must have Irish blood. She was almost the same age as his daughter, which made him feel guilty.

She tended to wear very beautiful, but muted business suits. They were usually black or charcoal gray, often with pinstripes. She almost always wore crisp white blouses with enough décolletage to show off the top of her breasts. He had often looked longingly at them, and when she bent over to show him a layout, he could see them encased in thin white, black or lacy peach-colored silk bras. He often could make out her nipples through her blouse. He wondered if she wore matching panties.

Most often she wore black stockings, which he hoped were thigh-highs rather than pantyhose. He sometimes sat at his desk, squeezing his turgid cock through his pants, as he fantasized her standing before him in one of her black bra and panty sets, thigh-high stockings with a darker paisley pattern around the elasticized tops, her feet encased in the black Ferragamo pumps she favored.

In the summer she often wore light-colored dresses that were just on the “business” side of sundresses. He liked seeing her in those. He could often catch a glimpse of her shape when she was backlit by a window. She had a nice shape, he thought. She had a nice ass. On really hot days he didn’t think she wore stockings at all. That excited him.

She almost always wore a thin gold chain around her neck, which also drew attention to the soft skin of her breasts, which were lightly dusted with freckles. Could he really see the faint blue lines of veins running beneath her skin? He wondered. She also liked to wear small hoop-style earrings, and often a gold bracelet or watch.

Alas, she also wore a gold wedding and engagement ring combination on her left hand.

He would sigh sadly when he thought about that.

In the past few years sex with his wife, that had always been sort of mechanical anyway, tapered off to.., nothing. She said she thought they were too old for sex, and should be “over that” by now. Maybe she was right, but his penis still swelled pleasantly when he thought of Elaine the copywriter naked in his arms, her hands caressing his back and ass, her wonderful young breasts pressed against his chest as they kissed. He like to kiss with lots of tongue, which his wife had never liked much either. He knew Elaine’s nipples would be rock hard and hot against him. He always saw her naked, but for her black stockings and black high heels. Once he came in his pants. He had spurted almost without warning as he sat behind his large executive desk, his hand in his lap. It woke him.

He must have been masturbating, dreaming of infidelity.

Embarrassed that he might have been seen, he quickly stuffed a few tissues into his pants to sop up his sperm and made a beeline to the men’s room to clean up. He sat on the toilet and cleaned himself. He was amazed at the sheer volume of cum. He couldn’t really remember rubbing himself enough to cum, but clearly he had. He removed his shorts and stuffed them into his pants pocket. Later he would dispose of them in a trash receptacle in Union Station on his way to his train to go home to his celibate life.

One late afternoon Elaine knocked at his door. She wanted to review some “work in progress” on a new campaign. She stood in the doorway, her rich mouth opened slightly, showing her small white teeth–waiting for his response. He focused on her lips. Her lipstick was red, but not too red; not blood red, certainly, but softer somehow but still enticing. She rested one hand against the door jam at about shoulder height, and the other clutched several sheets of paper. He noticed that her nails, which she kept trimmed, were coated in a matching color to her lipstick. Her dark, wavy hair tumbled over her ears, and rested lightly on her wide, but very feminine shoulders. He could just glimpse her gold earrings peaking through her hair on either side of her tapered white neck.

The izmit rus escort way she stood in the door; one hand on the jam, one foot slightly in front of the other emphasized her ample breasts, the curve through her waist to her nice round hips. Her pose stretched both her blouse across her tits, and her shortish gray skirt across the slight curve of her belly. Her long, black silk-covered legs rose from her heels up to.., up to her “promise,” he thought. He hardened, his cock suddenly crowding painfully within his pants, but he was too embarrassed to reach down and adjust himself.

He invited her in, wondering if her breasts were a large and round and firm as they appeared, or if what he was seeing was the result of some Victoria Secret push-up bra phenomenon. Either way, he thought, they would be wonderful to see; to touch and kiss, and to suckle. He wondered what color her aureole would be—dark against her very white Celtic skin.., or coral pink? Would her nipples poke out, or be small. He bet they would poke out so he could take them between his lips and nibble and suck them. His penis became even more engorged.

Before he knew it, she had placed some papers on the desk in front of him. Leaning over he watched her left hand, young and smooth, index finger pointing traced from one line to another. All along she seemed to murmur in his ear. Leaning forward to his left, could feel the weight of her right hand on the back of his chair, just behind his head. Richard felt her breast against his left shoulder. At least he thought it was her breast, but he was too nervous to steal a glance.

She exuded a subtle fragrance that wafted over him, igniting something primeval in him. He couldn’t place what it was, but he realized that he was no expert of such things. He just knew that it teased some promise of something.., well, something hardly to be imagined. He felt her warmth through his shirt. It has to be her tit, he thought. Is it possible that my cock can get any harder? Ah, God!

“Yes,” she said.

“What?” he said, turning his head to look at her for the first time. She was smiling. Her green eyes glittered. She pushed her hair back behind one ear with such unconscious grace that he almost fainted. He could see the gold hoop earring glinting in the light.

“Yes, you can fuck me…” she said simply.

“What? What are you saying,” he said, suddenly overcome with fear; fear that he was hallucinating, or that he had had a stroke and hadn’t noticed, or was dreaming while masturbating at this desk again.

“You asked me if you could fuck me,” she said, smiling, still leaning over his desk at his side, “and I said, ‘Yes’.”

“I did?” he asked. “I asked you that? Out loud?” He could feel his face pulsing with embarrassment.

“Yes, she said, with a small laugh. “You sure did. Out loud…”

“Well, Elaine, I’m very sorry,” he stuttered. “Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking or what I’m saying…” he went lamely on.

She patted his hand, sending a electric buzz spiraling throughout his system. She allowed her hand to rest lightly on his left wrist, covering his watch. She breathed, “I’d like you to. I’d like that very, very much, Richard.” He felt dizzy.

“Er.., how, ah…” he said, unsure of what was going to happen next.

“Well, we could get a hotel room sometime. I don’t think our spouses would like us doing ‘it’ in our respective beds.” She smiled warmly, standing upright. She traced her neckline, running her finger just under the collar and down into her cleavage.

He swallowed.

She shifted her weight, and said, “I could give you a little sample.”

“What,?” he stammered.

“Yes, I could.., you know, give you a bj right now.” she smiled a million dollar smile. “It would be fun.”


“Just a minute.” She walked around his desk and over to his door. He watched her as her hips undulated, her lovely calves flexing, her arms moving languidly. Somehow the zipper that ran down he center-back of her skirt caught his eye. She slowly shut the tall wooden door to his office, and gently turned the deadbolt.

He felt anchored to his chair, unable to move or think.

She strode seductively back toward him, rounded his desk, and gently turned him in his swivel chair to face her. She bent down, cupping his face with her hands, and bent over, giving him a clear view of her lovely, lovely breasts, hanging down like ripe peaches. Over-sized peaches like you can buy on roadside stands in Southern Illinois in the summertime. His mouth watered as the thin gold chain she wore sparkled in the late afternoon New York sunlight.

Bending more, she closed her lips to his, her sparkling eyes open, her warm, warm, soft lips grazed his, her hair enveloping him in her perfume. He thought he might pass out. His eyes closed as if he was hypnotized as her pink tongue gently slipped between his lips. Involuntarily, he opened his mouth, and she was in. He izmit escort noticed, first, how fresh she tasted as her tongue slid under and around his.

Without his noticing, his hands rested on her hips as he drank her in. Her right hand slid down his neck, along his tie, and came to rest cupping his organ through his trousers. She gently felt the outline of his member.

Slowly, her tongue receded, and her lips pulled away from his, leaving his tingling numb with desire. Standing, she reached down with both hands and hitched her skirt up above her waist. They were thigh-highs! he exalted. She smiled as she saw him looking at her legs; at the soft white flesh above the top of her stockings and where they disappeared into her peach (yes, they matched her bra) boy-shorts panties. He thought we could just make out a darker triangle covering her mons. She placed one long, wonderful leg between his knees, and flexed it back and forth, forcing his apart. Then she squatted down before him.

With her face frowning in concentration, she unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants, and pulled his zipper down with a quick sibilant “whir”. She fished into his underwear, and pulled out his cock. “Very nice,” she murmured. “Very sweet, indeed.

“Just a sec,” she said, “Lift up.” He lifted his hips and she tugged his trousers and underpants down over his thighs, past his knees until they pooled around his loafers at his feet. She pushed aside his shirt tail, and smiling, said, “Oh, he is sooooo nice.”

He looked down at her, her small, perfect hand encircled his penis. He didn’t think he had ever been as hard. A diamond-cutter cock. He began to feel wonderfully powerful as Elaine began to slowly stroke him. She squeezed his cock, gripping it at the base, which caused the veins in his penis to swell, and the already large, mushroom-shaped crown, to enlarge, exposing his pee slit even more. Her hand was smooth and warm on him.

She reached forward with her other hand and hefted out his scrotum. She sort of jiggled his nut sack, and smiled, her eyes crinkling at the corners. “Yum,” she said. He didn’t know what to say.

He watched her as she cupped his testicles and slowly began to stroke his organ. He loved watching her do this to him. He didn’t think he had ever seen his penis so large before as it rose from his pubic thatch, dark brown with white hairs mixed in. This is what they call ‘rampant,’ he thought, smiling for the first time.

She looked up at him and smiled. Then she dipped her head and licked the tip of his penis. He felt it jolt at the touch of her small, wet, hot tongue. She swirled her tongue around the crown, and then, leaning his cock back against his stomach, she licked it along the entire underside from between his balls all the way to the very sensitive spot just below the head. Once at the top, she slipped his cock into her warm mouth, and gave it a tiny suck. He leaned his head back against the leather headrest of his executive chair and sighed.

Then, and then, unbelievably, she slipped her mouth down, down, down over his fat cock. He glanced down and watched his hard, red cock slip down between her luscious red lips. She had taken in about four inches when she opened her mouth somewhat, releasing her suction lock on his organ, and pushed her head down until her nose was nestled in his crotch hair.

He moan as he felt his cock penetrate her throat. She made some sort of swallowing motion in her neck, and he nearly fainted from the sensation; from the sheer wantonness of her act. After holding him in her throat for what seemed both too long and too short a time, she slipped his cock, like a long snake, from her throat. It flopped back against his belly with a wet slap.

“Wow,” she said looking up at his with serious eyes, “That was absolutely wonderful.”

He just stared back, not knowing what to say.

“Your cock is really, really big. It felt so great!” She smiled her electric smile at him, re-gripping his cock with her hand. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” she asked. “You can, if you like.”

He nodded, not trusting his voice.

“Good she said, bending her head down and placing his unbelievably hard cock in her willing, willing mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, taking him into her sucking mouth, her lips tight around his shaft, her hand holding him at the base, the other hand cupping his balls. He could see he shaft disappearing and reappearing over and over again as she expertly sucked him. It was shiny with her saliva, glistening in the ceiling light.

He felt his toes curl in pleasure.

He could also see the flex and shift of her breasts, her lovely, just-the-right-sized tits, as she moved. He reached his hands forward, and cupped her head on either sides as she bobbed over him. His hips began to move involuntarily as she mouth-fucked him. He felt the silkiness of her hair between his fingers as she worked his shaft. The pleasure was becoming so intense that he could kocaeli escort no long control his hips and they began to buck, shoving his rod into her mouth. She held her head still, one hand now on his upper thigh, and the other still holding his swollen nut sack, as he began to fuck her face with urgent thrust and thrust.

She rose up some and arched her neck as he pumped and pumped in and out, in and out of her wonderful mouth. She massaged his nuts and ran her other hand over his leg, up his stomach and, under his shirt, over his chest, pinching his nipple. HARD!

He could feel his cock growing larger and larger, and the sharp pain as she dug her nails into his nipple sent an electric current throughout his body. He gripped her head tightly, and shoving once hard all the way, deep into her throat, pulled back, and shoved deeply again and again until he knew he was on the brink of coming.

He…Felt…It…Flowing…Flowing…UP…And…UP…AND UP, until he erupted in her mouth with one, the another and another spurt of hot sperm. She held him by this hips as he spasmed again and again, emptying his balls of sperm into her wonderfully sucking mouth.

He flopped back against his chair, his hand relaxing on Elaine’s head and dropping to his thighs. She kept his deflating penis in her mouth, until, with a “plop” it fell from her lips. He looked down at her as she took him in her hand and, using her thumb, smeared some residual sperm over his cock-head causing him to lurch again and again. It felt so great that it bordered on pain!

Her eyes were smiling as she opened her mouth, showing him gobs of white sperm pooled on her tongue. And, as he watched, she swallowed. She swallowed! On those few times that his wife would pleasure him this way, she would jump from the bed as soon as he came, and sprint to the bathroom to spit over and over again into the toilet. But not this girl.

She stood up, tugging her skirt down while wiggling her hips and smoothing it over her thighs, and leaned over him, hands on his shoulders, and kissed him, opened mouth. He felt her breath into him, and he tasted, for the very first time, ever, his own sperm. He tasted the musky sent of his mail ejaculate, mixed with the fresh taste of her young saliva. She swirled her tongue around his in a sexy little dance, touching his cheeks and running it along his teeth. He reached forward to cup her sagging breasts, which caused her to step back quickly, and, wagging her finger in a “no-no” way, and frowning said, “No, no. You’ll wrinkle my blouse.” She smiled then and leaned forward again and touched her full and slightly swollen lips to his for a brief, sexy touch.

“Besides,” she continued, “We need to save something for next time.” She slid her fingers over the front of her blouse, smoothing it and tucking it more fully into the waistband of her skirt.

The brief memory of her heavy breasts lingered in the palms of his hands. He sighed, only a little disappointed.

She pulled partly back, her hand resting on the arms of his chair. He could see her breasts again, cupped in the peach-colored silk bra, the gold chain dangling, and, looking up, could see her lovely face smiling at him, her eyes crinkled at the corners, a light flecking of golden freckles across her petite nose, and her teeth even and white. She cupped his jaw in her hands, and, using her thumbs, rubbed his lips, beginning in the middle and ending at the corners of his mouth. “Lipstick,” she said.

She then stood up, and scooped up the papers she had brought him, tapping them on his desk to square them up. Turning to him she said with a laugh, “You might want to zip up.”

“Wait,” he said, standing and tucking in his shirt and zipping his pants, “That was fabulous.., thank you!” he said with enthusiasm, buckling his belt.

“Yes it was,” she said, moving around in front of his desk, running her fingers through her hair, sort of fluffing it, “You taste good.”

“There is a ‘next time?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” she answered, smiling. “You don’t get off so easily as this.” There was promise in her voice and pleasure in her eyes. “Make arrangements for a hotel room for some Saturday somewhere convenient.., but give me some warning so I can set up my ‘cover story.'”

With that she turned and left the office, leaving the door open. He heard her say to his assistant, whose desk was outside his door, “No, he didn’t like what I showed him at all. So, it’s back to the drawing board.”

He sat back down at his desk, smoothing back his hair and rubbing his face. God, what woman, he thought. He hadn’t felt so sexually powerful before in his entire life. He grew up in an age when sex was hard to come by, and blow jobs were mostly mythic stories told around the fraternity house; longed for but rarely experienced.

Smiling he rubbed his cock, feeling it fill with blood. He wondered if his own daughter was as sexually liberated as Elaine. Probably, he thought, trying to turn his thoughts elsewhere. But she is a pretty good looking gal…

Moving from that dangerous ground he slapped his hands on his desk, Now, I have to set something up, he thought, looking at the calendar on his desk. Unbelievable.

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Back to School: Incentive Ch. 04

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Saturday was a cool, clear day, just perfect for the big game. Sarah put her rucksack in the trunk of her car as she prepared to go to the stadium. She had packed her sleeping bag, foam mattress, extra clothes, necessities, and some other camping gear she thought she might need.

Cindy was driving her own car and Samantha would be driving up with Sarah after the game…if the team won. Sarah had faith in Tim and Joe’s abilities and she knew the team was motivated. She also knew that things could go wrong and wondered what else she could do. The game was being held at Westville, so they did have the home ground advantage. Sarah planned to tell the team before the game that Cindy and Samantha would also be helping her fulfill her end of the bargain when they won.

Sarah was dressed in her normal physical education outfit, skimpy running shorts with sweatpants pulled over top and her sports bra with a fleece jacket over that. She climbed into her car and drove to Westville High. Sarah had planned to arrive several hours prior to the start of the game, and was surprised to see that the bleachers were almost a third full on both sides of the field. She was even more surprised to see almost all of the team in the locker room.

“Morning, Coach,” said Joe, cheerfully. “I guess we are all a little restless today. Everyone ‘s here except for our center, Charlie. You usually can’t get him up in the morning unless you stick some dynamite under his…uh…butt.”

“I noticed that there are a lot of spectators in the stands already,” said Sarah.

“Getting the best seats,” said Joe with a smile. “We were heading out to warm-up and stretch before we have to put on our gear. The other team should be arriving soon, so we will see you in about an hour or so.”

“Um, what does the other team’s arrival have to do with me?” asked Sarah.

“You don’t know?” asked Tim. “I’m sorry. You’re supposed to meet them in the parking lot and show them to their locker room…make sure they have everything they need.”

“I thought the staff did that,” stated Sarah in surprise.

“Usually they do, but not for important games,” said Joe. “You’ll need to hurry.”

Sarah raced out of the locker room and ran down the hallway to the doors leading out to the parking lot. She sighed in relief when she saw that the buses carrying the other team had not arrived yet. Warmed by the run, Sarah shucked her jacket and sweatpants. Looking out the doors again, she saw two school buses turn off the main street and into the school’s parking lot. Bracing the door open, she jogged out to greet them.

“Holy shit!…Look at dem tits!…Oh, momma!…Fuckin’ A!…”

“QUIET!” yelled Coach Calricci from the front seat of the bus. He stood up and glared at all his players that were on his bus. “Get this straight because I’m only going to say this once. That is probably Coach Stevens, the Westville football coach. If any of you insult or offend her, I will bench you, and, if you don’t play in the game, you don’t participate in the win. Understand?”

“Yes, Coach!” came back the immediate response.

“Good! Warn the guys in the other bus, too.”

Sarah slowed her progress towards the buses when she saw Principal Eversol exit his vehicle and head towards her. He was casually dressed in tan slacks, a black turtleneck, and tweed jacket. He smiled and extended his hand as they approached one another.

“Coach Stevens, it’s a pleasure to see you again,” he said, shaking her hand. “May I introduce Coach Mike Calricci?”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” said Sarah to Mike. “I hope your trip was uneventful.”

“It was,” replied Mike with a smile. “I would like to wish you the best of luck in the game.”

“Would it be bad taste to wish you the worst of luck?” asked Sarah. Both men broke out laughing and Sarah said, “No, I really do wish you the best, also. Let me show your team to their locker room.”

Time passed quickly and it was now fifteen minutes before the kickoff. Sarah was meeting her team in the locker room, and she had Cindy and Samantha with her. Principal Schwartz had said her encouraging words to the team and had left to return to her seat in the stadium.

“Okay, guys, we’ve just heard from Principal Schwartz giving us her best wishes.” said Sarah. “I know you have trained hard for this game with Joe and Tim, and I also know you are ready for this game. I want you to be as motivated as you were for the Regional’s. I have no doubt that you will win, but it will be a tough battle. You should know that I will be meeting you at the campsite…along with Nurse Brown and Samantha.” The team gasped collectively and looked back and forth between the three women. “I’ll also be bringing these along with me.”

The entire team gasped again when Sarah pulled up her sports bra and her huge DD tits bounced into view. Cindy, with a sexy smile, undid the buttons to the front of her white uniform down to the waist and pulled it apart so that her large breasts sprang into view. The players turned escort izmit as one to stare at Samantha to see what she would do, and then someone snickered.

“I don’t have their attributes,” stated Samantha, reaching up and grasping the top of the row of lockers behind her. The team watched in wonder as she raised both of her legs to the outside and hooked her heels on the top edge of the lockers she was holding on to. Mouths dropped open when the players realized that Samantha was not wearing any panties underneath her cheerleader’s uniform. Samantha smiled wickedly and said, “I am very flexible. Use your imagination.”

Tim sprang to his feet and exclaimed, “That’s all I need to know! Let’s go win this!”

To say the game was brutal would be an understatement. Tim scored a quick touchdown in the first quarter with a long pass to the end zone. The Friendship Team came back with a series of running plays that ate up time, and netted them a touchdown despite Joe’s best effort. Tim maneuvered his offense around during the second quarter and managed to get to the one yard line on another long pass. An end run and the extra point made the score 14 – 7 in favor of Westville. Joe was getting better at reading the Friendship offense and was managing to hold them when the first foul of the game occurred.

Todd, a Westville defensive lineman, crossed over the line of scrimmage before the ball was snapped and slammed his opponent to the ground. Both sides converged on the area as the Westville players pulled Todd away.

“What the hell was that?” hissed Joe angrily, helmet to helmet with Todd as the referee marked of the distance for a personal foul.

“Sorry,” snapped Todd, still hot under the collar. “He called Miss Stevens a sleazy, slimy whore, whose only brains are in her tits.”

Joe looked over. The Friendship player was sitting up, but still shaking his head as if he was dazed. Joe turned to Todd and said, “Go in.”


“No buts! Go in. I’ll call you back when I think you can handle it.”

Todd turned and dejectedly jogged off the field as his replacement jammed on his helmet, while running out to take Todd’s place. Joe walked over to the Friendship quarterback. Mark Tact, who was watching the assistant coach wave smelling salts under the lineman’s nose.

“How is he?” asked Joe.

“I think he just got the wind knocked out of him, no thanks to your guy,” said Mark bitterly.

“Then he shouldn’t have insulted our coach,” retorted Joe.

“I didn’t realize you guys were so thin-skinned,” scoffed Mark.

“Let’s say we’re very protective of her,” replied Joe.

Mark looked at Joe for a second, then looked at Sarah, and then at his own coach. He took in a deep breath and shook his head before saying, “Our coach warned us not to insult her. Let’s make a deal…no more insults or reprisals on either side, okay?”

“Deal,” said Joe as the two of them banged fists together. “We’re even, agreed?”

“Yup,” said Mark before heading over to the sidelines to talk to Coach Calricci.

Joe ran over to the sidelines to inform Tim as to what had happened so Tim could tell the rest of the team. He then raced back to bring his defensive squad up to speed and plan for the next play. However, Joe read the play wrong and closed his eyes in bitter disappointment as the Friendship receiver caught the ball right in the end zone.

“Sorry, Joe, I…”

“My fault,” interrupted Joe at the huddle. “Sammy, I’m going to try to make a hole. I want you to run right up my back to block the kick.”

“You got it,” said Sammy.

As the Friendship center hiked the ball, Joe followed in on one of his lineman and then felt himself shoved aside by Sammy. Sammy lunged forward just as the kicker connected with the ball. The ball took off into the air and Sammy just managed to get a swipe at it as it sailed upward. The Westville bleachers roared out in cheers as the ball went wide of the goalposts.

The second quarter ended without either team scoring again. The teams trudged off to the locker rooms, while the bands and cheerleaders set up for the halftime entertainment. Sarah, walking behind the team, could see that some of the steam had gone out of them. She looked back out into the stadium, stopped, and then called the team towards her.

“Guys, I want you to see this,” stated Sarah as the team gathered around her.

Samantha’s vaulting box and gym mats had not been set up on the field, but on the running track that surround it. Samantha started off by doing a double twist over the box and rolling out to her mat where she did her dance routine while the band played. Samantha’s flips, twists, turns, kicks, and splits held the team enthralled.

“I’ll remind you that Samantha will be joining us tonight,” said Sarah.

“No offense, Miss Stevens, but we all thought she was gay,” said Todd. “She doesn’t go out on dates or doing anything with the guys in school.”

“Let’s say, she has higher expectations than most of guys have shown her,” izmit escort stated Sarah. “C’mon, to the locker room.”

Back in the locker room, Sarah said to the team, “You’ve taken on the number one team in the state and are winning, but we haven’t beaten them yet. You know what is at stake.” Sarah walked over to an easel and pulled off the cloth which had been draped over it. Underneath was a life-size cutout of Sarah completely naked. She was standing with her ass facing the camera and her upper torso turned so that one could see the sides of her huge breasts and her smiling face. “If you want this in the flesh, then you’re going to have to fight for it. I’ll meet you back out on the field,” and then she left the room.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not passing up the sexist teacher in the entire state,” said Tim, standing up and moving next to the cutout. He kissed his hand and put it on her paper butt. He then yelled, “I’M WILLING TO FIGHT FOR HER! ARE YOU?”

The third quarter started with the teams playing with the same intensity as when they met at the first kickoff. Westville’s defense held back the Friendship offense by sheer tenacity. The Friendship defense completely shut down Tim’s offense. Neither team could gain an advantage and it stayed that way through most of the fourth quarter.

The two minute warning had gone off with Friendship in possession of the ball. They were steadily moving up the field, using quick snaps and running out of bounds to stop the clock. Friendship had pushed down to the thirty-eight yard line with three seconds on the clock.

“We’ve won! We’ve won!” yelled Sarah, jumping up and down.

Her mood was an indication of what everybody in the Westville bleachers felt. The score was 14 – 13 in favor of Westville and both the students and faculty felt that Friendship could not score in time. Friendship called for a timeout and both of their captains huddled down next to Coach Calricci.

“Easy, Miss Stevens,” stated Tim. Sarah looked at him in surprise at the warning in his voice. “The play does not end when the time runs out. The play ends with either a tackle, an incomplete pass, or if they score.”

“Oh,” gasped Sarah. “Then, they still have a chance. What are they doing?”

Tim looked across the field and tried to assess what the other team may be planning. He then jumped a little.

“They’re bringing out their kicker,” said Tim. “They’re gonna try for a field goal. Todd! Get in there!”

“…But Joe said…”

“Let Joe know they’re trying for a field goal!” said Tim quickly. “Tell him I think you’ve been punished enough.”

“Thanks, Tim,” said Todd as he jammed on his helmet.

Friendship was going for the field goal. It was a long kick and the position was off to one side. The ball was snapped and Westville piled into the Friendship line to try to block the kick. Joe grimaced and jumped to try to hit the ball as it sailed over his head. He turned to watch as the ball hit the top of its arch and began to spiral downward.

“It’s not gonna make it!” exclaimed Tim excitedly. “It’s not gonna make it!”

Everyone watched with rapt attention and dead silence as the ball tumbled end or end towards the goalposts. Tim’s happiness turned to horror as the ball barely cleared the goalpost by a scant inch. The silence was deafening for a second or two before the Friendship fans broke out in boisterous yells and screams. The Westville side of the stadium just sat in stunned shock.

“C’mon, Miss Stevens,” said Tim dejectedly. “We have to do the loser’s walk across the field to congratulate the winners.”

“I’m so sorry, Tim,” said Sarah as she walked beside him. Joe ambled over to join them. “You, too, Joe. I’m sorry. It’s just…”

“We tried our best,” said Joe. “That’s all anyone can ask for.”

Sarah walked up to Coach Calricci and shook his hand.

“Congratulations,” she said with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“Thank you,” said Mike with sincerity. “Your boys played an excellent game. You should be proud of them.”

“I am. I…” Sarah could feel the tears prickling at her eyes. She saw Principal Schwartz shaking hands with Principal Eversol. She quickly smiled at Mike and said, “If you’ll please excuse me.”

Sarah turned quickly and worked her way through the crowd. She was stopped by Tim and Joe who were talking to two Friendship players.

“Miss Stevens, this is Mark Tact, the quarterback, and Will Podowski, the defensive captain,” said Tim. “Mark…Will…this is Miss Stevens, our coach.”

“Congratulations,” said Sarah, shaking both of their hands. “It was a great game.”

“Coach Stevens?” asked a Friendship lineman, who had just walked up to her. “I was the guy your guy threw to the ground.”

“Oh, I am so sorry he did that,” apologized Sarah. “I hope you weren’t hurt.”

“No…no, it was entirely my fault. I insulted you and he defended you. I wanted to apologize to you for the things I said about you.”

“I forgive you,” izmit kendi evi olan escort said Sarah with a smile. “Emotions can get the better of us at a time like this. I…” Just then, Sarah caught sight of Principal Schwartz, with Principal Eversol and Coach Calricci, pointing at her and start walking in her direction. Depression hit her again and Sarah did not feel like talking to them right now. “I’m sorry, guys. I’ve got to go.”

Sarah turned and walked quickly away. She was almost off the field when her arm was snagged. She stopped and turned to see who was holding onto her arm, dearly hoping it was not either of the principals.

“Hey, where are you rushing off to so fast?” asked Natalie Porter, the math teacher who had temporarily taken over the cheerleading team while Sarah was working with the football team.

“Hi,” said Sarah. “I was just…uh…running up to my office for something.”

“Had enough of the well-wishers?” asked Natalie rhetorically as she linked arms with Sarah and started walking towards the school. “I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but we lost. That’s all there is to it.”

Sarah smiled ruefully as they entered the school and headed down the hallway to her office.

“Thanks,” she said to Natalie. “You know, I do feel better.”

“What did I say?”

“We lost,” repeated Sarah as they entered her office. “Not…You played a great game or it was so close. I feel bad about losing the game, but it was everyone’s…”

“…condescending attitude and pity,” finished Principal Eversol, lightly rapping on the door as he entered. Mike Calricci was right behind him. “Coach Stevens, do you realize how much your team won, even though they lost the game?”

“Please, call me Sarah. This is Natalie Porter, one of our math teachers. Natalie, This is Principal Eversol and Coach Calricci.”

“Mike, please,” said Coach Calricci. “The field goal was a Hail Mary play. We were out of plays, out of time, and out of steam. The field goal attempt was the only possible way we could score and win. The odds of making it were astronomical. The crosswind was working against us. The angle of the kick was all wrong, as was the distance the ball had to travel. Let’s not forget your team was also on the field and they had blocked an extra point earlier.”

“But your kicker did make the field goal and is now the hero of the hour,” stated Natalie.

“Yes, but to those of us who know this game, we know the kick was a fluke,” said Mike. “Jeremy, our kicker, is a good kid, but not that good. He’ll be hailed as a hero in our school for the rest of the year, but the agents and scouts watching the game probably won’t give him an offer. His stats don’t support it. There are better kickers out there. The scouts will be after your two captains, the black linebacker, and a couple others.”

“So, even though we lost…” Sarah started to say.

“You won,” said Principal Eversol. “I’m proud that our two teams were able to meet for this game. I’m so proud that I asked Mark and Will to extend an invitation to your two captains to join us for part of our celebration. I would have invited your entire team, but our venue isn’t large enough to handle them all.”

“Our place is,” laughed Sarah. “It’s a campground that sleeps over one hundred and twenty.”

“I know,” said Principal Eversol with a smile. “Your captains declined our offer to stay with their team, but did invite our whole team over to join them…if we get your permission to do so.”

“Uh, how many are we talking about?” asked Sarah.

“There’s fifty-six on our team,” stated Mike. “With your forty-eight, that’s one hundred and four.”

“One hundred and four!?!” gasped Sarah. “That’s…that’s…”

“Our kids will bring their own supplies, if that’s what you are worried about,” injected Mike quickly. “They have already ordered enough pizzas to sink a battleship and can bring the pizzas with them, but we have to let the players know before we leave here.”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders and said, “How can I say no?”

“Terrific!” exclaimed Principal Eversol. “Our school is much closer to the campground than you are. Our team can pick up their gear and will only be forty-five to fifty minutes behind your team.”

“Great,” said Sarah. “I’ll let our guys know.”

“No need,” said Principal Eversol. “We’ll inform them as we leave. You do know your team was exceptional today. They did you proud.”

“Oh, fuck!” sighed Sarah as she collapsed back on her chair after they left and closed the door.

“What’s the matter?” asked Natalie.

“I sort of made a bet with the team,” explained Sarah. “If they won, I, Cindy, and Samantha Crowe were going to fuck their brains out up at the campground. Even though they lost,…they fought so hard…played so well…that I was half-decided to go up there anyway. With the other team there, though…”

“…the more to split between the four of us,” interjected Natalie.


“I was a part of this, even though, it was on with the cheerleading team,” stated Natalie. “If you made that bet and still wish to fulfill it, even though we lost, I feel that I should participate. The dynamics of the group interaction should be interesting to observe.”

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First Time

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Josh Norris looked across the street at the doorbell, still a light year away. The house was a glowing oasis of warmth against the cloudy, frigid nighttime sky of Michigan.

He still remembered the ad in the Metro Times:

Let me lick every inch of your body. No crevice left untouched. Bicurious and married men welcome. First timers only. Can’t wait to get a taste of you. I’m disease free and you should be too. B649.

The temperature within the car’s cockpit began to plummet, and Josh could feel the icy air working its way underneath his parka and down to his skin. Like the ice of his marriage. He and Mary hadn’t had sex in years. They even slept in separate rooms now. He only stayed with her for the girls, as well as to avoid the economic holocaust of divorce. The prospect of losing his daughters was unthinkable.

He had engaged in a few flings over the years. With single women who were always looking for more than he could give them. But he had never done anything like this.

He just needed to be touched. Just once to feel the physical passion that only men seemed to possess.

He remembered the time with Danny. When he had driven the shy young man home from the AA meeting those many years ago. Danny had wanted to touch him, looking at him with that intense pain that always lurked in his dark eyes. He should have let Danny do him. Hell, he should have done Danny himself. But not that purest of all heterosexuals, Josh Norris. He had turned the poor boy down cold. Probably with an involuntary look of repulsion on his face.

He wondered what had happened to Danny. He would do him now. In an instant.

Josh looked again at the house. It was the right one. 324 Greenhill Drive. Mary had the girls over at her mother’s tonight. She wouldn’t be home until late. If he was ever going to act, now was the time to do it.

Josh got out of the car and walked across the street.

The door opened the instant after Josh rang the bell.

“Hello, Josh, I’m Gary.” The voice belonged to a much rougher looking man than Josh had anticipated. He was wearing jeans and a black tee shirt, revealing well-defined biceps. His crotch bulged, perhaps in anticipation. His hair was close-cropped, and a scar ran down the right side of his face.

“I’ve been watching you out there, Josh, since you pulled up. I wasn’t sure you were going to come in,” he said, pulling the door closed behind him.

“Neither was I,” Josh confessed.

“You really have never been with a man before, have you Josh?”

Josh gulped and shook his head, looking at the ground.

“I’ll tell you what, Josh. I was going to offer you a spot of tea. Perhaps even chat a bit first. But I think you’d better take those clothes off now.”

“Right now?”

“Yes, Josh. There’s little sense escort izmit in giving you an opportunity to back out now. Not when you’ve been sitting out there in the car for twenty minutes. I want you to strip completely naked now.”

Josh didn’t hesitate. That was what he needed to hear. He shed his parka and unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the ground. He stepped out of his shoes and pulled off his pants and socks. He pulled off his tee shirt and, somewhat more shyly, his jockey shorts.

“Stand up straight, Josh. Don’t bend over like that. I want to see you.”

Josh stood up straight, and Gary walked around his naked body, tracing his fingernails over Josh’s nipples, then down his side and across his buttocks.

“You have a very nice body, Josh. You must have played sports.”

“I did soccer and wrestling in high school. And I still lift weights. And jog.”

Gary ran his hands over Josh’s pectoral muscles again, massaging them as though they were a woman’s tits.

“You have very nice muscles, Josh. Very nice,” Gary whispered as he kissed Josh lightly on the lips. His hands roamed down Josh’s firm abdominal muscles until they found Josh’s half-risen dick. Gary grabbed him by the dick and started to lead him into the bedroom.


Gary stretched Josh out on his back on the bed and swiftly began licking his nipples. Gary still had his clothes on, and Josh was keenly aware of his own complete nakedness, his intimate exposure to this man.

Gary’s tongue traveled lower, down Josh’s abdomen, while his hands continued their massage of Josh’s chest muscles.

Finally, his mouth entered Josh’s pubic region, his tongue running from the base of Josh’s prick to the tip. He took Josh’s still flaccid organ in his mouth, his fingers reaching down to caress his balls.

When Josh’s reluctant prick still refused to respond completely, Gary looked up at Josh questioningly.

“This is new for me,” Josh told him. “I’m still a little nervous. I think it would help if I did you first. Why don’t you take off your clothes too?”

Gary stood and peeled the black tee shirt over his head, revealing powerful, ribbed abdominal muscles. He sat on the bed and pulled off his shoes and socks, then stood to undo his pants, but Josh pushed Gary’s hands away and undid the belt buckle himself. He unzipped Gary’s jeans and massaged his rock hard prick through his jockey shorts while running his tongue in and out of Gary’s belly button. Suddenly he pulled both Gary’s jeans and underwear down to the floor, and Gary’s nine-inch prick caught him right between the eyes, not unlike the steel barrel of Clint Eastwood’s .357 magnum, about to make his day. Josh took that barrel into his mouth, running it quickly over his tongue and the inner linings of his cheeks. It izmit escort tasted different than a cunt. Purer. Drier. More powerful.

Gary seized Josh’s head and began to thrust into his mouth more violently. Josh looked up to see the white line of the scar running down Gary’s contorted face, a false moon gleaming in the dimmed light of the room. He began to suck Gary more vigorously as he battered his way into Josh’s mouth, swirling his tongue around Gary’s shaft and clamping his lips tightly over its skin as it pushed its way in and out of Josh’s virgin orifice. Josh reached up to grasp Gary’s balls as his prick pummeled Josh’s mouth, squeezing them gently as Gary pumped into him. He suddenly released Gary’s prick and dropped his head to take Gary’s heavy right ball into his mouth, sucking it, licking it and even nibbling on it gently.

He looked up at Gary, still squeezing his rock hard prick in his hand. “I need this inside me. I have to know what it feels like. I want you to split me apart,” he told the scarred man.

“Get on the bed,” Gary commanded him. “Face down.”

Josh was only too happy to comply.

Gary picked up the two pairs of handcuffs that had been lying on the nightstand. “Do you mind if I use these?” he asked Josh, the remark not really a question.

Josh slowly extended his arms above him and let Gary cuff his wrists to the eyehooks that were screwed into the headboard of the bed. Gary then used leather straps to tie Josh’s ankles to the hooks at the foot of the bed. Josh now found himself spread eagled, deliciously helpless against his tormenter.

Gary opened a condom and put it on. “You really should have waited for this before sucking me,” he said. “This world is not exactly safe, you know.”

“Your ad said you were disease free. Besides, I had to taste you, not some latex raincoat. I need to experience you. All of you.”

Gary climbed on top of Josh’s naked back. The lubricated rubber felt strangely cold against the crack of Josh’s ass. Gary began to kiss the back of his neck and his ears before running his tongue down Josh’s neck and shoulder blades and all the way down his spine to the dimple in Josh’s buttocks.

Josh felt himself beginning to grow very hard.

Gary licked his way down Josh’s crack, stopping to lap his anus vigorously, rapidly inserting and withdrawing his tongue, like some crazed lizard.

Josh moaned in ecstasy.

Gary pulled Josh’s rock hard prick out from under him and began to lick it up and down the shaft as he rubbed the K-Y jelly into Josh’s anus with the fingers of his right hand. He took both balls in his mouth at once as his index finger entered fully into Josh’s rectum, the cool jelly feeling strange so deep within his cavity. He nipped Josh’s balls gently with his teeth, izmit kendi evi olan escort Josh jumping in response, and then climbed on top of him to begin his ride.

The insertion was painful at first, but Josh learned to relax his sphincter to allow the huge head of Gary cock’s entrance into the cavities of his body. Gary began to lick Josh’s spine again and then brutally pushed into him, embedding himself six inches inside Josh’s ass.

He climbed further up Josh’s torso and thrust again, and Josh felt himself fully impaled on the nine inches of Gary’s cock. He truly did feel split apart inside. And finally, at long last, completely possessed.

Gary withdrew and thrust again, the passage easier this time. His tongue found Josh’s earlobe as he began to violate Josh’s virgin ass in earnest. He pressed Josh’s head against the sheets with a full nelson, licking Josh’s neck and turning Josh’s face so that he could thrust his tongue into his mouth as he thrust his cock inside Josh’s tender rectum. Josh sucked that tongue and could feel Gary’s pectoral muscles against his naked back and his steel biceps sliding up Josh’s arm as he interlocked his fingers with Josh’s shackled hands. Gary thrust harder and harder now into Josh’s body, his heavy balls crashing into Josh’s. Josh sucked and sucked on Gary’s eager tongue as he felt Gary’s body begin to tense against him, every muscle pressing against Josh’s back as he spent himself inside Josh’s ass, his back arching as Josh felt the intense contractions of Gary’s prick inside his body even through the barrier of the rubber.

Gary collapsed against him peacefully, licking his ear and stoking his hair.

Then suddenly he was untying Josh’s legs and flipping him over. Josh’s arms, still handcuffed to the headboard, were now crossed over his face.

He took Josh’s rock hard prick in his mouth and began to bob his head up and down on it with an expertise that Josh had not thought possible. He released it and stroked it with his hand while he sucked on Josh’s balls, before returning to his prick. He manipulated Josh’s balls with his fingers as he gobbled his prick more and more violently. When he felt himself beginning to come, Josh felt an urge to grab Gary’s head and hold it still against him while he thrust into him, but his hands were still shackled above his head, and Gary’s sucking continued unabated and Josh felt himself explode inside Gary’s mouth in an orgasm more violent then any he had ever experienced before. Gary’s hungry mouth continued to milk him long after he was done.

Josh lay there for a while, feeling the warmth of his lover’s head against his tummy, wanting to stroke it but unable to move his shackled hands. He looked up at the window to watch the icy white clouds flowing across the night sky, driven by the cold wind that howled outside the fragile warmth of this suburban house.

Mary and the kids would be returning, and he would have to leave soon. He felt the touch of Gary’s lips as they brushed against his cock and shivered at the impending cold.

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After Isobel

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My Aunt Isobel died suddenly, but before she died she made out her will and left me her shop. We had lived together for only two years, no one suspected that we were related until after the will was read. I am sure a few of the people in the area suspected though that we had been living as a unit. At one time my Aunt Isobel was a sour faced woman, but the last two years she changed, into a happy smiling woman.

The shop was a General Store, come Post Office and was the only shop servicing this dominantly rural farming area. The turn over wasn’t the greatest, but ample to live on, also the opening times were the basic 9 to 6 with a closure of one hour for lunch and half day Saturday. There was no call to open out of these hours for that was all the local people demanded.

The small village where it was located was well off any visitors route and there was nothing of historical significance to even draw visitors here. Some would think it a very boring place for a young man to want to settle down in. This was very deceptive, for there was more activity going on here than in any big city, but it was all out of sight. There were rumours and gossip as one hears in any community, but being the only shop everyone came in for their mail and urgently needed small items, so I got to hear almost everything that went on. There was hardly a person who entered the shop who didn’t stay and talk about something or other.

Oh yes, I had taken to working this shop like a duck takes to water, when I left the Army and came to live with Aunt Isobel. I suppose since I was the only one in her entire family who got on with her, they knew that she would leave the shop to me. I could never thank her enough, I loved this shop.

For the first few weeks everyone who came to the shop talked about one subject only, they were sorry about Isobel’s sudden death. She had a heart attack in the small church and died immediately, standing alongside of me. She was buried in the small cemetery attached to the church.

I was now getting attention from a good number of single females, aged from late twenties up and I mean up, into their sixties and one even older. I never realised how many there were in this spread out community, ladies living alone, pottering in their gardens or whatever ways they had to pass their time. Since the shop was also an agent for a bank, I had privilege to their bank accounts and some of the ladies were indeed financially well of and independent. So I could make sure if I chose a partner, I would choose one who wouldn’t be a burden on my small capital. It may sound a callous way of thinking, but one must be practical about these things.

Also I found by living with Isobel, who was so much older than I, that there was no difference sexually between a woman of my age and a more mature lady. I also had no hang-ups with the age difference. This broadened my horizons dramatically. I also knew from speaking to some of the ladies that they had no intentions of changing their living arrangements. Everyone, needs a bit of company now and again, so how, or who is providing these ladies with their sexual relief. I was determined to find out, for I was beginning to feel in the need of relief myself.


There was one mystery I had to settle though before I could proceed on anything. Every Wednesday Afternoon Isobel used to catch the bus at one o’clock and return at five thirty. She never missed a week, every Wednesday was the same whether it was raining or snowing.

A lady friend of hers by the name of Samantha took over the shop for that afternoon. If ever there was an old fashioned dresser then it was Samantha, anyway more of her later.

I went all through Aunt Isobel’s personal papers and diaries, in the recent ones, when I say recent I mean the past five years there was nothing marked on the Wednesdays that would give me a clue, but in the diaries prior to that was just the initials MM. Also I found a receipt for a safety deposit box dating back ten years with the local bank in the nearby town. I wonder if there is still a safety deposit box in that bank I thought.

I phoned the bank and explained the circumstances of Aunt Isobel’s sudden death and that I was the sole beneficiary, but they still wanted proof of this before they would even divulge if she had a box or not. So I notified my solicitor who told me to take her death certificate into the bank and they would speak to them.

So armed with this certificate, the information given me by my solicitor and asking Samantha to look after the shop I drove into the town.

Once I had shown proof of who I was and proof of Aunt Isobel’s death I was allowed access to her box. Unfortunately I had no key, but that didn’t seem to be as big of a problem as I had thought.

Inside were birth certificates both Isobel’s and for a Margaret Mary, of the same surname, father and mother, but 10 years younger than Isobel. Also there were some papers with a local Mental Institutes heading. The main text was that Margaret Mary was a voluntary escort izmit in-patient and had been for over 15 years.

Collected all the contents of the security box I drove straight up to the hospital. I explained again who I was, the reason I was here and ask if Aunt Isobel visited here on a Wednesday.

“She certainly did, regularly, only missing two weeks every year, I think that was the weeks she visited her brother and his family.” The matron told me.

“Can I see my Aunt Margaret then?”

“She prefers Margaret-Mary, but yes you certainly can, we were wondering why she has had no visitors the past few weeks.”

Aunt Margaret-Mary was a younger version of Isobel, almost a carbon copy in fact. She was wearing a faded blue half buttoned dress with a belt, so I knew she wasn’t classified as suicidal, or she wouldn’t have been allowed the belt, so right away I felt better about that. When we were introduced, she shook my hand warmly.

“Isobel, talked about you fondly, I knew she loved you even though she never said so, you being our nephew and everything, and I am sorry my sister is dead. I wish that I had been told.”

“Just why are you in here, you seem alright to me?”

“I had a bad mental breakdown and I’m afraid I couldn’t cope on the outside world. I suppose you could say I have become institutionalized.”

“Why has no one in my family ever mentioned I had another aunt.”

“They were all ashamed of me, and Isobel, but even your father disowned me. I have no family now.”

“You’re wrong there, you have me, come stay with me. There is plenty room in the house, you can work the shop with me. I know this is being thrust upon you, but what do you say?”

“You really mean it, you would take me in and let me share your house with you?”

“It’s as much your house as mine. I am sure Isobel would approve. She was the only one who thought about you all these years, let me take care of you now, for Isobel’s memory. I don’t want my only aunt living in a hospital, when she can leave any time she wants.”

“Let me speak to the doctors first, you are sure you really want me. Please don’t change your mind, for I would never forgive you Duncan, ever.”

“You talk to your doctors and I will telephone, when?”

“I’ll see if I can talk to them to-day, so tomorrow.”

I rose and she rose too, she was so small, just like Isobel. I bent down and kissed her cheek. “I am happy that I have found you and I really am glad you are to come and stay with me. I’m off home now to get a room ready for you, I hope it is to-morrow. We have so much to talk about.”

Her smile was as warm as Isobel’s had been those past two years. In a way it would be as if Isobel had come home again, having Aunt Margaret-Mary beside me. One thing I’ll have to get her to accept a shortened name for her present one is a mouth full.

I didn’t need to ring the next day, later that afternoon a Dr Simpson phoned me and informed me that he was willing to sign the release documentation for my aunts discharge, if I was willing to accept her.

“Of course I will accept her, this is as much her home as it is mine. When can she be discharged?” I asked.

“Come and pick her up as soon as you want, she says come for her now, can you come immediately? She is off all medication, but I would like to see her again in a week, I will give her a day and time once I see my secretary.”

It happened a lot sooner than I had expected it too. I had to nip over and ask Samantha if she could spare another hour whilst I went and collected my aunt. I think this favour is going to cost me more than money, by the way she looked at me and smiled, declining any suggestion of monitory payment.

Margaret-Mary was dressed in her outdoor clothing and it showed how long she had been in here by the style of clothes she had on, but she had a huge smile on her face and was sitting by her bedside with a medium suitcase beside her. That must be her worldly possessions, but where were the things she must have had prior to being admitted. Maybe one day she will tell me. Anyway there were plenty of dresses etc. in Isobel’s wardrobes which will fit her.

“Come on Aunty that was quick, I didn’t expect you until tomorrow, but I am happy to have you now.” I said as I kissed her cheek once more as I picked up her suitcase.

Once we arrived home I could see she was apprehensive and sat on a dining chair with her hands clasped and on her thighs.

“I know you prefer Margaret-Mary but it is rather a mouthful is there a shorter name I can call you?” I asked sitting on my haunches in front of her.

“I will let you call me Mary,” she said stroking my face with her hand. “I will have to get used to living in a house with a man, I hope I won’t embarrass you Duncan.”

“Why should you do that?”

“Well when your women friends call to see you.”

“I have none, there is only you and me, no others.”

“I”m not so sure about that, that lady who was looking after the shop was watching you too closely izmit escort for just a friend.”

“Mary, Samantha was the lady who looked after the shop for Isobel when she visited you. I asked her to help out because she knew the shop. She lives just across the street.”

“She fancies you I know, I can see it in her eyes.”

“Wow you women, I wish I could tell that, it would save a lot of time.”

She laughed as I said that, “Men they never change.”

“That’s right feel at home Mary, this is your home from now on, make it so, everything is open to you, I have nothing to hide. I don’t want you to feel you are an obligation. Now I will show you your room it’s next door to mine and I will always be there if you want anything, remember that.” I said placing my hands over hers.

“Yes I now see why Isobel loved you so much, she was a good judge of character and it is a pity the family never saw this. You know it hurt her the way they treated her, well until you came along and her whole attitude changed.”

“God, you are so like her, I cou……….,” I started.

“Go on finish what you were going to say,” she said bringing her head closer.

“I could kiss you, that was what I was to say.”

“Well kiss me, maybe you will get the same response back as Isobel would have given.”

I did on both counts. I had placed both hands on the side of her face as I kissed her and she had covered mine with hers and returned the kiss, yes just as sweet and tender, but I didn’t want it to go any further. Fucking one aunt was bad enough, but two that was just asking for trouble.

One thing I now knew I had another admirer just like Isobel.


Every community has a woman who the other women turn to and ours was no exception, our lady was a sixty year old woman called Doris Younger. She lived about a mile away from the village in a reasonable sized old farmhouse, which had never been used as such for many many years. Her husband had been a gentleman farmer and all his land was worked by tenant farmers. The only thing that she now does is farm the money paid by these tenants and from what ever other investments she has. Every year she buys a new Range Rover and is quite boastful of the fact, when the subject comes up when she visits the shop.

Doris visits the shop quite often at least two or three times a week and we quite freely talk to one-another. Anyway, I received a telephone call from her.

“Duncan, would you be a darling and bring me a packet of raisins and mixed peel, I am terribly busy and can’t get down to your shop? I will give you a light lunch for your trouble.”

Now they all know that I don’t mind dropping off things in an emergency, also they know I close for my lunch break.

“I will drop it up to you at one o’clock Mrs Younger and thank you for the invitation to lunch.”

I arrived at her home with the two small packages and handed them over as we entered her home. “Just place the items on my account and I will settle with you next time I am in.” she said linking her arm into mine as we entered her dinning room where she had two bowls of soup and freshly baked rolls on the table.

She sat at one side and I the other. “Would you like to be my Whist partner to-night. I have some friends coming around, I’m baking, that is why I needed the mixed peel and raisins. Just two tables, my usual partner, Joyce can’t make it.”

“Sure, I would love to, what time?”

“Seven-thirty would be lovely, will that be convenient?”

“Certainly Doris, I’ll be here.”

“Very informal Duncan, no need to dress up, it’s only to play cards.”

It all sounded innocent enough to me and I had to get out and give Mary the idea I was going to live a life the same as others in the community. I couldn’t just nip around to the pub because we had no public house in the village, the nearest was eight miles away.

When I left all I got was, “See you this evening,” from Doris.

I arrived dead on the half hour and I found that there was only me and the young minister who were males, all the others were mature ladies. At least I had another male present and I liked Robert, but I thought too young to be a minister.

I was told to dress casual but Doris was dressed I thought to kill, she was quite an attractive woman still, her skin was beginning to show signs of ageing, but all the rest of her looked great. I was sure that her hair was dyed for there was no grey hairs showing and was black. Her dress showed a good bit of cleavage and had a collar like a fold of the fine material the whole dress was made of, it came to just below her knees. Her shoes were not of the stiletto type, but about a couple of inches high which threw her chest out and made her legs look longer and much taller than her 5feet 4 stature.

It was during the evening that I found out that Robert was leaving us in a few weeks and that he wasn’t being replaced, our community would have to share the minister of another parish, who was getting close to izmit kendi evi olan escort retirement age. Robert was leaving the ministry all together and joining the police force.

“I was surprised to see you here this evening, but that is understandable. I would like to come and have a talk with you before I go. Would that be alright?”

“Sure any time.”

“I’ll bring a bottle.”

That was a strange thing for a minister to say and there were a few things that I must have picked up, but couldn’t put my finger on it with what he had said during the evening, but I suppose it will come out when I see him.

Everyone left and I was just about to do the same when Doris put her hand on my arm,”Stay a minute Duncan, and keep me company, I won’t bite.”

Bingo, I thought, this lady is giving me the come on and I am going to jump at it if offered further. Test twice before jumping has been my motto, then you don’t get caught up with a screaming female.

We returned not to the room where we played cards, but to her lounge, where a horse shoe settee was in front of the fire, it was large and could easily seat nine people comfortably. This would be a lovely spot in the winter time with a roaring fire blazing in the fireplace. She sat down and patted the settee for me to come and sit by her side.”Come and sit here Duncan.”

I did and placed my left arm behind her, not touching her, but on the back of the settee, so that I could half turn to face her. “I love this settee, often I just sprawl full length and I have even slept all night on it. Don’t you think it’s nice?”

“Yes, especially sitting beside a lovely lady like you,” I said, my eyes peering down her cleavage even although I tried to prevent it.

“Oh flattery will get you anything you want.” she replied. If that wasn’t another signal what was.

So someone had to make the next move, I just dropped my arm onto her shoulder and gently pulled her towards me. I think that was what she was waiting for, for she came closer, lifted her face towards me, pursed her lips and closed her eyes. There was no doubting what she wanted me to do. I lowered my mouth to hers and her left arm shot around my neck and her right hand landed on my semi-erect penis. Now there was no mistake, also there was no semi-hard cock, but now a blazing boner.

I just pushed up the hem of her dress and slid my hand up her inner thigh and she relaxed, even moved her left leg so I could place my hand on her panties crotch, which was wet to touch. It was slippery to the touch, so I knew she just hadn’t wet herself, but was already aroused enough to be secreting like mad.

She took her mouth away from mine, “Wait a minute,” she said and with her left hand reached under her dress lifted her bottom and drew the flimsiest of panties off. “That will make it easier.” and replaced her arm around my neck and her lips back onto mine.

Well there was no denying this She just slid down onto her settee one leg outstretched and her right foot on the floor, her thighs open wide. I would rather that she took off her dress, but it looked that she had no intention at this stage to do this and was quite content to just remove her panties. I could have pressed it, but I was as eager as she was to get my cock back into a warm pussy once more. So all I did was drop my trousers and get between her thighs, she lifted her pelvis up as I placed my knob between her moist lips and I slid up into this lovely ladies body so smoothly, she helped by lifting both legs which were firmly locked over mine.

“Oh my you must be a big man, I haven’t felt so stretched, god it feels so lovely.”

“Doris I think you are just as lovely and you feels great, you are so warm and moist, I hope you don’t mind me not wearing a condom.”

“Oh I hate those things, and I don’t trust them. I like to feel the real man, not some rubber thing.”

I started withdrawing and sliding in, I wanted to increase but she tightened her lock on me and made me slowly slide in and out. “Keep it slow, I hate rushing this, keep it slow, it feels so much better.” she moaned in my ear, so slow and easy it was. I must admit that it was a lot nicer and I was glad at long last I had sunk my cock into a woman once again. There is no better place for it than where it was at the present time, and with someone who really wanted it there. The only thing that shook me was the number of times I think Doris had a climax for she was almost every thirty seconds gripping me tight and letting out a low sigh, a rest and then the same again also I could feel her lower abdominal muscles contracting around my cock.

At long last I spurted my load into her body, I had been saving up for a while and she got the lot. She seemed to milk me dry as we lay locked together in a love lock.

“Doris, You are a very passionate lady, I never thought I would have my cock up inside you as I have now, I think you are lovely.”

“You’re not bad yourself, you know not many young men take the time to look at us, but I knew you and your aunt must have been having affair for I never saw so much a change come over anyone, as when the time you came to stay with Isobel. I knew that you were then, one of the unusual young men who didn’t mind making love to an older woman.”

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Jessie’s Attractions

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Her name is Maddie. She is my best friend. We have been inseparable since the first time we met in second grade. I will always remember that day.

She was new to my school. Like every new student, she barely said a word when she first arrived. During recess, she just stood against the red brick wall of the school. I remember how well her red sundress matched the wall. Her skin and hair betrayed her camouflage, though. She had long, black hair and milky white skin. She reminded me of a beautiful china doll that my mom had but would not let me touch. That’s how I felt about Maddie at first, like she was precious and fragile, just like that china doll.

She probably would have stayed against that wall for the full fifteen minutes, scuffing her new black shoes as she nudged rocks around in a circle. Our teacher wanted to make sure she wasn’t left out so she convinced Maddie to join our dodge ball game.

It seemed that we were destined to be together that day. Maddie took up an open spot across from me. I threw my blue foam ball and it hit her square in the face. The funny thing is, I wasn’t even aiming for her.

She fell backwards, hitting her head on the hard blacktop. Everybody stopped where they were and looked at her. The teacher, noticing the quietness coming from our area, ran to the fallen girl. She sat up slowly with help from the teacher, touching a finger to the red, sticky goo leaking from her nose. Looking at her bloody fingers, she screamed and started crying. Everybody else started backing away, giving them space.

I just stared at them, my jaw hanging loose, feet unable to move. The teacher looked around and motioned for me to come closer. I didn’t know if I was in trouble or if I was just the closest kid.

“Jessie, take Maddie to the nurse and stay with her until recess is over. She could use a friend.”

The teacher helped Maddie to her feet. I was to take over from there. I led Maddie inside and through the maze of hallways to the nurse’s office. Nothing was said on the journey there.

When we finally reached the office, the nurse put on her concerned face. “Oh dear. Come now, let’s get you patched up.” As she led Maddie towards the bathroom, she said to me, “You can go back now.”

“Mrs. Murphey said I have to stay with her. She’s new.”

“Well, have a seat then.”

So I sat down on the light blue hospital cot and waited. I heard small talk coming from the bathroom. After a few minutes, they emerged. Maddie’s face was no longer covered in blood and, besides the red, puffy eyes, she looked better. The nurse gave her an ice pack for her head and sent us both back outside for the remaining two minutes of recess.

I looked at Maddie as we walked. “I’m sorry I hit you.”

She looked at me and smiled. I could have melted right there.

“It’s okay. What’s your name again?”

At first I couldn’t answer. My throat suddenly felt like I had swallowed a cup of sand.

“Jessie,” I finally managed.

She giggled and grabbed my hand. “Well Jessie, let’s be friends.”

All I could do was smile and nod.

I fell in love with her that day and my love never wavered. She has no idea about my feelings for her.

She was the first person that I came out as a lesbian to in eighth grade. She has supported me and still supports me. When I decided to get my hair cut short, she went with me to the barber. She feels totally comfortable with me.

Lately, Maddie’s innocence has faded away. To cope with her depression and feelings of insecurity, she has begun drinking heavily and sleeping with a lot of guys.

The local badass jock has taken a liking to her. His name is Alec and he’s tall, lean, and blonde with a killer smile. He introduced Maddie to partying and she brought me into it.

There are two other guys we usually hang out with. Ben, an average sized guy who smoked a lot of pot and had shaggy brown hair, and Robbie, short and muscular with a fauxhawk and a habit of cheating on his girlfriend. I got along pretty well with Ben but Alec and Robbie seemed to think I was more of a burden. After all, I was only there because of Maddie.

I sometimes feel like I’m Maddie’s security blanket but I know that I am the one person who truly cares about her.

We had the whole summer ahead of us before senior year of high school. Maddie and Alec had turned eighteen earlier that year and I had just turned eighteen. We were young adults in a small Wisconsin town. What else was there to do but party?





The noise finally pulled me out of sleep, interrupting my dream. I rolled over and stared at the clock, my eyes unable to focus as I glared at the blue numbers. 1:27 A.M. I struggled to remember what drove me from my sleep when it happened again.


I sat up, grabbed my glasses off the nightstand, and swung my legs over the edge of the bed, staring at the window. I cautiously tip-toed around the piles of clothes and pulled the curtains back an inch, peering out into the starless night.

Standing in the middle of my dark lawn izmit rus escort was Maddie, Alec, Ben, and Robbie. Maddie was tossing pebbles at my window but wasn’t exactly hitting her target. Thump. She hit the siding.

With a sigh and a roll of my eyes, I drew the curtains back and opened the window. Just as I stuck my head out, Maddie threw one last rock, pelting me in the forehead.

“Oh shit,” she said as they all broke out into giggles. Alec was holding a large square bottle and Ben was smoking a joint.

I rubbed the spot where I was hit. “What’s up? And keep it down, parents are sleeping.”

“Come out and play, Jessie!” Dan said in an exaggerated whisper, blowing out smoke as he spoke.

“Yes! ‘Tis a beautiful night!” Maddie said loudly, resulting in various shh’s from the guys.

“Okay, okay. I’ll be down in a few minutes. Just be quiet, okay?” I didn’t even wait for a reply as I shut the window. Wouldn’t have mattered anyways. They were so out of it. I’m surprised that they even came to get me.

But I was awake now so there was no point in not going.

After changing clothes, I tiptoed into the hallway, slowly shutting my door behind me. I crept down the stairs, pausing every time one creaked. I put on my black Converse high tops and went out the front door.

Maddie was twirling around, her white sundress trailing after her. The others where on the ground grinning stupidly. When I came outside, Maddie ran at me and jumped into the air, throwing her arms and legs around me. I automatically put my hands on her thighs. Good thing she was drunk and it was dark since I’m sure I was red in the face.

“Jessie! I’ve missed you!” She said, planting a wet, sloppy kiss on my cheek.

“That’s great. Can you get off me now?”

She smiled and let go. She staggered and fell, giggling as she hit the ground.

I pulled her up and helped her towards the guys. “So what’s going on?”

The only response I got was a half-empty bottle shoved at my abdomen. I grabbed it by the neck and took a long swig, wincing slightly as the amber liquid went down.

Alec and Robbie both stood up.

“My ma’s probably passed the fuck out. I gots more shit at my place so les go,” Alec slurred, throwing his arm up. He dropped his arm around my shoulders and we led the way down the street to his house. We passed the bottle around as we walked and eventually finished the rest. When we reached Alec’s house, Alec took the empty bottle and threw it down the street. Crash!

We all piled into the front door of Alec’s house, not really caring about the noise. As we tumbled noisily down the stairs into the basement, Alec put a finger to his mouth. “Shhh! Parents are sleeping. We can’t let them wake up and and be grumpy now can we?” He said in a mocking voice.

By this time I was fairly tipsy so I didn’t even care that he was making fun of me.

Ben and Robbie were sprawled out on the white leather couch in the middle, I was on a matching recliner on the left, and Alec was getting close to an uncomfortable looking Maddie directly in front of me on the love seat. He had his arm slung around her shoulders, his hand dangerously close to her right breast. She just kept her eyes on the floor.

I could feel the anger heat up my insides. I knew that Maddie and Alec slept together a few times. They weren’t dating but that didn’t make me feel better. Alec used her to fulfill his lustful urges. At first, I suspected Maddie did the same but sometimes she seemed afraid of Alec.

I felt a bump on my arm and looked over to see Robbie handing me a glass pipe and a lighter. I brought the mouth piece to my lips and lit the bowl, closing my eyes as I inhaled. I leaned over and passed the pipe to Alec, blowing smoke out as I did so. He removed his arm from Maddie to light up. After three selfish hits, he handed the pipe to Maddie.

Licking her lips, she brought the pipe to her mouth, blue eyes holding my green eyes. I felt a fresher kind of heat rush down my stomach to linger between my legs. My heart began beating faster and my face flushed. I knew this feeling well for it was the same one I felt when she kissed my check, when she flirted jokingly with me, and on the first day we met. It felt so good and yet it was painful for it reminded me that I was still in love with her.

Ben’s giggles broke the connection and my feeling. His laughter was contagious and we all burst out into our own stoner giggle.

“What are we laughing at?” I managed after a few minutes.

“Dude, I was thinking about Sponge Bob,” Ben said, suddenly getting very serious. His seriousness made us geek out even more.

After about an hour of talking, laughing, and some more pot, Alec started up again with Maddie. He put his hand on her leg, slyly inching her dress up to caress her bare thigh. Swallowing hard, I looked away, just barely missing the lust filled look he gave Maddie. Silently, they stood and walked towards the back of the basement where Alec’s room was. I looked up to see Alec walking with a drunken strut. Maddie walked solemnly izmit escort behind him.

“Fuck,” Dan sighed. “That was awkward.”

Robbie was already passed out with a bottle between his legs. He slumped against Dan, who groaned in protest and shoved him towards the floor. He landed with a soft thud and let out a loud snore.

“I don’t know bout you, but I’m goin to bed. Fuck this, and fuck them.”

Dan nodded and leaned his head back. “I hate when they do this. Leave us here, half-dazed and whatnot.”

I barely heard him before my mind when dark.

I woke up to blinding light and the sound of a woman yelling upstairs. And I was drooling.

Groaning, I wiped my cheek of the excess spit and squinted around the bright basement. Robbie was still on the floor, Dan was stretched out on the couch, and there was no sign of Maddie or Alec.

I stood up, felt queasy and plopped back down. Too soon for movement. My head was thumping, mouth was dry, and I just generally felt like shit. It also seemed I was the first one awake, besides the banshee upstairs.

From what I could hear, Alec’s mother was having a screaming match with his father over the phone. Once all was quiet upstairs, I stood up successfully and made my way up the stairs and into the kitchen.

Alec’s mom sitting at the counter, blond head resting on her arms. She didn’t look up when I walked in so I just crept to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

I hated being alone with her. She would give me this certain look that I couldn’t read. It made me feel very uneasy. The fact that I was totally attracted to her also didn’t help.

I heard movement and turned to see her looking at me.

“Good morning, Jessie,” she said with a weak smile.

“Mornin’, Mrs. Masters.”

She shook her head and the smile got bigger. “How many times have I told you? Call me Barbie.”

The name Barbie suited her well. She was a total MILF, the trophy wife of a rich executive. She use to be a model and as a result she had a perfectly toned body, perfect white teeth, and perfect natural tits. She was also addicted to sleeping pills. From what Maddie had told me, things were not well between Barbie and her husband, Jack. I had never met him because he did a lot of business and pleasure travel. From what I had heard, he loved hookers and cocaine and had major trust issues because of it. The Masters use to live in Boston but Jack believed Barbie was cheating on him with everybody so he moved them to a small Wisconsin town.

Barbie stood up and went to a cabinet. She pulled out a bottle of aspirin and handed two pills to me. I took them and gave her a forced smile. “Thanks.”

She nodded and sat back down. “You seemed like you needed it. Rough night?”

I leaned against the counter and nodded while giving her a quick look over. She was wearing a white stretchy tank top, pajama bottoms with ducks on them, and clearly no bra. Not that she needed one, her boobs were incredibly perky.

I looked down at the water bottle in my hands and when I looked back at her, she was giving me that look. It was the sort of look that made my heart beat faster and caused my mouth to go dry. She was biting her lower lip and looking at me with a sort of fiery hunger in her eyes. She looked away quickly but her expression was forever in my memory.

I was starting to get the feeling that maybe Barbie wanted me. “Thanks for the aspirin. I’m going to check if any of the others are awake.” I headed for the basement without waiting for a reply. I paused for a moment in the stairwell to close my eyes and catch my breath. Crazy, I was going crazy! I had never been looked at like a piece of meat before but the thought of the lust in Barbie’s eyes sent shivers down my spine.

Maddie was sitting in the recliner waiting for me. Alec was no where in sight and the other two boys were still asleep. She looked up at me and gave me the same weak smile that Barbie had given me.

“Hey,” she whispered.

“Hey yourself.”

“Umm…will you walk me home?”

I nodded and led the way back upstairs. Barbie was gone so we let ourselves out. We walked in silence, passing my water bottle back and forth.

“So, did I miss anything?” She said after a while.

I shook my head. “Nah, we all fell asleep once you guys left.”


She reached over and took my hand. I told myself it was just a friend thing. I had seen her do it with her other girl friends so it was nothing out of the ordinary. But that didn’t ease the fire burning inside me. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back, her tired eyes lighting up. It was a genuine smile.

I walked her around the back of her house so she could sneak in.

“Hey Jessie?” Maddie asked as we stood there.

“What’s up?”

“Are you mad at me for walking out on you guys?”

“No, why would I be mad?”

She smiled again. “Just wanted to make sure. I’ll call you later ok?”

I nodded.

As I walked home, my mind was focused on that look she had given me in the basement. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Maybe kocaeli escort she noticed me staring? Maybe she wanted somebody to save her? Maybe she wasn’t even looking at me but just beyond me? Maybe she wants me?

I thought that one through and shook my head. No. She’s straight so she wouldn’t be interested in me. I let out a sigh before quietly opening my front door. Thankfully, my parents were already at work. I made my way up to my room and threw myself onto my bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

A few hours later, I woke up to the inability to move my legs. And more drool. Gross.

Looking down, I noticed I had somehow managed to get tangled in my sheets and that I still had my shoes on.

My dad was fine with my sexuality. He grew up in California and his parents were hippies. People tell me that we are a lot alike. Same dirty blond hair, same smile, same taste in music. He was more laid back. I’m also pretty sure he smokes pot. We get along perfectly. My mother, on the other hand, grew up in the Wisconsin in a Catholic home. Her parents were homophobic, racist, and sexist. They were also wealthy and spoiled their children.

I never understood why my parents are together.

Tonight the topic of conversation for dinner was my “lifestyle.”

“Jessica, I don’t see why you wear boy clothing. You have all those pretty dresses and skirts I bought for you. Why can’t you wear those? Do you really want to be like this when you go to college next year?”

I rolled my eyes and shoved more green beans into my mouth.

“Honey,” my dad said in between bites of his steak. “Just let her be. She’s unique. We should embrace that.”

My mother sighed. “It just isn’t right. A young lady dressing like a boy. When will you grow your hair out? You had such beautiful hair. But now you keep it short. When will you grow out of this phase?”

I stared at her in disbelief. “Phase? You think that this is a phase?”

“Yes and it’s all because of the media. When I was younger, you never heard about gays because there were none.”

My dad looked up at my mother with wide eyes, mouth open in shock.

I threw my fork down and glared at her. “First of all, you are so close minded and uninformed and secondly, I am who I am and I am fucking proud of it!”

“Proud to be a freak?” She scoffed.

I could feel the acid building up in my eyes. “That’s great. Call your own daughter a freak.” I pushed back my chair and stomped outside, slamming the door behind me.

I sat down under a big oak tree with my back against the cool bark, knees against my chest, head down. My body ached from lack of good sleep and too much drinking. I was already feeling depressed due to my confusion over Maddie and Barbie but the freak comment really crushed me. I wasn’t sure what I would do. I didn’t want to go back inside any time soon. She always disapproved of anything I did. Because of her, I second-guessed my entire life.

But what mother would call her own daughter a freak?

I could feel the warmth of the tears through my jeans but I couldn’t stop crying. My mind was racing with everything: contempt for Alec, love and confusion for Maddie, the depression that follows a night of drinking and smoking, the feelings of hopelessness.

Alec. Why did she have to start hanging out with him? He was the biggest asshole in our school and most of it was directed at me. During our freshman year, when he had moved here, he would ram into me, knock my books down, throw things at me. The next year, he eased up a little but he would stare at me in class with this menacing smirk. Half way through the year, he started getting close to Maddie. Eventually, she intertwined my friendship with his and we all started hanging out together. Sometimes I felt like he resented my presence but he also knew that I came with the package.

I remember Maddie said to me once that she didn’t believe in getting really drunk. She thought it was totally pointless to not be able to remember what happened the night before. It wasn’t until her parents got divorced that she started partying. That’s when she met Alec and they started hanging out.

I never quite understood why they started hanging out in the first place. Alec was the a jock. He bought his clothes from the preppy stores, drove a BMW, and was into heavy partying. Maddie, on the other hand, did not fit into any category. She loved nature and animals. She would wear anything from long, flowing skirts to baggie purple jeans with a zip-up hoodie to tight jeans and a black tank top. No matter what she wore, she looked good.

I don’t like drinking but I get pressured into it. I thought the same as Maddie, that it was pointless to drink excessively so sometimes I opt for just weed.

I will never forget the first time I drank with Alec. He shoved a bottle of vodka at me with a daring grin. I took one sip and coughed while Alec laughed, calling me a pussy.

They tell you in school what to do about peer pressure. Just say no is the big one. Not only does that not work but they don’t tell you how to handle the curiosity that comes with the pressure. I wanted to try it. Hell, if other people are doing it, what’s the harm? If I don’t like it, I can stop but I will never know until I try. That’s what life is about right? Adventures and trying new things.

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First Meeting

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Author’s note: Andynes are a species of (anthro) bird-winged people from my Greenbird and CC works. Arthur and Digitalis eventually become engaged in the first book of CC, and this is how they first met, taking place about three years before the events of the first volume of Crimson Changeling.


Digitalis fastened his bow tie, and reached back to check the back of his long blazer; it was backless to accommodate his blunt, bluejay-like wings, with a zipper on the side to fasten it in place. He hurried into the kitchen for a last drink of coffee before he left. It was his first function as an instructor at the City of Rain University, and he wanted it to go well. His stomach was in knots, but there would be at least one friendly face there: his ex-wife, Millicent Lee, who was a professor of Anthropology at the CRU.

Digitalis locked the door to his new apartment and set off to the elevator. He was medium height, with pale skin, curly blue hair that matched his bluejay-like wings, and clear, pupilless amber eyes, which he’d inherited from his human father. His muscular figure was quite dashing in the suit he’d picked, and as the elevator car descended, he preened his feathers nervously.

The walk from Digitalis’s new place at the CRU faculty apartment building to the cafeteria building was short, and he joined other faculty arriving late along the walkways. The crowd around the cafeteria building was very dense – tonight was a large ceremony, honoring both graduates and new initiates into the CRU’s new junior bodyguard training program. Digitalis was set to start directing the program in the coming fall quarter, after the current head of the program was set to retire at the end of the summer.

Once Digitalis reached the cafeteria, he realized how packed it was. However, Digitalis was easy to pick out of a crowd, and soon he was spotted by his ex-wife, who stood up at her table and waved at him, jumping up and down to try to make herself more visible. She was a small, slight haman woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties, but was actually decades older, thanks to years of interworld travel – just like Digitalis himself.

“Digit!” Millicent Lee shouted over the roar of the people crowding around them. “I’m glad you made it! You look nice!”

“So do you, Milly!” Digitalis shouted back. Milly was the sort of person who didn’t usually dress up, but tonight she wore a nice, if a little baggy, sweater and a long beaded skirt underneath.

“Thanks, I promised our daughter I wouldn’t embarrass her by wearing my CRU sweats.”

“Our daught-” Digitalis was cut off. The lights dimmed and the auditorium went quiet, with an announcer testing the microphone for introductions. Milly motioned for Digitalis to sit down at her table, in a seat between her and a very freckly olive-skinned andyne man, with long curly hair and sleek black wings. He wore an odd, ornately-patterned tribal shirt over bottoms that resembled a loose hakama. The man looked a little nervous, but greeted Digitalis with a brief, polite palm touch.

“Hi, I’m Digitalis,” whispered Digitalis.

The man hesitated, and hiccuped, “A-arthur. Arthur Deepuin.” Digitalis could smell the essence of dagger root on his breath – a drink that was toxic to most humanoid and anth species, but which was drunk like alcohol by andynes. Essence of dagger root was sold as a concentrate in small bottles, and diluted with nine parts water to one part essence. It had strong intoxicating effects on andyne users, but also worked as a strong diuretic.

Digitalis poured himself some blueberry punch from the bowl on the center of the table while the Junior Guard Program director announced her retirement, and made her speech for the graduates of the program, about their perseverance and how proud she was and whatnot. Digitalis took a swig of his punch, and found that it was kind of disgusting. He went to set the glass down, and almost dropped it when a hand touched his shoulder unexpectedly.

“I have to go do something,” said Milly’s voice in his ear. “Keep an eye on Arthur, would you? He’s had a lot to drink.”

Digitalis looked up at Milly, then over at Arthur, who was slowly falling asleep with his head propped up on his arms.

“Oh…um…okay,” he said, watching Milly slip away through the throngs of people scrambling to their seats at the last second. Now the valedictorian of the junior guard program was talking, hyping up his class, who stood in neat rows extending past the back of the stage behind him. Digitalis wondered where Milly had gone, until he caught a flutter of movement from Arthur. Arthur’s freckly face was bright red, and he looked upset about something.

“Something wrong?” Digitalis whispered in Arthur’s direction.

Arthur took a deep breath and said stiffly, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“It’s by the east doors,” Digitalis informed him. Looking determined, Arthur nodded and abruptly stood up. He lost his balance and Digitalis caught him by the elbow and steadied escort izmit him. He stumbled a few steps toward the east doors before Digitalis decided to get up from the table and step in; he had a sinking feeling that this was why Milly had wanted him to babysit Arthur.

“Thanks,” panted Arthur, leaning on Digitalis as they made their way toward the bathrooms. “I c-can’t hold it much longer.”

The hallway at the east entrance was mercifully deserted when they got there. The men’s bathroom door was closed, with a sign on it saying “out of order.” Digitalis stuck out an arm to push it open anyway, but it wouldn’t budge. It was locked. Next to Digitalis, Arthur gave an agonized moan.

“No, no, nooo, I’m renting these clothes, if I pee in them I’ll have to pay a dry cleaning fee,” whined Arthur. He clamped one if his hands over his crotch and whimpered pathetically.

“I’m sure there are other bathrooms in this building,” said Digitalis. He looked around; they would have to go back through the darkened cafeteria to get to another bathroom. He didn’t know where the bathrooms were though, so he tried to think of other options: being so new to the CRU, he only knew of one other bathroom on campus.

“How long have you known Milly?” Digitalis asked Arthur seriously.

Bouncing up and down on his toes, Arthur gasped, “What? Why?”

“The only other bathroom I know of here is mine,” said Digitalis. “In the staff apartments – it’s about a five-minute walk-“

“At this point I’ll take anything,” grunted Arthur. “Let’s go! Please!”

“Alright, come on,” said Digitalis, hooking Arthur by the elbow. Digitalis kept a brisk pace all the way to the back corner of his building, trying to ignore Arthur’s whimpers of desperation. Digitalis found a side door he’d used earlier to bypass the building security and hurried Arthur into the elevator, where he pushed the fourth floor button.

“Oh no,” gasped Arthur. Digitalis heard a small rush of liquid, and a small wet spot appeared on the front of Arthur’s pants.

“You alright?” asked Digitalis.

“I think I am now. I can hold it,” Arthur breathed, clutching at his lower belly. His black wings were twitching uncontrollably at random, occasionally pushing against Digitalis’s.

Digitalis marched Arthur out of the elevator as soon as the door opened. It was a quick dash to his front door, and he leaned Arthur on the wall while he got his keys out. There was another quiet rushing noise next to him, and the sound of water slapping the wall and thin hallway carpet. Digitalis found his key, wrenched his door open, and yanked Arthur inside, just in time for him to leak again.

“N-no!” gasped Arthur. Shaking and unable to stop the slow, steady stream trickling out of him. The wet spot on his pants was spreading rapidly, and a puddle was beginning to form around his feet. “I c-can’t stop,” Arthur moaned. Digitalis pulled him into the bathroom.

Arthur leaked in small spurts on the way to the toilet, while he pulled at his clothes to get his pants off. The wet spot in his clothes began spreading faster, and he yanked on the knots fastening his pants.

Digitalis tried to reach over and untie Arthur’s pants for him when Arthur yanked on them again. This time the fabric tore near the seam on the right side, halfway down to his knee, and fell to the floor around his ankles. Arthur wasted no time in waddling to the toilet, dribbling through his soaked briefs. He pulled them down when he reached the toilet, spraying everywhere, then dribbling into the bowl.

“Ahhh!” Arthur stretched his hips as he pounded the toilet bowl with a heavy flow of piss. He was thin, and about four inches taller than Digitalis. Digitalis felt a little bad for it, but he couldn’t help admiring Arthur’s butt, waggling slightly while he relieved himself for over a minute straight.

“I’m s-so s-sorry about your floor, w-whatsyourface,” said Arthur guiltily as his stream slowed to a trickle, slurring his words a little. “I swear I’ll clean it up.”

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” asked Digitalis. Arthur was clearly in no shape to go back to the graduation/initiation ceremony, and Digitalis made a mental note to text Milly about it.

“Two bottles…” Arthur hiccuped, and the noise in the toilet stopped for a split second before resuming again. “Maybe three. It was the good stuff, Kannar Dagger Root essence…where’s your mop?” Arthur’s flow slowed again, and he pushed the last of the liquid out in small squirts.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Digitalis. “If you like you can take a shower. You can use my bathrobe until your clothes are dry.”

Digitalis changed into his sweats and mopped up the urine in the bathroom while Arthur was in the shower. He didn’t have as much luck with the trails of it in the carpets, though, and left a sticky note for himself on the freezer to rent a steam cleaner. Digitalis had a pitcher of ice water on the living room table ready for Arthur when he came out of the bathroom, izmit escort to help sober him up. Arthur’s long over-the-shoulder ponytail was damp, and he sat down heavily on the couch next to Digitalis, who was watching a Friday night marathon of Star Cops: Deep Space Fines. Arthur’s face flushed bright red when he made eye contact with Digitalis, and he mumbled an apology for wetting himself in the entryway.

“It’s alright, we’ve all been there. How’re you feeling?” Digitalis asked him.

“Parched, actually…” Arthur took the glass of water Digitalis offered him and chugged it. “I…I won’t have an accident in your house again, I swear,” said Arthur.

“Relax, I meant it when I told you it’s alright,” sighed Digitalis, pouring Arthur another glass of water. “Did you come here with Milly? Is she driving you home?”

“I d-don’t know.” Arthur took a drink of his water, shuffling his wings uncomfortably behind him. “Your daughter was one of the initiates today, that’s why Milly dressed up.” he said. Tears stood out in his eyes suddenly, and Digitalis braced himself. “I made you miss it! I’m so sorry! How could I do this to Milly’s hot ex-husband?!” he sobbed into Digitalis’s shoulder.

“There, there,” said Digitalis, a little flattered. He patted Arthur’s arm, not really knowing what else to do. Arthur continued crying quietly, and Digitalis let Arthur lean on his shoulder. Strangely, he settled down as soon as the intro for Deep Space Fines came on the television.

As the next hour went by, Digitalis texted back and forth with Milly, who was sad that he’d missed their daughter Chrysanthemum’s junior guard program initiation ceremony, but glad that Arthur had someone to babysit him.

“Don’t let him watch any sad movies,” said Milly over text message. “He’s the whiniest drunk I’ve ever met. He’ll cry for hours.”

“Too late,” Digitalis snorted aloud. It made Arthur flinch; he’d been asleep on Digitalis’s shoulder for about twenty minutes.


“It’s nothing, just a funny message from Milly,” said Digitalis, patting Arthur’s shoulder. “You can stay the night here, if you want. I haven’t lived alone since my bachelor days, so it’d be nice to have a guest,” he added earnestly.

Arthur sat up, leaving a puddle of drool on Digitalis’s sleeve. “I’m so sorry,” he gasped.

“Oh, never mind that. I’m a dad, it takes more than a little saliva to gross me out,” said Digitalis. “How are you feeling?”

Arthur drained his glass and filled his cup with the last of the water in the pitcher. “My head is pounding,” he said quietly.

“Want some aspirin?”

“Please,” replied Arthur, holding his head.

Digitalis retrieved the aspirin from the bathroom and brought it to Arthur, who took it gratefully with the rest of the water. Digitalis sat back down, and Arthur resumed leaning on his shoulder. It was on a commercial, so Digitalis decided to make conversation.

“So uh…how do you know Milly and Mums?” asked Digitalis.

“We’re in the same department. We play mahjong once a week with my friend Rabb, and sometimes Chrysanthemum comes with her and she does homework, or she plays if one of us can’t make it…” Arthur gave a soft snort; he was asleep again. Digitalis wasn’t tired yet, and sat back and settled in for a few more episodes of Deep Space Fines.

Digitalis was feeling a slight need to pee after the end of the second episode, but when he looked down at Arthur, he had such a peaceful expression that Digitalis didn’t want to disturb him.

Another three episodes went by, and Digitalis regretted drinking the blueberry punch at the ceremony, even though he’d only really taken a single gulp. It was nearly 2am, and he needed to pee so badly that he couldn’t pay attention to what was going on onscreen. By now, Arthur was draped across Digitalis, drooling a little on his chest, and he couldn’t get up without either waking Arthur, or Arthur falling off the couch.

Digitalis’s eyes fell upon the pitcher on the living room table in front of him. It was empty. He reached carefully for it, squashing Arthur’s head a little between his arm and chest. It didn’t seem to bother him, though one of his wings had twitched a little. Digitalis set the pitcher on the couch in front of his crotch while he maneuvered the band of his sweatpants down. His blue pubic hairs stuck to the condensation still on the pitcher as he lowered it awkwardly into place, and the cold droplets of water on his cock made him jump a little, but it also spurred him to let go.

Digitalis relaxed, leaning back and letting the pee flow out. The sound was loud and satisfying inside the large clear pitcher. He noticed Arthur’s wing was twitching again: he was waking up.

Arthur opened his eyes slowly, pushing his hair out of his face as he carefully sat up. He looked blearily at Digitalis, and down at then the pitcher he was still pissing into.

“Oh…Um…Arthur. Hi,” said Digitalis sheepishly.

“Oh good,” Arthur mumbled. izmit kendi evi olan escort He pulled himself over to Digitalis on the couch, lifting the borrowed bathrobe to reveal his large penis. Arthur angled himself so that he was almost straddling one of Digitalis’s knees and pulled his long foreskin back, aiming the blunt head. Arthur grunted as his bladder released into the pitcher alongside Digitalis’s smaller, circumcised member. It made Digitalis a little self-conscious, but it also made him think a little bit of Arthur’s cute butt. Digitalis pushed the thought away: Arthur was still fairly intoxicated. This wasn’t the time.

“So, where am I?” asked Arthur quietly. There was a short pause when Digitalis had finished emptying his bladder. He pushed the last out in spurts, some of which crossed Arthur’s hard stream.

“You’re at my home, in the faculty apartments,” said Digitalis after a long pause.

Arthur blinked at him. “I know you from somewhere…”

“Do you remember the graduation ceremony?” asked Digitalis mildly.

Arthur’s green eyes widened. “That was today.”

“That’s where I met you. You were very um…-“

“Oh no.” Arthur groaned. “How many bottles?”

Digitalis smirked. “You first told me it was two, I guessed it was closer to three, and Milly told me over text you’ve had five since ten AM yesterday.”

Arthur groaned again. “Ugh! Dammit, drunk Arthur! Five bottles of Kannar! Right in the bank account!”

“I’d like to add that you woke up and decided to piss into a pitcher with a complete stranger,” said Digitalis.

Arthur gave Digitalis a long, puzzled look. Digitalis looked down; Arthur was still peeing. The pitcher was over half full, and it was starting to get very heavy, with Digitalis holding it in such an awkward position in the first place. Digitalis took a deep breath to ask Arthur if he was almost finished.

“But I do know you?” Arthur yawned, politely covering his mouth with his free hand. “You have a weird floral name…” Mercifully, Arthur’s stream slowed, and he shook out the last drops of urine smartly into the pitcher. He shambled to his feet. The pitcher held three liters of liquid, and was almost two thirds full. “Here, Whatsyourface, I’ll dump it.”

Arthur carefully took the pitcher from Digitalis. “Whew, this is heavy!”

“No kidding,” yawned Digitalis.

“So where do I dump it?”

Digitalis directed Arthur to the bathroom, where he carefully dumped the contents of the pitcher, after which Digitalis took it and rinsed it under one of the shower heads. Arthur followed him into the kitchen, watching him curiously while he washed out the pitcher at the sink.

“How’s your head doing?” asked Digitalis.

Arthur paused. “It’s…better. What happened to my clothes?”

“I’m washing your shirt and your underwear now, but you ripped a big hole in your pants trying to take them off.”

“Just great,” said Arthur discontentedly. “Was I cringey?”

“Well…” Digitalis hesitated, and thought involuntarily again about Arthur’s butt. He busied himself with scrubbing the inside of the pitcher. “You were very emotional. There was a lot of crying.”

“I am so sorry,” sighed Arthur. “I can call a cab-“

Digitalis turned around to grab a dish towel. “Listen, Arthur, if you apologize one more time I’m going to start keeping a tally. I regret that I missed Mums’s initiation, yes, but I didn’t want to leave you passed out somewhere on campus in a puddle of your own piss.” Digitalis set the pitcher upside down on the drying board.

“Thanks. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, Daffodil.”

Digitalis turned to stroll out of the kitchen and brushed Arthur’s shoulder. “You’re doing it again. One.”

“S-sorry, Delphinium-“

“That’s two. And that one’s closer, but my name is Digitalis,” Digitalis called back from the living room. The Deep Space Fines marathon on the television was still going, and Digitalis stretched out his wings before plopping down on the couch. Despite having been up for almost twenty-four hours, he didn’t feel tired at all.

Arthur came in after about another minute, and sat back down on the couch with Digitalis. “Are you alright with me being here tonight?”

“Yeah,” said Digitalis.

“Can I lean on you again?” yawned Arthur. “Just while you’re still up. I have an old wing injury, and it helps me to sit at an angle.”

Digitalis nodded, and let Arthur cuddle up to him on the couch, this time with a blanket.

“Digitalis. That’s a nice name,” said Arthur.

“Thanks, I guess,” said Digitalis. “I didn’t pick it though.”

Arthur snorted. “Wouldn’t we be lucky to choose our own names…I’d go with something better than Arthur.”

“Arthur’s a nice name too,” said Digitalis. He tried and failed to stifle a yawn before continuing. “It’s dignified. You’re a professor, right? Seems like it fits.”

Arthur blushed. He was about to reply, but the television switched back from commercial to Deep Space Fines.

Arthur and Digitalis watched the next episode of Deep Space Fines on the couch. Digitalis felt much better after peeing, but it only took about ten minutes for Arthur to start squirming restlessly: he needed to pee again.

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Ballet De Paris

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François Renard was a stagehand and handyman at the theater of the Ballet De Paris. He was a huge man, almost seven feet tall with wide shoulders and hands large and strong enough to crush a coconut, but he was very gentle giant. Most of those who saw him thought he was slow witted because he seldom spoke. Also he had a foolish smile which came out any time Monsieur Tibault the theater manager scolded him, or if one of the dancers from the corps de ballet made fun of him.

François loved his work. It was sometimes hard because he was expected to move heavy scenery and stage props alone that would ordinarily take two or three men to move, but he did not really mind because he loved to be near the women of the corps de ballet. They were so beautiful! Tall and slim with small breasts, slender hips and long legs; François thought of them as long stemmed flowers, especially when they were dressed in the short stiff tutus. He was very shy however so he never spoke to any of the beautiful women, but contented himself with gazing at them as they passed in the back stage. Those gazes were not mere distant lust however, for François was an artist with a photographic eye and skilled hands. His gaze fixed the memory of each dancer’s face and body in his mind so that he could reproduce each one in ink and paint at his studio; and there was none of the impressionistic blurring popular with artists of the time. Renard’s paintings were so photographically precise that viewers felt as though the subject could step from the canvas and twirl away en pointe.

The dancers noticed the handsome giant staring at them, but they thought him a cretin so none of them ever spoke to him, but some of them were very cruel and would go out of their way to torment François with their beauty. They would brush close to him as they passed so that he could catch a drift of their perfume, or they would pause a moment on their way to let him look at them, then haughtily turn their noses up as if to say, Look and lust fool, but you will never have me!

There were some that were yet more cruel. One dancer of the chorus named Giselle, a heart-stoppingly beautiful blond with wide blue eyes, sometimes went out of her way to brush her hand against the front of François’ pants in such a way as to snag against his manhood. One night Giselle happened to find that François was tumescent, and she smiled like a lean cat about to spring on a huge mouse. “I hope you will not tire your hand too much when you think of me tonight François,” she said. “Monsieur Tibault will be angry.”

François blushed and said nothing, but followed Giselle’s shapely legs and perfect behind with his eyes as she walked away laughing. Later, after the ballet was through and most of the dancers were changed to street clothes and leaving the theater one said to François, “You are wanted in the chorus dressing room. There is something needs moving,” a knowing smile touched the corners of her mouth.

François went. He stopped at the door and knocked rather than just bursting in. He waited until he heard the voice of Rene, another dancer, say, “Come in.”

Rene and Giselle, both wearing satin dressing gowns, sat side by side on a couch. Their dressing gowns were only loosely closed and any movement would make them flare open to show stockings and garters. Giselle, her legs uncovered, knees crossed, smiled her wicked smile.

“The marble top of that dresser is broken François. The break is very rough and many of us have snagged our stockings on it. Show him Rene.”

Rene, a woman of pale skin, black hair and black eyes, threw back the dressing gown bottom and lifted her leg to show François. She wore high reach silk stockings held in place with a pink satin garter belt, and when she turned her leg to show the snag in the inside of her left thigh François could see that she wore no panties. Her vulva’s curly black fuzz was carefully coifed so that it covered only a small area of her mons. The vaginal lips were completely smooth and a slightly darker pink than the insides of her thighs.

“Well, don’t stand there at the door,” Giselle said. “Come closer so that you can see.”

François crossed to the couch and stood before the two dancers. “Kneel down so that you can see better,” Rene said, lifting her leg. He did. “Do you see it?” she asked.

“Oui,” the kneeling giant said. “I see it.” He carefully kept his eyes off Rene’s womanhood.

“Are you sure? I think you should look closer,” Giselle said sweetly.

François glanced up at her then moved so close to Rene’s thigh he could feel the warmth of it on his face; so close between the dancer’s legs he caught a rich gossamer coil of perfume mixed with feminine excitement, and that was the instant Giselle popped to her feet and shoved his face deep between Rene’s legs as Rene hunched her hips up and closed her thighs around his head.

Giselle laughed wildly, clapping her hands as she danced joyfully. “Now my giant, you must kiss Rene’s cunt before she will let you free!” But her laughter turned to wonder the moment she looked at Rene’s face. It izmit rus escort was a study in concentrated arousal. Her eyes were closed, but her eyelids were fluttering; her rouged lips were open and her breath was coming in short groaning gasps.

François had begun kissing and tonguing Rene’s fleur de la femme the instant his mouth touched her flesh. He stroked his tongue from the cinnamon bud of her anus to the top of her coifed mons taking an extra moment to circle the delicate bead of her clitoris, before beginning the circuit once more. At last he closed his lips to a tight kiss and sucked her clitoral nubbin until it swelled to a super tactile ruby of pleasure. The scratch of his day’s growth of beard on the insides of Rene’s thighs and against her silk stockings added to the sensitivity of her loins, adding an excitingly erotic warmth she had never felt with Giselle. After a few moments François moved his tongue down to the opening of Rene’s chambre du pleasur, driving it in deep, then deeper, then deeper yet until Rene moaned, “Mon Dieu! Don’t stop!”

The cascade of orgasm flowed into Rene’s body from the tip of François’ tongue, and she could not stop her hips from humping François’ mouth. Without volition she brought her hands to the back of his head to hold his mouth against her so that he could not escape without giving her every scintilla of pleasure in him. Her knees pulled up and her legs opened wide to expose more of her wanton flesh and she half rose into an orgiastic crescent with François’ head at the center of focus. Her breathy, grunting scream of release caused the mirrors of the dressing room to vibrate and the crystal prisms hanging on the lampshades to ring like wind chimes.

Giselle watched in alarm. This had been intended as a tease to the gigantic fool and a preliminary to a sexual session between her and Rene. But, though alarmed and piqued by what she was witnessing she was also excited by it. Tingling heat between her legs made her lubricating fluids begin to flow. She had never seen Rene so taken out of herself by sex. She had certainly never brought Rene to such an earth-shaking climax, but neither she nor Rene had ever experienced sex with a man. Technically both she and Rene were virgins since neither had ever been penetrated by a male organ. They had been lovers since they were children in the Ecole du Ballet and most of the men they knew had little interest in women, so they had never felt any need for men—until now.

François lifted his face a little from between Rene’s legs and gently kissed the insides of her thighs before sitting back on his haunches and turning toward Giselle. She noticed that his chin and throat were shiny-wet with Rene’s sexual essence and felt her own catkin echo that wetting.

François stood, towering over Giselle. He smiled down on her with a look she had never seen in him before. His green eyes smoldered and she could feel his gaze travel from her face down her body, stopping a moment on her small breasts which were half seen where the dressing gown was loose, then traveling on to her pubic triangle. She glanced down to find that by habit she had taken the left knee bent right knee stiff preparatory position for a plie. Her bent knee held the dressing gown open, exposing her stocking tops, garter belt, and dark blond pubic curls. She quickly straightened and pulled the dressing gown closed.

“Sil Vou Pleis Mam’sel,” François began. “Do not hide this treasure from me. I promise I will not touch. I wish only to see.”

“Por Qua?” She said with what she hoped was disdain. She looked at the rising in his pants. “So that you may use the memory when you play with your cock?” The breathy quiver in her voice gave away her excitement.

“Oui, that, but also that I may paint a picture of it to hang beside the painting of your face in my studio.”

“Mon Dieu Giselle!” Said Rene, who had somewhat recovered. “Let him look! Beg him to look! Beg him to—Mon Dieu! Beg him!”

Giselle looked to her friend then back to the bulge in François’ pants. She lifted her blue eyes defiantly to his green ones. “I will show you between my legs if you will show me between yours,” she said.

Rene gasped and stepped to Giselle’s side. “Brilliant, Cheri! Brilliant! Yes my giant, show us your— equipment.”

François laughed, his habitual shyness overcome by the two dancers. He began unbuckling his wide belt. “I have not played the ‘I’ll show if you’ll show’ game since I was a child.” He unbuttoned the fly and slid pants and underwear down to his knees, then threw his arms wide.

Rene and Giselle both stared with open mouths and wide eyes. François’ manhood was like a thick sausage extending from a nest of shining brown pubic hair. It was longer than the breadth of two hands and as thick as an altar candle with a slight downward curve. He was uncircumcised but his virility was so engorged that the foreskin was like a straining collar behind the reddish purple head. At the tip, glistening from the tiny mouth of it was a single crystal clear drop of liquid.

Giselle’s izmit escort eyes widened yet more and her hand, as if of its own volition, extended toward François. When she noticed what she was doing she pulled the hand back and used it to hold the dressing gown more tightly closed.

Rene, whose lust was already raging from her previous encounter, did not hesitate, but reached forward with her forefinger extended to touch the clear drop at the tip of François’ masculinity. She found it smooth like oil but sticky like spider silk. It attached to her finger and pulled out in a gleaming strand when she took her finger away. “It is so huge!” She said.

François shrugged. “Not so big,” he said. “There are many larger.”

“May I touch it more?” Rene asked.

A bit of his shyness returned and he blushed. “That Mam’selle is my fondest wish,”

François answered.

Rene stretched forth and closed her hand gently around the erect member. Her touch was so gentle, so silken that François could not stop a groan of pleasure escaping his lips. She snatched back her hand. “Sorry, Sorry, I did not mean—”

“No, no Mam’selle. It was pleasure not pain. Please.”

Rene again reached out and put her hand around him. Her fingers and thumb could not reach all the way around. “It is so hard but so…soft.” She said moving her hand up and down the length of it. “May I kiss it?”

“Oh yes! But you must be careful. I am so—your touch and the taste of your honey, have brought me very close to climax. I may not be able to hold it off.”

Rene knelt and carefully kissed the tiny mouth at the tip, which had produced another drop of clear fluid. She licked her lips and the taste sent a tingling from the tip of her tongue down to her catkin. She immediately moved in and took the tip in her mouth.

Giselle was so surprised that she cried out, “Rene!”

Rene turned to her friend with a wide smile. “The taste is wonderful, Cheri! Salty, sweet, and bitter all at the same time and it makes me so wet between my legs I am sure there will be a puddle in only a moment.” She turned back to François and licked at the head of his member.

“If you take it into your mouth and suckle like a baby, moving your head in and out—”François began.

Rene began to do just that, bobbing her head back and forth and stroking the underside with her tongue.

“Ah, oui, oui! Like that! Mon Dieu!”

After a few more bobs of her head François, his voice breathy and barely controlled said, “I am going to erupt into your mouth. Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!” She did not.

Giselle could see the giant’s orgasm in his face. His eyes squeezed shut, his head was thrown back, his mouth open, as the spasm clenched his middle and exploded through his body. His rich white cream exploded into Rene’s mouth spurt after spurt in such volume that, though she tried to swallow it all, she could not. Much leaked from the corners of her mouth, ran down her chin and dripped onto the carpet.

Giselle was both appalled and inflamed. Her nipples had hardened into points that showed clearly through the satin of her dressing gown; melting heat between her legs caused her sexual honey to flow out and wet the insides of her thighs to her stocking tops. Her clitoral jewel throbbed and cried for attention so much that she brought her finger to it and began stroking it, but it was not enough. She wanted François’ tongue to replace it. She wanted the rigid, spurting thing in Rene’s mouth to pump its creamy liqueur into her chambre de femme.

Rene continued to draw the rich liquid from François until there was no more, and with the last drops came all the strength from the giant’s legs. He took a wobbling step back and sat down on the couch where the dancers had been.

Rene, more ardent now than when she had first tasted François’ decoction, stood and turned to Giselle, embraced her and, with François’ essence still on her lips, kissed her lover full on the mouth. Giselle tasted François on Rene’s lips and immediately drove her tongue into the others mouth seeking more. Rene responded by pulling open Giselle’s dressing gown then sliding it off her shoulders. She took her mouth from Giselle’s only long enough to drop her own dressing gown onto the carpet leaving them both dressed only in garter belts and stockings.

François watched as the dancers began to caress one another; first breasts then thighs then between thighs. The light from the gas lamps was a warm golden sheen on their skin. His painter’s eye saw the flex of each muscle; the strain of each ligament, and the sight of these two perfect bodies entangled in one another made his heart catch with the awe of their beauty. There was the scent of feminine excitement mixed with perfume rising from Rene and Giselle also. Some vagrant draft carried the aroma to him and as it touched his nose it touched his manhood which came to attention once again.

The dancers had gone down onto the floor and were lying with their faces between one another’s legs. Giselle was on top concentrating her kisses and the caresses of her kocaeli escort tongue on Rene’s opened fleur de la femme, while receiving the same ministrations from Rene. The liquid sound of the women’s excitement was like another gentle stroke on François’ erection. He could taste coppery desire on his tongue, but he hesitated to interrupt the pair on the floor so he began slowly to masturbate.

Rene glanced in François’ direction and saw what he was doing. She pulled her mouth away from Giselle’s sensual gate. “No my giant! Do not waste any of your delicious sauce homme! Come here!”

Giselle, remembering the desire that had been born as François’ climax had emptied itself into Rene’s mouth, lifted her face from between Rene’s legs and panted, “Yes, yes François, please come and put you tongue in me! Put your cock in me! Please!”

François was suddenly more inflamed than ever before in his life. He had dreamed of the moment when Giselle, the ballerina he had most desired from all the Corps de Ballet, would call him by name and beg him to do that which he most wanted to do. It had been a physical ache in his heart and in his loins since the first time he had seen her. Now the very sound of his name in her mouth made his breath shorten. He did not waste a moment stripping off the rest of his clothes. He went down onto his knees behind Giselle, first bending over to kiss and taste her blond-fringed fleur, stopping only a moment to kiss Rene’s lips. She kissed him hungrily while moaning with the ministrations of Giselle’s mouth between her legs.

François rose to his knees and moved to Giselle’s deliciously heart shaped bottom with the two pink satin garter straps stretched over it. He put his hands on her sides just above the garter belt at her hipbones and lifted her higher on her knees. When she was up he began running his fingers around the opening of her chambre to spread the copious lubrication evenly, stopping after each circuit to plunge his finger into her. He did not find that she was still a virgin for her hymen had long since been broken by the exertions required by the dance, but he did find that she was very tight and he feared that he would hurt her with his huge member. He took a little while putting first one finger, then two, then three into her and turning them carefully to bring all the elasticity he could before putting himself into her, but at last Giselle lifted her face and said, “No more! I want you in me now François. Now!”

Because of his size François was forced to bend his knees to lower himself to the level of Giselle’s opening. He held his erection in his hand and carefully rubbed the head of it between the lips of her vulva to lubricate it before beginning to push himself into her tight confines. Slowly he pushed himself into her and with each centimeter Giselle moaned. She continued to lick and kiss Rene but the excitingly sensual reality of François’ member sliding into her belly distracted her somewhat.

At last François was buried all the way to his pubic hair in Giselle and he began a slow deep rhythm that made her cry out “Uhn!” each time the head of his manhood touched the bottom of her womb.

Rene meanwhile continued to stimulate Giselle’s swollen clitoris, but she also began to drag the point of her tongue down the center of François’ testicle sack. Giselle’s sexual honey, which was being forced out of her by the huge member, was trickling down and dripping from François’ balls. Rene lapped the ambrosial liqueur, a blend of male and female, and found that the taste of it was causing her own honey to well up more copiously. That welling added to Giselle’s excitement so she kissed and licked Rene’s pleasure channel more avidly, flicking her tongue over Rene’s throbbing, swollen clitoris

François drove himself with more and more power into Giselle and just as he felt that he could not contain himself much longer he felt the clutching, squeezing paroxysms of her orgasm. The electrifying spasms of ecstasy caused the ballerina, that most coordinated, most graceful of beings to lose control of her body as the clenching, vibrating bolts of orgiastic lightning shot through her. Her release was so great that even the most basic bodily training was lost and a stream of urine flowed out and into Rene’s face. Some of that golden wine found its way into Rene’s mouth. She found the taste sweet and the excitement that had caused her young lover to release it was so contagious that she felt the squeezing climax herself and began humping her hips, though Giselle was so distracted she had stopped her ministrations.

Feeling the quiver of Giselle’ body through his hands as well as his loins

François released his straining control, but he was not so foolish as to allow his powerful essence to spill out into the beautiful dancer’s womb. The instant before his creamy quintessence erupted he pulled himself from Giselle’s still craving belly. He continued to hunch his hips in such a way as to stroke his raging manhood between her buttocks at the top, and with only one further repetition his climax gushed forth, tearing a scream of ecstasy from his very center. The first spurt reached her shoulder with subsequent jets falling like liquid pearls along the channel of her spine. The three collapsed in a heap on the floor of the dressing room completely spent.

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Affair in a Tent

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I was in my early 20s at the time of this story. Now I didn’t think I’d enjoy this trip but my work was going camping as a bit of a treat. My issue was I didn’t have a tent but that didn’t stop one of my friends offering to share. I didn’t mind this idea because at least we’d have fun. She was in her early forties with 4 kids and a partner. Our work uniform didn’t reveal much until the end of the shift when we stripped-down to our t-shirts and trousers. That was when you could see her slim-ish body and her top hugging her hand sized 34C cups. She had red hair which was short to her shoulders which wasn’t to my liking but that didn’t stop me perving on her ass or chest.

Now I knew her family well including her partner so it wasn’t too awkward when I got to her house. We set off to leave in her car and we chatted about her family and my girlfriend.

We got there in about an hour and we put up the izmit escort tent in the pouring rain. After that wet ordeal we got inside. She told me she was going to change and I decided to do the same. She took of her top revealing her body under a tight vest top which showed great cleavage. I told her I’d never seen her so revealed and I was enjoying it too much with a smile on my face. She blushed a little and told me to stop being silly because she was old enough to be my mother. I agreed to the age thing because I was as old as her oldest son. Ignoring her jokingly telling me to stop I moved towards her touching her waist telling her I was still enjoying the view. I moved my hand to her top and pulled out slightly down and then enough to expose the breasts in her white bra. She didn’t stop me so I groped a breast savouring the moment before I released her and got out of the tent.

After a fair few hours izmit escort bayan we were drunk and laughing. It was near 2am before we went to bed. We got into my clothes after she got in first and changed. We were in our own sleeping bags and I could see she was cold. I asked if she wanted a cuddle and I opened our bags and spooned her tight. My arm was around her and my hand cupping her breast. I gently massaged it in my hand as I felt her bum push against my growing cock. I moved my hand down her top and under her bra feeling her hard nipple under my fingers. After a little more grinding we heard the tent zip open.

One of our drunk work friends came in saying his tent was leaking. I half expected this as I knew it was cheap. We moved up against each other to let him in and started chatting for a bit all the while my cock was waiting till he was asleep. I was so horny and every izmit sınırsız escort time I could I’d touch her body which only teased me more. She would also touch my bulge to wind me up even more.

After a short while we could hear him snoring away. I moved back to her, groping now like a teenager on heat. I took her top off and she undid her bra letting her once perky looking tits sag a little. She told me a few times about her partner not giving her any sexual attention and how she never got to suck cock like she used to. The next thing I knew was feeling her wet mouth sucking me. I could see she was enjoying it and it felt like a porn star was in control of me. I found it so hot that there was someone right next to us while she went to down on me.

She didn’t slow down once which meant I didn’t take long to fill her mouth with my warm cum. She didn’t seem to even mind as she kept a tight seal cleaning my shaft in one movement.

After my wet spent cock went soft she came up to me and stuck here tongue down my throat. She tasted of cum and my cock but I kissed her hard back.

Needless to say this wasn’t the only night we camped together.

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Black Bikini

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I don’t know what possessed me that night, but I found myself standing outside my sister’s bedroom door at three in the morning. I hadn’t been able to sleep all night, even though I had masturbated twice already. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I guess it was because of earlier that day, at the pool at our aunt and uncle’s house. I had never seen her in a bikini before, and she was wearing this tight little black string number, with small triangles covering her nipples and surprisingly very little covering her pussy. There was so little to it that it was ridiculous. Even though we were both eighteen, she would never have gotten away with it at home, but mom and dad weren’t here, and our aunt and uncle let us do whatever we want. I think one time my uncle tried to have a manly talk with me about sex, and something along the lines of how masturbation was normal. I didn’t understand a lot of it, but regardless my aunt and uncle are very allowing.

But her bikini…I had never been so horny in my young life. I was so hard I had to stay in the pool, and although I had tried to avoid touching my sister, I think my dick took over a little and I found myself brushing against her. She immediately knew I was hard, but didn’t make any movement that would reveal me to our aunt and uncle who were sitting on the patio not far away. She didn’t even turn her head, but her hand went right to my crotch. Her palm and fingers feeling my erect penis took me by surprise.

“A little excited, huh?” she said quietly.

I couldn’t answer. She kept feeling me up, and I felt like I would shoot if she continued.

“You’re…bikini,” I managed.

“I’ll give you a closer look sometime,” she said, and swam off.

I had to wait until everyone went inside, and then I snuck to bathroom and jerked myself to a quick orgasm. When I went to the kitchen for dinner, everyone was still in their swimwear, including my sister. I had to sit at the table quickly as I soon had another throbbing erection. During dinner, as my aunt and uncle were talking, she ran her foot up my leg and to my dick. She gave me a footjob while we ate, and I couldn’t help but notice her nipples prominently poking through her bikini beylikdüzü escort top. She had a great set of tits, she could be a model very easily. I had jerked off to the thought of fucking her before, but I figured that was normal. But the thought of her pleasing me sexually was very exciting.

After dinner, I went to the bathroom where I proceeded to jerk off again. When I was close to cumming, the door suddenly opened and my sister entered the bathroom. She closed the door and without a word approached me. She bent down and touched my dick, which jumped at her touch. She lightly ran her fingers up and down my shaft, and circled the head. Just as I couldn’t take it any more, her hand wrapped firmly around my dick.

I groaned and let out a thick spurt of semen. It hit her square in the face, but she seemed almost unaffected. The second spurt landed on her chest, and I continued dribbling out cum until my dick was gooey and sticky in her hand. I stared dumbfounded as my sister began rubbing my sperm into her breasts. Then she removed her bikini bottoms and began frigging her pussy right in front of me.

She finally made eye contact with me, and smiled devilishly as her hand increased in speed. Her face began to contort, and she tensed suddenly and arched her back. She tilted her head back while her orgasm overtook her, and halfway through she forced herself to look at me, and it seemed to increase the intensity of her climax.

When it was over, she turned the shower on and got in. Still in shock, I stepped out of the bathroom.

To my shock, my aunt was standing right there. I froze, but my aunt was not angry. She grinned and glanced down at my semi-hard dick. She winked at me and left. I didn’t know what to make of that. Like I said, she let us do whatever we wanted, and I guess that included sexual activities.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I tried wanking, but it didn’t compare to the feel of my sister’s touch. I had to feel her skin touch me. I needed to see her again.

So here I was, standing in front of her door with an erection. I dropped my boxers right there and opened the door. It was dark, but I could see the outline of my sister sleeping. escort beylikdüzü I approached quietly, not wanting to wake her. I was not in control of myself, I had somehow become addicted to her sexual touch. I gently got onto the bed and straddled her. She stirred and awoke, at first not sure who was sitting on her chest. When she saw it was me, she did nothing. Was that an invitation? I didn’t ask, instead I removed her shirt. Her breasts looked especially sexy in the moonlight. She did not move to stop me. Her eyes stayed locked on mine. I pressed my dick between her breasts, and thrust firmly once. She moaned very quietly.

I was suddenly invigorated, and I forced my dick into her mouth. She yelped a bit, surprised by my sudden force. I thrust myself into her mouth, savoring the feel of her wet warmth surrounding my dick. I began fucking her face, with a vigor that surprised her and me both. She still did not move to stop me, she allowed her head to be manipulated by me. I slammed my hips forward, and pulled her head towards me at the same time, and began a rhythm. I was surprised at how much of my dick I could fit in her mouth, and her gag reflex when I reached her throat provided an exciting arousal. Even her nipples brushing against my buttocks turned me on. I groaned very loudly, and I’m sure our aunt and uncle could have heard it.

I cried out as the first spurt of cum shot down her throat. She choked immediately on it, and I felt her cough it up just as the next spurt came. I felt like I released my entire being into her mouth. It had been almost animalistic, and when I was finished, I crouched over her face in exhaustion. I felt her hand lightly stroke my buttocks, while my dick was still lodged in her throat. Her gagging had stopped, once she was used to my dick being there.

I pulled out and she coughed and spit up most of my cum. I was covered in her saliva, all over my stomach and thighs. Her chest was a sticky mess, mostly from the cum she was spitting up. I got off her chest, and she immediately pulled her panties off.

She spread her legs and wiped her hand on her chest, and then rubbed the sperm/saliva mixture into her pussy. It was a very erotic sight. beylikduzu escort I watched as she brought herself to orgasm in less than a minute. I couldn’t take it any more and quickly moved my still-hard dick between her thighs.

Her eyes told me she wanted it bad, and I quickly thrust my dick up her pussy. She was so tight, I thought maybe she was a virgin, but I was too involved to notice if I broke her hymen. I sunk all the way into her, and she held me tightly against her body. We lay like that for a few minutes, my sister adjusting slightly to my girth. She writhed about gently, moving slightly one way or the other, until she cried out and came without me moving at all.

I fondled her tits and began humping her. I stuffed her pussy hard and fast, building our pace until we were frantically fucking each other. She began convulsing as another orgasm swept over her. I felt like I couldn’t thrust deep enough or hard enough into her, I was overtaken by lust.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two people standing in the doorway. It was our aunt and uncle. Even though I was shocked that they were right there, my body didn’t stop. I watched as they observed us fucking, and eventually I realized that they were fucking too. My uncle was pounding my aunt from behind. The thought of them getting off while watching us sent me over the edge, and I forced my dick as far up my sister’s pussy as it would go, and gripped the bedsheets.

I came so hard I saw stars. I felt like I came ten times, spurt after spurt, each rope of sperm blasting her pussy with surprising strength. I heard my uncle cum, and my aunt with him. My sister was right behind us all. After we were all finished, she turned her head to see them standing there. They smiled at us, and just stood there for a few moments, and then went back to their bedroom. My aunt motioned for us to follow.

My sister and I stared at each other for a good minute, my dick still hard and buried inside of her. She rubbed her belly, where the tip of my dick was, and sighed contentedly.

Eventually we followed our aunt and uncle to their room, where my uncle fucked my sister and I fucked my aunt. That was the only time, however, and after that my sister and I occasionally had sex. Our aunt and uncle loved to watch us, however, and sometimes we would have a masturbation party. To this day I still ask my sister to wear her black bikini, and I’ll fuck her sometimes while she’s still wearing it.

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Babysitting the Babysitter

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“I have never been so embarrassed in all my life,” Susan uttered.

“Sorry,” Charlie said, “It just happened.”

“Farting so loud that everybody in the room stops talking just happens?” she mocked.

“I had those burritos,” Charlie said, “I’ve never done that before. Give me a break.”

“If it’s not one thing it’s another with you,” Susan said, “Those were important people.”

“Oh important, I forgot,” he said, “Posturing around people we don’t know who have no relevance in what we do. Yes that gets us ahead.”

“Those people can get us into the Emerald club,” Susan said, “I’ve been trying to get us in for years.”

“In order to pay the $4000 per year dues, yes, very important,” Charlie mocked.

“You know what your problem is?” Susan asked.

“This should be good,” Charlie said.

“You’re boring. You won’t take a risk. You won’t meet people to make connections,” she said.

“Well I was thinking that making those club connections would be a little boring. Once we got in that is. I’m just not use to that posh upscale club stuff,” he said.

“Boring,” Susan said, “Boring social life, boring sex life.”

“Never had complaints in the sack before you,” Charlie said, “Perhaps you should examine your own needs, however extreme they may be.”

“Oh I know what this is about,” Susan said, “I just asked you a simple thing. I told you it was ok if you say no, and that I still love you either way. Let it go Charlie.”

“My wife of 12 years wants to spice up our sex lives by involving outsiders,” Charlie said, “That’s natural?”

“Hey you were getting a bargain,” Susan said, “Two for one. Me and my own younger cousin. But I told you that I didn’t want to upset you and if you didn’t want it was totally ok. But you got all weird about it.”

“Weird? Yeah a bit,” Charlie said.

“I said it was ok. She was just going through a rough patch and needed some attention. I thought I was creating every guy’s fantasy. Sex with two women, one only 18 that had only had sex once. She agreed but asked for one stipulation. What was that do you remember?” Susan said.

“Yeah, so we could teach her things,” Charlie said, “Dammit Susan I thought it was a trap or something. Some way to see if I would cheat.”

“Really?” Susan asked.

“Yeah of course,” Charlie said, “Do you honestly think I would turn that down if I thought it was legit?”

“Well I kind of wondered,” Susan said.

“Damn Susan, what guy wouldn’t want that thrown at him?” Charlie asked.

“I know, that’s why it freaked me out,” Susan laughed.

“Does she still want to?” Charlie said.

“Kinda lost your chance,” She said, “Boyfriend now.”

“Naturally,” Charlie said.

“Hey I can make it as tight as a near virgin puss if I want,” Susan teased.

“Think that if you want,” Charlie grinned.

“Hey!” Susan said as she slapped his arm.

The two argued back and forth often, but always came back to common ground. Charlie couldn’t help but have her cousin on his mind the rest of the ride home. It was true she was fantastic and now he felt rather stupid Although Susan was often demanding, and saw herself always wanting better situations, she did have a point about what had happened that night. Charlie should have trusted her more. Being stuck in a situation where no one is the winner, can take its toll on things. It did for them. But that was about to change a little.

“Hey um, didn’t you talk to Kate about leaving all the damn lights on?” Susan asked as the pulled into the driveway.

“Yeah twice,” Charlie said, “Gotta put a stop to this.”

As the two got out of the car and went to the front door of their house they both had become a little irritated. This had not been the first time they had asked their regular sitter to be a little more frugal with the electricity. After using the key, they set their jackets down and took off their shoes in the entry way. Susan yawned as she called out for their eighteen year old babysitter they regularly used to take care of their eight year old child. She didn’t answer. Susan hurried into the kitchen with the lights on of course and didn’t see her. She started to call out again as she rounded the corner to the family room, but stopped midsentence.

“Oh for chr…Charlie!” Susan stuttered.

“Ah dammit!” Charlie said as he looked down at Kate sprawled out on the floor.

She was not wearing anything and her clothes were nowhere to be found in the room. She was lying on her back on the floor. A bottle of their wine was empty beside her, and the end of a pot joint sat in one of Susan’s dinner plates. Clasped in Kate’s hand was a rather large rubber appendage. A smaller one was near the bottle of wine. Playing on the TV was a porn movie. In a bit of shock, they both looked down at her nude form. Charlie couldn’t help remarking inwardly at her beauty. Her short slender form with medium breasts seemed so innocent while she was unconscious. Her long brown hair was splayed in every direction beylikdüzü escort like a rock star in mid pose. He knew he had to look away or else keep staring and probably get noticed.

“She better have had her fun. Because when I get done with her, I” Susan started to say about their eighteen year old babysitter.

“How long has this shit been going on,” Charlie said into the air.

“Bobby why did you break up with me?” Kate said with a slur as she rolled over, still unconscious.

“Maybe not very long,” Susan said, “They just went dancing last weekend.”

“She’s always been such a nice girl,” Charlie said, “I wonder how it could come to this.”

“Well, we need to get her in a safe place. I’ll call her mom and tell her we need her overnight,” Susan said.

“But she’s done being our babysitter,” Charlie said, “Gonna go check on the kid.”

They were both upset for obvious reasons. It didn’t need to be said that she had flaked out on a serious responsibility and anything could have happened. But they had a long history with Kate and her family and had been friends for many years. They watched Kate grow up, and actually use to babysit her once upon a time. Charlie looked down at his sleeping daughter, then went back down to catch the last of Susan’s call. It seemed as if they could cover this up to avoid embarrassing the family. They would deal with this and maybe even fix it. Charlie was sure that Susan would want to find out why.

“Well her parents are actually still out of town,” Susan said as Charlie entered the room.

“Oh I thought they were getting back this morning,” Charlie said.

“Something about having to tie up some more things before they left,” She said, “How’s my girl?”

“Nude, blitzed, and in a lot of trouble,” Charlie said.

“I mean ours, dummy,” Susan said annoyed.

“Asleep,” Charlie said, “Seems like she took care of business before…taking care of business.”

“Well,” Susan said, “We can put her in the spare room and let her sleep it off. Then talk in the morning.”

“Yeah but have you seen her clothes?” Charlie asked.

“No actually,” Susan said.

“Well we need to cover her somehow,” Charlie said, “I obviously have to carry her and well…rather uncomfortable you know.”

“I thought about telling you to go toss her out on the lawn. But you’re just going to have to pick her up and deal with it,” Susan said, “I’ll find a robe and put it by the bed for morning. She can find her own clothes.”

“Fine, but you told me to handle her like this,” Charlie said as he knelt down to pick up the sleeping babysitter.

Charlie struggled but eventually was able to get to his feet with her in his arms. She moaned a bit once then still asleep put her arm around his neck. Charlie looked over at his wife who had a grin on her face.

“Remember you carrying me like that with nothing on?” Susan said.

“Yeah, but man do times change,” He said looking at her form briefly, “When did this become all the rage?”

“You mean shaving?” Susan asked, “Funny huh? Maybe you should try it. Might be hot.”

“You first,” he smiled as he started for the stairs, “I don’t know about having sharp objects near my stuff.”

“If you agree I’ll do it,” Susan grinned as she followed him up the stairs.

“Yeah I don’t know. But I know you value it, so you wouldn’t personally cut something off,” Charlie said.

“Think what you want to,” Susan smiled.

“Oh never mind then,” Charlie smiled.

“Kidding,” she grinned as they reached the spare bedroom, “Here let me pull the blanket back.”

Charlie slowly walked into the room with Kate in his arms. Susan had walked past him to pull some blankets back. Charlie struggled to get her onto the bed and ended up almost falling onto her when he did. Much of his weight rested on the sleeping babysitter for a few seconds.

“Getting fresh huh?” Susan asked as pulled up the covers, “At least wait til she’s awake.”

“Funny,” Charlie said as he put the light on in the corner.

“I was thinking,” Susan said, “I didn’t smell any pot. I think she probably went outside for that.”

“Some common sense then, maybe out in the backyard,” Charlie said.

“Yeah you’re probably right,” Susan said as went in to check on their daughter, “Going to bed in a sec.”

“Ok, I think I’ll take a look around outside a bit,” Charlie said, “Maybe she lost her clothes out on the deck or something. High and showing off to passing aliens in the night perhaps hoping for some sort of probing encounter.”

“You really have an imagination,” Susan smiled.

“Before the baby, remember we use to,” Charlie started.

“Yes I remember, somewhat. K, don’t stay out too late,” Susan said, “We probably have to deal with this crap first thing.”

Before Charlie went outside he went in to the bedroom and took off his dress shirt and pants. He hated wearing them and wanted out. He tossed them over a chair, and went out into the hallway. He beylikduzu escort preferred walking around in the summer time with just shorts or boxers. But he wanted out of the monkey suit he was wearing.

“Showing off for the ex-babysitter?” Susan smiled as she passed him.

“Well if I was doing that I would have come out here with nothing,” Charlie said.

“You dress how you wanna…big boy,” Susan smiled.

Charlie in his direct humor reached down and pulled off his boxers. He grinned heavily as he looked over at his wife with his hands spread out wide. She smiled at him thinking that every once and a while he surprised her.

“Here,” he said as he tossed them at her.

“Hey now I was kidding,” Susan said, “What about Kate?”

“She’s so blitzed she won’t wake til morning,” Charlie said, “Probably a good thing for her.”

“Why, would you smack her with that thing?” Susan grinned.

“No, she’s in trouble, and that would be a reward,” he grinned.

“You know you like to do that don’t you,” Susan said.

“What?” Charlie said as he went for the stairs.

“Make yourself hot so I want to spread ’em for you,” Susan said.

“Well spread them then,” Charlie said.

“I’m a little tired, but just come in and hit the mark and I’ll be ready,” Susan said.

“Maybe, we’ll see,” Charlie said as he went downstairs.

“Ass,” Susan said.

“Sorry not in the mood to go down that street tonight,” Charlie said as he descended the stairs, smiling as he felt his boxer hit the back of his head after being thrown at him by Susan.

Charlie entered the family room or as he thought it should be known as now, ‘a porn movie set’. He started turning off some lights and began to reminisce at the same time. With Susan, he would occasionally be nude in the house when their child was asleep. It wasn’t often anymore because of the baby crawling around. So he missed it a little. They would have some amazing play time and had their turn with a few mind altering substances at the same time. But those times were mostly over. He started to miss them a little.

Walking through the family room he stopped a moment, and picked up the pot stub and plate. In the kitchen he dumped it in the garbage disposal and ran it. Rinsing off the plate he set it in the sink. Letting out a sharp yawn, he walked over to the sliding door that led to the backyard and flipped the light on. It was very private and they would often come out and play on a hot summer night. It was another fond memory of primal bliss under the stars. Opening the door he stepped out on the porch and looked around. He did not immediately see her clothes. But after gazing around a bit, he saw them strewn everywhere on the back lawn. Frowning heavily, he went out to retrieve them. Gathering them up he headed back to the house slowly. There was a light scent of perfume on at least one of the items. Fumbling around a bit, he sniffed the shirt. A light flowery scent touched his nose. He closed his eyes a bit because of the pleasant smell. Slowly an image edged into his mind. He imagined Kate’s nude form with her long brown hair, and medium breasts. But soon his thoughts centered on her fantastic shave job. He had heard of the practice before but the idea was new to him. He was curious, and even though he had balked at the idea before, it now seemed interesting to him.

With the image still in his head, he went back in the house. Turning off the lights and locking up he went through the family room again. With recent thoughts, he was ready for him wife. After all of the excitement he wanted her. But he would probably ask her to go outside or downstairs to avoid waking people up. So he figured he would go upstairs, and drag Susan out of bed and take her somewhere for a good few hours. After many years of experience, he knew that when she became forward, making comments like she did earlier, then she wanted it a little rough. He quickly used the downstairs shower in order to be ready. Curiosity was still in his mind and he tried to give himself a new look with a cordless trimmer in the downstairs bathroom. After shaving some, he got a little timid about cutting something off and stopped. He would talk to Susan about touching it up later.

Upon finishing, he entered the family room again still nude. With experience, he knew this is how Susan always liked to be approached when she is in this mood. Picking up Kate’s toys on the floor and setting them together with her clothes he carried them upstairs. For a moment, he imagined how she might use them. Could it feel better without hair for some reason or was it done for the other person? Knowing that Kate would be out cold, he entered her room even though he was nude. Placing the clothes and the toys on the night stand, he left. Peering through the doorway he looked at his wife’s sleeping form. It seemed she was too tired to wait for him. He was really in the mood but he didn’t want to disturb her.

As he started to enter the room to dress and go to escort beylikdüzü sleep, he heard a noise like a moan from the spare room, and some rustling around. Knowing he should go and check, he did so. Entering the spare room he saw that Kate had rolled over onto her chest and the blankets were off of her. Perhaps she preferred it that way. Walking around to the other side of the bed to cover her back up again, he looked down at her sleeping form. The light from the corner shined on her skin. As he rounded the bed, her leg moved upward and suddenly he found himself in front of an unobstructed view of her vagina from behind. Shaved all around he noticed, and stood a moment staring. He couldn’t help himself.

“Beautiful”, he whispered.

Charlie thought he would definitely have to give this whole shaving business another thought. He gazed at her and even went down on his knees at the foot of the bed to look. He felt as if his heart would skip a beat. He remarked inwardly that he knew he was a complete pig right now but couldn’t help it. As he stared he started to think how tight she must be. He knows she has probably had some experiences but by the way she looked it was not a lot. He smirked a bit as he realized that if he were a complete pig he would start drooling.

The reaction to this risky activity was a slight level of flow to his own parts. He was getting aroused. He couldn’t help admiring this girl he had known for so many years. She is no longer the girl that use to come by in a bunny suit for trick or treat. She’s all woman now, and of course with some issues. His curiosity had peaked at a level he had never felt before. Charlie had become fully erect in his close quarters daydreaming.

Slowly he crept over to the bed to perhaps get a closer view even though he knew he was walking on dangerous ground. Carefully he put his hands onto the bed behind her a bit until his gaze now just a foot away excited him. The light shined on her still as he was just out of its path. He gazed on and caught a scent of her perfume. His eyes closed a moment as he imagined her waking and not being alarmed at all. He thought of her telling him, ‘Well well. Like what you see? Then why don’t you do more than just look’. Of course he knew his own relationship would not permit it and he would not betray his wife in that way. But he thought about it, since being so blitzed she might not even notice. Then he smiled a moment, and examined his own words. He began to wonder if she would notice if he just touched her, just once.

Charlie couldn’t stand it anymore. He was fully erect and he knew why. Being this close had its natural reactions. He let his hand move a bit. He slowly moved it forward, brushing the skin of her leg. She didn’t move. His new interest in this art of shaving had its immediate drawback. The intense and dangerous curiosity fired him up. He wanted to know what it felt like. Lifting his hand, he slowly moved it over to her. With just one finger he touched the skin around her vagina. Remarking inwardly, he was amazed at how smooth her skin was. Feeling his own desired enraged, he became so enamored. Lightly feeling her soft young skin around her opening, he didn’t realize that in his curiosity, he had touched all around it. He didn’t even think about it until his finger moved straight down the middle onto her clitoris, where he lingered a moment. Suddenly his heart raced as she moved just slightly. Her leg extended even further apart and she let out a soft moan. His eyes grew wide as he knew even in her state she seemed to enjoy that. Letting his finger explore a bit, he rubbed it up and down. Her legs had spread enough to where his finger could easily graze along another opening. Slowly, he let his finger drift downward, listening to her soft sounds.

“Oh wow,” he whispered as he reached her vagina again.

Charlie couldn’t believe what he was feeling. Kate was moist to the touch. She had become aroused even in her stupor. He felt the wetness on his finger, and gathered some of it up. When the wetness touched her clitoris, her hips moved a bit.

“Oh baby,” she whispered.

Charlie didn’t say a word. With his nervousness of getting caught by either of two women grew, for some reason it was not enough to stop him. Slowly his fingers moved along her wetness. Kate moaned softly.

“Oh,” Kate moaned, “Eat my pussy.”

Charlie couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But she repeated it almost the same way. He could tell by her speech and the way she was laying that she was not really aware. His fingers danced along her skin, and he knew what he wanted. He would go in there and do as she asked. He hoped that she would not be too noisy. But he wanted it. He wanted the sweet taste on his lips just for a quick moment. Then he would leave and perhaps wake his wife up.

“Find something interesting?” Susan said completely nude from the doorway.

“Oh my g…I’m sorry,” Charlie whispered, “Baby I’m sorry. I wasn’t really going to but just curious, the shave and all.”

“Well Charlie you just couldn’t resist a young tight naked body, dead to the world,” Susan whispered.

“I’m so sorry,” Charlie said as he stood.

“Oh now that’s useful,” Susan said as she pointed to his erection.

“Sue, I’m,” he started.

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