Brighton Cumslut Ch. 02

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The next day Kirsty had three messages, one from Simon again asking to meet up again for her mouth to do some action, another message was from a man named Pete and the third was asking if she was into meeting two guys at the same time. Kirsty only responded to Simon and Pete, she didn’t feel safe meeting two men together in a park late at night. She arranged to meet Simon at 8pm and Pete at 9pm.

Kirsty freshened up just before the first meeting, dressed in pretty much the same as the previous night and got to the park and saw Simon standing there in the same spot.

“Hiya” said Kirsty in a friendly tone,

“Hey sexy” Simon grinned.

Kirsty got on her knees and started undoing Simon’s jeans flies. Kirsty then put her hand into his jeans and pulled out his penis from his boxer shorts. Kirsty thought Simons cock had a larger than average foreskin. Kirsty started to lick his cock, using her tongue on his helmet and pulling the foreskin right back and Simon loved it. She was working his cock with her right hand and going up and down his shaft with her silky lips, whilst Kirsty was doing this she was thinking Simon was making the sounds of Darth Vader breathing really heavily, he then started moaning softly grunting every few seconds words like “don’t stop” and “faster”. Kirsty knew her mouth would fill up with his warm cum so she started using her tongue on Simons sensitive head, she was thinking how much she loved a foreskin rather than a cut cock as the guy seems to be so much more sensitive at the head. Simon was being a gentleman and didn’t thrust at all. He was letting this sexy girl build up his orgasm to the way she wanted, he loved every second of it. He then was feeling the orgasm just coming, he felt his toes tingle and was clicking them back and forth in his trainers, Kirsty was still licking his cock with her tongue and her lips were gently going up and down his shaft and also her hand was gripped around his cock base, She could taste the salty warm precum leaking from his cock and then Simons cock released his sperm in Kristy’s mouth.

Kirsty carried on doing what she was doing and started to swallow his first spurt, Simon was really loud and screaming Yes as again another spurt of sperm was trying to shoot into her mouth but she had the end of her tongue on his penis hole and the cum surrounded her tongue. Kirsty swallowed all what was in her mouth and worked on his penis again with her mouth, she was now cleaning his cock clean of cum, she loved doing this to guys.

“That was fucking ace” Simon said as his breathing was going back to normal.

Kirsty placed his cock back in his boxer shorts and started to do up his jeans flies. They talked for a while and Simon said he wanted another meeting which Kirsty agreed to but said the next meeting would be different. taksim escort Kirsty gave Simon her mobile number and told him to text her the next day. Simon left and Kirsty sat on the swing. She waited a few minutes then heard Martins voice from the previous night

“I watched that, it’s made me hard and I need to cum” said Martin,

“Well I’m meeting someone else in a few minutes why don’t you watch and wank while I do it again” replied Kirsty.

“Hmm how about I watch and after you have finished the next guy off you let me make you come?” asked Martin

“I’m not having a cock inside me tonight” Kirsty told him.

“Ok but I want to see this next bloke fucking your breasts” commanded Martin

“Fine by me” replied Kirsty.

Martin hid in the shadows and waited Kirsty was swinging on the swings and after a while a stranger approached her, it was a guy in glasses aged about thirty and quite slim.

“Hello you must be Kirsty, I’m Pete” informed the stranger

“Why hello Pete I’m Kirsty, shall we just get on with this, would you like me to suck you off for a while?” Kirsty asked whilst jumping off the swing and getting in front of Pete

“Yes please” answered Pete.

He kind of leant on the frame of the swing and undone his own zip and pulled out quite a longish cock, Kirsty looked at it fascinated by the way this guy had his penis in his own hand and was stroking it himself getting it harder and bigger, out of the guys she had met in this park, this man had the longest penis so far. Kirsty put her hands on his cock, wanked the tip of his cock whilst she slid to the floor in front of him. She pushed his larger than average cock in her mouth and licked the end of it. She could tell by the taste that he must have only gone for a pee. Pete then very quickly started to breath heavily and Kirsty thought to herself he cannot be coming now as she has only just started. Pete did ejaculate in her mouth, it had been ages since he had cum, he needed this blow job and although he came very quickly but he was not embarrassed about it.

“That was quick” said Kirsty after swallowing his cum,

“Sorry about that, you are good at giving head” Pete told her

Kirsty chatted to him for a few moments and found out he was between relationships and was a electrician by trade, Kirsty told him that if he wanted to meet again just to email her, she actually liked a man to cum quick. Pete left the park and Kirsty watch Martin come back from behind the little wall where he had been watching from.

“He came quick, I didn’t get to see your tits being fucked” said Martin with a dirty look on his face.

“Looks like you will have to do it” Kirsty told him.

Kirsty undone her coat and released her topkapı escort breasts from her top and bra, she sat on the bench a few feet away as Martin walked over to her.

“Undo your jeans, I want to finger you and see how wet you are” Martin commanded her,

Kirsty pulled her jeans down to her knees and left her thong on, Martin then got to the floor and put his hand to her thong, he slipped a finger around it and felt her trimmed bush.

“Relax and enjoy it” Martin told her softly.

Kirsty shut her eyes and tilted her head slightly back relaxing, she felt Martins finger move up and down her Fanny lips, then he stopped and she felt his finger in her mouth.

“Taste your wetness” He told her.

Kirsty sucked his finger and tasted her wetness, she loved the taste of her pussy and often licked her fingers or dildo during masturbation. Martin moved his hand back to her thong and slipped in two fingers, he opened her lips with them and inserted his thumb into her vagina, he moved his fingers in around and his thumb moved ever so slightly in and out.

“Like last night if you cum before me you owe me two things” Martin told her.

“Whatever just don’t stop” Kirsty replied.

Kirsty was getting a warm sensation between her legs, she knew she was going to have her orgasm and Martin was giving her gentle pleasure inside her pussy as well as her clit, she was very relaxed and soon she came to a powerful orgasm. Martin felt his whole hand get very wet from Kirsty’s fanny juices, when she was coming he felt her pussy lips sucking on his thumb and wished it was his penis.

“That was good” said Kirsty with a grin.

Martin stood up and placed his penis between her breasts, Kirsty pushed her breasts and she felt his hard penis between them. Martin was thrusting his hips back and forth so his cock was fucking her tits.

“Keep your head back and eyes closed and stay still until I say you can move” He told her

Kirsty kept her hands holding her breasts together and could feel this guy really thrusting hard. Martin couldn’t hold on any longer as it was an awkward position to be in, his knees were aching and he just wanted to release his cum between her breasts. After minutes Kirsty felt warm cum shooting from his penis over her neck, she did as she was told and didn’t move a muscle. Martin looked at her and although it was quite dark, she had cum over her neck and her beautiful tits were out and her jeans were down to her ankles. What a slut came to his mind.

Martin walked around to the back of the park bench where Kirsty was leaning back with her head right back, he put his cock to her mouth and forced it between her lips, Kirsty opened her mouth and his soft cock entered her mouth. tuyap escort A whole minute passed with Martins cock in Kirsty’s mouth before she got a surprise, Martin was concentrating so hard and told Kirsty to suck just as he managed to force a dribble of pissy cum that came out of his cock, he was finding it hard to piss after the tit wank. Kirsty thought it was cum and sucked hard and swallowed the warm liquid in her mouth,

“You filthy piss whore” Said Martin when he heard her swallow.

In panic Kirsty tried to move her head out of the way and get up but Martin held her head, he pulled his penis out of her mouth

“Ok I won’t empty my bladder down your throat tonight, but don’t move a fucking inch” He said.

Kirsty stayed still, her body leaning back on the bench and her head right back, she was thinking what a absolute filthy cunt this bastard was, Martin held her hair with one hand and his cock with the other, he let go of his bladder and started pissing over Kirsty’s forehead and hair. Kirsty felt warm piss over her head, it was like being in the hairdressers when they are washing you hair she thought and she was getting turned on by the situation of some dirty bastard using her body to piss on. She had never even thought about pissing and sex together before. Martin had saturated her hair and was enjoying the power he had over this sexy woman.

When his bladder was completely empty he took a step back, Kirsty still mesmerized by the situation and also obeying orders when the silence broke.

“You can move now” Martin told her.

“You filthy cunt, why did you use me like a toilet?” said Kirsty in a bit of a stressed sounding voice.

“You agreed before I made you cum to whatever I wanted and I even spared you drinking my full bladder” Said Martin.

Kirsty got up, she could smell a strong odor of urine and her hair felt warm and wet, let alone the cold and now drying sperm she had around her neck. All she wanted to do was have a hot shower.

“Can I have your knickers?” Martin asked.

Kirsty stepped out of her jeans and thong, she picked it up and passed it to Martin. She then stepped into her jeans and pulled them up

“Bye sicko” She said.

“Did you enjoy me making you cum?” asked Martin.

“Yes I did” Replied Kirsty as she took a few steps towards the exit of the park.

“Do you want to see me again?” Martin asked.

“Tomorrow night you can watch me again, around 9pm, and no pissing tomorrow, deal?” said Kirsty.

“You’re on” said Martin.

Kirsty walked home and when she got in she booted up her computer, logged on to the adult website. She was going to find the man with the biggest penis she could find who lived local to her and offer him anything to meet her in that park at 9pm tomorrow.

After much searching and photo viewing she saw, “Adam from Brighton” his cock looked huge from the photos. She sent him a message asking if he wanted to meet the next night at 9pm in the Hove lagoon park.

Kirsty had a shower and went to sleep, dreaming of the nights events and hoping Adam huge cock would reply.

To be continued…

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Before Daybreak

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Snowdrifts and the still of an orange tinted night append a solemn mood. Pick any random corner in his neighborhood and you can find one of the most beautiful houses in the world. In the summer, trees act like canopies above the streets, children play in yards watched over by two mommies or two daddies, and literally hundreds of bunnies live amongst the suburbanites. Skyler sits still in the window where he usually eats breakfast at the front of the house. The sensation of cold air tickles the hair on his balls while his cock is stiffening. The days ahead of him are as hazy as frosted glass.

He has only one evening left before he finishes packing it all up and moves to the ghetto. He finds an affordable studio apartment on the West Side and signs the lease seeing no other choice. The children curse and ride their bikes on the sidewalk, no rabbits, the canopies are burned out by the sun, and gay couples, well what are those? A winter move is difficult, but he arranges for it and pays with some of the savings he has left.

Initially, Skyler had moved to the Avenue reluctantly but fell in love with it. The neighborhood he found was very gay friendly with a couple of neighborhood bars where he could get lucky if nothing was happening online. The second floor apartment is, well was, the best place he’d ever had. The first guy he fucked in the new bed had shown up in a mini van and seemed surprised that Skyler lived in the house. He knew what the implications were but ignored them and explained that he only rented the second floor. It was impressive enough to get a guy wet, especially one who longed for that type of freedom.

Skyler walked slowly up the stairs positioning himself behind “what was his name,” he thought “and how many children did the guy have?” The memory of the whom had lapsed but the what, still remained. The details and lines of the face have faded with time. “Did he have a tattoo? Does it matter?” Sky had walked up the stairs undressing his prize one step at a time. The guy who lived below was generally away on business so he could have fucked in the hallway Büyükesat Escort if he’d wanted. He’d fucked an inebriated club kid on the steps once. The smell lingered in the carpet for an entire day and he’d hurt his back.

The guy he remembered most was slightly taller than he preferred and hairy. Skyler remembered the burn he’d felt from those hairs when he came face to face with his meal and every one of them seemed to stand on end when the guy shot. He had that tall well-defined skinny boy look, his ass eagerly took on the challenge of Sky’s lineage and welcomed the intrusion. “Oh thank you. Thank you sir” came the murmur. Skyler’s prick was at full staff when it burrowed deep into its victim. The blowjob had been phenomenal.

If only he could have held his breath for five minutes straight…

Skyler worked to stir the seed from his loin. To do what needed to be done. He felt his cock slide forward then angle down the back past the uvula and into a constricted airway that felt as though he were fucking anally without a condom. He closed his eyes and fantasized he was doing it raw. He held the muscle to prevent himself from shooting in the hopes that it would finish faster. His load started to seep out. Precum lubed his shaft and the mouth that tasted shaft. He tried harder to hold it back, it lagged. He thrusted faster and harder, holding his cock in place to enjoy the sensation of the newly found flesh.

The guy had wavy black hair, deep brown eyes, and distinctly large shaved balls. He remembers that much. At one point Skyler was within seconds of forcing himself to shoot down biguy25’s throat, were it not for breathing he would have succeeded. After coming close to the edge several times Skyler had begun to finger him some hole. It was tight, warm and invitingly moist with natural juice.

The drive to fuck deep and hard was strong. “You want me to play in that tail don’t you?” The stranger bucked his body on the bed and tightened his pucker around Skyler’s thick digits at the thought of getting Elvankent Escort some dark cock up his tight little ass. His mouth slick with spit and precum, his eyes moist from having gagged for air. Skyler gingerly wiped away one of the tears with his thumb and tasted it.

The young man sidled up to sit on the bed. He smiled, and kissed away the taste of salt from Skyler’s tongue replacing it with that of cum. In the same slow and deliberate movement, the eager cocksucker became a bottom waiting to be ravaged. He made koo sounds and arched his ass while fingering himself. The smell, his smell, there was something about the musk that could be tasted on the air. Something about fucking a guy who settled for having pussy at home but gave out an alias when he begged for dick like a little bitch that was a turn on.

Skyler quickly straddled his victim savoring the roundness of a new ass against his balls. He slammed his cock, slapping the small of the man’s back whom later he would not remember, bent to his ear to whisper the name. It was a warning that said “I’m going to fuck you till it hurts” whoever you are. In one motion he reached over the side of the bed for a rubber, pressed the head of his cock against the guy’s manhole and felt the temptation of raw flesh, tongue kissed the nape of the trophy neck, sat up and armed his warhead teasingly slow.

Over the next twenty minutes he had fucked biguy to exhaustion in four different positions. The rhythmical clapping of cock, balls and ass kept a steady beat with each thrust driving home the chorus in the form of panting breaths and spasms. “Please, give me your load.” Skyler had the guy face down, one hand pressed hard against his head holding fast, suffocating him in the pillow which swallowed the wanton cry. His victim jacked off tightening and releasing, tightening and releasing from the violence of Skyler’s dick. It was maddening. His bottom was challenging him in a contest of will, skill and reflex.

Smiling to himself, Skyler remembers not so much the man, Beşevler Escort but the act.

That night, things ended in a tie. Both men released themselves in unison. Their bodies like gears, turned and worked together to power the singular machine they had become. One, two, three, with each squirt his bottom did the same, leaving a pool of cum on the sheets that was later washed from their skin. With each shot into the body he had beneath him, he felt the tightening and release of pleasure. The synchronization prolonged the affect and for a few moments their body, each for the benefit of the other, was one.

Skyler sits thinking about that first time he had sex on the avenue, and some of the times after. “I’ll miss this place,” he says out loud, returning to the moment. A lot of the things he doesn’t need are collected in boxes he got from the grocery over the last few days. Much of the kitchen stuff except for a couple of plates, and enough cook wear to make a simple lunch, are gone. Clothes that he no longer wants are on the left side of the hall, everything else packed and marked. Unlike the memories, those he will never pack.

There is a nervous still that comes with the snow in him. Not knowing what to expect, or when he will get back on his feet. The job search is going slow, still he isn’t ready to apply for anything as desperate as temp. “I’ve still got a few months before I have to go back to doing that again” he tells himself.

He pulls his knees closer to his chest, hugging his legs, enjoying the sensation of cold on his ass, his cock, his balls. A car passes. It’s the first one he has seen, and the first sound he has heard since waking up. The cars parked along the Avenue are covered in blankets of snow. He’ll have to dig out in the morning to go to the store, maybe buy a cake. “Might as well enjoy all this free time,” he says looking down at his cock. It is hard again.

“Couldn’t sleep? How long have you been sitting here sweetie?” Rui stands in the kitchen walkway silhouetted by the shadows.

“Just thinking about stuff.”

“The move? Yeah, well nothing you can do about that. Things will work out, you’ve still got me.” Rui smiles, moves in close and tugs at the erection. Skyler feels his cock twitch, responding to the call of being inside Rui for the third time tonight. “Got any more willie warmers?”

Skyler smiles, “bathroom closet.”

One more round before daybreak.

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Benefits of Working from Home

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On Monday morning I received a message from my old fuck buddy Alex telling me that the local pool has been shut down as part of the Corona measures.

To be honest, I was surprised they stayed open as long as they did.

I saw on the news last weekend some of the tourist beaches, like Bondi were shut down, but that hasn’t happened here and I don’t think that would happen here at my sleepy little town… but who knows what next week will bring.

In Alex’s message on Monday, he suggested that whatever my pool routine was, I should just keep that schedule and go over to his and Adam’s place and work on my strokes… replace my pool exercising with some sexercising. They are both working from home because of the Corona.

I’m pretty sure that was a threesome invitation.

I replied that I usually go to the pool at either 10am or 2pm. Those are good times because schools are still in and most people are at work so it is quiet and it is a good time of day to work on my speedo tan.

Alex replied that he and Adam would expect me at 10.

It was right on 10am and I was walking up to Adam and Alex’s door. I knocked, it was unlocked (as usual) and I walked in. I yelled out a hello and the guys told me to come in. At the door I stripped down to my red speedos (the ones that Paul the Politician gave me, you can read about that on my blog). They were the speedos I would have worn to the pool had it been open.

Just stripping down to my little red speedo was getting me excited about what was about to happen.

Feeling Cebeci Escort pretty close to naked, I walked up stairs to the living area and I was taken aback. Adam and Alex had setup their kitchen table as a full on office with proper office chairs, 5 big monitors in total and it looked great (they both have office jobs). In the spirit of working from a home office, Alex and Adam were both wearing full business suits. I felt a little under dressed in my red speedo.

After a brief greeting Adam asked where my goggles were? He said that this is replacing my swimming routine so I should do it properly.

I didn’t bring my swimming goggles.

They must have expected my response, from across the room, Adam threw me a pair of goggles and a swimming cap. I don’t usually wear a swimming cap (my hair is cut pretty short) but I put it on and the goggles. I felt a little bit silly but I was getting horny standing there in front of the two of them.

Alex stood up and started undoing his trousers. He undid his belt, the button, slid the zipper down and then pushed them down. Standing back up, he revealed a pair of black speedo brand speedos. In those black speedos was a rock hard cock that was fully erect.

He sat back down in his office chair and I knew exactly what I had to do. I got on my knees, crawled under the kitchen table until my face was in his crotch.

Alex settled back in his office chair as my tongue started licking his cock through Kolej Escort the black lycra of his speedo. It still felt weird wearing swimming goggles and a swimming cap but it didn’t effect my skills. Oral skills. The moans coming from Alex confirmed that. I wasn’t in a rush so kept licking and licking and the lycra was getting wet from my saliva and Alex’s precum.

I had intended to free Alex’s cock but the idea came to me to let him cum in his speedo.

When this is done to me, it is a crazy intense orgasm and that was what Alex was about to get. I needed a little more stimulation than just my tongue could accomplish so I moved my right hand up and started rubbing his cock, my left hand was rubbing his balls and my lips and tongue were working his cock head. Alex’s precum soaking through the lycra is a unique taste and it added to my level of horniness.

As expected, it took a little while and down there below the level of the table with my head in between his legs I couldn’t see much but Alex’s moaning meant that he was enjoying it.

I felt Alex’s hands on my head and from experience (I’ve had many experiences with Alex) I knew he was getting close. I moved my head back a little and let my hands finish the job. The first sign of his orgasm was his moaning. Then a spasm in his thighs. Followed by the appearance of the white creamy jizz soaking through the black lycra material at the tip of his cock.

Watching this explosion isn’t like the spectacle of a guy Yenimahalle Escort throwing ropes of cum but the appearance of that spreading white patch has its own appeal to me.

Alex’s orgasm was subsiding but I kept rubbing his balls and his cock. Then I heard from above, and at the other end of the table Adam calling me. It was his turn.

Leaving Alex, I turned around and on all fours crawled under the table to Adams end. I was greeted with the view of his suit trousers around his ankles and the exact same black speedo that Alex was wearing. Adam’s cock was full hard and stretching the heck out of the black lycra. There was evidence of precum which I confirmed when I started licking the front of his speedo.

I repeated exactly what I did to Alex. Adam did beg for me to just suck his cock, and while I wanted to, I made him cum with his cock inside his speedo.

While enjoying the view of the second pair of speedos I had helped fill with cum in ten minutes Adam started kicking me (lightly in a fun way) telling me my sexercise session was over. They had to get back to work.

I got out from under the table and I was rock solid hard hoping for some relief from these two fuck buddies of mine but that wasn’t what I was going to get.

Adam stood up, pulled up his suit trousers and tucked his shirt in… ow that was going to make a mess with his cummy speedo under them. He told me to get out, they had work to do. If I wanted a second sexercise session, I should come back at 2pm and be in the same state as I was right then and there which I assumed meant rock hard in my speedo and wearing the ridiculous swimming goggles and swimming cap.

Looking over at Alex I got no support from him and he had likewise pulled up his trousers and was sitting there like he was in the middle of a work day.

I told the guys I’d see them at 2pm…

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Becoming a Cock Slut Again

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Author’s Note: This story told in,”Becoming a Cock Slut” a two part series, my first submissions to Literotica was based on actual experiences from my life in the late 1960’s. This story is a scenario that I have fantasized about, but has not yet happened. Maybe someday….

I am a 70 year old man who has fond memories of my late teens. It was a safer time, especially in the rural community where I grew up. As kids we were outside playing and our parents had no concerns for our safety. We knew all of our neighbors and most of them had big families. There was always someone to play with it was nothing for two kids to have a game of catch and a ball game would just happen. A piece of flat board for a bat, a sponge rubber ball and some more sticks for bases and we were good to go.

As we grew older our interests naturally turned to girls and sex. It was different back then, the girls weren’t on the pill and society as a whole was more morally judgemental. When we were 18, Brad, Greg and I were three pretty normal horny guys who hung out together. We talked about girls we knew and what we would like to do. We weren’t having any luck with girls so we took our sexual frustration into our own hands, so to speak.

In our hands it stayed for a while but eventually jerking off together wasn’t enough and we started jerking each other off. It felt so much better when it was someone else’s hand on our cocks. I had always enjoyed playing with my ass. When Brad found out about that he thought maybe I would like his cock in my ass. He talked me into trying it. He didn’t have to try very hard. I was only too eager to feel it. Needless to say the first time was painful and I tried to get him to stop. He didn’t and I loved it. Soon, Brad was fucking Greg as well and Greg was fucking me too. Brad was a total top and I preferred bottom and only topped for Greg a time or two.

Within a few years all three of us were married and soon had children. We were all in different locations but, with ties to the community where we had grown up. My parents lived there and my wife’s family lived there, but I seldom saw either Brad or Greg. When I retired I purchased a house back home and used it as a cottage. I saw Greg from time to time but neither of us mentioned our teenage shenanigans. As I started to spend more time there, my other friend Brad was back on vacation and dropped in to see me. We talked about our families, children and life in general. My wife was with me so no mention was made of our more adventurous younger lives. As he was leaving I mentioned that I had fond memories of growing up as neighbors.

Over the next several years Brad came to visit every year that we were both in the neighborhood at the same time. He never did bring his wife with him when he visited. About 10 years ago he came to visit when my wife wasn’t there. We had talked for about 15 minutes catching up when he broached the subject of our previous sex life. I was nervous about it, but he was pretty good at reading non-verbals and he could see that I was interested. Actually, I had never stopped being interested and now I was curious to find out if the chemistry was still there.

I had been working in the garden and was sweaty and smelling bad. Brad had always been the dominant initiator. He approached me looking straight into my eyes. “Want to take a walk down memory lane?” he asked.

“Maybe, yes, I think so, but I need to clean up,” I replied. “I really need to shower.”

“Mind if I join you?” He asked.

“OK, just give me a few minutes first,” I replied.

Being the bottom that I was, I spent the few minutes doing an anal douche to prepare for what I hoped would happen. After I flushed away the evidence, I turned on the water and called out to Brad that he could come in now. As I leaned over the edge of the tub to adjust the temperature, Brad came up behind me. He had already lost the clothes and his cock was half mast. He pushed it against the bottom of my crack and slid it up to the top and back down to my balls. He was fully engorged now as he continued slipping his cock back and forth in my crack. The tip of his cock was catching on my hungry hole every time it slid past. I moaned every time he touched my puckered hole, the memories flooded back. I hadn’t felt like this in 40 years. It was a real struggle to stand up and get in the shower, I was so tempted to just stay put and let him slide his cock into my ass.

“I think we were planning to shower,” I said.

“We were, let’s do it,” Brad replied.

We stepped under the spray. Brad grabbed the soap and a face cloth and proceeded to scrub the sweat from my body. He paid particular attention to my crotch and rear end. I leaned into him feeling his hairy chest against my relatively smooth body. I was overwhelmed with desire to feel more of him. Demetevler Escort I wrapped my arms around his body so that I could rub his back and pull him to me. Our cocks were grinding against each other. We were both grunting and groaning with pleasure. I knealt slowly in front of him, my chest and face against him as I dragged my hands down his back to his ass cheeks.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and massaged away my tenseness. His cock was now touching my face. I raised my head so that my chin rested on the tip of his cock.I was looking straight into his eyes and he into mine. I slowly pulled my face down over his cock kissing and slurping precum as my lips passed the head. I took time to flick my tongue over the glans drawing a groan from him. I continued my journey, squeezing my nose into his piss slit and over his frenulum. His cock slid up the bridge of my nose, between my eyes and over my forehead.

As I tilted my head back reversing the move I opened my mouth and closed my lips around the beautiful mushroom head. It was so smooth and spongy feeling. I had never appreciated the texture and taste of cock in our previous life. I kissed it with a light sucking motion and was rewarded with a flood of precum. He moaned and said, “Fuck that feels sooo good, I don’t ever remember you being that good with your lips way back when.”

“I have a wife and I have learned what I like. Too bad she hasn’t learned yet. I plan to do for you a lot of things she doesn’t often do for me.”

“Fuck yeah,” he said. “My wife sucks at sucking too.”

I chuckled, cupped my tongue around the bottom of his cock and slid it to the back of my mouth, I could feel the texture of the skin and every bulging vein on his cock as it slid through my lips and over my tongue. With his cock deep in my mouth, I sucked, pressed my tongue firmly against his cock and pulled my mouth off to the head sucking up his drooling precum and leaving him with a kiss on the tip of his cock. He moaned and tried to push his cock back into my mouth.

I raised my head looking into his eyes as his cock bumped my chin. I smiled and slipped his cock back into my mouth. He thrust and this time I let him. I held my tongue against the bottom of his cock and protected it from my teeth and he fucked my mouth. He was hitting my gag reflex and saliva was running down over his balls.

“Ooooh fuuuck, that feels so good,” he shouted as he picked up the pace. I sensed that he was getting too close for comfort and pulled off.

He groaned in disappointment or disapproval or maybe both. “There is a lot more fun to be had. I’m not going to let you off the hook yet.” I told him. I fondled his balls and suggested that we get out of the shower and into the bedroom.

We sort of dried off and went to the bedroom. Brad pushed me onto the bed and fell in beside me. He grabbed my cock jacking it with his right hand and rolling my balls between the fingers on his left. When a pearl of precum appeared on the end of my cock he lowered his lips to it and sucked it up. I moaned with pleasure and he slipped his lips over my cockhead. “Let’s 69,” I said.

Without taking his lips off my cock he moved his cock to my face. He was gentle at first and was able to make his lips feel almost like a pussy. His mouth was wet and hot. I was giving him as good as good as he was giving me. I am uncut while he is cut. I could and did apply quite a bit of pressure around the ridge of his cock head with my tongue. He was loving it and tried it on me. I groaned and let him know that it was too intense for my uncut cock. He resumed more gently while encouraging me to keep going on his cock. I held the head of his cock between my lips and slid my tongue in and out of my mouth. It was rubbing hard against his sensitive cock and my upper lip that was covering my teeth was rubbing his frenulum. We were both in the throes of pleasure. Precum was dripping from our cocks, saliva dripped from the corner of our mouths. I didn’t have a lot of experience with oral but I was trying my best and from the sound of Brad’s moaning I guessed I was doing pretty well.

Brad loosened his lips on my cock and barely touched it as he moved it in and out of his mouth. The sensation wasn’t intense, but it was amazing. The feathery touch of his tongue and the back of his mouth was driving me crazy. I wanted him to suck harder, but I didn’t want him to stop what he was doing. My orgasm was building rapidly and he wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. I told him to stop or I was going to cum.

I went back to work on his cock. I loosened my lips on his cock and tried what he had been doing to me. It was nice, my jaws relax a bit and the veiny feel of his cock slipping in and out was wonderful. He was moaning and encouraging me Otele gelen escort on. The change in friction on his cock seemed to be exciting him even more. He started sucking me again. My cock glided over the his tongue and the roof of his mouth and it wasn’t long before I was again begging him to stop before I blew my load. He didn’t stop and within a few seconds I came deep in his mouth. At almost the same time his cock bulged and exploded into my mouth as well. That was a first for me I had never let him cum in my mouth when we were young. I swallowed as much as I could but some dribbled from my lips. I was surprised at the taste. It wasn’t bad. The texture was a little gooey and I could feel it still coating my throat.

“Fuck, you always did shoot big loads,” I said.

“You blew a pretty good one too,” Brad complemented me.

“Shoot, I was hoping that you would fuck me. I guess we blew that,” I said.

“No, I blew you and you blew me, but we didn’t blow you getting fucked! I still recover quite quickly and last longer. In a few minutes I’m going to fuck you like we never fucked before,” he said.

We sat in the living room for a few minutes having a rum and coke and talked about our careers and the places we had lived. Brad had been working on the west coast for a few years and wouldn’t retire for another five years. Before long, I was starting to get horny again and went to the chair where he was sitting and knelt between his legs. I grasped his cock and fondled his balls. He moaned and there was some swelling of his cock as blood flowed back in. I took his balls one by one into my mouth and worked them over with my tongue. His cock was still growing as I kissed and licked my way up to the head. He was nearly fully erect when my lips closed over the head of his cock.

I curled my tongue around his cock head and worked it all around. I worked my way down the side of his cock suckin at the skin. When I reached the bottom I stuck my tongue between his balls and pressed hard against the base of his cock while sliding it back to his piss slit. He groaned and worked his cock into my mouth. As I took him deeper I could feel the erection becoming thicker. He was starting to leak precum which made it all slipperier and tastier. I looked up at him and slowly slid my lips off the tip of his cock.

I smiled and said, “Tell me when you are ready to fuck me.”

His cock was dripping with saliva and precum. He smiled back at me and said, “I’m ready.” I took his hand and led him back to the bedroom. I got some lube and a condom from the bedside table and handed it to him, then I placed a pillow in the middle of the bed and covered it with a big towel. I laid face down over the pillow and pushed my ass up.

“Yeah, it’s been along time since I’ve seen that sight. It’s a little more hairy, but still hot.” He tore open the condom and handed it to me. “If you want me to use this you will have to put it on me.”

“I know I am safe, I haven’t been with anyone but my wife since the last time we were together,” I said.

“Same here,” he said. “I am not tempted by other women, but a chance to do you again is just too hard to pass up.”

I tossed the condom and he lubed his cock. It had started to lose some of its stiffness. He put the lube tube right on my pucker and squeezed out a big dollop. Then he rubbed his cock head around my hole and pressed into me gradually as his cock stiffened again. By the time he was fully erect his cock head was through my sphincter and I could feel the shaft swelling to its full girth. I groaned, it was bigger than I remembered and certainly bigger than the dildo I play with.

Brad gently fed the rest of his cock into my ass. It was velvety smooth and having a skin that slides around a cock is a much better feeling than the friction of a skinless dildo. This was the fulfillment of a long dream. I was beginning to think I would die without ever getting fucked again. I couldn’t believe it was Brad that was finally doing me. He went slow with short strokes until he was balls deep. Then he paused for a few seconds staying as deep as he could get then started stroking short slow getting longer and faster before slowing to a sustainable pace.

I could feel the contour of the girth of his cock on every thrust. It was noticeably larger toward the base and on every thrust my ass was alternately stretched and relaxed. I was moaning with pleasure on each stretching thrust. His cock was angled to hit my prostate and all too soon I could feel my orgasm start to build. I asked Brad to stop for a minute so I wouldn’t cum. It had been so long without that I really wanted to make this last. He stopped and slowly withdrew.

He asked me to roll onto my back. When I did he bent forward and kissed Balgat Escort me a full on french kiss. We sucked each other’s tongues while sliding them in and out between our lips. His cock was grinding against mine. I had to remind him that this break was supposed to prolong our sex not shorten it. We cooled it a bit and soon I was rearing to go again. I started to roll over, but he pried my legs apart and slid his cock into my crack and penetrated me from the front. This was new to us. Now we were able to look into each other’s eyes and kiss.

My hole was ready but Brad added some lube anyway. His cock slid in easily, I moaned as a wave of pleasure swept over me. I pushed my ass as if having a bowel movement increasing the friction of his cock as it passed through my sphincter. I asked him to go slow and make it last. I alternated pressure on his cock between pushing, squeezing and totally relaxed. Each had a set of pleasures.

When pushing I could feel his cockhead opening my shute from my sphincter to fully impaled and my shute closing and pushing him out as he withdrew. “Oh fuck, that’s amazing,” he said as he slowly pumped and out of me. I moaned with pleasure. We did this for about a minute then when I was fully impaled, I squeezed him hard. “Ohhh FUCK!,” he shouted and held still for a little while. “I can’t believe how hard you can squeeze!” I held the squeeze and he moved with short strokes deep inside me.

For me, squeezing was all about the sensation in my the sphincter. He really had to push hard to get deep then was hugged as he pulled back. This was the less comfortable with a little bit of pain, good pain. The squeeze caused Brad’s strokes to slow as he labored to fuck my now extremely tight ass. “Oh god, how can you make it so tight. It’s so tight it hurts. Hurts so good” He exclaimed. After a minute or so of hard fought strokes like that, I relaxed.

When I completely relaxed I could feel every bump and vein as it slid through my gaping ass. This was a relief and Brad collapsed on top of me and pistoned his cock in and out at a tantalizingly slow pace. He forcefully held my arms above my head and lowered his lips to mine. The kiss was tender and loving. Our tongues leisurely played with each other. It was the pure joy of fucking.

When the kiss ended he raised his head and looked into my eyes and said “push”. As I followed his command he sped up a bit to overcome the extra pressure needed to penetrate me. I loved feeling of being pried open on every thrust and I could tell that this was his favorite. He was enjoying it too much.

I squeezed hard and he had to slow. He was working my sphincter. A couple of times his cock head came out of my ass and he really had to push hard to get back inside. It hurt but he was still marching toward orgasm.

“Slow down and fuck me gently,” I said as I relaxed my entire body. “Make it last a while longer.”

He pressed all the way into me and stopped moving. I didn’t twitch a muscle. He closed his eyes. I think he was concentrating on not cumming. After a considerable length of time, he slowly withdrew until only the head was inside me. His eyes stayed closed and his strokes were slow maybe five or six per minute. I lay perfectly still not squeezing or pushing in any way. His cock was gliding slowly over my prostate in almost constant contact with the sensitive organ. Several times, as he felt his orgasm ebbing, he would speed up a little bit then almost immediately have to slow down as it rebuilt. I could feel my own orgasm slowly building. I am not a big believer in heaven or hell, but if there is a heaven this was it.

After about ten minutes of this slow dance in my ass, I told him that I was very close to cumming. He lowered his lips again and we kissed feverishly and he drove his cock deep and hard into me. I pushed against him and the extra pressure combined with the hot kiss took him to the edge and took me over the edge. My ass clenched around his cock, clutching him repeatedly as my orgasm continued. His strokes shortened, his cock swelled and he pumped his load into me. His cum lubricated my ass and started leaking around his cock. My load coated our stomachs and chests. The kiss went from hard and urgent to soft and tender as our orgasms subsided.

We had fucked for over 20 minutes. I was feeling a little sore and knew it would last for a day or two.

“Oh my god, it has been way too long!” Brad sighed.

“Do you really have to go back to your wife?” I asked.

He was leaving the next day to return to his home. I did see him a few more times over the next five years, but we were never alone together. My wife was unwell and I couldn’t leave her alone. It was frustrating for both of us. We stayed in touch by private emails and shared our erotic thoughts and fantasies. I was always glad to hear from him or to see him but I needed to be with him. My wife’s health deteriorated and I lost her at age 65. A few months later Brad retired and we made plans to see each other again. He still lived out west but wasn’t tied by a job. He still had to work around his wife’s plans, so he wouldn’t be coming for vacation until summer.

I started dreaming about summer.

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Cyber Sex

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Kat kissed her beautiful son goodbye and waved him off for a night at grandma’s. Peace at last she thought as she closed the front door behind her and slumped down onto the warm sofa. A quick flick through the channels showed that there was nothing but crap on the telly again so she decided to go and run a very deep, very warm and soapy bath. As she slipped through the bubbles on the surface, the warm water caressed her body, The warm glow of tea lights flickered and danced on the walls. Perfect, she thought to herself as she let out a deep sigh of contentment and disappeared from view. Her glistening chestnut hair broke through the mirror like surface followed by the delicate curves of her shoulders finally revealing her full, rounded breasts, beads of water running down them accentuating the curves and shadows. As she wiped the water from her eyes, she realised someone was knocking eryaman escort at the door. “Crap!” she muttered to herself. “Suppose I better go and see who it is.” As she made her way downstairs, wrapping the rather small towel that came to hand tightly around her tight little body she could just make out through the gap in the curtain that whoever it was, was male. “Bloody would be!” she thought feeling a slight pang of embarrassment. The key turned with a clunk and she opened the door smiling politely, water still running down her body onto the floor. The young salesman was obviously quite taken aback at the sight of a beautiful women, dripping with water and wrapped tightly in a towel that only covered from the top of her thighs to her heaving cleavage.“Hi, my names Jason” he said nervously, not knowing where to put his sincan escort eyes. Kat grinned cheekily. This was going to be fun! “Erm, er, are you happy with the service you are getting from your internet provider Miss…?”.“Hardy, but you can call me Kat if you like. Why don’t you come in for a cup of tea and then you can tell me all about the service I’d get from you”. She giggled as she turned back into the house revealing a tantalising glimpse of her firm, round arse cheeks with every step. “Let me take your jacket” she said, slipping it from his shoulders before he had time to answer. His short sleeved shirt revealed a tanned, muscular body. “Have a seat, do you take sugar?” she asked, turning just in time to notice him running his eye’s up and down her body, he nodded. Suddenly, all this flirting was starting to turn her on. etlik escort She imagined his strong hands gripping her body and the soft touch of his lips caressing her all over. As she stood at the cupboard looking for the sugar she felt her pussy getting wet and the longing for a big, fat, hard cock to fill it up. “This is sooooooo naughty” she thought to herself , intensifying the feeling further. She couldn’t help herself any longer. She could feel his gorgeous dark brown eyes burning into her back, slowly she bent over further into the cupboard revealing more of her tight little arse until she knew he was starring at her now dripping wet pussy peeping through her silky smooth thighs. This was unbearable she had never needed to be fucked so badly before. Still bent right over she turned her head, making eye contact. She could tell by the look on his face that he was about to explode. As she stood up and walked slowly towards him letting her towel drop to the floor revealing her stunning body she could see he was already hard by the bulge in his tightening trousers. She knelt down in front of him resting her arms on his thick set thighs raising a finger to her pursed lips as he opened his mouth to speak.

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He kisses you like he loves you. That is the bitter, brutal part of it that will keep you awake at night for weeks after this. He kisses you frenzied and deep but somehow gentle, his breath shivering and startled against your mouth as he pulls away to steady himself. It is dark in this section of the stacks, the fluorescent light a few rows over flickering with exhaustion, and his face is mostly in shadow but you can still read the awe and tension in his features. His eyes have long since shuddered closed, his brow furrowed. A calloused hand is tight at your thigh, bracing you against a shelf, and your fingers tangle in his hair and hold on for dear life. You dimly wonder in that lust-addled way if you will knock over the metal structure, if it otele gelen escort can even be knocked over, but his hips rock forward and dusty spines dig into your back and you groan and stop wondering about the shelves or the noise or the thirty pages due at the end of the week because his fingers are delving under the hem of the skirt rucked up around your waist and you want him to fuck you finally finally. It took seven weeks. Seven weeks of poorly concealed glances over the divider between your work spaces, seven weeks of increasingly intentional games of footsie under the table, seven weeks of chatting about these damn all-nighters am I right? He is in your major but somehow balgat escort you never met him before the Olin gods assigned you attached thesis desks and you became fixated on the hard slope of his broad shoulders as he dropped his backpack to the dirty carpet every night. Mark, he introduced himself at some point in February when you started writing and working here became a ritual. His handshake was firm and warm, his eyes clear as he leaned over the divider. By April a sooty layer of scruff overtook his previously clean-shaven jaw and you began to concoct stress-induced schemes of seduction between paragraphs. Hey can you help me reach this book I need from the top shelf I can’t quite elvankent escort get it and I- In the end it was him who invented some bullshit excuse about needing help carrying books from the far end of the stacks and you didn’t bother pointing out he had long since finished the research portion of his thesis. It wasn’t long before you were crushed up against his chest, his hand cupping your chin to find your lips in the half-light. It does not surprise you how quickly it escalates. What does surprise you is how tender his touch is as he drags your sleeve down your shoulder to press a kiss against your skin, not with hunger but with reverence. Your head falls back against the shelf and you are grateful to be pinned between him and the sturdy weight of Olin when your knees threaten to give out. He kisses you like he loves you and it scares you more than the possibility of getting caught. He buries his face in your neck, breathing hard as you fumble with the button of his jeans. The fabric gives under your shaking fingers and he hisses as you curve your hand around the hard length of him.

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Teasing my neighbour

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This is my third story. Hope you guys and girls like this one. I’m not an exhibitionist but I do sometimes get undressed at night with my curtains open and I don’t really think anything of it. Then the other night I just happened to see the curtains twitch in the house opposite. There’s a young guy lives there. He’s 19, I know he is because they had balloons and everything for his birthday not long ago. I didn’t bother really but then the next night I was undressing at the same time. Just as I took my bra off I saw his face at the window between a gap in the curtains. I don’t know how long he had been watching me. The thing is, I was actually turned on a little bit. I thought how he would have his cock in his hand and how he had pre cum coming out of his cock when he saw my tits, the dirty sod. I liked it though. The idea that just watching me was making him so hard. It made rus escort me wet. The next day I went out to fetch some milk from the shop and he was just coming out of his front door. He looked at me and looked away quickly.He could have at least said ‘Hello’, but he’s obviously shy. I came back home but the young guy had gone in. He hadn’t looked half bad to be honest. His goatee beard was nice and he had longish, wavy dark hair. I wondered what he was like with no clothes on, because he was quite tall and lean, and I imagined he had a big cock I don’t know why. I was suddenly intrigued about this guy across the road. Even though I knew he had been perving over me undressing it turned me on. I should have left it I suppose but I have a dark side. I wanted things to happen. That afternoon I undressed again, in full view yenimahalle escort of my window except it wasn’t quite dark. I knew he was alone because I saw his parents go out. When I was down to my underwear I saw him there again. He was peeping round his curtain, I guess he thought I couldn’t see him.  I had this naughty thought. I wanted to know so bad if he had a big cock. Why didn’t he ever return the favour and flash me? Did he think girls don’t get horny? I was about to take my bra off when I just had to satisfy my curiosity. I slipped on my scruffy woollen coat that I wore at uni and went across the road. I knocked on his door. He so wasn’t expecting to see me. He looked down at my bare legs and then into my eyes like a lost rabbit. “Ye..yes?” He stammered. “Can you just come and help me please my tap has broken and there’s water everywhere! I need a strong man to turn the stop cock.” He was really quite tall and had kind brown eyes. He had a T shirt on and green khaki trousers with pockets in the side. He looked quite toned, with well defined biceps and he had those arms with the veins that stand out from the muscle. I tried to sound flustered even though I’d made it all up, but I had to get him to come somehow didn’t I? “OK, yes of course!” OK thanks, I’m so grateful.” He rushed across and I let him in my door. “It’s upstairs!” “Is it? “Yes it’s upstairs, in the bathroom quick!” He ran up my staircase and I followed him into the bathroom. “What’s up? There’s no water!” “I know. I lied.” “What?” I unbuttoned my coat and it fell to the floor. I was just in my bra and knickers. His jaw dropped and his eyes were all over my body. “This is what you wanted to see isn’t it!” “Oh God you’re beautiful!” He said. “Would you like to see me with nothing on?” “Wh…What? Are you serious?” I looked down and I could see his python growing in his trousers, I knew then he was a proper big guy. “I know you watch me.” “You do?” “Of course.

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My First Bisexual Threesome

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I’m Bill, forty-two years old, six feet tall, handsome, and what some would call a superchub or BHM (Big Handsome Man).I’ve been mostly with women but have enjoyed oral play with guys since I was in my late teens. Anyway, a few years ago, my friend Jim, who I’d get together with every now and then and suck off, was up for a threesome with a BBW. I always found them sexy so we placed an ad on Craigslist (when that was still a thing) and had a few replies.Nothing happened for almost a week, then we got a reply from a very sexy black BBW named Tia. She was in her late thirties, married, and always wanted to be with two guys at once. In particular, beşevler escort she wanted us to put on a little show for her to get her turned on, and then she would join in. Tia is tall, about five foot nine, and almost three hundred pounds. She is extremely pretty, with light skin, gorgeous big tits with dark nipples, and an amazing big ass. She is also totally shaved and her pussy has long thick lips.We set a date and met at a motel. Jim was late so Tia and I just sat and talked while some porn was playing on the TV.  I was rubbing her thighs as we watched the porn. Jim got there about cebeci escort half an hour later and after the introductions, Tia said: “OK boys, I want you to put on a show for me.”I had Jim strip naked. Jim is a couple of years older than me, about my height and slightly chubby at about two hundred and thirty pounds. He’s handsome, not very hairy, but he has a beautiful eight-inch cut cock that is nice and thick, with big balls.  Once naked, Jim lay down on the bed and I got between his legs and began nuzzling his balls. Tia was seated next to the bed watching intently.I ran my tongue up Jim’s kolej escort balls, slowly working my tongue in circles, then I moved up his shaft which was starting to get hard. By the time I got to the head of his cock, he was fully erect and a bead of pre-cum was visible at the tip. I licked up his pre-cum and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. Both he and Tia moaned at the same time.I was sucking and licking the head of his cock and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Tia unbuttoning her blouse and reaching into her bra to play with her nipple. I was taking more of his shaft in my mouth, bobbing up and down. Jim was loving it. Tia said: “I want some too!”And with that, she leaned in and began licking the shaft of Jim’s cock as I was working the head. Soon our tongues were dancing and she would suck his cock as I would be licking his balls, then we would switch.  After a few minutes of this, Tia stood up and removed the rest of her clothes. I stripped as well. 

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It was one of those boring days again. John would make me sit as still as I could, and use me as he always did whenever he had a sudden epiphany to paint. “keep quiet and just help me, darling,” he would mutter whenever I made a peep of complaint, and he would silence me completely with a long and hard kiss before he stepped away from me, his eyes never leaving me, and sit again at his infernal favorite position, behind  the painting easel with the paintbrush held in his left hand.You see, John is a painter, an artist, and I am his muse. We have lived together ever since it was legally OK to do so, which would be about seven years ago. I am now twenty five years old, committed to my fifty year old man. I hold quite a good job at a publishing company. John, of course, procured it for me by pulling a few strings here and there. By day, I would work as a personal assistant to the head of the cosmetics department, Anne, and after that I devote all my time to John. It’s been like this for seven long years. I don’t think I can say I have any friends outside of my work, and my contact with family would be called estranged at best, non-existent at worse. John consumes me completely, and his presence makes up for everything that I lack. We have an amazing life together. But sometimes, I get so tired of this posing business for him. He would paint beautiful artwork of me; usually in the nude. He would make me sit, lie down or stand on a small velvet platform with cushions to make me comfortable. Occasionally I would be required to wear a ‘prop’: a mask, little ballet shoes or sexy high-heeled stiletto shoes. Sometimes I would dangle a silk shawl on one foot, or cover my hair completely in a little French beret or pageboy cap. But more often than not I would be completely naked. When I first started sitting for him, we would both always become very sexually aroused as I played the role of muse and he the master. He would take me right there at the platform and I would freely let him. It came to a point where he would orchestrate his work to make love at the same time. It became a highly erotic game that both of us enjoyed, me especially. He was very into the whole sex-play çankaya escort thing then and would become more obsessed over it that I did. He used to sometimes make me spread my legs apart as I sat on the platform, and paint a gross image of my exposed pussy while masturbating with his other hand. Then, unable to take it any longer, he would come to me, go on his knees and lavish his mouth and tongue between my legs, giving me the climax that I wanted so badly. And as I became slippery and wet he would take off his clothes and feed his large, hard cock into me and fuck me hard until he came, shooting his hot cream deep into me.After, he would primly button up and put his on clothes again, wipe me up with tissues and arrange my shaky, exhausted limbs to the previous position as before. And he, again, would take a step back, pick up the paintbrush with impressive calmness and sit behind his easel.    I guess I am an exhibitionist, because I become very sexual when I pose for him. I cannot help it, and don’t know why. Whenever I see John, this most serious, intense and handsome man concentrating so hard on painting me as I lie down as still as a mouse, I would become consumed by dirty thoughts. My pussy would become swollen and wet. John knew this, and used this knowledge to deliberately torture me, then give me the release I wanted. We used to fuck all the time while we worked together. It made me happy and secure with what I was doing with my life for him, and posing for John became bearable because it came with the sex. But at the same time our little game became detrimental to my advancement as a model because John would never let me pose for another artist. It was because he knew I became sexual when I pose for art, and he was afraid I would fuck other painters and artists who would commission me. And I’ll let you know that I have received a lot of offers. Too many offers, in fact, to the point that John became increasingly jealous and possessive of me. He became obsessed with me, and made sure I never had a single opportunity to pose for another or to even just make casual friends at all. I suppose it was keçiören escort also because of our age difference. I am half his age, and when we met he was still considered a young-ish man at forty three . Now he is well into his mature age and I guess time has more or less caught up with him: we don’t have much sex as before. At first, when I noticed how our little sex games became increasingly rare, I would beg him to have sex with me. As I posed on the velvet platform I would spread my legs and masturbate in front of him, letting him see how he affected me by showing him my aroused state. I would spread apart the petal-like lips to show him my little hole, and put my finger inside me to draw out the moisture that sprang deep in me to take up to the clit. I would massage my little nub with a single finger as I lay there waiting for him, begging him to please, please come to me at the platform and fuck me. But he would resist, first very reluctantly. Sometimes I would win, and with womanly satisfaction I would see him unzip his pants to release his dripping hard cock as he walked towards me. But, later on, he started to become immune by my antics, even irritated by it. “Please, I need to concentrate. Pull yourself together and pose for me properly,’ he would demand with a huge frown on his forehead. Now, today, we have completely stopped the sex. Of course, we do often make love at nights or early in the morning when we wake up, but never again while both of us worked on his art. It is something I miss, something I need and crave. It is almost like a physical pain when I pose for him and receive nothing in return. He was my teacher and he taught me the pleasure of posing for him, but like a stern disciplinarian master he took it away from me without even a single regret. At first we fought about it many times. But the arguments would always end with him winning, because he was so much more brilliant that I was with his words and he was very persuasive and could make me accept whatever he said, even despite myself. He would point out that I did indeed receive something from sitting for him, and that would etimesgut escort be my immortality etched on canvas. “Look here,” he would say with increasing anger, motioning to the art he was doing. “This is you, this is all you. I’ve made you and your beautiful young face and body live forever. Can’t you just be satisfied with that and not just want a fuck for it?”So that night, while I sat where he wanted and stayed as still as I could as he wanted, I decided to take up a lover the moment he had to go away. You see, John was not only a painter, but a lucrative salesman as well. He did not employ any agent to help sell his work but did everything himself. So there were times when he would have to take extended trips abroad the country and he would leave me alone at home.John left for a European destination not long after that sitting. After kissing me goodbye and promising he would not take up too many days away, he left me all alone in our beautiful house. It was a sunny morning when I went to work, and at evening after a full day running after Anne, I decided to visit the closest art gallery from the publishing house. I was wearing a little spaghetti-strap dress made of light chiffon material in light grey. It was a very sexy dress and left nothing to the imagination because it was so sheer. But, because I had a very girlish body and my breasts were not large though they were quite perky with pointy nipples, I was not vulgar in the least so I could get away with its skimpiness. On top of my dress, I roped around a long woolen scarf and had on my best leather bag and simple kitten heels. As I was admiring the sculptures in the gallery, I knew that I was being watched. I did not need to turn around to confirm my guess. Because you see, after being trained for years to sit and post for an artist, one starts to possess a magic knowledge of knowing when one is being watched, and through this second sight one learns to anticipate how one needs to react and pose as a model. I could guess that the person who was staring me was not far from me. I ignored him completely and turned to walk around the gallery. I knew he was following me. Suddenly the strangest thing happened: just as I would get aroused by John watching me while he painted, I was experiencing the same thing from the stranger of the gallery who was following my every move with his eyes. My pussy began to turn hot as the blood from my body rushed between my legs, and I found myself breathing faster than normal since my pulse had quickened.

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The Driver

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As an App-based driver, I never knew what my next fare might entail. On this particular day, I was sent to a corporate building in the heart of the city where I made contact with a very smartly dressed woman in business attire. Her hair was tightly pulled back and her eyes concealed by sunglasses. Her attire and demeanor made it very clear she was not one to be taken lightly.“Take me to someplace quiet,” she said in a monotone voice after taking a hard look at me.I could tell she was tossing things around in her mind as we made our way to a quiet park not too far away. This park was usually quiet and rarely had many visitors.As we pulled çankaya escort to a stop, she looked around and seemed to finally make up her mind. “In my job, I rarely have time for any type of relationships. Instead, I prefer quick and intense moments. Are you man enough for that?”Curious, I answered that, “it depends on what you have in mind.”“You’ll have pleasure like you’ve never known but you have to follow my rules. First, you do as I say without question. Second, it ends when I say. Can you follow those rules?”Looking over my shoulder, I said, “If it means what I think it means, keçiören escort then yes, I’ll follow your lead.”“Come around and open my door.” Her voice had a raspy tone to it.While taking a quick glance around to ensure we’re alone, I walked around to her door, After opening it, I was quickly taken back. She had turned in my direction and it was obvious that she had hiked up her skirt and had removed her thong. I was looking at a cleanly shaved, glistening pussy.“Open your pants and show me your cock.” Her eyes were extremely focused on my hands. Once my pants were sliding etimesgut escort down my legs, she drew one of her hands between her thighs. I watched as her fingers found her slit and parted the full lips.Having been born with a cock that I’ve never felt embarrassed to exhibit, I took it in my hand and pointed it in her direction.She slid forward so that she was able to spread her thighs further. I could see her fingers circling her clit in an ever faster speed.I could feel her breath as she leant forward to get a closer look at my swollen cock.Off in the distance I can hear voices getting nearer.Just as I am about to say something, I feel my cock enveloped deep into her throat. My hips rock forward as I feel her fingers snake around my testicles. A finger began rubbing between the sack and rectum. This was simply not a blowjob in the proverbial sense of the word. It was an oral fuck. Me slamming my hips forward without resistance, and she sliding up to meet each thrust. 

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